Ethical principles in business quizlet

An ethicalist was formerly referred to as a 'whistleblower'

2013.06.24 12:07 gripmyhand An ethicalist was formerly referred to as a 'whistleblower'

Ethicalists, blow your whistle here...

2009.06.03 07:45 OneAndOnlySnob Secular Humanism

Discuss secularism and human-based, secular ethics without chastising and berating those that believe differently than you.

2019.11.21 17:39 Curious-to-wonders HalalInvestor

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم Welcome to HalalInvestor(s). We are creating a community to teach Halal Financial Literacy & to Inspire Ethical Business You can learn about budgeting; saving; freeing your self from debt; & investing in a halal manner.

2023.03.25 02:05 jadenwu39x CheapOair Promo Code of 2023

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2023.03.25 02:05 AutoModerator [Get] AmpMyContent – The Amplify Content Academy Download Course on

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2023.03.25 02:05 RoderickThe5th Why a Stargate Reboot is Exactly What We Need And Is Actually Being Rumored: A Fresh Perspective for the Franchise

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the recent rumors about a potential new Stargate series in development by Amazon. As a devoted fan of the franchise, I've noticed that opinions seem to be divided between those who want a continuation of the existing storylines and those who advocate for a fresh reboot. After giving it some thought, I believe that a reboot would actually be the best way forward for the franchise, and I'd like to share my reasons why.
First, I think it's important to acknowledge that a significant portion of the fan base that's pushing for a continuation consists of older, more nostalgic fans. While their passion and commitment to the original series are commendable, we must consider the broader picture. The same situation occurred back when the Battlestar Galactica reboot was first rumored, and ultimately, that show proved to be a resounding success. It's crucial to remember that the TV landscape and viewer expectations have evolved significantly since the original Stargate series aired.
Amazon is a business, and their primary goal is to make money. However, to do so, they need to appeal to a new, younger, and fresh generation of viewers who may not have been exposed to the original series. A reboot would allow them to create a Stargate series that is more in line with current television trends and would be more likely to attract a substantial audience.
The original Stargate series had a unique social and campy dynamic that, while endearing at the time, may not resonate with today's viewers. Modern television has shifted towards more complex storytelling, intricate character development, and darker themes. By rebooting the series, Amazon would have the opportunity to re-envision the Stargate universe and create a show that is both fresh and relevant to today's audience and the social media world we live in.
Lastly, it's essential that Amazon thinks critically about the direction they take with the new Stargate series. They should not be swayed solely by the opinions of the older, nostalgic fans, who are sometimes referred to as "boomers" by the younger generation. While their devotion to the original series is admirable, it's crucial to consider the preferences of a more diverse audience to ensure the show's success.
A Stargate reboot would be the best path forward for the franchise. It would provide the opportunity to appeal to a new generation of viewers while simultaneously offering a fresh take on a beloved universe. As fans, we should be open to change and embrace the potential that a reboot has to offer, rather than clinging to the past. Just like the Battlestar Galactica reboot proved, sometimes change can lead to something truly remarkable.
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2023.03.25 02:05 brainprivileges Deducting expenses for a dissolved LLC

I had an LLC that was dissolved in 2021 with the final schedule K1 in that same year. Later in 2022 my business partner and I paid a settlement related to operations of the business, as well as lawyer fees to handle it. Can I deduct these expenses from my 2022 taxes somehow? I found a post on the Intuit forums saying that you can treat them as short term capital losses:
Does that sound legit?
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2023.03.25 02:04 ImNotGoodWithNamesh Sooza is ruining my brothers life

My brother, who is 13 years old has taken a sudden interest in sooza and I don't know what his deal is. He's always referring to sooza and making weird little remarks. He talks about NSFW artwork of sooza that he finds and its constant, I'm getting very tired of hearing about sooza. Is it ethical to put my brother down? I can't even look at sooza on my own islands without him saying something about how hot she is, if he's watching me. Guys please what do I do it's ruining his life he's getting less and less real life women due to his unhealthy obsession with sooza.
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2023.03.25 02:04 StepwiseUndrape574 Hey Rockstar, GTA Online Has A Bad CPU Bottleneck That Slows Loading But There's A Fix

GTA Online is Rockstar's incredibly popular cash cow that has been keeping gamers busy since 2013. Although the game should be relatively mature at this stage in its life, it still has plenty of flaws, such as horrendous loading times. These loading time issues have annoyed countless players, and now one player has tracked down the root issue to improve performance.
GTA V fan T0ST recently picked up GTA Online again to finish some new heists that have come out since he last played, but he was "shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago." With some grit, determination, and perhaps even some spite, T0ST decided it was "time to get to the bottom of this."
gta online ridiculous load times fixed benchmark
In the process of digging into GTA Online, T0ST had to do due diligence and research to make sure no one else figured out the problem. Once it was established that no one had, he ran some benchmarks on his PC with an aging FX-8350 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB of DDR3, and a "cheap-o" Kingston SSD. Though these parts may be old, they should be plenty to get GTA Online off the ground in decent time, but that is not what happened. According to the data in the blog post, T0ST got into the story mode in approximately one minute and ten seconds, whereas it took nearly six minutes to get into online mode. After some polling, it appears that many other users are having the same issue . What could be happening here?
gta online ridiculous load times fixed taskmanager
Using the task manager, T0ST found that his CPU was being eaten for around four minutes during GTA Online's load process. Perhaps it was just a bottleneck happening on his CPU alone, but that would not make much sense. To track down the issue, T0ST went to dump the running processes' stack, showing where the offending process is happening in RAM. This information, acquired through Luke Stackwalker, gave T0ST a place to look for whatever was causing issues.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed lukestackwalker
After falling down the rabbit hole of trying to track down where the memory pointed, it all started to come together through assembly code reading and obfuscation. Evidently, when loading into GTA Online, a whopping 10MB worth of JSON is being parsed. It seems that it is data for something called "net shop catalog," which is likely just all the things purchasable in GTA Online using in-game currency.
gta online ridiculous load times fixed parseloop
Why this parsing takes so long is due to a function used called sscanf, which, in this instance, can be loosely equated to reading Romeo and Juliet by reading one word, then rereading the play, and then jumping back to the next word in the play. Furthermore, there is another bad programming issue just beside sscanf, which goes through the entire list of JSON entries in an array, one by one, and checks to see if there are duplicates by comparing a unique ID assigned to each item called a hash. Ultimately, it is a lot of extra and unnecessary work that slows down everything.
To solve this issue, T0ST decided to write a .dll (Dynamic Linked Library) and inject it into GTA so that sscanf is effectively streamlined. Also, rather than running duplication checks, they can just be skipped as items inserted into the storage array will always be unique, as was set up during the parsing effort. Once T0ST injected the DLL into GTA with both issues fixed, he saw his load times go from around six minutes down to a solid approximate two minutes.
As T0ST explains, this "won't solve everyone's load times - there might be other bottlenecks on different systems, but it's such a gaping hole that I have no idea how R* has missed it all these years." Ultimately, Rockstar needs to dig into this issue to save all GTA Online players headaches during loading. If you want to see what T0ST did exactly, you can check out his GitHub here and see what is going on. In any case, perhaps we will soon get an official statement from the development company, so keep an eye on HotHardware for updates.
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2023.03.25 02:04 Master-Raspberry-297 SMU Business Interview

hello guys, i just realised i got offered to go for a group interview for business recently. I would like to ask:
  1. Past experiences for this interview? (seniors)
  2. Questions asked during the interview? (are the current affairs qns super tough?)
  3. How to prepare for the interview?
  4. Tips for group interview? (idk if i’m suppose to be kiasu and try to ask it quickly before others or wait for others to answer etc…)
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.25 02:04 tristenthekitty AITA for telling a little boy to stop pulling his dog

Today I (15M) was out with my mom and little brother. We went to get ice cream because it was really hot, and while we were there, we saw a mom and her three young kids (probably ages 5-8 or so) with a pug puppy. One of the boys was holding the puppy's leash, he was probably around 5 or 6 years old.
While we were ordering ice cream the kids were running around while the mom had gone to sit at a table around the corner of the building, so these kids were running around the front of the shop (it was outside) with their dog on the leash.
They were really close to us and I noticed how the boy was dragging the dog around but didn't say anything until he started swinging the leash in a circle, whipping the dog on its neck and basically strangling it as well. I said loudly, "Hey, don't do that. You'll hurt him." The kid kept doing it, smiling at me because I guess he thought it was funny. I would've said something else, but then the kid ran away with the dog and my mom started lecturing me about how it wasn't my business, I sounded rude, let the kid's mom take care of it. But the kid's mom wasn't there, she couldn't even see him, and the puppy looked like it was getting hurt. The puppy couldn't have been more than a few months old.
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2023.03.25 02:04 Parking-Escape1176 I have a feeling i fucked up at work and it's triggering my anxiety

So, for the context, i work at a outsourcing company for digital marketing and we are given clients to work with. I work in the email department and on a specific platform called Salesforce marketing cloud and responsible for all things emails, from setting up to deploying. I handle 2 clients at the moment. So one of the clients which is part time, his communication is very off, runs different simultaneous campaigns and their requests side by side. Even on calls he is never direct about anything, says a lot of irrelevant stuff that we need to filter out according to our requirements. And I too, started out a year ago, still learning everything about the platform and logics to be used for setting up customer journeys etc. I have people to go to for guidance but it's mostly to just check with them if I'm doing the right thing. They are not to be fully dependent upon. Just for consulting.
So there was this campaign he asked to set up and it was a lot of to and fro on this, some errors needed to be fixed n all. Don't want to go into details as you people might get bored. In conclusion what happened was that an email was supposed to be sent to 1k people but it got sent to 5k people and the client let us know about it. His email didn't mention any blame on us. He just stated that this has happened and please try to change the logic so it doesn't happen again. First, when we got the email regarding this, we were about to log off for the day and we usually do not handle request this late, also the person I used to go to for this client already logged off as I could see her status and we work night shift so it's not easy to reach out at 5 am when someone must be asleep. Since it was an issue, i looked into it and understood what would have happened to cause this error and found the fix and suggested it to client right away by saying we will be able to do it the next day since our day was already over.
Now, the thing is - 1. It was actually my fault that I didn't pay attention to small details and logic and not point it out to him about it. But I was not entirely at fault since the client is the one who approves on everything to be done and designs the campaigns, activates it too. We just implement it, marketing operations thing. But I should've paid more attention to the logics and notified him about it since the client consults us on things too even after being good at that platform. If my team lead looks closely on the email thread and understand the situation and asks me things about it in details, I'm sure he would see that it is kind of my fault to not understand the logic on the first place. 2. The fix i suggested him to do, although I am 90% sure it is the right fix, but because I'm still learning the platform and not confident enough on it (i should be, just lack of confidence in general, this is by far my big first mistake, mistake that actually led to emails being sent to wrong people) I have my doubts about the fix. There could be an effective and better fix to it for sure which experienced people would've known better, but still it's like I just need some validation.
This happened at the end of a Friday. I'm still waiting for replies from both the client and the person I consult too ( i texted to take a look and let me know if it's right or not). I thought I would have a nice relaxing weekend but this last minute thing triggered my anxiety.
I'm really really scared that the team lead might look into it and point out my mistake and will loose confidence and trust in me or the client would point it out. I am fine accepting my mistake and apologizing for it. I just hate when people loose confidence in me at work. I have unfortunately created my life around work and if I don't do well at work, I feel worthless, loose confidence and self esteem. I know this is not healthy, this is my first job, I'm just 23 but idk how to change this. And to be honest, i know the worst thing possible is I'll get fired, which i know won't happen, it's not that big thing. But I have this awareness that even if I get fired, the only thing that would be affected is how I feel about myself, confidence, self esteem and everything. I belong to a business family, nobody has asked me to get a job or work, i just do it for myself and be financially independent. One thing is I know I am qualified enough that I can get another job, may not be in this domain but the other. Another thing is I have saved enough to be jobless atleast a few months while I search for jobs. And even if I don't get a job, it's fine with everyone here. But just won't sit right with me, would feel like a failure.
So so sorry for the rant, this is my first time posting something for advice. Feel free to slap me with harsh truths but just don't be unnecessarily rude.
Thank you thank you so much in advance for everyone who read till here and responded.
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2023.03.25 02:03 tinnapeters Day 2

I’ve been a daily user for 11 years. I had stopped smoking previously, once for 3 months the other for 5 months. So I know what the withdrawal is like and I know I can get through it. I also know what relapse is like and letting it take back over.. BUT, this is the first time I’m quitting that I have a community like this! I’m very grateful you all are here sharing your story. When I woke up in the middle of the night last night the only thing that stopped me from smoking was the fact that I was out and the dispensaries were closed. Was busy working all day and as soon as I got off, I could not stop thinking about smoking. I decided to come here and see what happened. I’m ready to continue sobriety again. This community is wonderful and I’m so grateful to live in an age where I can easily access you all when I need to. Here’s to a sober and successful weekend!
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2023.03.25 02:03 Beginning_Oil2876 “The Arrival of Jack Welker” an episode of Better Call Saul written by ChatGPT.

Title: "The Arrival of Jack Welker"
Fade in:
Jimmy and Kim are sitting in a booth, discussing their latest case.
Kim: "So, we have to prove that Mr. Smith did not commit fraud. I think we can do it."
Jimmy: "We'll need to find some evidence. Maybe we should talk to some of his colleagues?"
Suddenly, the front door of the cafe swings open, and a tall, imposing man walks in. It's Jack Welker, the ruthless drug lord from Breaking Bad.
Jimmy's eyes widen in surprise.
Jimmy: "What the hell?"
Kim: "Who is that?"
Jimmy: "That's Jack Welker. He's bad news."
Jack walks over to their booth, takes a seat, and places a briefcase on the table.
Jack: "Hello, Jimmy. Long time no see."
Jimmy: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Jack: "Oh, come on. We did business together back in the day. Remember that little pharmaceutical scam we ran?"
Jimmy: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Jack: "Cut the crap. I need your help. My nephew, Todd, is in trouble. He's been arrested on some bogus charges. I want you to represent him."
Jimmy: "I don't represent drug dealers."
Jack: "Come on, Jimmy. You owe me one."
Jimmy: "I don't owe you anything."
Jack opens the briefcase, revealing stacks of cash.
Jack: "I think you'll find this payment more than fair."
Jimmy hesitates for a moment, then looks over at Kim.
Kim: "Jimmy, we can't take this case. It goes against everything we stand for."
Jimmy: "I know. But what choice do we have? If we don't take it, Jack will just find someone else."
Kim nods in agreement, and they reluctantly agree to take the case.
Later, in the courthouse:
Jimmy and Kim are in a meeting with Todd and his lawyer.
Jimmy: "So, what's the deal? What are they charging you with?"
Todd: "They're saying I killed some guy. But I didn't do it. It's all a misunderstanding."
Jimmy: "Okay, we'll get to the bottom of this. But first, we need to know everything. Who's the victim? What's the evidence?"
Todd's lawyer: "We don't have all the details yet. The prosecution is still building their case."
Just then, Jack walks in.
Jack: "I've got some news. The victim was a rival drug dealer. He was a nobody, but apparently, he had some friends in high places. The prosecution is going after Todd hard. They're not messing around."
Jimmy: "Okay, thanks for the heads up. We'll be in touch."
As Jack leaves, Jimmy turns to Kim.
Jimmy: "We have to be careful. Jack is not someone to mess with."
Kim: "I know. But we have to do our job. We can't let Todd go down for something he didn't do."
Jimmy: "I know. But this case is going to get messy. I can feel it."
Fade to
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2023.03.25 02:03 Ralfop Cat Tunnel Premium X-Shaped / T-Shaped / 5-Way Tunnels Collapsible design makes it easy to fold up and put away when not in use. Its built-in dangling ball&bell adds more entertainment to your pets. The tunnel provides your pets hours of exercises and self-amusement when you are busy and not

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2023.03.25 02:03 bbgirliexo Scams at South Florida gas stations regarding people selling home surround systems?

Good evening guys. I live in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale). This evening I was getting gas, and I had two separate dudes in two separate blacked-out heavily tinted vans pull up to me while getting gas (in a semi-secluded area of the station) asking me if I would be interested in buying a home surround system at a really good price and having them set it up for me.
Funnily enough, they didn’t ask any guys also getting gas on the opposite end of the station, just me and another lady.
Is this some sort of legit business people are trying to run nowadays or is this a new sketchy way of preying on gullible people to kidnap? lol. I’ve lived here my whole life and have always felt comfortable getting gas alone at night (8-8:30 pm) and have never had this happen before.
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2023.03.25 02:01 iwatch-selfie Why Every Dropshipper Needs a Product Design Team

Are you a dropshipper who is struggling to differentiate yourself from the competition? Are you tired of selling the same products as everyone else, with no way to stand out? If so, it's time to consider building a product design team.
Product design is a critical element of any successful ecommerce business, and dropshipping is no exception. A product design team can help you create unique products that set you apart from the competition and drive sales.
Here are a few reasons why every dropshipper should consider partnering with a product design team:
  1. Stand Out from the Competition: Dropshipping has become a crowded space, and it can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the competition. With a product design team, you can create unique products that no one else is offering. This can help you stand out in a crowded market and attract more customers.
  2. Build a Strong Brand: A product design team can help you create products that reflect your brand's values and personality. By building a strong brand, you can build a loyal customer base that will keep coming back for more.
  3. Improve Product Quality: When you work with a product design team, you can ensure that your products are of the highest quality. This can help you build a reputation for quality and reliability, which can help you attract even more customers.
  4. Keep Up with Trends: The world of ecommerce is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. A product design team can help you stay ahead of the curve by creating products that are on-trend and in-demand.
  5. Increase Sales: Ultimately, a product design team can help you increase your sales. By creating unique, high-quality products that reflect your brand's values, you can attract more customers and increase your revenue.
If you're a dropshipper who wants to stand out from the competition, build a strong brand, improve product quality, keep up with trends, and increase sales, it's time to consider reaching out to a product design team. With the right team in place, you can create unique, high-quality products that will help you succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce.
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2023.03.25 02:01 kp-- Douces Séparations

Sailesh sat listlessly watching the rain drops just lazily slapping the window pane he was next to. He'd just arrived from a flight not long ago. Not only could he still feel the strain the long flight had on his knees, he was yearning to perhaps, stretch them out. But an Asar in Kathmandu doesn't relent. The downpour was vicious, often making it difficult to have any fun time. Forget hiking, he'd be lucky to even get past the hotel without getting soaking wet. As he took another long swig of his cigarette, he contemplated the life choice that led him to the place he was currently. Surely, it'd mark a closure, perhaps seal the old wound. He'd relish this.
As his breath clashed with the pane, and fog slightly formed, he was interrupted by the host,"So brother, what will you be having today?". He impatiently waved him off, angry that the waiter had interrupted his train of thoughts. The waiter, rather meekly said,"So will you have anything else, sir? This is your 6th peg, Mother was wondering if you'd like anything else". Sailesh softly chuckled before replying "I'm waiting". As the waiter gave him a knowing nod, and gently faded away, he took another swig of the whiskey he was drinking. Cheap shit will always be cheap, in this shithole, he thought to himself. Still, anything to get that familiar burn down your throat, with the slight buzzy sensation in your temple. For the money he was tossing at it, he couldn't possibly complain. It would be that he dearly missed his scotch - his favorite poison. He rapped at the table impatiently, she hasn't changed a bit, had she? Always taking her sweet time. As he could make out the silhouette of a woman with a child through the foggy glass, he grew excited: "She came, she finally did!". Not only that realization made him jerk back from him day dreaming, he proceeded to straighten up, and pull his hair back. After taking a few moments to compose himself, he hailed the waiter silently to take away the glass and empty his ash tray. As the entrance door slowly opened, he could make out his once love of his life, slowly approaching him with a kid, his, presumably. Aakanshya was a woman of sophistication, and absolute grace. The moment she walked towards you, you'd feel a gentle breeze on your forehead, whilst the back of your throat dried out, and you just wanted to steal a gaze from her, as long as time allowed. Her full lips often made you aware that even despite not smiling, she had a soft, gentle curve that made her face anything but hard. Suffice to say, Sailesh felt a cocktail of emotions within him growling, as he looked at a woman he once loved over anything else.
As she sat down with the kid, Sailesh gently motioned towards her. After a brief eye contact, he felt as if they were pulled down, away from it. Perhaps he still had feelings for her. Perhaps he was here to find out why things happened, the way they did. Still, he could feel the pangs of that same constricting pain in his heart, as if someone, or something, held it. It took an effort breathing in. And thus, he started, "So Aaku...". Aaku gently smiled back, that same smile he now knew he yearned for more than 5 years. As she waved, the kid chimed in, "Is he the uncle you were talking about, mummy?". Aakanshya slowly nodded, then proceeded to speak, "Yes, Sailesh uncle here is my best childhood friend. We practically grew up together, just like you and Saakshi". "Eww, Momma grew up with a boy? That's so funny hahaha". "No Arya, uncle here was very good at tying my ribbons! Firstly, say hi to uncle, will you, dear?" Arya suddenly shouted, "Namastey Sailesh uncle!" in a manner that could only be described as being contagious. It was impossible not to have your heart melt right there and there, this some five odd years old brat, speaking in the cutest manner possible. Sailesh extended his hand "I'm Sailesh, how old are you?". Arya looked puzzled at the hand offered to her, promptly looking towards her mother for clues on what to do. As Aakanshya motioned Arya to shake his hand, Arya followed suit. Sailesh hasn't shook a hand that was more tender, warm in a while. As he dismissed her hand, he directed his gaze towards Aakanshya. "How long has it been, again?" he said, words slightly slurred. Perhaps the whiskey finally hit. As Aakanshya drew a long breath, Sailesh leaned back, reaching for his zippo. That's when he noticed her hard gazed, the same stone cold, disappointed pair of the most beautiful doe eyes one could imagine, staring through him. As he followed her gaze to Arya, it hit him that perhaps lighting a cigarette in front of a child, wasn't the best of decisions. Arya chortled,"Look momma, uncle smokes too, just like Daddy!". As Aakanshya frowned,"Momma are you about to shout at uncle?", with the most innocent of eyes. Sailesh bit his lips in a mixture of embarrassment, and restlessless. Yeah, fucking A man, fucking A, light a cig right in front of the kid.
"So how have you been?" Sailesh said, huffing after his own silliness. Aakanshya answered,"I'm doing great, Sailu, how are you doing?". "Doing fine. Company offered me a vacation plan, I rejected, caught the very first plane from Cali straight here so I could perhaps go visit old friends. But with this weather...", Sailesh chuckled. Aaku sighed, "Well, that's a nice change I suppose. You always were the overworker". As Sailesh motioned the waiter yet again, he asked Arya, bored, "So what will you have, Arya?" Arya took the menu, and immediately pointed at what she wanted : An icecream. Well, she was certainly her mother's child, this girl. Once the orders were placed, Sailesh spoke "So what are you doing these days?" Aakanshya slowly turned her head towards Arya, and said "Well, mostly taking care of Arya. Housework was much more difficult than I imagined", she smiled softly. "How long are you staying?" Sailesh sighed,"Hard to tell. I can return anytime, but I was looking to meet old faces here. Suffice to say that's nigh impossible at this weather. So I'm probably going to get holed up in a hotel till I get back home". "And how are your parents, how's Aunty doing?" "You know they're dead, Aaku. Why must you ask?" Aakashya's eyes widened,"When?". Sailesh bitterly replied,"It's been what, 2-3 years?" "I'm sorry, Sailesh, I didn't know that". Sailesh's lips curved ironically, as he smiled and retorted,"Well, it's none of your business anyway, so there". Before those words were barely out, he regretted saying it. "But I do care. And I'm sorry." Sailesh could see hints of tear well up in her eyes. "Sorry I wasn't there for Aunty and Uncle". Sailesh whipped back, "Well they'd not count on it, after all, you abandoned me". Aakanshya look at Sailesh, with a look of surprise, speechless. Arya, startled, looked at Aakanshya, "Mommy, are you crying? Are you about to have a fight with uncle, just like daddy?" Sailesh asked, opportunistically, "Do mommy and daddy get in fights often?" "Yes, daddy shouts at mommy, and mommy shuts the door and cries. It's really sad, you know -" Aakanshya interrupted Arya's monologue, and quietly motioned her to hush. So Sailesh went into brooding, before letting out his next question, "You're happy with him, aren't you?" He could feel Aakanshya visibly disturbed, silent. Perhaps blaming her from the get go wasn't the best of ideas. At the same moment, the orders were served, and that was the end of that. As mere small talked, veiled in pain were exchanged on both sides, Sailendra couldn't help but walk down back the memory lane.
It was that night, that had been their last. They had sneaked out of their friend's wedding together, got to his apartment, then started making love. Intimacy with her was a special time, he'd only been vulnerable with so many women. As they rolled over the bed, he had gotten up to look at the moon-lit fields across the window. He had sat down in the arm chair, contemplating the difficulties ahead in life. He was but merely deep in thought, when she had rolled over, glistening in sweat beads, whilst gently being caressed by the moonlight. That's when she'd said, "Sailu, we should get married, na?" He had but merely scoffed, looking at her saying, "Babe, I'm hitting the states next week, I won't be back for at least 4 years, you seriously think I'd be able to take care of myself, let alone you?!" Whilst running his fingers on her playfully, he'd find her smiling slightly, then turning over, pulling the blankets. And that was the exchange they had, before she abruptly called Sailesh a week after he landed on states, stating she was getting married soon. And him, in a foreign land, feeling utterly dejected, and betrayed. Why did she choose this banker, over him? What possibly could that bald jerk give her, that he couldn't?
As Sailesh was wading through the free fall of his thoughts, reality struck when Arya tugged at his jacket. "Uncle, will you come home? I'll show you my doll". Sailesh, frowning, shook his head. Suppose it was time to part ways. The visit had been extempore, after all. He had called her on messenger right as he landed, perhaps to make peace with himself. Though how exactly this meeting ended up making him any less disturbed than he already was: He wouldn't know. All he knew was the ship had sailed, and he was left out in the rain. As the bills were paid, and they stood in front of the restaurant under umbrellas, Sailesh said "Well, guess this is it then. Take care, alright?" As Aakanshya turned after nodding, he could have sworn he saw her back shake.
As he stood there, questioning himself, all the while lighting his cigarette, he couldn't help but kick himself for being an ass. Perhaps he went too hard on her. After all, she did come, didn't she? And yet, he was right there, in the same spot she left her, 6 years back. As the gentle pitter patters of droplets onto the puddle singed but meekly, he looked at the mother-daughter slowly walking away from her. He was but just there, looking at her, then her daughter, a spitting image of her, going away, engrossed in conversation. As he scratched his nape, he couldn't help but spot a familiar birthmark on little Arya. Something he had grown accustomed to, often bemoaned about for being unsightly. Then it dawned him, that perhaps, this would be the last time he'd see her, as he couldn't possibly face himself after today's charades.
Not after what just happened, not after what he said to her.
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