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Atlanta on FX

2013.11.19 11:30 Atlanta on FX

Atlanta is an American comedy-drama television series created by Donald Glover. It premiered on September 6, 2016 on FX. Season 4 premiered on September 15, 2022. It is the final season. The series centers on college dropout and music manager Earnest "Earn" Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) as they navigate the Atlanta rap scene. It also stars Lakeith Stanfield as Darius Epps and Zazie Beetz as Vanessa "Van" Keefer.

2015.11.08 08:10 Tentinator Search Party

Search Party is an American satirical dark comedy thriller television series. It follows a group of friends who become involved in the search for a missing young woman and the events that result from their involvement. Created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter, the show premiered on TBS for its first two seasons, and moved to HBO Max for its final three seasons.

2013.06.26 17:14 Orwell84 Plata o Plomo

Discussion of the Netflix original series "Narcos" & "Narcos Mexico"

2023.03.30 06:07 Afraid-Buffalo-9680 What do you think about this route that prioritizes multi-monster camps?

red -> raptors -> krugs -> wolves -> blue -> gromp -> scuttle
The goal is to minimize the time spent at levels 1 and 2, since Seraphine's clear speed depends significantly on her level. She also has multi-target abilities so she clears multi-monster camps quickly but single monster camps slowly (the single exception is to do red first because it's easier to leash). Therefore I leave gromp until I'm level 3.
Furthermore, having red buff helps if the enemy jungler invades at my blue. I've had multiple games where they try to invade me at blue and I kill them because I can root them with a single cast E
One significant downside to this is that Seraphine's ganks are much weaker without red buff. By the end of the route my red buff is already expired and I have to gank without red. I've also tried red -> raptors -> krugs -> gank if there is a good opportunity.
What do you think about this route?
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2023.03.30 06:07 312az Advice on sinus bradycardia, tachycardia, and arrhythmia. (Holter monitor and EKG)

Advice on sinus bradycardia, tachycardia, and arrhythmia. (Holter monitor and EKG)
Me: 32 year old female, no prior history of heart problems. 5’10” - 160 Ib.
For the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing tachycardia and palpitations. I’m being referred to a cardiologist for additional investigation and would like advice on what to expect. I like being prepared for visits as it help me understand what is being discussed and helps reduce visit stress.
EKG and Holter monitor have returned nonspecific findings.
  • ED Triage Vitals [03/16/23 1109]
  • Temp: 37.3 °C (99.2 °F)
  • Pulse: (!) 138
  • Resp: 20
  • SpO2: 100%
  • BP: 134/88
ECG 12 lead Date/Time: 3/16/2023 11:18 AM
  • ECG rate: 125
  • ECG rate assessment: tachycardic
  • Rhythm: sinus rhythm
  • Ectopy: PVCs: Infrequent
  • QRS axis: Normal
  • QRS intervals: Normal
  • Conduction: normal
  • ST segments: Non-specific
  • T waves: non-specific
  • Previous ECG: Unavailable
  • Interpretation: abnormal
24 hour Holter Monitor:
  • Events: 0
  • Total QRS: 123150
  • Vent. Beats: 441
  • Supravent. Beats: 0
  • Avg HR: 87
  • Min HR: 50 at 3/25/2023 06:40:00
  • Max HR: 149 at 3/24/2023 12:37:00
  • Tachycardia (>100bpm): 262 episodes 0 min
  • Bradycardia (<59bpm): 17 episodes 0 min
  • Paced Beats: 0%
  • Isolated: 441
  • Bi/Trigeminy: 0/0
  • Couplets: 0
  • Total Runs: 0
  • Isolated: 0
  • Couplets: 0
  • Total Runs: O
  • Min: msec at
  • Max: msec at
  • Total Pauses (>3sec): 0
  • Longest Pauses: 0 sec at
  • Min: msec at
  • Max: msec at
  • Total Pauses (>3sec): 0
  • Longest Pauses: 0 sec at
  • Afib/Aflutter:
  • Afib: 0 episodes 0 min
  • Maximum: 0 bpm
  • Minimum: 0 bom
  • The observed rhythms are Sinus bradycardia to sinus tachycardia and sinus arrhythmia.
  • The Maximum Heart Rate recorded was 149 bpm, Day 1 / 12:37:10 pm, the Minimum Heart Rate recorded was 50 bpm, Day 2 / 06:40:00 am and the Average Heart Rate was 87 bpm.
  • There were 441 PVCs with a burden of 0.36 %.
  • There were 2 Patient Triggered events.
COMMENT FROM DOCTOR'S OFFICE Overall holter monitor showed some nonspecific arrhythmia. Since I'm not a cardiologist I don't know for sure what is causing it. I would recommend sending you to a cardiologist for a workup. Could just be a one-time visit if they don't find anything. If that's the case we may need to talk about anxiety and other things.
Additional information:
  • Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2017 - taking levothyroxine since.
  • Covid infection in July 2022 - symptomatic for 7 to 8 days.
  • Delay sleep phase syndrome- since childhood. Confirmed by sleep medicine doctor. (Current PCP has a specialty in sleep medicine)
  • Began experiencing sleep maintenance insomnia in July after having covid. Thought this was possible due to sleep pattern being disrupted by nightly coughing fits while having covid. Started taking 5mg of sonata nightly.
  • For a few months I have also woken up hot and sweating (don’t really sweat much in general). This contributes to my sleep disturbances.
  • Medication change: I changed my anxiety/depression medication from Lexapro to Zoloft in December due to feelings of emotional blunting in December. This seemed to help a little, but I still feel off.
  • Mold exposure concerns- July 26, 2022 my apartment suffered minor flooding from heavy rain. My landlord dried the apartment but never came in to repair the damaged baseboards.
  • ADHD inattentive type- I’m take 50mg of Vyvanse daily. Initially started taking in 2010- have switched to Adderall from time to time.
  • Drink 1-2 cups of coffee in the mornings.
Thyroid labs have all returned normal: * TSH: 2.87 * T3: 2.5 * T4: 1.39
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2023.03.30 06:06 EdgeGlitchYT I've rewatched ROTTMNT Season 1 Episode 1, I'm enjoying it so far.

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2023.03.30 06:06 SufficientFroyo-661 The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 5 review: The plot finally thickens

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2023.03.30 06:06 Kcd1077 Survivor 44 Episode 5 Edgic Chart + Contender Rankings

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2023.03.30 06:04 indicaandmycouch420 Picard Season 3

Can I just say every single episode has hit me right in the feels. Season 1 & 2 of Picard were great but this, THIS SEASON! Has given me all the feels. It feels so good to be a life long Trekkie and see TNG characters in todays time. I love it!
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2023.03.30 06:02 GachanronpaCD_Dev Update 2

Hello my friends! This is an update with Gachanronpa: Despair Time
Official work on the Ganchanronpa Novel will begin April (5 - 9)th, 2023. Expect: Overview; Characters, Setting, Prologue, etc. Prologue: Backstory, Character Introductions, (more).
April (10 - 12)th, 2023:
Chapter 1 (Part 1): Free Time Events, Lore, Story Progression, Body Discovery Announcement.
Chapter 1 (Part 2): Investigation, More lore, Class Trial,.
Short Haitus, (April 16th - April 22nd), 2023.
April (23rd - 30th), 2023 Chapter 2 (Part 1): Free Time Events, Lore, Character Story, Story Progression, Body Discovery Announcement.
That is the official Calendar for the Gachanronpa Novel! Now for some other announcements:
Gachanronpa: Gacha Club Rendition; The Gacha Club Version will be made once the whole novel is done, which could take until June, July, or longer. The Gacha Club Rendition will be made staying true to the Old Series, however with some changes:
  1. Characters will have a more Unified Style
  2. Episodes will either be longer but fewer or shorter but many
  3. Free Time Events will be a separate episode from the canon story
  4. Characters and the storyline will be more fleshed out
  5. The Rendition will follow the Novel
So if you are excited, then good! There is no official date for it yet, due to the novel not being worked on as of now. (School Work, Stress, Tiredness)
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2023.03.30 06:01 GAMESLASHER101 What to get next?

I have 30 warriors, 9 scarabs, 2 overlords one with arrow and one with voidscythe, plasmancer, 2 cryptothralls, command barge/annihilation barge, ghost ark/doomsday ark, technomancer, chronomancer, 3 skorpekhs with plasmacyte, 1 skorpekh lord, 1 reanimator, 5 immortals, 1 royal warden, illuminor szeras
I have never played a game of 40k before but my army feels lacking in units,I am also currently waiting for the kill team box which I will mostly likely build as deathmarks.
I think most every model is cool except the older ones like the lokhust destroyers and the fine cast models,other than those I like pretty much every single model just comes down to which ones are more worth getting.
Please help me decide what to bolster my army with fellow Phaerons!
Also I know 10th is coming sooner rather than later but figured asking still couldn't hurt to ask.
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2023.03.30 05:59 compassionatebecki Do you think this seasonal stats is a coincidence?

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2023.03.30 05:59 Non-binaryTentacles I’m really not sure if this is the place but I bought the DLCs from someone on Etsy and I’m not sure if I can place the DLC into the oficial game. Or if I have to use the game it comes with :/ if anyone can help I’d appreciate it

I’m really not sure if this is the place but I bought the DLCs from someone on Etsy and I’m not sure if I can place the DLC into the oficial game. Or if I have to use the game it comes with :/ if anyone can help I’d appreciate it submitted by Non-binaryTentacles to sims4cc [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 05:58 bekamercury [US][A][Proudmoore] is recruiting for late Mythic Prog!

<Special Friends> is a longstanding, midcore guild looking to recruit new friends to progress with us into Dragonflight. Throughout the guild's history, we've always striven for Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) as a baseline, and have achieved that every tier since Throne of Thunder. Over the last seven years, we've taken down a number of early to mid-level Mythic bosses while still maintaining our "casual", six hours a week raid schedule. Our goal is simply to progress as far as possible within the two raid days we have, and enjoy doing so with our close-knit community. We have a very active M+ community, with the majority of members achieving the +15 seasonal Feat of Strength regularly and pushing up into much higher levels.
Many of our members have been playing since the initial launch of Vanilla WoW and have been in Cutting Edge or hardcore raiding guilds in past expansions. Today, we find ourselves a little older and with a little more life in the way, most of us with careers and families. The majority of our player base are "late 20 to mid 30 somethings" that still want to kill bosses efficiently, but not without also having fun with our friends while doing it. Our policies are pretty relaxed, but when it comes down to raiding, we do take new content and our raid times seriously. We expect our members to be diligent raiders, showing up on time, fully gemmed, enchanted, loaded with consumables, and knowledgeable on fights (note that we will provide as many enchants, gems, and consumables as we can to members who ask prior to raid free of cost - we just ask that you contribute to the guild bank). We understand that real life is more important than a game, and occasional absences will happen. With this in mind, we simply ask that our members keep us informed on Discord in the event they will miss a raid and maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible during progression.
Currently, has a roster size of approximately 25 raiders of varying desires ranging from mythic progression to casual orientation, including a number of new recruits. Nearly all of our players have years of AOTC/mid-mythic or better experience. Roster spots for may classes are currently available, though we are in particular need of an ultra-reliable Mage. We hope to find new friends similar to ourselves, who value raiding and M+ content in a mature gaming community, to enjoy Dragonflight with and progress as far as we can. Our core has been together for many years and values the relationships we've built together as friends over progress in game. We expect everyone to be dedicated to the game and pushing the limit, but do not consider ourselves a Cutting Edge guild at this time. Finally, we expect everyone to act like adults in our guild; take responsibility for errors or mistakes you make, have thick skin and be able to take a joke, and be open to constructive criticism - we're happy to coach, but you've got to put in the effort first and foremost. That said, we're an inclusive guild that is welcoming to all - just understand that raid spots are earned, and you may be asked to sit on progression encounters if a certain composition is needed or depending on the extent of your past raid experience. We operate as a team, not as individuals.
At the moment, we are looking for raiders with at least AOTC (and ideally Mythic) experience for our late Season 1 roster as we get deeper into Mythic prog and start looking towards next season. If you're looking to be a part of a nice community focused on semi-hardcore PvE content, we are happy to chat with newer players as well, so please feel free to reach out.
Be cool. We're all just a bunch of people trying to kill internet dragons together.
You can contact us on BattleNet at:
  • Guild Master: Arriv (Arriv#1535)
  • Officer: Olvim (Istorvir#1767)
  • Officer: Tempusbane (Dreade#1346)
  • Recruiter: Ashctually (Bekamercury#1991)
Our raid schedule is as follows:
Mandatory: Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8PM-11PM CST / 9PM-12M EST / 6PM-9PM PST (Server)
Optional: Sunday or Monday raids at the beginning of tier releases, usually for Normal runs. Extra runs whenever we feel like it.
We are currently interested in recruiting:
  • Ranged DPS: High need for Mage any spec (mythic experience desired), low need for balance druid
  • Melee DPS: Moderate need for rogue, low need for feral druid
  • Healer: would consider a resto druid with strong DPS offspec
Our historical raid progress from the last few expansions was as follows:
  • [DF] 6/8 Mythic Vault of the Incarnates with AOTC
  • [SL] 2/10 Mythic Sepulcher of the First Ones with AOTC
  • [SL] 4/10 Mythic Sanctum of Domination with AOTC
  • [SL] 6/10 Mythic Castle Nathria with AOTC
  • [BFA] 5/12 Mythic Ny’alotha with AOTC (Realm First clear [on Korgath])
  • [BFA] 4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace with AOTC
  • [BFA] 2/2 Heroic Crucible of Storms with AOTC (Realm Second clear [on Korgath])
  • [BFA] 3/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’Alor with AOTC
  • [BFA] 2/8 Mythic Uldir with AOTC
  • [Legion] 3/11 Mythic Antorus with AOTC
  • [Legion] 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras with AOTC
  • [Legion] 3/10 Mythic Nighthold with AOTC
  • [Legion] 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor with AOTC
  • [Legion] 2/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare with AOTC Nightmare with AOTC
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2023.03.30 05:58 McWerp Teamwork makes the Dream Work - Sister Act 40k Valourous Heart Episode #42

Episode 42 of Sister Act 40k is live!
u/MitchBeard and Rob were gracious enough to ask me back on the podcast to talk about my latest obsession, Valourous Heart. We talk about the VH lists that Mitch and I have been cooking up, as well as Mitch's run to 3rd place at the recent International Team Tournament supermajor with this new off meta beauty. Enjoy!
Shortly after this podcast was recorded I took my VH list to a local GT and placed 2nd, losing only to the eventual winners Dark Angels on the Scouring!
Army name: VH Central Island Open Factions used: Imperium - Agents of the Imperium, Imperium - Adepta Sororitas Command Points: 6-1-1-1-1=2 Total cost: 2000 pts, 102 PL Reinforcement Points: none pts
Number of Units: 16 Assassination: 25 points Bring it Down: 4 points No Prisoners: 6 points Abhor the Witch: 0 points ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
== Order: Valorous Heart Arks of Omen == 0 CP, 1990 pts, 101 PL
Acolyte (Hot-Shot Lasgun, Needle Pistol), Ordo Xenos [10 pts, 1 PL]
Celestine and Geminae Superia [200 pts, 10 PL] Ephrael Stern and Kyganil of the Bloody Tears [120 pts, 6 PL]
Morvenn Vahl: Warlord Trait: Righteous Rage [280 pts, 14 PL, -1 CP]
HQ4: Palatine: Bolt pistol, Relic: Casket of Penance, Blessing: The Emperor's Grace, Warlord Trait: Beacon of Faith [65 pts, 4 PL, -2 CP]
10x Celestian Sacresant w/ Anointed Halberd [140 pts, 8 PL]
10x Celestian Sacresant w/ Anointed Halberd [140 pts, 8 PL]
10x Celestian Sacresant w/ Anointed Halberd [140 pts, 8 PL]
2xCrusaders [22 pts, 1 PL]
Dogmata: 2. Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude, Relic: Litanies of Faith, War Hymn [65 pts, 4 PL, -1 CP]
Hospitaller [50 pts, 3 PL]
3xParagon (2 Storm Bolters, Multi-melta, Paragon War Blade) [240 pts, 11 PL]
Dominion Superior (Bolt Pistol & Boltgun, Chainsword), 4xDominion w/ Artificer-crafted storm bolter [90 pts, 5 PL]
5xRetributor, Retributor Superior (Bolt Pistol & Boltgun, Chainsword), 4xRetributor w/ Multi-melta, 2xArmourium Cherub, [220 pts, 9 PL]
4xRetributor, Retributor Superior (Bolt Pistol & Boltgun, Chainsword), 4xRetributor w/ Multi-melta, 2xArmourium Cherub, [208 pts, 9 PL]
== Agents of the Imperium Auxiliary Support Detachment == 0 CP, 10 pts, 1 PL
Acolyte (Hot-Shot Lasgun, Needle Pistol), Ordo Xenos [10 pts, 1 PL]
Had a lot of fun, both at the event and on the podcast! If anyone is looking for ways to play sisters in the current murderous Arks of Omen meta, consider giving Valourous Heart a chance!
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2023.03.30 05:57 Thatoneafkguy Beauregard (Critical Role) Vs Ahsoka (Star Wars)

Battle takes place in the Jedi Temple, use canon version of Ashoka.
Round 1: level 6 Beau Vs Season 1 Ahsoka.
Round 2: level 10 Beau Vs season 4 Ahsoka.
Round 3: level 15 Beau Vs season 7 Ahsoka.
Round 4: level 17 Beau Vs Rebels Ahsoka.
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2023.03.30 05:57 tzinc Kwesi making a mistake with Kirk (he really is out of his depth as a GM)

  1. You sign him (my other posts explain why you sign him this post is not about Kirk's worth) to a 3 year extension BEFORE Carr and Jones deal. He gets less than those deals. He is better than both those guys.
  2. Okay so you didn't do 1. (biggest mistake). But you DO sign him when he offers a discount less than Jones so he is now going to NOT make you pay for mistake #1. You got a second chance jump on this opportunity and sign him. Nope second biggest mistake: #2.
  3. If you are so football-dumb to not realize his worth fine BUT YOU DO NOT LET HIM PLAY OUT HIS LAST YEAR AS A LAME DUCK. You trade him! (Kirk would never ask for a trade but I am sure he would approve a trade when it is clear he is a lame duck here.)
  4. Nope mistake #3 Vikings say they will play out the year with Kirk. That is football-dumb asf. If he has another great year and the odds of that are very good given his career especially with the Vikings (he is a Pro Bowl top 10 QB in his prime never gets hurt has JJ TJ etc) guess what he will not do he will NOT offer you a hometown discount AGAIN - you had your chance. ---This time he will demand market value i.e., more than Jones, Carr and let's see what Lamar (same playoff record worse stats) finally gets. At that point if the Vikes don't have a legit NFL QB to replace him (I don't mean Trey Lance or Zach Wilson types) and aren't going to be able to get Caleb or May in the draft... this team is screwed it is wasting the best years of JJ TJ Darrisaw ONeil etc... so then they will end up paying Market Value for Kirk or they will lose Kirk to a team that pays a Higher Market Value then the Vikings can. RIDICULOUS STRATEGY.
I hope you can understand how dumb this is... it is as dumb as the strategy Kwesi used in the draft last year when we had a high draft pick and a great S fell to us and he not only didn't take him nor Jameson but let DET get Jameson and went with a not so great S (before he got hurt). It doesn't take 3 years to judge drafts anymore a team like KC loads the team up with starters/part time starters in the draft twice either one of their last 2 drafts is better than 7 years of our drafts we have guys (who can't even beat backups before they got hurt.)
I think Kwesi has no clue as to how to run an NFL team properly. He is lucky he is with the Vikings because the Wilfs let Spielman blow drafts for 6 years before they finally canned him. The Wilfs are slow to react.
PS Maybe this is why KOC is suddenly trying to make us a running team lol because he knows there is no way we will be getting a QB equivalent to Kirk after this season.
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2023.03.30 05:57 likelove98 Diablo4 Skill Builder Android App is ready!

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2023.03.30 05:53 Able_Possession8736 [Schultz] FA WR DeAndre Carter is signing a 1-year deal with #Raiders up to $2.375M, source tells @theScore. Carter comes off his best season, totaling 46/538/3 with #Chargers. He also ranked second in the NFL with 11.7 yards per punt return. More help on the way for Jimmy Garoppolo.

[Schultz] FA WR DeAndre Carter is signing a 1-year deal with #Raiders up to $2.375M, source tells @theScore. Carter comes off his best season, totaling 46/538/3 with #Chargers. He also ranked second in the NFL with 11.7 yards per punt return. More help on the way for Jimmy Garoppolo. submitted by Able_Possession8736 to nflstreamlinks [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 05:53 randomuser26437 I’m a little upset

Are you serious!? Yes, I’m late to the party just now watching the series. But is that really how we’re going to end the story from Season 1/2?
The finale of 2 was a waste with this outlier story on the island, what we needed more of was who killed Kieran in prison. Did he make some sort of deal with the killer to take the fall in exchange of him leaving Emma alone? What was “Mr. James”’doing checking into the motel at the end? What about Emma’s dad? We’re just going to leave this all to the imagination?
I’m 20 mins into season 3 and it’s borderline unwatchable, mostly because it’s a letdown that it’s not Emma and the crew.
I’m shocked.
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2023.03.30 05:52 nunyabiss789 TheWalkingDead review/mini summary

Warning! This contains spoilers I recommend watching this before reading this review I started The Walking Dead in August of 2022 due to me finding out about its history in comics. So I decided to start it at 12:00 in the morning with an open mind. Coming into the first season I can feel the power and emotion coming from Rick Grimes thanks to actor Andrew( Daddy )Lincoln and his Drive to find his family is some of the greatest inspiration I've ever seen( Rocky be damned). While the first season had its problems it still was a amazing First Watch and a good first impression same thing with the second season and who I believe to be a great Personnel on the show is the character of Shane and I love how they adapt Shane's attitude and give it to Rick in later seasons. I also love the character development to both Daryl and Carol's character which Carries On through the entire show on to season 3 and 4 introducing one great villain the governor I love how the governor is trying to hold on to his old life and would probably do anything to cure his daughter. but with the new introduced Michonne character ,his emotions shift into hatred and revenge in season 4. we also begin to see Rick's triscend into Shaness and begin to hear in season 3 Lori's final words to Coral which are really powerful. late season 4 Rick is at full shane efficiency and in one between season 4 and 5 we get the strong scene of Rick defending Coral and biting that guy's throat out and the beginning of the brothership between Rick and Daryl season 6 comes along and they move to DC and find Alexandria Carl loses his eye and we get more of Rick's Drive for saving his family and putting his family's needs before his own we also see the beginning of Richonne by the end of season 6 we get in my opinion one of the greatest comic book villain and the greatest TV villain the barbed wire baseball bat wielding Negan (risky name.) the look of hatred that Rick gives to Negan as he kills two of Rick's men. which goes off into season 7 and 8 which most people see it as a falling off for the show (not me) Negan torments Rick and sends him spiraling into a path of "wrath" then in unrelated events his son Coral is bit and he passes leaving behind notes for Rick Michonne and the rest of his family, including Negan by the end of season 8 Rick chooses to Prevail his Mercy over his Wrath and Save Negan due to Carl's note about Negan which shows how powerful a bond between Father and Son can be. then in season 9 Rick is building a bridge to transport materials over but a horde comes in and he ends up having to blow the bridge up along with himself not killing him though just taking him away from his family which is a powerful moment due to Rick's last words in a full length episode "I found them" referring to his family and Rick disappears for the remainder of the show 6 years past Michonne is in charge now (and this is where I feel the show drops off a little bit but still a season with a lot of powerful moments) also they run into a new group one that I don't like (I hate Alpha but beta is cool) Michonne ends up leaving due to finding remnants of Rick's possible survival . At the end of season 10 they run into another another group the Commonwealth unlike the name suggest it has a screwed up government like our own that puts the wealthy first Negan begins to show Penance and regret in what he has done and starts a rise to Grace and joins the group Daryl and the gang end up stopping the Commonwealth Daryl leaves with Judith telling him that he deserves a happy ending too which kind of shows how Daryl's life and what he has gotten before the fall and after does not match what he deserves we skip a little bit and we get a ceremonious ending with Rick and Michonne not yet together but hinting at what is to come and we get the most badass lines at the end of any show "we are the ones who live". Which tells us that love, will, strength, and mercy are all strong enough to endure the power of God's Wrath.10/10 The best thing I've ever seen. breaking bad Is pooping it's pants
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2023.03.30 05:52 Pintsize219 Hidden messages in episodes

Hidden messages in episodes
So if anyone remembers a while back Dakota made a comment about "hidden messages" in the show as well as the ducks- I found one in season 4 with the help of someone on Twitter. Not sure if others have found it? When Dakota posted about the Q&A, someone asked about the hidden messages. Once Jamie pointed out the letters from the first 2 episodes, I went through and found the rest of the letters taped on the wall and it read "zak is lying". Once I posted that, Dakota deleted his 2 replies, the first something like "they've been there the whole time" and his second reply was a bullseye emoji.
I didn't notice anything else. Did anyone come across something in other seasons?
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2023.03.30 05:51 despairingcherry Thoughts on this sorlock build for a level 3-10 adventure?

Going for this particular class combination because I really wanted to make a booming blade centric build that was a full caster.
Race: Variant human (GM may frown on custom lineage)
Feat: Great weapon master*
Stat priority (rolling for stats): CHA > CON > everything else
*Starting at level 3 so lack of pact of the blade for weapon doesn't affect anything
Level 1-3: Warlock - hexblade
Weapon: greatsword
Cantrips of import: booming blade
Spells of import: shield, armor of agathys
Level 4-10: Sorcerer - Stone
Spells of import: thunderous smite, fire shield (at higher levels)
Metamagic top picks: seeking spell, quickened spell
ASI: unsure. Resilient, warcaster, mobile, or just boost stats all seem nice
Strategy: Setup round to place Aegis on ally or place curse + cast a spell or ranged attack. Thunderous smite -> booming blade with power attack, using seeking spell to reroll on a miss, adding curse if its available or later using reaction to make another power attack against someone attacking ally.
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2023.03.30 05:50 TheCapsicle I'm genuinely in shock.

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2023.03.30 05:50 enragedmukamuka1 😡😡😡

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