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2023.05.30 23:34 chiisaisuzume WWE's Alexa Bliss Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby With Husband Ryan Cabrera

A little more than a year after tying the knot, Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are heading into a new chapter: The WWE star and the singer are expecting their first baby.
Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are still on the way down from celebrating their latest high.
A little more than one year after tying the knot, the WWE star and the "True" singer are expecting their first baby, the couple exclusively tells E! News. As Alexa shared, the pair were "shocked" when they found out they were expecting earlier this year.
"It was a total surprise, as we weren't trying at all," the professional wrestler, 31, noted. As for Ryan, 40, he explained that though they were "one million percent surprised," the couple simply "couldn't be more excited."
"We Facetimed my mom immediately," Alexa added. "And then shared the news with Ryan's family."
As for how the couple—who got married in April 2022 after more than two years of dating—celebrated the big news with those closest to them?
"Because we have friends and family on both coasts, we hosted a reveal party in L.A.," Ryan shared, "and one in Orlando."
But the fun didn't stop there, as the two—whose baby is expected to arrive this December—decided to also share a peek at their exciting journey with fans in a special way.
"We shot a video with our friend Neil Fernandez, which is a spoof of the Friends episode where Rachel tells Ross she's expecting," the "On the Way Down" artist explained. "Friends is one of our favorite shows and, as you saw with our prom video, we like to make our announcements in unique and fun ways."
And if you're wondering whether Alexa has had to wrestle with any food cravings so far, she has—with two dishes in particular winning her heart. "Macaroni & Cheese," she said, "and French Fries."
Source - with photos & video
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2023.05.30 23:32 hvaliteljrs Buy $Cat Get Doge! CatDoge is up 120% since launch 1 week ago! Earn incredible Doge rewards!

Introducing CatDoge: The Phenomenon Sweeping the Crypto World!
Forget everything you know about boring investments, because CatDoge is here to shake things up! In just one week since its launch, CatDoge has skyrocketed an incredible 120% and shows no signs of slowing down. And guess what? You have a chance to be part of this exhilarating ride!
We're not just any ordinary token; we're a community-driven meme token with a bold vision for the future. Remember the beloved animated show CatDog from the 90s? Well, we've taken inspiration from it and turned it into a phenomenon of its own!
Our mission is crystal clear: to create a token that brings people together, with a low market cap that has the potential to generate massive profits through amazing rewards. From day one, we've been market-ready, armed with an exciting game, a well-defined roadmap, and a team of seasoned professionals who know how to make things happen.
But that's not all! As a holder of $Cat, you can earn a whopping 5% Doge rewards. That's right—just by being part of our community, you'll have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the booming Doge market.
We're not stopping there, though. We're headed to the moon and beyond! Our marketing plans for every milestone we achieve are out of this world. And here's the best part: we're 100% creator-owned and operated, which means you can connect with us anytime, day or night, and even join our thrilling daily AMA sessions.
Now, why should you choose CatDoge? Well, our project thrives on the support of our incredible community, strong leadership, and meticulously crafted marketing strategies. We value transparency above all else, and there are no team tokens to worry about. Rest assured, your investment is in safe hands.
Meme coins are the future, and time and time again, they have proven to be the gateway to generational wealth. With CatDoge, you're looking at a low market cap gem that has boundless potential for growth. So, what are you waiting for?
With a mere 6% tax on buys and sells, CatDoge presents an irresistible opportunity. And guess what? The perfect time to jump in is now! Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure. Visit our official website to learn more about CatDoge and join our electric Telegram group for the latest news and updates. Get ready to embark on the most exciting crypto journey of your life!
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2023.05.30 23:31 Willthmas Microsoft Fabric, what's all the hype about?

Interested in data? Microsoft Fabric is the product everyone's talking about.
For the latest updates, news and expert Q&A. You can join the unofficial Facebook group here -
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2023.05.30 23:29 Willthmas Microsoft Fabric, what's all the hype about?

Interested in data? Microsoft Fabric is the product everyone's talking about.
For the latest updates, news and expert Q&A. You can join the unofficial Facebook group here -
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2023.05.30 23:26 FormalSmoke Release Date: Air Jordan 12 Field Purple

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
Release Date: Air Jordan 12 Field Purple
The Air Jordan 12 “Field Purple” is another new colorway that’s arriving on the silhouette as part of the brand’s Summer 2023 lineup. A first look of the sneaker has surfaced as the popular Jordan Brand silhouette is inspired by Gary Payton’s Air Jordan 12 “Lakers” PE and features an official color makeup of Black, Field Purple, Metallic Gold, and Taxi. The high top dons a Black tumbled leather on the majority of the upper with tonal detailing on the laces, tongues, and inner liner. Field Purple is then seen on the signature textured leather mudguard, midsole, and outsole along with Metallic Gold upper metal eyelets. The signature branding on the tongues and heels are done in purple and yellow to cap off the design.
Retailing for $200, look for the Air Jordan 12 “Field Purple” at select Jordan Brand stockists and online on August 19th, 2023. For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Air Jordan 12 Field Purple. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news,release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.
In other news, the Air Jordan 1 Low OG Black Cement is dropping soon.
UPDATE (5/30): Here is our latest look at the Air Jordan 12 Field Purple. That latest update suggests that these will be dropping on August 19th for the retail price of $200.
UPDATE (5/10): Check out new detailed images of the Air Jordan 12 “Field Purple” which is currently expected to release on July 29th for $200.
UPDATE (5/2): New images of the Air Jordan 12 “Field Purple” via solechaserz which give us a full look at the sneaker.
UPDATE (5/1): Here’s a first look at the Air Jordan 12 “Field Purple” via / zsneakerheadz. A release date is expected July 29th.
h/t: zsneakerheadz)
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2023.05.30 23:18 Willthmas Microsoft Fabric, what's all the hype about?

Microsoft Fabric, what's all the hype about?
Interested in data? Microsoft Fabric is the product everyone's talking about.
For the latest updates, news and expert Q&A. You can join the Facebook group here -
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2023.05.30 23:09 thejaezfrvla The online search experience is set to undergo an invasive makeover

What do you think about the latest news that the online search experience is set to undergo an invasive makeover?
It seems that the market that has most notably been dominated by Alphabet’s almost synonymous search engine provider Google, will not be immune to the onrushing wave of AI.
The online search experience has over the past 30 years become one of the most commonly sought-after functions in everyday life. When this practice became widely available, it changed the landscape of modern society, creating an all in all, better-informed and more knowledgeable public.
Now with the next phase of internet communications in Web3, AI will be elevating the everyday search activities of billions of individuals, developing these in a vibrant new direction. Generative AI has caused a stir and unleashed a storm in recent months with the release of some truly ground-breaking platforms such as the seminal Chatbot, ChatGPT, and the image generator Midjourney AI.
This inclusion will see search engines revolutionized through upgrading the search-and-click method to bring users direct answers, which are synthesized from the results you would traditionally garner in the form of a ranked list.
Do you believe that this would greatly increase the effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency of search engine activity, cutting out the sifting and verification required when navigating a path through a plethora of varied sources?
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2023.05.30 23:08 Candid-Annual2654 Got this guy really cheap because of a release clause, he’s not really strong or good enough at tackling to play as a bwm, should I use him as a mezzala (su) or cm (attack)

Got this guy really cheap because of a release clause, he’s not really strong or good enough at tackling to play as a bwm, should I use him as a mezzala (su) or cm (attack) submitted by Candid-Annual2654 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:52 Ok_Camera_9854 Urfi Javed latest Dress उर्फी जावेद आयी बिना Bra के मीडिया के सामने वीडियो हुआ वायरल।

इस बार तो urfi Javed की नई ड्रेस ने सब को हैरान कर दिया इस बार वह बिना ब्रा के ही मीडिया के सामने आ गयी और वह ब्रा की जगह अपने सीने पर एक अजीब सा टैटू बना कर मीडिया के सामने आई जिसमे दो हाथ दिखाई दे रहे है जो की बॉल को पकड़े हुए हो। जिसका वीडियो अब social media पर खूब वायरल हो रहा है और user उर्फी जावेद को खूब ट्रोल कर रहे रहे

इस बार तो urfi Javed की नई ड्रेस ने सब को हैरान कर दिया इस बार वह बिना ब्रा के ही मीडिया के सामने आ गयी और वह ब्रा की जगह अपने सीने पर एक अजीब सा टैटू बना कर मीडिया के सामने आई जिसमे दो हाथ दिखाई दे रहे है जो की बॉल को पकड़े हुए हो। जिसका वीडियो अब social media पर खूब वायरल हो रहा है और user उर्फी जावेद को खूब ट्रोल कर रहे हैं।हैं।
Video dekhe
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2023.05.30 22:25 fiercepitboss In July 1975, a young woman disappeared from her apartment complex without a trace. Ten years later, a nearby electrician would commit two shocking child murders in South Carolina. Was Denise Newsom Porch the victim of a suspected serial killer?

Denise Porch and her husband of one year, Rodney, lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, having recently moved there from the nearby town of Denton. The 21-year-old was the apartment manager for Yorktown Apartments off Tyvola Road, where she and her husband also resided. Theirs was regarded as a loving marriage between two childhood sweethearts. At the time of her disappearance, she and her husband were eagerly awaiting an upcoming concert for the soft rock group Seals & Croft.
On July 31, 1975, Rodney returned home from work at 8 p.m. He found a note from Denise taped to the front door, which said she had slipped out to show apartments to a prospective renter and expected to arrive back before 3 p.m.
There were a number of red flags: the television had been left on, and her Chevy Camaro was still in the driveway. She hadn’t taken her pocketbook with her. Neighbors had reported seeing Denise talking to a man outside that afternoon, but none of this eyewitness information ever lead to any leads.
Denise was declared legally dead in 1982.
Larry Gene Bell
At the time of her disappearance, an unassuming electrician named Larry Gene Bell lived about 300 yards away from Yorktown Apartments.
Bell, originally from Alabama, had spent his adult years shuffling back and forth between the Charlotte and Columbia, South Carolina areas, holding a series of unremarkable jobs. Eventually settling in Lexington County, South Carolina, the seemingly normal former Marine would go on to commit two shocking murders.
Shari Faye Smith, 17, was abducted outside her home on May 31, 1985. After a series of mocking phone calls to her family, Bell had forced Shari to write a “Last Will and Testament” to her parents before ultimately killing her.
Only two weeks later, Debra May Helmick, 9, had been found murdered following a continued dialogue between Bell and the Smith family—it is widely believed that Shari Smith’s older sister, Dawn, was the initial object of his infatuation, and Debra’s murder was nothing more than boiled-over frustration taken out on yet another young blonde.
Advancements in handwriting forensics ultimately led to Bell’s capture. Following a trial largely characterized by his numerous unhinged outbursts, Bell was eventually sentenced to death. He died via electric chair on October 4, 1996.
Bell’s Possible Involvement in Denise’s Disappearance
Aside from the fact that he was living nearby at the time of her disappearance, authorities have other reasons—albeit, coincidental—to believe he could have been involved.
For one, Denise was a young woman with blonde hair in her early twenties; the same profile as another object of his murderous lust, Dawn Smith. It is known that Bell liked to target specific blondes but would settle on killing another one if the opportunity arose.
There are also shades of similar MO’s involved in Shari’s capture and murder and Denise’s disappearance. Shari’s kidnapping took place in broad daylight, right at the end of her own family’s driveway. The unidentified suspect in Denise’s disappearance met with her outside in the middle of the day, which would seem equally brazen given that she was well-known in that area due to her status as apartment manager.
Without a body or a game-changing new lead, solving this nearly 50-year mystery doesn’t seem very possible. But the close proximity of an infamous predator to the scene of the disappearance, combined with the victim’s profile, may provide us with some clues.
The Disappearance of Denise Porch
Charley Project
Charlotte Observer Article, 2012
Missing Persons Wiki: Denise Porch
Forensic Files Episode “Last Will”
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2023.05.30 22:22 autotldr Report: Trump’s Lawyer Revealed Some Unfortunate Things for Trump in Classified-Docs Case

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 46%. (I'm a bot)
Is Donald Trump going to be indicted by the Justice Department over his handling of classified documents? On the one hand-with the major caveat that he was criminally charged in April by the Manhattan district attorney's office over his hush money deals-the ex-president has effectively escaped any real repercussions for seven-plus decades of bad behavior ranging from the disturbing and f-ked up to the criminal.
The notes also reportedly showed that Corcoran told Trump's longtime valet, Walt Nauta, "About the subpoena before he started looking for classified documents because Corcoran needed him to unlock the storage room."
When testifying before the grand jury, Corcoran said that Trump, per The New York Times, did not "Conveyfalse information" about the location of the classified documents, but "Did not tell his lawyers of any other locations where the documents were stored, which may have effectively misled the legal team."
While Corcoran testified that Trump did not personally mislead him about where to search at Mar-a-Lago, he also acknowledged that Trump did not suggest he look anywhere else, as the Times summarized earlier this month.
While Corcoran's testimony would have normally been prohibited due to attorney-client privilege, Smith had convinced a court it was essential to hear because Corcoran's advice to Trump may have been used by the ex-president to commit a crime.
Responding to the news that Corcoran was allegedly told not to look for documents beyond the storage room, a spokesperson for Trump told The Guardian: "This is completely false and rooted in pure fantasy. The real story is the illegal weaponization of the justice department and their witch-hunts targeted to influence an election in order to try and prevent President Trump from returning to the White House." Trump himself does not appear to have commented on the latest, but he'll presumably be ranting about it on Truth Social in due course.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Trump#1 Corcoran#2 documents#3 look#4 ex-president#5
Post found in /politics.
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2023.05.30 22:07 tobias_mueller OpenAI Added 25 ChatGPT Plugins Today (What To Watch, HaffPrice, PaperChat, Dr. Thoth's Tarot, ...)

OpenAI Added 25 ChatGPT Plugins Today (What To Watch, HaffPrice, PaperChat, Dr. Thoth's Tarot, ...)
Hi everyone,
Another 25 plugins have been added or reactivated on ChatGPT today. The total plugin count is now at 184.
As my previous thread in this format was somewhat popular, I wanted to keep you updated. You can use this searchable overview to make finding plugins a bit more managable.

Removed plugins: Career Copilot
Reactivated plugins: Prompt Perfect, WordCloud, KeyMate.AI Search
Reactivated plugins are plugins that have already been available at one point in the past but got removed from the plugin list for some reason. The ones I've listed above are just the ones I've remembered. Also, "Scraper" and "Clinical Trial Radar" are now duplicated in the plugin list. Maybe there are even more duplicates. So the real total plugin count might be somewhere around 180.

Added Plugins

  1. Uniket - Elevate your shopping experience with Uniket.
  2. Urban New Apartments - Search and find the best new apartments and townhomes from Australia’s leading property developments
  3. Prompt Perfect - Type 'perfect' to craft the perfect prompt, every time.
  4. WordCloud - Create word cloud images from text.
  5. Brandfetch - Retrieve company and brand data including logos, colors, fonts, and other brand information.
  6. PaperChat - Search through arXiv publications.
  7. Mallorca Magic Property Search - Discover your dream property in Mallorca with our AI-Power. Find the perfect match from over 75,000 listings!
  8. (duplicate) Scraper - Scrape content from webpages by providing a URL.
  9. Bookworm - AI-powered personalized book recommendations, scanning countless titles to find your perfect read.
  10. - A design assistant that creates marketing visuals from your templates.
  11. (duplicate) Clinical Trial Radar - Discover current info on global clinical trials, organizations, diseases, and biomarkers from public & private studies.
  12. ChampDex - Chat with your favorite League of Legends champions!
  13. Job Search UK - Get the latest job posts from the UK's top job boards including Reed, Indeed, and others.
  14. What To Watch - Search for current shows, get recommendations, and find out where things are streaming.
  15. Bitcoin Sentiment - Track the current price of Bitcoin and the market sentiment based on the last 20 news media mentions!
  16. Aus Petrol Prices - Ask for the average daily petrol price for any state or capital city region in Australia!
  17. CT Criteria Parser - Analyze eligibility criteria in Example input: nctid NCT05859269
  18. B12 AI Websites - Create a professional, engaging, and user-friendly website for your business in seconds using AI.
  19. Keyword Explorer - Keyword Explorer provides popular related keywords to amplify your content optimization.
  20. Bardeen - Create and run automations on the most popular web services.
  21. HaffPrice - Shopping all kinds of products with the lowest price in the market.
  22. ThemeParkHipster - Find theme park waiting times around the world.
  23. WeatherWhiz - WeatherWhiz: Accurate current weather and forecasts for any location.
  24. Dr. Thoth's Tarot - Tarot card novelty entertaiment & analysis, by Mnemosyne Labs.
  25. KeyMate.AI Search - Search&Browse the web by using Google Search results with KeyMate.AI, your AI-powered web crawler.

image of the searchable overview
Feel free to tell me if the post is missing any valuable information or if you have some feedback to share.
When OpenAI decides to add more plugins during the next 24 hours, I will update this thead accordingly.
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2023.05.30 22:06 TripleShotOG I messed up. How do I get this off my screen lol.

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2023.05.30 22:06 Bruinrogue UCLA defensive coordinator Bill McGovern passes away from cancer
Sad news and F cancer.
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2023.05.30 22:01 Nearby-Complaint Pinellas County Jane Doe Identified As Missing Arizona Mother

When two children in Florida called the cops on Halloween of 1969 about a suspicious black trunk they'd seen unknown men disposing of in an empty lot, the St. Petersburg police had no idea they were about to encounter one of their most difficult cold cases. Upon opening the trunk, the police discovered a recently deceased woman's remains covered in plastic and masking tape. A towel was wrapped around her head, covered in blood. She appeared to be dressed for bed, wearing a green nightgown and hair curlers pinned into place. Medical examiners determined that the woman was likely in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties and likely died as a result of strangulation with a bolo tie in addition to blunt force trauma to her skull. Jane Doe was likely intoxicated at the time of her death and showed no defensive wounds, leading investigators to suspect that her killer was someone known to her. Upon releasing her description to the press, the St. Petersburg police department received hundreds of leads and tips from those who thought they may have known her. The trunk she was found in was delivered to the FBI, though law enforcement declined to release the results of their forensic testing.
None of these leads panned out, and eventually, investigators released a sketch of the woman and her dental records, describing her unique upper partial denture plate. Despite many leads, the case went cold, and without knowing who Jane Doe was, they had no way to find her killer. With the advent of DNA nearly thirty years later, a DNA profile for her was loaded onto CODIS, the national DNA database for the United States, with no matches from her relatives. Finally, in 2022, seeing the success of other jurisdictions with genetic genealogy, law enforcement decided that Jane Doe would be a good candidate for the testing.
Much to their delight, genetic genealogy helped pinpoint a likely identification for the unknown woman found in Florida: Sylvia June Atherton, a forty-one-year-old mother of five from Tucson, Arizona, who disappeared with her young daughters in 1969 after leaving with her husband. A surviving daughter of hers, Syllen, noted that the last time she saw her mother was when her mother and stepfather dropped her off at her biological father's home in Chicago. Her husband, who died in 1999, never reported Sylvia missing and it is currently unknown what happened to her daughters.
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2023.05.30 21:57 AdvertisingThis1424 B2Core Announces Big Update Featuring Telegram Integration, Event Notification & cTrader Data Analys

B2Core Announces Big Update Featuring Telegram Integration, Event Notification & cTrader Data Analys
B2Core, a leading fintech company, has recently launched a major update to its platform. The update includes several new features, such as Telegram integration, event notifications and cTrader data analysis.
The Telegram integration allows users to receive important notifications and updates directly on their Telegram accounts. This feature will help traders stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and news, allowing them to make informed decisions. Highlights of the update include:
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2023.05.30 21:50 matt_hancocks_tongue Who watches the watchers?

Dr Pandian has become the GMC’s latest victim. This Asian, female, doctor has been found guilty of forging medical documentation, without a shred of evidence beyond the personal account of a midwife following a diagnosis of anxiety-related hypertension.
This is the same regulator which SUSPENDED a doctor for using his wife’s Oyster card. An institution which found ITSELF to be institutionally racist. A regulator which launches months or year long investigations at the drop of a hat, ruining careers without a second thought. The GMC has blood on its hands, from the doctors who have tragically taken their own lives while being investigated.
It’s clear that the GMC have lost all tether to reality and is not fit for purpose. And we yet, we are forced to pay exorbitant amounts for the privilege. What could they possibly be doing with £120 MILLION a year of our money???
We’ve seen that the only way to induce change in a corrupt state-mandated monopoly is collective action.
The only path forward is for us all to withhold GMC fees, together.
@DV, @BMA our profession is relying on you to take the lead.
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2023.05.30 21:49 autotldr Almost 800 UK mortgage deals pulled as concerns mount over interest rate rises Mortgages

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I'm a bot)
UK banks and building societies have pulled almost 800 residential and buy-to-let mortgage deals in the past few days amid growing concerns over future interest rate rises.
The new figures raise the prospect that the UK could be heading for a rerun of the rollercoaster period last autumn when Kwasi Kwarteng's September mini-budget unleashed chaos in the financial markets, leading to thousands of mortgage deals being pulled and contributing to rises in the prices of many new fixes to above 6%. They also add to the urgency of calls for the Bank of England and the government to tackle the stubbornly high inflation at the root of the rate rises, amid warnings from some economists that it could drive the UK economy into recession next year.
Paul Dales, the chief UK economist at the consultancy Capital Economics, said further interest rate rises and a contraction were needed to bring down inflation.
Financial markets are now pricing in four successive rate rises by the Bank of England, taking the central bank's base rate from 4.5% to 5.5% by the end of the year, though Dales forecast a peak of 5.25% and a recession in the second half of this year.
At the beginning of this month it was 4.97%. The data provider said that in terms of residential mortgage providers, those that had pulled some of their fixed-rate mortgage deals over the past few days included Bank of Ireland UK, Halifax and several building societies.
Capital Economics expects an 11% fall over the next year after an increase in interest rates to 5.25%. Rachel Springall, a finance expert at the data firm's website, said people searching for a new home-loan deal "May well be concerned about the latest developments in the mortgage market".
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: year#1 rate#2 deal#3 mortgage#4 new#5
Post found in /news, /worldnews, /NewsOfTheUK, /AutoNewspaper and /GUARDIANauto.
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2023.05.30 21:39 Nomeerkat781 Channel 781 News Week of 5-22-2023

Deadly Shooting / Moody St. Hyrbid Closing / New Candidates / Waltham Pride / Housing Notification Ordinance / Energy-Efficient Building Codes / Proposed Sober House / Lexington Power Plant
1:00 What to expect from Waltham Pride? (Nick Hammond) 3:10 Speakers at Pride 4:40 Where’s the money come from for Waltham Pride? 6:46 Volunteer at Waltham Pride! 9:25 Waltham Reproductive Justice Paint Event @ Pride! (Amanda Kennedy) 10:45 Sneak Peak at Portrait 13:45 Waltham City Council Passed Pride Resolution - Not Everyone Signed On 16:30 Shoulda Been A Roll Call 21:06 Tenants Rights Ordinance 26:20 Difference Between a Citizen Input Hearing and a Public Hearing 30:00 Sober House Application Goes Awry 33:20 Clips From the Meeting 38:20 Councilor Bradley-MacArthur's Climate Resolution Shot Down 43:00 If The Whole World Doesn’t Agree To Do Something, It’s Not Worth Doing (Councilor Lafauci) 46:25 This Puts Anthony Lafauci To The Right of Oil Industry 50:30 Waltham Should Be Leading, like We Used To
Headlines transcript:
Waltham resident Shelson Jules passed away on Monday 5/22, apparently from a gunshot that occurred about 1:30am near Lyman St. and Faneuil St. According to a gofundme set up to support his family, Shelson was also known as JJ and was a 22 year-old alum of Waltham High School. Waltham Police and the district attorney are investigating the shooting and so far no additional details have been made public.
This weekend is the first weekend a portion of Moody St. is closed to cars this year under the new "hybrid" plan that allows for outdoor dining but with more restrictions than in past years. Moody St. from High St. to Pine St. will be closed to cars Thursday evening through Sunday, as well as some holiday Mondays , from now through September 25. According to a WCAC article, business owners have mixed feelings about the new arrangement but 12 restaurants as well as the Game Underground have applied to use outdoor space.
A few more prospective candidates have pulled papers for this year's Waltham election. They include one more person who's been part of our Channel 781 News team-- Chris Hammer, who has helped us with video production, plans to challenge Councilor Harris in Ward 8. In addition Tammy Wong-Bigelow is the first challenger to pull papers for the School Committee race, Waltham Police Officer Paul Tracey has pulled papers for Ward 3, and elementary principal Stephen Duffy plans to run at-large.
Waltham Pride is happening next Saturday, June 3 on the Waltham Common. This is the third time in Waltham's history that we've had our own Pride event, and the second year on the Common. Some of last year's popular performers will be returning including Missy Steak, Evan Greer, Toast, Katie Gullotti, Rose Bello, and Zumba with Jen, along with a new drag performer Iris Laveau. Speakers will include community members from the middle school, high school, Brandeis, a local Church, and Waltham's recently formed Trans Alliance. That's 11-4 on Saturday and if you'd like to help out, there's still time to sign up as a volunteer. We'll have Nick Hammond and Amanda Kennedy on our debrief show to talk more about th event.
In this week's city council meeting, Councilors Bradley-MacArthur, Paz, and Darcy introduces a resolution recognizing Pride month and calling for a Pride flag to fly on the Common. The council voted to approve that without committee reference.
Also in this week's meeting Councilor Paz re-submitted the housing rights notification ordinance, and the council set a date for a citizen input hearing to take place Wednesday 6/21 at 6:30pm at Government Center. That ordinance was originally proposed by Watch CDC and would require landlords to give tenants in danger of eviction information about their rights. The new version Paz submitted includes language that also protects homeowners in danger of foreclosure.
Also in recent meetings, the city council shot down a proposal to make Waltham's building codes more energy efficient. The state sets standard that require new buildings or renovations to meet a certain level of energy efficiency, but municipalities can choose to adopt "stretch codes" that require a higher standard, which Waltham has done in the past. Councilor Bradley-MacArthur submitted a resolution to adopt the latest stretch codes, which was discussed at the Public Works & Public Safety Committee on 5/15. At that meeting Councilor LaFauci argued that the standards were too difficult to meet and would cost the city money by deterring people from renovating their homes. He said that "fossil fuels are not going away" and argued that it doesn't make sense for Waltham to take steps to address climate change if not all states and countries are doing it. The committee recommended the council file the resolution with prejudice, meaning they will not take action on it and no one can submit a similar resolution for at least a year. In the following meeting the council voted to do just that despite an effort by Councilor Bradley-MacArthur to send it back to committee.
Also at this meeting neighbors showed up to oppose a proposed lodging house on Robbins street that would provide shared bedrooms for about 20 people in recovery from addictions. That was sent to committee and we'll talk about that more on our debrief show.
A proposed solar plant in Lexington near the Cambridge Reservoir and the Waltham line was approved by the Lexington Planning Board on 5/17. The City of Waltham previously went to court to prevent developers from building an access road to the plant through a Waltham neighborhood, but lost. More recently Waltham neighbors organized to pressure the Lexington government not to approve the project. At the recent council meeting Councilor Darcy requested certain city department heads come to the next meeting to discuss.
There's no city council meeting this week but committee meetings will return June 5.
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Enough about the fucking raccoon!
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