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2023.04.01 13:36 cer_vix “If you put positivity out into the world I promise you, looks do not matter” …. So why is her whole account responding to hate and feeding negativity?

I’ve lurked on this page for a little and I’ve refrained from posting because I used to be a fan and feel guilty putting others down online. That being said, I find this post super ironic. She’s preaching that your inside shines through and i quote “ If you are being loving and positive and putting all that energy into the universe I promise you, your looks do not matter” . She’s seriously lacking self awareness. Her whole page the last few months has been nothing but responding with negativity and a lottt of hatefulness. There’s tons of examples on this page of her calling people cockroaches and being straight up rude. Then there’s the other side to it that she’s preaching looks don’t matter after getting multiple procedures to enhance her looks and flaunting it and making it a huge part of her content to an impressionable female audience. I agree with the message it just seems fake and disgenuine coming from someone who does the complete opposite all over their page.
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2023.04.01 13:36 Amalgamationofdreams 30 [M4R] Washington/Online - Gaming friends or discord chats or both?

Hey there, like the tile says I’m looking for people to game with or just chat in discord.
A little about me: I’m 30, music is like my favorite thing in the world, gaming is a close second. I listen to just about everything (except country sorry not sorry). I’m particularly into EDM though and am currently learning to produce. I really love anything sci-fi or space related. Currently on the hunt for a new show to binge (just finished Mr Robot). Will 100% send you random music if we have similar tastes because I love sharing music with others. Trying to teach myself how to code. Can turn just about anything into a joke (it’s kind of my coping mechanism). I love consuming knowledge about history. Got out of a LTR recently and used to do everything with my SO so I have virtually no friends here and I work graveyard shifts so it’s hard to meet new people so here I am hoping to meet you? Maybe?
Games I’m currently playing: Tarkov Elden Ring League Classic wow Valheim (mistlands update is poppin) Probably more idk
Shoot me a message if you think we’d hit it off.
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2023.04.01 13:35 dr_marco_metzler The Golden Conundrum: How Fed Manipulation and Paper Gold Threaten Investors

📉 The price of gold has been subject to manipulation for many years, with many investors claiming that central banks, including the Federal Reserve, are responsible for driving down the price of gold through naked short selling and other means. These allegations have led to concerns about the true value of gold and the potential impact on investors who hold gold as a safe-haven asset.
📈 Despite the allegations of manipulation, some analysts predict that the price of gold could experience a short squeeze in the near future. A short squeeze occurs when investors who have sold gold short are forced to buy back the metal at higher prices, leading to a rapid increase in the price of gold.
💰 The recent surge in demand for physical gold, coupled with concerns about the impact of inflation on the global economy, could contribute to a short squeeze in the gold market. This would be good news for investors who hold physical gold, as they would likely see a significant increase in the value of their holdings.
📊 However, investors who hold paper gold, such as gold ETFs, may not see the same benefits. Paper gold represents a claim on physical gold, but there is often more paper gold in circulation than actual physical gold, leading to concerns about the true value of these assets.
💡 In light of these developments, it's important for investors to consider the potential risks and benefits of holding physical gold versus paper gold. While physical gold may offer greater protection against manipulation and other risks, it can also be more difficult and costly to store and transport.
🌟 In conclusion, the manipulation of the gold market by central banks and other entities is a serious concern for investors. However, the potential for a short squeeze in the gold market could provide an opportunity for investors who hold physical gold to see a significant increase in the value of their holdings. As always, it's important for investors to stay informed about market trends and developments and to consider the potential risks and benefits of their investment strategies.
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and a like!
For more information, see these links:
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2023.04.01 13:35 LetterGrouchy6053 Slippery-slope, ya' think?

Republican lawmakers in Texas proposed a bill that would enable the secretary of state to overturn election results in counties that have one million residents or more.
This is worth repeating. The proposed bill would allow a Secretary of State, on little more than a whim or for barely disguised political retribution, to overturn the results of a legitimate election and order a new election if he doesn’t like the outcome.
The bill doesn’t specify how many times he can do it until his choice of candidate wins.
As reported by Mediaite, “The text of the bill states that “the secretary of state shall order a new election if the secretary has good cause (Italics mine)to believe that at least two percent of the total number of polling places in the county did not receive supplemental ballots under Section 51.008 for one or more hours after making a request for supplemental ballots to the authority responsible for distributing election supplies.”
(Gobbledygook, or Claptrap?)
The passage of the bill would affect six Texas counties: Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar, Travis, and Collin.’
There have been charges of voter improprieties in the past, but an investigation by Governor Abbot determined there existed no voter fraud.
One might ask why they need to include the voters in the process at all, just let some politicians make the choices for us.
What could happen?
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2023.04.01 13:35 RoyMain_21 Just learned my GF has been SA multiple times

Yesterday in a video call with my gf since we are in a long distance relationship for a few months, we were having a good time and joking around
We started to talk about the time we first met each other, as it’s usually a fun topic between us.
I’ve been very open with her about the fact that I have dated multiple people and that I used Tinder a lot, and she sometimes makes jokes about it too.
The point is, I mentioned that I was in fact dating 2 other girls before we became exclusive, and of course she got a little pissed and pushed me to tell me more, which I did because I have nothing to hide, but warning her to not ask questions she doesn’t want to know the answers for.
Finally we finish the topic, but she starts to mention about a time she was SA that she didn’t tell me about before. She told me at the start of the relationship that 3 years ago she was SA by a teacher of her in a party. I was comprehensive and she told me this because she is scared that during intimacy she might want me to stop or be scared. This has only happened once and it was during the first few times we had intimacy and it hasn’t happened since then. In fact, I believe we have a really good sex life and since that time it hasn’t happened again.
My issue here is, I am “mad” (i don’t know if it’s the word) that she didn’t tell me the full picture, as she told me yesterday that she was SA by a classmate around April of last year, and by a guy she met on Tinder around the same time. She knows I’m really sensible about this topic and I can’t help but feel she told me this because she got mad about what I told her about the others girls I was dating.
I’m also mad that she hid this from me for so long and waited to tell me just a few days before she came to visit me for two weeks
I know I’m not supposed to feel this way, but I can’t stop thinking about this and i feel this will taint her stay here since i will be probably be thinking about this a lot.
On the other hand, of course it’s not her fault that this happened to her and i want to as supportive as possible, it’s just that it’s really hard right now for me to think about anything else.
Please help in how I’m supposed to feel, in how can i help her and how I can help me. This news really shook me and I don’t know what else to do other than try to slowly heal it
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2023.04.01 13:35 Habiibi88 Ongoing activism against arms dealing between Finland and Israel (30.03 - present)

Ongoing activism against arms dealing between Finland and Israel (30.03 - present)
Ahead of Finland’s General Election this Sunday, Finnish human rights activists projected slogans on the capital city Helsinki’s landmarks on 30th of March, 2023, as an act of solidarity for Palestinian people. The action is part of the Killer Deal campaign which calls Finland to stop arms trade with Israel.
Internationally acclaimed Helsinki Central Library Oodi. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Israel's new government's systematic demolition of housing, forced evictions and other forms of escalating violence against Palestinian people has compelled Finnish activists to question a recently announced €200 million trade with a Israel State owned arm manufacturer.
As Finland is preparing for general elections on Sunday, the activists published a survey exposing the electorate's dissonant views regarding human rights and arms trade. The activists are calling for the end of arms trade with Israel in light of Israel's recently announced plans to annex Palestinian territories – a process condemned by international law.
Finland’s Ministry of Defense headquarters on March 30th, 2023. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Young nations share a gruesome trade history in the arms industry
In December 2022 Finland announced that it will buy over €200 million worth of missiles from the Israeli government-owned corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Other purchases from Israel in the same year include almost €100 million worth of rockets and radios from Elbit Systems. These bring the Israeli percentage of new arms deals the Finnish government announced in the past year to over 40%.
This is a big increase. During 2008–2021, Finland spent over €400 million on military equipment from Israel, about 5% of its arms purchases. Finland bought anti-ship missile systems, multi-mission radars, field radios and communications equipment.
Parallel to the arms trad, Israel has continued escalating its oppression of Palestinians. During 2022, Israel killed more Palestinians on the occupied West Bank than during any year since 2005. Human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and B'Tselem have published reports showing that the Israeli regime of oppression and domination over Palestinians constitutes the crime of apartheid.
This regime is maintained with constant violence. Israeli companies market their weapons as field-tested, using the Occupied Palestinian Territories as their laboratory and treating Palestinians as guinea pigs. Thousands have been killed and tens of thousands wounded, mostly civilians, by Israeli attacks in the last 10 years alone. According to the UN, 75 Palestinians have been killed by Israel only this year (2023). The killings continue with the pace of one Palestinian life lost every day.
During the past decade, Israel has moved from apartheid towards fascism. The current Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich defines himself as a “fascist homophobe”. As hundreds of thousands of Israelis have risen to protest against fascism, the Finnish government continues with its plans to buy hundreds of millions of euros worth of missiles from Israel, supporting apartheid.
The Helsinki Cathedral on March 30th, 2023. Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
Activists surveyed candidates running for re-election
Parliamentary representatives running for re-election in the April 2023 General Election in Finland were surveyed about their opinions regarding arms trade between Finland and Israel, and the Palestinian human rights situation that is directly impacted by Israel arms industry.
"Israel does not comply with UN resolutions. According to international law, Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian territories, and arms trade with this country must be seriously considered," says MP Kimmo Kiljunen (SDP), a member of the defense committee who responded to the survey.
The survey approached 194 candidates running for re-election from ten parties, out of which 51 from eight parties were surveyed.
Of the respondents to the survey, 43% support the arms trade between Finland and Israel, and 30% oppose it. Yet, in the same breath, 67% said they would advance the human rights situation of Palestinians if re-elected, while only 6% said they would not. The question arises: How is it possible to support arming the oppressor while simultaneously vouching to advance the human rights of the oppressed?
The General Election is held on Sunday the 2nd of April, 2023.
The Helsinki Central Railway Station on March 30th, 2023 Picture: Killer Deal. Creative Commons
More information about the Killer Deal campaign:
Download link for web and print quality images:
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2023.04.01 13:34 Sammynole82 What a tease

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2023.04.01 13:34 SquareHeadedMan What is the argument St Basil is trying to make here?

"Few there are who have gathered to pray with me, and those who have come are drowsy, yawning, peering around incessantly, counting the minutes until the cantor finishes the verses, until they are released from church and the duty of prayer as from a dungeon. The little children, who have put away their writing tablets in the schools and now add their voices to ours, approach the occasion as release and enjoyment. They turn our sorrow into a festival, since they are set free for a little while from the discipline of the teacher and the duty of their lessons. The masses of adults, on the other hand, the people entangled in sins, hurry about the city free and easy and cheerful, even though they are responsible for these ills; they are the ones who have wrought and set in motion this catastrophe. Blameless and innocent babes make haste to assemble for confession, yet neither are they to blame for the present distress, nor do they possess the understanding or the capacity for extended prayer. You who are defiled with sins, come and join me in the assembly; prostrate yourselves and groan and weep. Leave infants to pursuits appropriate to their age. When you stand accused, do you hide yourself and put forward the innocent in your place? Is the Judge so easily deceived, that you can substitute one face for another in this manner?"
What is the relation between children happily leaving the school and people causing ills, why the use of "on the other hand" since they are both careless? is that that to liken those adults to kids?

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2023.04.01 13:33 Dramatic_Ad1739 So I started watching Peaky Blinders for the first time

So I'm on S1 currently, preparing to go to season 2. This was a good season I can say. I was very skeptical on this show since my friends just keep overhyping it (and that did dampen the experience for me since the first two episodes felt very weak to me, but then it got better with the last three)
I love the show's premise, and the characters and character arc's for the season are incredibly well written. I think Tommy so far is the most interesting character, save for Grace who I hope survives in S2, hopefully it was Tommy's gun that was fired saving her. Campbell as well is a great character, he really gave this season a lot of tension, I was initially routing for Campbell I won't lie. His goals at first were very genuine and it seemed like he wanted to make a difference so even though I like the Blinders (John most of all, he's hilarious) I just felt morally obligated to route for him. But then... he went way off the rails, and made some very very questionable decisions, especially in the finale so I've grown to resent him.
I'd give this season a 7.9/10, it was good, fun little weekend watch.
One detail though I'd like to point out in episode 5 when Tommy slept with Grace and stayed the night, He was smiling beside her, that probably was the most peace Tommy ever felt since the war without his bong, hell probably even with his bong. It's a small detail, but I really appreciate it. I'm really excited for Season 2, hopefully it's better than the first
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2023.04.01 13:33 LadyLili13 [Thank You] Survived the Tornado - So Here's some thanks!

Yesterday (Friday) was quite a harrowing day for us here in the state. A really strong tornado tore through downtown capital and stayed on the ground for at least 40mi - including passing me home by about 5mi! I didn't get to see it because of the trees and hiding in the hallway. It dropped down about a mile or two from my (other) partners house. I was so worried for all my peoples because it was *Everywhere*!!! We're supposed to have more severe storms on Tuesday so!! Welcome Spring and unstable atmospheres.
With that though, Have my thanks!
u/wabisabl_sf : [x2] Thank you for the Utah p/c's. I have driven through Utah on a semi but never been for any significant length of time. My grandpa was a truck driver and I used to go on the road with him. I'm fascinated by reading the vintage post cards and think it's really cool glimpsing into someone else's life. Where these relatives of yours? - Did you have a stamp with my name on it? That script for it is beautiful. I need to invest in different labels, and little stampers with like my SN and the name of the subreddit. But Thank you for celebrating RAoC's anniversary. I can't believe; it really blows my mind that this Sub has been around that long. I had no idea that people did this sort of thing and it just makes my heart smile so much! I need a bigger box!
u/non_avian : Oh. My. God. I feel seen by the light of Sauron's Eye. Holy Crap! You where a hammer to my nail. I feel so exposed. You have great insight. To be fair though; I have recently started working on myself and choosing to be my best self and make myself happy and choose me for once. I'm trying to find me and be as authentic to myself in spite of what people may think of me. You are absolutely amazing, but I do agree and it makes me hurt so much when I think about the fact that I've never really been given a proper chance at more. That I've always been 2 seconds from losing my grip on the edge of the bottomless cliff.
u/Quiet_Girl7982 : Thank you for the dreams shamrock card. I Love the saying and stamps! I'm doing good and bad. Still looking for a WFH/Remote job so I can take care of my mom; but other than that things are going great! literally if I could find a job, life would be amazing! I have two loving partners, a few friends, several Pathfinder games going and I'm really happy with the recent art I've done!
u/Stephkempf : Thank you for the "Birthday RAoC" card! I Love the artwork. I'm so glad carding is a thing. It's hard to believe but also makes me so happy that there are 81k people who love making other people smile. It's a little good in this world that we so desperately need. That's something I should probably nail down, a few recipes I can share. The only thing with that for me is that I do a lot of cooking to taste...Lol
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2023.04.01 13:33 Odd-Description1009 Community stories where choice matter?

Im looking for recommendations on stories where choices matter and where customisation is possible, ideally that are completed as I have started a few that I thought were good just to then find out that the author hasn’t updated in +6 months.
My favourite genre is fantasy but I’m open to anything,
So far I have read and would really recommend:
Cursed evil love - Sophookles Under his protection - Amanda Michele Elysium of a God - CMM Writes College of eternity - Sophookles
Started but coudnt manage to get into although planning to maybe finish:
The Darkness within - Jess Fox Counting sheep - Picallily My butler - Sophookles
I have also started a few that I’m really enjoying but I’m going to leave paused for a bit due to the lack of choices both in storyline and in outfits, this is nothing against the authors as the stories are amazing, I just like it to be a little more interactive,
Thanks everyone 🤍
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2023.04.01 13:33 PatientSheepherders Dream come true

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2023.04.01 13:33 inthesearchoftruth why do indian/pakistani shia scholars do not openly express their disapproval on zanzeer zani and khama?

My sunni friends always ask me questions about Shia beliefs and I never had a problem or question that I could not answer but whenever they ask me why shia men shed their blood out on open roads I always become speechless I could not even use the word extremist for them as majority of Indian/pak Shia do zanzeer zani and khama, even some of my little cousins does it, never felt it right. I think maulanas and Zakirs should openly talk about it in majalises.
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2023.04.01 13:32 afternoondelite92 Garage/laundry ceiling height 2.1m, worthwhile adding second bathroom?

I have an old 60s house with a small single bathroom. My (very basic scummy looking) laundry is in the garage section underneath the house (sloped block) and I've been tossing up its worth while partitioning off that section of the garage for a nicer laundry and a second bathroom but the ceiling would be just 2.1m high, minus any floor tiles and sloping required for bathroom
I'm worried it might feel a little cramped. And if there are any plumbers in here that can chime in, would adding additional drainage be an issue considering this would be on the main slab of the house? There is already a drain nearby for the existing laundry
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2023.04.01 13:32 LetterGrouchy6053 Slippery-slope. ya' think?

Republican lawmakers in Texas proposed a bill that would enable the secretary of state to overturn election results in counties that have one million residents or more.
This is worth repeating. The proposed bill would allow a Secretary of State, on little more than a whim or for barely disguised political retribution, to overturn the results of a legitimate election and order a new election if he doesn’t like the outcome.
The bill doesn’t specify how many times he can do it until his choice of candidate wins.
As reported by Mediaite, “The text of the bill states that “the secretary of state shall order a new election if the secretary has good cause (Italics mine)to believe that at least two percent of the total number of polling places in the county did not receive supplemental ballots under Section 51.008 for one or more hours after making a request for supplemental ballots to the authority responsible for distributing election supplies.”
(Gobbledygook, or Claptrap?)
The passage of the bill would affect six Texas counties: Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar, Travis, and Collin.’
There have been charges of voter improprieties in the past, but an investigation by Governor Abbot determined there existed no voter fraud.
One might ask why they need to include the voters in the process at all, just let some politicians make the choices for us.
What could happen?
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2023.04.01 13:32 lizardandlark Custom Display Cases

Hey! I’m doing some digging for my boss who is opening up a new tattoo and piercing studio in Louisiana. He’s created the perfect floor plan + layout for the shop, but we’re stuck on jewelry display cases. He’s made a little zig-zag design out of the cases at the front of the shop and I’m having a hard time finding anything that fits the bill. Thinking we’ll definitely need something custom. Is there anyone in particular that you’d recommend for a custom jewelry display case? Of course someone in LA would be preferred but if it can be shipped, we’re totally down. If not, anyone got any ideas on what exactly I’m searching to find someone near me? I’m a manager turned piercing apprentice, not a woodworker. I have little to no clue what I’m doing here. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 13:32 SassyDuck20 26F [Friends]

Hey guys. Rainy day at work today so I'm just cleaning. Looking for some friends to help kill the time.
I'm in a relationship, I work as a disease and pest manager at a greenhouse, I'm a full time student, just started a illustration job for a children's book, and I help on a farm as well so I tend to be a busy body.
For fun I love to learn. My current poison is language. Trying to learn Japanese. I like video games, movies, Netflix, animals, being creative, cooking, WWE, being outdoors, gardening, exploring my spirituality and singing. I've traveled a little but I'd love to travel more. Mainly to try different foods and experience the culture in other places.
I'm not really an early bird or a night owl. My functioning times are 8am to 12am so I'm pretty much always up.
If there is anything I missed feel free to ask.
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2023.04.01 13:32 soonamisan Is the sc53n lens the same diameter as the sc64w?

Been lurking here for awhile and doing a lot of googlefu here and BLF on ZL. So I’m pretty confident in soldering and I have both hot air,soldering iron station, and a vice set up, from working on small electronics and have done a bunch of reflows on lights. I’m still a little afraid of the lens breaking and wanted to know if the kaidomain 19.2x1mm lens will fit both the sc53n and the sc64. Thanks in advance.
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2023.04.01 13:32 hillybrooo Is this the start of cauliflower ear?

Is this the start of cauliflower ear?
Been doing mma for one and a half years now and have a little lump on the left side of my ear in the photo which isn’t on my other ear can someone let me know if this is cauliflower ear or just a defect.
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2023.04.01 13:32 RyanzRetroReviewz The Thing From Another World - 1951 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz


The thing from another world i 1951 horrosci-fi movie starring Kenneth Tobey Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer and James Arness as "The Thing". Directed by Christian Nyby, or by Howard Hawks himself depending on which version of the story you believe, and produced by Hawks' own "Winchester Pictures Corporation", this movie is one of the early and perfect examples of when Hollywood films began to turn away from the classical horror movie monsters (i.e. Dracula and Frankenstein) that reigned in the 1930s and '40s, and into the realm of more science fiction based monsters.
The movie follows a group of U.S. air force personnel and a team of civilian scientists, who find a frozen humanoid alien buried under the ice in the remote reaches of northern Alaska. When the creature thaws out and comes back to life, with it's only goal being the multiplying of it's species and taking over the planet, the military men and scientist must band together to put a stop to this threat to all humanity.
We start it all off with army journalist Ned "Scotty" arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska to meet his old friend air force pilot Captain Pat Hendry, and his loyal but wise cracking flight crew. Some quick witted dialogue brings the audience to a familiar level with our characters, as they together all fly further north to a remote scientific research station, which has recently detected on radar, a large unknown aircraft crashing down into the ice in the near area.
Upon arrival at "Polar Expedition 6", Cpt. Hendry is first treated to a comically-romantic reunion with base secretary Nicki Nicholson, who's past (and possible future) history together has become the brunt of a joke amongst Hendry's men. After a quick rundown of the situation from base leader Dr. Carrington, a group of both the scientists and airmen fly out to the crash zone to investigate.
The team first finds a giant skid trail along the ice, further leading to a full on "flying saucer" at the end of the path, now buried down a few feet below the ice. When they try to thaw it out with thermite charges, the ship reacts and self destructs, leaving no evidence behind for the team to document and study, until they find a humanoid figure just a little further away, also frozen a few feet beneath the ice. Now very carefully, the group hacks out the frozen figure and hauls it back on the plane to the research station.
Back at Polar Expedition 6, the movie's themes begin to come to surface when the age old debate kicks off between brawn and brain, with Dr. Carrington wishing to thaw out the creature for further scientific research, and Cpt. Hendry insisting that this is now a military issue, requiring official military authority before carrying on with anything in regards to "the thing from another world".
"The thing" slowly starts to thaw out on it's own, finally coming back to life and attacking one of the airmen from behind, before fleeing off into the storm, and having his arm chewed off by the sled dogs just outside of the base.
Hendry and his men then form an armed search party of the perimeter and keep constant guard, giving film audiences some of the greatest jump out and scare you scenes of it's day, this being elevated by the bursting loud and terrifying theme that comes along anytime the creature appears on screen.
Dr. Carrington continuingly argues that the creature is not dangerous and must not be harmed, all while he and his team of scientist attempt to further study the creature's severed limb, finally coming to learn that this "Thing from another world" has a similar biological structure as to that of vegetable, only requiring blood other than water as the main source of nourishment for it's growth and reproduction cycle.
A secret experiment is then put into motion with Carrington actually growing these creatures from scratch in the greenhouse room closet.
But when "The Thing" then begins killing off members of the research team, most of the scientist come to agree with Cpt. Hendry and his assessment that this creature defenetely means humanity harm. A further search of the grounds unveils Dr. Carrington's mad scientist experiment, with Hendry ordering it all to be destroyed, as well as confining Carrington to limited quarters around the base.
Some practical thinking from Mrs. Nicholson helps the airmen come to realize the best way of killing this thing is by cooking it, as you do with all vegetables. This gives the special effects department their chance to shine and raise up the audiences pulses as Cpt. Hendry and his crew fight the monster, first with fire (lighting up an entire set and a record holding stuntman for it in the process), then with electricity, but not before Dr. Carrington throws himself in the middle of the "angry mob" and the creature, only to find out first hand that the creature has no interest in a mutual understanding.
But will the combined brains and brawn of the air force men and scientist, be enough to defeat The Thing from Another World? And if so, are there more out there? "Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies".
To sum it all up, The Thing from Another World (1951) is a great piece of everlasting cinema, taking us through a great storyline, with great actors, giving great performances the entire way. With such a definitive setting and great all around special effects, all rounded together by director Christian Nyby, and producer Howard Hawks, this movie remains an instant classic to any who tune into it for years to come, rivaling many of today's horror movies by far. While being remade on not 1, but 2 occasions, also helps this movie survive on through the era, but none will ever truly rival the classic.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley.
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2023.04.01 13:32 jordank_1991 Boot prints

Okay so I decided to rewatch everything last night. I was wondering if maybe I missed anything and I read somewhere that Apple doesn’t let you give their phone to the bad guy. So I wanted to check phones. Mr. Anderson’s and Claire’s looked like they changed but that could be a coincidence. That’s also not the important part.
So in episode three, they find those boot prints in the mud. They say they are Maddie’s. It bothered me with how fresh they seemed to look in that moment but I didn’t think anything else of it. Then I got to episode five. There you see her propped up on the goal post, sole’s of her boots showing to us. Now I have noticed that outside of the dance, all the ghosts have essentially worn the same thing every single day. Her boots may be Doc’s I can’t really tell cause I don’t wear them. However, the bottom of her boots have those weird rectangles, parallelograms whatever, all on the outside parts of the sole, and then the little shapes in the middle. The muddy foot print was hard for me to tell, but the print actually in the mud looks like a crinkle cut/wave style all across the top.
Am I crazy? Am I seeing this wrong?
If I’m not, then who actually left the boot print? Is it possible that Nichole might guiltier than we thought? They all said it was her print but it just doesn’t look like a match unless I missed something.
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2023.04.01 13:32 silverstone1903 Yet another MLS-C01 passed post ✔

Hi all,
Little Background: I'm working as a data scientist, and I have prior cloud engineer experience (1.5 years). In my daily job, I don't use cloud-related services (due to data privacy regulations). Last August, I passed SAA-C02.

I had free access to CloudAcademy AWS Machine Learning – Specialty Certification Preparation and followed it partially (1.5x speed 🤣). The course contains many fundamentals, so I skipped most of them. I watched service related videos and did the labs. I also took some notes about services, the key concepts, service a vs. service b (i.e. data stream vs. kinesis or Comprehend vs. BlazingText), etc. Last summer, I prepared for SAA, so I had an idea of how to study. I started to do the TD practice tests. This time I do the tests and study in parallel. TD's practice tests are really teachful, so I extended my notes. I created a "summary of summary" note (more compact). Basically, these notes contain what I couldn't learn (i.e. I know where to use FM but the tricky point is that FM uses recordIO with float32).

I had no idea when I felt 100% ready for the SAA exam. Also this time I had no idea as well 😅 On 24th March, I decided to book an exam for the 30th March (which is less than one week and an excellent opportunity to push myself). In the meantime, I started to recap using A Cloud Guru MLS course for the specific topics (Kinesis, Glue, Deployment). Also I looked for additional resources such as course notes, blog posts and quizzes.

On Thursday (30th March) I took the exam at the exam center at 13.30. I used ESL (+30 minutes) and finished the exam in 100 minutes (With ESL it was 220 minutes!). Ultimately, I had ~20 flagged questions and reviewed them. 12 of them were incomplete, and I wasn't sure about the remaining questions. I felt flagging 20 questions upset me, but I tried to focus on it. I reviewed 15 of them but the remaining 5 were so tricky and I had no idea. At that time I couldn't think but after the exam I thought they could be unscored questions. Finally I finished reviewing and finished the exam.

On the next day in the morning, I periodically refreshed AWS Certification page and at 12.05 I saw my certificate (I got the official AWS certificate mail at 22, almost midnight). I scored 842, which I didn't expect (I expected something around 770-780).

Topics/keywords: Glue, StepFunctions, Kinesis, Feature engineering, Personalize, Security (IAM or S3 bucket policy), lot of how to prevent overfitting questions.

Here are the some useful materials:
Github Repos (One trick: I convert markdowns to PDFs using VSCode Markdown Preview extension)


Quizes & Free Exams:

Reddit posts:
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