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2023.05.31 21:30 llllPestosllll MoistCritical is one of us and I found an old but gold clip of him on Yorick (retsamboon was faster than me on this :/)
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2023.05.27 20:03 WelpDitto With the void of content, this vid is interesting
he basically goes over how h3 and hasan disingenuously approach opposing ideas. Kinda interesting. I heard that they disagreed with Charlie’s take, but god damn they basically insinuated moistcritical is racist
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2023.05.25 22:30 Dextixer The RWBY FNDM is not positive, it is anti-negative

Reading through various comments under my past threads, asks on tumblr, private messages etc. I have often seen parts of the RWBY FNDM complain about criticism. I think we all have. It is after all, a pretty common past-time. Quite recently i even made a meme on the phenomena of the RWBY FNDM never forgetting ANYONE who has ever criticized RWBY, Hbomber guy made a single video and lives rent free in so many heads for now at least 2 years that he could start collecting rent. While the Moistcritical(Charlie) situation is more recent, some people have not moved away from it either.
And it lead me to think.
You see, fans of the show often tell critics to just not watch the show, make spaces hostile to critics or outright ban them. They cause critics to start gathering more numerously in their own spaces on the internet, spaces in which people that do not want to see criticism, would not.
And yet...
And yet these same fans still do not find that enough. Because despite critics having their own spaces, despite there being tools in various websites to mute or not get recommended content one does not wish to see, they still seek out criticism, to complain about it.
On places like Reddit or Tumblr, a block on something you dont like is one click away. Its that easy. And yet... They do not use this option. Instead deciding to attack critics or criticism. Which while annoying would be at least somewhat more consistent with their ideology if they did not say that critics should not watch shows "They dont like".
What is funny is that many of these people often have their own FNDM projects. Books, videos etc. And yet... They dont work on those projects. Instead choosing to attack critics. As far as i am aware, most of the creators in the FNDM are either associated with critics or people critical of the show, or people who simply do not care about the FNDM at all besides just posting their things.
Just think about it. Keiths and the EverAfter artists works were attacked from the very start. Not because they were bad works, but because Keith worked with people like SYTOkun. Instead of celebrating fandom creativity, some RWBY FNDM parts instead wanted to destroy the entire group because *gasp* there were people critical of the show in it.
FixingRWBY is another great example. I think that the project has its problems. But oh man do people attack it out of hand just because it *DARES* to be a RWBY rewrite.
So, this thread is simply just a short reminder to everyone that the RWBY FNDM. It isnt focused on positivity. If anyone tells you that, you can be assured they are lying. Because to avoid "critics" is an easy choice to make, and yet... These people dont take it. They say that they dont mind criticism, they just dont want to see it. But in reality... They dont want it to exist.
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2023.05.25 06:06 Theattackintitan Do you think this whole auditor thing will blow up mainstream?

I still feel like this is a low-key thing on the internet which is probably for the best though I feel like sometime in the future many famous influencers like Joe Rogan or Moistcritical will talk about it and give their takes. If so I hope they find the whole frauditor bs irrational and have takes that will be like f these frauds and will have a massive following against them.
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2023.05.22 19:48 Sorry_Presence6406 TikTok is the best social media app atm.

Idk why people still think that tiktok is just dancing teenagers and khaby lame acting dumb. It's literally the most content diverse plateform. If you think otherwise you spent less than 10 minutes on TikTok.
Also, TikTok's recommendation algorithm is good at filtering stuff you don't like. You would never rage while using TikTok unlike twitter, facebook, youtube. You would only get wholesome content that makes your day.
TikTok is accessible for everyone to post content on. There is community engagement such as duets, video replies to comments, stitches etc... and It's literally the most viral strong app. If your videos are good it don't matter if you don't have lots of subscribes, likes or whatever dumb stuff other social medias measure your worth with.
And for people who think there is only short content. No, videos vary from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Obviously you can't watch a whole movie on TikTok (you can tho in multiple parts and with loud music playing). So don't give me that "TikTok is making our attention spans shorter" bull. Because instagram is the app responsible for that alongside twitter. And youtube shorts is no better.
Youtube is full of shite ads it's literally unusable. So unless another plateform like rumble rises to popularity. I will use TikTok over youtube easily. Youtube keeps recommending shit youtubers like moistcritical and sneako and shoving them up my face even tho i always click don't recommend channel.
You would learn on TikTok more than any other platform as it's not cencored, people are open minded and they do not shy away from giving their opinions.
Twitter is just a warzone for moron politicians and dumbass elon musk pretending he's cool with his outdated 420 jokes. Instagram is fine honestly but reels are dumb, they are mostly reuploads from TikTok or literally the most unoriginal boomer content or thirst traps from mid girls and reel's algorithm never learns. Facebook is still stuck in 2015... Reddit is in my opinion just a well developped forum
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2023.05.22 00:26 GodzillaKid173 Moistcritical just did a video of Destiny's apperance with Melina on the Whatever podcast talking about divorce.
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2023.05.21 23:36 mariojw MoistCritical Responds to iDubbbz: Better Left Unsaid

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2023.05.20 23:11 smellycatpaws I convinced MoistCritical to Buttchug 💧(real)

I convinced MoistCritical to Buttchug 💧(real)
BUTTCHUGS ARE DANGEROUS! DON'T ATTEMPT. only the 5'6 hunk of pure athletic alpha male goodness could attempt such a feat.
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2023.05.13 03:04 NanomachinesBigBoss Moistcritical/Charlie rumored to be partnered with GG in the future?

He said on stream that he has recently tried all of the flavors, plus he’s been covering up his Gfuel fridge lately in his videos
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2023.05.08 00:03 Miserable-Fan6 Youtubers like Wendigoon: A Comprehensive List

This is mainly to aide people searching ' youtubers like Wendigoon ' or similar to Wendigoon. I'll categorize by content as well as have some creators with long form/documentary videos that aren't necessarily creepy/weird. This will probably be buried, but hopefully it helps someone, and hopefully shows up when people search this.
Consider this as a living document, in that if you have suggestions to add I'll do my best to add them. I've also added many that I don't watch or found in the comments of reddit or YouTube, so if you have more to share about a particular creator, please do.
Nexpo - Has a lot of long form internet horror content as well as some true horror. His videos have that 'trying to be scary' vibe, but they're still very well done.
Barely Socialable/Slightly Sociable - Very similar content to Nexpo, a lot of internet horror topics and mysteries. His second channel tends to have shorter content on solved or less scary mysteries.
Nick Crowley - Also very similar to Nexpo, has a lot of 'listing' videos, such as 'Youtube's Darkest Mysteries' or 'Darkest Moments on TV'
Night Mind - Has many videos on the same or similar topics to Wendigoon, such as Backrooms or the Mandela Catalogue.
Parasyke TV - Has a lot of iceberg videos and videos on generally creepy topics.
Super Eyepatch Wolf - internet horror content, as well as video game and other various deep dives.
Lemmino - Less on the creepy side, but his videos are usually on 'creepy' or mystery subjects, such as D.B. Cooper, Roanoke, Jack the Ripper, etc. He doesn't upload very often, only a couple times a year, but according to a YouTube comment citing his Patreon, there should be a 13 chapter-long video coming out very soon.
Fredrik Knudsen - the 'Down the Rabbit Hole' guy. Has a lot of internet horror content, as well as content concerning strange history.
Dantavius - Conspiracy and other 'creepy' iceberg videos. He also does a lot of miscellaneous content on various topics he's interested in, kinda like Wendigoon.
Blame it On Jorge - A lot of creepy and internet horror content, mainly in 'lost media'.
Sagan Hawkes - internet and digital horror content, such as Mandala Catalogue, but also a plethora of horror video game videos.
Blind Dweller - Mainly art horror content.
Kopric - Does disturbing things from around the internet type of content but has unfortunately been away for quite some time
Eudoxia Mysteries - Makes content about disturbing content from around the internet
Fright Knight - Inactive now, but has made a lot of videos relating to the SCP Foundation, bizarre internet events and Cicada. I'm not an expert, but a lot of commenters say that his Cicada videos cover falsified puzzles not from the Cicada group so take those videos with a grain of salt.
Broogli - He covers Backrooms levels and creatures in a casual tone. He also does other content on the SCP Foundation and conspiracies like giants and time travel on his other channel Spoogli if you like his Backrooms content.
Top5s - He covers mainly scary stories and makes informative videos around haunted locations around the world. They also have a ton of other channels that deal with other topics like dinosaurs, military history, conspiracy theories, and medieval life.
YourEveryDayTheorist - Some horror icebergs, including disturbing movies, conspiracies, etc., As well as disturbing media content in general.
Fortune - mainly disturbing reddit stories, as well as personal submissions and various internet horror stories.
Sourcebrew- another ARG, creepy content, various strange internet phenomenon YouTuber.
Soul Carnie- does film/analysis internet horror videos. Appears to be a newer creator, so check them out and show some love!
Zelcher - Iceberg videos, film analysis, and covers other various creepy content from around the web.
Whang - short form creepy internet horror content (if you've watched penguinzo/moistcritical in the past, he's talked about Whang's videos before as well), as well as some true crime.
Goose Boose - various internet horror videos
Oddheader. - List-form videos of internet horror, video games, movies, etc.
Kylie - makes videos about creepy reddit reddit stories and lost media
Debunk File - internet mysteries and internet horror
All things Lost- mainly lost media content
True Crime/Cult/411:
Lore Lodge - If you've been watching Wendigoon for awhile, you've probably already heard of him, but he does a lot of Missing 411 content as well as videos on cryptids.
Danielle Kirsty - has a lot of serial killer, cult, and true crime deep dives. I will say she uses words such as 'literally' and 'like' and a couple others very frequently, but if you can get over that, she's pretty good. Honestly, it makes her seem a tad more relatable for me. It feels like we're reacting to the horrors together. She also says what horoscope every killer is and has them organized into playlists by their sign lol
WavyWebSurf - makes short form true crime videos, usually internet related, such as 'tiktok' or 'youtube' killers, or true crime related to different media
JCS Criminal Psychology - Breakdowns of criminal interrogations. The best and original interrogation channel. Just started uploading again after a long hiatus.
That Chapter - Not really long form, but he has a plethora of 10-30 minute videos on murderers and cold cases.
MrBallen - Similar to That Chapter, a lot of videos on true crime, as well as horror list videos.
Scary Interesting - Deals with horrible fates that sometimes lead to death, especially cave diving, spelunking, and mountain climbing alongside other tragic events
Tragedy Tales - Deals with similar content to Scary Interesting but primarily focuses more on bizarre deaths Disturbed Reality- true crime content usually bordering on the more gruesome side.
Bailey Sarian - the History, True Crime & makeup girl. She does a lot of long-form content on various true crime or dark history topics.
Hannah the Horrible- Has content concerning various true crime or mysterious happenings, as well as internet horror and iceberg videos.
Plagued Moth - Gory True Crime content, as well as internet horror and iceberg videos.
In Praise of Shadows - Various true horror content, as well as content concerning film and video games.
Lazy Masquerade - True Crime and unsolved videos, as well as internet horror content
Disturban/Disturban History - True Crime as well as dark history
Shrouded Hand - true crime as well as cultural urban legends
Coffeehouse Crime - More true crime, similar to That Chapter
Twisted Minds - short-from true crime in the same vein as That Chapter and Coffeehouse Crime
Strange History:
Histocrat - Similar to Fire of Learning; documentaries on certain eras or periods of history
Count Dankula - A lot of strange history content as well as videos on Celtic myths. The Absolute Mad Lads series is really good, about crazy or weird things people have done in the past.
Sam O' Nella Academy - short-form weird history videos. It seemed he stopped making videos for a few years, but he just uploaded a new video about 7 months ago, so I suppose he's still around.
Atrocity Guide - videos on odd or creepy historical happenings, and many I've never heard of before her channel.
Fire of Learning - long form videos of many periods in history, as well as UFO abduction deep dives.
Miscellaneous Long Form Content:
Sixteenleo - one of my personal favorites, he does long form deep dives on dating shows and other internet topics, such as Nikocado or TikTok movies. (He uploaded a 5-hour deep dive into a dating show the same day Wendi dropped his 5-hour deep dive, imagine my excitement)
Right Opinion - breakdowns on YouTube drama and YouTube personalities, as well as other people such as Dr. Phil.
J aubrey - very similar to The Right Opinion. They do collabs fairly often.
Defunctland - Miscellaneous documentaries, mainly about Disney. His most recent video is quite fantastic. He posts rather infrequently, but it's well worth it.
Blooms - if you're into South Park, he has numerous deep dives and breakdowns concerning the show, as well as other topics such as cosmic horror and Rick and Morty; however, his most recent video is a 40 minute deep dive about mega tsunamis.
Soft White Underbelly - Interviews with generally ignored people in society, from drug addicts, to mentally unwell, to homeless, etc., sharing a perspective usually not seen. One of his most recent videos is an interview with a John Wayne Gacy survivor, might pique the interest of y'all true crime fans.
Jenny Nicholson - General deep dives, you may have seen her from her 'Vampire Diaries' video. Her most recent is a 5 hour deep dive into Evermore, the 'Theme park that never was'.
Elvis the Alien - Deep dives into movies, especially Nicholas Cage movies.
Pyrocynical - Deep dives into games as well as movies and tv shows. He has a 9 hour long deep dive into the British show 'Utopia' that I've still yet to finish.
Accessiblefunky- various iceberg videos, including YouTube/TikTok trends, creepy TikTok, Nikocado, etc.
MauLer- In depth film analysis videos in a plethora of genres, including Star Wars, Marvel, Game of Thrones, etc.
Internet Historian - Various 'internet history' content and other various topics, such as kony 2012, Fallout 76, etc. Also check out his other channels, Incognito mode and Storymode.
HBomberGuy - various video game and internet topic deep dives
Phillion - various content about celebrities and internet personalities, but his most recent videos are breakdowns on scientology and Balenciaga
Ahoy - long form documentaries on various topics, mainly video games
Jacob Geller - Long Form documentaries mainly about video games, but also some other videos on execution methods, head transplants, etc.
Izzzyzzz - various content surrounding internet horror, 2000's nostalgia, video games, etc.
Again, I know there's a lot more than this, so if you like, comment some more and I'll do my best to add them. I believe I'm lacking in women YouTubers that do this type of content, so especially them.
Edit: Thank you for all your kind words and suggestions! I've been trying my best to add them as best I can, it takes a minute to look up each person and add a description for them. I've also added ✨✨✨ bumpers to signify a new category. Thank you so much for the help in making this list, it wouldn't be this long without you :)
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2023.05.07 00:11 TopStuff6184 Are these the same?

Last night I was watching a MoistCritical YouTube video and he started to talk about his new comic Plague Seekers where an asteroid called Calamity gives people in the word 'superpowers'. The similarities to the Reckoners series doesn't end there, and it seems like the plot/premise was copy pasted from one series to the other. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed these similarities between the two?
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2023.05.02 18:00 ThorNsfw Mogu got stuck inside the wall while the 3 vs 1 fight (ignore moistcritical in the backround)

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2023.04.29 20:08 wiktoryk Non-Warframe streamers' VODs of Duviri

I am quite interested in seeing how non-warframe players and their audiences reacted to Duviri but I was playing the update myself on release and simply don't know where to look for VODs.Do you remember any streamers worthy of watching for their reactions?I will be watching MoistCritical's reaction,but he played warframe on many occasions and I would like to see someone who doesn't have experience.
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2023.04.27 03:52 Comfortable_Luck3891 Is there beef between Ethan and Charlie (moistcritical) ?

I’ve been a fan of h3h3 for a while and I’m a new fan of Charlie and I would love to see them collab but I have a feeling they won’t by how the refer to each other. I’m I missing some drama between them ?
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2023.04.20 15:42 DontAsktheMirror Assisted in bank robbery as getaway driver.

I (25f) have been having a dream involving my mentor (30+M), who told me he has a crush on me even though he’s married and I have a boyfriend.
Basically it starts off I’m hanging out with my mentor and his buddy, which I hang out with both of them irl because they’re good friends of mine. My mentor says we should rob a bank. For some reason in my mind I don’t really mind one way or the other but I just drive. We are driving, it’s night, two civilians shoot at us in a questionable area of town, then we turn and arrive to the bank with no further issues. I wait in the car with our friend while my mentor leaves with a pistol in his jacket pocket. ~5 minutes later, he returns and says we gotta go, so I start driving. No chase scenes, just going. And I assume we get away with it. Later in the dream, I’m watching YouTube and find a moistcritical video about my mentor robbing a bank. My mentor had gotten caught, which I guess explains why I had no further interaction with him. Later on he gets let go based on the fact he returns the money. I meet up with him to grab him from the police station. We talk about the robbery briefly, he says he didn’t mention me, and then we leave to play Pokémon Go just like he and I do irl.
Very confused about this dream and what it could mean. To note, the entire dream felt pretty calm. I didn’t feel panicked once.
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2023.04.18 19:55 clip_mirror_bot Jeff learns about Moistcritical

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2023.04.18 19:55 Neddo_Flanders Jeff learns about Moistcritical

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2023.04.18 09:43 desunesu BIG YTers spreading the Fake Test Screening left and right, it has to stop!

BIG YTers spreading the Fake Test Screening left and right, it has to stop!
Moistcritical, ClownfishTV and many more made a Video about that they knew it would fail! Grabbing any loose Evidence to proof them right to their followers! I had to make a Video about it!
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2023.04.12 07:03 17_Random_17 Creators I want Colin and Samir to interview

Dream (massive creator. Insane video and steam audience. Talk about editing and storytelling. Talk about dream smp. Talk about life after face reveal)
MoistCritical (simple videos but massive audience. Multiple businesses to talk about. Talk about his start about 10 years ago)
Natalie Lynn (insane storytelling, cinematography and editing. Talk about #youtubenewwave. )
Niko and Jidion (probably already happening but still want to see it)
KSI interview (talk about YouTube as a kid. Talk about sideman. Talk about his boxing, his music, prime and everything)
Hayden Hillier Smith (talk about YouTube strategy and editing. Working with mrbeast and loan Paul)
Joe Caine (speed running shorts guy. Talk about insane quick growth, short form videos for a living etc) (maybe short interview)(prob not gonna happen)
Jaiden animations or odd1sout (talk about animation YouTube and how long it takes and stuff like that)
Daily dose of Internet (cool channel ig)
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2023.04.10 08:45 Rich_Pomegranate7498 I figured out why people hate Ethan so much lol

It’s really simple. He’s a leftist and they thought he was conservative. That’s where the “Hypocrite” thing comes from and leftists are generally hated on the internet (like Hasan) than conservatives or even centerists (I thinks that’s how u say it). Ethan was like MoistCritical but when he made his politics known, people started hating him. Thoughts?
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2023.04.09 23:40 amidstcalamity Which game developer is worse, 343 Industries or DICE?

Gotta be honest, these two developers have been completely and utterly shit on for their recent works in AAA gaming. I know Battlefield veterans who have despised DICE for their incompetency in games like Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042. Played some Halo 4 and Infinite from 343, the foundation of those games aren’t as bad as BF2042, but everything else just faltered. Moistcritical went on to call 343i the worst game developer ever.
Always wondered who is worse in the AAA industry.
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LUDWIG WEIGHS IN ON MUKITTY/MOISTCRITICAL/FANSLY DRAMA submitted by rClipsBot to clips [link] [comments]