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2023.03.29 08:45 Relative_Cellist3725 Just purchased a 2019 ecoboost with 5,400 miles it’s brand new.

Just purchased a 2019 ecoboost with 5,400 miles it’s brand new.
Just swooped this Kona blue 2019 up and already dropped some coin on new burgundy interior, 19” wheels and new tires, black out turn signals and rear lights this is going to be badass whip coming from a Chevy Cruze that has 138hp
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2023.03.29 05:34 6carecrow 1 Month Review of a 2019 Sonata

So i work at a dealership we mostly buy and sell cars from auction, but we also do repairs. Because of this i get to drive a lot of different cars all the time so i thought why not start voicing my opinion on them (i’m sure someone out there is looking at a 19 Sonata)
The Car: 2019 Sonata SE. It’s got the cloth seats (fine with me they’re very comfortable) and the design was the best of the newer gen sonatas imo (post 2016 but pre 2020)
After driving the car for a month i don’t have many bad things to say about it. It’s a comfortable highway cruiser, very spacious, i’m 6 feet and 165 and fit very comfortably in it. The interior feels very solidly built, a significant improvement over previous generations (i’m sure the new Sonatas are even better.) The car returned very impressive MPG, my commute is 50 miles with 80 city / 20 hwy and i was averaging about 32mpg.
Performance wise it was nothing crazy but that’s to be expected from an economy car. It’s got the 2.4L which makes 178hp, but definitely feels like more than that. The engine seems to be tuned for power a lot lower in the rev range so it takes off a lot easier than other midsize sedans i’ve driven. (The honda accord 1.5, Chevy Malibu 1.5 and Fusion 2.0 to name a few) It still pulls very nicely at freeway speeds and passing never feels like a task (like it sometimes does in my civic) Again, an economy car meant to be good on gas and decently reliable, so of course nothing too exciting. When you try to drive it hard, the 6 speed feels a bit slow to respond and seems like it has rev hang under hard braking.
There’s genuinely not too many negatives with this car. I wish the gauges looked a bit better and the apple carplay seems to be hit or miss. The cloth seats are not power adjustable like they are in my civic and it feels like it’s a bit more difficult to find the right seating position.
Overall the 2019 Sonata SE is a pretty solid car, and i think i’d choose it over most of the competitors.
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2023.03.28 22:47 Lard_Cow Buyers remorse after buying a car. Did I make the right call?

So I had been driving a 2010 Chevy Impala for the past 5 years, it was my first car, and it's always been great to drive. 100k miles when I got it, its now up to 145k. However, its had nonstop little issues, had to replace an oil sensor, had to replace a caliper twice, rusting, and most important for where i live, it can't pass emissions. Last time I took it to the shop to get me to pass, it ended up costing me $1400, before finally passing. The check engine light came on immediately after it passed again, so I just gave up and decided to get a new car before emissions were due again.
I dumped $10k on a 2010 Honda Civic the other day, which was a lot of money for me. I'm a college student who works and lives at home still, and that was about 90% of the money I had saved up over the last 2 years. The car only has 86k miles, and when looking for it I was excited. It seemed reliable and like it would last me a long time. However now that I've got it I feel like I made the wrong choice. I don't like how it drives compared to the Impala, and getting used to all the little things on the interior is just making me really hate the car.
I'm having major buyers remorse, feeling like I should've just fixed up the Impala instead of dumping 10k into a new car that I don't even like the feel of. I'm not sure if this is normal and I'll get used to the new car and grow to love it in the end or if I made the wrong call and wasted money. Any thoughts?
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2023.03.28 18:24 Quite_Ace Engine Swapping

1987 Chevy S10 Blazer 4x4 2.8l V6 So I was think of engine swapping the Blazer, I mean who hasnt..anyways I know the transmission is gonna have to get swapped, 700r4 definitely wouldnt be able to handle a new engine. But if I were to change out the transmission and transfercase and convert to 2wd would I have to change the rest of the drive train? Like the differentials and axles?
Basically if I want to drop a 350small block and a manual 2wd transmission w/o the transfercase what would I have to change
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2023.03.28 16:55 _Perez_ 1982 Chevy c10 power no crank

Hi friends, me and my grandpa have been working on an older truck and it was running great until yesterday when it just didn’t want to start. Key in give power but no crank and no click from the starter. Any advice is appreciated. Although I’m sure he’ll figure it out while I’m at work 😅
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2023.03.28 16:17 Sometimequestionable Sticker id

Sticker id
I've always been a Chevy guy looking at buying a 1982 Dodge ram charger. Can anybody idea what the hell this sticker means?
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2023.03.27 19:48 StarTraceTM Late 80s/early 90s A833/NP440/MY6 information gathering

If this isn't allowed, apologies and please remove.
TLDR: I've got a GM A833 that needs a rebuild soonish and I need more info because I am a newbie with transmissions. I'm a hobbyist that is competent with engines, but have never even dissambled a trans before. Any information/tips you can throw my way would be amazing!
Hi everyone, I've been lurking recently and wanted to poll this knowledgeable community about my favourite new toy. I own a '79 Camaro I've been building to be my fun/daily driver car. Part of this was getting fuel economy as high as possible. To do that I needed an overdrive gear, and I've always loved a stick shift.
T5 seemed too weak during my research, even a world class, as I've built and installed a 350 chevy that outputs ~425 ft/lbs and 310 horsepower (simulated, never been dyno-ed but certainly close to those numbers). I've been told that with aggresive driving (the "fun" part of fun/daily driver) a T5 would snap like a twig. A T56 seemed like the obvious choice, but was far outside my budget.
Lo and behold: The GM A833/NP440/MY6! A 4 speed based off of Chrysler A833, made 1982-87 (I believe) and put into C10 trucks with diesel motors, and a .73 overdrive as the final gear!
I bought one from someones backyard as soon as I could, cleaned the interior of the trans as best I could without dissassembling the whole thing, and slapped it in the car. It is my new favourite part about the car and has made it over 5000kms so far, the only possible issue is that 1 seems to whine slightly when at low speed. I believe it to be what I have been told is "gear rollover" and essentially benign. Now I'm getting ready to fix some leaks I missed during my initial refurb before the trans went into the car, including the reverse shift shaft seal, and am considering a full rebuild.
Any resources or information you can give me for an overdrive A833 (or specifically the NP440/MY6 variants) would be much appreciated! I'm a hobbyist that has mostly worked with engines and electrical before this, so beginner resources are preferred, but I can work my way through something more complex. If anyone has any tips for specifically removing the reverse shift shaft, that would also be much appreciated!
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2023.03.27 15:19 tudorcj Home network - U6 In-Wall for two floors

My current home network setup has a server rack, separate NVR, etc.
I’m starting, however, to think about the resell process of my house several years down the line so the “final” network cabling will be properly installed and routed to the utilities cabinet. At this point it also would make sense to “upgrade” to the Dream Wall as it would just about fit in the same cabinet, eliminating the need to allocate space for a rack.
The Dream Wall, as I understand it, has its own WiFi antennas so that’s the ground floor covered (no interior walls there - I do have a thick, metal frame on my back garden wall but I have already “budgeted” for an outside AP so that I have proper wifi connectivity when I’m grilling burgers and also for my shed g3 instant camera keeping an eye on my bike and the colony of spiders taking shelter).
The question comes when it comes to the top two floors: I currently have one U6 Lite AP for each floor and that covers the area very well but I was hoping that I could mount an In Wall AP between the two floors so that I can cover both spaces like that. The stairs between floors are directly against the middle of the outside wall so the placement would be perfect (it would even look nice as it’s right in the middle). Do you guys think that would work or should I still go for “one AP per floor) approach?
The house is a 1982 Dutch house with proper, thick concrete outside walls and floors (and I really mean it - I lost count of how many drillbits I melted trying to drill holes for stuff). The first floor is where all the bedrooms are and the top floor has two office spaces (will have a separate switch for that, to provide wired connectivity to the printePCs) and a guest bedroom. The floors are around 11m long and 5m wide (typical Dutch row house).
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2023.03.27 10:16 pirivalfang 1998 Chevy S10 with bluetooth sway bar links.

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2023.03.27 09:59 LordAdmiralSpire Help appreciated

Help appreciated
So my channels are not working they are always garbled, not raining.

TV (also radios)
Mod list
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2023.03.27 04:16 lucaslizard Tyranny fluid,

Can anyone tell me the recommended transmission fluid for a 1997 chevy s10 automatic 4.3?
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2023.03.27 02:51 MomobamiClan Caught in 64K UHD

Caught in 64K UHD surround sound 16 Gigs ram, HDR GEFORCE RTX, TI-80 texas instruments, Triple A Duracell battery ultrapower100 Cargador Compatible iPhone 1A 5 W 1400 + Cable 100% 1 Metro Blanco Compatible iPhone 5 5 C 5S 6 SE 6S 7 8 X XR XS XS MAX GoPro hero 1 2 terabyte Xbox series x Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor - U4919DW Sony HDC-3300R 2/3" CCD HD Super Motion Color Camera, 1080p Resolution Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor, Easy Clean Interior, ECO Mode and Sound On/Off, 1.2 Cu. ft, Stainless Steel HP LaserJet Pro M404n Monochrome Laser Printer with Built-in Ethernet (W1A52A) GE Voluson E10 Ultrasound Machine LG 23 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator with Craft Ice Maker GFW850SPNRS GE 28" Front Load Steam Washer 5.0 Cu. Ft. with SmartDispense, WiFi, OdorBlock and Sanitize and Allergen - Royal Sapphire Kohler K-3589 Cimarron Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology., Quick Charge 30W Cargador 3.0 Cargador de Viaje Enchufe Cargador USB Carga Rápida con 3 Puertos carga rápida Adaptador de Corriente para iPhone x 8 7 Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Mix 3 A1 Samsung S10 S9 S8AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Cargador de Pared 39W Dual Puerto Cargador Móvil para Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+/ Note 8, iPhone XS / XS Max / XR, iPad Pro / Air, HTC 10, LG G5 / G6 AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 Cargador USB 60W 6 Puerto Cargador Móvil para Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ / Note 8, LG G5 / G6, Nexus 5X / 6P, HTC 10, iPhone XS / XS Max / XR, iPad Pro/ Air, Moto G4 SAMSUNG 85-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series - 64K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN85TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model) GE 38846 Premium Slim LED Light Bar, 18 Inch Under Cabinet Fixture, Plug-In, Convertible to Direct Wire, Linkable 628 Lumens, 3000K Soft Warm White, High/Off/Low, Easy to Install, Easy to Install, 18 Ft Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Trane
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2023.03.27 00:03 Sethcarriere88 What’s is a good price to start to sell a 94 Chevy s10 with bad engine but nice condition otherwise?

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2023.03.26 15:53 AbhiFT [REQUEST][STEAM] Gift card of $36 or £29.90 for MS Flight Simulator 2020 [FOURTH ATTEMPT]

I am not asking for full price, just for the sale price, I will try to manage the extra Rs. 1000 through MS reward points which will take 4 months.
What is MS Flight Simulator 2020 about?
Microsoft has a long history with Flight Simulators. Their first Flight simulator was released in 1982. While the previous games were fun, the new MS Flight Simulator does something incredible which no other game has ever done: It simulates the topography of the entire Earth as accurate as possible to real world through satellite data of Bing/Google maps along with Cloud Computing to generate better visuals and real data for air traffic and weather. Moreover, it also takes real wind and real-world time into consideration.
The game also has an active community-driven add-ons that only makes the game even more realistic and grander. If any game has the biggest world map of all, this is it. This game has the world map almost as big as the Earth itself. You can visit many of the world-famous attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Taj Mahal and even football stadiums! But you can also explore some famous landscapes as well, and if you fly low enough, you can experience some wildlife too. The game features Geese, Seagulls, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, Flamingos. You can experience the beautiful endless sea, but make sure you have enough fuel; You surely don't want to end up like Chuck Noland, and to make matters worse, you won't have your trustee, Wilson!
Microsoft Flight Simulator features 25 handcrafted airports, 4 classic commercial airports, 14 heliports and 15 glider airports. There are over 37,000 total airports in the game along with 37 airplanes, gliders, and helicopters with unique flight models, the likes of A320 Neo, Boeing 747, Cessna, DA62, and the cutest CTLS and A5, with detailed interiors of the cockpit. Isn't that the ultimate definition of simulation?
Why I want it:
I love exploring the world, something I am not financially able to do in real world. Every Time I watch something on TV, it's 90% of the time travel channels. The first time I tried Flight Simulator on my friend's PC, I fell in love with it. What I love about MSFS is the grand scale of the game. While in games like ETS 2 even a 4,000 KM jouney can be completed in 3-4 hours, with MSFS, it would take real world time. For example, it takes approx 1h 15m non-stop flight from Paris to London (Average), so it would also take almost the same amount of time in the game too (that is real world 1h 15m). Even staying in the cloudy sky is so much fun with sunlight shining, thunder and rain. I love playing simulation, tycoon games as they are the pinnacle of freedom in gaming world with no bounds. I remember when I played Flight simulator 2000 back in 2003 and wondered, what a shitty game. Seriously, at that time I thought who would play this game with 65% of the screen occupied by the cockpit? And here I am today.
What I love about the FS 2020 game:
  1. There is nothing unlocked in the world. I don't have to pay extra or do specific tasks to unlock some part of the world. I can visit any place any time!
  2. The scale is grand. This has the biggest map of any game.
  3. So many different airplanes to choose from and they all act and feel different.
  4. This game is very relaxing. I can just unwind and soak the beauty of the world from the comfort of my chair.
  5. I love this game cause it takes up whopping over 150GB of Disk space.
  6. I love pushing and flicking buttons. Especially the flick switches. They are so yumm to touch. And the clicky sound it makes is better than any orgasm. Basically, I am flicking and pushing buttons while flying around in a tube.
  7. I can crash the plane without having to worry about anything.
  8. Landing! Landing in this game is like going to final exam without studying anything. If you nail it, that feeling is amazing!
  9. I can fly along with the birds!
  10. I can land the plane anywhere I want. Even in a grassfields or your ex's backyard.
  11. I am tired of playing the repeat levels of Fall Guys.
  12. The full detailed cockpit is amazing!
  13. Realistic ATC commands with interactions. If I am angry, I can choose to ignore the ATC.
  14. I need to find more things I like after playing the game.
I am in touch with the MSFS community on Discord and YouTube videos, with always waiting for max737Ifly video to show up as his videos are so good and realistic (even my mom loves watching it). I just cannot get enough from this game.
I can play this game even when I am listening to Podcasts and it makes such an immersive experience. The tiny details the game provides, like waiting instructions from ATC before you move a muscle, dialing the knobs, flipping tiny switches in the cockpit only adds to the experience which I enjoy a lot. This game is enjoyed by both, casual gamers and professional pilots as well. The game sends me to another world and is like a therapy for me. And playing MS Flight Simulator makes me feel like a bird. The game brings me a joy I cannot express through words.
I cannot afford it to be honest. I have taken some surveys to earn a bit here and there to collect for the game but it's such a long process and the reward is generally not worth it. Moreover, the tiny amount of money I made for the game, was spent on my meds. My bad luck is that due to a technical mistake, the game was selling with 80% discount but due to time zone difference, I couldn't grab on the once in a lifetime opportunity. I also tried other giveaways for steam gift cards, but I never win them and they are so rare to come by. I am really struggling with money and hence I am here.
Why Not Game Pass? I don't have a credit card and in the long run it will cost me far more than what the game would have cost me. And MS Rewards programme is quite bad in my region.
I will be playing this game everyday and you won't feel your money is wasted. This gift will bring such a big smile to my face that even Joker would feel ashamed. I know many people hoard games and don't play them, or they play for a few times and stop. I can guarantee you that once I get this game, I will be playing it every single day! This game is the reason I am for the first time requesting for a game here. And I promise I will do justice to the game and gifter. I am not requesting for any deluxe version or anything, just the base game will suffice for me. I can say it from my heart that the day I get this game, will be the day I will be flying in the air of joy! As this community works on the principle of making others happy with no selflessness! But I can never be happy unless I own this game. This game is the only game missing from my library of happiness.
Game (40th AE is the base game): MS Flight Simulator 40th Base Edition
My steam ID
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2023.03.26 12:44 Fabulous-Craft3054 Chevy s10 is leaking water like crazy after parking? Chevy s10 1999, I run the ac but it only blows hot because of a Freon leak a couple years ago. The temperature has significantly increased over the past couple days so maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure what’s going on.

Chevy s10 is leaking water like crazy after parking? Chevy s10 1999, I run the ac but it only blows hot because of a Freon leak a couple years ago. The temperature has significantly increased over the past couple days so maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure what’s going on.
Chevy s10 1999, I run the ac but it only blows hot because of a Freon leak a couple years ago. The temperature has significantly increased over the past couple days so maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure what’s going on.
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2023.03.26 05:48 lilhawk40 My 02 Chevy s10

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2023.03.25 22:14 Big-Stay3487 2023 Chevy Fuse Blocks Interior and Exterior. Names, fuse types

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2023.03.25 15:23 TROLOLOL6969 Would you buy a '21 Tundra Limited with 80k miles, one owner, clean Carfax, impeccable service records?

Looking for a newer Tundra option to get some reliability after a devastating final couple of years with a Chevy Tahoe (basic oil change appointments started becoming $1,000 repair ordeals).
The problem is (and is conversely a good thing) the Tundras are still expensive, I found one with 80,513 miles at a used Toyota dealership, ran Carfax, every recall, every maintenance record on time done at a Toyota dealership (except there was once instance of a bullshit oil change at a Valvoline place...), the interior has minor minor blemishes and so does the exterior.
Asking $41,000, but as I am finding out on other car subs, theyre going to jack that price up with nitrogen tires or whatever cockamamie BS they're pulling, so lets assume $43,000 because its a dealers market and they have a truck I really want and in price range.
Would you buy this? Tahoe we took to nearly 275k miles...
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2023.03.25 15:01 KhoaFraelich 10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

10 Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

These undeniable facts illustrate why two wheels are better than four

We all know that even though cars and trucks make up a large portion of vehicles on the road, motorcycles are the mode of transportation that immediately commands attention with their "cool" factor.

There is nothing particularly unique or interesting about your typical sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, but any motorcycle causes people to briefly pause and stare at this unique marvel of engineering. Even if it happens to be a little Honda Grom. While most would suggest that there are more practical uses for cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks, there are just as many valid reasons why motorcycles are the unsung rulers of the road.

Motorcycles Have Better Gas Mileage

The price of gas can be a real pain in the butt depending on where you live, and it can cost you a big chunk of change out of your bank account every month. However, motorcycles don't really suffer that much at the pump. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they don't require huge engines to get them from A to B. This also means that despite having smaller fuel tanks (most range from 2-6 gallons), riders get more bang for their buck at the pump. A decent, fuel efficient car might get 30 MPG at best, most motorcycles average between 40 and 60 miles-per-gallon.

Motorcycles Don't Require As Much Maintenance

With cars, you have a lot of moving parts to take care of. You need regular oil changes, transmission service, tire rotation, replace cracked windshields, refill windshield wiper fluid, cleaning the interior, and dealing with that annoying "check engine" light. With motorcycles, you don't need to have that many worries hanging over your head. Other than bringing your bike in for routine service every few thousand miles, there isn't much you need stress over. Just keep it clean, don't beat the hell out of the engine, and not ride like an idiot. Outside of that, you are good to go!

Not Everyone Rides Motorcycles And That's A Good Thing

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, approximately 8% of Americans ride motorcycles. It is that small percentage of people that take pride in being the black sheep. The fact is nearly everyone drives a car, and there is nothing special or unique about that. Unless your car can fly, double as a submarine, or travel through time, they are not that impressive.

Motorcycles are always noticed. They stick out like a two-wheeled thumb, and they come with a strong sense of pride in daring to be different. Motorcycle riders tend to have more adventurous, outgoing personalities that demand more out of life instead of coasting through by living some boring, cookie-cutter existence. Motorcyclists live to tell stories and connect with new people, because not everyone else is willing to take that extra leap of faith.

Motorcycles Don't Cost As Much As Cars

Unless you've got some serious coin to throw at a new Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Limited, purchasing a motorcycle does not require you to have deep pockets. The prices of new and used cars have been increasing over the last few years thanks to high demand and constantly-disappearing inventory. With a motorcycle, you won't have to shell nearly as much cash for a dealer to hand you the keys. With many sporty motorcycles costing less than $10k, owning the title to one isn't as stressful as trying to pay off your car. Not to mention that motorcycles don't cost as much at the fuel pump. With many cars and trucks demanding at least $50 to fill up, you will be lucky if the cost to fill your motorcycle costs more than $20.

Finding A Parking Spot Is Much Easier

We've all had those moments where you're driving into the city, and you are scanning the streets for an open parking spot that isn't next to a fire hydrant. Depending on where you are, this can become a real pain. Worst case scenario you find a parking garage that requires you to pay through the nose for a spot. With motorcycles, you barely have that problem.

Thanks to their smaller size, motorcycles can easily maneuver and position themselves in open spaces that a regular car cannot. You can park parallel to the curb, or you can back it in with a more perpendicular parking position. Regardless of how you park, you can take comfort knowing you won't have to deal with as many headaches as some trying to find a good parking spot while driving a Chevy Silverado or GMC Hummer.

Motorcycles Are Much Better For Your Mental Health

Unless you are John Wick or a member of a 1-percenter club, there is no such thing as a frowning face on a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is the same kind of sensory overload your dog feels when it sticks it head out of the window of a moving car. You feel the wind on your face, the humming of the engine, and your exposure to the natural world. They give you a brief hiatus from smartphones and other modern-day creature comforts to unplug and take a moment to relax. It's already enough to know just how crazy the world can be whenever you turn on the news. So hopping on a motorcycle and taking a vacation from the rest of the world will do your mental health a huge favor.

There is also the opportunity to increase your cognitive strength by teaching your body to operate a manual-shift vehicle without even thinking about it. The more practice you get, the more it feels like your body is simply acting and performing these functions on its own. Plus, because motorcycle riders are more aware of their surroundings, your reaction time to hazards improves. Being more aware of danger means more time for you to prepare, and properly react to every kind of obstacle.

You Can Actually Burn Calories While Riding

Not only do motorcycles improve your mental well-being, your body also gets its own workout. By using your body to physically maneuver, balance, and grasp your bike, you are also burning calories in the process. In a car, you are stuck in a prone position that isn't very physically demanding. But on a bike, you are using your back, arms, and legs to get you from point A to point B. Depending on the amount of activity, you can burn anywhere from 170 to 600 calories an hour on a motorcycle. A pretty fun way to get closer to that beach bod.

Community Of Like-Minded Individuals

If you are the only one in your friend group that rides a motorcycle, it can be kind of hard to connect when you are the only one that lives this kind of lifestyle. But the second you meet up with other bikers on your journeys, a connection is immediately forged. While there are certain clubs for car enthusiasts to connect with, most average drivers are not drawn to that sort of thing. But with motorcyclists, we want to know more about you, your bike, your story, adventures you've been on, where you're going, etc. In other words, motorcycles are a loud and fun social lubricant.

Adrenaline Junkies Love Motorcycles

Watch the X Games, or any sort of extreme-sport competition, and you will most certainly see some motorcycles involved. Being able to pack so much power into a small package is what many thrill-seekers find so attractive about riding a motorcycle. While there are some high-performance sports cars and muscle cars that can also get the job done, they usually require thousands of dollars in upgrades, as well as lots of skill behind the wheel.

On a motorcycle, all you need is a Class M license, some road, and you are ready to twist the throttle! You've got the wind in your face, the loud rumbling of the engine beneath you, and your heart beating in your chest reminding you that you are alive and in the moment. When was the last time you felt that way in a Honda Odyssey?

Motorcyclists Can Use The HOV Lane

Picture in your mind that you are on the highway while on your way to work. Traffic is backed up and the only lane that is moving is the HOV lane. Unfortunately, because you're driving by yourself, it would be illegal for you to take that lane. That is unless you're riding a motorcycle. In which case, the highway is your oyster and the HOV lane is that bright, shiny pearl you get to benefit from. Not only that, but you get to shave time off of your commute every morning. Pretty good perk for showing up to work both on-time and in the coolest way possible.

Source: Topspeed
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2023.03.25 02:54 RealisticPrimary5353 Flea market finds

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2023.03.24 20:44 Xcon180 My brand new truck is a Lemon and wont stop breaking

( we do not have a lemon law in B.C Canada
In September 2022 i purchased a brand new chevy Colorado Z71.
I traded a 2019 Colorado in on it, as my 19 had a engine failure, paint issues etc. under warranty, it was in the shop for months on end, i figured i bought a lemon, so i traded it in on a new truck.
my 22 Colorado
Before even diving it off the lot there was electrical issues,
Since i bought it the truck is in for repairs every 1-2 weeks on average.
There is constant electrical issues, that never seem to stop or be repaired as new issues constantly arise.
From a faulty head unit that always freezes or turns of randomly,
my backup cam comes on when the tuck is off and no on is in the truck, as it is grounding out somewhere. I was told they found corroded wiring harness that may have been causing the issues
some of the other issues have been
-The turn signal clocking noise randomly doesn't work or makes lots of excessive noise.
-Loud transmission clunks that keep getting worse as time is going on, GM states is normal and will not repair anything.
- out of balance tires causing shaking on highway
- Driveline shakes intermittently that still have not been repaired
- On multiple occasions i have been told they found loose connections to modules and computers in the truck, till this day it is a re- occurring thing I'm told almost every time the truck is in for repair.
- Random intermittent dash lights turn on
- Defective paint from factory
in February a really bad water leak started from behind the dash and left 2-3" of water covering the floor, soaking electrical components. the dealer had my truck for over a week and had to gut the interior. When the put it together they did a half ass job and nothing fits right, including the carpet.
Today march 24 the water leak is back and puking again, so I'm again without my truck.
I hate this thing so much, and will not be keeping it. It has around 4600 miles on it as it stands today.
I require my truck constantly, with the main reason being my dog, who has bad separation anxiety. So i have to bring here with me. But i can not when i have a loaner car.
GM canada will do nothing about it and expects me to bring it in for repairs constantly. They offered me a MUG for my trouble.
Any advice is greatly appreciated, thx
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2023.03.24 18:48 zoochadookdook Tow/work vehicle strictly for function/bang for the buck under 10k - what would y’all buy?

Alright we need a bigger vehicle
We have a Chevy spark and a Honda fit - both great - but after using the fit to haul 10 4x4s and some tool boxes for a week - I’m realizing we need a trailer and something with towing capacity.
Use of it will be:
-Animals in the back for longer trips. -work - as in building a homestead from scratch -jobs (dumps/landscaping/building/whatever I just started working full time for myself so everything that comes up and in between)
Luxury and whatever isn’t important. We can wire a new audio system in and tint the windows/do the basics to make it more drivable.
Towing capacity - reliability and mainly cost (operating/part cost - I’ll do wiring/valve adjustments/suspension work/brakes etc) are the main requirements.
Trucks aren’t a must - we’re in Texas and the trailer will provide the capacity if we go with a smaller interior vehicle.
That being said we’ll be keeping the smaller cars (have a tiny hitch on the fit and it’s going to get a little load trailer for moving landscaping around the house yard and minor tractor stuff (can’t afford a actual tractor yet)
What sort of vehicle would y’all be looking at for yourself in this price range?
I’ve basically narrowed it down to the Nissan armada in my own research but figured I could be wrong as usual
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