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2018.04.06 03:59 thisoldwizard Red Scare

Red Scare is a podcast hosted by @annakhachiyan and @nobody_stop_me Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere "But it is the most (inaudible)y god damned board you could ever imagine." cross to comply, still in control, understand a hand, a hand moved me, just like a station on the radio

2019.08.21 21:09 Dashaskiller A private island with no rules

The TRVE Cumtown Chat

2023.05.31 22:24 BigDickCatGirl An ex girlfriend called today.

We hadn’t spoke in a little over a year. She was crying, her boyfriend was in surgery after a car crash and it seems he was cheating on her because another woman showed up at the hospital while she waited with his family. I found it strange that she would call me, last time we spoke she called me her 3rd worst boyfriend. She said she was too embarrassed to call her friends because they hated him. I just laughed and said I guess I’m 4th worst now.
We talked for a half hour or so, mostly just idle chit chat to perk her up. She’s a Swiftie, so we talked about the Matty Healy thing. She hated me listening to cumtown and it used to be a huge point of contention on road trips. Apparently she screens men for the cumboys and red scare now.
At the end of the call she thanked me and told me she loved me. I hope she finds someone who’s good to her.
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2023.05.31 08:41 Squidman_Permanence One of my co-workers name dropped Cumtown and then asked our manager if they could "do racist bits in here".

Manager said "what do you mean?" and was met with a bad Chinese accent.
It was an ok experience. Honestly pretty helpful since I was having a hard time getting a read on the guy up until that point.
Edit: I just remembered that my manager's wife is Chinese
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2023.05.29 15:52 Worcestersauce68 Looking for podcasts with crass humor

I'm not gonna act like I'm sorry for my taste - I like weird stories about people shitting themselves in public, outrageous sex stories, creepy people stories and all of the assorted stuff. There aren't as many "glossy" productions of this type because its not advertiser-friendly and so it's mostly a stroke of luck to find any productions that tickle that particular itch..
I'm not really looking for stuff like Cumtown which I'm sure people will recommend me but stuff more akin to "Gosspimongers" which was a british podcast where they commented on weird gossip stories sumitted by their audience.
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2023.05.28 19:27 air-sushi Taylor Swift, go on Chapo! DAE?

I have been loving this sub. I am so sick of “the discourse.”
Matty has said some icky things but he was on literally Cumtown 2.0 idk what people expected. As a long time dirtbag left enthusiast and a WOC, I don’t condone Adam Friedland and Nick Mullen’s style of comedy. I don’t find it funny. But I get that it’s a bit. I have friends who laugh, unwittingly. I have occasionally laughed at the odd off-color joke made on Adam’s ex-girlfriend’s Red Scare pod. I’ve been mad at myself for laughing, but sometimes somethings scratch a brain itch, it’s fine, and it doesn’t make someone a n*zi. I’m a marxist professor, I cringe at conservatives and even liberals. Most of these people on these podcasts are socialists. Some are bad people. I only learned of Matty through this drama and getting into the 1975 now — he seems like a socialist too? Taylor could use exposure to this world.
Taylor, go on Chapo Trap House. For the uninitiated, it’s the central nervous system of the dirtbag left. Adam and Nick have been guests on the show, and they definitely hang out with the Chapo boys. I am ride or die for Chapo podcast since 2016 and through multiple Bernie Sanders runs for the dem nomination. The thought of Taylor even accidentally ending up in the same room as the Chapo boys makes me absolutely dead. It would be so absurd I would never stop laughing.
Anyone else just floored by the connection between Taylor and the Chapo extended universe? Ever since the Matty stuff came out, I am obsessed with these worlds colliding. Is it literally just me?!
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2023.05.28 04:01 ExistingWeekend6954 ruletown

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2023.05.27 22:27 beefheaux saw somebody who very obviously listens to cumtown

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2023.05.26 15:34 kaleoverlordd General content of the Adam Friedland show?

Hey yall!
Obviously there has been a lot of controversy (rightfully IMO) with Matty Healy's participation in The Adam Friedland Show. During the episode, there were racist speculations and weird commentary about Ice Spice.
My question is more about the Friedland show itself. I'm wondering if this subject matter is normal for the show. Does anyone have insight - what's the show about, does it do this a lot? Was its predecessor, cumtown, also full of this type of racist & weird stuff?
To be honest I'm especially interested in the perspectives of women, queer people, and poc. I'm tired of white men telling me their opinions on this type of "joke" lol
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2023.05.23 23:40 Former_Maybe_8437 The Bit that Broke Nick - CUMTOWN ANIMATED

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2023.05.23 22:51 i_love_mods88 The podcast... it's not very good at all anymore?

Yeah I know, if you don't like it, don't watch it. But c'mon. What am I even paying for? They don't really even put out bonuses anymore.
Every episode has the same jokes, and then some talk about some very unrelatable internet drama. Wow, really Andrew, can you tell me again how Jackson is wrong about (topic)?
Even the hosts just feel like they are forced to be there. Start episode, topic 1, topic 2, topic 3, wrap up. Andrew even admitted that he doesn't really care about the pod on the deleted bonus ep.
Honestly, how much gas really is in the tank? I got tired around ep 300, but listened to every ep up til now, and I don't think I'll be listening to the next ep. I've heard it about 50 times already anyway.
If you like banter and jokes, I recommend Matt and Shanes Secret Podcast. That pod made me realize what a good podcast can be, and holy moly is there a difference. Another good banter pod is Cumtown. For actual 'smart stuff', i recommend anything by Dan Carlins Hardcore History.
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2023.05.20 17:10 joepsuedonym Has anyone else noticed that Chaz's "Cumtown" song sounds a hell of a lot like "Loverman" by Nick Cave?

For comparison:
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2023.05.20 11:31 International_Slip85 How TF did cumtown get NDT on lol

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2023.05.19 20:05 Senior-Watercress944 Holy fuck

Cumtown made me curious. You guys are fucking losers
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2023.05.18 18:27 queenellidala A more realistic look at Matty Healy

I think a lot of the major discussions around Matty Healy going on here do not involve a holistic picture of him, which I do not think is fair. I would like to point out a few things I found reading about him and the band that I think people may not know about. First (the good) that he is regarded as being really a talented musician, an interesting lyricist, and he’s not afraid to advocate for social issues. The band also employs Easter eggs in their marketing schemes and work. I think these things make him appealing to Taylor and an unsurprising match.
Second, (the less good) he has been known to say things that range from from not very thoughtful to downright harmful. His fans acknowledge he has said problematic things and he has acknowledged it too and has apologized for various comments on several occasions. But a lot of the anger is coming at comments that are being misconstrued or taken out of context. Overall, he does not seem to be an intentional aggravator, misogynist, or racist—he seems like he just doesn’t think things through before he says things.
Regarding the recent podcast comments, I have two Redditor interpretations from people who are more familiar with the podcast pasted below. The podcast is comedic and much of the dialogue between the guests is not necessarily ‘autobiographical’ because it’s a “bit”. Not that I think it’s funny or comes off as appropriate at all, but I do not think the porn comments were a true story.
Additionally, he’s gone to rehab to overcome addiction, said a bunch of nice things about Taylor, and just has a performance style that a lot of people here and the media are not used to (if you are not familiar with the 1975). Overall, I think he’s made some mistakes and should be called out for them, but I do not think he’s a misogynist, racist person that invalidates everything Taylor stands for. I think they stand for a lot of the same things and he has done a lot to show that. (See all sources).
“This candidness extends to his songwriting. Healy is a hopeless oversharer who sings about love, sex, loss, and the ridiculousness of fame. He’s got a knack for pithy lyrics that sum up the cursed millennial condition.
Along with being a galvanizing pop artist on record, Healy has also stood up for women’s reproductive rights onstage in Alabama, railed against misogyny in music on live television at the BRITs, and invited climate activist Greta Thunberg to make a four-and-a-half-minute speech on a song”
Lyric analysis
Nice comments about Taylor:
“I have said on countless occasions that I found her to be one of the most gracious, hard working, creatively gifted, and beautiful women that I have had the pleasure to meet. I personally have a lot of respect and admiration for her. Why would I not?”
Past relationships
Easter Eggs
Explanation of his ‘style’ of performance:
During his band's November 2022 concert at Madison Square Garden, the musician went viral for eating bites from a slab of raw steak following a round of shirtless pushups in a commentary on toxic masculinity. (Healy repeated the stunt again during various dates of The 1975's At Their Very Best tour.)
A Redditor’s take on the podcast:
am i mistaken or wasn't everything said on this podcast like, them playing a bit as if they weren't leftists? like when i listened to the ep, it just sounded like two dudes playing a part and saying shit for shock value as if they were not themselves with their own beliefs. especially after knowing who AF is and the type of "comedy" he uses. not saying i enjoy this at all or what they said wasn't vile, but also i was under the impression that literally everything said on here was like, not real lol
ETA: also bc matty literally has dated black women and been in love with them so it doesn't make logical sense as to why he would watch porn like this. i think twigs would come forward if she was abused or misused by matty in a way like that.
Another Redditor’s take on the podcast:
Listening to that podcast out of context or just as a once off is gonna probably be off putting, but I’ve been listening to Cumtown for years, and it’s all a bit. Definitely offensive, but all of those guys are leftists and don’t actually believe any of the shit they say. It’s all for laughs, and often it is hilarious.
Reviews of TAFS podcast:
(Good review) Adam Friedland is a progressive leader for all things gay, lesbian, trans, and Jewish. Anyone who identifies in these categories would do themselves a favor and listen to this brilliant triumph of a podcast.
(Bad review) “If you like listening to racist incels who try to cover up their misogyny by claiming it’s a “joke”, you will love this podcast. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother listening. Such a shame. Do better.”
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2023.05.18 11:01 buildingsteamgrain do any radical christians here listen to the adam friedland show/cumtown?

it's a bit unrelated but i'm kinda tired of hearing cishets n neolibs say that dark humo"offensive" (chud rhetoric) humor is just lame edgelord shit. the adam friedland show/cumtown is oen of the things that shaped my identity in general, and i'd describe myself as a nick mullenesque edgelord lol.
also because i'm a bit tired of hearing people say that christians shouldn't listen to podcasts like that lol
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2023.05.16 20:06 rpthrowah I used to think Cumtown listeners were a bunch of mouth breathers

I still do actually, but hats off to you guys for making the Ghetto Gaggers x Taylor Swift crossover a reality. This is a level of insanity that gives off 2016 vibes.
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2023.05.16 18:15 94toyotacelica Anyone remember the girl who posted her smoking meth with her grandpa on cumtown?

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2023.05.14 13:38 Botchko Listening to Cumtown beginning to end for the first time

I’m at ep 103 or so right now, hilarious show. Curious on best eps and if someone can give me a 3rd grader version of what happened to the show?
Hi Shane
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2023.05.13 20:10 Andy_Micropenakis registrations are now OPEN!

Come find your CT BF at our great forum, ladies!
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2023.05.11 02:10 Quirky_Sentence7554 We’re you guys political morons in your youth?

Were any of you guys total idiots politically when you were younger? From the time I was 15 and a half to just turning 17 and a bit afterwards, I was a disaster, I was full blown far right/alt right etc. I believed that Jewish people were responsible for “degeneracy” and anything wrong in the world politics wise, that Blacks had lower iqs, that homosexuality was terrible and should be repressed, and that women should be second class citizens pretty much and shouldn’t be able to vote, pretty much Incel beliefs and I didn’t even know it. I also believed that Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Franco’s Spain were all good. I was all into Fascist literature, like Evola and Yockey, I listened to “The Daily Shoah”… so yeah, I was pretty much a disaster, I don’t hold any of those positions anymore thank fucking god. Funnily enough Cumtown brought me over to the left and introduced me to Red Scare, Michael Brooks, Liz Bruenig, and so on, and before that I was slowly self “de-radicalizing” anyway. The last time I ever read something from an un-ironic racist and agreed with itwas March 2020 and I was 18 and a half .Was anyone here a total moron when it came to politics in their youth?
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2023.05.11 00:30 Durantula420 Feelin like a new man

I started years ago as a total beta cuck listening to YMH and Legion of Skanks, then moved up to Timmy D and loved that fat piece of shit until he lost touch with reality and fired his laugh track. When I found cumtown and their old episodes I was pretty set for a while, but even they fell off around the pandemic and had a hard time ever getting their gayness back(TAFS is too straight and big dicked for me), but finding the dawgs.... is like finding everything I've been looking for. I always had heard about the cast, but just never jumped in. Now I've made it through the old testy and am completely hooked on cideys and hawt casts. Happy to be running with the bulls now.
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2023.05.10 03:18 Ban_FeatureCreature Chris Cuomo is about to be on Cumtown lol.

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2023.05.10 02:09 cabbagetown_tom The frequent use of "FAGGOT" on is fascinating

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