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A community to help you stay stylish without wearing out your wallet!

2011.06.30 17:40 PirateCodingMonkey LGBT Havens: safe places for lgbt young adults

Safe places for LGBT youth

2010.07.03 14:21 J3N1US Protesting at a soldiers funeral service is completely unacceptable!!

For all members of the armed forces around the world.

2023.05.28 15:08 ExtensionAnywhere620 Tomb Raider DE PS4/5 vs PC

I’ve just recently had a go at replaying TR DE on PC having previously played the trilogy on PS4/5 and is it just me but doesn’t have the same ‘feel’ to it?
Don’t get me wrong it looks great, and plays smooth (on Legion5 3070ti) but I just can’t put my finger on it, it’s like it looks too bright and clean. I have booted up my PS5 to compare and the subtle differences have put me off playing through the trilogy on PC. Am I alone in thinking this?..
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2023.05.28 15:08 ApprehensiveFeez Sugar rush

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2023.05.28 15:08 Odd_Permission3858 Steeped Tea Lover

The Timmy ho ho stepped tea is soooo good. My sister recently moved to America and there is no Timmy ho ho anywhere, does anyone know how to recreate this at home?
We have tried boiling hot water on a stove and steeping multiple tea bags for a few minutes but it cannot compare to the rich flavour of the steep tea. Any advice on how I can replicate this?
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2023.05.28 15:08 Elegant_Jellyfish851 Can someone explain this to me please

I had a strategy that failed recently and i was 100% sure that it will work but failed, i was trying to reduce PMO from daily to once each 2 days, was so motivated in the beginning and was able to keep going for a week and thought this will be easy, but i end up doing PMO twice/3x a day recently. I tried to keep going but failed again! Seriously what the hell is this!! I also have read that avoiding urges will make it worst. Please help me! How can i reduce it in a better way!
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2023.05.28 15:08 YogurtclosetLevel689 Some improvements I can suggest for Ranked mode.

  1. Allow Starter access users to play TMWT maps. This is a really annoying issue because once you achieve gold in ranked, you simply can't play anymore because you don't know the maps. You can train them in live rounds or practice them in hotseat/offline, which is not very comfortable. People end up learning the maps in live games, which ruins the experience for everybody else. I understand that $10 doesn't seem like a lot of money when you enjoy the game, but at this point, it feels like the game is forcing you to pay. Not to mention that there are countries where $10 is a significant amount of money, or buying standard access is impossible at all.
  2. Let players choose which maps they want to play. There are obviously maps in the campaign that have unpredictable parts or are just difficult to play for some people. It would be nice to have the option to choose the maps you want to play in ranked. The concept is simple: if you feel comfortable with a map, you should be able to choose it, and if you don't, you can do the opposite. I think this will improve the quality of the matches since everyone will know what they're playing.
  3. Make adjustments to the points system. Let's imagine a situation: some top 10 TM players decided to play ranked, but they have never played it before. Since they are "new", their opponents will likely be in bronze or silver and most likely not very skilled. These not so skilled players will lose points in a game where they had close to zero chances to win. One possible solution is to consider not only a player's rank in ranked when calculating points but also their position in the world rankings. Another example is something that recently happened to me: I was playing in silver, and on the opposite team, there was a player with the #2 time in the world on a map. I was trying my best, but I always came in second place and team was not very good, so I lost 40 points. That means, even if you are the second-best player on the server, you will still lose points, and in some cases, a significant number of them. One possible solution to this is to deduct fewer points from players who perform well on a map but still lose the match.
  4. Add additional modes to ranked (5v5, 2v2, 1v1). I can't say much about it, but it feels like this feature should have been available from the first day of ranked.
I would be glad to hear your opinion about my suggestions or even your own suggestions in the comments. Let's work together to make this game better! 😄
P.S. Sorry for a lot of text <3
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2023.05.28 15:07 smaight Can someone vet my concept please? (network/firewall/pi-hole/media station)

NetworkChuck did a video recently installing pfsense on a protectli device and I love the content and presentation, so I was looking closer into the device he was using. To really make this useful for me, I need to cover a few more requirements with this (one) device.
Now, I have used Hypervisors before, but mostly for work in big server environments, so not very familiar with the smaller scale and linux side of things. Before I go invest some money into a new device that effectively replaces my router + pi, I would like someone to help me figure out whether this is even possible:
- Protectli VP2410 (or 2420, but don't have 2.5G networking anywhere in the house yet)
- providing WiFi for the house (we are using EthernetOverPower with Wifi repeaters, just need a base station - I'd like to keep it independent of any ISP provided hardware, hence looking to create separately) - if there are better options externally, I'd be all ears :)
- pfsense for Firewall/VPN goodness (would that run on the eMMC module or in a VM?)
- pihole for DNS sinkhole and control (removing ads and some telemetry) - currently running separately, but would like to have the pi free to play with.
- Media Station (Windows or Ubuntu Desktop, don't mind), connected to my TV
- maybe room for some other VMs to spin up for testing. if enough room pot. looking to replace my home server if I can have USB3 Storage devices attached to the device?
Would this be possible/recommended with a single device?
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2023.05.28 15:07 Gandoofadoof Alternative/comparable option to clear Varda wood "stain"

We don't live near enough to an IKEA to drive all that way just to pick up some of their wood stain, and they don't deliver it.
Does anyone else know an alternative we could buy at say Home Depot?
We just bought the KLOVEN deck chairs and the NORRMANSO table and chairs and want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make the last! Have covers for them, but also want to "re-stain" as they recommend.
It seems the VARDA clear "stain" isn't actually a "stain", but rather an acrylic wood treatment that is water-based? Does this sound right? Do we need to sand before we "re-stain" or just apply the product directly to the wood?
Any alternatives to this product that anyone is aware of?
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 15:07 DuhhIshBlue Security Breach is neither good nor bad

I played on PS4, and almost as soon as it came out so there were tons and tons of bugs. The game was annoying, made me angry, and barely functioned.
That being said, my little brother was watching the whole time I played it and despite the game... not being great as a game I still enjoyed the time I spent playing it which imo makes it a good game at the same time.
The games where you're stuck in one spot honestly aren't my cup of tea as I find the lack of movement boring but this one? I finished it. I got... 3 endings, I think? More than I had to, anyway.
In conclusion, the game wasn't great but the time I had playing it was. The amount of times I yelled "this is the worst game I've ever played" (hyperbole) was probably nearing the 50's but that was honestly part of the fun.
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2023.05.28 15:07 SwiftChallengerNomad The Sims 2 City Building Challenge: A Work In Progress

I've played a couple of city building challenges and not managed to complete them, either through lack of interest or the difficulty being too high, so I thought I'd have a crack at playing/writing my own variation.
The general rules were that I could only buy the basics from the catalog, anything else had to come from a Sim-owned business, that professions and rewards would only become available when it made sense for my little town's economy, and that I wanted to build up to experiencing everything The Sims 2 and its expansion packs has to offer. I'd play each household for a Sim week to keep all the playable Sims' ages consistent, and I'd make it a little more difficult by playing only the starting neighbourhood families and whoever they marry/move in, no CAS Sims.
Initially there wouldn't be a food store or grocery deliveries so all the Sims have to farm, then whoever can afford a lot first could sell farmed goods. At Business Level 5, wholesale freezers are unlocked and at 10 the Grocery Delivery interaction is unlocked. Other businesses have similar rules.
Here's the story so far (I really should've been making notes from the start):
The Gavigans moved into 1 Beach Crescent, Driftwood, where Nathan took a job as an Adventurer and Mary stayed home to raise Isaiah, write a newspaper column about cleaning, and grow produce. They had a daughter, Amelia. Isaiah is now an adult with the Romance aspiration and wants to WooHoo with 20 different Sims. He owns a small fresh flower shop in the business district. Amelia is a teen with the Fortune aspiration who wants to become a World-Class Ballet Dancer
The Picaso family moved into 2 Beach Crescent, Driftwood, where Jessica briefly worked in Education before being fired for poor performance. Matthew tended the family vegetable plot and wrote a Mechanical column for the local newspaper. They had three children: Alina, James, and Linda. James and Linda are twins. Alina has just grown into an adult with the Family aspiration and wants to Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens. She recently bought a business in the business district where she sells her paintings. James is a Knowledge Sim and wants to become a Criminal Mastermind. Linda is a Romance Sim and wants to become a Celebrity Chef.
The Traveller family moved into 3 Beach Crescent, Driftwood where they farmed. Tina writes editorial pieces for the local newspaper, and Trent has a cooking column. Trent and Trisha had Sabrina together, and then Trent was abducted by aliens and had Rebecca and Zack with Pollintation Technician. Tina is an adult with the Knowledge aspiration and wants to become a Criminal Mastermind, she owns a toy shop in the business district where she started off selling handmade toys but now also sells items from the catalog. Sabrina is a teen with the Pleasure aspiration who wants to become a Celebrity Chef. Rebecca and Zack are children.
The Ramaswami family moved into 4 Beach Crescent, Driftwood, where they farmed and wrote for the local newspaper. Sanjay wrote short stories for the paper, while Priya wrote about styles and fashions. They had two daughters, Cadence and Annabeth, who have taken over their parents' columns in the newspaper. Sanjay got a job in the Science career and is currently a Theorist. His next promotion will make him a Mad Scientist, opening up the Medical career path. Cadence is a Pleasure teen with the desire to become a Game Designer. Since the Gamer career won't be unlocked until someone makes a level 5 Arcade, she's already investing in arcade games for when she leaves school so that she can start her own business. Annabeth is a Fortune teen with the aspiration to become a Prestidigitator.
The Ottomas family moved into 5 Beach Crescent, Driftwood. Grandma Dora supported Peter and Samantha by looking after the children while they worked as teachers. Samantha eventually became the Education Minister, opening up the possibility of going to University for future generations of Sims. Dora is now buried at the Beach Crescent Graveyard after dying of old age.
David finished school and got a job in Oceanography, eventually leaving home and marrying Michelle Tse. They now live at 1, Sand Road and have twin babies Rhett and Link. David reached the top of the Oceanography career, unlocking it for future Sims. He's a Popularity Sim and wants to become a Rock God, something he's unlikely to achieve because there's still no music school. Michelle is a Fortune Sim who wants to become a Business Tycoon. Unfortunately, this career track won't be available until there's a successful business of each of the types required for the challenge: a grocery store, a restaurant, an art gallery, a music school, a dance school, a gym, a disco or nightclub, and an arcade. Michelle currently works as an employee at Isaiah Gavigan's flower shop.
Sharla married Gavin Newson.
Tommy still lives at home with his parents. He's a Pleasure Sim and aspires to become a Celebrity Chef. He started by founding Zippy Eats, a fast food restaurant in the business district. When that reached Level 5, he was able to find a job in the Culinary career track. He's currently a Sous Chef.
Keri and Ray moved to University
The Goodie family moved into 6 Beach Crescent, Driftwood, and adopted the Newson family. After the death of the Goodies from old age and the other siblings moving out, Georgia Newson inherited the large house. She's a Romance Sim with the aspiration to become a Hall of Famer. She owns a gym in the business district and is waiting for it to reach Level 5 before she can enter the Athletic career now that the town's population is high enough to have its own sports team. Herbert and [] are buried at Beach Crescent Graveyard.
Gavin Newson moved to 1 Beach Lane, where he started growing produce to sell in the Farmer's Market in the business district. He married Sharla Ottomas. Gavin has the Fortune aspiration and wants to become a Business Tycoon. Sharla has the Pleasure aspiration and wants to have 50 Dream Dates, an aspiration she'll have to reconsider now that she's married.
Ginger Newson initially moved with Gavin to 1 Beach Lane, and made toys for him to sell alongside the produce at his grocery store. Eventually, she moved out and started a business selling electronics. She married Weylon Menon and they've had their first child, Norman. Ginger has the Family aspiration and wants to reach her Golden Anniversary. Waylon has a Fortune aspiration and wants to become a Business Tycoon.
Gallagher moved to 5 Beach Lane, opened a fast food restaurant in the business district, and married Ivy Copur. Gallagher's business reached Level 5, allowing him to enter the Culinary career track, he is currently a Restauranteur and wants to be a Celebrity Chef to complete his Romance aspiration. Ivy is a Knowledge Sim who wants to become a Space Pirate, she's nearly there, currently a Dread Pirate. They are preparing for their first baby together.
Garrett moved to 4 Beach Lane and married Sophie. Once the town's population was high enough, Garrett went into the Politics career despite his lifelong dream to become a ballet dancer, hopefully he can still satisfy his Fortune aspirations. Sophie, also a Fortune Sim, has an aspiration to become a Criminal Mastermind. She's currently working as a Con Artist.
Gabriella moved to 6 Beach Lane and founded a dance school in the business district. The dance school is currently Level 5, meaning that one Sim can enter the Dance career. She's a Fortune Sim who wants to become The Law. She's currently working as a Law Firm Receptionist. She's engaged to Orlando Centowski, who has moved in. Orlando is a Family Sim who wants to Marry Off 6 Children.
When the University opened up, the city gained some new playable families:
The Sharpe family: Roxy and Edwin and Roxy's boyfriend Jonah Powers. Since Roxy and Jonah both wanted to pursue more romantic relationships elsewhere, they moved into separate dorms. After getting a bit of life experience, Jonah Powers changed his Romance aspiration from having 20 simultaneous lovers to the Fortune aspiration of becoming a Space Pirate. He now lives at 2, Sand Road with a mortgage to pay off.
Edwin graduated and moved into 3, Sand Road, with a mortgage to pay off. He is a Knowledge Sim who wants to become Head of SCIA. During his studies, he allowed his romantic relationship with Delilah O'Feefe to wane.
Roxy graduated and moved into 4, Sand Road, with a mortgage to pay off. She is a Romance Sim with the lifetime aspiration to WooHoo with 20 different Sims. During her time at University she managed to WooHoo with Kennedy Cox, Victor Copur, Peter Sims, Ocean Huerta, Cristopher Roennigke, Jason Centowski, Jeremy Bui, Luc Grove and Jonah Powers, so she's nearly halfway there!
When Edwin Sharpe decided to focus on his studies, Delilah O'Feefe began a relationship with Mitch Indie. She graduated from University and moved into 5, Sand Road with a mortgage to pay off. She has a Knowledge aspiration to become a Media Magnate, a career path that's open to her since there are correspondents writing for the paper in each of the 7 topics and they all have the maximum skill in their chosen subject. She's waiting for Mitch to graduate.
The Friends household Mitch Indie and Max Flexor.
The Students household Emily Lee and Tom Freshe.
Marla Biggs
The First Year household.
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2023.05.28 15:06 WeaveAndRoll Is Prop funding the only way ?

i lost.. i won and lost more until it hurt enough for me to learn a bit... So i stopped trading, watched YT's and basically educated myself a bit....Now, a year later, the CND gouvt changed laws affecting crypto so i opted to join the FOREX train
2 weeks ago, i started my first FOREX account dropped 40$ in it and its now at 53$. I still have issues with calculating my entry size and risk%... and i admit that 2 of my 12 trades were FOMO/luck to end in the green... Yes im learning.
In this learning process, there is THE dream. the dream of not blowing my account :) the dream of getting enough green days to buy myself a McDonalds happy meal ... and maybe a lambo (lol).
Considering i have no intention of putting a lot more money in, i'd rather feed my kids then the big banks...Is it possible to create a extra income stream with a small account ? What's a reasonable annual PNL% for people with day jobs and kids...
Basically, i know that the road is still long and currently no where near being a "decent" trader yet, but yes, the ultimate dream to trade enough for it to matter in a budget...
So the question... is it reasonable to aim for a couple hundreds a month from trading without a prop firm? I understand why prop firms are attractive and are part of selling the dream... but just don't understand why people with decent PNL just dont use a little discipline and fund their own know, compounding and stuff :) ...
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2023.05.28 15:06 hundredindecisions Breakup processing - part three

I have a problem. I'm working on fixing it. The problem: when I'm facing a relationship situation I have put forth major effort to fix and I've been unsuccessful, I tend to shoulder all the blame. A therapist once told me "You do that because if it's all your fault, then it's still within your control to address." She's so damned smart.
A friend has been advising me repeatedly to stop beating myself up. That I do not need to shoulder all the blame, here. That he is at fault, too. Many times, instead of hearing me when I voiced my struggle - over and over again - with not being able to see him, he'd say things like "I am so confused" and "Why are you upset?" Like, dude. I just told you why I'm upset.
I came to know that in order for him to feel better about himself for his lack of action at establishing a good travel alibi, he had to misunderstand me. He had to not hear me. Okay, cool, I understand. But no thanks.
A conversation with a good friend yesterday:
Me: He used to say there was a possibility he could see me.
(He had an IRL friend he was going to tell about me so he could have an excuse to travel. He was going to look into traveling for work.)
Me: That eventually went away.
Friend: This makes me so so sad. That he squandered something so beautiful. He wouldn’t, but used the excuse that he couldn’t. You do not bear all the responsibility for this. Your needs cannot be suppressed. How many times does someone have to promise something and then not follow through before it hits home? The mixed messages are brutal.
Me: I felt like I was losing my mind.
(Was I insane? Did he not just say a month ago there might be a possibility? Why all this flip flopping? Was I just hearing what I wanted to hear? Did I dream he said there was a possibility? Surely I am losing my marbles.)
Friend: It makes sense you were miserable. Like Jesus Fuck. You asked for so little. Once a year. Do you know how little you were asking for?
Me: He didn't want me enough to do any work to fuck me. That's all it is. The end.
Friend: But he also didn’t want to lose you. So he’d say what he needed to keep you. That was some serious dishonesty on his part.
Me: He'll never acknowledge that, tho.
Anger is fucking exhausting, so I'm just going to drop this here now and do my best to release it. Thanks for listening.
Soundtrack: "What If I Love You" by Gatlin
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2023.05.28 15:06 redoctoberr “Physical” feeling of sadness when pushing your stomach in

Sounds weird but does anyone else have that? If I (for example) wear high waisted jeans that are very tight, and they press in around the central area under the stomach / ribs, it gives me a weird feeling of sadness / light dread without any emotional reason. I used to get it a lot when I was younger and would swing on bars on my stomach. And I recently got it again (tight jeans) and I didn’t like to be sad all of a sudden.
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2023.05.28 15:06 kungraco Taylors Falls, MN

Taylors Falls, MN
My work took me up to Taylors Fall yesterday. I've been to the park and ridden my motorcycle through this gorgeous area of ours before but I did some reading about the geology of the rock formations when I returned home. I learned that MN was once positioned near the Equator. I'm sure this news was relayed to me at some point in school but I was likely staring out the window thinking about playing baseball or climbing trees at the time. If you haven't been to the area, it is definitely worth a day trip.
Taylors Falls, Minnesota
About 1.1 billion years ago, a great rift valley formed across the North American continent from the Lake Superior region southwest to Kansas. As this rift valley opened, basaltic lavas erupted into it, accumulating to a thickness of up to 20 kilometers in the Lake Superior region. The dark-grey basalt rocks that form the St. Croix River gorge are made from these rift lava flows. Continental rifting with volcanism is common in the geological record and often leads to the breakup of continents and the formation of intervening ocean basins. For reasons not completely understood, the Midcontinent Rift here in North America failed to evolve to the stage of complete continental separation.
About 520 million years ago in the Late Cambrian period, the North American continent was positioned with Minnesota near the equator.
Shallow seas covered the region, into which great thicknesses of mainly quartz sand were deposited. These deposits are now the sandstone bluffs along this river valley and the rock faces exposed on the highway road cuts south of this marker. Although most of the region then lay flat, the basalts in the Taylors Falls area stood high as rocky, cliff-ringed islands in a tropical sea.
The most recent geological event recorded here occurred about 12,000 years ago during the end of the Ice Age of the last two million years. As the last of the glaciers melted and receded to the north, tremendous quantities of sediment-laden glacial meltwaters were channeled into the St. Croix River valley. Here at Taylors Falls, a colossal torrent of abrasive currents carved down through the Cambrian sandstones and deep into the rift basalts now seen on the valley floor. The spectacular potholes in the lava rock, found in Interstate Park about 0.4 kilometer north of this site, attest to the high velocity of the raging glacial waters that carved the St. Croix River gorge.
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2023.05.28 15:06 letmeoutofhere94 Nothing seems to be working. I'm too tired to start over.

Since 2015 I've been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. This illness really affected my wellbeing and mental state, making me literally unable to work normal jobs and I've never been able to complete a single degree at the university. I've tried at least 8 different degrees, each one I've failed because I was too psychotic or stressed out. I thought I needed a job. So last month I was hired for a cashier job at the supermarket. I literally managed to work for 2 days because I've been having psychotic thoughts and I was literally unable to maintain my mental state to work. So now I am sitting at home, jobless, 28 years old, without anything to write home about.
I'm a musician but I'm way too tired to actually work on my music. I'm way too ill to start another degree at university. I'm disabled and I am unsure if I will ever find a job that will not make me psychotic.
I've had these moments like this, but I'm not sure if this is actually the most intense out of them. I have to pay for some credits for the upcoming year and I think when I am able to sort everything out, I will leave this place. No reason for me to keep pushing. everything I try to do it crumbles, or I crumble. My family doesn't love me. Nobody loves me. People tell me to keep my head up but my neck hurts so much. I don't think I'll make it. I'm so sorry. I don't want it to be this way.
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2023.05.28 15:06 VegetableUpstairs978 Online dating is making me (30F) feel suicidal

Not sure if this is the right thread for this. But, I’ve had a recent experience with online dating that has made me terrified of it for life. A little context; I’ve been out of a twelve year emotionally abusive relationship for about two years now. So it’s fair to say I’m new to dating.
I met a successful corporate pilot on Tinder (37M) who, based on his words/actions, was trustworthy, kind, and sincere. I am a skeptical person who doesn’t trust easily but he managed to grow on me. We talked for three months almost daily over text, Snapchat, FaceTime etc. Although we had never met irl, we were building a relationship, and man was I on cloud 9 for just a little while.
One night, I asked him if he’d call me, and he said he would only do so if I wanted to send “sexual photos.” Otherwise he wouldn’t be speaking to me that night.
It caught me so off guard and was so jarring, I was speechless. I told him to die in a fiery plane crash and to feel free to leave me alone forever. I actually ended up going to a crisis home that night bc I was suicidal (embarrassing to admit but true.)
I haven’t heard from him in 4 months.
How could this happen? Am I so naive since I am not used to dating new people? Are all males on the internet predators?
I want to gaslight myself into feeling like none of this was real. That I didn’t develop feelings for this man who just wanted to use me. I want to forget about this so bad but I can’t.
The pain of my twelve year relationship has not completely diminished. Perhaps I am too fragile to begin dating again? I’m into my 30’s now so it feels like I should be dating?
I’m so lost and alone. I’m not used to being alone. Can someone provide some insight into why a man would hurt a woman’s heart like this? Sorry for the dramatic post but I’d appreciate some feedback greatly.
Thank you
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2023.05.28 15:05 nyxstormblessed 24 [M4A] In dire need of a friend!

Some people charged toward the goal, running for all they had. Others stumbled. But it wasn't the speed that mattered. It was the direction they were going.
- Brandon Sanderson, Rhythm of War
Hi, it got to me again, the feeling of being alone,
Akala ko just by focusing on work and decompressing with video games and novels will sustain me pero lately it starts to make me sick. (Maybe not that dramatic)
Maybe it would be great to get to know other people and make new friends because I am severely lacking right now (I really haven't found people on my team that has similar hobbies or interests as I do).
Couple of things about me:
- INTP, 5'7 Moreno with an average build
- My main thing is being deeply invested to Brandon Sanderson's fantasy novel series in his fictional universe "The Cosmere". (Pun intended for those who got it)
- Likes to consume western and japanese media so a pop culture nerd (books, games, manga, anime, nerd shit)
- ATM my playlist only consists of songs from Hadestown, Hamilton, In the Heights, and Starkid. (I recently got into musicals)
- Works night shift in QC (masakit yung sched ko to build a social life)
- Was raised by the internet and Role-Playing Video Games (kung pwede lang dagdagan ng pangalan ko ng "von Internet" or "Internetson")
- Have a life long dream to be held (lmao)
- Mahiyain from the start but if we have the same interests or maybe you're a curious person, I might have a tendency to overload other people with information that they don't need.
- Just started getting my shit together
If you don't mind late bloomers, then we can already get along hehe.
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2023.05.28 15:05 Devil_InDenim Perfect drop rate

Does anyone know the perfect drop rate? I’ve been playing for just over a year, according to my stats I’ve caught 8,000 Pokémon and visited 10,000 stops. (My home office is in range of three).
However I just looked and I have 9 perfect Pokémon but have not caught one in six months. If stats were pure chance it should be 1/45 I think. But to go 0/4,000 says that may be a little off and I check most of them so it’s not just me only checking the good ones. I don’t really want a perfect Cacturn but we don’t get to make those choices.
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2023.05.28 15:05 beeachbum 18F I really just want a friend :) [chat]

HELLOOO I WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND !!!!! I recently have been trying to be super happy!
Your all so kind, beautiful and talented and you all deserve an amazing life <3
I’m an 18 year old from Brazil who is married to the beach ❤️ nature is my only friend but I’m ready for more!!
Now down to the sad stuff I hope you don’t read but I feel I have to put !
I’m autistic, I have ptsd and I suffer from social anxiety! A lot of people say that they don’t like me because of that stuff so it’s fine if you don’t want to talk <3
Also I have one kid (technically my brother but my mother passed away) so if that’s a deal breaker I’m sorry!!
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2023.05.28 15:05 Rowantreerah To publish or not to publish…

I wrote a lot in the last year, but some recent (positive) changes in life circumstance have severely curtailed how much time I have to write.
My problem is that I've written, but not yet published, year one of a longer fic. I think it's alright and I'm happy to share it, but I honestly don't imagine that I'll ever finish it. I hate the idea of starting something and not finishing it and I've pushed myself to bring every story so far to its conclusion. I don't want to have comments and messages from people asking me for an update that I can't give them.
So, to publish or not. It's about 25k words so far.
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2023.05.28 15:05 strawberryrainchic I (19F) feel oppressed in a situation where I’m the only friend of my mum (50F). Any advice for this situation?

I live with my mum who’s a single parent (I’m 19). We’ve lived in our home town for 10 years and she hasn’t been able to hold down any friends. She doesn’t seem all that bothered by this to be honest, but I’m feeling a bit burdened by it because she always expects me to go on holiday with her etc. This weekend she wanted to go for a city break and asked me to go, but I couldn’t go because I had to study/had plans to see my friends and boyfriend.
My mum is generally a nice person, she just doesn’t seek anyone else out at all. It’s really difficult for me sometimes because I want to go out and see people my age, and she wants me to stay with her and do stuff. She doesn’t ever stop me from going out but I feel bad that she has to be on her own so much. I’ve tried suggesting clubs etc but she’s not interested. When there’s a get together with her work she never wants to go, apparently because she doesn’t like the people who are going.
I’m stuck in this cycle of feeling bad for leaving her on her own, and feeling oppressed when I do stay with her because I’m her only confidant. There’s no one else she tells stuff to. I’d struggle to bring this issue up with her because she’d feel insulted and tell me I was being rude. It just feels pretty invasive sometimes and like there’s a big weight on my shoulders to carry.
Any advice on how to deal with this situation?
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2023.05.28 15:05 owlyjules I am afraid of loosing her.

My wife (33F) and I (33F) have been together for 6 years but she has been really struggling with physical health (fibro) and depression for the last 2 years.
But recently it really took a turn where she cant even reply to texts from her loved ones and dread going outside or having people visit. For now i am doing my best to keep her in a safe place but her isolating herself even more rreally worry me. Even from me she sometimes feels distant even tought she tries not too for my sake.
She says she cant imagine a future or getting better.
She is thankfully followed by a Therapist (a good one) and a Psychotherapist (not so good since he barely remember what meds he put her on most of the time) and we are waiting on a reply from a mental health programm but its been months now.
Is there any tips or things you guys think i should try? I didnt know where else to turn and I am glad I found this community.
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