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2023.05.28 15:34 Fitbie Unity: How to make sub-emmited particle systems stay in local space?

Hi! It's simple, I have 2 particle systems, one of them is the parent without renderer, and is only needed to generate the other particle system. The problem is that regardless of "Simulation Space" when I specify the second particle system as a sub emitter - it starts to behave like world space and leave a "trace". I need it act like local space. For simplicity I will give examples below
This is what I want to see:
And this is what I get. I dont want it to spread
Of course i can use a gameobject and write behavior for it. But it would be much easier for me if one particle system would emit another particle system and these particles wouldn't fly around and will stay in shape. I tried "Inherit velocity", tried change simulation space. How can I do this? I googled and searched through the Unity demos and couldn't find an answer.
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2023.05.28 15:26 Expert-Journalist-41 What is the viral Princess Peach filter on TikTok and why was it banned?

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2023.05.28 15:26 Expert-Journalist-41 What is the viral Princess Peach filter on TikTok and why was it banned?

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2023.05.28 15:24 JVtheBidoof Sans(parody of peaches)

Sans(parody of peaches)
This is a meme, I'm not a simp for sans
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2023.05.28 15:23 cam52391 I'm wanting to do an experiment with applesauce and have a couple questions.

I'm interested in making an applesauce but boiling the apples with tea in the water. Will the applesauce become caffeinated this way? Also how much of the tea flavor do you think the apples will pick up? I have cosmic crisp apples on hand and was thinking of doing two batches, one with Earl grey tea, and one with a black peach tea.
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2023.05.28 15:16 Gumbyizzle Hobbes is really only in this for the Fire Flowers.

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2023.05.28 15:11 healthyscalpsforall Please Welcome Our New Mods! + WJ Watch for Queendom Puzzle

Please Welcome Our New Mods! + WJ Watch for Queendom Puzzle
Hello everyone,
You might have noticed it already, but we wanted to make it official.
u/danlim93 and u/jiyannareeka have joined our mod team! They'll be working alongside u/Michyoungie and myself to keeping this sub updated and posting new content.
Congrats and thank you for joining!
In other news, we will also be doing a WJ Watch for Queendom Puzzle! Just like we have done for Joseon Lawyer and My 20th Twenty, we will have a discussion thread for every episode of the show.
Of course, there's always the other subs, and Twitter and YouTube and MnetQueendom, but as we all know, survival show discussions can get rather...

Recreation of Queendom 2 discourse
So you can always stay in our sub if you want to avoid the inevitable fanwars, we will do our best to keep this place as drama-free as possible!
So, once again welcome to our new mods, and I look forward to Queendom Puzzle with you guys!
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2023.05.28 15:10 BigSlizzy26 I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt like this 🤷🏾‍♂️ Jada> Hov. I’m glad other people realizing this lmaooo

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2023.05.28 15:08 ApprehensiveFeez Sugar rush

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2023.05.28 15:05 Ok_Examination8810 Peach Bikini and Ice Cream Riz

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2023.05.28 14:55 Cuckoo_Studio Moondrop LAN Review $39, But Extremely Exquisite And Flat.

Moondrop LAN Review $39, But Extremely Exquisite And Flat.
Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol. The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer.
If prefer video version:
We received LAN sent by MOONDROP, and we will take a comprehensive look at its performance. Similarly to other MOONDROP products, the LAN’s packaging features an anime-style design, with a minimalist silver and white color scheme for both the packaging and the product itself. However, upon taking the LAN out of the packaging, it becomes apparent that its appearance is akin to that of monitoring IEMs, with its one-piece, matte silver stainless steel housing and a small, glossy symmetric graphic embellishment. The LAN’s design aesthetic is perfectly suited for users who prefer minimalist designs.
The LAN is designed to have interchangeable cables, and the included cable matches the LAN’s aesthetics perfectly. The connector and splitter are both designed to be exquisite and integrated, making the out-of-the-box state very satisfying for users.
Their weight of 8.8g per earphone is substantial, as MOONDROP is willing to offer an all-metal body design with their low-priced products, such as JIU and now with the LAN, which provides a sensation that goes beyond its price range.
Let’s take a look at its sound performance.
Frequency response using the harman2018 as the target, the LAN achieves a remarkably flat response, with an overall fluctuation of no more than 2dB from 20Hz to 8KHz. Above 8KHz, the response may vary depending on the insertion depth of the earphone. With a shallow insertion, the LAN has about two high-frequency peaks, with both peaks being above 10KHz, belonging to the air feeling frequency band and will not cause sharp listening sensations. The LAN’s low frequencies perfectly match the 2018 target curve, suitable for most users. It’s a headphone that’s flat but with additional airiness.
Distortion There’s almost no harmonic distortion to be found on the LAN when listening at a normal volume of 86dB. Furthermore, it can be seen that all distortion levels are below the room noisefloor when switching to SPL mode, and any distortion generated at high volume levels will be almost entirely masked by ambient noise. Its low distortion performance is extraordinary for a product at only $39.99. The left and right channel distortion almost remain identical, and its quality control is without any issues.
Let’s enter the Cuckoo Studio mixing space. flat frequency response makes its sound objective and neutral. The volume sensations of important instruments are maintained without any exaggeration or attenuation. The high frequencies will give percussion instruments an sibilance sound fuller, but the addition of gain will not introduce grittiness or sharpness. The left and right consistency is excellent, allowing for solid central imaging. Its remarkable distortion-free performance under normal listening levels and non-colored sound characteristics make its playback clear and three-dimensional, allowing one to hear all song details without any additional sound tinting or smudging sensations.
Subjectively, the LAN has the perfect amount of transient sharpness for my ear characteristics. The high frequencies’ airiness gives an energetic impression without introducing much objectivity interference during monitoring tasks. Its metal housing and the entire set of cables give off a sense of product assurance. Psychologically, I always feel like I’m listening to a relatively high-end headphone.
This year’s MOONDROP product in the 30-50$ price range, the LAN, surprised us with its overall quality. In some cases, high cost-effectiveness headphones can achieve impressive sound quality but lack premium body material and design. Alternatively, some headphones have exquisite appearances, but their sound quality is not objective enough. The LAN, however, delivers in both aspects, presenting a thorough and convincing resolution of such issues. It is hard not to like these earphones and it is truly a product that exceeds expectations within its price range.
This is Cuckoo Studio review. Please stay tuned. I will continue to explore the secrets of headphones with you.
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2023.05.28 14:54 KaseyMcKay Clue/Cluedo: Security Breach

A murder has been committed at the Pizzaplex! Figure out who did it with what weapon and where! (Fan-made concept for a Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach theme for Clue/Cluedo)
Roxanne Wolf (Represents Scarlett)
Glamrock Chica (Represents Orchid)
Montgomery Gater (Represents Green)
Glamrock Freddy (Represents Rusty)
Plum (The Know-It-All, A brunette-haired young adult who’s familiar with the history of Fazbear Entertainment. He wears a purple Bonnie themed hoodie with matching pants. He holds a Fredbear ice cream which he has taken a bite out of.)
Peacock (The Security Guard, A plus-size black woman who wears a blue security uniform and holds a flashlight.)
Mustard (The Sponsor, A black man who wears a yellow suit. Corykxkenshin for reference)
Rose (The CEO, a middle-aged woman with blonde hair and was the victim’s business partner. She wears a rose-coloured pantsuit.)
Vanny (Represents White)
Moondrop (Represents Azure)
Peach (The Journalist. A young freelance reporter who snuck into the Pizzaplex to uncover it’s secrets. Wears an orange, open trench coat with matching turtleneck sweater and pants. Laurenzside for reference.)
Grey (The Mechanic, A fairly muscular man who builds and repairs the robots. He wears grey work overalls with the upper body unzipped and around his waist revealing a grey tank top underneath. Markiplier for reference.)
Burntrap (Represents Brunette (Or Burnette))
Meadow-Brook (The Assistant, a ginger, long-haired woman who was the victim’s former confidant. She wears a black t-shirt tucked into a pleated teal skirt with matching heels. She clutches paperwork.)
Chef’s Knife
Golf Club
Arcade (Ballroom)
Golf Course (Conservatory)
Security Office (Billiard Room)
Construction Site (Library)
Raceway (Study)
Lobby (Hall)
Maze (Lounge)
Bowling Alley (Dinning Room)
Laser Tag Arena (Kitchen)
Solution Suggester here:
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2023.05.28 14:46 IllusiveInvisibleMan [US-MD] [H] DS, 3DS, Gamecube, and Playstation Cases and Manuals [W] PayPal F & F

Prices are flexible and have been chosen by looking at price charting and ebay. Shipping is a flat $5 dollars. If more pictures are requested I can provise them.
DS Titles
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass (Case only) $18
Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case & Manual) $15
Godzilla Unleashed (Case & Manual) $15
Fire Emblem Awakening (Case & Manual) $13
Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story (Case & Manual) $12
Super Princess Peach (Case & Manual) $35 SOLD
Yoshi's Island DS (Case & Manual) $20
Kid Icarus Uprising (Case & Manual) $25
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (Case only) $24
Mario Party DS (Case Only) $6
Fossil Fighters (Case Only) $15
MegaMan ZX Advent (Case Only) $7
Mario vs Donkey Kong Mini Land Mayhem (Case Only) $7
Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 March of the Minis (Case Only) $8
Pokemon Ranger (Case Only) $10
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time (Case Only) $20
Pokemon Black (Case Only) $28
Pokemon Diamond x2 (Case & Manual) $30
Pokemon Pearl (Case & Manual) $30
Pokemon Platinum (Case Only) $30 SOLD
Super Monkey Ball 2 (Case & Manual) $20
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest (Case & Manual) $50
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Case & Manual) $60
Nickelodeon Party Blast (Case & Manual) $12
The Sims (Case & Manual) $9
Gran Turismo (Case Only) $5
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Case & Manual) $5
Army Men Air Attack 2 (Case & Manual)
Memory Card For PlayStation (Case Only) $20
GTA2 Greatest Hits (Case & Manual) $15
Dragon Quest VIII Journey of The Cursed King (Case, Demo Disc & Demo Guide) $12
Metal Gear Solid Essential Collection (Outer Box, Game Cases, and Manuals) $40
Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (Case & Manual) $20
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2023.05.28 14:45 Expert-Journalist-41 What is the viral Princess Peach filter on TikTok and why was it banned?

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2023.05.28 14:37 tshop Reprogramming GMMK Numpad's slider for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Reprogramming GMMK Numpad's slider for Microsoft Flight Simulator
Using QMK, I was able to reprogram GMMK Numpad's slider as a virtual joystick with one axis. Then I was able to use it as a throttle in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Firmware download and technical discussion can be found here.
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2023.05.28 14:25 Pope_Squirrely Got banned from r/food for saying this is a pizza crime

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2023.05.28 14:19 divine_invocation Accidentally ate peach with molded pit. How screwed am I?

I was eating a peach that just ripened. The skin and flesh looked, smelled, tasted great. Alas, the pit was split and molded a little. Am I boned?
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2023.05.28 14:17 divine_invocation I ate a peach with a moldy pit. How screwed am I?

The exterior and flesh of the peach looked and smelled fine. Alas, the pit was split and had a little mold growing on it. I didn’t realize this until I ate like half of the fruit.
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2023.05.28 14:10 ColonelBoreails I found a scammer!

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2023.05.28 14:08 Fit-Conversation8513 Allergy to snail mucin?

What's an allergy to snail mucin look/feel like?
I'm asking because whenever I use snail mucin (toner, cream, eye cream) in conjunction with actives, my skin stings/has a tingly warm feeling upon application and didn't know what that meant.
I've looked online but all I've seen is that snail mucin goes well with actives so... ?
For extra explanation, the products I've used are: -Mizon's snail eye cream -Cosrx's all in one cream -Peach Slices Blemish busting toner
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