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2011.08.06 18:24 TruthTaco HUNTER×HUNTER

This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Any form of entertainment, information, or discussion centered around the world of HxH is welcome here.

2023.03.30 05:23 OpeningTheoryBot [Random] 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Nbd7 (Queen's Gambit Declined Modern Variation)

Opening line: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Nbd7
Opening name: Queen's Gambit Declined Modern Variation
Board image: https://i.imgur.com/a2Pk0oK.png
Lichess board: https://lichess.org/analysis/pgn/1.+d4+d5+2.+c4+e6+3.+Nc3+Nf6+4.+Bg5+Nbd7++
Wikibooks page: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Chess_Opening_Theory/1._d4/1...d5/2._c4/2...e6/3._Nc3/3...Nf6/4._Bg5/4...Nbd7
Winning percenatages:
White: 462 (36.32%)
Black: 259 (20.36%)
Draws: 551 (43.32%)
Queen's Gambit Declined
With 4...Nbd7, black intends to play the Cambridge Springs Defense, which continues 5. Nf3 c6 6. e3 Qa5. The Cambridge Springs Defense is a solid line of the QGD and is often played both in the amateur level (because of the easier to understand theme) and the grandmaster level. This move also sets a trap that has ensnared quite a few players. White can continue 5. cxd5 exd5, resulting in a position that resembles the QGD Exchange variation (which is fine for both camps), as long as he/she doesn't play 6. Nxd5??. While it superficially appears to win a pawn (because the black knight is pinned), black can capture with his knight with 6... Nxd5!. Then after 7. Bxd8, white has not won black's queen because of 7... Bb4+!, where the only legal move is 8. Qd2, and black gets his/her queen back and emerges a minor piece ahead.
No known responses found
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 49
Score: +0.44
Best Move: cxd5
PV Line: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bg5 Nbd7 5. cxd5 exd5 6. e3 c6 7. Nf3 Be7 8. Qc2 Nh5 9. Bxe7 Qxe7
Puzzles based around Queen's Gambit Declined
Historical games for Queen's Gambit Declined Modern Variation
Game Result Year
Mamedyarov, S. (2762) vs Ivanisevic, I. (2641) 1-0 2016
Jakovenko, D. (2723) vs Lupulescu, C. (2643) 1/2-1/2 2014
Ivanchuk, V. (2722) vs Ivanisevic, I. (2641) 1-0 2016
Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2752) vs Grachev, Boris (2610) 1/2-1/2 2008
Korobov, A. (2692) vs Kuzubov, Y. (2651) 1/2-1/2 2016
Tomashevsky, E. (2712) vs Lu Shanglei (2611) 1/2-1/2 2019
Wang Yue (2684) vs Lu Shanglei (2625) 1-0 2019
Salem, AR. (2690) vs Ivanisevic, I. (2599) 0-1 2021
Miroshnichenko, Evgenij (2696) vs Rozentalis, Eduardas (2588) 1-0 2009
Fressinet, Laurent (2693) vs Mastrovasilis, Dimitrios (2584) 1-0 2011
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2023.03.30 04:56 ICryeverytim3 Not Dogma... He is THE DOGMA

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2023.03.30 03:37 LoveMangaBuddy Read Gundam EXA - Chapter 28 - MangaPuma

Gundam EXA (ガンダム EXA) is a manga written by Tomohiro Chiba and illustrated by Kōichi Tokita, published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Gundam Ace magazine in 2011. Being Gundam Ace's 10th Anniversary Project, it is tied in with the arcade and PS3 Game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost. The story takes place in unnamed timeline, where humanity has highly advanced technology. However, ... Read Gundam EXA - Chapter 28 - MangaPuma. Read more at https://mangapuma.com/gundam-exa/chapter-28
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2023.03.30 03:00 kittywrastler Income to home price ratio

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2023.03.30 02:59 gij100 Should I do my undergrad degree as a 30yo (Aussie) with a non-finance background?

Hi Aussie (and any other) actuaries
I’m a 28 year old physiotherapist and strangely I want to take a plunge into the actuarial science world in the next 2 years. I have worked in athlete injury risk modelling and this made me fall in love with the world of stats, math and health. A goal of mine would be to healthcare economics in the public sector and/or superannuation. I would be wanting to do a double degree, and have been reading about pairing it with computer science or econ/commerce but am unsure what is best.
I don’t have any formal training in finance or math however, so I was thinking about going back to uni (say UNSW or Macquarie Uni) to do my degree and I would be so grateful for some advice from anybody, particularly people who are in the field or have gone through a mid life switch into the profession.
  1. Is it worth going back to uni for 4 years and losing 4 years of earnings for a degree, or would I be better off trying to study tor the IAA exams by my self.
  2. Would a university still consider an application from me even though I haven’t done math since high school? FWIW I have a 99 ATAR from 2011 and a Distinction average at University.
  3. If I were to go back to university, what are the pros and cons of pairing it with comp sci vs econ vs commerce? My fear is if I start on comp sci but halfway through I decide I want to work in finance, I can’t pivot.
  4. Is there anything I should start studying now to prep me for uni to minimise the shock of going back to study - math/programming?
Edit: does anyone know anything about say taking a graduate diploma/certificate in actuarial studies instead of a degree?
Thank you guys so much Joe
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2023.03.30 02:15 aarisee rate my monthly topster!! (and give me recs)

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2023.03.30 01:20 doc-tom Demand surge and inflation from extreme labor force growth in 2022

Demand surge and inflation from extreme labor force growth in 2022
The Labor Market advance report for 2022 was released by the Ministry of Manpower about two months ago (31 Jan 2023). You can find the preliminary labor figures at https://www.singstat.gov.sg/find-data/search-by-theme/economy/labour-employment-wages-and-productivity/latest-data. This was also reported in the news (here and here) but no one on singapore seems to have noticed.
Screenshot taken from https://www.singstat.gov.sg/find-data/search-by-theme/economy/labour-employment-wages-and-productivity/latest-data
The advance shows that Singapore experienced an astonishing amount of labor growth. Between Dec 2021 and Dec 2022, the labor force grew by 146,600 workers. And this does not even count foreign domestic workers! If we include FDWs, then the total rise in employment over 12 months is a quarter million (or a 6.9 percent growth Y-o-Y), the largest ever in Singapore's history in absolute numbers. This even exceeded the 2007/2008 numbers (as can be seen in the below chart).
Screenshot taken from https://tablebuilder.singstat.gov.sg/table/TS/M183901. More data is also available at https://stats.mom.gov.sg/Pages/employment-Summary-Table.aspx
This goes a long way in explaining why rents and housing prices have been rising like crazy in Singapore. There was a massive labor force surge in 2022, the largest ever in Singapore's history. What the hell was MOM thinking? If you expand the labor force by 6.9 percent within a year, then you will get a ton of inflation.
What is worse is that the 6.9 percent growth in employment level only translated into a 3.8 percent growth in the economy (MTI preliminary estimate here). This means that the marginal productivity growth from the labor force growth is already negative. We have pretty much gone back to the good old days of powering economic growth through labor growth.
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2023.03.30 01:02 Beginning-Meaning744 Reebooking Daniel Bryan WHC Run 2011-12

In August 2011, Daniel Bryan cashes in his Money in the Bank contract on the same night that Randy Orton defeats Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship. The match ends in a no contest as Mark Henry comes out and attacks both Bryan and Orton.
Over the next few weeks, Bryan faces off against Henry in a series of matches, showing off his technical wrestling abilities and proving that size and strength are not everything in the world of professional wrestling.thanks to Big Shows help Bryan defeats Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions in September 2011.
Bryan's championship reign sees him battle a variety of opponents, including Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, and Sheamus until royal rumble. Chris Jericho wins the Royal Rumble and chooses to face Daniel Bryan at WM28 for the WHC . The EC match for the WHC stays The same Daniel Bryan retains by submitting Santino Marella .
Daniel Bryan has been WHC for several months, successfully defeating his title against number of challengers. Jericho a former WHC himself, had been absent from wwe for a year , pursuing his music career , but now he is back and his determined to reclaim the championship that he once held . Bryan on the other hand was equally determined to hold onto his title , which he viewed as a symbol of hard work and dedication to the sport .
The two engaged in war of words in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania
Chris Jericho is Babyface whereas Daniel Bryan is Heel in this storyline , the storyline is similar to Cm Punk vs Y2J but it would be a dispute over who the better man is . They put up really great lengthy match at wrestlemania 28 . Chris Jericho defeats Daniel Bryan submitting in a walks of Jericho winning the WHC.
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2023.03.30 00:05 whitejaguar [H] Steam gifts, collectors games and removed games [W] TF2 keys, Tether, Bulk offers

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Trade offer link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=99041861&token=oT95zjCo
Steam inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/id/routemasteinventory#753_1
Inventory listing by TradeStarter
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2023.03.29 23:10 Kanenums88 Rebooking the WrestleMania 27 Match Card (long)

(WrestleMania is almost upon us, and it had me reminiscing on events past. To be frank, WM27 sucked! So I wanted to see if I could take a stab at improving the card, and some of the stories leading into the event. So here goes:)

Winners=W Champions=C

Dark Match:
-Battle Royal Match For Future World Title Opportunity: Winner = Christian)
(This is the yearly DVD and/or web exclusive battle royal they’d do in those days. However, there's stakes this time, as the winner would receive a future world title opportunity. Not much to write home about, except it’s your typical battle royal affair. Christian wins after triumphantly eliminating The Great Khali to earn the opportunity.)

Main Card:
Opening Segment
The WrestleMania host, The Rock, opens up the show with a charismatic promo. He proves he hasn’t lost a step, and hypes up the crowd with his usual speech. He goes over the card, and when he mentions Cena he pauses for a moment, before continuing his normal promo. Furthermore, he then signals to the stage for the big promo, as we go into our opening video package.

-World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Santino Marella vs Edge(c)(w)
(Yes, you read this right, and no, I am not crazy. The 2011 Royal Rumble plays out exactly how it does in real life, except for one thing. Del Rio eliminates Orton, and begins to celebrate, before he’s hit with Santino’s Cobra. Del Rio is quickly thrown out of the ring, for the most shocking Rumble victory of all time. What follows is a story of overcoming the odds, as Santino is put down by almost everybody at every moment. Management believe it was a fluke, and try to stop Santino from receiving the match. They force him to defend his opportunity in the Chamber, put him in matches with tough opponents, and even try to bribe him. Despite all of this, he manages to overcome every obstacle put in his way, and manages to keep his world title match with Edge intact. During the build, Edge actually respects Santino's effort, and is more than happy to give him the opportunity, but warns him that it won't be easy. The match itself sees Edge in control for the most part, but no matter what Edge does, Santino continues to fight back. Santino even manages to make some comebacks, scoring some impressive near falls. The climax sees Santino manage to hit the Cobra for the three, but it doesn’t count as Edge strategically grabs the bottom rope. Having nothing left, Santino backs up into the corner, and tries to wake Edge up for a spear of his own. Edge jumps over Santino, though, and manages to catch Santino with a spear of his, to get the win. After the match, Edge shakes hands with Santino, as Marella soaks up the ovations from the crowd. Soon his rival, Del Rio, attempts to beat down Santino, but he's soon speared by Edge for his troubles.)

-"Undashing" Cody Rhodes(w) vs Rey Mysterio:
(This is pretty much the same build/match as in real life. After getting his nose broken in a match with Rey, the dashing one would start to go mad. He’d call himself "undashing”, and would wear a clear, protective mask, to hide his shame. He’d then begin to have a vendetta against Mysterio, resulting in various attacks in the weeks to come. The match itself was a really solid showing from both men, that highlighted Rhodes extremely well. The ending would see Cody rip off Mysterio’s knee brace, after his own face mask was ripped off as well. He’d attempt to use it, but would be knocked to the outside. Rey would then attempt a suicide dive, but would be hit with the knee brace mid-flight. Cody would then roll him back into the ring, hit the Cross Rhodes on Rey, and win the match.)

-United States Championship Fatal 4 Way:
Sheamus(w) vs John Morrison vs The Miz vs Daniel Bryan(c):
(In early March, Sheamus would win a #1 Contender's match for the US Championship. He and the US Champ, Daniel Bryan, would then begin a short feud. However, an already feuding Miz and Morrison would soon insert themselves into things. Miz would get the Raw GM to put him into a match with Sheamus, where if he were to win, he’d be added to the US title match at Mania. The Miz almost wins that match, but is distracted by John Morrison, and loses. The next week, John Morrison is given a similar opportunity in a match against Sheamus, but this time The Miz interferes before the match can even begin. Sheamus soon gets involved, and so does Bryan, as all four men begin to brawl. It’s soon broken up, and it’s then announced by the anonymous Raw GM, that all four men would face each other in a Fatal 4 Way at Mania. The match itself is solid, with each man getting time to shine. The Miz and Morrison both target each other throughout, which winds up costing them the match. As both are fighting on the top turnbuckle, they'd eventually crash onto the floor below, leaving Sheamus and Daniel in the ring, all alone. Daniel would attempt to make his comeback, but would be cut off by a Brogue Kick out of midair to give Sheamus the win.)

-Randy Orton(w) vs CM Punk:
(This is also a very similar build and match as it was in real life. The only change is that Punk is not the leader of the New Nexus, as the og Nexus still exists. This starts at Elimination Chamber, where Orton would eliminate Punk from the Chamber match in very quick fashion. This would light a fire under Punk, who’d viciously attack Orton after his match the next day. Punk would then explain his actions, stating that in 2008, Orton screwed Punk out of his first world championship. Years later, and in the Elimination Chamber, Randy Orton once again screwed him over. Punk then challenges Orton to a match at Mania, which is accepted, after Orton sneakily attacks Punk from behind. Orton then attempts a punt, but Punk gets out of harm's way. The following weeks see similar occurrences, with Punk very narrowly dodging the punt. A week or two before Mania, Punk would lure Orton to the parking lot with his wife, before sneak attacking Orton. He’d then slam his ankle into a car door, injuring it, and hopefully stopping him from using the punt. The match itself is basically the same as it was in real life. Punk uses Orton’s injured ankle to his advantage, and works on it throughout. The climax sees Orton attempt a punt, but his ankle gives out, allowing Punk to hit a GTS for a near fall. Punk then goes onto the apron, and tries to go for a springboard, but is caught with an RKO, outta nowhere, for an Orton victory.)

-WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
Big Show & Kane(w) vs The Nexus (Slater and Gabriel)(c):
(The Nexus would target Show for the weeks leading up to Mania, after he’d openly show his support for Cena. During one of these beat downs, Show would finally be backed up by his former partner, Kane. The two would reform their tag team, and challenge Gabriel + Slater to a match for their tag titles, which would be granted. This match is short but sweet, and is more one-sided in favor of Show and Kane. Gabriel and Slater would attempt to double-team the two, but would eventually be caught with double Chokeslams from both men, for the double pin and win.)

-If The King Wins, He Gets Five Minutes with Michael Cole, with Stone Cold as the Guest Referee:
Jack Swagger vs Jerry “The King” Lawler(w)
(In 2010, Michael Cole would turn heel, and would start becoming more cocky. He’d get into various spats with his colleague, Jerry Lawler. In January, Lawler would announce his ambitions to compete at Mania, entering himself into the Rumble in the process. Lawler would have a decent performance in the match, before being eliminated off a distraction from Cole. After weeks of verbal attacks, and seeing his mania plans go out the window, he’d then challenge Cole to a match at Mania. Cole would not agree, and continue to berate Lawler, resulting in Jerry striking him. Lawler would then be attacked from behind by Jack Swagger. Cole would then announce via the Raw GM that it’ll be Lawler facing their hired gun, Jack Swagger, instead. Swagger would explain he was promised a future WWE title opportunity if he were to help out. The next week, during a contract signing, Cole would announce there would be a special guest ref in the form of JBL, who’d then immediately be upstaged and hit by a Stunner from Stone Cold, who'd instead state that he was actually the guest ref. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’d then reveal that Lawler and Austin sneakily added a stipulation into the match after the contract was signed. If Lawler beats Swagger, he’ll get 5 minutes alone with Cole, to do anything he so desires. The match itself is a very typical affair, really meant to give Jerry a Mania moment. Swagger starts out on the offensive, but Jerry manages to make a big comeback near the end. The climax sees Lawler attempt a piledriver, but is instead caught with the ankle lock instead. He gets to the rope, however, and tries to recoup in the corner. Swagger then attempts to hit King with a Swagger Bomb from the corner, but Jerry moves out of the way. Jerry then ascends to the middle rope, pulls the strap down, and hits the diving fist drop for the win. Lawler quickly turns his attention to Cole, who locks himself in his Cole Mine. Lawler manages to break Cole out, and beats the tar out of him for well over those 5 minutes. Swagger attempts to intervene after time is up, but is hit with a Stunner for his troubles, and both men just walk away in shame. Lawler and Stone Cold then celebrate in the ring with a beer bath and stunners for everyone.)

-No Holds Barred:
Triple H vs The Undertaker(w)
(This match is exactly the same as real life. The mysterious 2.21.11 figure was revealed to be a returning Taker, but before he could reveal his intentions, HHH would return as well. No words were spoken between the two, as they’d just stare each other down, before looking at the WM sign. The match was quickly made official, and both men’s pasts would be explored in the build. On the go-home edition of Raw, the two would meet face to face. Where Shawn Michaels would also intervene, raising the tensions by a lot. Can Triple H do what his best friend couldn't? The match is the exact same, hard hitting encounter, like in real life. It ends with Taker locking in a Hell’s Gate, for the submission victory, to go 19-0. He collapses after the match, however, not being able to walk out on his own power.)

-WWE Divas Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs Michelle McCool(c)(w)
(At Elimination Chamber, Stratus would make a surprise appearance to attack LayCool and save Kelly Kelly from their onslaught. A few weeks later, LayCool would call out Stratus to the ring, challenging her to a match at Mania. Stratus would accept, but would then be attacked by both women in a setup, but would be saved by celebrity guest Snooki in shocking fashion. Snooki would back Stratus up in her match, to help even the odds, wanting to give Stratusfaction a hint of Snookimania. The match itself is a bit better than a normal divas match. Trish gives Michelle a lot of time to shine, while also getting in her typical offense. The climax sees Layla attempt to interfere, before being taken out on the outside by Snooki. Trish then attempts a Stratusfaction, but is caught and slammed down. Michelle then hits a Faith Breaker, for the win. After the match, Layla joins Michelle to celebrate when, suddenly, Kharma debuts. Michelle quickly runs away, leaving Layla to get hit with the Implant Buster in her place.)
-WWE Championship Match:
John Cena(w) vs Wade Barrett(c):
(After bursting on the scene in June 2010, the group of former NXT rookies, known as the Nexus, would gain a surge of momentum throughout the year. Led by the winner of said NXT competition, Wade Barrett, they’d target many top names, including John Cena. The Nexus would defeat Cena’s team in a 14-Man Elimination Tag Team Match at SummerSlam, and after a lengthy feud, would eventually defeat Cena’s team in a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match. Per the stipulations of the match, Cena was fired with only Barrett allowed to bring him back, and Barrett's title opportunity from winning NXT was restored, after he was screwed out of it by Cena earlier in the year. The next night on Raw, Barrett would insert himself into a match between Orton, and the WWE Champion, The Miz, and would win the title. After his first title defense at TLC, Barrett would be attacked by a rogue Cena, who’d then escape into the crowd. The next day, via video feed, Cena would state he has nothing to lose, and is making it his mission to take out every Nexus member, one by one. This causes Barrett to agree to rehire Cena, but on the condition that Cena will not be handed any opportunity to face him, and if he wants to, he'd have to earn it. Cena would enter the Rumble, and last to the final four, but would be blindsided and thrown out by Barrett before he could win. This led to him pleading to the Raw GM for another shot in the #1 Contender's Chamber match, which was eventually given. Despite Nexus interference, Cena would win the #1 Contenders Chamber, to set this match up. Finally, Cena was going to be able to get revenge on Barrett, on the grandest stage of them all. The match itself sees Cena get the upper hand quite easily, but every time he was in control the Nexus members would interfere, to put Barrett in the driver's seat. The match is a series of interferences, comebacks, near falls, and finishers galore. It ends when a Nexus member has Cena caught on the ropes, as Barrett attempts to knock him out with a big elbow strike. Cena steps out of the way, however, and Barrett wind up knocking the member off the apron, and onto his other brethren on the floor. Cena then hits the biggest AA of his life onto Barrett, to get the win. After the match, Cena begins his celebration, when the Nexus soon recover and begin their post-match assault. We then hear “IF YOU SMELL”, as The Rock comes down to make the save. He hits his punches, a spine buster, and various other Rock offense to send the goons packing. The Rock then raises Cena’s hand, and as Cena goes for a celebratory hug, he’s hit with a Rock Bottom! The Rock closes out the show, and sets up his WM28 clash with Cena in the process.)
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2023.03.29 22:51 Gizoby1914 Did Space Marines 2 spoil 10th edition? or I am just severely late to the party

Today I was watching a video and they had a clip from the Space Marines 2 trailer in it. Im was enjoying the video and going "oh haha that's funny that the space marines will be fighting Tyranids like at the start of tenth edition".... I then looked up when the original Space marines game came out (2011) looked up the edition that was being played during that time (5th) and then looked at the starter box and low and behold Space marines vs Orks....
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2023.03.29 22:10 graphicn Updated Reading Order

All of the reading orders I've seen are outdated by a few years, so here's my attempt at an updated reading order. I didn't include Justice League because I haven't read any of that yet and don't know how it fits in with Wonder Woman's main storyline. I'm by no means an expert, so if anything is missing or in the wrong order please correct me!
Vol 1. - 1942-1986
  1. The Golden Age Omnibuses
  2. The Silver Age Omnibus
  3. Diana Prince Celebrating the '60s Omnibus
  4. The Twelve Labors
  5. Huntress: Darknight Daughter
  6. Crisis on Infinite Earths
Vol. 2 - 1987-2006
  1. George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1-3
  2. The Last True Hero
  3. Ares Rising
  4. Wonder Woman by Mike Deodato
  5. Wonder Woman by John Byrne Vol. 1-3
  6. Batman by Brian K Vaughn
  7. Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez Omnibus
  8. Wonder Woman by Walt Simonson & Jerry Ordway
  9. Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 1-3
  10. Mission’s End
Vol. 3 - 2006-210
  1. Who is Wonder Woman
  2. Love and Murder
  3. Amazons Attack
  4. Wonder Woman by Gail Simone Omnibus
  5. Wonder Woman: Odyssey Vol. 1-2
Vol. 4/The New 52 - 2011-2016
  1. Absolute Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello Vol. 1-2
  2. War-Torn
  3. A Twist of Fate
  4. Resurrection
Vol. 5/Rebirth 2016-2021
  1. Rebirth Deluxe Edition Vol. 1-3
  2. Children of Gods
  3. Amazons Attacked
  4. The Dark Gods
  5. Enemy of Both Sides
  6. The Witching Hour
  7. The Just War
  8. Love is a Battlefield
  9. Loveless
  10. The Four Horsewomen
  11. Lords & Liars
  12. Death Metal
Vol. 6/Infinite Frontier 2022-present
  1. Infinite Frontier #0
  2. Afterworlds
  3. Wonder Girl
  4. Through a Glass Darkly
  5. Nubia and the Amazons
  6. Tales of the Amazons
  7. Trial of the Amazons
  8. Nubia Coronation Special
  9. The Villainy of Our Fears
  10. Revenge of the Gods

Wonder Woman '77
  1. Wonder Woman ‘77 Vol.1-2
  2. Batman ‘66 Meets Wonder Woman 77
  3. Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets The Bionic Woman
DC Bombshells
  1. DC Bombshells Vol. 1-6
  2. Bombshells United
Other Series/Collections
2003 - Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
2012 - World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman
2013-2016 - Superman/Wonder Woman Vol.1-5
2013-2016 - Sensation Comics feat. Wonder Vol. 1-3
2016 - The Legend of Wonder Woman
2016-2021 - Earth One 1-3
2018 - The Brave & The Bold: Batman & Wonder Woman
2019 - DCeased
2019-2020 - Come Back to Me
2020 - Dead Earth
2020 - Agent of Peace
2021 - Sensational Wonder Woman
2021 - Fear State
2021-2022 Serving Up Justice
2021-2022 - Black & Gold
2021-2023 - DC vs Vampires
2022 - Evolution

Graphic Novels
2003 - The Hiketeia
2016- The True Amazon
2020 - Tempest Tossed
2021 - Nubia Real One

One Shot Comics
2020 - Wonder Woman 1984
2021 - DC Pride
2021 - The Adventures of Young Diana

2017 - Warbringer
2019 - The Wisdom
2020 - Diana Princess of the Amazons
2020 - The Way of the Amazons

Wonder Woman Adventures (Book Series)
  1. Diana and the Island of No Return
  2. Diana and the Underworld Odyssey
  3. Diana and the Journey to the Unknown

DC Super Hero Girls (Book Series)
  1. Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
  2. Supergirl at Super Hero High
  3. Batgirl at Super Hero High
  4. Katana at Super Hero High
  5. Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
  6. Bumblebee at Super Hero High
  7. Winner Takes It All
  8. Fierce Competition

DC Superhero Girls (Graphic Novels)
  1. Finals Crisis
  2. Hits and Myths
  3. Summer Olympus
  4. Past Times at Super Hero High
  5. Date with Disaster
  6. Out of the Bottle
  7. Search for Atlantis
  8. Spaced Out
  9. At Metropolis High
  10. Powerless
  11. Weird Science
  12. Midterms
  13. Ghosting
  14. Exchange Students
Nonfiction Books
I'm sure there are far more books about Wonder Woman than these, but these are the ones I've read or seen around
2013 - The Ages of Wonder Woman
2014 - The Secret History of Wonder Woman
2014 - Wonder Woman Unbound
2017- Wonder Woman Ambassador of Truth
2019 - What is the Story of Wonder Woman
2021 - Wonderful Women of the World
2022 - Wonder Woman: Warrior, Disrupter, Feminist Icon
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2023.03.29 21:34 numberland [H] Lots of games, most with links + short descriptions [W] Wishlist games, diamond bundle games, paypal, non-violent games.

IGSRep - GameTradeRep
Have, a lot of games, see below.
Want, in rough order of preference:
Willing to be generous :D
From the Diamond bundle:
For trade for someone else:
Highlights of games you might have from my Steam wishlist:
Potentially 1-3 slots in the Diamond bundle - see above for the games I want
From the Humble Turkish-Syria Earthquake charity bundle
From the Mystery Star Bundle (both versions):
Humble (all unrevealed, unless clicked on by accident):
No longer on Steam/issues with Steam
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2023.03.29 21:30 ogreatgames SmackDown Vs Raw 2007: Aggressive Wrestling - PS2 Game

SmackDown Vs Raw 2007: Aggressive Wrestling - PS2 Game

![video](skimcwvtyrz81 " Play as an incredible wrestler and perform outstanding wrestling movements in the arena. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/wwe-smackdown-vs-raw-2011 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #fighting #wrestling --
SmackDown Vs Raw 2007 for Sony PlayStation 2. Take control of amazing, and spectacular WWE Superstars, like Batista, Daivari, and Finlay! Experience accurate fighting movements with the analog control system feature. Hear the cheer of the crowd as you grab and take down your opponent. Play exciting events, such as Battle Royal, Elimination Chamber, and Hardcore. Feel the exhilarating intensity of WWE wrestling matches in a grand arena with awe-inspiring environmental hot spots, such as ring posts. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.03.29 21:26 dagger4zero Historical Rates of Home Price Appreciation Since 1891, U.S. home prices have increased 3.4% per year before inflation ("nominal") and 0.5% after inflation ("real").

Historical Rates of Home Price Appreciation Since 1891, U.S. home prices have increased 3.4% per year before inflation ( submitted by dagger4zero to atayls [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 21:21 MaskedWrestlerNo_13 [BEST OF 2011] El Generico vs. Kevin Steen - PWG World Title Ladder Match from PWG Steen Wolf (10-22-2011)

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2023.03.29 21:06 Dev_NT What’s the most evenly matched playoff series you can remember?

Here’s my vote: 2011 Det vs SJ went 7 games, and every game except one was a one goal game (empty net goal in game 6 made it 3-1.)
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2023.03.29 20:48 TreyTrey8000 I have some questions and I want to see what y’all think of them.

  1. If Chrollo can steal almost any ability in the series, Does the Nen chart percentages still imply to him as a specialist or can he use every Nen type with 100 Proficiency% because of how restrictive his ability is? I’m curious because he was confident in stealing emission abilities so I’m just wondering what everyone else thinks about how his restrictions may grant him higher proficiencies in other Nen types besides Conjureration and Manipulation.(It was later revealed that Zeno and Silva are emitters now so I’m assuming their abilities are now emission based.)
  2. Who is the best match up for Hisoka besides Chrollo and Feitan? I personally think its Franklin and Phinks together but I want to see what y’all think of that scenario.
  3. What’s everyone’s favorite fantasy battle in HXH? Mine is between Morel vs Chrollo and Illumi vs Killua.
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2023.03.29 20:07 omarketing2021 أهم 10 جامعات خاصة في تركيا وميزات الدراسة فيها

تعرف من خلال المقال التالي على أهم الجامعات الخاصة في تركيا، التي استطاعت أن تستقطب الكثير من الطلاب الدوليين من مختلف الأماكن حول العالم نتيجة كل ما تقدمه من امتيازات لا محدودة، وفي هذا المقال فريق التحرير في شركة ياسمين التعليمية سيقدم تقريراً عن أهم تلك الجامعات.

1 – جامعة ميديبول

تعد جامعة ميديبول الخاصة من أعرق الجامعات الخاصة في تركيا، وتقع في مدينة اسطنبول التاريخية وتأسست في عام 2009، وتركز على التخصصات الطبية وتوسعت لتشمل جميع التخصصات وتشتهر الجامعة بتعليمها عالي الجودة ومعداتها التكنولوجية المتقدمة، مما يضمن حصول الطلاب على تعليم شامل في المجال الذي يختارونه ويوجد بالجامعة أيضًا مجمع تعليمي تطبيقي في مستشفيات الطب البشري، مما يجعلها مركزًا عالميًا للأبحاث وعلاوة على ذلك، فإنها محاطة بتراث ثقافي غني، مما يسمح للطلاب بتجربة الأجواء الفريدة من نوعها في قارتين وبشكل عام، تقدم تعليمًا من الدرجة الأولى يعد الطلاب للنجاح في المجال الذي يختارونه.

2 – جامعة كوتش

تأسست عام 1993، وهي أعلى جامعة مرتبة في البلاد وتقدم تجربة تعليمية على مستوى عالمي. تشتهر الجامعة بأكاديميين من الدرجة الأولى، وهيئة طلابية متنوعة، وأعضاء هيئة تدريس ممتازين وتقدم مجموعة متنوعة من درجات البكالوريوس والدراسات العليا، فضلاً عن فرص البحث للطلاب وهي واحدة من أكبر المواقع التعليمية للدراسة في الجامعات التركية الخاصة ويعد القبول فيها أسهل من الالتحاق بالجامعات العامة، حيث إنها مؤسسة خاصة وتوفر للطلاب مجموعة واسعة من خيارات الدراسة، بما في ذلك التخصصات في الهندسة والأعمال والعلوم والطب وغير ذلك الكثير.

3 – جامعة بهشة شهير

هي جامعة خاصة تأسست عام 1998 وهي من بين أبرز مؤسسات التعليم العالي في تركيا، حيث تحتل المرتبة 13 في الترتيب العام بين الجامعات التركية وهي جزء من مؤسسة جامعات بهجة شهير الدولية، ولها فروع في كندا وألمانيا والصين وإسبانيا ودول أخرى ويوجد بالجامعة أربعة أحرام جامعية داخل مدينة اسطنبول ويبلغ إجمالي عدد الطلاب المسجلين فيها 25000 طالب. بشعارها "جامعة العالم في قلب اسطنبول وملتقى قارتين".

4 – جامعة أسكودار

جامعة أوسكودار هي جامعة تركية خاصة تقع على الجانب الآسيوي من اسطنبول، وتأسست في عام 2011 م وهي مشهورة بعملها في مجالات العلاج وإعادة التأهيل النفسي والصحة أشهر أحياء منطقة أسكودار وتطل على مضيق البوسفور ولديها حرم جامعي رئيسي وحرمان ثانويان وتقدم مجموعة من برامج الدرجات العلمية من المرحلة الجامعية إلى مستوى الدكتوراه، مع التركيز على التخصصات الطبية مثل علوم الطب الشرعي والبيولوجيا والهندسة الحيوية والتركية، وإنها واحدة من أفضل الجامعات في تركيا ومصنفة ضمن أفضل 100 جامعة على مستوى العالم.

5 – جامعة يدي تبه

تأسست في عام 1996، وتقع في مدينة إسطنبول الآسيوية، ويوفر الحرم الجامعي أجواء طبيعية خلابة ومباني فاخرة مع خيارات نقل متعددة ولقد حصلت على التصنيف العالمي 1902 وهي أفضل جامعة تركية من حيث طلاب التبادل إيرسموس الذين أكملوا دراستهم في بلد آخر وتقدم مجموعة واسعة من التخصصات، وتوفر الدعم للطلاب من خلال رؤيتها الاستراتيجية التي تلبي احتياجاتهم طوال فترة دراستهم.

6 – جامعة أيدن

هي مؤسسة تعليمية رائدة تقدم مجموعة متنوعة من البرامج التعليمية وتأسست الجامعة في 2006، وهي مكرسة لتوفير التعليم الجيد وفرص البحث لطلابها ويقدم برامج البكالوريوس والدراسات العليا في مختلف المجالات مثل الهندسة والأعمال والقانون والعلوم الإنسانية والاجتماعية وتتمتع الجامعة بسمعة ممتازة لمبادراتها البحثية، مع التركيز القوي على التعاون متعدد التخصصات والدولي وكما أنها موطن للمعهد الأوروبي للابتكار والتكنولوجيا.

7 – جامعة أستينيا

تأسست في عام 2015 وهي واحدة من الجامعات الخاصة الرائدة في تركيا، ولديها فريق متخصص يتمتع بخبرة تزيد عن 8 سنوات وأكثر من 250 وكيلًا حول العالم، مما يساعد الطلاب على قبولهم في الجامعة، وهو مركز للتدريب والبحث الطبي وهو موطن لأكبر ثلاثة مستشفيات في تركيا وتقدم الجامعة أيضًا خدمات مثل المساعدة في السكن وحجز المواعيد لشهادات المعادلة ويوفر موقعها وبالقرب من جميع وسائل النقل العام، ميزة إضافية للطلاب.

8 – جامعة أوكان

تعد جامعة أوكان الخاصة واحدة من أشهر الجامعات الخاصة في تركيا وتأسست عام 1999 تحت إشراف مؤسسة أوكان للثقافة والتعليم والرياضة، وبدأت في تدريس فصولها الأولى في 2003-2004 وتشتهر الجامعة بتقديم العديد من الدورات الجامعية، فضلاً عن الوحدات الخاصة المخصصة للطلاب ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة وكما توفر مجموعة من درجات الماجستير وتضم كليتين للدراسات العليا ومعهدين وتسع كليات.

9 – جامعة بلكنت

هي جامعة خاصة تقع في العاصمة النابضة بالحياة أنقرة، تركيا وتأسست في 1984 وأصبحت بيلكنت مؤسسة رائدة للأنشطة الأكاديمية والاجتماعية والثقافية.
تعد الجامعة أيضًا موطنًا للعديد من الأكاديميين المرموقين وتقدم مجموعة من البرامج من درجات البكالوريوس إلى درجات الدراسات العليا وبفضل تاريخها الطويل وتصنيفاتها الدولية الممتازة.

10 – جامعة البيروني

تعد جامعة البيروني الخاصة من أقوى الجامعات التركية، وتقع في قلب مدينة اسطنبول وتأسست الجامعة عام 2014، وهي مكرسة للمساهمة في الحياة الأكاديمية والعملية ويقدم
مجموعة واسعة من البرامج التعليمية، بما في ذلك 4 كليات ومدرستين مهنيتين ومعهدين للدراسة وكما تقدم جامعة البيروني الخاصة الإرشاد النفسي والإرشاد لطلابها.

خدمات ياسمين التعليمية للطلاب الأجانب

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2023.03.29 19:54 atzlwkdkrt 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





Processing gif phw9qf4fvpqa1...
"Hey man you still got some bags in the backseat." My dumb brother said while shoving milions of skittles down his throat. Antwan quickly walked out the door to get them.
“So did you want me to pick you up, I can rent a car or limo? We can arrive in style,” I ask smiling and she doesn’t share my enthusiasm.
My legs locked around her waist and her pussy was right up against my throbbing boner. Her round tits were hanging down and swaying as she struggled to hold my arms down. Her groin was pressed against my still throbbing cock and I rocked and bucked and she rode me with her tits swinging inches away from my face.
"yes im sure i love you John i want you to be my first"
I sat down on the stool in her kitchen. My old house looks way better now than when we used to live in it, i thought. I saw her open up the top cabinet to get some glasses. She had to be doing this on purpose, standing on her tip toes and reaching as high as she can. I don’t even think she was wearing panties. That big ass was all I was looking at. She grabbed the glasses and fell off her tip toes quick and hard makikng her ass jiggle. I was ready to lose my mind. "Oh shit." I accidentally said.
The day went by fast and the next thing I knew I was waking up to my Mom yelling for me to get up. I quickly got ready and dragged myself to school. My anticipation for Art class was high, I could not wait, who could’ve thought that I, the athlete and jock, would want to go to a class in which I had no skill in whatsoever, but I couldn’t wait just to see her face. Just as I walked into class I saw her waiting outside of it with her boyfriend, they were arguing, as I walked by I heard him call her a slut. Boy did that shit piss me off.
Bunny's mom, and it was coming from the direction of the
Read 587526 times
“Yep, and they had a special for birthdays and anniversaries, each room you get could be upgraded for another hundred dollars, so we’ll all be staying in the best rooms, with unlimited food and activities, and five passes to the casino, all for two hundred less than I planned on paying for the basic rooms, and if we can sell your mom and dads tickets they already bought, it’ll be even cheaper! This is gonna be a fantastic trip!” Jim said happily.
Somewhere on the edges of my awareness I heard a muffled crinkly sound and apparently so did Michelle because suddenly her left hand stopped gripping my ass cheek. She dropped her head back to the bed with a puzzled expression on her face even as she gasped for air. I felt her fingers dip into my back pocket and I heard that crinkly sound again as she pulled something out of my pocket. She brought her arm and hand around and up between us so she could examine what she had found. It was the condom that Penny had slipped to me earlier and I had nervously tucked away in my back pocket. I had forgotten about it until this very moment. Oh No! What would Michelle think?
"Eight." she said quickly.
For about an hour I was touched and congratulated in very sarcastic ways. I noticed that most of the women pinched and twisted my nipples knowing how sensitive they were, while most of the men went directly for my pussy and clit to watch me squirm.
I nod in acceptance and get a big hug for Vicki and a bigger one from Jackie who is tearing up again before we separate.
Melissa sank onto her bed, limp with relief that the ordeal was over; her nerves still vibrated with the residual pain that enveloped her sleek body. Jacqui had taken her back to the beauty salon, but this time it had been for more than a simple haircut. They had arranged for a private room, and the freshman learned she was to have her pubic hair removed.
When Terri finally spoke again, her voice was very soft and gentle.
"We'll get caught," she hissed, looking past him at
Theo was waiting for her to arrive home, and accosted her the moment she opened the door.
“Talk to me for a little bit,” Sophie said, with one of her trademark smiles. Something was probably up. She closed the door to her room and locked it. “It probably would be a good idea to do this,” She said.
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i did the same thing but was i japan not france was 16 and she was 14 it was sweet<\/div>\n

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reminds me of my first time except it wasn't in france and was nothin like that lol good story keep ritin<\/div>\n
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That Was A Good Story And I Hope You Write Another One!<\/div>\n

Anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2014-03-02 07:18:30<\/div>\n
I agree with fix'em story was alright but needs fixed and you could write a sequel but that's just a few suggestions, keep writing.<\/div>\n

Anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
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2 \/ 10 I am disappointed.<\/div>\n

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2011-04-23 01:15:37<\/div>\n
The tagging is deceptive. there was no girl\/female action.just a very crappily told story about a guy masturbating outside a girls window. then a jumbled crappy collage from the $2 porn section at the truck stop. I think e was jerking off while writing, finished before the actual sex scene, then slapped an ending Copy-paste style from other stories and hit "Send"<\/div>\n

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This is a very poorly written story. For those that said it was good, need to take another look. It is very jerky and has no flow. Maybe 2 out of 10<\/div>\n

Fix'm<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2011-04-19 03:06:30<\/div>\n
The story is alright although it needs a lot of work and could easily stand to be at least 5 times longer at a minimum. You need to work on capitalization of proper names and paragraphing to mention but a few things. You have a good imagination so by all means keep writing. THX

KingT<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2011-04-19 02:44:39<\/div>\n
Good story... Needs more details and "Clit" isn't another word for pussy... I imagine you meant to use the word "Cunt" there<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
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good but work on having the sex scene be more detailed<\/div>\n
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