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A gaming 'app' Where you can a game in your dreams. Lucid Adventure! In that world I am... "The Strongest". Hardcore Leveling Warrior

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Welcome to HardcoreLevelingWarrior community adventurers! Lucid Adventurers, let us unite and venture together!

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If your fans of the webtoons such as Hardcore leveling warrior, Tower of God ,Unordinary,I love yoo,Lore Olympus, God of highschool or any other Webtoon join this subreddit. This subreddit will have Vs battles Comparisons between webtoons Memes Ships Polls Basic discussions

2023.04.01 13:42 USMLEadviser Failing USMLE Step 3

I totally understand how frustrating it must be for anyone to Fail USMLE Step 3, especially when people seem to be passing this exam easily. Failing Step 3 is becoming something people are ashamed of, especially after passing Step 1, Step 2 CK, and even matching into residency. Thing is, USMLE Step 3 is vague and unique in many ways. How is it different from USMLE Step 2 CK?, is scoring high helpful for matching in residency or fellowship? will a passing score suffice? The answers to these questions trouble me, so I had to embark on quite a bit of research and reading and concluded that, as far as the MCQ portion goes, USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 3 are actually IDENTICAL.
Knowing this solves many problems. The big one is: We’ll you can use USMLE Step 2 CK resources to prepare for USMLE Step 3. This includes NBME’s Clinical Mastery Series and NBME assessment forms 9, 10, 11, and 12.
Odds are, you passed USMLE Step 2 CK and mastered the clinical knowledge needed to pass Step 2 CK. This begs the question, why is it so hard to pass USMLE Step 3? It happens that USMLE Step 3 is scored differently than USMLE Step 2 CK. For starters, the Step 3 score drops by 20 points on average, striking the difference between passing and failing. So how should students make up for this 20-score drop? The answer: by capitalizing on Test-Taking Skills. This is taught in several courses online, or tutoring services may sometimes offer this.
Unfortunately, many students will naturally doubt themselves after failing USMLE Step 3, thinking that they didn’t complete X question bank or didn’t do a second pass on Y resource. They are shocked when they get the same score on their following attempt. I heard this story countless times, and it’s heartbreaking, and I’m sick of it. I also heard of people graduating residency and still unable to clear Step 3, paralyzing them professionally. I’m writing this post hoping to help people in these situations before the damage is irreversible.
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2023.04.01 13:41 langma123 Learn English Language

English is a widely spoken language and is considered to be one of the most important languages in the world. It is the official language of over 50 countries and is spoken by approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide. Learning English language can open up a world of opportunities for individuals in various fields, including education, business, and travel. In this article, we will discuss the importance of learning English and provide tips on how to learn the language effectively.
Why is it important to learn English language?
There are several reasons why learning English language is important. Firstly, English is the language of international communication. It is the most commonly used language in the world of business, science, and technology. Therefore, knowing how to speak and write English can give individuals a competitive edge in the job market.
Secondly, English is the language of education. Many universities and academic institutions require students to have a good understanding of the English language to be able to study and succeed in their courses. Moreover, most academic research is conducted in English, making it necessary for researchers and scholars to have a good command of the language.
Thirdly, learning English language can improve one's ability to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. English is the language of travel, and knowing how to speak English can make it easier for individuals to communicate with people from different countries and enjoy their travel experience to the fullest.
How to learn English language effectively?
Immerse yourself in the language: One of the best ways to learn English is to immerse yourself in the language. This means surrounding yourself with English-speaking people and materials, such as books, movies, and TV shows. This will help you to become more familiar with the language and improve your listening and speaking skills.
Practice regularly: Learning a language requires consistent practice. Set aside some time every day to practice speaking, reading, and writing in English. You can use language learning apps, watch English language videos, or read English language books to improve your skills.
Focus on grammar and vocabulary: Grammar and vocabulary are important components of any language. Learning the grammar rules and building your vocabulary can help you to communicate more effectively in English.
Find a language exchange partner: A language exchange partner is someone who speaks English fluently and is looking to learn your native language. This can be a great opportunity to practice speaking with a native speaker and improve your language skills.
Take an English language course: Taking an English language course can provide a structured approach to learning the language. You can choose to take an online course or attend classes in person. A qualified teacher can help you to identify your weaknesses and provide you with feedback on your progress.
In conclusion, learning English language can open up a world of opportunities for individuals in various fields. It is the language of international communication, education, and travel. By immersing yourself in the language, practicing regularly, focusing on grammar and vocabulary, finding a language exchange partner, and taking an English language course, you can improve your language skills and achieve your language learning goals.
Langma School of Languages is one of the best foreign language institutes in Delhi, India. We offer more than 50 foreign languages courses and classes online and offline in Delhi, India and other countries in the world. Some of them are German language speaking course, Japanese language classes, Spanish language classes, Russian language coaching and so on.
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2023.04.01 13:40 AutoModerator [Get] Build Assets Online – Elite Fleet Plus

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2023.04.01 13:38 samcdc6600 CHECKSUM ERRORS IN ONE VDEV IN POOL

Recently the power was cut to my NAS. When I turned it back on I noticed that one of the VDEVs in my pool had checksum errors (I am at this point attributing this to the aforementioned loss of power.) My pool consists of two mirrored VDEVs. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to fix these checksum errors as they are only appearing on one VDEV.
Zpool status reports the following for the pool in question:
pool: zuulPool
state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An
attempt was made to correct the error. Applications are unaffected.
action: Determine if the device needs to be replaced, and clear the errors
using 'zpool clear' or replace the device with 'zpool replace'.
see: https://openzfs.github.io/openzfs-docs/msg/ZFS-8000-9P
scan: scrub repaired 0B in 10:56:17 with 0 errors on Thu Mar 30 22:49:09 2023
zuulPool ONLINE 0 0 0
mirror-0 ONLINE 0 0 0
gpt/TOSHIBA-14-TOP-7130A0LGFP7G ONLINE 0 0 0
errors: No known data errors
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2023.04.01 13:37 rensuhmnia Kpop Trade - Need help

Reposted because we needed to add some things and correct typos.
I'm sorry for how long this is. I'm helping post this for a friend. Sorry if I can't do this, here's as short as possible.
"Any experience would be of help. I'll summarize as much as possible.
A GOM in USA received a big batch of stuff from Korea. In there I had: 2 gos I had made + some individual things I bought at the time. I paid as quickly as possible so I could finally have my stuff and send my joiners their stuff as well. This GOM had already send me stuff on December so I thought it was all okay and everything will arrive as normal and I'll be finally done with this.
Week 1: my package gets sent, but the tracking label was sucked at "label created" status. I asked the gom about this, they asked the place they dropped it at and tell that everything has been picked up. I accept and wait
Week 2: Status still stuck in "label created". I start getting nervous, asked the user about it. They say they went there again, looked around with the staff of the store and there had been no packages left, everything was picked up. Opened a case at UPS and tell me we should wait. I accept but still ask for any sort of proof/receipt of the package or the claim so I could stop bothering them and just ask UPS in the meantime. I got none, they say that, as the place was not an office they get no receipt and that they got the email explaining that the case was opened and it will be like that up until 3 months. I accept and wait as I was also told by other people that some deliveries have been slow and tracking had been taking some time to update.
Week 3: no changes. I start getting more and more nervous. I want to clarify I never demanded anything but was always begging for help and any extra info they can give me. I did act more intense, sending one long message with info I found online and asking, once again, for maybe the claim ID so I could ask UPS about it. I was only answered once, no info was given, was told to wait. The other messages were left on read or ignored.
Week 4: I asked for help in reaching out. I was already desperate. Also, finally saw a change in the guide but this was a "void shipping" change that had me freaking out. This time I did send a new message to the GOM asking "what happened, where are my stuff" because I didn't knew ups automatically cancels guides that have not been scanned in over a month. The only thing I saw online was that only a registered user would be able to do that.
I want to clarify I have never insulted or demanded information in a bad way. I was always just desperately begging for any reassurance that at least there was an open case as I wouldn't be able to open one. I do admit I was being intense, but again, it was a box full of not only my stuff, but other people's.
The only time I "demanded" something was with that only label status change. And I did ask "what did you do to my stuff", just straight up panicking.
After that I finally received an answer in the form of various voice notes in a tone I perceived as condescending and angry. Saying that they went to left the packages there themselves, they saw them getting scanned and put on the shelf for the truck to pick them up. They had worked there do they know the stuff was correctly placed and given to the truck. Telling me they did what they could and that I was being disrespectful. That shouldn't even have done anything as they "are not responsible for lost/damages", that stuff gets lost and that's awful but it happens so not everybody can be a GOM, and if I couldn't wait 3 months then that was on me.
I felt awful. I apologized for my reaction, truly, I didn't knew what had happened or anything, yet so far I have not given any of the proofs I've asked for. I've asked UPS for weeks now and they have always answer that there's no case opened to that package. The GOM told me that they got an email with no reference number or anything, so there's nothing I guess. I asked why did they used UPS as I wanted to maybe ask anybody else if they had any delays or something, also because I was the only one I saw being sent through there, I do trust they send my stuff but just wanted any more information or even any number I could call to ask for help.
I have been given no proof or anything, the GOM told me that the package was still lost and that's it. I know I made them upset with the last message I sent but, again, they were not responding me I and I still didn't have any proof of anything... And I should just accept that the package o have been waiting for months is now lost in USA and that's it.
They did told me the first week that, when they went to the store, they told them my package have not been scanned correctly so they don't know how it magically disappeared. This statement just makes me feel really bad because it sound wrong...and I know I needed help to claim UPS for help.
Again, I admit I was really intense begging for help, but am I really wrong here...? What can I do...? I really cannot lose that... I'm sick right now because I have not been able to sleep at all thinking about it and my anxiety is getting worse. I can't ask for more help as the GOM told me they would not put up with me anymore... Ups keeps saying there's no case opened for my package... I'm miserable and need help... A friend told me to do a post but I'm honestly scared I'll make things worst or get nagged at again, or get blocked right away and no help at all.
I don't know if packages like this still manage to arrive, so maybe I should wait, but I have no input from anybody, all I got got was that this was not normal, contact ups and wait. But it's been a month, the tracking number doesn't work anymore, I'm so scared... Any more information or experiences would be really helpful."
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2023.04.01 13:35 veganistbtw Is hardware important for opsec?

I'm a political activist and want to avoid getting traced by my government. I try to learn more about staying anonymous online, but I can't find anything about hardware. If I buy a new PC or laptop and take proper precautions like encryption, using Tor, a good OS, etc., will I be okay, or is a PC or laptop traceable from the start? I have read the rules
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2023.04.01 13:35 RyanzRetroReviewz The Vikings - 1958 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz

The Vikings - 1958

The Vikings is a 1958 epic semi historical/romance movie directed by Richard Fleischer (the son of the great american animatoinnovator and early cartoon producer Max Fleischer, responsible for the creations of Popeye the Sailor man, Betty Boop and many more), who after having spent years in the B movie industry, was now riding high on the success of his Walt Disney produced 1954 adaption of the classic Jules Verne novel "20,000 leagues under the sea" (also starring Kirk Douglas) when he decided to take on the helms of this larger scale and more adult oriendted epic full of love, lust and bloodshed all set in the Viking Age of England and Scandinavia.
With the starring role of this picture going to the mammoth of acting that was Kirk Douglas (although before the more well known "Spartacus" from 1961, this is after he had played the part of Perseus in the 1956 "Ulysseus" movie, so he was already on top), fresh off his hot streak with his new sidekick of a director from "20,000" (Douglas personally hired Fleishcer for this, being that it was his own production company behind the financing). He is non-casually joined by the all time (and/or old time) Hollywood couple Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (progenitors of the now Scream Queen of old, not to mention still world class beauty, Jamie-Lee Curtis) making this their fifth out of eleven movies together, as well as a big old bowl of Ernest Borgnine dumped on top, having already solidified himself on the big screen as both a well known character actor and a main star. Now, when a movie can boast about having such a combination of high quality talent as this, you know it's bound to be great (although, there are exceptions).
The prologue title sequence of this movie alone is worth note, giving us the audience the pleasure of hearing the stern but soothing (if that makes any sense) voice of the great Orson Welles as he explains to us the whos, whats, whens, and why's of the viking expansions and invasions into the British Isles, as well as the political landscape of England itself at this time in history. This is done as we're shown a bunch of spectacuclar tapestry/parchment paper drawings of Vikings battling against Englishmen, complete with a more than perfectly passionate orchestral theme that invokes the thought of the King Arthur tales of yore, all coming together to add a real sense of authenticity to this epic that we've yet to even see begin...which it does with a bang.
Or the swipe of a sword to be more exact, as the viking leader Ragnar (Borgnine) and his band of warriors fall down upon the camp of the English King Edwin of Northumbria. The two leaders enter into a private duel in the King's tent, with Ragnar slaying his foe and further forcing himself down upon the deadman's wife, Queen Enid, ultimately and unknowingly impregnanting her before disappearing back into the Northlands. Knowing that the child is that of Ragnar's, but will still be seen as a threat to the new King Aella (Frank Thring), Enid gives birth to the child whom she names Eric, in secret and finally sends him away to Italy with her most confident of priests, placing the hilt stone of the King's rightful sword on a rope around his next to later one day be indentified as true heir to the throne of Northumbria.
Years later at the court of King Aella, we come to meet princess Morgana of Wales (Janet Leigh), as her Father pledges her to Aella as a token of alliance between their two kingdoms. King Echbert of Wessex (James Donald) is then brought up on charges of aiding the Vikings in their raids on England's kingdom's in order to protect his own lands, and is thrown into the dungeons to die. We learn that the charges are true when Echbert escapes from Northumbria and finds refuge with the Viking leader Ragnar aboard his longship. The vikings travel back to Scandinavia with Echbert and his promises to continue providing them with coastline and river maps for further raid and plunder.
The incredbily wide shot scenes of the long ships coming into port in the fords of Norway are truly spectacular (clearly being filmed on location), elevated by the realistic built sets that make up the Viking and village (not to mention the ships themselves), as well as the dozens of costumes and hairstyles worn by the extras that are showcased throughout (and a really awesome Viking horn blower welcoming the warriors back home each time, echoing the fantastic sounding orchestral theme of the movie yet again). Also, we now get some of that real over the top barbarian type behaviour being portrayed by Ainar (Douglas), son of Rangar, as we, the mostly uneducated in history average film-goer, would expect out of any and all vikings on screen (it is pretty awesome though); complete with beer guzzling, barell smashing, deranged angry tones, and wishes for barrels of blood to guzzle down instead of that of beer.
Ainar hates all Englishmen, but agrees to his Father and Chieftain's demands to keep after Echbert and see that he wants for nothing. One day while breaking in their hunting hawks, Ainar starts up a confrontation with a slave named Eric (Tony Curtis), the unknowing son of Ragnar, subsequent half brother of Ainar, and true King of Northumbria, who had been abducted from his ship en route to Italy all those years ago. Eric then sicks his own hawk that he's recently found onto his oppressor, leaving Ainar with only one good eye, and himself now with a guaranteed death sentence.
At the feasting hall however, a volva woman steps in against Ragnar's judgement of death, claiming that the gods do not wish for Eric to die by any man's hand, to which Ragnar outsmarts and has Eric taken instead to a rock pool off the coast at high tide to await an eventual death from drowning. Echbert though finds the stone from around Eric's neck and, realizing who he is, goes down to the rock pool to save him and claim him as his own slave in order to keep him safe from Ainar. We also get some more awesome over the top barbarian type behavior, now complete with ass smacking, random kissing orgys, more beer guzzling and axes being thrown at a viking's wife's hair braids to judge wether she's been faithful or not (this movie's about as toxic male chauvinist as it gets, but still... really awesome).
Echbert eventually finishes his maps for the Vikings, as well giving them the idea to abduct and ransom Princess Morgana before her marriage to Aella, with Ainar carrying out the task and giving us a pretty decent battle at sea in the process. Ainar though, now falls madly in love with Morgana and wishes to claim her as his own. When back at the hall once again, we get even more over the top barbarian behavior, beer guzzling, rape jokes, etc, etc, (what do you want from them?, they're Vikings), all this before Ragnar finally concedes to his son's wants and needs, allowing him to claim Morgana as his own. But when Ainar tries to force himself upon her, Eric appears from behind and knocks him out, bringing Morgana to escape with him on a boat to England.
A really-rad boat chase scene ensues through the fog filled fjords, culminating in the collision of both Ragnar and Ainar's boats into one another, sending half of the Vikings to their deaths. All but Ragnar that is, who's saved and pulled onto Eric's boat, heading straight for the King of Northumbria. Ainar swears revenge against Eric, while the two escapees fall madly in love en-route to England.
At the court of King Aella, Eric hands over Ragnar then asks that Morgana be relieved of her pledge of marriage, to which she agrees with. The King demands that she take more time to reflect with her priest, then forces Eric to try to take part in the execution of Ragnar by pushing him into a rabid wolf pit. Eric refuses by cutting Ragnar's bonds and giving him a sword, so that he may die a warrior's death and be aloud to enter Valhalla, giving us an extremely climactic ending of Ernest Borgnine's character in this tale as he raises his arms and voice to summon Odin the All-Father, before jumping to his death in the wolf pit, sword in hand and smile on his face (man Vikings were badass!).
Eric has his hand chopped off as punishment and is set adrift into the sea, but not before the priest -and Morgana find the King's "Pummel-stone" amongst Eric's belongings, coming to the realization that he is the true heir of Northumbria. Morgana then runs in the room just in time to see Eric's amputation, letting out a horrific scream at the sight of it (she wasn't called America's first "Scream Queen" for nothing folks. So this is where Jamie-Lee gets it from eh).
Back in Scandinavia, Ainar is now King of the Vikings, but can't seem to raise an army to retrieve Morgana, until Eric comes back and tells them of Ragnar's death. The two (still unknowing) half brothers now team up to defeat the tyrant King Aella, to both gain revenge for Ragnar and to rescue Morgana, leading the "Great Heathen Army" across the sea to England (in the year of our lord 865 for those of you history buffs).
Between the ships leaving of Scandinavia, and the army's landing and setting up of their assault on Northumbria, you really come to ask yourself as to why film-goers are NEVER treated to such a large scale production as this anymore (well, at least not since The Lord of The Rings as I recall). The amount of extras, costume pieces and props required for this must have been incredible, but all completely necessary in the creation of a full on believable historic setting such as this.
So the Vikings land and lay siege unto Aella's stronghold, battering rams, catapults, axes, spears, swords, the works (not to mention Kirk Douglas scaling the Castle's front door using only axes for leverage. Again, you just don't see stuff like this anymore). Ainar cuts his way through to Morgana's room, but upon realizing that she loves Eric, and that Eric is also a son of Ragnar, he takes her to confront his half brother and fight for their prize.
Eric meets Ainar at the top of the castle and the two enter into an extremely well coordinated battle of the blades, until Ainar breaks Eric's sword that is. But Eric seizes a moment of hesitation that befalls Ainar, and stabs his half brother in the gut with the broken down blade of his sword. Ainar then drops his sword, but Eric picks it up and gives it back to him, again allowing for a true Viking death. He uses the last of his strength in a final roar to summon up Odin, then Ainar is no more. Eric and Morgana embrace each other with love bringing us to the end of this movie, but not before treating the audience to an authentic Viking cremation funeral for Ainar, in which he is cast off to see in a ship and flaming arrows sent flying to the mass. We watch the ship and Ainar's body burn as the credits to "The Vikings" comes up once more, leading us into the ending credits with more authentic looking parchment scroll drawings of the Vikings battling against Englishmen, and finally coming together as one (accompanied again by the awe inspiring orchestral themes of yore every step of the way).
To sum it all up, "The Vikings" (1958) is literally THE - BEST Viking movie that's ever been made. Full of high quality A-list stars (to which I'd say is one of both Kirk's and Tony's coolest characters ever portrayed on screen), and a great group of secondary character actors like James Donald, Frank Thring, Eileen Way and many more. The story is well put together by screenwriters Calder Willingham and Dale Wiserman (based on a novel by Edison Marshall), with the underlying theme being the coming together of two peoples, as well as giving us a pretty cool backstory for a very real and historic time in Northwestern Europe. The wide scale shots and surrounding sceneries caught by DP Jack Cardiff are truly amazing, joined by epic scale (and pretty damn authentic) sets-props-hairstyles and makeups, very well coordinated swordfights and stunts, and lets not forget the awe inspiring orchestral theme of yore laid down by composer Mario Nascimbene and conductor Franco Ferrara. All this is brought together perfectly by director Max Fleischer in what was defenitely the largest scale movie of his career. I would recommend this movie not only to fans of retro cinema, but to anyone who loves epic scale warrior movies, as well as to general ancient world history buffs.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley
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2023.04.01 13:35 InTheSkyCity 3/31/23

“Pardon me, excusez-moi. Yeah, I coulda made a better choice, I mean, what the fuck? I'm sorry. I'm fucking sorry!”
“I'm sorry, I'm sorry I don't see you more. I'm sorry that the four minutes where you see your son could feel like a chore. Sis', I'm sorry I'm your kin. Sorry we ain't close as we should've been. Sorry to my old friends. The stories we coulda wrote if our egos didn't take the pen. Sorry to the freaks I led on. Who thought their life was gonna change 'cause I gave 'em head on, but instead, I sped off, yeah, I know I'm dead wrong. Sorry to the guys I had to hide. Sorry to the girls I had to lie to. Who ain't need to know if I was by the lake switchin' tides, too. Anyway, I don't wanna talk. Sorry if you gotta dig for info I don't wanna give. So you stalk, make up fibs, just to talk about my private life 'cause you're weird. Met that girl this year, that's none ya biz. Give enough with my art, know your place. My personal space, y'all don't need to to be a part. I'm sorry I don't wanna link and small talk over dinner. I don't even drink, can't guilt trip me, I'm ice cold, roller rink. N!gga-n!gga-n!gga, read the room. Don't assume n!ggas is cool. Stay in your pocket, this is pool. Blah, blah, blah, blah 'bout trauma. You ain't special, everybody got problems, uh. Sorry I'm not empathetic. Sorry you think I'm pathetic. Sorry I don't wanna bro down. Sorry I don't know your pronouns. I don't mean no disrespect, but, damn, we just met, calm the fuck down. Oh, I'm out of touch and I'm a jerk? A bank account could never match my worth. Sorry, Mother Earth. Polluted air with chemicals and dirt. These cars ain't gonna buy and drive themselves. What the hell you think I work for? Not to not explore and stay the same. Sorry to the fans who say I changed, 'cause I did. Sorry you don't know me on a personal level to pinpoint what it is. I'm sorry to my ancestors, I know I'm supposed to fight, but this ice shinin' brighter than a black man's plight, I'ma make it right. In the meantime, I'll give some advice while these blood diamonds gettin' cleaned off. N!gga, fuck the price, spend it then, then again, I can't save n!ggas. I'm not Superman, but I could try. I'm sorry I'm pretentious. Sorry that the talent, knowledge, passion isn't missin'. Sorry when I talk my shit and I could back it up with confidence, it get you n!ggas trippin', man. Fuck the numbers, fuck a hook. You put me on a stage and I'll show you the difference. Let me see y'all hit a stage. Let me see y'all write a page. Let me see you make a decision I made, and claim that I don't know about minimum wage or Section 8. Water in the ketchup bottle to stretch when niggas ate. Gettin' pressed by n!ggas hoppin' gates. Thinkin' it's normal 'cause you ain't supposed to make it past eighteen or escape the Figure 8 cycle, and I promise this is like a diet, I'ma make a way and I did, did. Feel good, work paid off, now we gon' celebrate, but niggas claim you arrogant when they can't relate to moments of feelin' great. So they aim, duck-duck-duck 'em. Shot right back, buck-buck-buck 'em. Sorry, not sorry. I got two words, fuck 'em.”
“Okay, cool.”
Today was more of an idea of what I planned yesterday to be. I babysat my sister for a few hours, she mostly wanted to use her iPad tho. I made sure to have one of our hide and seek matches tho. Nor did she cry when I caught her this time, she’s starting to be more humble it seems.
My mom went out with me for a bit, shit, now I got a haircut. It was actually somewhat decent. I’m happy. Then told my family that lll be visiting soon.
Returned home, and the rest of the day went by instantly. Did a good amount of my homework. Spent a lot of time on this one Lego painting thing I got yesterday, it was pretty calming working on it tbh. Listened to music. Got high.
It was a chill ass day.
Song Of The Day: Tyler The Creator - SORRY NOT SORRY
I love this song so fucking much, it’s got to be one of Tyler’s best songs. And I’m not saying that because of recency bias.
I already it was going to be perfect from the jump with the way DJ Drama yelled in the intro.
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2023.04.01 13:34 KoreoBace Would calling myself a SA survivor be the SA variant of stolen valor?

I (18M) have experienced what would be considered sexual assault, but I don’t even know if my experience has any validity to it.
I had to stay at a psychiatry for other teenagers for a couple of months back when I was 13 where I had to deal with this one girl (16 at the time) who had this obsession with me. I remember at least 2-3 occasions where she would try to use me as a body pillow against my will, and there was this one time she ganged up on me with another girl (14 at the time) and they both started grabbing at my dick for nearly half a minute after suspecting I had a boner. I was under the delusion that sexual assault can only be man-on-woman, so I literally didn’t even realize it until a full three years later. I only hit the realization by complete accident sometime after searching up ‘male rape’ on YouTube out of sheer curiosity, which resulted in me looking more into male sexual misconduct which wound up making me realize that sexual misconduct is not a one way street after all as well suddenly remembering what happened years ago. But even now, I still feel like fraud for having the audacity to label myself as a sexual assault survivor.
Unlike most experiences I’ve read here and elsewhere, even from people whose experiences were on a similar or even a lower level of severity, the experiences didn’t affect me at all. They left me with zero trauma, they had zero effect on my life, I completely forgot about it for years, it completely disappeared from my mind for years, it never popped up in my mind, it never gave me any flashbacks, it never gave me any nightmares, it never popped up in my dreams, reading sexual assault stories or seeing sexual assault scenes in movies doesn’t ‘trigger’ me or any of that, if anything it just kinda feels awkward, I don’t understand this whole ‘feeling disgusted with yourself’ thing, I don’t even remember what I was wearing when it happened, I don't even know how to respond to people who come forward about sexual assault other than thinking "Ok. Well, that sucks I guess.", I even had to visit the place where it happened after I was released for a couple of appointments but the incident never crossed my mind, and basically it didn’t affect me at all until I hit the realization years later. And even after that, the only thing it really did was leave me with the typical feeling of betrayal and deception for having been lied to and suddenly make me feel threatened and offended by the mere presence of other girls my age (who I don’t know), but for some reason it’s less about being worried they’ll sexually assault me and more about being worried they’ll falsely accuse me of sexually assaulting/harassing them as well as this whole feeling of "People like you got away with casually sexually assaulting me. Go fuck yourself hypocritical scum."? Hell, even puny things like toxic players in online videogames, annoying characters or scenes in movies/TV shows, or having to deal with annoying children in public seem to affect me way more. Hell, I also recently had to deal with a bunch of girls who've been stalking me, and this too seems to have affected me way more.
Considering I’ve read stories of women getting PTSD or just being mentally scarred from groping or verbal harassment, even when it was done by just one person, sometimes after one instance, sometimes at the absence of any violence, whereas I was completely unaffected after having been ganged up on, and even though I have read stories of male victims having to deal with those psychological issues, trying to call myself a sexual assault survivor literally makes me feel and sound like a fraud because I cannot relate to or understand any of the psychological issues most other sexual assault survivors seem to be having to deal with, so I don’t even know if it’s right for me to call myself a sexual assault survivor because unlike most other people, I was completely unaffected and could easily pass as somebody who’s never even heard of sexual assault, which is basically what I thought I was until I hit the realization. Even now, grouping myself with sexual assault survivors feels like committing stolen valor. But what do I know.
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2023.04.01 13:34 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

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2023.04.01 13:32 RyanzRetroReviewz The Thing From Another World - 1951 Film Review - RyanzRetroReviewz


The thing from another world i 1951 horrosci-fi movie starring Kenneth Tobey Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer and James Arness as "The Thing". Directed by Christian Nyby, or by Howard Hawks himself depending on which version of the story you believe, and produced by Hawks' own "Winchester Pictures Corporation", this movie is one of the early and perfect examples of when Hollywood films began to turn away from the classical horror movie monsters (i.e. Dracula and Frankenstein) that reigned in the 1930s and '40s, and into the realm of more science fiction based monsters.
The movie follows a group of U.S. air force personnel and a team of civilian scientists, who find a frozen humanoid alien buried under the ice in the remote reaches of northern Alaska. When the creature thaws out and comes back to life, with it's only goal being the multiplying of it's species and taking over the planet, the military men and scientist must band together to put a stop to this threat to all humanity.
We start it all off with army journalist Ned "Scotty" arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska to meet his old friend air force pilot Captain Pat Hendry, and his loyal but wise cracking flight crew. Some quick witted dialogue brings the audience to a familiar level with our characters, as they together all fly further north to a remote scientific research station, which has recently detected on radar, a large unknown aircraft crashing down into the ice in the near area.
Upon arrival at "Polar Expedition 6", Cpt. Hendry is first treated to a comically-romantic reunion with base secretary Nicki Nicholson, who's past (and possible future) history together has become the brunt of a joke amongst Hendry's men. After a quick rundown of the situation from base leader Dr. Carrington, a group of both the scientists and airmen fly out to the crash zone to investigate.
The team first finds a giant skid trail along the ice, further leading to a full on "flying saucer" at the end of the path, now buried down a few feet below the ice. When they try to thaw it out with thermite charges, the ship reacts and self destructs, leaving no evidence behind for the team to document and study, until they find a humanoid figure just a little further away, also frozen a few feet beneath the ice. Now very carefully, the group hacks out the frozen figure and hauls it back on the plane to the research station.
Back at Polar Expedition 6, the movie's themes begin to come to surface when the age old debate kicks off between brawn and brain, with Dr. Carrington wishing to thaw out the creature for further scientific research, and Cpt. Hendry insisting that this is now a military issue, requiring official military authority before carrying on with anything in regards to "the thing from another world".
"The thing" slowly starts to thaw out on it's own, finally coming back to life and attacking one of the airmen from behind, before fleeing off into the storm, and having his arm chewed off by the sled dogs just outside of the base.
Hendry and his men then form an armed search party of the perimeter and keep constant guard, giving film audiences some of the greatest jump out and scare you scenes of it's day, this being elevated by the bursting loud and terrifying theme that comes along anytime the creature appears on screen.
Dr. Carrington continuingly argues that the creature is not dangerous and must not be harmed, all while he and his team of scientist attempt to further study the creature's severed limb, finally coming to learn that this "Thing from another world" has a similar biological structure as to that of vegetable, only requiring blood other than water as the main source of nourishment for it's growth and reproduction cycle.
A secret experiment is then put into motion with Carrington actually growing these creatures from scratch in the greenhouse room closet.
But when "The Thing" then begins killing off members of the research team, most of the scientist come to agree with Cpt. Hendry and his assessment that this creature defenetely means humanity harm. A further search of the grounds unveils Dr. Carrington's mad scientist experiment, with Hendry ordering it all to be destroyed, as well as confining Carrington to limited quarters around the base.
Some practical thinking from Mrs. Nicholson helps the airmen come to realize the best way of killing this thing is by cooking it, as you do with all vegetables. This gives the special effects department their chance to shine and raise up the audiences pulses as Cpt. Hendry and his crew fight the monster, first with fire (lighting up an entire set and a record holding stuntman for it in the process), then with electricity, but not before Dr. Carrington throws himself in the middle of the "angry mob" and the creature, only to find out first hand that the creature has no interest in a mutual understanding.
But will the combined brains and brawn of the air force men and scientist, be enough to defeat The Thing from Another World? And if so, are there more out there? "Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies".
To sum it all up, The Thing from Another World (1951) is a great piece of everlasting cinema, taking us through a great storyline, with great actors, giving great performances the entire way. With such a definitive setting and great all around special effects, all rounded together by director Christian Nyby, and producer Howard Hawks, this movie remains an instant classic to any who tune into it for years to come, rivaling many of today's horror movies by far. While being remade on not 1, but 2 occasions, also helps this movie survive on through the era, but none will ever truly rival the classic.
And that's all she wrote folks. Thanks for reading.
Ryan D. Hurley.
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2023.04.01 13:30 AutoModerator [Download] Dan Koe – The 2 Hour Writer Instant Delivery, Full Course

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I could go on, but by now you should know whether or not learning to write better, faster, and original-er is worth it to you.
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2023.04.01 13:30 Deleganth Military Branch Idea: The Cyber Corps

Military Branch Idea: The Cyber Corps
A sub-branch within the D.O.D. full of hackers trained to wage cyber-warfare. Not contractors like the NSA does.

An example of the peak of Cyber Corps service members.
As the world becomes more and more dependent on computers, IT, and its associated infrastructure. Wouldn't it make sense to have a part of the Department of Defense dedicated to the training and deployment of hackers for cyber-warfare? I'm not talking about a single MOS number, I'm talking about a sub-branch full of people trained to wage warfare online.

One of the Cyber Corps hackers of all time. Legends say he once hacked an N64 using a Fischer Price guitar.

Training Regiment:
  • 12-18 weeks of intensive IT training and button-mashing preparation.
  • PT test Requirements
    • Able to lift two full bags of doritos at once.
    • Able to go weeks without sleeping or showering.
    • Preemptive carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Standards
    • New recruits are required to throw out all of their cell phones before showing up to training. They will be issued their own, new phones, codenamed: Digivices.
    • All members must run a variant of Linux that they made themselves on their own personal computers.
    • All members must be trained in trolling Apple owners.
    • All members must be able to recite the entire DOS operating system in machine code from memory.

Depicted here is a realistic battle within cyberspace.
These digital warriors may climb in the ranks and one day become "digital champions" or even get as far as "digi-destined" if they get high enough in their ranks.
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2023.04.01 13:30 ilovetechno71 Spanish lessons

Hello people,
I'm looking to do Spanish lessons in the Reading area. I would prefer face to face rather than online
I work for a Spanish beer company, Estrella Galicia, so I would love to learn basic Spanish as I visit La Coruna quite a lot throughout the year
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2023.04.01 13:30 ArchangelleOfHelle Monthly Low Hanging Fruit Megathread

Welcome to the monthly Low Hanging Fruit megathread. This is a containment area to post all the stuff from places we would normally deem too toxic, so don your biohazard suit and bring us back some glowing nuggets of radioactive waste!
The current list of low-hanging fruit subs can be found here or in the "How to Post" section of the sidebar. Feel free to submit from any of the listed subs except for /teenagers.
Guidelines for submitting pls read them:
BRDspeed Nirwads!

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2023.04.01 13:29 shoppurpleturtle Curriculum for Preschoolers in Home-Schooling

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2023.04.01 13:28 adhd-photokid The more I learn, the more I hate my ex

My ex and I split a year ago. We were insanely in love. We had issues at home like not doing the dishes right away etc but nothing really overly consuming. We were, again, incredibly in love and felt so supported by each other.
A few difficult things happened in my exs life and she lost a lot of very close people in a very short period of time. She had never lost anyone before. I had dealt with this kind of loss and supported her to the best of my capabilities.
I stood by her side, took care of her, supported her emotionally, made sure to make space for her emotions and grief, while providing fun and love. I held her when she would break down at night and cry herself to sleep. I listened to every single thing she had to say and provided all the support o could, I encouraged her to go back to therapy to deal with her issues. I was a fucking rock.
Months went by and my exs grief turned into anger, anger that was aimed at me. It was devastating.
At first, I was able to reframe situations and help her understand that no, she wasn’t mad at me because she forgot to wash a dish, she was mad at life because things were hard and life was putting her in a difficult position.
After a couple of months her anger escalated to the point that she would get angry for requesting advice, or sympathy, or just wanting to share something that happened in my life.
She lost all empathy for me at one point. But we continued being incredibly in love and started salvaging parts of our relationship.
That is, until, I hit a wall. I felt so defeated. So weak bu all her constant nagging and making me feel like I could never do anything right. I asked her if we were going to make it.
This conversation lasted a couple of months and she decided she didn’t want to try. So we split and I moved out.
We continued dating for a few weeks after ending things and me moving out. We saw each other frequently and continued expressing love.
Every since the breakup things have been shit. So much has happened and she has done things that truly make me resent her.
I realized she was emotionally abusive and more. She’s done horrible things to take any power or will away from me and I am very tired.
We’re not in each other lives anyone other than the ocasional text and run-in.
Today I found out that while we were still seeing each other, not even two weeks after I moved out, SHE HAD ALREADY STARTED DATING HER NEW PARTNER. She moved this person into our old place THREE MONTHS after I moved out.
The level of disrespect is insane and so is the disregard for our relationship and everything I did for her.
I have so much love for her but fuck I hate her so much. I hate how hesrtless she was, how emotionally abusive, how much trauma she caused.
I hate she made me feel like nothing, and discarded me just as easily when I was “the one” I’m ducking angry.
She took my pets, most of my furniture, my favorite shorts and hoodies, my fucking happiness, my mental health, GONE.
She made me feel like the worst person to have ever lived yet here I am, hurt like a little POs.
And I’m so tired of feeling this way and finding out new things that continue to hurt me. I expected better.
Thanks for reading
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2023.04.01 13:28 titofrito cemu quit unexpectedly

hey all, i was playing botw fine on macos ventura but because of another program i had to downgrade to monterey. cemu now crashes instantly. any ideas?

Translated Report (Full Report Below)

Incident Identifier: A2F14891-929C-46FA-AC0B-12FB8BCBC2B4 CrashReporter Key: 81CFABE3-CE7C-7021-C4CE-F4A86F7AB99F Hardware Model: MacBookPro18,3 Process: Cemu [3946] Path: /Applications/Cemu.app/Contents/MacOS/Cemu Identifier: info.cemu.Cemu Version: 2.0.0 (2.0.0) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Role: Default Parent Process: launchd [1] Coalition: info.cemu.Cemu [1539]
Date/Time: 2023-04-01 12:14:18.1873 +0100 Launch Time: 2023-04-01 12:14:18.1618 +0100 OS Version: macOS 12.6.4 (21G526) Release Type: User Report Version: 104
Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x00007ff7ffdb59b0 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: SIGNAL 5 Trace/BPT trap: 5 Terminating Process: exc handler [3946]
Triggered by Thread: 0
Thread 0 Crashed: 0 runtime 0x7ff7ffdb59b0 0x7ff7ffd98000 + 121264 1 runtime 0x7ff7ffdb5394 0x7ff7ffd98000 + 119700 2 runtime 0x7ff7ffdad0c4 0x7ff7ffd98000 + 86212 3 runtime 0x7ff7ffd9bae0 0x7ff7ffd98000 + 15072 4 dyld 0x204753000 ???
Thread 0 crashed with ARM Thread State (64-bit): x0: 0x0000000000000000 x1: 0x0000000000000003 x2: 0x000000000000003c x3: 0x000000000000002c x4: 0x0000000000000303 x5: 0x0000000000000000 x6: 0x0000000000000000 x7: 0x00000000000003e0 x8: 0x00007ff7ffdd3000 x9: 0x0000000000000000 x10: 0x0000000000000000 x11: 0x00007ff7ffdd38f4 x12: 0x0000000000000000 x13: 0x0000000000000039 x14: 0x00007ff7ffdd37a8 x15: 0x00007ff7ffdbb818 x16: 0xffffffffffffffe1 x17: 0x00007ff7ffdc46e1 x18: 0x000000030ae2514b x19: 0x00007ff7ffdc92e1 x20: 0x00007ff7ffdc3ba2 x21: 0x0000000000000063 x22: 0x00007ff7ffdc3b96 x23: 0x000000030ae240b0 x24: 0x000000010c5b12e0 x25: 0x0000000000000248 x26: 0x0000000000000009 x27: 0x00000002047d31b8 x28: 0x0000000000000001 fp: 0x000000030ae24070 lr: 0x00007ff7ffdb59a8 sp: 0x000000030ae24050 pc: 0x00007ff7ffdb59b0 cpsr: 0x60001000 far: 0x000000030ae23fe8 esr: 0xf2000001 (Breakpoint) brk 1
Binary Images: 0x7ff7ffd98000 - 0x7ff7ffdc7fff runtime () <218e3e1a-01ef-38f1-9048-bd963b06fdf0> /uslibexec/rosetta/runtime 0x204753000 - 0x2047befff dyld () <6376ba16-20f7-3c31-a5c5-a10648ae7b56> /uslib/dyld
Error Formulating Crash Report: dyld_process_snapshot_get_shared_cache failed

Full Report

{"appname":"Cemu","timestamp":"2023-04-01 12:14:18.00 +0100","app_version":"2.0.0","slice_uuid":"46662744-4097-3866-a36c-f94cf0c1f54e","build_version":"2.0.0","platform":0,"bundleID":"info.cemu.Cemu","share_with_app_devs":0,"is_first_party":0,"bug_type":"309","os_version":"macOS 12.6.4 (21G526)","incident_id":"A2F14891-929C-46FA-AC0B-12FB8BCBC2B4","name":"Cemu"} { "uptime" : 3700, "procLaunch" : "2023-04-01 12:14:18.1618 +0100", "procRole" : "Default", "version" : 2, "userID" : 501, "deployVersion" : 210, "modelCode" : "MacBookPro18,3", "procStartAbsTime" : 89658987518, "coalitionID" : 1539, "osVersion" : { "train" : "macOS 12.6.4", "build" : "21G526", "releaseType" : "User" }, "captureTime" : "2023-04-01 12:14:18.1873 +0100", "incident" : "A2F14891-929C-46FA-AC0B-12FB8BCBC2B4", "bug_type" : "309", "pid" : 3946, "procExitAbsTime" : 89659565390, "translated" : true, "cpuType" : "X86-64", "procName" : "Cemu", "procPath" : "/Applications/Cemu.app/Contents/MacOS/Cemu", "bundleInfo" : {"CFBundleShortVersionString":"2.0.0","CFBundleVersion":"2.0.0","CFBundleIdentifier":"info.cemu.Cemu"}, "storeInfo" : {"deviceIdentifierForVendor":"CC064FFA-2F02-5797-BCAB-84B87C150EF5","thirdParty":true}, "parentProc" : "launchd", "parentPid" : 1, "coalitionName" : "info.cemu.Cemu", "crashReporterKey" : "81CFABE3-CE7C-7021-C4CE-F4A86F7AB99F", "wakeTime" : 2648, "sleepWakeUUID" : "8BB2E5F0-FB74-41FC-8CD9-8FB511DBDF1B", "sip" : "enabled", "isCorpse" : 1, "exception" : {"codes":"0x0000000000000001, 0x00007ff7ffdb59b0","rawCodes":[1,140703126215088],"type":"EXC_BREAKPOINT","signal":"SIGTRAP"}, "termination" : {"flags":0,"code":5,"namespace":"SIGNAL","indicator":"Trace/BPT trap: 5","byProc":"exc handler","byPid":3946}, "extMods" : {"caller":{"thread_create":0,"thread_set_state":0,"task_for_pid":0},"system":{"thread_create":0,"thread_set_state":0,"task_for_pid":0},"targeted":{"thread_create":0,"thread_set_state":0,"task_for_pid":0},"warnings":0}, "faultingThread" : 0, "threads" : [{"triggered":true,"id":59463,"threadState":{"x":[{"value":0},{"value":3},{"value":60},{"value":44},{"value":771},{"value":0},{"value":0},{"value":992},{"value":140703126335488},{"value":0},{"value":0},{"value":140703126337780,"symbolLocation":140,"symbol":"crashreporter_info"},{"value":0},{"value":57},{"value":140703126337448},{"value":140703126239256},{"value":18446744073709551585},{"value":140703126275809},{"value":13067505995},{"value":140703126295265},{"value":140703126272930},{"value":99},{"value":140703126272918},{"value":13067501744},{"value":4502262496},{"value":584},{"value":9},{"value":8665248184,"symbolLocation":0,"symbol":"dyld_all_image_infos"},{"value":1}],"flavor":"ARM_THREAD_STATE64","lr":{"value":140703126215080},"cpsr":{"value":1610616832},"fp":{"value":13067501680},"sp":{"value":13067501648},"esr":{"value":4060086273,"description":"(Breakpoint) brk 1"},"pc":{"value":140703126215088,"matchesCrashFrame":1},"far":{"value":13067501544}},"frames":[{"imageOffset":121264,"imageIndex":0},{"imageOffset":119700,"imageIndex":0},{"imageOffset":86212,"imageIndex":0},{"imageOffset":15072,"imageIndex":0},{"imageOffset":0,"imageIndex":1}]}], "usedImages" : [ { "source" : "P", "arch" : "arm64", "base" : 140703126093824, "size" : 196608, "uuid" : "218e3e1a-01ef-38f1-9048-bd963b06fdf0", "path" : "/uslibexec/rosetta/runtime", "name" : "runtime" }, { "source" : "P", "arch" : "x86_64", "base" : 8664723456, "size" : 442368, "uuid" : "6376ba16-20f7-3c31-a5c5-a10648ae7b56", "path" : "/uslib/dyld", "name" : "dyld" } ], "vmSummary" : "ReadOnly portion of Libraries: Total=840K resident=0K(0%) swapped_out_or_unallocated=840K(100%)\nWritable regions: Total=137.9M written=0K(0%) resident=0K(0%) swapped_out=0K(0%) unallocated=137.9M(100%)\n\n VIRTUAL REGION \nREGION TYPE SIZE COUNT (non-coalesced) \n=========== ======= ======= \nRosetta Generic 8K 2 \nRosetta IndirectBranch (reserved) 32K 1 reserved VM address space (unallocated)\nRosetta JIT 128.0M 1 \nSTACK GUARD 56.0M 1 \nStack 8176K 1 \nVM_ALLOCATE (reserved) 1904K 3 reserved VM address space (unallocated)\nDATA 80K 3 \nDATA_CONST 80K 1 \nLINKEDIT 240K 4 \n_TEXT 624K 2 \nmapped file 30.0M 7 \n=========== ======= ======= \nTOTAL 224.9M 26 \nTOTAL, minus reserved VM space 223.0M 26 \n", "legacyInfo" : { "threadTriggered" : {
} }, "trialInfo" : { "rollouts" : [ { "rolloutId" : "607844aa04477260f58a8077", "factorPackIds" : { "SIRI_MORPHUN_ASSETS" : "6103050cbfe6dc472e1c982a" }, "deploymentId" : 240000066 }, { "rolloutId" : "6297d96be2c9387df974efa4", "factorPackIds" : {
 }, "deploymentId" : 240000008 } 
], "experiments" : [
] }, "reportNotes" : [ "dyld_process_snapshot_get_shared_cache failed" ] }
Model: MacBookPro18,3, BootROM 8419.80.7, proc 8:6:2 processors, 32 GB, SMC Graphics: Apple M1 Pro, Apple M1 Pro, Built-In Display: Color LCD, 3024 x 1964 Retina, Main, MirrorOff, Online Memory Module: LPDDR5 AirPort: Wi-Fi, wl0: Apr 6 2022 05:55:54 version FWID 01-e7138ff2 Bluetooth: Version (null), 0 services, 0 devices, 0 incoming serial ports Network Service: Wi-Fi, AirPort, en0 USB Device: USB31Bus USB Device: USB31Bus USB Device: USB31Bus Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc. Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc. Thunderbolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc.
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2023.04.01 13:27 Fitness_Jack_ ‘Thrihyrne’ pronunciation

'Thrihyrne' pronunciation
I appreciate that fans range from casual interest, a focus on the wonder and fantasy element etc. to hardcore language experts. I'm somewhere in between now as an adult, having grown up as a child reader fitting in the first category.
Does anyone have a definitive answer on how 'Thrihyrne' is pronounced? There are bound to be knowledgeable people out there. It's one of the names that I trip up on as i re-read it.
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2023.04.01 13:25 Ray_Garraty1987 Career Advice

Hi all, I'm hoping to get some career advice as im sort of stuck in a deadend job and im not sure what to do next.
I've been working in IT for about 5 years now, started off mainly doing Level 1 Support and have now moved up to doing Level 2 and basic infrastructure support. I never really had any qualifications as I started off in customer service and sort of moved into the role when the company was looking for an IT support person. I do have a keen interest in IT, particularly in CybSec and im studying online towards a Cert IV in CybSec but the course seems very basic and I havent really learnt anything I dont already know so I doubt I could move into a CybSec role after finishing the course. I'm thinking of maybe studying towards some of the Comptia certs such as Security+ or even Pentest+ as that looks interesting but I dont know if these would be enough to get an entry level job in cybersecurity. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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2023.04.01 13:24 Healthinspiration Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet

Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet
Do you need to be more interested in attempting fad diets that promise short weight reduction but fail to deliver? Have you heard about the ketogenic eating regimen and need to offer it an attempt but realize where to start? Look no similar to this beginner's manual to beginning the ketogenic eating regimen! In this article, we will cowl everything you want to realize to start the course to a healthier, happier you.
Keto Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Starting the Ketogenic Diet

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic eating regimen is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate eating regimen that places your frame right into a kingdom of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic kingdom wherein your structure burns fats for power instead of carbohydrates. This results in speedy weight reduction stepped, forward power levels, and several fitness advantages.

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Some of the advantages of the ketogenic eating regimen include the following:
  • Rapid weight reduction
  • Improved power levels
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Improved LDL cholesterol levels
  • Better intellectual readability and focus

Foods to Eat at the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic eating regimen consumes high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carbohydrate ingredients. Some of the elements you could drink during the ketogenic eating regimen include:
  • Meat, poultry, and fish
  • Low-carb vegetables (e.g., spinach, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • High-fat dairy products (e.g., butter, cream, cheese)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Healthy fats (e.g., olive oil, coconut oil, avocado)

Foods to Avoid at the Ketogenic Diet

To live in a kingdom of ketosis, you will want to avoid certain ingredients. Some of the elements to keep away from in the ketogenic eating regimen include:
  • Grains (e.g., bread, pasta, rice)
  • Sugar (e.g., candy, soda, baked goods)
  • Starchy vegetables (e.g., potatoes, corn, peas)
  • Fruit (e.g., bananas, apples, oranges)
  • Processed ingredients (e.g., chips, crackers, snack bars)

Getting Started at the Ketogenic Diet

If you are new to the ketogenic eating regimen, it is critical to ease into it gradually. Start by lowering your carbohydrate consumption and growing your fat consumption over a few weeks. Here are a few pointers for buying began out at the ketogenic eating regimen:
  1. Calculate your macronutrient ratios. Use a macronutrient calculator to decide your daily consumption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  2. Stock up on keto-pleasant ingredients. List elements that match the ketogenic eating regimen and inventory them.
  3. Plan your food. Plan out your food earlier to ensure you are getting the proper stability of macronutrients.
  4. Track your progress. Keep the song of your weight, power levels, and different metrics to screen your progress.

Potential Side Effects of the Ketogenic Diet

Like any eating regimen, the ketogenic one may also have a few capability aspect outcomes. These can include:
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath
These aspect outcomes are generally brief and could leave as your frame adjusts to the ketogenic eating regimen.

Staying Motivated at the Ketogenic Diet

Staying stimulated on any eating regimen may be a challenge. However, there are a few matters you could do to make it easier. Here are a few pointers for staying stimulated in the ketogenic eating regimen:
  • Set sensible desires. Set small, workable desires for yourself and have a good time with your successes.
  • Stay accountable. Join an aid organization or discover a buddy to assist in holding you accountable.
  • Keep matters interesting. Try new recipes and test with distinctive ingredients to hold matters interesting.
  • Remember why you began out.

Remember Why You Started

When you feel discouraged, consider why you began the ketogenic eating regimen withinside the first place. You may need to lose weight, enhance your power levels or experience higher overall. Whatever your reasons, retaining them in your thoughts will let you live stimulated and on the song.

Now it's your turn to take a steps for live healthy life and looks confidence.
Must See: Weird Alpine Ice Method Chews Up 1.5 lbs Daily
Wishing you health and happiness,😍😎🌿
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2023.04.01 13:23 Wizard_IT Anyone else get an update popup? (Phone 2 days out of date)

I received an odd notification saying my Pixel 6a is 2 days out of date and to update. It looked super suspicious and it had an option to install now or remind me later. It also had learned more, but when I select and learn more it brought me right to Google's update information page. A friend of mine who has a Pixel 6 pro said he received the same message as well and we both checked and there is an update available.
Is anybody else receiving this update popup? While it looks odd, it does seem to be legit. It looks identical to this when searching online: https://imgur.io/a/Ng4vasm
The only issue is nobody could figure out if it was a virus or not from all the Reddit posts I read.
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