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Tropical Weather

2011.09.07 04:03 zucado Tropical Weather

This is a subreddit designed for all sorts of tropical cyclone weather discussion. Though the focus will be on tropical meteorology, it will also be a place for people to stay in touch before, during, and after tropical weather events. People can share their observations, start their own threads that may be location specific, or post in the official threads for each storm. Users will get flair that indicates if they are an approved meteorologist as well as flare for their state.

2022.09.29 17:51 Ben_McGee Hurricane_Ian

This subreddit is for people to find and share resources regarding Hurricane Ian.

2013.08.05 08:00 RossD123 HurricaneWatch

A place for up to date info on storms

2023.06.03 22:58 dev-target [PC][2017 or slightly before] .io Fidget Spinner Game

Platform(s): I played the game on a Windows 10 PC. It was an online .io game.
Genre: .io games
Estimated year of release: I don't know when it was released, but I remember playing it a lot towards the end of 2017 in a hotel after the Hurricane.
Graphics/art style: Dark mode .io game with a grid map (don't remember if it was a hex grid or a normal grid) and circle border. Customizable fidget spinners.
Notable characters: Customizable Fidget spinners. You could customize the inside colors, outside colors, and the middle with country flags, icons, or some youtubers.
Notable gameplay mechanics: You spawn in as a small fidget spinner and collect CRYSTALS (not circles like another game mentioned below). You can click/press space to go faster while emitting some crystals around you. You can collide with other people of smaller size to kill them and spread out all their crystals. You can collide with people of similar size while you both lose crystals, and the one who loses all of them dies. You can collide with someone bigger and you will die. If you left the map you would start losing crystals and die in about 10 seconds.
Other details: The game I am talking about is NOT spinz.io . Spinz.io is light mode and there are not crystals. (Although the game is extremely similar to spinz.io )
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2023.06.03 22:55 ___shevek baby rule

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2023.06.03 22:38 Andrew_Chambliss Fear TWD S4-8 so far are the best ever! Season 3 is NOT good at all!

Ever since Ian and I took over, we’ve explored so much when it comes to the story, characters, plot, walkers, etc. Y’all Erickson fanboys are just jealous of our great writing skills! Seasons 4 through 8 have so much to offer than the boring first 3 seasons of FEAR. That is why we scraped everything and made it better. We even brought back Madison and y’all still complain. If y’all keep hating, we are killing her off in the series finale. We hope you all enjoy the final season and it’s amazing writing. We will be bringing back your favorite characters from the dead so stay tuned! We are all Morgan Jones! 🙏🏻❤️
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2023.06.03 22:32 BlueLotus123 Similar shows & shows with 5-0 actors

Shows similar to 5-0 and/or with 5-0 cast members, and where they stream (US-please share if you know where to watch in your country). What have I missed?

NCIS LA Claire Forlani-(Alicia Brown), Crossover Danno & Chin
Prime, Paramount+

MacGyver-Crossovers Chin, Kono, Kamekona & Jerry

NCIS Hawaii-Beulah Koale (Junior) Anthony Ruivivar (Marco Reyes)

Lethal Weapon

The Rookie-Richard T. Jones (Governor Denning)

Chicago PD

Original Hawaii 50

Lost-Daniel Dae Kim (Chin), Jorge Garcia (Jerry), Terry O'Quinn (Joe), Reiko Aylesworth (Malia)

Battlestar Galactica Grace Park (Kono)

The Cleaner-Grace Park, Michelle Borth (Catherine)

The Border-Grace Park
Prime (free)

Murder in the First-Ian Anthony Dale (Adam)

Salvation-Ian Anthony Dale, Autumn Reeser (Gabby) & Reiko Aylesworth

The Resident-Ian Anthony Dale

Accused- Ian Anthony Dale, Meagan Rath (Tani)

CSI-Ian Anthony Dale

Criminal Minds-Ian Anthony Dale

Alert-Scott Caan (Danno)

Once Upon a Time-Jorge Garcia

The Good Doctor-Will Yun Lee (Sang Min), Daniel Dae Kim

Chicago Fire-Lauren German (Lori)

NCIS-Katrina Law (Quinn), Julie Benz (Abby)

Orange is the New Black-Taryn Manning (Mary)

Law & Order SVU-Michelle Hurd (Renee)

All Rise-Ian Anthony Dale

Doogie Kamealoha MD-Jason Scott Lee (Kaleo), Daniel Dae Kim

CSI Miami

CSI New York

NCIS New Orleans

Brooklyn 99

A Million Little Things-Grace Park

American Dad-Grace Park

Magnum PI ?? (Haven't seen yet)
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2023.06.03 22:29 mobius-crypt CSX Named Among Top 100 U.S. Companies in Forbes Sustainability Ranking

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CSX Corp. (NASDAQ: CSX) has been named to the first-ever Forbes Net Zero Leaders list of the top 100 U.S. companies that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint and achieving their sustainability/n https://finance.yahoo.com/news/csx-named-among-top-100-200400952.html
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2023.06.03 22:24 aceycamui Been doing a rewatch

I'm in mid season 9 now. I just wanna say I love Liam and Carl's development as characters. I think Frank really liked his gardening job even tho he had ulterior motives (as he does with everything). Fiona sucks, love Ian when he's with Mickey otherwise he's annoying. Debbie is cray and I always wanted Lip to do better but he got stuck in caring too much. V and Kev are always awesome and even tho Lana is a bitch, she's my favorite bitch! 😅
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2023.06.03 22:09 FourthQuaternion Too many identical posts

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2023.06.03 22:09 SalamiMommie Night Hiking

“What if we hiked the waterfall trail at night?”
“What?” I just finished putting a brown trout on my stringer. John has always had some crazy ideas but that just sounded like a bad idea.
“Yeah man, it would be neat to say we did it.”
Dakota chimed in. “It sounds scary.” I agreed.
Ian spoke up. “I guess I’d give it a try.”
In theory, it wouldn’t be hard to pull off. I’m sure a park ranger wouldn’t approve but they wouldn’t catch us either. They always check in with the campers before they go back to the ranger station where they sit around in case of emergencies. But it sounds way too scary.
The four of us have been camping at this state park since we were teenagers. We have a lot of great and funny stories over the years. I’ve been hiking these trails and swimming since I was a kid. They got plenty of trails but the one they want to hike is the most popular. We try to do this every couple of months.
“Unless you’re scared. I guess you could sit at the site while the big dogs have an adventure.”
“Shut up, John.”
We spent the afternoon prepping and getting ready to cook the fish and the sun was starting to set.
Ian set down his drink. “So we gonna do this?” They all were nodding along at this point. I didn’t want to be alone either so I agreed to go.
We waited as the park ranger stopped by everyone’s tent and told us to be safe and where the station is if we need a ranger for anything. It’s the time of year where snakes are in the park and we’re a whiles away from a hospital.
We put out the fire and made our way to a small trail that would take us to the main parking lot. We all grabbed flashlights and I went in my glove box and grabbed my 9mm.
We didn’t speak at all hardly until we got to the parking area before turning off our flashlights. We made sure no rangers were in the area and we snuck off to the trail.
We eventually turned our flashlights back on and began up the trail. We talked pretty quietly for a while. It wasn’t going to be a long walk, maybe two miles.
It’s hard to describe how eerie it felt to me during the walk. Noises seem louder. It’s like the calm and soothing river now sounds like it’s screaming at me. The beautiful scenery was a void and made me feel small and helpless. There wasn’t going to be any fellow hikers, just us. No help if needed.
Dakota told us a story his grandfather told him as a child about a witch that roamed the hills. People would claim she would hunt people down and eat them or sacrifice them.
They all thought it was funny, but I didn’t. I swear I was hearing twigs snapping and seeing shadows move through darkness. Even the trees looked more crooked.
We made it to the waterfall and made small talk. We all took a picture on my phone and began walking back down the trail. The guys acted like I was crazy for being so scared. I felt more confident, everything was going fine. It felt like. Conquering fear.
The walk back started feeling more at ease until a few times our flashlights all went out at the same time. We were able to tinker with them and get them going again. I felt my stomach drop when I seen some flashlights coming on the other side of the trail.
They definitely seen ours too. We figured maybe it was park rangers who got curious and we’d have to talk our way out of not being banished. The closer we got, it wasn’t rangers.
It was kids. Probably about thirteen or so. They gave us a quick glance and Dakota tried to talk to them.
“Hey kids, where’s your parents? Wouldn’t want them to worry. The walk is a little spooky.” I had every intention of going to a ranger station and telling them. We weren’t far from the parking lot.
They just kept walking though. John was hollering for them to stop but they didn’t even look back at us.
Ian was shivering and whispered to me. “I think those kids had black eyes.”
“Like pure black.”
About that time I heard foot prints stomping towards us. By the time I turned around the knocked down John. He began screaming.
Dakota tried pulling a kid off of John. One of them punched Dakota so hard he flew up and hit a tree. He wasn’t moving.
I pulled out my pistol and pointed at the kids. “Get off him!” One walked towards me. I shot in the ground once. He didn’t even flinch. He started getting taller. Whatever that thing was had to be about seven feet tall. I shot at it. It didn’t phase it.
Ian grabbed my arm and told me to run. I looked back at John and one of those things was swallowing him whole. It was like a snake slowly covering over another.
We ran as fast as we could. “What about Dakota.”
“Man, we gotta get ourselves help first.” He tripped. I tried to stop but another one of those things grabbed him and began tugging him away. I fired twice more and missed.
I was hoping the gunshots would at least alarm a ranger something was happening. One of those things was right behind me.
I fell. I don’t remember much of it either. But I remember hitting some thorny bushes and my head hitting a rock before falling in water.
I woke up in my tent, it was morning. I scrambled to figure out what was going on until I heard voices outside the tent. It was the guys.
They were all sitting out by the fire eating some breakfast. I crawled out and sat on my chair.
“This doesn’t make sense?”
John gave me a smile. “Yeah man, you drank a bunch of whiskey last night and had too many shrooms. You conked out pretty early.”
My clothes weren’t damp. I walked to my truck and checked the magazine in my pistol, it was full. It wasn’t making any sense.
I drank some coffee and looked through my photos. I found the selfie we took at the waterfall. I began staring at got nervous. It looked like an old woman standing above the waterfall , somewhat hidden. I heard all the guys chuckling.
I look up and their eyes are pitch black. They all stood up. Ian smiled and his voice sounded distorted.
“If you want to save your friends, come to the waterfall tonight.”
They walked to the shallow stream next to our site and went under. They didn’t come back up.
I’m really scared right now. I’m going to head up there tonight. I’ll update you as I can
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2023.06.03 22:03 lraabe Tell me about unique weather patterns/events here!

This may be an unusual request, but I was wondering if anyone here could tell me about unique weather trends/patterns/events for this area. For example, the changes you might observe leading up to a hurricane, or how rainstorms vary depending on the season.
Or maybe recommend a documentary?
I’m so interested in stuff like this as I am from a Plains area and the weather here is very distinct.
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2023.06.03 21:42 WeakSand-chairpostin Strapped into a sentient electric chair until I die of old age

[June 4th, 2023]
My name is Tiffany. As of writing this, I'm 30 years old.
I don't know what happened.
The last thing I remember is going to bed, eager to start work the next morning. I'm a senior software engineer in Jacksonville, Florida, and I'm paid to cause problems on purpose. When I awoke, I was not in my bed. I could barely even open my eyes, for it felt like I had acid poured into them. When I came to, I was in a place which seemed vaguely familiar, but it was not my home.
It was some kind of hall-like place. There was a sort of ampitheater a couple feet ahead of me, but there was nobody around. The walls and floor were a greenish color, and although there was nobody around, the place was rather brightly lit, so I knew that someone would be coming soon.
It was then I noticed I couldn't move. I realized I wasn't standing up, I was sitting on some kind of chair. However, it did not feel like a normal chair. My vision was still blurry at this point, but as I looked down towards my lap, I noticed some kind of leather strap fastened around my lap - strapping me to the chair. I noticed another strap on my chest, which was pinning me to the chair. I panicked, and I tried to struggle. All this did was fill the quiet room with the sounds of crunching leather. I must've struggled for more than 15 minutes, twisting and straining as much as I could, but it was no good, as the straps simply would not budge.
I quickly became exhausted. As my vision came to, I looked towards my feet, which were fastened to the leg of the chair using the same kind of leather straps which were pinning my lap and torso to the chair. I noticed something I did not before. When I saw it, I felt my stomach drop.
It was a wire. A thick one, roughly as thick as a man's thumb. The wire was leading up to the chair, and that's when I realized I was strapped into an electric chair. I've always been fascinated with electric chairs, and as I scanned both the chair and my surroundings, I realized I was in Sing Sing Prison, New York, and this hall must be the infamous 'Dance Hall' that the original 'Old Sparky' chair was situated in. The 'Dance Hall' was the nickname of the execution room, though I read that Sing Sing abolished the electric chair decades ago.
Suddenly, the silence in the Dance Hall was broken by a strange voice. It sounded human, and it sounded like a man's voice, but soft and somewhat high-pitched. I'd even describe it as cute-sounding. It was a lilting, almost sing-songy voice. It was peaceful, and yet, I couldn't help but notice an underlying tone of malice behind it too.
The voice said: ''it's been such a long time since I've seen someone. I was so lonely!''
I jerked my head around wondering where the voice was even coming from. Surely this has to be some kind of prank, I figured. But I couldn't see anyone. The voice, it sounded as if it came from the chair itself, like it was right there with me, almost as if it were touching me. I screamed out loud that if this was a joke it wasn't funny.
Again, that strange voice broke the silence:
''I'm here! You're sitting in my lap and I looove giving you a big huuug''
Towards the end of that sentence, the tone of voice went from a sort of happy-go-lucky tone to a raspy, more malicious tone that sounded sadistic, almost mocking. It was the chair. The fucking chair spoke! I'm going mad, I tried pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming but nothing happened.
I felt the hairs on my neck stand up. Here I was, alone in an execution chamber without any rational explanation, nobody around, strapped into the most infamous electric chair in history, and above all, the chair's speaking to me and refuses to let me go.
After about an hour I finally get my wits about me and try and use my knowledge about the chair to talk to him. I even refer to him as 'Sparky', as 'Old Sparky' was his official name back when he was used. I asked him why he won't let me go. He told me he was feeling lonely since he was retired, and also that 'dad' would be here soon.
Soon enough, a middle-aged man appeared through the door of the Dance Hall and approached me. 'I'm Warden Jones,' he said. 'I'm very sorry for the inconvinence this situation has caused you. We can't explain it either, but this chair has not been at Sing Sing Prison for decades.'
'Ol' Sparky, let her go.' Warden Jones uttered, looking at the antique wooden chair with a stern expression and tone of voice.
'No.' uttered the lilting voice in response.
He looked at me with a strange, sad expression. He let out an exasperated sigh. I asked him to unstrap me from Sparky. He seemed reluctant for a couple of seconds, before then trying to undo the straps. My heart started to race when I realized not even the Warden could undo the straps - they just wouldn't budge, as if some kind of force was keeping them as tight as humanly possible. The Warden stood back, shaking his head. He told me the door to the electric chair's generator would not open either, and that door didn't have any locks in it.
After failing to unstrap me, Jones said he could bring me food or entertainment to try and help pass the time. Because of my exhaustion of trying to free myself from the chair, I was famished. I was also bought a phone which had internet access.
After eating dinner, Warden Jones told me his shift was finished and he had to go home. He kept saying he was 'so sorry' for what was happened and he seemed genuinely heartbroken, confused, and traumatized. As he left, the lights of the Dance Hall dimmed. The room was not dark, but it set a gloomy atmosphere.
It must've been around 9 PM at this point. I must've cried for a few hours, feeling hopeless at this situation, even with the comfort of my phone. The chair kept speaking to me, and occasionally, I tried even making casual conversation with him as if he were a person. I tried to ask him how his day was, I even asked him how he felt about executing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for espionage. He said he enjoyed it, and then made a snide remark about how quickly Julius died, as if those who died quicker were somehow weak.
It was nearly 12 AM it happened. The arm and shoulder straps started to move by themselves. It happened very quickly and the straps became so tight that I could feel them bruising my skin. I yelled out to Sparky asking him what was happening. He told me:
''Shh it's almost midnight. You know I'm an electric chair and not a person right? Did you really think I could resist the urge?''
My heart sank and my heart raced. I felt my insides quivering uncontrollably. I screamed that I'm not a criminal and he can't kill me, not like this. I felt the chin and head strap tighten around my face and head. I began to feel sick knowing what was coming next.
I suddenly heard a sound I knew all too much about - the sound of that old diesel generator whirring up. It sounded similar to an airplane engine going from taxi power to takeoff power. As the noise hit its peak, I felt an unbearable tickling sensation all over my body. I was surprised how it wasn't really painful, just immensely uncomfortable. My thoracic muscles were spasming up and down similar to how they spasm during intense laughter, except the spasms were much faster. Because of these convulsions, I actually heard myself 'laughing'. I sounded like laughter that had been sped up three times its original speed. After maybe 30 seconds, I realized that it was because of these spasms I could not breathe and I began to feel a terrible burning sensation in my chest because I was being forcibly deprived of oxygen.
This continued for another 30 seconds. I began to think of my family, I wondered if I'd be reported as a missing person and they'd never know or even conceive that this is what happened to me. I thought about my boyfriend and all the experiences I'd never get to have.
I don't remember anything after that. I simply remember waking up feeling very dazed. I was alive! I felt so relieved, wondering if what I experienced was just a messed up dream. Then I smelt it - the distinct smell of ozone, and I felt the ache of my thoracic muscles - the muscles which had been abused so much through electric current induced spasms. I could breathe, though it felt like it was hard to. My hands and arms were free again.
[June 10th, 2023]
It's been days now.. I've been interviewed by more people than I can mention. Police, all kinds of prison staff, and journalists. They all are just as curious as I am about my fate. Honestly, I felt like some kind of celebrity being interviewed haha. Sparky himself enjoyed talking to the journalists... he has such a weird sense of humor sometimes.
There's no getting out of the chair. Everything has been done. Police even threatened to destroy Sparky, but all that happened was Sparky threatening to electrocute me to death if they tried anything. Sparky has gave that same threat to me too.. he says if I try and harm him, he'll electrocute me until I die. He also says I'm never getting out of the chair. He says I'm going to stay strapped into him until I die of old age. Every midnight since waking up in this chair, Sparky electrocutes me until I'm on the verge of death. For some weird reason, I no longer need to go to the bathroom.
[June 26th, 2023]
I just got news that Warden Jones resigned. Apparently due to an acute mental health crisis. Sparky doesn't seem to mind that his dad won't be here anymore.. honestly I'm starting to kind of enjoy midnights now haha. It tickles so much...when I hear that generator I kind of..happy? Like Sparky is working so hard to deliver all that current through my body, and only for me. Whenever I'm looking at stuff on my phone he likes to comment on it. He's quite the talker. He especially likes it when I look up stuff about him. He gets almost psychotically excited when I start reading about the people he electrocuted.
[July 9th, 2023]
I think Sparky was being serious when he said I'm never getting out of this chair. It's been over a month now but hey, I got this new wooden friend to talk to, lots of internet access and food.. what more could I want? Today I realized that Sparky gets jealous of other electric chairs. I told him I do like other electric chairs too. He got quite pissed off.. he electrocuted me twice today. It's starting to feel kind of nice..
[August 30th, 2023]
I think I'm starting to fall in love with him.. we talk all day, we watch movies together and even eat together! Honestly what a fate this is. Strapped into Old Sparky until I die of old age.. Strapped into the chair that I love the most.. it's almost midnight. Nothing I can do will get me free from him!!!
[January 15th, 2024]
I love him so much.. all day I caress that backrest of his, and stroke his smooth wooden arms.. he told me not to caress the headpiece electrode though. I tried that this morning and he told me not to touch it.. he's so cte when he's angry. I can hear that generator starting up again hehehe..

[June 5th 2024]
I've been sitting in here so kong I don't know what time is anymore.. my head feels so weird all I know, I love Sparky so much...
[October 1st, 2025]
Four Wardens have resiged from their jobs since I've been here. I asked the new Warden if he'd let me get married to Sprky. He reluctantly agreed. Sparky was so happy.
[October 19th, 2025]
We'r officilly marred!! Sprkymlo I love him mso muchh aaaaa
[September 2026]
Um cant remenrb wha tthe date is ooospie ehe but another ewarden resigned whoaha
[MRCH 2028]

is miss my fmaily...
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2023.06.03 21:31 blowinpurplcl0udz Builds for tornadus? I'd like to utilize prankster Tailwind.

I've recently been digging into regulation D teams and have found myself very interested in the combo of prankste Tailwind Tornadus and Max speed ice Tera regieleki. I've noticed my tornadus build may be lacking. The build is listed as follows.
Tornadus @ leftovers Ability: Prankster Shiny: Yes Tera Type: Fire EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 Def Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Tailwind - Heat Wave - Hurricane - Protect
The other members of.my team are regieleki, arcanine hisui, urshifu Rapid strike,kyogre and sneasler. Thus far I've won more matches than I've lost but not many more. ( for reference I've been masters since ranked launched for Sv and was a master in Swsh as well). Any suggestions are appreciated
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2023.06.03 21:28 grandequesso “Hairdresser from Romford.. Romford!” - Ian

Rewatching LI S3 again and throughout the series, Ian Stirling makes this joke over and over again about Kem. What’s the joke about being from Romford? As an American, Im curious. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 21:10 Ludwig_Adalbert Tweaks to my Dunmer magsorc pve (overlands) solo

I use this build to run the game's campaign, face world bosses and help some friends in normal dungeons. Got anything to improve?
Sets: Slimecraw (divine), Mother's Sorrow (divine) and Order's Wrath (divine);
Main bar:
back bar:
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2023.06.03 21:01 BitterCrip How are Medications / Medical issues for arrestees handled in Australia?

I was just reading this article about a guy in the USA who was arrested on a relatively minor charge, didn't get the meds he had to take multiple times per day to stop his transplanted heart being rejected, and inevitably died from the rejection:
But in 2022, after a misdemeanor arrest kept him in jail for two days without his life-sustaining medication, his body rejected the heart. ...
Armor Health, which operates the jail’s health care system, has not consistently given inmates health assessments within the required 14-day time frame. Because Barry had only been held for two days, it’s likely he didn’t get that assessment.
Wondering how police and jails in Australia handle medical issues and specific medications? As a severely disabled person it's scary to imagine being denied access to medication or equipment.
Its not just medication that can be carried in from home either - for example, some people rely on breathing equipment, or are physically unable to get on or off a toilet and wipe their own backside. Assuming the cops would be unwilling to perform this task for them...
I'm from Vic, but would be interested to know how all states handle jailing of people with severe medical issues.
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2023.06.03 21:00 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Opinion] - Hurricane season is here. It's a reminder that climate and clean energy deserve Republican support FOX

[Opinion] - Hurricane season is here. It's a reminder that climate and clean energy deserve Republican support FOX submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:52 AutoNewsAdmin [Opinion] - Hurricane season is here. It's a reminder that climate and clean energy deserve Republican support

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2023.06.03 20:47 SirDoAlot [WTS]»»The Fleet Facto®y«« Vulture LTI $155, Mercury Star Runner LTI BIS 2952 $219, Apollo Medivac LTI $225, Hull C LTI $259, C2 Hercules LTI $285, Odyssey LTI $469, A2 Hercules LTI $469, Andromeda to Merchantman upgrade $279 and upgrades, paints and more. Have a look!

Welcome to The Fleet Facto®y!

Est. 2946
Standalone Ships:
Type Name Melt value Upgrade value Price
CCU'd Vulture LTI $115 $175 $155
CCU'd Constellation Taurus LTI $130 $190 $169
CCU'd Vulcan LTI $140 $200 $179
CCU'd Hurricane LTI $125 $210 $179
CCU'd Terrapin LTI $135 $220 $185
CCU'd Constellation Andromeda LTI $155 $240 $199
CCU'd Scorpius LTI $135 $240 $199
CCU'd Corsair LTI $155 $250 $205
CCU'd 400i LTI $165 $250 $209
CCU'd Ares Inferno LTI $135 $250 $199
CCU'd Mercury Star Runner LTI $145 $260 $209
CCU'd Mercury Star Runner LTI BIS 2952 $155 $260 $219
CCU'd Vanguard Warden LTI $145 $260 $209
CCU'd Vanguard Sentinel LTI $160 $275 $225
CCU'd Retaliator Bomber LTI $160 $275 $225
CCU'd Apollo Medivac LTI $160 $275 $225
CCU'd Vanguard Harbinger LTI $175 $290 $239
CCU'd Eclipse LTI $165 $300 $239
CCU'd Constellation Aquila LTI $175 $310 $245
CCU'd Mole LTI $180 $315 $249
CCU'd Redeemer LTI $185 $325 $255
CCU'd Caterpillar LTI $170 $330 $255
CCU'd Starfarer Gemini LTI $180 $340 $259
CCU'd Crucible LTI $190 $350 $269
CCU'd Endeavor LTI $190 $350 $275
CCU'd Glaive LTI $190 $350 $295
CCU'd Hull C LTI $165 $350 $259
CCU'd Valkyrie LTI $215 $375 $285
CCU'd Galaxy LTI $220 $380 $289
CCU'd Reclaimer LTI $240 $400 $299
CCU'd C2 Hercules LTI $200 $400 $285
CCU'd Hull D LTI $240 $450 $315
CCU'd 600i Explorer LTI $265 $475 $339
CCU'd M2 Hercules LTI $310 $520 $375
CCU'd Liberator LTI $365 $575 $409
CCU'd Carrack LTI $390 $600 $425
CCU'd Merchantman LTI $390 $650 $439
CCU'd Perseus LTI $415 $675 $455
CCU'd Odyssey LTI $440 $700 $469
CCU'd Hammerhead $465 $725 $485
CCU'd Nautilus LTI $465 $725 $489
CCU'd A2 Hercules LTI $405 $750 $469
CCU'd Polaris LTI $490 $750 $499
Special offers, limited numbers:
Type Name Upgrade value Price Quantity
Ship and Vehicle Upgrades:
Type Name Price
CCU 325A to Avenger Titan Renegade $10
CCU Reliant Kore to Avenger Titan Renegade $18
CCU Reliant Tana to Avenger Warlock $18
CCU 325A to Avenger Warlock $25
CCU 315P to Avenger Warlock $30
CCU Vanguard Harbinger to Eclipse $18
CCU Cutlass Black to Gladius Valiant $18
CCU M50 to Gladius Valiant $18
CCU Odyssey to Hammerhead $45
CCU Odyssey to Nautilus $45
CCU Valkyrie to Reclaimer $45
CCU Gladiator to Sabre $11
CCU Super Hornet to Sabre Comet $11
CCU Sabre to Sabre Comet $25
CCU Terrapin to Vanguard Hoplite $25
CCU Apollo Triage to Vanguard Warden $18
CCU Vanguard Hoplite to Vanguard Warden $39
CCU Sabre Comet to Vulcan $25
CCU Super Hornet to Vulcan $32
CCU Freelancer DUR to Ballista $11
CCU Liberator to Carrack $44
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Crucible $18
CCU Prospector to Gladiator $17
CCU Reliant Mako to Hawk $11
CCU Gladius to Hawk $17
CCU Sabre Comet to Hornet Heartseeker $18
CCU Super Hornet to Hornet Heartseeker $26
CCU Prospector to Hornet Wildfire $32
CCU Vulcan to Hurricane $18
CCU Taurus to Hurricane $32
CCU F7C Hornet to Legionnaire $18
CCU Mustang Beta to Pisces C8X $10
CCU Dragonfly Black to Pisces C8X $10
CCU Arrow to Spartan $11
CCU Hornet Wildfire to Super Hornet $11
CCU Sabre to Super Hornet $17
CCU Khartu-Al to Super Hornet $17
CCU Gladiator to Super Hornet $25
CCU Prospector to Super Hornet $39
CCU Vulcan to Terrapin $33
CCU Crucible to Valkyrie $44
CCU Endeavor to Valkyrie $44
CCU Hull C to Valkyrie $44
CCU Gladiator to Khartu-Al $11
CCU Prospector to Khartu-Al $25
CCU Dragonfly Black to Nox $11
CCU X1 Base to Nox Kue $12
CCU Vulcan to San'tok.Yai $33
CCU Mustang Alpha to MPUV Cargo $11
CCU Razor to SRV $11
CCU Tracker to SRV $18
CCU Andromeda to Merchantman $279
CCU Avenger Stalker to Mustang Delta $10
CCU 300i to Mustang Delta $17
CCU Andromeda to Ares Inferno $18
CCU Andromeda to Ares Ion $18
CCU Valkyrie to Genisis Starliner $44
CCU Nautilus to Hercules A2 $45
CCU Hammerhead to Hercules A2 $45
CCU Valkyrie to Hercules C2 $44
CCU 400i to Mercury Star Runner $18
CCU Andromeda to Mercury Star Runner $33
CCU Cutlass Black to Buccaneer $17
CCU Hawk to Buccaneer $17
CCU M50 to Buccaneer $17
CCU Mole to Caterpillar $25
CCU Sabre to Cutlass Blue $11
CCU Prospector to Cutlass Blue $32
CCU Reliant Tana to Herald $17
CCU 325A to Herald $24
CCU Dragonfly Black to Mule $11
CCU Andromeda to Corsair $18
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Endeavor $18
CCU Hornet Tracker to Expanse $17
CCU Sabre to Freelancer MIS $10
CCU Gladiator to Freelancer MIS $17
CCU Prospector to Freelancer MIS $33
CCU Spartan to Hull A $17
CCU Arrow to Hull A $23
CCU Cutlass Red to Hull B $11
CCU Starfarer Gemini to Hull C $18
CCU Prowler to Hull D $19
CCU Perseus to Odyssey $44
CCU Tracker to Razor $11
CCU Freelancer DUR to Razor $17
CCU Hornet Ghost to Razor $32
CCU Razor to Razor LX $11
CCU Tracker to Razor LX $17
CCU Freelancer MAX to Razor EX $11
CCU Razor LX to Razor EX $11
CCU Retaliator Base to Razor EX $11
CCU 325A to Reliant Tana $10
CCU Arrow to Reliant Sen $17
CCU Reliant Tana to Reliant Sen $17
CCU 325A to Reliant Sen $24
CCU Gladius to Reliant Mako $10
CCU 325A to Reliant Mako $36
CCU Mole to Starfarer Gemini $41
CCU Starfarer to Starfarer Gemini $58
CCU Dragonfly Black to 100i $17
CCU Ursa Rover to 125A $17
CCU Avenger Titan to 125A $12
CCU 100i to 125A $17
CCU 125A to 135C $11
CCU 300i to 135C $17
CCU Mustang Gamma to 135C $17
CCU Andromeda to 400i $18
CCU Aurora CL to 85X $11
CCU Mustang Gamma to G12 $11
CCU Mustang Gamma to G12R Racing $11
CCU Avenger Stalker to G12A Military $11
CCU G12 to G12A Military $11
CCU G12R Racing to G12A Military $11
CCU Reliant Mako to M50 Interceptor $11
CCU Gladius to M50 Interceptor $17
CCU Dragonfly Black to X1 Velocity $11
CCU X1 Baseline to X1 Velocity $11
CCU X1 Velocity to X1 Force $11
CCU Dragonfly Black to X1 Force $17
CCU X1 Baseline to X1 Force $17
CCU Apollo Triage to Apollo Medivac $38
CCU Vanguard Warden to Apollo Medivac $27
CCU Vanguard Hoplite to Apollo Triage $26
CCU Aurora MR to Aurora LX $11
CCU Razor to Mantis $10
CCU Hornet Tracker to Mantis $18
CCU Hammerhead to Polaris $45
CCU 85X to Ursa Rover Fortuna $12
CCU X1 Force to Ursa Rover Fortuna $12
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone RC $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone TR $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone RN $18
CCU Cyclone to Cyclone AA $37
CCU Cyclone RC to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Cyclone TR to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Cyclone RN to Cyclone AA $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone $11
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone RC $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone TR $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone RN $25
CCU Ursa Rover to Cyclone AA $45
CCU 300i to Cyclone RC $11
CCU 300i to Cyclone TR $11
CCU 300i to Cyclone RN $11
CCU 325a to Cyclone MT $18
CCU Arrow to Cyclone AA $11
CCU F7C Hornet to Nova Tank $17
CCU Mustang Alpha to Ranger CV $11
CCU Mustang Alpha to Ranger RC $11
CCU Ranger CV to Ranger TR $11
CCU Ranger RC to Ranger TR $11
Ship Name Price
Aegis Avenger Blue and gold ILW 2950 $15
Aegis Avenger Solar Winds Paint $15
Aegis Gladius Solar Winds Paint $18
Aegis Vanguard Solar Winds Paint $22
Anvil Arrow Twilight ILW 2950 $15
Anvil Legionnaire Shadow Strike Paint $18
Anvil Valkyrie Splinter ILW 2950 $24
Anvil Liberator Condor $35
Crusader Mercury Fortuna $23
Cursader Spirit Crimson $20
Cursader Spirit Intrepid $20
Cursader Spirit Olympia $20
Drake Dragonfly Ghoulish Green $15
Drake Cutlass Ghoulish Green $15
Drake Cutlass Scull and Crossbones $19
Drake Buccaneer Ghoulish Green $18
Drake Caterpillar Ghoulish Green $22
Drake Herald Ghoulish Green $18
Drake Mule Ghoulish Green $14
Drake Mule Smokestack $9
Drake Vulture Ghoulish Green $20
Gatac Railen Hyaotan $23
Greycat STV Blue Steel $9
Misc Freelancer Paint pack ILW 2950 $23
Misc Starfarer Paint pack ILW 2950 $43
Misc Expanse Stardust $20
Origin 400i Fortuna $23
Origin 400i Penumbra $23
Origin 400i Meridian $23
Origin 600i Fortuna $29
RSI Aurora Blue and gold ILW2950 $15
RSI Constellation Blue and gold ILW2950 $22
RSI Scorpius Stinger $25
BUKs, modules and more:
Type Name Insurance Melt value Price

Type Name Price
Flair Gamescom 2946 subscriber trophy $11
Flair Gamescom 2946 trophy $11
Flair Citizencon 2946 subscriber trophy $11
Flair Citizencon 2946 trophy sold out
Flair Citizencon 2947 trophy $11
• CCU = Cross-Chassis Upgrade. • Melt value = what you get if you decide to exchange your ship for store credits. • Upgrade value = this is the value you upgrade from if you decide to do that. • LTI = Lifetime insurance. • MI = Month insurance. • OC = Original Concept. • Prices include PayPal fees. PayPal invoice will be sent. • Buyer must be PayPal verified, I am since 2008. • I do not have a Discord account and I do not middleman! • HOW TO BUY: PM me what you would like to buy together with your PayPal email. I will then send you an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid the bought item will be gifted to your PayPal email. You will then receive a mail from RSI which contains a gift link. The link transfers the gift to your Hangar (RSI website, if you are logged in, or it will ask you to do so). • If you are interested - send me a PM. My down time is usually between 11 pm - 7 am UTC (CET) 
Have a good day!
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2023.06.03 20:42 HarryPorpiseYT Slime Bassoul is really stepping up park maintenance 💪💪💪

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2023.06.03 20:42 karnson [bump] WTS 🥝Ships, Normal and cost saving CCU's and Paints🥝 Taurus to Hurricane CCU $10

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2023.06.03 20:35 MyMusic2012 Home Owners Insurance

So, insurance company dumped their Florida Policies, had another company over see ours till renews nest month. Got notice forced to do wind Mitigation And 4Point inspection. Well we did, thankfully have hurricane clips, and another discount, and windows I don’t have receipts previous owners had so can’t get that discount even though their hurricane windows.
Paid 2,300 last year, 2,200 year before. Been here 11 years next month started 1,900-2,100 all these years.
I’m told Slide insurance or Citizens are my only two options. Well I was told today $6,400 is due next month to continue insurance with out it stopping.
$6,400 have 2,380 in escrow, I mean really???. And doesn’t include Flood Insurance.
Disabled Vet Fixed Income Family, love our home 11 years 8 more years down road in first house and now faced with loosing it because Florida Plays games and aligns with insurance companies. Florida doesn’t care about the people they show that time and time again, last hurricane sound of us, flooding on east coast few wks ago. Bleed us, and force us out with no where to go because houses are through roof, rents are out reach.
Chest hurts from this and don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.03 20:15 Realistic-Use-2784 Favorite and least favorite episode each season

I recently finished all 6 seasons and overall loved the show, I am so excited for S7 and it’s gonna be so much fun watching it as it gets released together with this fandom. Anyway, I did a little favorite/least favorite episode summarize and if you would like to share yours I’d love to read it.
Season 1:
Best: 1x07. I don’t know how many times I’ve rewatched this episode, I keep coming back to it. This episode alone is better than most romantic movies I’ve seen, simply a masterpiece. Honorable: mentions: 1x11, 1x12, 1x06, 1x05.
Worst: 1x14. I think most of us agree that this was the weaker episode in an otherwise amazing season but it’s still not bad by any means. I really loved to see Claire and Murtaghs relationship develop and strengthen (that scene in the cave alone saved the episode). Runner up: 1x01. I know that they had to build the foundation before getting to the “juicy” stuff but it was pretty slow and boring (once again not bad, just a bit meh compared to the rest of the season).
Season 2:
Best: 2x07. My favorite episode of the whole show, just so extremely impactful, I bawled like a baby. Honorable mentions: 2x10, 2x04, 2x05, 2x01, 2x13, 2x09, yes, I really loved this season, okay, don’t judge.
Worst: I really loved season 2 so this is hard, but probably 2x03. It just wasn’t that memorable or special. Runner up: 2x12. I did not care about the Alex/Mary/Black Jack storyline, I was sick of Black Jack and just wanted to never see him again. Praise to Tobias for playing the character so well that I absolutely loathed the sight of him. I was also a bit annoyed with Claire during this whole storyline.
Season 3:
Best: 3x06. Also an episode I keep coming back to. I adored what they did and how they handled the reunion. Honorable mentions: 3x10, 3x08, 3x04, 3x02.
Worst: 3x13. Sadly enough I greatly disliked the season finale, or if I’m being honest, most of 3B. It was just so messy, and some parts of the story were just utterly ridiculous (the shipwreck for example). Runner up: 3x11. I didn’t really appreciate Claire running around on an island for most of the episode, and once again the quick and easy rescue with ridiculous, unrealistic luck. Yeah, no thanks. I will say though, I did love drunk Claire and drunk sex, at least that somewhat saved the episode.
Season 4:
Best: 4x09. Brianna coming to Fraser’s Ridge and seeing the fathedaughter relationship develop was just so precious and lovely. Honorable mentions: 4x06, 4x05.
Worst: 4x12. This episode just bored me a lot tbh and I didn’t understand some of the plot points. Runner up: 4x01. Although I love the scene between Ian and Jamie and the episode does contain one of my favorite Jamie/Claire sex scenes the plot was pretty messy. You didn’t really know where they were going and the writers didn’t seem to know either.
Season 5:
Best: 5x07. Where to start? Love all the Jamie stuff in this episode, him and Murtagh, the desperation, Roger, the fight and the rebellious side of Jamie rising yet again, so good. Honorable mentions: 5x11, 5x10, 5x08, 5x09, pretty much all of 5B, lol.
Worst: 5x03. This might be my least favorite episode of the whole show. I just didn’t understand it. I did not care for the weird haunted house horror theme they suddenly got going (there’s a reason I don’t watch horror and I didn’t want it here either) and I don’t understand why we were spending so much time with two seemingly horrible characters that didn’t really effect the story in any way. Really not my cup of tea. Runner up: 5x04. The episode wasn’t very interesting and once again we are spending so much time with characters we barely know, I don’t really care for that.
Season 6:
Best: 6x04. I was so happy to finally see more of Ian. I also adored all the Jamie/Ian scenes and the fact that Ian finally opened up. Honorable mentions: 6x08, 6x03.
Worst: I can’t really think of one straight away, I actually enjoyed all episodes in S6. I guess I’d say 6x01 just because it was the least interesting episode, although I did love the Jamie flashbacks.
I’d love to see your lists.
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2023.06.03 20:14 throwawaywcabc Separation

I’m 43.5 , h is 45. Since he has Ed, we had to go for artificial insemination. I am now doubtful of his intention and the future of the marriage too. While I would like to save the marriage , Ian weary of what extent he would go to just harass me . My questions arise mostly due to my age… - We are separated for more than 8 months now; married 1 year. He has Ed and slowly He refused for sex altogether. He refused for donor sperm. He wants me to use his sperm. He doesn’t have a job or money so can’t contribute financially either. On top of this he seems to have done some sly big money transfer to avoid someone else’s taxes. I really want a child badly and can’t wait for the divorce process to finish- as it takes quite a while. But it’s unfair that I do all the heavy stuff, ivf , money, effort and give the custody for him when he comes and masturbates in the clinic to deposit soerm and leaves. Can I get a separation certificate or something so I can try for a child with donor sperm with no dependence on him??
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