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2023.06.02 01:02 BigChinEnergy 46M 6 foot 180LBS coughing for over 3 years. Don't drink or smoke. CT and XRay of neck, chest, & lungs show nothing unusual. No Allergies. Have seen 2 ENTs and 1 lung doctor. Last ENT i saw prescribed Gabapentin. Should I follow my Docs advice when he doesn't Seem to know what's wrong but nurse did?

I went to my ENT this morning and when the nurse came in and asked me what's wrong I told him my story.
Chronic cough and nasal congestion for over 3 years. CT, X Ray of neck chest and lung all seem normal. Lung doctor gave me Trelegy 2 weeks ago and seems to helped with lung breathing better but coughing and nasal congestion is still there.
The weird thing about my coughing is that my coughing usually only happens when I look down or when my head is turned either right or left. This would cause my throat to feel itchy and constricted and would cause phlegm in my throat and i would either have to cough or clear my throat.
About a week ago, I noticed my neck is crooked. Instead of it being straight like " l " it is crooked like " / " when I look straight on in the mirror
I changed my posture and straightened my neck and immediately my congestion seems to get better. after doing this for a day when I woke up and straighten my neck again, My congestion almost completely went away.
Now I am remembering something my eye doctor told me about 5 years ago. That my vision is weird. One eye sees great far but terrible close, and the other eye is the opposite. Sees terribly far but good up close. He said because of this, I might have neck problems later on as this might cause me subconsciously tilt and crane my neck in weird positions to try and see better . He was right, I did not notice how crooked my neck has gotten over time.
I told all this to my nurse and she nodded like she understood and said off handedly something like " Ahhh.. I know. Your Neck has shifted and its probably causing your tonsils to rub against something in your throat that it shouldn't be rubbing against. Okay, hold on, the doctor will see you soon"
This made me so happy because it feels like that's probably what is wrong with me. Everything made sense to me.
When my doctor came in, I told him the same story and the doctor said he has no idea why looking down or in different directions would cause me to cough. He said it might be a neurological issue and prescribed me Gabapentin. He said to give it a try and see if it helps and also referred me to a voice specialist to help with learning how not to cough.
It seems like the nurse knew what was going on when the doctor didn't. I'm not sure what I should do at this point. He is already the second ENT I've seen and getting an appointment to see an ENT in my city takes Weeks if not month of waiting. I'm not sure I want to start taking neurologic drugs because I'm scared of possible side effects. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.02 01:02 itsmoxmox 1080 Ti HOF OC LAB pulling 463W on ambient cooling

1080 Ti HOF OC LAB pulling 463W on ambient cooling
Just running some GPUPI 1B to catch up to and beat my old record of 10.696s. my new PB (not for long hopefully) is 10.388s, as you can see in pic 3, with an unobstructed mountain view (:
This is the GALAX HOF OC LAB 1080 Ti, and it does come with an unlocked BIOS meaning unlimited power and voltage but tools that go >1.2V are rare.
I'm using HOF NVVDD to control NVVDD, FBVDD, VCore LLC, and VRM Switching Frequency and Afterburner for core and mem frequency offsets. The card seems to refuse to run above 2164MHz at my load temp of 64C, so I'm just running it around 1.25-1.275 VCore to balance temps, stability, and fear. Mem can run +1600 on some runs with +100mV FBVDD not that scores scale with it.
My cooling is 2x360 EK Rads with a silent fan/pump profile reading from CPU Temps :') because my BIOS refuses to be entered. I have cool Melbourne night temps of 20⁰C ambient to work with though. PSU is a Corsair RM750x, so I'm avoiding benchmarks that push both CPU and GPU at the same time.
Some benchmarks can have this card run 2.2-2.3GHz core with this cooling setup, and I'll show you guys whenever I get to running those.
Long live Pascal.
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2023.06.02 01:02 Hodl_is_the_way Does anyone know someone mining bitcoin or cryptocurrency in the area?

Hi I've been interested in this for a while and figured this might be the best way to find one. Please let me know if you know someone or you yourself mine bitcoin or crypto. 😁
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2023.06.02 01:01 Impossible-Change-39 Tips on tidying

Tips on tidying Here are some tips on organizing and tidying your home: 1. Start small: Begin by organizing one room or area at a time, rather than trying to tackle your entire home at once. 2. Declutter: Get rid of items you no longer need or use. Divide items into three categories: keep, donate, or discard. 3. Use storage solutions: Invest in storage solutions like shelves, baskets, and bins to help keep your items organized and tidy. 4. Create a system: Create a system for organizing your items, such as grouping items by category or color. 5. Label everything: Labeling your storage containers can help you find what you need quickly and easily. 6. Clean as you go: Make tidying a part of your daily routine by putting things away as you use them. 7. Get the whole family involved: Enlist the help of your family members to keep your home organized and tidy. By following these tips, you can create a more organized and tidy home that is both functional and comfortable. Follow for more: https://
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2023.06.02 01:00 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] Fallout 4 - Chapter 02: Searching the Houses in Sanctuary - Gameplay via xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming).

[VIDEO] Fallout 4 - Chapter 02: Searching the Houses in Sanctuary - Gameplay via xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming). submitted by PedradaGamer to Youtube_Video_posts [link] [comments]

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2023.06.02 01:00 PedradaGamer [VIDEO] Fallout 4 - Chapter 02: Searching the Houses in Sanctuary - Gameplay via xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming).

[VIDEO] Fallout 4 - Chapter 02: Searching the Houses in Sanctuary - Gameplay via xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming). submitted by PedradaGamer to YouTube4Startups [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:59 martijndepooter Colour management input DRT issues

I finished the grading of a short movie, and send the editor (who also works in Resolve) my graded DRT files and made sure that we were working under the same color management settings.
Now to finish the short movie, the editor imported a .mov file from titles he made in After Effects, and put this on the timeline, but now the colours were off.
We narrowed the issue down to it being a problem with the Input DRT setting in the color management settings. When the Input DRT is set to "none", the tone mapping is off, but once set to "Davinci" everything seems fixed.
Only problem now is that I graded everything with the Input DRT set to "none", and while changing it to "Davinci" makes the titles right, it affects all the graded footage with a different tone map, which is noticable.
What would be the best way to go about this?
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2023.06.02 00:59 spacedcactus Neighbor banged on our door and threatened us

Hey everyone. I’ve lived at my current location for about 3 years and have never had any issues with anyone. That all changed today.
Our neighbor that we’ve had exactly one other interaction with (he let us borrow his lawnmower 3 years ago) came over banging on our door and rapidly ringing our doorbell. I though someone might need help so I jumped up and ran to the door. When I opened the door he said “(my name) I don’t have a problem with you but I will if you don’t move your fucking car” my mother was visiting and had to move her car to the street to allow space for us to have our car detailed. It had been there less than a day and was hardly blocking anything. Her car was in her way and I get that. What I don’t get is why he didn’t just ask.
Normally I would chalk this up to someone just having a bad day but I have a 9 month old at home and I work during the day so it’s just my fiancé and my daughter at home. There were other words exchanged from him that weren’t kind, and all I said was don’t come banging on my door like that again.
We feel really unsafe and I don’t think we’re overreacting but the guy seemed really out of his head, and I don’t know him or what he’s capable of. All of this to say, what would you do?
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2023.06.02 00:59 CDTyphol_ Fallout 3 Role Play Suggestion for Neutral/Good Karma players

As a child, you were born in The Kingdom of Tom, however your father made a daring escape to Megaton so you would be safe, there you grew up as a bright minded young child with the guidance of your father, by the age of 19 you had gotten the nickname "The Junktown Ranger". Originally, you were a resident in Megaton and former regulator (Maybe you'll rejoin them in the future...) often referred to as "Junktown Ranger" (in my own little non-canon lore to make the name "Junktown Ranger" make sense, and yes I know that is a settlement from the older games), where you did the odd job defending the town, repairing water pipes, helping with Moira's book, defending the town and scavenging parts of the pipes. Some say you also stole from the armory one time, but thats just a rumour. Not like there is anyone left alive to confirm it, though. As said before, you were a resident of Megaton, until Mr. Burke found a Mercenary to rig the bomb to explode. Luckily, you (and Jericho?) Were outside of Megaton when the bomb detonated. You were out scavenging, when you saw atom's holy fire consume everything you ever had. Your friends, home, and most importantly... your people. With no home to go to, you wander the wasteland, hoping that maybe your father had survived the bomb somehow, and maybe you'll find him again someday. Before you had left Megaton, you heard of GNR being offline at Gib's Saloon (another little "canon" thing for me is that you take out Moriarty and free Nova and Gob). You saw it as a perfect opportunity to do the right thing and make some caps, so you headed to GNR. And the rest of the story is up to you. I see this as a little "alternative start" for your LW, with a different backstory set up for you. Hope it spices up your playthrough. As an explanation for the random encounters with the hostile Megaton settlers: A few lucky Megaton settlers were outside Megaton at the time of the detonation, however "lucky" may not be the best term... few survived,l, having been protected and fed in the settlement without the need to fight to survive, and the ones that did, they resorted to cannibalism and raiding. Now, the term "Megaton" is often associated with these low life raiders, not as well equipped as regular ones, mind you, as their belongings were in Megaton, but still, pose a threat to everyday wastelanders, most of them have forgotten their old life, and the people who protected them, such as the Junktown Ranger, crazed by radiation and hunger. Oh, also forgot, the gear. So, the gun can be whatever you want, leather armor or any armor from the Pitt as your Apparel, SPECIAL stats would be 7 strength, because of your time in the regulators, perception 3 as you never really wandered outside Megaton, and the radiation had damaged your eye sight, Endurance 6 as your time fighting raiders and surviving in the wasteland had toughened you up, Charisma 6 as you are known as a good, honest hearted person, intelligence 8 because of your time with your father, Agility 4 as you never really had the need for it in Springvale, and luck 6 as you're pretty lucky to have been outside when the bomb exploded.
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2023.06.02 00:59 whydoanythin I have trouble taking pride in my work so here goes:

I am not used to bragging so this is wierd for me. My fiance thinks I should find ways to have confidence in myself. I love everyone on this sub you may be the only ones who understand what my addiction has been like (longtime poster on another account).
So yea here are the things I'm proud of myself for:
My message to anyone struggling with any of these things is: it is hard, but if a lowlife burnt-out cognitively dissinent asshat such as myself can do it, I bet you can too.
Peace and love and believe in the leave <3
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2023.06.02 00:58 ThePatientSlore Geriatrics- working 10-12 hour days as a salaried worker, only getting paid for 8.

I’ve been working as an OT for less than a year in a sub-acute rehab facility. Playing devils advocate, yes I’m still technically a new grad and have less than 1 year experience, yes I still need to work on my time management. But there are some days at work I get so frustrated trying to please my boss and reach productivity with our PDPM model. But with evaluations, all progress notes landing on the same two days a week, recertifications, part B evals, etc… I never have enough hours in the day to make sure all of my paperwork is done. I know many therapists complete paperwork while they’re with their patients and my boss suggested I try to do the same, but my caseload at times is so medically complex that many times I don’t have time to have a patient just sit and do therapeutic exercises while I type up a progress note. It just doesn’t work and isn’t good therapy in my opinion. So there are days I spend 2-3 extra hours at work just to try and finish it all, I’m not getting paid for it, and I’m still behind. Other therapists on my unit who are seasoned therapists complain of the same things, they just leave things un-finished at times and don’t worry about it til our boss says something to them about it. Long story short, any advice you can give to an overworked non-hourly OT in subacute would be much appreciated because I’m SO TIRED.
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2023.06.02 00:57 armadillocrossing22 The Owsley Stanley Kid Charlemagne shirts I designed a few months ago are back!

The Owsley Stanley Kid Charlemagne shirts I designed a few months ago are back!
Got a lot of compliments on these at the Dead and Co show in Dallas!!! One woman bought the shirt off my back!!! True story.
I did the design on these, they were pretty popular- get one while you can!
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2023.06.02 00:57 alanbbent [Game of the Month competition] Classic Bubble Bobble (GBC)

[Game of the Month competition] Classic Bubble Bobble (GBC)
Classic Bubble Bobble
Play the Game of the Month and win prizes! Click the link below to view the kickoff thread, which includes the detailed rules.
Quick rules: - Play the Game of the Month and try to reach the specified milestones. Earn points and compete with other redditors. - Start a fresh new game, no earlier than June 1! - Take a picture of your screen with your username written on a piece of paper. Post it here in the thread for all to see. - Half-point and one-point milestones can be earned at any time during the year. Post your screenshot in this month's thread to make sure I see it. - Emulation is okay, but no cheating! Check detailed rules for more info.
What are the prizes? Over the year, the prize pool formulates as I slowly gather goodies. I'll separate the prizes into 4 bundles. Usually the bundles include Game Boy games (all generations) and other GB-related trinkets.
Prize donors: Let me know if you're willing to donate prizes to this year's prize pool! Prize donors get 2 votes for next month's GOTM and my eternal admiration.
Previous Months January - Sonic Advance 3 February - Wario Land: SML3 March - Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! April - River City Ransom EX May - Bonk's Adventure & Jurassic Park 2
Next month Check the comments to vote for next month's game!

This month

Classic Bubble Bobble Start a new game and play through every level. You can use passwords that you've reached yourself this month, obviously don't use any passwords from anyone else or any previous playthroughs. Pause your game at any time to see your level and password.
half point: Defeat Grape and reach level 18. 1 point: Defeat Choco and reach level 35. 2 points: Defeat the final boss (Darknessbrunk??) and see the credits. (Must be completed and posted in June.)


Pos. User points
Pos. User Points
1 u/ndcurtis2 11
- u/scottiedog321 11
- u/xukkorz 11
4 u/marcao_cfh 10
- u/r0cky 10
- u/RhvK 10
7 u/playingtime2023 8.5
8 u/Chaospapst 8
- u/EsotericTriangle 8
- u/iprizefighter 8
11 u/Deafboy91 7
- u/Estazolam 7
- u/Sarynnn 7
14 u/AstraDrgn 6
- u/Marth171 6
- u/nerdvana89 6
- u/yellowseven 6
- u/zaiueo 6
19 u/Significant-Coat5052 5
20 u/DiscoMonkeyz 4
- u/il_cappuccino 4
- u/keefmastaflex 4
- u/MaterialHighway5 4
- u/mrsirvantes 4
- u/rasputinas 4
- u/TdZink 4
27 u/Omnibushido 3.5
28 u/bringzanoize 3
- u/davidisgreat1 3
30 u/SpreeBC225 2.5
31 u/Aeredren 2
- u/archfear 2
- u/Bryanx64 2
- u/Conch5 2
- u/GingerTartanCow 2
- u/is0t0nik 2
- u/NNVsOmen 2
- u/Sombreroperro 2
- u/TheLobst3r 2
- u/TraditionDue3062 2
- u/Vanillahumps 2
- u/zgub4 2
43 u/Great-Opposite 1.5
- u/orangetag001 1.5
45 u/Bag0fSwag 1
- u/Omqwat 1
- u/VesperOrpheus16 1
- u/wiedo 1
49 u/angpug1 0.5
- u/bangradio24 0.5
- u/f_cacti 0.5
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2023.06.02 00:57 jellifercuz It's leaf looks like a hollyhock but it has multiple very red stems (Weed? Pennsylvania, USA)

Please let me know what you think this plant is:
It has hollyhock-looking leaves—they even have the orange warts (fungus?) hollyhocks get. However, it is multi-stemmed into the ground, and the stems bright red. I do grow hollyhocks, and have had volunteers pop up around.
This plant looks quite a lot different in its details from any of the hollyhocks I’ve ever seen. We also have a couple of different kinds of malva around (as wildflowers/weeds). This has:
A far larger leaf than those of our malvas,
The leaf and stem is more visibly hairy,
The stems are round, multiple from the ground, very straight, and–again–that speckled and solid red stem color.
I haven’t touched it yet—I’m vulnerable to contact dermatitis from a number of plants, and I’m being cautious—so I don’t know if it is soft prickly like a young hollyhock leave, or spiny like the underside of their old and largest leaves, or dangerous hairy hooks like stinging nettle. :)
Volunteer plant; Central Pennsylvania, USA. Rural former light industrial site: no topsoil, in an extremely alkaline clay and gravel mix. 3/4 day sun.
Edit: punctuation, should include title edit, "Its"
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2023.06.02 00:57 survivorfan12345 Rank Morgan Hurd's floor routines!

I love Morgan Hurd and her trajectory pre-covid in the 2017-2020 era. Imagine if she made the Tokyo team after failing to make the 2019 Worlds team! That would be a great story and she definitely has the "phoenix rising from the ashes" aura. I truly believe the coaches would have picked her if she showed great routines at Trials and Nationals but who knows?
I just re-watched all her floor routines and wanted to hear your opinions on them. To me, they are all awesome. She has so much charm and dynamic movements in her routines. And they convey an emotion that's rarely seen in other gymnasts' floor routines. She would have killed the current 2022-2024 COP on artistry.
So these are the rankings...
(1) 2018 - Amazing. Just pure story-telling and full of fight. I love the juxtaposition of the music and her tumbling was scarily consistent that year. She even tried a Moors! It was a great story because everyone doubted her consistency and whether she "deserved" to win the Worlds title in 2017. A lot of people on this sub at that time was low-key critical and she proved herself with a Worlds medal, and a performance that also helped clinch her second AA medal. She basically became the Taylor Swift of gymnastics at that point lol, she won many fans. Anyway, the floor routine is amazing and always brings a smile to my face.
Highlights: her consistent double double, her consistent double layout, her making her freaking leaps (my fave is the Ferrari and the split 3/2 as she actually makes the rotations), my fave section is her dramatic dance before her third tumbling line and then the optimistic music in her third tumbling run, and then her dancing like she blossomed into a flower, and then to that badass music in the fourth tumbling run. You just want to applaud for her performance when she finishes cause honey we just went on a JOURNEY with her floor.
(2) 2020 American Cup - This floor routine made me root for this young lady to make the Tokyo team in March 2020 (before COVID entered the US). It was the perfect music for Tokyo and I can see it work really well, whether there be people in the audience or not.
She was so clean in her leaps - look at her dancing out of her leap series on the split 1/1 (0:36 in the video), and I don't know but the way she jumped out of her split jump 1/1 and hop over the line on the floor, it was so beautiful (1:12 in the video). Actually just watch the whole sequence from 0:48 to 1:23 - it's freaking fantastic.
(3) 2017 - I feel like this could have been my second fave because this did give MORGAN HURD the AA crown at Worlds. But she was super inconsistent in her tumbling, falling on her double front full on quite a few occasions - I am not singling her out; there was also a lot of other gymnasts falling that year, it was super inconsistent as a whole. But it was still good and interesting, and had a storyline to it. That infamous split pull-over her head and her locking the door before the second tumbling line made it memorable for sure.
(4) 2019 - Look guys, I still love this floor, but it's a bit sad compared to the other 3 routines. I do enjoy a sad, expressive piece once in a while but I like the excitement "Wow" factor from her other routines. I still watch it with fun - her 2019 floor is still heaps better than a lot of the other floors out there, don't get me wrong. Simone's 2019 floor was legendary as well, with the unrevealing of the triple double. I hated the music at the time, but it's obviously iconic now.
All in all, her floors are killers. She is super clean. Although she doesn't match up to the D-score, she is super clean which puts her always in contention. If she made the Tokyo team, I would consider putting her floor in the team final. She's iconic and I'm glad to watch her gymnastics in real time. Also, her bars and beam are stellar. Vault is a typical DTY with a bit of a swing to the side.
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2023.06.02 00:56 Evening-Orange-5882 The dream

The dream submitted by Evening-Orange-5882 to UnexpectedSeinfeld [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:55 AmonistlinUYA [NM] Rare EXO-FORCE Bundle with7700 Stealth Hunter and 7701 Grand Titan- 119 spots at $2/ea

Item Name Set Number: 7700 Stealth Hunter and 7701 Grand Titan
Lego Price: 95 (7700, BL 6M US) + 128 (7701, BE 06/02)
Shipping: $15 USPS Parcel Select Ground (14x10x4, 2lbs, 43212 to 98038, Insured for $250)
Raffle Total/Spots: $238 / 119 Spots at $2/ea
Price justification: Brickeconomy and Bricklink
Call spots: Y
Spot limit per person: N
Duration of spot limit: N/A
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: No, sorry.
Timestamp pics:
Description: Combine these two cool sets for Mountain Warrior
Payment required w/in 5 minutes of raffle filling. 5 minutes for drama.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS. CashApp payments should have NO COMMENTS. Comments will result in a permanent ban

PayPal Info:
Cash App Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 113
Number of unpaid users: 2
Number of unpaid slots: 6
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
13 DerBengel
14 TwiceThePride
22 TwiceThePride
59 TwiceThePride
88 TwiceThePride
116 TwiceThePride

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2023.06.02 00:55 DefiantInevitable762 Mounting help for a newbie

Hello all, I have recently purchased an ATN NVM14-3 and want to mount it to a helmet. Picture attached is from an article talking about the NVM14, but does not mention anything about the mount in the article. Wondering if anyone can identify this mount or knows any alternatives. I just want to make sure I purchase the correct things as I’ve heard this is slightly different from a PVS14 which seems to be more popular. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!
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2023.06.02 00:54 PoyuPoyuTetris Significance of certain Hints for lore and supposed secret rooms for Omega Mart?

So fam and I recently went to Omega Mart and loved as ARG and game fans. We completed the resistance path and understand the main story, but we would love for people who were able to try these things and those who plan to go to answer a few things!
Spoiler warning!
We just want to solve the mystery of the supposedly code that fans have yet to answer to find the hidden rooms as said in MEOWWOLF's interviews.

  1. I heard you can ask for more side missions (such as finding all mascots). Is there anything to be found from this lore wise? We didn't have time nor patience to do so due to how crowded it was and how people were pushing us all around.
  2. Does anyone think the purple glowing fridge is important? It is high lighted in so many training videos. It was locked with a literal pad lock and there was a sign on it saying out of order, but I wonder if this is a secret passage? I wonder if you ask an employee about putting a blue cone in front of this and a cuse cone in front of the melted products on the floor (difficult spill) would do anything, as the cones were a big part of the training.
  3. Does calling the number on the missing poster do anything? The line for the telephone booth was too long so we never ended up trying there. We called other numbers and got voice boxes, the most interesting ones being in the office near the source door. Even using the number in the TV ad of the TV in the office leads to a voice mail. However, the space was loud and we were being rushed by the people behind us, so we couldn't hear a lot of the messages nor could explore every phone number...I wish less people were in per session.
  4. Is the photo on the L'Omega drinks supposed to be Mr. Dram, if so, why? Mr. Dram (CEO) was in the source door as part of the ascended. Is this of any importance?
  5. Are the numbers on the factory walls of any importance? Can it be used to log in to the Omega Mart employee log in?
  6. The server farm in the DRAMCORP looks acessable even though a worker told us it is literally for crew only. The other crew only doors are blacked out. Why is the server room decorated if it is crew only? No boop cards work and it is only accessable by Omega Mart staff.
  7. Any significance of the bar in terms of Omega Mart lore?
  8. I read some where that the mascots (products with eyes and that are basically alive) were created to protect the source. Does this mean if there was a secret room/entrance that it could be near the produce and slushee area as there are many mascots there (such as the Ice chest)? I know the idea is there is more behind the source door, but I have no idea what can trigger that opening. I assume this area will open in an expansion, as the resistance route tells you there is more to come. Still, MEOWWOLF said there is a secret fan haven't found, so assuming there is rooms in addition to the source door expansion, where could it be?
  9. Not a question, but check out the gift store! Pretty cool! reading the instruction book in there revealed that most workers need to be robots because any thoughts of what you like can create things (mascots) from the source river. Workers must be thoughtless, as things you desire are made from the source. Explains why the boop profiles are androids.
  10. Not a qesution too, but shout out to Scientist Spore head (really tall scientist guy with long dirt blonde hair) and his assistant (side shaved green hair woman)! They had so much character without talking and even helped us understand the science behind the source and it's use of the human element. They were awesome. Wish we talked to them more to find more about the lore. Please talk to them if you see them!
I can not longer find the interview clip, but I think it was a part of Food Theory's videos (MatPat).
Anyway, please let us know if you found anything interesting even apart of this! We don't live in Nevada and don't visit often, so we would love to know what you find and how your experience was.

Purple freezer
purple freezer
The number?
Purple freezer with padlock
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