Closest publix to me

How do I respond to when my friends say, "I worry about where you're going after death."

2009.08.12 02:38 mbentl11 How do I respond to when my friends say, "I worry about where you're going after death."


2008.08.26 21:22 Independent Baseball

Your center for Independent Baseball throughout the United States of America and Canada.

2014.08.15 01:36 redtaboo kitties!


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2023.03.22 07:58 Throwingaway5678900 Fungal infection?

I'm not sure how to add photos, but hoping someone can offer me advice.
Had a painful rash on my inner thighs. Small bright red streaks. Doctor said chafing and gave me steroid cream. 3 days on that and my skin just exploded. Both rashes are now 5x the size, very dry and scaly, and very red. Doctor took a swab and put me on antibiotics. The meds cleared up the painful spots but my dry rash is still there, still very red and spreading. I have another appointment in a couple days but I'm stressing out. Could it be fungal? I've also developed the same rash it looks like on one of my breasts.
This is what it looked like 7 days ago:
This is now:
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2023.03.22 07:49 TheHywolf My Best Friend’s Fiancée asked me to not attend their wedding and cut my friend off

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2023.03.22 06:48 morganlillie I’m (18F) overthinking about me and my boyfriend’s (19M) relationship when I start college

Okay for some background; my boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, he’s 19 and I’m 18. He lives in Europe and I live in the US. We have met before and it was amazing. My family adores him. Okay so, this is where the over thinking comes in. He started college Fall 2022, and I start Fall 2023. He decided to stay at home and go to a college close to his house. He lives in a small town, and doesn’t work. So his schedule is very flexible. Even with the time difference, we talk almost every day and spend as much quality time as one can online. I applied for multiple different colleges in the US and got accepted to some and waiting to hear back from others. I’m scared that when I start college our relationship will change. Since he’s at home still, and I’ll be moving away from home and working and doing college, I feel like my life will be so busy and our relationship will fall behind. So many people have said “don’t go into college with your high school boyfriend.” But I don’t believe in that. I love him so so much and don’t ever think about breaking up just because. But what if we only can talk once a week? Change is scary…for the past 2 years I’ve gotten used to our little schedule and how flexible it is, I’m genuinely so scared the distance will actually affect us. I even thought about going to college where he lives but my family didn’t approve of me going so far away…I may sound dramatic but I’ve been so down about it today. I guess I just want to know your opinion on this situation and if I’m being dramatic. Also anyone who’s been in a similar situation?
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2023.03.22 06:34 HauntingDebt6336 Horizon View Agent on Linux - Not showing up in Connection server

Xpost for Horizon View subreddit but figured someone might have seen this issue here.
Running a trial of Horizon View in order to do a comparison against NoMachine and some other software.
I've downloaded the tarball and copied it over to my Ubuntu 20.04 system.
Untar'd and ran the ./install_viewagent with both a basic -A yes and also doing:
./ -b -d -u admin -k -m yes (We need smartcard redirect)
It runs through, asks for a password and then completes and I reboot the system
Doing a systemctl status viewagent shows me it's running and no complaints.
I go to connection server and start to create a manual pool, when I go to fill it there's no system listed in the DNS list to add.
I'm at a total loss as to how to make this system show up to the connection server. Connection server firewall is turned off. Ubuntu system firewall turned off. All systems have static IP address and are all on the same network.
Is there something i'm missing? I don't see any errors or anything in /valog/vmware logs.
I set up the Agent on Windows and it just showed up without any issue.
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2023.03.22 06:14 haroldemor Need help with DLink Covr 1836 mesh!

So i have this DLink covr 1836 mesh system that has worked fine ever since i got it. But suddenly it has stopped working. Eventhough all three mesh points show a white led (means that there is a strong signal), it will not let me connect. Only thing that helps is to unplug all 3 units, then the issue is fixed for just some hours and its back to not connecting.
What could be the problem?
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2023.03.22 06:14 the-orion-atlas i miss my dad

my dad popped in and out of my childhood for the first 6-7 years and in the last year or so he's pretty much dipped out and chose a girl over me and my brother. we had to move a few hours away with our mom and our dad said he's be moving a few months after and then it kept getting pushed back and back until now its almost been a year since we moved. and anytime I try to talk about my dad, my mom gets mad and tells me that I should've expected it because that's just how he is and I know it is but that doesn't stop me from missing him. me and him could always talk and have good conversations and bond over things when I was younger, even as a kid when he'd come back for a while, we were attached at the hip. we've always had the same interests and similar personalities and ideals. so we always got along super well and it sucks a lot to not have him even talking to us. I always get told I look like my dad, both looks and style wise. my mom told me that just the other day and today in an effort to upset me, my brother started referring to me by his name. and so it set off this whole tangent and then I missed him again. I decided to make a Facebook because I know it's the only social media he really uses. and he hasn't posted anything in a while but he updates his profile picture and cover photo every few months and looking at them, so many of them are photos of him and me or him with me and my brother. the only time I found photos of him by himself were for the occasional pfp. But seeing that in October he changed it to a picture of me and him and that was the last thing he's done on there, it's kicked everything up a notch and I can't talk to my mom about it and I don't want to bring it up to my little brother. So I guess internet strangers are the next best thing. I just miss my dad man
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2023.03.22 06:00 Pessimist_inc Advice on getting a puppy

So I've been half heartedly considering getting a puppy for a while. I say half heartedly because I work 3 12 hour shifts a week and don't think it would be right to get a puppy when I am out of the house for such long periods. I want to know if anyone knows of a way for me to make it feasible to raise a puppy given this restriction. For context, I rent a house by myself with a small backyard. I also have 2 cats who I have had for 5 years and take a bit of time to warm up to people/ other animals
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2023.03.22 05:51 relmo6512 20[M4F] Looking for some nice chats and more

I‘m looking for some people to become chat friends with and chat longer than just a day. And maybe if you want we can do some more things than just chatting about normal stuff. If you‘re interested you can DM me and we can have a good time together😊
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2023.03.22 05:26 ValuablePossession85 [F4M] Ever been baby trapped by your own daughter before?

You were drunk. A great dad but drunk. Recently you had said that you had to stop supporting me and let me stand on my own two feet. I decided I didn’t like that so much. So while you were drunk I decided to take advantage of you, and make you get me pregnant. You were normally stronger than me but while drunk were too weak to resist. I threatened to reveal whose baby it actually was if you didn’t comply. Making you divorce mom, babysit the kid I inevitability have, and fulfill my every want and will you are completely my slave.
That’s the prompt. I like first person, good responses, references (will probably use hentai), and a bunch of other things. I can either be an incredibly aggressive sub, or downright cruel dom. I want to have the scene of you impregnating me, me going through pregnancy, and life with the baby. My only limit is Scat so let’s get down to business.
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2023.03.22 05:13 Memeologist_911 Turbo tax refile

I did my tax returns tonight and I realized I made an error after submitting my taxes via refile(or whatever turbo tax uses). I realized my issue and refilled via turbo tax but, there’s no “new” notice of assessment there yet. It said my old notice of assessment would be published on the 30th so I’m not sure exactly when the new filing will pop up on my CRA account. I’m filing my own taxes for the first time and this is all new to me. TIA!
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2023.03.22 04:48 themeantoyou Final unit cost of each product

I don't know if this goes here but I would appreciate if you could help me with a doubt, I want to get the final unit cost of each product separately after taxes, shipping... here is the table:

I know that by dividing $280.49 by 26 I get the average price but I would like to know what I mentioned at the beginning mostly out of curiosity, I tried to do it with ChatGPT but I could not. Thanks for your help
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2023.03.22 04:44 7jaykyuyu766 I’m a sizzling grandma – folks inform me to decorate my age however I nonetheless really feel practically 40 years youthful than I'm

I’m a sizzling grandma – folks inform me to decorate my age however I nonetheless really feel practically 40 years youthful than I'm submitted by 7jaykyuyu766 to u/7jaykyuyu766 [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 04:22 Tryingtobesetapart 29 [M4F] California/USA- I’m 5’3 but willing to date any height

Hey! I know I’m short but that’s part of what makes me unique. I’m used to it and like it. I think it’s comfortable. Hopefully you like it too. Anyways, I like hanging out with family and friends, working out, watching various stuff, video games, podcasts, looking at random stuff online, etc.
I am easy going and typically have a positive attitude. I like to joke around but I don’t want to take the jokes too far and be serious when it’s necessary. I am more of a homebody but I’m not opposed to going out and being adventurous. I’m a night owl. I also like organization and order so I’m not really the messy type.
If any of this sounds nice to you then shoot me a message! You never know until you try right? Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read all this and hope you have a great day/life!
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2023.03.22 04:06 NothingIcy4055 I (23F) need help dealing with guilt in a healthier way and with my boyfriend's (23M) anxiety

Hi there, hope whoever's reading this is having a great day :)I'm having some problems dealing with my very freshly-new relationship. We're together for a little over a month, and a few challenges surfaced. My boyfriend has very complicated anxiety, and I'm diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
I unfortunately hurt my boyfriend emotionally in various ways. He's very logical and has a bit of difficulty dealing with emotions due to a very challengind childhood, and I'm a very emotional and clingy person, in general. I'm not mad about it in any way - i think we have the chance to learn a lot from each other. I can learn to be a bit more logical, and he can learn to deal with his feelings.
The reason why I'm dealing with guilt is because in 1 month that we are together, I think I made his life a lot more complicated. In my birthday, I went to his home and his mom had COVID. I ended up testing positive for COVID about 2 days after she did, unfortunately. The result is that I had to stay about a week "living" with him and his mom, because my parents are pretty old and have a few health issues, so going back home and passing COVID to them wasn't an option.
My disorder kicked in. And since we didn't even have an entire month together, and his difficulty expressing emotions, I couldn't exactly understand a lot of his requests and things I did he said bothered him. Most of the time, I thought he was kidding when he said a few things, and since I was feeling a bit insecure and stressed out for being sick, I would respond in a very shitty way.
When I got back home, he shared his feelings and I could finally understand that no, he wasn't "kidding" or simply trying to annoy me in some way. He actually felt humilliated by a lot of the things I said and did.I asked for forgiveness, admitted the mistakes that I made. He said he loves me, that he doesn't want to break up and knows that the "real me" isn't the person I was to him during the days we were together in his home. Though he said those things, I feel shitty and undeserving of so much love and comprehension. I love him a lot, but I was shitty to him, and sometimes I feel like breaking up because I want him to be happy and to not deal with the shit I put him through.
I even tried to ask him a few times if I could do something to help him cope with his anxiety, but he said that there just isn't anything I can do.
I tried asking for advice from a few people in my life, and many of them who are in happy/fulfilling relationships mentioned that the start of relationships can be really challenging, because you're adapting to having someone completely new in your life. And many said that hurting each other "happens", but you can go through these difficult times when you admit what you've done and actually grow up.
If you are in a relationship, have you ever hurt the person you love? How did you deal with it? What is (in your opinion, of course) a healthy way to "fix" what I've done, forgive myself to not build even more self-hatred and also move on to building a healthier, happier and more secure relationship?
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