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2016.02.26 01:10 spidarmen Cars Filled With Garbage

We've all seen it. A car filled to the brim with trash. Some call it car hoarding. We call it, Carbage!

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2023.05.30 21:57 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic B2B Company Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 21:57 mikethecomic [M4A] A Brand New World!

Oki dokie! So, Im looking for partners for a pretty open ended story. I tend to take these things pretty seriously so read up on the rules I'm about to set, they are very important!
Now onto the RP!: We'll start out as just plain adventurers, if we were to use a rating system, we'd probably be top tier B or smth, idk. But we can pick our paths! Also theres not really going to be a big ol' war across the kingdom or anything like that. Even tho its tried n' true, Im looking for something different! We're just gonna be going through this Random world that we can name if you want, as adventurers looking to make a living in the big wide world, maybe fight some massive monsters or even take down a (metaphorical) god! We could be evil little demons looking to wreck havoc and destroy kingdoms or we could be saints looking to cure the sickness of being sick or smth. Point is, I just wanna have some good ol' fun! We'll come up with the story as we go along, as long as it makes sense it doesnt exactly matter to me!
Well thats about it heheh, if your interested thats great! I hope we can have some fun!
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2023.05.30 21:57 Patient-Ad415 Engineer diploma recognition

I’d like some assistance with this: I’m a Civil engineer looking for a job in Leicestershire. Im under tier 4 dependent visa and I would like to know which steps I need to follow to recognise my diploma (5 years degree). Just for context, I’m a non-EU National with prior experience, roughly 5 years.
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2023.05.30 21:56 SkinHelp350 Is "cycles" of better skin normal?

I'm only on week 5, so I know I need to try and be patient (I was 2wks 30mg, since then 60mg).
It seems like my skin has gotten better (and objectively it has started clearing up), though I'm going through weird purging? As in my skin and pimples all seem like they are drying up for a few days, then suddenly I wake up with 3 new cystic pimples?
I'm not sure if this purging, since I didn't think there was anything deep in the pore in the spot before the pimples show up. Could it be products I'm using?
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2023.05.30 21:56 ConfedCringe_1865 A testament to dick shaped rockets

Built during the Space Race to compete with the Soviet Union, the Saturn V Rocket was launched on July 16, 1969 and was used during the Apollo 11 mission and spearheaded America's effort in landing on the moon. Not only was it an engineering marvel far ahead of its time, it would later lay the cornerstone for building newer and better rockets. It was a testament to the feats mankind can achieve on this "pale blue dot" and it secures a place among some of the best inventions humanity has ever created. Moreover on the engineering and capabilities of the Saturn V, it was able to generate 34 million newtons of energy during launch, had a 310,000 lbs payload, and was a 363 feet, truly marking it as one of humanity's best creations yet, as it still stands as one of the most powerful rockets NASA has to offer. One thing overlooked, however, is it's political symbolism, as it showed how truly influential and powerful America was during the Space Age. This brings me to its dick shape. The Saturn V was shaped like a dick, perhaps purposely, and in a way showed America's raw ambition to beat the Soviets, as well as its justified distaste towards Communism. It was a dick flying through the sky, a dick integral to the Apollo 11 mission, and was respresentative of our superior engineering and space program. In addition, the launching of the Saturn V and the planting of the American flag into the grey lifeless rock known as the moon, was one of, if not, the most televised event in history, meaning that everyone would know we were launching a large boner through the sky to combat the Soviet Unions power of influence. While the Motherland watched in awe as we beat them at the space race, we launched our glorious 363 foot cock known as the Saturn V to the moon so that Soviets could know their glorious nation was boned, porked, and fucked. Metaphorically, NASA was the handsome Chad with a defined jawline thrusting inwards to the MILF that was the Soviet Union, and the Saturn V was the cock that made it possible. We fucked their Motherland. Next time you see a rocket, next time you see the ISS fly over your town or city, next time you see another launch from NASA, show some patriotism and remeber the technological marvel that is the Saturn V which made all this possible.
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2023.05.30 21:55 Cow_Tick *deep sigh*.... Why?...

I am homeless and have been for 3 years because of my 2nd ex wife. I currently sleep in a relative's car. He and his wife have been hotel hopping for probably 5 months now. I've been paying so much money to help him keep a room so I'm not actually on the street. Over the weekend, he wasn't able to secure a room, had me grab all of my stuff, and just left me at my job. I had to sleep at work over the weekend. Needless to say, I'm not very thrilled. I want away from the drama. His wife does absolutely nothing (and I do mean absolutely nothing) but complain 24/7. I don't get along with her at all. I'm just fed up. To make matters worse, I have an infected tooth and no way to get antibiotics, so I'm hoping peroxide does the trick. When it rains, it pours.
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If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
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2023.05.30 21:54 AncapGamingAddict Booking the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship one year from now (P.U.R.E.)

Smackdown post-NOC
Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa are standing in the middle of the ring. Roman is seething, malding. Jey's head is down. He talks about how he has banished Jimmy Uso from the Island of Relevancy and that he will be receiving his punishment. Suddenly, we see Jimmy on the screen live from his phone in an undisclosed location. "Ey Uce, isn't this what you used to do with Seth and Dean? Haha! I ain't afraid of no punishment, Uce. In fact, you're on for that title at Money In The Bank!" .
Roman: "I'm ... I'm on for the title? You really think YOU get to decide who gets to compete for these? You know what, just for your sheer audacity, I'm bringing your punishment to you, right now."
Jimmy: "Shiver me timbers Uce, come fight me yourself!"
Roman: "Solo!"
Solo hits Jey with the Samoan Spike. Roman then puts Jey in The Guillotine. Suddenly, Jimmy, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens rush to the ring and it ends up in a brawl with Roman and Solo retreating.
Backstage, Roman is seen scolding Solo. "You were supposed to protect me, instead you ended up making both of us look like a bunch of fools."
Solo is just staring at Roman, emotionless.
Roman: "Do you have ANYTHING to say?"
Solo walks away.
The next week, Roman is in the middle of the ring, alone. "That's it, you want a title match, Jimmy? You're going to regret what you did at Night of Champions. Because at Money In The Bank, I'm going to ensure that there is no support, no distractions at ringside, because no one will be at ringside. You see, at Money In The Bank, I'm gonna put you in line the way I put your stupid twin in line. Because at Money In The Bank, it's gonna be you and I, Hell. In A Cell."
Money In The Bank 2023
Roman Reigns (c) VS Jimmy Uso - Hell In A Cell Match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
The match begins with Jimmy Uso going berserk on Roman for the first 5 minutes. It is a totally cathartic viewing experience. However, Roman manages to exploit Jimmy's rage to find an opening which puts a stop to Jimmy's flurry. Roman then destroys Jimmy with strikes of his own and busts him open. Jimmy spits on Roman. An enraged Roman goes berserk on Jimmy but this time Jimmy manages to exploit an opening. This intense back-and-forth continues till 29 minutes in, when Roman locks the Guillotine. Jimmy struggles for 30 seconds, almost about to fade,
An enraged Roman increases the pressure exponentially causing Jimmy to pass out.
Roman Reigns (c) d. Jimmy Uso by Technical Submission after a Guillotine (29:59)
Smackdown post-MITB
Roman, Jey, Heyman and Solo are in the middle of the ring.
Roman: "It hurt a lot but I had to do it. Defying me has its consequences. Now, Jimmy is going to fade into irrelevancy. Jey, Solo, I'm sorry about your brother. He may now have to go around dancing and shaking his ass just like his pathetic fathe-"
SUPERKICK FROM JEY USO! Solo stares at Jey, he stares down at a fallen Roman. Solo walks away again. Jey proceeds to challenge Roman for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at Summerslam.
Summerslam 2023
Roman Reigns (c) VS Jey Uso for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship
Jey Uso gives his all, but Roman ends up standing tall.
Roman Reigns (c) d. Jey Uso by Pinfall after a Spear (23:00)
Post Summerslam
Roman Reigns then talks about how he owns the Anoa'i-Fatu family when all of a sudden... SAMOAN SPIKE FROM SOLO SIKOA. Solo finally speaks and rants about how he can't handle seeing his own brothers disrespected and how he's been holding it in for a long time. Roman goes on to retain against Solo at Clash Down Under.
Roman Reigns then goes on to retain his title against AJ Styles in an Iron Man Match at Extreme Rules. Roman then issues a Champion VS Champion challenge to Seth Rollins at Survivor Series, where they fight to a double countout.
Roman retains against Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble is won by The Rock.
Roman retains against The Rock at Wrestlemania 40, and against Cody Rhodes at Backlash 2024.
Finally, at Night of Champions 2024 in Saudi Arabia, Sami Zayn defeats Roman Reigns to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion (30:00).
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2023.05.30 21:54 Meandphill My 2019 WRX build is done... For now

My 2019 WRX build is done... For now
Alright so here is an update on my 2019 WRX Base. It was ETuned by Drunkmann Tuning and made 300 HP in Dallas Texas on Dotson Tunings Mustang Dyno on 93 pump gas
-Whiteline grip series 1 springs and sway bars setup (I love it so far but am still playing with the adjustability. I will probably put it to the stiffest option and leave it there. I also discovered my front passenger strut was blown when swapping my springs so it's not entirely as it should be)
-TSW Sebring wheels 18x9.5. +40 offset
-Subaru STI short throw shifter with Perrin shift stop and bushings
-Cobb accessport
-Cobb Big SF intake
-Cobb air oil separator (I called COBB for a replacement Y connector and was directed to AIG who sent me a replacement piece, The Cobb representative told me that it was mostly developed by AIG and Cobb paid for the rights to put their name on it. They are the exact same kit so that solves that. Both representatives were very easy to work with as well)
-Grimmspeed 3 port boost control solenoid
-NGK Spark plugs (I was advised against the One Step Colder plugs by Drunkmann for the FA engine)
-Grimmspeed TMIC
-Grimmspeed Charge Pipe
-Grimmspeed GESI V2 catted J Pipe
-Grimmspeed upgraded BPV (the audio between the two is very different, the stock one gives off a single blow off while the Grimmspeed gives the flutter)
-Grimmspeed Pitch stop mount
-Grimmspeed aluminum Turbo inlet
-Perrin turbo sump restrictor
Tomei UEL headers unwrapped. (I know of the decreases in efficiency and HP these have compared to aftermarket equal length headers. I opted for the sound for now since it's not a power build. When this engine gives up I will go for 500 hp and I will upgrade the block and internals and go Equal length headers but not until then)
All parts were installed by me in my friends garage. ETuning was very easy and was made easier by Drunkmann and his videos on YouTube. My Etune was done in a few revisions and only took 2 days. Very quick turn around by Drunkmann even when he was traveling. 10/10 would recommend.
Side note: has anyone had their AC compressor seize up on them? I took my car to a shop for an alignment and to see what was up with the AC since the summer is here and they hit me with a $2300 bill to repair the system citing the AC compressor being seized as the main problem. I find it hard to believe. I'm taking it to the dealership next week to get a second opinion and see about the possibility of warranty work since it's still under 36k miles. I know it's a long shot since of all of the above work done to it
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2023.05.30 21:54 egmeabudhabi Understanding the Impacts of Electric Buses on Pollution

Electric vehicles (EVs) are motorized form of transport that either run on electricity or have an electric motor as part of their powertrain. EVs are different from traditional gasoline-powered cars because they have no internal combustion engine, and instead use an electric motor that runs off of a battery (usually referred to as a “battery electric vehicle” or BEV). EVs have grown a lot in popularity over the last decade, as technology has improved and become more affordable.
Many people are attracted to EVs for their environmental benefits over other transportation options. The need for gasoline or diesel fuel is eliminated, reducing emissions from vehicles. EVs can also be powered using renewable energy sources, such as solar power, and have the potential to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
Electric buses are becoming increasingly popular as a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional diesel buses. They are powered by electricity instead of diesel, meaning they produce fewer emissions, require less maintenance, and reduce air pollution. This in turn has positive implications for the environment, public health, and economic development.
The environmental benefits of electric buses are undeniable. They do not produce any of the common air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) that are created by diesel buses; instead, they run on electricity and do not release any emissions into the atmosphere. This reduces the amount of air pollution in cities, leading to cleaner air and healthier citizens.
Electric buses also offer economic advantages. Since they do not require as much maintenance, they can save a city money over time. Additionally, they help reduce congestion on roads and reduce fuel costs, making them a cost-efficient option for public transportation.
Lastly, electric buses are generally quieter than their diesel counterparts, meaning that they are more suitable for dense city areas. This can lead to quieter streets, lower levels of noise pollution, and a better quality of life for residents.
Despite the numerous benefits of electric buses, their adoption does have some drawbacks. The main one is the cost of purchasing such buses, which can be quite expensive upfront. Additionally, while electric buses run on electricity, they still require a certain amount of electricity to run, and this can result in an increase in electricity costs. Finally, depending on the local infrastructure, there might be difficulty implementing charging stations in some cities.
In conclusion, electric buses are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential environmental and economic benefits. While there are some drawbacks, such as the cost of purchasing the buses and implementing charging stations, the benefits of reducing air pollution, saving money, and improving quality of life make electric buses a worthwhile investment.
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2023.05.30 21:54 Academic-Ad-770 A drunk guy bough my art for $150

Title says it all. Labeling it as "Positivity" might be funky, this is a really bizarre story. But it's a win, for me at least. Maybe for him too, who knows?
Storytime: so I exhibited at a gallery. For the opening day we had a vernissage, where the exhibiting artists attended. Some friends and family also showed up, and of course: open door.
I had several labeled pieces for sale on the wall, and in a whim decided I'd display my sketchbook too - why not - and put it on a table to flip through, just for the night. I did not plan to sell it, they're only so-so sketches, and the book is tiny.
Night passes, shaggy white dude comes in. Guy maybe in his 50s, or poor 40s. I spot him franticly walking up and down the exhibit, but not too disruptous despite filled rooms. He stared long at the walls and I jumped in to give assistance - trying to be a good salesperson. He pointed at my small sketchbook and spoke in the local language of where the exhibit was - which I don't speak. So in my broken language skills I tried to puzzle together what he wanted.
Now I don't know what the law is on selling something to someone who seems drunk, or under influence of something else, or maybe is just a lil' weird and that's his normal self. He wanted to buy it, a SINGLE page of my sketchbook. I can't just say "no", and turn him away, right? I did not think of a price, it was a very uneventful page with a man in yellow jacket, it was also inside a sketchbook with no tear-out pages and no frame. I pointed out all the other pieces I have on the walls. But he REALLY wanted that yellow man. In fact he refused to leave without it, and pulled out his wallet to hand me all the cash inside: $150.
I gotta say I've been to conventions and run online shop and all, I never had someone wanting to buy something of me that much, and I doubt he's a prior fan.
I excused myself and ran downstairs with the sketchbook to cut out the single page on the toilets (apparently the only flat surface I found away from the exhibit in a hurry) with an x-acto knife I got from the organizers. I handed him back the loose leaf, and he thanked me, went on to praise it. He even came back later to demand me to sign that leaf, which I completely did not think of (I don't sign every single page of my personal sketchbooks...).
Super strange a drawing of mine to receive so (or regret, when sober later, if ever)
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2023.05.30 21:54 Fugaazzi Nevada Senate Passes Bill To Create Psychedelics Working Group To Plan For Regulated Access

The Nevada Senate has approved a bill that would create a new working group to study psychedelics and develop a plan to allow regulated access for therapeutic purposes, sending it to the Assembly for consideration.
The legislation as introduced would have legalized psilocybin and promoted research into the psychedelic, as well as encouraged studies of MDMA, but it was significantly scaled back in committee before passing on the floor in a 16-4 vote on Monday.
Sen. Rochelle Nguyen’s (D) measure as revised now focuses on forming a Psychedelic Medicines Working Group to examine the use of entheogens “in medicinal, therapeutic, and improved wellness.”
The sponsor had acknowledged that the legislation would likely be amended during an initial committee hearing in March, stating that she would be amenable to changes and primarily wanted to initiate a conversation in the legislature about psychedelics reform.
“This working group will put us in a better position to have information and knowledge gathered to make sure that we are doing what’s best for Nevadans,” Nguyen said on the floor on Monday.
“As many people have heard—they’ve heard from the numerous people that this type of treatment, they have found success in it: our veterans, our first responders, people where traditional medicines have not worked,” she said.
Under the bill as currently drafted, a 15-member working group would be established under the state Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), tasked with studying the science of psychedelics “including but not limited to” psilocybin and psilocin in overall wellness and the treatment of mental health conditions such as PTSD, substance use disorder and major depressive disorder, and during end of life care.
The group would further need to look at federal, state and local laws governing the therapeutic use of psychedelics and then develop an “actionable plan on how to enable access to therapeutic entheogens and compounds…that are safe, accessible, and affordable.”
They would be required to submit a report to the legislature with their findings by December 31, 2024.
Members of the working group would include the state attorney general, director of HHS, director of veterans services and president of the Nevada Board of Pharmacology, or their respective designees. Another four members would be appointed by majority and minority leaders of each legislative chamber. Seven more members who meet certain criteria would be appointed by the governor.
The governor would need to select a military veteran with personal experience with psychedelics to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist with a background in substance misuse treatment, a federally registered psychedelics researcher and a representative of a Nevada tribal government, among others.
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2023.05.30 21:54 Entire_Sun_6766 Veigar Support OTP: Looking for a friend. Solo Queued to Master.

Context: I am a noob to the League scene compared to some of these other maniacs. I played like 150 PC LOL games as Caitlyn, Ekko, Warwick, or Renata Glasc in Fall 2022. Downloaded Wild Rift in February 2023. Played like 50 games as Caitlyn, got super bored, then a hardcore PC LOL friend of mine suggested Veigar Support...... 3ish months blinked by and a couple days ago I made it to Master. Nothing extreme but it was a hype moment for me.
I literally played Veigar Support 9/10 games in Solo Queue with Veigar Mid sprinkled in there. 1/10 games I played Ekko Jungle or TF Mid. Got flamed 8/10 of those Supp games by my teammates in lobby, which now I understand since Veigar's kit is a more of a kill stealer than an actual support, but I always knew to never take my ADCs farm especially if dude went 0-3 3 minutes into the game. Over the months I realized a bad ADC is, unfortunately, beautiful bait. I even breezed through Emerald last season playing Tank Veigar hahaha. Still, I use the standard Luden's Echo, Rabadon's Deathcap, Stasis, Infinity Orb, and Awakened Soulstealer build. Runes are Electrocute, Gathering Storm, Perseverance (previously used Nullifying Orb, still viable) and Transcedence (previously Hunter Genius).
And here I am, by lowkey but highkey spamming this champion into every comp, reaching Top 200 on my server, occasionally Top 100, depending on how much sleep I've gotten the night before. I firmly believe I'm still a noob as this is the North American Server. However, I don't believe I was carried to Master because man did my cage save so many asses from ganks and flanks. Honorable mention is those enemy Yones or Kayns that deleted half my team and then disappeared back into the jungle, only to have my ult zoom after them like a damn meteor and delete them somewhere in the fog of war lol. I've blindly stolen so many barons and dragons just placing my second ability over the wall it's pretty shameful. Yesterday, I hyper carried as Veigar Mid in an insane PVP game against a fed Darius Jungle, Kai Sa Mid, Vayne ADC, Veigar Supp (<3), and Dr. Mundo Top. We had an AFK Draven. Probably took a couple years off my life with that silly stress but it was possible due to methodically and patiently, albeit luckily, tilting the enemy.
I guess the minor point of this post is that Veigar Support taught me micro and macro better than I expected, and I encourage new players to try her out. The main lesson is that you can get deleted by anything under the sun, but if you play your cards right, you can delete anything in the galaxy. I can't say you'll make a lot of friends though, which is the major point of this post: Play with me<3.
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2023.05.30 21:54 icb_123 Calculator said my results may not be accurate-any help/suggestions on size and/or bra recommendations appreciated!

Someone commenting on another post recommended posting my measurements to ask for help so here it goes:
My measurements are:
Loose under bust: 28.5 Snug: 28 Tight: 27.5 Standing: 34 Leaning: 38 Laying: 36.5
Calculator recommended: UK 28FF/ US 28H
I am full on bottom and in center and think I have projected breasts. I have gone through a lot of weight changes and breastfeeding and my chest is very deflated, soft and relaxed tissue. If I try to cup them to give them support they are ski slope shaped. I’ve been wearing 32DD VS moulded cup bras on the tightest hook. The tightest hook feels pretty good. I have trouble with spilling out in the center but having some gaping at the top. I also have an unlined VS balconette bra in a 32ddd. The gore isn’t flat against me and I have some spillage at the top if I hold the gore flat. It also makes me chest look very flat. I’m interested in trying a seamed bra. I’d like my chest to look more perky if possible lol. I’d appreciate any suggestions on size/bra. Thank you guys in advance, everyone has been so kind and helpful when I’ve asked questions so far!
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2023.05.30 21:53 cosmosisbliss is my cat ok

my cat is a 7 year old female tuxedo cat named Şans, shes a really cute and funny cat, she doesnt exactly show any signs of trauma if i am not missing them. recently we moved and she was really stressed for 2 days, and even though she was sleeping under the covers, purring at some point this heavy feeling in me told me she want doing ok, like a really strong feeling that something wasnt right, even though she was just sleeping. then at 6 a.m. the next morning i heard her meow and saw her tail was pointed up, so she was already used to it!!
so this was kind of pointless, i guess, but since we moved, she has been meowing a lot. my parents kept getting mad at her for it, my mom even kept throwing her slipper at her (she always misses on purpose and if she accidentally hits her she apologizes and shows her love instead, because we all love her very much) and i just wanted to know, is this getting out of hand? my cat, almost all of the time seems happy, always has her tail up, rolls in the sunlight, sleeps everywhere she wants (rarely under cover) never refuses any headpats, despite my parents sometimes telling her to shut up or kicking her out of the room/pretending to hit her. when i dont want her in a room i just tell her kindly to leave, and she will either meow at me as in asking "what did i do??" or if we are in the kitchen she will just leave cause she knows shes not allowed in there, so she definitely understands and respects what i say.
im really scared this has a bad effect on her, though im guessing shes used to it by now, since everytime she gets scared and i go up to her to see if shes ok, she always responds with bumping her head to my legs and purring. is this somehow a way of showing trauma for her? like does she think in her mind, "if i am nice to the other cats, they wont hurt me" and is just pretending to show me love?
it would be terrible if this is case, so i want even the rudest people to tell me if there is something wrong with her or not, i dont care if you say it in a nice manner or not, i just wanna know if my cat is showing signs of trauma.
edit: she has been with my family for 7 years now. shes a neutred cat and i think she might also be rapidly gaining weight... im scared she will become obese and unable to do certain activities and break her bones or die from heart failure.
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2023.05.30 21:53 shakeyjake Zines - for all the underground shit.

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2023.05.30 21:53 afloat000 28k OTD price, gas mileage is a top priority.

Really, I’d prefer no more than 25k OTD but that has been really tough. I live in LA where taxes are 9.5%, add DMV fees and it’s about $2k on top of the cost of a vehicle meaning I can get something for 26k or less. I can use Costco’s auto program which helps.
I have a long commute so good mpg is essential. Im looking for something 40mpg or greater on the highway.
I’ve looked at the VW Jetta SE.. Toyotas are actually impossible to get rn. I’ve considered the Honda Civic but with all the dealer markups I’m worried about the same as Toyota. I used to have a Mazda and loved it, but the mpg is underwhelming on all their models. What am I not thinking about that a should be?
I worked so hard to save the money I have for this purchase, and even at 25k I’m dipping into money I’ve saved for my wedding. Cars a couple of years old with 10k miles are as much as new cars. This car market is shit and it’s hard not to feel really, really depressed.
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2023.05.30 21:53 saeijou Need advice about nanny's reliability and professionalism

I posted this on daddit, but was made aware of this reddit there. So here my second try!

My wife and I recently hired a nanny, and I could use some input on our situation. We don't personally know anyone who has a nanny, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
To give you some context, we hired a nanny last week, and despite being late by 5 and 15 minutes on the first two days, she has been doing a great job taking care of our 2 and 4.5-year-old kids. She's attentive, interacts with them, and it seems like the kids enjoy her company and have fun.
We provided her with the following benefits after her first week:
However, today she called in sick, despite us requesting that she give us prior notice. In her text, she mentioned that she would probably be well again by tomorrow.
This situation is quite frustrating and irritating to me for a couple of reasons:
A) I suspect she might be hungover because it's suspicious that she didn't mention being sick last night but expects to be fine tomorrow. I'm open to other explanations, but it's hard to ignore the one-day sickness.
B) This is her second week, and she already had Monday off. During the initial weeks, I would expect someone to make an extra effort to showcase their best work.

Am I overreacting? I'm concerned that we won't be able to rely on her. We provided her with a good job and a competitive salary, but now I feel like she's taking advantage of us.
I would appreciate your input on whether I'm seeing red flags or if I should start looking for someone else. This situation has really disturbed me, and I'm seeking some advice.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.05.30 21:53 welshfancy [THANK YOU] It's been awhile, so please forgive my rambling thoughts

Trying to get caught on thank yous. I've still got at least another pile to get through, so I appreciate your patience!
u/libertyprogrammer OMG -- your faux watercolor convention slimline card may be one of my favorite cards ever. I am a sucker for bright colors and sparkles, and this card was epic!! Do you have any idea how you made the sparkle bits and how you got the shiny sentiment? I would love details if you recall any. It's stunning and I am so grateful that you sent it my way! Hope the next convention gives you even more brilliant creations.
u/Mlks00 thank you for the thinking of you card with the letter and all the stickers. I've sent you another back, hopefully it arrives soon. If not, you can at least my thoughts on NBA playoffs headed your way soon.
u/thecaledonianrose thank you for the butterfly card with the kind thoughts, they were slightly rambling which made them even more endearing, as that's kind of my thing, lol. I appreciate you!
u/Mikepenpal6 thanks for the lovely handmade pink Pocahontas card. Your creativity always amazes me, this card made me smile and it was so pink!!! Thank you for sending it my way!
u/Pinkpengin x4 note the number x4...we have an issue. Card 2 is MIA, so I have been to the bookstore, the ballet, the station, and the facilities, but have no clue where I got lost, lol. Thanks for this fun, boost to my spirits. You are so fabulous!! Will keep you posted if/when stop 2 arrives. I'm kind of jealous you havr the energy to do these as I'm sitting over here struggling to tie my shoes, lol. I will do something good soon! I have confidence in myself, haha.
u/yetanotherblankface thank you for the Monet garden postcard. I would love to stare out those windows all day. I hope you are well, please PM your info so I can send you a card back with my life updates soon.
u/stockman1984 well, this is awkward!! I lost a bank card in my car, and while looking for it, I found a belated Christmas card from you. It was postmarked Januray, and I feel terrible that this post is now nearly 5 months overdue. My stupid car seats are like a vacuum. So very sorry!!
u/OkayFlan thank you for the adorable elephant hello card. Things are going fairly well (good days and bad seem about equal lately) and I was delighted to hear from you! I will try to write back soon, even though you said no pressure! Thanks so much for thinking of me.
u/travel4me22 thank you for the bee day card. It wasn't your usual style, but I love it, it's exactly my style, lol. Have fun with your daughter, you should have postcards/cards from me when you get home. Next trip out, give me some notice so I can hop on the train and meet up one afternoon if she is busy and you need a partner in crime.
u/peonynote thank you for the beautiful floral postcard it looks like an 80s wedding cake and I just adore it! Please PM your info again, so I can send something back. Sorry that I'm so terrible with addresses.
u/PMmeifyourepooping I love your "just a note" card with the updates! I'm sorry I haven't sent mail recently. I'm such a slacker, lol. Was in Vegas over the weekend, and we debated going to MeowWolf, but ended up just staying at the sports bar for close to 5 hours. But every time we talk about it, i think of you! Hope all is well. PS, check your texts, lol.
u/melhen16 thank you for the gorgeous postal themed oversized flat card. It is beautiful and your words were so kind. Wonderful quote! I appreciate you taking the time to send this my way, it made my day, and brought me so much joy!
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