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2023.03.25 02:20 kraftjerk416 Visiting in April, have a few questions (mainly about beer lol)

My parents are taking the fam for a trip in April, I know it's a bit expensive hoping to figure out a few things in advance. We'll be staying at The Reefs, I see there's a spot called Henry's Pantry nearby, assuming they sell beer, any idea how much for a six pack? Anticipating drinks will be expensive at the resort.
Also, any tips for less expensive dining options nearby? I'm paying food and drink out of pocket so would prefer to save where I can.
Finally, where's the best spot or area for souvenir or general shopping?
Thanks in advance, can't wait to visit your beautiful island!!!
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2023.03.25 02:17 Old_Significance_562 75 days in 2023

Hey! Long time lurker, and just needed to express this somewhere.
I decided to go sober at the start of the year and set myself a goal of one year. Unfortunately had a few bumps at the start and broke my streaks up, but more recently whenever I broke it, I didn’t act too harshly on myself.
I’m now at the point I’m going to recommit to one year, with the knowledge and confidence of doing 75/84 days this year (half of those 9 drinking days were just one beer too)
PROGRESS! It feels good! Don’t be harsh on yourself if you break a streak - I’ve reframed it so that if you do end up breaking a rally, it’s actually one rally closer to giving up entirely.
Count the total days as a separate counter too. My longest streak is only 20 days, which reads to me as lower than I want.. but then I see 75/84 and am immensely proud.
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2023.03.25 01:54 mixdnutz Fizzy Fridays

Fizzy Fridays
Hey soda lovers.
I wanted to share my Fizzy Friday Tradition. Every Friday (well mostly) for the past 12 or so years I get a soda. Now sometimes this is common in my area soda (Mexican Coke/Sprite/Pepsi, Africola,Reeds, Fentimans ,Dry, Dr.Browns, AJ Stephans, Sprecher,Jones, Fanta, San Pelligrino, Virgils, Jarritos, Blue Sky, Hansen, Maine Root, Fever Tree, Bionade, Lorrina, Taylor's Tonic, Thomas Kemper, Bruce Cost, Q, Ollipop, Izze, Kimino, Langers, and a few more) or a bit less common (usually imports from UK,Europe, Asia,South America) and if I don't have a good source or am too tired to find something cool, everyday things (regular North American brands:A&W,Coke,Pepsi, Canada Dry, Schwepps, Crush, Dr. Pepper) . I never do novelty sodas like Corn, Bacon, Pickle etc and generally avoid common flavors with generic labels that seem like the same exact soda just labeled with different company names. I used to keep a book but stopped.
Anyhow my drink last Friday was a Limca. This Friday is was Kimino Ringo. Anyone else do this?
Not actual image, purchased from Indian grocery store direct import with a sticker and everything
Not actual image, purchased from a local wine and beer store
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2023.03.25 01:44 Past_Pitch_5597 Young Adult adventure. Possible series. Crochety professor and young pupil/companion. Probably written before the 90's.

It was probably a series, though I only read one. In what I read I think they both find some kind of underground tunnel. The professor type character has a closet in his house specifically to throw tantrums. It goes into detail about the room being padded for this purpose. For some reason I also remember them drinking orange soda and/or root beer?
Anyways, I appreciate any help.
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2023.03.25 01:39 GinoBeats It's not goodbye... just I'll see ya later.

Can't remember the last time I didn't drink 3-4 days a week since 2005. Since 2020 it feels like I have drank 6 days a week minimum. Normally I only drink beer, and Keystone piss water at that, but I have been drinking a lot more 7-9.5% beers, sours, IPAs, Stouts, etc. and it isn't affecting me legally, financially, etc. but my body has taken a beating. I normally do a lot of physical activity, but have not been recently. Yet, I am sore in a few spots that only make sense from drinking.
Heard lots of people always talk about drinking to much, and then their liver hurt. Thought it was cause they were always drinking hard alcohol versus the mainly water with 4.2% I was. After this St Patty's day, I had to throw up Sunday night from eating too much "Cowboy Stew" (essentially cooked ground turkey in red gravy). Red gravy itself will make me have to puke if I have to much of it, something about the acid. But, because my dumb ass was also shitfaced, I ended up dry heaving, having to drink water just to throw it back up in 3 minutes. At first I was kind of sore from that on both sides of my stomach. Now it is just the right side.
I know I have drank 20 of the 24 days this month. Took two days off this week, but have noticed that the slight soreness is still kind of there today. Main spot is by my back right hand lat muscle, but on the same side under my rib slightly. I also have a very high pain tolerance. I have broken my hand 4 times and reset it myself 3 times. Never knew it until it bruised and discolored. I also had my wisdom teeth pulled while awake because I do not like anesthesia.
I digress, it makes me nervous it may be worse than I feel. Coming from a family of doctors, and a lot of alcoholics, I think I am going to have to retreat for a bit if I want to live to drink another day. Not tonight obviously, it's Friday. Voodoo Ranger Fruit Force and whatever other beers I have in the house. Get some R&R and then back to it.
Now it makes sense why my family members were fans of coffee and grapefruit juice.
Chairs fuckers!
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2023.03.25 01:35 Smithskii Second attempt at sobriety from alchool!

32 years old. Caucasian. Male. 150lbs. 5"6". Stopped smoke cigarette 5months ago. Stopped coffee totaly 7 months ago. Normal health, no real problem and normal eating habbit, some trash food once in a while otherwise lot of vedgies and etc.
I've been drinking a lot when younger but before covid started I was 3 year sober. Restarted drinking alchool at begin of covid at a 6 beer a day rate, sometimes more in weekends. 3 weeks ago I went to see my doctor to start get sober with help. She prescribed me Ativan for 6 days, and ive been able to get sober for 19 days with it.. no problem, no hallucination or anything. But been without work brought me to fail and restart drinking yesterday.. Im gonna be calling her monday to get a meeting but I'm wondering since I'm gonna be starting a new job next week if it exist something weaker then Ativan that wont get me knocked out for 6 days.. considering I've goes throught the previous one normaly and it will only be 4 days of drinking for that one ? I'm getting stressed cause I don't want to not start the new job cause of having to get Ativan again. Anyone know what alternative would be good to get ?
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2023.03.25 01:35 babyxxpigeon17 A Niagara vacation

It was so terribly cold. Snow was falling, and it was almost dark, when out of the blue, my wife called me at work. "We're going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. I got us an awesome deal!"
We had both been working at our first "full-fledged" jobs for a year and had reached that moment after graduation when you suddenly realize you can't make that impact on the world your student enthusiasm once promised. At first, I just sighed. It was the dead of January, and I had already expended all my energy on a week of inconsequential stress. I just wanted to collapse on the couch for two days. Sarah felt a similar weary exhaustion. I could tell. Her tone was more hopeful than excited, but she had dreaded the routine we were sinking into and was trying her best to pull us free.
I looked to the ceiling and adjusted my telephone headset. At that time I was working at Stats Canada on the tele-query desk. I took a deep breath and, as convincingly as possible, said, "Sounds good." I don't think she bought it, but we went nonetheless.
This was Niagara Falls before the casinos when there was a very distinct off-season. When we got to the hotel, we were given the details of our "lovers' special". One dinner to be used either Friday or Saturday, two breakfasts, a roll of tokens for the arcade, 10% off some "4D" movie ride experience, and a 2-for-1 coupon to Max Tussaud's. I guessed it was Madame's nephew? We also got a bottle of sparkling wine in our room and chocolate treats on our pillows. I was impressed. It sounded good.
When we got into our room and saw the "bottle" of wine - basically an aeroplane-sized glass and half - and the chocolates - "fun wrapped" Oh Henry's left over from Halloween - we both started to laugh. The tone for two wonderful days had been set. We decided to cash in on our dinner coupon right away.
The restaurant off the lobby had hopes of being better. There were huge panoramic windows that promised a view of the gorge. Unfortunately, they had some winter moisture problems that day, and it felt like we were defrosting amid the dripping streaks and foggy patches. The decor was your standard booths and tables though the "romantic" lighting was unique. Dollar store battery-powered tea lights were lodged inside thick tumbler glasses and shed a muted pleasantness in a "what a great idea for a craft" sort of way. I had a feeling they were created by our waitress since she was the one who always seemed to be fussing with them. Only one other couple was in the dining room, so she attended to us immediately.
"Can I get you something to start?"
"Sure." "Thank you, that would be nice." We both responded simultaneously.
"And what would the lady like this evening?"
Sarah smiled at the flattery. "I think I'll have a glass of white wine." She glanced over at me to see my reaction. This was a subtle cue of the mood to follow. Diet Coke was usually the beverage of choice. She didn't normally drink alcohol. One glass numbed her nose and made her giggle far too easily. When she did drink, however, it meant she was comfortable with my company and open to anything to follow. I raised my eyebrows in a debonair way.
"And for the gentleman?"
"Do you have Foster's on tap?"
"Yes we do."
"I'll have a pint please."
Sarah smiled at the happy memories I invoked. At university, Foster's was my signature beer. It was at a time when Crocodile Dundee was a known name, and Australia was inexplicably cool. 15 cent buffalo wings and a pitcher of Foster's was the Tuesday night special at the London Arms pub. There the Classics Club would meet and, as a group, circle the wagons and drink ourselves into extroverts.
As soon as the waitress left, Sarah smiled at me. She reached out and held my hand across the table. With my gaze on hers, she slipped her foot from her shoe and slowly began sliding it up my pant leg.
"I got a pedicure this morning." She announced seductively.
I nodded and pretended I didn't notice her invitation. "What colour?" I asked.
"I'm not telling." She teased. "You'll just have to find out later." Her devious little smile was gorgeous.
"Mmmm. I can't wait."
When the waitress returned with our drinks, we immediately retreated to our personal spaces as if we had been discovered by the chaperone. Sarah opened the menu and began to salivate at the variety.
"Can we add an appetizer to the package dinner?" Her question seemed innocent enough.
"You're on the package?" Our friendly waitress disappeared, and we were no longer a lady or a gentleman. She ripped the menu out of Sarah's hand and took mine before I had even opened it. She then scurried to her podium and brought back a tattered, grease-stained, photocopied page that we had to share. We both burst out laughing.
The waitress was flustered that we were not as bothered as she was. "The drinks are NOT included!"
"What choices do we have?" I asked, expecting the usual chicken or fish. I had been on many packages before with my parents.
"Coffee or tea." The waitress snapped.
Sarah and I looked at each other in amused disbelief.
"I'll have coffee please." I didn't even flinch at the ridiculously limited package. I was eager to get my order in early.
"And I'll have the tea!" Sarah followed my lead. "Can I have some milk with that?"
"Yes." The waitress snarled.
"Fantastic!" I enthused.
"Yes, great! I'm glad we got the package, Honey." Sarah joked.
The waitress stormed off and returned sometime later with our lettuce-only salads drowned in Kraft's Italian dressing and our chewy chicken dinners, which she had thoughtfully allowed to cool. She tossed the plates on the table and left us to peacefully devour our deal. We didn't see her again until we requested the bill. For some reason, we found it amusing to leave a generous tip, which of course, defeated the purpose of the package, but we didn't care. It was fun.
The rest of the holiday was marred with similar off-season products and services. The wax museum was only half open, so we couldn't see the pop stars of the seventies. I didn't think it was a problem, but Sarah pouted playfully. She really wanted to see young Bowie. Meanwhile, the arcade was particularly stingy about spitting out coupons. So much so that Mike, the scraggly-haired repair guy, ended up escorting us from game to game and repairing the devices on demand. In no time, he was acting like an old drinking buddy. He joked and laughed, then, out of the blue, revealed that working at the Niagara Falls Fun Centre wasn't his career choice, that his dream was to be part of a travelling carnival. He desperately wanted to see more of the world, he explained and socialize with a greater variety of "wildlife." Mike winked at Sarah to punctuate his meaning, then began advising her on which games to play.
Sarah was partial to Skee ball and clearly had career potential in the sport, but Mike quickly pointed out that the token-to-coupon payout was not the best. In a furtive whisper, he revealed that The Storm Stopper was your best bet, provided the arcade had left it on its original factory settings. He assured us the ones here were "cool." The game had lights that ran around the outside in opposite directions and you had to hit the button at just the right spot to win. It looked impossible, but Mike was right; if you calculated tokens in versus coupons won, it was the best deal. It only took a little practice to win a minor jackpot every 5 or 6 times.
We would cheer each win as if Toronto had won the Stanley Cup. I would give a quick fist pump and a full lung "Yes!" while Sarah would jump up and down screaming, "WhoooHooo!" Of course, in the end, when we cashed in, "Mike's secret" only bumped us up from a key-chain flashlight to a "deluxe" nail beauty set. Mind you, it did come complete with clippers, scissors, a file AND a cuticle scraper. Not only that, it was all neatly packaged in a paisley-patterned pink and green plastic vinyl case. Mike was so pleased to give us our prize and to be honest, we were thrilled to win it if only to see his broad chicletted smile. It was more of a trophy than a grooming set.
That night, I made reservations for us at a fancy Chinese food restaurant - the Bamboo Garden. When we arrived, we had half-expected renovations of some sort. Instead, the place was immaculate. Gentle pools teeming with goldfish highlighted the epic black and red Ming dynasty decor. Real candles flickered on crisp white tablecloths. Again, the restaurant was virtually ours. The reservations on my part were entirely unnecessary. In fact, as soon as we entered, they knew us by name and guided us directly to our table. A live lounge piano caressed the air, its notes danced vaguely around familiar harmonies until finally, as if prompted by our presence, a song emerged immediately accompanied by the velvet voice of oriental karaoke. It was our song remastered
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2023.03.25 01:02 HotMockolate [M4M] Soccer Rivals

In the dim light of the bar, Jayden nursed a golden pint of beer to his chest, the foam sat an inch thick at the top. He took a long sip, lowered the pint onto the sticky wooden bartop, and then took a glance around. Despite the low light, it was easy for the man to make out the faces of the regulars of this little hole in the wall. Middle-aged men crowded around pool tables, a few with their arm around their Ms'. Some younger faces were all huddled at one of the booths, most sat with soft drinks, all chatting in rowdy, pitchy voices. A trio of women sat a little ways down the bar, drinking wine and gin, all hunched into one another and engaging in some sort of intense discussion. The typical atmosphere. A typical night, but Jayden hadn't yet found the type of person he was looking for...
Until he walked in. And the night truly began.
It was meant to be one night of fun. It would have been. If not for the fact that the next big league game, when Jay was kitted up and warming up by jogging the length of the home pitch, he didn't see the same man walking onto the pitch. In the other teams kit. All of the memories flooded back, and the star striker of the Redmanes was left with just two words: "Oh shit."
Hey! So thanks for reading. Here's my basic prompt:
Jayden, star striker of his team, and your character, of the rival team (ideally I hoped you'd play a goalkeeper or team captain), have hooked up and now realise their mistake. Awkwardness ensues, they're denying their feelings for one another, and if they start to date, feel that they need to hide it from their teammates and/or the public.
Whether they each play soccer professionally or as a hobby, we can choose!
Please be literate, write in third person, and be able to play multiple characters! I'd love to expand the teams a little bit, or have side characters! We can brainstorm more and add sideplots too, as we like! Please be 21 or older!
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2023.03.25 01:02 HotMockolate [M4M] Soccer Rivals

In the dim light of the bar, Jayden nursed a golden pint of beer to his chest, the foam sat an inch thick at the top. He took a long sip, lowered the pint onto the sticky wooden bartop, and then took a glance around. Despite the low light, it was easy for the man to make out the faces of the regulars of this little hole in the wall. Middle-aged men crowded around pool tables, a few with their arm around their Ms'. Some younger faces were all huddled at one of the booths, most sat with soft drinks, all chatting in rowdy, pitchy voices. A trio of women sat a little ways down the bar, drinking wine and gin, all hunched into one another and engaging in some sort of intense discussion. The typical atmosphere. A typical night, but Jayden hadn't yet found the type of person he was looking for...
Until he walked in. And the night truly began.
It was meant to be one night of fun. It would have been. If not for the fact that the next big league game, when Jay was kitted up and warming up by jogging the length of the home pitch, he didn't see the same man walking onto the pitch. In the other teams kit. All of the memories flooded back, and the star striker of the Redmanes was left with just two words: "Oh shit."
Hey! So thanks for reading. Here's my basic prompt:
Jayden, star striker of his team, and your character, of the rival team (ideally I hoped you'd play a goalkeeper or team captain), have hooked up and now realise their mistake. Awkwardness ensues, they're denying their feelings for one another, and if they start to date, feel that they need to hide it from their teammates and/or the public.
Whether they each play soccer professionally or as a hobby, we can choose!
Please be literate, write in third person, and be able to play multiple characters! I'd love to expand the teams a little bit, or have side characters! We can brainstorm more and add sideplots too, as we like! Please be 21 or older!
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2023.03.25 01:01 philly7453 Been using cannibas to taper and it’s working tremendously!

I’ve always smoked here and there but I would only do it when I STARTED to drink. Now after work I START to smoke and it not only kills my urge to drink but makes me forget that that’s even an option!
And even if I do it’s like 2-3 beers better compared to the 7-9 drinks I’d have. But just thought I’d share my experience :) I know there’s a lot of “trade 1 addiction for another” people but that’s the thing I’m not ADDICTED to weed, I literally can only smoke it after work because it’s a downer for me. For some of y’all idk how you guys function throughout the day blazed out of your mind 😂
But to each their own, thanks for my Ted talk yall I hope every one of y’all have a good night 💤
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2023.03.25 00:49 throwawaybooze555 I stopped drinking and started running. Two weeks sober

Was drinking a lot, about a half a bottle of liquor per night. I started tapering with light beer, and I started running. After a couple of runs I didn’t want to drink anymore. I stopped tapering far earlier than I planned to and quit drinking all together.
I’m now 14 days without a drink and no real desire to have one. I’m running as often as I my body will allow me to and all of the triggers that used to cause me to reach for the bottle (anxiety, depression, self loathing) are melted. I always heard that exercise was a great stress reliever but never really bought into that until now. I haven’t felt this good in 10 years.
If you are drinking as much as I was it’s probably a better idea to see a doctor about quitting. I probably should have and am very lucky to have had zero withdrawal symptoms, but I attribute that to the running.
Sorry for the text wall. I just wanted to share since I was a closeted alcoholic (although people probably saw it in my face, I know I did).
Love you guys, IWNDWYT! Also check out running if you are interested!
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2023.03.25 00:38 Spud788 I had an anxiety attack during an action scene in the new John Wick movie today...

I decided to see the new John Wick movie late after work today so decided having two energy drinks full of caffeine to keep me up and then a follow up beer during the movie would be a great idea...
During the first action scene each gunshot made my heart rate go faster and faster gave me huge amount of adrenaline that just wouldn't settle, I must have watched the whole thing with my heart racing at 100bpm, immediate acid reflux, sweating, feeling trapped in the cinema gripping my chair for 3 hours.
I'm currently at home in the tub trying to calm down, the movie was awesome though! 10/10 would recommend!
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2023.03.25 00:30 Ninjasifi Prog Series Drinking Game

I’m sure someone’s done this before, but I finally caught up on Prog Season 2, so I decided to make my own drinking game out of it. I don’t know how good or bad this is (I haven’t actually play tested it), so it might be too good or overly good.
Finally DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Know your limits, and make sure, if you’re playing this over more than an episode and a half that you occasionally drink water.
P.S. When it says drink, it’s meant to be a beer or something, obviously. If you’re drinking something stronger, please adjust accordingly.
Here are the rules.
Drink when: - A set monster is not destroyed - A banned card is activated (since they can play them at 1) - Gage or Cimoooooooo cheat - Gage or Cimoooooooo set a card after hitting the End Phase button
Drink x2 when: - Gage or Cimoooooooo play the same deck they did in the previous episode - A game is won by a method other than attacking. - Gage or Cimoooooooo play Blackwings - A Redoer Ticket is used
Take a shot when: - Cimoooooooo hits a 3x lose streak - Gage hits 0 Redoer tickets - The judgement appears - Snatch Steal is spun - Wild card: Starlight is spun
Based on what you’ve seen from Prog (either season, though these rules were primarily based on S2), let me know what you think, and what rules you’d personally implement.
I tried to genuinely balance out the drinking, and account for people watching multiple episodes. Hope this is a good drinking game!
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2023.03.25 00:29 ITCareerProgression Struggle Street

Hey all
I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again and had 4 beers last night. I had only had a 2 week sober streak but was feeling the effects of a clearer mind and healthier body.
Unfortunately yesterday after finishing work I decided to meet up with a friend in the city before heading home which unfortunately resulted in me having some beers. I got drunk pretty quickly as I take an SNRI and am not supposed to drink while on this medication. (This seems near impossible).
I like to think I have made a lot of progress in my life as I used to drink a 6 pack every night + more on the weekends. I NEVER drink at home or buy alcohol from a store these days which I am proud of. My downfall is a Friday afternoon trying to get to the train station to go home without being mentally pulled in to one of the many bars on the way.
Feeling pretty crappy today but not hungover so I will make sure to get some exercise and sun in this weekend.
Any tips/advice on how to talk myself out of going in to a bar on Friday afternoon and just getting straight on that damn train sober?
Thanks all!
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2023.03.25 00:23 Justastardustt lower right abdomen pain after drinking

i am 33 male. i am having grade 2 fatty liver. my CAP is 326 and E Kpa is 6.5 i have reduced my alchohol consumption alot. now drinks like 2 or 3 beers a month. when i have beers i am having lower right abdomen pain. it persists for 2 days and goes off. what could be the reason? Is it any thimg related to liver.? Should i stop alchohol completely?
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2023.03.25 00:17 Stcwon Anyone want to start a social group where we do 5k's wearing the shirts of a famous early 90's hard rock band and drink sour german beers after?

We’ll call it Runs & Goses
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2023.03.25 00:12 Joolgenn Encouragement

I need encouragement. My spouse that I care for is so self absorbed. I am still working full time, trying to finish my Masters Degree to ensure I have a financially stable future (when I have to have a life without him)....all while caring for him.
I have a difficult day job, I'm an elementary teacher. I come home exhausted from the pressure of teaching but we need the income and health benefits
He has COPD from years of smoking. He is moping around because he is getting dentures. He has atrocious teeth due to smoking but of course he denies his smoking had anything to do with this.. He also has Parkinson's and he drinks a lot. He hit his head on walls so many times from being drunk, I wouldn't be surprised if that caused some of his Parkinson's problems...
A few days ago I came down with the flu - I had the flu shot in September but I am always run down. I work 5 days a week, do all the chores, and I am also in grad school so sometimes my body just forces me to slow down. I told him I was really tired and he could be not give two shits. I don't even think he believes me when I say I am tired. All he does is play video games and eat/sleep.
When I went to the walk in clinic I tested positive for flu and also tested positive for an an acute UtI with blood. I didn't even know I had it. I was so sick and am getting over it alowly. Still even with two simultaneous illnesses my husband could give a rats ass. That's the most depressing part. The lack of concern.
The MOST Depressing thing is that my husband whom I care for could barely do a thing for me. I slept in another room so he wouldn't get it but sometimes it is so depressing. I feel like he could have acted more compassionate but he is so self absorbed. Could he have ordered me some soup or had something delivered since he can't cook? He certainly got his beer delivered? Could he load some dishes or do minor chores since I'm literally laid up and I can't do anything. Nope he still sits on his tail playing video games.
Sometimes the caregiver needs someone to care. It is so sad, I feel alone and sad that nobody cares for the caregiver. I take medicine for depression and the doctor gave me something along with the tamiflu that is an antihistamine but also has some calming side effects. I am so depressed. I just want someone to encourage me. I am 53 and so lonely.
Does my husband only want me better so I can do stuff for him? He is buying a cruise for us in a June but for me it will be a lot ot of work pushing him around in a wheelchair worrying constantly about his oxygen and all his meds. Not a vacation for me, more work.
What really hurts when I get sick is that my partner can't stand or acknowledge that I am sick. If he can't be the center of attention.......Could I ever be the sick one that needs tender loving care? My husband didn't wash one dish the past few days, he hasn't lifted a finger to help me as I struggled with Influenz A - high temp, miserable pains and fatigue. He. has. done. nothing.
He had some teeth removed and all he could think about was himself. He ordered beer delivery and asked me to go get him pudding. I'm like trying to tell him I have the flu. Maybe if I died he would realize I'm telling the truth that I'm tired.
I am literally so sad. I feel so alone. I feel nobody cares and I just needed a little TLC ....I am so depressed.
My husband was in the hospital for 3 weeks in January. I went to the hospital every day and took him treats like ice cream and little meals when he was tired of the hospital food.
Do you think he lifted a finger for me the past few days as I languished on the couch sick as I could be. Nah no little feel good things for me- nothing.
So sad
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2023.03.25 00:08 next3days For anyone looking for something to do this weekend, here's some ideas....

There's a lot going on this weekend and even better the weather forecast looks great with 60s and 70s and only a little rain on Saturday morning.
Here's 35 local events you can enjoy at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg and throughout the New River Valley:
1. Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release Moon Hollow Brewing, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 3:00 - 10:00 PM Admission is free. Beer and food are regular price. Moon Hollow Brewing presents the Pink Moon Peach Milkshake IPA Release in support of the local Pink Boots Society. This year’s blend contains Loral, Eukanot and HBC 586. A heaping dose of lactose, peach purée and vanilla bean also help create a rich and delicious brew. $1.00 from each pint is donated the Pink Boots Society Blue Ridge Virginia Chapter. This helps the chapter continue to put on educational, community enriching events. The Pink Boots Society aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education. Food will be available for purchase from Countryman Jamaican Grill. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685855
2. Root Down in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Root Down is a jazz trio based in the New River Valley. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=684803
3. College Softball: Chattanooga vs. Virginia Tech Tech Softball Park, Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM, Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM (Doubleheader) Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Softball team compete against non-conference opponent the University of Tennessee Chattanooga in a three game series. No tickets are required for Hokie Softball games. Parking is available behind the outfield at Tech Softball Park and enter along the right field side of the stadium. Stands open one hour prior to the start of the game. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685859
4. Music Theatre: "Book of Mountains and Seas" Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Friday, March 24, 2023, 7:30 - 9:00 PM Adult Tickets (based on seat location): $25.00 - $55.00 Virginia Tech Students with ID and Youth 18 & Under: $10.00 A daring new music theatre work by composer Huang Ruo and puppeteer, designer, and director Basil Twist, "Book of Mountains and Seas" is a modern take on ancient Chinese creation myths that are relevant to our current climate change struggle, featuring the chorus of Ars Nova Copenhagen alongside massive puppets and striking lanterns. The work is sung in Mandarin with English supertitles. Book of Mountains and Seas is inspired by the ancient Chinese compilation of early myths of the same title, which was first transcribed in 4th-century B.C. Book of Mountains and Seas is a 21st-century adaptation and expansion of four of these tales. The work contains timeless codes about the universe, creation, planet, nature, life, human ambition and fate, the relationship and interaction between mankind and the planet. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=678174
5. Will Easter & The Nomads in Concert Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 11:00 PM Admission: $8.00 Will Easter has one of those voices that is like a home-cooked meal for the soul. Will has the cool throwback rock edge of Tom Petty with the modern folk-Americana appeal of the Avett Brothers, but with something hard to put your finger on that could only be born out of the shadows and peaks of the North Carolina mountains. One iteration through a chorus and you’ll find yourself humming along, by the second time around you’ll be singing out loud, ready to hit the repeat button. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=684795
6. Juxtaposition A Cappella Spring 2023 Concert: Time For A Hoedown Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Friday, March 24, 2023, 8:00 - 9:30 PM Virginia Tech Students: At the Door: $7.00 Non-Students: $10.00 Juxtaposition A Cappella presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "Time For A Hoedown". Juxtaposition will be performing seven new songs including their entire ICCA set. Juxtaposition is an all-male Virginia Tech A Capella group that was established in 1994 and has since produced seven albums and been awarded numerous awards and honors. They enjoy performing their wide repertoire of 70's, 80's, 90's and current hits. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685879
7. 2023 Ramp N Roads Eastern Elementary/Middle School, Pembroke Saturday, March 25, 2023, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM Admission: Free Renew the New presents the 2023 Ramp N Roads where volunteers will be cleaning up litter from highways and byways, boat ramps, and river & stream access points. Be prepared to pick up litter off road in ditches and over the banks. Each volunteer will be assigned a team who will be led by captain when they arrive at Eastern Elementary/Middle School. These captains will lead the on-site clean up and will provide any needed safety instructions. There will be no buses running this year. Each volunteer will take their own car or carpool and convoy to one of the planned cleanup areas. There you will be given gloves and bags to use. Each volunteer is asked to return to Eastern Elementary at noon where they will receive pizza for a to-go lunch and a t-shirt. Volunteers need to sign up in advance. This is a rain or shine event however pick up along roadways will be suspended during active rain if it happens. ReNew The New is a volunteer organization committed to stewardship of the of the New River flowing through Southwest Virginia. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685871
8. Yoga On Tap with Blacksburg Yoga Collective Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 9:30 - 10:45 AM Suggested donation of $15.00-$20.00. The Blacksburg Yoga Collective presents Yoga On Tap with an energizing and uplifting flow. Flow with Blacksburg Yoga Collective in the beautiful settings of the Rising Silo Saturdays. These Kundalini-inspired, donation-based Yoga and meditation sessions focus on therapeutic movements and various breathing techniques aimed toward collective wellness. Meditate, chant, and move together to ease stress, manifest positivity, and improve our awareness and focus. Admission includes the class and a post-yoga non-alcoholic beverage from the brewery. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685840
9. 2023 Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair Warm Hearth Village Center, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Admission: Free If you love unique, beautiful, locally handcrafted gifts and art, then attend the 2nd Annual Warm Hearth Village Arts & Crafts Fair. The show will feature high-quality artisanal goods from both artists on our campus and throughout the New River Valley. Handmade items for sale will include pottery, woodworking, home goods, accessories, soaps, candles & more. The Huckleberry Cafe will be open for grab-n-go refreshments. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=683666
10. Free Wine Tasting Vintage Cellar, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Vintage Cellar presents Free Wine Tasting every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Join them for a decadent wine tasting at our free wine tasting. They will teach you all about the regions and grapes from the wines as you taste. After the tasing, grab a bottle or glass and enjoy it with some food from their kitchen. Must be 21 or older to participate. IDs required. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685724
11. Open Virginia Tech Football Practice Lane Stadium, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Admission: Free Fans are invited to attend the open practice to get an early look at how the Hokie's 2023 football squad is shaping up. Gate 6 will open up at 11:45 AM for fans to enter. Note: It is prohibited for fans to take photos and videos when the Hokies are on the field. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685711
12. 2023 Beliveau Bridal Expo Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your friends and family and visit with the area's leading wedding professionals on display to plan your perfect wedding in an elegant venue. Wedding vendors such as florists, musicians, photographers, bakeries and more will set up in our Great Hall to talk to you about their services. This is a great opportunity to meet many of the vendors in one afternoon. Food and wine will be available to purchase throughout the entire event. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=684117
13. Women's Lacrosse: Boston College vs. Virginia Tech Thompson Field, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 12:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Watch the Virginia Tech Women's Lacrosse compete against ACC conference opponent and #7 ranked Boston College. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=684297
14. Program: Vegetable Gardening Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 1:00 - 2:00 PM Admission: Free Want to grow your own vegetables, but aren’t sure where to start? Join Dr. Emma Patterson, VCE Volunteer Master Gardener, to find out more about planning a vegetable garden, caring for it, and keeping it going through year’s end. Free seeds and soil testing kits will be provided. For ages 12 and up. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685348
15. 2023 Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru Riner Volunteer Fire Department, Riner Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: $15.00 The Riner Volunteer Fire Department presents their Annual Oyster Dinner Drive-Thru featuring fried oysters, baked beans, slaw and dessert. Tickets can be purchased in advanced at Eagle Express, Riner Food Center and Village Barber Shop. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685387
16. Delta Chi's Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring Audio Fever and The Red Ferns The Milk Parlor, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 2:00 - 5:00 PM Ages 21 & Over: $9.00, Ages 20 & Under: $12.00 The Delta Chi Fraternity at Virginia Tech presents their Into the Wild Benefit Concert featuring music from Audio Fever and The Red Ferns. Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the V Foundation for Cancer Research. The Red Ferns is a groovy guitar band based in Blacksburg and Audio Fever is a Blacksburg based band as well. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685882
17. March Flashlight Tour St. Albans, Radford Saturday, March 25, 2023, 5:30 - 7:30 PM Admission: $15.00 Join St. Abans for their March 2023 Flashlight Tour which includes a little history and paranormal in one. This is a guided tour. Take a walk through the dark halls of St. Albans Sanatorium and join them for a flashlight tour of the building. Hear all the chilling tales of what paranormal investigators, and the public, have encountered within these 120 year old walls. A little bit of history, a little bit of paranormal. Tickets are available online in advance and will be sold at the door provided tickets are still available. Comfortable shoes and a flashlight are recommended as there will be lots of walking and many dark areas. Dress accordingly as the building is not climate controlled. You must be 18 years of age (16 if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685883
18. March's Beans and Banjos (Final Event) Meadowbrook Public Library, Shawsville Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 8:00 PM Admission: $5.00 requested donation The Shawsville Ruritans and The LINC Letter presents March's Beans and Banjos and the final event of this series. Nothing lasts forever, not even Beans and Banjos. March's Beans and Banjos will be the last. Instead of having a couple of bands the organizers are inviting everyone who's ever played or sung at Beans and Banjos to come out and jam to play Beans and Banjos out in style. Beans and Banjos has been going for at least 14 years. Enjoy a dinner of beans, cornbread and desserts. Organizers ask for a donation of at least $5.00 to help keep the LINC Letter publishing. The LINC Letter is the non-profit community newsletter for Eastern Montgomery and is distributed to residents of Alleghany, Elliston, Ironto, Lafayette and Shawsville, Virginia. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685325
19. Amelia Empson in Concert Rising Silo Farm Brewery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 6:00 - 9:00 PM Admission: Free Amelia Empson plays a variety of Indie-Folk and Americana covers and originals from the Appalachian Mountains with talent far beyond her years. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=684804
20. Salsa Night 2023 Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 11:00 PM Advance Tickets: $12.00, At the Door: $15.00 Join Beliveau Farm Winery for a dancing experience with your loved one, group of friends, or come single; you are bound to have a good time no matter what. Lessons begin at 7:00 PM and the event lasts until 11:00 PM. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685126
21. 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration German Club Manor, Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM Admission: $50.00 The Blacksburg Junior Women's Club (BJWC) presents the 2023 March of Ales Mardi Gras Celebration featuring unique beers for tasting, along with wine and a signature cocktail. Coffee, water, lemonade, hors d’oeuvres and desserts will also be available. Guests will enjoy entertainment by a DJ, dancing, and a live and silent auction. The auctions feature an extraordinary variety of items donated by local businesses and individuals. At the end of the evening, discounted Uber service will be available to guests. Tickets will be available for purchase at the door if the event is not sold out in advance. All money raised at March of Ales is used to fund service projects and donations throughout the year. The funds have benefitted groups and causes such as Special Olympics, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, Montgomery County Christmas Store and many others. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685695
22. WUVT's Jazz Night with Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD Odd Fellows Building Lodge #20 (Wilson Avenue), Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM Admission: $6.00 Join WUVT for a night filled with the sweetest jazz melodies provided by Copy Cat Syndrome and Yung LZRD. Copy Cat Syndrome is a fusion trio performing jazz based in Blacksburg, VA. LZRD is a jazz band from Blacksburg, VA. Entrance to this event is ticket only (sold online) with a maximum of 50 being sold. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the music starts at 7:00 PM. WUVT-FM 90.7 Blacksburg is the New River Valley's only source for independent, alternative programming. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685887
23. TechNotes Spring 2023 Concert: TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s Haymarket Theater (Squires Student Center), Virginia Tech Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Advance Tickets: $5.00, At the Door: $7.00 TechNotes presents their Spring 2023 Concert titled "TechNotes Lightnin’: Feeling the 50s". Enjoy a night full of new songs and old TechNotes favorites and chances to win epic raffle prizes. TechNotes is a co-ed A Cappella group at Virginia Tech that performs at various events throughout the year. TechNotes was founded in 2010. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685878
24. Caroline Owens & Company in Concert Floyd Country Store, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:00 - 10:00 PM General Admission: $15.00, Reserved Seating: $20.00 Caroline Owens is a 2X IBMA nominated Bluegrass and Gospel artist. She has performed alongside many of her heroes such as Alison Krauss, Suzanne Cox, The Isaacs, Larry Gatlin, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Lorraine Jordan and many others. And, has made quite a name for herself in the North Carolina bluegrass community. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685713
25. Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul in Concert The Floyd Center for the Arts, Floyd Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 9:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Students: $10.00 Don't miss your chance to see the long awaited return of Hoppie Vaughan & The Ministers of Soul. It will be a fun, funky night of soul. The diversely talented Hoppie Vaughan is all about the soul! He is a blue eyed soul singer, song writer, guitar and bass player. Besides performing solo, he is the front man for Hoppie Vaughan and the Ministers of Soul based out of Roanoke, VA performing classic soul, R&B, blues and funk. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685712
26. Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three Southpaw Cafe & Community Space, Blacksburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 7:30 - 10:00 PM Admission: $5.00 Southpaw Cafe & Community Space presents a Three Band Concert with Kenny Vaughan, Sullivan Smith & Stray Lions and Friend of the Three. Friend of the Three is a band based in Virginia that performs adult alternative, pop and rock. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685881
27. Stand-Up Comedy Show Lost In Taste, Christiansburg Saturday, March 25, 2023, 10:00 PM - TBD Admission: $7.00 The Cosmic Comedy Club returns with performances by comedians Sage Delong, Derek Budd, Julia Goyer, Tony Rodriguez, Jermaine Callando and hosted by Andrew Gustafson. Recommended for ages 18 & up. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685853
28. 2023 Hot Diggity Dog Day (Fun for Your Dog) Beliveau Farm Winery, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 12:00 - 6:00 PM Admission: Free Bring your pup and come have a day at Beliveau Farm Winery annual canine event. There's 165 acres of dog fun for your furrr-ever friend to explore and relax. Fresh air, dog parade, lots of outdoor space. Beliveau will have food and drinks for purchase throughout the day. With every hot-dog sold, they are donating 20% of our proceeds to the Montgomery County Humane Society. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685322
29. Community Quilting Bee: Rotary Cutting Fabric Blacksburg Library, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: Free Blacksburg Library presents their monthly Community Quilting Bee with the the topic "Rotary Cutting Fabric". This month atteneeds will learn how to use a rotary cutter and ruler to make accurate fabric pieces. Everyone is welcome including beginners. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685349
30. Book Club: The Winemaker Blacksburg Wine Lab, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 1:00 - 3:00 PM Admission: $40.00 Join the Blacksburg Wine Lab for the Wine Lab Book Club tasting & discussing featuring "The Winemaker" by Noah Gordon. About The Winemaker: Josep Alvarez is a young man in the tiny grape-growing village of Santa Eulália, in northern Spain, where his father grows black grapes that are turned into cheap vinegar. Joseph loves the agricultural life, but he is the second son, and his father’s vineyard will be inherited by his brother Donat, the firstborn. He yearns for a job growing grapes and for an opportunity to marry Teresa Gallego. In Madrid, an assassination plot, conceived against the political leader of Spain by men of wealth and power, creates a storm of intrigue that sucks into its vortex a group of innocent young farm workers in Santa Eulália. How Josep’s life is changed drastically by these events, and how, ironically, they gradually turn him into an inspired vintner with an evolving vision of life, is the fascinating story of "The Winemaker". During the Book Club, enjoy four fantastic Spanish wines to taste. Chef Bryan will create a pairing board of house–made Spanish tapas, cheese and charcuterie to accompany the tasting. Reservations required. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685385
31. Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge" Floyd United Methodist Church, Floyd Sunday, March 26, 2023, 2:30 - 3:30 PM Admission: Free The Floyd County Historical Society presents an encore performance of Willard Gayheart and Ricky Cox performing "Old Favorite Songs of the Blue Ridge. Ricky Cox’s friendship with Willard Gayheart also goes back 35 years. This shows in the programs they present together, harmonizing and appreciating one another’s contributions as they delight their audiences. Willard is a pencil artist from Southwest Virginia. He is originally from Eastern Kentucky, working mostly from the theme "Nostalgic Glimpses of the Appalachians". His works are positive images of Appalachian Culture, presenting the region as a place alive with interesting personalities. Besides his artistic talent with the pencil, Willard is also an accomplished bluegrass musician having played as a member of the bluegrass band The Highlanders. Ricky Cox has been entertaining and educating many of us for decades. Throughout his teaching career at Radford University he shared the history and culture of our region through his music and writing, earning a number of special recognitions along the way. Ricky contributed his photographic talents to the second of two books featuring Willard Gayheart’s drawings. Note: The event was originally scheduled for Sunday, March 12th, but had to be postponed due to inclement weather. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685328
32. Blacksburg Community Band Spring Concert Blacksburg High School Auditorium, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 3:00 - 4:00 PM Admission: Free The Blacksburg Community Band presents their Spring Concert conducted by David McKee and Associate Conductor, Dean Chiapetto. Christiansburg High School's band director, David Miller, will be guest conducting. Jefferson Ritchie will solo on trombone. The Blacksburg Community Band, Inc. is an all-volunteer community organization formed in 1989 under the auspices of the Department of Parks and Recreation in the Town of Blacksburg. The ensemble is open to individuals of all ages and ability levels from the New River Valley and surrounding areas. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685314
33. Helping Hands Fundraiser with Spaghetti Dinner and Live Music Belview United Methodist Church, Radford Sunday, March 26, 2023, 4:30 - 7:30 PM Donations Appreciated Join Belview United Methodist Church for some fun and great fellowship all while helping support a wonderful mission. Help them fund their Helping Hands Pantry by enjoying a spaghetti dinner starting at 4:30 PM, silent auction, raffle and live music from Eddie & Sherry Richards and Spoken For beginning at 6 PM. Belview's Helping Hands Pantry supplies clothes, personal care items, cleaning items and household items to those in need in Montgomery County, Radford, Dublin, Giles County and Pulaski and other surrounding areas. The Silent Auction starts at 1:30 PM and ends at 7:30 PM with over 40 items to bid on. There are over $2,000 in prizes for the raffle. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each, $10.00 for three or $20.00 for seven. Donate a pack of diapers, pull-ups or Depends and get three free raffle tickets on the day of the event. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685880
34. Indian Run Stringband in Concert Palisades Restaurant, Eggleston Sunday, March 26, 2023, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Admission: Free The Indian Run Stringband from Blacksburg, VA plays fiddle and banjo foot stomping dance tunes and sings traditional songs with old time harmonies perfect for dancing the two step. From dance tunes to the blues, the Indian Run Stringband plays with love and abandon. They make old-time music fresh and new. Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685310
35. Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble in Concert with Guest Artist Michael Burritt Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg Sunday, March 26, 2023, 6:00 - 7:30 PM General Public: $15.00, Seniors: $12.00, Students & Youth: $10.00 The Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Annie Stevens, performs a concert with guest artist Michael Burritt who is one of his generation’s leading percussionists. He is in frequent demand, performing concert tours and master classes throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada. He has been soloist with the United States Air Force Band, Dallas Wind Symphony, Omaha Symphony, Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Ju Percussion Group (Taiwan), Percussion Art Quartet (Germany) and the Amores Percussion Group (Spain). Link: http://www.nextthreedays.com/FeaturedEventDetails.cfm?E=685872
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!
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2023.03.24 23:51 amateurbaker555 Non-Alcoholic drinks on this medicine ?

I know tons of drinking isn't good on Zoloft, but would the 0.5% found in most non-alcoholic beers also be an issue?
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2023.03.24 23:31 SuperFriends001 What episode was it?

I recall it took place at Moe's and Barney said something along the lines of, "You won't even have one beer with your pals." It was something about trying to guilt homer into drinking beers, and I believe Homer does drink some beers.
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2023.03.24 23:11 AlaskaFF Solo Travel Copacabana Beach Brazil next month April 2023

Heading to Copacabana Beach next month mid April. Thursday afternoon to Sunday.
How much Brazilian Real currency should I bring? My hotel provides breakfast buffet and I just need 1 big meal for the day and maybe a few beers.
What is average price per meal?
What is the best thing to do on Sunday? I have to checkout at 12pm and have to carry backpack with laptop.
I saw a wide range of prices for Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf mountain. Also, I can take Ubers right to entrance?

Here is my tentative schedule:
Thursday: arrive airport 3pm - head to hotel, grab a few sports drinks, grab dinner
Friday: Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf mountain, massage, 3pm cruise on water
Saturday: open - beach, massage, nice lunch
Sunday: open (flight leaves at 7pm)
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