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Shopify Product Variant Advice. Affecting performance?

2023.06.03 13:30 Nipsey_Mussel Shopify Product Variant Advice. Affecting performance?

Hello! Just looking for some sound advice.
My store has around 400 products each with 4 variants, and my account was performing well. Around 4 ROAS across all campaigns.
Yesterday, I removed 2 variants for each product (therefor effectively halving the feed) but not changing the parent products at all. Just taking a matte version of the products away, parent product still the same.
As expected, today started slow hardly any views/impressions. Do we know if this will return to normal in a day or 2, or does taking away variants permanently damage the account?
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2023.06.03 12:14 codem4x Lagi Naik Daun, Saham Lululemon Meroket Tinggi

Lagi Naik Daun, Saham Lululemon Meroket Tinggi
Lagi Naik Daun, Saham Lululemon Meroket Tinggi #Bisnis #LululemonStore #saham #ditapaja https://andalpost.com/lagi-naik-daun-saham-lululemon-meroket-tinggi/?feed_id=3485&_unique_id=647b127bb1613
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2023.06.03 12:03 Carmen-Huang Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line

Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line
Richi Equipment is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer pellet making maker. The products are made from fresh hen and also pig manure and do not consist of any chemical ingredients. Nevertheless, chickens and also pigs have bad digestion capability and also can just take in 25% of the nutrients.
The other 75% of the nutrients are eliminated with the feces, to ensure that the dry product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and also various other active ingredients. Poultry manure clothes dryer not just develops economic advantages for enterprises, yet likewise makes wonderful contributions to human environmental protection projects.

1. What's organic plant food?
What's organic plant food made by natural plant food pellet making equipment as well as natural plant food assembly line?
Organic plant foods are rich in organic matter, which can supply nutrients for crop growth, and can likewise feed and also boost dirt. There are lots of type of organic fertilizers, the raw materials are very wide, as well as the fertilizers are likewise ever-changing.
It gives the nutrients needed for crop development, and also the nutrients are thorough. It consists of 16 kinds of nutrients required for the growth of plants, and also contains other aspects that are beneficial to the growth of plants, which can comprehensively promote the development of crops, and also the nutrients are released equally and also for a long time.
The nutrients consisted of in natural plant food are greater than It exists in organic form and also can be released gradually to supply nutrients to plants for a long period of time. The application of organic fertilizer can enhance the soil framework and enhance soil fertility.
Organic fertilizer made by organic plant food pellet making maker can raise the soil water holding capability, which can usually be enhanced by around 10 times. It additionally has great drain, so it can reduce the difference in between dirt dry skin and also wetness, as well as the root environment of plants will certainly not be way too much. also large or too small.
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2. Advantages of organic fertilizer pellet making machine:
Compared with all-natural load granulation devices (such as rotating disc organic plant food pellet making granulator, drum natural plant food pellet making maker), it has a concentrated fragment size distribution and is simple to control.
High performance as well as much easier to meet the demands of large manufacturing.
The round bits have no intense angle after granulation, so the pulverization price is extremely reduced.

3. Functions of RICHI natural fertilizer pellet making machine:
The granules generated by RICHI natural plant food pellet making device are round. The natural content can be as high as 100,000 to attain pure natural granulation. Making the most of the reality that organic particles can decorate and grow with each other under a particular pressure, no binder is required throughout granulation.
The granules are firm and also can be screened after granulation, lowering drying out energy usage. The organic matter after fermentation does not need to be dried out, and also the wetness material of the raw product can be 20-40%.
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4. Application scope of natural fertilizer pellet making equipment:
The natural plant food pellet making equipment is preferred by the majority of individuals, as well as the inner rotating natural fertilizer pellet mill is widely used in the granulation of natural plant foods. Due to the high granulation price, stable procedure, durable equipment and also lengthy life span, it is chosen as the ideal item by the bulk of users.
The stirring tooth natural fertilizer pellet making equipment is suitable for natural fertilizer basic materials such as livestock as well as poultry manure, composting fertilizer, eco-friendly manure, sea plant food, cake fertilizer, peat and soil fertilizer. The qualified granulation price of this device is as high as 90 or more.
Adjust to a range of various formulas, the compressive toughness of organic plant food is more than that of discs and drums, the portion of huge spheres is lower than 15%, and the uniformity of fragment size can be readjusted according to customer needs with the stepless speed law function of the maker.
This organic fertilizer pellet making equipment is more suitable for direct granulation of natural plant food after fermentation, which conserves the drying process as well as substantially lowers the manufacturing cost.
5. Functioning principle of organic plant food making maker:
Using the mechanical mixing force of high-speed turning and the resulting wind resistant force, the fine powder material can be constantly combined, granulated, spheroidized and compressed in the device, so regarding accomplish the function of granulation. The particle shape from the natural fertilizer pellet making machine is spherical, the sphericity is higher than or equal to 0.7, the fragment size is typically between 0.3 and also 3 mm, as well as the granulation price is higher than or equal to 80%. The greater, the smaller sized the particles, as well as vice versa.

6. Organic fertilizer granulator production line
It is produced by non-drying as well as regular temperature level process, single molding, and also the outcome is 1-1 .5 t/h and 1.5-3th/ h. The equipment has reduced financial investment, quick effect and also good economic benefits.
The complete set of natural plant food pellet making device has a portable procedure design, scientific as well as reasonable, and advanced innovation. Power saving and also consumption reduction, no discharge of three wastes, secure operation, trustworthy operation as well as practical upkeep.
The raw material has wide flexibility and also appropriates for granulation of different raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical sector, feed, etc. The product has a high granulation price. It can generate various concentrations as well as various types of substance plant foods (including natural fertilizers, inorganic plant foods, organic fertilizers, magnetic fertilizers, etc).
In particular, the granulation of rare as well as ammonium bicarbonate series substance fertilizers loads the residential gap as well as rates at the domestic level.
The natural fertilizer pellet making machine assembly line is created and made according to the needs of compound plant food plants and also fertilizer distributors, with an output of 10,000 to 100,000 bunches.
It embraces the procedure of direct feeding from the hoisting container as well as direct unloading of the mixer, which virtually achieves the goal of "zero" blanking. The major organic fertilizer pellet making equipment takes on onward as well as reverse procedure, as well as the material is mixed as well as output with a special interior screw system and also a distinct three-dimensional structure.
( 1) Functions of organic fertilizer pellet making maker plant:
① Totally automatic. The organic plant food pellet making equipment assembly line is composed of 3 parts: automated batching system, blending system as well as quantitative product packaging machine. It is regulated by computer system as well as fully automated manufacturing. Greatly lowers the number of staff and also minimizes labor strength.
② High accuracy. The batching system is computer-controlled, digital evaluating, and strictly manages the proportioning. For different ingredients, the mistake after digital quantitative product packaging is less than one thousandth.
③ The outcome is big. The style outcome of the organic fertilizer pellet making device production line is 8T to 30T per hour, as well as there are 3 specifications to pick from. This fully addresses the opposition of natural plant foods because of the strong seasonal concentration of materials.
④ New innovation.
The blending system embraces a drum type non-destructive mixer and also a barrel type feeder, which not only does not harm the original fragment form of the material, yet also avoids the segregation of the finished product after mixing; set batch blending, high blending harmony. The blade of the mixer is distinctively developed, the blending is uniform, and the product is fed as well as discharged quickly. Effectively boost item quality and market competitiveness.
In view of the moist climate, relatively little manufacturing workshop as well as high labor cost, XYPF-B series (ground feeding technique) production line tools, the batching system is set up under the barrel, the organic plant food pellet making equipment production line is compact, as well as the flooring area is small, and it is straight on the ground. product, the labor intensity is reasonably small. The one-of-a-kind barrel-type training tool decreases the get in touch with between the product as well as the air, as well as prevents the moisture absorption of the product throughout the manufacturing process.
XYPF- collection anti-corrosion design adopts different special anti-corrosion actions, which considerably extends the service life of the equipment, and also is especially ideal for use in wet and moist locations.
The organic fertilizer pellet making equipment production line does not have any type of dead edges, as well as it is convenient and straightforward to clean up after closure.

⑤ Easy to manage. The primary control area of the natural fertilizer pellet making maker assembly line can monitor the running status of each element equipment. The high-speed 485 or 232 communication user interface is convenient for connecting with printers and computers. It can store 20 type of formulas, and also truly understand the innovation of manufacturing monitoring.
⑥ Solid flexibility. The organic plant food pellet making device plant appropriates for all kinds of extreme field atmospheres, including towering areas and also humid areas.
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2023.06.03 11:31 hidingfromnancy Daddy’s Right Hand

(I’m not sleeping, and I’m falling into the black hole again. Tonight, I step away from the glistening viscera that I carry almost too gently not to spill. So here’s a lighter one. I hope someone enjoys. ❤️)
Six years old.
A note pad, a pencil, a band-aid-colored rotary phone, and a Sears and Roebuck two-piece intercom system.
Daddy’s in the shop; ain’t got time for the phone.
“Antique refinishing, howc’n I help you?. . Please hold.”
-“Yeah, Scooter?”
“Miss Harper down at the feed store’s got a 18th century washstand with a marble top, and wants a estimate. I’ll hold on while you pick up.”
-“A’ight, Scooter.”
“Yeah, Daddy?”
-“Bring Daddy a big ole glass-a iced tea ‘n a bologna sandwich.”
“A’ight Daddy.”
-“Come on out here and steel wool these Sand-n-Seals so I can get started on the finishin.”
“A’ight Daddy!”
“Yeah, Daddy?”
-“Git on the swap shop and sell them parts.”
. . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424 . . . 3459424
-“Dub-ya-FPR, you’re live on 2:00 swap shop, whatchou got?”
“Mah daddy’s got some 1978 Farmall cub parts he wants $200 ‘r best offer for. You’cn call us at -*.”
-“A’ight, y’all heard the little lady, you c’n reach her daddy for them parts at -*. Now it’s time for card-n-letter swap shop, so listen up, and no more calls this show.”
Well, now, how in hades could he ever do with out me? 😌
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2023.06.03 07:54 ColoHusker My crow origin story - DAE

Sorry for the long ADHD post. Some comments on a recent thread has me thinking about this a lot today and I had to release into the ether.
TL;DR - Crows can be a-holes, but they are my a-holes and love having them around. Also, they demand offerings and to be worshipped to stay on their good side. LOL
I've always been an avid gardener. Flowers, plants, veggies, fruits, etc. Try to plant local native plants to attract pollinators, butterflies, local species of bumblebees, other beneficials.
Several years ago I started having problems in the garden. It started with the leafs & stems being cut off young onions. Then as peppers & cherry tomatoes ripened, they would be cut off & left there mostly untouched.
In speaking with neighbors, a few said they would see a a couple "blackbirds" hanging around the garden. I spoke to the cooperative extension who said they are probably grackles and can be garden pests. But they do eat a lot of pest insects. They said for smaller garden areas, putting out some shiny things like the reflective kids pinwheels or pieces of mirror on a string will probably keep them out of that area. Also said maybe some bells might help to startle them.
Ofc I did all of this around & in the vegetable beds & in the plants. Was a pain but I told myself I can do this as part of my planting out in the future.
Within a few days, I noticed some small reflecting pieces in the driveway & front yard. Sometimes this happens with glass when the recycling trucks are too full so figured it was something like that. I walk over to look at it and it was a piece of mirror on a string. I then notice a couple more pieces in the yard.
Now I'm thinking it was the wind. But the wind we get blows in the opposite direction. And we hadn't had more than a light breeze since we put these out. It's something I track since I have a small wind turbine attached to our electric feed. Besides, if we had a small burst of wind, this stuff wouldn't have been blown up wind.
At this point I'm thinking squirrels, neighbor kids, something along those lines. I'm not frustrated or anything, just perplexed. Anyway, I walk over to the vegetable garden and it looks like a disco ball exploded in the beds. All pieces on string were scattered and the pinwheels looked like they got run through a fan. They were from the dollar store (it was 2 or 3 for $1) so I'm "ok sure, they're just cheap, easy to tear".
I bring this up lightheartedly when another neighbor & I are chit chatting. He's like "yeah, we see some blackbirds in there having a hoot sometimes". I'm starting to get frustrated. I really don't want to put out bird netting and I don't want to have a bird unfriendly yard. I just want to them to leave the veggie garden alone. Doing some more research makes me think maybe it's totally something else.
So I buy a $20 trail cam and put it out covering one of the favorite veggie beds. Work got busy so I didn't check it immediately. Finally when I did, I got some pics of the "blackbirds" the neighbors had reported seeing. There were three of them.
One was a bit bigger than our normal blackbirds, definitely didn't have the right coloring especially around the neck. Finally another bird appears in a pic. This one is big. It's a dang crow.
So now I move the trail cam so it covers more of the fence where the adult appeared. It's a big crow, a slightly smaller crow, and a much smaller crow. After research & sending my pics to the cooperative extension, "congrats! you got a family!!" Lol. A mated pair & their juvinile kid.
The juvenile was a complete and utter a-hole. The three would come by in the morning. The parents would perch on the fence while the juvenile would swoop into the beds wreaking havoc. The juvenile reminded me of myself as an unmedicated ADHD child. Sometimes I was this sweet little child. Then I transformed into a relentless bulldozer. Don't hire a demolition company, just bring me around for a few hours and a liter of soda. Lol
This juvenile was yanking the shiny bits off plants, would fly a few feet up or away drop it, come back and cut down the onions. Then tilt his head "ooh, shiny". Rip, rip, rip. This went on for 30 minutes and then they flew off.
Now I'm feeling guilty. It's gotta be hard to have a kid like me. Obvs therapy or medication aren't on table (I checked just to be sure).
Now I'm doing research on what crows eat and resigned to letting the juvenile ruin my garden. I was surprised to find some forums about crows/corvids and how to find harmony by letting them be the fickle masters they deserve.
I learned I could lure them away by putting out food in another part of the yard. I also learned how they collect objects, especially shiny one that are obviously out of place. LOL. Also sometimes bringing gifts to their worshipers.
I put up a squirrel-proof stand, gave my offerings and it worked. The juvenile was still totally destructive but the plants he messed with were resilient. It worked out for everybody. My biggest problem after that was I had to have my house-sitting friends make sure to feed the crows when I was gone. They woukd look at me like I was crazy. "You realize they're wild animals right? They can survive without you". I would something like "yeah, maybe, but my veggies won't".
If you got this far, thx! Would love to hear other similar stories!
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2023.06.03 07:49 Pruvided Every Mod/Add On/Extra for My Gen 5 Hybrid

Heyooo, I picked up my brand new 2022 SE Hybrid in September (drove off the lot with 4 miles [1.6km]), and I've done a decent bit to/for it since. This sub has been a huge resource for me regarding research/info, and I figured I'd make this post to hopefully do the same for someone else. This is going to be a relatively long post, so bear with me lol. I'll list everything in chronological order and try to provide as much context/info!

Horn Kit // Pic

I wanted something with a little more oomph. Quick 20-30 minute plug-and-play install. Kind of a pain getting the plastic cover out of the way under the hood, and not much room to work with when loosening/tightening the bolts that hold it in place.

Window Visors // Pics

Got them for winter car camping so I can crack the windows while it's raining/snowing, but chrome delete is a plus too. Another quick 15-30 minute install. Haven't noticed any issues other than the usual scratches.

Sequential Blackout Turn Signal Lights // Pics/Vid

Got these purely for the looks/chrome delete. Wish the light was a little brighter, but I guess it's what I should expect from the blackout version. Quick 10-15 minute install.

Windshield Sunshade

Wanted something thick and reversible. Just went with this one cause seemed pretty good, and it's worked as well as thick sunshades do I guess, lol. Fits great, and no complaints. Use the black side for low-profile winter car camping and the silver side for summer. Fits under the passenger seat when not in use.

Snow Chains

Got these just in case since I planned to do a lot of winter driving this year. Left the all-season tires that it came with (forgot brand/name), and only ever had traction issues a couple of times in my ~30 days of snowboarding this season, so never even used them. Stored them with the spare wheel, along with some flares.

Custom Sleep Platform

I made a post for this about 7 months ago, and everything is explained there.

Spare Tire Cover Support // Pics

As a part of my custom sleep platform project, I also found that two wooden 2x3 pieces support the trunk floor perfectly if you lay them across the spare tire (see pics). Have slept in the back using my platform a dozen times or so, and have had it loaded up with quite a lot of stuff, and no problems so far. Some might advise against putting unnecessary weight on the spare wheel like that, but meh, until I have an issue I'm gonna keep doing it lol.

Custom Reflectix Window Inserts // Pics

I'm an absolute perfectionist, so I don't even know how long these took. These were a huge pain in the ass to make, but I'm super happy with how they came out. I made these for winter car camping (summer too) to have max privacy, stealth, and extra warmth. I pretty much just followed the tutorial in the video I linked and got all of the suggested materials. I only added black canvas to one side. Figured I'd have more versatility that way. One other tweak I made was that I left a gap in the front window inserts so I could still have some airflow for when I crack the windows. I know it defeats some of the purpose of them, but my winter gear is plenty warm for down to the high teens (probably lower tbh). The small windows between the rear and the hatch use velcro to stay in place. There is a piece attached to the inside of the window with 3M tape, and another connected to the insert using hot glue. Was about $150 for everything I needed to make them.

Roof Cross Bars // Pics

Went with aftermarket cause fuck the price of OEM. These are super solid and I have no complaints/problems. Easy to take off when don't need them. Haven't used them too much, but nice to have for when I want to throw a roof box, awning, or mount up there.

Snowboard Rack // Pics

Got these for a trip I had coming up at the time, so it worked out, but I really wanted a cargo box. Went with this since it's way cheaper than one. Can hold 4 wide boards no problem. Super nice for car camping too since I don't have to keep the board(s) inside with me and don't have to risk leaving it under the car either.

License Plate Frames // Pics

The dealer-provided frames are so ugly, so for a while, I was rocking no frames, but ended up getting one for the front and one for the rear off Etsy. I was going to get the same frame for both the front and rear but ended up going with a silly rear one to hopefully get a chuckle out of someone from time to time.

LED Hatch Lights // Pics

Probably one of my favorite mods. These lights make such a huge difference, and anyone else who has them will tell you they're fuckin dope. Not a very hard install, but feeding the cable through the rubber grommet at the top center of the hatch was a bit of a pain. YouTube got ya covered though if you DIY.

OEM Hitch & Wiring Harness // Pics

Went OEM because I want to keep as much clearance as possible. Installed it myself and it took me about 8 hours to do the hitch and wiring harness. Took a bunch of breaks, had dinner, and was constantly scrubbing through youtube videos to figure out what the hell I was doing. Cutting the bumper was pretty easy actually. I used an electric jigsaw and cleaned everything up with a file. I didn't install the rubber trim piece cause I planned to do it after putting the bumper back on, but there is literally no chance with how stiff the trim piece is and how little room there is to work with, and I was not about to take my bumper off again. Still looks great regardless. Will update the Imgur link with a picture of how I routed the wiring harness tomorrow/later. I didn't take pictures during the process but will do my best to show. Got it mainly for smaller stuff (bike rack, cargo rack, etc). Hybrid doesn't have a high tow capacity anyway.

Dash Speakers // Pic

Just chose these because they were recommended everywhere I looked. Took like 10 minutes and obviously a big difference in quality. Saw some stuff about bass blockers, but I think my issue is more with needing an amp if anything.

Front Door Speakers // Pic

Was going to get the same speakers to match the dash, but went with some other Kicker ones that were recommended. Once I get more into car audio stuff in the future, I may switch things around some more. I do plan to get an amp and rear speakers in the future, but alas, I'm broke. Was pretty easy and simple to install, but drilling out the rivets was a pain since they were uncooperative. Crutchfield came with everything I needed (mounting bracket, wiring harness, and directions).

Sound Deadening // Pics

Since I had the doors off to replace the speakers, I figured I should add some sound deadening. Could've added more, but it was such a tedious process that I just called it at what I had. Took me about 5 hours to do the sound deadening and speakers, but took some breaks. Overall, came out pretty good, and I'll likely go back in to add some more. The front doors are noticeably heavier, they shut with a little more authority, and knocking on the door sounds drastically less hollow. Have yet to drive highway/freeway speed yet, but will have the chance tomorrow. Plan to do the spare wheel area with the material I have left since it's easy to get to and apply. Only used about half of what I bought (18sq ft). I also bought a roller cause no way in hell I was just going to use my hands to press it all down.

Hood Struts

At the time of posting, I'm still waiting for these to arrive. Estimated another few weeks at least, but will update this post after I install them. I don't mind the prop rod, but I wanted something for the sake of convenience, and I hope these will work well enough. I didn't really look into them at all, so if they're shit, oh well.

Interior Organization // Pics

Just some small stuff here and there to make some of the space more usable/organized. Was also considering getting the little organizer thing that sits on the dash behind the screen.
I think that pretty much covers everything. There's still a lot I want to do/get, but in due time. As I said, I hope this post helps inspire some creativity and interest regarding mods for your own vehicle(s)! I'm sure there's some stuff I left out, so feel free to ask me about anything or give your thoughts/input. I'm also more than happy to talk about the lifestyle I have that I use my RAV4 for if you have some similar interests (snowboarding, biking, camping, etc). This sub and youtube have been such a big part of my new passion for throwing money at my car, and I'm going to keep doing it since I plan on keeping it for a really long time haha.
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2023.06.03 07:36 Which-Yoghurt-5909 trying

i don’t have anyone in my life i don’t have help i have asked and prayed and prayed and asked for help i am always the helper i am exhausted and so tired i’m so tired and hungry nobody takes care of me i wish i had someone that would help support my life maybe wishing is not the correct tactic but i know i deserve safety and security im frustrated on how come it’s not here. nobody ever has fed me soup or washed my feet or made sure i was okay after throwing up everyone is gone and i am left with just myself and i LOVE ME i just don’t like chaos i love myself i really really do i just don’t like my life i really really don’t it’s too rough i’m too tired i’m done being resilient for my own life i’m done carrying everything everywhere i’m done taking care of everything and making sure everything is okay i’m done eating alone i’m done fighting for food i’m done starving i’m done being here in general i’ve asked and prayed and helped other people something must be wrong with me for me not to be loved for me not to be taken care of for me to be so isolated this whole year nobody would know if i did die or not because nobody is such a part of my life that it matters i’m just a filler person nobody needs me or wants me my company must be too much everyone has someone else i just wanted safety and comfort and i want to eat with someone i’ve struggled w an ed all my life and every single day i try my hardest to feed and fuel my body by myself IT TOOK ME YEARS TO BE OKAY IN ANY KITCHEN nobody is here to help me with that and i’ve tried my best but i don’t have the energy any longer to keep going (ex i use the energy i have to make food then i eat the food then i am full for 20 min or less then i am hungry again do you see where this cycle is never ending where i lose hope and my sanity every fiber in my body is done and frustrated i walk miles to get food when the trip takes more out of me than what i would be consuming ) then i barely have any food i can’t make fit go to the store as a man by myself and have to look for foods to make by myself and it may not sound like it’s hard but i have an eating disorder for years as well and i’ve been pretty hopeful about it until i moved into this new apartment nobody cares i have asked my doctors and nutritionists for YEARS years for help and nothing has changed i understand most of this are broken pieces inside of me that nee fixing i understand most of this has to be done on your own i’m done though i’m used up all my energy i am suicidal and don’t even want to go into the next day . i have therapy but it mainly focused on “getting a job “ “coping mechanisms”i need real life people help me i am a socialist and a community lover everything i would do for pthers nobody had done for me and that sucks . i need to be taken care i want to be held and kissed and be okay and safe and alright but i feel selfish for saying that or feeling like that i’m almost 22 and i’m in my 3rd apartment making it my 8th move by myself in 5 years.
i have plans for my life i can’t get there though on my own i am stuck on survival mode food itself is not my enemy i love to eat it’s the preparation the company the consistency the care i’m fucked up inside it’s the safety around eating around making the food around digesting it’s the after care of eating it’s everything and i have started out bad off. starving little foster girl who was made fun of how i only ate cdonalds fries and never ate deserts they laughed at my food hoarding they took away sugar for an entire summer everything adds up and i don’t feel like being resilient anymore i’m so powerful but i have a choice and this is something that i do not want to continue . everything and everyday is battle and i understand some people don’t have homes or food either or shoes on their feet i understand people are all hurting sometimes i pray that if i make it to the better side i will have no choice Lord to help others boldly because i love to but i have been the man for years and years and years i have not been a woman and i’m trembling with sadness i am so strong yet i’m so weak my body is fatigued my wrist are so hollow my bones stick out i’m tired of moving how to be positive when the harder thug for you is to be you i’m so tired and there’s only a little light left i feel invisible. my beauty is not all of who i am i am dark inside right now people are fooled i’m drowning on land a lifeboat just won’t do my pain has enough tears to rock the boat hopefully just enough for-me to get back to you (LIFE)
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2023.06.03 07:26 whorenumber7 Possible bloat, any help appreciated

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2023.06.03 07:24 Interesting-Put-7303 Best Selection of Tequila in Atlanta

Hey Fellas,
In Atlanta for the next few days, what are the best stores that offer a good selection of tequila? Stopped by Total Wine at Perimeter and they only sold beer and wine (not the case in TX). What's the go-to store for a great selection of good tequila?
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2023.06.03 07:02 RangeSoggy2788 Way to get GE for free

Download the app and enter the code hvwsk for free 10 Golden Eagles https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dazumpecto.gewt
It is app where you download apps play games and complete task for GE. I have got about 50 ge so far and I'm about to redeem for some more. This is a link to download the app it gives you some ge and me ge that equals win win. Anyway would appreciate since I don't have the funds to feed the snail right now.
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2023.06.03 06:09 Wayfarin2001 What are the legalities concerning rosy red minnows in New Hampshire?

Hey, folks!
I don't know if this post is appropriate, but I'm in need of advice or input.
Our local Petco has one of those typical "feeder fish" tanks in the aquarium supplies section.
We have a red-eared slider, so we figured we might as well purchase some for her. However, we didn't have it in us to use them as feeders and since we had a 10-gallon tank, we moved them in there to live with our mosquitofish. Unfortunately, they developed a disease, which they probably had the whole time, and died off, taking down the mosquitofish with them.
We were hoping to go back to the pet store to purchase some more, this time not introducing them to any aquarium tank without first quarantining them (I stupidly and terribly underestimated the importance of that).
But I came across an unexpected obstacle.
Apparently, I found out that the NH fish and game department requires a permit to possess fathead minnows and many other North American fish. My question is does that include rosy reds?
So I can feed them to anything I want but I cannot possess them? Surely a permit would not be required for me to possess a mere feeder fish, right?
Are they not considered "domesticated" and therefore legal? Also, what if our turtle doesn't even eat the fish? Are they legal to keep as long as there's a predator in there with them?
Is Petco breaking the law by selling fathead minnows?
But if we do need a permit to possess them, how could we obtain such a permit? I don't know if this is the right place to post these questions, but I figured that some of you out there would have run into the same obstacle.
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! God bless!
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2023.06.03 06:04 ScreamOfVengeance Smashing Security - EP324 .ZIP domains, AI lies, and did social media inflame a riot? - 1 hour 15 minutes

ChatGPT hallucinations cause turbulence in court, a riot in Wales may have been ignited on social media, and do you think .MOV is a good top-level domain for “a website that moves you”?
All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Mark Stockley.
Plus don’t miss our featured interview with David Ahn of Centripetal.
Warning: This podcast may contain nuts, adult themes, and rude language.
Episode links:
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Theme tune: “Vinyl Memories” by Mikael Manvelyan.
Assorted sound effects: AudioBlocks.
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2023.06.03 05:32 Redditbitch83 Just submitting this here also. Deathtomyheart (misty Trent) your days of begging are numbered. To much is coming out. Anyone who believes you now is just plain stupid!!

Just submitting this here also. Deathtomyheart (misty Trent) your days of begging are numbered. To much is coming out. Anyone who believes you now is just plain stupid!! submitted by Redditbitch83 to Cult_of_Petty_church [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 05:23 burntwenis any tips on slimming down a fat betta?

hi all,
my betta nebula has gotten to be a little bit chonky after a couple months of stealing shrimp pellets from his previous panda cory tankmates, despite my flatmate and i’s best efforts (feeding with the lights off, putting it in several different places, keeping him in a breeder box during feeding time). he has still managed to get them and has a voracious appetite, and he’s significantly larger than when he came home from the store 3 months ago. we have also theorized he might be eating snails.
this week i moved him into his own 72 lite~20 gallon tank so he doesn’t have anyone to steal from. we feed him reasonably, about 3-4 pellets 2x daily (i was thinking of maybe even going to 2 pellets to see if that helped?). i’ve kept bettas for years and haven’t had weight problems with one before, so seeing if anyone had any tips! i used to feed the omega one pellets but after reading a little more about protein/fat ratios for bettas online i used another i had on hand (api tropical mini pellets) which have only 8% fat as opposed to omega one’s 11%.
sidenote on exercise: i was wondering if mirror training/getting him to flare more would help? or any other fish exercise ideas?
thanks in advance (-:
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2023.06.03 05:00 Additional-Jeweler50 14 week old baby feeding and ranting

My baby has been eating well until this week when she cut her food amount down. She has been teething, she also got off growth spurt just recently. I have been feeding her Similac 360 total care sensitive since she was 7 weeks old but all of the sudden after purchasing the new can ( normally I purchase it of Amazon but its out of stock and had to purchase it from the store near me) she developed very liquid stool, a lot of spit up hours after eating). I tried regular 360 total care but no changes until I tried Enfamil Gentlease Neuropro, but with that one she has way more gas. We did try Gentlease Neuropro prior when she was about a week old and we received the samples and she was also super gassy with it. I don't have any breastmilk anymore after my husband deployed and also IUD placement it dropped from 15 oz per day to 5 and then to nothing. She hasn't received any breastmilk for about 1.5 weeks.
Also why do evenings have to be always the hardest part of the day, especially just before bed time. About 1.5 months ago I started taking the baby and the dog for evening walks for an hour each day, to try to shorten the evening fussiness time but sometimes it's just too much.
I do not have family or friends here because we moved here not too long ago. Its just me, the LO, our 2 cats and a dog until my husband comes back. All my friends are in different states or my remaining relatives are in different country. I get to talk with my stepbrother's wife maybe every couple of weeks because we have 9+ hour time difference.
I can honestly say babysitting since the age of 8 till 18 was nothing compared to this. Nothing can really ever prepare you for this, I'm more than sure that this is my my first and only.
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2023.06.03 04:22 hopeful-hampster Do I have to pump at the same time my baby takes a bottle?

I have a 4.5 month old who is EBF. I am returning to work VERY part time. I’m basically going to be away from my babe for 3.5 hours each day. 3 days in the morning (9-12 ish) two in the afternoon (3-6 ish). I normally feed on demand and baby eats very frequently but can definitely go 2 hours without eating when I’ve run to the store or gone out with a friend. I expect him to need about 1 bottle per day while I’m gone and planned to pump once overnight to get enough for his bottle. I’m able to collect 6 oz in 10 minutes overnight which is more than enough for his bottle during the day when I’m gone. I also have a significant freezer stash.
Does it matter that I won’t be pumping at the same time that he’s eating? I’m a therapist and can’t pump while meeting with clients so adding a pump would be additional time away from home as my sessions would need to be pushed. I thought the overnight pump was the perfect solution, especially since I’m not gone for very long, it’s not the same time every day, and I will still have the same number of removals in a 24 hour period (1 pump for 1 bottle). I am super attached to breastfeeding and am late-night-anxious- overthinking that this plan will reduce supply. Thoughts???
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2023.06.03 04:19 crak6389 How to maximize efficiency with bottles and parts with cleaning and fridge use?

I am going back to mostly pumping after trying breastfeeding for ~ a month with a lot of frustrations for me and baby. As such I'm trying to minimize washing and bottle and part clutter and tasks so that I can pump as long as possible without losing my gd mind.
I'm pumping 5x a day: -Medela PIS when husband is home and can watch baby while I'm leashed to the wall @ 6am, 6pm, and before bed usually 9-10pm -Elvie stride when home alone with baby @10am, 2pm
I feed my baby about 6 bottles a day out of Philips bottles. He nurses in the MOTN feed, occasionally I'll hand pump too then if he only does one boob.
I make just enough with this arrangement so I'm not freezing anything at the end of the day.
Tell me if this plan makes bottles and parts sense:
-Pump in morning with Medela parts and bottles. Portion the pumped milk into Philips bottles for individual servings. Store Medela parts and the two bottles I pumped into in the fridge until the next Medela pump and repeat in the evening. -Pump with Elvie. Top off any Philips bottle to make a serving size and portion the rest into additional Philips bottle. Store elvie parts in fridge for next pump. -Before bed rinse all parts and bottles and run in dishwasher with heated dry setting.
This would let me use just 2 Medela bottles and 6 Philips bottles and just 2 pump set ups.
But can you add freshly pumped milk to already refrigerated milk? Say I have 1 oz in a bottle from my 10am pump, can I add 4 more oz of freshly pumped milk to that bottle to bring it up to a 5oz serving?
And I know the fridge hack is controversial but for those of you that use it, does it make sense to do it this way?
I want to keep giving my baby breastmilk but if I have to wash and sanitize 5-6x a day it's just not gonna be sustainable.
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2023.06.03 04:19 ladyneckbeard Dogs Deserve a Seat at the Family Dinner Table

Owning a dog is inherently unfair to the animal. When you purchase a dog from a breeder or a pet store, you often overlook the fact that you're depriving them of a natural and fulfilling life for your own selfish companionship. Every pet dog is born into captivity. Their mother was impregnated, most likely against her will, and when her offspring was born they were separated from their mother and siblings, and brought into an environment that can never truly replicate their natural habitat. Dogs, being descendants of wolves, have an instinctual drive to hunt, explore, and form social bonds within their pack. However, when we confine them to our homes, we strip away their freedom to engage in these natural behaviors. They don't even know their cousins and they usually have no friends that are other dogs. They are unable to experience the joy of running freely, chasing prey, or forming deep connections with other dogs. You cut their tails and ears off and don't even let them have a girlfriend. What kind of life is that? You cut off your dogs balls and turn him into an incel until the day he dies because it's more convenient for your to not look after your dog and their significant other? Some dogs might even be gay and not ever get the chance to explore their sexuality because you're too busy making them get a tennis ball that you threw across the garden and bring it back to you. You subject them to a life of domestication, limiting their world to the four walls of our houses and control their diets; feeding them processed 'kibble'. We restrict their interactions, denying them the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with their own kind. We prioritize our own convenience and entertainment over their innate needs and desires. We've all seen that episode of Rick and Morty. Everyone reading this would hate to be a pet dog. You might even learn to love your masters eventually, but no one in their right mind would give up their autonomy and freedom to be confined to a life of drinking tap water and watching commercials all weekend, broken up by sleeping and a 30 minute walk around the block before it gets dark outside where they're restrained by their neck in case they try to make a break for it after that slight taste of freedom. To truly provide a fair life for a dog as a pet, I would argue that you would need to at least live on a vast, open farm where the dog could roam freely, hunt, and socialize with other dogs. They would have the freedom to choose their mates, raise a family, and live in harmony with their instincts. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most pet owners and they are confined to living in a cul-de-sac and never even knowing their roots, for around 12 years until they die and you replace them with a new one. We must acknowledge that by keeping dogs as pets in our homes, we are essentially depriving them of a full and authentic existence. While we may provide them with love and care, it is important to recognize that they are still natural beasts living within the confines of a human-centric world. You stole them from their family to bring them to your house and they have to follow the rules of a place that you forced them to be like eat the same meal everyday on the floor while your tastebuds get to try cuisines from all over the world. I it's time we rethink pet ownership entirely and maybe consider alternative ways to interact with animals. Allowing them to live a real and fulfilling life with actual experiences, dreams, fears, and hopes, instead of being used just for entertainment.
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2023.06.03 03:08 jesse_jrz Tyler Tx 246

Tyler Tx 246
After 30 mins myself and 2 other clients asked the group of managers if someone could at least greet us or get us checked in. This is the response. Scott, the GeekSquad manager never apologized for the wait or even tried to get us checked. This unfortunately is the closest store at an 1hr and a half. The other stores are 2hrs away. The agent at the counter was busy I understand that but there was no reason the ARA could have at least checked us in or greeted us. That's why there is a camera so they can see the clients waiting. In the GeekSquad culture they reserve badge 001 for the clients. Unfortunately this store in Tyler Tx forgot that.
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2023.06.03 02:34 Danvideotech2385 I hit 100 percent achievement completion in FH4. Such a long grind to get there, but I'm so happy I completed the game!

I hit 100 percent achievement completion in FH4. Such a long grind to get there, but I'm so happy I completed the game! submitted by Danvideotech2385 to ForzaHorizon [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 02:25 xMheff Looking for new food options

I have a 1 year old domestic short hair, and I have been feeding him a mix of dry food and wet food. I typically pour a cup of dry food into his bowl that he will eat throughout the day, and then I will give him wet food in the evening for dinner.
I am not sure if he is just getting bored of his food, but there is always dry food leftover in his bowl every morning, sometimes I barely even have to refill it, as if he hasn't eaten anything from the morning before.
I adopted him from the humane society who was feeding him Hills brand dry pebbles, and I just bought a bag of the same because he was used to eating that already. I tried giving him something else at the start, but he ended up getting sick on it. I understand you need to gradually and slowly transition, but even giving him 1/4 cup of the new food, and 3/4 cup of his old food still made him get sick, so I gave up on trying to transition.
With his wet food, however, I currently give him 9Lives. He seems to really like it, especially the white ocean fish flavor, but I have read pretty negative reviews about it. People compare it to "mystery meat" and not very nutritious.
While I think I may stick with his dry Hills food for now, I am curious about new wet food options. I preferably want something that I can buy at the grocery or pet store, and something that isn't outrageously expensive.
If anyone has recommendations for dry food, as well, I will consider them; but I just don't know if I can successfully get him to transition to something new there.
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2023.06.03 02:13 Mugbugs My dad told the cashier he's Navajo

Lol this just happened today. Was in advance autozone with my dad buying new sparkplugs for my car since he was showing me how to replace them.
Middle aged white male cashier (skinny, trucker hat, very working class vibes) is helping us out and he says something nice like "oh it's nice you're teaching your daughter about cars". My dad says something about how he needs to teach us how to make fried rice to feed ourselves. Cashier says "oh yeah especially after you're working on the car, you'll be hungry". Then proceeds to ask the dreaded question "so where are guys originally from".
My dad tells the cashier we're Navajo and the guy's like "wow cool". My dad says with the following emphasis - "this land IS MY LAND". Cashier is being chill and like "yeah man you're right 🫡. Have a nice day". We leave the store.
Ummmm... we're chinese.
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