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2023.06.03 14:33 ChillPlasma This bug happens alot and it pisses me off, please do something

Hi, I'm having trouble with commands like I'd say a command and it'll come up with "application did not respond" Alot, and since I use a item, I don't have it afterwards that comes up, then I have a ton of interaction fails like I'd do my work and it'll be memorise the words, I'd click on the word and it'll say "interaction fails" then I click it again and I'll fail my job, with scratch it happens and afterwards it'll pick a random slot I didn't even click. The with the flow after using 9 commands it'll come up with "interaction fails" then it'll say "the flow menu is outdated" even tho it's the Grinding 101 then it'll say when I click "end" it says "you locked from cammonds, finish any ongoing commands"
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2023.06.03 14:31 JacksonXIX [Xbox] [H] Clearance section quality items [W] You to take a look! (50 cr each🫣)

Everything is on sale for 50 cr each! Lots of stuff worth more, lots of stuff worth less, might negotiate on price but thats for you to sift through the deals and find something you like. Goodluck :)
Backfire: Checkers
Backfire: Cruster Buster
Backfire: Greatgrid
Grey Breakout: Egged
Breakout: Heiwa
Breakout: King Monke
Breakout: Lycan
Breakout: Mammoth
2x Breakout: Snakeskin
Breakout: Sneaky Slither
2x Breakout: Turbo
Lime Goalkeeper Centio: Pollinator
Dominus: Snakeskin
Crimson Dune-Sweeper
Endo: MG-88
Gizmo: Hive Mind
Jager 619: StarLighter
Mantis: Snakeskin
Burnt Sienna Mantis: Widow’s Web
Crimson Masamune: Kawaii
Octane ZSR: Distortion
Octane ZSR: Funnybook
Octane: Dragon Lord
Octane: Dune Racer
Octane: Killer Griller
Octane: Kilowatt
Octane: Ripped Comic
Octane: SARP Stripe
Octane: Shisa
Octane: Space Cadet
2x Octane: Turtle Tribe
Paladin: Shaperacer
Road Hog: Carbonated
2x Road Hog Snakeskin
Scorer Road Hog: Sundae
Takumi: Sizzled
Capacitator IV
Pink Acrobat Cyberware
Lime Aviator Cyberware
Cobalt Cyberware
Aviator Doughnut
Stuffed Crust
2x WWE
Magic Missile
Pixel Fire
Power Shot
Sun Ray
Virtual Wave
Aquadome Buoy
Baby Turtle
Crispy Turkey
Fat Stacks
Pastel Eggs
Sure Shot
Sushi Nigri
Tee Time
Tranquil Tangerine
Argyled Egg
Big Checker
Chocolate Chip
Mr Carrot
2x WWE
Hot Rocks
Goodbye Nian
Mrs. Avocado
Soccer Splash
Speedy Turtle
Venom Ride
4x WWE
If you made it all the way to the end, i ❤️ u
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2023.06.03 14:26 JCDgame Barbarians are Awesome

Barbarians are Awesome
In case you didn’t know.
I am sure Paladins are better for burst damage when they go all out with the smites, but barbarians just run all over the battlefield destroying everybody.
My cleric has two jobs; tank hits and keep the barb alive.
This is one of four attacks.
Is anyone else loving this class?
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2023.06.03 14:21 Plenty-Home-7155 [FNV] B42 inertia when starting a new game says that NV Compatibility Skeleton is outdated or something overwrites it, and game crashes...

My plugins;
TTW Reputations.esm
TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.esm
TTW Dialogue and Interactions Expansion Overhaul.esp
Root 'n Loot.esp
S6S Perks.esp
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus.esp
Functional Post Game Ending Lite.esm
Functional Post Game Ending Lite TTW Patch.esp
Crafting Consistency Fix.esp
Strip Lights Region Fix.esp
Animated Player Interactions.esm
Real Recoil.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
Real Recoil Tweaks.esp
FPS Weapon Lowering.esp
Vanilla UI Plus.esp
Cloud Shadows.esp
Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather.esp
FPS Leaning.esp
Interior Rain.esp
Interior Rain - TTW.esp
CC - Rain.esp
CC - 3D Rain.esp
TTW Music Addition.esp
NV Music Addition.esp
Falling And Landing Animated.esp
The Game Was Rigged From The Start.esp
Weapon Retexture Project.esp
WRP - TTW.esp
Main And Pause Menus Overhaul.esm
Flora Overhaul.esp
Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks TTW.esp
Glowing Ghosts.esp
TTW Vibrant Weathers.esp
Courtyards Better View.esp
(TTW) Benny Humbles You.esp
Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff.esp
Friends With Benefits Perk Pack.esp
Irradiated Lonesome Road.esp
Event Sounds.esp
Interior Exterior Sounds Framework.esp
Titans of The New West.esp
Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JAM.esp
V87UncleLeo - Simply Uncut.esp
Simply Uncut - New Vegas.esp
My modlist [backwards]
SU - NV And Weapon Retexture Project Patch-65082-1-0-1611459592
Simply uncut
Vault 87 Uncle Leo for Simply Uncut-73474-1-0-1630030780
Vault 87 Uncle Leo-73474-1-1-1630831753
Pacers Gambit V1-0-46584-V1-0
A Wilder Wasteland v1-0-46158-v1-0
A Thorny Situation v1-0-46048-
A Van Graff Scorned v1-1-45991-V1-1
A Koch and Bohr Story v1-1-45886-v1-1
Outside Bets V 1-4-46648-V1-4
Rotface to Riches v1-2-45799-V1-2
-Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas Extended Cut v1-0-46585-V1-0
Shotgun Buffs TTW-80251-1-1677866119
NVG BRITE-79304-1-1670988323
Irradiated Lonesome Road-74599-1-01-1674287444
Interior Exterior Sounds Framework-76491-2-02-1661729875
Friends With Benefits Perk Pack TTW Version-74682-2-1684990694
Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff-71112-12-2-1685081356
Weapon Requirements System-69161-1-0-4-1611266931
(TTW) Benny Humbles You-69842-1-05-1600663334
Better View From Casino's Courtyards-81159-1-3-1684531613
Glowing Ghosts - Happy Little Holograms-81131-2-0a-1684509409
TTW DC Flora Overhaul Forested Edition-71839-1-7-1670180801
Taller DC TTW-76595-1-1-1652807327
Another Interior Mod-66611-1-0-1552249520
TTW Interiors Core
Main Menu Redone - TTW - 2160p-76352-1-2-1651760663
VQHD Load Screens for TTW-58219-0-0-6-1541956757
TTW Vibrant Weathers-71647-1-6-1673572785
TTW Merged Collectible Quests-75829-3-1-1682651001
NV Collectibles - Merged-80939-1-0-1682651455
S6S Perks Patches-73438-3-1646368010
Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version-73438-16-06-1685474615
Root'n Loot TTW-59378-1-14-1660763475
Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks - TTW-79378-1-2-1-1673672110
Elegant Lockpick Interface-75670-1-0-0-1647144127
Clean Just Visual Objectives-80523-1-0-1679591407
Radiation Loadwheel-78974-0-1-1668228645
PN Grenade Explosive Indicator-68950-1-2-0-1590092489
-Simple Cursor (BIG)-78340-0-1-1662854541
VUI Plus settings-78509-1-0-1664633682
Clean Colorful Map Icons-78509-1-0-1664633525
-Main and Pause Menus Overhaul-74365-4-6-1683751558
ySI - Sorting Icons-74358-1-4b-1648916180
Bloodverhaul (Blood Texture)-73715-1-0-0-1632010260
Purchase Items on Display-78873-1-2-1678422232
SD Fatigue
Natural Dusters-78260-1-0-1662355115
3rd Person Camera Overhaul-79883-2-3-1676826727
FOV Slider-55085-2-9-1586064165
TGWRFTS FINAL-76831-1-4-1654083062
FPS Leaning-78734-2-1-1684005574
No Muzzle Flash Lights-77781-2-0-1659534450
High Resolution Water Fog-78400-1-0a-1663426682
AWSOME Plugin-77723-1-0-1659247766
Hit - Happy Beeping - TTW-77464-1-0-1657630846
Fallout Flag Animation Overhaul-79328-V3-1673760431
AmaccurzerO's Animated Mojave -One Zeppelin-68409-1-01-1585664383
Gory Explosions-81161-3-2-1685484650
Live Dismemberment-67147-1-7-1-1560731052
Awesome Crippling Effects 2-77748-1-3-1664127622
Hit - Binoculars Anim Set-81154-1-0-1684212207
Combined melee-80756-1-0-1681246379
Hit - B42 Inject Anim Pack - Season 1-80531-1-0-1679595175
Recent Loot Log-80180-0-1b-1678247442
B42 Notify-80085-0-2b-1677765370
B42 Dropmag TTW Patch-78998-1-1-1673996253
B42 Dropmag-75461-1-2b-1660638269
B42 Inject-80437-0-13b-1679804137
B42 Inspect-71624-1-01-hotfix-1637475111
B42 Descriptions-68049-0-3-1645173927
Frozen 3rd Person Feminine Movement-77098-1-02-1665157561
Frozen 3rd Person Masculine Movement-77334-1-02-1665611456
A Music Addition Project-78248-2-1-1663162857
Climate Control - 3D Rain-79661-1-0-1673903164
Climate Control - Rain-79661-1-0-1673903130
3D Rain-79652-2-0-1678679955
Interior Rain - TTW-79656-1-0-1673893822
Interior Rain-79656-1-0-1673893794
Cloud Upgrade-79612-1-0-1673472163
Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather-79147-1-0-1669856228
Cloud Shadows-79147-1-0-1-1673903801
High Resolution Bloom-77933-5-1679647221
Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks-80316-2-4-3-1683012580
Depth of Field Fix-81200-1-0-1684509397
Dynamic Pip-Boy Light-81203-1-0-1684525504
High Resolution Screens-77989-1-1-1660681437
Clean Vault Boy Paper Doll-76966-1-2-1658992709
Better Caravan
Hotfix to Sensitivity Disabling-74824-1-0-1-1684405111
New Vegas True Scopes-74824-1-0-1684308779
Real Recoil Tweaks-79358-1-0-1671399193
Real Recoil
FNV Clean Animations - Iron Sights Alignment-77429-1-2-1662491784
FPS Weapon Lowering-80995-1-5-1684193786
WRP - TTW Patch-38285-2-2-2-1589983167
WRP - Hotfix-38285-2-2-5-1590168045
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP-38285-2-2-3-1590027446
Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod-65052-1-3-1658869646
Lumen - TTW-81060-1-4-1684630241
Lumen - NV - LLL-81060-1-4-1684630201
Lumen - NV-81060-1-4-1684630031
NPCs Sprint In Combat-68179-2-13-1623455074
MCM BugFix 2-42507-
The Mod Configuration Menu-42507-1-5
Just Assorted Mods-66666-4-4-1648916021
Functional Post Game Ending Lite TTW Patch-73668----1654896950
Functional Post Game Ending Lite-73668-5-5-1679200209
TTW New Vegas Speech Checks-68736-1-4-1657361317
TTW Reputations-68604-1-4-1657361262
New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod-74295-1-10-1673911628
Strip Lights Region Fix-73596-1-3-1644119016
Elijah Voice Files Fix-73526-0-1-1630530027
Crafting Consistency Fix-81130-1-1-1-1684022606
NVCS Installer-68776-13-1675087064
Exterior Emittance Fix-80443-1-1-0-1679005223
Strip Performance Fix-78617-1-0-1665515579
ActorCause Save Bloat Fix-80666-1-0-1680643208
Climate Control NVSE-77205-1-0-1656185991
Improved Lighting Shaders-69833-1-5beta4a-1668774269
Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned-77672-1-1-1658954471
ISControl ESPless FULL-75417-1-4-1659839349
Fast Weapon Lag Fix-71973-1-0-1617537597
Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus-71239-1-4-4-1678801170
UIO - User Interface Organizer-57174-2-30-1629600625
Stewie Tweaks INI-66347-2-1-1562243757
Stewie Tweaks-66347-8-65-1680382499
ShowOff NVSE-72541-1-60-1683687114
Console Paste-65906-1-0-1546350722
Improved Console-70801-1-6-1632234096
Viva Default Preset-81231-10-2-2-1-1684772043
JG NVSE-66927-4-93-1670006465
JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-57-01-1684021534
Fixed ESMS
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2023.06.03 14:19 SevenHeavy your thoughts on Black hair and Cosmetology schools?

Hi there! I am a newer Cosmetology instructor at a small school in the midwest and I am a white woman. I started teaching early this year after owning my own studio where I was lucky to serve people with all sorts of textures. The student body is diverse but has a lot of young white students from small surrounding towns, this includes the student I will be talking about. I am seeking thoughts/advice/perspective on a concern I have at my new workplace with this very long post. There’s a TLDR! Lol
Yesterday, a Black woman was on the schedule for a detangling service. It’s not a service that’s listed on the menu but more of a special note on a “wash and style” service stating that the client is dealing with some extreme tangling or matting of some kind. She came in and I joined her and the student (white) for the consultation where we learned that she did have some moderate matting due to depression. She mentioned that she is a regular and comes in relatively often for the same thing - I just hadn’t met her yet. So I give the student tips on caring for her today and let them get started. The student is nervous as she’s never done a detangling service and I think the client was noticing because when I’m working around the clinic floor helping others, I see the client take the brush from her a few times and brush her own hair a bit. I can tell by the student turning red at the cheeks that she’s feeling embarrassed or upset so I come over and help her finish detangling and it goes pretty smoothly. The client is very quiet and seems irritated so I check in but she doesn’t share any complaints or anything with me. She decides she would like a silk press (something this student also hasn’t done on a paying client yet) so I get her what she needs, give her a run down of the steps and let them get started.
An important note: I went to get another student started on a haircut and this student says “the woman with other student was really rude to me when I did her hair. Hope it’s going better today.” and I said it’s going fine and I’m sorry that happened.
I check in and the student seemed to struggle so I step in and help more. At this point I notice that the client seems to stop talking when I come by so I check in and make sure she’s doing okay and all that. We finish the service together because it’s been a few hours at this point and this woman has been getting a lot of work calls so I felt bad. We chat a bit while I help and it was pleasant. She asked about another student (who is Black) who was doing a different service across the floor and said she wants to see her next time. I could see the student I was helping slightly flinch at the comment and I, admittedly, didn’t know what to say. We finish and it looks nice so I sign them off and go take my lunch.
When I come back, the student approached me and said she was unhappy about that service. When asked why, she explained “that lady didn’t like me because I’m white” which I’ve heard a couple students say before and my reply is “did they SAY that?” (and the answer is usually “well…no”) but in this case the answer was yes. She said that any time I walked away, the client would say that I don’t know what I’m doing and that none of the instructors here know what they’re doing and she is only happy when she’s a Black student but when she calls and asks to see one, the front desk won’t do it. (which is true - we won’t book people based on requests like that) I am very sensitive so this made me pretty sad but the student was angry. It was clear this had an impact on her and she expressed that she doesn’t want to do a service like that again. I did my best to assure her that this was a person dealing with a lot and that this is not what she should expect in the future but she didn’t seem receptive. After discussing with a coworker, I learn that this type of thing is “going to happen a lot” - Black clients being upset with white students out loud and white students becoming disinterested in learning more. I also learn that this particular client took a walk around the clinic floor and asked a couple Black students about doing services for her in the future. These students were confused/uncomfortable.
I am feeling very stressed about this as I am really passionate about my new career teaching and I am excited about having a positive influence over new stylists. An aspect of this making sure students that I teach can and will welcome anyone into their future chairs. I am also passionate about anti-racism and respecting Black people’s wishes for their own hair. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on how I can make both work? These students are students and they all have different skills and learn at different rates but they ALL need to practice. Silk presses aren’t the only imperfect service being done. Us instructors are always having to fix cuts and troubleshoot color because the clinic floor exists as a practice space. I feel like people sometimes forget that and I am afraid it’s going to lead to more racist behavior in these new hairstylists. But as I type that out, I feel like I’m blaming disappointed Black people for racism which is insane. Ugh. If anyone made it this far, thank you so much and I’d welcome any thoughts.
TLDR: students struggle with learning to perform most services properly but there is an extra level of tension between a white student doing a mediocre job on a Black person’s hair -a Black client is very outspokenly disappointed that she is with a white student and the white student is angry. I feel that it’s the responsibility of Cosmetology schools to fix the divide in the hair industry but I, personally, feel ill-equipped.
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2023.06.03 14:16 Any_Car_8777 skeet invite

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2023.06.03 14:16 PDS_Games Dialogue scenes from a pixel RPG I'm working on called 'Daisy Flies to the Moon' for Steam where you travel between the Moon and a post-apocalyptic Earth

Dialogue scenes from a pixel RPG I'm working on called 'Daisy Flies to the Moon' for Steam where you travel between the Moon and a post-apocalyptic Earth submitted by PDS_Games to SoloDevelopment [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 14:14 trailmixture are there health hazards with keeping aquariums/paludariums in a bedroom?

first post here, but have enjoyed the feed for quite a few months now. i helped my son set up a small planted shrimp tank in his bedroom, and the set up has done well, on to 2nd and possibly 3rd generation orange sakura shrimp now. we have almost finished a 20 gallon long paludarium, 2nd gen shrimp, springtails and powder blue isopods have been added. we are preparing to add vampire crabs.
when my wife noticed lichen growing in the frog moss (which i love), it freaked her out, and she’s concerned these tanks should not be in my son’s room. she’s worried of any health problems from exposure to humidity(?) and possible fungus spores while he sleeps. i let her know that their are springstails and isopods cleaning any of those things up, i could see she was now worried about ‘bugs’ being in the house. (the tank is fully enclosed). 🤷‍♂️
any insight or recommendations on keeping a paludarium in a child’s bedroom safely? it’s turning into a lovely enclosure, and it would be somewhat challenging to relocate the tank.
thank so much.
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2023.06.03 14:14 puck2 Node restoration core/lightning sync process (core synced but lightning still syncing?)

After some sort of crash, I restored my umbrel using the seed phrase (full wipe and reinstall). Core is synchronized but Lightning Node still says:
Lightning Node is currently syncing.
Please try recovering your channels from the menu once your node has finished syncing.
Balance still shows a zero in core and lightning. Again, Core is 100% synced.
Is Lightning sync different than Core sync? How can I see status of Lightning sync?
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2023.06.03 14:11 Funky-Monk-- Is it time we get rid of equipment durability in games?

I care less about realism in games, and more about them just being as fun as possible. I can't think of almost any gaming experience where having to pay (in game money or resources) to repair equipment has made the game more fun to play. I understand survival games. But rpgs, action rpgs, any kinda other game, no. Fixing something is a menu thing, and I'd argue that less menu time is ~always better for a videogame. It also can make you not want to use good weapons, and just keeps this constant little stress in the back of your mind.
How do you feel about equipment durability? When did it make a game better?
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2023.06.03 14:05 Leave_Agile Creativity for 500+ portions

I've got a new job and we turn out 500+ portions of the same meal for lunch and 500+ of a different one for dinner. It's a nonprofit and they want me to replace the chef in their kitchen and they specifically said they're looking for someone to be "more creative" as they're getting tired of the plain Jane food. When I staged for their chef we made chili on rice with salad and herb roasted chicken thighs with peas and potatoes for dinner, about 700 of each, for reference,
That said, the clients are into basics and the owners have a lot of limitations on me - no pork, no nuts of any kinds, no shellfish, no tropical fruit, no fried foods, no pastry chef.
What would you put on the menu that would satisfy those requirements and also be able to be done in tremendous bulk? I did harissa chicken and it went well but would love to branch out more and hear what ideas y'all have.
Thank you for the help. I appreciate it immensely. This job is keeping me running and physically pushing in a whole new way and my brain could really use the assist 🤣
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2023.06.03 14:01 trypedia Implemented Colt1911, Bus Location and game transitions in our game
We added a new small location (a school bus off the road), a Colt 1911, and a transition from the game to the menu. In the game, the player will have a base (remember PayDay, I guess...) from which he will choose the locations and monsters he wants to hunt. Each location is unique, as is the monster the player will have to hunt.
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2023.06.03 14:00 SternenherzMusik My question about the MSEG curves

My question about the MSEG curves
How come that Bitwig introduces all those awesome envelope-shapes, yet, they are not usable (=directly insertable) in the normal arrangement/detail view Automation Lanes? Can that be true? Did i understand it correctly, that those shapes are only available in the modulators? Why would you introduce awesome envelope shapes in one section of the DAW and not make them available in the normal automation lanes, like Ableton has, in its rightclick menu?
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2023.06.03 13:54 nubbeldilla Performance and crash fix guide, three steps - created by nubbeldilla©

1st. My game had good performance, but was crashing sometimes and my pc got really loud.
Playing on an old i7 with a gtx 1080 on ultra settings and using reshade for better colors and it is working great, but my pc was getting loud and sometimes the game crashed.
By disabling nvidia reflex, now my pc is kind of quiet and it reduced the crashing.
I've wrote some explanations about why nvidia reflex can make a game unstable on older pc's here:
With a new high end pc there should be no problem at all, using nvidia reflex.
The next entry should fix crashing even more.
2nd. If your game is crashing or having bad performance try this.
Disable the mouse peripheral settings in the options menu. What was also helping was to lock the mouse cursor to the monitor. If there is a missclick on the second monitor, the game can have a framedrop or crash.
Found it here, maybe it will help you:
My game was crashing until, i've disabled that mouse peripheral option.
If you have done step 1 and 2 and there are still low fps, or crashes going on, try the third step for fixing it finally.
3rd. Someone posted to disable hardware acceleration in the blizzard app.
Im gonna say don't change this hardware acceleration thing, just set the app to close when starting the game ;) This should give a little performance boost, on low to mid tier computers.
By doing those 3 steps i've managed to fix my game and could play for some hours, without any problems at all. The game runs just fine.
Because i've mentioned reshade for better colors, here is a preview with some screenshots.
Still waiting for aprooval on nexus, they have to add the game, but my mod is already done.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Own-Replacement3797 Can anybody tell me if this is a stock part I’ve just bought the bike second hand but it doesn’t seem to be a stock part and if so what is it as it has a full control menu

Can anybody tell me if this is a stock part I’ve just bought the bike second hand but it doesn’t seem to be a stock part and if so what is it as it has a full control menu submitted by Own-Replacement3797 to Talaria [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:50 Mitriyanti Major Bug/problem with crafting

in the past 2-3 days I've been having this major problem with crafting. I can't craft anything because non of the recipes show up for me in the character menu and all of the workbenches is there anyway to fix this I tried to reinstall the game today but the problem still remains I'm playing on the ps5
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2023.06.03 13:44 Brilliant_Zucchini51 i just received my scuf reflex and there’s something wrong with it so on the ps5 main menu the buttons work just fine but once i get into any game the buttons don’t register anymore and i’m stuck please help

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2023.06.03 13:40 tempestuousknave Google Docs Now Features Collapsible Sections

From the horses mouth
Rollout began May 16th 2023, should be available to the majority of if not all users by now. To use, select from the menu: file>page setup>pageless. Now your headings are collapsible and nesting.
As someone who hates onenote and uses google suite pretty frequently I'm very pleased - this has been my biggest complaint with docs for years - the absence of this single feature prevented me from worldbuilding there. Hope this makes somebodies day like it did mine!
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2023.06.03 13:40 LeloucheOTR Spoiler report for Step 19

Step 19 @ Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, 28th of May (SELLOUT)

  1. Marino Saihara vs. Kanamic
  2. Asako Mia, Rensan & Yufa vs. Ayano Irie & Nene Arahata (BEASTZ REBELLION)
  3. ACT, Kira☆An & Mari vs. Naho Yamada, Naru & Sakura Mizushima
  4. Bulldozer Todoroki, Kyoka Iwai & MARU (Jadoshu) vs Chika Goto, Natsuki & Natsumi Sumikawa (The Royal)
  5. Asahi vs. Misa Matsui. No.1 Contender's Match.
  6. Miku Aono (c) vs CHIAKI for the AWG Championship.


Jadoshu time!

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2023.06.03 13:32 ChemicalGreek Idea/Brainstorm: Enable individuals to exchange purchased moons for earned moons at a substantial cost. The exchange will be facilitated through a smart contract utilizing TMD.

Hi everyone,
I got an idea to let investors swap their bought moons for earned moons to gain voting power in the sub. This could be done with a smart contract and TMD without admins help. Now I know that this might be a "payed to win" feature for future government polls, but I think if you set the fee high enough (for example 10%) it could benefit both parties.
The swap would be in this order:
1) Moons from the investor goes to TMD 2) TMD sends automatically the moons back minus the fee 3) The fee could go to:
With this idea the voting threshold will also be guaranteed for in the future. This would also give another "feature" to the moons ecosystem. The benefit for investors is that they will have a bigger share in future governance proposals (but at a cost of course).
I'm very eager to these two questions:
1) What do you think about this idea? 2) Where should the "fee" go? I summed up some examples above. 3) How much should the "fee" be? 5%/10%/20%/...?

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2023.06.03 13:29 KlutzyNugget Favorite restaurants for a date?

Our first wedding anniversary is coming up, and I’m looking to find a nice place with good food & drinks, preferably outdoor seating near the water that’s menu isn’t all seafood. I love the idea of going to downtown Newport but not sure of where the “place to be” is. Any suggestions?
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2023.06.03 13:28 AllUniversal What is the origin of the boot-up latest version date

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