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2023.03.30 06:34 Ezra_is_a_dumb_boy Every season 1 - 19 contestant and semi-finalist

A little messy as the placements are random, except if their state was shown 3 times so bear with me. I'm gonna give some fun facts about the semifinalist bc they aren't as well known.
every antm contestant and semifinalist (1 - 19)
cycle 1: Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota Heather from Galloway, Ohio Ebony M. from Cumberland, Maryland Nicole C. from Chapel Hills, North Carolina Lenora from Greenwich Village, New York Elyse from Albuquerque, New Mexico Shannon from Franklin, Ohio Jakai from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Robin from Memphis, Tennessee Jessica from Tucson, Arizona Noelle from Reno, Nevada Kesse from North Little Rock, Arkansas Toiya from Atlanta, Georgia Ebony H. from The Bronx, New York Katie from Glenview, Illinois Tessa from Chicago, Illinois Adrienne from Joliet, Illinois Giselle from Corona, California Nicole P. from Murrieta, California Erin from Pasadena, California Natalie from Riverside, California April from San Diego, California Shawna from Los Angeles, California Justine from Huntington Beach, California Corey (unknown)
Corey, Toiya, and Jessica were semi-finalist that weren't shown to make it seem like there was 20 girls. There might have been more based on the bulletin board they used but it's hard to tell.
cycle 2: Camille from Mamaroneck, New York Anna from LaGrange, Georgia Mercedes from Valencia, California Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Sara from Seattle, Washington April from Miami Beach, Florida Shandi from Kansas City, Missouri Bethany from Houston, Texas Xiomara from Morganville, New Jersey Jenascia from Burien, Washington Heather from Moreno Valley, California Yoanna from Jacksonville, Florida Catie from Willmar, Minnesota Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Christina from Little Falls, Minnesota
Most semifinalist are unknown for cycle 2. The only known ones were girls who went back to audition (Christina, Rebecca and Nargis). Christina was our first returning semi finalist.
cycle 3: Mary from Portland, Oregon Cassie from Norman, Oklahoma Natalie from Walla Walla, Washington Brianna from Plainfield, Illinois Toccara from Dayton, Ohio Jennipher F. from Pocatello, Idaho Amanda from Henderson, North Carolina Sarah D. from Baltimore, Maryland Kristina from Bristol, Rhode Island Magdalena from Worchester, Massachusetts Josie from Fayetteville, North Carolina Vicky from Washington D.C Laura/Kristi from St. Louis, Missouri Julie from Kent, Washington Chrissy from Colchester, Connecticut Ann from Erie, Pennslyvania Leah D. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nicole from Minot, North Dakota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Amy from Ocala, Florida Roxanne from Dania, Florida Eva from Westmont, California Norelle from Newport Beach, California Sarah from Capistrano, California Vanessa from San Francisco, California Diana from Los Angeles, California Rachael from New York, New York/Huntsville, Alabama Yaya from Harlem, New York Nargis from Mohegan Lake, New York Kelle from Lenox Hill, New York Kimberly from Huntington Station, New York Lea Q. from Queens, New York Brit from Manhattan, New York Jennifer W (unknown)
Sarah (Martin Luther King according to Tiffany) from Capistrano was suppose to make top 20, but due to unknown reasons couldn't continue. Amanda joined the top 20 after Sarah left. The "I don't know, I can't take the pressure of it!" girl is Natalie from Walla Walla.
cycle 4: Mary from Portland, Oregon Tatiana from Maui, Hawaii Lindsey from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Estela from The Bronx, New York Lacy from Las Vegas, Nevada Michelle from Terre Haute, Indiana Kahlen from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Jessika from Houston, Texas Alexandria from Ft Collins, Colorado Lacey from Atlanta, Georgia Noelle from Reno, Nevada Brandy from Houston, Texas Leslie from New York, New York Naima from Detroit, Michigan Sarah from Baltimore, Maryland Rebecca from Minneapolis, Minnesota Tiffany from Miami, Florida Christina from Tallahassee, Florida Brittany from Tallahassee, Florida Rachel from Tampa, Florida Melissa from Tampa, Florida Mollie-Sue from Tampa, Florida Brita from La Cañada Flintridge, California Jennifer from Richmond, California Lluvy from Modesto, California Alexia from Studio City, California Keenyah from Compton, California Jen from Santa Monica, California Ebony (unknown)
Rachel became a famous chef and Leslie is a famous comedian. Both were semifinalist.
cycle 5: Ashley from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Adriana from San Juan, Puerto Rico Stacie from Grayson, Oklahoma Diane from Orlando, Florida Nicole from Grand Folks, North Dakota Cassandra from Houston, Texas April from Las Vegas, Nevada Jayla from Tucson Arizona Latricia from Trenton, New Jersey Sarah from Boonville, Missouri Jasmine from Flagstaff, Arizona Nik from Atlanta, Georgia Coryn from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kyle from Dexter, Michigan Kim from Yorkville, New York Susanna from Carthage, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Melissa from Syracuse, New York Ebony from Sylmar, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Krystle from Long Beach, California Whitney from Fairfield, California Regina from San Matteo, California Jessica from Templeton, California
Susanna had a very good model career!
cycle 6: Andrea from Geneva, Ohio Wendy from New Orleans, Louisiana Katherine from Brevard, North Carolina Furonda from Stuttgart, Arkansas Angela from Houma, Louisiana Alejandra/Leslie from Higley, Arizona Kari from Brookings, South Dakota Joanie from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Danielle from Little Rock, Arkansas Dani from Spring, Texas Nnenna from Houston, Texas Brooke from Corpus Christi, Texas Yvonne from Surfside, Florida Gina from Odessa, Florida Mollie Sue from Tampa, Florida Leah from Boca Raton, Florida Jade from New York, New York Claudia from Manhattan, New York Tanika from Buffalo, New York Alexius from Manhattan, New York Shkita/Kita from Watts, California Rebecca from Palo Cedro, California Dracula from Shadow Hills, California Cheran from Venture, California Sara from Davis, California
Alexius, like Sarah, was a original top 20 girl but also dropped out for unknown reasons. It's also unknown who took her place.
cycle 7: Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Evita from Gloucester, Virginia Christian from Columbia, South Carolina Ginger from Derby, Kansas CariDee from Fargo, North Dakota LeAngela from Columbus, Ohio Anchal from Homestead, Florida Cyndel from Wichita, Kansas Irina from Miami, Florida Monique from Chicago, Illinois Brooke from Keller, Texas Jaeda from Parkersburg, Iowa Ebonee from Paulding County, Georgia Melrose from West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Eugena from Columbia, South Carolina Megg from Los Angeles, California A.J from Sacramento, California Megan from San Francisco, California Amanda and Michelle from Anaheim, California Becky from Sierra Village, California Brittany from San Rafael, California Jaimie from Riverside, California Andree (unknown)
As we all know, there was a girl from Humboldt Park who claimed we would come back next season. She did, and ended up winning!
cycle 8: Melissa from The Bronx, New York Anna from Lancaster, Pennsylvania Chelsea from Richmond, Virginia Sarah from Lake Zurich, Illinois Dionne from Montgomery, Alabama Kathleen from Brooklyn, New York Jael from Detroit, Michigan Megan from Seattle, Washington Renee from Maui, Hawaii Diana from Garfield, New Jersey Cassandra from Seattle, Washington Samantha from Pinson, Alabama Jaslene from Humboldt Park, Illinois Whitney from West Palm Beach, Florida Micheline from Atlanta, Georgia Natalie from Atlanta, Georgia Brittany from Savannah, Georgia Gelecia/Gigi from Atlanta, Georgia Bethany from Alice, Texas Farrah from Houston, Texas Heather from Deer Park, Texas Felicia from Houston, Texas Natasha from Dallas, Texas Jessica from Inglewood, California Lauren from Pasadena, California Aly from West Hollywood, California Hannah (unknown) Erin (unknown)
Most of the known semifinalist were all from California (Aly, Lauran and Jessica), Texas (Heather, Farrah and Bethany) or Georgia (Gigi, Natalie and Micheline). The only semifinalist not from those states were Megan, Melissa, Anna and Chelsea.
cycle 9: Victoria from New Haven, Connecticut Spontaniouse from Montgomery, Alabama Chantal from Austin, Texas Christie from Lewisville, North Carolina Jenna from Flint, Michigan Kimberly from Ocala, Florida Heather from Valparaiso, Indiana Ambreal from Dallas, Texas Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Janet from Bainbridge, Georgia Lisa from Jersey City, New Jersey Jenah from Farmington, Connecticut Bianca from Queens, New York Jessica from Brooklyn, New York Sylvia from New Hyde Park, New York Tara from Chicago, Illinois Ebony from Roseland, Illinois Jess from Chicago, Illinois Sarah from Heath, Massachusetts Jennifer from Walpole, Massachusetts Mila from Boston, Massachusetts Juliana from Lancaster, Massachusetts Saleisha from Madera, California Sabrina from Cerritos, California Allene from Fresno, California Sara/Eleatrice from Sacramento, California
A lot of J names. Out of everyone from cycle 9, 7 have J names.
cycle 10: Amis from Bartlesville, Oklahoma Marguerite from Cincinnati, Ohio Kristen from Portage, Michigan Aimee from Spanaway, Washington Shalynda from Washington D.C Allison from Waunakee, Wisconsin Shaya from Country Club Hills, Illinois Tiffany from Portland, Oregon Marvita from Anchorage, Alaska Anya from Honolulu, Hawaii Dominque from Columbus, Ohio Jenna from Boston, Massachusetts Kimberly from Worchester, Massachusetts Fatima from Boston, Massachusetts Whitney from Atlantic Beach, Florida Jennifer from Orlando, Florida Sonja from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Stacy-Ann from Miami, Florida Claire from Oahu, Hawaii/Brooklyn, New York Lauren from Brooklyn, New York Erica from Manhattan, New York Katarzyna from Roslyn, New York Atalya from Brooklyn, New York Camilla from Long Beach, California Tonya from San Diego, California Petra from Valley Glen, California
Camilla from Bad Girls Club was a top 20 semi finalist for this cycle. You can see here when Tyra is picking the final cast and during Shaya and Fatima's fight.
cycle 11: Lio from Minneapolis, Minnesota Lindsey from Clinton, Mississippi Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Sharaun from Chicago, Illinois Joslyn from Lucky, Louisiana Renée from Inglewood, Tennessee McKey from Lake Forest, Illinois Susan from Canton, Michigan Brittany R. from Henderson, Nevada Alexandria from Vicksburg, Mississippi Shanna from Miami, Florida Lauren from Charlottesville, Virginia Elina from Seattle, Washington Clark from Pawleys Island, South Carolina Hannah from Fairbanks, Alaska Nikeysha from The Bronx, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Brittany H. from New York, New York Kacey from Palmdale, California Samantha from Woodland Hills, California Veronique from Riverside, California Marjorie from San Francisco, California Stephanie (unknown) Olivia (unknown) Olivia (two Olivia's, both unknown)
There was actually Brittany's this cycle. The 4th Brittany is Brittany Hall! She's a NYC Model that has beautiful dark skin and long, wavy hair.
cycle 12: Adiamond from Denver, Colorado Kathryn from Farmland, Indiana Teyona from Woodstown, New Jersey Sandra from Rockville, Maryland Anna Lisa from Scottsdale, Arizona Aminat from Union, New Jersey Fo from Albuquerque, New Mexico Tahlia from Phoenix, Arizona Monique from Telluride, Colorado Kortnie from Houston, Texas Angelea from Buffalo, New York London from Arlington, Texas Celia from Cynthiana, Kentucky Allison from New Orleans, Louisiana Asha from Atlanta, Georgia Bianca from Albuquerque, New Mexico Jessica from Bradenton, Florida Isabella from Barboursville, Virginia Alex from Tampa, Florida Nijah from Rancho Cucamonga, California Tatiana from Lakewood, California Natalie from Palos Verdes, California Lauren (unknown) Kelly (unknown)
London and Isabella's real names are Lauren and Kelly. They went by nicknames because there was another pair named Lauren and Kelly, and they just kept the nicknames.
cycle 13: Amanda from New Orleans, Louisiana Nicole from Louisville, Colorado Bianca from Columbia, South Carolina Kara from Fort Wayne, Indiana Rae from Minneapolis, Minnesota Raven from Knoxville, Tennessee Courtney from Plantation, Florida Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Jennifer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Erin from Spring Grove, Illinois Simone from Hagerstown, Maryland Xixi from Wexford, Pennsylvania Ashley from Chicago, Illinois Laura from Stanford, Kentucky Germaine from Woodhaven, New York Lulu from Brooklyn, New York Voila from The Bronx, New York Melanie from Brooklyn, New York Minolta from Queens, New York Stacey from Utica, New York Lisa from Queens, New York Alison from Santa Rosa, California Brittany from Livermore, California Ciara from Riverside, California Rachel from Woodland, California Amber from Oceanside, California Sundai from Bakersfield, California
A power ranger auditioned for the role. She's one of the more well-known semifinalist, but Ciara was a power ranger in the late 2000s - early 2010s.
cycle 14: Hallie from Memphis, Tennessee Krista from Pine Bluff, Arkansas Rogi from Washington D.C Naduah from San Diego, California Jessica from Conway, Arkansas Anslee from Dracula, Georgia Ravyn from Washington D.C Tatianna from Ewa Beach, Hawaii Jeanna from Chicago, Illinois Raina from Minnetonka, Minnesota Anastasia from Chicago, Illinois Danielle from Greenville, South Carolina Justine from Syracuse, New York Alasia from Marietta, Georgia Gabrielle from St. Louis, Missouri Martha from Charlotte, Tennessee Angelea from Buffalo, New York Brittany from College Park, Maryland Simone from Lenexa, Kansas Honor from Santa Monica, California Jessie from Warren, Michigan Nida from East Bernard, Texas Julianna from Austin, Texas Alexandra from Kerrville, Texas Aimee from Houston, Texas Madelynne from Houston, Texas Tuesday from Houston, Texas Ren from Dallas, Texas Brenda from Houston, Texas
Texas was done dirty this season. Many of the semi finalist (Tuesday, Madelynne, Aimee, Julianna and Nida) are all from Texas (Brittany also lived there for a while) and for some reason, Ren was casted? The reason why is because they wanted someone to create drama and all the top 20 remaining girls were nice (except one) so they brought Ren.
Hallie was a top 20 girl, and she was bratty and spoiled. So why wasn't she casted? Both her and production found out that she was pregnant so she couldn't continue.
cycle 15: Tyrie from Indianapolis, Indiana Justine from Indianapolis, Indiana De'Yana from Detroit, Michigan Chelsey from Boise, Idaho Jane from Baltimore, Maryland Jessica from Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Esther from Boston, Massachusetts Lauren from Brettwood, Tennessee Vanessa/Violet from Lakeville, Minnesota Emily C. from Ona, West Virginia Toya from Beaufort, South Carolina Christina from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kendal from Northport, Alabama Emily H. from Barboursville, West Virginia Terra from Arlington, Texas Anna from Dallas, Texas Lyzbeth/Liz from Arlington, Texas Christin/Chris from Arlington, Texas Laura from New York, New York Anamaria from Queens, New York Sara from Tarrytown, New York Alexia/Lexie from Geneva, Illinois Nitasha from Chicago, Illinois Jillian from Chicago, Illinois Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Jordan from Chicago, Illinois Kacey from Palmdale, California Emi from Pismo Beach, California Rylee from Orange County, California Sara B. from Menifee, California Shelby from Beverly Hills, California Rhianna from San Diego, California Mindy from Murrieta, California Anna (unknown) Jen (unknown)
Jen is an unknown Asian girl who just randomly slipped away from production and ran away during auditions.
cycle 16: Laree from Atlanta, Georgia Breanna from Blaine, Minnesota Elizabeth from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Molly from Olathe, Kansas Annabelle from Manhattan, New York Sierra from Park City, Utah Kari from Steamboat Springs, Colorado Taneisha from Anniston, Alabama Brittani from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania Tiffany from Hattiesburg, Mississippi Molly O. from Charleston, South Carolina Ondrei from Muskegon, Michigan Kasia from Wheaton, Illinois Yashure from East Saint Louis, Illinois Monique from Hebron, Illinois Alexandria from Huntington Beach, California Dalya from Corona, California Vee from Sacramento, California Dominique from Houston, Texas Jaclyn from Belton, Texas Rune from Edinburg, Texas Hannah from Houston, Texas Mikaela from Boca Raton, Florida Deidrian from Lauderdale Lakes, Florida Nicole from Orlando, Florida Angelia from Pembroke Pines, Florida the unnamed stripper from Mobile, Alabama
The fake out girls were not actresses, they were real people. This is more well known now but maybe you didn't know.
cycle 17: Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Allison from Houston, Texas Isis from Prince George's County, Maryland Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas Laura K. from Stanford, Kentucky Eboni from Seattle, Washington Kayla from Rockford, Illinois Dominique from Columbus, Ohio Molly from Olathe, Kansas Shannon from Franklin, Ohio AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Alexandria from Newport Beach, California Lisa from Los Angeles, California Angelea from Buffalo, New York Laura L. from Scotia, New York Sheena from Harlem, New York Candace from Brooklyn, New York Bre from Harlem, New York Camille from The Bronx, New York Bianca from Queens, New York
Before season 17 was an Allstars season, it was just a regular season. Some of the 32 girls included Candace, Laura L, AzMarie, Eboni, Kyle, Mariah, Seymone and Molly (a season 16 fake-out girl). Production changed it last minute and everyone last minute accept Molly went on cycle 18. This was confirmed by Molly and AzMarie
cycle 18: Amelia from Port Talbot, Wales Laura from Scotia, New York Eboni from Seattle, Washington Candace from Brooklyn, New York Mariah from Pendleton, Oregon Kyle from Magnolia, Texas AzMarie from San Fernando Valley, California Seymone from Augusta, Georgia Ashley from Armadale, Scotland Alisha from South London, England Jasmia from London, England Sophie from Oxford, England Catherine from Folkestone, England Louise from London, England Annaliese from London, England
There was another American girl that was a semifinalist on cycle 17 and moved to 18. She dropped out, however, before production started. They had to cut a UK girl out to make it more equal and that was Amelia.
cycle 19: Latrishe from Washington D.C Ivory from Whittier, California Nastasia from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Jamie from Gahanna, Ohio Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan Deedra from from Portland, Oregon Jessie from Speedway, Indiana Victoriana from San Diego, California Brittany from Gilbert, Arizona Savanna from East Lansing, Michigan Kiara from Las Vegas, Nevada Allyssa from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Kaci from Moon Township, Pennsylvania Christin from Cook County, Illinois Destiny from Columbus, Ohio Yvonne from Minneapolis, Minnesota Kristin from Jacksonville, Florida Leila from Farmington, Massachusetts Sara from Seattle, Washington Maria from Las Cruces, New Mexico Victoria from Colquitt, Georgia Darian from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Laura from Cambridge, New York Caroline from Awendaw, South Carolina Amber from Sachse, Texas Jasmine from Fort Worth, Texas Briana from Southlake, Texas Andie from San Antonio, Texas Sasha from Dallas, Texas Delaney from Dallas, Texas
These are the hometowns of all the college girls instead of their college cities. Like season 14, Texas was done dirty.
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2023.03.30 06:01 Lexxiah McNugget

This is McNugget, but he prefers to go by his alternative name of “10 Piece.” He was a surprise rescue from someone offering him for free as snake food.
I met the person at McDonalds to pick him up and haven’t actually thought of a name yet, lol. He’ll tell me when it’s time. :)
Now begins the hunt for someone in Orange County who needs a sweet little grey-haired man who has no problem hanging out in a strangers hands.
Until then McNug is safe and happy with me. The pics show him in his temporary enclosures. I moved him into a real one once I got him home. He’s a happy little dwarf.
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2023.03.30 05:57 southstreetlullaby [WTS] SIZE 10 Nike Blazer 77 Mid Used - $65 Shipped, J1 Mid Johnny Kilroy- $55 Shipped

Both shoes Size 10 Mens, 8/10 condition. Blazers have replacement insoles and laces, Mids have replacement red laces.
Blazers - $65 shipped CONUS
1 Mids - $55 shipped CONUS
Local meetup in SoCal LA/Orange County is cool too.
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2023.03.30 05:53 jojooso27 Orange County (2002)

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2023.03.30 04:58 AureliaJelly Timelapse of South Orange County (1985-2021)

Timelapse of South Orange County (1985-2021)
Hi everyone! I've been messing around with Google Earth Engine and decided to make a timelapse of South Orange County. Aliso Viejo (located just right of the center) changes a lot!
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2023.03.30 04:43 crustypineapple_ Roommate Advice

I am looking for some advice as I haven’t searched for a roommate in years. I am hoping to get out of my current living situation and find a room to rent for around $1000/month. Is this price realistic right now in southern Orange County? If anyone has any recommendations or advice/tips TIA.
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2023.03.30 04:18 dthomas101474 44 [M4F] #Orange County,Ca - Handsome Daddy Seeks Younger Lady

Hello young ladies. Do you have Daddy issues? Do you like the company of an older man. Do you hate how young boys treat you? Do you like feeling protected and taken care of? Whatever your reasoning please reach out and see where this goes
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2023.03.30 03:45 Shadrok [FS] [USA-CA] I7-5960X, I7-5820k, X99-A Gaming 7, Corsair Vengeance LPX (4x8 3200 MHZ)

Hi, looking to sell this X99 bundle for $160. Add an extra $25 bucks for the 5820k if you want it included as well. I am only looking for LOCAL as of right now which is 92887/Orange County area.
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2023.03.30 03:45 MaskedSengh Is it super dead in Socal?

Past couple days have been super dead in orange county, riverside and even LA. I only see san diego busy periodically. Any reason why?
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2023.03.30 03:25 fatkiddown Huh, he said, “water horsies”

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2023.03.30 03:07 Eastcoastercruiser Med Spa in Orange County, California 💉

I’m interested in any good deals for compounded semiglutide in OC. Anyone know of good deals in the area? TIA!
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2023.03.30 01:49 ythooooo 22m [m4f] SoCal - Orange County: Looking for friends to chat with! [friendship]

Hello! I’m a 22 year old from Huntington Beach, California. I was looking to make some friends to chat with (or possibly hang out with if we’re local) during my free time throughout my weeks. I own a small handful of odd businesses and work a 9-5 job, so it would be great to have a companion to chat with throughout the day.
I’m into cars, traveling, gambling, and food!
Hope to hear from some of you soon.
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2023.03.30 00:53 AdRelative1341 Surgeons recommendations UCI Orange County SoCal

Has anybody had any experience of any surgeons from UCI/ UCI family health center? I recently changed my network and was able to get UCI, but I don’t know or have heard of any surgeons from that network. I was wondering if anyone has gotten top surgery with that same network & if it was easier staying within network? Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated!
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2023.03.30 00:22 throwmiamivelvet Body type problem in bay area ca

My partner and I are from south bay (silicon valley mountain view Sunnyvale San Jose area) We are in decent shape for our age. Both of us are considered fit but the bar is set very low in south bay (and rest of America)
Here is the problem. In our age group (40s), the couples in this silicon valley who are swinging and whom we are physically attracted to are like finding a unicorns. Frankly most of them are overweight and/or aged more than we do.
We went to the los Gatos SLS meet and greet at number one Broadway.. everytime, we are disappointed. Again same issue.
So we are left with finding couples 15+ years younger than we are. On the other spectrum, we don't quality for them we are too old for their taste. Women in that age range are extremely picky and think we are too old to play with them.
We are stuck going to southern California /orange county plush parties looking for the mature couples who take good care of themselves.
If we were to break up, we can easily find men and women on online dating apps that are more.physically attractive. Of course my female half would have absolutely no problem with dating apps, where as I would have to do my due diligence and "court". This is the problem with swinging. Only about 5% of the population do it and the picking is slim.
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2023.03.29 23:47 Glass-Security-4997 (CA) Homestead Declaration with Judgment

I have a single-family house with my wife and two children in orange county California. I have $600K in equity. If someone put a lien on my house and I then sell the house, will my $600K in equity be protected because of the homestead declaration? Do I have to file BK in order for the homestead declaration to come into play?
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2023.03.29 22:38 Brouknow99 Nigga changed county jail cuz he ratting

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2023.03.29 22:20 Brouknow99 AFNF FUCKED

Rugrat, ballpark and sonny definitely fucked. One of they homies turned on them. Glokknine prolly fucked too. It was the AFNF guy that lost trial but didint get found guilty on the RICO. They gave him plea deal and he telling
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2023.03.29 20:16 Life-Beginning-3168 normies arguing with "incels" be like

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2023.03.29 19:54 laughayetteoutloud [SELL] [US] NEVER or LIGHTLY used! Morphe, NYX, elf, Colour Pop, Makeup Revolution, bh Cosmetics, MAC, Urban Decay

Most items either NEVER USED or only used a few times! Condition specified for each. They are coming from a smoke-free and pet-free home. Open to bundling!
After you express interest in an item, I will hold something for you for 6 hours and move on if I don’t hear from you within that time. Please don’t ghost! Just let me know if you have changed your mind. No hard feelings! :)
Shipping starts at $5, and may increase based on weight - more accurate shipping estimate can be provided with your zip code or state. Following receipt of payment, I will ship within one week and will PM you the tracking info.
Payment Info: Paypal G&S only - I will invoice and include a packing list in your package!
Verification Album
And now, the good stuff!

Morphe - 35V Stunning Vibes (2nd pic) - never used - $25
Morphe - 35M Boss Mood (2nd pic) - never used - $25
NYX - Ultimate Utopia (2nd pic) - BNNO - $25
NYX - Swear By It (2nd pic) - used once - $22
NYX - Sex Education Magic Maker - used once - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please! Mega Palette - never used - $15
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please! Diamond Delirious - never used - $5
NYX - Perfect Filter Rustic Antique - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Mystic Petals Dark Mystic - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Smokey & Highlight - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Brights - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Phoenix - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Cool Neutrals - never used - $6
NYX - Ultimate Multi Finish Sugar High - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette - used once - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Love on Top - used once - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Glacier - used once - $5
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Brights - BNNO - $8
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Primary - BNNO - $8
e.l.f. - Opposites Attract - never used - $10
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Sunset - never used - $7
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Nude - never used - $7
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Jewel Pop - 1-3 uses - $5
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Nude Mood - used once - $5
e.l.f. - MYSTERY 15-PIECE PALETTE (2nd pic) (I cannot for the life of me figure out or find the name of this palette anywhere lmao, here is the sticker on the back) - used once - $7
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Mint to Be - 1-3 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Chocolate Mint - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Truffles - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Berry Bad - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Cream & Sugar - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Carnival Candy - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Pumpkin Pie - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Acai You - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Hot Jalapeno - never used - $3
Makeup Revolution - Neon Up All Night - never used - $10
Makeup Revolution - Tammi X Tropical Carnival (2nd pic) - used once - $12
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Deep Dive - used once - $10
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Marvelous Mattes - used once - $10
bh Cosmetics - Smitten in Switzerland - never used - $15
bh Cosmetics - Summer in St. Tropez - never used - $15

NYX - Eye Gloss Dirty Talk - used once - $3
NYX - Eye Gloss Toxic - 1-3 uses - $3
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Frisky - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Cougar - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Leather & Lace - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Pigments Vegas Baby/Viva Las Vegas - never used - $3
NYX - Cream Eyeliner Killing It - BNNO - $4
NYX - Faux Whites Pencil Mintcream - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Eye Pencil Auburn - 4-5 uses - $2
e.l.f. - No Budge Eyeshadow Stick Mint for You - used once - $2
e.l.f. - Eyeshadow Topper Duo Tsuki to My Heart - never used - $4
e.l.f. - Cream Eyeliner Coffee - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Creme Gel Liner Joy Ride - 1-3 uses - $2
bh Cosmetics - Loose Foil Pigment Diamond Dazzlers - never used - $4

e.l.f. - Stardust Glitter Gold Galaxy - never used - $2
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