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2023.05.13 02:09 djoxinho Doom Soundtrack From Chinpokomon Episode?

Chinpokomon - Season 3, E 11Air date: 11/3/1999
On South Park fandom website, on the Trivia page, under the "References to Popular Culture" section, it says the following:
When Randy and Sharon are watching Chinpokomon, whenever the scene shows them rather than Chinpokomon, music from Doom can be heard in the background.
The same music can be heard when Kyle walks in on the boys playing the new Chinpokomon video game where they have to bomb Pearl Harbor & Kenny suffers a seizure moments after.
I've tried to find this Doom soundtrack on YouTube, but had no luck.
Does anyone know the name of the track? Thanks for help in advance.
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2023.04.20 18:00 Lordofpixels03 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut - Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack

I was looking to buy the soundtrack for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut on CD, which has almost all the songs from the movie. However, according to a fan wiki, there exists a rare variant of the soundtrack, called the Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack. This one is supposed to have all songs as well as underscores from the movie. But other than that wiki page and a YouTube channel which has uploaded all songs from it, I can't find any information about it, and I can't find any physical copy of the soundtrack either. If anyone happens to have more information about this soundtrack, or know where to find a copy, please let me know.
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2023.04.01 18:13 twinkies_and_wine The South Park character Professor Chaos was once unknowingly plagiarized in the British comic The Dandy

The South Park character Professor Chaos was once unknowingly plagiarized in the British comic The Dandy submitted by twinkies_and_wine to RedditDayOf [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 21:07 Thunder_Cylcops3456 Doom Total Conversion Third Person Game

I've been having some ideas for a Doom total conversion game that is a 3D person shooter brawler action game with my copyrighted characters and the heroes from Shantae, Skullgirls, Overwatch, Strike Force Heroes, Kill la Kill, My Hero Academia, The Pink Corruption, Kukoo Kitchen, Little Witch Academia, Armed With Wings, No Straight Roads, South Park, Minecraft Story Mode, The Dragon Prince, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Raze, RWBY, Steven Universe, Basin Lake City Magical Girls, Dan the Man, Terrain of Magical Expertise, AdventureQuestWorlds, Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project, The Only Living Boy, Homestuck, Indivisible, Double Cross, Sailor Moon and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as playable characters and being overpowered.

Kalit Prime
Aletheia Marquez
Lilith Chrysanthe
Lythalia Clawthorne
Medeina Prime
Volgnagath Lorde
Chicomecoatl Prime
Cait Prime
Princess Kim
Demeter Prime
Captain Marilikila
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Steven Universe Wiki - Fandom
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MS Paint Adventures Wiki Fandom
Armed With Wings Wiki - Fandom
Minecraft Story Mode Wiki - Fandom
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki - Fandom

I hope that you might have ideas for any suggestions for these mods that I have got such as lore on the characters, companions, a hub with many shops, a complex storyline, full voice acting, secrets, bosses, and the overpowered playstyles of each character.
Xim's Star Wars Doom - Updated (MA3/2023)
[Finished] Final Mildoom - a US Marines styled weapons+enemies mod
The Guncaster - 3.888b
MetaDoom v7.1 "Ghost" (UPDATED!!! p127)
Walpurgis 0.97 (For Doom/Heretic/Hexen) [Geomancy Preview]
Angelic Aviary v1.2 (Finished: Updated 03/05/2023)
ArmyOfOZ [modern/human monster replacer]
[0.10.0] Gun Bonsai -- everything-compatible weapon upgrading
[WIP] Yokai Hametsu - Japanese Mythology Monster Mod
[4.5a] Corruption Cards - Daily Challenge update!
Duke Nukem Companion Mod [New Update 9/13/22]
Extra Lives for GZDoom!
BlooM - DooM/Blood crossover
[Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony] v3.1 released (p204)
[v3.1.1] Doom Incarnate: A Wolfenstein style mod
Netronian Chaos V.3.56: The Final, Last, Concluding Update
[V0.595a 2-18-23] Live Through DOOM: Survival Horror Gameplay
[minimod][v0.7.2] Gearbox - weapon/inventory handling
Nobody Told Me About id "Alpha RC3" - A Build Engine-style mod
[v1.0] The False Angel - Fight Like Hell ... with Style!
DoomRL Arsenal - [1.1.5] [MP-B7.3]
DoomRLA EXTENDED [1.0beta] - Fixes galore!
Universal Map Enhancements
[WIP] Doom 64: Unseen Evil - Run it back, Doom 64 style!
Rampancy - [2.0]
Beautiful Doom 7.1.6 (June 2nd, 2021)
GMOTA: Fantasy arcade action, UPDATE 1/12/2023 [V1.5.2]
Hellrider v0.9c - Swift Demon Killing! (28-04-21)
THE SPACE PIRATE: First Hunt Demo (NEW UPDATE: v0.2, 12/11/2022)
War Rooster v1.3 (Updated! 20/08/2022)
Lt. Typhon v6: massive guns
[v2.9.1] CHAMPIONS [update 09/03/21]
[minimod][v2.0.1] Target Spy: Health Bar on Steroids
[minimod][v1.6.2] Autoautosave
Zoo Genex Unit - Genetically Wild Companions!
Re: WAR TROPHIES (1.11) Give up your soul for extra points
[WIP]Colourful Hell 0.99b
Legion of Bones [1.05]
Samsara Reincarnation/ReMixer 1.0b
Colourful Hell Custom Difficulty Addon
JP Mobility: Jump-Started
[minimod][1.4.1] Precise Crosshair
Heretical Doom v1.5 - Cyberdemons and Maulotaurs, oh my!
[Add-On] Brutal Trailblazer: Razing Hell
Iron Snail [New v2.0 test 30/10/21]
Friendly Zombies: Official Release v1.1
XD_Muertes [G11-2.0] - Random Voice Sound Pack
Universal Rain and Snow
Universal AI amplifier (technically unnamed AI mod)
Combined_Arms Gaiden (v1.1 update 7-24-20)
Lithium 1.7.0 Beta (Apr. 17, 2022)
Use To Pickup
Delta Force Doom [Early Test]
Bratwurst Weapons - Wolf3D Weapons for Doom
[minimod][v0.1.0] Floor Mod: floor is lava no more!
The Crate Of Companion Mods (Grimlock!)
Lo Wang Companion Mod [Updated]
Hexen Allies (WIP)
The Joker [Companion]
Doom Girls Frontline Companions
Doom Shinobi Update v.101 (04/03/2022)!!!
John Romero companion Mod
[v0.4 BETA Update] Doom Fighters
[v0.5.0] Ultimate Custom Doom
Action Doom 2 Expanded Fisticuffs
Caleb Companion Mod
(W.I.P.) Meathooks and doomblades a universal melee mod
Standalone grenades mod
Building Better Armor
[RELEASE] Bimmy's Companions 1.0 - COMPLETE REWORK
Improved third-person mod with 3D model support
Puyo Puyo Companions for Doom
[REL] Cat Associates (companion mod)
LTG stand alone NPC Followers Daina & Sewie
[mini-mod] Universal Automatic Continuation 1.4
DoomRLA Blueprint EX - Tweak blueprint frequencies and more!
Better Air Control
Isabelle Companion
Universal Enhanced AI
GHOLAZON X: clone rangers (v5)
DoomGals - A Demon Girl A.I. helper mod (v1.1 update!)
'D'-Radys Companion Mod (r5)
[V1] Robodude Companion Mod
3 Monsters Packs. Silent Hill + HPLoveCraft + Yokai
ParryMe 1.1.1 - Universal Parrying
IDCLEVer Starter, Armament Tuning, Laser Sight, m_Gizmos
LILA-DOOM - A gameplay mod for GZDoom (latest stable)
Super Mario Agilities
Demonic Bribery: demons for hire!
[Pirate Doom] YARR! An itsy-bitsy immersion tweak
Scavver's Paradise V2.3 - A Survival Horror Mod
[1/31/2022] Doom Delta v2.5.0! (+ mapping starter kit!)
REKKR - V1.16 - WADs & Mods
SHRINE - A Total Conversion Mod for Doom 2
[RELEASE] Prodoomer V3.1
Kyle873's Doom RPG Mod [0.10.0 Beta]
JENESIS - Doomworld /idgames database frontend
Brutal Doom - Mod DB
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2023.03.15 23:22 Yeetinator65 I’m 15 and this is yeet

I’m 15 and this is yeet submitted by Yeetinator65 to Im15AndThisIsYeet [link] [comments]

2023.03.06 02:15 MTGALAXI Ok

Ok submitted by MTGALAXI to southpark [link] [comments]

2023.03.02 21:52 Inner-Juices Which of these groups of heroes could or couldn't Omni-Man (Invincible) kill/defeat and explain why?


Group #1: Homelander [2 3], Queen Maeve, Black Noir [1)], Stormfront [1] and Soldier Boy (The Boys) [Extra Note - Composite Versions + Scale everyone to each others Composite Versions]
Group #2: Coon and Friends/Freedom Pals [1] (South Park - The Stick of Truth/The Fractured but Whole)
Group #3: Deku [1], Dynamite W/ AFO, Red Riot W/ O'Clock + Pump Up, Ingenium W/ Gigantification + Permeation and Shoto (My Hero Academia)
Group #4: Spider-Man [1], White Tiger, Iron Fist [1], Power Man and Nova (Marvel - 616)
Group #5: Pikachu, Ash-Greninja, Infernape [Blazed], Charizard, Sceptile and Snorlax [Bloodlusted] (Pokémon)
Group #6: Superior, Lady Liberty II, Huck, Gladiator and Hit-Girl (Millarworld) [Extra Notes - Scale Lady Liberty above Utopian + Scale Gladiator massively above Praetorian + Huck is Bloodlusted + Hit-Girl has access to her Russian Special Armoury and Nemesis' Bombs)]
Bonus Round(s): Omni-Man and BoS Invincible (1) vs Each Group
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2023.01.30 19:32 hooch13 Why does a 1997 TV show about wormholes and aliens require "cooperation" from the US Space Command?

Why does a 1997 TV show about wormholes and aliens require
I know that I'm probably one of the few that'll actually watch and read the end credits of shows/movies - don't ask me why, but I occassionally will.
Either way, while watching the end credits of Stargate SG1 a few years ago, I noticed something relatively odd in their 2nd to last slide, something I've not noticed elsewhere before... This opened a rabbit hole.
SG1 End Credits
The same "acknowledgement of cooperation" is found in all other Stargate spinoffs.
Now, it's not uncommon to see different branches of the military providing different things for Hollywood movies like Transformers or Top Gun (hence the military-entertainment complex and the Top Gun effect)... But you'll never see the US Space Command ( mentioned anywhere. SG1 doesn't mention them either, but there they are in the closing credits.
Just to get this out of the way... The DOD is an easy one to explain away; to film on military property (like the intro scenes that show the entrance to the Cheyenne Mtn Complex) you need to apply for a permit, simple enough. The Air Force is similarly easy, they used them as extras in many shots in/around Cheyenne, such as the intro shots (the rest was filmed primarily in Canada).
But what about the US Space Command? Did they have some pertinent information that would make the aliens and wormholes more authentic..? Or what..?
With that said, there are some things that happen involving Stargate that are either extremely uncommon, or you simply won't see elsewhere...
Such as, in a completely fictional sci-fi TV show about aliens and wormholes, why do they feel the need - and better yet, how did they get permission - to use real-world military patches?
Season 8, Episode 12; Air Force Space Command patch (not US Space Command)
I can't think of any other fictional shows (or movies) that use authentic patches... I would imagine this is mostly because 99.9% of people are never going to notice such a minute detail in a 3 second scene and it's just not worth the red tape and bureaucracy.
It's probably worth noting that during the above scene they're on a spaceship. It's also not the only scene the patch is shown in, you can briefly see background extras wearing it in a couple of other episodes at Cheyenne Mtn as well as in another "spaceship" episode.
On the topic of Cheyenne Mtn (where "stargate command" is based in the TV show), it's hardly ever mentioned in TV or film. I believe there are just 2 other shows that "featured" it, Southpark (Trapper Keeper) and one you've likely never heard of called Jerimiah... Neither of which "thank" anyone for using it.
Something else extremely uncommon in any TV show (as in, I'm fairly confident it's never happened elsewhere) is the USAF Chief of Staff cameoing as himself. General Michael E. Ryan did this for Stargate in 2001.
Along that same vein, they made Richard Dean Anderson an honorary brigadier general of the USAF in 2004:
Personally, I can only think of 2 other actors that have received honorary ranks like this. Bill Cosby must have whipped up some stiff drinks for the Navy and received an honorary rank of chief petty officer in 2011... And Daniel Craig was promoted to an honorary Commander of the British Royal Navy (I guess because he's James Bond?) in 2021..
There's also this reach: The domain with their namesake (stargate .com) was the 25th to be registered in the world back in 1986. Sure, it's probably a coincidence as it wasn't actually used for the SG1 as the first movie didn't premiere until 1994 and the TV show didn't air until 1997... It's primarily the timing/name similarity that's odd here. Stargate .com was registered prior to Boeing .com. The only "stargate" that existed back then would have been the "Stargate Project" which is another rabbit hole entirely.
With that all said, there are a lot of things that seemingly happen involving Stargate that are either extremely uncommon, or just don't happen elsewhere. I'm curious what others think about these anomlies and if anyone has found more.
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2023.01.02 23:07 GhostofCharlotte Did Dahmer know about how infamous and what an icon he'd become outside of prison?

He's become a morbid icon within these past 28 years. He's been featured in South park, He's had countless documentaries about him, his face has been featured on clothing, and he's even had a GTA character created in his image. Chevy chase did an SNL skit on Dahmer, making fun of how deranged he is. His name was featured in two pop songs.
In more recent times, He's had amorous fan girl edits made of him on tik tok.
Honestly, I think he would've been freaked out and extremely embarrassed.
South park dahmer-
Chevy chase snl skit-
Dahmer appears in GTA 5-
Dahmer on a T-shirt
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2022.12.14 01:39 CommodoreCarbonate Is the South Park episode "Cartmanland" actually about cancer?
After Cartman buys an amusement park:
When he hears of Cartman's good fortune, Kyle comes down with a stress-induced (and sentient) hemorrhoid, which becomes increasingly worse as Cartman's fortune increases. After an ad about Cartman's theme park comes on TV (informing people that no one will be allowed in especially Stan and Kyle, which business analysts wrongly believe to be "the brilliant 'you can't come' marketing technique"), Kyle and Stan attempt to sneak into the theme park over a fence. Unfortunately, Kyle pops his hemorrhoid on the barbed wire fence, infecting the sore and almost killing him. He is taken to the hospital where he denounces his faith completely, and his parents' description of the trials of Job does little to assure him, only resulting in him believing God is even worse.

In the hospital, Kyle watches a news broadcast which tells him that the park is incredibly successful and making lots of money, and it praises Cartman for being such an amazing businessman. He abruptly suffers from temporary heart failure, and though he is resuscitated it becomes clear that he is losing his will to live.
After Cartman mismanages and then loses the amusement park:
Observing this justice, Kyle regains his faith and desire to live, his illness is put into remission, and he recovers almost instantly. He awakens and, seeing Cartman's misery, realizes there is a God who cares after all for him.
Is this a coded(saying "hemorrhoid" to throw off Big Pharma) way of saying that cancer is caused and cured by emotional states, not medicine?
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2022.11.12 22:32 burai1992 What do you guys think every episode of South Park (including the movie) should be like "Mirrorverse South Park" (A.K.A. "South Park in an Evil Parallel Universe were everyone's personalities are reversed and everyone has a Goatee Beard")

What do you guys think every episode of South Park (including the movie) should be like in "Mirrorverse South Park" (A.K.A. "South Park in an Evil Parallel Universe were everyone's personalities are reversed and everyone has a Goatee Beard" ( )) (Based off of S02EP15 "Spookyfish") (S02EP15 "Spookyfish" is obviously gonna be skipped)?:
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2022.11.11 22:12 Radzz2200 I used South Park Avatar Creator to make RobTop, how does it look?

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2022.11.03 17:26 BrotherVaelin You all remember the [Joozians?]( Matt and trey went harder than Kanye on the Jews control everything in media thing and yet no one bats an eyelid. As soon as an influential black man states it he’s anti semetic.

Something fishy going on and it ain’t just them aquatic dicks
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2022.11.03 02:24 MatzoMutzo I don't Even know Wuts goin on......

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2022.10.31 13:34 potemkinvillage69 is determination the emotion a sin?

looks similar to anger and shame and kinda similar to satan in south park
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2022.10.25 01:16 MatzoMutzo If ur gonna Tumble World Economy's U Better use a Towel.!!!!

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2022.10.23 22:57 burai1992 If only "Block 13" managed to last as long as South Park...

For many years, people have debated whether "Block 13" is rip-off of South Park or a G-rated Arab adaptation of South Park, however, if "Block 13" truly was a G-rated Arab adaptation of South Park, Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm (the creators of "Block 13" themselves) would completely rewrite every episode of South Park (including the movie which was released during Season 3) (with footage provided by Comedy Central with their permission) into a less offensive and more family-friendly image (with Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm lampooning Arab celebrities as well as many issues that concerned the entire Arab League, Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm replacing all of the religious figures (Jesus, Santa Claus, Satan, Moses, "God"), Mr. Hankey, and Saddam Hussein with completely different characters, and Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm making all of the characters' religion be Islam instead of Christianity and Judaism), and Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm never giving up to the Arab PTA who claimed that their work was "too dark for children".

Series overview for "Block 13" (every Season premieres during Ramadan (with the episodes airing every Weekday evening) BTW):
* Season 1 (Episodes 1–15): Ramadan 2000 (November 27, 2000 – December 15, 2000)
* Season 2 (Episodes 16–30): Ramadan 2001 (November 26, 2001 – December 14, 2001)
* Season 3 (Episodes 31–45): Ramadan 2002 (November 15, 2002 – December 5, 2002)
* Season 4 (Episodes 46–60): Ramadan 2003 (November 5, 2003 – November 24, 2003)
* Season 5 (Episodes 61–75): Ramadan 2004 (October 25, 2004 – November 12, 2004)
* Season 6 (Episodes 76–90): Ramadan 2005 (October 14, 2005 – November 3, 2005)
* Season 7 (Episodes 91–105): Ramadan 2006 (October 3, 2006 – October 23, 2006)
* Season 8 (Episodes 106–120): Ramadan 2007 (September 24, 2007 – October 12, 2007)
* Season 9 (Episodes 121–135): Ramadan 2008 (September 10, 2008 – September 30, 2008)
* Season 10 (Episodes 136–150): Ramadan 2009 (August 31, 2009 – September 18, 2009)
* Season 11 (Episodes 151–165): Ramadan 2010 (August 20, 2010 – September 9, 2010)
* Season 12 (Episodes 166–180): Ramadan 2011 (August 9, 2011 – August 29, 2011)
* Season 13 (Episodes 181–195): Ramadan 2012 (July 30, 2012 – August 17, 2012)
* Season 14 (Episodes 196–210): Ramadan 2013 (July 18, 2013 – August 7, 2013)
* Season 15 (Episodes 211–225): Ramadan 2014 (July 8, 2014 – July 28, 2014)
* Season 16 (Episodes 226–240) (Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm would call it quits here after noticing that Comedy Central gave the new seasons of South Park one 10-episode run instead of two 7-episode runs ever since Season 17 (with the final episode (Episode 240) being about Abboud (Arab Cartman) and his family moving away from Block 13)): Ramadan 2015 (June 26, 2015 – July 16, 2015)

(And then 7 years later (2022), Nawaf Salem Al-Shammari & Mohammed Maseeb Najm eventually returned to the world of Arab animation with "Street 13" (The official spiritual successor to "Block 13")...)
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2022.10.19 19:53 AnonymousRandPerson Kenny McCormick

{ "id": 0, "name": "Kenny McCormick", "description": "Kenny McCormick is one of the four main characters in the American animated television series South Park.", "links": { "website": [ "" ], "subreddit": [ "southpark" ] }, "path": { "125-136": [ [ 1169, 131 ], [ 1166, 133 ], [ 1164, 136 ], [ 1164, 140 ], [ 1167, 144 ], [ 1175, 144 ], [ 1178, 140 ], [ 1178, 136 ], [ 1176, 133 ], [ 1173, 131 ] ] }, "center": { "125-136": [ 1171, 138 ] } } 
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2022.10.08 04:43 MatzoMutzo If ur gonna do a recession... Better Bring a Towel.....

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2022.09.29 04:15 MatzoMutzo If you're Gonna report earnings early... Don't Forget to bring a Towel!!!!

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2022.09.27 01:51 AnonymousRandPerson Craig Tucker

{ "id": 0, "name": "Craig Tucker", "description": "A character in South Park.", "links": { "website": [ "" ], "subreddit": [ "southpark" ] }, "path": { "62-66": [ [ 1767, 99 ], [ 1767, 106 ], [ 1772, 106 ], [ 1772, 99 ] ] }, "center": { "62-66": [ 1770, 103 ] } } 
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2022.09.27 01:48 AnonymousRandPerson Tolkien Black

{ "id": 0, "name": "Tolkien Black", "description": "A character in South Park.", "links": { "website": [ "" ], "subreddit": [ "southpark" ] }, "path": { "61-63": [ [ 1740, 99 ], [ 1740, 106 ], [ 1744, 106 ], [ 1744, 99 ] ], "T:0-1, 112-164": [ [ 495, 1692 ], [ 495, 1696 ], [ 494, 1697 ], [ 496, 1699 ], [ 498, 1699 ], [ 500, 1697 ], [ 499, 1696 ], [ 499, 1692 ] ] }, "center": { "61-63": [ 1742, 103 ], "T:0-1, 112-164": [ 497, 1695 ] } } 
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