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2020.03.07 02:10 tytbone LookTomarItsYou

get all the heckin' sweet Reddit upvotes posting pics that look like the oneyplays bois - Tomar, tomar II, tomuscus, tomommaSoStupid, Tostalgia Critic, rat-zach, etc. It is a circlejerk but at least have a funny post title.

2023.03.27 00:19 ThatBlueBun "Its oneyplays fault" in Zachs Reagan Voice

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2023.03.16 00:31 Ok-Abbreviations7445 Can the boys go on Hot ones PLEASE?

Can the boys go on Hot ones PLEASE?
So im just curious if the boys(lyle, chris, tomar, corey, zach, ect) have ever talked about wanting or not wanting to go on Hot ones, or just in general about hot ones. Honestly i would really love it if they would go on there.
the big one being Tomar, because he's an anime voice actor ontop of oneyplays
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2023.03.09 07:51 Hello_Kitty_Heart I have a celeb crush on Zach Hadel

Hi. It is currently 1:40AM for me as I type this but I just wanted to say that I have a crush on Zach Hadel (psychicpebbles). I have no idea why. I watched his YouTube every now and then. I also watch Oneyplays. I don't know I like his voice and he's funny asf. I have literally told no one about this haha. Anyways, thanks for reading <3
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2023.03.09 01:57 frogmethod I heard OneyPlays is like Sleepycabin. Rec me some good oney + zach + spazkid?

pls, i don't wanna sort through hundreds of videos, just a playlist of the good sleepycabin esque stuff ty ty <3
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2023.03.08 07:32 Ok-Garden2044 "Mama pack me a bag lunch" help

I was watching OneyPlays the other night and really liked this clip but don't remember when it was from but the episode had to have featured Zach and Lyle and they we're all doing old Asian guy voices and then Lyle said "mama pack me a bag lunch" in that voice. Any help would be appreciated
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2023.03.06 09:28 Dookiecookiewastaken Conspiracy theory: Zach is the guy that shits himself while playing mafia III

I’ve laughed at this video so many times but watching a recent episode of oneyplays they reference this video for what feels like the millionth time. Zach acts for a second like he has no idea what this video is and then goes “yeah something must be wrong with that guy” and the way he says it struck me for some reason. So I go to the mafia video and by god does it just sound exactly like him.
And like a fake but believable video about a guy that shits himself? It’s too perfect.
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2023.03.04 01:07 Dangerous_Fix_5502 My girlfriend started watching oneyplays and she realized that I've based my whole personality and sense of humor on Zach. Help.

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2023.02.24 13:17 XtheBarnOwl It's all OneyPlays?

I've known about OneyPlays for 2 years and I'm absolutely bamboozled by the connections to other things. First, it was the realization that most of the weird animations I saw on Youtube were made by either Zach or Cory, then I heard that Chris was friends with Jontron then in the Chris chan documentary it was stated that Cory was a judge in the Liquid Chris saga, AND NOW YOU GUYS TELL ME CHRIS WAS FRIENDS WITH SHADMAN??????????? Does the internet just orbit around OneyPlays?
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2023.02.24 13:00 agpSans I was watching an episode of oneyplays when I got inspired to draw a goblin and I thought it looks a little like the "funny little creature" zach made

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2023.02.24 06:04 welcometostrugglebus Does anyone have the source of Zach repeatedly saying “OOh I love you ,yes I love you ohhh” really fast?

I know the title is vague but I swear there is either an Oneyplays video or a Smiling Friends episode with Zach’s voice repeatedly screaming “I LOVE YOU” over and over.
I cannot for the life of me find it. I yell that often at my dog and my wife looks at me like I’m crazy so I need to find the source.
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2023.02.21 08:01 NinnyBoggy Why's Chris always the center of this shit?

It seems like every time there's drama in anyone associated with OneyPlays or Sleepy Cabin, Chris is always the one that's getting the brunt of it.
Veronica's stuff is obvious after the last week. I don't know how bad their breakup had to be for her to spend literal months binge drinking and shit-talking him, but god damn. It doesn't sound like they had much contact after their final breakup, so having enough bitterness to spend months hating the guy is insane (not that she's mentally stable).
Mick obviously had his own share of anti-Chrisness. After watching his recent video, it's more understandable why and how that came about. I was happy to hear his several apologies and to explain to Chris why he acted how he did, but still, another bit of Chris getting huge flack.
When Stamper goes off his rocker, he always seems to go after Chris. He does this publicly, and Chris has even publicly acknowledged that in this tweet.
It's just crazy. I've never seen beef with any other individual member. Zach never seems targeted, Tomar's warcrimes are never really discussed. No one has ever publicly shat on Cory, and even Shadman seemed to get out unscathed when his shit was hitting the fan recently, as far as backlash from the Sleepy Cabin crew went. Even when there were issues between Oney and the Grumps, that negativity seemed to get pushed over onto Ding Dong and Julian.
So what the fuck did Chris do to constantly deserve to catch flack? Is it just that he's often the center of things?
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2023.02.21 03:31 Sad_Implement_8017 AI rendition of Zach

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2023.02.18 17:24 autism_account OneyPlays is Sleepycabin 2.0

Zach, Chris, and Cory are riffing with each other again. Tomie is a great addition despite his unspeakable deeds. Lylebert brings some much needed sex appeal to the channel.
As someone who's followed the boys for over a decade, Oneyplays is better than Sleepycabin in a lot of ways. Some Sleepycabin episodes would just devolve into them screaming at each other incoherently for half an hour, or kissing Shad's ass when he was being an edgelord. Now that the boys have matured, they're less unhinged and keep the episodes tethered while still being funny.
And Sleepycabin couldn't last forever. A bunch of intermittently employed Newgrounds animators living in a house together generates funny content for a while, but when they start pushing their mid 30s they're either gonna shape up or flame out. And that's exactly what's happened. The Oneyplays boys are building careers for themselves and regularly generating content while they're at it.
Things haven't gone well for everyone, but Sleepycabin evolving into Oneyplays is pretty much the best thing that could've happened given how Shad, Stamper, and Mick have turned out. At least they didn't collapse completely like the Creatures/Cow Chop, far from it.
May the benevolent Christopher O'Neill's reign last 1000 years.
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2023.02.17 03:36 DrizzleMonster2567 Does Anyone Remember This?

I Remember An OneyPlays Joke From A Long Time Ago, It's Where Zach Tells A Story About A Video He Saw. In The Video A Guy Takes An Egg, Puts It In A Sock, And Then Puts It In A Closet For A Couple Nights. He Then Takes The Egg, And A Worm Hatches Out Of The Egg, And Then The Guy Smashes The Worm With A Bible.
Does Anyone Remember This Episode? Or Am I Just Making It Up...? Because I Swore I Heard It Before... If You Remember, Lemme Know What Episode It Is.
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2023.02.12 09:25 GothJimbt2003 Really late post but, after seeing Korey interviewing Doug Walker and him mentioning the Oneyplays bits, I was think that it would be cool if Korey would be able to interview Chris O’ Neal or maybe even Zach Hadel aswell..

What are your thoughts?
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2023.02.08 22:44 angrylizard-123 Death battle!

Zach vs Tomar fight to the death on Chris's back porch. Who do you think will win and be crowned champ of Oneyplays?
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With Smiling Friends being the great success it is and as often as they bring in guest voices from other Veteran flash animators, I honestly believe Adult Swim would make a killing bringing in the nostalgia that Newgrounds brings its target demographic.
The reason I say Zach Hadel and Chris O'Neill would make a great collab team is because of their past work together on projects like Hellbenders and Leo & Satan, which were peak animations that I still lose my shit laughing at. The two have been good friends for a very long time, and I have nothing but pure confidence in what the two can conjure up to pitch to Adult Swim for a new show.
Even watching them just goof off with commentary on O'Neill's "ONEYPlays" series is just hilariously wholesome and organic with the shit they talk about and make up on the spot, and I'd love to see the two finally do something together that is a bit more long-term and on a platform that can bring even more attention to both their creativity.
Besides, if Tim & Eric can have 21 Adult Swim shows, they should get a shot at having at least one together! (Don't know how many they actually have, I just know they've got too fucking many to count.)
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2023.01.21 19:43 Raikunh Saw this on twitter, had to share

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2023.01.04 20:17 bquanchi I Hope the Channel is Doing Well with Monetization

So been seeing a lot of content creators get hit hard on YouTube and monetization. Like getting limited ads for profanity. I believe YouTube updated terms and policies and it's been more strict and uptight with swearing. I know OneyPlays is usually transparent with re-uploads and monetization issues, just seems like even more of a pain now.
I do hope they use Zach's screams more to censor the bad words and if things get bad on YouTube, there's always the mango farm...
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2023.01.02 23:04 SomeoneDrawsBadly I spent 2 hours on this drawing of mr. zach hadel i even addad this sick ass image from various sources. please im only 7 and I LOOOVE oneyplays. (and yes this is pure natural talent and no im not a fed)

I spent 2 hours on this drawing of mr. zach hadel i even addad this sick ass image from various sources. please im only 7 and I LOOOVE oneyplays. (and yes this is pure natural talent and no im not a fed) submitted by SomeoneDrawsBadly to OneyPlays [link] [comments]

2022.12.25 06:38 Zenovias Help finding an animated on youtube

I'm trying to find thus specific oneyplays animated on YouTube where zach is telling a story I think, and at one point he shouts out a window: "its christmas!" in one of his gremlin voices.
Anyone know which one it could be?
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2022.12.24 17:45 Succmyspace Real question: Why is oneyplays randomness funny while other randomness is not funny?

Let’s face it, at the end of the day oneyplays is a bunch of random noises and random hypothetical scenarios, so what makes it more enjoyable than your average random=funny? My only theory is that it is so unhinged and detached from reality that the randomness is actually truly surprising.
Edit: My new, much better explanation based on some peoples replies: Rather than being truly “lol random”, the funny boys more play around with exaggerating and building upon certain easy to understand situations (a known tv show or cringe video or whatever). When the random ideas are paired with more familiar ideas, it makes a normal situation a lot funnier. They often build upon a mundane idea for awhile until it’s a fever dream scenario. One example of the top of my head (I think from the Christmas websplorers video) was Chris saying “I know Santa’s dead and all…” and then they really quickly flesh out a whole scene of Santa as a mummy in an evil sarcophagus with steam coming out of it. They really quickly think of new details that are bizzare but somehow fit the overall base idea. Also when they do stray into more stupid territory, they do it with self awareness (queue Zach saying “this is nothing”) and the knowledge that it is dumb humor. Also, they feel like they are sincerely just being funny to each other rather than trying to make the audience laugh. One of my personal favorite things that has happened in the show is Zach trying to scare whoever was playing the FNAF VR game. Feels like someone genuinely trying to fuck with his friends for the fun of it. Anyways that ends my endlessly detailed essay on why funny things are funny.
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