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2023.06.07 09:11 etherealEQed Build Paths with 13.12 AD/Lvl Buff

I went ahead and did the AD calculations for the new patch notes.
AD Difference Per Level:

Level 13.11 Base AD 13.12 Base AD
1 59 59
2 60.44 60.872
3 61.95 62.835
4 63.53 64.889
5 65.18 67.034
6 66.9 69.27
7 68.69 71.597
8 70.55 74.015
9 72.48 76.524
10 74.48 79.124
11 76.55 81.815
12 78.69 84.597
13 80.9 87.47
14 83.18 90.434
15 85.53 93.489
16 87.95 96.635
17 90.44 99.872
18 93 103.2

Q-Evolve Rush Components:

Builds w/ Q-Evolve:

TLDR: It seems like Riot just tried to make Stormrazor rush give you Q-Evolve around the same time it did on 13.10. DPS hybrid builds will also spike quite a bit sooner now and take up one less item slot in your inventory. Overall, not bad I guess? I play mostly hybrid Kraken so I'm pretty happy.
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2023.06.07 00:43 XboxUser123 Visualized Effects of TT, FTTC, and Damage Buffs on Sustained DPS

Triple Tap (TT) and Fourth Time's the Charm (FTTC) are very powerful perks. Not only do they provide ammo back into the magazine, but they also provide ammo back to the magazine for free, out of thin air and not from reserves. In addition, some weapons allow FTTC or TT to roll with Focused Fury (FF).
Question is, how do they play in sustained DPS?(For the uninitiated, sustained DPS: the Damage per second done while expending the magazine and reloading)
To answer this, I used a more relative measure: rounds per second; this value can then be multiplied by whatever damage per round value you desire to find the damage per second.
Graph link:
(Graph also includes equations for finding the effective magazine size due to FTTC, TT, and FTTC + TT if you are interested in those)
Some interesting insight:
You might ask about Target Lock. That one is a little harder to deduce, but averaging it out per magazine results in the same principles as above (as fire rate increases FTTC + TT becomes better, etc).
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2023.06.06 16:23 VoidVigilante DPS Calculation Question

Will the game UI tell me if a one-handed weapon and an offhand item/weapon will have greater DPS than a two-handed weapon when comparing at the equipment menu?
For example on a Druid:
Inventory contains a 60 DPS mace and a 60 DPS totem.
Equipped I have a 100 DPS two-handed axe.
If I hover one of the items in my inventory will the game show a green number signifying there's a combination of items with greater DPS than what I currently have equipped?
Edit: On a related note, does the totem's DPS affect all damage I do or only certain abilities?
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2023.06.06 13:58 Windgesang_ Hunter of the moon (Lunacub guide)

Hunter of the moon (Lunacub guide)
Finally, the fifth deadeye of the game is here. I’ve been waiting for her for 7 months now. Except she has a few slight issues with her kit (yes I’m saying it straight from the start).


Lunacub is a 5* Deadeye Sniper focusing on Camouflage. With the ability to stay camouflaged nigh-permanently, she is capable of staying deep in the enemy lines to deal some damage before everyone else, making it the next best thing to global range.


  • Offensive stats:
Deadeye Snipers have one of the best ATK stats in the entire game, losing only to Mystic Casters and Crusher Guards.
Similar to all those top ATK branch, they have a pretty slow attack interval to “compensate” at 2.7 seconds, one of the slowest of the game.
  • Defensive stats:
I have already spoiled that she has extremely long duration camouflage, which boosts her “defensive” stats by a lot. But even outside of that, her HP is strangely high and is one of the highest of all Snipers, losing only to Spreadshooters, Flingers, and Fiammetta.
Why is her HP that high? Because for some reason they decided to give her +300 HP as trust bonus, on a unit designed to have nigh-permanent Camouflage. It’s the same trust bonus as Andreana – another Deadeye – at +300 HP +40 ATK, so it’s not unprecedented, but why not going for the full ATK like Firewatch.
For a number example, at max level and max module, she gets 1996 HP. That’s extremely high for a ranged unit.
Anyway aside from that her DEF is pretty average for a sniper.
  • Cost:
Deadeye Snipers have a fairly high cost for a ST sniper. For Luna, that will be 19 at base and 21 at E1 onward.


Deadeye have one of the best range in the game.
Deadeye range at base (left) and E1 onward (right)
They have the ability to reach a bit further forward than Marksman and 2 tiles further to their side which really enhance their positioning aspect because they’ll usually be able to reach the enemies even with awkward placement. Especially for Lunacub, she has even less of a positioning issue thanks to her Camo.


Prioritise attacking the enemy with the lowest DEF in range first
The Deadeye’s trait is a weird one. It’s unpredictable unless you have a solid grasp of the enemy’s stats or you are in your second attempt of the map already. It can be helpful because Casters and most ranged enemies tend to have lower DEF than their melee kin so you can take them out earlier. It’s not always true, but it’s a good starting point.
But it’s not all bad. It also prevents them from ever being distracted. There’s a typical strat that they would spawn ranged enemies following behind a defender or an elite which would usually lead to most ST units to aim at the defender instead of the ranged one, even when both are blocked. These snipers however, can snipe out those ranged enemies in advance. The same goes for enemies with Taunt (“more likely to be targeted” or “draws enemy fire” in the game’s description), the Deadeyes ignore that and only care about the DEF stats.
They also count DEF debuff/buff as well. If you have Shamare or something to reduce DEF, those guys are definitely more likely to be targeted by a Deadeye. The reverse case is someone like a Guerilla Herald, who buffs DEF for everyone but themselves and have low DEF. The Deadeyes usually target these Heralds first.
Anyway, the targeting will be annoying to get used to.

Talent: Wilderness Instinct

Available at E1: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active
At E2: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced slightly after skill activation
[Camouflage]: Prevents being targeted by enemy attacks if the unit is not blocking (but will still take Splash damage)
This is the main identity for Luna, being a unit with a nigh-permanent Camouflage buff.
As stated, camouflage prevents enemies from targeting the user, but they will still take Splash damage. This Splash damage refer to most attacks that deals damage in an area.
But what’s not expected is that some attacks that looks like it should be doing damage in an AoE still wouldn’t hit camouflaged unit. For examples, Sui’s thunderbolt, Degenbrecher’s area disarm, Dorothy’s… boss thingy that deals AoE damage that split evenly between all allies, etc. My guess is that due to how these skill works, they would still have to find the unit first… or something.
Idk why either
Altars – the cold one from chapter 6 and the true damage one from chapter 7 – for some reason doesn’t affect Camo despite being completely an AoE effect. This is made worse with the fact that the true damage altar actually hit invisible units, the status that is in essence “better Camo”. But this is the only exception so far, since the cold altar doesn’t hit either of those.
I think they just forgot to fix and is now too late to fix
There are also some AoE skills that only activate if the enemy sees someone to attack. This usually means Camouflaged unit can avoid those skills, with the only exception so far is IS#2 Phantom’s AoE attack which can target an ally through Camouflage.
-if you don't see a GIF that means I was too lazy to run IS#2 again to get a recording but you can take my words for this
Her Camouflage is tied to her non-skill state though, so does this mean that if her skill is up, she will be vulnerable again? Nope because she has that extra HP hah. That and her skill is also designed accordingly with this talent, though we will have to wait until the Skill section for that.
Anyway, the second clause of the talent is that her attack interval is reduced when skill is active. This is a 15% reduction to her base amount of 2.7 seconds and is calculated before any Attack Speed (ASPD) buff. Her new attack interval with skill up, without any other ASPD, is 2.3 seconds (in 30 FPS context, that’s 69 frames, which is nice).
Spoiler I guess, but her module level 3 increases this reduction to 25%, which makes her attack interval 2.03 seconds instead.


  • RIIC skills:
Always available – Lazy Cub: When stationed at a Dorm, self morale recovery per hour +0.7
This is not much useful, considering that her other base skill isn’t used constantly either. But this essentially means that Luna will recover morale fast after working in the base.
Available at E2 – Wilderness Survival: When this Operator is assigned to the Workshop to process Skill Summaries, the production rate of byproduct increases by 80%.
Admittedly, this is the highest % chance to get byproduct for Skill Summaries (aside from Nine-Colored Deer). But, like I said, you won’t use this skill and craft skill books that much. As in, eventually, your Skill Summaries acquisition rate will be slow enough that you will only be able to craft once every long while, unless you're actively farming CA-5 (like refresh-with-OP level of actively). Side note, if you have Hellagur, he has access to this skill straight from the get-go.

First skill: Time to Hunt

  • Stats at level 7:
ATK +60%
18 seconds duration, 24 SP cost, 8 initial SP
Auto Recovery, manual activation

  • Masteries:
M3 gives ATK +100%, 20 SP cost, 10 initial SP

  • Advance Details:
This is exactly like ATK Up γ, except with a much shorter duration and cooldown. Presumably, the rotation was reduced with her talent in mind, to minimize the time when she’s vulnerable to attacks.

  • Usage:
Despite that, I don’t think the shortened cycle is enough to put Lunacub deep in the enemy lines. 18 seconds is a decently long time to get killed, even with her amazing 300 extra HP (no I will not let this go).
Technically, if she’s still vulnerable to attacks when this skill is up, we can fix that by properly timed the skill when there are no more ranged enemies around. But doing that negates the upside of short cooldown.
This skill doesn’t look too promising, not because it’s inherently bad. Rather, it pretty much removes Luna’s main identity unless you’re extremely good with skill timing and all that.
And furthermore, Andreana also has an S1 with the same +100% ATK, with similar attack rate (2.2 seconds vs Luna’s 2.033 assuming both have mod3), and Andreana’s ASPD is always active and not just during skill, and, Andreana has DEA–Ⲭ which gives her potentially even more damage.
You can definitely use it because it is Luna’s only method of gaining even more ATK, so that she can actually kill stronger enemies (or at least almost kill because now the short duration can actually hurt).

Second skill: Umbrial Ambush

  • Stats at level 7:
ASPD +110; Gain Camouflage for 5 seconds; Within the skill duration, defeating an enemy grants Camouflage for 7 seconds.
25 seconds duration, 54 SP cost, 25 initial SP
Auto Recovery, manual activation

  • Masteries:
M3 gives ASPD +140; Camouflage for 8 seconds; Defeating an enemy grants Camouflage for 8 seconds.
50 SP cost, 30 initial SP

  • Advance Details:
With 110 ASPD and her E2 talent effect, her new attack interval with this skill is 1.1 seconds, or 33 frames in a 30 FPS scale. At M3 with 140 ASPD, that interval is 0.967 second, or 29 frames. And with mod3 M3, that interval is 0.833 second (25 frames).
Luna gains 5 (8) seconds of Camouflage upon using this skill and 7 (8) seconds upon getting a kill during the skill duration. These duration don’t stacks.
That is to say, Luna will only remains in Camouflage for the next 7/8 seconds after getting a kill, regardless of when it happened.
Luna herself has to be the one delivering the killing blow to receive the Camouflage.

  • Usage:
As anyone would guess, this skill is designed to make Lunacub completely covered with Camouflage while still be able to use skill. As long as she kills something, she will get Camouflage for the next 8 seconds.
But that’s exactly where the issue is. She has to kill things constantly during her skill to achieve this permanent Camouflage. (In a perfect scenario, she would need to kill only 3 enemies if it’s perfectly spaced out every 7.9 seconds.)
She doesn’t get any +ATK with this skill, it’s pure ASPD. Meaning despite her high base ATK, that’s all she wrote. In general, her ATK is similar to a Marksman with +100% ATK, while her skill attack interval is similar to a Marksman (or shorter with mod3). Wait a minute, a Marksman with +100% ATK and Camouflage??? Oh my god RIP Ap…
Jokes aside, this idea forces Luna to only use this skill when there are kill-able mobs around. Which sounds fine, skill issue and all, but because of the lack of ATK it severely reduces the type of mobs that she can kill within 8 seconds, relegating it to mostly trash mobs.
And this is why I have always use “nigh-permanent” when talking about her Camouflage. In theory, she can roll over trash mobs and feed her Camo constantly. In practice, that uhhh… depends on a lot of things: skill issues, wave flow, amount and flow of trash mobs. Basically, even the most skillful player can still find scenarios where they can’t use the skill regardless.
Maybe the 50 SP cost is because you’re not going to be able to use this skill constantly anyway.


  • Stage 1:
HP +120
ATK +55
Trait upgraded: Prioritise attacking the enemy with the lowest DEF in range first; If the attacked enemy remains alive, gain 1 additional SP
Analysis: As with Firewatch’s module, this module seeks to improve her skill rotation. Sadly, HG knew they are going to give her this DEA–У module, so they masterfully “balanced” her primary skill by increasing its SP cost to 50.
Anyway, Lunacub was released during a time when HG had already realised that SP cost should just stay low. With her DEA–У module, her S2 50 SP cost can be brought down to a minimum of about 36? But then, why not give her 40 SP cost and then give her DEA–Ⲭ instead? I know I have discovered that DEA–Ⲭ doesn’t give that much boost at mid-range but something is better than nothing.
Well, that’s enough rant for this section.
You can technically use S1 and have an extremely low downtime though, similar to Firewatch S1 (same SP cost and all), though with a much shorter skill duration. Admittedly, her S2 is her identity skill and this mod helps “fix” the SP cost. So yes, it’s a very important mod for Luna.
Important note: the attacked enemy has to lose HP in order for DEA-У to give SP. That is to say, if the target dodged or negated the damage with Barrier (Big Sad Lock, SSS Sloma tower boss…), these Deadeyes will not get SP.

  • Stage 2: (stat boosts do not stack, only replace)
HP +145
ATK +63
Talent upgraded: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced slightly after skill activation (-20%). {Upgraded from -15%}
  • Stage 3:
HP +160
ATK +68
Talent upgraded: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced after skill activation (-25%). {Upgraded from -20%}
Analysis: This is a pretty sizeable boost to her attack interval. As mentioned before, it decreases her S1 attack interval from 2.3 seconds to 2.033 seconds, and her S2M3 attack interval from 0.97 seconds to 0.83.
Module upgrades materials are pretty limited, so in the grand scheme, this module is not worth it because Luna herself is not worth it. But for Lunacub specifically, this module is very good if you want to stick with her. It covers her S2 SP cost, gives her even more attack rate for both skills, and provides her with more ATK which she will definitely need if you use S2.

Concluding thoughts

Lunacub is designed to stay in Camouflage and snipe enemies from really dangerous position. Unless if there are AoE environmental hazards (altars excluded) or enemies that deal AoE damage without needing to target anything (like the mushroom from SN). If she can feed off of mobs, she can stay in Camouflage permanently
  • S1 is her only +ATK source. This makes it worth a consideration when Luna is not in danger but you need more damage to kill anything other than trash mobs. That in turns make her unique talent irrelevant, or at least half-irrelevant, and is essentially a side-grade Andreana S1. That sounds sad doesn’t it. You can use it while abusing the camo off-skill (and that +300HP) to dodge the low traffic ranged attacks (why I said half-irrelevant), but if you are at that strategical prowess already, you don’t need this guide.
  • S2 is Luna’s identity. She can go extremely aggressive because of her Camo. With some fodder, Luna can stay almost permanently in Camouflage. The lack of any ATK boost limits the kind of mobs that she can kill, so she’s relegated to mostly weak fodders. She also prefers to be placed away from other DPS or it’ll be a struggle of kill to get Camo. The only major issue is AoE damage (and reveal but we haven’t seen those enemies for a long time until the recent floor 3 boss map in IS#3: Requiem Aeternam and Eternal Wrath, 2 same maps but different boss).
For most people, their first comparison to Luna is Firewatch. Both are Deadeyes that revolves around staying undetected. But Firewatch is far more powerful. Invisible is a definite step above Camouflage. Her Invisible has 50 seconds duration with a downtime of around 15-20. She deals bonus damage to ranged enemies, removing the need for Invi/Camo, though she may or may not target them first. Luna can have permanent camo, though that will be without skill or pray that she kill enemies properly with S2. It is much easier for Luna to be placed aggressively compared to Firewatch, but Firewatch gives a much better reward if you can make it.
Another comparison is someone I made a joke about way earlier: April. Both are Camo Sniper that revolves around being capable of going deep in the enemy’s line and kill something (maybe). With both of their S2 up, they have similar stats: 1200 ATK and about 1 second attack interval. The advantage here isn’t any skill rotation or DPS or whatever, but that April has guaranteed 26 seconds Camo duration whereas Luna needs to get kills. This guaranteed duration allows her to spend time killing (or at least wounding) the stronger enemies unlike Luna who only have a third of that time. Also, April only needs that deployment slot when she’s ready, while Luna has to hog it the entire time. April has an easier time moving around the map. Luna’s only advantages are range, which are rarely seen and/or are not hard to work around, and more importantly her off-skill state for long duration fighting (like I said, something is better than nothing), for example against global range mechanics like Faust or Talulah.
But those are comparisons made while focusing on their innate mechanics of Invi/Camo. What about their designed role? Who else is designed to be stationed deep in the enemies line, having specific talent that will allow them to stay alive in the thick of things, to deal damage before anyone else? That’s right, it is time to talk about Kira…
Throughout this whole thing you might have noticed that I have been constantly saying that Luna is incapable of killing anything but trash mobs. That’s technically not true of course. But given the design of Luna’s kit, her most unique role is to stay undetected behind the enemy’s line to deal damage, and in order to do that she needs to kill an enemy every 7.9 seconds (btw I hope you understand why I keep saying 7.9 instead of 8).
Given this time restriction and the fact that she gets no extra ATK boost, the only thing she can kill within that time are basic mobs. Basic here actually covers a wide array of weak fodders: slugs, doggos, literal basic mobs, their archer version, and their caster version, with some occasional drones. So as much as I keep saying “limited” to trash mobs, it’s a bigger list than it seems. The downside here is that it’s trash mobs, there are plenty of ways of killing trash mobs that don’t involve even 6*.
If you are not using her unique talent, you are essentially using the worst Deadeye Sniper, if not just one of the worst 5* Snipers, with either of her skills (except for maybe Firewatch S1 against pure melee but she has an easy fix for that). No I’m not kidding. I’m not saying you are wrong to prefer using her. I’m just saying to expect accordingly.
So plop her deep in the enemy lines, time her skill correctly, and you can have a unit that filters out trash mobs before they reach your frontline. That’s her best and only value.


So uhh, how’s your 10 dupe Lunacub doing? Anyway, I really love the Deadeye branch in general, so I was kinda thrilled to see a new one announced 7 months ago on CN server. Too bad what we ended up getting is a ST Kirara but thankfully can actually survive and kill things. Still a great addition to my team though. Anyway thanks for reading I guess?

All other guides in this post here.
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2023.06.06 05:30 ButternToast725 Is the dps on the weapon calculated based on affixes or what?

I dont know if Diablo 3 did this but i know since Blizzard simplified the dps on my weapon basically a formula of the affixes and how much dps its gonna give me or is the dps just a set rate and the affixes are a bonus?
How big of a gap would you recommend for me to ignore dps increase if my affixes are great?
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2023.06.06 03:26 MedukaKeyname Do you guys reckon we'll get another stat squish soon (or maybe something else)?

Looking at FFlogs and recalling from memory, damage in Asphodelos was just a bit above Alphascape in terms of damage, and now this tier - we've hit Eden's Gate damage, either very close or surpassed it (assuming BiS for both).
The DPS between Alphascape and Eden's Gate was essentially 70 ilevels so I can't make an apples to apples comparison, but to be able to keep DPS condensed between the end and start of an expansion (Stormblood to Shadowbringers) is atleast commendable, but with level 90 to 100, we'll jump from ilevel 660 BiS to 730 BiS predictably at the start (job gear being 690, weird tome gear being 700 and crafted being 710). That'll shoot us way past Eden's Verse DPS into Eden's Promise which is where we saw astronomically high numbers if I predict this correctly.
The only way I feel like they won't stat squish is if the engine update makes calculations faster, and a constant stat squish is honestly going to feel more and more stale as each expansion comes out. I don't know how WoW did it, but if I look at Wowlogs, a lot of classes are doing 100-120k DPS worth of damage. Different games, different engines, but I won't lie if I say I want to see numbers get that big before it starts breaking the game.
Stat squishes should be something that occurs every couple of expansions, and I feel like looking at our current DPS output for our jobs, we're going to rapidly hit the old problems fast unless calculations are handled better. What do you guys think they'll do?
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2023.06.05 08:14 mk606 Wizard is considered "low skill ceiling" but Executioner exists

Wizard has been the worst card in the game for the longest time without any buff. When people asks the reason for it, the most common answer is low skill ceiling or something similar. But the real question here is: why are we saying that Wizard is low skill ceiling when a tankier, bigger splash radius version of it exists?
Wizard dies easily to spells which makes using it to defend push extremely unreliable and, most of the time, you have to micro-manage to keep it alive. What about Executioner? Doesn't die to Poison, doesn't die to Fireball + Log, doesn't even flinch against Lightning. You want to defend just place down Executioner, it can't be removed. We doesn't need to use any analysis to know that a spell-immune unit is easier to use than a spell-vulnerable one.
And splash radius isn't an excuse either. There's a reason why Excutioner Tornado exists but not Wizard Tornado. The splash of Executioner is bigger and doesn't suffer much even if the Tornado doesn't group things up perfectly. Why do we think that a unit with a bigger splash needs more skill? Oh yes because it needs more position skill, yeah, the position skill to place it in front of the enemy push. You have to carefully weight the options and calculate to place the Excutioner in front of the enemy Giant. Wow.
In fact, Executioner's splash radius is so big i have to make another paragraph for it. It is so big that it bypasses the main tank. The fact that Executioner can hit backline makes a huge difference. Hitting and killing the support basically beats the push for you. Imagine a Double Musketeer (the 3rd one is split in the other lane) + Ice Golem push, without the Double Musketteer. Wizard can delete a push faster with higher dps, but Executioner kills all support making the push useless anyway.
In conclusion, a unit that's extremely consistent both in terms of survivability and offensive capability should be considered lower skill than an extremely inconsistent one whose only perk is higher dps.
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2023.06.05 05:04 Sadenar0 Increase the ammo caps of the Ixion and Gallant to not make them objectively worse.

A(n overly long and) detailed overview of why the new ammo cap of the Gallant as well as the Ixion makes them mathematically worse at dealing damage than modular tripod halftracks using an ISG or Foebreaker
There was often a point made on the warden side that a foebreaker Niska Gun Carriage was a more efficient use of time and effort than bothering to make a gallant, but now this is even worse with its severely reduced ammo capacity which will likely make it even more unused by Wardens.
First, lets discuss relative component and rmat costs of these vehicles:
-Niska: 1200 components, 60 rmats
-Javelin: 1100 components, 55 rmats
-Ixion: 700 components, 35 rmats
-Gallant: 1600 components, 70 rmats + 10 pcmats
Then lets discuss the absolute maximum amount of shells each can theoretically now carry assuming minimum crew of 2 for half tracks and said crewmembers carrying no bmats, as well as the warden crewmembers in the niskas using specialist uniforms:
-Niska using ISG: 15 + 2x8 shells carried by crew = 31 shells
-Niska using Foebreaker: 13 + 2x10 shells carried by crew = 33 shells
-Javelin using ISG: 15 + 2x5 shells carried by crew = 25 shells
-Javelin using Foebreaker: 13 + 2x7 shells carried by crew = 27 shells
-Ixion: 30 shells + 2x5 shells carried by crew = 40 shells
-Gallant: 30 shells + 2x8 shells carried by crew = 46 shells
(This is of course not that realistic, any crew worth anything will carry SOME bmats and a gas mask on them but indulge me there)
Then lets discuss their damage capabilities, living in an ideal world where the gunners click on reload instantly after shooting and the crewmembers only take 5 seconds to submit their carried shells in the vehicle:
-Niska using ISG: 31x400 = 12400dmg in 31x3.4 = 105.4s + 10s (5s for each crewmember to submit shells) = 115.4s 12400/115.4 = 107.45 DPS
-Niska using Foebreaker: 33x550 = 18150dmg in 33x4 = 132s + 15s (5s for each crewmember to submit shells, plus another 5s for the shells they couldn't put in first round) = 147s 18150/147 = 123.5 DPS
-Javelin using ISG: 25x400 = 10000dmg in 25x3.4 = 85s + 10s (only 5 shells to submit, but lets keep assuming 5s for each crewmember to submit for consistency) = 95s 10000/95 = 105.26 DPS
-Javelin using Foebreaker: 27x550 = 14850dmg in 27x4 = 108s + 10s (5s for each crewmember to submit shells) = 108s 14850/108 = 137.5 DPS
-Ixion: 40x400 = 16000dmg in 40x4.5 = 180s + 5s (only 5 shells to submit, but lets assume here 5s for both crewmembers to submit) = 185s 16000/185 = 86.49 DPS
-Gallant: 46x400 = 18400dmg in 46x5 = 230s + 5s (5s for both crewmembers to submit) = 235s 18400/235 = 78.3 DPS
However, this is not a perfect world! This game has something called firing delay when a turret has fired, this is usually up to a second for tripods and up to two seconds for a vehicle gunner to be able to press reload, making the Ixion and Gallant DPS even worse if we take this into consideration.
To sum it up:
-Building a Gallant now costs 133.3% of the components needed for a Niska with a Foebreaker installed on it while it has 63.4% of its DPS and only 13 more shells which deal in the end 1.38% more damage in 59.86% more time.
-Building an Ixion now costs 58.33% of the components needed for a Javelin with an ISG installed on it while it has 86.49% of its DPS and only 15 more shells which deal in the end 60% more damage in 94.73% more time.
-Both are now objectively worse than the tripod HTs by the calculations presented above unless you absolutely need to have a protected gunner for some reason, the Gallant kneecapped more than the Ixion.
-Both are facility variants that need conscious effort from players to make what is now an objectively worse tank (not that spire or mg tankette are much more relevant vehicles)
-This imbalance can be rendered even more ridiculous if either faction is willing to have 4+1 passengers carrying shells transported in the halftracks, however I only assumed minimum crew to be fair.
I hope this detailed analysis of the viability of the 30mm tankette and 30mm scout tank when compared to each faction's half-track equipped with the ISG and Foebreaker will help players as well as developpers realize why both those vehicles were already pretty underwhelming for a vehicle necessiting to interact with facilities, the Gallant more than the Ixion, and that the new nerf of their ammo capacities, the best reason to ever use them instead of a halftrack to guarantee longer engagement times before needing to rearm will make them utterly non-viable within the current game and even less used than they were, I mean, unless devman realizes this and pumps up their ammo capacity to 40-50.
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2023.06.05 03:48 Senna79 Weapon damage/DPS or mainstat?

I have a basic damage calculation question for leveling characters: at what point does weapon damage (or DPS) override +mainstat?
In my case, I'm playing a barb in the mid-20s. I have a rare 2H hammer with +30 str, which is bumping that stat from ~80 to ~110. But I've also since found weapons that are 40-50 points higher in raw damage, without the +str.
Am I right in thinking that unless my build uses a hammer core skill (it's not, I'm running rend or ww), the +30 str is helping me more than base damage on the unused weapon?
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2023.06.05 01:57 CosToCoast ANA RTW Booking Report - My Learnings & Suggestions

I recently completed a RTW award on ANA and wanted to share my experience to help others with this amazing award. I spent a long time researching before going through with booking --Hope this can help the next person! I did make a few mistakes/learnings along the way hope some can take into consideration. Overall, I spent 125,000 points transferred from Amex MR & ~$950 for 8 segments going East from the US in Business.


DEN-YYZ-LHR, VIE-BKK-SIN-DPS-SIN-HND-SFO - can paste into GCMap which results in a total of 21,526 mi; within the 22,000 Business Category.

Routing CarrieClass
DEN (Denver) - YYZ (Toronto) AC (Air Canada) / Economy
YYZ (Toronto) - LHR (London) AC (Air Canada) / Business
VIE (Vienna) - BKK (Bangkok) BR (Eva Airways) / Business
BKK (Bangkok) - SIN (Singapore) SQ (Singapore) / Business
SIN (Singapore) - DPS (Bali) SQ (Singapore) / Business
DPS (Bali) - SIN (Singapore) SQ (Singapore) / Business
SIN (Singapore) - HND (Tokyo)* NH (ANA) / Business
HND (Tokyo) - SFO (San Francisco)* NH (ANA) / Business
*I was later able to change the times on the SIN-HND segment, and change the last segment from HND-SFO to NRT-SFO for better timing purposes and a longer stay in both locations. See bottom of this post for details regarding changes after ticketing.
The total portion of my time is about a month, with a majority of my time spent in Europe between LHR and VIE, a small portion of time in Bali to break up flights, and about a week in Japan before flying home.

Research Process

I had been targeting Spring/Early Summer 2024 for this award for awhile but hadn't nailed down a particular date. I wanted to travel during shoulder season to maximize value, crowds, and decent weather across these regions. I was just waiting for the award calendar to open up for most of the carriers. I started looking about a month out (April) and doing some random searches/looks to see what flights were coming available and possible routings. In my research I found that most flights leaving from the US to Asia booked up fastest right after being released at the edge of the booking window (ex: ANA opens up bookings on its metal 355 days out; and within say 3-4 days of release most of these flights are snatched up and go into Waitlist status in Business). I had originally been planning on flying West from the US and starting in Asia, however, after doing a few mock bookings this soon became apparent it would be near impossible (Especially since Japan in spring is peak season with the Cherry Blossoms, festivals, etc). I would occasionally find a random flight departing from the US to Asia within a month of the edge of the booking window; and try to plan flights around that going westward, but it would disappear extremly quickly and my plans would be spoiled. As a result I found for this time of year it would be easiest to go east from the US through Europe first, and then ending in Asia and snatching my return flights at the edge of the booking window when ANA's flights opened/other carriers.
I would definitely recommend being flexible and don't have your heart set on going one direction originally due to concerns about time in the Air vs. Jetlag etc. I had been reading a few articles/discussions about the best direction to take and really had my heart set on going westward originally; but would say after going through this process to ignore choosing a direction initially and try to do a few samples in either direction to see what is easiest. I think I wasted a-lot of time/frustration originally trying to go westward rather than just seeing what was easiest with the most connection opportunities.
Another research point is that domestic US Business availability/North America is extremly hard to come by. United basically was only offering Economy segments domestically; I didn't see any J fares. AC Departures from US up to Canada was nearly the same thing. I did randomly see consistent J availability from SMF - YVR on a CRJ AC was offering nearly every day, and from ORD on a few dates but didn't think going out of my way was worth it. It was at a bad time and on a relatively undesirable (IMO) CRJ so I could see why that route had wide open availability. The problem was once you made it to YVR; you usually had to connect to YYZ or YYC internationally and I had the same issue finding J space domestically in Canada; so it was a dead end. I ended up just booking my first segment in Economy on AC up to Canada - didn't want to waste valuable hunting time looking for a short segment in J domestically when the biggest fish looking for space was internationally. Don't obsess over having every segment in J especially your first flight. If space opens later you can always switch into a higher class on the same flight.
For research and booking I used FlightConnections to get routing ideas based on Star Alliance carriers. I then used United's monthly award calendar (without being logged in) to see Saver availability, and then confirmed this on ANA's website. I was going to use some other tools but didn't find them useful. I paid for a day trial of point . me but found it slow and cumbersome without the filtering I needed. I didn't find Aeroplan that useful either. If I was to do this again I would explore paying for ExpertFlyer Pro and using that to search more easily.. would have probably been faster. The trial wasn't long enough to be that useful for when I was researching/booking, but it did give me some ideas - and looking back I would have easily paid for a month or two of Pro Membership to speed up my searching. Overall though, I just stuck to FlightConnections + United + ANA confirmation.

Booking Process

The time had come to where the edge of the booking window was approaching the dates I wanted. I had a few routings in mind and had saved multiple variations targeting the 22,000 mileage cap. I had a few options but nothing nailed down; so I started the process to transfer 125,000 points from Amex to ANA. Even though as a "best practice" most say to not transfer until you have the flights chosen or held, I had read some conflicting points online stating ANA does not do holds, so didn't want to risk this. I was confident based on my research I would be able to piece something together as I had a-lot of backup options chosen. I attempted to transfer late on a Friday afternoon online but got the message the transfer was unsuccessful and had to call Amex; did that early Saturday morning and they completed the transfer for me manually. Turns out I didn't have a "Call Center Pin" setup; so make sure you go into your account and set one before trying and the transfer online should go through, according to the agent. This ordeal added to my stress during the process -- if you are going to be transferring MR please make note!
I was on edge waiting for the points to deposit the entire weekend, and kept tabs on my various options. US - Europe had a-lot of options on AC; and I also had a few backup options on TAP. The "riskiest" flight for me was VIE-BKK as I really needed to get out of Europe to Asia; and there weren't many options since I was booking really close to the edge of the booking window. I couldn't see any long haul availability on Turkish/Ethiopian/other European Star Alliance carriers; so I was pretty much banking on EVA with my backup as Egyptaiothers. I noticed that Singapore seemingly doesn't publish any saver J availability to partners on long haul flights; but it does have pretty decent availability in J on short haul interasia flights. It seems like the cutoff is around 4.5 hr; but found good availability from some cities in India and even Dhaka in Bangladesh to SIN I could have used to connect to with a mix of EgyptAir / Air India / Singapore if EVA didn't work out but honestly this was a last resort and I didn't want to; but at least I had a plan. During the weekend my original VIE-BKK flight selection disappeared; but luckily they had another flight the next day I was able to book into instead. They also had other options within Europe I could have fallen back on like LHR and AMS. I didn't want to depart from LHR unless absolutely necessary as the UK Departure tax would have been ~200 pounds; something that can be avoided if possible. Definitely look into 5th freedom routes for "hidden gems"; I know Ethiopian offers some too. Apart from this; within Asia there were alot of options, and I wasn't concerned about getting back to the US from Japan because I was purposefully booking on the edge of the booking window for ANA to ensure I had availability.
Points were finally deposited early Monday morning sometime between 1am - 9am EST. I saw them in my account when I woke up early which was perfect as I was targeting calling the ANA Call Center around then, some posters online had said calling around this time resulted in the shortest wait. I waited about 1.5 hours and got a nice agent who helped me. Of note; when I called the very first thing she confirmed was my point balance. It seems like they won't even entertain booking something for you (or at least this agent in particular) if you have 0 points; so I am glad I transferred my points before. She was very helpful in quickly researching and confirming the flights -- at the same time I was on the ANA website with the multi city booking tool confirming the space was there too alongside her. She questioned at first about me backtracking by going from SIN - DPS - SIN but realized I had to do this to connect with SIN - HND as there weren't any direct flights from DPS and was fine with it. At the end of feeding her the flights she said the routing I desired was greater than 22,000 miles (~23,5000 miles) and would trigger the next bucket to be 135,000 points -- my heart sank.
This is where my mistake came in... Originally I had 2 inter-european segments, and also wanted to fly from HND - IAH instead of HND - SFO. The entire time I had been researching with gcmapper to get the distances; I had been using nautical miles (nm) in the calculations rather than statute miles (mi)! The nautical mile calculation had been below 22,000 so I thought I was in the clear the entire time. The agent was super helpful and understood my mistake and I did some research in the background for a few minutes. I ended up dropping the inter-european segments and switching from HND-IAD to HND-SFO which made my routing 21,526mi which was below the 22,000 threshold according to gcmapper. She came back to me and quoted 21,523mi, so we were pretty close in our distances after this... 3 mile difference hah. Disaster averted.
After she confirmed all the segments had availability she put me on hold and calculated the taxes and fees ~($950). The majority of the taxes and fees were from the 2 ANA segments at the end of my trip; with fuel charges. I got sent to an automated phone system to input my card info, and returned back to her (don't hang up!). She told me that she had to have the fare desk ticket the itinerary and I should be getting an email or callback. Sure enough ~2 hours later she called me back and said I had to re-enter my card info as they had some issue with their system; the flight hadn't yet been ticketed. I took the opportunity to change one of the segments during this callback to a better time I had found and she helped me change it since It hadn't yet been ticketed -- I was flustered on the first call when she said the milage was too high.
Something interesting I noted is during the time between calls I was able to see the reservation on the ANA App; and an alert said "Complete Payment by *date*" which was 3 days from the present. So it looks like technically they will "hold" a reservation for up to 3 days while waiting for card payment. It sounded like the Agent was willing to work with me as well when I needed 135,000 points instead of 125,000 points; but I didn't want to spend more or risk the timing with transfers. I wouldn't bank on this at all. Just FYI though. After this second call I got an email about a half an hour later with my receipt and ticket/itinerary and PNR. I was able to select seats and finally relax after the ordeal.
After all of this, I probably spent about 12 hours spaced out during 3 days of the booking process plus my previous research over about a month. Definitely set aside some time for yourself during booking and research.

Change Process

Something I hadn't seen much of online was the process for making a change to an existing RTW booking - I ended up doing this as well, so hopefully this can help some.
About a week after booking I noticed one of the flights opened availability from SIN-HND on ANA at a better time. I was originally flying overnight but wanted to fly during the day to help minimize jetlag, and jumped at the chance. Also I wanted to spend more time in Singapore so this helped. Note you can only change the date + time of a flight; it must be the same routing and carrier and class (except you can move up a class if one becomes available and your original ticket allows for that class). I called around 2PM EST and it only took about an hour to get through this time. The agent simply told me I would owe the difference in taxes/fees for the change. There wasn't any penalty or call center charge assessed for this. I had read somewhere that apparently you'd be charged a 1,000 point fee for the change but this wasn't the case for me. The difference amounted to some small amount around a dollar or so which I happily paid. The agent shared something helpful to me -- she asked I save a card on the ANA website to my account rather than doing it on the phone. This would help the Fare Desk charge faster without needing to call me back like last time, I guess they have issues with their credit card system on the phone with some credit cards. I ended up doing this with her on the phone guiding me and she confirmed she could now see my card. The change ended up going through an hour later with a new ticket/itinerary and recipient emailed to me; no second call necessary.
According to the fare rules denoted on my PNR; you can do a similar change with date/time only up to 4 days (96 hours) before departure - also during the trip itself I believe as well. (full endorsements/restrictions on the ticket: NO MILEAGE CREDIT/NH FFP/NON END/RRT/DT CHNG UPTO 4DYS B4 NEW FLT)

TLDNeed to know Tips

I hope this was helpful - pardon the length - just wanted to be as detailed as possible and give back to the community after all the help I received. Since this is all fresh in my mind please feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer. I sincerely feel all the effort was worth it for the value I received - best of luck booking!
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2023.06.05 00:32 bfwolf1 I booked an ANA RTW

I've been pretty deep into the credit card/points game since 2014, but I've just booked my first ANA RTW for next April/May. It cost me 145K miles and about $810.

From To Carrier Class Length of Stay
AUS IAH United Economy Overnight layover
IAH MEX United Economy 4 days
MEX NRT ANA Business 6 days
KIX TPE EVA Business 6 days
TPE DPS EVA Economy 7 days
DPS SIN Singapore Business 14 days
BKK VIE EVA Business 7 days
TLV WAW LOT Business Layover
WAW ORD LOT Business

I've been planning this for quite a while and it pretty much worked out as well as I could've hoped. I had the extra challenge of needing to be in DPS on specific dates as I'm meeting a buddy there to go to Komodo Island, and he already had his ticket. I'm also meeting a friend in TLV with some fairly strict time constraints. And I had to fit it all in between the solar eclipse on April 8 which I'm seeing in Austin and getting back by the end of May because I'm hiking the Grand Canyon with my brothers.
Some learnings:
  1. Going west is tricky because the transpac flights are so competitive, but for my itinerary, it was the only way it was going to work based on my friend's availability for meeting me in TLV. Plus west is easier on the jet lag. As I saw transpac availability getting eaten up quickly, I knew it wouldn't last until 355 days from my transatl flight. So I took aggressive action and booked the only available transpac left as a roundtrip MEX-NRT-MEX. When it was finally time to book the RTW, I asked the CSR if there was anybody on the waitlist behind me on the MEX-NRT flight. There wasn't, so I had him cancel it (AFTER building the rest of my RTW and making sure everything I wanted was available), and fortunately the flight went back into inventory and the CSR grabbed it.
  2. Speaking of CSRs, everybody says it but it's true: ANA CSRs are the absolute best. They know the program inside and out. I had called in just to talk things out with them one time about a week before my transatl flights would be available. I was really concerned about somebody nabbing the BKK-VIE flight during that time and I was planning on buying a roundtrip with that flight in it too just like I did with MEX-NRT. But through my convo with the CSR, I realized the best option was to just book the RTW with dummy LOT flights leaving from TLV the same day I arrived in VIE, and then changing the dates on those flights a week later when the dates I really wanted became available. LOT's J seat release is dependable and not that popular (for good reason as it's below average) so I was confident I could move the date and I was right.
  3. The 3 tough flights are transpac, transatl, and Asia to Europe/Africa. You've generally got to build your trips around those. The rest of the flights tend to have good availability and if they're short-ish, economy is always an option.
  4. It's good to know going in that some flights just don't exist as options. I knew Singapore Air long-haul J was not bookable via ANA points, so I didn't waste any time on that. It also turns out that Thai wasn't showing up with ANA, even short haul Y KUL-BKK--I am not sure that's a permanent thing but it's a thing right now. The EVA 5th freedom flights from BKK to LHR, AMS, and VIE are really good options for getting from Asia to Europe, but the latter 2 do not fly everyday.
  5. I was concerned ANA might consider landing in VIE and then flying out of TLV to be backtracking, especially given that they are not in the same region, but it was not an issue.
  6. ANA's taxes are really a weird beast and a total black box. When I booked it I paid about $780 in taxes which was around what I expected. But then when I changed my LOT dates, I owed an additional $37 in taxes even though it was the exact same flight numbers, just a week later. Huh?? Anyway, obviously small potatoes so I didn't care.
  7. When you book the RTW, you don't pay the taxes immediately. They have to do some fancy corporate calculation on it for some reason, so they basically put the itinerary on hold and then call you back some hours later to tell you the taxes and allow you to pay it. It's a little unnerving having to wait for the call, but it worked out. When I called a week later to change my LOT dates, it was the same situation, only they didn't call me back some hours later. So the next day I called in and the CSR was able to get corporate to calculate the tax difference while I was on the phone and I paid it. Which is good because:
  8. Hold times are really long. I called 4 times in total. The first time was a 2 hour wait. The other 3 were 75-90 minutes. When you call doesn't seem to impact that. But as I was trying to book stuff 355 days out and new availability comes out at 9 am Japan time, I typically called at 8 am Japan time so that we were ready to go as soon as I got through. I know there are some people who will call in even earlier and then BS with the CSR if they get through before 9 am Japan time so that they can grab stuff right when it hits 9 am....fortunately I was reasonably confident that my flights wouldn't be nabbed in the first hour of availability so I didn't have to resort to that.
Major highlights of the trip I'm especially looking forward to are Komodo Island (from DPS) and Borneo (from SIN).
Happy to answer any questions about booking a RTW.
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2023.06.04 23:42 Areadien Attack Speed question

Can someone please explain to me how Attack Speed works when one is calculating DPS? What I mean by that is, how is it used in the equation? Does a dagger's attack speed of 1.4 mean 1.4 hits per second, or what?
I'm also wondering what the Attack Speed of Hand to Hand is, as I cannot find that information anywhere, and I don't know if I can use Console Commands or the Construction Set (the latter of which I have never used before) to find it out.
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2023.06.04 23:18 Psychological_Lie787 Mage ignite damage too high.

Mage ignite damage too high.
I am leveling my mage as fire, and i noticed what I consider a bug in the ignite damage calculation.
Ignite is supposed to deal lets say 5% damage of a given spell in 8 seconds, with its duration refreshed upon any new application, by of course adding the damage to the ignite debuff.
This means thats, whatever the scenario of the fight, if the ignite duration is lets say 60 seconds, based on 1 million damage done with direct critics spell, the damage should be 1M*5% = 50k damage.
Thats exactly whats written in the tooltip.

I noticed in does more (a VERY LARGE amount more) damage, why ?

When you refresh ignite, the damage per tick is calculated at the current time t, which corresponds to whatever have been applied the last 8 seconds + the new ignite (5% of last spell crit) .. but it will last for 8 seconds !!!
Every seconds, ignite damage SHOULD be recalculated with based on past stack, but it does not.
This means that with a high ignite tic, casting more spell results in a net (LARGE) dps LOSS.

example (screenshot (in french), on a dummy, all spells are crit, 18,4% mastery):

total direct damage = 44,4 + 16,7 + 8,7 = 69,8i should do 69,8 * 18,4% = 12,84k.
I did 45,5k: thats 254.36 % MORE damage than it should be.

The worst part ?

At some point my ignite does, lets say, 1K damage per second.If i do nothing (literally dont touch my keyboard), the ignite will do 1k*8 = 8k damage (as I said, debuff damage is NOT being recalculated by the server unless you apply a new ignite).
If I cast a new spell, it will be refreshed with a ~random~ (it is not, but you will see why I say its random), lets say 200 damage per tic, for 8 seconds.
For this case (which just happened on a dumy), I will do, 1k (first second) + 200*7 = 2400damage, instead of 8K, a loss of 70% of ignite damage fot the next 8 seconds, at this point is it worth it to cast a new spell ?

Why is it insanely bad design ?

Because that means that at every second, an optimal scenario is possible, and that scenario is impossible to calculate as a human (you need to record every direct crit done in the last 8 seconds, do a very big calculation), which will tell you wheter or not it is worth to cast a new spell.
Personnaly, I am NOT rain main, I can't do 6 figures calculation 10 times per seconds in my head to calculate wether or not I should cast a spell, or just jerk off for 5 seconds.

Am I missing something, or blizzard dev skip calculs course in their uni ?

Edit : also, notice that all the figures in my post are directly linked to the way I test, if I had have press spells faster or slower, the damage would have been different. I had 240% more damage, but it could have been 30%, or 150%, or 300%, it all depends of at what exact time I press new spell. There is -obviously- a cap to this, which can be reached after 8seconds of non stop crit of pyroblast launched the fastest way possible.
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2023.06.04 21:48 Siddown Skill Damage 2H v. MH + OH for Druid

EDIT: So after some testing on Sunday night (EST time) the Skill Tool Tips, which were way off on Friday night the last time I checked, appear to be correct now. Swapping between MH/OH and 2H does tweak the damage a bit, but it is no longer massively different like it was Friday. As a long time WoW player, I wouldn't be shocked to learn that Diablo had incorrect Tool Tips. ;)
I'm not at my PC right now so I can't get the exact numbers, but while leveling my Druid when looking up the "Weapon DPS" for my character it takes both MH + OH into account (and they both have DPS as stats).
But when I hover over the skills on my hotbar the damage in the tooltip for Skills (say Tornados or Ravens for example) is way lower with MH/OH than it is for 2H. Is this a bug with the Tool Tips or do skills not use the full "Weapon DPS" in their damage calculations?
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2023.06.04 19:04 Civil_Vermicelli_593 Why can't we calculate the dps of accel?

I have seen several people not being sure and whoever said it is any number everyone else disagreed. Is it because of CTA?
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2023.06.04 11:19 SteamedDumplingX I did some calculation on how much EFFECT HIT RATE you need on SILVER WOLF?

I did some calculation on how much EFFECT HIT RATE you need on SILVER WOLF?
So I went out and find the formula and did some calculations. She needs around 111% effect hit rate to have some consistency (90% success rate) BUT if you get her eidolon that reduce 20% effect RES than you only need 60%+. The difference is huge (as much as body relic Mainstats) and if they don't make any more changes. That one Eidolon will be the difference between Support and Sub DPS
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2023.06.04 01:14 erberter I've heard enough people asking what stat to max first and second, let's do some math.

I've heard enough people asking what stat to max first and second, let's do some math.
Hey guys. I'm just making a post after going to multiple threads where I wrote essentially the same thing and I figured a lot of people are just confused about Aphelios' skill points and how to properly allocate your skill points as you level up.


In this thread I will explain some things and show some math behind Aphelios and his skill points that he can put into one of three stats; Q, W, or E up to 6 times each.Q = 4.5 ADW = 9% attack speed with a 0.64 AS ratio ( resulting in 0.0576 or 5.8% more attacks per second)E = 5.5 lethality which can give flat armor pen from 3.42 at level 1 all the way up to all 5.5 at level 18.
The formula for how much flat armor pen you get from each point of lethality is as follows:
FLAT ARMOR PEN = LETHALITY × (0.6 + 0.4 × level ÷ 18) resulting in the table below I pulled from the armor penetration wiki.
Figure 1: % of lethality you get per point per level

Armor Explained:

While AD and AS are a lot easier to understand, to truly understand how lethality and in turn, how armor penetration works, we also have to understand how armor works. Just to keep it simple here is a chart I made in excel of the damage mitigated by certain armor values. The steeper the curve, the more % dmg we get out of penetrating armor at that point on the curve. The flatter the curve, the less flat penetration matters.
Figure 2: Damage Mitigated by Armor
Using the values from the graph above, I can show what armor penetration does in terms reducing the damage mitigated, which essentially just means increasing the damage dealt, for specific values of either flat or percentage based armor penetration.
Figure 3: % More Damage from Various Armor Pen Numbers
Since lethality scales with level, I picked values that are easy to show on the graph, and roughly translate to values you could get in game. 15 flat armor penetration can roughly translate to 18 lethality (think collector or Youmuu's) at levels 10-11, and 5 armor penetration can roughly translate to 5.5 lethality, or a point in your E at levels 13-14. Armor penetration by % is not an estimate as it's directly purchasable and doesn't scale with level. I will talk more about lethality and armor penetration later but this is all you need to understand before going forward.

Optimal Start for Aphelios:

Alright now that we have the background out of the way let's talk about level 1 and his optimal start. Let's just assume some things to start so that we can simplify a few things.
First of all since Aphelios has no abilities level 1 you can calculate his DPS easily by just multiplying his AD by his AS. Secondly Level 1 E is bad value because you don't have any other sources of armor pen at 500g and you do not have any base dmg's from abilities to take advantage of the % bonus dmg you would get from negating armor level 1. Additionally the DPS calculations would be very messy because we'd have to know the champion you're hitting's base armor and how many armor shards they took so let's just avoid that entirely to make this easier.
Taking those into account we can start a relatively easy comparison between the different starts.
Given that you start cull (most common starting item), take legend bloodline (instead of alacrity), and take absolute focus (most common runes), I've created this DPS chart for level 1 auto attacks.
Figure 4: DPS chart for various rune shard/skill point choices.
As you can see, the overall winner is D. Now the only issue with option D is that despite it having the highest DPS at level 1, a lot of people don't like the idea of having less AD early because it'd make their abilities weaker going into level 2 and it'd be harder to last hit than they're used to. The second greatest build is A, just slightly ahead of the the typical start most Aphelios players go for. It is worth noting that option A has comparable DPS with a whole extra 5.4 AD when compared to option D. Let's see how the two best starts transfer into level 2.
Figure 5: Surprising?
Unfortunately at this point it becomes a lot more difficult to accurately decide since your own abilities are thrown into the mix, all of which scale more heavily with AD and lethality than AS. If we were ignore those attributes as before we'd actually get that W level 2 is more DPS as well, regardless if we do starting build D or A.
I'm pretty sure most Aphelios players here would agree that putting points in Q would be optimal for levels 2 and 3 since you most likely aren't able to recall and the AD makes all your auto attacks AND abilities deal more damage, while the points in W are barely higher in DPS, and come at the expense of ability damage. I personally run A1 in every single one of my games and I would recommend everybody else to do so, and I continue to put points into Q until level 4 to maximize my early ability damage, however once we hit level 5 or 6 we should all really be thinking about what we're trying to do in the game and what our stats are doing for us.

When to Q or W:

To just keep on the simple topic of a point in Q vs a point in W, if we want to maximize auto attack dps, what we have to keep in mind is which of these two values is greater than the other.
Q: 4.5 * (Current attacks per second) W: 5.7% of AD
Here's a small image to help illustrate my point here:
Figure 6: Why Q vs W matters even when you have the same DPS initially.
The more complicated question is when will I want AD over AS for increasing my actual in game damage? What if I can't auto attack that often? What if I just want to land massive 5 man blue ultimate's and 1 shot everybody? What if I've built a few on hit items? This is when you should think about the context of the game and how you want to play it. 5.7% of your current AD is only the value of the point in W if you're auto attacking as often as you can. The 4.5 AD is a lot more universal as it applies to more than just your auto attacks so in the general case you can adjust the 5.7% based on how frequently you think you can consistently auto attack in fights.
In games vs a lot of mobile assassins, it's likely that the point in W will never be worth it as the most amount of hits you can get off are one or two autos, a Q, and your ult. This would be a situation where the value of the attack speed is closer to 0% of your total AD. Against a front to back team comp though, you'll see Aphelios players with 300AD, who have built a kraken slayer and Runaan's, putting another point in Q just to "max it" when 5.7% of their AD would be way more DPS especially with the on hit damage. When using Chakram, (white) attack speed is also heavily depreciated in value as the attacks per second is determined far more by your distance to your target, and if you crit, than bonus attack speed as well as the mirror chakram essentially functioning as a multiplier to your AD per AA.
Since the value is of attack speed is context dependent, and it's not very often that you're actually just auto attacking without using any spells, I think in a more practical scenario we can substantially reduce the value of attack speed, while still recognizing that it can still be more valuable than more AD if you have enough AD already. My general rule of thumb for my own play is that I'd be casting spells a bit over half of the time that I'm auto attacking, so my adjusted average value that a point in W gives me is about 2.5% of my AD. Taking that into account here are the new values to optimize stat choice.
Q: 4.5 * (Current attacks per second) W: 2.5% of AD
All of that was just to talk about Q vs W but we have a whole other stat to talk about which is lethality, Aphelios' E. I won't do as much math unless it's requested for this topic in the interest of saving space but if you want me to follow up and show some more detailed math please let me know.

E, Armor Penetration, and Lethality:

Lethality, as previously demonstrated in Armor Explained: Figure 3, is best received when the opponent has low armor. Since lethality is more valuable when the opponent has low armor, the more armor penetration you have, the lower their armor, and therefore the more valuable each point in E becomes. Since lethality scales with itself and other forms of armor penetration so dramatically here is a general rule to follow for points in E.
  • If you are in a situation where it's most valuable to put a single point in E, it is very likely you should continue to put points into E until you can't anymore.
  • If you are already building lethality in a rush item (such as Youmuu's, serrated dirk, collector) you should be enhancing that lethality with points in E from levels 3-9 and should consider a heavier AD start (option A or C from Figure 4).
  • Do not put points into E if you are already low on damage as points into your E only enhance the damage you're already dealing and especially do not put points in E if you are doing it to penetrate the armor of a 300+ armor tank.
Now you might be wondering, when should I start to put points into my E? Well just like before, it's a question of value for every point, at every level up. It's a bit harder as the % benefit changes based on the armor of the opponent, what other forms of armor penetration you've built, etc., so I won't focus on an exact number but rather some rules that I will list below.
  1. You have a decent amount of AD (120+)
  2. Are in a situation where you can't reasonably auto attack that often or don't need to because you're against squishy champions which can be bursted quickly with abilities.
  3. Are planning on building an armor pen item soon or you are already building it, UNLESS the enemies you care about have 300+ armor.
Using these rules I can create a new general rule of thumb for what to put your skill point into:
Q: 4.5*(Attacks per second) W: 2.5% of AD E: 2 out of the 3 rules are met
This is already mentioned in rule 3 but points in E should be avoided if the enemy team is armor stacking. Flat pen is less valuable than your other stats regardless once they get enough armor.
Once you finished going down the lethality route, it's important to realize that your abilities will all deal substantially more damage, meaning you'd want more AD, but please recognize that it is still possible that a point in W could be more valuable, so just fall back onto the rules of thumb for Q vs W at that point.

In Conclusion:

While this is meant to be a general guide on when to put points into your Q, W, or E, I also want to point out that this doesn't disprove that certain stats are generally more optimal than others. There is not much harm in just maxing whatever stat you prefer to max, or following a simple rule such as Q>E>W, however the main reason I made this is so that we can all recognize one thing.
We are Aphelios mains. We do not max abilities like everybody else because we're stuck to just one "better" ability to function. We have 5 guns and 3 stats to choose from and I want us to stop asking each other which one to max in every situation or for which build. Depending on your items, or what the opponents build or pick, or what your team picks, your stat selection should change frequently. Our flexibility is a strength. We must recognize there is no reason to MAX anything at any moment. It's all about picking the optimal stat for the moment you need it, which can change at any moment.
Aphelios is not like other champions, we shouldn't talk or think like other champion mains. Thanks for reading.
Tl;dr; Stop maxing a stat because somebody told you to. There is no benefit to maxing anything, just get your stats when they're most effective. Never feel trapped to max anything in any order.
Edit: Just adding this post at the end as a footnote that pro players are starting to catch on. He doesn't max any stat by level 9 and instead chooses what he thinks is optimal for his DPS early on, and also commits to the rule of thumb for lethality which is to dump points into it once you start putting any points into it. Also he has 6 points in lethality at level 13 which is when the base damages for Aphelios are at their highest, which is perfect timing. Please check it out!
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2023.06.03 09:04 Resilga Stats should intelligently affect your 'attack power' score

Damage numbers when hitting enemies can be easily calculated based on all your gear and skill effects so why does the 'attack power' score make ZERO attempt to actually do its job?
If we can't toggle it off, if we have to look at that damned green "this is better" number next to our drops then it should at least reflect "hey you have skills that cause vulnerability, so this +% to vulnerable targets stat is meaningful to you!" or "yes these gloves with crit chance and crit damage do boost your attack power as opposed to gloves with resistances and fucking altar duration..."
Please let me know if someone has come up with a good dps calculator for D4, I've been spoiled by path of building. I can go out and hit mobs to see if something improved my abilities but it's hard to plan builds when you don't know where the diminishing returns breakpoints are on things like "dmg to close enemies" or "overpower+crit" builds or % element damage stats.
Thank you for humoring my rant, I am thoroughly enjoying the launch. just wondering if anyone else shared in the frustration I have with this weird form of stat expression.
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2023.06.03 03:01 B-_rad Does weapon damage do anything for shapeshifter Druids?

ARPG newbie here
I am playing a Druid with almost all werewolf abilities. Does weapon DPS affect my damage or is my damage just based on my skills?
Also, I don't really understand how weapon damage is calculated with 1 handed vs 2 handed weapons. Do you just add the two one handed weapons up to get a total that you can compare directly to a single two hander? Are melee skills calculated with a melee weapon like an axe and spells with a totem?
All tips are appreciated
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2023.06.03 00:57 Leading_Caregiver_84 Kraken on-attack hit's targets counterclockwise depending on the charges you've got left to trigger it.

The targets first get ordered depending on this priorities:
- Farthest to closest to kata.
- Then Counter-Clockwise with Kata as the center starting from the farthest enemy.
So let's say Distances are:
A- Close
B- Medium
C- Far
And they get ordered from the Farthest Target Counter-Clockwise
C- B - An stacks depending on their counter-clockwise order assigned to them at cast.
This might be important to keep in mind if you are going into a fight where you need/will to AA or E and enemy.
This Calculation will only work with 3 targets, with 2 targets your daggers will activate Kraken Slayer proc's on Target C then B and then alternate between them.
So how does this work?
With No stacks of Kraken Slayer you'll always hit Target C
With 1 stack you'll hit B
with 2 Stacks you'll hit A
Sometimes, 2 or 3 Targets are a similar distance to Katarina, then they will get assigned A/B/C at random each time.
The trick here is to try and make the guy you want to kill first the target you are sure you'll hit with the Kraken Slayer proc (on-attack) this can increase your dps from 50-100% easily on that one target.
Hope this helps you carry your games and brings some fresh air into your teamfights.
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2023.06.02 22:26 realBarrenWuffett There are two (2) healers in the top 100 in solo shuffle - how is that mathematically possible?

Given the game mode is 3vs3, there should be, in a perfect world, 33.33% healers and 66.67% dps.

Since there's only 2 healers (eu ladder), this can only mean two things.
Either the game mode is a 2+1vs2+1 and healers in general are just bad players or the math for calculating the ratings is as off as is gets.

Is there anything I'm missing? Why on earth would anyone choose to play a healer if you're treated like a second class citizen just for choosing a non-dps role?
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2023.06.02 21:33 sername-checksout Exorbitant Vehicle Registration

So I moved up here about a year ago and I've registered 4 different vehicles in that time. For three of them, an SUV and two sedans, the registration fees were pretty normal compared to many places I've lived throughout the US. I expected to pay more than I have in my last state of residence because they heavily discounted registration for disabled veterans so that wasn't the issue.
In November I purchased a pre-owned vehicle and registration just came due. I nearly had a heart attack when I read that all said and done I'd be paying well over $500 for just the one car for one year. My last three vehicles were roughly a hundred or less each. I calculated the registration cost minus the various fees and it's roughly 1.12% of the reported vehicle value. That's nearly double what California tried to charge me for a new car when I was stationed there.
I asked an employee and was told that the fee drops 10% per year until it hits a minimum after 10 years. Even then after 10 years it will still cost more than the last time I registered last year.
What gives? Am I paying a premium so I can use my car as a boat in the potholes?
Edit: removed duplicate word.
Edit 2: Thanks to those who understood and were able to provide the context I was looking for. I'm adding some info provided by some helpful Sotans in case anyone else ever needs help too.
From u/MrMeowMittens: Subdivision 1a. 10% off the base per year till year 11 when its $35
If you go to and click the 'More Vehicle Services' tab in the middle top column
5th option down should be 'Estimate Vehicle Registration Tax' enter the VIN and county, this will break down how much is a registration tax and how much is a wheelage tax to the county
From u/b0b0thecl0wn; it's important to include vehicle inspection fees that some states assess but which currently are not required in Minnesota.
u/Bcron provided context that the fee being based on MSRP and vehicle age makes registration costs fair to Minnesotans who may rely on older vehicles.
Thank you to everyone who has provided additional context. This has helped me understand why one of my cars cost so much more than the others.
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