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2011.06.30 17:40 PirateCodingMonkey LGBT Havens: safe places for lgbt young adults

Safe places for LGBT youth

2018.07.07 18:00 earnburn LPC-Official

LPC is a crypto-currency based on proof-of-stake (POS) and masternode. Our main emphasis is to maintain the conditions that it is more profitable to keep your coin in our wallet then their sales.

2023.06.03 22:35 edgreenmusic Nose piercing bleeding a lot

For context I had my nose pierced late January (stud) and only changed it today to a hoop. It got really stuck on the way in and took me near 5-10 minutes on and off. Eventually I got it in but only after it bled quite a lot (not actually dripping or leaking any blood but the piercing hole was bloody). The site isn't tender like a new piercing but it is sore. It doesn't hurt very much except for when I twist it. Should I be worried? I know I changed it fairly early but my piercings have all healed very quickly so I have a good track record for them (changed lobes after 3 weeks, helix had healed within 3 months, nose in 3 too).
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2023.06.03 22:34 Hot_Neighborhood6666 First date a guy suggests going to an open house?

I met this guy years ago and we went out one other time and at the time we were both young. Only went on a first date and can’t remember why I didn’t go on a second. This was years ago. Then we got back in touch over IG — and instantly clicked.
He then asked me to go out on technically a second date, ha! And asked me my preferences. I’m more on the traditional side so I did ask if he didn’t mind picking me up. (I personally love it when a guy picks me up close to my location) I told him my preferences — a brunch place (there’s many near my location and outside of our area not far) and then things got weird..
He said he didn’t know of any inside date ideas and suggested going to an open house? He’s an outdoorsy guy for some context — and I’m 100% open to it but the weather wasn’t going to be ideal and I could tell he didn’t want to drive to a park that I knew of. (Wasn’t crazy far from my location) and anytime I posted a story he loved it and wanted to go there.
Not sure where to go from here but typically I’m attracted to men who like to take the lead and make decisions. I gave him information to work with — should I give this a chance? Is he not that into me?
Open to thoughts!
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2023.06.03 22:33 bigthaddy740 Hunter Biden is a pedo and a national security risk

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2023.06.03 22:33 OwlCharacter How early can you get in to start hiking to the Rysy peak (polish side)?

Me and my partner are planning on hiking to the top of rysy in early August and to avoid the dreaded queues near the summit were going to start our walk at 4am hopefully reaching morskie oko when there is enough sunlight to start the real hike, only problem is I noticed there are tickets you have to buy, is there a gate that is closed for the night? Is there any way to get in before anyone is there to sell or check tickets?
My intention isn't to avoid the fee it's pretty cheap, we just don't want to stand in a queue near the peak so we wanted to start early
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2023.06.03 22:33 Pewisms Demonic creature attached to an alcoholic

When I was in my pre-teens I visited my friends aunt with his family. It was a 2 week summer vacation. The first few nights we would wake up to broken glass near her alcohol cabinet. Everyone in the house (at least 7 of us) just ignored it because it was creepy so it was only mentioned in the morning.
It stopped for about a week and by this time I noticed the aunt was an alcoholic. I rarely seen her without a drink in her hand. I was never exposed to alcoholics before so I assumed they were all sloppy drunks but she wasn't.
So about 1 week and half into the vacation while everyone was sleep and I was watching tv... I looked into the parlor (where the alcohol cabinet was) from the living room and I saw this demonic creature pacing in circles.. it had to be at least 7 foot tall and very wide. It's face came outward like a werewolf. It did not know that I saw it. I was so terrified I choked on air and couldn't breathe. I knew I shouldnt let it know that I seen it. So I closed my eyes and slowly turned away and tried my best to breathe as slowly as possible. I did not move until the morning.
I never told anyone that story until years later and my friend told me he seen it too.
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2023.06.03 22:33 No_Coach8840 My family is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Boomer generation in India.

Born in the 50s to a government school teacher. Had 6 siblings which is very typical of his generation. Manages to get a B.Tech Chemical Engineering seat in Andhra University with full scholarship. Their family was so poor, they couldn't even buy him shoes to send him off to college. Gets into college. Gets bullied for being poor. Some rich kids fuck up his titration in a lab and nearly get him failed which would have costed him his scholarship.
Dates someone during his M.Tech in AU. Gets married. Drops out of M.Tech. Has an ugly fight with his wife. He beats her. She divorces him and reports him to the police. My dad at that time had a job offer in the gulf in one of those petrol refining plants. Because of his police case his Visa or Passport is cancelled. He loses custody of his child.
Born to a CA. Surprisingly had just 1 sister. His dad was dirt poor initially. He starts helping some of the most prominent builders get away without paying taxes. He would literally hold their money in his house when they were about to get audited. If you don't know, being a CA in the 50s or 60s in India is essentially like being a Machine learning scientist with a Ph.D. in 2023. Leaves his kids property worth 15 crores. My mom gets a B.Com from Reddy college in Narayanaguda. Gets married off to an asshole. He beats her a lot. Abuses her. She divorces him. The society back then was ridiculously conservative. She gets bullied a fuck of a lot because of her divorce.
She still finds the courage to go to Maharashtra to do a LL.B. Drops off in the second year and marries my dad because her father is very sick.
The quintessential 90s marriage:
My dad has a lot of unresolved emotional issues. He brought his mom to live with them. He accuses my mom of not taking good care of her. They fight a lot. I was born. My dad loses job several times. My mom sells her jewellery to finance my schooling. In my 10th, her sister passes away. She sells of a land that her dad left her. Takes me to Hyderabad to get me IIT coaching. I experience freedom for the first time in my life. My dad is no longer there to control me. I buy expensive computer parts and phones. I stopped attending school. Somehow managed to get my 10th and 12th diplomas anyways. Get into a shitty college in Vizag for B.Tech. Labor through it. Get a Masters from a prominent college in America. Get some really nice paying jobs.
Now my mom is still living with my dad. I caught him hitting my mom last year when I was in India. I gave him two slaps and pinned him to the ground. Threaten to call the police on him. He starts crying and shit. In the past he forced my mom to give one of the houses my grand father left her for rent. The tenant is refusing to vacate. We have essentially lost that property. My asshole father refuses to help with that situation in any way. He straight up went to the tenant and asked him to buy the house. He is using that as a leverage to fight with us every time we ask him to vacate the house.
My mom gives another land she owns to development. That builder is trying to get her to sell all her shares of apartments for a lot of Black money. I am fighting with her like crazy. She is like my father is a CA I know how to adjust black money :
I am fed up of my life. Fed up of this shitty family politics.
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2023.06.03 22:33 TrickyDickNixon2067 First foray into the Arkham Universe with Elder Sign!

First foray into the Arkham Universe with Elder Sign!
So I’d always been fascinated by the idea of the Cthulhu mythos, especially in tabletop games, but the more popular games like Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness always seemed very daunting to me. Not wanting to go all in on something I’m unsure of, I decided to merely dip my toe with Elder Sign. After finding a near mint copy on Noble Knight Games for about $10 plus shipping I couldn’t be happier with how it went! With some pale blue light and Cthulhu Mythos Music on YouTube to set the mood, I set off on my journey into the increasingly hostile museum. Though I must say I won rather handily for my first try, I think I only even accrued 3 or 4 doom tokens, I’m already excited to dive back in as there’s still much to uncover. 8/10 for sure.
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2023.06.03 22:32 mfbrownbear [P5V5P4] The Bible, and what it takes to rule

I have gotten curious about what is actually written in the Bible, versus what is written in the Grutrissheit. I am also curious as to why there are so many copies / translations / transcriptions of the bible without there being a complete copy in the archives.
When Myne was an apprentice blue shrine maiden and was allowed access to the Temple book room, she read the Bible. Then she read different copies of the Bible in the Temple book room. She was reading versions so old that Damuel couldn't read them at all, and Ferdinand had to help her with the translation. [P2V3]
Then, she later became the High Bishop and was made the owner of the Temple's primary Bible. A magic tool. At some point later, after new material started appearing to her in that Bible, and she asks Ferdinand for advice:
In [P4V7]
"So this is the bible only the High Bishop can read, hm? What makes it different from other bibles?" Justus asked. He was eagerly flipping through the pages, but his response proved that he couldn't see the magic circle or the text in the air.
"It is a more complete version - or, at the very least, it has more details than any of the transcriptions in the temple's book room," I replied. There were several transcriptions of the bible in the temple's book room, but their page counts varied quite dramatically.
Most of the older stuff in the temple book room would have come from old Eisenreich, since Ehrenfest is only a couple of hundred years old. I imagine all of the original Eisenreich temple's divine instruments and Bible and documents got moved to the new Ehrenfest temple when the foundation was moved. I would have thought that Rozemyne, upon becoming the owner of the Bible when she was made High Bishop and finding she could read all the way to the end of the book, would have started a new and more complete transcription right away. At the time, not knowing that no one else can read as much of it as she can, she would have also wondered why no one had fully transcribed it before.
In [P4V1] Rozemyne hears about the Grutrissheit for the first time from Rosina.
She went on the explain that the Grutrissheit was the original bible, owned by Mestionora herself. The first king of the country had been chosen by the gods and permitted to transcribe a copy.
Then, in [P4V7] while she is talking to Ferdinand about the new magic circle and text that started showing up in her Bible:
As the bible described, the position of Zent was given to those who transcribed the original Grutrissheit. Ferdinand explained that over the long years hence, this had morphed into the current Zent passing his transcribed version down to the next. The passed-down Grutrissheit itself had become the symbol of the Zent.
This transcription had been lost during the civil war following the previous king's death. Now, the current king needed to transcribe a new one from the original Grutrissheit... but its location remained unknown.
Then, Ferdinand tells Rozemyne that even if she meets every other qualification, she will still never see the original Grutrissheit.
"You certainly have all of the qualities necessary to become king. However, there is one crucial condition that you have not fulfilled."
"And what condition is that?" I asked, looking at the bible curiously.
"It is simple," Ferdinand said. "You were born a commoner and thus do not have royal blood. For that reason, you cannot become king."
"Royal blood...? The bible doesn't say anything about needing that."
Ferdinand tapped a finger against his temple in contemplation and then let out a sigh. "In the same way that only certain people can enter this hidden room, the Grutrissheit is within an archive that only royalty can enter - or so an ancient text maintains. In other words, you will not be able to enter that archive, nor will you be able to transcribe the book. No matter how many kingly qualities you may have, you cannot become king."
After Rozemyne cries about having her hopes dashed that Prince Hildebrand wouldn't be able to let her into the Forbidden Archive to at least read the book ..
"Besides, the Grutrissheit in the archive is the first king's transcription, so we can assume it is nearly identical to this bible we have with us.
So, all of this has left me feeling a bit confused. By my count, there are 3 versions of the Grutrissheit. Four, if you count the Bibles.
  1. The Book of Mestionora. The one held by the goddess herself. THE Original Grutrissheit. She does not lend it out. The first Zent was allowed to make a copy.
  2. The First Zent's Grutrissheit. The only direct transcription from the Book of Mestionora. The first worldly version of the book. Yurgenschmidt's Original Grutrissheit, the one used to create the country. Claimed to be in the Forbidden Archive, only accessible to those with royal blood. Perhaps anyone with access to the Forbidden Archive could make a copy.
  3. The Grutrissheit. I guess the "normal" one. The one that all Zents after the first one had to transcribe from his. Like the one that was lost during the recent civil war. Was this the only one around though? It sounds like there can be more than one copy. If anyone qualified to enter the forbidden archive can make a copy, then it's possible.
It appears that the Book of Mestionora has only ever been seen by one person, the First Zent. Most mentions of the "original" Grutrissheit refer to the one owned by the First Zent. Also, it isn't clear if the qualifications to enter the Forbidden Archive to get a copy of the Grutrissheit are needed to simply pass along an existing copy. I would think that not being qualified to get a Grutrissheit would disqualify you from being able to use one either. Would Trauerqual or Sigiswald even be able to use one someone else gave them?
So, if Rozemyne meets all the other qualifications, but still can't enter the Forbidden Archive due to not having royal blood, then everyone's plans are screwed. If that happens the rampage will be, ironically, biblical. I could see Rozemyne at that point demanding to speak to the manager.
Rozemyne: "Get Mestionora down here NOW! I pay my prayer taxes! I demand to make my own copy directly from her! I will boycott! You will never see another drop of mana from me, or my retainers, I swear!"
Question: Would Rozemyne rather read the 1st edition print of the Grutrissheit in the Forbidden Archive, or would she rather make her own custom print from the Book of Mestionora herself?
Answer: Both. Obviously. She would want to compare and even smell the differences.
But, now I wonder about the difference between the "hidden" archive that requires the 3 keys to open, and the "forbidden" archive that only Royals can enter. It was said that only Royals and select archduke family members could enter the Hidden Archive. Those that didn't meet the criteria were told "Not qualified" by the shumils. Perhaps after you fulfill all of the other hidden qualifications that make the shumil say things like "Not enough elements" and "Not enough prayer" they would lead you to the Forbidden Archive? Ferdinand also explained that "Royal blood" was spread around the duchy in a way, while describing his thoughts on the nature of the Temple Bibles.
"Furthermore, the archdukes in the distant past were married to those of royal blood," Ferdinand continued. "In other words, one could say that more or less all children of archdukes have royal blood to some extent. Perhaps the first king distributed these bibles to each duchy such that the strongest of all those with his blood would be chosen to be king."
Based on how this describes archduke families having royal blood, and that those with enough of it can enter the Hidden Archive, I get a feeling that there is not a higher level of royal blood needed to enter the Forbidden Archive than is needed to enter the Hidden one. If that's the case, then Rozemyne already does have royal blood.
If Rozemyne can enter the Hidden Archive, then she already meets the "select archduke candidate" criteria, even though she was born a commoner. It makes me think that "royal blood" might not mean genetic inheritance.
If it's possible to obtain "royal blood', i.e. become recognized as royal by magic, without actual blood relations, I can only think of two ways.
  1. Divine intervention. Whether from Divine Protections or some other way, I bet the gods could declare someone fit to rule and they would be recognized as royal by magic means.
  2. Mana interaction. Blood is heavily associated with a person's mana as well. The highest concentration of a person's mana is in their blood. Mana-mixing among family and lovers could theoretically change someone's mana to introduce "royal blood" to their system.
In the second scenario, Rozemyne could have only gotten her royal blood from Ferdinand, who admitted in the past that he has a fair amount of it. They haven't mixed mana as lovers of course, but their long association in the temple, performing rituals where their mana flows together, may have been enough. He also synchronized his mana with hers when he read her memories.
I really don't know what to expect anymore. Will Rozemyne be blocked from entering the Forbidden Archive? Will she summon a goddess? Even if she gets the Grutrissheit, will she be able to simply hand it off to someone not qualified to get it themselves? Someone send Ferdinand some Tylenol.
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2023.06.03 22:32 MadaraUchlha7 Is Education a Prerequisite to Success?

23M. Basically I grew up dirt poor. I attended a Cal State near me and achieved both a BS and MBA. I graduated with 0 debt. Right now, I am a biz ops manager managing 4 offices making close to 6 figures. It is a stressful, but well-paying job.
I have high ambitions. My dream is to start a successful business, not sure what industry and I'm still learning and trying to figure it out. The only reason I even went to college was to have a safety net in case my ventures fail, which will happen since entrepreneurship consists of trial & error. If I fail, at least I can land back on a comfy corporate 9-5 job instead of slaving in retail for pennies. I have already made a commitment not to have a wife and kids until I accomplish my dream (not like women are knocking at my door anyway). I'm doing this because having a family will conflict with my ability to take risks and will tie me down to one geographical location.
Lately I have been doing research on millionaires and billionaires. I tend to find a good amount of them, not all, tend to have some fancy ivy league education. There are all kinds of schools represented and a few of them did not go to school at all. There are a few at my school who went on to start large F500 companies (2 to 3) and a few others that have gone on to be major execs. There seems to be a bit of an elitist glass ceiling and these opportunities are typically presented to the already wealthy. Can someone like me with a poor background and no fancy degree break into this "class"? I don't want a billion dollars, but I am not going to lie, I am aiming for 10 million. Or the amount that I can f off to South America and never be seen again. It sounds ambitious but I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 22:32 butidfk It didn’t really hit me that the end is near until this moment

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2023.06.03 22:31 jellyfish8779 why can't people understand some of us need time alone ?

I was w a group of ppl doing couchsurfing. And at some point i grabbed my phone and my earphones to take a walk and listen to some music. I was going and ppl started looking at me like "you're not going w us, we're going to the beach ?" and the other student looked at me shocked. Another time, i just wanted to buy a towel and everyone came too...
I have to see yall 24/h a day. It's that surprising that I would want some time alone ?
I will never get ppl who can't understand that...to me it does wo saying that someone would need their space. Being around ppl 24/7 is overwhelming and at some point i start resenting them if i can't take a break from them.
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2023.06.03 22:31 Electrical-Review720 Which one to buy?

I have no 5-Stars but A3 king Triton and I want to buy a pack from the shop. I have to decide between the 24€ pak where you get a 5-star pull in which you can decide between 3 characters or I buy the 24€ pack where you get another A3 triton, 6 triton pull crystalls and 4 3-5 star crystalls. Which is better for me ?
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2023.06.03 22:31 n00bd0od If you're lonely or just want a friend I'm here for you

Hey there. If youre like me and feeling down or maybe you just want a friend to talk to every day to keep you company, either way i might be the one friend you have been looking for. Im from florida and im 24 years old. Im big on collecting especially when it comes to pop culture. things like figures, posters, autographs all that kinda stuff. i love to play and talk about video games. some of my favorite video games are mortal kombat, fallout/elder scrolls, any zombie games, dead by daylight, overwatch, smite, etc.. I am definitely looking for more friends to game with so if you play any of these games let me know so we can talk about it :)
i also love watching movies and tv shows. sometimes i like to indulge in watching bad content on purpose because its fun to make of it with a friend. i love DC and star wars especially but also have recently dived into watching anime and reading manga as well.
Ive been pursuing a career in acting and also like to make music and my own videos every once in a while. my favorite color is purple and my favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, tacos and chili. i like to go to theme parks and hang out with my friends every once in awhile. i guess you could describe me as an extroverted introvert. I'm looking forward to making a new friend feel free to hit me up and get to know each other
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2023.06.03 22:31 ProfessionalEvaLover 22 [M4M] This is the most sex I've had in my life and I'm still horny

I've had sex for four days straight and I'm still horny. Are there any kind femboy twink bottoms that wanna help a fellow man out?
I'm 5'8" and 100~ kg (which makes me pretty chubby). I live near San Beda and CEU, and will travel almost any distance if it meant eating out some boypussy. I'd prefer if you were around the same age as me but I'm open to anything!
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2023.06.03 22:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Kendall & Josh – ECOM-PHD (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Kendall & Josh – ECOM-PHD (Genkicourses.site)
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2023.06.03 22:29 Part_Upstairs General Skywalker phase 2

This challenge is ridiculous, I’m glad it was easy for everyone else, but it’s not for me. I got everyone’s speed up and I’ve even watched YouTube videos on it. Still no where near completion.
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2023.06.03 22:29 BallstotheWall27 Does a Case of something mean 24 exactly?

I get that it maybe be different all over, but I wanted to know what others thought. I am sorry if I’m a slow person and this is common knowledge but anyway, A neighbor came over to offer to help cut up a decent size tree branch we had fall down. My mother said that she’d like to get him some beer. She asked me if I could go to the liquor store and get him a case of beer. Not pounders but a case. And I asked what pounders were- they are 16oz cans apparently. That’s all she said and figured I knew what she meant. I ended up buying a 12 pack of beer. I get back and put it in the fridge and let her know I got a 12 pack for the neighbor. She said- A 12 pack? I said a case of beer. I said- Is that not what a case is? And you didn’t specifically say 24 pack. She said that’s what a case of beer means, 24 cans. I honestly had no idea and felt bad. She was a little upset because wanted it ready for him when he came over the next day. And so I went to the liquor store at 9am right away and bought another 12 pack so he would have 24 cans at least. So does a case of anything specially mean 24 exactly? I suppose I would like to understand for further reference, thanks so much!
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2023.06.03 22:29 StaySharpp I don’t know why, but I think Rush was my uncle’s favorite band…

I don’t know why, but I think Rush was my uncle’s favorite band…
I’m just getting into vinyl, and my dad gave me his record player and all of his vinyl, as well as my late uncle’s collection. I have so much to go through here it’s nuts. There’s records here from the 50s that were my grandparents, although their quality is pretty poor unfortunately. Nearly everything else in here though is mint since neither really played their music much. They’d play it maybe once or twice but record it to cassette according to what my dad was telling me. Regardless, I have so much classic rock to sift through :)
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2023.06.03 22:29 Fallout76LYF WFL

Im the one on the left ?
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2023.06.03 22:28 SpecialDeal4920 AITA for wanting my brother's gf to stop acting like a housewife?

My (26) brother (24) and I live together in our shared condo. He's been dating this girl (25) for five months now. I never commented on their relationship, it's his first gf and he seems happy. The issue is that the girl is always here. She cleans, cooks and decorates the place like it's hers. We have throw pillows now, for god's sake. In the beginning, I wasn't complaining since the place was spotless and she fed us. She use to start the blender at like 6 am . Vacuumed at odd hours but I kept quiet for my brother's sake.
However, I recently came home from a weekend away and my room was cleaned. Wtf? I don't like random people touching my things. I have money in there. When I told him, he said she asked if she could go in and he gave her permission. He doesn't even understand why I would be upset about it. She has him wrapped around her finger. She doesn't even drive, he's the one who brings her here. I honestly don't think they are compatible, he's with her for the wrong reasons.
Thursday, I told her not to go in my room anymore and to stop cleaning our place. Instead of apologizing, she shamed the mess in my room and said I should be more grateful. For me that was enough, I let both of them know, that she couldn't use our stuff anymore, not the ninja, not the vacuum or the coffee maker. Nothing. I told her I would lock the things up if I see her use them. My brother said that's fine, he will buy her a blender. AITA???
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2023.06.03 22:27 Schruef Abandoned 1997(?) Triumph Sprint, story in the comments.

I moved into my apartments in the middle of last year. This bike was sitting in the exact spot it's sitting now, completely immobile. In November, someone put a tow sticker on it. But despite the tow date coming and going, nobody took the bike.
Since then, I've been curious about it. Usually I'm wary about approaching other people's bikes, but it's obviously been abandoned. So, I took a look, and here's what I found.
1: The bike has been stationary for so long that the kickstand left a hole in the pavement.
2: The bike was apparently last registered in 1994.
3: The right indicator light is gone. The rear indicator lights are hanging off by their wiring.
4: The chain is just gone. It has rusted to the point of total immobility.
5: The bike clearly took a bad fall on it's right side. The fairing near the front right side is cracked
6: Most likely during the fall, the crank shaft must have either cracked or broke otherwise, judging from the duct tape attached to it.
7: Just about every metal surface of the bike not painted has begun to rust.
8: The bike's registration appears to be in a state bordering mine, from 1994. This is odd, because when I looked up the vin, the result returned for a 1997 Triumph, not a 1994 Triumph. So were the plates changed, or is the bike older than the DoT thinks?
9: The bike has 106,783.5 miles on the clock. The last trip was 4,538 miles.
If I has to guess what happened, I'd say a long time ago, someone dropped the bike bad. It wouldn't start after the fall, because of the crank shaft if I had to guess, and was probably towed back to this spot where the owner then lived. After this, the owner probably looked at the odometer, looked at the bike, imagined the cost of getting it repaired, and wrote it off as a loss. Instead of paying to get it towed somewhere and sold/scrapped, they simply left it here to rot. Moving out, expecting nobody to follow up. So far, they appear to have been right, and nobody has.
The only mystery to me are the markings on the right mirror. They seem to be something you'd see in a scrap yard, but the bike is in an apartment complex parking lot instead. Perhaps the bike was brought to the scrap yard, and the owner took it back here. If so, why would they do that, only to abandon it here?
The bike now sits abandoned, clearly unable to start, keys lost to time. I can only imagine the issues that plague her now, mechanical and electrical. I can't imagine she'd be worth a whole lot even if she ran just fine, given her mileage and lineage. I feel bad for her, maybe because I have a soft spot for Triumphs, or maybe because it's simply a tragedy for such an oldie like this to be growing cobwebs instead of memories.
Sometimes I wonder about filing paperwork and trying to claim the bike, as clearly the owner doesn't want her, but the imagined cost of towing, repairing, and maintaining a bike that hasn't physically moved in decades sends shivers down my spine.
TL;DR Hey look at this bum ass bike someone left in my lot thirty years ago lmao
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2023.06.03 22:27 Temporary_Waltz_7876 So I Went out on a date with a girl... does she like me or have feelings? I want to be in a relationship with her.

So there is a girl i Went out with the other day. We had drinks and saw a comedy show for an hour. We made a lot of pleasant and fun small talk. She took my hand with her hand and placed it on her right thigh for nearly an hour. .... She then said right away, 'we should go to a hookah bar since you like it next time.' ... We then had some food and had a good time. At the end she said she had fun and said 'you have my number' and hugged me.... Next time il get a kiss i didnt try. But the next day i said i texted her i said somethig liek 'hey! i have fun yesterday. i feel we had good chemistry, i like you. wondering if you were free tomorrow for a music show or wanted to go to a hookah bar like you said.'
she said 'hey! i also had fun yesterday. i have plans this weekend but another time!'
Does she like me..? Cuz I like her a lot and want her to be my gf.
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