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2023.03.22 06:22 ShoreMama It’s been almost 20 years since my diagnosis and I’m still upset I don’t know why I have epilepsy.

I know I’m not alone here. No one, not one single relative has epilepsy. I never had an injury, never got in a car accident, there’s no indication or reason why this happened to me.
I was a 17 year old girl, who just passed her drivers license exam, and gotten my official drivers license. I even had a car for myself and was one of the lucky kids to get a parking permit for the school lot so I could drive to school instead of taking the bus. What a year that was. Got my license in May of 2003..then in September of that year I had my very first seizure. I was so freakin confused.
I had heard of epilepsy before but really didn’t know much about it. As soon as the doctor saw my EEG and tests he knew right away I had Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. My mom cried. She already had one chronically ill child (my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 5). There’s also zero history of type 1 diabetes in my family as well.
When the doctor told me I couldn’t drive that’s when it hit me. I remember sobbing falling off the hospital bed. That’s when I knew my life would never be the same. He went on to tell my mom I wouldn’t be able to have children (I have 3 btw).
I have literally never let this go. I’ve asked countless doctors why, and they all say the same thing, it’s genetic with a lot of “probably” in there. I know I can’t be mad at the doctors for not being able to tell me why, because everything I’ve read about JME is that it’s not known. And that it’s lifelong. And treatment is life long.
My seizures came back after 11 years of laying dormant, like a volcano or something. Thankfully my doctor increased my meds and they have been under control for 4 years in May. After they came back, my doctor offered me the option to stay in the Epilepsy monitoring unit for a week to help me understand more. I happily agreed. My meds were taken away, and all it took was one dose. One..single..missed cause me to have a seizure again. Talk about upping my fears on my medication dependence!
Yeah it was good for testing, they got it all on video and EEG. We learned I’ll never be a candidate for brain surgery due to where my seizures come from in my brain. Oh and I also have a cyst on my temporal lobe which could be why I’m losing my memory so badly.
Anyway, I know that was long but I’m up late and reflecting that I’m never gonna let this go. Tell me how you feel. Are you in the same boat?
TLDR: I’ve had epilepsy for almost 20 years and I’m still angry I don’t know why.
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2023.03.22 06:21 Muddied Incontro a Palazzo di città tra l’assessore Galasso ed il Consigliere dell’ambasciata di Francia in Italia

Incontro a Palazzo di città tra l’assessore Galasso ed il Consigliere dell’ambasciata di Francia in Italia submitted by Muddied to NotizieBari [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 06:21 siebs_27 Damaging a package thief’s property

I live in a house with a couple other guys. We get a couple packages a week and last month they started getting stolen. We know the cars make and model and stuff but he covers his license plate when he comes to the house. He stops in the street, parks it, runs to the porch, grabs the package, then back to the car. We almost caught him last week but he ran off to quick. Instead of trying to catch him I want to cause him some monetary pain. I want to leave a nice box on our porch that’s empty, and then sit in my neighbors driveway behind a car. When he pulls up and gets out I sneak up to his car, and smash his windshield, and maybe other windows with a window breaker I have in my car. We’ve begged the cops to just do regular rotations around our house looking for him but they refuse. We’re all full time students and have jobs so we aren’t home a lot and so it’s easy for him to do it without any real fear, he can see if there aren’t any cars in the drive way. If I do it and run away, can he legally do anything? He wouldn’t know who I was, and he can’t tell the cops “I think it’s this guy cause I stalk packages from his house” right? I don’t want to harm him, just his car.
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2023.03.22 06:20 Sorin61 Suppressive Effect of Tetrahydrocurcumin on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation by Suppressing JAK/STAT and Nrf2/HO-1 Pathways in Microglial Cells [03 - 2022

Brain inflammation, a pathological feature of neurodegenerative disorders, exhibits elevated microglial activity and increased levels of inflammatory factors.
The present study was aimed at assessing the anti-inflammatory response of tetrahydrocurcumin (THC), the primary hydrogenated metabolite of curcumin, which was applied to treat Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.a.) lipopolysaccharide- (LPS-) stimulated BV2 microglial cells. THC reduced P.a. LPS–induced mortality and the production of inflammatory mediators IL-6, TNF-α, MIP-2, IP-10, and nitrite.
A further investigation revealed that THC decreased these inflammatory cytokines synergistically with JAK/STAT signaling inhibitors. THC also increased Nrf2/HO-1 signaling transduction which inhibits iNOS/COX-2/pNFκB cascades. Additionally, the presence of the HO-1 inhibitor Snpp increased the levels of IP-10, IL-6, and nitrite while THC treatment reduced those inflammatory factors in P.a. LPS–stimulated BV2 cells.
In summary, we demonstrated that THC exhibits anti-inflammatory activities in P.a. LPS-induced inflammation in brain microglial cells by inhibiting STAT1/3-dependent NF-κB activation and inducing Nrf2-mediated HO-1 expression.
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2023.03.22 06:20 Valence545 I'm losing my grip on reality

TL:DR - I need to talk to someone. I really don't want to kill myself, but I'm scared. Most of this post is skippable brain vomit. Basically, I'm having suicidal thoughts and losing control of everything in my life because everything feels meaningless. Sorry for the mess here.

Hey guys, hope you're all having a great day so far. I'm writing this because I am really confused and don't know what else to do, and you have helped me out before. I feel like my entire worldview is wrong and I'm watching a movie called consciousness. I've posted things like this before on this account, and I've received very helpful responses, so I wanna try it again now, when I feel I am at the lowest I've ever been mentally.
Before all else, I want to acknowledge that there are people whose lives are far worse than mine and that I am blessed beyond comprehension. I am eternally grateful for my life. I'm not rich or famous or powerful. I have a wonderful family, a home, and a prospective future lying ahead, not to mention countless things like my computer, our TV, my car, delicious food, a bike, a pool, and all the freedom I enjoy being a middle class American citizen. I am not suffering tangible difficulty or hardship. I'm not writing this to beg for sympathy or complain about my life. Rather, I'm seeking a different perspective on some issues I have been facing for a very long time that I are all increasingly causing me to want to end my life. If I come across as an attention seeker, I apologize and would love to know how I can correct myself.
It started in January when I had to leave my physical school and move to online school again for the remainder of my 12th grade year. I'm an extremely anxiety-prone person and a grand overthinker, and being alone makes these things flare up, as I learned painfully during Covid when I had similar issues. All of the problems I've ever faced I have created for myself, and I feel safe in saying that this is not an exaggeration.
Basically, I started overanalyzing the world around me, thinking of things so specific it started to scare me, like analyzing the cloud patterns and sunset and biological mechanisms driving my own brain and describing them scientifically in my own head UNWILLINGLY. I started hoarding all the receipts and little pieces of trash I could, like tags from clothes and such, because I feel sad at the thought of throwing them away. I couldn't bring myself to clean my room because I didn't know if there was even a right way to do so, or whether I should throw anything away. I started thinking a lot about the end of time, and the end of my life, and the nature of my own consciousness, and how meaningless everything is because one day it will all be gone.
The transient nature of everything became my only thought, and I can't help but obsess over it. I couldn't enjoy an evening at the park with my sister because my mind was full of unwarranted thoughts of how she, I, the park, all who built, and all who will ever visit it it will one day pass into oblivion. This has led me to start having severe panic attacks and sobbing fits, especially at night and in the shower, when I am totally secluded. I can't enjoy video games, music, reading, playing the piano, driving, talking to people, working out (I still work out, but it's just a routine at this point), coding, eating, watching science and engineering videos, or anything anymore. It all feels gray and dull to me. I am constantly overwhelmed by a feeling of impending doom.
All I can do is watch youtube and distract myself with focus-grabbing stimuli, like movies, eating, and porn (which I had come close to cutting out of my life before this), but I am losing my grip on my life. I am late on my assignments, have not decided on my college yet even though I have been accepted into a ton of them and earned some scholarships. I can't make any decisions. I fall asleep at 3am and wake up around 11am, though this varies greatly. I keep inventing and believing a ton of different bone-chilling scenarios, like being a brain in a vat or being in a simulation or being the incarnation of God himself, and it is terrifying me and I can't take it because it's all stuck in my head on repeat. Even worse, a lot of the time I am propelled into a euphoric high by some random motivation. I can't really describe it. Sometimes I get extremely motivated randomly by looking at something random like a leaf or an ant or a bluetooth speaker and my entire worldview and mindset shifts. Everything becomes oversaturated. I feel alive. Then I crash again and it all turns gray again. It feels weird. All of my goals don't motivate me anymore though, because they are overshadowed by my fear of the end and meaninglessness.
This was just some of the stuff I've been experiencing. I don't really know if I've described it well enough. I have gone to a counselor to try and talk to him about this stuff, but he hasn't really helped all that much, although I appreciate the experience and his friendliness. He was a very nice man. Every day is getting scarier because my mind seems to be digging an ever-widening hole that I just can't escape. It's all chaos. My only respite comes from unexpected places, like going for a drive listening to jazz, talking to my mom while her favorite Christian radio station is on, or working on a random project (like my sister's 4th grade science fair project). It's just that nothing seems to make sense anymore. It's all chaotic and unordered. Like there's no structure anymore. It's all just stuff, jumbled together, and whatever happens happens. My most terrifying moments are when I feel like I'm losing control of myself and waking up from the simulation and everything will be gone immediately and it's being unplugged. I'm alone in this and I feel like I've been stuck in the same place for years. Sometimes I feel like my memories are fabricated and not real. These types of panic attacks have been happening since I was like 10 or 11. I'm 18 now. I'm a boy.
I feel an immense mental, almost physical pressure in my head, and at night I burst into tears and all of my emotions stream through my head and I just pray to God asking for it to go away and most of the time it does. Sometimes I have an outburst and say things I regret to people I love. Sometimes I have a lot of fun with them and we are all happy. I have no ideals anymore because nothing makes any sense and there is no meaning, or so I'm beginning to believe.
The focal point of all of this negativity has been suicide. Every day, I obsess over the idea of not living anymore, of being carefree and just spectating the world rather than living in it only to die anyway, and I keep thinking of different ways I can kill myself. These thoughts are uninvited the majority of the time, and I am forced to endure them. I don't want to die, but I feel like I'm slipping into the hole. I feel like my life is slipping away very quickly and I have nothing left to live for and I've already missed out on it.
I now realize that all of my previous posts have been about this same issue, just in different circumstances. I'm really sorry if I come across in a negative way, as a selfish person or an attention seeker. Maybe I am. I don't know. I just want to be a normal, functional person who can live a meaningful life and die a meaningful death. I want to feel right. I want someone to tell me what to do. I want to stop being alone. I want friends who I can mess around with and not feel anxious while doing so. I want a girlfriend with whom I can share my life and whose trust, respect, and affection I can earn and in turn reciprocate my own. I want a meaningful career that I can leverage to make positive differences in the most crucial and overlooked parts of society, and in creative ways that will leave an impact.
I need someone to talk to. I don't want meds, or maybe I need them. I don't want to be told off, I don't want money or a fancy car or anything. I just want to feel like all of this matters and that someone understands me. I want to be nice to everyone. I don't want animosity. I want to find meaning. But there is something wrong with me. I want to feel like a human again. I just wish I'd grown up with one close friend to share this with. I wanna try going to a therapist, maybe I should.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I hope you continue to have a great day, and wish you all the best!
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2023.03.22 06:20 NeitherSomewhere3958 Short List of Things to Do

These are some general places that I personally hang out (I'm in Centennial):
  1. Cherry Creek State Park. I like it for the vast amount of trails for walking/roller blading/biking/boarding/etc. Also has a beautiful reservoir to play in the sand or do water activities, or just go to relax. There's also a two story restaurant for the summer. I also have done horseback riding there which is really fun. There's probably lots of other stuff to do too.
  2. Other closeby parks (for hiking, the reservoir, nature, or other leisure): Chatfield, Aurora Reservoir, Roxborough, Castlewood Canyon, Bear Creek Green Belt, Fiddler's Green (concert venue), Red Rocks (concerts, hiking, yoga)
  3. Park Meadows Mall and Southlands Mall. Go to shop, dine, just walk around, see a movie, Color Me Mine, etc.
  4. Parker Main Street. It's about 20 minutes from me. Just another cute place to walk around, shop, or grab a bite. I used to go to the coffee shop there on mainstreet to do work or read a book. There's a rec center nearby there as well that's good, as well as a library
  5. Trails Rec Center. Its the one near my house that I go to to workout/swim inside. There's also indoor pickleball and basketball. I haven't been to the skatepark there yet but probably should because I recently got a longboard.
  6. Parks in the neighborhood or just going on walks in the area
  7. Arapahoe Crossings AMC movie theater
So yeah, those are places I go that aren't too far a drive and that I recommend too I guess if you're interested:)
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2023.03.22 06:20 Sorin61 Tetrahydrocurcumin improves lipopolysaccharide-induced myocardial dysfunction by inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammation via JNK/ERK signaling pathway regulation [09 - 2022]

After the oral administration of THC (120 mg/kg) for 5 consecutive days, a mouse model of sepsis was established via intraperitoneal lipopolysaccharide (LPS, 10 mg/kg) injection. Following this, cardiac function was assessed, pathological section staining was performed, and inflammatory markers were detected.
Myocardial systolic function was severely compromised in parallel with the accumulation of reactive oxygen species and enhanced cardiomyocyte apoptosis in mice with sepsis. These adverse changes were markedly reversed in response to THC treatment in septic mice as well as in LPS-treated H9c2 cells. Mechanistically, THC inhibited the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin (IL)-1β, and IL-6, by upregulating mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 1, to block the phosphorylation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) and extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK).
Our findings indicate that THC exhibited protective potential against septic cardiomyopathy by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation through the regulation of JNK/ERK signaling. The findings of this study provide a basis for the further evaluation of THC as a therapeutic agent against septic cardiomyopathy.
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2023.03.22 06:19 catsarelittlebabies 5 day / 4 night trip from East Coast, crazy?

As the title says, I'm considering taking a short trip to Tokyo Disneyland and Sea in May after Golden Week. There are some affordable flights with award miles and I figure why not. Please give me your honest opinion on this. How bad is the jetlag? Do you think it's a bad idea?
A Disney fan missing her parks
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2023.03.22 06:19 Smezziamo DOWNLOAD Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori ► VAI SU SMEZZIAMO.COM

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Con il download immediato subito dopo l'acquisto e gli aggiornamenti garantiti entro 48 ore dalla loro uscita. Inoltre, non solo potrai accedere al corso di Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori, ma potrai anche trovare una vasta gamma di corsi scontati e perfino gratuiti su


Come acquistare a prezzo scontato Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori?

Un'esclusiva notizia per tutti gli appassionati del settore eCommerce: Luca Valori, uno dei formatori più esperti di eCommerce in Italia, ha reso disponibile il suo corso Ecom Capital Empire per un prezzo super-scontato.
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Di cosa parla Ecom Capital Empire di Luca Valori?

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2023.03.22 06:16 PoppyToffee Someone shared on a subreddit today about their decision to have their unpredictable and dangerous but beloved dog behaviorally euthanized. I have something to say.

The mods predictably shut comments down, as this topic is polarizing, but as a professional dog trainer, I had this to say. I wanted a to reach a larger audience so I'll share this here.
I commend you and respect your decision more than you know. I've been a balanced trainer for almost two decades, anvjhh it's one of my biggest hopes that we will see the stigma surrounding behavioral euthanasia will lift because I don't have enough fingers and toes to equal the number of times I've weighed and laid out for owners and concluded that BE was the kindest, most responsible, and most of all, the RIGHT choice. Because these dogs, and before anyone gets sand in their ass crack about it (and I would hope my fellow honest professional dog trainers will back me up on this), the majority of which are pit bull type dogs, must meet certain criteria to meet that places them snugly in the category of "Irreparable - Too Dangerous". For anybody with logic, the pit bull and it's close cousins are bred for fighting and bull baiting or hunting. It's just common sense that a type of dog created for that type of activity are going to have alheightened aggression. Terriers in general were all need for one reason, and that is to kill. Every single breed. And they're all quite scrappy anyway. To have a dog that possesses this as a genetic trait takes accepting and rearranging your life and learning to keep people safe from your dog and vice versa.
It's not a decision that I take lightly (although when I come to a conclusion it is made there on the spot - it's very easy to assess what you should do with a dog in terms of training or medication, and of course, BE. And I'm not biased in terms of being heavy handed when I give them my professional opinion, it doesn't matter the breed. I have told owners of 5lb dogs that unless they were willing to put up with it, that was on them, but that my recommendation is that they elect for behavioral euthanasia. I had a couple of veterinarians in area the area whose numbers I'd provide them with who were willing to perform the operation, because a surprising number of vets will not help ease the mental pain suffered by a dog who cannot voice it's anguish. As long as it is physically healthy, it shouldn't be out to sleep, is their logic.
But a life spent constantly tense, in a perpetual state of hypervigilance, finger snap personality changes, anxious, told by your brain something is wrong and the answer is violence, or just being true to it's nature as a dog, which is where a dog is just wired to carry out the cycle of predation; locate , stalk, chase, bite, maul, kill. This genetic trait can be more problematic to ever solve since it is a self rewarding behavior; tack that on a breed already predisposed to genetic aggression and you can have a dog that is far too dangerous for anyone less than a seasoned trainer to ownand those types of unicorn homes with no other dogs, other animals, kids, frail people, or close neighbors and are super vigilant when they're out tnd anal retentive when it comes to keeping the dog contained securely are as rare as their namesake. Part of our job as canine professionals is to not only evaluate and trainer a dog, it is also to make sure you are not putting everyone in the community in danger. Even if your dog "just" kills the neighbors cat, it wasn't "just" a cat to them just as your dog isn't "just" a dog to you. That cat was family to somebody.
Scenario:Now imagine you didn't rationalize that your dog killing something without provocation. Your dog is out of control. You consult with a trained professional (say, me). We talk and establish that your dog checks of the majority of the boxes in the section marking candidates for BE.
You allow the trainer to see the dog in it's home environment, in it's territory (a short 5-6 blocks up and back around and back (hopefully coming across some triggers so I can observe and see if it is manageable, and in an unfamiliar place, where we get in the car and drive somewhere the dog has never been and observe the behavior then, then assess the owners training and management ability. A weak or incompetent trainer simply is not acceptable and not everyone is good with animals. They simply cannot read body language, pick up cues, expert enough authority over the animal, or effectively communicate with the dog in a way it will understand, or come across to me as chronically irresponsible, lazy, wilfully ignorant and refuse to take direction, too constitutionally weak to handle a dog that represents a safety concern, that is all take into consideration when I offer you my final decision. Behavioral euthanasia is the best and kindest option and that I can walk you through it. I help you to understand it is not a failure on your part, or what you could or shouldn't have done. Sometimes a dog just isn't wired right. It could seriously hurt or kill someone including you in the blink of an eye. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't, and when a clear pattern of dangerous behavior. Every single owner of a dog that seriously injures or kills someone says "But he never did that before."
You decide to disregard this advice, thinking it cruel or evil, or thinking I'm taking the lazy way out, question the trainers integrity and judgment and skill because "So-and-so from YouTube doesn't give up on his clients. All dogs can be fixed, I just need a different trainer, a better trainer
I see you around on FB, your feed is a continuous documentary of your catastrophic attempt to own and safely manage a dog that's a walking time bomb; " Today Zeus almost killed another dog for no reason at the dog park today. I just don't understand we've been working with trainers and he was doing pretty good, he even played with this same dog last week now I'm asking for prayers for all of us"
You almost don't want walk him anymore, but he needs to go out, right?
The walk is lovely until you turn the corner and uh-oh! Zeus literally turns you into a human kite soaring along behind you as it pursues a particularly tasty child with their faithful object of your dogs fixation originally. It tears the into other dog, being at eye height, the child is severely bitten, mauled or even killed. Yes, it happens. At least once in the 60 ish on average canine inflicted deaths in my country, the US.
When I recommend BE, it is for the sake of the dogs mental health because a life of severe neuroses you neither understand nor can explain, or spend you life doped to the gills under lock and key 24/7, or warehoused and forgotten to languish and take up teousrces for years. You should ALWAYS be present during the euthanasia of your pet, even if it breaks your heart. One, because you need to be there to provide emotional support and hold your dog while they administer the sleepy time juice. And if you don't stay with your animal and leave it anxious and confused to be PTS in the already stressful vets officer, you're a dick, full stop.
AND AND AND. You also NEED to be there and see for yourself that your dog really has passed on, check for a pulse when the vet announces TOD to you. There really are vets out there who will go as far as deeply sedating a dog when an owner they gauge naive enough to have their dog pumped full of enough anesthesia to knock out a horse and it suppresses respiration, they tell the owner the dog is gone and sneak it out the back door to take home because again, they're ARAs, which is much different than the superior support of Animal Welfare. If you're not there for the procedure, there is a high chance of some do gooder who just takes the dog and flips it and puts it in some random home, where oftentimes someone is hurt severely.
ATTENTION: Did you know there are only two freaking states in the entire US where it is *required by law for shelters to give the dogs bite history to you?* That's right, 48 states don't have to tell you your new pet was in the shelter for almost ripping the previous owners kis face off. Sickeningly, there is even a "nom-profit charity" called "The Lexus Project" who devotes MILLIONS to slimeball lawyers whose purpose is to represent dogs who have SEVERELY hurt or killed people, one such famous case is with Mickey pit bull in Arizona who almost ripped his owners young kids face off because he was a resource guarder. People blamed the kid for a dogs bad behavior and they came and the mayor of some town nearby adopted the mutt and gave it a lavish life while anti human pit worshippers sniffed his farts for rescuing a "poor innocent pibbles tortured into having to fight for his life from an evil six year old". It's pretty sick and you can Google it; it's pretty bizarre and sick to me. Most of the dogs are, surprise... Pit bulls.
The reason I never advocate rehoming these dogs, not only is it irresponsible as fuck to place a dog whose unpredictable aggression is so bad that a loving owner decided it wasn't safe to have anymore, but again you have to weigh the risk to a community. Sometimes even one attack is enough to take a life.
It's a difficult choice to make. Don't beat yourself up. You are releasing your dog from it's mental prison and taken a lot of anxiety and stress surrounding your dog lifted from not only yourself but the entire community. I'd suggest finding a reputable breeder next time who knows what they're doing mixing genetics and breeding anomal
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2023.03.22 06:15 Ok_Lawfulness_6119 Financial aid depression (help Fr)

So without getting too deep I was pretty smart on track for t30s at least. Depression hit hard and a little drug problem as well as a shakey household hit. Basically lost my sophomore and junior year. Worked crazy hard with all my ecs and and got my gpa up. And when I meant I was working hard I really meant it. I went to school-internship- gym- and studied and studied for SAT and worked on my ecs/businesses until 3 am and I slept in my library parking lot in my car and went directly home an hour before school. I actually worked so hard I forgot I had depression literally. I have recovered now, but it’s starting to haunt me again.
All that work and I just got into my safeties. I’m not bitching because I’m happy about my safeties which I really do want to go to. (Reach schools I’m still waiting on a miracle but I’m a realistic kinda guy).
It has came down to 2 options -ASU -UIC
ASU solid finance program…t25 according to us news I think. I’d have a great social life and Greek life and better weather. more opportunities. But they are asking for 50 fucking k…
UIC- in state hasn’t told me about financial aid yet…t100(finance) not the best but I don’t mind. Guessing 20k tuition still… I’ll make friends where ever I go so I’m not concerned about the social aspect. But I fear less opportunities. +Chicago never gave me good vibes. So the alternative here would be to study medical instead because I am interested and they rank well plus + safety in the medical field.
My parents combined make 119k on the dot before taxes. Even if I got a job and internships… asu is quite frankly a reach. No way in the world today can my parents pay 50k a year with the interest rates now adays.
Told my parents about this. They were hoping I’d go to ASU but I broke the news that it was 50k and my mom absolutely broke down. I see her cry a lot when she’s mad or sad about something. But something was different about these tears… she truly looked like she failed. My parents are immigrants so they don’t know how to help me either… I was on this process all on my own. I legit have to help my dad with taxes and I filed fafsa on my own. I did everything on my own… and I realize now that I’m just an 18 year old who is clueless…
But I’ve always been strong and seeing my mom cry like that made me stronger because even though we have our differences I love her to death.
I simply told her that I’ll figure something out for asu- that’s why I came on here so help me out.
Option 0 is that asu reconsiders Option 1 is that I just go to uic and tuff it out 2. Go to uic and transfer 3. Go to uic and switch to pre med.
The last option I said .. and I have never been more serious in my life… I said that I’m gonna make a business and dropout.
Which of course her being an Indian mom and all broke her heart again.
Today was the first time in 4 months that I relapsed. But I’m still optimistic. Pressure builds diamonds and if I have no opportunities I’ll build my own.
My mom is highly religious and she has been praying and doing rituals for me to get into the other schools, but I have not told her that I got rejected from all and waitlisted. I still have 3 reach schools to get results from.
She gets home and asks me everyday like and chanceme user. “Will u get in”? And I tell her I’ll get rejected because I already did. And she will laugh and tell me that I will get in because I worked too hard. And it just makes my stomach twirl.
Man 2 years of painful depression and still nothing hurts more than my mom in tears.
But please how do I get more financial aid from ASU.
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2023.03.22 06:15 uzisgf Hummingbird

My sweet dog passed unexpectedly one month ago today from kidney failure. It hasn’t been easy but I’m trying to get through every day without her.
I took my other dog to the park last week. There was a hummingbird alone in the park with us that was following him. He has cataracts so he’s not able to see very well, but he was jumping up to smell it and was running around with it. I like to think that it was my dog coming to say hi. I know that hummingbirds are a symbol of a passed loved one. I hope this was her telling us that she’s at peace.
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2023.03.22 06:15 IHARent Why Furnished Houses For Rent Are Good For Pocket?

Why Furnished Houses For Rent Are Good For Pocket?
When you’re tight on budget but are in search of a place to live comfortably, what would you choose? A furnished house for rent, which I say is the popular option at the moment, or just a plain house on sale? At first glance, it seems like we would have to pay a little bit more for furnished accommodation. Especially, for the houses in the heart of the city, prices are generally higher. Fair point! However, if we analyze the pros and cons of furnished houses for rent in Lahore, we may find a middle ground to agree that they are not bad investments as they appear.
Read more:
contact us: 03224162355
Address: House No. 22C, Street No. 2, Block C DHA Villas, Phase 8 opposite Airport, Old Park View Lahore, Pakistan
Tags: Furnished homes," furnished house," furnished houses, "Furnished apartments for rent in Lahore,"
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2023.03.22 06:14 n00bifed Most achievements in a single run?

I noticed that you can get 28 achievements in a single extreme builders run with settlements!!!!
(Marathon medium, Ultramarathon medium, Marathon hard, Ultramarathon hard, Marathon extreme, Ultramarathon extreme)
(Winter ready, A for effort, Ducks in a row, Weathering the Storm, One more day syndrome)
(There was no Waldo, One more day syndrome, By the sweat of their brow)
(Contractor, Defender of the Oppressed, Guardian, Green Thumb, I see friends holding hands, Social activist)
(Master archivist, let there be light, Walk on the grass, Hyde park corner, Backup plan, Full house, A tomb for memories,)
And when you die: "HI MAREK!!!!"
I'm crazy for even more ideas. Please share!
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2023.03.22 06:14 IHARent Is Real Estate Industry in Crisis? What is Reality?

Is Real Estate Industry in Crisis? What is Reality?

COVID-19 has upset many industries, and so has the real estate industry. These unprecedented and tough times have led landlords of furnished houses for rent to think if the tenants will be able to pay the monthly rent.

The situation has gotten worse for two months. The unemployment rate has gotten up, and businesses have gone shut. The government of Pakistan has been giving some financial assistance to unfortunate parts of our society, but for how long the government can prolong this charity, which is only viable for daily food necessities?

The government has tried to give some relief by lifting the lockdown but with strict SOPs and asking the public to abide by them. Now, landlords and tenants are looking for ways to solve their problems or address their concerns.
Read more:
contact us: 03224162355
Address: House No. 22C, Street No. 2, Block C DHA Villas, Phase 8 opposite Airport, Old Park View Lahore, Pakistan
Tags: Furnished homes," furnished house," furnished houses, "Furnished apartments for rent in Lahore,"
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2023.03.22 06:14 world_break Company acquired, about to be handed a new contract.

The medium sized company I work for was bought out a few months ago. We were a privately held company, our new owner is a major publicly traded company. We've been operating mostly undisturbed since then but they are working towards integrating us into their business, and I think we'll be handed new contracts in the next few weeks.
I think there is a good chance that the new contracts will leave our salary flat or give a token increase, but leave us worse off overall by removing some extras that appeared in our old contracts (think included parking, internet bills as an example).
My layman understanding is that contracts have to be mutually agreed and not imposed - if I'm not happy with the new contract, can I refuse to sign it and remain on my existing contract? Presumably they will be winding up my OG employer, what happens if I try to stay on my original contract is the company gets fully merged in?
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2023.03.22 06:13 Free_Criticism_5090 Park Ridge(Cumberland & Walcott) road rage Shooting news release.

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2023.03.22 06:12 rumpel_foreskin17 As a lifelong Angel fan, part of my PC is cards featuring the duo. Tonight was incredible.

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2023.03.22 06:11 taxiyatri123 Experience the Thrill of Ranthambore National Park with Taxiyatri

Embark on an exciting adventure with Taxiyatri's Ranthambore National Park tour packages. Ranthambore is in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. It is home to the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, leopards, sloth bears, and many different kinds of birds. Some of the things you can do with our packages are Jeep safaris, nature walks, and trips to forts and temples in the area. With Taxiyatri's experienced guides and comfortable transportation, you can relax and enjoy Ranthambore's natural beauty and wildlife. Book now and prepare for an unforgettable trip to one of India's most famous national parks. Please call us at 9818022687, or for additional details, visit our website.
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