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Eastenders - The UK's finest soap

2011.10.08 07:12 Eastenders - The UK's finest soap

Gather around the Queen Vic's bar and have a chat about everything and anything to do with the soap Eastenders

2023.06.07 10:08 innercityscrote Where can I wash my bicycle around D07?

Is there any self service car wash I could use? The kind where you have a power washesoap and you do it yourself. I assume typical car washes do not service bicycles.
I could do a wet rag but it’s so dirty that every time I lock it I look like a coal miner.
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2023.06.07 09:37 theintellectbazaar TIB Foldable Laundry Basket with Lid, Basket for Dirty Clothes, Large Size, Laundry Organiser (75 litre Capacity

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2023.06.07 09:08 AdmirableUsual2763 U.S. Hotel Toiletries Market by [2023-2030] with SHARE and Business REVENUE

According to Fortune Business Insights, the U.S. hotel toiletries market size was valued at USD 5.02 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD 5.53 billion in 2023 to USD 13.17 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 13.20% during the forecast period.
This information is cited by Fortune Business Insights™ in its research report, titled “U.S. Hotel Toiletries Market, 2023-2030”.
COVID-19 Impact:
Industry Growth Hampered Due to Closure of Hotels & Low Occupancy Rate
The coronavirus crisis has impacted the hospitality industry, affecting the demand for hotel toiletry products in the U.S. While several hotels experienced booking cancellations, some of them were permanently shut down. The product demand recorded a decline on account of the closure of hotels and low occupancy rates. However, the demand is anticipated to rebound and reach pre-pandemic levels due to the rollout of government policies for the revival of the tourism industry.
Fortune Business Insights™ lists out all the u.s. hotel toiletries market companies that are presently striving to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market:
Report Coverage:
The report gives a comprehensive analysis of the major trends that are set to drive the business scenario across various regions. It further provides insight into the key factors influencing the market expansion over the forthcoming years. The additional elements of the report include vital steps taken by major industry participants for consolidating their market position.
Drivers and Restraints:
Growing Product Adoption Due to Increasing Consumer Awareness Regarding Health & Hygiene
Recent years have recorded an escalating awareness regarding health and hygiene. This is mainly driven by changing lifestyles, surging health risks, and increasing awareness regarding the need for personal care. The increasing hygiene consciousness is expected to surge the demand for various products, impelling the U.S. hotel toiletries market growth.
However, huge quantities of plastic are generated due to hotel toiletries. Liquid soaps, conditioners, shampoos, and other products packaged in plastic bottles can become waste after usage and pose a threat to the environment. These factors are likely to hamper industry growth to a certain extent.
Single-use Toiletries Gain Traction Due to Convenient Storage and Portability
Based on type, the market is segregated into dispensers and single-use toiletries. Of these, the single-use toiletries segment is anticipated to register commendable expansion over the forecast period. The surge can be credited to an array of factors, including convenient storage and portability. On the basis of region, the market is segmented into South U.S., Northeast U.S., West U.S., and Middle West U.S.
Ordinary Hotels Segment to Record Lucrative Growth Owing to the Availability of Basic Services in an Economical Price Range
By application, the market is subdivided into ordinary hotels and luxury hotels. The ordinary hotel's segment held the largest share in 2021 and is expected to record substantial expansion over the forecast period. This is attributed to the fact that ordinary hotels offer basic services to their clientele in an economical price range. Hotels are an ideal option for travelers who are budget-conscious.
Rеаѕоnѕ to Get thіѕ Rероrt:
Regional Insights:
West U.S. to Emerge as Prime Region Driven by Growth in the Tourism Sector
The West U.S. hotel toiletries market share is set to register a commendable surge through the analysis period. The surge is mainly being impelled by the growth in the tourism and hospitality industry, particularly across the U.S. states, including Washington, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Utah, and California.
Some of the other contributors to market growth comprise the Northeast U.S., Middle West U.S., and South U.S. The industry growth in the South U.S. can be attributed to escalating government investments in the tourism sector.
Competitive Landscape:
Market Players Launch New Products to Sustain Industry Position
Key hotel toiletries companies in the U.S. are focusing on the adoption of a series of strategic initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, and partnership agreements. These moves are being undertaken for the consolidation of their industry position. Some other steps include growing participation in trade conferences and increasing interest in research activities.
Key Industry Development:
January 2022 – Accor Hotels announced plans to replace plastic toiletries with glass toiletries or wall dispensers by the end of 2022. The chain focused on the replacement of various common hotel items made from plastic – cups, laundry bags, keycards, and others. The move was taken in a bid to reduce the environmental impact.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. How much is the U.S. hotel toiletries market worth?
Answer: Fortune Business Insights says that the U.S. market size was USD 4.58 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach USD 11.41 billion by 2029.
2. What was the value of the market in 2021?
Answer: In 2021, the market value stood at USD 4.58 billion.
3. At what CAGR is the market projected to grow in the forecast period (2022-2029)?
Answer: Ascending at a CAGR of 12.45%, the market will exhibit steady growth over the forecast period (2022-2029).
Browse Detailed Summary of Research Report:
About Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ offers expert corporate analysis and accurate data, helping organizations of all sizes make timely decisions. We tailor innovative solutions for our clients, assisting them to address challenges distinct to their businesses. Our goal is to empower our clients with holistic market intelligence, giving a granular overview of the market they are operating in.
Contact Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ Pvt. Ltd.
9th Floor, Icon Tower,
Baner - Mahalunge Road,
Baner, Pune-411045, Maharashtra, India.
US: +1 424 253 0390
UK: +44 2071 939123
APAC: +91 744 740 1245
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Fortune Business Insights™
Linkedin Twitter Blogs
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2023.06.07 07:07 Illustrious_Bus_5300 Would anyone happen to know what this script error means? I keep getting it repeatedly and it coincidently appears at the same time I have colossal Lag spikes

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2023.06.07 07:06 dyke4dick Pleaaaaase stop with the personality disorders 😭

Y’all…these are some stressed out dykes in an insane situation likely being prodded by producers to raise the stakes constantly and getting the most dramatic edits possible. Most of them are deeply toxic in some ways and redeemable in others, but the toxic stuff is what’s interesting so that’s what makes the show. That doesn’t mean they have any specific disorder — there is simply no way to know in a real way what medical conditions these people have. They all suffer from Being On A Reality Show, a condition that obviously causes unhinged behavior!
I have BPD and it’s exhausting to see every reality show character diagnosed with it. It’s something that makes my (very real) life suck in a way that is not spicy or juicy, just stressful and sad. It’s a disability, not a plot point. Being on an unscripted soap opera and living with an actual medical condition are not the same thing! I’m not saying these people don’t have any number of mental illnesses, they are obviously unwell, but it’s shitty to see your real life diagnosis applied to people who are intentionally being portrayed in the most insane way possible.
I know it’s fun to speculate but it feels like shit to read! Please let me read the dyke drama discourse without a cursed version of the DSM-V haunting me!
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2023.06.07 06:35 Electric_Alienation Denied raise after over a year of working above and beyond nearly every other employee in the company

This is mostly just a rant/ vent, but feel free to discuss and give advice. Capitalism needs to end.
About a year ago i moved to my parents place at the coast where they are retired. There was a load of family drama and tragedy going on and they needed me to come, and i am now paying the mortgage on their house. I needed a job, and wanted something relatively low stress that i could just go, do my work, then go home and not worry about it with everything else going on, so i applied to a few of the many hotels in this tourist town, and got a job as a housekeeper.
Even though work sucks, i know i have to do it to live, so i try to keep a positive attitude as best i can.
It really wasnt bad to start out. It turns out i am very good at housekeeping, and after a month or two i could keep up with or surpass all the other housekeepers. Not only that, but our manager would desperately try to get people to clean up the property after the rooms were clean (vacuuming the halls, picking up the parking lot, clearing cobwebs etc.) Nobody seemed to want to do it, and just left as soon as their rooms were clean. I was the only one who always volunteered to do the extra work, and was willing to do basically whatever they needed. (Edit; im not dissing anyone that want to put in minimum effort) .After a couple months my manager offered to have me learn from the maintenance guy, and do building maintenance a couple days a week on his days off, allowing me to get 40 hours a week no matter how few rooms there were to clean. I accepted, and started learning to fix things, and maintain the pool and spa. Over time i ended up filling in for multiple other jobs, like houseman, and laundry. And about 4 months ago, i was also offered the head house/supervisor position on the days the other head house was off. I accepted. At this point i do about 5 different jobs at this hotel, sometimes multiple duties in the same day. I can clean a room better than anyone here. I inspect rooms more thoroughly than anyone here. I have never been late, and never called out aside from a single day when i was literally unable to get out of my driveway due to a freak ice storm.
Ive known for a good while that a couple housekeepers are making about 4 dollars an hour more than me. They were worked here a year before me, and due to some bad management from the previous GM (general manager), they were having a hard time keeping employees, and they were the most reliable housekeepers there. (SIDE TANGENT) --One of them now has a grudge against the current GM because he was caught smoking weed while the GM was giving a new employee a tour of the property, and got written up for it. This GM is one of the only managers ive met who genuinely cares about his employees and wants to have a relaxed and fair work environment. Hes a genuinely nice guy, but he had to do a write up to cover his own ass from the regional manager. This housekeeper now puts in little to no effort, and will tell everyone he meets that our GM is a horrible monster. Honestly, he didnt even put that much effort into anything aside from cleaning rooms before this happened. This guy is making 4 dollars more than me an hour. Again, not dissing minimal effort, just frustrated at my lack of pay.
I didnt worry about it too much at the time, but at this point i have thoroughly demonstrated that i go above and beyond, am reliable, and am committed to doing an outstanding job. Not to mention the fact that i do FIVE DIFFERENT JOBS HERE. They recently hired a NEW housekeeper that i found out makes more than me.
The GM regularly tells me how great i am, and will tell other people how hard i work and how much i do. I eventually asked when i was going to be seeing a significant raise. He agreed that i had earned it, and would consult the regional manager. The regional manager denied my raise.
I asked again when i will be seeing a raise. The regional manager denied my raise.
Im not making as much as new housekeepers. Im not making as much as the laundry guy. Im not making as much as the other head house, who works really hard, but certainly doesnt inspect rooms as thoroughly as i do (ive gone into rooms after her and found egregiously dirty things)
I dont mind that they make as much as they do. But im starting to realize that im being F$%#K#D around here. Im under WAY more stress now than i was when i started, and i have nothing to show for it. I would rather stay here than find another job because i like the GM, and am friends with some of the other staff.
Im starting to loose motivation. Im browsing other jobs, and am thinking about applying till i get an offer, then threatening to quit if i dont get at least a 4 dollar raise. Though the best worker at the front desk was also denied a well deserved raise, and put in her two weeks notice. The regional manager responded with "sorry to hear that".
I know im a vital member of this company, and my leaving would put a massive and sudden workload on the GM, but i dont know if telling them i want to leave will get me what i want. Ive been getting depressed over the last couple months. The stress of being head house, trying to get the housekeepers to put out perfect rooms in too small a timeframe when we are selling rooms for OUTRAGEOUS prices (500-700 dollars a night on super busy weekends) is getting to me, and im realizing its not worth the amount im getting paid, especially when other people who put in no effort make way more. I need them to give me a god damn raise. A GOOD ONE. But the regional manager is a massive C$NT. Im being exploited. I knew this is how it works under capitalism, and ive experienced it before, but this is just next level fuckery.
It sucks, and i just need to vent.

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2023.06.07 06:18 JadenD12 You guys are acting like the biggest babies I've ever seen

Gonna keep it a 100 with yall straight from the get-go. The amount of people complaining in this sub is mind boggling and you guys are acting like some of the biggest babies I have ever seen.
some people are keeping it reasonable and just going "Oh, Hitmonkey didn't drop this month. kinda disappointing" and those people are fine, 100% alright to feel that way, but others of you are acting as if second dinner has betrayed you and slain your family before you eyes simply because now you have to save tokens for 2 weeks to get a bird card. GROW UP!
Companies are not your friends, they never were, never have been, never will be. the fact that some of you don't realize that Second Dinner, a company, is going to prioritize profits in their business is insane! they never promised you anything! They never said "Hey guys here is how season drops will work forever" They just started dropping cards, players found a pattern to it, then when they change the pattern they never officially promised or stated you all start running around about how everyone at second dinner are evil money loving villains who are out to make you oh so miserable.
There is no other game company like Second Dinner where you can regularly talk to and directly ask questions to the people actively making your game, and it's made you all severely entitled. I can see exactly why all other studios don't do this. Second Dinner doesn't owe us anything, and as far as mobile games go this is one of the least predatory in the entire industry by a considerable margin, if this feels pay2win to you then I don't think you really know what pay2win in mobile games is. "oh so the point is just cause it could be worse I should be okay?" No, the point is that you have severely unrealistic expectations and just want to join in on being mad and complaining because the mob mentality makes you feel like part of the group.
Given the public opinion of this sub, I am already going into this expecting to be mass downvoted but I don't care because you guys need to hear it and get your head out of the clouds because you are all acting so infantile and childish it's honestly absurd. It's a mobile game about superheroes it's not that deep! if you like the game, then play it. if you want to spend, then spend. if you don't like playing the game or spending, then stop. no need to turn it into a huge soap opera about how this is the worst game on the earth just to finish writing it then go back to playing snap for the next 3 hours.
I could write a whole lot more but I imagine most people aren't going to read what I have to say anyway so id rather not make this any longer since few will probably read it before just downvoting. If I need to I'll edit in more later with specific examples for my points.
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2023.06.07 06:08 CassiopeiaFoon Anything worth doing, is worth doing half of.

I know K said she'd be staying away, but maybe her followers aren't, or fuck, maybe there's someone here that needs to hear this.
I have Borderline. I've tried to take my own life three separate times. Not asking for pity points, just background. I'm also trans. It's hard. It's scary. It hurts. And some days I didn't get out of bed. Some days I didn't shower, or even eat.
But anything worth doing, is worth doing half of.
Get a washcloth, and clean yourself with some cool water and soap. Wash your hair in the sink if you can. Chew non-sugar gum, use mouthwash, run the toothbrush over your teeth. Slap some bologna on a plate, you don't need to make the whole sandwich, just get some food in you. Get groceries instead of doordash delivered. Easy things like fruits, ready to eat meals, cold cuts. Heck I think some doordash places even deliver groceries. Take a big jug of water and keep it by your bedside. Sip through the day, then you don't need to get up, it's right there. Put on fresh clothes every day if you can manage, if you're overwhelmed by laundry just do a small load per day, it doesn't need to be done all at once. If your house is messy and it's overwhelming, just clear a small space. Make it liveable, not beautiful. Liveable means no fecal matter or urine anywhere but the toilet, no moldy food or garbage on the floors, and a clean bed to sleep in. It's okay if there's dishes in the sink. It's okay if your laundries a bit piled, it's okay if your books are scattered. You just need to be able to breath in clean air, and not get sick from mold and waste.
I was there. I was bedbound, eating like shit, scared out of my wits, and just DONE with the world. Do 50% of what you need to in order to stay alive, and as healthy as you can. Fresh air and touching grass may not help it all. But loving your body, yourself, and living in a minimally liveable space can go a long way to help yourself. Do 10%, do 20%, then do 50%. One day you'll reach 100%. K doesn't need to live how she does, she doesn't need to be how she is. Just do the 50% and you'll be on your way to a better life.
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2023.06.07 05:44 Cailey696 Bad Roomate stories

This is a long story. These events happened over the span of a year and there's also a lot of build up before we get into the drama. Bear with me, but context is needed for some of these incidents.
When I was 22 my sister's house got flooded from a hurricane. She, her husband, and our family all pitched in to fix it up. It was a beautiful, but expensive, remodel. Just before the remodel was complete my sister and her husband decided that they were going to move to florida because her husband received a job opportunity. I was crushed, especially since my nephew had just turned 1 and they were pregnant with their second. Since the remodel cost so much money they were hoping to make a little extra money every month by renting it out. They first asked if I would be interested in renting it. I jumped at the opportunity and was really thankful that they trusted me. I found the first 2 roomates pretty swiftly, they were students in the same college as me and we were pretty good friends already. We'll call them Nick and Sarah. Since it was a 4 bedroom 2 bath house we still needed one more roommate but most of our mutual friends weren't in a position to move out. Enter Britney. Britney was a graduate from the same major just a year or so prior. We knew her enough to think she was a good candidate as a roommate. She seemed nice and responsible and given that she was a couple years older we thought she would be flowing with maturity. There was no indication that she would end up being a complete piece of shit.
It was understood from the beginning that I would take the master bedroom since I was essentially "head of the house". I would be the one in contact with the landlords and making sure we were keeping up with the house. Nobody had an issue with this. We all contributed to the house furnishings. I brought a love seat and kitchen stuff from home, sarah brought a reclining couch, Nick brought a dining table and chairs, and Britney brought the fucking audacity. Everything else we needed we bought together and split the costs.
Because I had the primary bedroom I also had a private bathroom. I made it very clear that they could use the bathroom at any point, even if i wasn't home. My only ask was that if I was home or in my room that they would first ask/knock on the door. but if I wasn't home, it was fair game. I trusted my roommates completely and it would've been unfair if I made 3 people share one bathroom.
We moved in in February. The first month or so went well. There were no hiccups, we all seemed to be getting along great. To make things easier and more organized I created a chore chart that evenly divided the chores between the 4 of us. This was going to ensure everyone was doing their part to keep the house clean. I also made magnets with our initials on them to use for laundry days. If you wanted to do laundry, you'd have to take your magnet and place it on the day you want to do laundry. You would have that whole day to do laundry. Chores were color coded and if your name was written in a color that would be your chore for that day. It was incredibly detailed, and some may say I am really controlling for this system but it's what I thought would be the best way to delegate and make sure everything was fair. Nobody really complained about it either.
In April Britney said she was interested in gardening and having a few house plants. We were all for it, even I wanted to have a few plants. She had three small herb plants on the windowsill above the sink and it never would've been an issued if she knew how to take care of them. Unfortunately, after a while she started to over water them and gnats became a problem in the house. I told her that her plants were attracting gnats in the house and that she needed to find a way to plant them outside. I suggested she buy one of those tin tubs and start a garden in it that she could have outside. She got super pissed and offended that I would tell her how to spend her money. She even refused to accept that her plants were causing the gnats and blamed it on the trash. I even asked her to move the plants into her room if she didn't want to plant them outside and she blatantly said no. I didn't want to make a bigger deal about it so I just let it go. Eventually she stopped over watering the plants and the gnats went away.
In May chores began falling behind. It wasn't one person's fault, it was everyone's. We were all guilty of not doing what we were supposed to do. I called for a house meeting and I thought i was being empathetic and kind about the situation, since I myself was also falling behind. I wasn't trying to single anybody out and said we all needed to get back on top of our chores. Britney threw a fit and screamed that she had been doing chores and that she didn't need to be part of this meeting. She called us all dirty pigs and singled Sarah out for being the first one to ignore her kitchen night. It was incredibly rude and factually incorrect. At this point i began to realize Britney would never take accountability. I'd also like to say that the kitchen chore consisted of unloading the dishwasher in the morning and making sure it was loaded and started before bed. It was up to each person using the kitchen to clean up after themselves.
Jump to July. July I threw a party, which was approved by everyone else. It was for 4th of july and we invited friends from school. Since the majority of our guests were mutual friends between me, nick and Sarah we told Britney she could invite her own friends. She thanked us but ultimately had to work that night anyway. Since she wasn't going to be there we didn't require her to pitch in for the party. We bought stuff for burgers, hot dogs, popsicles, a few different alcoholic beverages and stuff to make various dips. We encouraged our guests to bring they're own alcohol or desserts. It was a good party. Halfway through Britney came home earlier than expected and even brought friends to the party. We hadn't anticipated or planned for them but weren't going to turn them away. They drank other people's beer without asking, helped themselves to chips and dip and leftover hot dogs. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if it weren't for them drinking other people's beer. the next morning Me, Sarah and Nick were cleaning up and we all thought that since Britney and her friends came to the party that she should chip in for both the clean up and the cost. She pretty much told us to fuck off and that her friends didn't eat anything from the party....Yeah. There's that audacity.
September: this story is actually kinda funny but still a testament to how shitty she was. I was at home in the dining room doing a project for a class. I needed a wide table space so I was using the dining table. Britney brings her boyfriend over, we exchange a few hello's and they go to her room. Her door is only 10 feet away. They start playing loud country music from her room and I literally am just like "Jesus, how inconsiderate can you be. It doesn't need to be that loud" Well 5 minutes later I find out why they're playing loud ass music. I start hearing her bed hitting against the wall as well as my roommates moans. I'm sitting there in the dining room, gluing magazine pictures to a poster board, and involuntarily listening to my roommate get railed. I am dumbfounded. Flabbergasted. Gobsmacked! And suddenly I just hear a loud crisp *SMACK*. At this point I am mortified. And I have no idea how she wasn't. when they finally emerged from her bedroom 10 minutes later I couldn't even look her in the eye.
In October Britney decided to host her own party, a halloween costume party. We were all game for it and she said we could invite a few of our own friends but that ultimately it was her party and she wanted it to be mostly her friends. We understood, we had our own party in july, she can have hers and we'll just invite our closer friends. We even pitched in for the alcohol and snacks. But there was one rule. No weed on property. That's a stipulation in our lease. No weed. But of course, in true Britney fashion, she completely disregards the rules and brought weed to the party anyway. Even if she didn't bring it, it was her responsibility to tell her guest to put it away. I didn't say anything to my sister, I let it slide because as much as we were beginning to hate Britney we also needed that 4th roommate. But it certainly came in handy later on.
In November me and Sarah bought a gold fish. The lease did say no pets but I don't really view a gold fish as a pet literally doesn't do anything or bring any harm to the house. The fish died a few days later anyway so no harm done except to our hearts. RIP Sushi. A few days later Britney comes home with a whole ass baby bearded dragon. They are cool and since I had a fish I let this slide. Afterall. how much damage could a bearded dragon do? WELL!!!! LET ME TELL YOU! I was sitting in the living room one day watching tv and out of the corner of my eye i see a bit of movement on one of our baseboards. I get a closer look and I see it's a small baby grasshopper. I kill it and as I'm walking to the trash i see another. then another, and another and so on. Our house is INFESTED with these tiny baby grasshoppers that I know are used as food for bearded dragons. I know because the kid I nanny also has a bearded dragon. I remember finding these baby grasshoppers all over the fucking house, some dead but most were alive. In our rooms, in the common areas, the bathrooms, EVERYWHERE. I sent pictures of the dozens of piles i swept up of these grasshoppers and I sent them to Britney and said "Just so you know, your bearded dragons grasshoppers somehow got out". And you would think that a logical response from a decent human being would be "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I don't know how that happened. I'll come home ASAP to help clean up" but no. This bitch is a narcissist incapable of doing anything wrong and she responds with "Those are from outside. They're too big to be for my bearded dragon" I literally laughed outloud to myself. This was it. This was the straw that broke the horses back. Sweet and docile me broke and said "I'm not fucking stupid. They are tiny and I know they are for your pet. The boy I nanny has these for his dragon too. Come home and help clean this bullshit up"
Britney was also notorious for leaving her laundry in the washers and dryer past her laundry day. And it seemed to always effect Nick's laundry day because he would be nice and let her finish. But he had enough. So at exactly midnight he went to the laundry room, pulled her damp clothes out of the dryer and dropped them at her door in the hallway on the floor. I'm sorry but i was dying of laughter at his pettiness. We had all been tired of her antics and bullshit and it was fun having a little bit of payback. However, I will say Nick took it a step too far and banged on her door and shouted "Not your laundry day anymore bitch!" Britney's boyfriend came out and he and Nick started yelling at each other. I swear I thought a fight was seriously going to break out. I broke it up, told Britney she needed to adhere to the rules of laundry day just like the rest of us and Nick apologized for startling her. Everyone went to bed. THE NEXT MORNING, tensions are high between Nick, Britney and her boyfriend. The boyfriend, we'll call him Dick for funsies, got up in Nick's face for no reason at all. Nick was livid and asked me to reach out to to my brother in-law. My brother-in-law banned Britney from having her boyfriend over since he was creating a hostile environment and it wasn't fair to Nick since he was the one paying to live there. And if she didn't like it she could leave. She didn't and she adhered to the rule, for a time.
In December my sister and her husband came to town to do some work on the house to get it ready to be sold. We had known for a few weeks now that they were selling so we were working with them and the realtors to keep the place neat and tidy for house tours. It wasn't ideal but we understood. I'm in the living room playing with my new niece while my BIL is working on the A/C unit and who walks in? Britney and her boyfriend. Oh the joy that spread across my face in that moment. Britney and Dick went to her room and I looked at my BIL and said "that's her boyfriend". in that moment she and dick started to leave and my BIL walked out after them and gave her her official eviction notice. OH SWEET SWEET JUSTICE! Or so we thought. Britney's mommy called my BIL and begged him not to kick her out. her reason? She didn't want her to come back home. LMFAO. My BIL gave her one more chance to clean up her act but the rest of us weren't having it. We didn't care that holidays were coming, we wanted her gone. So I told him about her october party and the weed and he finally put his foot down and evicted her for real.
Unfortunately things didn't get better overnight. Britney was given a week to move her stuff out and turn in her key. One of the first things she took? Believe it or not, the outdoor trashcan (Which we all paid for) and in our city, the garbage collectors won't pick up trash unless it's in a bin. So for TWO WEEKS the city didn't pick up our trash and we had to verbally fight with Britney to get the trashcan back. It was absolute bullshit and I never wanted to strangle someone before. Not only that, but the plants she had sitting on the windowsill above the sink had papertowels sitting underneath them to absorb access water. When she removed them I saw how fucked up and bubbled the window sill had become from water damage. But at least the demon had finally been cast out and we were able to enjoy our last month in the house without her.
We never spoke or heard from Britney again...thank God.
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2023.06.07 05:02 roboticlasagna What is your favourite All Time Low song that starts with D?

Day 3 was a real nail biter (especially for Clumsy and Coffee Shop Soundtrack fans.) At the twelve hour mark, three songs were tied for second place, one hour prior to closing there was even a tie for first but the ultimate first place winner (by 1 vote) is Cinderblock Garden!
The final count at 10 pm CST was:
Cinderblock Garden- 59 votes
Clumsy- 58 votes
Coffee Shop Soundtrack- 57 votes
A: A Love Like War
B: Backseat Serenade
C: Cinderblock Garden
Now time for Day 4: songs that start with D. I will comment the name of every song that begins with D and you upvote your favourite. If you comment "upvote [insert song here]" this vote will not count. Please upvote the original comment for your vote to be counted. Also, please do not downvote other songs. We all want our favourites to win but really there is no such thing as a bad All Time Low song. Voting will end at approximately 10 pm cst.
Thank you for playing and may the odds be ever in your favor.
Your choices are:
Don't You Go
Drugs & Candy
Do You Want Me (Dead?)
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
Dancing With A Wolf
Dark Side of Your Room
Dirty Laundry
Dear Maria, Count Me In
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2023.06.07 05:02 BekoLazarus Mickey's reaction here kills me 🤣

Mickey's reaction here kills me 🤣
When George says this, Mickey instantly goes into soap opera overdramatic. It's beautiful.
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2023.06.07 04:39 J_Scarbrough How to Get Rid of Black and Brown Flakes in Washing Machine?

I have a Kenmore/Whirlpool HE top loader washing machine, had it for a while, but for the past year or so, I've had an annoying problem that I can't seem to find a permanently or longterm solution for: black and brown (sometimes even white) flakes in the water. I have tried everything you can imagine to combat these flakes: I have completely removed the agitator and fabric softener dispenser and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized both with varying different solutions (white vinegar and baking soda, Mean Green, soap and scalding hot water) until they are spotless; I've done the same throughout the inside of the drum and the drains under the agitator; I've run countless Clean Washer cycles with Affresh tablets - with and without the agitator . . . and those flakes still show up! The problem is not with the water from the tap itself, as I've ruled that out by letting the water fill large bowls and other containers to inspect it, and the water is always clear and spotless - it's always after the water starts spinning and agitating that those flakes show up. Again, I've done everything short of just burning the whole thing and getting a new one (which I really can't afford right now). Is there anything other solution or advice anyone can offer to get rid of these things? I'm OCD about clean laundry, and constantly finding these flakes in the water makes my skin crawl.
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2023.06.07 02:23 New-Complaint7997 I’m ready to leave

My bf and I have been together for 2 years and have been living together since the beginning of the year. We welcomed our first child onto the world in April. He also has a 10yo daughter from a previous relationship that he has shared custody with (she’s with us M&W, every other weekend). A newborn has definitely added strain to our relationship. I have felt very disconnected from him and feel more of a roommate than partner. It’s also been frustrating because while I was on maternity leave and taking care of our child during the day, I was also doing about 95% of the cleaning and laundry, and would still get up in the middle of the night to feed and change the baby. He and his daughter do not pick up after themselves and will come in and leave a mess right after I finished cleaning which infuriates me. Lately, I’ve been especially frustrated with his oldest daughters lack of personal hygiene maintenance and general cleanliness. I constantly have to remind her to wash her hands, especially before she touches the baby, because she will sneeze into her hands and go about her business. I’ve gone to properly hang up her bath towel and saw poop on it because she didn’t thoroughly wipe herself before getting in the shower (she was planning to continue using this towel), I just learned that she’s brought her blanket into the bathroom while using the toilet and then placed the blanket back on her bed and keep sleeping on it (I made her put it in the wash and told her to never do that again). She can also be very bratty and it largely goes unchecked by her dad so I end up being the bad guy by correcting her, but I can only do but so much because she’s not my child. We’ve had a great relationship over the years and even very recently she told her dad how much she loves me because I’m there for her and talk to her and am kind to her. I do her hair and make sure she’s fed and comfort her when she’s down. I truly treat her like my own but I’m so tired of the attitude and dirtiness. While she’s young she’s also old enough to pick up after herself and clean herself properly. I feel like the live in maid and I’m tired of it. I’m ready to take my baby and we just go find a place of our own. Am I wrong?
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2023.06.07 01:54 MsCheevious Travel container for powdered soap nuts

Travel container for powdered soap nuts
Hello onebag,
I’m a onebagger with a 19L nordace sienna backpack.
Looking for recommendations on a container that's lightweight and airtight to hold my powdered soap nuts (used as body wash, natural shampoo wash, face wash, laundry powder for merino wool clothes).
Has anyone tried the matador travel canister or have other recommendations apart from ziplock bags?
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2023.06.07 01:16 originalnascar Folks with bipolar, did you have to adjust to your medicated self?/How did your lifestyle change once you got on medication?

I am 21F, diagnosed bipolar I a year ago, but I have had symptoms since late childhood/early teens. Before adulthood I experienced typical and awful bouts of depression, where I got barely anything done and was able to do well in school just by being a smart slacker, interspersed with periods of (hypo)mania where I would sleep much less, feel euphoric and productive, and get a fuck ton done... even as a teen I'd feel so inspired/creative and in my own head that I'd write heaps, some of which became national prize-winning stuff, or published work. So I kind of fell into this cycle of doing absolutely nothing when depressed and then just waiting for the mania/hypomania to kick in so that I could rapidly catch up on everything and be my "normal" self, frontloading work and accomplishments before the depression inevitably hit again.
Now, as an adult, this has made me incredibly unhealthy. Before "doing nothing when depressed" just meant playing videogames and crying in my room and just coming out for dinner; now it means substance abuse (weed and cigarettes), dirty laundry piling up everywhere, plates that need to be cleaned, bills that I am late on...
I don't even "catch up on life" when manic anymore, my thoughts move too fast and the euphoria is too intense for me to get much done, and all bets are off obviously if I become psychotic/manic manic. I also have ADHD that is also way more destructive in adulthood than it was when I was younger, and it's difficult to focus hypo/manic energy into productivity much of the time. Now I just spend a lot, go on a lot of walks/runs (lol), and make embarrassing posts on social media...
I feel like I spend all of the time inside my head, either trying to numb the pain or just trying to ride the waves. I've been on medication for 6 months and it has helped. My moods are much more even and I feel way more "normal". I am glad to not be psychotic or suicidal. But everything feels less exciting, for one... not in a good or bad way, just objectively. Life is more predictable now. More stable, and that's good. But less exciting.
And also, the fact that I have built my entire personality and living habits around having these extreme and unpredictable shifts in mood. I am glad that I can let go of those habits now, but I'm not quite sure that I know how. I've never had a "healthy"/stable approach to life, and have very few healthy habits and don't know how to start building them. I don't know how to start working on things at a steady, even and predictable pace, I don't know how to gently manage my life in a sustainable way, that's never been me. I feel still like I'm waiting for something to happen, for me to get super depressed, or better, super high and manic so that I can "start" doing stuff. Has anyone else experienced this? How does your medicated self differ from your unmedicated self? Any tips for life skill/habit building? Thanks!
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2023.06.07 01:09 thebestrosie Does anyone else hate traveling?

Is this an ADHD thing? When I travel I feel like I’m out of my body and the world is far away. I sleep terribly and my stomach gets all messed up. I don’t feel like I’m even there, all I can think about is how physically and mentally uncomfortable I am. When I get home I don’t remember a THING, I’m exhausted, and it takes me ages to get back into my routine. The stress of handling an empty fridge and a pile of dirty laundry and whatever mess I left when I scrambled to pack negates any “relaxation” I (should have) felt on the trip. Even if I don’t have any work piled up, just getting back to work is rough. If I’m gone for more than a couple days I forget so much and it’s hard to do even the simplest tasks.
I feel like I’m the only 20 something on earth who doesn’t want to travel. It’s embarrassing! When people ask me where I want to go next I lie. I just want to go on little weekend trips and explore my own area. I have to travel to see family and I wish I could do it less. Anyone else in the same boat?
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2023.06.07 00:19 RedClayNme $0 Judgement foreclosure

What results might this auction scenario yield?
I came across a home in foreclosure. It's at county courthouse (online). The judgement is for $0. It involves this pair headed foin the midst of a divorce. The proceeds are to be split.
I'm used to seeing an HOA or County or Bank as the plaintiff. I'm not sure what I could expect when it's a sour vibes type situation. Of course I'm assuming but after looking through the title and sale history, it looks like one of them is REALLY REALLY trying to stick it to the other.
It looks like one spouse had this home for a MINUTE. Like many years before they married. The home wasn't listed for sale until a week before the first auction was scheduled-which is the date listed in the judgement. Bing bang boom--its back up on the block for next month. The realtor website has it listed as contingent. The state it's in isn't a community property one.
So those are the details. Feel free to ask for specifics (not names and what not tho). I'm just trying to imagine how this could unfold. And how one should/could approach bidding. Even if not bidding I'm just curious to see the results!! Feels like a soap opera!
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2023.06.07 00:08 WantTheBronco 25 [M4F] Looking For An Older Friend On The Side

Hey there. I don't see any reason to beat around the bush. I'm looking to have an experience with someone outside of my relationship. I won't air out my dirty laundry. I have my reasons but I can express them to you if you really want to know. I would really like it if we became friends. In fact I'd like us to get along on that level. Where even without the dirty stuff we enjoy each other's company.
I don't have an age requirement beyond 18+ but as the title implies I would really like to get to know someone older than me. Admittedly I have a bit of an under explored thing for older women. The requirements I have are that you're sane and clean/disease free.
I'm 25, a registered nurse, latino, 6', light skinned, beefy, and bilingual. I've been told I'm an "old soul" or "mature for my age", but I'll let you be the judge of that. I'm happy to show a faceless picture to start out with then a full pic if we progress that far.
I would prefer if you were also in a relationship/marriage just so that I could feel more comfortable knowing that we are doing this together. But it's not a necessity.
If this post sounds interesting at all, PM me with who you are and what you're looking for. I'm located near Irving or between that and Roanoke.
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2023.06.07 00:08 Ecstatic_Garbage_488 Juliana Paes in Gabriela (Brazilian soap opera)

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2023.06.07 00:00 Clerk_Sam_Lowry Trip Report- 13 days Tokyo/Kyoto/Hakone/Nagoya (Ghibli Park) /Hiroshima with a 2 year-old toddler. (plus day-trips to Nara and Osaka)

Trip Report- 13 days Tokyo/Kyoto/Hakone/Nagoya (Ghibli Park) /Hiroshima with a 2 year-old toddler. (plus day-trips to Nara and Osaka)
I love reading other peoples' trip reports and thought it might be useful to share my experiences travelling with my wife and toddler in Japan. We used Shinkasens for most of our travel between cities but did rent a car in the middle so that we could drive to a rural Onsen and then to Shirakawa-Go from Nagoya. (We also briefly rented a car to visit 3 plaaces around Hakone, too).
First of all, traveling with a toddler in japan is great. Our kid loves trains and busses and got tons of attention and shouts of "KAWAI!!" from friendly people everywhere we went. She even got a lullaby sung to her by a Japanese grandmother as she dozed on a city bus in Kyoto. She never had to pay for any bus fares or train fares. (technically she was a "lap baby" on the Shinkansens).
We read a book of etiquette before we went and it was very useful to know. I am sure most of these tips are stickied elsewhere , but things like "don't point with one finger, always grasp cups with both hands, don't wipe your face/mouth with the hand-cloth, don't talk loudly in restaurants or on trains, keep yen bills neat and flat and use the trays provided when paying for things," etc, were good to know before we went. We brought and carried a "point-and-say" translation book but only used it once; generally Google Translate worked great for images of menus and signs. (and many restaurants have English versions of menus, or use digital menus on iPad that can switch to English. ) Google maps handled most of our navigation needs without issues too, both via train and car. We parked the stroller outside most restaurants or folded it and brought it just inside the door if the weather was bad.
Prep work --
The only major prep work we did before leaving was to buy our JR pass and alert our banks to the dates that we would be in Japan so that our credit and debit cards would work. We had no problems getting cash from the ATM machines at 7-11 or at the Airport. We reserved all hotels/AirBnB/Onsen/Car Rentals beforehand. Also bought SkyTree tickets before departing. We stayed up until 4am to get a ticket to Ghibli's Grand Warehouse -- fortunately only one ticket was needed since our child was under 4 and my wife wasn't interested. We rented a mobile hotspot device from Sakura Mobile before leaving America and it was waiting for us at our first hotel in Tokyo. We dropped the hotspot and charger in a mailbox in a pre-paid envelope before leaving Kyoto.
Major tips -- no need to pack lots of snacks or water each day , since vending machines and 7-11 stores and similar are ubiquitous. Do pack paper towels/ Napkins and extra plastic bags for carrying wet diapers and trash, as public trash cans are almost non-existant. (and when they do exist, they are often just for aluminum and PET plastic bottles) Throw away trash where you bought it, (for things like satay skewers) or bring it home to your hotel. The "pack-it-out" mindset takes a little getting used to, but the results -- a society seemingly without litter-- are superb. Having a lightweight , easily foldable stroller made this trip much easier. Our child often slept in the stroller, and being able to quickly collapse and carry it was key to getting up and down the many sets of stairs in the train stations. It also occasionally doubled as a luggage cart for us. Packing light is key; we picked hotels and AirBnBs that had laundry options to allow us to carry a minimum of stuff. (and no need to bring laundry soap; the washing machines dispense it automatically) My wife wished she had a Japanese-style suitcase with 4 roller-wheels, but I think we did fine with our backpacks , etc.
In general, we didn't have much trouble finding things for my daughter to eat; she loves noodles and dumplings, and even got really into red snapper sushi one night. (basically she loves anything she can dip in soy sauce). Chicken Karage was usually an easy thing to find and feed to her, as were the egg salad Sandos, fresh fruit, and various rice balls from 7-11. Oddly, she also really loved the "pickle-on-a-stick" things that were pretty common in outdoor markets. (I think we got them in both Kyoto and Osaka)
Flights - we flew JAL to from LAX to Narita outbound, and returned on JAL (operated by AA) from Hiroshima to Haneda to LAX. The outbound flight was great; the JAL service was impeccable and they gave my child a model airplane which kept her occupied for hours. We gate-checked our folding stroller on the outbound flight -- the gate clerk put into a plastic bag for us just before departure,
The return flight (operated by American Airlines ) was a step down, but still fine. Transferring planes at Haneda for the return was a little more of a hassle than we had expected becuase you have to exit one terminal, walk a while, exit the building and then get on a free bus, and then go back through security at another terminal. On the plus side, the Haneda international terminal has a padded play area that my daughter liked near the duty free shops. Becuase our return journey was two flights, gate-checking the stroller was not possible, but instead, after measuring its size, we were able to keep it as a carry-on for both legs. (had it been larger, JAL said they would have met us at Haneda with an airport loaner stroller, something we saw other parents using in Hiroshinma and Haneda)
Highlights from each city (focusing on things that my child loved)
Tokyo -- our first night in Japan was a little disorienting: the Tokyo metro station is like a gigantic multi-layer mall-labryinth, and since none of the maps seem to show the "big picture" finding our way to the correct exit lugging luggage was a bit of a challenge the first time . We went back down that night for our fist meal, and by the next day we were practically experts, and were even able to find our way to Ramen Street (on level B1) for lunch and --after waiting in line for about 20 minutes-- slurp some great noodles.
Our first morning we wanted to visit the imperial Palace Gardens, but discovered it is closed on Mondays. Stil, just seeing its moat and stone walls was impressive. We walked to the Children's Science and Technology Museum near Budokan, and our duaghter loved operating cranes and turning cranks of giant Rube-Goldberg machines. (some with bowling-ball sized steel balls moving around). Most of the exhibits were in Japanese, but the fact that this wasn't a common tourist destination made it interesting to visit. On the way home for naps we ate at a random underground food court under an office building and learned how to order a food ticket from a machine for eating at a restaraunt. (a key skill!)
We next headed up to the Owl Cafe in Akihabara, mostly as an excuse to have a visit to Akhiabara, and found it was closed, but seeing the electronics stores and nightlife of Akhihabara was fun. As you might expect, my daughter loved getting Gacha Balls from vending machines (both in Akihabara and everywhere else )
Our second day we spent the morning hunting for the legendary "Elephant Playground" (worth the hunt!) and then went to the nearby Tokyo Childrens' Toy Museum. This was a fantastic combo, and I would recommend anyone with young kids in Tokyo do both. From there we walked to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, which was a wonderful oaisis, full of picknicking families and couples. We explored the tropical greenhouse and then had a well-needed rest under a tree near a tea-house in the traditial japanese garden section Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden also was conveniently close to the Shinjuku rail station, which was imporant because we had Sky-Tree tickets that evening, and we headed there directly. We didn't have time to do any shopping or visit the two museums recommended to us near the skytree (Tobacco and Salt and the Tobu rail museum) But we did have what I consider my favorite meal of the trip: beers and gyoza and molten-lava hot takoyaki at a tiny( 6- seat) izakaya a few minutes south of the Skytree. (i'd recommend it by name but it was completely in japanasese and I am not sure I can now accurately ID it)
The third day we visted the Tusikiji outer fish market -- we got there early and and it was quickly full of tourists and good food. (many different kinds of grilled things on sticks, as well as raw oysters, etc) I was amazed that the public bathrooms there were sparkling clean -- as they were throughout almost the entire trip. My daughter loved getting an ice-cream drink at John Lennon's favorite coffiee shop (Yonemoto). On the way back thorugh Ginza we bought an enormous fig wrapped like the crown jewels from one of Japnan's famous fruit-gift stores. It cost about $9, but was absoulutely delicious. (it was crazy to see $200 watermelons and $170 muskmellons in the same store) 
We also took this time in Ginza to do one of the things on my bucket list -- buy an overpriced gift fruit from a fancy Japanese store. We bought the second cheapest thing in there - a single giant fig, and I think it cost about $9. (totally worth it!) . it was just fun to ogle $80 spherical watermelons, and other beautiful, but incredibly expensive fruit.
Later that afternoon visited/saw Shibuya crossing, ate decent and very inexpensive sushi at a 3rd floor conveyor-belt restaurant, and went to Harjuku. (not in that order) Harajuku was chaotic fun, but equally fun was the long peaceful forest walk to visit the Meji Ginku shrine that starts just outside Harjuki station . By now we were experts at tossing coins, bowing, clapping, and praying in the appropriate cycle. (something the 2 year old seemed to quite enjoy). We also knew from our guidebook that we were supposed to walk only on the sides of the path at Meji Ginku -- the middle is reserved for the Gods.
NAGOYA/GHIBLI - We took a direct bus from Nagoya station (cash accepted, Pasmo Cards also accepted) out to the sprawling expo grounds that surround the Ghibli exhibits. Our 2.5 year old loved Studio Ghibli Parks Gand Warehouse, particularly the miniature town where she could run around and pretend to drive a train and serve beer at a drafthouse. There was a furry Catbus to sit on, (of course) as well as another padded Catbus to jump around on for a few minutes with shoes off. Totoro is the only Ghibli character she knows well, and she loved finding hidden Totoros and (and a giant bar-tending one) around the Warehouse.
Arguably, Ghibli park was a little disappointing for us two adults , becuase it was pouring rain when we visited making the long walks between areas less than fun. And despite having moved heaven and earth to get a timed ticket, there still were long lines (~40 min) for areas inside the "Grand Warehouse." It was interesting for me to see the sketches and reference photos a used to make each cell of Ghibli animation realisitic ... but it was annoying and crazy that most areas of the warehouse totally forbad taking photographs. Much of the rest of the Grand Warehouse was just lines for people to take selfies in front of recreated scenes from the movies for posting on social media.
We had watched or re-watched all the Ghibli movies prior to our trip, so we were well prepared, but overall I would say that if you can't get tickets to go to the Grand Warehouse, don't feel bad. (There are many many more magical and wonderful things everywhere else in Japan, and your 2 -year-old will love them just as much. )
We took a Shinkasen south from Tokyo to Hakone, and spent a day there with a family friend who showed us an ancient tea-house along the old imperial road, a famous Shinto shrine, a deliicious meal, and of course, Mount Hakone with its black eggs, sulfurous fumes, and melty black ice cream. The toddler loved the eggs and the ice cream, of course! For me, sitting and eating tea and mochi in the deep forest along the royal road was like being transported back into a historical Kurosawa film.
If you visit Hakone, I would encourage you to get into the woods and do some hiking. It's a gorgeous area. Apparently the japanese love to drink and tour Lake Ashi on a pair of pirate ships. which added a comic aspect to our visit to the much-photographed Hakone Shrine's Tori gate.
We knew we wanted to visit the truly rural areas of Honshu, so we reserved a night at a remote Onsen near Shirakawa-Go. The drive from Nagoya was stunningly beautiful, traffic was light, and because we had rented a toll transponder along with the rental car, we could just breeze through the toll-booths (which are located at the off-ramps) . Seeing the untouched mountains coexisting with sleek new road tunnels and breathtaking shining bridges made me realize how decrepit American infrastructure has become.
IT was a bit stressful to drive on the left hand side of the road, but conversely, It was great to be able to pull over at will. For example, we could stop at at a small town outside of Nagoya for a delicious prix fixe breakfast at "cafe Pierrot" and again later to see and visit a beautiful riverside Shinto shrine along the road. The car gave us the freedom to and be able to just stop and explore and let our child play in the shallow water surrounded by green hills. Driving in the rural areas wasn't too bad, and doing so let us see a whole other world that we would have missed had we stuck to the trains. For example, we visited a delightful outdoor morning market in the village of Miyagawa and bought fresh produce and some delightful snacks (including fish-shaped custard-filled mini-donuts) from the vendors followed by an impromptu picnic along the riverbank.
On this portion of the trip we also got to experience the Japan's wonderful rest-stop cuisine -- you use a ticket machine to select some items, hand them to a chef behind the counter, and in a few minutes your number is called . We had some delicious Japanese pizza (shaped like a elongated, puffy taco ) fragrant beef curry, and a "Miso Katsu" dish too.
Later we would stop at another rest stop and discover that it had an absolutely epic set of slides and tunnels built into the hillside. You borrow a plastic sled and then slide about 150 feet down a green carpet. It was hearwarming to see how kind and welcoming the japanese children were to our daughter, helping her to slide and showing her how to play and explore the tunnels. Arguably this was my child's favorite part of the entire trip.
Shirakawa Go was great fun for the whole family -- it was definately touristy, but it was great to be able to stroll and relax and learn about Japan's past. (Parking closes at 5pm, though!) We had only a few hours there but I think we would have enjoyed an entire day of strolling and snacking and learning. Interestingly all the parking attendents there seem to be senior citizens.
Our Ondsen was in a small farming comunity outside Hida, surrounded by orchards, mountains, and rice paddies. We were the only non-japanese that we saw there, and it was a little challenging to keep our toddler ccorralled during the formal meals (served in a common area, not in our rooms). As expected, the indoor slippers provided were a bit small for my size-11 feet, but we had a great time in a beautiful, secluded place.
Staying overnight got us a ticket to also visit the large and well-maintained municipal baths just up the road. (each side of which had about 7 pools of various temperatures and medicinal properties) There was a wonderful hiking trail that looped through the deep forest around the town. One of my biggest regrets of the trip is that we did not have more time to hike and explore these lush, pristine mountain woods -- I think I enjoyed our hikes here as much as I did the onsen baths.
The driving portion of our trip ended on the western coast of Honshu, at Kanazawa, but we didn't see much of that city other than a gas station and the rental car return before taking the "thunderbird" train down to Kyoto. (not quite as fast as some shinkasen, but very comfortable).
KYOTO and day-trips:
We had three delightful days in Kyoto, along including day trips by rail to Osaka (to see the market, eat okinomiyaki, and climb Osaka Castle) and Nara (to walk aound and feed the deer in the park and then the koi at a a beautiful botanical garden, stroll through another temple, and to eat the best Udon noodles of the trip while siting outdoors in the forest. In Nara, we also stumbled upon a wonderful Beatles-only vintage record shop called "B-Sels" on an upper floor just across from Nara station, and listened to a street performance of Shamisen music at the station itself. Nara, like Shirakawa-Go, was full of busloads of tourists, but that didn't make it any less of a great experience for us.
Kyoto itself was wonderful to explore on foot -- I won't go into exhaustive detail, but our child loved walking and being pushed in the stroller to various Temples and loved the view from Kyoto tower. (and the Gatcha ball souvenir tower even more!) . She liked the path through the bamboo forest (crowded with tourists) and loved "hiking" through the beautiful and less crowded gardens of Tenryu-Ji temple -- part of which has remained unchanged since the 14th century. We skipped the monkey park.
In Kyoto proper, we walked through Chion-In Buddhist temple , took our shoes off and bagged them, and observed a ceremony -- it was interesting to see how similar it was to ceremonies in America, with the same incense, syllable recitation, and wood-block time-keeping interspersed with bowl-gong ringing .... but on a much grander scale. The size of the wooden buildings is epic, rivaling the stone cathedrals of Europe. Because of the large numbers of steps to get from the massive Sanmon gate to the main building of the shrine, my wife and I took turns exploring and let the toddler play along the paths of the temple's small tea-garden next door.
Finally, we spent the last two days of our trip in Hiroshima. It was shocking and surreal to get off the train underground and suddenly be hit with an overwhelming smell of burning -- there was construction work all around Hiroshima station and I don't know if it was from digging pylons down into subterranean ashes, or just from some other more modern aspect of the construction As someone whose worldview was shaped by reading Barefoot Gen as a child, visiting Hiroshima was an important and somber part of our trip.
It was interesting to see that the bulk of the visitors to the Peace Museum visitors seemed to be Japanese school groups. Of course, most of the photos and exhibits museum went "over the head" of our 2/yo child. (she wasn't frightened, just not interested). She did enjoy ringing the peace Bell outside and seeing the collections of paper cranes. We bought books to help share the experience with her again once she is older.
In any event, Hiroshima is a charming city showing no outward signs of being apocalyptically devastated (except at the Peace Memorial Dome) and there is an excellent restaurant district just around the corner from the main train station, with many small restaurants that are open late.
The people and proprietors of Hiroshima seemed particularly kind to us; it's more relaxed there than any of the other cities we viisted. Our chid loved was the "Children's 5-day Science Museum" about a quater mile away from Peace Park that has a lot of hands-on exhibits and two stories of climbing tunnels. We did not do the planetarium there, as it is in japanese-language only and we had limited time.
For us, the highlight of our time in Hiroshima was taking the long ferry to Miyajima directly from Peace Park and then wandering around the narrow streets of Miyajima in the afternoon and evening. It was great to see the oyster beds being worked from the ferry and then later dine on delicious grilled and fried Miyajima oysters.
Our child loved the ferry rides and wandering around Miyajima (there are deer there too) but she also slept for much of our time on the island. The return ferry was part of the JR rail network and so we could use our JR passes for that. (its a short, straighter route).
All in all, Japan was very kid friendly, as long as you can quickly and easily fold up your stroller, and we loved our time in every city we visited. (and could have easily spent much more time in any of them).
Other Thoughts: We bought the Japan Rail Pass, but probably didn't save much money by doing so; My wife estimates that we about broke even with the number of shinkansen, trains, and ferry-rides we used. It was a nice security blanket, though, to know that if we missed a train it wouldn't cost us anything. (but we never missed any trains) . For non JR-line trains, we used a pair of "PASMO" cards. Pasmo cards can also be used at other random retail places as a stored-cash card. When you go through the gates, you must look for ones that say "IC" if you are using a Pasmo card and tap against the NFC pad with it. Using Pasmo is nice because the card is durable (unlike the paper JR Pass) and you can load up enough money for multiple trips on the card.
We use T-mobile, and our plan included 5 GB of "high speed data" while in japan but we weren't sure we would have good service for our rural drive, so we gout a WiFi hotspot from Sakura Mobile. This worked fine -- and its speeds was always faster than T-Mobile's coverage when tested. The hotspot generally would last about 20 hours on one charge. But honestly T-Mobile's Japan coverage was probably good enough that the hotspot was an unnecessary expense; we often used it instead of the hotspot and only came close to the 5GB limit on our last day. If I were on a tighter budget, a shorter trip, or knew I wouldn't be in remote areas, I would skip the Hotspot and just use T-mobile.
TLDR: Tokyo Toy Museum is fantastic for little ones. Ghibli Park (Grand Warehouse) is fine, but our kid probably had just as much fun on many other Japanese playgrounds. If you do choose to drive, don't miss the Japanese rest stops which can be fantastic with fresh food and jungle gyms and slides. Our kid may remember little from the trip except the toys she took home from GATCHA balls, but we have a lifetime of memories gained. Don't miss the Udon in Nara at "Mizuya Chaya", just outside the beautiful Manyo Botanical Gardens.
Miyagawa Morning Market:
Udon at Mizuya Chaya in Nara:
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2023.06.06 23:52 sdega315 What questionable food safety or hygiene have you witnessed?

I'll start... Back in the 1990's (save your OK Boomer jokes 😂), I worked at a corporate seafood restaurant still around today. It featured a bountiful salad bar as a central draw. They kept a prep table right as you entered the dishwashing area. Over the course of the night, servers would sort used cloth napkins into two categories. Really dirty laundry bin. Not too dirty prep table collection. After closing we would use the not too dirty (but used) napkins to clean and wipe dry the empty salad bar. 😲
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2023.06.06 23:27 accounthrowaway6942O Is it too late to get a grease stain out of pants if you’ve already washed them?

I noticed a grease stain on my sweatpants earlier today and not thinking I just threw them in the washer with the rest of my laundry. When I started to put everything away the stain was still there. They’re my favorite sweatpants and I don’t want them to look dirty even when they’re clean :(
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