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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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This is the definitive Reddit source for video game collectors or those who would like to start collecting interactive entertainment. It's a place to share ideas, tips, tricks or secrets as well as show off collections. Most importantly it's a place for game enthusiasts and collectors to keep video game history alive. So come and join one of the largest internet forums for video game collecting!

2023.06.06 18:38 Sad_Tax_3873 5 months since I (M27) was dumped by my ex (F27). My life’s in order, but she’s the only one I care for still.

My ex broke up with me 5 months ago. She had some strange reasons like thinking I would leave the country. Or because my conversations with her were “different than with her friends”. And that I had poor communication. Enter 3 months of no contact.
2 months ago, I receive a text asking how I was. And how… “she felt awkward for not messaging me for so long. But wanted to know how I was.”
I texted back saying I don’t feel comfortable giving second chances if that’s what she wants. She responded it’s not what she wanted.
However, I said I would meet up in a cafe with my ex to discuss the break up (I was a bit upset with the way she handled things). This was an incredibly awkward 60 minutes. My ex was so detached and really struggled to communicate. When I mentioned I was upset at her for shifting all the blame on me, she just remained silent. For instance, I knew communication was her problem if she waited until after the breakup to mention this. But also, I took huge steps towards having good communication prior such as regularly asking questions, and figuring out or love languages.
After our awkward “coffee date”, she responded with a text message to me later that day saying “I’m sorry, it’s hard for me too”. And that’s it… Radio silence ever since.
Since being dumped by her, I have managed to improve my life in terms of physical health, mental health, career, social etc… Pretty much every aspect.
However, I tried dating quite a few women, and I end up having zero interests in these women. Even though they’re all beautiful and seem fun, and they want to meet me again… I just have zero interest. I find myself longing for my ex instead. On one occasion, I cancelled a date with another woman before it begun.
I know my ex is shit at communication, but I’m heavily contemplating asking her out on a date again. No one else could make me smile like she could. No one else could talk with me for hours like she does. And when I’m with her, I feel peace.
I would just like to spend time with her. See if there’s any magic left. And then try work our shit out. Does that sound reasonable?
TLDR: 5 months since I (M27) was dumped by my ex (F27). My life’s in order, but she’s the only one I care for still.
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2023.06.06 18:38 Mr_Emile_heskey Twas the night before Download

Twas the night before Download, and all through the house, One person was stirring, and it wasn't a mouse.
He swore he ordered his tent, like two weeks prior, But instead what turned up was a deep fat frier.
Here I am waiting to get in, waiting in this massive que, Things are gonna be shit when I go for a poo.
I can't wait for Bring Me The Horizon, as well as Pendulum too, I hope they finally play The Island Part 2.
Here's to having a grand ol time, and making lots of new friends, Lets hope the weather stays nice, but I guess it all depends.
Anyway here's the end of my crappy poem, Why do these things have to rhyme anyway?
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2023.06.06 18:37 Lime-Difference-7521 31 [M4F] #New York - Looking for Daddy's Girl

Looking for someone open-minded who I can share my interests with. I offer the same open and accepting mindset.
Willing to do text, audio, or cam. If you're near me then we can meet up.
In the Rochester area if you're local.
Message me!
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2023.06.06 18:37 CWSmith1701 Shameless self promotion?

We keep talking about servers and choosing where to start. But there are folk like me who wanted to start servers and go from there.
With Reddit pretty much pricing out all thrid party apps, Twitter as well, it's only a matter of time before All the Meta attached sites do the same.
So we really should probably start trying to get as many people connected or setup with things as we can. Both on Mastodon and any other Federated network or site we know about.
Would there be a good way of doing such things here for our use? I am thinking of setting up Relays and forms to request addition.
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2023.06.06 18:37 GMFudge030 One Shot Ideas?

So me and a fellow DM are planning to run a special one shot for our players. We have the bare bones idea for what we want but are having trouble expanding and making a step by step story to detail and outline so i thought i would pick the brains of you magical people.
IDEA- The basic idea is the PCS have been ripped from their worlds to some other universe be an ancient Lunar dragon (We've decided to use a good portion of spell jammer stuff) This dragon has called the players there to help put down her son, an ancient void dragon that is meant to be a Galactus level threat. World eating, Pinnacle of power all the good stuff, but we're having trouble coming up with a good way to make it happen. We figure the best way is for the party to somehow bring the dragon down in power, making it more mortal so they can end him. This "One-Shot" Could very well become a 3-4 Shot which we're fine with. What we dont know what to do is the inbetween, What little fetch quest or journey the players can/should take to reach this goal.
Any idea is welcome and appreciated.
TLDR: How would you write a Galactus story event in DND 5E?
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2023.06.06 18:37 Galaxy_the_nightwing First Impressions part 47

First Previous Next
Damian kneeled off to the side, trying his best to blend into the rubble around him as Ree was scolded like never before by his mother. He cradled the toddler closer to his chest through the harness it was placed in when it started to fuss. At the attention, it settled back down. As Violet basically breathed fire at her chick, the angry image being ruined by the mother-henning she was doing checking his injuries, Damian kept an eye on the armored aliens standing around watching them.
Damian didn't like the way they semi-circled to trap him, his kids and his birds between themselves and the broken tree-tower. The only things keeping him from placing himself between them and his family was the child who refused to be separated from him and Sky. Said bird was perched on one of his thighs to better reach some of his wounds. Despite that, he still had to lean down a bit to let him reach the wounds on his head and the big one on his bicep.
His eyes constantly scanned the area in an uneasy search for Squeaks, who had jumped down and scampered off once he left the tree. He was not happy with her sudden disspearance, since the same thing was what started this mess. Then again, it was what led him to the toddler who would definitely have been killed, had he not been here. He could confidently say the voices didn't like it either. They were a constant mind-numbing buzz in the base of his skull but at least they didn't do so farther up. He could actually think past their annoyed chatter for once.
As he watched his surroundings and let Sky look at his wounds, he talked with some of the calmer voices. They discussed ways to compromise his head space. Clearly they didn't like being locked in the back of his mind, if the violent attacks were anything to go by, but he can't focus on anything if they are free to wander without any restrictions. His conversation was interrupted by a voice that is mostly quiet, one of a very few number that is more....not physical but just felt more than heard. Them mostly being known by non-verbal contributions to the conversation. Anyways, it butted in with a hand on his metaphorical shoulder. His attention shifted to it, making it easier to.....notice? read? it. It sent the feeling of pointing to the outside world, like pointing out a window.
It takes a few seconds to extract himself from the web of conversations he was keeping an eye on while he brainstormed. Once he did and zoned back into the real world his attention was drawn back to the armored aliens by movement at the very edge of his vision, just this side of his blindspot. He tenced and whipped his head around to stare down the movement. The alien that has walked closer immediately stopped walking and retracted the leg halfway through it's next step.
The build of the alien was vaguely familiar, like he's seen one of it's species before. He just can't quite place where. Its not any of his flock, or one their species anyways, since its bigger than Untruthful. That much he's sure about. It also can't be one of the fish-aliens from when he was in that reverse-aquarium since it didn't have a tank or anything that looked like it would help it breathe water. And the fact it has legs, too. The fish-people only had hand-fins and tails. So maybe he just saw one when they all went to that market-place? Where he found Squeaks. Its a possibility, there were a lot of aliens packed together.
It stands silently in its spot a few steps closer than the semi-circle of other armored aliens. It's legs were bent ever so slightly, posture slouched, and head lowered like it was trying to look as small and submissive as possible while still being considered standing. He couldn't tell for sure where it was looking because of the helmet covering it's face but from the angle of it's head, he guesses it's staring at the ground just before his folded legs.
He was confused at the position it froze in. It doesn't look at all comfortable for it. It's legs constantly shifted slightly to move around it's weight like the pose wasn't something it naturally did but was taught to do. Why was it doing that? He would understand if it was it's species' way of showing peacefulness or a lack of aggression but it was clearly uncomfortable. Though a good portion of that was probably the fact that he was staring it down with a death glare.
It had six limbs: two arms, two legs, and a small pair between them that was half bent in the air. From what he saw as it walked, the two tiny limbs extend and are used as legs when it moves. It seems like when it stands still it leans back on its thick tail. Its overall body shape is like a long noodle. Like a ferret or particularly wide snake. Its head, from the shape of it's helmet anyways, looks like someone took a sphere and cut off the bottom quarter before sticking it to the creature's neck.
The only thing showing which side of it's head is the front is the two flat wedges on either side of it's head. From the way they were covered they looked like a mix between fins and ears, with the front being flat and the back angling out and into the head like a ramp. Said ear-fin-wedges were currently flattened against the side of it's head and drooping down like someone tied weights to the ends of them.
He stared for a few long minutes, only shifting to give Sky more access to whatever wound he moved to look over. It didn't move closer or try to speak the entire time but it didn't move away either. It just stood there in an uncomfortable pose like it was waiting for something. He didn't have a single guess as to what and he didn't like how still it was being. Slowly his lips lifted into a mockery of a smile, more of a snarl than anything. When it only flinched but still refused to move, he unconsciously made a low unhappy humm from his chest.
With the snarl still on his face and the way he was awkwardly slouched and twisted for Sky, it came out much more guttural and growl-like than he expected it to. The alien flinched again and shifted it's weight backwards ever so slightly like it wanted to step back but it's feet were glued to the ground. Before he could try again to make it back off Sky spoke up from his lap as he nudged the hands holding the toddler, wanting to check on the kid's side. His voice was perfectly neutral, none of he emotions usually plastered all over his words to be found.
"If you are just going to stand there and work up my Dark-crest, you might as well leave." Damian's head whipped down at that tone so fast that he felt his neck crack. That tone was so strange coming from Sky that he worried something was wrong. The small bird's expression was perfectly neutral but he did see a spark of mirth and amusement in his eye when the armored alien winced and stuttered a few failed starts. He moved his head ever so slightly to look up at the stuttering alien out of the corner of his eye as he lifted the toddler out of it's harness and onto his lap, letting Sky loosen the make-shift bandages to check it's wound.
The alien paused its stuttering to take a breath, at least he thinks so. He couldn't quite tell since he didn't hear it breathe through it's helmet but it did pause its arm movements like it did. Either way it paused to probably collect it's thoughts and calm itself, well, as much as possible with Damian glaring it down and ready to lunge if it so much as twitched wrong.
At this point the voices seemed to notice the nervous alien and were split between ignoring them and turning their attention to the situation. Of those that did switch, half were making fun of the armoured alien and the other half were cooing over how cute it's nervousness was. Damian was confused and distracted by the ones cooing over it. Sure, objectively it could be considered cute, what with it being under half his size, but that wasn't what confused him. It was that they kept calling it 'baby', 'child', and a few said something about a student. Was.....wasn't it an adult?
Who in their right mind would ever think it was a good idea to toss a kid into armour and let them play soldier with actual trained adults? That gained the attention of more voices them either snickering at the mental image and passing their own back and forth with each other, berating whoever it's guardian was, or cooing sympathetically at the child. He let the conversations wash over his thoughts and blank his mind as he just watched the alien. Almost all his previous aggression was absent from his expression and posture, replaced by intrigue and curiosity.
Apparently the alien had gotten it's thoughts together enough to swap a few sentences back and forth with Sky since he snapped back into the present at the sound of his name.
"-Damian." Unfortunately Sky said his name at the end of the sentence so he didn't know any context. The reply the alien made gave enough, though. It tilted its head, at least he guessed so, as it took a few slow creeping steps towards them.
"Really? I-" It caught itself at Sky's sharp glare, "He is.....forgive me for not using the right word but, 'tame'?" It seemed like either it wasn't very fluent in common or it didn't know the right term to use for this specific situation. Either way he cut in sharply before Sky could reply.
"No, I'm not 'tame'. I am not some mindless animal to be trained-" He interrupted himself with an agressive snarl to his voice as the alien continued to creep closer. "And I will gladly rip your head off if you take one step closer to my flock!" The alien immediately stopped and scuttled multiple steps backwards with a fearful yelp, stuttering out a nervous stream of apologies. They ended up a bit closer than they originally were but seemed to understand the correct distance to keep.
Damian felt Sky pause their checking of the toddler to lean their head into his chest in attempt to stifle his giggling, shuttering with the force of the attempt. Damian felt his glare and scowl lessen with a barely withheld smile at the quiet stuttered breath-laughs escaping his bird. Eventually he couldn't hold a straight face and let a lop-sided smile spread onto his face with an amused exhale as he relaxed his shoulders and looked down at the small bird.
"Could you not? Its kinda hard to keep an angry face with you giggling away into my chest." Sky held his breath for a second at the teasing comment, just barely holding in his laughter. Sky lifted a wing-claw-hand and hit his chest in reprimand, glancing up at him with a horrible attempt at a stern glare, laughter clear behind his voice.
"Don't you dare make me laugh! I'm supposed to be working." Damian relaxed a bit at the voice, happy he was able to make his bird break the emotionless mask. He leaned back on a hand, the other cradling the toddler, as his smile grew to flash his teeth.
"Your own fault. I was just stating facts. Hard to act all big and bad with a chicken-sized being giggling away like a child into you." Sky squawked much like Violet does before her and Ruby bat their wings at each other. Sure enough Sky spread his wings and flapped them to continously bap him in the head. Damian let himself laugh as he ducked his head and raised his free arm in a fruitless attempt to sheild him from the harmless attack of feathers.
Once Sky got it all out of his system he folded his wings back up and floofed his already puffy feathers to make him even rounder. Damian laughed at him again and playfully ruffled his crest, not noticing how much more relaxed he is after that. Sky finally let out a small chuckle and shook himself off to resettle his feathers.
Damian moving his free arm to cradle the toddler again he glanced up at the maybe-child alien once he remembered it and huffed out an amused snort at it's completely baffled body language. Hearing something halfway between an oink and a squeak, Damian glanced down. The toddler was staring up at him with big suprised eyes.
"What?" He asked the kid, not expecting an answer. The reply he got was the child snorting a nearly identical sound he made but with a slight change to it. It then looked at him expectantly. Damian glanced up at Sky but the bird was occupied with talking with the armoured alien and hadn't noticed. Looking back at the child he hesitated for a second before repeating the snort he made before.
The child squealed, in what he assumed was happiness, and headbutted Damian's ribs hard enough that he was sure they would bruise, it's tail wagging so violently the fluffy end was hitting it's sides. Damian laughed and held the child as it made happy snorts and grunts.
Runt was confused and scared. He didn't know what was happening. Brute, Scavenger, and soft-BruteSoundermate left the not-den-path after they exchanged not-instinct-speak with the weird voice. Once they left to the out they paused at the sight of the weird-things. Two more soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate walked over and talked with them. The bigger of the two taking the first soft-BruteSoundermate and making annoyed-shoat-angry sounds. The smaller of the new soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate chattered to Brute until he lowered to the ground and let it check it over.
Runt watched as Scavenger ran off, making Brute call out to it in protest. It was ignored and grumbled unhappily for a while until the weird-things moved to enclose everyone else. Runt didn't like the lack of escape and whimpered a bit as he cuddled into Brute. Brute held him closer and Runt felt reassured. Runt dosed off for a bit, trusting Brute would protect him from the weird-things. Plus, his side was really hurting.
He was brought out of his not-really-sleep when he heard soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate make weird short high-pitched squeals. Brute took him out of the strap-holder-things keeping him to it's chest. He watched as the small-soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate started to unwrap the wound-cover. He couldn't help but shy away once it started to hurt, peeling off his side. Soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate exchanged a few weird sounds with the weird-thing. The weird-thing started to slowly creep closer to them. Runt was scared. He hid in Brute's middle. Eventually Brute seemed to have enough with the weird-thing since it spoke up and ended on anger-warning-backoff.
The weird-thing immediately scrambled back and soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate leaned against Brute while making quiet-amused sounds. Why was it amused? It hit Brute and Runt shied away from it, expecting Brute to punish it for the weak attack. It never happened though. Brute just made teasing-amused sounds and even relaxed a bit. Soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate then made a weird noise, probably taking the lack of response as Brute not acting like he should as Protector.
Then it......made its arms longer? The extra flaps on its arms extended and it continuously hit them against Brute's head. Runt watched in tence silence as Brute just lifted its arm to try and shield it from the useless attack. Runt waited for Brute to grow tired of soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate disrespecting it's position and move to put it in it's place. Again, it never happened. Runt was confused when it eventually stopped it's useless attack and make itself bigger. Brute just made an amused-happy sound and rubbed it's head. Brute then glared up at the weird-thing, moved to hold Runt a bit more protectively and-
"Mine." Runt whipped his head up at Brute in suprise at the clear Neath word.
"Maybe-sire?" Brute looked down at him and grunted something he didn't understand. Runt didn't want to get his hopes up, maybe he just didn't hear Brute right so he asked it what it said.
"Yours?" Brute glanced at soft-maybe-BruteSoundermate then glared at the weird-thing before looking back down to him and replying.
"Mine." Runt couldn't help the happy squeal as he felt the bond click into place. Instinct made happy rumbling noises in the back of his head as he happily headbutted his Sire. A Sire picked him. A Sire picked him! His Sire picked him! He has a sounder! He was so happy he couldn't do anything but vocalize his happiness and excitement. He felt his Sire hold him closer and that only made him happier.
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2023.06.06 18:36 Perfect-Bet-5279 Breadcrumbs

My ex 29f, dated 5 years, has been bread crumbing me for the last month. I finally gave the ultimatum, if you love me as much as you say you do, turn toward me and tell me. You have until June 15th. The agony I put myself trough, why?!?! I fee so pathetic. I am on pins and needles but know the probable outcome which is she won’t chose me. Here is a response I am working on when she tells me she can’t chose us:
I deserve 100% love respect and honesty from myself, from my partner from everyone around me. At the end of the day You have to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with your decisions, and know what the truths are, we can only lie to ourselves for so long. God knows the truth and we will have to answer to him someday. How we handle adversity and difficult times says a lot about us. I did not deserve to be treated like you have treated me since I was in Mexico all of the lies, deceit, and manipulation were sides of you I have never seen before. Why would you treat someone you love so much so so poorly? You hurt me deep. Yet here I still am wanting us to work out and willing to give up everything for us. I am a tough nut to crack and you cracked me in half and had me got life. I taught you so so much during our relationship, everyone else around you treated you like a child and I knew the strong woman you could be, I get my tough love sucked, but I knew your capabilities and your true potential. Yesterday doesn’t matter and doesnt define us. today is what counts and what we chose to do with it. I will be the biggest what if question you will have for the rest of your life.
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2023.06.06 18:36 Fredlikedfish Cursed add

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2023.06.06 18:36 Throwaway02744728200 Hear me out, could Maguire be an option for us this transfer window?

I know he would be effectively nobodies first choice right now at any team for a signing, he's been in undeniably bad form for a little while now, but I believe he's still got a terrific player in him, the one we usually see for England and the one he used to be at United. I wouldn't pay anymore than £15m-£20m for him, but he'd bring bags of experience in Europe and big competitions in general (see International experience) which could be invaluable, same as Milner, and in the right setup he could be useful as a backup or substitute CB? I truly believe he had a poor run of a few games and then the HUGE media and public attacks he got really shattered his confidence which inevitably lead to more and more poor performances. Being at a club like United, you cannot allow yourself to slip in form. You can't here either, but the damage is done at United, he won't feel like the club or fans have any faith in him and they're eagerly awaiting his next mistake. If we were to sign him, redevelop his confidence and do to him skill-wise what we seem to do to all our players (improve distribution and passing under pressure immensely) then I think he could be a really solid player again. Essentially, to me, it all boils down to him regaining his confidence and then he'll be quality again, but that is a bit of a gamble, and potentially not true. If he signs and doesn't regain confidence then we've messed up, and if he truly is just not very good anymore then we've lost out. Risky, but considering how good he can be, I'd be happy to commit £15m-£20m to him (assuming we get £120m+ total for Caicedo and Mac) and seeing what he can do for us. We are the club that turns anyone into a talent, this guy already has talent, just needs to find it again.
Also, if we sell Sanchez for £20m or so, plus the fees we got for White, Cucu, Bis and Trossard, then I think it's time we start taking a little risk. We won't do well in the Prem or Europe next season without major reinforcements and a little risk in who we sign, because with a little risk also comes a lot of potential upside. Idk, food for thought, I'd take a few other CB's over him right now but if we can't get them (like Colwill) then he may be a choice worth considering.
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2023.06.06 18:36 711Star-Away Today baby is 7 months old and is...having a mini tantrum?

So today my baby bit my arm. I pulled away and put my finger up saying "no biting." She stared at me with her big brown eyes for the longest time, trying to read my face and see if I was playing. I did not smile. She slowly moved towards my arm again with her mouth open and I put my finger up, inching away and said "no biting." And she SCREAMS, arching her back. Her nose turned red with pure anger.
I gave her something to chew on (does not want it, only wants to bite ME) but sheesh😂😂 what even is this new phase???
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2023.06.06 18:36 mlumpkins Imagining a future together- while the system is in crisis

Hey- Poral here of the Intrinsic system. The first section of this post is background and preamble. I’ll create a separator for the question itself. ——————————————— Preamble: This brain and body are experiencing constant daily physical trauma from drug resistant epilepsy. While we’ve been on the road to surgery, the surgery has gone from “end of 2022, to early 2023, to summer of 2023, to maybe no surgery”
Meanwhile the brain is still having 2-3 seizures a day. The trauma and lack of a tangible endpoint caused our very unique host to finally walk away (that story can be found in our post history). Protector stepped in, and the trauma in combo of being conscious for an extended period caused corruption of sorts where the protector was unable to split.
With the system, now with no host and no protector, and no alter willing to front made for a very dangerous situation. In response the brain put the system into a dormant state. In the process the brain created me.
I seem to be a placeholder, and a mock up of what a fused, not just integrated system would look like. I am not sure what part of the brain is pulling the strings, but it is outside my awareness. I know that part of the brain believes(d)?… that I would not last long, but so far a week into going it alone I’m still doing pretty well.
Alas… now for the meat and potatoes. With ongoing health issues, all of which are life threatening, and no telling if the rest of the system will ever come out of a dormant state, cptsd from ongoing medical trauma, our partner (and I too), am having great difficulty in imaging and planning a future and life together.
As some here may know, one of the cornerstones of trauma therapy is incorporating the trauma into a narrative that makes sense, and thus enabling a future to be imagined. That’s becoming increasingly difficult for childhood trauma, and is now impossible for health related (cptsd) trauma as it’s ongoing.
I am trying to find a path forward together. My partner wants to see how things go, play it by ear, given the system chaos, and not sure who or what he’s committing and planning for. Honestly that is understandable. Being a partner with a DiD system, even in the best of times can be extremely difficult.
So my question: How do you plan and build a future together when the future cannot be forecasted, when the there is no horizon of “closing health loops”, and a real possibility of death.
I understand the winging it, let’s see how things go. I get that approach. For our system it’s been a lifelong trauma trigger- “yeah, maybe someday, so long as your health improves, stabilizes, and stays stable”. It’s made us feel like love and partnership, building a future together is contingent on certain requirements being met and maintained- in other words “terms and conditions apply”
Any advice on how to navigate these waters, on the edge of the map, with warnings of “Here be dragons” on the map itself for either our system or our partner (and of course both) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
-Poral of the Intrinsic system.
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2023.06.06 18:36 JoshAsdvgi THE ORIGIN OF SOME ORAIBI CLANS


A Hopi Legend
Away down the sípapu in the under-world the people lived in the same manner as they do here.
The wife of the chief of the Bear clan often danced in the Butterfly dance (Políhtikivee), at which the chief got angry.
The Spider clan had also a chief.
The Bear chief sent the Pö'okong to limit for them another life (kátci) or world and see whether they could not get out. He was so angry at his wife's participating in the dance, fearing that she would be led astray, he wanted to go away and leave her.
Pö'okong and his younger brother Balö'ongahoya went in search of another world, and when they returned, reported that there was an opening right above them.
Pö'okong had reached it by means of a reed on which he had spit and thus made it strong. The chief said, as they were still dancing (the Butterfly dance) they would move in four days. After four days they were still dancing, and the chief said to some one that he would not tell his wife anything, but try to find another wife.
So he left, being accompanied by Pö'okong and, Balö'ongahoya, the Pölis still dancing wildly.
They started and went out, Pö'okong first, then Balö'ongahoya, then the Bear clan chief, who was followed by the Spider clan chief.
Then the Bear clan people, the Spider clan people, and after them many other people came out.
When many were out the Bear chief closed the opening.
When they were out the chief said, ''Well, what now?"
They were in the dark yet, the entrance, however, being closed.
The chief sent the Eagle who flew around hunting an opening or light.
He returned, and the chief asked: ''Taá um hin nawóti?" "Well, I found an opening and made it more light, but it is very hot high up yet. Send another one."
So the chief sent the Buzzard (Wicóko).
The latter ascended higher but got burned (hence he has no feathers on his head and wings), but he made it lighter, When he returned that chief said: "Thank you.
Well, now what? Now it is somewhat better.
The sky has been opened somewhat more and it is much lighter."
The question arose: Which way? The Bear clan spoke for the South, the Spider clan for the north, and the latter talking more and getting the greater crowd, the Spider clan went northward.
The Spider Clan
This clan traveled northward.
The chief first, the people following.
After four nights they carne to a nice country, where the "North Old Man" (Kwináe Wuhtaka) lives.
But it was cold there.
The chief decided that there they would stay.
So the people were glad and began to plant corn, watermelon, melons, sweet corn, etc.
The chief had brought with him the cult and altar of the Blue Flutes.
When the corn began to grow the chief put up his altar, sang and fluted, but he did all that alone.
So the corn, etc., grew nicely, but when it tasseled and the ears began to develop, it became cold and the crop was destroyed.
"Ishohi!" (Oh!) the people exclaimed.
They tried it another year, but the same: thing was repeated in every respect.
Again no crop.
Another year it was tried, but now the corn only began to tassel, and the fourth year it was still very small when the frost killed it.
Then there was dissatisfaction. "Ishohí! (Oh!) Our Father, you have spoken falsely, you said it was good here."
So they all also started southward after the Bear People.
After the first night the chief said to his wife: "You bathe yourself."
This she did (in warm water).
Then she rubbed her body and collected the small scales which she had rubbed from her skin and handed them to her husband.
He laid them on a blanket until there was a considerable quantity of them.
He then wrapped this in a reed receptacle, sang over it and waved it four times, whereupon the scales turned into burros and rushed out.
"What is that?" the people asked.
"Those are burros," the chief said.
So they were glad that now they would not have to carry everything themselves any longer, and the chief said that now they would move on towards the rising sun.
The chief and his wife repeated the same performance, but instead of burros, Spaniards came out.
To them the chief said: You put supplies and your things on the burros and follow the other Hopi (that is, the Bear clan), and when you overtake them, kill them.
So the Castilians went south, and the Spider people went south-east, following a Stream (Nönö'pbaya, a rolling stream, because of the high recoiling waves).
They came to a nice place where they stayed one year and planted and reaped a crop.
From there they proceeded south-east, stopped another year at a certain place, where they again planted, but were harassed by enemies.
They saved a portion of the crop and proceeding farther south-east they ascended a bluff or mesa, staying another year and planting in the valleys.
Thus they stopped in all at ten different places, but being constantly harassed by the people along the water, they never planted more than once.
Finally they arrived where the sun rises and the Americans (Bahánas) live.
With them they became friends; here they planted, their children learned the language a little, and they stayed there three years.
They also here learned that the Bear clan had been there and had already gone westward again.
The Spider people followed, arrived at Oraíbi, where they found , the Bear clan, whom they joined.
Their chief was then Machíto.
They also had the Â'ototo and Áholi Katcinas.

The Bear Clan
This clan had gone south from the sípahpuni.
They had with them the Â'ototo Katcina.
They soon found the Young Corn Ear (Píhk'ash) people with the Áholi Katcina, who wanted to join them.
So the Bear clan chief took them along.
They stopped at a place and here had a good crop because they had the two Katcinas with them.
The next year they came to a clear stream.
In all they stopped ten times before arriving at the Americans, where the sun rises.
Here they stopped four years.
Their children learned a little English.
The land being scarce, the Americans told them to go west and hunt land for themselves, and if anybody would be bad to them (núkpana) and cause their children to die, they (the Americans) would come and cut the Núkapana's heads off.
This was told them, because they (the Americans) had been told that down in the old home there had been Pópwaktû (sorcerers, etc.).
So they traveled westward, found the Pueblo, but no good land that they could get.
So they finally arrived at Shongópavi, where some people lived, and there they settled down.
One time the people saw that the chief, Machíto, held a sweet corn-ear between every two fingers, at the same time eating from the other hand.
Corn was very scarce at that time, so the people spoke to him about his greediness, at which he got angry and left, taking with him the Â'ototo and Áholi.
Hunters later found them at a rock, now Bean Spreading Place (Báhpu- Möyanpi), where there is still a stone on which there is some writing called Machítûtûbeni.
Machíto left his wife at Shongópavi, also his people, who then formed the Shongópavi Bear clan.
When the hunters found him they informed the people at Shongópavi.
Some went there to get them back, but Machíto would not listen to them.
Then his wife went to him but he would not listen to her either.
So they left him. Machíto took a big stone and went with them for some distance to make the landmark between Oraíbi and Shongópavi.
The people said several times: "Put it here." But he would not listen until arriving at a place called "Ocápchomo," where he placed it, thus making a landmark between the fields of the Shongópavi and his own.
Then Machíto and the two Katcinas went up the Oraíbi mesa where they remained.
Later the Spider people arrived.
Machíto asked about their wanderings and they told him.
He wanted to know why the corn would not grow although they had the Flute cult.
The Spider clan chief accused the "North Old Man."
Machíto then said: "All right, you may live here, but as your cult does not seem to be effective, you watch the sun for me, and when he has arrived at his south limit, you tell me, and we shall have the Soyál ceremony.
Also your pü'htavi does not seem to have been good, so I want you to make my kind of pü'htavi."
After the matter had been settled between Machíto and the Spider clan chief, the latter's people came up.
Among these were also the Lizard clan, to which the Sand clan is related.
These names were given to people while wandering.
One would find and see something, perhaps under peculiar circumstances, and he called after it.
The Lizard people were also asked what they knew and when they said the Maraú cult, they were also permitted to stay, but were requested to co- operate in the Soyál ceremony.
For that reason Pungñánömsi, who is of the Bear clan, and village chief, now makes the pûhu (road) in the night of the Maraú ceremony from the nátsi at the south end of the kiva towards the rising sun.
The Rattle-snake (Tcû'a) clan also came with the Spider clan to Oraíbi, but it is not known how or where this clan became a part of the Spider clan, The Badger people understand medicines, hence they prepare the medicine--for instance, charm liquid--for the Flute, Snake, Maraú, and other ceremonies.
Another Badger clan and the Butterfly (Pówul) came from Kíshi-wuu.
These brought the Powámu and Katcina cult.
The Divided Spring (Bátki) clan came from where the sun rises.
They came to the village of Oraíbi and arranged a contest at Muyíovatki where each planted corn, the Blue Flutes sweet corn, the others, Wupákaö, over which they played the whole day.
The sweet corn grew first, and so the Blue Flutes to this day go to the village in processions, etc., first closing the well (batñi) on the plaza.
Later the Drab Flutes (Masítâlentu) had to throw their meal, mollas, etc., from a distance to the warrior (Keléhtaka) of the Cakwálâlentu, who put them into the well in the booth for them.
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2023.06.06 18:36 carmarrod [FOR HIRE] Character designer / 3Dcharacter modeling and sculpted.

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2023.06.06 18:36 Digital-Desi [Hiring] Got 10-20hrs/week? We're looking to build a 100% remote team of 20 "Lead generation specialists"

The Role: Simple, find new leads (small business owners in USA 🇺🇸 looking for a new website for their business). All you gotta do is to start a conversation (via LinkedIn, Cold call, Email) , follow-up, and once they show interest in learning more, you pass that lead/contact to one of our 'Web Solutions Experts.' The best way is to ask the lead to book an appointment (a zoom meeting).
The Opportunity: High-paying PT/FT role, work on flexible hours, ideal for side-hustlers. Earn in Commissions up to 10%; avg. sale 2k-5k USD. The best part, you don't even have to sell. Our sales closers/web experts do the actual selling, you only need to book appointments.
The Company: Markalytics, Digital Success Agency (USA based growing web & marketing agency)
How to Apply? Send email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or DM me titled "BDR: Interview Me". We will arrange an interview and onboarding.
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2023.06.06 18:36 kaybdoodles [For Hire] Cartoon and Anime Commissions open! Fanart, OCs, D&D, Chibi, Pokemon and Animals~

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2023.06.06 18:36 WideAd8358 6 June 2023 (Kurt Tay) - Considering to report his elderly colleague and getting him fired because of his bad attitude

Did Kurt Tay think of himself when he mentioned the below ? Did he think why he was sabotaged by haters so many times ? Was he a humble guy or someone with bad attitude too ? Why was he fired and blacklisted by OE Harvey from the vessel job if he provides good service ?
Today I work this condo, the day shift white hair Chinese old uncle very very rude. The grab food rider want to go up. The barrier is not up. The grab food rider tell this security guard to open the barrier. This old security guard uncle not happy. He go and scold the rider say "I am not your worker" He say "next time you don't come here" Very rude like that. The temper so bad how to work security like that. The rider ask for his name. Then he say his name to the rider. I mean the rider nothing wrong what. Ask him to open barrier then he not happy. Very very jialat. Bad attitude. Temper so bad how to work security line.
Very very rude. You see his face you know his temper very bad. Because you look at his face. His face never smile. Then his face like very angry one. Like someone owe him money. His face sibeh jialat one. He very old. I think 70 or 75 years old. Very very old. Skinny skinny like that. Very rude lah. This type of people kenna whack, he really deserve to kenna whack. Very rude mah. He work security guard. The rider want to go up. The barrier is not up. The rider ask the security guard to up the barrier nothing wrong what. He tell the rider say "you cannot tell me what to do". The rider say "the barrier never up. how to go" then this old man shout shout shout. The rider ask for his name. He say he want to complain. Very very rude. No manners. Live until so old but the temper so bad. Very jialat This type of security guard. They deserve to be fired. I this type. I very polite to the customer. So people don't understand. I don't behave like this type of old man. Very rude to the customer. Security is like customer service line. He like that. He not suitable to become security guard. Seriously.
When I do my security job, I very polite to customers one. I don't behave like the old man. Because customer service. But still got haters want to sabotage me make me lose my job. Just because of my online personality. Because of my online character. They see my online character, they don't like. But they don't know that online character is different from real life. These type of old men. They deserved to be fired. I don't deserve to be fired but just because the haters buay song with me, they want to sabotage me. Life sometimes is very unfair.
So you see sometimes the news got report, security guards kenna whack. When they say security guard kenna whack, they will think poor victim. Wah. this security guard kenna bully blah blah blah. Certain cases like these type of cases, this 70 year old Chinese old man, he deserve to kenna whack. Usually the thing happen, people will pity why like that. But if this type of old men kenna whack, he sure deserve it. This type of security guard no manners one then they deserve to kenna whack by those people every time you see in the news.
Should I complain to the company OM or OE, what do you think ? I also have a buddha heart. He also so old already. If I complain to the company OM or OE say I saw this incident, he sure kenna fired one. But then he so old already (70-75), so I dunno lah. Do you think he should kenna report or not ? I see already I don't like his attitude.
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2023.06.06 18:36 ananyakaran "transcript not processed yet" but LSAC shows a range while registering for LSAT!!?

basically the title. I'm an international applicant and although I entered my institute's name, degree etc way back, it never showed me a GPA. I was worried about it but I decided to wait until my finals were done and the grades were out so I could have a final GPA.
I was just now registering for LSAT and on the final page where they ask you to confirm all the details, it says under the bachelor's degree granting institution that my cumulative GPA is "3.50 to 3.74/mostly As"
I'm half panicking and half confused since I was expecting it to be higher but also because it otherwise says "transcript not processed".
Should I just ignore that range for now and register for LSAT or call them up and ask for an explanation?
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2023.06.06 18:36 Odd_Enthusiasm_2797 i hate my coworker so much

my girlfriend thinks he has autism, she works with autistic people in her job. he is so constantly arrogant, everything he asks you is with this arrogant condescending smirk on it. if you say you went on holiday he goes ‘ohh really did you??’ As if he’s talking to a child. you look at him like ? Yes i did go on holiday ? he tries to subtly insult people all the time. he is extremely tall and constantly calls everyone around him little. he said to me one time about an average height coworker ‘he has little legs’. made zero sense. it makes me think he got bullied for being so tall and now he tries to bully everyone else for the opposite reasons. still he makes these weird rude comments all the time about how people look and what they wear and they’re not funny cos he’s so weird and arrogant and is clearly doing it to make himself feel all narcissistic and superior, and you can see it works with his dumb cunt smirk. this sounds dramatic but he has a gf and I feel so bad for her because there’s no way he’s not doing this abusive little arrogant bully routine with her too. I literally want someone to beat him up. I have tried avoiding him and he won’t leave me alone because he follows us all to lunch. he doesn’t understand social norms, or he does but prioritises his narcissistic autistic ways more. god I wish he’d FUCK OFF!
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2023.06.06 18:36 According_Report_597 Trying To Get Out Of Debt

I moved to the US during covid and I got sucked into the world of credit cards. I also got some loans to pay for dental work. I have quite a bit of debt racked up and I need some help figuring out a way out of it. Credit cards and loans are as follows:

Capital One credit card - balance $300, monthly payment $25 (oldest card)
Capital One credit card - balance $300, monthly payment $30
Credit One credit card - balance $400, monthly payment $30
Credit One credit card - balance $600, monthly payment $30
Discover credit card - balance $500, monthly payment $35
Credit union credit card - balance $1000, monthly payment $36
Credit union line of credit - balance $2500, monthly payment $50
Credit union personal loan - balance $266, biweekly payment $91
Apple Card - balance $1250, monthly payment $46
Sunbit - balance $517.53, monthly payment $31
Care Credit - balance $1500, monthly payment $47 (just started, interest free for 5 more months)
Braces - balance $2600, monthly payment $187 (interest-free)

I know, it's a lot. I was recently approved for a $5000 personal loan from my credit union and I wanted to use it to consolidate some of my debt. I wanted to use it to pay off the credit cards since they have the highest interest, but my braces payment is the heaviest monthly payment for me. Which is the better option? The loan will have a monthly payment of $148. I make $50,000 a year and I have a $450 car payment. I am also looking into getting a second job so I can have some extra money, because I would like to move into an apartment soon.
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2023.06.06 18:36 00kyler [MISC] How to fix my dry skin??

Warning for small sh scars on the last photo im sorry:') Whenever I shower it's literally something I dread, i try not to shower too often because of this. Whenever I shower I do what im supposed to (read online) and I exfoliate gently then moisturise on damp skin immediately after the shower but my skin still remains so dry. I try not to cover my skin because i dont wanna dry it out more but i cant walk around naked lol & I've done 3 fullbody lotions in the 3 hours since ive showered and each time my skins gotten dry instantly. It's ruining all my clothes. My skins usually dry even when i dont shower and i lotion fullbody every time i get dressed, when i wake up and before i sleep. I'm a teenager and not too sure if it's an age thing? I'm 17 in a few months. Ive added pictures of what lotion i use and examples of my skin+clothes.
Whenever i change my clothes it feels like its snowing inside. My clothes get covered in my skin, my phone screen, the floor. It makes me feel so disgusting and embarrassed. It stresses me out on the daily and especially after I shower and the next few days after the shower. I'm not sure if its the products i use or my shower routine or what but ive tried everything available to me to help/stop it. I'm not sure if this is normal for dry skin either or if its a condition. Any advice is wanted, tysm any questions at products or routine or if u need pictures of things i'm open to answer if it'll help :)❤️thank you
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2023.06.06 18:36 evanpcgamer Back Up Soundbite

Don't kill me but I somehow missed where the back up sound bite came from and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have the original source?
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2023.06.06 18:36 Aspenhu 25 [M4F] Toronto, Ontario - Looking for Connection

I suck at writing about myself but here goes:
I'm 25, a programmer, graduated a year ago, and working on a project on the side that I can hopefully turn into a business in the near future. I'm an introvert but I like to talk about everything and anything for hours.
For fun I like to make things, go down YouTube rabbit holes (my feed is a mess man), go for walks, play games (sometimes), the normal stuff.
I'm into true crime, unexplained mysteries, unsolved cases, aliens, stupid conspiracies, stuff like that. I enjoy being creeped the fuck out is what I'm getting at.
I've been told that I'm very easy-going, emotionally available, quick to open up, and I'm always willing to listen.
I moved to Toronto a few years ago and lost touch with a lot of friends. Having trouble finding cool people I can make meaningful connections with irl so I thought I'd try reddit.
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