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2023.03.30 03:12 KoriCG94 Pride of Life (Lifelights theme) composed by Acryliks

The main theme for Lifelights (The fusion betwen Anima Mea, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia)
Art by Two Souls Re:born Project
Composed by Acryliks
The network
Two Souls Re:Born Project
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2023.03.29 19:25 KoriCG94 Lifelights art by Two Souls Re:Born Project

Lifelights art by Two Souls Re:Born Project
The guardian of life was born from the fusion of the princess of the night, the goddess of souls and the princess of the sun. This new goddess will be in charge of accompanying all living beings throughout their lives, even in their eternal rest. Helping her younger sister Lunaris Soul with her work. Design art made by Two Souls Re📷orn Project
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2023.03.29 05:56 KoriCG94 Lunar Sadness (Lunaris Soul theme) composed by Acryliks

Lunar Sadness (Lunaris Soul theme) composed by Acryliks
The main theme for Lunaris Soul (the fusion betwen Princess Luna and Anima Mea)
Composed by Acryliks
Art by Two Souls Re.Born Project
Acryliks Channel
Two Souls Re:Born Project
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2023.03.29 00:32 KoriCG94 Lunaris Soul art by Two Souls Re:born Project

Lunaris Soul art by Two Souls Re:born Project
The goddess of souls, dreams and and ambassador of the secrets of the night, she was born by the fusion of Anima Mea and Princess Luna, what secrets will she hide under her mysticism?
Art by Two Souls Re:born Project
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2023.03.27 05:47 888NewtoReddit888 Flurry and Grover, Fanfic Edition: Cover Art Update! (Also Battle.)

Flurry and Grover, Fanfic Edition: Cover Art Update! (Also Battle.)
Come see the second-longest Equestria at War fanfic in existence!
Courtesy of Opal Radiance and commissioned by number one fan, Sunstreaker, we now have cover art! Don't they look very happy?
I also started posting the 46,000 word battle that I've spent 100,000 words building up to, so that's a thing that is happening now.
Summary: "Flurry and Grover vs Pax Chrysalia."
Okay, fine. The story is about Flurry growing up in the shadow of Chrysalis' victory over Equestria and making an unlikely friend in a chance encounter. Things progress from there in ways no one expected or intended.
Disclaimer: Not a shipfic. There's actual effort involved.
Honestly, it's too long to give an accurate, pithy summary now. Someone liked it enough to pay for proper cover art, so that's the best recommendation I could possibly ever get under capitalism.
Thanks for Sunstreaker from the EaW Discord for the commission!
And thanks for Opal Radiance for the art! Link to DeviantArt below:
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2023.03.19 14:34 Cutiesaurs Princess Solsticia Butterfly. by shypeanutlover on DeviantArt

Princess Solsticia Butterfly. by shypeanutlover on DeviantArt submitted by Cutiesaurs to StarVStheForcesofEvil [link] [comments]

2023.03.17 04:16 Cutiesaurs Princess Eclipsa by nhamilton on DeviantArt

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2023.03.16 02:06 StitchFan626 Disney Princess Picture

I've been trying to find a picture of Princesses Ariel and Melody walking on the beach for years.
Land castle in the background and the princesses are wearing gowns.
I had the picture once, cropped it, somehow lost the original. Haven't been able to find it again, since.
I think I originally found it on Deviantart. Google lense didn't help.
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2023.03.15 03:18 res30stupid [Disney/Final Fantasy X-2] The heroine from each Disney film gets a Dressphere. How do they use their powers?

Yeah, this is based on these old fanarts of the Disney princesses with the Dresspheres - stuff like Snow White as a Gunner, Kida as a Thief, Ariel as a Songstress...
It seems the original artist deleted her DeviantArt gallery, unfortunately.
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2023.03.12 21:28 Yuli-Ban My "five rules" for fostering bolloi masculinity

Originally way back in 2018, I decided bollois were "hypermasculine" just because they liked fighting and proving themselves in battle, and in retrospect those early bollois were pretty much exactly like the Strong Female Character™ archetype and not the "Literally Men with Boobs" they are now. I pretty much had 100 different rules for bollois for why they Aren't Like Other Girls and are boyish and badass fighting femmes; nowadays, I just have five vague rules that work a hundred times better: "Aromantic as a rule," "No culture of vanity," "No culture of protection," "Lack feral maternalism," and "Have little intrinsic worth"
I was writing up an explanation earlier, but got distracted. However, a comment on DeviantArt got me back on track, so here we go:
Aromantic as a rule: Probably the single biggest culture shock humans have with bollois is just how little they regard romance. For us humans, this is basically a "no-no" when it comes to female characters, because we almost always view female characters and femalehood in general through the lens of romance. I mean think about it: besides the Venus symbol (♀), what symbol do we most often use in association with girls and women? The Valentine's heart.❤️ We tend to view women as sex objects. We tend to view women's issues as issues of love and relationships first and foremost. We expect girls and women to grow up idealizing marriage. When female characters are introduced into a story, the question of romance and shipping almost immediately follows. There are genuinely a lot of people who cannot dissociate "female" from "love interest." So for a female character to not be involved with anyone romantically or even have any romantic interests definitely goes against the grain.
What's especially funny about this is that Dragon Ball allegedly claims Saiyans don't care for romance, but has literally never followed through on that with the only exception being Son Goku himself. It's a pure background detail that's widely accepted, but at least after the original Bardock special (where Selypa didn't get enough screentime to be romance-baited in the first place), whenever a female Saiyan is introduced, the question of romance is immediately raised. Gine? Just so happened to be a "rare" example of a loving, romantic Saiyan. Caulifla and Kale? Almost as soon as they're introduced, the question of romance with Cabba is brought up (though admittedly shot down). Heck, most recently in the Bardock DLC of Kakarot, guess what Selypa's missions focus on? You guessed it: romance. I think Toriyama had it in his head that Saiyans don't care for romance because Goku doesn't, but he and Toei are too traditionalist in mindset to actually carry through with that in the series proper. They're actually incapable of telling stories involving female characters that don't involve romance. Except the Kaios, I think. I don't think the female kaioshins have ever been romance-baited.
So to that end, bollois actually not caring about romance can come off as weird and even disappointing to people. There might be a propensity to think that a female character who isn't into romance was simply hurt or is hiding her true self, or even that they just haven't found Mr. or Ms. Right just yet, so genuinely lacking any interest is definitely not common. Them being estrous certainly pushes that to its limit.
No Culture of Vanity: It may be "problematic" to say this among certain people, but there's no lie in saying that women are generally more interested in their appearance and matters of beauty. And this is culturally reinforced, we almost always tend to compliment women on their appearance and reinforce their sense of vanity as often as possible, something rarely done for men. Heck, "Beauties" is a somewhat common alternative for "women." The very names we give girls reflect "beauty" or "delicacy" or "gentleness." (If you're a girl, look up the meaning of your name; more often than not, it's a name reflecting appearance or femininity). Especially in the West and Far East, we actively expect women to wear make-up, get plastic surgery, and just generally look as cute and presentable as possible. And even if they don't do this, we still reward them with compliments.
Bollois don't have that, nor do they get that. The most a bolloi will get in terms of comments on her appearance on any random day, even surrounded by nagois, might be "You look like shit." They have zero expectation of being complimented, and very little in the way of beautification.
No culture of protection: In modern times, we like saying that women are capable and independent and strong, but let's be perfectly honest, that culture of chivalry didn't simply die out in a few decades any more than racism did. We still very widely view girls and women as vulnerable and in constant danger. There's still an overwhelming, unstated expectation that men should never hit women under any circumstance, that girls are inherently more delicate, and that women should stay out of dangerous situations. This also goes that girls are less culpable for their decisions and shouldn't face the same consequences as boys for the same offenses, which goes as far as believing that only men can be truly evil; women are only made to do evil by evil men. But it's even as simple and innocent as punishing a boy more harshly when he and a bunch of girls do something wrong.
Again, bollois don't get off that easy. In other words, there's no cultural belief that bollois need to be protected more than nagois or are less capable of handling themselves and thus should be insulated from danger, peril, and hardship. There is no belief in the idea that bollois are more delicate and fragile. And this goes the other way as well. A human girl holding her own at a challenge, getting through a tough situation, and matching or even overcoming the boys will be celebrated as an example of girl power. A bolloi displaying such competency proves nothing and earns no similar praise. At least among Yabans.
Lack feral maternalism: Among humans, we view motherhood as the highest and most powerful expression of femininity to the point many women are shamed for not getting married or bearing children, certainly far more than men are for not being fathers. In fact, we tend to view motherhood as so central to a woman's life that a lot of the more conservative and traditionalist mindsets say that a childless woman is the unhappiest woman. Also notice that a lot of the "good" strong female characters that are defended by people who otherwise chastise Strong Female Characters™ are described as being "motherly."
Bollois can certainly be mothers, but they lack a lot of the nurturing, motherly instincts we find intrinsic to mature femalehood. A bolloi is basically a mother for the first year, and then a female father for the rest of her child's life. And of course you have yenois further complicating matters, which is no better represented than with....
Have little intrinsic worth: It's a cold fact every man must face in his life: that he is an expendable human compared to a woman. This is very widely reinforced in society, no better summed up than in the saying "women and children first." This is very closely related to the "culture of protection" I mentioned above. A hundred thousand men can die and be overlooked, but the death of a single woman is a horrific tragedy worth special notice and attention. There's an old sexist saying that goes that "Women are, men must become." Which is to say that a woman can simply be pretty to win at life, but a man is worthless unless he accomplishes something.
Bollois don't really get this. Since they still have wombs, they're surely seen as being worth more than a man, but then you run into the issue of yenois, the primary "breeder" sex among Yabans, and thus the sex with the most "intrinsic" worth. Bollois are raised basically with the expectation that they're disposable extraneous grunts. A bolloi who wants to be worth anything has to actually achieve something.
So when you combine all this together, you wind up with a sex that doesn't really care for romance, cares virtually nothing for beautification, is treated harshly and without comfort in life, has little in the way of a nurturing motherly spirit, and can only be considered worth anything if they make something of themselves. This all sounds very similar to how we traditionally treat and view men in the world, so no wonder bollois go beyond simply being "Strong Female Characters™".
These are fundamental cultural expectations that you can't simply erase just by making a female character strong, aggressive, muscular, tough, headstrong, and independent. They inform just about all of our more subtle creative decisions. In fact, this is a big reason why I went with nonhuman creatures in the first place: even if you disregard biological nature affecting behavior and psychology, it is almost completely impossible to create a female human character with the same socio-cultural traits of a bolloi (unless she's from an alien world or some bizarro alternate history). This is because there is no culture on Earth (as far as I know) that comprehensively raises women the exact same as men on such a profound and all-encompassing level that these traits will not appear. Indeed, because there is no dedicated third "dominant breeder" sex among humans, it is actually impossible on some level for Earthling women to be like bollois because we place such high value on the ability to bear children.
Simply being a tomboy or a Butch lesbian or a turbo-Ladette is not the same. This isn't about your personal decisions and lifestyle choices. It's about the entire society in which you live that molds you every second of every day of your life, whether you realize it or not.
Thus, it can be a massive culture shock for bollois to come to Earth and suddenly be treated like the girls they are. Yulaan, for example, has quite literally never been complimented on her appearance in her life. She goes to Earth-Prime, and all of a sudden, you've got all these people calling her "cute" and "sexy" and wondering if she's going to find a boyfriend (or girlfriend?) and calling her hair a "perpetual bad hair-day" and so on. You have some celebrating how much she's a badass and a strong independent girl who can handle herself, which to Yulaan seems like needless aggrandizing flattery.
It's like, imagine if some really macho gangstemafioso, Yakuza member, whatever, imagine they go to another planet where men are treated like princesses and are widely viewed as a beautiful, elegant, and romantic sex. Probably wouldn't know how to react, would he? That's Yulaan.
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2023.03.10 18:13 Demonicking101 We Need a Deathworlder! Pt 59 [SFW]

[Simone with her new hair and dress!]
Chapter Fifty Nine: Ourselves With Each Other, Forevermore Pt2
You’re amazing…” Chak chirps softly as she and the Terran sit back down at their table, “Did you plan that ahead of time?”
Simone clears her throat before huffing out in sharp amusement.
Fuck no. You know how I feel about singing in public. I woulda chickened out if I knew that was happening. No… I just… walked out of the washroom and… asked if I could.” she admits as she rubs the back of her head, “Didn’t actually expect them to say ‘yes’, heh…”
Chak leans forward on the table slightly shaking her head in tender reverence.
“That sounds about right for you. Still… you sounded even more pretty than ever… you’ve been practicing? Because I haven’t heard you sing like that before…” the Cali points out.
The redhead’s face flushes as she shrugs with a coy smile.
“I might have been sneaking in some alone time to surprise you, though I was planning on saving it for our wedding. But… it just felt right to do it now, you know?” she says in a chuckle.
Chak’s eyes flash and she bounces a little in her seat.
“Oh, does that mean I can look forward to you singing that song again!?” she chirps excitedly.
Simone’s brow squeezes as she huffs a restrained laugh.
“Hun…” she utters before reaching a hand up to brush through the Cali’s fur, “I’ll sing that dumb song as often as you’d like.” she softly promises, causing the Princess’s eyes to consistently glow.
Then pulling her hand way, Simone activates her menu to go over what she’d like to finally order.
“But in return you’re paying for the food… cause these prices are fuck’n insane…” she mumbles as she goes over the ‘Terran familiar’ selection.
“Deal!” Chak giggles.
“Oh fuck… I’m feel’n stuffed.” Simone grunts as she and Chak exit the restaurant.
Hopefully you will again, later.” Chak chirps deviously to Simone’s absolute responsive shock.
Ma’am.” the redhead states with her smiling jaw dropped, “I’ve been a terrible influence on you. What happened to my innocent lil’ Bo-peep princess huh? Geez…”
“I won’t lie, perhaps you’ve had a marginal impact on my preestablished royal schooling on etiquette and decorum… but have I ever truly been ‘innocent’?” Chak replies as she holds on to the Terran’s arm with hers as they walk off towards the direction of the nearby shopping lane.
“Yes, actually. At least with your romance talk. You compared me to a knight in a fairytale for crying out loud.” Simone points out.
“Still do.” Chak corrects, “And I’m fairly certain I may have had a bit more kul dew than intended…” she admits.
“You did hammer a few of those drinks down… Should I be concerned? Not like Terrans with alcohol, right?” she asks a bit more seriously.
“Oh, no not like that really. I suppose it’s more akin to you receiving THC. You’ve seen me consume a lot more before, trust me.” Chak assures as she pats her Terran’s shoulder.
“Will do.” Simone grants, “So… have any stores in mind to check out? I’m assuming you’ve already scouted out all the ones you want to visit?”
“And spoil the adventure? Nope! Well okay maybe one but that’s all I promise.” Chak replies.
“Gotcha… heh…. So will we be overdressed or is it gonna be a fancy rich-people shopping lane?” Simone asks.
“It’s… indeed a bit on the higher end of things.” Chak reveals, “But half the reason I want to go through it is that it’s a lovely place leading to the park. You’ll see.”
And see they do.
The general lighting begins to dim much like the interior of the restaurant they left, and just how it starts to tickle a certain part of Simone’s concerns they fully turn into a dark lane.
However the lights don’t go any dimmer, instead the color of the floor and walls darken in color. It would still cause Simone to be uncomfortable, but her attention is drawn to a beautiful feature of the long lane. As people walk down either way, their footsteps left behind glow a bright white, which then fades as complex holographic symbols resembling stars of every known culture float up from them like reversed snowflakes. They drift slowly up towards a far up ceiling that illuminates a faint late afternoon dark blue. As the stars reach it they are absorbed into it, and then in a little shake they streak off to the sides like comets.
Simone doesn’t know how long she just watches this happen again and again, utterly dazzled by the public art. Chak warmly clings to her, finding her redhead’s captivation so very endearing.
“Wow…” Simone finally says as her sense of time returns to her.
“I thought you’d like it.” Chak replies before kissing the Terran on the side of her face.
“Yeah… makes me a lil’ dizzy but… yeah… I like it.” Simone agrees before dragging her eyes forward, “So where are we going first? I have no idea how to shop in this kind of place.”
“It’s mostly window shopping. Since I doubt you need a new luxury shuttle car.” Chak giggles as she leads the Terran down into the lane.
Indeed there are a few shuttle and even vessel vendors with holographic representations of what they have to offer. There’s also fine jewelry and other accessories that Simone has to insist on not personally needing. For the most part, they just walk together in this magical place that feels like a completely separate pocket of reality that none of their problems can reach them.
“So Simone… have you ever considered getting a tattoo?” Chak asks among their sweet idle conversation.
“Yep, even had a few that I had removed.” The redhead informs.
“Oh, really? Why did you remove them?” the Princess inquires further.
“They were ones I had done in the military. I don’t remember very clearly when I had them removed… but… don’t regret it one bit.” the Terran answers.
“Oh… I see.” Chak says, suddenly worried that the chitin deep-dye she had done will cause some sort of negative reaction from her fiance.
“Not sure what I’d get now though, maybe one with your name? Or even the kids’ names? Haven’t really had a reason to get any.” Simone continues on, causing Chak to feel immense relief and even let out an involuntary giggle, “What? Too corny?” Simone chuckles back.
“Not at all. Even if it was, I’d love it.” Chak reassures as she squeezes up next to the redhead.
“Good, why you ask? Scars not enough for ya?” Simone teases.
You’re always going to be enough.” Chak coos softly in response as she rubs the side of her face in the Terran’s thick arm.
Simone’s smirk melts into a tender smile as her chest is filled with pulled heart strings.
It’s then Chak sees the store that she desires to enter. With a gentle tug she guides the Terran over towards the entrance. Glancing up Simone grimaces a bit.
“I don’t know Chak… I’m really not the fashion accessory-type…” she reminds.
“Don’t worry, I promise you won’t regret it.” Chak claims as she and the reluctant Terran cross the threshold.
Inside is exactly what Simone expects, but she puts trust in Chak and approaches the head vendor with her.
He’s a species called a Mrok, a roughly Terran-tall lanky yellow short furred people with feline-like spots and downward ears. Though they certainly lacking the grace of a feline, as to Terran’s their posture looks stiff yet methodical. Mrok have long slender legs with hooves, and their comparatively crooked arms have an extra joint. Their face resembles a walrus, long tusks included, however their lower jaw also rest on top of the tusk by being two fleshy mandibles.
The gray and green eyes of this particular individual turns and waves his graspers in greeting. Each three fingered hand spotting a single long straight claw on their pointer fingers.
“Greetings!” he says in a low rumbling voice, “Ah, yes. I know exactly why you’re here. Would you pick up your items now or have them delivered to a location?” he adds in a pleasant tone, obviously recognizing the princess.
“Hello! I’ll take all the items. In your secure and discreet bags please.” Chak answers.
Turning away the vendor strides away to the closed off area in the back of the store.
“Expecting pick-pockets?” Simone asks.
“I’m expecting to pick at least one pocket tonight…” Chak whispers back devilishly.
It takes Simone a second.
Oh my fucking stars… Chak… we’re in public.” Simone snorts, covering her mouth with a hand.
Rather proud of that one, Chak bounces in place.
Thinking the Terran just made an aggressive snarl, an Opaloon patron quickly made their exit.
Whoops…” Simone says with her mouth still covered.
Soon the vendor comes back out with two sealed bags with grasperholds.
“It seems payment is all in order. Here’s your items.” he says as he holds the bags out.
Before Simone can reach to take them, Chak has them in her own upper graspers.
“Thank you so very much! I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!” the Cali replies before turning to leave so soon.
Simone follows not expecting the rush, but she turns to give the vendor a thankful nod of farewell. To which she has to do a double take as she swears he gave her the ‘Terran eye wink’. But not wanting to get left behind she brushes it off and hurries next to Chak who has a bit more pep in her step.
Valuable?” she whispers.
“Indeed. But I want you to open one in the park. A date-gift.” the princess responds as she uses a lower limb to take hold of Simone’s hand.
“Well alright then.” a slightly confused Simone allowed without further questioning.
The entrance to the park was very similar to the one on Kamoi station, but the interior puts that last park to absolute shame. A massive circular dome interior that spanned for what must have been miles with a sprawling artificial environment of grasses, bushes, trees and even flows of shallow water. There’s clear pathways but clear encouragement of straying off with sporadic tables, viewing treehouses, and even fenced off rentable dwelling units. The lighting seems to be on a local time, revealing that the domed replicated sky is in a reddish purple afternoon.
“Whoa-hoa-ho…” Simone says as she can only imagine how resource intensive a place like this must be.
“You like it? I really tried to rent us one of these dwellings for a night, it would’ve been so romantic… but they are reserved for the next two standard years… and that’s for the ‘economy’ ones.” Chak admits, “So I hope a hotel penthouse is a suitable substitute.”
“Chak.” Simone says.
“Why don’t you go ahead and reserve one. A bigger one. Don’t matter if it’s a few years out, that’s perfect in fact.” Simone proposes.
“Oh… uhm… okay, absolutely I can do that.” Chak agrees, already pulling up her lens to do so.
“In a few years, we’ll come back here with everyone. Our kids, friends and family… We’ll celebrate how we pulled through and are alive through it all.” the redhead says as he pulls the Cali closer, “Seven will barbeque with a stupid corny apron somehow on while Essjay and Jamie run around in the grass and play with Jackie and Donna’s girls. We’ll be talking with everyone, being dumb idiots like usual. Chucknuq will be enjoying his retirement, telling his stories. Vin will probably still be my therapist, but maybe he’s introducing more members of his family. I’m sitting in a reclining chair, with a cold drink in my hand wondering if this artificial sky could give me a real tan. Then I’d grumble something about wanting it to be a winter environment so that I could see you in a cute sweater. But you’d be sitting next to me, talking about how things are going back on your freed homeworld where Brom is ruling it just fine…”
Chak glances up to see that Simone’s eyes are now closed, envisioning it without actually looking.
“That sounds lovely. Maybe one day after I heard you wanting winter weather… I buy us a planetside home where the winters are just perfect for you. It’s nice and warm inside though, and the kids have their own rooms to grow up safely in. We are often visited by our loved ones and friends who get to see photos of our lives together decorating the walls. Although we still travel quite a lot, we spend our lives and love together as we wish them to be.” Chak entails, and just from the expression on Simone’s face she knows the Terran can see it.
I can’t wait…” the redhead says as she opens her eyes on the brink of tears, “Let’s make it happen, yeah?”
Let’s.” Chak vows.
Journeying through the park, the two eventually find a place to sit and rest. It’s under a thick tree with a nearby ankle-deep stream and table. The table comes with resting pillows to set on the ground, which Simone is sure to do to protect her new dress. She sits down and leans against the tree, for then to have Chak nestle right in front to lean back into her.
The air is so fresh, and the aroma is peaceful, especially with her fiance’s scent right there with it.
“What if we were to just… fuck right here?” Simone blurts out of nowhere.
Eyes igniting, Chak flutters in her response not prepared to respond to that at all.
“I- we- Simone we can’t- there are people- it’s not like the shuttle we shouldn’t-.” the princess rambles.
“Relax, I’m kidding.” Simone snickers as she wraps her arms around the Cali, “I’m daring, not a free public show.”
Chak shakes her head.
“You really are a bad influence…” she jokes, which sends the two into a prolonged laugh together.
Yeah… do I still get that gift though?” Simone whispers into the back of the Cali’s ear.
“Of course…” Chak waves away before scooting up and turning around with the bigger and flatter of the two bags, “Here it is!”
Simone accepts it, and opens the top seal. Air inhales into the bag and the item is clear as day. The Terran peeks her eyes back up at Chak before reaching in.
Feeling premium leather Simone slowly pulls out a surprisingly simple black hooded jacket with partially orange sleeves, trim and detail. Feeling the inside of the hood and the interior Simone swears it’s a million times softer than velvet. Turning it over, she sees the back has custom woven lettering saying ‘Knight of the Stars’.
I fuck’n hope this fits…” a crying Simone tries to joke but it becomes very genuine as she verbalises it.
“Put it on then.” Chak encourages, as her eyes light up from Simone’s reaction.
Simone braces herself against the tree and stands up quickly unzipping and fitting on the new jacket.
It can’t fit more perfectly.
“It has so many pockets on the inside!” Simone practically squeals from overloading joy, “And it’s sooo soft, oh my fucking stars… Is this real leather? It feels like it…”
“Nope. It replicates leather, but it’s an advanced composite made to be blade and heat resistant. It can take a whole plasma shot for you if needed.” Chak explains as she stands as well, “So now you're protected in places you’re not wearing your armor. You could even wear these under it for that extra layer.”
“These?” Simone pauses.
“Yep! I’ve had six more made so you have spares. Those have been already delivered off central.”
“Fuck’n… This… this must have been so fuck’n expensive…” is all Simone can respond with.
“A little, but it’s worth keeping you safe.” Chak says as she approaches the Terran, “You look really good in it too… too bad I’ll be talking it off soon.”
“Which hotel?” Simone asks immediately as if it’s the most important mission of her life.
As directed, despite the concerning looks of staff Simone carries the Princess up the elevator, through the halls, and past the entrance to their room.
She doesn’t take in the view of the extravagant mostly open-plan room or even attempt to activate any of the main lights. Instead she carries the Cali to the bed that rests up against an entire one-way wall that exposes a line of muted shuttle traffic, distant movements of foot traffic in other structures and the pooling in lights of various signs and advertisements.
Simone gently rests the Cali down on the bed and wastes no time setting her new jacket aside and pulling down her dress, allowing it to plummet around her feet.
Chak’s admiring eyes are blazing and her freckles and fur are already starting to illuminate. She reaches into her pocket pulling out a device that Thorn gave her to disrupt any possible ‘added viewing/recording devices’ the staff may have ‘missed’. She activates it and allows it to drop haphazardly to the carpeted floor while her nude redhead comes crawling over her.
Even now, she isn’t over how mighty and powerful her lover is. Seeing her in this way sends the Cali’s twin hearts in a racing splendor. And yet…
Undress me…” Chak commands in a sultry tone.
Without removing her gaze, Simone reaches down with a single arm and carefully does so to her lower half, even though the Cali is still wearing her ‘modified’ power suit. She then moves back up, sliding her hands under Chak’s upper wear and gradually peels it up and off.
Tossing it aside, she leans down to kiss her fiance, but a lower limb digit presses against her lips.
Take off the top part of my suit, I have another surprise.” Chak says coyly.
The ‘top’?” Simone whispers in confusion before complying.
As she does so, her confusion deepens as she begins to see what at first looks like paint on the Cali’s chitin. But it’s not, she can tell the color is infused with the chitin itself. It takes a moment, but a realizing smile appears in her face.
“So that’s why you asked about tattoos…” she chuckles in amused amazement.
The Cali shifts to her side and exposes more on her back. The tattoo is an almost gleaming gold that’s formed into abstract Cali insectoid-like patterns that represent her people’s mother moon’s gifts. However there’s several Terran medieval swords laced in between them. The within the blades of the swords are almost unnoticeable artistic incorporations of Cali scripts depicting Simone’s name and those of their two adopted children.
The translator in Simone’s Lens struggles to decipher the hyper stylized script, but she makes it out enough to understand what it is. Which makes her chuckle out again.
“Do you like it? I love it, and I’d like you to come with me for more future deep dye jobs as I add to it.” Chak says as she fully rests her back to the bed.
“So I’m marrying a punk-princess, huh…?” Simone initially answers before she touches the golden chitin and light traces it with her fingertips. “That’s awesome… This is awesome, I love it too.”
“I’m glad… now… let’s switch places, because I’m very eager to show you what’s in the other bag…”
This might have been one of her favorite parts of their love making, the aftermath. Laying on top of the Terran, hearing the pants, smelling the perspiration and feeling the thundering ape heart. She almost feels like she’s a part of the Terran’s existence as she experiences all of this at once. It’s hard to feel much closer to someone when you’re coming down from such a high.
They spend the next hour or so like this, before assuming their usual face to face position. Hands and graspers mingle and touch each other in loving strokes.
“This was the best date I ever had…” Simone is first to speak.
“I’m happy to hear that. I’d say the same, but this is the first date I’ve had” Chak muses, “Though, I suppose we went on a few dates like this… but with just us? Today was perfect… It might very well be the best day of my life.”
Simone thinks for a moment before responding.
“It’s the top three ever for me, but not the best.” she admits.
“What’s your best?” Chak inquires curiously.
“Well… It started with me tailing a guy with a bounty that would’ve really made my week. But, as I was keeping an eye on him in a bar, some dumbass little Cali walked right in and immediately got in trouble with the top local gang.”
Chak’s eyes glow as she smiles.
“Oh? That sounds very unfortunate for the Cali… what happened next? You did the smart thing and minded your own business right?” she says.
“Nah… poor lady was way over her head. I felt obligated to help. Well that, and those thighs of hers… Damn… had such a fine ass too.” Simone chuckles, “But I carried her out of there, gave her a scolding, and she right then and there offered me a job. Can you believe it?”
“Sounds like a scam…” Chak giggles, “Did the job turn out to be a good fit?”
“I didn’t know it at the time, or even for a little while after. But looking back, that day is my favorite. Because… Believe it or not, that Cali turned out to be a literal Princess and I’m going to marry her soon.” Simone responds.
“Oh, wow… a princess? Congratulations! I’m certain she’ll do everything to make you so very happy… and… you’re going to do the… same…” what starts as continuing the jesting falls into gray-eye crying as Chak snuggles up closer to Simone, who takes her into her arms.
As Chak cries into her bare chest, Simone caresses a hand to the back of the princess’s shuddering head.
“It took convincing, and a lot of bullshit… but she did. She makes me so happy I… I’d face anything for her. And I can only hope to make her just as happy, despite my flaws getting in the way sometimes.”
I’m so happy… so very… very… happy.” Chak confirms, “I love you Simone Thatch… I can’t wait to marry you… and I can’t wait to be known as Chakalata’Thatch…”
“You want… my name?” Simone replies with tears glimmering in the corners of her eyes, “You sure about that?”
Absolutely…” Chak whispers.
“Alright then.” Simone smiles, “If you want it, it’s yours too.”
“Can you carry me to the bath… and sing your song to me before we go to bed?”
Simone for the first time actually gets a look around the space, and figures the bed sheets should be replaced as well.
“You bet, hun.”
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2023.03.08 00:49 PsychoSecretAs1anMan An introduction to the Band of Lovelies

Hello all. After seeing this post, I feel confident in introducing myself and my alters. My name is Kelsey Jade. I am the host of this merry band of lovelies. I'm 29. I'm genderfluid non-binary, and use all pronouns.
Muffet (Muff): 30, She/her, Anthropoid Spider, CaretakeSystem Manager, uses 👗 to denote being in the spotlight, lover of the poofiest ballgowns, is the epitome of a Southern Belle Princess.
Sophie: 20, She/they, Anthro Husky, System ManageTrauma Holder, uses 🐶 to denote being in the spotlight, goth metal doggo, is more piercings than doggo.
Aiko: 29, She/her, Anthro Fox, Caretaker, uses 🌯 to denote being in the spotlight, constantly thinks about food, can still walk easily despite weighing over a half ton.
Juni: Good luck stealing my identity on the internet!, She/her, Human*, Guardian, uses 💻 to denote being in the spotlight, proficient black hat hacker, can morph into a Zoroark.
Rose Anna (Rosie): 27, She/her, Anthro Silk Moth, Trauma Holder, uses 🦋 to denote being in the spotlight, incredibly sensitive to touch and loud sounds, is huddled in her favorite blanket 100% of the time.
Ælina (ay-LEE-nuh): ??? (Mentally around 10-11), They/Them, Pokéfusion (consisting of Zoroark, Gardevoir, Lopunny, Ninetales, and Hatterene), Middle, uses 👽 to denote being in the spotlight, horrendous with social cues and turns of phrase, constant ray of sunshine.
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2023.03.07 16:35 Smart-Kick4148 Dejah Thoris in Jabba’s Harem

Dejah Thoris in Jabba’s Harem
Check out my deviations of Dejah Thoris who goes from princess of Mars to slave girl in Jabba’s Harem on my Deviantart channel.

Dejah Embraces Jabba

Dejah Gets Prepared
Dejah at the Arena
Dejah Thoris Slave Girl of Mars
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2023.03.06 18:50 EpicOrSomething "PRINCESS PIZZA?!?" (Art by TinyToxicWaste101 on Deviantart.)

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2023.03.04 22:37 Cutiesaurs Princess Helena by Tsukinekoi on DeviantArt

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2023.03.03 02:53 Earphone_g1rl [Azutara] [ATLA] AzulaxKatara family reunion (Disclaimer: Its a crackship, people, put down the pitchforks)

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2023.03.01 05:29 BGMaxie Fake Collab: FFBE x Breath of Fire Concept and Event

Greetings people, I wanted to share with you something I've been working on for a long long time. It's a Fake Collab concept on what if FFBE collabed with the Breath of Fire RPG series made by Capcom. Here I will show you the would be banner with units I drew myself along with the Boss that would go with it.
Originally I wanted to release this much much sooner but I decided to up my game from usual or I wouldn't do the Boss justice with my usual more simple approach, and between all the quality updates and intricate design, and well splitting my free time on all kinds of hobbies, it just dragged on infinitely. But it taught me a lot, I'm happy and so I wanted to share this with you. So let's go with it =)
NOTE: For simplicity purposes we're not going to use extremely precise math, but rather we're just going to go with assumptions. So just make believe that the assumptions are what would occur normally. For math purposes we will use Sinzar's math as a reference point.

The Banner Units

Here I will be listing each unit. Rather than list skills with detail, I'm just gonna list some highlights about what the unit is about, and the rest is up to your imagination.
Ryu is the quintessetial protagonist of the BoF series appearing in different incarnations, but always being a blue haired, male teenager. He is a member of the Dragon Clan, the most powerful race in the series universe, with the ability to turn into dragons bestowing him multiple abilities.
The Highlights with more detail are on the DA page, but basically he's a Physical Damage unit with Trance Shift (you can turn it off prematurely which cuts the cooldown too). Fire, Ice, Lightning imbues/amps, and Demon, Fairy, Dragon Killers. Most importantly his base LB can add a modifier boost to units when they equip Swords (or look it as a sort of Weapon Amp).
TMR is his own blade, STM is an Omni Killer Materia with LB dmg boost.
How would he fare on the meta: We will assume that he will be the biggest DPS at the time of release in both formats, namely being the strongest CoW DPS, and also beating Exdeath's Meteor by roughly 7% to 10%, so maybe assume 340b to 380b depending on format. His base LB nonetheless should be able to propel up some units, so he would have a decent shelf life.
Next up is princess Nina, the heroine of the BoF series. Like Ryu she appears in every game in different incarnations but almost always the princess of the Windia, the nation of the Wing Clan which is a race of humanoids with bird wings. If you've followed Capcom games long enough, then you know they love blonde heroines, and this is her.
The details more in depth on the DA page, but Nina is a Role Shift unit. Base form is a HealeSupport unit, who would compete with Sylvie for a slot. She has the basics of a healer, and focuses on Wind/Light elements. Also focuses on Aquatic, Avian and Fairy killers. Has well morale generation, can entrust others, and has a Magnus that can boost damage across the board.
BS form is a MAG DPS focusing on Wind and Light damage. She also has Physical typed attacks including her own LB.
TMR is a Robe that boosts her MAG/SPR and some HP, static MAG/SPR for Nina and has Wind/Light Resists, STM is a Ring that boosts MAG/SPR, Equipment MAG/SPR and a generic static MAG/SPR boost, but stronger for BoF units.
How would she fare on the meta: Nina would be Sylvie's direct competition and would do a few things better than Sylvie as far as damage boosting concerns and also being able to dish much more damage than Sylvie herself. As a DPS she isn't gonna be the absolute bestest. DV wise she would be stronger than Golbez's Meteor and CoW-wise she would be around Xmas Ayaka. So her shelf life is gonna be fairly good all things considered.
The last unit on the banner is Deis, the 3rd most recurring character on the BoF series. She is a serpentine woman who is always an extremely powerful sorcerer with devastating spells of multiple elements, and being hats off one of the best units in general.
As a unit, Deis would be a Magic Damage SLB unit, though her SLB is more focused for support rather than damage. As a master of elements she would focus on Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth damage. Deis would have a particular gimmick tho. All her skills would be spells aka Black Magic, ergo a return to old school mage stuff. Deis as a unit would focus on boosting Spell Damage for herself and the party. Her LBs would boost elemental resist, magic damage resist, and boost Spell Damage. Deis would be able to bestow an extremely powerful spell to another unit, allowing said unit to chain the spell with Deis. Needless to say Deis would combo EXTREMELY well with Nina. Deis expertise lies with Human, Fairy and Demon killers.
TMR is a Materia that increases MAG/MP and Spell Damage. STM is a 2h Rod with high MAG, has EQ MAG, has Static MAG and boosts Spell Damage too.
Regarding the Spell dmg boost I'm a tiny bit undecided about Meteor-esque spells but bleh.....I'll leave that to your imagination ;)
How would she fare on the meta: Deis would be an excellent DPS with support on top. Having most of the essentials (like ele resists, MAG/EQ MAG) innately, she should be easy to gear. Her DPS would be higher than Nina and maybe higher than Lunar Cleome and Exdeath's Meteor. Assuming we're also boosting Meteor's damage, I guess we can say Meteor would live a tiny bit longer with her around though :P.

The Banners and Deals

Each unit would have their own banner. HOWEVER, for 1 time only, there would be a special Step Up, similarly to the NieR Automata one in which you have one of the units guaranteed, for relatively cheap. Additionally, the coins would be shared across the banners, ergo try to pull for one unit and you could pity the other. None of the units would be a Premium unit, so you should have a decent chance to pull all of them with roughly 50k-60k, and prolly a tiny bit more.

The Events

The main event would be a.........not so MK event, and I say that because you will be dealing with a Manillo NPC (a member of a race of fishmen who are notable for being greedy merchants). You do the usual clear stages, get currency and go buy from the Manillo shop. The event would last for the usual 3 week timeframe.
The event would feature equipment useful for all banner units. For the events would allow him to get his signature Dragon Equipment, which when equipped as a set, would give Ryu a lot of resistances. Conversely it means he would miss on some damage, granted the bulk of his dmg is on his BS so.
You would also get equipment for Nina to boost her damage, and a powerful Materia Spell for Deis.
Some might be acquired from the Shop, others from the usual event trial stuff.

The Clash of Wills

And yes, there would be a Clash of Wills event, featuring a very evil, very powerful boss straight up from the BoF series!!
Lo and behold the Boss:
And here is the Wicked Form (50% threshold onwards) WARNING this might be a bit NSFW.
Myria the Goddess of Destruction is the major antagonist of the trilogy that makes up the first three games in the series. Myria is treated as the central antagonist of the series in other media such as the Teppen card game.
Myria is an entity with godly powers, incarnating in multiple guises but being ultimately a negative force, which causes the world to suffer from her mad grip in one form or another. It is up to Ryu and his friends to put an end to the evil Goddess.
For this CoW we will assume the following as true:
-With full mods, the Boss would have roughly 6b HP
-The Boss is a Demon/Fairy with a weakness towards Fire, Light and Earth.
-Medium to Medium Hard difficulty to Cap: What this means is, if you more or less follow Sinzar's strategies and can keep up with him. You should be able to dish anywhere between 2,7b to 3,2b cap depending on your EX level and whaling. Anything less than that will be ranging in the 2,4b to 2,7b cap so you might need to roll for variance. Anything less than that, better forget about capping lol.
-Assume the Boss has generally roughly the same stats as other CoW bosses, relative to their introduction of course.
With those assumptions out here are the further details of the Boss:
Here is the skillset, which combines a huge mix of Physical and Magical attacks, some elemental Magic Attacks. A lot of non elemental attacks, and the physicals can easily tear through mirages, on top of big imperils, ailment resist debuffs and status ailment abuse.
NOTE: Skill 23 the one with ** the name comes from the official translation used by Capcom for the english release. The Japanese name which is much different is at the side. I added both for accuracy purposes.
The Rotation:
That's the turn rotation used by the Boss. It is a 3 turn rotation one which focuses strongly on physicals, another on magic attacks, and finally one that is a bit of both. Use your best strategies and Tanks to protect yourself from this evil Goddess!!
The Conditionals:
Here you have the conditionals. The usual threshold stuff, the uses X thing on Y turns. And some conditionals for phase 1, phase 2, etc, etc. Before 50% threshold, Myria will every turn use a skill. You need to counter this by attacking with a different element 3 times (not three elements in one hit, that's not the same) in a turn. You must do this across 3 turns else Myria will gain massive morale. If you prevent the Goddess from gaining any morale this way, she will use a powerful attack in revenge. Additionally, Myria counters attacks once per turn per DPS, so make sure your DPS can take a hit.
Other CoW Details
For this CoW you will have access to the following Morale Skill:
-Yggdrassil's Boon: Increases Instant Death Resist by 100% to the party for 1 turn.
Use this ability to survive the deadly threshold attack!!
Mods wise you will have the usual ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR and HP boosts. Elemental resists for Boss, elemental debuffs for the party, and a 50% HP lock. Personally I'd like a mod that changes the Boss' behavior (and maybe base stats to some extent?) so that the CoW can be more or less cleared even by new players, even if not 1st ranking.

And that's the would be Collab.

And that's the idea. What do you people think of this collab? If you were so generous, please answer the following questions in the comments.
1) Did you like the drawings and the event/collab concept?
2) Would you like for SE to collab with non SE IPs like this one?
3) If any of this was made a reality, would you pull for any of the units in question? Also what do you think of the units and the collab deals?
4) Which other, preferably non SE franchise would you want me to do next (though it might take time to get it done)
5) Lastly, if you liked any of this, would you rather I posted drawings more frequently rather than wait for the full banner?
Well that's all, hope you liked all of this.
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2023.02.27 11:45 Cutiesaurs Sylveon Based Princess of mewni by corruptdash on DeviantArt

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2023.02.26 20:16 Cutiesaurs Star the Hopeful Princess Hero of Mewni by Raynapole on DeviantArt

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2023.02.26 05:27 Cutiesaurs Venus Princess dress by thomasmfd on DeviantArt

Venus Princess dress by thomasmfd on DeviantArt submitted by Cutiesaurs to StarVStheForcesofEvil [link] [comments]

2023.02.23 21:49 wyzapped The Eridani Princess - seen in Space Hunter (1983)

I was just watching the movie Space Hunter from 1983, and I noticed that the ship the women are travelling on in the beginning is called the "Eridani Prinicess". I realize that 40 Eridani is a real star system, so I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, but I just finished reading PHM, so it was a cool coincidence to see it mentioned somewhere else.
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2023.02.23 17:20 Cutiesaurs Weird Dorky Girl - Beautiful Magic Princess by QueenBluestar on DeviantArt

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