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This is the place for when someone uses an emoji on Reddit. Reddit has very few emojis, and when someone does come across one, it gets posted here.

2023.03.26 15:06 chilledhype Securing aisle flowers in case of wind??

Hi everyone! I’m getting married outdoors and will be using Ling’s Moment free-standing aisle flowers. When I unboxed them, come to realize the bottom is just foam and they’re super lightweight. Since my ceremony is outdoors and they’ll line my aisle, any advice on how to secure or weigh them down to avoid the wind knocking them over??
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2023.03.26 15:06 scifideity8 My questions about the possibility of it all being false?

Seeing that there have been many gods throughout human history which leads me to ask will there be any more? What is a god? A god is an immortal omnipotent being not from this universe. But if gods are all powerful why do they die? And where are they now? Enki, Apollo, Zeus, and the list goes on. As an intelligent individual I have to ask the question, is it all a lie? My theory is that a real god isn’t possible. But mortals with help with advanced technology can theoretically become gods but are they really gods in the first place? If gods from the past turned out to be men with advanced technology, why should I worship the Christian god if it is just another man probably from another galaxy? UFOs are real, so how does this correlate to the existence of beings from another planet pretending to be gods? You might prefer to live in a lie if it turned out Christianity was fake but I do not. When you start to question the universe you become a dangerous person to religion. I hope my humble question doesn’t offend no one :). I have a lot of questions to ask about Jesus. Like why should I believe he is the real god and not Enki for example?
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2023.03.26 15:06 immortal_sniper1 Power circuit sanity check

Power circuit sanity check
So my use case is switching from cell power to USB power via a LDO and a few FETs .
So i was thinking in i move Q4in the middle of RAW_3v3 will it work well?
1 if 5v rail is 5v then Q2/3 are off and Q4 and Q? are on so the power comes from the USB through the LDO
2 if 5v rail is 0V (or floating ) then Q2/3 are ON since the gates are down gate of Q? is floating (OPS assume there is a pull down here ) so it is off then Q4 gate is pulled high so it is off
am i correct? Also would it be better to move Q4 and Q? in the middle of RAW_3v3 ? (note C61 & C62 are some coupling for when there is a switch form 1 source to the other
Also am i missing something somewhere ?
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2023.03.26 15:06 SignalNegotiation389 Is Yesterday Origins canon to the Arkhamverse? It comes up when searching Arkham Origins for PlayStation

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2023.03.26 15:06 CelineC6622 What fact/s about this current society of ours is/are are seriously ridiculous when you come to think about it?

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2023.03.26 15:06 Logical_Ad_6628 [paradise lost] What was john milton cooking when he implied that angels have hot gay angel sex.

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2023.03.26 15:05 RobotDevil222x3 Reddit Strength - Week 1.3

Welcome to week one of eight of the Reddit Strength program, third pass. I hope you've all been enjoying it so far. If you're brand new to this or missed any previous weeks, this is something you can jump into any given week you don't need to have been there week one for it to work. This strength schedule is designed to help you progress from one weight to the next (if that is what you want, you are of course free to maintain the weights you use as well). There is a #RedditStrength for those interested in joining it.
This is an eight week cycle that repeats. Each time we come around again I'll be looking for a couple newer classes to replace some of the older classes previously used.
Each class will list "light" or "heavy", this is not to be confused with the Light/Medium/Heavy weights instructors ask you to use for each move. What it means is, lets say you normally use 5/10/20 but you are hoping to level up to 10/15/25. When my class says "light" you would use your 10s when the instructor calls for medium weights and when my class says "heavy" you would use your 15s for the same move. This will help us to progress to where the 15s are your new normal.
Extra Credit
Benchmark: Every 2 weeks (unless feedback is you'd prefer every 4) we will repeat these classes to measure our progress. Do everything you can in these classes (similar to an FTP test for PZers). You can measure yourself any way that works for you; number of reps, weights used, or just how tired you feel afterwards.
Extra Credit: These are extra classes for those who want more work than the standard schedule. They are also good substitutions if for any reason you don't like a class or instructor on the schedule.
You can stop reading here unless you want to know why I am scheduling what I am scheduling.
The basis is a 4 week progression. In each body area we will use light weights for 2 weeks then heavy weights for two weeks per the definition of light and heavy above.
It follows this pattern, aiming for 30-60 minutes a day 3 days a week:
Each body area has the schedule staggered, so you're not trying to go all heavy in every area in the same week. This week we have A&S in round 1, C&B in round 4 and G&L in round 3.
Some have requested stretches to go along with the strength work. I haven't been scheduling them because I tend to do a few of the same ones over and over. Its usually one of these or I am trying out a new one, but use whatever works for you.
I would love to hear what everyone things. Specifically; Are there any classes you would like me to rotate out (why)? Is this the right amount of strength work for you? Do you have a favorite class you are hoping I work into the mix?
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2023.03.26 15:05 ekebkny Question about rest days

If you need to take 48 hours off between workouts, how do people go for weeks-long backpacking trips, paddling trips, etc?
Hiking with a heavy backpack all day is not light cardio even if you're in excellent shape. It's an intense workout. Same if you're paddling a kayak or canoe all day, dealing with different kinds of wind and water conditions.
When I was younger, at least, it was normal for people to take long backpacking or paddling trips, often just taking a rest day once a week if that. And they'd come back in even better shape. Overtraining didn't seem to be an issue.
So I'm guessing the 48 hour rule applies more to bodybuilding and the most intense kinds of strength training with weights? Where is the line drawn between workouts that require 48 hours of rest afterwards and those that don't?
So far, I'm just listening to my body. I rest when I feel I need it. And I'm consistently building muscle and haven't experienced any setbacks.
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2023.03.26 15:05 Ok-Establishment4847 What is the weirdest/creepiest thing you've encountered while camping/hiking?

What is the weirdest strangest thing you have come across while on a walk, hike or camping? Have you seen or experiences something that sent shivers down your spine?
I am a huge fan of hanging out in abandoned places, camping alone in forests, walking through old ruins. Help me wind myself up a little with your stories which I'll read at night by the fire to make my next outing even more exciting! Have you ever encountered anything weird/spooky/creepy/uncanny/unsettling/perhaps even supernatural when out on a walk or a hike? Have you seen someone or something that made you immediately turn around and gtfo? Hit me with your stories, give me the creeps! Thank you and stay safe!
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2023.03.26 15:05 ByteWander Separate spaces for separate game modes.

Hello, im returning player. I have played the main story and beyond mainly in survival mode in the past.
Now after rekindling my love for NMS, I have found myself kind of annoyed that I share the same space with creative mode players. I wish to feel accomplishment in my work on gaining the possessions I have in game and I must say/admit it kind of bugs me out when some creative mode player comes past me (anomaly etc) with stuff he's gotten for free.
Dont get me wrong I love that fact that creative mode is a thing, its absolutely wonderfull. But it does demotivate me on my on journey, where I wish I would see peoples effort put on to their fleet, bases etc..
Have the game developers ever given statement about this? Is there any chance to get separate worlds to occupy within their respective game modes?
How do you fellow travelers feel about this?
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2023.03.26 15:05 mrsunshinesprinkles Bucks-Nuggets should not have this much sway in the MVP race

One-to-ones for tiebreakers in close races? I kind of understand.
The Nuggets smacked the Bucks. The Bucks were also on a SEGABABA at altitude. When the Sixers come to town, they're at the tail end of a brutal 3-in-4.
The NBA season is whack. There is more variance than ever thanks to the 3pt shooting boom, on top of back-to-backs, injuries, etc.
In discussing MVP, we judge these men by their body of work over anything else. When we zoom out, the flukes, the bad luck and the injuries even out.
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2023.03.26 15:05 MaiBhalsych_of_Kors im dying lol

took tooooooooooooooo muc h/ .eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. i love monster energy drink TM based af. no capp im feeling a little durnk tonight no cap. shit. im gonna kill my liver. fuck you liver.
crazyyyyyyyyyy im crazy for feeling so loneeeeeeely. im crazyyy ctray for feeeling so fucked up. crazyyyyyyyyyy. i knew youd love me as long as youd want to and when some day youd leave me for somebody new.
i dont know how to love him i dont k now why he moves me hes a man. hes just a man. hes not a king. hes justtttt the sameeee. as anyne i k now. he scaresm me so. hwen im cold and dead. will he let me be. does he love. does he love me tooooo. does he care for meeeeee
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2023.03.26 15:04 push1988 Envelope X reward availability in retail?

Does anyone know when/where we can buy the envelope X reward from FH campaign? I missed it at the time and I see that it's available at conventions and such, but not on their website. Does anyone know when it'll become available outside of cons to be bought?
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2023.03.26 15:04 sjdigital Casual Wear Yoga Pants: The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Style

In today's fast-paced world, comfort is key when it comes to fashion. While yoga pants were once only worn to the gym or yoga studio, they have become a popular choice for casual wear. With their stretchy fabric and comfortable fit, yoga pants are the ultimate athleisure item. In particular, casual wear yoga pants have taken the fashion world by storm, offering the perfect combination of comfort and style.
When it comes to casual wear yoga pants, there are a few key features to look for. First and foremost, the fabric should be soft and breathable, allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day. Look for pants made from high-quality materials, such as cotton, bamboo, or polyester blends. These materials are durable and will hold up well over time.
Another important factor to consider is the fit of the pants. Casual wear yoga pants should be form-fitting, but not too tight. They should hug your curves in all the right places, while still allowing for freedom of movement. Look for pants with a high waistband, as this will provide extra support and help to smooth out any problem areas.
When it comes to styling casual wear yoga pants, the possibilities are endless. Pair them with a cozy sweater and sneakers for a casual weekend look, or dress them up with a blouse and heels for a night out. You can even wear them to the office, as long as you pair them with a professional top and accessories.
In addition to being comfortable and stylish, casual wear yoga pants also offer a number of health benefits. They can help to improve posture, reduce stress, and increase flexibility. Plus, they are a great choice for anyone who suffers from back pain or other types of chronic pain.
Overall, casual wear yoga pants are a must-have item for anyone who values comfort and style. With their versatile design and health benefits, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their casual wardrobe. So why not give them a try? Your body (and your fashion sense) will thank you.
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2023.03.26 15:04 inhaledcorn Fan theory time: Jellymon and Angoramon

So, the "ending" of GG happened... Make of that what you will. However, I'm more interested in two other aspects brought up in this "finale":
and "The Endbringer"
So, what if Jellymon and Angoramon weren't "accidental" choices for partners? What if they could potentially be Quantamon and "The Endbringer" (I am fighting every fiber of my being to write something else similar)
I'm really only basing this idea on the similarities between Jellymon and Quantamon, especially with the final episode itself drawing the parallels with the amount of screentime Jellymon and Quantamon shared, their similar personalities, and their proficiency with technology. When I first saw Quantamon, I noticed how similar it seemed to Jellymon, and then the comparisons piled on by the show itself. While Quantamon doesn't say it directly, I think Jellymon may have been made in Quantamon's image/is a cloned rookie form of Quantamon to more closely observe humans. Kiyoshiro would be the perfect partner to a living quantum computer as the show has made it very clear Kiyo is a genius programmer but, unlike Quantamon, feels all of the human emotions. His extreme emotions was what drew Jellymom to him in the first place.
Now, my theory on Angoramon is, admittedly, much looser. However, what if Angoramon is, similarly, a shard/clone/herald of the Endbringer? A lot of people were off-put by Angoramon's Ultimate/Perfect stage being out-of-place among his more knightly line, but what if that's the precursor to whatever the Endbringer is? I know the counterargument is that Angoramon has been around for a long time and seems to know how the Digital World and Digimon came to be, but this actually provides two interesting theories:
1) Angoramon is like Braniac who gathers up all the worlds information then destroys it when finished
2) Endbringer kickstarted the Digital World and planted a piece of itself to grow along with it.
We already know that Digital Worlds probably existed on other planets as that's where Gammamon came from, and they were working towards forcing evolution to combat the coming threat. Who's to say that Endbringer was already making its own plans?
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2023.03.26 15:04 thedancerstea Fake Competitions

Ok so in season 6, Laurieann’s last episode with the girls before Abby comes back the moms straight up outted the true process of their dance competitions. They were so mad about being robbed of their win that they admit the ownehost (I believe his name is John but I really don’t know) is Abby’s friend and rigged their scores as a sign of loyalty to Abby. Starting season 4, you see that same host at every competition. I’m not sure if they didn’t realize that we would obviously be able to point that out or if they simply no longer cared to keep up the false narrative. Looking back on seasons 4-5, it’s so hard to watch them argue with MDP and Candy Apples (and I include Candy Apples because let’s be so honest, a lot of dancers she had were amazing and there are definitely a handful of times when they should’ve beaten the ALDC). Saying they’re better because they always win only to admit that everyone who called them out on their false honors were right 2 seasons later is so cringey to me.
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2023.03.26 15:04 ITZOFLUFFAY Walking to work

So I’ll admit this is pretty mild compared to a lot of stories here but it was creepy enough to make me nervous. I was walking to work this morning and I passed by a park where a few homeless people tend to congregate. As I’m walking by I hear “Hey!” I glance over to my right and there’s 2 guys sitting at a picnic table maybe 50 feet away, and a few other people milling about a little farther away. Wasn’t sure who the “Hey” was directed at so I kept walking. Then I hear “Hey shorty!” I ignored it. Then it was “Hey shorty, come here!” I called back “I gotta go to work!”, an excuse that happened to be true.
Didn’t think too much of it until I got about a block past the park, and heard faint voices behind me. I looked and two guys (I assume the same two guys since there was no one behind me previously) were walking behind me. It didn’t seem like they were trying to catch up with me, but I picked up the pace and crossed the street to a gas station. I wandered a bit through the store and picked up a few things for lunch, then went to get in line to pay.
Just then 2 disheveled guys walked in the door, saw me, and were both eyeballing me HARD and kinda whispering to each other. This is when my nerves really started screaming, bc I immediately knew these were the guys from the park, and they were both BIG guys. Not fat but very tall and husky. I’m 5’2, they were easily 6’2 or 6’3ish. I checked out and went over by the door, on my phone acting like I was waiting on a ride or something, but really I was watching them and waiting for an opportunity to leave safely. They kinda halfheartedly browsed around, not actually picking anything up, and the second they were out of sight behind a shelf I booked it out of the store. I immediately got out of sight of the store windows, weaved between a few buildings, and crossed a couple streets so I was a few blocks away pretty quickly. This way they wouldn’t be able to look down the main street and easily see where I had gone.
It was about half a mile more before I got to work and I made it without incident. Could have been nothing, they might have been planning to go to that gas station anyway…but my gut was telling me otherwise.
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2023.03.26 15:04 accountthrowaway8362 Embers with a potential to start a wildfire.

Sarah, I’m honestly not quite sure how I’m going to muster the words that I want to give to you before you go. But this is my best shot. Be it too little, or too late, I believe I owe it to you. Because it’s been eating me alive not being able to express myself in the time we have left.
I hope this letter allows us both to have a little closure. I want you to know that not a day, nor an hour that goes by where you don’t cross my mind. I’d hardly call it “crossing”, it’s definitely more of a ponder. A recollection, one with a beginning, middle and an end. Except it’s not one of those happy endings that an audience holds out for. But sometimes I guess a cliché ending doesn’t fit every narrative.
I see you in everything I do, every time I play games now, I remember how much you would love to be playing with us. Or whenever I find a cute or a funny video, how you’d give me some kind of silly reaction, that would absolutely make my day. Better yet, every time I pop one of my pimples, I miss the way your hands felt on my skin. I’ve never appreciated brown eyes as much as I had when I looked at yours. I remember eating our lunch after we shopped for my kitchen, atop _____, and the sun hit your eyes so perfectly it was one of the most beautiful shades of golden brown I had ever seen. Though my tears are mere kaleidoscopes, I can still see them more vividly than ever in your absence.
To say “adjusting” to life without you has been hard would be an understatement. It’s 9:06pm right now, normally I’d be laughing away on the phone to you, wishing you the best sleep. It’s a Sunday, I don’t want to sleep, because the days pass too slowly to justify an early bedtime. Weekends now a drag without plans, like the world’s come to close. I’m now discovering that my playlist of sad songs is still not long enough to ease a lonesome heart. By the time the last song ends, it’s like the last piece of the puzzle just won’t fit. Like a monumental effort ends unsatisfied. Unfinished, to be shelved longing for a layer of dust.
It hits home that everything we talked about, excelling in our careers, a beautiful home, and 4 children to call a family, and maybe a fluffy companion. Unpacking my boxes in my first home, finding your gifts, photos, memories like the start to one of those beautiful love stories. The ones with the cliché endings. Call it rose tinted glasses if you will, but every smile was beyond real.
I think my favourite thing about you that I will miss the most is your laugh, all of them, even the pity laugh I’d get for taking a joke way too far. Your ambition and self-discipline are truly admirable. Your energy, had to be your absolute best quality. When you walked into a room, no matter how big, you best believe that every person in that room knew, Sarah had arrived. To go anywhere with you, Maria’s Christmas games, Lucy’s wedding, Jordan’s barbeque, both of our 21st, not only was I humbled and blessed, but now realise how lucky I was to call you mine and me, yours.
Your family will be impossible not to miss, every single person in your family is so intelligent, gentle, so put together, and so welcoming to someone like me. I never knew family like I do now until after I met you. No family is perfect, but yours was nothing but perfect to me. I am forever grateful for the roof your mother gave me, the job your father gave me, the gifts your sisters gave me, and the memories the rest of your family gave me. What was once a flame that burnt so strong, from that moment at the _, the 11th of December to the 12th of March, with everything in the years between. Getting me home in an Uber after I told you I loved you. Staying up late Christmas Eve playing Secret Hitler. Texting you happy New Years. To our trip to _. To our first ____ trip. To meeting your mum and sisters for dinner. To meeting your dad down the coast. To meeting my best friend over our new favourite place to eat. Surprising you at 5am with roses on valentines. To my house flooding and spending our first week living together at ____ whilst we watched everything go down-hill, everything was still perfect with you. To our trip to _, our first holiday. To celebrating my 21st birthday. To seeing my first musical. To our trip to _, a once in a lifetime opportunity. To celebrating your 21st. To our trip to ____. To spending Christmas night with your family. And every date, movie night, game night, breakfast, lunch, dinner in-between. Now like a flame at sunrise, reduced to embers and coals, still warm, awaiting to be ignited once more, with a potential for a wildfire.
Walking away from everything I knew the last nearly 5 years, has felt like running away from home. Like a moth to flame, my actions and thoughts intangible, longing for permanence and security. Your memory weaves its way into every crevice in my brain, forever reminding me of what I wish for. Now our paths draw parallel. Open to opportunity and new adventures, I’m not sure how, or when I’ll come to terms with that, but I know you would want me to try.
I’ll miss having someone who showed me unconditional love, in the darkest of nights. In my hardest moments, in my lowest times, you still thought I was fucking awesome, and nothing has ever picked me up quite like you. No one ever looked at me the way you did, nor do I believe with any part of me that anyone ever will again. I will cherish every single one of those moments in the depths of my heart forever. I will never part with our photos or memories; they will forever serve as a reminder of how special our time was together. Now our relationship reaching a transient close, I can only reminisce with warmth, having been touched by the brightest of stars in the darkest of nights.
If I could go back a few years, knowing my heart would be twice as broken, I would do it all over again. Words will never do my heart justice. All the better words escape me. You will achieve momentous things in the coming years, your passion and your drive will take you around the world, everything you touch turning to gold. You are beautiful, strong, selfless, you were mine. But you will spread your wings, and I will forever be here, should you ever need me.
Yours always, Louis.
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2023.03.26 15:04 NormalNorm86 Living my best life on Progesterone...side effects 4 mo in??

37F w/ PMDD and dx'd perimenopausal- but still having a regular period. I was put on 100mg Progesterone QD beginning of December. Awesome results! Manageable anxiety, moodswings, better skin, less chin hair popping up, rounder breasts. Life on Progesterone has been great!
I am currently ovulating and have MAJOR spotting. When I say major I mean I bled through my pajamas and have to change my sheets... not sure if you could call that spotting vs. having an actual period🙄. It is of some concern because I have not experienced this yet on the pill and this has been my 4th month on it. Does anyone else have a simular experience.
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2023.03.26 15:04 Teffycom Last week in codomomental (March 20 - March 26)

Last week marked the release of “syoen, tou,” a new EP from TOKYO TEFUTEFU containing the group’s old hits, reworked both in music and vocals. The cover art of the release contains a collage of scenes referring to the songs included, the album title can be roughly translated as “Calling to the Beginning” and its concept is expressed as “Putting an End to Vague Hopes”. Recall that the word that means “beginning” (初焉) in the title of the release does not exist in Japanese by itself – it was made by replacing the first character in the word “last moments of life, death” (終焉) from “end” to “beginning”, and the resulting word, on top of that, reads exactly the same as 初演 (“first performance”). Thus, the idea of the new release can be roughly described as follows: encouraging to return to the origins of the group, it is intended to show the growth of the members and put an end to their vague hopes, showing them a clear path. What also adds to the symbolism of the release is the fact that it is released ahead of the group’s important concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.
Of course I love these songs because we’ve sung them so much, but now the feelings in them are even heavier and more heartfelt, now they’re even more important to me. The vague reveries that we saw in the “impure” period – in “syoen, tou” we can see them clearly. I’m very happy that we can pave the future with these songs and with our “mirages.” Pick up a copy and listen⑉の ̫の⑉.
From Tokanai Nonno’s Twitter.
We grew up with these songs. They saved us every time. And so, with a backbone in the form of these songs, we will continue to pursue our dreams.

When I listen to these songs, I always think back to when we first debuted, but when I listen to the five of us singing these songs, I feel the determination and weight in them. Those who don’t know about TOKYO TEFUTEFU – I want to bring it to you too…!

These are songs that had no past. Now we sing them, turning that past into strength. Whenever, wherever, I want to be able to support you.
From Yuzuriha Ouhi’s Twitter.
If it wasn’t for all this time spent with you, I wouldn’t be able to put so much feeling into my singing. Thank you so much to all those who have been with us all this way, and I hope you continue to be with us.

By re-recording these songs two years later, I feel like I’ve been able to break another one of my shells. And for sure, no matter what happens, but I’ll be back here again! I hope this album reaches a lot of people📷📷
From Mary Lust’s Twitter.
The songs we reverently sang and grew up with are recreated again with the voices of the five of us. Five songs that have gained new strength and gained more depth in singing.

“Urasima’s Box,” which contains two years of memories and even more love and sadness. Both those who have heard of us recently and those ‘mirages’ who have supported us all this time – I want you to listen to this.

I often think that I still have to grow more and more in terms of singing, but even if it’s a little bit, I think for sure I’m able to reach somebody – thank you for accepting it, for being happy, for crying. I’m really happy about all of this. Thank you for continuing to listen to us.

I think there’s a future of our dreams that we’re only able to sing about because the five of us are standing here now. What we’ve sung before as seven and as six, And what the five of us will continue to sing – Let it be your treasure forever, And seal in your heart every, every minute of it.

We are desperate, but clumsy. And we really need you – ‘mirages’ with which we move forward together. The love of each of you is very important to us. Let us continue to be ‘updated’ together㊴.
From Chimura Shifumi’s Twitter.
The recording sessions really felt like all the members had grown a lot, and so I wanted by all means to make sure that the music surpassed what it was before, too. Come on, take a listen.
From syva’s Twitter.
Also during the week, each of the members tweeted out a video compiling their daily routine. Isn’t this a great opportunity to get to know the girls better?
https://twitter.com/tftf_ouhi/status/1637755935769886720 https://twitter.com/tftf_nonno/status/1638022873477697537 https://twitter.com/tftf_lust/status/1638418879839109120 https://twitter.com/tftf_shifumi/status/1638868675473309699 https://twitter.com/tftf_k_sekai/status/1639241342651092992
I’m so happy when we’re eating nabe like fools together with “Tefutefu”.
From Chimura Shifumi’s Twitter.
I’m so happy to have met our members who are making non-spicy nabe especially for me, who doesn’t like spicy.
From Tokanai Nonno’s Twitter.
Tonight there will be a livestream on Instagram with the head of codomomental, Nobuhide Imamura. Such livestreams often reveal many interesting and important things, and if this time is no exception, expect a compilation of the most significant facts.
Good evening. How are you doing? Your responses, instagram posts, photos, and so on. I’ve spent these 10 days reviewing various things. I am loved and I am loving. Thank you. Well, indeed, “Someday, again.” You remember our pinky promise, don’t you? Live. I’m off.
From Kisaragi Megumi’s Twitter.
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2023.03.26 15:03 Fi1Ier R.I.P Weapon inspect anims

Just kinda sad about how we won’t be getting them until at least S6, or might not even get them at all. When I saw them reveal some like for Doom and Lucio I was excited, then we have to wait over a year since OW2 released its PVP and only months later after it released did they actually talk about when the inspect anims will come (not recent news but they said it earlier this month)
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2023.03.26 15:03 QuickConnection2631 I'm falling apart.

I have an almost 1 year old. When the baby needs anything like I'm 9 time out of 10 the one to have to tend to him. I(f) am the one that wakes up, when he wakes up in the middle of the night. I'm the one that wakes up at 6 to tend to him. I'm the one that puts him to bed. I don't get anywhere near 5 hours of sleep on any given day. My husband on the other hand gets to sleep in till 10 on the weekends and only does childcare when I am so exhausted that all I can do is cry. On top of tending to the baby I do all the house work and if I don't I get screamed at by our roommate. I don't know what to do anymore. I've had so many thoughts this past week of just packing a bag, leaving a note and just booking it. But then I think of the long term of what that would do to both my husband and my son. I don't know what to do anymore. I've tried talking to my husband but he likes to make the comments of 'im trying to relax from work' and things along that line. Our son isn't always a handful but I never have a moment to just relax. What should I do to make this situation better for me and my son, because I know babies feel stress, especially from their mothers, and that could be part of the reason he's being such a handful recently.
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