Jk dobbins or jerick mckinnon

22[M4F] India/Anywhere -A Soulful connection ready for something real

2023.03.29 12:10 Maleficent-Total5853 22[M4F] India/Anywhere -A Soulful connection ready for something real

Hi there good day if i have your attention:) So here I am looking for my someone special and shooting my shot. Let's just start conversation to the point of no return.
So little about me I'm a Game Designer and have great interest in mixed martial arts and due to that I'm quite fit and not perfect but ok physique. I'm quite nerdy and shy but really easygoing once we get to know each other. I'm decent at cooking so can cook for you once a while. My pic is down there so go ahead and check it out i have my dog's pic too so i hope you won't think I'm a dog.. jk :D
What I'm looking for? I'm looking for my someone who won't hold back with deep conversation, emotional intimacy and love let's talk about anything to the point of no return. Career wise should be serious and know what you have in mind set for goal and age should be legal is must and not in late 20s ig like 18-27 is fine for me. I don't judge with someone's background, religion and pretty accepting in nature so don't have to think twice or be hesitant if you have something in mind that you would like to share I'm a pretty good listener and values a person's secrets if they are trusting me with some secret or anything.
I wouldn't rush you up and put pressure and do unnecessary demands if you're not ok with something so let's take things slow and understand each other well and see where it leads cool?
So just hit me up with no worries and hey I'm waiting to know about your life and especially you too.
My pic : https://imgur.com/a/4EdB5f5
See you ;)
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2023.03.29 11:17 roughcaballero 28 [M4A] Humpday chill

In Tomas Morato and super bored rn. The text that follows is a repeat of previous posts but they still stand anyway.
So if anyone wants to hang for like coffee or dinner or anything spontaneous? Let’s do it right now. You want to smoke? Let’s do it! You want to get baked? Let’s do it! You want to sing? Join a choir! Lol jk no you can! Haha.
Likes good conversation. Some blurry pics on my profile if you wanna check that out. Slide into my DMs if you’re as bored as I am!!
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2023.03.29 10:40 thenextbigthing8070 Murderous Intent

Jk intent lang naman.
Back Story muna: So ayun pinakilala samin ng hs friend namin yung gf niya sa isang event. Ako naman, na assign na kumausap sa kanila kasi tahimik sila pareho. So medjo nakilala ako ng gf niya. After a few days, finollow ako sa ig. Ininform ko din naman yung friend ko na finollow ako ng gf niya.
Anyway, after a few weeks, nagkalabuan sila. Si ate girl gusto ayusin so ako yung inapproach. Ako naman, nagbigay advice since kilala ko naman ugali ng bf niya. Bale supporter lang role ko haha.
Dun sa time na yun, tinanong ako ng friend ko kung nag uusap kami ng gf niya. Sabi ko oo since wala naman ako tinatago. Then ang reply is "ahh". Dun palang alam mo nang medj masama na pakiramdam sayo. Ending is nag hiwalay sila.
Last Saturday, uminom kami at inaya ko siya. Pagpasok ko palang sa inuman parang iba na ang atmosphere. Yung ibang kasama namin oks naman at masaya pero siya tahimik lang. Sabi ko normal lang. Tahimik naman talaga siyang tao. Pero iba talaga ang feeling. Medjo mabigat na parang nag ttiming lang ang dating, sarcastic ang reactions at parang wala sa inuman. Sabi ng isang kasama namin "Pre tignan mo si XXX oh parang nag babalak mag school shooting haha". Akala ko ako lang nakapansin. Tinanong ko din isa pa namin kasama kung napansin niya. Tapos sabi "iba talaga aura niya". In the end, kinausap ko yung friend ko kasi di ko na matiis. Nagpaliwanag nalang ako na di ako nag make move sa gf niya at ang last na usap namin is nung nagkakalabuan sila. Hayys. Pucha alangan may gawin pa sakin dahil lang sa selos or something. Ilang taon na kami magkakilala tapos babae pa ang pag aawayan.
Yun lang naman. Ganun pala feeling pag may imminent danger sa tabi. Scary na ewan. hahahaha
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2023.03.29 10:12 AvatarofDiscord Ways I would have fixed the March of Machine Story

Ok so as a fan of the original Return to Mirrodin block, I gotta say that I hated this story and would honestly fix them in the following ways

1: Treatment of the Preators
For the love of God, make the Preators more than just a Generic Enemy, these were the most infamous villains from the New Phyrexia Era, their cards were expensive and still are some of the most game breaking cards ever, they deserve more respect...
Sheoldred dies in Chapter 1 even though she is supposed to be a very clever backstabber...
Urabrask dies from Torture and no highlight...
Vorinclex dies from an unnamed soldier...
Jin Gixatis dies from his own machine...
Elesh Norn gets disintegrated...

And while discussing them, why kill them all off in one set? It took Urza, THE STRONGEST PLANESWALKER TO FACE THEM much MUCH longer to even kill them...
A better idea would be to kill off 2 of them instead, with the rest making a strategic retreat...

Sheoldred and Vorinclex would be best since Vorinclex is the strongest and most difficult to put down, and Sheoldred could have been killed at the end as some kind of phyrexian power move play...

2: Phyrexianized = Common Flu
Ok so at the end, Ajani and Nissa get cured of Phyresis like it was a common cold, when in pretty much every other set in the past Phyresis was incurable, and that it is totally unnecessary since Phyrexian Agents could still be heroes in a way (Remember Xantcha)

3: Doing the predictable
Answer the following...
1: Did you in hindsight expect Lukka to die despite having beast powers that could have made him rival Vorinclex?
2: Did you in hindsight expect Nissa to get uncompleated?
3: Did you expect every single villain to get wrapped up at the end?

4: Melira turned from "Her gift being able to the key part to save the world" in the original story block to "Lol, she dies in explosion"

In a rip off from Terminator where John Conner dies despite being the key part of the resistance to save the human race, Melira went from the greatest hope, to "Lol time to die so Nissa and Chandra can be OTP"
Again, the oil cant be cured. all she could do was combat it...

5: The Planeswalkers In The Story
Ok so this one is going to be fun...
Lukka dies like a chump despite being a huge threat who took out a huge settlement? Despite being the newbie he has massive potential... Tamiyo somehow had a backup scroll and is now a force ghost? Nissa and Ajani get cured cause "OTP" and "Fan Favorite Lol" Jace is NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!! Nahiri disappears... Vraska admittedly was good writing on how to combat the Phyrexian hivemind stuff since she wasnt cured, but its mitigated by how Nissa and Ajani was cured
How would I write them?
Have the Planewalkers be the new Preators if they really want to go ahead with the kill all preators thing
Jace being the new Blue Preator, Lukka being the new Green one, Nahiri being the Red one, Ajani being the White one, and Vraska being the Black one.
Lukka being the biggest threat due to having nigh unstoppable monster powers as well as heightened combat tactics Tamiyo staying back to provide support in the fight and hiding away with Jin Nissa getting killed by Chandra since it would be impossible to return her back Ajani being killed by Elspeth Jace being the new Tezzeret while Tezzeret being an Anti Hero which would be a complete reversal due to Tezzerets actions Nahiri being able to fight the Phyrexian Mind Craze and in a hint of irony, sealing herself away so that she doesnt risk spreading the corruption Vraska being Jace's Villain Sidekick and backstabbing Sheoldred

6: Scale back the invasion
This is War of the Spark all over again...
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2023.03.29 10:02 Maleficent-Total5853 22[M4F] India/Anywhere -Looking For my queen of hearts 💕

Hi there good day if i have your attention:) So here I am looking for my smeone special and shooting my shot. Let's just start conversation to the point of no return.
So little about me I'm a Game Designer and have great interest in mixed martial arts and due to that I'm quite fit and not perfect but ok physique. I'm quite nerdy and shy but really easygoing once we get to know each other. I'm decent at cooking so can cook for you once a while. My pic is down there so go ahead and check it out i have my dog's pic too so i hope you won't think I'm a dog.. jk :D
What I'm looking for? I'm looking for my someone who won't hold back with deep conversation, emotional intimacy and love let's talk about anything to the point of no return. Career wise should be serious and know what you have in mind set for goal and age should be legal is must and not in late 20s ig like 18-27 is fine for me. I don't judge with someone's background, religion and pretty accepting in nature so don't have to think twice or be hesitant if you have something in mind that you would like to share I'm a pretty good listener and values a person's secrets if they are trusting me with some secret or anything.
I wouldn't rush you up and put pressure and do unnecessary demands if you're not ok with something so let's take things slow and understand each other well and see where it leads cool?
So just hit me up with no worries and hey I'm waiting to know about your life and especially you too.
My pic : https://imgur.com/a/4EdB5f5
See you ;)
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2023.03.29 08:25 Arusedcu 21 [M4FA] LF Constant or manga club/discord server

Thought I'd try my luck here. Looking for a constant or maybe a discord server with similar interests. I often feel lonely and don't have that many friends irl that I can discuss about my interests with; I miss nerding out about stuff I've watched, read, or listened with friends. I'm very shy and introverted so pls excuse me if I struggle to join the convo. But I should get out of my comfort zone, gets talkative when comfy naman. I'm not used to calls but I'll try my best.
If we don't vibe, that's fine, just let me know instead of ghosting and I'll do the same too- nobody likes getting ghosted.
Ab me: - 21M - 5'5, Normal BMI, Chinito with glasses - INFP - College Student - QC - Books (usually fantasy) - Manga/Manhwa (can drop my Anilist) - Anime - Kdramas (can drop my MyDramaList) - Valorant (I am trash, no jk) - Genshin - Minecraft - Music Taste: Random af but mostly JP or KR songs (kpop too but casual only) - Enjoys dark humor - I'm pretty emotional, likes crying to dramas but I can control it - I can be an ear for your rants but I'll try to avoid providing solutions because life isn't that easy
Ab you or discord server: - Near my age - Preferrably similar interests - Preferrably within QC or Metro Manila, I'd eventually want to go out since I just wanna get out of the house and maybe go to events, do activities, or simply just chill - Not a kidnapper who will sell my organs, I'll choose when to sell mine thank you
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2023.03.29 07:30 silveryfeather208 It's baffling how much special exceptions is given to religion, how much value humans give to religion, sometimes above life itself

Of course I'm sure there are rare cases. But I'd say religion is the most common idea that people hold above life. And I just can't understand it. Any book, no matter how loved, I doubt could motivate people to kill if it got destroyed. For example, if I recall correctly, some people really hated jk Rowling and destroyed the books they owned written by her. Love or hate her, none of her fans ever killed a non fan for being a non fan
I'm not saying all religious people are Nazis, but the idea of respecting religion is also baffling. An idea is an idea, why must we respect the idea just because people hold it. I know theists don't like being compared to Nazis, but what exactly is the differenCe if you demand respect by law?
What part makes religion so special that we ought to give your book clubs meeting place tax exemption? Etc
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2023.03.29 07:11 onofftitabells 28 [F4A] Looking for kausap

Hi! I'm looking for someone to talk to about anything. Just want to get my mind off of work & other stresses.
Open to rants, talking about our feelings, and anything under the sun.
In the process of healing so I'm not really looking for landi, but not closing my doors naman. I mean, if it naturally leads to something romantic hindi 'ko naman pipigilan.
About me:
PS: would like it if we could talk on a different platform like tg or ig ☺️
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2023.03.29 06:51 lingcod777 Rivian "Wave"

I have a Jeep JK and appreciate the Jeep wave comradery with those that know.
I'm finding that when crossing paths with other Rivian drivers (both R1T and R1S), some of us are giving each other a nod or subtle "wave". Maybe they are Jeep folks too?😁
I had mixed feelings on this or a bit, but am starting to get into it. So far the Jeep folks (off-road crowd) I know all dig both of them. I think there is a similarity between folks in the two communities.
...ao far my wife hasn't given me permission to take our R1S on the trail yet to see how it hangs with the Jeeps but I suspect it'll hang outside of anything really crazy.
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2023.03.29 06:21 holleratchasoy Joseph Kousac Bars on S Model

Hi, I’ve been wanting to swap the flat bar on my s model for the flat JK one that has a little more width and sweep. I noticed that on their website they mention that the Mid Rise bar is also compatible with S Type but I can’t figure out if it would retain the same cables or you’d have to re-cable for that one. Has anyone swapped their S Type for a mid rise JK bar and can confirm?
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2023.03.29 05:29 FullmetalMalcomX [WTS] Work Sharp Precision Adjust Elite Sharpener

Timestamp and pics
Had this for a few months, decided to take a risk and upgrade to the TooHR sharpener from AliE. So now passing this kit onto another!
Everything is still in pretty good condition, no chips or scratches on the diamond stones, the ceramic is still in good condition with some light markings on it. The strop is notoriously sub-par in this kit, but I find using some Flitz metal polish on it actually ends up being pretty useful.
Stone grits are #220, #320, #400, #600, #800, and the ceramic is not defined anywhere I've seen, but I'd guess somewhere between #1500-3000.
Comes with zip-up case and 3D printed clamp support to keep your angle just that little bit more consistent.
Price is $80 USD shipped CONUS, payment to be made via PayPal G&S, YOLO is king! Sold!
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2023.03.29 04:41 urgirl_nextdoor Café suggestions in/near QC

Hey guyssss! I'll be unemployed for a bit and will have some free time soon. So plano ko sana tumambay tambay lang somewhere to read a book or people watch (jk).
Any suggestions of good cafes in the area? Ideally yung hind masyado busy at maingay - skip Starbucks/CBTL na. Haha. Want to discover little cafes din sana.
Please please please. Thank you! 🙏🙏
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2023.03.29 04:01 lewdskwid Gloves

So I'm a baker and have to use gloves. For the past 8 months I've been working here, the gloves have been causing a really gross and painful rash on my hands. My hands sting when I'm wearing them. Thought I could just suck it up and deal with it but its intolerable at this point. I told my BTS manager but all they suggested was to not wear gloves or bring my own (I go through 2 boxes a week so buying my own would add up quickly) has anyone else encountered this problem? Do I have a lawsuit? Lol jk...unless?
Also want to add that I went to a dermatologist about it but he brushed it off as eczema and gave me steroids that I can't even take because of another medication I'm on. I know it's not just eczema because after not wearing gloves for a few days, my skin is already improving.
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2023.03.29 03:35 psycosulu March 2023 Contest Voting Thread: Cast Your Votes by April 1st, 1700 PDT

Like last year, instead of the top 10 + honorable mentions system, we will do a strict top 15 vote. This means you must vote for 15 people in order of most to least liked. Failure to comply with this format will result in your vote NOT COUNTING.
How To Vote:
Write a comment to this thread in the following format:
  1. Artist Name: Game Name – Song Name
  2. Artist Name: Game Name – Song Name
…13) Artist Name: Game Name – Song Name
14) Artist Name: Game Name – Song Name
15) Artist Name: Game Name – Song Name
You can not vote for a track you were a part of. (Either as the main arrangeperformer, or a guest/collaborator.)
Remember, you MUST vote for 15 people, otherwise your vote WILL NOT COUNT.
After the votes have been tallied, I will update the 2022 Contest Championship Spreadsheet with this month's results.
I'll include a handy countdown clock to let you know how much time you have left. https://countingdownto.com/?c=4649576
Youtube Playlist here
Soundcloud Playlist here
Please check Stycky Keys's soundcloud track, it was set to private and couldn't be added to the playlist: https://soundcloud.com/stycky_keys-237375336/dp-1/s-YoOfh8TgutB?si=2c6facb604d64816aaeba880614c9045&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
Current submissions:
  1. Evan Carville (ft. Ben Penta): Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 7 P.M. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iDv_SDbicA
  2. zmand97: Super Mario 3D Land - Beach Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw9Rk4_av38
  3. Warp Whistles Music (ft. Lucas Cooper): Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - Hilda's Theme https://youtu.be/lZp0JuHRsmg
  4. Shea's Violin: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Serene Village https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4_sbLm_ZFQ
  5. The Nimon: Shin Megami Tensei IV - Lucifer's Palace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA9b12ULrJg
  6. E-Sarge: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest - Dusk Falls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVIL4_rW0aw
  7. Sam Automatic: Yoshi's New Island - The Yoshi Clan https://youtu.be/UBj8cCtwjYQ
  8. Psycosulu: Pokemon X & Y - Kalos Power Plant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji9nRu8iCnI
  9. iCrescendo: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - The Lament of Falling Stars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIOZ_V5GnBo
  10. Wurtzel: Fire Emblem Awakening - Id (Purpose) https://youtu.be/ExeTNKvXVt0
  11. EndlessRepeat: The Alliance Alive – "Hot Spring" https://youtu.be/xsN2vCIYsJk
  12. Lucas Guimaraes: Pokemon X & Y - Snowbelle City https://soundcloud.com/thirdkoopa/snowbelle-city-but-its-a-house-song?si=ee87c77ff5dd408193669309b81e5faa&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  13. 2-TONE 64 (ft. Mike Matarazzo, Lucas Guimaraes, & Calem Destiny): Shovel Knight - In The Hall Of The Usurper (Pridemoor Keep) - https://youtu.be/KML_4bw8jjg
  14. Justin Thornburgh (ft. William Sandberg): Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask - Monte d'Or - City of Miracles https://youtu.be/g9okwuzEP64
  15. Erika Richards (ft. Earth Kid, Lucas Guimaraes, and Kalen Scott Thomas): Pokemon X&Y - Kalos Power Plant https://on.soundcloud.com/gwAa9
  16. Drakeld (ft. Hyper Light Drummer, GameroftheWinds, Bobbie Jane Desforges): Fantasy Life - Battle with formidable enemy / Bravely Default - Into enemy territory https://soundcloud.com/drakeld_official/battle-in-formidable-enemy-territory
  17. ThatJamOnToast (ft V-Ron Media) Animal Crossing New Leaf - 4 AM https://youtu.be/gYJyfXFjtAk
  18. Stycky Keys: Kid Icarus: Uprising - Dark Pit https://soundcloud.com/stycky_keys-237375336/dp-1/s-YoOfh8TgutB?si=2c6facb604d64816aaeba880614c9045&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  19. Siolfor the Jackal & Serrin's Toes: 3DS Mii Plaza Theme https://youtu.be/7W92dXbBHLc
  20. Sean R. Hanson (ft. Becca Michaelson, oboejdub, Matt Brandl, Andrew Gossett, Jordan Moore): Pokemon Sun and Moon - Ancient Poni Path https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV-9qzQMxIk
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2023.03.29 02:40 TristanTheRobloxian0 this shit. someone really tried to scam me lol

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2023.03.29 02:39 NikaSunDog 23 [M4F] study buddy

Im kinda spiraling. In a few weeks pasahan na ng thesis and idk where I am. Lf study buddy na pwede kausapin from time to time or during pomodoro breaks. 15 min gawa, 1 hr valorant.
About you: No preference basta humihinga College student preferably
About me: 5’10 From Manila Single ;) jk
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2023.03.29 02:28 micronesiarain Meet the Queens of Micro's Drag Race vs The World! 🌍

Meet the Queens of Micro's Drag Race vs The World! 🌍
a dazzlingly pink neon sign flickers against a purple brick wall in an abandoned warehouse as the sound of footsteps come closer
Micro, Chick N’, and Venetia enter from opposite directions and meet in the center of the room
Micro: It’s time to open the gates to a new batch of queens.
Venetia: And this time, the world is taking over.
Chick: Prepare for war!
Bubble, Dixie, and Kala strut into view, sizing each other up as the camera flashes between up close shots of each of them
Jords and Melannie slink across the walls, shifting their eyes to glance at one another
Ella, Hayes, and Denali get lowered down from the ceiling, being hung up by metal cords and a prayer
Micro: And you know we couldn’t do this without some reinforcement! Squirrel friends, you ready?
May, Morgs, and Tiwa pose in front of the neon lights, the camera panning past each of them

Tiwa, May, Morgs
Micro: The best of the best from different franchises have assembled. But only one will be crowned “queen of the world”. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.
the lights flicker off and the neon glow fades into blackness
Full Promo
Micro’s Drag Race Vs The World premieres Friday, March 31st at 3 PM EST!
Meet the Queens
Bubble (Micro’s Drag Race): What a surprise it’s me Bubble from MDR Season Five. Last time I was very focused on trying to win and proving that I belong in the competition and I really didn’t have fun. This time I’m both here to win but also to have fun. This is my time to shine and for Bubble to reign supreme. So you better be prepared for the storm called Bubble. xoxo bubble
Bubble Promo
DenaliOddly (Chick N Soupe’s Drag Race): hello, i am denali, join my server, discord.gg/denali'siconicrace ! i am the disqualified queean and the sole representative for cndr! i am here to show how mean girls are more talented. if i were to describe myself in three words it would be, cunt, slut, and whore. i will make it to that crown, and i dont plan on being shady, i dont need to eliminate my competition, because bffr i am the competition.
Denali Promo
Dixie Normus (Fake Drag Race): Hi I'm Dixie Normus', and I don't win Fdr or Mdr. My drag style is all over the place, one minute I'm a beautiful melanated goddess, the next minute I'm a clown, lizard, demon, a muppet, a cow, a moth, an alien sometimes I'm an accountant but it depends on the runway prompt. My strengths are usually.. Beautiful gowns, Gorgeous gowns.. I can do snatch game well sometimes. And I emphasize sometimes *side eyes Venetia.* My weaknesses are insult comedy, And existing... In this competition I aim to sissy slay my way to... 5th place again, jk lemme stop..
Dixie Promo
Ella Gance (Fake Drag Race): Hey girlies! It's me, Ella Gance from Season 3 of Fake Drag Race, and I'm back for Micro's Drag Race vs. The World! In the Discord/Reddit drag ORG universe, I would probably say that I am most known for being May I. Havanother's alt, but I have decided to break free from her and become my own drag artist. So of course, I wanted to come back to reintroduce myself to the community... definitely not because Turbocool missed his flight and they had to call in a last-minute replacement. A lot of people might insist that I was only casted so they'd have someone to go home first, but I can assure you that is not the case; what you can expect to see from me this season is nothing but quintessential Ella. No May I. Havanothers or mole shenanigans in sight, just me as my own individual person and drag icon.
Ella Promo
Hayes (Xtina’s Drag Race): Good Evening everybody, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Tonight's top story - Hayes is competing on MDR vs The World. For more on that, here's Hayes
Hi, I’m Hayes and this season, I’m here to work through unresolved childhood trauma! I’ve been a part of the _DR franchise for some time now and through that time, I’ve been able to grow in my craft and explore new ideas which I can’t wait to share with you all. From curses to the Aussie definition of cunt, Hayes is here to serve it all. Back to you Tracy
Hayes Promo
Jords (Micro’s Drag Race): Back by popular demand! The face, the african doll, the everything but a crackhead! The Jords that I was when I started on the OG season is NOT who Jords is today. I have elevated in my complete style of drag, I‘m ready to devour these challenges! I still haven‘t won a challenge on my own… great. I‘m very much looking forward to doing so here to 100%. I‘m at a point where… I‘m ready to take on the crown. I mean, I‘m representing Micro‘s Drag Race, I have to! Be prepared for runways that‘ll make 'em quit on the spot… just stay ready so you don‘t have to get ready
Jords Promo
Kim Kala Bim (Fake Drag Race): hi hi! I'm your one and only kiwi indian drag artiste, I do draw my looks... when I'm feeling motivated that is lol, I'm too slow with a pen to consistently draw looks- but I still have fun when I do! I'd say my strengths lie more in my writing abilities than anything else, I'm versatile enough but I definitely do overthink sometimes and lead myself down the wrong path.
Now, this is my first time competing on MDR, but I'm here to show what the FDR girlies can do~ I may not have a crown just yet, but third time's the charm- right?
Kala Promo
Melannie (Micro’s Drag Race): Hej, zdzirki! It's me, Melannie from Micro's Drag Race season 2! I'm gonna to give my body, my soul only to redeem myself and win the crown of the world! Oh… and proudly represent mama Micro as well! It's been a long time since my season happened, so I feel more prepared and ready to slay this time! Am I gonna win or flop? Gosh, I wish I could've told you! Finger crossed, cause I didn't come to play, I came to slay!
Melannie Promo
Micro’s Drag Race Vs The World premieres Friday, March 31st at 3 PM EST!
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2023.03.29 01:39 gespensterband Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of arts & culture in the wizarding world?

Wizards never seem to indulge in the arts- film, music, theatre- so I feel like they're pretty uncultured. Also it's a little strange that the muggleborns never seem to reference any pop stars/musicians they like. The only thing coming close is Dean Thomas & Ron arguing about football (which is sports, not arts). Basically wizards only seem to be interested in Quidditch, Celina & The Weird Sisters.
Ps.: Of course it makes sense for JK to deliberately avoid references to contemporary (or 90s) pop culture to make Harry Potter appear timeless.
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2023.03.28 21:23 laurent987 [WTS] third reich , papal states , old usa and Napoléon I and royal french coins

Proof : https://imgur.com/a/J1lvgJk
Hello everyone ! Today i have some nice lots for sale .
French coins :
Royal lot :
Photos : https://imgur.com/a/afJ0nYO - 15 sols 1791 D (Lyon ) : 20 usd - 1/10 écu 174(7?) N (Montpellier) : 15 usd
Napoléon I lot : Photos : https://imgur.com/a/Qzskq3U - 10 cents 1808 A : 5 usd - 10 cents 1808 BB (Strasbourg): 5 usd - soldo 1811 M (Milan) : 10 usd - 1 franc 1808 BB : 30 usd - 2 francs 1811 B (Rouen) : 45 usd
Usa lot :
Photos : https://imgur.com/a/2z1Zc68 And https://imgur.com/a/khFin8i
1822 cent : SOLD 1840 cent : SOLD 1859 indian cent XF : 60 usd 1857 half dime : 12 usd
Papal state lot :
Photos : https://imgur.com/a/2tBC2EC , https://imgur.com/a/q9MzwI6 and https://imgur.com/a/FAKy5di
  • 2 lire 1869 : 20 usd
  • 1 soldo 1867 : 3 usd for the worst one and 10 usd for the better one
  • 2 soldi 1866 : 5 usd
  • 1 baiocco 1850 : 3 usd
  • 1 baiocco 1802 : 5 usd
German lot : https://imgur.com/a/oQ1yM49 , https://imgur.com/a/QbdhZdW and https://imgur.com/a/l0WSic7
All the coins are 15 usd each : - 5 mark 1934 J - 5 mark 1934 G - 5 mark 1935 A - 5 mark 1936 A - 5 mark 1936 E - 5 mark 1936 F - 5 mark 1938 J SOLD
The shipping is from France , and cost 7 usd for any order (tracking included). I ship every saturday morning, i finish work too late to ship on week days .
I accept PayPal FF or GS and TransferWise for the payment .
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2023.03.28 21:07 angrypnutbutter23 My Midi/Pad-Mapping for DDJ-1000 (Manual adjust loops w/o "Shift")

  1. For the longest since receiving my controller I was never of a fan of hitting "Shift + In/Out" to manually tighten loops. As a person who was coming off the DDJ-400, this felt wrong to me. Truly felt that at times where I could attempt this on a track I wouldn't even bother on my 1000. Having to hit "Shift" would make me lose those seconds I needed and it was a pain. I mapped the "Manual-Tightening" function to my "Track-Search Fwd/Bwd" & "Search Fwd/Bwd" button. This removed the button's function entirely, which I rarely ever used. Most times I hit the button it was on accident. You're still able to use the dedicated "In/Out" buttons as well, even simultaneously. Also you're still able to skip thru mem cues using "Shift + Search Fwd/Bwd".
  2. Tempo-Reset, for what I know is a very new feature from Pioneer. I could be mistaken but I didn't know it existed until seeing the FLX-10 drop. I thought that's very handy to have and found it a bit annoying to manually reset desired track's BPM by going up/down on the tempo-slider. I never used the "Slip-Reverse" button & already had that feature on a pad-fx which I noticed has 0 input lag, whereas the dedicated button does. Went ahead and removed the function and replaced it for "Tempo-Reset". Now when you click "Slip-Reverse", it stays lit letting you know the feature has been activated or is active.
  1. Of course since the release of STEMS that needed to be a function so I replaced it with my "Sampler" section. Instead of assigning the pads on top (1-3) I opted for placing them below on pads (5-8). Reason being was that I noticed I would confuse the "STEM-Section/Sampler" with being "Hot-Cues" or vice-versa. Now I easily know what's what when I see "BGR" (colors) on the bottom pads. That's not for everybody but it definitely helped me to differentiate the modes much easier. As well as having the STEMS on pads (5-8) I thought it would be immensely helpful to assign a "Echo 1/2 (Release on)" on Pad #4 up-top away from the STEM pads.
  2. On "Sampler" if you hit the arrow key once you will get to the other section of pads (9-12) TOP & (13-16) BOTTOM. On pads (9-10) I mapped it for an additional way of "calling" between mem cues. I may change this later to have back the ability of "Search Fwd/Bwd" but I never used that function. Also that's what beat jump is for. Since I also removed the function of "Track-Search Fwd/Bwd" I placed them on pads (15 & 16). Now if & when needed to, I can load up different songs without touching my laptop.
  3. Beat-Jump straight out the box was made terribly for the 1000. Again coming off the DDJ-400 I figured it would be implemented the same like manually tightening loops. I made my pads (1-2) skip 4 beats, (3-4) skip 8 beats, (5-6) skip 16 beats, (7-8) skip 32 beats. Yes, I know that the arrow keys will increase the beat intervals but its very broken in my opinion. I hated using shift so I made use of the arrow keys to make it my "beat-loop" mode. I made pads (9-16) on Beat-Jump follow this order 1/16, 1/8/ 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 8, 16 beats. I didn't put a "4-beat loop" pad since there is already a dedicated button for it.
These are all the changes I made to my 1000 & I'm satisfied with a layout that makes sense to me. If you have anymore suggestions to make on Midi/Pads please let me know. I want to find out what other people are adding/removing to their controller & as to how I can get better use out of mine as well. Now I can finally James-Hype style loops all day in my room!!! (jk aha!!).
MIDI-Mapping CVS File (Tempo Reset & Manual IN/OUT)
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2023.03.28 21:06 justinpamelausa Best Diversity Trainings in USA

Best Diversity Trainings in USA

In the case of D.E.I., Dr. Dobbin and Dr. Kalev warn that diversity trainings that are mandatory, or that threaten dominant groups’ sense of belonging or make them feel blamed, may elicit negative backlash or exacerbate pre-existing biases.
Many popular contemporary D.E.I. approaches meet these criteria. They often seem geared more toward sparking a revolutionary re-understanding of race relations than solving organizations’ specific problems. And they often blame white people — or their culture — for harming people of color. For example, the activist Tema Okun’s work cites concepts like “objectivity” and “worship of the written word” as characteristics of “white supremacy culture.”
Robin DiAngelo’s “white fragility” trainings are intentionally designed to make white participants uncomfortable. And microaggression trainings are based on an area of academic literature that claims, without quality evidence, that common utterances like “America is a melting pot” harm the mental health of people of color. Many of these trainings run counter to the views of most Americans — of any color — on race and equality. And they’re generating exactly the sort of backlash that research predicts.
So what does work? Robert Livingston, a lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School who works as both a bias researcher and a diversity consultant, has a simple proposal: “Focus on actions and behaviors rather than hearts and minds.”
Dr. Livingston suggests that it’s more important to accurately diagnose an organization’s specific problems with D.E.I. and to come up with concrete strategies for solving them than it is to attempt to change the attitudes of individual employees. And D.E.I. challenges vary widely from organization to organization:
Sometimes the problem has to do with the relationship between white and nonwhite employees, sometimes it has to do with the recruitment or retention of new employees and sometimes it has to do with disparate treatment of customers, think of Black patients prescribed less pain medication than white ones.
The starlight kids book online provides you with comprehensive support through comprehensive and customized training plans. In addition to the year plans, there are built-in two-week plans for oral language, reading and writing, all programmed into the PLC. We have identified two targeted learning outcomes in each stream for each fortnightly work unit. Quarterly reviews and checklists are also available.
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2023.03.28 20:01 diorsaint I smoked a stick of reds

Growing up, most if not all of my family members have been smoking around me. Some of them have stopped due to health reasons, but some of them still haven't.
Ever since I got hospitalized for reasons due to second hand smoke, I can't bring myself to stand the scent of cigarettes around me. I wondered to myself why they just can't seem to stop smoking, but I also know to some extent how hard it is to overcome their addiction.
I've also seen other people around me succumb to these vices, and see that their decisions take a toll on the quality of the life they're living. I can't say that I have completely tried to avoid their influence on me, as I also tried these things out, but this was due to my inexperienced self who was curious to trying out different things.
I never really understood the hype around cigarettes; maybe I felt that they just made me dizzy, or maybe it was the romanticization of these in films. Either way, I promised to myself that I would never become someone who is addicted to these kind of things, as I thought I knew better than the people around me.
It is ironic how I found myself in the bathroom a few moments ago hitting on one of the sticks from the year old box of Marlboro Reds hidden in my drawer. Although I stopped myself halfway through the stick and threw it down the drain, I thought about what may have been if I didn't stop myself at that moment of clarity.
In that one moment, I've been reminded of the countless stories I have read which described how their addiction all started from one stick. I recall that they were looking for a way to detach themselves from the present and looked to smoking a cigarette to temporarily forget the negative thoughts deluding their minds.
In a way, those stories I read were somewhat related to what I have been experiencing right now; I reached out to the temporary high given by cigarettes to ease my overthinking mind. Maybe I actually needed those two deep hits to clear my mind, but I might also just be contradicting my values all throughout this experience.
In hindsight, I am now writing this post to process my thoughts and to also ask if it is okay to occasionally let myself loose to find myself again.
I think that I have just been overwhelmed by the many things that are happening around me right now such as being criticized by my mother for falling out of the honors list in my graduating year due to one subject, and feeling conflicted due to the presence of fake people around me.
All in all, I think that partially smoking this cigarette has helped me out in a way that it shook myself out of my clouded thoughts. I was able to think more clearly, recognize what I had to improve on, and most importantly to keep myself going in the coming future.
College application results are nearing, and I can't say for sure that I did my best to get the results that I want, but I also know that it is the result of my past actions that I am now in this position.
"It is what it is" is my motto for now, but I am also actively striving to improve myself and achieve my goals. I also can't help but think if I would need to smoke more cigarettes to clear my mind in the future.
Anyways, I'm most likely just overthinking again. I'd probably just smoke another one to be able to think clearer in the future (jk!). Jokes aside, I'll try not to smoke again from now on, and hopefully my post serves as a reminder to myself that I can and I will stop myself from making bad decisions.
Thank you for reading my somewhat short reflection of my recent actions. That's all goodnight hehe 😃 corny ko gago HAHAHAHA kbye
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