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2023.03.25 11:38 Altruistic-Object831 Ive been unemployed for 5months and have gotten maybe 10 interviews total. Ive applied to over 500 jobs in Italy and in United States. Whats wrong with my resume? Im so drained from this process!

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2023.03.25 11:38 25birch Dual M.2 and dual GPU

Hello, I'm building an amateur rig for ML and I need help getting dual M.2 and dual GPUs working.

I got a Ryzen 5800x, 2 RTX 3080 cards and 2 1TB NVMe M2 drives.
My B550 Tomahawk and B550 Aorus disable the 2nd GPU when I insert the second M.2 drive. Checked the manuals and it seems that the mobo disables the second PCIe slot when the second M.2 drive is installed.

Currently shopping around for a new mobo to support all of this but I can't find any info online on which mobo I should choose. Checked the manuals for Gigabyte's and MSI's offering of X570 mobos and they don't have any info on this issue.
Would a X570 chipset support my setup? Or do I need to start looking into HEDT-class mobos and processors?
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2023.03.25 11:38 ThrowAway-Arham I (29f) don't know how to get over the inferiority complex

English is not my first language so forgive me for any mistakes.
I am (29f) eldest of 4 kids (28f, 23f, 19M). I have always been odd one out in the family. The one who can't do anything right. The one who don't know how to behave in certain circumstances and public. I had no friends in school or college. I felt so sad and lonely as no one ever understood that I don't behave this way wantedly but I have no control over. My escape mechanism is entertainment. I watch movies, serials books and mostly prefer staying cutoff from people. I have long ago decided that marriage is not for me and I can't handle the responsibilities that come with it.
After I completed 12th my life took a turn for good. I made few friends in engineering and then got job in IT. Everything was going fine and I started to accept myself as I am. In short I stopped seeking validation from anyone. My parents started pressuring me for marriage and eventually I gave in. My husband is good and I have two kids. My sister also got married and have a son. I feel like now my life has again gone back to the days I was staying with my parents. Always comparing myself with sister and feeling like I am not doing anything right as a wife and mother. Feeling strongly that this marriage is not correct for me. Trying harder and failing miserably.
I am getting too upset with life now. Many times I am surrounded by too many negative thoughts. Thoughts like leaving everything and escape to a place where no one knows me, May be my husband and children are better off without me.
I love my husband and children and that makes me feel so sad that they are stuck a mother and wife likee who can't give them what they deserve.
I don't know whom to share this or what to do so I wrote here. thanks for reading.
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2023.03.25 11:38 n3kor4pist Video in theater mode takes up the whole tab size

Video in theater mode takes up the whole tab size
Anyone know how to fix Youtube's stupid update in making it so the video takes up the whole tab in theater mode, I want to be able to watch the entire video and see the title.
Pic of how it currently looks like
Image of how I want it to look like (how theater mode used to work)
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2023.03.25 11:38 Solal-King-Raccoon Y’all. My ED lied.

I recently relapsed and the first thing I told myself was “when you get to X weight, you can start dressing nice since you’ll be pretty and slim!” I got to that weight. I’m now a few kg under. I look in the mirror and I still feel fat and disgusting and I dress like shit. I never got to dress pretty. I keep my baggy pants and hoodies. Now I have to wait until XX weight. Maybe this time it will work…👀
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2023.03.25 11:37 TerranStaranious Raiju wip sculpt (3d printed)

Raiju wip sculpt (3d printed)
A bit of a spoiler for something I have been working on. No textures because it is going to be 3d printed and still has a bit of rough, thumbprint type of areas. Rough sculpt though is pretty close to done at least for Meshmixer, next up Blender.
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2023.03.25 11:37 hypnofed Senior DeFi Architect & Full stack blockchain dev available FOR HIRE- Over 12 years of experience and VOUCHED.

Some of my services ;
My past work experience
I'm a highly disciplined and versatile developer flexible and passionate in team environments. On-time or ahead of schedule delivery, high quality and clean code. If you are looking for a reliable developer - Look no more.
--- Portfolio, LinkedIN and github available upon request ---
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2023.03.25 11:37 VanillaCandid3466 UAP Data Visualisation Tool Update & Question

UAP Data Visualisation Tool Update & Question
Hi Again,
Just a quick update. I released a pretty big update to my data vis tool last night (v1.3.0). Some new charts and other general improvements.
keyword charts
I've started to look at the UPDB database as it is significantly larger and more up-to-date than the Hatch database. As a result of that, implementing this in a reasonable fashion isn't an insignificant amount of work. The Hatch data is eager loaded for obvious reasons but doing this with the UPDB data utter killed my development machine and maxed out the 64Gb of RAM, LOL (yes, I did expect that to happen)
A guess the question is, will the community find a tool like this useful enough to warrant me diving in deeper and spending the time on it?
The data looks interesting for sure, and I have the documents database which can be incorporated too.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.25 11:37 Altruistic-Object831 Ive been unemployed for 5months and have gotten maybe 10 interviews total. Ive applied to over 500 jobs in Italy and in United States. Whats wrong with my resume? Im so drained from this process!

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2023.03.25 11:37 Wonderful-Rhubarb-36 Is there any hope?

Hi, I've been with my partner for 1.5 years. His therapist recently brought up adhd and he's been trying to get an assement to get treatment but there hasn't been a lot of progress. Ever since he mentioned adhd a lot of things clicked.
I've been unhappy in this relationship for a long time. To be honest it feels like only the first 3-4 months were enjoyable. After the initial honeymoon phase wore off I've been feeling neglected and unloved.
The first months in our relationship my partner was very attentive and would make me feel butterflies in my stomach. He would be romantic and compliment me and just make me feel wanted overall.
As time went on that completely disappeared, he doesn't compliment me anymore, he never asks to do things together, he doesn't buy me gifts for special occasions, there's no more romance at all. It feels like he doesn't try to keep that spark in the relationship alive and I'm the only who tries. I'm always the one asking him to spend time with me, I'm always the one constantly texting because I could be gone for a day and he wouldn't even notice or check up on me. I had to specifically ask him to get me flowers for valentines because he wouldn't have done it if I didn't ask him to.
It also just feels like he doesn't care about me at all, I could be crying to him and telling him something bad that happened and he always zones out and never pays attention to me. When we do spend time together it doesn't feel like he is fully present and I feel so alone.
I have tried talking to him numerous times about what I need from him but he just never follows through. I have suggested putting reminders but nothing has really worked. If I ask him to do something for me he will do it. Ex: I want you to watch a movie with me. But the thing is that I'm tired of always being the one initiating things, I want to feel wanted. I want him to surprise me with romantic gestures or just randomly tell me nice things but he can never do anything if I don't tell him to do it.
I do want this relationship to work but I don't even know if it can. Is there even a point in trying? My needs haven't been met for so long and I'm getting tired of constantly reminding him what I need from him. Does anyone have any succes stories with an adhd partner? Is there any hope?
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2023.03.25 11:37 hypnofed Senior DeFi Architect & Full stack blockchain dev available FOR HIRE- Over 12 years of experience and VOUCHED.

Some of my services ;
My past work experience
I'm a highly disciplined and versatile developer flexible and passionate in team environments. On-time or ahead of schedule delivery, high quality and clean code. If you are looking for a reliable developer - Look no more.
--- Portfolio, LinkedIN and github available upon request ---
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2023.03.25 11:37 FoughByAP I (21F) am duck-footed in only one leg, but my knee points inward instead of outward. What’s causing the imbalance? Picture included!

21F 5’6 150lbs
Medication: Wellbutrin 300mg Adderall 15mg.
Lifestyle: moderately active, yoga/Pilates/walking daily,
Complaint: right leg/hip
I have had on-and- off pain in my right hip since I could remember, maybe middle school?
The last couple of years (2-3) I’ve become a lot more aware of it and would define it as a constant dull ache in my right hip. Pain level daily is like 1.5-2.5. Worst days it’s a 4. No pattern I’ve noticed when the pain gets worse or better.
Sometimes my knees and ankles will hurt, like I need to “crack” them. My right hip will seize up right by my groin and sometimes I can feel a hard knot(?). I only get relief if I “crack” my hip by rotating it outward and it feels like it pops back into place (if that makes sense?).
I never really thought my gait was that bad, but after asking my friends they all said it’s immediately noticeable (did not know this, thanks guys!).
I’ve tried working on my posture and consciously correcting my duck foot while walking, but it causes my knee to turn even more inward. If I try to contract and correct my knee with a straight foot it hurts really bad on my shin.
I’ve included a picture of a bird’s eye view of my legs and a forward photo! This is what it looks like if I walk around and then stand naturally.
I stretch daily (static/moving) focusing on calves, hip flexors, IT band, ankle and SI joint.
Can I fix this with home exercises? Should I go see a physical therapist? Bring this up to my doctor? Is this normal duck feet? Please help!
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2023.03.25 11:37 trfv_trfv Human or Programm? That is the question

The people that are getting paid are not getting the job done and I even question the legitimacy of their experience. On the other hand programs that are taking monthly payment are giving me somewhat satisfying results. It is a shame but also my sad reality.
Is there any program that will take motnly payments and work on making my website ore visible? The so called SEO is expensive and no small business can afford it. I believe the labour can be translated to mathematical equation that will adapt and learn what works and what to ignore.
I am using a programme called Wolf Growth for my business Instagram and people are really liking my posts and reply to my promo messages.
Please recommend a software that can help me out.
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2023.03.25 11:37 LoveMangaBuddy Read Boukoku no Emanon - Chapter 3 - MangaPuma

[Fuhoe Scans]A beautiful young man was sold to a caravan, and was the only survivor after a group of bandits attacked. He was rescued at the brink of death by a strong and brave prince, Altarf, who named him Yona.Yona pledged his loyalty to the prince and served him for several years.One day, while performing as a dancer at a banquet, Yona is given an aphrodisiac. His body starts to feel hot, and ... Read Boukoku no Emanon - Chapter 3 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.25 11:37 Moist_Standard_6023 Am I [27F] experiencing gaslighting by her [38F] or am I just incredibly misinformed?

I talked to my psychologist about how I don't want to have sex with men because I don't think vaginas are appreciated by men, in general.
I told her straight men sexualise and fetishize women who have penises but straight women and gay men don't do that with men who have vaginas. And that this means penises are more liked & valued. She said the vast majority of men have no interest in transgender women pre op and post op and that the vast majority have no interest in women who have penises nor that type of porn, sex work/sex tourism industry.
I said men are more attracted to a performance or costume of femininity (clothes, makeup, hair) than they are to actual women, so they are attracted to feminized men, and find a woman with an unshaven body, an overweight woman, very short hair woman or UNfeminine woman more of a turn off than feminized men. And that men think femininity=submissive and wanting to be fucked. So the men who look feminine are seen in that way. Whereas women and gay men are attracted to both feminine men and masculine men (think of all the androgynous male celeb heartthrobs over the years) and not just to masculinity itself, so they would find feminine men less of a turn off than masculine women. She said not at all.
I said oral is believed to be much more commonly performed on men than performed on women and that this isn't because of men being selfish, since gay men are men and have no issues about giving oral. She said oral is 50/50 between the genders.
I said vaginas are seen as gross and taboo and have stigma and that penises are more casual and normalised. She said not at all. She also said periods are not taboo, just private. I said gay men are known to be far more openly disgusted by and insulting about vaginas than lesbians are about penises. She said not at all. I said lesbians are more open to transgender women than gay men are open to transgender men. She said not at all.
I said large penises, boobs and butts are more appreciated and liked than any vagina type. I said that many bisexual men say that they are bi just for penis but not for the rest of a man and many bisexual women say that they are bisexual but for the rest of a woman but not the vagina. I said sex is not viewed as real sex without a penis and that sex is viewed to be all about the penis, so lesbian sex is not taken seriously. She said not at all.
I said vaginas are seen as submissive and penises are seen as dominant and that people think sexually dominant women are mostly about penis imitation in the form of strap ons and pegging. She said not at all.
I meant these things about people in general (not every single man or woman) and she said I was wrong about the vast majority of people. I even asked my parents and sister in a separate occasion, and they agreed with her. She also said people on Reddit who answer questions and ask questions are not so normal because most mainstream people don't do that, so to be wary of what I read on here.
What do you think?
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2023.03.25 11:37 Syxx33 Looking for a mid-priced laptop that's going to hold out at 1080p60 for 5 years...

Looking for a mid-priced laptop that's going to hold out at 1080p60 for 5 years...
Is it a tall order?
Detail isn't overly important to me over the long run (I've been a console gamer until very recently) but consistent 60fps has spoilt me and the makeshift 1650ti I bought last year is understandably starting to struggle.
In raw spec terms it feels like the 3070 is the way to go - if, in 5 years time, I'm having to throw up low detail to get 60fps then no problem. I haven't got thousands to spend on a Razer but somewhere around £1200 GBP (roughly $1468 USD for American friends) is doable and the 2022 TUF A15 looks like it could do the job? (screenshot attached)
Any advice warmly received. My past frustrations with PC gaming seem to have very much melted away and the only thing stopping me now is ensuring some kind of reasonable longevity for my money :)
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2023.03.25 11:37 Striking-Disaster-94 20 [M4F] Wanna make a big veiny cock shoot loads of cum to your body? Dm me and I'll send you my snap

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2023.03.25 11:37 Pimpachu3 This was in regard to Ron DeSantis latest education bill

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2023.03.25 11:37 twistedheart12 Has anyone ever actually achieved this “better” life?

Apologies all, first time posting. I’ll try to keep it brief, but give as much relevant info as possible at the same time.
My WH revealed his 5 month long EA/PA DDay 18th Jan 2023, after being found out and cornered by the OBS (OBS and AP were split, but he was attempting to reignite with AP). AP is someone he knew from the gym. They had been talking for 2-3 weeks before things became physical, and developed into a full relationship. He was making excuses to get out of work (he’s self employed) to visit her during the day, would work out with her in the gym, or tell me he was going out late to the gym or with his “friends from the gym” to be with her at her house. I trusted him completely, so never questioned him and so was totally blindsided by his confession.
AP knew all about me, about our 2 children. She knew she was the OW. WH told her things about our lives that are deeply personal to me. She pressed him regularly about what he was going to do about his “situation”. Their physical activity was unprotected, resulting in a pregnancy which was conveniently discovered within days of DDay. This is particularly painful as I wanted another child, WH did not.
It’s now been just over 9 weeks. I think I want to attempt to reconcile, but the emotional struggle is intense. I have always loved my WH, he’s been my best friend. We’ve been together over 11 years, married for nearly 8 years, but the depths of pain I’m feeling is overwhelming.
We are both in MC and IC, and he is trying to put in place all the boundaries I need to try to feel safe. He no longer goes to the gym, I have full access to his phone, location sharing is on. We both thought we were making small positive steps, but this last week or 2 I have just been so down and consumed by sadness that it feels like we’re back to square 1.
He tells me that with lots of hard work, and with all the changes he’s made and will continue to make, he believes we can build a new, better life and relationship. I just cannot see how that’s at all possible. How will anything be “better” when I cannot trust him? How will it be “better” when I will have to live with what he’s done, and how little I mattered to him?
Is it possible? Can it be done? I think I’m just looking for some hope that all is not totally lost
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2023.03.25 11:37 lambey__ When are we going to stop lying to ourselves?

I feel that constantly telling people, especially men, that personality and confidence is the most important factor in determining your outcome with whoever you want to date is particularly harmful. Confidence, humour, and personality all matter very much, that Is true, but your physical attractiveness is what makes the difference between the perception as the funny fat friend, or the charismatic, charming lover. If you’re average to slightly above average, then the aforementioned traits will definitely help you stand out, but if you’re ugly/overweight these will not do much for you. the idea that everyone can date and find someone if only they worked on themselves more, were funnier, more enjoyable to be around, had more confidence, etc being constantly perpetuated by well-meaning individuals and media is particularly harmful when it just isn’t the truth. The truth is that if you don’t pass a certain threshold of attractiveness, none of that matters. These less attractive/overweight individuals will spend hours going over what they did wrong when things didn’t work out, trying to find a reason why they weren’t funny enough, embarrassing themselves by being more confident and trying to talk to more people when the people they’re speaking to aren’t interested anyways. Knowing the truth will hurt in the short-term, but accepting it will help in the long term. Understanding that there isn’t something fundamentally wrong with you, and that you’re just ugly is far better for the mental health than pouring energy into hoping someone will give you a chance.
I know this because these individuals are me. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to get a couple matches online in the past because I can take decent selfies where I look okay enough. I’ve had one month-two stretches with multiple women in the past. We would spend hours upon hours talking every day, I’d make them laugh and they would tell me how happy they were to meet me, how excited I made them feel… you get the idea. Now, I guess I’m just much uglier and fatter in person than I lend myself out to be in video calls and pictures. If I’m not immediately ghosted, I’m told that they just weren’t physically attracted to me. The difference in treatment I receive before and after meeting is stark in comparison.
I’ve accepted that I’m simply not attractive enough to date, and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences and it’s not a bad thing to have standards. No one should have to date someone that they don’t find physically attractive. Rather than obsessing over personality traits that give me marginally increased odds of having someone accept me, I’d rather focus on trying to be better looking in any way possible, because that’s the barrier of entry to anyone. People need to be told the truth so they can make changes that actually give them a chance. If their looks are beyond saving, then they can move on and focus on finding individual happiness.
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2023.03.25 11:36 altacc48712 Making friends as a system?

We, but especially me, have trouble making friends. The host has friends from before he accepted we're a system, and they're... fine, but in order to avoid being bullied or doubted, for most of them, I have to pretend I'm him if I'm ever fronting around them. It's something I don't mind doing when I'm really craving social interaction, but I still really like being able to be myself. That's the problem with singlet spaces, I can't really be myself since I guess he's like, the main "social" identity, and he's worried of the consequences if the wrong people were to ever cross-reference my actions with "his" face/voice/other identifying features that we're in the same body.
But perusing system spaces, I feel like I don't fit in with a lot of those, either... They're either specific to teens/young adults (and our body is 23, just BARELY too old to be allowed in those spaces...), or they're... with all due respect, oversensitive. I get having boundaries, but we don't like having to feel like we have to constantly walk over eggshells to avoid hurting someone's feelings. I don't want to feel afraid that if I tell a slightly off-color joke or gripe about MY OWN experiences/struggles, that I'm going to get in trouble and ostracized for offending someone.
Should I just join singlet spaces revolving around my own interests and be myself, host's concern about his image/our safety be damned? Should I just suck it up and keep hanging out with his friends even though it means I'm not really myself? I don't know what to do or where to go, it's like I'm an outcast everywhere I try, and it's driving me crazy... Sometimes it makes me want to retreat inside and never come back out, and that's super annoying, because we had to work so hard just to get the host to accept we exist at all. I'm finally free and I have no idea what to do with it! :x
(Oh, pre-emptive note because I know otherwise someone is going to tell me to go out and touch grass: meeting people in real life isn't really an option. We live in a conservative old people town and don't drive, so younger, more "fun" places are largely inaccessible without tons of planning/money set aside)
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2023.03.25 11:36 dr-octopuce 31 [M4F] Dubai/Abu Dhabi/UAE - geeky, educated, third culture kid

Helloooo Ladies!! 😉
I'm originally arab, I lived in Dubai for 9 years, then I went to Australia for 7 years, and now I'm back in UAE. I'm 6 ft tall and fit.
I studied engineering, I have a doctorate degree, and I work as a data scientist in artificial intelligence, so you get 3-in-1 😉
I enjoy watching movies, I'm a big fan of science, movies, TV shows, science fiction, and fantasy. I used to play a lot of games when I was a teenager, but I grew up now (hopefully). I'm also a Jack of all trades master of none.
I'm looking for a girl around my age ± a few years, who is passionate about her goals. Someone who got their life together, and knows what they want in life. Someone intelligent and fun.
If you think we'd be a match then send me a message and I'm looking forward to chat with you!
Thank you for reading and I hope you're having a great day!
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