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2023.06.02 00:59 JoshAsdvgi THE FOUR BROTHERS


Alone and apart from their tribe dwelt four orphan brothers.
They had erected a very comfortable hut, although the materials used were only willows, hay, birch bark, and adobe mud.
After the completion of their hut, the oldest brother laid out the different kinds of work to be done by the four of them.
He and the second and third brothers were to do all the hunting, and the youngest brother was to do the house work, cook the meals, and keep plenty of wood on hand at all times.
As his older brothers would leave for their hunting very early every morning, and would not return till late at night, the little fellow always found plenty of spare time to gather into little piles fine dry wood for their winter use.
Thus the four brothers lived happily for a long time.
One day while out gathering and piling up wood, the boy heard a rustling in the leaves and looking around he saw a young woman standing in the cherry bushes, smiling at him.
"Who are you, and where did you come from?" asked the boy, in surprise.
"I am an orphan girl and have no relatives living.
I came from the village west of here.
I learned from rabbit that there were four orphan brothers living here all alone, and that the youngest was keeping house for his older brothers, so I thought I would come over and see if I couldn't have them adopt me as their sister, so that I might keep house for them, as I am very poor and have no relations, neither have I a home."
She looked so pitiful and sad that the boy thought to himself, "I will take her home with me, poor girl, no matter what my brothers think or say."
Then he said to her: "Come on, tanke (sister).
You may go home with me; I am sure my older brothers will be glad to have you for our sister."
When they arrived at the hut, the girl hustled about and cooked up a fine hot supper, and when the brothers returned they were surprised to see a girl sitting by the fire in their hut. After they had entered the youngest brother got up and walked outside, and a short time after the oldest brother followed him out.
"Who is that girl, and where did she come from?" he asked his brother.
Whereupon the brother told him the whole story.
Upon hearing this the oldest brother felt very sorry for the poor orphan girl and going back into the hut he spoke to the girl, saying: "Sister, you are an orphan, the same as we; you have no relatives, no home.
We will be your brothers, and our poor hut shall be your home.
Henceforth call us brothers, and you will be our sister."
"Oh, how happy I am now that you take me as your sister.
I will be to you all as though we were of the same father and mother," said the girl.
And true to her word, she looked after everything of her brothers and kept the house in such fine shape that the brothers blessed the day that she came to their poor little hut.
She always had an extra buckskin suit and two pairs of moccasins hanging at the head of each one's bed.
Buffalo, deer, antelope, bear, wolf, wildcat, mountain lion and beaver skins she tanned by the dozen, and piled nicely in one corner of the hut.
When the Indians have walked a great distance and are very tired, they have great faith in painting their feet, claiming that paint eases the pain and rests their feet.
After their return from a long day's journey, when they would be lying down resting, the sister would get her paint and mix it with the deer tallow and rub the paint on her brother's feet, painting them up to their ankles.
The gentle touch of her hands, and the soothing qualities of the tallow and paint soon put them into a deep, dreamless steep.
Many such kind actions on her part won the hearts of the brothers, and never was a full blood sister loved more than was this poor orphan girl, who had been taken as their adopted sister.
In the morning when they arose, the sister always combed their long black silken scalp locks and painted the circle around the scalp lock a bright vermillion.
When the hunters would return with a goodly supply of beef, the sister would hurry and relieve them of their packs, hanging each one high enough from the ground so the prowling dogs and coyotes could not reach them.
The hunters each had a post on which to hang his bow and flint head arrows.
(Good hunters never laid their arrows on the ground, as it was considered unlucky to the hunter who let his arrows touch the earth after they had been out of the quiver).
They were all perfectly happy, until one day the older brother surprised them all by saying: "We have a plentiful supply of meat on hand at present to last us for a week or so.
I am going for a visit to the village west of us, so you boys all stay at home and help sister. Also gather as much wood as you can and I will be back again in four days.
On my return we will resume our hunting and commence getting our year's supply of meat."
He left the next morning, and the last they saw of him was while he stood at the top of the long range of hills west of their home.
Four days had come and gone and no sign of the oldest brother.
"I am afraid that our brother has met with some accident," said the sister.
"I am afraid so, too," said the next oldest. "
I must go and search for him; he may be in some trouble where a little help would get him out."
The second brother followed the direction his brother had taken, and when he came to the top of the long range of hills he sat down and gazed long and steadily down into the long valley with a beautiful creek winding through it.
Across the valley was a long plain stretching for miles beyond and finally ending at the foot of another range of hills, the counterpart of the one upon which he sat.
After noting the different landmarks carefully, he arose and slowly started down the slope and soon came to the creek he had seen from the top of the range.
Great was his surprise on arriving at the creek to find what a difference there was in the appearance of it from the range and where he stood.
From the range it appeared to be a quiet, harmless, laughing stream.
Now he saw it to be a muddy, boiling, bubbling torrent, with high perpendicular banks.
For a long time he stood, thinking which way to go, up or down stream.
He had just decided to go down stream, when, on chancing to look up, he noticed a thin column of smoke slowly ascending from a little knoll.
He approached the place cautiously and noticed a door placed into the creek bank on the opposite side of the stream.
As he stood looking at the door, wondering who could be living in a place like that, it suddenly opened and a very old appearing woman came out and stood looking around her. Soon she spied the young man, and said to him: "My grandchild, where did you come from and whither are you bound?"
The young man answered: "I came from east of this ridge and am in search of my oldest brother, who came over in this direction five days ago and who has not yet returned."
"Your brother stopped here and ate his dinner with me, and then left, traveling towards the west," said the old witch, for such she was. "
Now, grandson, come across on that little log bridge up the stream there and have your dinner with me.
I have it all cooked now and just stepped outside to see if there might not be some hungry traveler about, whom I could invite in to eat dinner with me."
The young man went up the stream a little distance and found a couple of small logs which had been placed across the stream to serve as a bridge.
He crossed over and went down to the old woman's dugout hut.
"Come in grandson, and eat. I know you must be hungry."
The young man sat down and ate a real hearty meal.
On finishing he arose and said: "Grandmother, I thank you for your meal and kindness to me.
I would stay and visit with you awhile, as I know it must be very lonely here for you, but I am very anxious to find my brother, so I must be going.
On my return I will stop with my brother and we will pay you a little visit."
"Very well, grandson, but before you go, I wish you would do me a little favor.
Your brother did it for me before he left, and cured me, but it has come back on me again.
I am subject to very severe pains along the left side of my backbone, all the way from my shoulder blade down to where my ribs attach to my backbone, and the only way I get any relief from the pain is to have some one kick me along the side."
(She was a witch, and concealed in her robe a long sharp steel spike. It was placed so that the last kick they would give her, their foot would hit the spike and they would instantly drop off into a swoon, as if dead.)
"If I won't hurt you too much, grandmother, I certainly will be glad to do it for you," said the young man, little thinking he would be the one to get hurt.
"No, grandson, don't be afraid of hurting me; the harder you kick the longer the pain stays away."
She laid down on the floor and rolled over on to her right side, so he could get a good chance to kick the left side where she said the pain was located.
As he moved back to give the first kick, he glanced along the floor and he noticed a long object wrapped in a blanket, lying against the opposite wall.
He thought it looked strange and was going to stop and investigate, but just then the witch cried out as if in pain.
"Hurry up, grandson, I am going to die if you don't hurry and start in kicking."
" I can investigate after I get through with her," thought he, so he started in kicking and every kick he would give her she would cry: "Harder, kick harder."
He had to kick seven times before he would get to the end of the pain, so he let out as hard as he could drive, and when he came to the last kick he hit the spike, and driving it through his foot, fell down in a dead swoon, and was rolled up in a blanket by the witch and placed beside his brother at the opposite side of the room.
When the second brother failed to return, the third went in search of the two missing ones. He fared no better than the second one, as he met the old witch who served him in a similar manner as she had his two brothers.
"Ha! Ha!" she laughed, when she caught the third, "I have only one more of them to catch, and when I get them I will keep them all here a year, and then I will turn them into horses and sell them back to their sister.
I hate her, for I was going to try and keep house for them and marry the oldest one, but she got ahead of me and became their sister, so now I will get my revenge on her.
Next year she will be riding and driving her brothers and she won't know it."
When the third brother failed to return, the sister cried and begged the last one not to venture out in search of them.
But go he must, and go he did, only to do as his three brothers had done.
Now the poor sister was nearly distracted.
Day and night she wandered over hills and through woods in hopes she might find or hear of some trace of them.
Her wanderings were in vain.
The hawks had not seen them after they had crossed the little stream.
The wolves and coyotes told her that they had seen nothing of her brothers out on the broad plains, and she had given them up for dead.
One day, as she was sitting by the little stream that flowed past their hut, throwing pebbles into the water and wondering what she should do, she picked up a pure white pebble, smooth and round, and after looking at it for a long time, threw it into the water.
No sooner had it hit the water than she saw it grow larger.
She took it out and looked at it and threw it in again.
This time it had assumed the form of a baby.
She took it out and threw it in the third time and the form took life and began to cry: "Ina, ina" (mother, mother).
She took the baby home and fed it soup, and it being an unnatural baby, quickly grew up to a good sized boy.
At the end of three months he was a good big, stout youth.
One day he said: "Mother, why are you living here alone? To whom do all these fine clothes and moccasins belong?" She then told him the story of her lost brothers.
"Oh, I know now where they are.
You make me lots of arrows.
I am going to find my uncles." She tried to dissuade him from going, but he was determined and said: "My father sent me to you so that I could find my uncles for you, and nothing can harm me, because I am stone and my name is "Stone Boy."
The mother, seeing that he was determined to go, made a whole quiver full of arrows for him, and off he started.
When he came to the old witch's hut, she was nowhere to be seen, so he pushed the door in and entered.
The witch was busily engaged cooking dinner.
"Why, my dear grandchild, you are just in time for dinner.
Sit down and we will eat before you continue your journey."
Stone boy sat down and ate dinner with the old witch.
She watched him very closely, but when she would be drinking her soup he would glance hastily around the room.
Finally he saw the four bundles on the opposite side of the room, and he guessed at once that there lay his four uncles.
When he had finished eating he took out his little pipe and filled it with "kini-kinic," and commenced to smoke, wondering how the old woman had managed to fool his smart uncles.
He couldn't study it out, so when he had finished his smoke he arose to pretend to go. When the old woman saw him preparing to leave, she said: "Grandson, will you kick me on the left side of my backbone.
I am nearly dead with pain and if you kick me good and hard it will cure me."
"All right, grandma," said the boy.
The old witch lay down on the floor and the boy started in to kick.
At the first kick he barely touched her.
"Kick as hard as you can, grandson; don't be afraid you will hurt me, because you can't." With that Stone Boy let drive and broke two ribs.
She commenced to yell and beg him to stop, but he kept on kicking until he had kicked both sides of her ribs loose from the backbone.
Then he jumped on her backbone and broke it and killed the old witch.
He built a big fire outside and dragged her body to it, and threw her into the fire.
Thus ended the old woman who was going to turn his uncles into horses.
Next he cut willows and stuck them into the ground in a circle.
The tops he pulled together, making a wickieup.
He then took the old woman's robes and blankets and covered the wickieup so that no air could get inside.
He then gathered sage brush and covered the floor with a good thick bed of sage; got nice round stones and got them red hot in the fire, and placed them in the wickieup and proceeded to carry his uncles out of the hut and lay them down on the soft bed of sage. Having completed carrying and depositing them around the pile of rocks, he got a bucket of water and poured it on the hot rocks, which caused a great vapor in the little wickie-up.
He waited a little while and then listened and heard some breathing inside, so he got another bucket and poured that on also.
After awhile he could hear noises inside as though some one were moving about.
He went again and got the third bucket and after he had poured that on the rocks, one of the men inside said:
"Whoever you are, good friend, don't bring us to life only to scald us to death again."
Stone boy then said: "Are all of you alive?" "Yes," said the voice. "Well, come out," said the boy.
And with that he threw off the robes and blankets, and a great cloud of vapor arose and settled around the top of the highest peak on the long range, and from that did Smoky Range derive its name.
The uncles, when they heard who the boy was, were very happy, and they all returned together to the anxiously waiting sister.
As soon as they got home, the brothers worked hard to gather enough wood to last them all winter.
Game they could get at all times of the year, but the heavy fall of snow covered most of the dry wood and also made it very difficult to drag wood through the deep snow.
So they took advantage of the nice fall weather and by the time the snow commenced falling they had enough wood gathered to last them throughout the winter.
After the snow fell a party of boys swiftly coasted down the big hill west of the brothers' hut.
The Stone boy used to stand and watch them for hours at a time.
His youngest uncle said: "Why don't you go up and coast with them?"
The boy said: "They may be afraid of me, but I guess I will try once, anyway."
So the next morning when the crowd came coasting, Stone boy started for the hill.
When he had nearly reached the bottom of the coasting hill all of the boys ran off excepting two little fellows who had a large coaster painted in different colors and had little bells tied around the edges, so when the coaster was in motion the bells made a cheerful tinkling sound.
As Stone boy started up the hill the two little fellows started down and went past him as though shot from a hickory bow.
When they got to the end of their slide, they got off and started back up the hill.
It being pretty steep, Stone boy waited for them, so as to lend a hand to pull the big coaster up the hill.
As the two little fellows came up with him he knew at once that they were twins, as they looked so much alike that the only way one could be distinguished from the other was by the scarfs they wore.
One wore red, the other black.
He at once offered to help them drag their coaster to the top of the hill.
When they got to the top the twins offered their coaster to him to try a ride.
At first he refused, but they insisted on his taking it, as they said they would sooner rest until he came back.
So he got on the coaster and flew down the hill, only he was such an expert he made a zigzag course going down and also jumped the coaster off a bank about four feet high, which none of the other coasters dared to tackle.
Being very heavy, however, he nearly smashed the coaster.
Upon seeing this wonderful jump, and the zigzag course he had taken going down, the twins went wild with excitement and decided that they would have him take them down when he got back.
So upon his arrival at the starting point, they both asked him at once to give them the pleasure of the same kind of a ride he had taken.
He refused, saying: "We will break your coaster.
I alone nearly smashed it, and if we all get on and make the same kind of a jump, I am afraid you will have to go home without your coaster."
"Well, take us down anyway, and if we break it our father will make us another one."
So he finally consented.
When they were all seated ready to start, he told them that when the coaster made the jump they must look straight ahead.
"By no means look down, because if you do we will go over the cut bank and land in a heap at the bottom of the gulch."
They said they would obey what he said, so off they started swifter than ever, on account of the extra weight, and so swiftly did the sleigh glide over the packed, frozen snow, that it nearly took the twins' breath away.
Like an arrow they approached the jump.
The twins began to get a little nervous. "Sit steady and look straight ahead," yelled Stone boy.
The twin next to Stone boy, who was steering behind, sat upright and looked far ahead, but the one in front crouched down and looked into the coulee.
Of course, Stone boy, being behind, fell on top of the twins, and being so heavy, killed both of them instantly, crushing them to a jelly.
The rest of the boys, seeing what had happened, hastened to the edge of the bank, and looking down, saw the twins laying dead, and Stone boy himself knocked senseless, lying quite a little distance from the twins.
The boys, thinking that all three were killed, and that Stone boy had purposely steered the sleigh over the bank in such a way that it would tip and kill the twins, returned to the village with this report.
Now, these twins were the sons of the head chief of the Buffalo Nation.
So at once the chief and his scouts went over to the hill to see if the boys had told the truth.
When they arrived at the bank they saw the twins lying dead, but where was Stone boy? They looked high and low through the gulch, but not a sign of him could they find.
Tenderly they picked up the dead twins and carried them home, then held a big council and put away the bodies of the dead in Buffalo custom.
A few days after this the uncles were returning from a long journey.
When they drew near their home they noticed large droves of buffalo gathered on their side of the range.
Hardly any buffalo ever ranged on this east side of the range before, and the brothers thought it strange that so many should so suddenly appear there now.
When they arrived at home their sister told them what had happened to the chief's twins, as her son had told her the whole story upon his arrival at home after the accident.
"Well, probably all the buffalo we saw were here for the council and funeral," said the older brother.
"But where is my nephew?" (Stone boy) he asked his sister.
"He said he had noticed a great many buffalo around lately and he was going to learn, if possible, what their object was," said the sister. "Well, we will wait until his return."
When Stone boy left on his trip that morning, before the return of his uncles, he was determined to ascertain what might be the meaning of so many buffalo so near the home of himself and uncles.
He approached several bunches of young buffalo, but upon seeing him approaching they would scamper over the hills.
Thus he wandered from bunch to bunch, scattering them all.
Finally he grew tired of their cowardice and started for home.
When he had come to within a half mile or so of home he saw an old shaggy buffalo standing by a large boulder, rubbing on it first one horn and then the other.
On coming up close to him, the boy saw that the bull was so old he could hardly see, and his horns so blunt that he could have rubbed them for a year on that boulder and not sharpened them so as to hurt anyone.
"What are you doing here, grandfather?" asked the boy.
"I am sharpening my horns for the war," said the bull.
"What war?" asked the boy.
"Haven't you heard," said the old bull, who was so near sighted he did not recognize Stone boy.
"The chief's twins were killed by Stone boy, who ran them over a cut bank purposely, and the chief has ordered all of his buffalo to gather here, and when they arrive we are going to kill Stone boy and his mother and his uncles."
"Is that so? When is the war to commence?"
"In five days from now we will march upon the uncles and trample and gore them all to death."
"Well, grandfather, I thank you for your information, and in return will do you a favor that will save you so much hard work on your blunt horns."
So saying he drew a long arrow from his quiver and strung his bow, attached the arrow to the string and drew the arrow half way back.
The old bull, not seeing what was going on, and half expecting some kind of assistance in his horn sharpening process, stood perfectly still.
Thus spoke Stone boy:
"Grandfather, you are too old to join in a war now, and besides if you got mixed up in that big war party you might step in a hole or stumble and fall and be trampled to death.
That would be a horrible death, so I will save you all that suffering by just giving you this.
" At this word he pulled the arrow back to the flint head and let it fly.
True to his aim, the arrow went in behind the old bull's foreleg, and with such force was it sent that it went clear through the bull and stuck into a tree two hundred feet away.
Walking over to the tree, he pulled out his arrow.
Coolly straightening his arrow between his teeth and sighting it for accuracy, he shoved it back into the quiver with its brothers, exclaiming:
"I guess, grandpa, you won't need to sharpen your horns for Stone boy and his uncles."
Upon his arrival home he told his uncles to get to work building three stockades with ditches between and make the ditches wide and deep so they will hold plenty of buffalo.
"The fourth fence I will build myself," he said.
The brothers got to work early and worked until very late at night.
They built three corrals and dug three ditches around the hut, and it took them three days to complete the work. Stone boy hadn't done a thing towards building his fence yet, and there were only two days more left before the charge of the buffalo would commence.
Still the boy didn't seem to bother himself about the fence.
Instead he had his mother continually cutting arrow sticks, and as fast as she could bring them he would shape them, feather and head them.
So by the time his uncles had their fences and corrals finished he had a thousand arrows finished for each of his uncles.
The last two days they had to wait, the uncles joined him and they finished several thousand more arrows.
The evening before the fifth day he told his uncles to put up four posts, so they could use them as seats from which to shoot.
While they were doing this, Stone boy went out to scout and see how things looked.
At daylight he came hurriedly in saying, "You had better get to the first corral; they are coming."
"You haven't built your fence, nephew." Whereupon Stone boy said: "I will build it in time; don't worry, uncle."
The dust on the hillsides rose as great clouds of smoke from a forest fire.
Soon the leaders of the charge came in sight, and upon seeing the timber stockade they gave forth a great snort or roar that fairly shook the earth.
Thousands upon thousands of mad buffalo charged upon the little fort.
The leaders hit the first stockade and it soon gave way.
The maddened buffalo pushed forward by the thousands behind them; plunged forward, only to fall into the first ditch and be trampled to death by those behind them.
The brothers were not slow in using their arrows, and many a noble beast went down before their deadly aim with a little flint pointed arrow buried deep in his heart.
The second stockade stood their charge a little longer than did the first, but finally this gave way, and the leaders pushed on through, only to fall into the second ditch and meet a similar fate to those in the first.
The brothers commenced to look anxiously towards their nephew, as there was only one more stockade left, and the second ditch was nearly bridged over with dead buffalo, with the now thrice maddened buffalo attacking the last stockade more furiously than before, as they could see the little hut through the openings in the corral.
"Come in, uncles," shouted Stone boy.
They obeyed him, and stepping to the center he said: "Watch me build my fence."
Suiting the words, he took from his belt an arrow with a white stone fastened to the point and fastening it to his bow, he shot it high in the air. Straight up into the air it went, for two or three thousand feet, then seemed to stop suddenly and turned with point down and descended as swiftly as it had ascended.
Upon striking the ground a high stone wall arose, enclosing the hut and all who were inside. Just then the buffalo broke the last stockade only to fill the last ditch up again.
In vain did the leaders butt the stone wall.
They hurt themselves, broke their horns and mashed their snouts, but could not even scar the wall.
The uncles and Stone boy in the meantime rained arrows of death into their ranks.
When the buffalo chief saw what they had to contend with, he ordered the fight off.
The crier or herald sang out: "Come away, come away, Stone boy and his uncles will kill all of us."
So the buffalo withdrew, leaving over two thousand of their dead and wounded on the field, only to be skinned and put away for the feasts of Stone boy and his uncles, who lived to be great chiefs of their own tribe,
and whose many relations soon joined them on the banks of Stone Boy Creek.
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2023.06.02 00:29 Desperate-Smile-4579 TIL a funeral home in Michigan has a drive-thru. You can view the deceased through a window and pay your respects. There is also a registry book and a memorial box for dropping off cards

TIL a funeral home in Michigan has a drive-thru. You can view the deceased through a window and pay your respects. There is also a registry book and a memorial box for dropping off cards submitted by Desperate-Smile-4579 to u/Desperate-Smile-4579 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:24 flirtyglitter This fucking sucks

OK I'm about to scream. I stepped out to go to the store to get groceries and when I reach for my wallet in my purse, it's gone. So I ask the cashier to wait a second and I go through my bag again and it's just not there. I'm embarrassed and step to the side to go through my purse and then tell the manager that I think my wallet was stolen because I know I put it in my bag and now it's gone.

Then this lady comes up to me and tells me that she found a wallet outside the store and asks me if that's it. I say yeah, open it up, and everything money related is gone, my cash, my debit card, and my credit card. They left me my ID, my insurance card, and the funeral card from when my grandmother died. Thanks a lot, by the way.

So now I'm strapped and I check my balance when I get home and of course, my funds were stolen. I have to contact customer service and wait who know how long until my money is replaced? I feel like I'm going to scream. I fucking hate New York. I've lived here my whole life and it's trash central. Fuck me.
The bank will replace it but there has to be an investigation first. My mom is unable to help and my aunt can't do it until her paycheck clears next week. This is humiliating and pissing me off. I'm a grown woman and I'm in this situation. I hope whoever took my cards gets run over by a train.
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2023.06.02 00:18 Alfred-Stewart Homesick for Washington

Less than a year ago I moved from Western Washington to Florida (hell on earth) then to Massachusetts. Massachusetts is ok but it’s certainly not Washington, it’s so boring here and the nature is boring because literally 75% of New England was deforested. I don’t feel at home, it feels like an over extended vacation and I want to go home. It’s so hot and dry here in the summer and the bright oak trees are so soul-crushing. When I look at the horizon I want to cry, I used to see mighty snow-capped mountains, I used to see Mount Rainer high above the horizon from Seattle. Now all I see is hills with water towers here and there. I lived 30 min away from Snoqualmie Pass and would love driving under the shadow of great Mountains. The Appalachian “mountains” are a joke, glorified hills. I loved the big state feeling, Washington felt like a separate entity from the U.S., it felt like home, I felt like I was part of a community. I loved driving at night under the pine trees. I miss the lush forests and towering trees. I miss home, so much.
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2023.06.01 23:08 Stock_End2255 What is this and what do I need to succeed?

What is this and what do I need to succeed?
Today was my grandma’s funeral, and in her honor (she stole several full plants from my college graduation), I proplifted a leaf and and couple nodes from this beautiful plant. I plan on putting this in water tonight and a damp paper towel for my flight home. What do I need to do when I get it home and what is it? (I think it is a pothos or a philodendron?!?)
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2023.06.01 22:13 ADHDavidThoreau Should minors be allowed in Churches or at religious events?

tl;dr - title
I’m all for people’s rights to practice religion, but I’m of the opinion that children shouldn’t be allowed in churches.
Church isn’t a place for kids. They’re too young to understand the adult themes in the Bible and they’re often subject to abuse by church leaders. Give people the religious freedom to teach their kids religion at home, but bar minors from attending church activities outside of weddings and funerals. Kids are also not mature enough to make an informed decision about whether or not religion is right for them, and forcing your kid to go to congregation could amount to abuse. The risks are many and the benefits are few.
Is there an objectively strong argument to bar kids from church?
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2023.06.01 22:09 Queerursmear ISO baby bassinet/rocking chair

Hello! I work at a funeral home and I’m looking for a baby bassinet or rocking chair for infant funeral services. If anyone has one that they’re looking to get rid of please let me know, it’ll be going to a great cause for our families who have experienced devastating loss.
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 22:00 Mandminla Navigation route not highlighting upon reroute

Navigation route not highlighting upon reroute
I just got the new navigation update the other day, and now the blue highlighting of my route doesn’t update if there’s a reroute. For example, if I miss a turn, the directions will change to reroute me, but the originally highlighted route will stay highlighted. You can see this in the attached photo where I’ve missed a turn, am on a new route (light gray), but the original route is still highlighted in blue. As I noted, the turn by turn directions updated correctly, just not the blue highlighting. This worked before the update. Anyone else having this issue?
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2023.06.01 21:59 MaxAvery [Dreadgod] Max’s “Sure to please everyone” Definitive Cradle Ranking

I started my reread too early and I’ve been bouncing off the walls waiting for the final entry into the series. So I thought I’d recap on our shared journey and bring us all together in harmony.
Although we all know what happened to Harmony.
From the bottom up:

#11 Skysworn

It’s a little weird putting this last since it has one of my favorite openings in the series, but really just because it’s last doesn’t mean it’s bad. It does a good amount of work introducing stuff, we get the phoenix and redmoon, and the Akura clan, Mercy joins the gang, Ruby gets yoinked out, Oz’s Marble gets revealed, it’s not that stuff doesn’t happen, it’s just there’s no sense of purpose in the book. After the Jai Long fight, but after that the only real goal in the book is Yerin wanting to fight Redmoon hall, and then they don’t. All of our main characters are totally sidelined and we’re all sitting around waiting for ghostwater. Even though there’s great individual scenes, it just sort of meanders for the last two thirds of the book so number 11.
Best parts: Jai Daishou’s quest for revenge is seriously one of my favorite bits. Also Lindon just smashing the kid for the Kotai clan. After three books of Lindon hiding and fawning, seeing him go against someone on his own level for once is such a rewarding payoff. He needs a shell though.

#10 Reaper

This is my Skysworn problem all over again. One of the best endings in the series, but it ends a book that kind of wanders around a bit. I don’t mind the dungeon crawl but it gets a little repetitive for me as they go room to room without really giving character payoffs. It’s good to see the evolution of the dynamic between Eithan and Lindon/Yerin, but that change happened over the last two books. Nothing really shifts in the group dynamic and all the accomplishments feel incidental. Lindon makes a big deal about not leaving anyone behind and then immediately is like “Psych!” But also everyone leaves in order to help out in the Valley and they don’t. In fact the whole war in the Sacred Valley feels pretty. . . .meaningless. Like did anything really happen there in the first place? And are we caring about Jai Long or not? It’s nice to see Yerin and Lindon relax for a bit and the Twin Stars sect is fun, but it feels like not quite the right amount of it to be totally satisfying.
Everyone just feels underused. Mercy has always been a few levels behind the gang but managed to contribute important emotional intelligence and insights, here she just feels wasted. Yerin gets some fine slashy slashy bits, but nothing really challenges her this book. Dross’s bits probably are more fun on audiobook, but these personalities kinda grate on me. Also knocked down some extra points for the lack of Fisher Gesha. Dreadgod’s Gesha is right, you have all this time off and a broken Dross and you don’t stop in for a chat? Even Lindon’s advancement feels a little weird with Reigan Shen just scattering out natural treasures for the ambience. Meh.
I actually had this ranked higher but while writing this I had to bring it down. There’s some cool fights, but it just feels like grinding for XP until the end. The Eithan/Shen showdown is great and again the ending is spectacular. But otherwise not as satisfying as the average book.
Best Parts: The Destroyer Has Come (YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!). Also “Let him kick you.”

#9 Unsouled

Unsouled usually gets ranked near the bottom for folks and I really wanted to rank it higher, but it’s hard to compete with the full gang. It’s definitely a book that I need to tell people they have to get past the halfway point, so I suppose that’s a point against it. But also what a great turn in the middle. Will does such a good job setting us up for the generic fantasy genre before going “Oh you thought these were the stakes? A Kid Who’s DifferentTM needs to impress the schools in the Sacred Valley? F*** those stakes. The WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER” And honestly the ways he absolutely massacres those tropes are so good. When he joins heaven’s glory and they set him up with rivals that do not matter and months long objectives we never even bother with. The series would not work if we didn’t spend this time with the Unsouled Lindon and watching an actual interesting protagonist cheat to win and beat up kids and grovel his way to survival. It also does such a good job introducing us to the theme of there’s always a bigger pond. It helps make each step of the journey feel that much bigger and more awe inspiring because in this book Will made us feel like these hillbilly antics were actually powerful and impressive feats of the sacred arts. Great intro, lots of good character stuff, bottom of the ranks. Also looking back at it, how did a bunch of jades kill a sage?
Best Parts: Lindon in the Ancestor’s Tomb watches Elder Whitehall enter and look around for traps and feels his first bit of pride in the series. It’s a small moment but it sticks with me. Also Yerin when she enters and is all “The Disciple greets her master.” Also them robbing the lesser treasure hall.

#8 Soulsmith

7 and 8 flip flop a lot for me depending on my mood. Soulsmith is going here today because I think it takes the longest to get going. Besides that though there’s a lot to love in this one. Eithan and Gesha get really terrific, cinematic introductions and there’s a great sense of pacing and stakes in this one. Everything feels tough for the ol’ baby-head man and we get to see both the strengths and limitations of his scheming. Kral/Jai Long are also a really nice set of complex, relatable antagonists. I always appreciate how Will will let you get to know the bad guys and see them as the heroes of their own stories (but just messed up enough to cheer their deaths). Despite the slow start this book is always better than I remember and has a lot of heart in it. It is funny on this read seeing how Ethan is at the beginning. We think about how much Cradle changed him, but really it was Yerin and Lindon. That’s really fun storytelling.
Best Parts: Lindon advancing vs the Sandviper kid advancing sequence is something I always think about when I look back at the series.

#7 Dreadgod

This book slaps. Everyone gets a good amount of spotlight time and the Silent King is a great villain (RIP). On this reread I don’t mind the Jai Long death as much, but I still would’ve liked a scene with Kelsa and Jai Chen afterwards. This end to Jai Long arc kind of makes me wonder about the amount of time we’ve spent on his redemption arc, but if someone has to pay the piper, I’m glad it wasn’t little blue. The rest of the crew really gets to shine even with Eithan off world. The dynamics that have grown over the course of the series are really humming by this point and it’s nice to see different pairings. The heists are fun and the Redmoon Hall stuff is great. So why isn’t this higher on the list? Well Mercy feels a little too much damsel in distress. Once the Silent King is dead, the rest of the book feels a little lower stakes. Even with all the monarchs against the gang it doesn’t feel like there’s too much danger in that last fight. Also again needs more Fisher Gesha. \
Best Parts: That silent king battle is so good. Also the dreadnought city stuff is good. Basically anything to do with the Silent King. “Pew pew”

#6 Uncrowned

Just a few years after the Seven Year Festival Lindon takes the competition stage again. Imagine what he could do to the foundation level Sacred Valley 10 year olds now. These Tournament arcs are always a super fun part of Shonen Animes. And it is a great time the whole way through. Do characters learn things and change? Not so much. But does it have a scene where Lindon absolutely wrecks the Akura Clan’s top underlords? Absolutely. The book does such a good job building up Sophanaroth as the tournament’s boogeyman. That last Yerin/Lindon fight is everything. It’s a break from the serious work of the other books which is why it’s out of the top five, but man I could read the heck out of it.
Best Parts: Anything with Akura Fury, that opening scene with Lindon being tested followed by Yerin vs Eithan.
Odd Part: Sort of feel like this book’s emphasis on Yerin sensing the Way and Lindon not being able to is less misdirection and more…just kinda weird. Like…did Will change his mind? Coulda set Lindon up a little bit and would have made the beginning of Wintersteel feel a little more natural. But eh, no biggie.

#5 Ghostwater

Okay, okay, put away your pitchforks. I know this is a #1 for a lot of people. I get it. I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong. But the thing I love about the series is the great interplay between the characters and they’re all separated here. As a Lindon solo-quest it’s terrific: He does steroids, he does homework, he hangs out in a library, and he goes fishing. It’s great.
My main complaints: Harmony as a villain is a little flat. Every book in this series does a great job setting up the antagonists as fully realized characters, but here Ekeri gets that spotlight and Harmony is just sort of brooding ominously in the distance. Mercy and Yerin spend most of the book on the sidelines hiding. The Endless sword stuff we get with Yerin is nice, but it would’ve been nice to have them bond a little more.
So I know you’re wondering “Hey, Max, if you have so many complaints why is it ranked so high?” and the answer is simple: DROSSSSSSS BAAAAAAAAABY. We also have Fisher Gesha blasting emissaries out of the sky.
More importantly we see Lindon pushed against the ropes and for the first time relying on his own strength and ability to get out of it. Will had such great self-control in letting Lindon be terrible and weak for so long before he gets his legs under him and we get to see him level up not just through pounding the juice, but through his own hard work and ingenuity. It’s such a satisfying chapter in Lindon’s story.
Best part: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think I put my book down and screamed.

#4 Bloodline

When I first read this book it was mid-pandemic and I hated it. Well, “Hate” might be a strong word but it was tough to get through. Now with a little distance I can recognize that I felt that way because Will did such an amazing job capturing so much of the mood of going home and dealing with folks not taking the whole thing seriously. Look I don’t want to make the comment thread political here, so sub out whatever thing you hate about going home that’s it. On this reread I just had to respect Will for the way he wove it into iteration 110. I think everyone had an idea of what it would be like for Lindon to go home and I don’t think anyone totally expected what we got.
There’s clear stakes, a huge pressing danger, really keen emotional cuts, and the book just felt completely unpredictable. We got to see Ziel and Mercy fight off some of their personal demons and we got to see Lindon really deal with failure in a deeply personal way. The writing in this book is some of the best in the series and it really drove home the sense of scale seeing places that loomed so large in Unsouled looking so dismal and small in this book. A lot of heart in this one, brah.
Best Part: “No. This is the path of the White Fox.”

#3 Underlord

This is probably the cleanest bit of storytelling in the series. Yerin needs to advance or die and the Yerdon (Lirin?) dynamic finally gets a chance to develop. This book just has a lot of heart and emotional weight and a great buy-in. I feel pretty bad for our Seishen kingdom antagonists in this one, which I think means Will did a good job in setting up their rivalry. Although the gang is often in mortal peril, it never feels as dangerous as it does here. I think Yerin’s character has really evolved in this book and seeing her vulnerable without losing her identity, that’s tough to do. Seeing Lindon really find his post-ghostwater swagger is also great to watch. Everyone really feels well developed here. We’re at peak Mercy, and her advancement in this book is the most compelling part of her arc so far. I think that this is also a really important Eithan book. I feel like it is the first book where he starts engaging with the team as friends rather than pawns in his celestial chess game. He’s warm and human and has some really funny bits. Orthos’s departure gets me every time too. The twist with the Akura team selections got me so good when I first read it. I have nothing bad to say about it. Premium Cradle.
Best Parts: Lindon opening his void-key in the vault. Eithan discovering Dross. And it’s a small moment but Charity losing her concentration as the gang runs into the portal during her speech is so good.

#2: Blackflame

The dragon advances. I remember the exact moment in this series when I started being a Cradle ambassador and forcing all my friends to read these books. It was Sandviper Kral’s funeral scene. It was here where I really understood how deeply Will understood the conventions in this genre and how good he is at flipping them on their heads. I was cheering on the book two villain after ten pages. This book beginning to end reinforces how unusually good this series is and how good Will is at letting any character have the spotlight. You could make the case that this is anyone’s book:
In other books Yerin might check the box as “Tough girl character” but here she has genuine pathos and real protagonist issues to work through. Learning to let go of her master and forge her on path ahead? Yaaaaaas (uncrowned) queen.
Jai Long could have been a scary forgettable MCU villain, but he really has agency and purpose and reading it from his perspective you kinda get it. Now has the ancestor’s spear and is going to finally restore his honor and capture the avatar destroy the Jai Clan only to be caught by Jai Daishou and forced into his service? Compelling af.
Little Blue could have just been an amorphous little blob in a terrarium the whole series, but in this book she…gets tiny little legs and stuff.
But really it’s an Eithan book. In other stories he’s just Master Roshi, the wacky comic relief mentor figure, but this legitimately is his story. The main conflict is his political war with the Jai Clan and the real climax is his fight against Jai Daishou. Yes he’s a big goofy trickster, but we see the cracks in his armor through his dynamic (and unexpected vulnerability) around Cassius. We get to see him sweat a little. We get little flashes of the person he becomes over the series. In Will’s blog, he talks about how this story started as a little short about the Janitor who is the embodiment of death, and you can see how much he loves writing this guy come across in this book. It’s also just cool and fun throughout. Plus it has a majestic turtle in it.
Best Parts: “I’ll tell your Remnant.”

#1 Wintersteel

I will fight you all day about this. ALL the character dynamics are dialed up to 11 in this one. We get the best development in Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Eithan and Yerin and Lindon’s relationship, Mercy and Malice’s relationship, Mercy and Lindon’s dynamic, Yerin and Ruby’s dynamic. Just every strand on the spiderweb of human connection is vibing real hard. Because we’re closer to the end of the tournament and penance is hanging over the results the competition feels higher stakes, we have a dreadgod stirring, big political webs, dates! Everything.
I have a friend reading this right now and she’s texting me every 2 hours with an all caps: “THIS IS ABOUT POINTS” or “HOLY SH*T EITHAN’S FIGHT!!!!” Every two hours. And she’s right to do so.
It’s just hit after hit of stuff you didn’t know you needed. Everything is paying off, Yerin’s blood shadow, Eithan’s self-control, Lindon’s hunger.
I can’t. I can’t even.
Best Parts: Eithan vs Sha Miara, “I wanted to see the look on your face,” “I’m going to punch a hole in the sky,” the Points Sage, Ruby petting the bunny. Heck this whole book is the best part.
Anyway, since this is about points, upvote before you completely blast me in the comments.
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2023.06.01 21:44 bizarrotaro My mom purchased a headstone and plot of land for her and my dad when they pass and now the funeral home is saying it’ll cost $20k more than we agreed

Hello, first time poster not sure if this is the right place to post this. Last week my mom and I went to the cemetery to start financing for a headstone/ plot of land for when my parents pass. We originally chose this place because it’s where my brother and my grandma is buried. My family is not well off at all so we were looking for a nice cheap one. They’re opting for cremation. We take a look around and my mom finds one she likes and for a price that’s reasonable. The lady offered it to us for $36k. My mom signed the contract and gave them the 10% down payment. Now they’re saying they made a mistake and it’s actually $56k. Is there anything we can do to keep it the price they originally offered? The contracts been signed, first payments been made. We’re all pretty upset she sprung this as soon as we agreed on this plot of land. We can’t afford the extra $20k. Do we need to give it up? Can we keep it? Please help us, thank you 🙏🏼
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2023.06.01 21:38 SocalComedian7777 I (27F) am struggling to leave when I know it’s what’s best for me. I’ve never broken someone’s heart or been the one to leave but I feel like he broke my heart with his (29M) words and actions for the past 7 years.

I’m a 27F and I’ve been with the same partner for 7 years. We dated for six and he proposed last April. We’ve moved from state to state together, have really good careers and animals together. We have my cat who I had before we met one another, our 6 year old dog we got quickly after dating and another dog who is 5 we adopted when he was 1. I need advice because I am stuck, I have an inner voice telling me to leave, move away, start over because I deserve the love I am giving myself, I love myself so much and know despite the chaos that I am an amazing phenomenal inspirational person with so much love to give, as is he, he can be gentle and caring and loving but lately since the end of 2022 everything has sucked. It’s been horrible. We live 2,000 plus miles from where we’re from and I had two sudden deaths in the past 9 months the most recent this February of my 27 year old cousin who lost her battle to depression, these two deaths of my grandma and cousin had me going back to be with family, he couldn’t come he said because of work even though I asked him to. This lead to arguments, frustrations, etc. However, going home gave me a sense of peace, to see my family, my aging grandfather, my mom, so many of the people who made me, me. I started Zoloft after my grandma died in October of 2022, I always wanted to try it especially since being diagnosed with depression and anxiety at 12. However it took me until I was 26 to try medicine. It helps so much, I feel lighter, more care free, courageous, I stand up for myself I feel my whole self. However he thinks opposite he thinks Zoloft makes me loopy and insane and like I need more professional help like “checking myself in” all because he doesn’t like that I flourish despite him bringing me down. He constantly brings me down when I spend time with anyone but him, for example he asked me after 7 years together on the week I got back from my cousins funeral if I wanted to break up because I went to see a family friend for dinner who knew my cousin, instead of being sincere and warm during this time of chaos he shoved words down my throat of being selfish and not enough, even when he knew I’ve had my own thoughts of hurting myself in the past he continued to say things like “well I can’t be with someone with suicidal thoughts”, the comments go on and on and I can’t stand them, I do my best to not argue back because it’s exhausting and it hurts so bad. So anyways, we almost hang things up in March, but he says he’ll work on himself and I agree to sign another lease with him (a larger 2 bed apartment to see if space helps) and he agrees that we both seek therapy. Then, I take a solo trip to Europe to figure myself out, I felt amazing, free, young, alive, no one to judge my hobbies and life, no one to critique me and all my flaws. I come back and of course before and after that trip he made me feel like the biggest POS for taking that solo trip, fast forward to now: he goes to therapy and I recently started and have two therapists and have remained on my Zoloft. Recently, he’s been angry because I spend a few nights per month with my friends, I told him yesterday that this week Friday night I was going to help a friend pack and get dinner because she’s moving 5 hours away, he thinks it’s a terrible idea to leave him alone on a Friday night even when I asked him to come along despite not really knowing her, he declined but continued to go on about how weird my friends are, etc. This was all while driving to get milkshakes and when we got to the restaurant I had it and said “just admit your mad because you don’t have friends” he said that this language was “fuck you for life” language and told me things like “you’re so crazy you need mental help, fuck you forever, that was so fucked up, I hope therapy makes me realize I should leave you, you’re so selfish, you only care about yourself, etc.” I said “I’m sorry that I said that but it’s frustrating that when you and your friends hang out I say nothing, don’t get an invite and your with them til 4 in the morning” he just kept yelling. We came home. Silence. It’s what I excel at because I just go into silent mode to protect my inner peace. He can’t stand it. I end up trying to sleep in the guest room alone but he enters after I am crying myself to sleep and tries to touch my arm and be cuddly, i then come back to our bedroom because it was too hot and he follows. This morning comes and he wants to talk to me and act like everything is fine but I’m just trying to figure out my next move, how do I live without one of my dogs? Does it get better?
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2023.06.01 21:26 Sea-Reception-9657 TIL a funeral home in Michigan has a drive-thru. You can view the deceased through a window and pay your respects. There is also a registry book and a memorial box for dropping off cards

TIL a funeral home in Michigan has a drive-thru. You can view the deceased through a window and pay your respects. There is also a registry book and a memorial box for dropping off cards submitted by Sea-Reception-9657 to u/Sea-Reception-9657 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 20:54 Opening-Skill324 Sunscreen Win

I am so excited and not sure the appropriate subreddit for this. I have a 20 year old daughter at college on the other side of the country (she’s in Massachusetts) and staying there for the summer with an internship. 😭😭😭 I had no idea it would be so hard on me to not have her home. Anyway…sunscreen has never been a strong point for me. I have gotten religious about it every morning for like 6 months now on my face. I was good about putting it on my kids when they were little. When they got older I stopped being as good about it. For the most part they think about the sun and tan. Over the past couple years my daughter has started to burn more (her cheeks and shoulders mostly) and has had trouble finding a sunscreen she likes. Well one of her roommates let her borrow her Sun Bum and she loves it! My daughter was raving about it. She uses both the cream/lotion and the spray.
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2023.06.01 20:44 yearofthecjc Funeral scenes

I think the franchise should incorporate a funeral scene. We’ve never got one and it’ll make a death hit home more. For example, when Derek died, Sidney was so heartbroken and wore his necklace for some years after. I think a funeral scene would make characters seem more human. Well, this has been my Ted Talk.
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2023.06.01 20:39 dwellics Mountain Lakes, NJ, Ranked #1 on 'Top 100 Best Cities To Raise A Family in the Northeast' List for 2023

The picturesque Borough of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, takes the #1 spot on’s ‘Top 100 Best Cities to Raise a Family in the Northeast’ rankings list for 2023. This small lake community of less than 5,000 residents offers top-rated schools and a slower-paced lifestyle only 30 miles northwest of New York City. Mountain Lakes is located where the rolling hills of New Jersey's Piedmont region meet the rocky outcroppings of the highlands and, true to its name, features nine lakes. Historic buildings abound and the region is known for colorful autumn scenery. Learn more about Mountain Lakes, NJ, here:
New Jersey locales took six of the top 10 places on the list, with New York and Massachusetts each home to two of the top 10 cities. The top 100 best places to raise a family in the Northwest U.S. include 33 in New York, 27 in New Jersey, 17 in Pennsylvania, 11 in Connecticut, nine in Massachusetts, two in New Hampshire and one in Maine.
Dwellics analyzed data on more than 10,000 East Coast cities to compile the list of the ‘Top 100 Best Cities to Raise a Family in the Northeast.’ Ranking factors include quality of education, climate comfort, infrastructure - including traffic and internet speed - public safety, financial considerations like child-care costs, property prices, and cost of living, the percentage of married households with school-aged children and education level of residents. To view the entire list, visit
Looking to relocate? Look to for answers!
#mountainlakesnj #bestschools #bestcities #relocation #relocating #moving #movinghouse #bestcitiesforfamilies #fallscenery
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2023.06.01 19:52 b0b0tempo Car Hits Funeral Home

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2023.06.01 19:43 weluvmusic TRAXSOURCE MOST WANTED DJ CHARTS 2023-05-31

data: 2023-05-31 TOTAL: 121 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance
Discover the freshest sounds and hottest tracks on the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts as of May 31, 2023. This week's charts feature a carefully curated selection of music that is taking the club scene by storm. From chart-topping house anthems to underground techno gems, these tracks are igniting dancefloors around the globe. Renowned DJs and tastemakers have handpicked these chart-toppers, ensuring that each one brings a unique energy and vibe to the mix. Whether you're a DJ looking for crowd-pleasers or a music lover seeking the next big hit, the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts provide an essential guide to the cutting edge of electronic music. Stay tuned and stay ahead of the curve with the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts.
ARCYDARO - Radio Innocents (Original Mix)
Adriatique, Marino Canal - Desire (Original Mix)
Aldo Cadiz - Recall Me (Original Mix)
Alisha - Changes (Extended)
Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet - Deep In Your Love (Extended Mix)
Argy - Love Dose (Luciano Remix)
Barry Can't Swim - Sunsleeper (Original Mix)
Ben Beckman - Tribalista (Original Mix)
Bicep - Keep Keep (Original Mix)
Boho, Blake Strange - Alter Ego (Mala Ika Remix)
Bonobo, O’Flynn - Otomo (Original Mix)
Cassi - Request (Extended)
Catz 'n Dogz - Rave History (Maruwa Remix)
Chris Carrier - Wicked Night (Original Mix)
Close to Custom - Like Thiszz (wAFF Remix)
Dam Swindle - The Break Up (Original Mix)
Datar - B (Alex Neri Remix)
Dave Turk - Let the Spirits Take Me (Extended)
Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp (Original Mix)
Derek Plaslaiko - My Fire Alarm (Original Mix)
Devotionz - Tattoo (Extended Mix)
Diagnostix - Favela Rave (Original Mix)
Dompe - Hard Life (Original Mix)
Dukwa - Prune (Original Mix)
Duncan Forbes, Massimiliano Pagliara - Bluer Than Blue (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
Extrawelt - Soopertrack (Original Mix)
Final Request - Sway (Original Mix)
GHEIST - River (Original Mix)
Gaskin - Jam Hot (Original Mix)
Gui Boratto - Arquipelago (Original Mix)
Heo - Love Stimulation (Ben Gomori's Brotherly Love Reboot)
Ian Pooley - Beat That Brat (Original Mix)
Ida Engberg - Disco Volante (Sébastien Léger Remix)
Ida Engberg - Reverse Time (Intro)
Ida Engberg - Tribute To Orange Clouds (Original Mix)
Janeret - Spire (Original Mix)
Jansons - Get It On (Original Mix)
Jansons - Messan (Original Mix)
Jansons - Nite Life (Jaden Thompson Remix)
Jansons - Nite Life (Original Mix)
Jansons - Studio Electronic (Original Mix)
Jay de Lys - Tired Of Loving (Extended)
Jobe - Equinox (Original Mix)
Jon Gurd - Emergence (Ida Engberg Extended Mix)
Jono Ma, Dreems - A Love Trance Mission From Nk To 7s (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - Buzzing (Original Mix)
Joyce Muniz - Dressed In Secrets (Original Mix)
Kabi (AR) - No More Words (Original Mix)
Konrad Ritter, Neph - Bring It Home (Dave DK Remix)
Krewcial - Ghana Groove (Original Mix)
Krewcial - Kitoko (Original Mix)
Krewcial - Owo (Original Mix)
Krewcial, Nimiwari - Wahala Dey (Original Mix)
Krystal Klear - Americana (Original Mix)
Lauer, Fabrizio Mammarella - Altalenanti (Radio Slave Remix)
Legowelt - Octobulus Poly Evolver (Original Mix)
Lindstrøm - I Feel Space (Original Mix)
Livio & Roby, Hipo - Stapanu Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Lolu Menayed - Get On (Original Mix)
Lolu Menayed - It's Party Time (Original Mix)
Lowest, Trangaz - Suave Con Tek (Original Mix)
Manda Moor - Picante (Original Mix)
Mano Le Tough, Kev Sheridan - Buzzin' the Big House (Club Mix)
Marco C, Elle-T - Baila (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone - Dangerous (Extended Mix)
Marcus Worgull, Daniel Bortz - Dima (Upercent Remix)
Max Dean - Can't Slow Down (Original Mix)
Michael Cignarale - Take My Body (Original Mix)
Michael Mayer, Barnt - Duration (Original Mix)
Mioclono, John Talabot, Velmondo - Disobedience (Original Mix)
Murphy's Law (UK) - Ain't No Other Man (Rework - Extended Mix)
Myth - Gherkin (Original Mix)
Nachtbraker - Warmer (Original Mix)
Nail - Clear My Mind (Original Mix)
Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Main Mix)
Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind, Biesmans, Talmirage - Stay Until the Light (feat. Talmirage) (Biesmans Remix)
Omar S - I Wanna Know feat. James Garcia (Vocal Mix)
Onur Ozman - Limits of Dreaming Reality Starts (Original Mix)
Overmono - Good Lies (Original Mix)
Paige Tomlinson - Get Funky, Get Down (Original Mix)
Paul Johnson, Seth Troxler, HoneyLuv - Sex & The City (Dirty) (Original Mix)
Paul Johnson, Seth Troxler, HoneyLuv - Sex & The City (MK Extended Remix)
Ralphi Rosario - Funk It! (Beats)
Ralphi Rosario - Strings Of LIfe (Ralphi's Sunset Club Mix)
Reboot - Bako (Original Mix)
Red Axes - Relax Shiva (Extended)
Red Axes - Relax Shiva (Instrumental)
Redshape - Acid Leak (Original Mix)
Relmer - Bummer Paradise (Original Mix)
Roach Motel - Wild Luv (Harry Romero Extended Remix)
Rory Marshall, Yanzo - Body Sweat (Original Mix)
Sam Deeley - Believe Me Boy (TC4 Remix)
Sam Paganini - Body Ride (Original Mix)
Sam Shure - Echo Park (Original Mix)
Sandhog, Renato Cohen - Accent (Renato Cohen Remix)
Sara Miller - Lunar Chase (Original Mix)
Seb Zito, James View - Give It Some (Original Mix)
Shaun J. Wright - You've Caught My Eye (Original Mix)
Skatman - I Used To (Hiphop Rewarp)
Skatman - Oldskool (Original Mix)
Spaceship Commanders - Space Portal (Original Mix)
Spencer Parker - Praise Be (Original Mix)
Steve Lawler - Hocus Pocus (Radio Slave Mole People Remix)
Stil & Bense - The Soul (Original Mix)
TOBEHONEST - Conga (Original Mix)
Tartan - Sun (Original Mix)
The Martinez Brothers, Miss Kittin - Stuff In The Trunk (Patrick Grooves & m.O.N.R.O.E. Remix)
The Mfa - The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Mix)
The Persuader - What Is The Time, Mr. Templar? (Original Mix)
Tom Bug, Grooveline - Wait For You (Original Mix)
Tomàn - Fantanized (Original Mix)
Traumer, Priku - Operation (Unreleased Mix)
VLTRA (IT), Loco Dice, Francis De Simone - Flowcito (Original Mix)
Veitengruber - Behind A Cigarette (Original Mix)
Veitengruber - Make You Crazy (Original Mix)
Vernon, Dacosta - Surrender (Original Mix)
Vesy - Beauties Parade (Original Mix)
Wallace - Whirl (Original Mix)
William Djoko - Jammin All Over Europe (Original)
Wza - Get over You (Original Mix)
iO (Mulen) - Hereby We (Original Mix)
FileCat - Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts
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2023.06.01 19:21 Virtual-Ad5362 SIL FROM HELL 14

I'm starting to think I should rename this to "INLAWS FROM HELL".
I do want to thank everyone for thier comments and condolences. I wish I could say things have been smooth sailing.
I'm angry. DH is angry. JNSIL is angry. JNMIL and JNFIL is angry. Everyone is angry.
It's just a shit show. Just a reminder I'm not a great writer and I'm also on mobile. Definitely let me know of any misspellings or if something needs calified.
I don't even know where to start. It's been a long 2 weeks. There were plenty of little things but here are the key incidents thus far.
  1. DH's (dear husband) family is catholic. Part of the catholic tradition is to do the rosary for those who have passed. From my understanding this allows Mother Marry to take NSIL (nice sister-in-law) into haven. They had that on May 30th.
Now I'm not catholic. But even so, I know to be respectful and to not be on my phone. But apparently this was too much to ask of my JNFIL (just no father inlaw). About 30 minutes in, he took a phone call and started texting. It was super disrespectful. We were in the front row right where the priest could see. I mean this is his daughter's rosary. This is his baby girl. DH was beyond angry. Frankly, I am too.
While NSIL's funeral is in our home town, she wanted to be buried in a completely different state. This wouldn't be a problem except that JNMIL ( just no mother inlaw) and JNFIL wanted to ride in my and DH's car. They wanted this because, it would cost less gas to carpool and JNMIL can get into our car without issue (she's in a wheelchair now due to the many strokes).
Look I'll be honest. I can't stand JNMIL and 8 hours in the car with her sounds like hell. I could get over that. But what I can't get over is that JNMIL and JNFIL are the most disgusting people I've ever met. I mean this woman literally coughed up egg in my face. I was picking egg out of my hair. I've seen them at my JNSIL's (just no sisterinlaw) house, and JNMIL just makes a mess. She leaves crums and take out food cups everywhere. They are also hoarders and currently still have a bedbug problem.
I don't want them in our clean car. However I wanted to support DH. I know he's grieving. He just lost his sister after all. So I put on my big girl panties on and agreed to have them in our car. We did come up with a few car rules.
  1. No food or dink in the car. Bottles are ok.
  2. They're luggage can't go in our car. It can go with JNSIL and Grandma. (This was to reduce the chance of getting bedbugs in our car. Grandma doesn't care about having thier stuff in her car)
  3. If JNMIL were to throw up or pee herself, they would pay to have the car detailed. DH would clean any little things.
Now, when presenting these rules, we were very polite but firm. We did not attack them. We just said these are our car rules.
Apparently, these 3 rules were just too much for them. JNMIL and JNFIL especially had issue with rule number 1. That's the rule that hurt their feelings. I just don't understand this. Plenty of people have a no food and drink rule for thier car.
JNFIL has been giving DH grief the past few days over rule 1. Then last night, JNSIL calls DH and starts yelling about how inhumane we're being to JNMIL. JNSIL told us, that due to our no food and drink rule, JNMIL won't go to the burial at all. JNSIL was ranting about how unfair it was to JNMIL and how she didn't get to see NSIL before she died. I was pissed. JNMIL seriously won't see her daughter layed to rest because she can't eat in the car.
After the call, DH and I decided to just drop rule one. At this point I was just so done. Really I only agreed to drop rule one because I wanted to make things easier for DH. Funny enough he's the one who originally came up with that rule to begin with (but I totally agree with it).
All of this to say, this morning (morning of the trip) JNFIL calls to let us know that they will be taking thier own car. JNFIL said it was because there was too much "animosity". I was absolutely livid. While I'm glad they won't be in my car, DH and I have been bending over backwards to accommodate them just for them to be upset about 3 rules.
Now I'm in the car just dreading this whole trip. Wish me luck.
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2023.06.01 19:14 middleoflidl God is a spore and I think I've found him....

When I was twelve I got knocked off my bike by a drunk driver. I split my head right open and broke nearly every bone in my body. For four days I hovered between life and death. My parents said goodbye and even picked my funeral song. They held my hand and told me they were sorry for every silly argument, but I wasn’t there anymore, I was somewhere else.
I was in the in-between. I was connected to the hospital room by only a small frayed thread that with every passing minute threatened to snap. I could hear they’re voices but only faintly, not that they were a comfort anyway, there was no such thing as comfort where I was. It was impossibly dark in that in-between, and so cold you could feel the chill in the marrow of your bones. I can’t remember what it looks like exactly, that oddly empty place.
From my waning memory, I recall it as a formless mass of, wet, dripping, nothing; there was no left or right, no up or down. You’d float around like a kite in the wind with only that little string holding you down. It felt like I was there for years. Time just seemed to elongate there. Eventually my family’s voices faded into nothing and all I could hear was the loud deafening thud of silence. It was then I heard him."
Hulqu-ša māru.” He said, over and over. His voice was soothingly consistent. I transcribe the phrase to you now accurately, though to my young, uneducated ears it sounded like a jumble of mismatched vowels. It was only in my adulthood that I found out that the voice he spoke to me in was Old Akkadian. Translated it meant; my child is lost.
Then I woke up. My eyes squinted from the bright hospital lights and my mother’s tears formed a puddle on my face. I can’t remember much following that, but my mum says that I kept saying “he’s real” over and over.
That’s why I know there is a god. He spoke to me, I walked in his kingdom and then I came back. Nearly eight-years later when I took my seat for the first day of my Religious Studies degree, I was perhaps the only one in that lecture theatre that knew with absolute certainty that there was a god. Was it the Christian God? The Islamic? Maybe no one has it right, but he existed. He was real. I knew that. I spent four years studying religion, and learnt nothing more important than what I found out when I was twelve.
“I have some concerns regarding your dissertation title Jeremy, Proving that God is Real, it’s… well it’s impossible to prove. We wouldn’t require faith if there was a burden of proof.” Professor Alcott said to me as he shifted through my research. “Personal anecdotes are also not sufficient subject to base an entire dissertation upon.”
“I’m committed to this research paper professor, I know with certainty that there is a god and I would like an opportunity to make this clear to everyone.” I said. “By next week sir, I will have more than anecdotes. Give me a chance.”
“I’m not one to quash academic innovation, if you would like to give this topic a bash, then I will not stand in your way. You are such a promising student Jeremy, I just don’t want you to waste your talent.” He said, looking dissatisfied.I left Alcott’s office with a seemingly impossible task. For centuries people have been looking for scientific proof in a higher power and all so far have failed. All I had was my own experience, I needed more. I scribbled down in my notebook the two most pressing features of a god with a puzzle knitting my brow together.
He’s everywhere.
He can’t be seen.
I was lying in my bed, in my dingy little student rent when I had my epiphany. Mould. It had followed me my entire life. Every room I slept in, it would curl up in the corner, an ugly black mass of reaching tendrils. It was watching me, haunting me. He was in the very air I breathed. I’m real, he was saying over and over, I’m right here. I’d been bleaching him away all of these years, drowning him in chemicals.
Mould, like mushrooms and other fungus, travels in spores, invisible to the human eye. It is said that there are fungal spores in every gulp of air we take. They grow only in conditions where they thrive, in the damp of a rundown house or in the soil at the foot of a withered tree. It made too much sense, how else could he be everywhere all at once? And with that I had a new dissertation title. Proving God is Real: The Mycological Evidence. Alcott was bemused but satisfied at least that he was in for an interesting read.
I wasn’t a mycologist when I began my dissertation, but I was by the end of my study. Fungus don’t need light to grow, in-fact there are some sources that suggest they thrive in the dark. All they really need is moisture. The in-between I’d hovered in as a child had been so damp and wet. With every new nugget of mycological trivia, the dot to dot I’d been solving my entire life was becoming clearer and clearer.
It all made so much sense. There are some suggestions from credible scientists that the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms had aided the evolution from home erectus to homo sapiens. He had nudged us, even then. Not to mention the countless ancient civilisations that had claimed to commune with gods through the burning and consumption of teas made from various fungus.I needed more, coincidences and anecdotes are so easily solved.
Armed with a little scalpel and a mason jar I scraped some of the mould off my wall. I added some water and sealed it. Growing mushrooms is exceedingly simple, as all budding recreational drug users and mycologists know.. “Give me a sign.” I said to it. “Please.”
I left it on my desk and let it fester, and it did. It grew and grew until nearly the entire jar was black. I don’t really know what my plan was for my little mason-jar experiment, I certainly didn’t expect what happened.
“Dude, that shit is rank. Stick in the bin.” My roommate pointed to my desk one day as he popped his head into my room. I had almost forgotten about it. I glanced at what he was looking at and felt my heart stop.The mason jar was smashed.
Sharp little pieces of glass were inter-mingled with thick moss-like mould that was now spreading all across my desk. It hadn’t been like that in the morning, it had to have happened recently, maybe even in the past few hours that I’d been napping. I briefly considered wiping it up with a cloth, but I couldn’t - it was god - I couldn’t clean up god.
So I left it there and charted it’s growth casually in my notebook. Until one day I returned from my morning lectures and saw something… disturbing. It had grown out from the table; it’s awful tendrils reaching out towards the empty air. If you squinted it sort of looked like a hand, oddly malformed and misshapen though it was. I started to spend my nights in the library as I was so unnerved by it.Then one morning, It was gone. The mould, it was gone, like it had never even been there before.
There's an animalistic side to all of us, one we don't realise we have until it's triggered. I felt it then, an overwhelming feeling of dread that built up to a crescendo where the very utterance of silence rang in my ears like alarm bells. I ought to have listened to it. But it was god, and god had a plan.
I went to bed that night with that feeling still tugging at me. Sleep did not come easy, in fact it did not come at all. My eyes narrowed from exhaustion, my room almost pitch black save for the small amount of light from my phone screen. I thought it was the silhouette of a jacket at first.
I stared hard at it, trying to discern any familiarity in it's shape.
I stared for what felt like hours. I felt as though I was being watched, like I wasn't alone. Then it came. Just the smallest of twitches. My finger danced over the torch button on my phone, but there was a comfort in not seeing, in the dark haze there was still a chance that it was my jacket or an odd shadow.
“Si unus extisat, sic facit alterum.” The shape said an inhuman voice that filled me with an overwhelming amount of dread. This wasn’t what I had felt when I was child, the voice of god was soothing not… wrong.
I turned the light on. All the horror films I’d watched told me that when you put the light on the awful things just… go away.
It’s a lie, a tired old trope.
Illuminated in the torchlight, It stood on hind legs, this black mass of awful clinging mould, and it looked at me, even though it did not have eyes, just empty holes. It tilted it’s head, like a dog trying to comprehend that the bag of treats had an end. It took a few steps towards me, like it had only just learned to walk, and it said it again, this time directed at my soul.
“Si unus extisat, sic facit alterum.” It said again and then, with odd movements, it slipped out my door. I heard the thud of it heading down my staircase and with every awful hoof on my steps, I felt as though I was being shot.
I knew the words this time, while the akkadian god had spoken to me in my youth had eluded me, this had not. My grammar school had a rather impressive latin department and I was close to fluent.If one exists, then so does the other.
That’s what it had said. It’s a simple turn of phrase that haunts me to this day. I wrote it all down. I turned in my dissertation with a heavy weight on my shoulders. Alcott offered me a place on his PHD programme, but I declined and he said farewell to me with an odd look glinting in his eye. He didn’t believe me, but he believed at least that I did. That’s faith for you.
He’s out there somewhere. The other.
By looking for god I had set him free and now he walks, on those unsteady legs. Maybe he’s that pile of oddly shaped clothes in the corner of your dark room, or the queer shadow that moves just slightly out of tune with your own, perhaps he’s all of these things and nothing. If one exists then so does the other. It is upon this uncertain balance that our world is built. I only wished I had met just the one.
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2023.06.01 19:11 DEP-maria We Buy Houses In Billerica, Massachusetts

Get A Fair Cash Offer From A Trusted Local Billerica Cash Home Buyer!
No Repairs. No Cleaning. No Agent Commissions. No Fees. No Hassles.
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2023.06.01 19:06 Desperate_Two_636 Drive-thru funeral home in Michigan - AB thoughts?

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2023.06.01 19:00 MelanieAntiqua Ship Wars 7 - Tournament Edition; The Sweet Sixteen

Here are the results of yesterday's matches. Yeah, you might have noticed that there are now significantly more votes than any previous day, and three of the winners are quite a bit ahead. While some of that is probably due to more people getting invested the further this goes along, the fact is that around ten or so identical votes for the all the "winning" ships came in at roughly the same time. I thought that was a bit suspicious, so I tested something that I probably should have tested before using YouPoll in the first place. I voted on my main account ("Pass" on every match, if you're curious), then logged out, logged in on one of my old accounts, and tried to vote again. And it let me. It turns out, that the "check by Reddit account" feature means that YouPoll is no longer checking for IP addresses at all. Hell, the fact that it actually displayed the ongoing results after I voted (something it only does for the person running the poll if you have "hide results" on) means that the site was well aware that I was the same person voting twice. While I had the account age limit in place to keep people from making a bunch of accounts to vote with, that does nothing to stop someone who just happens to have a bunch of alts lying around that are older than the age limit. And, since YouPoll stops checking for IP address when you have it set to requiring a Reddit login, people trying to use multiple old accounts to manipulate things don't even need to do the sort of tricks people had to use to get around Poll-Maker's security. And, unlike with Poll-Maker's security, YouPoll doesn't allow the poll runner to remove suspicious votes that have already been cast. I guess this serves as a lesson. If PetersNachbar wanted to see YouPoll in use before using it for his own competitions, now he can be 100% certain that he absolutely shouldn't use it. It's a shame, since some things (like the ability to have multiple questions on a single poll) have been very useful.
Honestly, I should probably re-do the entire tournament now that this blatant oversight has been discovered. But, I'm going to level with everyone... I am burnt out. Running this competition has consumed almost all of my free time for the past month. I haven't even had enough time to finish the Xenoblade 3 DLC yet, and Tears of the Kingdom has been sitting in an unopened case next to my Switch since its launch day. I usually do get burnt out towards the end of the competition, but I think it was honestly even worse this year because I was going in already partly out of a sense of obligation and partly out of a desire to test out some ideas that have already been completed (like the Culling), leaving not much passion left for the tournament itself. I just want to finish this tournament over the weekend and then relax and enjoy my time with my wife and daughter (well, I have been able to make time for them at least despite everything. Don't worry, I didn't let running Ship Wars turn me into an absentee wife and mother. But like, once this is done, I can spend more time with them. Maybe try to use Tears of the Kingdom to teach my daughter how to play Zelda. She might need my help with the complex and difficult parts, but I was younger than she is when I played Zelda 1 on the NES, and she always likes watching me play video games at least). If someone else wants to do a full re-do of the tournament some time after the championship (like what PetersNachbar did after the Tumblr Bee Invasion of Ship Wars 4), they can go ahead. Maybe if bwburke94 is still feeling up to running Ship Wars in future years after my retirement, running a re-do of the tournament part this year with the existing bracket (well, actually, scrapping the existing bracket and doing a re-seeding poll with the same list of ships, like PetersNachbar did for 4if, would probably be a good idea to maybe change some of the matchups around since like 80-90% of the first round matches are pretty much guaranteed to go the same way as they did the first time, cheating or no, so having the matchups be different the second time around would probably help make it less boring to re-do them) could be a way to get the feel of what running the whole competition will be like in the future. Of course, no one has to run a do-over if they don't want to. I feel like it's a bit unfair to force someone to clean up a mess that I basically caused by not testing out YouPoll nearly as thoroughly as I should have before deciding to use it, but am just too tired to clean up for myself.
What I will do, however, is have re-do matches for the first four Sweet Sixteen matchups. You could make the argument that only Gelato vs. White Rose really needs a do-over, since the other ones all had a very clear winner even without the ballot stuffer involved, however I'm doing all of them just to be fair. No match descriptions for these, though. You can read those in yesterday's thread. I've decided to switch to using Strawpoll for the remainder of the tournament. Hopefully, its security holds up stronger than YouPoll's did. Sadly, this means each match will have to be a separate poll like in previous years, which is kinda inconvenient both for you and me, but it is what it is.
Here are the four re-do matches:
Nuts & Dolts vs. Ladybug
Crosshares vs. Reading Rainbow
Arkos vs. Tiamat
Gelato vs. White Rose
Here is the bracket. And now, for today's new matches:
Match 1: Bumblebee (Blake x Yang) vs. Faunus Pride (Kali x Ghira)
Our first new match of the day has Blake taking her new girlfriend home to meet her parents, as 2nd-seeded Bumblebee takes on 15th-seeded Faunus Pride. Bumblebee held Jailbirds to such a low vote total that even under YouPoll it's kinda impossible to dispute the validity of the results (unless only eleven or fewer people have been actually participating in these things). The canonized bees are looking to be a juggernaut, but can they beat Blake's parents' marriage? Kali and Ghira have never made it to the Elite Eight before, but can they score a massive upset today, or will the bees continue their easy sweep of the bracket.
Here is the poll for this match.
Match 2: Land of Lesbos (Saphron x Terra) vs. Remnant Orgy With Just Neo (Neo x Clones of Everyone (Made By Neo))
For our second match, 7th-seeded Land of Lesbos faces off against 23rd-seeded Remnant Orgy With Just Neo. Saphron and Terra's marriage has been looking strong so far, as it usually does in tournaments since they premiered. It held both Cinnabun and Bee's Schnees to 14 votes apiece. Now, it faces a newcomer ship to the tournament. Remnant Orgy With Just Neo defeated the first-ever Ship Survivor Champion in the first round, and then followed that up by winning the Remnant Orgy Bowl against Remnant Orgy Without Jaune. Which of these two ships will win out today, the established married couple with tournament history, or the new meme ship with something to prove?
Here is the poll for this match.
Match 3: Atlas Dropouts (Ilia x Winter) vs. Rosebird (Summer x Raven)
For our third match, 35th-seeded Atlas Dropouts will be taking on 14th-seeded Rosebird. Atlas Dropouts made Alcoholics Anonymous the highest-seeded ship to fall in the second round a few days ago. Though, to be perfectly fair and honest, as much as I like Ilia and pairing her with Schnee sisters, big upsets like that seem a bit dubious now for obvious reasons. Rosebird got some actual direct interactions between Raven and Summer in Volume 9, which could empower it to go far. Will Rosebird fly high and make Atlas Dropouts drop out of the tournament, or will this Ilia ship make these STRQ ladies kindly scatter and pull off another upset?
Here is the poll for this match.
Match 4: Renora (Nora x Ren) vs. Monochrome (Blake x Weiss)
For our final match of the round, we have our final member of the Big Four, 6th-seeded Renora, taking on 11th-seeded Monochrome. Renora won a thrilling rivalry match against Pollination to close out round 2 (though, really, basically every match of the tournament before now does sadly have to come with an asterisk), and now must face off against one of Pollination's components. Will it beat Monochrome like it beat the full RWBY OT4, or will Monochrome, already making its first trip to the Sweet Sixteen, perform its first takedown of a member of the Big Four to get even farther?
Here is the poll for this match
Here is the schedule for the remainder of the tournament:
June 1st: Sweet Sixteen
  • Nuts & Dolts vs. Ladybug (Re-do)
  • Crosshares vs. Reading Rainbow (Re-do)
  • Arkos vs. Tiamat (Re-do)
  • Gelato vs. White Rose (Re-do)
  • Bumblebee vs. Faunus Pride
  • Land of Lesbos vs. Remnant Orgy With Just Neo
  • Atlas Dropouts vs. Rosebird
  • Renora vs. Monochrome
June 2nd: Elite Eight
June 3rd: Final Four
June 4th: Grand Championship
June 5th: Final Results
And now, let the tournament continue as best as it can.
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