How much does yygs cost


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A place to post dope things that people build and you wonder how much it would cost.

2014.07.30 19:10 LL-beansandrice How much did those shoes cost?


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ask how much does something cost, most likely won't get a good answer

2023.03.22 07:07 1811CrossPoster2 Recent TIGTA Announcements

I just wanted to create this post because I can’t find much about it on here.
I just applied to the following announcements, so I also wanted to post this so anyone who applied to announcement #s 23-TIGTA-124 (Denver, CO), 23-TIGTA-142-P (Pittsburgh, PA), and 23-TIGTA-166 (Carollton, MD) can share their timelines/updates if they’d like to.
Any current/former TIGTA OIG 1811s out there that can put their input in. How long is the hiring process? What does the hiring process consist of? Training life? Etc.
Thanks in advance! This sub is super helpful and I enjoy reading everyone’s info on various agencies!
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2023.03.22 07:07 Recent_Impress_3618 Time to get Serious

I can’t see how raising more cash in isolation is the answer. They’re spending like a drunken sailor while the fundamentals don’t stack. They need to get back to basics and cut costs to increase margins in light of revised sales forecasts. Even Musk reduced retail locations when things got tough. It’s time for nice guy Thomas to also close retail locations, cut staff, reduce advertising, focus on selling what they have in the PS2 & 3 and park new models up for a few years. All the noise re Treehouses, Speedboats, Drones, Mountainbikes and Fashion is yielding zero.
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2023.03.22 07:07 brosefstalin1878 Why does Ed care about Teleya so much?

after everything she did (her deception, her being a despot, the child) to him how can he still find the space to love, or at least care for her?
I know they had a brief relationship and it’s heavily implied that Teleya reciprocates feeling for him. don’t get me wrong, i do enjoy their plot line!
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2023.03.22 07:06 ABLolo615 Recent TIGTA Announcements

I just wanted to create this post because I can’t find much about it on here.
I just applied to the following announcements, so I also wanted to post this so anyone who applied to announcement #s 23-TIGTA-124 (Denver, CO), 23-TIGTA-142-P (Pittsburgh, PA), and 23-TIGTA-166 (Carollton, MD) can share their timelines/updates if they’d like to.
Any current/former TIGTA OIG 1811s out there that can put their input in. How long is the hiring process? What does the hiring process consist of? Training life? Etc.
Thanks in advance! This sub is super helpful and I enjoy reading everyone’s info on various agencies!
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2023.03.22 07:06 Every-Ice9773 Convert problem

Hi there...plz help me to make sense of it
I have lots of pdf files and I like to read things...
But let's say my native language is gujarati and I have lot of gujarati pdf in my drive which have my native Gujarati font, the pdf is perfect..but they r too large like 100 mb and 300 mb and take so much time to load and render
I know why they r large because of pdf formats and utf and blah blah blah
But I heard that epub format is lesser in size, they have 5 to 10 % small size then I want to convert those non english pdf to epub so I can save space and open ebooks faster...
I've tried so many online tools and offline conversation software like calibre and doxillion
epub generate but they look like this : !!£#£_÷&÷$£¥$€÷hsueuyrjfjjguriornrifir
Idk if this is font isssue or encoding problem ??
Anyone tell me how to convert non english language pdf to epub without those gibberish !×€×€ error and exact same font readable.
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2023.03.22 07:06 Illustrious_Poem_42 How to change the law that governs DMV policy

In the state where I live (Utah), a certified copy of the court order granting a gender marker change isn’t enough to actually change the gender marker on a driver’s license, apparently. You have to get a birth certificate change first, because they do accept just the court order.
I think this is ridiculous, and unfair, and completely arbitrary, not to mention transphobic, and needs to be changed. Who’s surprised that nobody I could talk to at the DMV had any better answer than “it’s the law- Talk to your representative”? Which law? What representative? How tf does the government work? Guess who grew up in a poor uninfluential family? I dug through Utah codes and legal drivel till my ears bled and I can find nothing, not even any resources that make the search easier.
I want to get involved in law and politics, because I think it’s important, especially since ours is a community with such a small voice and so much shit to deal with, but am finding it to be the least accessible world I’ve ever seen, and I work in effing finance. Why do you have to be super rich or a lawyer (see: super rich) to understand where to even go go to find the cause of, let alone be heard about something that is needlessly complicated and aggravating to hundreds of marginalized people? I’m sure this is ridiculously common among all groups like ours- I want to know how to get involved.
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2023.03.22 07:06 zeltergiset Anyone tried Tchia through heroic on their deck? How does it play?

Pretty excited for this game, but it's epic exclusive at launch unfortunately
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2023.03.22 07:05 AuctrixFortunae Anonette may be larping but I’m still gonna giwtwm

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2023.03.22 07:05 professional-arepa Junior year semester planning: Biology major, possible minor in neuroscience and other

What are your thoughts on the courseload for the following semesters? Do you have any recommendations for who to take what course with? What courses are easy PH, US, BN, WB credits?

J. Fall:
BIOL 205
CHEM 430H (Freeman?)
STOR 120 - there's this one specific english class I want to take before senior year. Is the current courseload possible to do well in or would you recommend swapping out? Relative to calc 1-3, how much work is STOR 120?

J. Spring:
BIOL 201
Anatomy/L (Shemer?)
NSCI 175
Other bio elective or COMP 116
[1 credit class] + gen ed/class for minor
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2023.03.22 07:05 HereToAskAQuestion0 What was the lifestyle of a Daimyo's children during the Heian Period?

Hi! I'm asking this because I'm rewriting the lore of my Twisted Wonderland OCs and I wanted it to be as correct or accurate as much as possible so I apologize in advance about the many questions.
If a daimyo's wife gave birth to a pair of twins, the older being a boy and the younger being a girl, would they be raised differently? How would the girl be raised if she was born with bad eye sight? (Blurry vision that can be corrected with glasses, but I read that glasses weren't available during the Heian period yet). Additional info just in case it helps, but the parents are very loving and they have an older brother and two older sisters.
If the junihitoe was for imperial court, what did 14 year old noble female children wear for everyday clothing? Were suikans the everyday clothing for 14 year old males?
At what age were children considered as adults? What were the daily duties of noble children (if they have any) or did to pass the time? How were they also educated?
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2023.03.22 07:05 Emma_garber1 My boyfriends disabled mother

My boyfriend and I are 4 months into dating and when I first met his mom he never told me she was in a wheelchair so when I first met her I was very surprised. She randomly lost movement a couple years ago and can only walk with a Walker but she’s pretty much disabled since she needs a wheelchair to get around, they take her to the bathroom, pick her up, bring her food, do everything for her etc. When we’re out she’s always texting and he’s constantly always updating her. I just feel like because she’s always at home just watching tv laying down 24/7 she just always wants to know what he’s doing and it kind of bothers me. He’s very attentive of her which I don’t mind but it scares me that if we end up together he’ll always have to be worrying about her and that his family will obligate him to take care of her. Sometimes I don’t like going over or going out with his family because I just genuinely always feel bad for her and feel pity. I don’t know how to feel, and is it normal for me to feel this way?
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2023.03.22 07:05 neo-dreamscatcher My (24F) brother (20M) has a lack of empathy and it's hurting our family

My brother has a habit of constant name calling and swearing at both my parents and me. Nothing we say or do (especially my dad) stops him. He has been verbally or and at some occasions been physically violent as well. Yes we still live at home. (I had to move back for college)
He feels like he doesn't have space in the household, when do we give it to him. (My grandfather lives with us as well). He thinks everything he says needs to be done at the same very moment and swears at my mom if she doesn't. His relationship with my father is contentious as well. At the moment my dad is the sole earner in the household and yet brother seems to think he "does" nothing. He seems to have a false sense of ego because he saw me lose my job and thinks he doesn't want to end up like me.
Brother was also bullied growing up and had severe health issues at a young age, which in turn made my parents basically cater to his whims since they didn't want to hurt the environment in our home. So he doesn't really do much of what's expected of him as an adult nor does he know or care to
I've suggested therapy but one should be willing to put in the work for it to do something and I'm not sure if he will. I often get really worried for him and worse case scenarios are pretty much on my mind- what if he's a sociopath or worse idk. I really don't want to think this way smh. I just want to help him for better relations all across our family.
Tldr- Brother is often verbally abusive to parents and nothing is solving this issue. He thinks he can talk any way he wants because he feels a false sense of superiority over us all. All this is creating a bad atmosphere at home.
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2023.03.22 07:05 ash_5512 Does anyone know how to get up these stairs in the Gryffindor common room? I’ve completed the entire story. Thanks!

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2023.03.22 07:05 itechnolabs How Much Does It Cost for Shein Like App Development?

How Much Does It Cost for Shein Like App Development?
The buzz of online selling is at an all-time high right now. Beginning after the pandemic era of 2020, there have been many eCommerce companies that have grown like anything since then. As per statistics, there are over two million eCommerce companies across the globe, and each one of them has a dedicated app.
Shein is one of those many apps that have sprouted significantly in the past eight years. The Chinese apparel app has taken the world by storm. As of today, Shein has over 40 million active shoppers across the globe. On top of that, the application generated a revenue of over 15 billion in 2021.
Inspired by the groundbreaking success of Shein, many businesses are inclined towards developing an app similar to that. However, the factor that stands in the way is Shein like app development cost. As Shein is packed with world-class features, the cost of the app is surefire to be high.
If you are planning to develop an app like Shein, this article will explore the cost aspect to the core.

What Factors Affect The Cost of Shein Like App Development?
No matter if it is Shein or any other app, there are some factors that affect the overall cost of app development. Based on the level of complexity and the team that you have hired to develop the app, the cost varies.
However, these are not the only variables that affect the overall cost of the app; there are many others.
1. The App Development Team
The cost of an app like Shein depends on the development team that you have hired. You can either go for an in-house development team, or you can hire a development agency overseas.
An in-house team would cost you way more than hiring a development agency to develop the app. An overseas agency in a country like India, Ukraine, etc., will be the best choice.
2. UI/UX Design
The UI/UX design of the app also plays a significant role in its cost. As you design the app, it is necessary to check each and every feature and its usability. This timely checking and testing come with a price tag that could be higher based on the level of expertise of the app developer.
3. Features of the App
Features are the most critical aspects of the app. It is pretty obvious that more advanced features will enhance the app’s cost. Some of the prime features that make your app costly would be.
  • Mobile payment features like PayPal and Google wallet.
  • Geolocation data handling in the app requires time for incorporation, which elevates the cost.
  • Third-party integrations like social media platforms, analytics API, and website chat can increase the cost as they require API integration.
4. The App Platform
Your audience will have users with both iOS and Android devices. On a worldwide basis, Android devices are used by more users as compared to iOS. However, in the US, users of iOS devices are more.
It is on you which audience you are targeting, although if you develop an app for one of them, it will cost you almost the same. However, it is best to develop an app for both platforms to cover the maximum market. A cross-platform app can be an ideal pick as it is more affordable than native apps.
5. App Maintenance
The final factor that affects Shein like app development cost, is maintenance. Irrespective of the type of app, maintenance is a critical factor in long-term survival. App maintenance includes a lot of factors, such as updation to the latest operating system, code optimization, bug fixing, updating third-party integrations, etc.
All of them are crucial, and all of them are required to be done periodically. There are two types of maintenance services, namely, on-demand services and ongoing support. Ongoing support is preferable over on-demand, but it is a bit pricey.
Read more about Cost for Shein Like App Development
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2023.03.22 07:04 Huge_Fact2267 What’s my tritype?

  1. What drives you in life? What do you look for? I'm looking for sucess in my career. One of my biggest issues is that at the same time I want to be successful and rich, I also want to do something that is enjoyable and exciting for me, as I can get bored with life easily. One of my biggest interests is reading and watching true crime. I want to do the best I can in my studies, but I can also become really distracted by subjects like tv, true crime and mbti, which is something I am hoping to overcome.
  2. What do you hope to accomplish in your life? Like I said before, besides being successful, rich and independent. I also want to do something exciting and enjoyable. I want to be able to go to other countries and meet new cultures, but my family is also very important to me, so I hope I don't get too distant to them.
  3. What do you hope to avoid doing or being? What values are important to you? I want to avoid regretting my choices in life. Because of that, I frequently spend a lot of time thinking about making the best decision I can and researching the options available. Being dependent is also a fear of mine, as independence is one of my values. I also value courage, resilience, ability to control emotions, logic, intelligence, the truth, freedom and uniqueness.
  4. What are your biggest fears (not including phobias)? Why? My biggest fears are: The death of my family (without them, I would be completely alone in my life, as I consider myself to be asexual). Getting sick to the point I can´t do anything and lose my independence. Not achieving sucess and being without money.
  5. How do you want others to see you? How do you see yourself? I want others to see me as someone nice to talk to, but yet assertive and that can speak up for itself. I also want to be seen intelligent and capable. I see myself as someone undecisive, anxious, distracted, unfocused and that thinks way too much about random stuff.
  6. What makes you feel your best? What makes you feel your worst? Doing what I like is what makes me feel best, like watching tv shows, going to the movies and reading about true crime. I also really enjoy having conversations with different people about different subjects.
Situations where I have to make important decisions are what makes me feel the worst.
  1. Describe how you experience each of: a) anger; b) shame; c) anxiety. I don't feel a lot of anger. Rude and ignorant people make me angry, but I can manage that very well. When angry, I try to speak up my disagreement, but being very logical and without offending the other person.
I also don't feel a lot of shame, as I always think all of my actions carefully.
Anxiety is my biggest problem. I have ocd and tests and life decisions make me feel the worst. I don't manage my anxiety very well and I have to take medications in order to do it.
  1. Describe how you respond to each of: a) stress; b) unexpected change; c) conflict. Stress is a big problem for me. I try to tell myself panicking won't help and keep calm, but most times I can't. Sometimes I will start ignoring my problems, though.
Unexpected change can be difficult to deal with, I prefer to be prepared beforehand. But depending on the change, it can also bring some excitement in my life, which is appreciated.
  1. Describe your orientation to: a) authority; b) power. How do you respond to these? I really dislike authority, as I want to be treated like equal and treat others like equal. Authoritarian people really annoy me. I have a small desire for power and status, but I have no desire to control other people's lives. c) Love/passion I asexual and aromantic so I don´t feel sexual and romantic attraction. I also not affectionate at all, even with my family and closest friends.
  2. What is your overall outlook on life and humanity? I feel like life is different for each person. I wrote here the things that I value the most, but these can be different for everyone, and none of them is wrong as long as the person is satisfied and happy. I don't think humanity is good or evil. There are bad people, but there are also a lot of interesting people to make friends with.
I’m 6w7 by the way
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2023.03.22 07:04 Ok-Quality6898 Nipple tear, help

I’m almost two years into my breastfeeding journey and I finally got my first nipple tear. And boy does this shit hurt. I’m laying here engorged with a bandaid over my nipple. Should I pump to empty? Or let it go to heal the tear faster? Very confused on how to navigate.
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2023.03.22 07:04 carpediem1331 Feedback - Custom Packaging

Looking for some feedback about my custom packing process, value for money, time spent, etc.
So the process... Material: 1. Caft coloured packing boxes, $100 for 50 2. Custom box Sleaves, $150 for 25 3.Tags/stickers, $155 for 500 4. Custom wrapping paper, $11 for 900x1500mm 5. Thank you card, $80 for 250 6. Adhesive spray, $30 7. Raffia Ribbon x3, $7 for 100m
I also add some white tissue paper to wrap the items in and if needed some shredded crinkle paper (teal) to fill the box. Both cost barely anything and I can't remember the exact numbers honestly haha. Final pieces are the thank you card and business card on top of everything and to close it up.
Time: The process of adding the paper, wrapping and folding it all together takes under 30min.
Shipping: I then used Auspost flat rate mailers to ship the boxes out
So what are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions on how I could improve the process, more cost effective options, more time efficient steps, etc? What about the final result, is it worth all the time effort and money put in?
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2023.03.22 07:04 Luke_Tatt Kia Ora fam! for the pros, how much longer ya reckon?

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2023.03.22 07:04 jasminxcatx Tips on side lying position?

Can I start the side lying position with my 3 week old? I tried it once earlier and she was able to latch on but it was a pain and struggle for the first 10 minutes trying to get her on and in position, and there was a small amount of leakage that happened so I'm not sure if she ended up losing most of it, but she seemed content after. She didn't feel like she was pressed into my boob as much as she is in cradle position. How can I get it right, or should I wait until she's older?
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2023.03.22 07:04 DJDANIELLEmusic FNAF/TMNT2012/MHA/Archer/House RP??

Hi! If you're reading this, you're also probably looking for a partner to rp with in the following fandoms, or you're bored and exploring, either way thanks for reading :p I also can do other fandoms but this is the list from off the top of my head.
No godmodding
Tell me your triggers before hand
If an OC is related to a character I play- I need to know how so I understand the backstory
I am okay with smut, but don't make the entire rp about that and we much use characters that don't involve my OC, if needed I can make a separate OC for that.
My OC-
Tyra Nash- 16, Aroace, Gemini
There's a highlight file for her that I have saved that I can send to people interested.
Tmnt 2012-
This is a common one I do, I can play any of the characters and in regards to my OC I tend to look for people who can at least play Dr. Rockwell or Splinter since I like plots where she's able to be adopted, it's like a comfort thing.
I can roleplay in the settings of FNAF 1, 2, and 4 best, I don't mind the plot, in fact I have quite a few plot ideas and we can trade ideas or merge ideas.
I normally do more of a roommate setting, whether my character us working with a hero, working with a villian, or a new student.
My favorites are new student who roommates with Tenya Iida- since their personalities clash it's more of a drama/comedy thing, or she can room with other characters
Her being a villian/vigilante that the heros are attempting to reform, so she has her roommate with a hero/ vice versa, where she's reforming a villian
This is a tough one to find people for, but ive loved the shoe for years. With this I'm open to dozens of creative plots, same goes for House M.D
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2023.03.22 07:04 Upstairs-Form1418 After retiring, we were able to "reunite" with our mother; chatting became our daily routine.

Worried about my mother being lonely, I moved in with her. Walking into this familiar village, I rarely see my childhood friends. Most of the village is old, lonely men and widows, waiting in the spacious room and looking at the screen, which is extraordinarily quiet. Since the mother insisted on going home and returning to the countryside to live alone. The mother was satisfied and smiled brightly.

I remember when I was five or six years old, it was a difficult time, and I was skinny and lonely, walking around ten miles from Zhanghua Village to my mother's house. The door was opened, and the half-covered door was pushed open. The mother was sitting on the head of the bed wearing a printed headscarf, and the younger brother was wrapped in a thin quilt, waiting to be fed. When my mother saw me, she said, "Hey, how did you get here?" My tears fell like broken beads. My mother got up quickly, took out a paper bag from the bedside table, opened it layer by layer, squeezed a small ball of brown sugar (which she ate during confinement), and poured boiling water into a large porcelain bowl. I was so hungry and thirsty that I didn't care too much. I took the hot bowl and drank it with my head up, which made me scream. This is also the most unforgettable "sweet memory" in my life.

Our mother and son cherish the time, are inseparable, and lie in the same room at night; chatting in our respective beds three steps apart, a series of secrets and anecdotes, ups and downs. As I talked, I responded from the initial "hmm" to the snoring sound of falling asleep. When I was woken up by the chirping birds in the morning, my mother had already prepared breakfast, and the first thing she said when she saw me was, "Your snoring is so loud, it's exactly like mine." There is an old saying about knowing a child like a mother". Day after day, those whispers that blend into the blood of the soul clarify the emotional context of our mother and child.

Because my biological father and my mother had a disagreement in their personalities in the early years, I didn't live with my mother when I was young. Both mother and son have a tacit grievance. Those past events are unbearable to look back on; with a long cry, they suddenly fall. Those misfortunes and encounters in life, in front of my mother, there is nothing I can't let go of. There are two old houses, one is the old house I used to live in, which no longer exists now; but the old house where my mother lived gave me a sense of belonging in my later years.

In the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, it is so pleasant to be able to lean against the gable and bask in the sun with my mother, chat about homework, fill the space between heaven and earth, and fill my heart. My mother raised me, and I grow old with my mother, I hope that I am worthy of my heart.
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2023.03.22 07:04 AutoModerator [Get] Walter Peters – Small Account Big Profits with Upsell

[Get] Walter Peters – Small Account Big Profits with Upsell
Get the course here:
[Get] Walter Peters – Small Account Big Profits with Upsell

Small Account Big Profits with Upsell Description

Small Account Big Profits with Upsell by Walter Peters shows you that to thrive as a trader with small accounts, micro-management, and practical measures must be taken into account instead of relying much on theoretical knowledge. The course sheds light on surviving with your small accounts by demonstrating how certain trading rules must be broken to achieve higher goals and secure what has been gained.
Here are what you will learn in this course:
  • Week 1: Broker Risk
  • Week 2: The Three Keys
  • Week 3: You Decide The Risk/Reward
  • Week 4: Losing Streaks
  • Week 5: Trading Psychology
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