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Getting killed in DayZ sucks, especially loosing all of your gear. DayZ Spawn Helpers aims to cure your fresh spawn ailments, by arming you with whatever spare doodads a DayZ Spawn Helper may have! This community follows a pay-it-forward philosophy. If you are helped, you are expected to help another person when you can.

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A non-denominational subreddit for the encouragement of Bible-believing Christians, to the glory of God. We place an emphasis on sharing biblically sound advice and content with one another. /Christians is also a Protestant-based forum upholding the Five Solas of the Reformation, including salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. "In Essentials Unity, In Non-Essentials Liberty, In All Things Charity." Discord:

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Subreddit for the series By the Grace of the Gods. (Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko KamiHiro)

2023.06.02 00:13 AboodHuncho I have been strong for too long.

The Heavy Burden of Holding On: My Struggle with Hidden Trauma and Mental Health Disorders
I've been carrying a weight on my shoulders for far too long, and today I want to open up about my experiences. I've gone through a lot of trauma in my life, but I've always tried to stay strong and keep my emotions hidden. It's been a challenging journey, especially with my diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I've never been one to flaunt my disorders like those who fake or fantasize about them. Instead, I've remained authentic, even though it meant struggling silently.
One thing that sets me apart is being extroverted, despite my mind selectively muting itself depending on the context. This dichotomy within myself has often left me feeling conflicted and misunderstood. At just 17 years old, I also struggle with joint problems, and the last time I had a decent night's sleep was years ago. My mind feels blank, and remembering things has become increasingly difficult. I'm forced to live in the present moment because my childhood memories have faded away. However, the pain and heaviness associated with that time still resonate within me.
Expressing what I'm feeling right now is a challenge in itself. My biggest concern lies with my brain health. It's as if my mind is closed off, operating under a constant tiny pressure. My thoughts are foggy, and even visualizing simple things, like drawing a castle, proves to be incredibly arduous. The images I conjure up vanish as quickly as they appear. It feels like my brain is fatigued from thinking, and I'm struggling to find clarity.
While there are many other problems I hope to remember and address in the future, I want to emphasize that I'm not suicidal. I hold onto hope with unwavering strength and believe that there is a solution out there for me. I'm determined to find it.
I wanted to share my story with all of you because I believe that by opening up, we can find understanding and support. If any of you have experienced something similar or have suggestions on how to navigate this challenging journey, I would love to hear from you. Let's create a space where we can help each other heal, grow, and find solace in knowing we're not alone.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your support, kindness, and any insights you might have to offer.
Update: I will make sure to keep you all posted on any developments or if I remember other aspects of my struggles because I have rarely opened up, and my memories have become repressed as a result. Let's continue this conversation and work towards finding solutions together.
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2023.06.02 00:12 daufaqisreddit123 Host lied that we damaged their property. We did not.

Host lied in review
I'm honestly really annoyed. But I'd like a hosts honest opinion. I feel it's so unfair and I don't know whether to fight it. I live abroad, and i booked a place for my parents to stay so they could visit me for 2 weeks. Host had great reviews, self check in so never met her, but through the messages they seem nice. The apartment was clean and comfortable. Yadda yadda. Gave her a 5 star review when my parents checked out, lovely place etc. Text her like and idiot to tell her this and thank her. She messages me a few hours later saying my parents damaged the property. The photos she sent were wear and tear and honestly so minimal it might of been a previous guest, they were not noticible and I didnt even see them while i was in the apartment the night before. Her photos also were not proof it was even that apartment. But I didn't bother saying it because I thought she was being ridiculous. I was honestly so surprised, my reviews are perfect and my parents are more careful than I am. This was not damage at all, but she acted like they wrecked the place.. I waa polite but I was not accepting what she was saying. She reckoned she need a painter. It was 2 suitcase marks on the doorway. I genuinely feel like she was looking for an excuse to charge me more.
She surprised me by leaving good public review, but then suggestions for next time "damaged property". The property was not damaged. I'm so annoyed that I'd almost ask air bnb to remove my 5 star review altogether. I'd rather her have none than have a good one from me.
Is "suggestions for next time" seen by other hosts? I don't want my good guest profile ruined by a pure lie on her part.
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2023.06.02 00:12 EcstaCat My Puppy Keeps Biting Himself, Pls Help

Hi, I would firstly like to say I haven't been to a vet yet but I do plan on going. Anyways, when my puppy first came home he was RIDDLED with fleas & ticks. I gave him two really good baths with tick & flea shampoo & that helped. However, he would constantly bite/itch himself and I honestly thought it would've stopped by now because I'm aware that its a natural thing for dogs to do.
He's bigger now and I actually gave him another bath today not because he has fleas or ticks-- he doesn't-- but because he was smelling a bit. Its gotten worse-- his biting I mean. His tail is almost hairless, he has little scabs that are dried and some are still bleeding a bit. He has bite marks/red spots by his private area (not directly on the pp though but around his balls, inner legs, stomach + around anus) & I honestly have no idea what to do for him. I tried putting Vaseline to help the cuts heal faster (works like charm btw) but he keeps biting. Also there's fur missing/thinning on his legs (places where he bites).
But what was even more strange is that while I was drying him today, I noticed there were tiny red circular marks on his legs where he hasn't bitten/itched. I thought "Hm weird." Could this possibly be an allergy to the food we're giving him or an allergy in general? (Purina Puppy Chow) Or does he have a parasite? I highly doubt the second one though because I've been monitoring his poop & no sign of worms or parasites (as far as the naked eye can see in terms of the parasites). Or maybe an underlying skin condition? I tried researching but to my avail, I found nothing that really matched so I added photos here in hopes of someone seeing it & possibly knowing what it is. I can't take him to a vet right now because I'm 18 with no drivers license & I don't have the money as of right now. So please please if anyone knows what it is I'd really appreciate the feedback.
Photo Link:
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2023.06.02 00:12 Oh-God-Its-Kale My 11th grader let me know the one thing they learned in school this year was "how to work the system"

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2023.06.02 00:11 Resident-Recipe-5818 Am I misunderstanding Combat Width?

Hey all, (if you saw this before its because I deleted it because I realized the title was misleading)
I am still trying to figure out stack composition, combat width, and the whole combat thing as it seems like no matter what I do I just am lacking.
The primary answer to the stack comp question is always "Put a full combat width of infantry + some reinforcements, then almost if not a whole width of artillery, and if you like your wars spicy cap the ends with cavalry." But like right now, I have a combat width of 25, and a force limit of 50. So for me to have a "optimal stack comp" I have to have my full force limit in one stack and even then I don't have reinforcements.
Am I misunderstanding combat width and/or unit counts? Or is it just impossible for me to have a "standing army" of optimal composition?
Sorry, I know its a noob question, but I really tried to understand this game without external help and I have finally given that up.
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2023.06.02 00:11 Academic_Tie_2512 She tried to kill me. she was supposed to kill me.

Foresight: late 20’s male, USA; prior military
The dream is vivid and only slightly lucid ( it still has a script apparently and it goes based on my reactions it seems)
Setting : European style church
Im dressed in ceremonial dress attire aswell as my dream father
I hear the priest say “I don’t want him in the ceremony.”
As im walking behind my dream father he gestures to stay while walking through the door.
The ceremony ( of which I have no idea what for, whom, etc )
In attendance is clergy and seemingly members of military uniforms unknown. Their uniforms resemble dated tunics and golden shoulder pads.
Military members and other civilians start slaughtering the church members and clergy as the “Ceremony begins”
(in my mind) “this is the beginning of genocide”
I don’t run I don’t panic I just watch. After a few seconds I just sit down in a pew trying to understand the meaning of this dream.
I look to my right and there is this young woman (mid 20’s) she had blonde hair and she was beautiful. Her eyes were an amazing silver. We lock eyes and she stabs me in the right shoulder with an ice pick. I don’t react. I don’t feel it. We stay eyes locked. ( I AM MEZMORIZED BY HER EYES)
She says, “your just gonna watch that. And not expect this to happen?”
she takes it out and slashes in between my groin and abdomen. She gets up as our eyes are locked still
I say “ oh no, I understand” ( I still don’t react. I don’t move.) her eyes go from confident and filled with purpose. To confusion and sadness as she slowly walks away.
(BLACKOUT) - I awake in real life ( in my mind ) “that cant be it. I want back in that dream” (im successful)
Now im in the basement of the church. I hear people being finished and begging for their life.
(in my mind) “I want to die in the sunlight, this doesn’t seem it”
I start fumbling and running into a catacomb like underground until I reach the end and im somewhat blinded by sunlight. I look towards it. Its her. And three of her “friends” (all brunettes and beautiful and never engaging vocally with me)
She say’s “come on your bleeding out, lets go.” – I follow
Now we are outside in a new setting ( somewhat European and middle eastern ; can be compared to up and coming Bahrain in the mid 2010’s ; brand new tall white beautiful walls, buildings growing with scaffolding and the only pollution is concrete dust and small construction debris)
We are all walking towards a hotel ( I’m seemingly healed ) local law enforcement approaches us and he asks the blonde. “ where are yall going? Who is this?”
I look at her. She looks back. Then speaks to the officer “ this is -------- “( a name I can not pronounce or remember, it had an European and middle eastern feel to it )
The officer is distracted by one of her friends. The blonde hands me a bill.
“give this to him, he’ll go away”. – I grab it.
I look at it. It has a 3 and 1\2 numeral. And looks like a combination of a Euro and a Dinar. No visible governmental figure. – he grabs it and says “thank you sir” and goes about his day.
We get to the hotel. All of sudden her friends have a man and they’re pushing him past the mud room. ( first entrance to take off shoes and etc, its essentially a front porch but enclosed )
I close to the door to mudroom in assistance and they are stomping and beating this man senseless.
Im shaking my head up and down and (in my mind) “these girls are pretty fuckin’ awesome”
I hear the blonde in the mudroom she’s audibly struggling and making noise and I hear herself slam herself against the wall a couple times in hesitation. Im confused thinking shes being attacked but its just her in there. She stabbed herself in the side 2 to 3 times with the help of the wall. ( I don’t think she had the heart to just straight up do it, she had to fall into the wall and force herself into it. )
I open the door quick and inquisitive; she perks up and try’s to hide what she just did. thinking a smile will make the cause for concern go away.
BLACKOUT ( A FUCKIN GAIN I awake. ---- as before i know there is still more. ) I fall back asleep.
Now were walking down the street all of us. Twilight is beginning . the brunettes are in front. im in the middle and the blonde is behind me a couple feet apart. The brunettes stop in their tracks with maps trying to assess where to go. so they stop. I stop just short of them. The blonde bumps into me because she didn’t notice. I can see her. Her eyes still amazingly silver but they’re filled with tears and pain, she’s wincing.
I approach and say. “breathe ( gesturing nose first and out the mouth) you need to breathe. Do it with me” (still gesturing) and the brunettes surround the blonde and I, in a hugging circle, and they’re helping to get her breathing under control. She’s got it down and it has seemed to work.
Then the blonde comes in to me and kisses me. THE most passionate kiss I have ever had (topping real life experiences) this lasted about 10-15 seconds.
I Awake. And I cant go back and see the rest of this out because I awoke 7 minutes before my alarm.
It pains me that I cant. I just don’t understand any of it, but I want back in.
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2023.06.02 00:11 NefariousnessStock89 had alot of fun with this build its probably my first time actually doing full decals which is funny since I've built so many I think it looks pretty good tho even with all the silvering but I bought some mark setter for the next one I also added glow in the dark paint on the eyes

had alot of fun with this build its probably my first time actually doing full decals which is funny since I've built so many I think it looks pretty good tho even with all the silvering but I bought some mark setter for the next one I also added glow in the dark paint on the eyes submitted by NefariousnessStock89 to Gunpla [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:11 Mutant_Mike The Fall - US5xEventsKitsAntiOffline

The Fall - US5xEventsKitsAntiOffline
Direct Connect -
2 years ago, we set out to create a server that strives to provide a place for all levels of play. In that time we have gained several regular players and are always looking for more. We have grown to be in the top 15% on Battlemetrics ranking.
As long as you keep it civil, we are not concerned about your team/group/clan size. We don’t have a Non-Raiding time it is allowed anytime (although modified).
We lean more into the PVE aspect, but not completely doing away with raiding. Base Damage is reduced during offline time but not gone completely, and Sulfur gather rate will be slightly lower than other ore.
-Discord – (Channel Synced with game chat)
- Facebook -
• Bi-Weekly Map and Player Stats Wipes –
• Monthly – Full Wipe on 1st Thursday of the Month
• Mature, Active, Non-Playing Admin/Mod -
• 5x Gather Rate (Except Sulfur), Kits, Skill Levels, Quick Smelt/Craft, 10K Stack Size
• Events: Raidable Bases, Guarded Crates, Dangerous Treasures, etc.
· Skill Tree, New Spawn/Anti Raid Protection
· Building Auto Upgrade, Removal Tool
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2023.06.02 00:11 Kotoy77 Mark was bad in dd1, and combo is still bad in dd2

Using up the entire turn of a character to make itself or someone else more powerful is not unheard of. But combo just sucks at doing it. When highwayman "passes" the turn, he gets 2 crit tokens, a dodge, speed and cures blind; when man at arms passes the turn he gives himself taunt, block and riposte; when vestal passes the turn she drops a 3/5 turn buff on someone that unlocks bonus effects on another of her abilities; when occultist passes the turn he gives himself tokens to fuel about 3 burning stars casts.
when combo appliers pass their turn, they just do some damage, maybe a pull (or you could use jester to pull once then get free autopulls after), maybe a weaken, maybe a blind. would you rather pass your turn to get 2 crit tokens or pass your turn to give 1 blind token to an enemy. but not to worry, surely the combo consumers would more than make up for this gigantic loss of tempo. no, they dont, same as they didnt with mark in dd1. best use of it is to stun with highwayman, but its simpler to just outright kill them. man at arms heals for like 7 health. dot characters get more dot piercing... wow. runaway burns more, cool. leper can actually hit his damage, something other characters just do, on a baseline.
everything should at baseline apply two combo tokens, and aoe combo tokens should be more common, or anything. right now its literally the exact same issue as in dd1, the abilities that use mark/combo do not make up in the slightest for the colossal loss of tempo
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2023.06.02 00:10 MelodicZucchini 25 [T4F] USA/Online - Trans girl for long-term online friend to talk and do things with

Hi there! I'd like to develop a close, supportive friendship based around emotional connection and quality time spent together. Some things I enjoy doing with others include playing video games, watching or listening to things, and having substantial conversations. I'm queer, trans, and only really comfortable talking with women or people who identify more with femininity. I struggle with mental illness, but it's something I'm actively working on. Please keep reading for the details!

Things I Like

I've had a lot of fun with sandbox/survival games like ARK, Minecraft, No Man's Sky, and Conan Exiles. I like exploring interesting landscapes and building nice things here and there. Emotionally, I feel very attached to games like KotOR, Dragon Age: Origins, and BioShock Infinite. The characters and immersion stand out a lot for me. I really love all things Pokemon though the last game I played was HeartGold. I'm especially looking forward to playing Legends: Arceus one day. Civilization in its later iterations is something of a comfort game for me. Hm, I've played a couple of games that might be considered Soulslike and enjoyed them somewhat. I have had some fun with MMORPGs in the past. Tabletop Simulator is always nice for some of the variety it offers. I've noticed that I often tend to obsess over a game for a few weeks at most until I move on to the next one. But I also go back to games I love over time.
Stuff to Watch
I think there's a pretty wide range that I can enjoy as far as movies go. If I had to pick, my top two genres are probably fantasy and sci-fi. I like documentaries about topics like nature, space, and history (or sometimes just informative YouTube videos about fictional universes). In general, I prefer animation. Several Ghibli films are among my favorites so far. I'm also interested in anime overall, but I haven't seen very much yet.
Stuff to Listen to
Musically, it varies a bit these days. I grew up with classic rock, then discovered pop punk/emo as a teenager. Since then, I've developed some appreciation for indie and metal through friends. I also enjoy instrumental rock sometimes. Maybe I just like the sound of guitars. I gravitate toward songs that make me feel strong emotions or like I could be somewhere else entirely. It's nice to be introduced to new things too.
Other Stuff
My most lasting interests tend to be those I latched onto as a bookworm when I was younger (things like Pokemon, natural history, marine biology, space, Star Wars, dragons and mythical creatures, magic, mythology, anthropology, and poetry). There's always so much more to learn, and I have a tendency to read up on random topics of interest here and there. I like to write poetry once in a while. Sometimes I feel motivated to play guitar or piano. I used to enjoy physical activities like hiking, swimming, and sports. Hopefully I'll get back out there eventually. I talk about food a lot sometimes because it excites me a bit. I've also been trying to learn web dev little by little (taking a break for the moment).

Personal Things

Mental Health
I've been through a lot in the last months. My heart is deeply broken after the end of a very serious two-year relationship. I have my fair share of regrets. I even tried to end it all. Thankfully, I'm still here. The sadness, anxiety, and guilt remain too. But I'm thankful for the awareness I've gained. I've struggled with untreated mental illness, BPD in particular, throughout my life. It requires me to face some painful truths. I've hurt people I cared about, regardless of intent. I know that I have plenty of work to do, but I feel more than ever that it's necessary for my own happiness and that of the people around me. I'm starting therapy with someone experienced in these issues very soon, and I've been practicing mindfulness daily in the meantime. I'm learning to communicate my feelings and needs and understand those of others. A strong desire for emotional connection is part of who I am as a a person, but finding a healthy kind of balance in that is important to me.
There are several things that I value in a friend. Compassion is the first that comes to mind. I feel that it's essential to caring for ourselves and others. Communication is important for mutual understanding and satisfaction. Additionally, a certain degree of comfort is something that I especially appreciate. That might mean mutual interests that can be enjoyed together, the space to be open with thoughts, feelings, and quirks, or shared experiences that facilitate understanding. I think that makes it easy to enjoy spending together. A good sense of humor helps with breaking up tension or coping with difficult things.
This section is just to say that I do appreciate nonsexual elements of cg/l, but it's not something I would necessarily expect to find in a friendship. I know I would appreciate encouragement in taking care of things in my daily life since that's something I struggle with due to anxiety and depression. I find things like cuddles, watching certain things, and being tucked in are very calming for me overall. I'm not interested in sexual things unless I connect with someone first, but I'm very kinky overall and not shy about discussing tastes if asked.
If you're interested, please write me a little bit about yourself through messages or chat! I'm usually on Pacific Time, and I prefer to talk to people 23 and up. I don't think friendships can be forced, but they do start with conversations!
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2023.06.02 00:10 TheArchon300 Top 5 mistakes players make in the Field Office Boiler battle

The hardest boss battle in the game, defeating the Boiler requires strategic planning beyond knowing predetermined gag combos. Having done a plethora of Field Offices in both random and arranged teams, here are some common mistakes I see amongst the players. Hopefully this will shed some light on how to make Field Offices more streamlined and less chaotic.
1) Suboptimal use of level 6 gags
The obvious example is opening with Storm Clouds instead of cream pies in 2+ star Field Offices. In a 1 star Storm Clouds are better, but in 2+ stars, you want to maximize the damage bonus during Fired Up phases. Unless you plan on restocking, start with 4 cream pies.
Another one is when to use Cakes or Storm Clouds. Most groups opt to use Cakes for all 3 turns during the 1st Fired Up phase, but a better tactic is to use Cakes, then Clouds, then Cakes (+ TU when necessary). While Cakes deal more damage, alternating between Throw and Squirt allows your team to play around Quality Control. If you use all your cakes and the Boiler siphons away squirt, you'll be left without a strong gag the following 2 turns. You'll need to use all your Clouds and Cakes to destroy the Boiler, so the sacrifice in damage doesn't matter in the end.
2) Suboptimal use of level 7 gags
Level 7 gags are used frequently on the Boiler, but treating them as merely another level 6 is doing a disservice. Wedding Cakes and Geysers affect all cogs, so their opportune time is after the Boiler leaves Defensive phase as they will kill surviving cogs in the process. If you are delivering the coup de grace, by all means use them, otherwise save them to get more bang for your buck.
Opera is used turn 2 when level 14+ cogs are present. You only need 1 Opera + 3 Fog to kill these, any extra are better saved until Boiler Fires Up. If 3 cogs die to Fogs, consider using Drop instead. The same principle applies to Soundless toons deciding whether to use Sound SOS.
3) Using remotes on weak cogs
Cogs in a 1 star are easily dispatched with Lure+Trap or Squirt+Drop. As long as your group kills 2-3 of the strongest cogs Turn 1, then heal and kill survivors before new cogs arrive next turn, you do not need remotes. Cogs in 2-3 stars can be dealt with the same way if no one is low on laff. Barring that, 1 damage + 1 healing while the other 2 toons attack or heal is usually sufficient. Putting 4 remotes during Defensive phase is redundant or even undesirable* in most cases.
*Level 8 cogs die to two lvl 1 damage remotes, Level 9 cogs die to two lvl 2 damage remotes.
4) Not being fast enough when elevator cogs appear
It is almost always better to pick a gag before elevator cogs join the fray. This is doubly true in the Boiler battle where undamaged cogs get promoted.
5) Healing at the right times
Given how much damage the Boiler inflicts, Toon up is essential for a successful run. When the Boiler is Fired Up, you want to deal as much damage as your team can get away with. Thus it is imperative to memorize laff thresholds, or minimum laff needed to survive a boiler attack. Any lower and healing is required. Also pay attention whether or not burn damage is in effect. For example, to tank a hit from 3 star Boiler a Toon needs at least 54 laff, 72 with burn damage. As for Toon up Unites, it pays to wait until you see what attack the Boiler uses before popping one.
There are a few examples of mistakes that can be avoided with adequate planning and coordination. If there are others you have seen, feel free to share below.
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2023.06.02 00:10 totterywolff [USA-NY] [H] Switch Lite, Switch games, PS2/4/5 games, N64 games, NES games, DS/3DS games, XBox 360 games [W] Zelda: TotK, memorabilia, offers

Howdy folks, these are the following games I have.

- Switch Lite, very good condition, comes with carrying case, no charger (unless I can find it prior to shipping)

Switch Games
- Super Smash Bros Ultimate

3/DS Games
- Donkey Kong Country Returns (3DS) (Loose)
- Littlest Pet Shop (DS) (Loose)
- Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (DS) (Loose)

N64 Games
- NFL Quarterback Club 99 (Loose)
- WCW vs nWo World Tour (Loose)
- International Superstar Soccer 64 (Loose)
- Madden Football 64 (Loose)
- Starfox 64 (Loose)
- Perfect Dark (CIB)

NES Games
- Pac-Man (Loose)
- Super Mario Bros 3 (Loose)

PS2 Games(ALL CIB)
-Final Fantasy XI + Chains of Promathia
- Final Fantasy X
- Final Fantasy X-2
- Final Fantasy XII

PS4 Games
- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
- Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

PS5 Games
- D&D Dark Alliance

XBox 360 Games
- Perfect Dark Zero (CIB)
- Skyrim (CIB)


- Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
- Memorabilia for Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, DOOM, Dishonored.
- Also open to offers of other things not listed.

Thank you for taking the time to read, have a good day!
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2023.06.02 00:10 Misfit-for-Hire Misfit’s Sober Songs #1

As of the thirtieth day of May in 2023, it has been one year since I last drank alcohol. Day 1 was Memorial Day last year, when I woke up after another night of binge drinking and felt so sick I could hardly remember my name. I eventually managed to get up and feed my pets (later than they would like), then crawled straight back into bed. The rest of that day was a tossing, turning, fever dream blur as I went in and out of sleep, waiting until 6 PM when I planned to go to a recovery meeting. I had been to them before, but not regularly. That day I had reached a critical mass of desperation and was willing to try again. I eventually dragged myself out of bed again, got some nasty fast food in an effort to feel less like microwaved death, and showed up at the meeting. I was weepy, pissed off, and disheveled. But I spoke up for the first time at that meeting, went to dinner with people after, and finally managed to start stringing together consecutive sober days.
Memorial Day this year was similar in that I stayed in bed most of the day, but just because I had returned from a week-long work trip the night before. I wasn’t sick or anxious or ashamed, just righteously exhausted.
With one alcohol-free year behind me, I find that I still have a strange feeling of…waiting. As if sobriety is like being put in time-out, and eventually some adult will come along and say “Okay, Misfit, the egg timer went off! You can go back to your regularly scheduled drinking now”. I can clearly see the benefits of not drinking: no longer throwing up daily, having all my brain cells in play again, etc. But some part of me still isn’t sold on it and misses having the option to douse my general existential angst in vodka. The escape hatch is gone and all the problems that were there before…are still there. The adult came around after all, but instead of releasing me from time-out, they said “Congratulations, Misfit! You have achieved Basic Sobriety! Now you can get down to the business of confronting your trauma, learning more productive coping skills, and deciding what you really want to do with your life!”
Thanks, I hate it.
All that to say, I feel like my second year of sobriety may actually be harder. To avoid returning to drinking out of sheer panic at some point, I'm giving myself a project here. Music has been a big support through all of this. In the boredom that is early sobriety, I often distracted myself with TikTok videos and started picking up new music and artists from them. Later, I reconnected with old favorites and started to remember what life was like before addiction. Now, I still have a hard time feeling positive emotions (which has been the case for years), but music tends to be one of the things that can reach through the anhedonic haze. I will make a post here each day to tell anyone who cares to read about a song that has meant something to me since reaching this side of sobriety. I’m going to start with songs that I remember from early sobriety and see where it goes from there.
Sober Song #1
[Put The Gun Down - Andy Black](
Here's where it starts, another night alone in the dark
Hate is running through my veins
Steady now I'm takin' aim
The darkness of day, all the skies are turning to grey
I can't tune the voices out
How'd they get so goddamn loud?
Oh, cause there's a side, another side of me that can't get out
A darker side that no one knows about
Can't anybody hear me?
Can't anybody see me?
Cause I think I lost my way
Put the gun down, Just put the gun down
Will anybody watch me?
Is someone gonna stop me?
This could be my last mistake
Put the gun down, just put the gun down, down
This song encapsulates one of the first realizations I had that would eventually push me toward taking action on sobriety: the realization that I could drink myself into a stupor, into the gutter, into the grave if that’s what I was determined to do. Nobody can force you to stop but you. It also describes how I felt like nobody noticed how much of a problem I was starting to have. I was a pretty functional alcoholic and a lot of my hardest drinking was alone, at home, during COVID. My family, friends, and colleagues didn’t notice anything amiss over Zoom. I eventually realized I felt resentful over that, like I was drowning right in front of them but they didn’t even see it. My mean internal voice had always been there, but suddenly it was so loud that I was desperate for anything to make it stop. I was “cold and shut off”, sitting at home most nights with a figurative gun aimed at my own head. I wondered to myself: “If this gets bad enough, will someone stop me? They’ll eventually figure it out and do something, won’t they?” The answer was no. I had to be the one to break my own cycle of self harm. I had to make the choice to put the gun down.
I hope you found this interesting and enjoy the song. IWNDWYT. <3
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2023.06.02 00:10 dope_danny What is your most hated story resolution trope/mechanic?

Example: Magic the Gathering has had this villain faction basically forever called Phyrexians. Long Story short a scientist trying to perfect life created this oil that infects people and turns them into "compleated" monsters of twisted flesh and machinery. In the most recent sets of the game the whole big narrative was "They have figured out how to breach the multiverse to go and compleat every world".
The set would go on to have a lot of complaints for its story. A lot being reliant on the rumour they only have the license from the Tolkein estate to print their upcoming lotr magic cards for a certain time period and they needed to cut this Phyrexian arc short. In general however it just felt extremely rushed and seeing things including literal Gods get compleated really set up a nightmare "how do they fix this?" status quo change.
Many thought it was a new lasting paradigm, the good guys on the backfoot in a star wars episode 4 kind of deal. Others thought it was going to end in one big thanos snap to destroy the universe for a new one. Regardless what we got was my most hated narrative resolution mechanic: Mothership Wi-fi
If you've never heard the term you still probably know what it is from an example in some media you've consumed. The enemy force is too big to wrap up in one shot and put a bow on it, but wait! in the last minute we find out -or worse it just happens- that if you take out Thing then everything else deletes itself!. In this case they cut off the Phyrexians home world from the rest again-along with the head of their defacto leader and this "renders the oil inert without a command signal" and all these beloved characters turned into gigerbergs? they just fall over. Great success, you have prooved the justice of our culture, go and rest now heroes!.
It sucks. I hate it. Not just in this instance because this "command signal" was never mentioned in the last 30 years and is outright disproven in earlier cases of the oil infecting worlds unconnected to Phyrexia but any instance. Its a cheap, lazy way to try and wrap up a large scale event neatly just for the sake of rolling credits and of any way to wrap up a story its absolutely the one i'll roll my eyes at the most.
But thats me. For others its stuff like "It was all a dream and now they are awake" or "the villain wasn't really dead and in one last jump scare kills the protagonist just as a last fuck you" or something.
Whats yours?
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2023.06.02 00:10 TheThirdDumpling Chinese defence minister says Beijing will ‘absolutely not’ renounce use of force against Taiwan

Chinese defence minister says Beijing will ‘absolutely not’ renounce use of force against Taiwan submitted by TheThirdDumpling to RoWnews [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 00:09 Hannah-Banana-1 Is my(21f) bf(26m) violating my consent when I "let him" have sex with me?

So a little background: I 21f have been dating my bf 26m for about a year now, and I've been living with him for 4 months. We have a pretty active and fun sex life, and I would say we both have a pretty high sex drive (4-5 days a week and sometimes multiple times a day. However, his sex drive is still higher then mine. Usually it's when I'm tired from work or school, or just genreally not in the mood. Those times I "let him" have sex with me. Usually what happens is that he goes down on me for a while, then has fairly gentle sex with me till he cums, then he cuddles me till we move on with our night. It's pretty regularly enough to make me cum, and sometime it's even turns me on enough that I start participating. The thing is that my friend group says that he's taking advantage of me and that I'm not actually consenting, but I don't see a problem with it. I kind of fingure that it's just part of being in a relationship with a mismatched drive. He doesn't force me, and all I do is lay there ususally, and it still feels good even when I don't cum. What do you ladies think?
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2023.06.02 00:09 CoxyNormiss1771 She decided we're 'better as friends' after 4 years

I have no idea what to say. One week we're talking about going away together for a passionate weekend, we're talking about moving in together, she's talked about us moving abroad for a better life.
Monday morning 2am I get a text about how she's unhappy and stepping back from the relationship and all relationship things due to personal issues. She didn't tell me anything about this, I asked for some clarification because as far as I was concerned, I just got blindsided. She's said she'll be there for me as a friend. I slept on it, and messaged her the next day saying I have questions, telling her I'm dissapointed she didnt or didnt feel she could talk to me or explain this earlier. I've let her know despite her demands, I'm not going to go find someone else, and I may need some time apart but if she's dealt with her issues and wants to try again, she knows where i am because this was very sudden .
I was told I wasn't 'respecting' her by fairly communicating where i stand. I told her I hope she resolves whatever her problems are that she's going through. Left it at that.
I'm pretty heartbroken. We got together a little before my mother got terminal cancer. She was there for me through all of it. We carried on a relationship through covid, me being forced to move out as my old man sold the family house out from under me to go abroad, through my illnesses, my transition, through her grandpa (main carer) being ill, me trying to help her with her health issues. We stayed up gaming most nights and laughed our heads off. We had plans to go to Canada, we were planning a lovers weekend away the other day. I don't know what i can do. Part of me hopes she sorts herself out but I know I can't bet on her coming back and trying again and thus must assume it's over.
I've archived our whatsapp chat, I've turned off the phone. I'm leaving her to sort her issues out and I'll try to get on with my own life now. I feel derailed. I just wanted her. I worked my arse off for the last few years to get to a financial situation where we COULD have moved abroad like that.
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2023.06.02 00:09 spkrinsb Is Wednesday's Show Still On?

Cause I feel like that shit lasted forever. If you watched the show live with all the commercials, you have my condolences. It was bad enough trying to watch it recorded. Talk about tedious. Holy crap.
For those who had enough sense not to watch it, here's what you missed:
- I'm pretty sure there were about 5 hours of the world's most boring Chris and Nicole scenes. I had to fast-forward through most of it to preserve my sanity, but occasionally stopped to see what Nicole was babbling about at the moment. Since they're this seasons "happy couple", we were forced to see how "happy" they were --- even though Chris never smiles, and is the least happy "happy" person I've ever seen in my life. We also got to see why crazy Nicole declared bankruptcy a few years ago; she loves spending money on overpriced pointless shit like giant magnifying glasses and tacky golden chairs. Ironically, she said she only buys stuff "she can afford" --- which is clearly why she declared bankruptcy. I'd assume she would have told Chris by now of her skills with money, but the bankruptcy topic doesn't seem to have been brought up since they're so "happy" now (unless I fast-forwarded through it). If money issues don't kill this relationship, personality conflicts (he has none; hers is out of control) will.
- Clint had a staged date clearly set up by production...or him....with a redhead, so that someone else could tell him they don't like dating redheads. Cause that running joke needs to be beaten to death. He claims a mutual friend set him up on a blind date, and yet this mutual friend didn't know her redheaded ass doesn't like dating redheads. But don't cry for him Argentina, as he had sex with some mystery friend of his instead post-Gina according to him. I'm beginning to think the reason why Clint and Gina were paired is because they can spend hours talking in endless circles about nothing.
- Airris went from saying he and Jasmine were "good friends" earlier in the episode --- because he lives in a parallel universe --- to saying maybe they weren't a few days later. She said he'll never be walking her dog again, so apparently that friendship was short-lived. But, like Clint, he claims he had sex too since the marriage ended. Do we believe any of this, considering in the last episode he was asking his roommate's girlfriend if she had any women to set him up with? I tend to think most of his "sexual conquests" live in the same world where he and Jasmine are great friends.
- Dom is still a juvenile idiot. Production staged an incredibly awkward scene with her and Clint in some park because "she knew Clint was looking for dogs" and she wanted to show her dog to Clint, even though she's not selling it --- yes it made no sense. And then....because this wasn't staged at all....she randomly decided she'd like to start dating Gil from whatever season that was, so she messaged him in the park with Clint. I'm going to predict that Gil doesn't need another whiney self-absorbed woman in his life, so that will go nowhere. (Jasmine, by the way, isn't a fan of Myrla at all, which makes me like Jasmine even more.)
- Mac's job title on the show needs to be changed from "Entrepreneur" to "Opportunist". I couldn't keep track of how many "businesses" his entrepreneurial ass supposedly owned....that are all clearly dead now. Nothing he does or says (remember all those weird lies he was telling Dom on the honeymoon?) really makes sense. He strikes me as one of these people who has probably gotten by on his looks most of his life. He claims he recently just moved out of the friend's parents' basement and rented his own place there, but then also accepted a job in Michigan shortly after that. Now he wants to try dating Gina even though he's leaving town. They actually had more chemistry on the ten minutes of their date we saw than either of them had with the partners the "experts" matched them with. Unfortunately, she's married to her job, and he's married to himself, so it probably won't work out.
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2023.06.02 00:08 NBAjjchamberlain NBA Finals 2023 - Five Strategies to Watch

This year’s NBA Finals is already historic. The Heat are the first play-in team to claw their way out of a 44-38 record and 8th seed to land themselves in the NBA Finals. The Nuggets have never made a Finals, had the best record in the battle hardened West and the city is absolutely stoked. What are NBA heads saying about the series? What are fans around the world hoping to see? How are coaches going to keep these ballers away from Denver’s number one trending story of the year: Shotgun Willie’s Gentleman’s Club, which infamously siren songed the Grizzlies’ Ja Morant into stacking cash on every inch of the private dance room? Slap a booty and get ready for the last NBA basketball of the year.
Thanks for reading JJ’s Substack! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.
1 - How to stop Nikola Jokic?
The two time MVP is having yet another killer season. He’s been, arguably, the best player in the playoffs of all time. He’s averging a triple double on 29.9 points, 13.3 assists, 10.3 rebounds and around 1 block and 1 steal per game. This guy can do it all and has undoubtedly contributed to the Heat coaching staff’s lack of sleep. Luckily the state just decrminalized a fanny pack of plant based drugs that may help.
Everyone knows how much the Heat love running zone defense. Can the zone even stop Jokic? Doubt it but the Heat are going to try. They run a fluid 2-3 zone which can flow directly into a 1-3-1 formation. The Heat need to pack the middle of the floor and push Jokic to the sidelines on the pick and roll using their 1-3-1. If the Heat can keep Jokic out of the middle of the floor that limits his options on the center-point guard pick and roll that he runs to perfection with Jamal Murray. Look for easy rebounds and putbacks on the weak side from Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr.
Can the Nuggets outshoot the zone? Damn right they can. Will they? We’ll see. The Heat run out and defend every single three point attempt. They held the sharp shooting Boston Celtics to 30% from 3, down from 37% during the regular season. However, this series may be won from the three point line if the Nuggets can run and the Heat can get Butler into the lane for kickouts.
2 - Who can guard Jimmy Butler?
Aaron Gordon most likely. We will see if he’s too slow to stay in front of Jimmy. If Butler still has that nagging injury he’s been battling the past two series that will help out AG. There are a couple bodies that the Nuggets can throw at James Effin Buckets. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is an underrated defender with sneaky strength. Reggie Jackson is rusty but used to be able to defend at a high level. Bruce Brown has the heart of fiesty chihuahua but he’s too small. Jamal is too small too. We’ve all seen what Jimmy’s done to smaller guards, he’ll bully his way to the lane and make defenders look stupid with his pump fakes, footwork, interior passing and little chip shots. If Jimmy gets stuffed this series, who will show up for the Heat?
3 - Malone vs Spo
Erik Spoelstra has solidified his standing as one of the greatest coaches of the era, possibly all time. This will be his 6th NBA Finals since taking over the reigns from Pat Riley in 2009. I have no doubt that Spo has some tricks in the bag and having the Godfather on speed dial doesn’t hurt either.
But Malone is no stranger to NBA legacies. His father Brendan was an assistant for the champion Pistons in the late 80’s and then again with the Knicks Finals run in 1999 and the Reggie Miller Pacers in 2000. Michael himself was an assistant during LeBron’s first Finals in 2007. So he does have some experience here in the promised land.
This coaching matchup will come down to, you guessed it, in-game adjustments. Each coach’s ability to change on the fly will be crucial to finding the weak points in each other’s schemes. Every possession will matter in these games. Look for Malone to push the pace with his crew and try to get some quick transition buckets before the Heat can set up their defense. Jokic excels in the rebound-and-go game. In the half court, Malone will try to move Jokic around to different points on the floor and it will be especially interesting when he puts Joker back to the basket in the post. He has the passing, vision, strength, length and creativity to be dangerous that close to the basket.
Spoelstra on the other hand will walk the ball up, play through Butler and try to swing the Nuggets defense from side to side. Expect him to set up Duncan Robinson and Max Strus on the wings where they can be dangerous driving or shooting the three off the Butler-Bam Adebayo pick and roll. Kevin Love can still knock down an open jumper and may have some post move tricks up his sleeve. But he’s so old he can’t even drive a golf cart anymore. Love can be another big body that Spo can put on Jokic to give him different defenders.
4 - Bench Scoring - Who will shine?
The bright lights may burn the bench guys but some will bask in the glory. Kyle Lowry is due for a big game after struggling against the Celtics top tier wing defenders. The Nuggets don’t have the bench defense to hold down all the Heat shooters so we will see a game won by a Heat backup, like we’ve seen in plenty of games so far this playoffs.
The Nuggets bench has issues. Jeff Green is too old. Christian Braun is too young. Reggie Jackson and Thomas Bryant have yet to work their way into the rotation. DeAndre Jordan is a mascot. However, expect some decent minutes from…Vlatko Cancar if the Heat bench is outperforming Green, Brown and Braun. Cancar can guard Love and Robinson. Really this Nuggets bench goes how Bruce Brown goes. If he has a hot game on both ends, the bench looks unstoppable. If he withers like a winter flower then the Heat bench will dominate like they’ve done all year.
5 - The crowd, the altitude, the experience, the refs
Intangibles. The stuff numbers can’t measure. The Nuggets crowd will be loud, fired up and intense. The Heat crowd, not so much. They’ve been spoiled over the years, show up late and leave early. They do wear the white shirts though which looks nice but makes the empty seats even more noticeable.
Do players play worse at altitude? Short answer, yes. Long answer, it depends. The altitude will effect the Heat at the beginning and end of games. The biggest concern is dehydration which means keeping the Heat out of the club and focused on basketball. Heat culture will play a big role here with everyone, top to bottom, 100% ready for each game.
The Heat have much more experience in the Finals than the Nuggets. They have two NBA champions in the rotation in KLove and KLow, three if you count the corpse of Udonis Haslem. They also have a few returning from their 2020 bubble Finals against the Lakers where they lost a heartbreaker to an Anthony Davis fall away three. This grizzled Heat team will be angry and hungry but what else is new? Their Finals experience may end up being the overriding factor in this series, especially among the coaching staffs. The Heat will stay calm and collected even with the intensity through the roof.
Finally, the NBA’s middle management, the refs. Who does the NBA want to win? What will revenue more? This is a coin flip. With the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Warriors all on the couch, gone fishin’ or 1-2-3 Cancunin’, the refs will likely call this series as even as they can. A Jokic ring would be the icing on the cake for Eastern European basketball which hasn’t ever had an MVP champion.
So who ya got? The Nuggets in 5 seems like a solid bet at +225 against a hobbled Heat team. But if the Heat push it to six and get back home expect them to finish hard and force a game 7. Heat in 7 is +1000 and it’s tough to bet against them the way they’ve defied all odds.
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2023.06.02 00:08 NewmanHiding I have a question about shear stress equilibrium

I learned in Mechanics of Materials that the xy component of shear stress is equal to the yx component of shear stress due to moment balance in an element in static equilibrium. (τxy = τyx) But is this necessarily true for an element that isn’t in static equilibrium? Or in other words, is this equation only true for in element or body in static equilibrium?
(Also, I marked this as rant/vent because I didn’t know what other flair to use. This isn’t tied to a homework assignment either. This is just a question for my own knowledge.)
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2023.06.02 00:08 therecluse92 Rebooking the World Heavyweight Championship's history (2002-2023)

In this post, I'm rebooking the history of the Big Gold Belt, meaning that it isn't replaced by the Universal Championship.
First Brand-Split (2002-2013)
Second Brand Split (2016-present)
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2023.06.02 00:08 Uranit_78 The Vexation of 3.7 Spiral Abyss' flawed design

The Vexation of 3.7 Spiral Abyss' flawed design
The day is 1st of June, 2023. We log in to our favorite game, Genshin Impact, to do our dailies, spend the day of Resin, some of us do some crazy things like walk from King Deshret's Pyramid to Mondstadt. But, since it's a first day of a month, we get to enjoy our ever so distant monthy content - the reset of the shop, new free wishes, and the reset of Spiral Abyss
To no surprise to anyone, the 3.7 version of Spiral Abyss is one of, if not the most aggravating one since launch despite the obnoxious cycle of last abyss rotations. We came from hating Golden Wolflord to Triple Kenki, from Triple Kenki to the Wenut - Abyss isn't spoiling us to be fair. And we have to deal with those Consecrated Beasts, our most beloved all the time.
Yet this round up is the worst not because the monsters are annoying as hell, not fully at least. 3.7 Spiral Abyss is inherently badly designed

Let's have an overview of the latest Floor 12, and analyze it's infuriating flaws. Sidenote - i am aware of the difficulty increase in Floor 11 as well, yet it's much more generous timers offset that spike for now.

We'll start from the whole 1st Half, since i want to go over half individually
Floor 12-1-1

1st Wave - 1 Pyro Whopperflower, 2 Cryo Whopperflower, followed by 2 Pyro Whopperflowers and 1 Cryo Whopperflower 2nd Wave - 3 Primal Constructs, followed by 3 Primal Constructs
The starting part of the Floor 12 is the probably the second least daunting one of the 6 halfs, but it's lineup still forces a certain playstyle upon you. While the 6 flowers may be annoying with their hopping and underground digging, they do fall quickly, and their inexistant poise makes them easy to stagger and quickly eliminate.
The Doritos however are a diffirent story. If you don't blitz them down, they go poof and enter stealth, unallowing you to comfortably attack them since the auto target system in Genshin will bruteforce you into one of their "beyblades" they leave while vanished. To burst the state prematurely, you ought to trigger a Quicken reaction on them, which will also stun them for a while.
Obviously then, running a Dendro/Electro duo is rather a must, that's alright, Genshin is a gacha, the amount of characters available is there for something, we cannot just blitz through everything with just Raiden National and Kuki Hyperbloom.
The other issue is the matter of the enemy spawn. The half consists of 12 enemies total, 6 for each type. However only 3 of them can be alive at a given time - once 1 goes down, it's immediately replaced with a diffirent one, providing a steady stream of foes. It might be an non-issue if you play someone like Alhaitham/Yae, but if you play something like Nahida, you constantly need to refresh your E, which may vary from a mild inconveniance (Keqing) to a serious displeasure (Cyno)

Floor 12-2-1

1st Wave - Jadeplume Terrorshroom
Chicken. Our dear and beloved Chicken. Will anyone be surprised if i say this is the easiest half of all 6? I mean, it's just one singular boss, a damage sponge who may hit you, but is rather fair to play against, it doesn't zoom from one edge of the arena to the other while chain knocking you up, right?

Floor 12-3-1

1st Wave - Consecrated Horned Crocodile & Consecrated Fanged Beast 2nd Wave - Consecrated Horned Crocodile & Consecrated Fanged Beast
Game's public enemy nr. 1 right now, and it's easy to tell why if you fought them once.
The Beasts have around a million HP each (tankier than Azhdaha), 40% resist to every element, increased to 70% for their own (Hydro for Crocodile, Dendro for Beast), have insane knockback on their attacks, deal gargantous amounts of damage and are surprisingly fast. The Fanged Beast even has an untargetability state to it.
We already had Consecrated Beasts in the Abyss. They actually are with us for nearly the whole 2023 - first ones appeared in the 2nd Chamber of 3.4 Floor 12. Up to this point, each time they were present, they fought in 2 each half. This time is no diffirent, we will face 2 of them at the same time - but this time, twice.
After defeating the 2 beasts, you fight the exact same line-up over again. This really makes the blood boil, since they were already a problem in 2, not to say 4. While this may come off as a hyperbole, shields are mandatory in this half, or at least something that grants resistance to interruption, such as Xingqiu's Rain Swords. You are going to be thrown around like a bag of potatoes otherwise.

Despite it's catastrophic finish, i'd wager to say that the First Half of Floor 12 is fairly designed. You might say right now "THe hell? How 4 Consecrated Beasts be fair desing? DOWNVOTE!" - hear me out. I am as pissed off about their existance as you are, but if you pick a Dendro Character for the Doritos in the 1st half, you will not be regretting that, despite the increased resistance of Chicken and Fanged Beast.
Second Half, however, is diffirent

Floor 12-1-2

1st Wave - 1 Cryo Abyss Mage, 1 Hydro Abyss Mage 2nd Wave - 1 Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents, 2 Abyss Heralds: Frost Fall
This lineup is a straight up "f**k u" from Hoyoverse.
The Abyss Mages are not really an issue here - they are alone and they die fast. The Heralds are the problem.
All the issues of this half stem from one thing - their elements. Combination of Hydro and Cryo attacks will result in constant Freezes, while the wide coverage and high range of the Heralds will make it hard to avoid the Freeze. Then, given the design of Heralds, you have to deal with a chunky Hydro and Cryo Shields. This sparks a seed for a big problem of this phase's Second Half - Elemental Restrictions.
You cannot go Freeze Teams in the second half. You cannot go Nilou Bloom team (not that you'd want to, Second Half is nearly exclusively single target). Hyperbloom teams are hindered because of Cryo. Hydro Teams also do not work. That leaves us with Mono Geo, Anemo Carry, Pyro and Electro teams. Since the former elements are inert, and react in a diffirent manner, let's close up on the latter. Electro teams can certainly do this phase, but it's not worth the time, as Electro needs time to chunk both Hydro and Cryo shields, while Pyro will only slightly struggle with Hydro.

Floor 12-2-2

1st Wave - Thunder Manifestation
Remember that bit about Electro being able to do that? Yea, don't bother, there's a Mosquito waiting to ruin all your plans.
The whole boss honestly isn't too bad, however it is more unpleasant compared to the Shroom. It can blink, quickly make or close distance, and flies in the air, which may come as a discomfort for certain melee users. But it's attacks are telegraphed, easy to dodge.
The existance of Thunder Manifestation in the Second Chamber solidifies the Second Half as a Pyro-focused one. And as i said in the 12-1-1 analysis, it's ok. Genshin is a gacha game, it's made to test multiple diffirent strategies. There's nothing wrong with making a Pyro-centric half...

Floor 12-3-2

1st Wave - Iniquitous Baptist - (forget the title)
...unless it then requires other elements.
Iniquitous Baptist is a new Abyss Boss released in Version 3.6. The boss itself is actually one of the squishiests ones in the game, but it has a gimmick. Since it's an Abyss creature, it has a benefit of Elemental Shields, which are used in the battle. Shortly after the he spawns, Baptists creates 3 crystals around himself and channels, gaining approx. 270% damage reduction and a shield. To destroy the shield, you need to destroy the crystals - which require attacks from various, diffirent elements. After that shield dissapears, the Boss will cover himself in another elemental shield, which needs to be destroyed in a more traditional way.
Normally, it wouldn't be a problem. I think that it's a cool boss, and it's existance in Abyss doesn't frighten me. However, Floor 12's Second Half already excluded Hydro, Cryo and Electro from optimal usage by the way of Heralds and Thunder Manifestation. This creates a situation in which you need to pray that the Baptist never covers himself in a Pyro shield nor will he spawn a Pyro crystal which will be impossible to destroy. Aeonblight Drake did the similiar thing with forcing players to use bow characters against him, but following ASIMON did not punish you for having a Collei or Yelan the way that Baptist punishes you for going mono-Yoimiya for example.
Now, you can say "U can use supports to kill the shield". Sure, but that takes time. We are talking about Abyss 12, we have 3 minutes to complete BOTH halfs in order to get 3 stars. Some people want to 36 star the abyss for those extra primos, some for the personal achievement. The last chamber already has beasts, which can take up even 2 minutes in optimal scenarios, leaving 1 minute for a boss which sometimes will be impossible to tear down. This isn't even a numbers thing - You can whale 10k $ on Yoimiya's banner right now to get her C6 and a R5 Thundering Pulse to top that yet you still won't be able to damage the Baptist if he gets a Pyro shield. The design of this Abyss just doesn't make sense in any way, which sparks frustration.

I will allow myself to compare the new Abyss to the one from 2.5, when the rise of difficulty in Abyss started to become noticable
Now how is this one fairly designed? It has Wolflord!
Look, this Abyss cycle is practically neutral Elementally. The only place where usage of a certain element is either encouraged or prohibited is in 12-2-2 against the Wolflord. Indeed, that boss is a pain in the butt, taking a lot of time, and i agree that it's presence is not satisfactory, but it does not require us to use an element previous chamber disincentivized.

To summarise, the irritation that the new Abyss generates comes from it's bad design. First half shows us the issue of bloated health bars and overpowered mobs, while second half has inconsistant elemental requirements for it's enemies.
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