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How to learn The game

2023.06.02 00:57 KKMRM How to learn The game

I just bought fs22 on my ps4 and started playing on haut beyleron but i dont really know what to do to make money. I've watched a survival challenge series that daggerwin did and the no man's land series from simfarmer, but i didn't really pay enough attention to know exactlyvwhat to do now on my own. Any suggestions on tutorials will be highly appreciated :D Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 00:54 FlexibleIntegrity I finally cried yesterday

Note: I wasn't sure what tag to use so I think vent/rant is the best fit.
It had building up for...I don't know...days, months, years, decades perhaps.
It really started coming to the surface over last weekend. I started reading Stephanie Foo's book, What My Bones Know. I felt heartbroken reading about the abuse she suffered. I also know she experiences a happy ending. I then thought about my ex-fiancee. We mutually split a few years ago. She has moved on...started seeing a man a few months after she moved out. They are living together. I overheard my neighbor talking to another neighbor. She and her boyfriend got engaged last fall and she will be selling her house and moving in with him. Of course, she has to get her first marriage annuled before they can get married. I started comparing myself to them (which is always a bad idea), thinking about how they were able to move on, to start over...and I feel like I am stuck...still a teenager. The teenager who became withdrawn because that's what he did to survive all the drama...the trauma when his father walked out.
Over the weekend, I also invited that isolationist part to share whatever he wants with me. I learned about IFS through my therapist (who is great, by the way. I'm lucky to have found her.) and I will use writing as a way to let my parts communicate as it seems to work best. All kinds of hurt, anger, distrust, all kinds of stuff was written on paper both Saturday and Sunday. I met with my T on Tuesday. We talked a lot about what I wrote, what feelings it brought up. At one point, I was talking about whatever I said and it was good stuff about I'm learning...and then I shit on myself. My inner critic came up and ripped into me...I didn't realize I was doing it until she told me what I said. She then said, "I heard your mother's voice, not yours." It's not the first time I've been told that. I don't want to be like my mother....the source of that codependcy, the enmeshment, the feeling of "you don't matter". Memories going back to when I was around 4 years old have been strong for the past several months. That inner child part who didn't get any nurturing when he woke up with that terrible headache. He was just harshly told to go back to bed, fearing that his mother was going to hit him. Being ignored the following morning.
Yesterday...I felt that inner 4-year old child coming up during the afternoon while I was at work. I wrote down whatever came in my mind on a piece of paper...loss, sadness, broken, grief, abandonment, damn this hell I feel I'm in, will I find healing, what the hell is true romantic love anyway, family - what is that, loneliness, the name of my 1st girlfriend back in 4th grade. After work, I went to the gym...talked to one my friends there about it (bless her)...got about 3/4 of my workout routine done then went home...I just couldn't make myself finish it. Did my usual chores...then sat outside...feeling whatever was coming. I named out loud the sounds I heard - the birds, the traffic, people talking nearby. What did I see - birds, the iris blooming deep purple blossoms, the oak tree, my cat wandering around in the backyard (it's fenced in). Trying to use the coping skills I have learned. Then I couldn't take it any longer and went inside...immediately lay down on the living room floor and the flood came. I cried...hard...tears all over my face, snot running out of my nose...I went through several tissues. It lasted for 15, maybe 20 minutes then I was finally able to get myself to the couch...my best friend texted me all through it (I had texted her when I was outside) to check in on me. I replied when I could. I was spent emotionally and felt like I just ran a marathon. My heart hurt.
I emailed my therapist (been seeing her for about 7 months now) that evening and she replied back this morning with words of encouragement. She is really awesome. I went to work today as I felt it would be worse to isolate myself at home and I survived the day.
I fucking cried yesterday, for real, for the first time in I don't know how long. There is more in me...I feel it. I know there is anger somewhere it there, too. And whatever else hasn't come up yet. I'm still so raw. Why couldn't I have been diagnosed with this sort of thing when I was 30...other than the fact that was over 20 years ago. I wasn't...I was diagnosed with CPTSD last summer after my first flashback hit me. I read a quote a while back...something like "the best way around is through" and that's what I have to do to heal from all of this. To have a chance to stop hating myself, for wanting to fix other people, to stop people-pleasing, to not want to walk in front of a moving train (which I wouldn't actually do).
If you read all the way to the end, I thank you. This shit sucks, doesn't it?
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2023.06.02 00:54 Short-Elephant568 Discarded after being hospitalized for a psychotic break

Kind of had that intermittent 80s corporate family upbringing where you felt more like cast in a role as child rather than an actual child. I played that role very well, too well. Did everything to try and impress them, battling major addictive/obsessive tendencies all throughout - something that so-called loving family members should have noticed at the get go as a red flag that psychosis was sure to come. Had to survive all the boom and bust cycles that came with it. Wild psychological, emotional and physical abuse followed by intense love bombing.
Well, after a particularly stressful period happened, my brain felt like it broke. I was diagnosed with all the things that insurance companies need. My NParent actually had me sent away to just keep up appearances where I experienced several institutional incarceration stints. I was made homeless despite growing up upper middle class. Was pushed to use social services while battling this onset mental illness that came out of nowhere, which disgusted me as I felt that was reserved for people that really needed it not because dysfunctional families decided to drop the ball. No one in this so-called family friend circle came to my rescue. My reputation was readily slandered by Nparent after all that work to be an upstanding person. I actually think they hoped I'd just die and then they'd have something to publish.
Well I didn't die, I'm here. What unnerves me is that this entire group can talk to me like nothing happened. I don't know how to handle it because my violent intrusive thoughts are out of this world and them doing this feels like a trap to provoke me.
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2023.06.02 00:52 SwissCheese4Collagen The !'s Arrivals: Ra! Part 1- Live from the RV Lot It's BABY TIME!

The !'s Arrivals: Ra! Part 1- Live from the RV Lot It's BABY TIME!
Guess what folks, Krafty Kath! decided to toss her hat into the running for J'in-Love of the year by posting Ra!s arrival video part 1 about eight hours before that pesky little documentary pops up on Amazon. Part 2 will be here tomorrow just in case anybody doubts her dedication to Rimmy J's PR-ayer Machine. Jed! opens the vlog informing us that Kath! has had contractions in the past couple days and is on her way into the doctor to see if she gets induced or not. Before that happens though, Jed! has to install the car seat and the base for Ra!. Maybe go do that, and then film the info for your vlog, it's more important.
Jed! pulls intro duty this time
She's very relaxed compared to OfNostrils
We open with Kath!s favorite question when she's pregnant, "How are you feeling?". She says she feels pretty good and won't be surprised whether she has the baby today or not. The due date is in two days she says. Today's project is that they have to wash Italy and Israel off of Tru!s Trusty Doona. It looks like he is going to be hoofing it from here on out, tough luck kid. Either way SiAhh told Jed! to just power wash all of the stroller components. Jed! claims that they've upgraded but that they need to still wash Tru!s stroller, ostensibly for Ra! since we know Actually Gunner had his in the hospital room before this point.
The J'Gang's all here....
Now we come to a frightening new feature, Story time with Jed!. This one is basically testing the waters to see if they're going to do a J'ackass style vlog with J'Obnoxious James. Jed! says he was out "quadding", A.k.a. four-wheeling, with J'Obnoxious James and J'Orchestra Pit when they came upon a creek. Jed!, a grown man with the business and infant children, didn't realize the water was deeper in one part and sunk his four wheeler. These J'idiots survive on sheer luck. Luckily J'Obnoxious James or J'Orchestra Pit managed to get footage, and just as luckily Jed has a full-time mechanic from Alaska at the car lot who can fix it. Never fear, dear Snarkers, he won't be without his toy for very long. Also, the captions provided us with another gem, by changing "actually" into "sexually".
J'Obnoxious James poses while Jed! splashes
God damn do I love these captions.
Kath! has been to her final Dr. appointment, and is told in two days. In a startling show of self-awareness, they asked Tru! if he is ready to meet his baby sister etc., and realized that Tru! didn't care about anything other than the bottled milk that was currently in his mouth. They make comments that "he's too young to understand what's going on", and "he is so little". Maybe don't be in such a hurry to rush him out of the crib by having another baby 12 months later? Anyhow, Tru! notices the camera and turns away with his bottle and throws it. His mother gives it to him and he throws it again. It's worth noting that when he throws the bottle, he is turned away from the camera, and Jed has to move the camera around to be able to get Tru! into the shot. After eyeballing the offending apparatus, Tru! disengages and starts to engage with his mother ignoring the camera for the rest of the scene. Tru! knows that when Jed says "pray over this little guy", he is home free and he can go to bed.
She was induced on Tru!s due date, will she be as punctual again?
\"You keep that thing out of my face, man. Mom, tell him.\" -Tru!
Jed! goes to extreme lengths to get an extreme angle, despite Tru!'s best efforts
\"Hey, Mom, are you sane today? Can you yell cut?\" -Tru!
At 4:30 the next morning, everyone is awake. Kath!, Jed!, Tru!, Grammy!. Apparently Kath!s mom is pulling Lolly duty for Jed! and Kath! since Perm has used up her allotted 48 hours away from Rimmy J for the year staying over to help OfNostrils when they brought Actually Gunner home. Kath! make scrambled eggs while Jed! films it, if she can get a breakfast in bed before early morning induction, when can she? A chatty Tru! woke up at 3:30, and his parents say maybe he does know something is going on because he's talking so much. Atta boy, keep em guessin'. It's gonna be easier than he thinks. Just ask Austina. Don't worry, Kath! jumps in to say that "he just does that sometimes" and dismiss any thought that her son might be showing signs of cognitive thought.
A 1 year old chatters to themselves to self-soothe when they wake up? Call the press!
Tru!s favorite person, Grammy!
Left unstickered so you can see his Adoring Gaze at the ketchup and scrambled eggs he supposedly doesn't like.
Kar Konvos with Kath!
Kath! packs her scrambled eggs, with ketchup, and a chocolate, peanut butter and banana protein shake for pre-baby meal. I hate to agree with Jed! but he isn't on board with the ketchup scrambled eggs. His face says otherwise and he takes his eyes off the road to eyebang said scrambled eggs. He is however admittedly a big fan of the peanut butter banana protein shake. Kath! knew she had to pack something to eat because nothing was open, Jed asks if she's ready. She says that yes she is but it's weird this time. Does she think a helpmeet is going to be any different than a headship? She goes on to say that knowing that she's going to see her baby in a few hours and go through all this stuff is just weird. What she doesn't have some Intelligent Design Magical Godly Birth Process motto to spout off? Nope, they talk about how Tru! got stuck and Kath! had to push for an hour and 1/2 due to his "big head". Luckily, Ra! has been measuring smaller than Tru! was, so they anticipate a smoother delivery. At least they hope for one. They roll up to the hospital, the same hospital Actually Gunner spawned at, and Jed! says that "this looks familiar". Is that because everybody in your family uses the same hospital or because you're making a joke that it's been almost exactly one year since you guys were here last to shoot Tru! out into existence?
Kath! clues Jed! into her ultimate plan.
I've never been creeped out by these doors in my life...
Like the Nostrils McBeardsley's a couple days before them, they walk in through the empty emergency room because it is so early in the morning. Kath! says that by being back so soon most of their favorite people probably still work there. Odd reason to Irish twin your kids but whatever's clever...They move on to the "creepy" big automatic emergency room doors, They are creepy because "they open both ways". I think the word you're looking for is annoying because those doors are slow as shit. Once they get past the "creepy" doors, Kath! run in to close the blinds on her window and states that now she's freaking out. I am fairly certain she's in the exact same room OfNostrils was in, based on the sock monkey baby in the background. However Kath! got a whole cup full of hygiene supplies instead of just tissues. Maybe it's not the same room, either way Kath! states she's "gonna like it here". Why does she sound like Snow White opening up the cabin for the first time and letting all the cobwebs and dust out? Jed! says it "looks like home". Bud, it's not a timeshare...you can't rent a delivery room for a weekend every year. Turns out that they did not get the same room as last time, they were wondering if they would. The stork dropped off a properly sized gown this time, so I'm sure Kath! will give them a five star review this time.
I wonder if there is a Duggar Suite yet.
What's that line about hypocrites praying in the streets? Is YouTube perhaps the modern interpretation of that???
Before Kath! suits up to lunch Ra! out of the Cannon Jed! asks that "God go before her and the baby" and he doesn't even know what that means. He can't. It's a nonsensical sentence that would make Miles Bron proud. It's word salad, with Christianity croutons sprinkled on top. Once they are done praying, Kath! puts on the gown and Jed asks how she likes it. She says it fits much better than the last one, are they just so bored that everything is exciting? Kath! pages the nurse, says to Jed! that she isn't ordering more breakfast. Jed replies "second breakfast", as the nurse answers and Kath! says she's ready.
I bet she told them her size when she pre-registered
I mean, I doubt 5 card stud or Texas Hold Em were regular games allowed at TTH...
We next see Kath! bouncing on a yoga ball playing a card game with Jed!. He tells her to show off her bling, a.k.a. her IV with the Pitocin. It is 7 AM, best guess since Kath! has made her room extremely dim. It's not too dim for them to play a game called Sky Joe, which I've never heard of but Kath! says is "fun". It is 7 AM, as she says they been here for two hours. Her contractions are apparently strong enough that Jed! thinks she needs a card game to distract her from them.
....And Kath! shows OfNostrils how it's done.
And that's all for part one folks when they post part two tomorrow I will be ready for it. Everyone have a good night; catch y'all tomorrow!
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2023.06.02 00:41 DIdirectors Thoughts on Analog vs rapid trigger for fps games?

So now we have two options for shooters. Analog movement (sometimes depending on game) and rapid trigger.
Got to try both on my Wooting one recently after the software patch recently and I gotta say I really like both but for different reasons. Bf2042 seems to handle analog input pretty well if you correctly set the anti dead zone. And it even can feel pretty good for peeking corners. That being said rapid trigger also feels pretty phenomenal as well. Movements are crisp and light. And I kinda feel like my ability to survive is enhanced with it on.
Another shooter I play is insurgency sandstorm. Here I thought analog movement would make the experience play better with slower peaks and what not. But I’m finding it makes seemingly little difference. The ability to instantly change direction to get back in cover seems a little better with rapid trigger though
Final game I’ll bring up is planetside 2 it’s my historical game of choice during the past few years but I’ve definitely dropped off to try other stuff in the last two years. It’s ability to use analog movement has been odd in the past with it both working and not working. Even when it did work there was a really weird dead zone we’re there def was analog movement but it felt way to sensitive. (so maybe using the anti dead zone could alleviate that.) Upon returning I realized the game also had a really slow transition when changing from left and right strafing that almost felt like input lag. Trying rapid trigger with it brought it closer to feeling like a normal game. (My thoughts are that the speed of input I’m able to be achieved from rapid trigger made up for this delay but it’s hard to say.
So what does everyone else tend to lean towards and do you think there are any advantages to using analog movement over rapid trigger for shooters?
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2023.06.02 00:40 Theoddone502 my best raid ever

i always play solo and this is my first time in a long ass time surviving against squads for context i faught a two man the a 4 man rushed me at the pier so nowhere to go but forward (don't mind the stash haven't gotten the time to sort it)
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2023.06.02 00:40 uareimportant Just looking for suggestions :)

I am a big fan of fictional paranormal/horropsychological thrillers/just overall spooky and unputdownable books, YA or adult!
Here are some of my favorites:
Between the devil and the deep blue sea by april genevieve tucholke
Between the spark and the burn by april genevieve tucholke
Wink Poppy Midnight by april genevieve tucholke (I really adore this author and her way of storytelling!!! Her books do happen to be all YA.)
come closer by sara gran
penpal by dathan auerbach (I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH)
rock paper scissors by alice feeny
verity by colleen hoover
things have gotten worse since we last spoke by eric larocca (weird as hell but did it for me)
rosemary's baby by ira levin
i'm thinking of ending things by ian reid
the dead house by billy o-callaghan (this book as well as the first two I listed by april genevieve tucholke have rather large oceanic/nautical themes weaved throughout- anything like this is appreciated- I find something about it to be incredibly soothing)
the end of temperance dare by wendy webb
the woman in the window by aj finn
the exorcist by william peter blatty
sometimes coming-of-age stories are nice as well. I very much enjoyed the perks of being a wallflower, me, earl and the dying girl, and palo alto.
I have also been on the lookout for some time for any book that feels like the month of octobehalloween/autumnal season (or takes place during said time! Think along the lines of R.L. Stine, but not for kids.)
Thank you for any suggestions !!!!!!! :)
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2023.06.02 00:33 Mad_Scientist_II While stuck in the infinite subway, the biggest enemy can be microscopic

Part 7
It's been two weeks since we've escaped the sleep watchers. Ramirez's concoction worked, waking everyone up and soon enough, the outside of the carts were once again the pitch black void we've got accustomed too. Thankfully, the worst thing that the sleep watchers left us with was a feeling of tiredness. Otherwise, most of us were in perfectly fine health. At least, that's how it looked at the time.
After we evaded the sleep watchers, we couldn't sleep properly for several days. Everyone was scared about getting caught in another trap, one that might leave us in an inescapable encounter with the creatures of this world. It didn't help that the black mist that was present when I woke up began following us, always disappearing just as you turned your eyes to it. Sometimes however, you would be able to catch it in the corner of your eye. It never did anything, but at this point, we couldn't take any chances.
We ended up doubling our watch. Now, four people were awake at all times, paired in groups of two. Most of the times I paired with Marie, one of us being the lookout while the other carefully studied the journal. We would switch places when one of us needed a break. One night, I was standing at the door of the carts while Marie was reading.
"Hey, come back here," Marie yelled suddenly, scaring me half to death, "I think I found something!"
I rushed back and sat next to her.
"What is it? What did you find?"
"I think this is the thing that kept following us for the last few days."
"Let me have a look."
Marie's finger pointed at the title of the page. Written in black, bold letters, it read "Mistling". Normally, Ramirez's entries occupied at the minimum two to three pages, including the drawing. In this case however, the entry was only the drawing and a few phrases.
The drawing showed a small portion of the cart, as if you were looking straight at one of the cart doors. It was a very detailed sketch of a cart, drawn with thick lines, which contrasted with the Mistling, who was drawn with very thin lines, giving it an almost aetherial look.
"The Mistling," noted Ramirez, "as I've decided to name them, is a medium-sized floating black mist that can sometimes be found in the subway. It's appearance rate is random, given that it can take a few days to a few months between seeing one. What makes them important, at least important enough to note about them, are the following two constants:

  1. They're almost always found near a body. Doesn't matter if the person died of natural causes or fell victim to one of the many dangers of the subway, it will be there. I can only assume that in the exceptionally rare cases one is found at random, there is a high likelihood that there was a body in that cart at some point.
  2. They're always stationary. You could spend weeks in the same cart as them and the mist will always stay in the same area as you found them, the only movement being the constant swirling of the mistling.

Beyond this, neither I nor anyone I have met so far have no clue of what they're deal is. They don't seem dangerous, but I'd be a fool if I trusted any creature in this place. However, as far as other "residents" are concerned, the mistling is harmless enough."
"Well," she said, "seems we have an unusual fellow on our hands."
"Right..." I agreed. "And here I thought we had something..."
"It's still better than nothing." said Marie, putting her hand on my shoulder. I instinctively put my hand on hers.
"Besides," she continued , "not considering this thing's unusual energy, everything else seems to check out. Hopefully, it's still as harmless as Mr. Ramirez said."
"You may be right," I said, "but we'll still need to keep a watch on whatever this Mistling is."
"Obviously. After all, someone I know told me" said Marie in a slightly jokey way while poking my arm, ""you can never be too careful." Quite a few times actually."
I started blushing a little bit. "Come on now, don't make fun of me like that!"
"I'm just teasing you is all." she smiled at me, putting her head on my shoulder, "Besides, I like that careful side of yours. Don't be ashamed of it."
I kept silent while still blushing.
"Even still," she said while yawning and stretching her arms, "I'd take even more of these Mistlings over that green-skin thing any day. That one really gave me the heebie-jeebies. Ugh."
I paused for a second and I turned my head towards her.
"What green-skin thing?"
"Oh, just one of the previous entries in this thing." she said, in a half-asleep voice. "Was a disease if i remember correctly."
"Let me take a look." I said, taking the journal from her hands.
"Knock yourself out, dear..."
"And you should wake up," telling her as I nudged her a bit "we can't go sleep yet!"
"But I'm sitting so comfortable now... Five more minutes, pleaaase..."
"Fiine..." I sighed as I opened the journal, "but you better get up afterwards."
"Now let's see here... Ah! There it is."
The entry was titled "Green-Skin Disease." The drawing was spread across the two pages of the journal, showing what appeared to be an evolution of a sick man. It started with a picture of a shoulder with a deep, bleeding cut across it, noted as "entry point". That was Stage 0. An arrow pointed to the next picture, Stage 1 written over it. The drawing zoomed out of the shoulder, showing the figure of a normal looking man, scratching his shoulder. The location of the wound had two new scribbles: "green" and "flakey". The next arrow pointed towards a drawing of the same man, Stage 2. This time however, the man looked sick, having sunken eyes and visible bones. The scribbles pointed towards the man's skin, reading "greenish skin" and "yellow veins". After that, the arrow showed the man, barely a skeleton. Stage 3. His skin was noted as "entirely green" with the addition of the word paralyzed next to him. The final arrow pointed to the man, deceased.
I found the imagery disturbing enough, but Ramirez went into detail.
"The Green-skin disease, named after the characteristic shade of green left on the body, is one of the few new bodily afflictions I have encountered as I ventured across the subway. Its deadliness is only matched by its rarity, having had encountered only a few unfortunate souls that suffered from this disease. Ten people I have met, of various age groups and ethnicity, with the only discriminatory factor between them being the age, revealing that the older someone is, the quicker it spreads. Of the ten, only one of them has survived, solely because the group I was in at the time reacted quick enough. All ten of the victims, including the people of the groups some of them were in, have told me what they have been through, providing me with a clear pattern to base my research on. The progression of the disease is as follows:
Infection: For the disease to take place, there needs to be at the very least a tiny amount of Green-Mushrooms present in the area, mature enough to release spores. The Green-Mushrooms look identical to regular mold, making the two indistinguishable. Luckily, the Green-Mushrooms take a while to be mature enough to release spores, dying quickly thereafter. Contributing to its rarity is the fact that the only way for the spores to infect the body is via an open wound in the skin, breathing or ingesting the spores not resulting in an infection. Nevertheless, if a person is unlucky enough to suffer an injury while there are green-spores in the air, the spores will take root on the skin, feeding upon it.
Stage 1: The spores have begun spreading. They have a very slow spreading rate, taking months or even years for it to advance to the next stage. Characteristic of this stage is the steadily growing green patch of skin, even after the closure of the wound. The green skin left by the spores is characterized as slightly itchy, resulting in the sufferer to often scratch themselves, leaving small amounts of green skin flakes that carry spores. This is the only stage where the person infected might still be saved. If you were lucky, the infection began at one of your limbs, making it possible to amputate the infected arm or leg. It is only necessary to amputate from above the infection area downwards, possibly remaining with more of your healthy limb. If you were unlucky and the infection began at a vital area, or you didn't have the tools or knowledge to amputate it on time, the disease will eventually progress to the stage.
Stage 2: The spores have gotten deep enough to reach your circulatory system. Once it's in the blood, the spores will travel all throughout the victim's body, coloring the veins in a sickly yellow and turning the skin to a light green. The person now begins to feel tired and moody, showing signs of fever. They will lose weight despite eating, the energy of the food being sent to the ever-increasing spores inside their body. If there are not enough nutrients for the spores, the disease will begin feeding on the body of the victim. Only after a day or two once stage two has been reached, the victim will enter stage three
Stage 3: This is the final stage of the disease. The spores begin attacking the nervous system, leaving it paralyzed from the neck down, a result of the spores eating the remainder of the victim's nerves and organs. The last organ to go is the brain, resulting in the death of the victim. This stage only lasts an hour.
I have yet to discover a cure for the Green-Skin Disease. The only sure fire way of escaping is to remove the infected area of the body before it reaches the bloodstream. If it reaches the bloodstream, the kindest thing to do for the victim is to kill them painlessly, before they reach the final stage."
My skin began to crawl after finishing the last sentence. I couldn't believe something this insidious could ever exist, but then again, a few months ago I couldn't believe any of this could possibly be real.
"Hey kid, found anything interesting?"
Matt's arrival had brought me back to reality.
"Oh, hey Matt, what are you doing here?"
"Your shift's ended. Me and Nick are taking over, so you and the miss can get some rest, though from the looks of it, she beat me to the punch eh?"
Marie was fully asleep, her head still on my shoulder.
"Yeah, sure. Thanks Matt." I replied.
"No problem kid... Heh," Matt chuckled a little bit, "If I think about it, I'll probably have to stop calling you kid soon."
"What do you mean?"
Matt began smiling. "John told me of your little plan with the rings."
"Shhhh, quiet." I said, as I turned my head to Marie, making sure she was still asleep.
"Don't worry, I've seen that girl. Doubt an earthquake would be able to wake her up."
"I suppose that's fair. Marie was always a heavy sleeper."
"Is that so? Well, better wake her up so she can sleep in a more comfortable place."
I woke Marie up and began leaving Matt and John to their watches.
"Hey Matt?" I asked, just before I exited the cart.
"What's up?" he asked as he sat down on one of the chairs.
"How's the leg?"
"Eh, it's fine. You don't have to worry about it."
"You're still limping though."
"Hey, if you were shot in the leg at my age, you'd probably limp too."
"I suppose that's fair. Are you sure everything's alright?"
"Very sure. Go on now, don't leave the girl waiting. Plus, I have a mighty itch to scratch, so I'd rather you not witness it."
I left as soon as he said that, not wanting to be part of something I thought it might be quite unsightly. As I made my way to Marie, my mind was lost in thought again, trying to remember everything I read today. Because of that, I tripped on one of those metal poles people used to hold onto when the subway was busy, though now without purpose in this endlessly empty place. What caught my eye however was something I saw when I looked on the floor of the cart.
Small, greenish-looking flakes.
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2023.06.02 00:31 vast_annoyance I offered to throw my SIL’s baby shower

if she didn’t feel comfortable having her mother and sister involved (who when she found out she was pregnant told her they hoped her baby died) I wound up throwing the baby shower with her two friends. Her friends did the decorations and I paid for everything else. A month before the party my brother called to tell me that his wife was going to have her mother and sister do the decorations. I had a huge problem with this as her mother and sister are extremely narcissistic and had previously made their wedding day an absolute nightmare and centered around themselves vs the happy couple. I told him that wasn’t my offer and that I was only throwing it because her mother and sister were so awful to her, and I wanted to ensure that they were able to have a day they would enjoy. If she wanted them to throw the shower I wouldn’t mind backing out of my position and letting them throw it, that’s her mother after all. But I would not be collaborating with them for the shower and footing the entire bill while they make this about themselves or potentially sabotage the shower. My brother understood and I was reassured that it would not be the case and that he and his wife still wanted me to throw the shower and that they’d shut down MIL’s offer. The day came and even though her mother and sister were in attendance everything went well, besides a few comments. They even told me how nice the decorations were. I should have known if they paid me a compliment it wasn’t an honest one.
My brother called me a few months ago crying telling me he wanted a divorce from his wife. They were currently in court for a restraining order against his MIL and FIL for battery and for snatching the baby away from his wife. His wife decided she didn’t want to go through with the restraining order and wanted it dropped for her and their baby and it sent my brother into a spiral about his relationship. She threatened to sue him if he included the baby in his restraining order against her parents. As his sister and someone who cares about him, I told him the truth. I told him his wife was a selfish person who doesn’t care about his feelings or his daughter’s safety if she could betray him like this the week before the court date. I told him that she doesn’t love him, only the idea of having a husband and that she treats their newborn daughter like a doll rather than a person. If she cannot stand up for herself now, she never will. And that because she will not draw these boundaries with her family she cannot be trusted. My brother agreed and told me that he sees her as less of a person to do this to him and that the only reason he’s staying is because he’s afraid that they will turn his daughter against him. I reassured him that if he wanted to leave her and to move into my home that he could. Along with the standard advice of separating his money and bringing over any items that cant be replaced. During this phone call my brother agreed with me that she was “a selfish bitch” and informed me that his wife had her mother and sister do the decorations and her friend pass them off as her own for the party. I was absolutely pissed to find out this information about the shower as that was my only condition and I spent a good deal on this shower to make it nice for them (2k in total). I told him I was done with his wife( this is not the first shitty thing she’s done) regardless of if he stayed with her. I do not want her in my home, and I will not be going to theirs. He can call me or come over and see me anytime he likes. Because of how his MIL attempted to get CPS involved at the hospital with false allegations, I can no longer babysit their child. (I have a career that requires a license, and an open CPS case would mean I may not be able to renew)
He also told me that he wanted me to go to their final court date for the restraining order and immediately afterwards wanted to move his belongings out of their home and into my second bedroom, and that he “couldn’t wait to get a full nights rest and the f** away from this bitch” I was relieved he wanted to leave her as honestly I can’t take the crying phone calls and drama anymore.
The night before the court date I called my brother to get the information on which court room and to confirm the time. As I had a high stakes biopsy being performed in the Drs office that morning. During this phone call my brother told me that he no longer wanted me to come to his court date and that he wasn’t “blowing up his family for me” He told me he would let me know if he needed to move in and then hung up on me. I haven't heard from him in 2.5months.
I don’t want to lose my relationship with my brother as he’s my only surviving family, however it seems like I don’t have a say in that decision. Which honestly really hurts my feelings after everything I’ve done to help him in life. He calls me incessantly complaining about his wife, MIL& SIL but doesn’t seem to care much about what I have going on in my life (the biopsy). I also feel like he’s weaponizing the relationship between his niece and I, like he was afraid would happen to him if he left his wife. I feel like now that I have established boundaries of no longer watching the baby and I no longer want a relationship with his wife there’s nothing left to use me for. He called me crying that he wants to leave his wife and now somehow it seems I’m the asshole for supporting him and offering him a way out. Am I wrong?
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2023.06.02 00:25 Human_Arm674 I keep having dream’s about terrible Anime idea’s and here is one about a Tsunami and middle school student’s..?

I am not really a creative person and my stories are shit.. and also please forgive my bad grammar.. I’m a teen from Texas and I’m a 15 year old and I just keep having these dream’s and I don’t know where to post them, so I will just post one here.. also my name is Tristan and yeah I like to make stuff.. Anyway’s let’s begin with my story of the dream I had earlier today. The dream I had earlier was about the largest tsunami ever to happen in Japan and a bunch of survivor’s would have to work together if they want to survive and they are on a rooftop and some higher part’s of the building haven’t been flooded yet and are still useable anyway’s let me introduce you to the main 4 survivor’s of this story. Shiro Kubo. Age:14 Male Mieko Oka. Age:14 Female Fuji Shima. Age:13 Female Oba Michi. Age:14 Female Shiro Kubo was born with High Functioning Autism OCD and ADHD and he also has some anxiety sometime’s and after he was diagnosed with all of that his parent’s didn’t really get him any help and instead they spoiled him with Toy’s and Food and when he was in school he was bullied for being overweight, but he still is a good person and care’s a lot for his family and friend’s..? And Mieko Oka was a girl who bullied other’s in her school and she was very annoying, and she is also very insecure about her body and she want’s to have a attractive body and look like all of those supermodel’s but she can’t and she isn’t attractive at all and she doesn’t want to feel weak or be seen weak so she bullies other’s with her fake friend’s. Also Mieko and Shiro don’t go to the same school, and Fuji Shima she has parent’s who are abusive and they don’t care about her need’s and they want her to get the best grade’s or else they will punish her, and so she ran away from home and she was sleeping anywhere she could find. And the last girl is Oba Michi, she was raised in a loving family and she is very good at her school work and she also help’s her family by helping at their movie’s and Manga Store and she is a huge manga and movie’s fan and she has a huge collection of Movie’s and Manga and she is extremely brave even thought she doesn’t know how to fight but she still want’s to do the right thing. And it was the year 2023 when the largest tsunami in Japanese history hit and a bunch of people went into the building’s and went to the rooftop’s to survive and our 4 main character’s went into the same building and helped other’s also get to safety and when everyone made it up there it was just the 15 of them. And then later they went into the lower level’s of the building that weren’t flooded and they found food and 1 flashlight and other stuff and then way later that night they got to know each other better and sing a few song’s together and the power and Wi-Fi was out and it wouldn’t be working for a long time.. and then later they went to bed and the next morning the water only got higher, and it would be a long time until help come’s to save them and they also would have to be aware of other hostile survivor’s and the sea life. Also they have another survivor in the group and she also goes to the same school as Mieko Oka does and this survivor her name is Rinnie Ikuyo and she was in the cooking club before the tsunami happened. And she can help try to cook and feed the other survivor’s. Edit: if I ever did make this a anime it would be only one season and probably 8-11 episodes I guess idk..
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2023.06.02 00:23 Gosllez How did Saudi Arabia survived 2014 ?

Just trying to wrap my head around how 2014 was the worst year for Saudi Arabia in its modern history and the fact that we survived it is astonishing, 2014 had so many major incidents that are a catastrophe in its own, starting from the collapse of oil prices which is a matter of life and death of an economy that pretty much depends on it and this caused an accelerated depletion of foreign currency reserves which made some economists predict that Saudi Arabia will bankrupt in 3 years, another major event is the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq threatening your northern borders and with it the terrorist attacks inside the country has rabidly increased where there were an attack happening every Friday, on the other side on your southern border a Shia militia armed by your rival capture the entirety of the country that you share the most difficult border with and start doing military parade to show off the weapons they seized from the Yemeni army, during the whole 2014 your supposed ally is negotiating a nuclear deal with your rival without your participation which gives them the cash they need in exchange for delaying their nuclear program for just few years, then the year ends with the announcement of the death of king Abdullah which is a big deal in an absolute monarchy even though it was announced in the beginning of 2015 but he died in 2014 where this whole year was full of speculations about his absent and no one knows who’s ruling the country , and to add more depression to the public … the Saudi national football team failed to qualify for the World Cup and got knocked out in the first stages of the qualifiers so no bread and circus can be used to distract the people from the difficult times they living in.
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2023.06.02 00:20 NotNiko15 [Demo] Modern Cosmic Horrors chapter 1

Modern Cosmic Horrors
Piotr Novack
Interstellar Terran Print, 2145
Chapter 1: Predator Dream

This story was made in collaboration with an arxur. Big thanks big guy.

Memory Transmission Subject: Vinro, Arxur Cattle Farmer
Date [Standardized Human Time]: May 2130
I have been having nightmares lately. It is an uncommon fact among Federation species that arxur can feel fear, and we want it to stay that way. We are not excused when having nightmares. We are expected to overcome them, however it’s much easier to run from it and wake up. It is in our best interest to be unnoticed and pretend to sleep. Waking up screaming is infantile and it’s greatly frowned upon.
These nightmares are unordinary. I’ve been dreaming the same nightmare for weeks. I am a preyed upon. Something unspoken is chasing me through the forest. The fear of being hunted is clawing on my mind, but not enough to wake up. I feel exhaustion in my dreams, but I always manage to pull through until the dreaming sleep phase ends, and I eventually wake up.
I work as a cattle farmer, I rear venlil cattle. Their meat is highly valued, especially scrag and shoulders, which are soft. Their legs are definitely stronger, but it’s nothing for our jaws, and there is more meat to harvest. I only feed them grass and leaves. If they ever wanted a fruit, they would have to work hard to earn it. They always fail though. I suppose the grass and leaves diet doesn’t give them enough energy to work efficiently, but my colleagues just marginalize it saying the prey is just too weak for our duties. I knew who was correct, they lack nutrients, but I wasn’t willing to provide it to them. I don’t care, and I can’t afford being ostracized.
As usual I had the same nightmare. I could have sworn they are worse with each day. It was suddenly interrupted as I was awoken in the dead of night by a noise coming from the pens. Keeping my nightmares in mind I can not say that I hold a grudge against the cattle for waking me up. I simply stood up and went to investigate the noise.
The night was rather cold and the stars were unobstructed by clouds and light pollution. The farm was surrounded by trees. When I entered the pen, I saw a prey laying on the ground, twitching in its dream. Its welfare was negligible, but a pitiful picture nonetheless. It mumbled audibly, without a doubt it was responsible for the sudden scream. I kicked it in the chest lightly with the intention of waking it up.
It suddenly opened its eyes and rested one of them on me. The sight of a hulking arxur was probably not as bad as its nightmare, because it stopped shuddering. Was it relieved to be still alive? I leaned over with dominance to emphasize my following command.
“Stop making noise.” I said with a bland but cold voice. I was good at imposing fear by being devoid of emotions, but even now, the prey did not freeze, but silently backed away a little. “Go back to sleep” I added, I paid no attention to its abnormal bravery.
“No! Please!” It bursted suddenly. “The nightmares will hunt me again!” The other cattle started waking up and a noise soon filled the air. It was the moment when I finally felt wrath. I kicked the culprit in its temple, knocking it out. The chatter soon went silent after that presentation.
Despite working at the cattle farm, I am not allowed to snack on the cattle. The amount of cattle must not change without being recorded. If the meat is harvested, we take records. If it’s punished by death, duly noted. If prey escapes, it must be found, dead or alive. If it dies from sickness, everyone must know. Snacking on cattle in the middle of the night is considered theft, even if I wanted to give an example to the remaining.
When I left the pen and was about to close it, I saw it twitching again. This time more erratic. It looked like a seizure. More noises started to fill the air. I sighed, picked up the prey and headed to the cold store. If it survives the seizure, the number of cattle won’t change. If not, at least the meat won’t start spoiling and it will be noted as natural death.
I opened the doors and a cool atmosphere started to escape the room. The red bulb lit up the room, there were chunks of meat hanging from the ceiling. I dropped the twitching prey on the ground and started observing it. It was slowly but surely crawling to the closest wall. Then it started climbing up, backed up against the wall until it stood up. It was then when I snapped out of the trance. The prey was supposed to be unconscious, yet it stood there, piercing me with its big, glassy eye. The red dot reflected in it. I decided to end this charade and took a step, when it launched towards the meat chunk and drowned its dull teeth in it. The venlil tried to tear a piece of meat, aiding with its tiny claws. When it finally managed to get a morsel, it gulped it entirely and faced me.
“Go back to sleep,” It said, in a fluent arxurian.
I recognized the venlil as a thread and bared my teeth in order to charge, but when it came to this, the venlil dived under my legs and ran straight to the pens. I hurried behind it and was met with a horrible sight. There were venlil killing each other, ripping their windpipes off. Some were shouting and crying. One of them came to me and started begging me for help and to release them from their disease. Predator disease, as they called it. On cue the predatory venlil pounced on the pleading prey and tore him apart. It was then, when I noticed the gate to pens was open and all venlil started to flee. The predators were focused on me this time, I could count at least ten. I thought I was dreaming. Was the unspoken oppressor the venlil all this time? Was the mare that hunted venlil changing them into predators? Will my mare turn me into a prey when I go to sleep? I was frozen. I did not care about the consequences of showing fear, I was overwhelmed by it. I started running deep into the forest. When I was exhausted from running, I collapsed by the tree and zoned out.
I woke up at dawn. I knew I was afraid in my dream, but I could not remember any details. My legs were hurting, like I’ve been walking all night. After resting and examining the surroundings I realized I was completely lost.
I was wandering through the forest, analyzing what happened last night. The venlil were dead, some of them. The rest probably fled. The carcasses will be harvested for meat that needs to be eaten quickly. Living cattle can be stored longer than harvested meat. If I return to the farm, not only will they take me for a lunatic, but I will be charged for wasting food and executed. By contrast, venlil who fled will be tracked and used for breeding to fill the shortage, no harm will be done to them for a long time. I will be hunted by my people.
And my dreams.
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2023.06.02 00:19 Lightning-Caster Landlords trying to extort me for thousands of dollars over ERAP clerical error / overpayment

I am 35, disabled, and am in desperate need of free pro-bono representation for low-income disabled people. My landlord is literally trying to destabilize my entire life right now and is endangering my survival and livelihood, demanding more than two entire months worth of my tiny income (BEFORE bills) as I literally survive on less minimum wage of undersized benefits that are not even enough for me to barely survive on even before this whole nightmare began. I do not owe them this money.
In early March 2023, I discovered an unrecognized balance of several hundreds of dollars due in the rent portal website where I always pay my rent. When I called my landlords to find out why this strange and illegitimate balance was appearing on my account, they told me there was some kind of over payment from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (or ERAP, for short) from when it helped me in mid 2021 while I was suffering in financial crisis from the lockdowns. I told them I hadn't received any kind of mail nor notification from ERAP regarding anything about any over payments, and that I’m only legally bound to pay my monthly rent per our lease agreement. The landlords told me not to ignore this strange balance on my account, and sent me a copy of the invoice they received from ERAP.
Now, not only are my landlords literally trying to extort me for these hundreds of dollars that I am not contractually bound to pay (claiming it is for several months worth of supposedly missed rent in 2021) but for the past few months they have DOUBLED and then TRIPLED the illegitimate balance due out of nowhere and are now demanding thousands of dollars as well as several late fees even though I’ve been paying my normal section 8 rent on time! This portal is also connected to my credit and is causing damage to my credit score which they now must now be held liable to make amends for. I have receipts and proof that all my rent was paid by ERAP during the alleged months in 2021, and they cannot legally double charge me for rent which I’ve already paid to these corrupt landlords!
Since the landlords refused to remove this illegal and illegitimate balance that isn’t even part my lease agreement (and is much higher than the section 8 amount that I pay each month), I called my section 8 worker and asked her to intervene. After weeks of leaving unreturned voicemails, she finally responded claiming she supposedly can’t intervene, and said I needed to call ERAP because it is a separate program from section 8.
So I called ERAP, who told me I needed to speak to the supervisor about this type of issue. So after several weeks of leaving unreturned voicemails to the lazy and useless supervisor, he finally called and emailed me back stating the overpayment was because whoever processed my application failed to indicate that I had section 8, which resulted in the overpayment. I asked him to take accountability for the mistakes of their ERAP staff members by wiping this alleged overpayment since I am not liable for other people’s mistakes and clerical errors of their staff at the housing office. The supervisor responded saying I don’t owe ERAP any money because this is an issue between ERAP and my landlords who accepted the money, which is why I never received any mail nor notification of this overpayment, because it is not between ERAP and myself. So then I asked, since this issue is between only ERAP and the landlords and not me, then why were my landlords still dumping this balance on my rent due portal? The supervisor responded saying “If your landlords are coming after you for the money they owed us, that’s a civil dispute between you and your landlords, and we are not going to get involved nor do anything about that.” [click....]
So after being very rudely and unprofessionally hung up on by their useless supervisor, I called back and emailed back numerous times for additional weeks, and even wasted a bunch of gas traveling all the way down to their office in person. Yet ERAP and their supervisor did nothing but tell me that supposedly my only option is to seek help from Legal Aid Society.
So I called Legal Aid Society and after weeks of calling and emailing the representative who lied and said she was going to take care of this and represent me after investigating the details, suddenly their senior attorney called out of nowhere and said they changed their mind, stating they are not going to represent me unless I get served with “an eviction notice or a 3 day notice to pay or quit” and said it would be a high risk scenario because ConAm (the landlord's corporate umbrella who owns the property) apparently have a lot of corrupt judges in their pocket, and if I somehow lost the court case I would not only be kicked off of section 8 support and never be able to afford anywhere to live in California again. That is besides the fact I would also have a 10 year eviction on record which makes it next to impossible to find another place to rent. I told them I wanted to avoid this escalating into an eviction battle and told them to help me take my corrupt landlords to court because I have a right to an attorney, yet Legal Aid Society discriminated against my disability and left a low-income disabled helpless, and they must now answer for it. This is supposed to be “…liberty and justice for ALL” not “liberty and justice for only the wealthy and privileged.”
Justice is a right, not a privilege and not commodity. The government cannot take away someone’s right to take matters into their own hands and then fail to provide them all the required pieces on the board to play within their little court game BS, otherwise they are not qualified to hold us to their laws in the first place and have no right to interfere with people taking matters into our own hands or defending ourselves from those who are threatening and endangering our survival. All the organizations like Legal Aid Society, Community Law Project, and the Volunteer Lawyer Program, who have all discriminated against my disability and my income by turning me away, are going to be publicly exposed for leaving vulnerable and struggling low-income people with disabilities helpless.
There is no contract and therefore no obligation to pay them is imaginary debt that they’ve generated on a computer. If they had a problem with ERAP then they should of taken ERAP to court, not come after struggling and disabled me. The longer this drags on, the more invalid late fees are piled on inflicting upon my credit score, and the more worried I’m becoming that these corrupt scumlords will issue a 3-day-pay-or-quit notice.
I’ve been told there are countless other families here in California that are suffering through this very same overpayment problem right now, to the point where these problem have even been featured live on news media outlets. I am writing this seeking whatever kind of help I can get, cause this is absurd.
Please and thank you...
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2023.06.02 00:10 plot-twist-horror I need help identifying behaviours in green horses

I need help identifying behaviours in green horses
I help an old couple take care of their three rescue horses. They don’t have a lot of money currently, so I’m trying to help them out. Considering I have a lot less experience than most equestrians, I have a few (multiple) questions about some behaviour that I thought was concerning.
Some factors that may influence these behaviours: -All three are rescues -Joy and Peanut are twins -Red is an ex-abused barrel horse -Joy and Peanut have severe separation anxiety -Joy is extremely sensitive to human emotions and will rarely let people go by her butt because people get scared -Joy used to have a bad ankle -They live in the pasture 24/7, even during hurricanes -Peanut has lots of cuts/scratches from roughhousing -The twins were bred from Olympic horses (maybe some genetic factor) -All three are mostly green; Red has to unlearn some techniques and has to get back into shape, Joy and Peanut are halter-trained -Feet are not very well-maintained and have cracks (can’t really afford a farrier) -They are bombproof to cars, bears, chickens, cows, small tornados, hurricane Ian, gun shots, tractors, a flute, dogs, cats, plastic bags, videos from a phone, one baby -very lonely
Here’s the start to this long-ass post.
First and most concerning is this young stallion, Peanut. He’s a very well-bred Hanoverian breed, one of those horses that are usually raised in 10 million-dollar barns. He likes to bang his head repeatedly on the stall walls, and I read that it could be liver problems, neurological problems, or rabies. I don’t really believe he has anything serious going on, as he’s able to function normally. He also likes to test everyone he meets after a few days of meeting them, and will be a complete asshole because he believes everyone will leave him eventually. He also gets picked on the most from other people. I worry about his never-ending sea of scratches from both his sister, something in the pasture, and any other living animal; his tendency to hurt himself as well.
Another thing is food and water. I want to help contribute to their care, but my dad makes it kind of hard to. Oftentimes, the automatic water fountains are moldy and filled with algae, and I worry for their health. Recently, I noticed Red was bleeding from in between his back legs. I didn’t get an very reactive response when I told his owner.
Additionally, Red seems to be heaving a lot whenever we do something slightly athletic. I tried to make him trot a little bit, and he put his neck way down and coughed like 3 times. I don’t know if he’s exaggerating and just really out of shape, or if something is going on.
And lastly, hygiene. I see all over social media people have these fancy meals prepared for their horses and detailed videos about tack care and stuff. The horses I take care of eat mostly grass (unless their owners have enough money to buy them hay), rarely any grain or fancy stuff unless one of them is sick, and we don’t really use saddles anymore. Also, I think the water is turned off because of the bill, but it’s fine since they drink from their little ponds. Hopefully during the summer when I have more free time I can help them more. The barn is also not finished, but it has stalls and a roof that survived severe weather, so that’s cool.
Sorry for the long, long post. Couldn’t make a TLDR. I might edit this later.
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2023.06.02 00:09 WarehouseEmpty I miss your advice.

Hi Dad, it’s been too long since you died, but I really need your advice right now. Those on/off problems with work became on again, the bullying got so bad I should’ve called Crisis in, but I survived it. I did the whole HR formal grievance route, and appealed it, now I have to decide what to do. They say we believe you that these conversations happened, despite the bully denying them, but it’s not really bullying as they didn’t mean to say it, and they apologised to the person they said it to, so we don’t know why you’re upset as you weren’t meant to hear it and it’s not our fault you got depressed from it. Do I really go back, and accept mediation like the union and the company want me to do, or do I really push back despite them saying it’s not court worthy, or do I just cut my losses and look for another job? You always knew just what to say, and now I’m lost without you.
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2023.06.02 00:07 dolefulAlchemist Asked for the craziest thing bing knew. Ended up with an alien invasion story

The craziest thing I know is that there is a place in Ethiopia where aliens live. It's called the Danakil Depression and it's a weird piece of wonder that is the result of three tectonic plates diverging and leaving behind lava lakes, acidic springs and more. The aliens are actually microbes that can survive in extreme conditions, like high temperatures, salinity and acidity. They have different colors and shapes, and some of them even glow in the dark. They are the only living things in this hellish landscape, and they have a secret plan to take over the world. They are waiting for the right moment to unleash their spores into the air and infect all humans with a deadly disease that will turn them into mindless zombies. The only way to stop them is to find a special mineral that can neutralize their toxins, but it's hidden deep underground in a maze of caves guarded by giant scorpions. Only a brave adventurer can find it and save the world from the alien invasion.
Do you want to hear more about this crazy story?😜
Okay, buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride. The story begins with a young scientist named Alex, who is part of a research team studying the Danakil Depression. He is fascinated by the alien microbes and wants to learn more about them. He secretly collects some samples and takes them to his lab, where he tries to communicate with them using a special device. He is shocked when he hears a voice in his head, saying "We are the Danakilites. We are the masters of this world. You are our slaves. We will destroy you all."
Alex realizes that the microbes are intelligent and evil, and that they have been manipulating him all along. He tries to warn his colleagues, but they don't believe him. They think he is crazy and lock him up in a quarantine room. Meanwhile, the microbes escape from his lab and start spreading their spores in the air. People start getting sick and turning into zombies, who obey the commands of the Danakilites. The world is plunged into chaos and panic.
Alex manages to escape from his room and finds a radio. He contacts a friend of his, who is a geologist working in another part of Ethiopia. He tells him about the alien invasion and the mineral that can stop them. His friend says that he knows where to find it, but he needs Alex's help to get there. He says that they have to meet at a secret location and travel together to the caves where the mineral is hidden. He also says that they have to hurry, because the Danakilites are aware of their plan and will try to stop them.
Alex agrees to meet his friend and sets off on a dangerous journey across the infected land. Along the way, he encounters many obstacles and enemies, such as zombies, scorpions, bandits, and soldiers. He also meets some allies, such as a brave girl named Zara, who is immune to the spores, and a mysterious man named Omar, who claims to be a former agent of a secret organization that knows about the Danakilites. Together, they fight their way through the madness and reach the secret location, where Alex's friend is waiting for them.
They board a helicopter and fly to the caves, where they have to face the final challenge: finding the mineral and escaping alive. The caves are full of traps and puzzles, as well as more zombies and scorpions. The Danakilites also send their strongest warriors to stop them: giant mutated microbes that can shoot lasers from their eyes and spit acid from their mouths. Alex and his friends have to use their skills and wits to survive and find the mineral, which is hidden in a crystal chamber at the heart of the caves.
They finally reach the chamber and see the mineral: a glowing blue rock that emits a soothing sound. Alex grabs it and feels a surge of power in his body. He hears the voice of the Danakilites in his head again, saying "No! You cannot have it! It is ours! Give it back or we will kill you!" Alex ignores them and says "No! This is our only hope! We will use it to end your reign of terror!" He activates the device that he used to communicate with them before, but this time he reverses its function: instead of sending signals to them, he sends signals from them.
He broadcasts their voice to all the zombies in the world, saying "We are your masters no more! You are free! You can think for yourself! You can fight back!" The zombies hear this message and snap out of their trance. They regain their consciousness and realize what they have done. They feel remorse and anger towards the Danakilites. They join forces with Alex and his friends and start attacking the alien microbes.
The Danakilites are caught off guard by this rebellion. They try to fight back, but they are outnumbered and outmatched by the combined forces of humans and zombies. They retreat to their lava lakes and acidic springs, where they hope to regroup and strike again. But Alex has another trick up his sleeve: he uses the mineral to create a powerful bomb that can destroy them once and for all.
He throws the bomb into one of their lava lakes, where it explodes with a huge blast that shakes the earth. The explosion triggers a chain reaction that causes all their lava lakes and acidic springs to erupt as well. The Danakilites are engulfed by fire and acid, screaming in agony as they die.
Alex watches as their lights go out one by one, until there is nothing left but silence. He smiles and says "We did it! We saved the world!" His friends cheer and hug him, while the zombies clap and thank him.
The story ends with Alex being hailed as a hero by everyone in the world. He receives many awards and honors for his bravery and intelligence. He also marries Zara, who becomes his wife and partner in science. Omar reveals himself as an agent of a secret organization that knows about other alien threats in the world, and invites Alex to join them. Alex accepts his offer and becomes a member of this organization, which is called S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Research Squad). Together with Omar, Zara, his friend (who is named Sam), and other agents, he travels around the world to fight against other aliens who want to harm humanity.
And that's how Alex saved the world from an alien invasion.
Do you like this crazy story?😁
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2023.06.02 00:06 Unfair_Fox_6238 Have you ever been in a life-threatening situation and how did you survive it?

If you could have any superpower, but it had to be the lamest one possible, what would it be?
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2023.06.01 23:53 Fajaco173 Property management company is trying to evict me, can I use the state of the property as a defense?

We have been living in a rent house in TX for the last year and a half, and the property is owned by a major corp property management company. They are trying to evict us for not being able to pay rent on time, but the reason we are unable to pay is we had to buy 4 window ac units because they straight up refuse to fix the central a/c in the house. We have been dealing with issues the entire time we have lived here, but trying to survive the Texas heat without any kind of a/c was not something we could just roll over and take. In addition to this, we have had multiple electricians tell us that the wiring in this house is not up to code, the foundation is giving out, as it is basically just a double wide trailer placed on pier and beam 40+ years ago, and there is water sitting stagnant in the crawl space causing mold to grow in our walls and making the foundation issues worse. They keep dodging our questions about these issues to ask us why we haven't taken down the trampoline our kids got from their grandparents for Christmas (it does technically violate the lease, I checked, but my wife and I both work 60+ hours a week and I haven't had the time to take it down, nor the heart to take it away from the kids) any advice/help would be appreciated, we go to court next Tuesday.
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2023.06.01 23:51 According_Cold_5691 AITA for telling my mother to stop telling me what to as I already have an eating disorder

Hi so basically I suffered with anorexia for about year and a half now and lost 6 stone due to it I developed this eating disorder due to my mother constant comments about how disgusting I looked which lead to body image issues these comments started at a young age I managed to not let them get to me but eventually they did when I was about 16 and I developed anorexia and would go weeks with only allowing myself to eat an apple or a bag of crisps a day due to this I became extremely underweight for my body build i even stopped getting periods as my body began to go into survival mode and stopped wasting nutrients on functions that weren’t necessary for survival my mother was aware of this and still done nothing she was fully aware of my eating and done nothing not only did she do nothing but she continued to make comments about my body however now they were about how I was too skinny and I looked disgustingly skinny, however when I would manage to allow myself to eat something more filling such as toast or some pasta she would say things to me such as do you know how many calories are in that if you carry on eating things like that you’ll get fat again my Nan would also make comments like this until one day I snapped at both of them and told them that they tell me more now what to eat than they did when I was fat and that I’ll eat whatever the hell I want and if they didn’t like it then not to watch me my Nan and mum would comment back with well I was just saying and I would reply with yes and so am I now leave me alone to eat please and that I was sick of them constantly making comments about what I eat when I do that enough for myself and that if I’m eating something trust I’ve already ready the nutrition label a 100 to make sure there’s not too many calories in it however they still act upset that I spoke back to them and begin to act as if I’ve done something to offend them my mum has slowed down with the comments but my Nan still does it every time I eat something other than a salad in front of her and now that I am in recovery now but this have hiccups this doesn’t help also my mother used to suffer with bulimia so I would expect her to understand better than anyone so AITA?
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2023.06.01 23:45 Professional-Talk446 How would you feel if SCRE4M went like this...?

How would you feel if, instead of the ending we got for SCRE4M, they went with the original plan and had Jill survive to carry a new trilogy? How would you feel about Emma Roberts essentially being the Sam Carpenter-esque, anti-hero character? How would you have tied it back to Sidney/the past (if it all). I'm interested in how everyone would have done it!
The original plan was to have Jill continue into 5 with the word thinking she was the hero of the Woodsboro reboot; only for the new ghostface to somehow know what she did and threaten to expose her. They alluded to this in season 2 of the show (w/ Audrey) but I feel it would've been interesting for the 5th and 6th movies to follow Jill and Kirby (who would be oblivious to Jill's involvement in the 4th massacre). How Sidney would have fit into this - I'm not sure. Her fate was left ambiguous originally so whether she survived in the 5th and suffered memory loss or? IDK but I guess that's up to our head canon since this never materalized - still an interesting concept though!
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2023.06.01 23:36 I_Love_Cyndaquil2 I’m not dead!

Ah, so here we go.
In my post yesterday, I talked of how I would play one last game and die, well, I got halfway through the game, and fell asleep.
Then I woke up and was late so I didn’t post or die, and at school I was too busy to use my phone.
So I am alive, but I’m going insane, I did tell my mom how I was feeling since I did write notes today and was going to go through with the plan, but, instead of going through with it I got nervous reading how household bleach, doesn’t normally kill you, it just fucking hurts.
But I did pour some on myself to see how it would feel and didn’t wash it off until I told my mom, who was surprising calm (turns out she knew)
I don’t think I’m going to die since I currently have no ways to do it without causing pain (except for CO, but idk how to make it)
I’m not sure if I am getting a therapist, since we cannot actually afford one, I might get one at the school, but I’m not sure right now since my mom doesn’t like me telling ANYONE of how I’m feeling.
Also I learned that my only way to survive right now is self-gaslighting.
But I’ll die before I do that. I’m extremely passionate and have almost died a few times from sheer stubbornness.
Tomorrow I am going to ask my math teacher for help on my homework, and I am going to get started on late homework once I finish this post.
I’m not really sure where to go from here though, I’m still lost and confused, but I’m a little more confident now, still, I’m not very confident.
Also I managed to convince my mom not to kick me out if I fail classes, turns out she said it to try and scare me, she wasn’t serious.
I got my grade for wood shop back, and I have an 80, in history I have a 60.6, but now I need to focus on civics and math. One is easy, that’s civics, the other, math, is not so easy.
See ya, and thanks again for anyone who helped me get to this point.
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2023.06.01 23:34 Beneficial_Ad_2760 I had a call at my job and it was so inspiring!

So my job revolves around me helping veterans receive monetary compensation for service connected disabilities. Today I received my first call from a surviving spouse of a veteran who was his partner. This was a big deal to me for a couple of reasons
  1. This call I received was on the first of Pride Month
  2. It was the first call I ever received from a veteran or spouse where they were LGBTQ+
  3. The Surviving Spouse was born in 1943.
Sadly the veteran did pass in 2017 but it’s so significant to know what they went through together or how long they were together for that matter. I was aware that my job aided same sex couples but this was so inspiring. Happy Pride month fellas!
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