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2023.06.07 10:04 musicduct The Significance of Professional Duct Cleaning Services for Improved Indoor Air Quality

The Significance of Professional Duct Cleaning Services for Improved Indoor Air Quality
Our health depends on clean indoor air. Duct systems play a crucial role in regulating airflow throughout residential and commercial spaces. Over time, these ducts can accumulate dust, debris, allergens, and contaminants, compromising the indoor air quality. Professional duct cleaning services provide a comprehensive solution to ensure cleaner and healthier air. In this article, we will explore the importance of hiring professionals for duct cleaning services and the benefits they offer.

Thorough Removal of Contaminants
Professional duct cleaning services employ advanced equipment and techniques to thoroughly remove accumulated dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other contaminants from the ductwork. By eliminating these particles, they significantly improve indoor air quality, reducing the presence of allergens and promoting a healthier living or working environment.
Enhanced Energy Efficiency
Dust and debris in ducts block airflow, making the HVAC system work harder to maintain temperature. This increased strain leads to reduced energy efficiency and higher utility bills. Professional duct cleaning services ensure the removal of these obstructions, allowing for improved airflow and enhanced energy efficiency. This can result in cost savings and a more sustainable living or working space.
Reduction of Odors
Unpleasant odors can permeate the ducts over time, affecting the overall air quality within a space. Professional duct cleaning services address these odors by removing the accumulated debris and eliminating the source of the odor. This results in fresher and more pleasant indoor air, contributing to a more comfortable environment.
Mold and Mildew Prevention
Moisture can find its way into ductwork, creating a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. Microorganisms affect indoor air quality and health. Professional duct cleaning services utilize specialized techniques to detect and address any existing mold or mildew, preventing further growth and ensuring a healthier living or working environment.
Allergy and Asthma Relief
Allergy and asthma sufferers need clean indoor air. Professional duct cleaning services play a vital role in reducing allergens and irritants that can trigger respiratory issues. They relieve allergy and asthma sufferers by eliminating these pollutants from the ducts.
Long-Term Maintenance
Regular duct cleaning services by professionals contribute to the long-term maintenance of the HVAC system. They prolong system life by avoiding dust and debris collection in the ductwork.
Professional Expertise
Hiring professional duct cleaning services ensures that experienced technicians with specialized knowledge and expertise handle the cleaning process. They understand the intricacies of ductwork systems and follow industry standards to deliver effective and thorough cleaning services.
Professional duct cleaning services are essential for maintaining cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. By removing contaminants, improving energy efficiency, preventing mold growth, reducing odors, and providing relief for allergies and asthma, these services contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable living or working environment. Invest in professional duct cleaning services to ensure the well-being of occupants and promote a healthier indoor atmosphere.
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2023.06.07 10:03 Gamer-Ben Introducing Crossroads: Myth — A Browser-Based Fantasy Web3 Game

Introducing Crossroads: Myth — A Browser-Based Fantasy Web3 Game
Heyy fellow crypto gamers,
Ben here! From the passionate trio building Crossroads: Myth, a browser-based fantasy game currently in development.
Current Stage: We're in the early stages of building Crossroads: Myth on the Tezos blockchain and would love for you to join us on this exciting journey. Your input and support will be invaluable.
Set in the fantastical world of Mythenia, players embark on strategic adventures, manage resources, form alliances, and uncover captivating lore. We recently came out of stealth and got active on our socials, including Reddit (hurray!).
Gameplay Synopsis: In Crossroads: Myth, you'll have the opportunity to choose from three unique races: humans, elves, or dwarves, each with distinctive traits suiting different play styles. Engage in various activities such as recruiting units to form a squad, hire mercenaries, completing quests, as well as acquiring/upgrading lands to generate resources.
Blockchain Integration: All in-game assets, including units, lands, items, and resources, exist on the blockchain as NFTs or Fungible Tokens, enabling free trading among players.
Tokenomics: We've crafted a sustainable and rewarding experience with player-focused tokenomics. More details are available on our website, and stay tuned for our upcoming litepaper.

The many Lands of Mythenia (Left to Right) — Humans, Elves and Dwarves
Community & Cooperation: While you can play solo as an individual, plenty of opportunities open up when you collaborate with others. Emphasizing teamwork, players can form or join guilds, share resources to reach a common goal, and collaborate on strategies to tackle challenging quests together.
We're eager to share our unique and innovative browser-based web3-enabled game with you all, and we hope you're as excited as we are! Join us on our journey. Looking forward to providing further updates as we develop the game! Best wishes, all 🎉
Introductory Twitter thread:
Landing Page Site: (Connect button is not live currently)
Ben :)
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2023.06.07 10:03 bagman817 Recorded CW Show "The Rising" not showing up in new library on ChromeCast

It's in "Recordings and Purchases" when I look in a browser, and the DVR recordings are there, but I have to search for the show manually on Chromecast. If I didn't know it was airing, I'd have no idea it was there.
This is a rebroadcast of a UK Sky program, so, I get (although it's annoying) that it doesn't show up as 'new', much like The Graham Norton Show, but you'd think it should show up under 'recently recorded' or, at least, 'series'. I have to say, I don't consider the new library an improvement.
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2023.06.07 10:02 OliverShiyo I think Inter actually have the upper hand in the final (tactically at least) - Here's why

You might wanna know first that I am a neutral
Let me begin by stating my predicted line-ups
City: Ederson, Akanji, Dias, Stones, Walker, Rodri, de Bruyne, Gundogan, Grealish, Bernado, Haaland
Inter: Onana, Bastoni, Acerbi, Darmian, Dimarco, Dumfries, Calhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Barella, Lautaro, Dzeko
I would say this match has the narrative of Tradition vs Innovation or Simplicity vs Complexity or something along those lines. Ok so here are my reasons:
Firstly, I believe City are definitely going to have trouble breaking through Inter's defence. City no doubt will probably be looking to make use of Haaland. However, out of possession Inter sit deep with usually at least 6 players in the deep, central zones. However good city are, they are definitely going to have a lot of trouble trying to pass through those 6 players. Especially since most of them are brilliant in defending. Trying to just swing in crosses probably wont work either. Firstly, you have 1v1 matchups on the wings, and Inter have wing backs that can actually defend quite well, so I would expect too many high quality City crosses into the box. Additionally, while yes, Haaland has great physical attributes, I really dont think he is going to win aerially agains a back 3 of Bastoni, Acerbi and Darmian. They already had trouble working through Madrid in the first leg (before anyone starts commenting about the second leg, the second leg I believe was due more to madrid mistakes than City performance) and Inter is an even more defensive side, with even more players in the center.
Secondly, I dont expect Inter to care about City's press. Inter has Onana. A keeper with Id argue the best distribution in the world right now. Up top, you got Dzeko, a traditional, physical, aerially dominant Striker. Ok, Dias and maybe Rodri are good in the air too, but as good as Dzeko? I doubt so. On top of that, you have Lautaro lurking around looking to collect the second balls. When you look at the rest of City's defence, not very convincing either. Walker and Akanji have horrible numbers in the air, and the rest of City's defenders are only average. I would expect Onana to send many long balls to Dzeko. Additionally, you have 2 surprisingly aerially dominant wing backs in Dimarco and Dumfries. If they advance, they would be up against Walker and Akanji, again, these two have horrible numbers in the air.
On paper right now, it seems like Inter have the advantage. City will likely have trouble utilising their Norwegian machine or working through Inter's compact defence. One of their deadliest weapons, their pressing, seems like its gonna be utterly useless. Although City have a 'no-nonsense' back line, the defenders are still modern. It seems unlikely they will be able to contain a traditional beast like Dzeko, especially not in the air. With a powerhouse like Lautaro lurking about as well, just makes things more difficult. It will be up to Pep to come up with something.
Would love to hear what you think :)
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2023.06.07 10:02 CMDR_Agony_Aunt I'd like to take a moment about 2 of my favourite classes - Shadowcaster and Spellblade

I've always had a soft spot for hybrid melee/casters. Ranger has been a favourite of mine since first edition D&D.
I'd like to take a moment to talk about the Shadowcaster and Spellblade classes.
These classes often get mid level ratings in tier lists, and yet, i find them fun to play and quite powerful, even if they don't perhaps get the same damage output of their fellow subclasses.
The Palace of Ice DLC enables both of them to get third level spells, which is pretty useful for both.
One thing i love to have in my teams is mobility, the ability to move around and control the battlefield, and both have this in spades.
My main run through PoI at the moment is a team of 4 rogues (4 different subclasses) and the ability of the whole team to sneak well and launch a ton of sneak damage on the first turn, then rush to the next enemy and land hits is huge. With the Cloak of Elvenkind i can literally walk up to the face of some enemies without being spotted, and others i can navigate around and get behind. Its been my most fun team to play to date and very tactical, ensuring you always have at least 2 party members on each enemy, which is quite possible with 2 dashes per turn if needed. All have Forest Walker as well, for an extra 2 movement points and they are all Silvan Elves, the fastest movers in the game.
As you can imagine, they can move very far on their turns.
So, with that in mind, let's first look at the Shadowcaster. On top of the sneak damage, which just keeps going up and up with levels (dual wielding of course to increase chance of getting that sneak damage off), mobility, and sneakiness, it has some quite useful features.
Shadow retribution - when targetted by a spell you can fire off a cantrip in return. That really means Shadow Dagger, and while its only 1d8 damage, with a WIS save, sometimes that little bit of damage can be the bit you need to take down enemies, especially early levels.
Shadow Dodge is a short range teleport. Generally speaking, i don't use it much, since you can move around effectively without it. But it can be useful to teleport to otherwise impossible to reach places or to position yourself next to an enemy with the path is blocked for some reason.
Shadow Casting - sneak damage applies to spells with an attack roll. It comes in late, and of limited use, since you're likely carrying a bow anyway. But means you don't have to swap weapons, useful when enemies can move into melee range of you and you want to maintain the ability to use the Twin Blade feat.
This is where the increased level from PoI helps as you now get access to counterspell. While there are other decent spells they get (Mage Armour, Identify, Shield, etc), counterspell is probably the one that can save your bacon the most. Sure, maybe you've got a wizard in the party with it as well, but the more counterspells you have access to in a battle, especially when facing multiple casters, the better. With a couple of casters with counterspell you can effectively shut down enemy casters.
On to the Spellblade
There are different ways of building these, but i prefer full plate and two handed fighting style. As noted earlier, they can't quite match the damage output of the Champion but... they can (more on that later).
Most of their specific abilities i don't care about much, but again, the spells come into play, and one ability Arcane Escape, which allows you to move an additional 3 cells after taking a turn. This enables you to start battle by casting a spell, then moving further to engage, and then using your bonus attack or action surge to get damage in quickly. Remember, i love mobility.
PoI really unleashes them. But let's first start with a some lower level spells.
Expeditious Retreat and Longstrider (and also Jump to a lesser extent) increase your ability to get around the battlefield to where you are needed. Longstrider you can cast well in advance of potential combat, just keep it cast just in case. Alternately, if you see enemies ahead, or combat is already started, Expeditious Retreat can give you dash as a bonus action, just like a rogue, to get around the field.
At level 2 spells we get Misty Step, again, useful for getting around, spider climb, and hold person (useful to stop those pesky archers or casters running away).
But level 3 spells is where it really comes online.
Haste - one of the best spells for melee focused characters. Cast Haste, get 3 bonus movement from Arcane Escape, and you're golden for getting to the enemy. On top, you can turn that standard 3 attacks per turn into 4 (or 5 with follow up strike), which then can be doubled into 8/10 attacks per turn with action surge.
Flying enemies? Why mess around with a bow when you can cast Fly and whack them in the face with your big stick?
On top, since you're a fighter, you're going to have high CON, so concentration spells shouldn't be an issue, and throw in flawless concentration and it will be rare you lose concentration on your haste/fly/etc.
Now, i know what some people will say. Why not just have your wizard (or whoever) cast those spells on the fighter?
Well, because if the wizard is buffing the fighter, they aren't buffing someone else, they aren't casting offensive spells or control spells, or something else they could be doing. The Spellblade largely frees up your buffers from the need to buff them.
Anyway, just thought i'd share my feelings on these classes. Hope you found it informative.
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2023.06.07 10:02 Malou2816 NYC to Miami road trip next year : need advices for our first US trip!

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2023.06.07 10:01 -HALSEY what should i do to self study an ap course?

what should i do to self study an ap course?
i want to self study apes and ap hug by myself and take the exam so i bought the princeton review books for each subject. they look more like books to use to review for the exam, not learning the course content itself. only apes has a lot of material to learn with while aphug has most practice tests and unit and skills review. not sure what to do. i learn better through readings, lectures too but book / textbook preferred.
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2023.06.07 10:01 eggsbaconandmore Terminus Inn

We were able to spend the night in the closest hotel, a dinky little inn that had a very disinterested hostess. She just gave us a key and waved us upstairs. Doesn’t money mean anything to them? All of us were too tired to argue, though, so we crawled into bed and fell asleep.
I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I sighed with relief. Okay, maybe it was all a bad dream? Did I have a weird trip from something some asshole put in my drink? When I pulled out my phone, I noticed with a lurch it was 11:59, but I calmed myself down. Noon, then. I hadn’t put my phone on 24-hour time but 12-hour. It was right before noon. I fished my charger out of my handbag (never leave without it!) and looked out the window.
Our room overlooked the town square. It had a memorial, a statue of some explorer - complete with coonskin cap - that stared out into the distance. The clock tower was across from us, still stuck at 11:59, but at least it seems the chiming had been given a rest. I couldn't see the bus terminal, as it was behind the clock tower, but I could see the edge of town from here - we were in a small valley with steep hills all around us, coated in pine trees.
I sighed and scrolled on my phone. I still couldn't see why I had wifi while the others didn't. The network was called TERMINUS - the same name as on the sign on the bus terminal - and it was free to connect to. I could scroll through news sites and wikipedia, but when I tried to message other friends, the messages didn't go through. I could only assume they couldn't send me anything either.
Caroline and the others slowly stirred awake. "Ugh, meggs, what's goin on..."
I turned around. "We're in... Terminus, I guess." I tried looking it up on google maps, but didn't get any results.
"So far from home... What do they have for breakfast?"
I shrugged, smiling. "We'll have to see. You up for getting up?/"
"No... my head..."
I nodded and waited for the boys to wake up as well. All three had a hangover, but Collin's and Caroline's were truly massive. Charlie was fit enough to get out of bed and get ready to explore the inn, at least. I kept the key of the door with me and told both of them to stay inside - not that they were going anywhere.
The hallways of the inn were bland. It wasn't big - one hallway on each floor with about five or six doors and a staircase on one end. The wallpaper was probably supposed to be a calming vanilla with a daisy motif, but it just ended up looking old and yellowed. The doors were exactly the same cream color save for the silver number on the door. Ours was 25 - second floor, fifth room. I noticed it also had a chip near the lock.
Charlie and I made our way to the staircase. The uncomfortable silence was only broken by our creaking footsteps over the carpeted floor.
I chuckled awkwardly. "Last night was... something, huh?"
"Hah, yeah..."
Creaky steps. "How are you holding up? I know you didn't sign up for this... I mean, none of us did."
"What are you talking about? We just took the wrong bus and ended up in the wrong town. I'm sure we can catch a different bus at the bus terminal and go home."
I nodded. "Y-yeah..." My smile felt a little forced, even for me. "Yeah! You're right."
It was quiet the rest of the way down. I didn't mean to sound so insincere.
"There sure are a lot of stairs." Charlie joked. "We were only on the second floor, right?"
"Yeah, we should be-"
We landed on the ground floor. Before us were two doors - both the same bland vanilla as the room's doors.
"Which way to the reception?"
"Er..." I hadn't actually paid attention when we got up, as I was herding three tired drunk people up to a room. Not that I'm naturally good at directions, either. "Let's try the right door."
Behind the door on the right was another hallway with three more doors. Charlie blinked. "This makes no sense. This door-" he pointed to the door on his immediate left "-would just lead us to the hallway to the left door." He opened the door, but when he stepped through, he was in an empty room, lit by a single lightbulb. The same inoffensive vanilla wallpaper lined this room.
He quietly closed the door. "Where the fuck are we."
I didn't answer. I know I must have looked ridiculous, my mouth just open and closing like a fish. I mean, come on, this is physically impossible! "Maybe it's an optical illusion or something? The room looks bigger than it really is because... it's empty, or the light, or..."
"Right." Charlie didn't seem convinced. "Let's keep going straight, then. This building can't go on forever." He walked down the hallway to the last door. I meekly followed him through the door. This time the room had another two doors, and to the left, a staircase leading up.
I blinked. "Are we... back to where we started?"
Charlie yelled in frustration and barreled down the rightmost door. After a little bit, I heard running footsteps coming up behind me, and with a slam, he opened that door. "What the FUCK! I WENT in a STRAIGHT LINE!" He started kicking the walls while swearing, damaging the daisies on the wallpaper.
I chuckled quietly in disbelief. "Ha. This makes me think of Portal. Or Stanley's Parable."
Charlie stopped kicking. "What?"
"Y-yeah! In Stanley's Parable, you're a character in a story narrated by The Narrator. You can - you can choose to go along with him or go against him, but he can also go against you. It's - it's about the illusion of choice."
Charlie still didn't understand. "I don't - I'm not a game nerd. You make no sense."
"We don't... have a choice. Not really. This place will not give us one. So we have to let this place pick for us."
I fished through my pockets. I came across a coin - it wasn't there in my pocket before, but I didn't question it. "Heads for left, tails for right."
It landed on tails. I reached out for the rightmost door, and we both went through.
We stood in the restaurant-part of the inn. Breakfast was still laid out, but no-one else was there. No-one else was eating. I went towards the lady behind the counter. "Hey, uh, we'd... we'd like to pay for our rooms. And breakfast."
The lady stared at us as if we were crazy. "What are ya talkin' about? You already paid."
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2023.06.07 10:00 blackbutterfly8 I (23f) met him (23m) the week he was moving across the country

I met this guy last weekend at a summer event in my city. He was working the event as a photographer, he asked to take a picture of me and then we just ended up having a conversation for like 20 minutes about random things. He got my Instagram and later that evening he messaged me saying it was super nice to meet. I said same and suggested that we should definitely hang out. Fast forward to earlier in the week he was basically like, “I’m down to hang out but I am moving across the country this weekend.” Flight was booked and everything. In the moment I didn’t think it was a big deal because our initial interaction was friendly and I didn’t think there were any romantic vibes from him. We hang out one night, mid week and we get food and watch a few movies. By the end of the night, we had kissed and the romantic vibes just sorta came out the blue. The following day, I go back over and we have sex. I’m thinking this will just be a one time thing, he’s moving and I might as well just experience this before he leaves. After we’re done he asks if I want to stay the night. I don’t typically hookup with people so I wasn’t sure if staying the night would just overstay my welcome. But he made me feel really comfortable and left the option open for me to stay so I did. We cuddled all night and I left the next morning. The day before he leaves I go over to his place again. I met his roommates, we had dinner then of course we had sex. Once we’re done he asks if I’m I want to stay the night again. At this point, we’ve learned a lot about one another and I was honestly just wanting to spend as much time with him before he left the next day. So I stayed, we cuddled all night and it was super cute. The next morning I get up to leave and he asks if I’m busy today and if I’d just want to hangout with him until his flight later that night. I say yes because I enjoyed his company and maybe I was starting to like him a bit? We go get breakfast and he pays. Once we head back to his place, shit kind of hits the fan for him. He gets a bit stressed about packing and his roommate situation. I didn’t have the heart to just leave him because I could see that this move was getting chaotic for him. I ended up spending the whole day with him and driving him to the airport. We have a cute airport kiss and we exchange I’ll miss you’s.
We left the potential for the future up in the air. I’m not expecting him to start treating me like we’re dating because we only met the week before he left. I just want to know if I’m being crazy for even having some feelings for him, despite knowing him for such a short time. I feel like in that time we had alot of laughs and good moments and I don’t connect with people that easily that often.
Should I just wait to see how he’ll act once he’s settled in to his new city or just let this one go?
TLDR: I met a guy the week before he moved across the country and started to develop feelings. Things were left in the air when he left because of how short we’ve know eachother. Should I just wait to see how he’ll act once he’s settled in to his new city or just let this one go?
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2023.06.07 10:00 KidnigmeN Help pls. First build.

Hi. I've been using laptops for nearly 20 years and I wanted to build a gaming pc for the first time. I bought some of the items from the list but I couldn't decide which PSU I should use. I selected FSP Hydro TI PRO 1000W ATX3.0 but at the same price range, there is SEA SONIC Vertex GX 1200W ATX3.0. I looked up Cybenetics and I found out their ratings. This is their differences. -FSP, TITANIUM, A++ noise level -Vertex, GOLD, A- noise level
Here the question. Should I pick Gold 1200W or should I pick Titanium 1000w? Because, I want to use 4 hdds in my system in the future. So, for a 200w difference, should I buy Gold ratings PSU?
And lastly, what do you think about my build? Btw, I have 1650$ budget to pick the parts and I'm buying the parts from Switzerland, that's why I edited the price.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor Purchased For $0.00
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler $96.79
Motherboard ASRock X670E Steel Legend ATX AM5 Motherboard $342.80
Memory G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30 Memory $261.86
Storage Seagate FireCuda 530 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $145.96
Storage Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC550 18 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive $287.50
Video Card Palit GameRock OC GeForce RTX 4090 24 GB Video Card Purchased For $0.00
Case Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO ATX Full Tower Case Purchased For $0.00
Power Supply FSP Group Hydro Ti PRO 1000 W 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $257.68
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Case Fan Noctua A14 PWM 82.52 CFM 140 mm Fan $31.82
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1583.51
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-07 03:35 EDT-0400
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2023.06.07 10:00 Jetsetbrunnette Which SEA country with toddler and baby?

Hey all! I’m pregnant with my second (my first will be 18 months) and this time we are planning on taking 4-6 weeks to go somewhere and explore in SEA during my Maternity leave. We are a travel savvy couple who have lived in rural developing countries, but are looking for a place that’s more relaxed.
We’ve done Thailand, Loas, and Vietnam before so trying to go somewhere new. Anyone have any good recommendations?
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2023.06.07 09:59 No_Speaker263 Go deep into Web3 and change the world! LittleBee Trust Fintech empowers business partners with super connectivity

The only eternal and passionate heroism of man is to change the world. No one can refuse an opportunity when it comes, but he who knows it later will be denied it. This time, it's Web3 that's changing the world, and it's just around the corner.
In the past few years, the operation order of the traditional world, which was halted by force majeure, is being replaced by a new surging vitality to a considerable extent, and Web3 is the most powerful undercurrent among them, and has so far converged into a new "blue ocean".
Since cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi, meta universe, DAO, etc. have formed a subdivision track and application landing point that can be seen and truly explored, Web3 is finally no longer a idealized concept, but is embodied as a new technology in the field of financial technology, "invading" the world at a faster speed, and transmitting unknown infinite possibilities to the world.
It is foreseeable that the hurricane from Web3 is transforming the world step by step. This fresh, magical "concept" spares no effort to call people to join with it. And it is difficult to ignore its extremely high entry "threshold". After all, it is not easy to keep up with the pace of The Times to walk in the forefront of the Web3 world.
Get into Web3 is inevitable, but in the era of subversive innovation of financial technology and the change of financial paradigm, it is difficult to believe in going it alone in the competition. On the contrary, "joining forces" have become a necessary skill for the industry to become bigger and stronger. To achieve this, connectivity is an ability to change the world.
"Connectivity" is more important than "ownership"
Connectivity has created amazing products and business models in many fields in the past, but never more so than in this new financial age. Through the blessing of advanced financial technology capabilities, promoting a more open connection of various elements, assets and systems in the financial industry has become a new business and economic model that is currently highly respected. The ability to "connect" allows financial practitioners to be sensitive to the needs of the industry market and to provide just the right services and leading solutions for these fresh needs.
Over the past three years, the world economy has added a lot of uncertainty outside the trajectory of the "cycle", and cryptocurrencies, as a member of the Web3 forces, have waited for opportunities to flourish during this period, and even gone through a round of their own bull and bear cycles, which have completely affected and transformed the inherent pattern of financial markets.
However, the development of the macro environment or situation is more lagging behind the breakout fermentation of micro elements, such as the varying intensity of financial regulation around the world in recent years, especially in the increasingly mainstream crypto market, and the regulatory policies of the world's major economies are also constantly adjusting.
On the other hand, while the global financial market continues to explore the integration of innovative financial technologies such as blockchain and Web3, and is committed to obtaining high-quality liquidity, the financial account system of the whole market is still relatively complex, showing fragmentation and fragmentation characteristics, whether it is for market account holders, financial institutions, or financial regulatory authorities. The complexity and cost of operation and management are high, which is not conducive to the acquisition of liquidity in the financial market and the improvement of transaction efficiency, cost control and competitiveness.
It can be said that the more diversified global financial assets covering Web2 and Web3 still face multiple obstacles in the current transaction and circulation process such as high cost, cross-region, cross-chain, etc. The market is in urgent need of new forces that can smooth friction, and the third party forces with the ability to "connect" are playing an increasingly important role.
LittleBee Trust Fintech: "Three Connections" enables the business partners to go deep into Web3
LittleBee Trust Fintech, as a global integrated solution provider for hybrid financial transactions based in Hong Kong, has a more ambitious goal - to connect B-terminal financial partners and users with different assets around the world, to connect CeFi and DeFi, and to connect a wide range of market opportunities in different jurisdictions and legal systems around the world. Enable its users to ride in the Web2 and Web3 parallel world through the solutions and services it provides, while providing a deep window into Web3, so that the partner's end users can connect everything and trade everything with "one click".
In the digital era, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, mobile information technology, the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and even blockchain, the whole society has entered the era of the Internet of everything, and people, people and things, things and things, people and information can be easily connected. In times like these, it's almost a consensus that connectivity is more important than ownership.
LittleBee Trust Fintech, supported by the underlying technologies of Web3 infrastructure such as blockchain, DeFi and NFT, tailor-made hybrid fintech and hybrid financial platform for all business partners customers, helping customers connect global users to cross-market and cross-variety asset classes. It builds a bridge between traditional finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) and different platforms of decentralized finance, and connects different jurisdictions and legal systems around the world through its super trust account, comprehensively broadening the energy and value boundary of customers' own financial ecosystem.
Connect different assets around the world
The LittleBee Trust Fintech Super Account enables customers to manage investment transactions, asset allocation and risk control of multi-level accounts with "one terminal", as well as "one account" covering major financial products and markets around the world.
Through a Trust super account, LittleBee Trust Fintech connects users to the global capital markets, connecting to more than 150 exchanges in more than 30 countries around the world, with access to 65,000 + asset class tools, giving users access to a single account to invest in multi-asset global Internet digital service experience.
Connects CeFi and DeFi
LittleBee Trust Fintech, with its own leading fintech capabilities, provides top Web3 exchange component services to business partners customers, helping its users connect CeFi and DeFi, as well as DeFi's different platforms, to improve the efficiency of transactions in global financial markets, including crypto products, and free trading.
LittleBee Trust Fintech is committed to giving every end user of our business partners clients access to Hybrid Finance (HyFi) trading services with both the regulatory foundation of centralized finance (CeFi) and the customer experience of decentralized finance (DeFi) on one platform. LittleBee Trust Fintech offers solutions that will enable lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, higher energy efficiency, storage security, and greater global reach.
Connect different jurisdictions and legal systems
As a financial industry spanning capital market, money market and industrial market, the unique system design of trust gives the function of trust diversity and flexibility. Relying on this characteristic, trust companies can carry out financing business, loan business, securities investment business, bond underwriting business, equity investment business, financial leasing business, asset management business and other almost all financial services.
LittleBee Trust Fintech helps our B-terminal financial partners to create and maintain appropriate trust structures around the world using the latest fintech technology based on the offshore trust law system, with the trust super account as the core, and combine with other financial transaction licenses around the world to create an international financial transaction account.
As the world's first comprehensive solution provider to combine Trust legal relationships with full asset management, LittleBee Trust Fintech has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of financial trading platforms. All services of our "Web2+Web3" Hybrid Financial (HyFi) exchange are guaranteed to be safe and legal under common law regulation.
Headquartered in Hong Kong, LittleBee Trust Fintech focuses on fintech and connectivity, digitally transforming global financial markets and integrating traditional and digital finance to provide hybrid finance (HyFi) solutions.
We are committed to providing global B-terminal financial partners with innovative business models, as well as financial transaction service infrastructure solutions around "transaction, payment, Web3 ecology, blockchain infrastructure", and provide all-round support to B-terminal users from the four dimensions of "system, compliance, assets, and ecology".
With the unique ability to connect different assets around the world, to connect CeFi and DeFi, and to connect different jurisdictions or legal systems around the world, LittleBee Trust Fintech enables its end customers to connect to stocks, futures, options, bonds, funds, insurance and more asset classes through "one account". While ensuring compliance, we help clients improve financial transaction efficiency, enhance transaction trust, fairness and security, and maximize financial value creativity.
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2023.06.07 09:59 lockyourtripupdates Explore the India with All-Inclusive Beach Tour Packages

Beach Tour Packages are influenced by coastal vacationing and leisure. The allure of the sea, sand, and sun cannot be denied. Tour packages of beaches in India can be also customised to meet each visitor's specific needs. Only beaches, leisure, and relaxation are possible. For every traveller, an itinerary for an India beach tour must include a select few historical and cultural sites. Beach vacation spots that are very well-liked by both international and Indian tourists include Goa, Kovalam in Kerala, and Andaman and Nicobar. A pleasant and unwinding experience is staying at a beach in India. A Beach Tour Package of Lock Your Trip gives you a chance to an untamed coastline. Indian beaches are serene and genuine. The fishing villages mostly dot the coastline.
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2023.06.07 09:58 AgentOfASignal 26 [M4F] UK/Europe - Language and History fan. Our conversation will go down in history!

I'm from the mystical land of checks notes England. Okay, not too mystical. All the dragons are in Wales, and Excalibur's been loaned out. Oh, and I'm plus-sized, I'll say that now. But if I'd started with that, you wouldn't have heard about the dragons!
I work for a law firm, although sadly I'm not a lawyer. A shame, they make way more than I do! Currently in the process of buying a house, so I can have my own puts shades on bachelor pad. takes shades off
I'm a big history fan, the older the better. Too modern is boring, I like the really old stuff. Rome, Egypt, or even older. I'd love to get in a time machine and see these ancient cultures for myself. Although if I had a time machine, first trip would be to my home town in the past to see it. Or to go buy a lottery ticket, one or the other.
Wanna know a fun fact about me? I'm a published writer. That's right, when I was 8, my letter was published in the hallowed pages of The Simpsons Comics. Please, no autographs.
Oh, and I speak German, Italian and (sort of) French, so feel free to come and chat with me in those languages.
In terms of pop culture, believe it or not I've never read/watched Harry Potter, or a Marvel movie. They're on the long list of things I'll get around to eventually. I'm big into Assassin's Creed, Doctor Who, Star Wars. Mostly game on PlayStation and PC, and I love Red Dead and GTA too. And Hitman.
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2023.06.07 09:58 jupitercitylightss Purple Air Beds Promo Code

Check this out for Purple Air Beds Promo Code. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.07 09:58 RobotTomPeterson City recommends major transportation and land use changes for lower southeast

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2023.06.07 09:58 gunedat BBB58 as part of my land sea air collection

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2023.06.07 09:58 Content-Swordfish-41 Bisneyland

I am proud to announce that Bisney and the Oden Region Government has officially opened the first BisneyLand in Sokecil Bay. Dalt Bisney brings Ricky Rat for citizens and tourist to explore. If you want to stay at the different hotels, a regular room with a queen size bed is going for 1200 Dillings (120 U.S dollars)
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2023.06.07 09:57 ceruleancityy How much land for two horses?

Is purchasing 5 acres ok? Sorry if this question is dumb, Google is giving me conflicting answers. My family back in a different country kept around 4 horses and I believe they had 15 acres of land.
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2023.06.07 09:56 gunedat Avi 765 1953 Re-edition as part of my land sea air collection

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2023.06.07 09:56 banned-practice I just found out my old text RPG forum is gone and my heart is breaking

I'm a grown ass adult and I'm crying because I just discovered my old text RPG forum is gone, and no one, not even the closest members of my family can understand the hurt I'm feeling. It's the burning in the back of the throat, and the clenching of a part of your heart you didn't know was there, unless you've really lost something. I don't think I'll ever be again who I used to be, and now my only record of that last, dimly lit, long ago part is gone, like the memory of the haze of a summer afternoon when you were a kid. This forum was my last gasp before the plunge of depression and adulthood. I guess there's no coming up for air.
It's hard to put into words what this RPG forum meant to me.... I honed my writing and character development skills; I weathered a shitty college experience; I made my first real online friends. My only real online friends. I grew up on this forum. I tasted popularity for the first and only time, and I felt like I really could fulfill a dream of writing characters people were invested in. I recieved my first piece of fan art for a character. I learned how to diplomatically settle grievances, and lead without power going to my head. I learned what it felt like to be respected, even looked up to. I learned what it was like to be an adult when a younger friendcame to me for help with important life advice that they couldn't discuss with their parents. Now it's all gone.
I always wanted to go back and maybe archive as much of it as I could. I mean, I created or used early versions of characters there that are now the main characters of my novels. I left a part of me there so long ago; my young and hopeful self, that I wanted to rediscover. I wanted to find cringe, and laugh, and find hidden gems I didn't remember writing, and meet again those long lost characters that were written by my friends. And primarily, I wanted to reconnect with a handful of people that made life worth living back then. I want to know what became of them.... I've always wondered if they even remember me the way I remember them. I wonder if they moved on,, like I guess I never have. Another thing I learned there towards the end was that I was depressed, and it was that which made me pull away to begin with,, as my friends lives moved forward and money didn't. As I realized I had nothing new to say. They were all going off to college towards the end, and posting was becoming scarce. I think some of them had connected elsewhere by then, but I never did, and I regret it so much now.
My last message was asking them to private message me if they ever wandered through again, because I wanted to keep in touch, knowing full well that meeting place wouldn't last forever. This was years after the RPG had withered away, but the site was still kicking. Even then it was starting to get spammed by bots and no one was cleaning it up. But I never checked back in myself after last post. Every year I've thought about stopping back in, but it was one thing after another. I forgot my password. I lost the link after my old laptop died. I forgot the forum name.
Most of all, it was the feeling that I still had nothing new to say, and surely they would have changed and grown out of this silly old game, and maybe I was just pathetic to even be thinking about it so much. That I was pathetic for it meaning so much to me, and missing it so much still. Year after year I told myself, I need to get back there before it's too late, but it wasn't until tonight that randomly, utterly out of the blue, the forum name came back to me, and found my old log in info, and even a link in the backup of my old laptop. I clicked with an eagerness and apprehension I hadn't felt since I was refreshing that RPG back in the day when it was electric with drama and humor and OOC. Only to find a generic error page. A dry, uncaring placeholder for one of billion forgotten sites where lives once played out in all their naivety, creativity, and eager exploration of who we were.
It's honestly so heart-breaking, because for so many years I thought, yeah, I'll track that link down, figure out my log in, just to see if anyone came back and updated. Did that marriage work out? Did that trip to Korea go well? What have we all grown up to be? Now I'll never know what became of them. I'll never find them again.
I wanted to send them my novel when it's published, like I always said I would. I wanted to know if they recognized the traces of my main character from the RPG in my novel. I wanted to finally have something worth sharing, in all honesty, in all pride, in all maturation. If I am really honest with myself... I haven't actually had real friends since, and I'll always regret pulling away from them, even if it wasn't really in my control. Depression is a bitch like that. I'll always regret it, even if they wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me anymore nowadays anyway. Always. Even if it makes me pathetic. I doubt anyone will even see this much less read it, but that's probably for the better anyway.
Skiltch, Cheesy, Miss F, Dejanor..... I miss you guys. Maybe you'll come across my book someday and feel a little glimmer of something, a tiny trace of recognition you can't put your finger on. I guess, truthfully, it's an image in my mind I can hold onto, because I don't have anything else left.
~ Star
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2023.06.07 09:56 mactaff 2 months of free Todoist Pro via link

If you are currently on the free tier of Todoist, or just looking to start out with the app, you can now try the Pro feature set, free for 2 months, via my Ambassador-exclusive link.
To initiate the trial, click on the link above, and then either sign up or log in to your account. Step by step instructions on how to redeem the discount can be found on the landing page.
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