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2023.03.30 07:28 prettylikeadevill i feel like i dont have a voice in the household . why does she like socially isolating me

she took away my phone my laptop my ipad. if i want to contact my friends i have to use her phone. im not allowed to use social media. im not allowed to hang out with them either. it was one my closest friends birthday last saturday. i begged her to let me go. her excuse? itll ruin your orientation towards studies like what the hell does that even mean. i didnt study for a week leading up to it. she doesnt have a problem with that but what she does have a problem is with seeing me happy. its suffocating . i barely go out anyways. i have almost no friends because i dont show up to things. its my last year of high school and i thought maybe she'd be more understanding. she told me ill only be allowed to go to my farewell. my school life is coming to an end and i have made basically no memories with these people. at some point they just stop inviting you to stuff because they know you wont show up. it hurt so much. and my mother has the audacity to ask me why im closed off. if it s a family event i have to be there but if its a friends thing im not allowed. im so done man im so fucking done. why do they do this
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2023.03.30 07:27 ideaimpulse John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves Honors Memory of Deceased Characters in Franchise.

John Wick 4: Keanu Reeves Honors Memory of Deceased Characters in Franchise.
John Wick 4
  1. Keanu Reeves gifted his John Wick 4 stunt crew with special t-shirts.
  2. The shirts bear the names of characters who died in the previous films in the franchise.
  3. The shirts honor the memory of the deceased characters and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the stunt crew members.
  4. Reeves does many of his own stunts in the John Wick films and works closely with his stunt crew for safety and quality action sequences.
  5. Reeves' gesture is a testament to the camaraderie and respect between him and his stunt team and adds to the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of John Wick 4.
    For more information, click the link in our bio
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2023.03.30 07:26 MrPilgrim33 Apple Music on Android

I use Apple Music on an Android phone with Pano Scrobbler. The last several weeks it will randomly scrobble every other track. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it and it will sporadically go between working normally and doing this half-and-half nonsense. I've tried some other scrobblers (namely the official app and Finale, which I usually use for scrobbling by microphone) and they all do the same thing.
Anybody else having this happen too? If so, any fixes?
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2023.03.30 07:26 TAsparkySD Religious friends family is being haunted …. Input or advice needed

I didn’t know where else to post this. I have a decent buddy of mine who’s more like an acquaintance but a solid dude I’m trying to help out.
He’s religious but a no nonsense kind of guy and the last few months he’s been legit haunted. I’ve practiced and had my share of stuff but it’s been a lot more subtle, happened in trance or in a different brain state.
This is a very in your face you’re obviously haunted type of thing. He said activity spikes when he says his sons name backwards for some reason. Why ? Idk.
I told him being religious I can’t really recommend anything because of the “witchcraft is naughty” rhetoric taught in the Bible other than just blessing the house or maybe the LBRP.
Here’s some facts about the situation:
Bought a new construction home recently
The baby was born just a few months ago
His wife is “psychic” or “sensitive” and has seen spirits her whole life but doesn’t practice magick or mysticism of any type ( i have my doubts about this one)
Doors slam , Toys go off in the middle of the night with no batteries without stopping, glasses knocking over and breaking , baby monitor is acting weird
Wife sees shadows in the kids room and hears voices, is getting old hag syndrome a lot , etc
I’ve been sent videos and it’s clear something is making a muffled banging noise , says something then slams a door freaking the dog out while he’s at work
Doing a Tarot reading doesn’t give much insight.
What’s haunting them ?
Lovers reversed
What does it want ?
Does it have malevolent intentions ? Does it seek ill will ?
8 of wands reversed
The clarifiers I pulled didn’t help either
I think either someone sent them something nasty or the wife might know something that she isn’t divulging.
Whether that’s a jealous ex lover or some sort of entity that’s been following her for whatever reason.
Id gander activity picking up is probably less about the kid and more about tormenting the mother.
My friend has spoken to absolutely no one in our peer group about this but me because I’m the only occult practitioner he’s met. He knows I’ve done spirit work with goetic, angelic and nature entities before.
He’s so scared I’m worried for him too. Any advice or input is appreciated.
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2023.03.30 07:26 Apprehensive_Top9356 Worked on my resume since last times humiliation, how is it now?

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2023.03.30 07:26 OfficialFazzy FNaF Security Breach Roleplay

(20M) Heya! My name is Fazzy and I’m looking for a long term literate roleplay partner. Someone who writes a few paragraphs with great detail and experience. I also prefer my partner to be at least 18, due to my age. I’ve been wanting to do a Security Breach roleplay, specifically someone to be Gregory and Vanessa while I play Glamrock Freddy. I have a whole plot in mind that has to do with my headcanon of Henry Emily possessing Glamrock Freddy, and living with Gregory and Vanessa after the perfect ending.
Plot: So, before the PizzaPlex was built, Henry Emily (the former CEO of Fazbear Entertainment) sacrificed himself in the fire to free the spirits in the animatronics, kill William, and free his daughter. As a price to pay, he performed a ritual to be reincarnated in the next life as an animatronic, so he takes the form of the very thing the children and his daughter were stuck as. Unfortunately, when he woke up as Glamrock Freddy, he lost all memories of his past life. Once Freddy moves in Vanessa’s home, he starts to act more human. Gregory and Vanessa get suspicious and try to figure out the deal.
Of course there’s some requirements; Please be active, be advanced, don’t ghost me, and be honest with me. I’m down to make friends too! (I am Pacfic Standard Time; PST! It would would great if you can tell me your timezone so we understand schedules).
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2023.03.30 07:26 toastymctoast10 New World Blues Ch 30: For all we know

?????, ???????, Griffion territory
March 23rd, 2291
The Slepnir trotted down the destroyed snow-covered highway slowly.
"So a guy throws a ball at a guy holding a bat and the guy with the bat's job is to hit the ball out of the stadium?"
"Yes, that's called a home run."
"And that lets everyone standing on the bases run to home for free?"
"Yep, how did you never hear about baseball?
"Locked in a test chamber remember."
"Well yeah but still, I figured the scientists would mention it."
"It sounds fun, you should take me to a game when we get back."
"That's a promise, as long as you root for the Boneyard bashers."
"Nevermind. Listen I say we rest here for the night pick up in the morning."
Frank nudged the horse slightly and soon began to slowly lead it off the highway to a broken-down home.
"Which room do you want?"
"I'll take a top-floor one. Hopefully, there's a bed, unlike the last one."
Wendy hopped off the horse as Frank lifted open a garage door.
"Got any potatoes left?"
"Yeah let me grab it."
Wendy took her backpack off and reached inside. As she did Frank took the horse inside and left it unhitched.
"Last one."
"'s fine give it to Unica...I hate that name still."
"Well, it's what I picked."
Wendy took the potato from the pouch and fed the mutant horse. Frank looked at Wendy and smiled from the inside of his helmet. As the horse gobbled down the last of the potato Wendy turned to face Frank who was taking out the pot and stove to cook.
"So where are we?"
"Should be near Denver"
"Then why does that sign say Wyoming?"
Frank looked up and followed Wendy's hand out to a sign by the start of the street. A small makeshift sign said Wyoming followed by gibberish. Frank took out the map he had stored with him and looked around.'s winter we're good.
"Alright, fuck me.....I took us the wrong way."
"What now?"
"Nothing. We just rest and go back to where. I'll stay guard when you go to sleep."
"I can find out where exactly we are...."
"Okay get inside quickly."
5 minutes later
Frank grumbled and groaned as he set up the cooking set and began cooking. Wendy held the 5.56 revolver as she stood guard, Frank seemed extra nervous he had locked the doors and even had his new colt revolver next to him hammer cocked.
"So what exactly is out here?"
"Nothing nice, we shouldn't have to worry but still."
"Okay..don't you think I ought to know-
Frank clattered the spoon on the pot as he called to her. She holstered the revolver and walked over.
"So what's on the menu today?"
"Chef Kingly proudly presents 200-year-old instant mash."
She turned and sat down as he got her plate ready.
"Not my fault you wanted to take the shot on the radstag instead of letting me."
"I know but you couldn't have just made the mac and cheese?"
"I'm kidding it's Salisbury steak. Come on dig in."
Frank handed her a fork and the plate as she sighed.
"I believed you for a second."
"I know you did."
Frank cut a piece of meat off and shoved it into his mouth as he chuckled.
"Mmm (swallow) I remembered a joke..."
Frank cleared his throat as Wendy looked at him confused.
"Why was the mutant worried his friend was sick?"
"I......don't know why?"
"He was a little green."
Wendy groaned as she took a sip of water.
"That was awful."
"Oh please, you loved it."
Wendy smiled as she continued to eat.
"Get better material."
The two ate in silence before Wendy asked again.
"Do you know what FEV is?"
"Forced evolutionary virus, it's the thing that made all super mutants and gave you your abilities according to what I know about psykers...why do you ask?"
"Just curious."
"Yeah, we learned about the stuff in training, found out about it after mom was a trooper then."
"What was at Navarro?"
"Old Enclave research base forced people to evolve using the goop."
Wendy looked at her plate and then at Frank
"Frank, what's out there?" She said sternly
"Out where?"
Wendy pointed to the door behind her.
"You seemed nervous lately and even more now."
"Raptors...they're hybrid cat-bird things, according to our biologists back in California they're the same story as deathclaws. Some pre-war army bastards wanted expendable killing machines so turned to nature, mixed wild cats with old birds of prey, then they got a dose of FEV."
"Wait deathclaws were made with FEV?"
"Yeah...why do you think they're bullet resistant."
"I just thought they were tough-skinned....but you killed deathclaws with ease. Raptors can't be that big of an issue right?"
Frank ate a forkful before setting down the fork and plate.
"There were once a bunch of settlers and tribals up here in Wyoming. (Explains the wooden shacks we passed now.) Then someone had the bright idea of helping more of their kids survive."
"Why would they do that if they're so dangerous?"
"The eggs, raptor eggs usually don't all survive, those that do were the lucky ones. Arms dealers sell the young to the highest bidders. Raptors are vicious but can be tamed from birth if done right and used as living weapons, NCR polices them and makes sure no unauthorized folks get them."
Wendy looked at the window nervously.
"Our saving grace is its winter. It's too cold for most to leave their burrows so they hibernate, usually when the poachers go to find them. Most don't succeed."
"But they're are they so dangerous?"
"They're smart. Lead victims into ambushes. Their ears hear things better than ours. Even a low whisper can get you torn to shreds."
"What kind of ambushes?"
Frank chuckled as he took the pot off the stove and readied a new pot for coffee
"OK, try to imagine yourself as a person in power armor. You get your first look at this thing as you cross an abandoned street with say two other people. It looks like a small cat with wings and a bird face, feathers all up front then halfway looks like a small panther. It also moves like a cat, lightly moving back and forth its yellow soulless eyes on you. You stare at it, and it just stares right back as you level your weapon. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the sides..."
Frank stirred the coffee powder into the water as he continued
"..from the other six you didn't even know were there. Because they're pack hunters. They use coordinated attack patterns and they are bloodthirsty. And they slash at you with this."
Frank drew his knife and spun it around
"...3 six-inch claws, like knives on each foot. They don't bother to slice your armor like other animals, they slash at you here, or here..."
Frank pointed to spots across his body with the knife, spots undefended by the armor, before continuing.
"They know exactly where to hit, they learned it. Then once you're immobilized they take their time. Peeling off the armor plating one piece at a time as you hear your friends blood gurgling screams. The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you. Nasty fuckers, always kill them on sight."
"Why are they only in Wyoming then?"
"They aren't, they're Colorado natives but they migrate, they prefer Idaho actually, and other mountain states. Last time I was through Albuquerque a whole flock tore the place up for a few days."
"Really? So that's why you asked me to be quieter near Saratoga?"
"Yep, another job for us rangers back west is pest control anything too big to deal with by locals is assigned to us. I killed 35 alone in California last year, they're just more aggressive the more east you go for some reason."
Wendy finished her food and then set the plate down, as she looked around her nervously
"Shouldn't we leave now instead of waiting then?"
"No, the big and dangerous are out at night. Those are the ones I've been looking out for."
"There's bigger?"
"Small ones are taken down easily. They vary between 2 feet tall and 6 feet tall. The rare ones are ten-foot beasts. We call them griffons. They're usually by the mountains or the ruins of big cities. They can't be bred or nurtured, we don't even know why they're huge. They usually hunt alone, use their strength to brute force any enemy they have, strong enough to take out super mutant behemoths if lucky."
"They swoop down from above claw their skull in half in one swoop then fly away, and return for the corpse later. Saw it myself in a place in Dakota. They're different everywhere. Some in the Dakota rule as kinda chieftains perched up on those mountains with faces. The ones in Missouri kill everything that moves, even each other."
"They're slow at least right?"
"If you ever run into one alone you're gone, only a slepnier at full sprint can outrun it. They can take on everything directly except a deathclaw. If we ever wipe out the scaly bastards they're the next apex predator."
"How many have you killed."
Frank held up a single finger as he turned the pot. Wendy stared at the window, she heard a faint whooshing sound.
"Like I said we're fine. I've cut through here several times. They tend to stick to the same areas. Now get some rest I'll take watch."
1 hour later
Frank turned the pot of brew around as he looked at the map. He probably shared a little too much with Wendy but she needed the truth, it was his fault after all. How did he go the wrong way without knowing? He shouldn't have gotten them to the remnants of Laramie, it was a clear-cut road to Den-
Frank's ears twitched as he looked up from the map he turned the stove off and covered the pot. Something was out there, he slowly approached the window with his helmet light off careful not to attract attention. A large silhouette stood bathed in the moonlight street investigating the hoove prints made by Unica.
Frank watched as the beast slowly followed the prints to the garage door. He grabbed Wendy's rifle and slowly cocked the bolt back as he gently lifted it to fire at the creature in front of him. The beast scratched its claw along the garage door leaving a sharp metal sound in the air.
Just as the rifle was set to fire into the creature's eye Frank heard something else, a small whine coming from the garage. Almost instantaneous the beast tore through the flimsy garage door and rushed the defenseless horse inside with a loud screech only capable of an apex predator.
Oh shit!
Frank held the rifle in his hand as he stared at the door to the garage. The blood-curdling scream of the horse went silent and all that remained was the ragged tearing of flesh and the snapping of bones. Frank kept his eye on the door as he slowly made his way up the staircase, he tried his best to stay quiet, taking a few steps every minute, and after 4 minutes he was finally at the top.
Frank held his hand out shushing the frightened girl. He moved over to the room she was in and slowly entered with her behind him as he closed the door.
Frank stopped in his tracks as the sounds of eating stopped. A low bird cry broke the silence and then tapping, it heard them and was now investigating further. Frank signaled Wendy to grab the revolver in her holster and ready it as the beast sniffed around. Frank pushed the door open slightly more and in seconds the beast tore through the wooden door that led to the garage.
Wendy let out a small gasp muffled by her hand as the beast paraded around the downstairs portion of the house. We dy mouthed towards Frank.
Is that a
He nodded
White feathers covered the head and half of the torso of the beast, think black fur covered the rest. A sharp yellow beak prodded at the pots and pans. The 6 claws of the front legs tapped away at the floor. Frank took a small step out of the room and readied the rifle. He aimed for the eye as the beast examined the stove. The griffon opened the small pot full of hot coffee brew and stuck its beak in, it pulled back rapidly knocking the tin over and letting out a scream of pain. Frank took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger, the bullet soared out of the barrel and hit the the neck.
The creature ran up the stairs towards the two as fast as possible. Frank cycled another round and fired it into the creature to little effect. Wendy and Frank fired again and again till it was right on him. He dodged to the left as it pounced towards him, its hind legs knocking him to the side and down the stairs as it turned to face Wendy.
Wendy screamed as the beast stood in front of her. She threw the now empty revolver and stuck her hand out as she fired a large burst of electricity at the beast who quickly ducked into a side room. The griffon then stuck its head back out as Wendy panted. She watched it slowly come out of the room and just stare at her almost frightened.
A bolt slammed into the wall as Frank extended his robotic arm toward the griffon. He fired another shot hitting the animal in the neck again, the griffon flew down the stairs and pinned Frank to the ground by the neck as it screeched into his face. Its talons digging in but merely holding him. It turned back around and screeched up towards Wendy who looked down at the creature.
The creature loosened its grip on Frank and screeched back up at her. As she made her way down the stairs. Rifle in hand.
"Let go of him!"
The creature stepped off of Frank who took a deep breath of air.
"Stay right there!"
The griffon sat on its hind legs as Wendy helped Frank up.
"Are you talking to that thing?!"
The griffon snarled as Frank stood up.
"She's still pissed at you."
"I can tell."
Frank massaged his neck as he looked at the beast.
"How are you doing that?"
"I don't know we just....understand."
"'re still full of surprises kid...Well, tell her to get lost..."
"I don't think she'd listen."
The griffon screeched at Frank, who in response took a step back.
"Well she can't stay here....and I don't want her to either, besides she killed Unica..."
"And you shot her like 8 times."
"Are you defending this thing?!"
"Look, I think if we help her out she'll help us out..."
"How do you suppose we help her out?!"
Wendy slung the rifle over her shoulder and slowly approached the creature.
"It's fine...I think the FEV is acting as a kinda bond thing...I think."
"That is the stupidest thing I've's going to kill you now back up now!"
Frank drew the revolver from his holster and aimed at the griffon, the beast stood and roared at him.
"I'm not letting this stupid thing be the death of get back next to me before this thing gets hungry again."
"Frank! Put the gun down!"
Wendy moved closer to the griffon that simply stared at her, she reached towards its neck and grabbed the bolt lodged in it.
"This will hurt...Frank stimpak..."
"Stimpak...toss me one."
"Do you trust me?"
Frank holstered the revolver and reached into his satchel and pulled out a stim throwing it to Wendy. Wendy caught it and then turned to the beast.
"This will only hurt just a little."
She yanked the bolt out and the griffon screeched into the air, Wendy quickly injected the stim before backing up. The griffon flapped its wings knocking Frank over. It rose a few feet in the air before slamming back down onto the ground. It turned to Wendy and bowed toward her.
"You're welcome..."
Frank stood back up. And turned to Wendy taking his helmet off.
"So what did that do... besides waste a stim."
"She trusts us...well me more than you.."
"And how does that help us?"
Wendy turned to Frank and then back to the winged beast.
"Oooh no, oooh no I'm not getting on that thing! Are you crazy?!"
"Frank this is a once-in-a-lifetime said it yourself Griffons usually attack anything well this one is helping us."
"Only help this one is doing is helping itself to a free lunch when it drops us from 100 feet up."
"She wouldn't do that...right girl."
Wendy stroked the griffon's feathers.
"Okay don't do that, that thing just killed Unica....and probably has kill a lot of other people."
"You said it yourself she's an apex predator she hunts...Unica was's faster than walking...and safer."
"You're a cold child and I'll take my chances on the ground."
"Oh come on."

"No, end of the story."

The next morning
"How the hell did you talk me into this."
Frank muttered as he climbed aboard the feathery giant as it knelt.
"Relax she can tell you're scared."
"Of course I'm scared, I've seen what these things can do."
"Ya hear that girl, big bad ranger is scared of you."
Wendy rubbed the beak of the griffon as she talked cutesy to it.
"Stop doing that?!"
"Frank if she was gonna eat us she had all night."
"I was up all night keeping watch. And she spilled my coffee."
"Relax already. Diana won't kill you, she trusts us, now grab the reigns and try and ride her steady."
Frank grumbled as he grab the reigns and tapped Diana with the heel of his shoe. Instantly the beast turned its head around and stared at Frank.
Frank turned to the young girl at his side.
"Wendy how the hell am I supposed to do this?!"
"If you can't do it how can I?"
Frank sighed as he gently took the reigns once more.
"How did you even get this on her?"
"She let me."
"Oh she let you....that is such crap."
He looked down at the bird and sighed as he shook the reigns gently and leaned down to the beast's cat-like eye.
"Alright....we probably got off on the wrong foot let's just call it even and..."
Frank tapped the griffon gently on the side and it began to walk forward, he pulled the reigns slightly right and it turned accordingly.
"Holy shit!"
Frank smiled brightly as he looked at his accomplishment. He was on a fucking griffon and it wasn't trying to kill him.
"I'm doing it!"
"You look like a kid learning how to ride a bike."
"Shut it. Do you even know how to ride a bike?"
"Yeah, Sarah taught me."
Frank looked down at the beast and chuckled.
"Alright let's see about going a bit faster."
He whipped the reign gently.
Diana threw Frank off and extended her wings as she took off into the air and then down into the tree line.
"What the hell did you do?!"
"I just whipped the reign gently."
Frank got up and wiped the dirt off his duster as shots rang out in the air.
More gunshots rang out from the tree lime, Frank drew his revolver and ran towards the trees followed by Wendy. The two ran through bushes as they came across a small clearing where Diana stood ripping apart a small squad of men, some already dead one man about to die as she flung him into the air. Frank watched as the griffon tore through the remainder of them with ease. The last person wore a suit of power armor and was now pinned to the ground as the beast squeezed
Diana looked up to where the shout came from and saw Wendy. Walking towards her Frank followed close behind.
"She heard them."
"Yeah, no shit, who are they though?"
Wendy looked down at the last person and looked into their visor.
"Hey who are you?"
The person's eyes were still focused on the griffon.
"Please just let's you, Dorkins is're perfect."
Wendy looked up at Frank who looked at the person through his visor.
"Wendy let me talk to her. Go...go loot the dead."
Wendy stood up and walked away as Frank and Diana remained. Frank knelt and tore the helmet off the frightened attacker with his metal arm. A woman with tribal-like markings on her face lay there still frightened.
"I take it you're a part of the Putrescent Mother thing.....why are you guys after her?"
"She's the one.....she's the perfect form....."
"She has granted you immunity to our charms...she has tamed this beast....she's perfect..."
"English please?"
"You're not protecting're holding her back...she's perfect...."
Frank stood up and turned to Diana.
"Drop her!"
Diana unfurled her wings and clenched the woman by her power armor tearing it apart and then taking off into the sky the cultist screaming as they ascended.
"What was that about?"
"She was....they were raiders. Followed us from Utah. They weren't expecting the ambush from-"
"-From her."
" what?"
"I sat we let her snack a bit, she earned it...and then we practice a bit more..."
"Sounds good."
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2023.03.30 07:25 Opening_Lab_6153 How to reduce the percentage error for dose values in voxels ?

Following is the output of DOSXYZnrc simulation. It says that "The dose values in 586822 voxels had error > 50% and have been zeroed in the .3ddose file". I want to know the reason for this error and how it can be reduced to acceptable limits ?

Also it says " *** Warning *** Used all particles from source file Restarting from first particle in file". What could be the reason for this and how it can be avoided. Can particle recycling be used in this case? If yes, how ?


Number of media (min = 1, max = 20, 0 => CT data): 0
Input the full name of the file containing the CT phantom created
using ctcreate
: /home/tpsuseDesktop/tpsdata/manojd/phoenix/33934.egsphant

CT Phantom summary:

NMED = 4


Dummy values of (ESTEPM(i),i=1,NMED)
: 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000

IMAX, JMAX, KMAX : 259 259 123

x range : -32.56348 - 32.43649 cm
y range : -32.56348 - 32.43649 cm
z range : -34.32500 - -3.57500 cm

Densities range from 0.00000 - 2.08800 g/cc

0.500 0.001 0.000

Input zeroairdose (1 to zero dose in air in .3ddosefile; 0[default]
to not zero this dose), doseprint (1 for full dose output in .egslst;
0[default] otherwise), MAX20 (1 to print out summary of 20 highest
doses; 0[default] to not print this summary)
: 1 1 1

Source configuration

(0) Parallel, rectangular beam incident from the front
Requires 9 inputs:
charge (-1,0,1),
0 (mandatory, to identify source type),
lower x-coordinate of the beam (cm),
upper x-coordinate of the beam (cm),
lower y-coordinate of the beam (cm),
upper y-coordinate of the beam (cm),
angle of beam with respect to the positive x-axis (degrees),
angle of beam with respect to the positive y-axis (degrees),
angle of beam with respect to the negative z-axis (degrees)
(angles default to 90,90,0--incident on front of phantom)

or (1) Parallel, rectangular beam incident from any direction
Requires 10 inputs:
charge (-1,0,1),
1 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
angle between +z direction and the line joining the
center of the beam (collimator) to the isocenter
--called the polar angle(degrees),
angle between +x direction and the projection of the
line joining the center of the beam (collimator)
to the isocenter on the xy plane--called the azimuthal
angle (degrees),
total x-widthof the beam in the plane perpendicular
to the beam direction (cm),
total y-width of the beam in the plane perpendicular
to the beam direction (cm),
angle by which the collimator is rotated in the
collimator plane perpendicular to the beam
direction (degrees),
(+ve rotation is counterclockwise looking along
the beam direction

or (2) Full phase-space of each particle
Requires 9 inputs plus data stored in units 43 and 44:
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2 all),
2 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinateof the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
angle between +z direction and the line joining the
origin in the phase space plane to the isocenter
--called the polar angle(degrees),
angle between +x direction and the projection of the
line joining the origin in the phase space plane
tothe isocenter on the xy plane--called the azimuthal
angle (degrees),
absolute distance from the isocenter to the origin
in the phase space plane
angle by which the source is rotated in the
phase space plane perpendicular to the beam
direction (degrees),
(+ve rotation is counterclockwise looking down
from the origin in the phase space plane),
i_dbs--set to 1 if DBS was used in BEAM simulation used
to generate the phsp source and you want to reject fat
photons, 0 otherwise,
DBS splitting radius (cm),
SSD at which splitting radius defined (cm),
Z at which phsp source collected (cm),
No. of times to split charged particles.

or (3) Point, rectangular beam incident from the front
Requires 7 inputs:
charge (-1,0,1),
3 (mandatory, to identify source type),
lower x-coordinate of the beam (cm),
upper x-coordinate of the beam (cm),
lower y-coordinate of the beam (cm),
upper y-coordinate of the beam (cm),
distance to the plane (cm),

or (6) Uniform isotropically radiating parallelepiped within
the phantom
Requires 8 inputs:
charge (-1,0,1),
6 (mandatory, to identify source type),
lower x-coordinate of active volume (cm)
upper x-coordinate of active volume (cm),
lower y-coordinate of active volume (cm)
upper y-coordinate of active volume (cm),
lower z-coordinate of active volume (cm)
upper z-coordinate of active volume (cm)

or (7) Parallel beam incident from multiple, user-selected angles
Requires 9 inputs on this line:
charge (-1,0,1),
7 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
number of incident theta-phi pairs or -ve number of
groups of incident theta-phi pairs where, within a group
only theta or phi can vary, the varying angles are
evenly distributed and have equal probability,
total x-width of the beam in the plane perpendicular
to the beamdirection (cm),
total y-width of the beam in the plane perpendicular
to the beam direction (cm),
angle by which the collimator is rotated in the
collimator plane perpendicular to the beam
direction (degrees),
(+ve rotation is counterclockwise looking along
thebeam direction

or (8) Full phase-space incident from multiple angles
Requires 8 inputs on this line and data stored in units 43,44:
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2all),
2 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
number of incident theta-phi pairs or -ve number of
groups of incident theta-phi pairs where, within a group
only theta or phi can vary, the varying angles are
evenly distributed and have equal probability,
absolute distance from the isocenter to the origin
in the phase space plane
angle by which the source is rotated in the
phase space plane perpendicular to the beam
direction (degrees),
(+ve rotation is counterclockwise looking down
from the origin in the phase space plane),
i_dbs--set to 1 if DBS was used in BEAM simulation used
to generate the phsp source and you want to reject fat
photons, 0 otherwise,
DBS splitting radius (cm),
SSD at which splitting radius defined(cm),
Z at which phsp source collected (cm)
No. of times to split charged particles.

or (9) BEAM simulation of treatment head
Requires 11 inputs plus name of accelerator simulation,
input file used in accelerator simulation, and pegs4
data used in accelerator simulation:
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2 all),
9 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
angle between beam central axis and +z axis in DOSXYZ
geometry--called the polar angle(degrees),
angle between +x direction in DOSXYZ geometry and
beam central axis projected on the DOSXYZ xy plane
--called the azimuthal angle (degrees),
absolute distance from the isocenter to centre of
scoring plane in BEAM simulation,
angle to rotate BEAM simulation about its central
axis (degrees) (+ve rotation is counterclockwise
looking down the axis),
i_dbs--set to 1 if DBS is being used in BEAM simulation
and you want to reject fat photons, 0 otherwise,
No. of times to split charged particles.

or (10) BEAM simulation source incident from multiple angles
Requires 10 inputs plus name of accelerator simulation,
input file used in accelerator simulation,and pegs4
data used in accelerator simulation:
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2 all),
9 (mandatory, to identify source type),
x-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
y-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
z-coordinate of the isocenter (cm),
number of incident theta-phi pairs or -ve number of
groups of incident theta-phi pairs where, within a group
only theta or phi can vary, the varying angles are
evenly distributed and have equal probability,
absolute distance from the isocenter to centre of
scoring plane in BEAM simulation,
angle to rotate BEAM simulation about its central
axis (degrees) (+ve rotation is counterclockwise
looking down the axis),
i_dbs--set to 1 if DBS is being used in BEAM simulation
and you want to reject fat photons, 0 otherwise,
No. of times to splitcharged particles.

or (20) Phase Space Incident from multiple settings
optionally through an MLC or through a BEAM accel.
Requires 6 inputs plus name of the input file used
forBEAM/vcu SIM. and the BEAM/VCU code if used
data used in simulation:
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2 all),
20 (mandatory, to identify source type),
number of control points,
i_dbs: set to 1 if DBS is being used in simulation
and you want to reject fat photons, 0 otherwise,
r_dbs: radius of DBS splitting field in original
BEAM simulation,
ssd_dbs: SSD of DBS splitting field,
z_dbs: Z position where phase space was scored
in original BEAM simulation,
No. of times to splitcharged particles,
i_muidx_out: Set to 1 to include fractional MU index
in output phase space (i_phsp_out=1 or 2)
calflag: Set to 1 to skip the calibrationrun performed
to refine the estimate of NRCYCL.

or (21) BEAM simulation of treatment head will multiple settings
optionally through a MLC
Requires name of accelerator simulation,
input file used in accelerator simulation, and pegs4
data used in accelerator simulation, name of input file
for vcu SIM. and the VCU code (particleDmlc) if using MLC
charge (-1 electron,0 photon,1 positron, 2 all),
21 (mandatory, to identify source type),
number of control points
i_dbs: set to 1 if DBS is being used in BEAM simulation
and you want to reject fat photons, 0 otherwise,
No. of times to split charged particles.
i_muidx_out: Set to 1 to include fractional MU index
in output phase space (i_phsp_out=1 or 2)

All inputs on one line:
Full phase space from an arbitrary direction
x-coordinate of the isocenter: -2.9000
y-coordinate of the isocenter: -6.1000
z-coordinate of the isocenter: -18.9000
Polar angle of origin in source plane: 90.0000
Azimuthal angle of origin in source plane: 270.0000
Distance from isocenter to origin in source plane: 56.9000
Source rotation angle: 270.0000
No. of times to split e+/e-: 0

Charge of incident particles to use: 0

Enflag(0=mono-E,1=spectr,2=phsp or full BEAM sim.,3=dosecomp,4=beam model),
Mode(0,2), medsur(0 = vacuum), dsurround(1), dflag(0=1 dsurround,
1=4 dsurrounds), dsurround(2), dsurround(3), dsurround(4)
: 2 0 1 50.000 0

The material in the region outside the phantom is:AIR700ICRU
The thickness of this region (in x, y & z direction) is: 50.000 cm

Input name of phase space file (A256)
Particles will be read from file:

Total number of particles in file : 406653
Total number of photons : 404866
The rest are electrons/positrons.
Maximum kinetic energyof the particles: 1.250 MeV
Minimum kinetic energy ofthe electrons: 0.185 MeV
# of particles incident fromoriginal source: 300000000.0

300000000 0 48.00 33 97 100.00 0 0 2 1 0.00 740 0 0 10 1 0

***************** Warning:
File /home/tpsuseEGS/egs_home/dosxyznrc/egsrun_17746_BhabhatronDOSXYZnrc-TMC_phoenix/BhabhatronDOSXYZnrc-TMC.errors
is already opened and connected to unit 15
Will not try to re-open this file, assuming it has been opened
by specifying it in the .io file.

Bound Compton start region
Setting all to 0
Rayleigh start region
Setting all to 0
Relaxations start region
Setting all to 0
PE sampling start region
Setting all to 0

Call hatch

===> Photonuclear flag: 0
Found medium with gas pressure

(Re)-initializing photon cross sections with files from the series: xcom

Compton cross sections: default
Using Compton cross sections from /home/tpsuseEGS/HEN_HOUSE/data/
Working on medium 1 ... OK
Working on medium 2 ... OK
Working on medium 3 ... OK
Working on medium 4 ... OK
old PRESTA calculates default min. step-size for BCA:
minimum ECUT found: 0.69999999999999996
default BLCMIN is: 5.4976599427784052
this corresponds to 244.12000856912749 elastic MFPs

Reading screened Rutherford MS data ............... done

Reading spin data base from /home/tpsuseEGS/HEN_HOUSE/data/
EGSnrc spin data, version 2.0
Data generated on a machine with 1234 endianess
The endianess of this CPU is 1234
Ranges: 1.00 100.00 0.30054 1.00000

medium 1 ..................... done
medium 2 ..................... done
medium 3 ..................... done
medium 4 ..................... done
Medium 1 sige = 0.35816548270345605 0.35304207939639420 monotone = F T
Medium 2 sige = 0.40967303204799704 0.40359507268912292 monotone = T T
Medium 3 sige = 0.43417900111864893 0.42772402547042210 monotone = T T
Medium 4 sige = 0.52240212590025104 0.51578874782980366 monotone = T T
Initializing tmxs for estepe = 0.25000000000000000 and ximax = 0.50000000000000000
Output from subroutine EDGSET:

Atomic relaxations not requested!

Bound Compton scattering not requested!


Electron/Photon transport parameter

Photon cross sections xcom
Compton cross sections default
Photon transport cutoff(MeV) 0.1000E-01
Pair angular sampling SIM
Pair cross sections BH
Triplet production Off
Bound Compton scattering OFF
Radiative Compton corrections Off
Rayleigh scattering OFF
Atomic relaxations OFF
Photoelectron angular sampling OFF

Electron transport cutoff(MeV) 0.7000
Bremsstrahlung cross sections BH
Bremsstrahlung angular sampling SIM
Spin effects On
Electron Impact Ionization Off
Maxium electron step in cm (SMAX) 5.000
Maximum fractional energy loss/step (ESTEPE) 0.2500
Maximum 1st elastic moment/step (XIMAX) 0.5000
Boundary crossing algorithm PRESTA-I
Skin-depth for boundary crossing (MFP) 244.1
Electron-step algorithm PRESTA-II

Will recyle each phase space particle 740 times before going on
to next particle.
Restarted phase space files and recycled particles are not

Starting a new calculation

Store data files at end of run only


Summary of source parameters (srcxyznrc)

Full phase space input for each incident particle

x-coordinate of the isocenter, -2.9000 cm
y-coordinate of the isocenter, -6.1000 cm
z-coordinate of the isocenter, -18.9000 cm
Polar angle of source plane: 90.0000 degrees
Azimuthal angle of origin in source plane: 270.0000 degrees
Distance from isocenter to origin in source plane: -56.9000 cm
Source plane rotation angle, 270.0000 degrees
Total number of particles in phase space file: 406653

Particles to be simulated: photon only

Medium AE AP
AIR700ICRU 0.700 0.010
LUNG700ICRU 0.700 0.010
ICRUTISSUE700IC 0.700 0.010
ICRPBONE700ICRU 0.700 0.010

Will perform charged-particle range rejection against voxel boundaries
if particle energy is below 0.00100 MeV.

****** NB ESAVE_GLOBAL <= ECUT so NO Range Rejection ***

Photons will be split 10 times


Histories to be simulated for this run 300000000

Histories to be analyzed after this run 300000000

Elapsed wall clock time to this point= 4.506 s

CPU time so far for this run = 4.506 s


1 0.0 0.0 0.00 19:50:25 ixx jxx = 97 33
2 63.9 63.9 1.00 19:51:29 ixx jxx = 25 58
3 126.7 126.7 1.00 19:52:32 ixx jxx = 73 9
4 189.4 189.4 1.00 19:53:34 ixx jxx = 54 87
5 252.2 252.2 1.00 19:54:37 ixx jxx = 35 68
6 315.0 315.0 1.00 19:55:40 ixx jxx = 49 82
7 377.9 377.9 1.00 19:56:43 ixx jxx = 39 72
8 440.7 440.7 1.00 19:57:46 ixx jxx = 54 87
9 503.6 503.6 1.00 19:58:49 ixx jxx = 68 4

*** Warning *** Used all particles fromsource file
Restarting from first particle infile

10 566.8 566.8 1.00 19:59:52 ixx jxx = 87 23

Total CPU time for run = 629.3 s = 0.175 hr => 1716161764. hist/hr
On linux64


# of particles read from ph-sp file (N_read) = 467118
# of primary (non ph-sp) histories read from ph-sp file = 406675
# of particles discarded dueto charge/LATCH/W/multiple passer = 62259
# of particles discarded because beyond BEAM_SIZE = 0
# of photons rejected because beyond DBS splitting radius = 0
# of particles that missed geometry = 0
N_used/N_read = 642.237
# of times each particle in ph-sp file recycled
(last particle may be recycled less than this) = 740
# of ph-sp particles simulated (N_used) = 300000000
# of times ph-sp file restarted in this run = 1


Fraction of incident energy deposited in the phantom = 0.0218

Fraction of incident energy deposited in the region surrounding
the phantom when incident particles go through it = 0.0013

Number of charged particle steps simulated, N_step = 555401587
Number of charged particle steps/incident fluence = 2.17503E-03
No. of PRESTA-II steps/total no. of charged particle steps = 0.89226

The ph-sp source was restarted at least once. This may lead
to an underestimate of uncertainty, especially if restarted
many times. If restarted many times, try re-running with
NRCYCL recalculated as described at topof dosxyznrc.mortran

Sets of depths per page = 0
Set to = 1

The dose values in 586822 voxels had error > 50% and have been
zeroed in the .3ddose file.

average of 20 highest doses = 0.13420E-16 Gy/particle
average % error of 20 highest doses = 2.766 %
average % error of doses > 0.500 of max dose = 3.561 %
(average error of doses > 0.500 of max dose)/(max dose) = 2.161 %
quadrature average % error of doses > 0.500 of max dose = 3.635 %
There are 3830 voxelswith dose > 0.500 of max dose

20 highest doses:
dose (Gy/particle) (x,y,z) (cm)
----------------- ------------

0.13901E-16 +/- 2.70122 % ( -0.56542, -11.10596, -18.45000 )
0.13897E-16 +/- 2.94458 % ( 0.94037, -10.60403, -18.20000 )
0.13818E-16 +/- 2.95443 % ( 0.18747, -10.85499, -17.70000 )
0.13729E-16 +/- 2.81016 % ( 0.68940, -10.60403, -15.95000 )
0.13559E-16 +/- 2.63896 % ( -0.06349, -10.60403, -17.70000 )
0.13507E-16 +/- 2.85665 % ( -1.31832, -11.10596, -18.70000 )
0.13500E-16 +/- 2.76575 % ( 0.68940, -10.60403, -19.45000 )
0.13488E-16 +/- 2.79449 % ( 0.94037, -10.60403, -16.45000 )
0.13486E-16 +/- 2.79507 % ( -0.81639, -10.85499, -15.95000 )
0.13391E-16 +/- 2.85736 % ( 0.18747, -10.85499, -14.95000 )
0.13318E-16 +/- 2.69529 % ( 0.43844, -10.60403, -16.20000 )
0.13302E-16 +/- 2.70072 % ( -0.56542, -11.10596, -17.95000 )
0.13301E-16 +/- 2.74121 % ( 0.43844, -10.85499, -17.45000 )
0.13246E-16 +/- 2.69521 % ( -0.56542, -10.35306, -18.70000 )
0.13241E-16 +/- 2.69811 % ( -1.31832, -10.85499, -15.70000 )
0.13170E-16 +/- 2.78629 % ( -0.81639, -11.10596, -15.95000 )
0.13147E-16 +/- 2.70391 % ( -1.31832, -10.35306, -17.95000 )
0.13139E-16 +/- 2.69641 % ( -1.31832, -10.35306, -18.45000 )
0.13133E-16 +/- 2.80412 % ( 0.94037, -10.10210, -21.95000 )
0.13126E-16 +/- 2.68886 % ( 0.94037, -10.35306, -21.45000 )

Total CPU time for this run = 662.6 s = 0.184 hr

END OF RUN Mar 29 2023 20:01:23

Finished simulation

Elapsed time: 662.6 s ( 0.184 h)
CPU time: 662.6 s ( 0.184 h)
Ratio: 1.000

End of run Wed Mar 29 20:01:23 2023

submitted by Opening_Lab_6153 to EGSnrc [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:25 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Still AWOL, But Rockstar Announces Big Updates For GTA Online And Red Dead Online

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is an elusive beast that has eluded [official] detection for years. The current “big dog” Grand Theft Auto V was first released way back in September 2013, and has been available across two console generations (Xbox 360/PS3 and Xbox One/PS4). It will even be available natively on next-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, which is quite unprecedented in the gaming realm. So, while Rockstar seems reticent to just letting us wait in agony for any news on GTA 6, it is at least giving us some new updates on its two current hot properties: GTA Online and Red Dead Online.
In the case of the incredibly popular (and highly lucrative) GTA Online, Rockstar says that a big “summer update” is coming for gamers with a “fun mix of diverse” content to partake in. Even more interesting is the fact that the developers indicate that its “biggest update ever” is coming before the end of 2020. That update will include new Heists that will take place in a completely new location, which has definitely piqued our interests.
red dead online As for Red Dead Online, its next big update is actually arriving next week; on July 28th to be exact. Red Dead Online hasn’t exactly been teaming with new content, as the last big update for the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2 dropped way back in December 2019. However, Rockstar is promising a new Frontier Pursuit mode with a focus on “naturalism” and a new battle pass-type component, which is conveniently named Outlaw Pass. Finally, Rockstar says that it has addressed tons of bugs with the game and has taken community feedback to heart with this release, which is definitely appreciated.
In addition to the game updates on the way, Rockstar also took the time to address the well-being of its online communities. “We are also committed to ensuring that our games are fun for everyone and as safe as possible from modders, cheaters, hackers, and those who seek to harass other players,” said the company in its blog post.
“So far this year, we have taken action on hundreds of thousands of players caught violating community rules across both games. Please help us keep our communities safe and fun by reporting any sort of cheating either directly in-game or via our dedicated web reporting tools for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online.”
It's good to see that Rockstar is cracking down on those looking to spoil the fun for everyone, and its methods for “taking out” such offenders is among the best in the industry.
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2023.03.30 07:24 phatcatz4u I (25F) Don't know if my brother (28M) is being abusive, and don't know what to do about it.

So my brother and I had a complicated childhood and experienced domestic violence while growing up, we used to fight a lot and sometimes we beat each other really bad and he always used bad words for talking to me, however it wasn't a normal playful thing, it was actually violent and it caused a lot of damage.
As time passed by, things got a little better with our family situation but suddenly we had a terrible fight. So I thought our relationship got closer since we started doing more things together but everything changed when his girlfriend found four puppies. He asked if I could help taking care of them since he didn't liked dogs and I said yes but I wasn't sure if it would work out since I have two cats and one is very territorial. So he left the puppy remaining here because all of them were adopted and he suddenly started getting mad and changing his mind about where to left the dog, at this point I told him: hey I gotta work tomorrow and this puppy is very anxious so if he cries I'll take him to you in the morning. I also told him It was only until I got back from work.
He got mad and said that he hated when I called back my decisions, he has also been calling me bad names a lot until this conversation so I had enough and shushed him when he started to criticize me and we'll, he got even more angry and i forgot what happened next because I was terrified by the way he looked at me all mad and screamed and idk I got scared, I remember my therapist said I have a trauma with some male figures and this made it worse for me because I told him to leave, he wouldn't leave and kept pushing me so I couldn't open the door. I was really scared and i got nauseous and my head hurt like hell when he finally left.
This is not the first time that he has these outbursts, he has always been this way but now I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm talking to a wall and i know he's my brother but he scares me and hurts me so much sometimes that idk how to talk to him anymore. Could anyone please tell me what should I do? He always tells me what I "do wrong" but he never actually listens to me. Should I cut him out of my life?
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2023.03.30 07:24 AlexanderNonbinary AITA for lying to my friend about where I was last weekend.

LIST OF PPL FOR THIS OP: Me (17) AB (amazing bf/ 18) JF (jerk friend/ 17)
Ok, so I am somebody who loves to hang out with my partner and JF hates that. Honestly, I think there's something wrong with them, because with me and my friend, it's always "my way or the highway." Anyways, we were making plans for last weekend, and AB wanted me to come over. Of course, I told him, yes, because he's an amazing boyfriend, why wouldn't I want to go over? JF told me that I am going over to her place and even if I thought about going over to AB's house, then I would be in deep shit by her. Last week on Friday, in my history class, she asked me what I was doing that weekend, and I told her I was going to my mom's because it's my mom's custody weekend. (I have divorced parents, so the lie makes sense.) JF got really upset by this and said, maybe next weekend we can hang out. And of course I told her maybe because I don't know whose custody weekend, it is because I haven't checked my calendar. Truth be told I spent all night Friday and pretty much all day Saturday hanging out with AB. I forgot to turn off my snap map and JF is always checking the snap map for friends and their little siblings. We were watching a horror movie and cuddled up together when my phone blew up with calls and texts from JF, and I was called every ugly name in the book because I didn't want to hang out with her during the weekend because he had been away for work the entire week. She's been ignoring me and laughing when I pass her in the halls, but I just choose to ignore it.
I don't care if I get downvoted to hell, but I just want to know, am I the asshole?
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2023.03.30 07:23 grakoncrack I hope you're happy now

I know you have messages saved on your phone You could have deleted but you can't let go Because I was the person who ruined you life But that was just high school I hope you're alive
And I won't forget your birthday date And I will remember as you graduate Because you were a pattern that I had to break But I swear I'm done
Falling into a dopamine chaos Trying to regain all that we'd lost Making believe that I can be better For someone who's just not a forgetter
I hope you burned every picture together I pray you don't keep my letters I won't pretend that we can be friends But please don't put that shit on the internet
Time heals wounds but it can't build back trust I'd never use your name unless I must It's not a secret that I'm still a loser I hope that you're moving on with your future
It's easy to lie and easy to cheat When you can't understand a heart that beats And I can say sorry a hundred more times Cause I'm really sorry I crossed those lines
I don't need forgiveness I'll accept the blame And carry it loudly again everyday You don't have to tell people I am the worst I already warned them I'll say it first
I'm trying to take it one day at a time And learn the lessons I struggled to find I doubt it can last as all good things end But maybe I can just try and make pretend
I'm still trying to hear your voice And cherish your words in all the noise But I want to let go of you Even if you let me cling to
Seeing you in things I love to do And feeling your presence in I love you's Sometimes I can't say the words I mean But I know that you aren't a faded dream
It's been years since I left you Barely hanging on I hope you're happy I just hope you're happy now
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2023.03.30 07:22 ihatevacations Jump ship vs suck it up and relocate for RTO

I'm at Amazon right now and as you can tell by the news there's going to be another wave of layoffs and forced RTO in May or so. The current guidelines are that RTO is only going to be for the building that's attached to your name and for me that means a local office that's about a ~35-40 minute drive. If I can stay in my current location, I have absolutely no problems with commuting to the office.
I've lost all trust in senior leadership here and I'm expecting them to come out with news saying that teams will need to move back to the original office location. In the case that happens, should I suck it up and stay here for another year and then jump ship or should I just jump ship immediately?
The tradeoff for this is a tough one. I'm up for mid-level promotion some time this year which would bring my total comp up to $252k and I really need the money to help my family with some things, at least for the next year or so. At the same time I really don't like the idea of relocating just to risk getting laid off a month or 2 later which is why I've been thinking about joining a startup as a mid-level / senior engineer with remote flexibility instead since they don't have building leases or anything to worry about.
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2023.03.30 07:21 carmelacorleone Legal Ramifications for Revealing Easily-Googled Information on Another Person

This question is based on curiosity from a post I just read on Reddit. I'm interested in answers based on US Law. I am not a lawyer and any advice I gave the OP came from a place of common sense personal opinion but at no time did I state or imply that anything I said was legally true or factual.
The OP of the post Googled their HR rep and discovered the person was arrested and given a mugshot for murder charges. They don't know if the person ever actually went to trial or the outcome of the trial, nor the possible circumstances for the person to have committed murder.
The OP is now uncomfortable working with this person and believes they should inform their coworkers of this discovery.
I cautioned OP that they need to keep their discovery to themself. They said the discovery was very easy, it's one of the first links when you Google the person's name. I said that if it was so easy then someone at work probably already knows or they will be able to find out, but that it's not OP's prerogative to tell. I also cautioned them that there could be possible ramifications for them for telling, even if they are telling the truth, since this discovery doesn't have anything to do with OP or the work environment. (I'm going to say again that I am not a lawyer and no advice I give is based on knowledge of the law, it is all based on my own personal opinions.)
So, my question: let's say OP ignores my advice and the advice of others telling them to bite their tongue. What are the possible legal ramifications, if any, for revealing this information, especially when they've stated they don't know the whole story?
I thank anyone who answers in advance!
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2023.03.30 07:21 Rescuestoriess Learn Street Vehicles Names for Kids with Baby Boy & Girl Fun Play with ...

Learn Street Vehicles Names for Kids with Baby Boy & Girl Fun Play with ... submitted by Rescuestoriess to u/Rescuestoriess [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 07:21 Wreck-It-Willy Help with Workcover Psychiatric Injury - cannabis

Hi All,
My name is Will, Australian citizen, lived in Victoria for 23 years, I'm 38 years old, father of four and a loving husband. Never been in trouble with the law, worked hard all my life in I.T (Dev Ops, Network Security) post my workplace injury.
In Nov 2018 I was put on workcover after a long bullying campaign and diagnosed with multiple psychiatric injuries as follows, PTSD, Depression, Severe social anxiety and High anxiety. I suffer paralysis inducing night terrors, loss of cognitive and verbal ability and numerous other health issues as a result of my workplace injuries. Workplace/workcover admit fault and accept that it was caused by my workplace. I have been subscribed a long list of medication, Mirtazapine, Sertraline, Zopiclone, Melatonin, Diazepam, but none of which worked for me and only made my conditions worse.
In around 2020 after reading a lot of research myself, I got and paid 100% myself with the help of Dr Soroush Habibi at Pro Wellness for TGA approval for access to medical cannabis for the treatment of PTSD (yellow spectrum oil then blue spectrum oil later as it worked wonders for myself, I need high doses of THC). I am thousands of dollars out of pocket for my access and the medication.
I have been working with Maurice Blackburn from the start in trying to get the help and support I need, but they are not over helpful with regard to anything to do with access to medical cannabis. The insurer which was Xchanging but is now Gallagher Bassett have reimbursed me for consultations in the past with Dr Soroush Habibi at Pro Wellness but nothing more, not for the cost of TGA approval or any medication I was prescribed from him.
Currently, I have just had my last IME with the report coming back as, "The WorkCover Insurer assessed your level of impairment at 20% pursuant to the Guides to the Evaluation of Psychiatric Injury for Clinicians (GEPIC) in regard to your psychological injury....."
I am currently only on Diazepam/Valium, which I have become highly addicted to and now using higher and higher doses, as it the only drug available to myself that calms me and lets me sleep.
After speaking with my lawyers yesterday we are going for one final dispute, they are under the opinion that I will not hit the very high 30% impairment level required to take further action. I did ask about access to medical cannabis again as it has been rejected by Xchanging and Gallagher Bassett in the past. I received an email from Gallagher Bassett in the last few days stating they are still going to be covering any reasonable medical costs related to my workplace injuries. So I raised it again with Maurice Blackburn. I was told they can only push/fight for reimbursement and access to medical cannabis to be paid by the insurer if I can provide something new to present them with, new research that medical cannabis will be an effective and safe method of treatment.
Today I got another reply from my lawyers as follows, Hi Will, There is no timeframe in which you can ask the insurer to fund the treatment or provide further information. My advice is that it will be difficult to convince the insurer to fund the treatment, and you will likely end up back at the Medical Panel. To strengthen your prospects of winning at the Panel, I have recommended that you obtain additional information to support your need for the medication. In the event that you request funding for the treatment, and this is rejected, I can refer you to our internal disputes team who will be able to assist you through the dispute.
This is where I need help, my wife (a primary school teacher) is 6+ weeks into a serous back injury of which she may need surgery, I have one teenage child living at home and work as a causal farm hand as my conditions do not allow me to work in an office environment, it is looking like I'm going to have to sell my house as my wife is now using her long service leave that won't last much longer.
I need advice on what I can provide/present them with, new research that medical cannabis will be an effective and safe method of treatment for my condition. The workcover system is broken and abused by so-called "Medical Professional". I hope I may be able to help change the system so anyone else in my position in the future does not have to have their conditions worsened due to the stress involved in dealing with them, and can access the legal medication they require.
I have emailed this to the following but awaiting a reply form them,
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sincerely and desperately grateful for any help,
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2023.03.30 07:18 Mundane-Travel-1284 Mother 3 is bad.

Everyone is talking about Hogwarts legacy being bad but everyone ignores Mother 3. Mother 3 is the squeal to earthbound that never got released in the west. Honestly I am disappointed that Nintendo would ever okay something so awful as mother 3. First off there is a character named Reggie who is a blackface stereotype down to him having big lips. He is also presented as being not smart so yeah. There are also people in the game called the magyspies who are harmful stereotypes of trans people who unaccountably around the main character (who is a child btw). I was curious so I looked up stuff about the game and was absolutely revolted by it all. Thankfully Nintendo has not localized it yet but with the release of the GBA expansion on the switch Nintendo might port it over. I mean alt right incels have been begging Nintendo for years now so maybe they would listen. hopefully not thought. Whats your opinion on it?
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2023.03.30 07:18 Paradox3759 Best APK backup app (without Root)

I've been using an app named "Apps Backup & Restore" from 2017 as my primary Apk backup app. Recently came to know that it was removed from Playstore years ago. Hence, no updates, no bug fixes and whatsoever. Although it works fine and all, I'm still looking for an alternative that's constantly updated by devs.
Before people suggest Swift Backup to me. I tried it but uninstalled it because it's kept backing up Apps to a different format than .apk. I don't remember the exact format but the files were uninstallable.
I also tried Neo Backup, but it requires Root functionality. So, in the end I'm still left with the old app. Please suggest me some more, if there are.
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2023.03.30 07:18 DatDM95 [kik randomgoth] Looking for a long term Girlfriend Catfish.

I’m looking for a fun, enjoyable catfish GFE with someone whose into nerdy stuff, a metal head would be nice, but I’m open to more in depth conversations as well. I would occasionally like this to include Sexting, but we will build up to that. I don’t mind who you use so long as there’s consistency. Please include your name, ASL, and a picture of who you plan to use. I’m a 27 year old Male from the US.
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2023.03.30 07:17 Zoozzoozzooz Cake on an alcohol shake

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2023.03.30 07:17 Strong_Economics2831 Amazon Pay Later not taking responsibility for the inaction of their lending bank

Last year I happened to sign up for Amazon Pay Later, it’s my fault I didn’t check the fine print of how it’ll open up two consumer loans in my name for Rs. 10,000. Amazon has a lending partner - Axio Capital (20% lending), which has in turn partnered with Karur Vysya Bank (80% lending), it is the most fucking incompetent bank in this country. The pending mechanism in itself looks fishy to me, why tf does a primary lending partner only be responsible for 20% of the loan?
As soon as I see the loans on my credit report I realise what has happened and approach them to close the accounts, I haven’t used a single penny. I’m told they’ve closed their account but I need to contact Karur Vysya Bank and close the other loan worth 8,000. Long story short, I’ve at least spoken to 10 people at Karur Vysya Bank since November and despite submitting the NOC, they’ve not closed my account. I contact Amazon and the most assholic customer care executive I’ve spoken to says they can’t take any action. It makes me furious.
Question for the community- I want to know the best way to force the bank to close my account. I’ve tried all the pleading and crying, I’ve lost the patience now.
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2023.03.30 07:17 frame_supercell Clash Mini Update 6 Patch Notes & Balance Changes

Clash Mini Update 6 Patch Notes & Balance Changes
Wabbit, Lumberdale, Arctic Mage, and Muscateer are chilling at the campfire. While Barkbarian is interrupting the chill, Raccoon is looking for her next prey on top of a tree.

Patch Notes

- Welcome to the new theme: 🌳Forest Force, where adorable yet dangerous creatures reside! Introducing 6 animal-themed Mini Skins: Wabbit, Lumberdale, Muscateer, Arctic Mage, Barkbarian, and 1 special Skin for our brand new Hero: Natureborn.
- Introducing our brand new and original Hero: Nartureborn! Shapeshifting to Deer and Human forms to fit your strategy and placement on the battle board! Deer form is automatically enabled in the first two front rows, and Human form is in the two back rows, and depending on the form, Natureborn supports allies in different ways!
- New Mini: Bandit! Available for play on April 16, 00:00 UTC. Absorb Energy, dash around, stun, and cause chaos on the battle board!
- You asked for new game modes, and we got Events! Introducing the time-limited Misty Forest event series, unlocked at Player Level 9 and yielding special rewards. 3 Game modes will be available, featuring a 6-player Battle Royale where players draft their own teams among a shared pool of Heroes and Minis to battle on a bigger battle board: Misty Forest (7x4).
#1 Draft Rumble, available for two weeks in April.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 MiniTurn 2-5:Pick 1 Mini
Game Flow Rules:Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir
#2 Double Hero Draft, available for two weeks in May.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 Hero (Different Heroes)Turn 2-3:Pick 1 Mini + 1 Mini (Different Minis)
Game Flow Rules:When HP is 0, player will be knocked out
Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir
#3 Double Hero Mega Draft, available for two weeks in June.Turn1:Pick 1 Hero + 1 Hero (Same Heroes could be shown)Turn 2-4:Pick 1 Mini + 1 Mini (Different Minis)
Game Flow Rules:
Player can Venture, which trade 1 HP for 2 Elixir(Forest Rumble) Winning a match gains 2 Elixir as a reward
- Both Collection and the Deck Building area on the Main screen now support you in unlocking Troops and Skins directly from that screen. Assemble your troops and easily equip them with your favorite skins before entering the battle board!
- Player Avatars are here! Discover detailed career stats and pick your favorite avatar in the player profile. Express, flex, and customize your player profile with unique Avatars during the battle.
- Introducing the monthly Ranked Season and farewell Star Exchange: your Rank will be reset at the start of each Ranked Season as the exchange for Rank Reset rewards. Six Gizmos will be available for each Ranked Season and will rotate monthly. Optional Star Exchange will ONLY be available this April and REMOVED entirely afterward.
- We have reworked Crystal Coins: and they can now be used to purchase various items, and players can earn Crystal Coins much more easily via various places in the game.
- Adjusted various Gold and Gem prices of Minis and Heroes and their related Shards.
- Rumble now offers the same Gizmo choices for all 8 players during a battle.
- Quests are regrouped into four tabs to display a variety of quests better!
- Quality of Life changes, bug fixes & more!

Balance Changes

Royal Champion
  • Base Attack range increased to 4 from 3
  • The first ability:
Lv4: +2 damage (from 1 damage)
  • The third ability: Heroic Spirit: Boast: +2 Energy (from 3)
Lv2: +1 Energy (from 2)
Lv3: +1 Energy (from 2)
Lv4: Grants 2 Energy to each ally
Wave Master
  • Base HP reduced to 13 from 14
  • The third ability: Chaos Lover
Clash: Flip a nearby ally to the enemy’s side, and the ally gains 2 Energy over 4s (from gains 4 Shield for 4s)
Lv2: +2 Energy
Lv3: The ally gains Energy over 3s
Lv4: The ally gains Energy over 2s
Shield Maiden
  • With her Clash or Super, if enemies deal 0 damage to shield maiden, Shield Maiden can get energy
  • The third ability:+1 Energy for each successful heal received (from 2 Energy)
Lv2: +1 Energy when being stunned (from 2 Energy)
Barbarian King
  • Base attack speed reduced to 0.7 from 0.75
  • Base Ability: Clash: Taunt enemies within a certain area for 2s (from 3s, and affected ranged increased)
  • New first upgrade: Gains 4 shield for 8s with each enemy being taunted when casting Mocking
Skeleton Guard
  • Base HP increased to 8 from 7
  • Fixed the bug of unexpected attack speed stacking
  • The third upgrade can stack up
  • Base Ability: Hitting enemies increases attack speed (can stack 15 times) (from 10)
  • New first upgrade:
Rampage: Gain 6HP over 3s
Rampage: When HP drops below 50% (once per round)
  • Base attack speed increase to 0.5 from 0.45
  • New second upgrade: Rage Potion effects larger area
  • New third upgrade: Clash: cast Rage Potion
Mini Pekka
  • New first upgrade: Shining Blade bonus damage increased to 3x
  • New second upgrade: Shining Blade chance to trigger becomes 100% if the target is stunned
  • New third upgrade: Attacks gain 2 Dissipate
Healing Ranger
  • Base ability: the radius of the Healing Spear decreased
  • HP per upgrade increased to 3 from 2
  • Base ability will not target the gizmo
Golden Giant
  • Base Ability: Super: Stun an enemy and himself for 2sEnergy: 7
  • The first upgrade: +6 HP over 3s if stunned
Battle Healer
  • The second upgrade: Allies receiving Healing Wave gain Block for 2s (from 2.5s)
Mega Knight
  • The third upgrade: Being hit generates 2 Energy and being critically hit generates 4 energy
Magic Archer
  • New third upgrade: +1 damage when a target’s HP is below 50%
  • New second upgrade: Damage is doubled for 6s after Charge, and he no longer gets stunned if Charge misses
The available pool of Gizmos will rotate every month with 6 gizmos in total
King Tower
  • Damage to Gizmos increased
Hot Pot
  • Potter's HP reduced to 16 from 17
Training Camp
  • Allies gain +1 ATK every 7s (from 8s)
Saint Mirror
  • Base HP increased to 15 from 14
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