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2023.03.29 18:53 SlidePuzzleheaded665 Started this thing a few days ago and interesting things have started happening!!

I started listening to subliminals I think around Friday last week + writing my own affirmations in a journal daily. I made a playlist for face, body, and mind (for my anxiety and also to detach + boost before listening to the face and body playlists). They include subs from Kottie, Eggtopia, kapelsu, and like 1 or 2 from others (trying to stick to good vibes/positive/safe ones)Here’s what’s happened so far:
Anyways I’m interested to keep going with this. The panic attack part is not ideal but I’m hoping it’s just me releasing the negativity/purging from them lol. Whenever I have doubts, I get out my journal and start affirming and always feel better after.
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2023.03.29 18:52 Jeffthellama007 [EUW] [24] [UK] Late night 🌝 league player looking for buddies 🙂

Hello There!!
I have recently got into league currently an adc main I am busy a lot of the daytime so tend to play later at night as my sleep schedule is ruined 😂
I am 24 from England so play on the eu west servers and would like to voice chat so I can learn and understand the game easier
Thanks for reading
Feel free to add Discord tomthellama#2911
As Reddit can be buggy and my sleep schedule is really bad atm so end up being awake all night sleep all day 😂 also not looking to join any massive groups or other discord servers sorry !!!
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2023.03.29 18:52 IzayaKnowsEverything Living a toxic lifestyle with Toxic family members.

I was told I should post my issues here since I REALLY need some insight on these problems:
So basically I come from a third world country. I'm 21(F), living with a family of 7 (parents included). My parents are quite old. Father in his seventies and mother in her fifties. Both are pretty screwed from a medical stand point and my mother is clinically depressed. That goes without saying, they both do not work or earn for the family (which I have no right to blame them for obviously despite their negligence towards physical health-care)
Then there's my two oldest siblings, one of whom, female. The only one actually working and earning for the family. In her late twenties. Then there's my oldest brother, who is your classic 30 year old "wizard", very efficient at freeloading and being unemployed. Then there's me, my sister who is 2 years older than me and my younger brother who is 2 years younger. The 3 of us have our education on hold because we are struggling financially. My younger brother has given up on studying, my sister is having difficulties applying to universities (since we barely have the expenses) and I'm still trying to give high school exams (privately) so I can apply for scholarships.
The problem is... And it's pretty complicated to put it in words but
Over the course of 6-7 years of being broke, my family has pretty much isolated themselves from the outside world. My parents like I said, barely have the strength and energy to work so they most just do work inside the house or not do anything. My big brother is the same or rather towards extremes. He has an IT degree yet he still chooses to stay unemployed because he fears "earning" for the family and perhaps content with the fact that he gets to act like a king inside the house, since hoarding food and other necessities is what he excels at. He is the literal definition of lifeless and that's putting it lightly.. My mom on the other hand behaves similarly except not to the extent of my brother. For a woman, she's very misogynistic. Weird huh? Me and my 2 sisters, are always subjected to her verbal misogynistic abuse in the household and yet She barely says anything to my two brothers because my youngest brother basically lives for her, fulfills her every command while neglecting his own needs. My oldest brother though
He is very violent, so my mom caters to him as a way of keeping his violence at bay because if he wants, he can scream at or threaten anyone if he wanted to.
So here's where it gets weird.. Aside from my education and skilled based hobbies, I like to game as a way to relieve stress since that's the only way I can entertain myself. I'm not allowed to go out because I'm a female, according to my parents. Due to that I don't have an actual social life. I study and do things around in my room 24/7 (even working out). So in a way I'm lifeless as well since where I live, I'm not even eligible for jobs. If I was a male, I could get direct labour intensive jobs in a construction site to earn for myself. Because even just me trying to look for a job is somehow an offense to my older brother and my mom because they have the most vocal reactions when a woman:
Speaks for herself or tries to find a reason to venture outside the house because if they want to go out so badly they must want to do it for the wrong reasons (cultured-brainwashed mentality).
And most of the house work is just done by me and my sisters, while the males get to use up extra time they're privileged with just to waste it even more while me and my sisters who actually want to study and work. We are stuck spending hours on chores because as per my mother's request, the males should not work because they have more worth than the females.
And when me or my sisters talk about this unfairness. Both my big brother and mother get verbally violent to shut us up quickly so we have no way to refute their nonsensical-traditionally-brainwashed ideologies.
Earlier I mentioned I like to game right? So whenever an argument in the household happens, they like to "blackmail" me by saying they'll take my computer away since they know that's my only source of information and entertainment (they bought me the PC 9 years ago and they also know I can't afford to buy a new pc as well) furthermore they would even threatened to not pay for my exams.
So eventually I'm stuck feeling FRUSTRATED and UPSET every now and then at the helplessness that I can't speak up properly because I end up crying out in stress that I can't have anything in this household. Even once when I spoke up for my younger brother that he should be encouraged to study and use his time to do something productive with his life than to be a 24/7 errand boy for my mom and brother. Like I really want to emphasize the ridiculousness of my older brother: he would be standing near a water tank and still demand a glass of water from my younger brother who would be occupied doing his own thing. Like this kind of behaviour is so common in my household and watching this toxicity on a daily basis feels so wrong to me to the point I can't even handle it. I tried speaking up to my mother so many times even in a very soft manner(because with her, it's always me stepping on eggshells), it always results in her screaming at me and making me feel so extremely uncomfortable. In addition, claiming that there's no way a female such as myself has any right to speak to her mother or refute her in anyway....and yet she never tries to be so unbearably toxic towards her sons.. Heck! I made some male friends online and when I tried to voice chat with them, both my mom and big brother demoralised my action to the point that I don't even enjoy talking and gaming with my friends anymore. (They thought I would do something explicit or inappropriate over voice chat just because I was talking to males my own where's the logic in that?)
Honestly I could go on and on about how toxic this family is. They all prefer to just stay indoors and feed their toxicity on a regular basis. Since none of the family members can go anywhere and be away from each other (since we also don't have our own car and Uber is costly for a regular outing) for a few days at least, having no break from each other in this household has made everyone so frustrated, immature and painfully obnoxious. I feel as though I can't really express the feelings of anguish and hopelessness I have stored within me for years. I don't want to say this but it has made me really suicidal despite how much I am trying to thrive in this little room. Trying so hard to make sure I'm eligible for jobs so I can be independent and hopefully.. Get the hell out of this country as soon as possible, I just can't live like a normal person here. It's either I somehow become numb to the regular toxicity or accept the fact that if I venture out in this country, knowing how high the crime and r*pe rate is, I probably die either way, mentally or physically.
I just need to pick my poison. It's worse knowing my sisters are going through the same thing but due to my own mental instability, I can barely provide them the comfort they deserve. We are stuck being treated like maids and aside from our needs, when there are times when we actually WANT something, we always get reminded of how poor we are
But sadly, The males in my family don't have to go through this...
Anyways, I believe I wrote too much, this is the first time I have written something like this in public, I believe I really wanted some help I guess? Or perhaps advice? I think I made my friends sick of having to listen to my rants since honestly it's pretty hard to remain unbothered by all of this. I also think, seeking help is better than succumbing to suicidal thoughts and frustration which cloud my mind on a daily basis and prevent me from focusing on the things I want to focus on. The finances my family currently have are going to run out one day, my sister who works, her salary literally pays all the bills for the month so expecting her to save more money is rather selfish.. So thinking about how grave the situation will be when we eventually lose everything, I'm not sure I'm prepared for it. But with the way my family has been living, I can be assured that, that day isn't too far away.
Thank you so much if you've read this far. I suppose I really needed some advice on this. I truly hope no one here has to go through such toxicity, I can't deny the possibility but I hope, like me, you'll reach out for help too cuz hey! If decent people don't exist around you, they probably exist elsewhere I hope.
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2023.03.29 18:50 puppylust Keep some on the nightstand for late nights with Ben and Jerry

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2023.03.29 18:50 Italiana47 I'll be alone three days after surgery

I'm having a TT, MR, and lipo on Thursday. My husband will be gone for the entire day on Sunday and he's bringing the kids with him. They are leaving early and coming back Sunday night late.
Do you think I'll be ok to take care of myself for the day? He says he'll prep food as much as possible before then.
Thanks for any feedback.
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2023.03.29 18:49 maximumeffortmyass Late night/early morning transport to Haneda airport

I have a flight next Monday morning 6-ish at Haneda airport, and I am wondering if there are cheaper non-taxi options to get to Haneda at around 4 (will probably depart from somewhere around Shinjuku).
I've searched for Keikyu Bus and it seems that their service is suspended? Would appreciate if anyone can help me out!
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2023.03.29 18:48 pineapplechica420 Going on a two week trip, suggestions on best route for my pup?

I have a 6 year old 80 lb boxer mix that is very much so a homebody! When I’m not at home I leave one of the TV’s on and leave him snuggled on the couch. He’s never crated very house trained! He has pretty bad social anxiety we’re working on, on leash. He whimpers when other dogs get close sometimes humans. Doesn’t bark or lunge! Typically when I go out of town for a weekend I use a sitter and do 3 drop ins a day with no problems. I’m going to be traveling to Australia to visit family for two weeks the end of summer and trying to figure out the best route for him. I don’t have family or friends where I live, so I would solely be relying on a sitter. I’ve debated boarding but don’t want to be a burden on a sitter if he gets weird around other dogs or barks too much in their backyard, little things like that. Especially with his size! I work full time so he’s use to being home alone for 8 or so hours a day! I was thinking about finding a house sitter but letting them know they don’t have to spend the night but just looking to make sure he gets 3/5 hours a day with them going on walks and getting some love. Not really sure if that’s even a thing? But I’m looking to get other advice from you guys! He loves all people!
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2023.03.29 18:47 impulsedelight Feeling the urge to break up

FA here (currently leaning AP) in a relationship with a DA. We've been together for about 2 yrs and we've been experiencing some challenges that we both agreed would be best worked on with a therapist. We've been putting it off for a few months, largely due to my finances and timing, as I lost my mom in January and took some time off work.
Since October we have been arguing more, and our intimacy has taken a hit. A bit of it is stress driven for my DA as he is dealing with a family health issue. I'm understanding of this and don't raise it as a concern to put pressure on him. I know he's feeling stressed, even if he doesn't always show it. I've approached it gently and try not to prod but my FA side is telling me things are getting worse and I should leave. Most of our issues stem from the way we both communicate and express unmet needs. When he needs alone time/space, which I respect, he doesn't do the best job at telling me, so I usually just ask him if he needs it. It feels like if I don't ask these questions he'll never speak up. Which tbh is a bit emotionally exhausting.
He used to make more of an effort to do sweet things for me like bringing chocolate or flowers. We both like giving gifts to eachother at random, without it being tied to an occasion. I never stopped this but he has. When I brought it up he mentioned that he has a kind of tunnel vision when other things are on his plate like work + school so sometimes those things fall to the wayside even though he doesn't want them too.
I sense he's frustrated and distancing himself more. He's been less communicative through text, which unfortunately triggers this old fear of being cheated on/abandoned. We dont have sex often anymore. I logically know there are other reasons to be a bad texted but my dumb FA side gets flared up. I keep thinking about running off and being on my own because being with a DA usually creates so much internal suffering for me. As of late, when we're together in person he's been a bit insensitive. We recently spoke about emotional needs, and I told him that currently, with the death of my mother, I need extra reassurance in the form of words, just be gentle to me. I'm having a harder time being my independent self, which makes me cringe internally, so to even ask for that felt ick. He agreed but the very next day he made a critical remark, passed off as a joke about my ADHD as I was writing a cover letter for a job I was excited about. He wasn't encouraging. And the same thing happened when I spoke about going back to the gym and working towards a more athletic body type. He just critizied the image I showed him and the workout plan, which made me feel like shit.
That night I got upset, cried a bit and then told myself that I'm gonna dip if the relationship doesn't change in a few months. I felt so angry, like I had wasted time patiently placating an avoidants needs and now that the honeymoon stage is over, I'm left lonely and unsatisfied.
My question: what do you think can be done to improve our situation without me leaving?
Is there any good resources you'd recommend for us to look at while we wait for a couples therapist?
thank you.
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2023.03.29 18:47 NaturalRattle Has anyone here contacted a company whose offer they previously turned down to basically ask for the offer again? Would it be bad form/taboo to do this?

A few months ago I was technically between jobs when I was job hunting. This was something I hadn't really experienced before (I had quit my main former job, that was extremely toxic and ruining my health, without anything lined up). My health was in pretty bad shape so I spent a few months (around 3) recovering and living off savings and very limited side gigs.
However, once my health became stable and I got my graduate degree (which happened around the same time) I began really hunting. I was admittedly desperate because I had little savings left at this point. Largely due to this, I accepted the first offer I got (it also seemed like a very good fit). Days later, I got an offer from another company I liked but couldn't accept since I'd already accepted the other offer. At this point I had thought the first place was a better fit altogether anyway - the second place's full-time schedule was very tough (very late nights daily, and one full weekend day).
But long story short, my new job really misled me in terms of what I could expect in terms of hours. The job/work itself is actually great, but I'm critically underemployed because they basically over-hired and don't really have enough hours to go around. It's basically the perfect job...sans the glaring fact I cannot fully support myself on it. So now, since I'm already in too deep to quit this current job, I figured I'd just work a second job until I could get more hours (then leave at a respectable timeline if that doesn't happen).
I had remembered that the second place had told me, during my interview, that they offer part-time work with set hours. I noticed during my search for a second job they're hiring again, both part-time and full-time. Would it be bad form to essentially ask for my offer again but on a part-time basis? If not, how should I word it in a way that seems professional? Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.29 18:46 CSGOMatchThreads vs FORZE / BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic 2023 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion 🇷🇺 0-2 🇷🇺 FORZE

Overpass: 12-16 Anubis: 12-16 Ancient

Map picks: MAP FORZE
Vertigo X
X Nuke
Mirage X
X Inferno

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇷🇺 Jame 45-30 76.0 76.8% 1.28
🇷🇺 KaiR0N- 41-37 83.0 69.6% 1.12
🇷🇺 fame 34-38 71.8 62.5% 0.92
🇷🇺 FL1T 36-41 74.5 60.7% 0.89
🇰🇿 Qikert 22-39 54.7 66.1% 0.77
🇷🇺 r3salt 43-39 87.8 73.2% 1.20
🇷🇺 shalfey 41-32 81.4 75.0% 1.17
🇷🇺 Jerry 40-38 81.7 71.4% 1.14
🇷🇺 zorte 35-34 61.0 67.9% 0.97
🇷🇺 Krad 26-37 54.3 64.3% 0.75

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Overpass

Team CT T Total
🇷🇺 7 5 12
🇷🇺 FORZE 8 8 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇷🇺 Jame 22-15 74.0 78.6% 1.24
🇷🇺 KaiR0N- 20-18 91.6 71.4% 1.13
🇰🇿 Qikert 16-18 69.4 75.0% 1.01
🇷🇺 fame 18-17 64.1 64.3% 0.99
🇷🇺 FL1T 15-19 63.7 57.1% 0.84
🇷🇺 shalfey 21-15 84.0 71.4% 1.22
🇷🇺 Jerry 23-20 88.2 64.3% 1.18
🇷🇺 r3salt 17-22 78.2 71.4% 0.95
🇷🇺 zorte 15-17 58.1 64.3% 0.91
🇷🇺 Krad 11-19 48.1 60.7% 0.67

Overpass detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Anubis

Team CT T Total
🇷🇺 6 6 12
🇷🇺 FORZE 9 7 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇷🇺 Jame 23-15 78.1 75.0% 1.32
🇷🇺 KaiR0N- 21-19 74.4 67.9% 1.12
🇷🇺 FL1T 21-22 85.4 64.3% 0.94
🇷🇺 fame 16-21 79.5 60.7% 0.85
🇰🇿 Qikert 6-21 40.0 57.1% 0.55
🇷🇺 r3salt 26-17 97.5 75.0% 1.46
🇷🇺 shalfey 20-17 78.8 78.6% 1.11
🇷🇺 Jerry 17-18 75.1 78.6% 1.10
🇷🇺 zorte 20-17 63.8 71.4% 1.03
🇷🇺 Krad 15-18 60.4 67.9% 0.85

Anubis detailed stats and VOD

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.03.29 18:46 Old-Slip8231 What is the best way to find people and advertise our priavte group tours abroad?

So my friend and I are avid travel veterans with 40+ countries between us. We have plans to visit Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia/Herzegovina in late May and realized we would make great tourguides. We hashed out a plan, found bulk rates for hotels, transportation, and even found tourguides to join us in each city we plan to go to. It's quite a remarkable seven day trip that we are proud of concocting and our rate seems to be significantly cheaper than what we've seen advertised online.
We just don't know how to advertise it ourselves. We've posted on Instagram and in Facebook groups, but besides a bunch of likes and some supportive comments, we really haven't gotten any concrete interest.
How does one go about finding people interested in this? Are there apps or websites to consult? Is there a kind of Airbnb/Uber but for tourguides out there? Are there other discussions/groups we can consult?
All comments and suggestions are a great help. Thanks 🙌
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2023.03.29 18:45 babygirll-aq [23F] Open to [chat] and meet some new people.

For starters I'm 23 && my favorite color is blue. I enjoy singing and taking late night drives. My favorite food is chicken and I've got a smart mouth. Pictures on my page if that matters. (5'3 && 114llbs)
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2023.03.29 18:45 DizzyYogurtcloset640 How do I (F22) deal with relationship anxiety/insecurity with my boyfriend (M23)?

Hello, I (F22) have been dealing with an increase of anxiety surrounding my 4 month long relationship with my boyfriend (M23). I am more anxious in general at this time in my life, but it seems to be extra focused on our relationship.
We have had a good relationship but two weeks ago he brought up seeing each other one day less of the week. I used to sleep over 4-5 days a week, now I sleep over 3 days a week. This has been an adjustment because I’d prefer to continue seeing him 4-5 days a week but he said he felt that was too much too fast in our relationship and that he needs alone time… Which is confusing to me because HE was the one who wanted that in the first place.
Then, I noticed he turned off his notification sounds which he has had on since we’ve been together. He also got on snapchat less around me (he isn’t big on his phone anyways). He had some girls on his recents in snapchat and it felt like he was opening his snapchat out of my view this past weekend. I asked him about these girls and he told me who they are and explained the interactions and told me he promises I have nothing to worry about. He told me one of the girls was a girl he tried getting with before we were together. She recently messaged him asking how he was doing and he said he replied good and yourself. This increased my anxiety.
Then last night he texted me goodnight at 2 am and I’m scared he may have been talking to a girl up until then because he never stays up that late on his phone.
I feel like I’m reading too deep into things and making a mountain out of a mole hill and it’s driving me insane. I think I may have anxious attachment and I feel triggered by seeing him less during the week. I don’t know how to break this cycle of looking for signs of cheating or lost interest. Even with his verbal reassurance, I feel on edge.
I plan on going to therapy, but of course there is a wait before I can start and get results from therapy. So, in the meantime I need to work on these feelings alone.
TLDR; I am struggling to cope with increased relationship anxiety after my boyfriend decreased the amount of nights I sleep over from 4-5 to 3, and he turned off his notification noises and opened Snapchat out of my view. I asked him about the girls on his snapchat and one of them was a girl he tried getting with before we were together. He stayed up later than usual last night causing my mind to think the worst. How to deal with this paranoia?
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2023.03.29 18:44 YourAverageIvan Is it too late to get into Arknights?

I just loaded Arknights (a soundtrack with a game attached to it(so I’ve heard)) yesterday night, but I’m not sure if I can dual wield both Arknights and Azur Lane, while also needing to do school stuff, like keeping a 3.75 gpa. These are my main questions:
  1. Did I miss too many events? It seems to me that there are way too many meta/op characters that I missed this many years after release. If I did, will I be able to get those characters any time soon or will I have to wait around a year for a rerun like AL?
  2. Do the events/banners have story to go with them? With Azur Lane, the campaign basically doesn’t do anything in terms of story, and it’s instead all in the events. I’m already so, SO far behind on the old lore of AL, so having to read up on the lore of AK from all those missed events as well feels like a gargantuan task.
  3. I’m a f2p player, which is why I loved AL from the beginning: the gacha is very forgiving and the devs even give out premium currency every once and a while, and interact a lot with the community. Is AK similarly kind to f2p players throughout early/mid/late game?
Thank you all ahead of time for helping!
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2023.03.29 18:44 Next-Inevitable7153 My bf claims he has multiple personalities (19f/19m)

Hi! I've been dating me boyfriend for about 6 months. We are long distance so normally we text and call and see each other bi monthly.
I've recently been avoiding him? Not intentionally mostly, I have a lot of university work lately and we didn't call for three days. I avoided calling on his birthday because he keeps sexualizing me (I'm not really upset abt this, I'm just uncomfortable with sex because of past stuff and don't know how to directly say no, so I just avoid it entirely but he keeps asking me to do things) (aka he wanted me to spicy video call him as a birthday gift, i was uncomfortable )
Anyways, last night he messaged me that he wanted to be hit by a car (pretty frantically, almost jokingly) and then after I messaged him like 10x checking if he was okay and calling, he messaged me back
But, he said it wasn't him? Like he was saying everything and introduced himself as a different personality and said there were 2
I've had like a few talks with him about mental health before (it's mostly him telling me about all his trauma) but like from what I recall, he said he faked having DID in the past in an abusive relationship
So, I'm very confused as to why he is saying he has another personality .. Unless he actually does?
Anyways, I talked calmly and acted like I understand (i dont, IM CONFUSED D:)
How do I proceed? Im anxious to message him today because im not sure what to say
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2023.03.29 18:43 PeacepipePenny UPDATE: Therapy difficulties (My wife has changed a lot since we lost our baby)

I feel obligated to write this and continue updating people here because of the many kind responses and genuine attempts at offering advice and support.
My (26M) wife (29F) and I were supposed to be attending couples therapy together yesterday evening. We were lucky enough to have been able to get an appointment so soon. I was anticipating not being able to get in with a couples therapist for at least another two weeks, but we lucked out and were able to get one this week. My wife and I were supposed to meet each other there after I get off of work and out of class, and then go get dinner afterwards.
The appointment is at 6:30. I get out of class at 6:00, hustle across town to get there, still show up 3 minutes late, expecting her to already be there (she loves being places early) and I didn't notice her car in the parking lot. I figure it's whatever, this is a business park with a lot of parking spaces, she's definitely here, she promised me this morning she would be here, and I go into the lobby, talk to reception, and ask about seeing this doctor. Doctor's in, but my wife definitely is not.
Okay, no big deal, she's probably just late, because traffic is awful in this horrible nightmare city, so I call her, and it rings all the way through, which is kind of weird. Wait another ten minutes, no call back, and I try again, still nothing. I wait another five minutes, and now it doesn't even ring, like she turned her phone off. So obviously, the appointment winds up not happening, and I'm worried about the safety and well-being of my wife, because it's not like her to not return my calls, or to be late to stuff/skip appointments without notification. Her anxiety errs more on the "I have to be super punctual" type of anxiety.
So I head home, and lo and behold, my wife's car is in the parking lot of our complex. I head in the apartment, and she's in our bed, just watching porn on the TV and masturbating. Apparently that's what she's been up to all day while I've been at work and at school, trying to provide for us. And she was so nonchalant about it too, like it's the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing at that time.
Obviously I'm a little shocked. I'm not a porn guy, I think it's actually super unhealthy and overall does more harm to individuals psychologically than any good that empty instant sexual gratification can do. I don't think watching porn while in a relationship is cheating, but I don't love it. She and I will be having that conversation later, and her watching porn isn't what I'm really upset about right now anyways.
It's the fact that of all the reasons to blow off our appointment with a couples therapist to help her cope with all the shit that's been going on lately with the loss of our daughter and everything related to that, hers is because she was too busy watching some other chick get railed in a gangbang.
I get that she's not in a good place, and she hasn't been well mentally or emotionally for months now.
I get that it's affected her decision making.
I get that going and seeing therapists and doctors and doing that whole thing is scary for her and not something that she has much desire to put herself through, even though she understands that it's probably exactly where she needs to be.
I get that she's bored at home after having taken a sabbatical from her job.
I get that her hormones have been entirely out of wack since January and that sex just helps her not feel so terrible all the time.
I get that she was basically alone when we lost our daughter and that the way she lost our baby is a million times worse than the way I lost our baby.
I understand all of that.
But I still have to go to work so we can eat and pay our bills and rent, and come home and get yelled at for putting the dishes in the dishwasher the wrong way or whatever, and then not get any sleep at night because we're up till 2 in the morning because she got horny and will cry for hours if I don't do it. If that's the way life is till we can beat this thing together, then that's the way it is and I can tough it out for her sake. But the absolute least that she can do is show up when she's agreed to show up so that we CAN beat her depression, so that she CAN get better and be well again.
So I stayed at a friend's place last night, and I think I am crashing on his couch again tonight. My wife has called 6 times, and texted 90 times, and it went from asking if I'm ever coming back, to begging me to just come back, to rants that I haven't read about how sorry I'm going to be, back to begging me to come home. I made the mistake of answering one of the calls, and when I tried to explain that I'll come home when I'm ready to come home, and that I still love her and still want to be with her, that I'm just really hurt and upset and need space, she screamed at me like I have never, ever in my entire life been screamed at before, about how I'm probably cheating on her right now, and how I've abandoned her and about how dare I. "How dare you" was repeated a lot.
I don't really know what my criteria is for feeling ready to go back is either. I think at first it was when I felt like she was genuinely ready to talk, and not just to yell or have a meltdown, but then I remembered that fuck, she and I have already talked about this, and that didn't do anything. I think I'll call her when I get off of work, and give her the ultimatum of actually going to therapy, or a facility, or just anything that's a step in the right direction, or our relationship might have to be put on hold until she gets everything figured out.
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2023.03.29 18:41 Next-Inevitable7153 My partner messaged me... Differently? What do I do?

Hi! I've been dating me boyfriend for about 6 months. We are long distance so normally we text and call and see each other bi monthly.
I've recently been avoiding him? Not intentionally mostly, I have a lot of university work lately and we didn't call for three days. I avoided calling on his birthday because he keeps sexualizing me (I'm not really upset abt this, I'm just uncomfortable with sex because of past stuff and don't know how to directly say no, so I just avoid it entirely but he keeps asking me to do things) (aka he wanted me to spicy video call him as a birthday gift, i was uncomfortable )
Anyways, last night he messaged me that he wanted to be hit by a car (pretty frantically, almost jokingly) and then after I messaged him like 10x checking if he was okay and calling, he messaged me back
But, he said it wasn't him? Like he was saying everything and introduced himself as a different personality and said there were 2
I've had like a few talks with him about mental health before (it's mostly him telling me about all his trauma) but like from what I recall, he said he faked having DID in the past in an abusive relationship
So, I'm very confused as to why he is saying he has another personality .. Unless he actually does?
Anyways, I talked calmly and acted like I understand (i dont, IM CONFUSED D:)
How do I proceed? Im anxious to message him today because im not sure what to say
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2023.03.29 18:41 Adventurous_Egg_6321 Had a horrible gallbladder attack last night.

I have gallstones without obstruction, Usually when I eat junk food I'll have some discomfort the next day accompanied by diarrhea but nothing serious. I've been controlling my symptoms with a very healthy diet and exercise and the last few times I ate fast food I had zero symptoms until last night that is.
I've been really busy with school and with my kids and haven't gotten a lot of sleep lately And being tired often makes me overeat. This past week I've had McDonald's and Taco Bell and last night I had skipped dinner and ate five honey buns instead. Around 1 o'clock in the morning I woke up to a horrible sharp pain and nausea my abdomen was swollen and I kept alternating between hot flashes and cold chills. The pain lasted an hour and I was able to go back to sleep. My baby a walk to feed an hour later and when I woke up the pain was even worse! No matter what I did I could not get comfortable and the pain was excruciating it was almost like labor. I'm a single mom so I want up having to call my grandmother to come and watch my kids so I could go to the ER, at that point I couldn't even drive so she had to go with my eight-year-old grandmother to come and take me to the hospital.
It wound up just being A gallstone that was trying to pass but holy cow that was so painful!
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2023.03.29 18:39 1FunkyBuddha Comparable TT to Coleman Light 1805RB?

Hi all. I am looking to upgrade late this year or early next year. So far the front-runner is the Coleman Light 1805RB. From all of the horror stories I've heard about buying from Camping World, I'm interested to know of any campers that are comparable to this model.
Things I like about the 1805RB are: Single slide with a couch (no dinette is needed) Queen bed that isn't a murphy bed sharing time with a couch (and isn't sideways) 'Fireplace' space heater and TV included Backup camera installed ('23 model) Larger rect shower Tandem axle Large passthrough storage bay
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2023.03.29 18:39 therealdealhere007 Has anyone changed their specialty?

Hey guys, I started with doing video editing on upwork. But now I just moved on from it and don't enjoy it that much. Lately I have learned 3D and wanna start doing 3D work on upwork. What do you think I should do to start getting work from 3D. I'm already top-rated due to my previous skills. Do you think it it would be good if I stick video editing or move on and change the speciality completely. I have tried it but recently haven't got any work out of it.
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2023.03.29 18:38 BariNiceRD "calling out" or challenging patients on lack of engagement (bariatric setting)

I'm terrible with confrontation. I've gotten better at saying "I don't feel comfortable recommending you for surgery until we work some more on ___ because its a thing that is a common cause for regain after surgery and I don't want you to feel like you went through this process and got this surgery for nothing." but I'm terrible at challenging patients lack of engagement with me.
By lack of engagement I mean one to three word answers to things. (this is formatted terribly, sorry)
What have you been working on since we last met? "nothing."
Okay, so last time you'd wanted to work on X, how did that go? "fine I guess."
Here are things that are helpful to start working on now to help with transition to post-op. Which ones would you like to start working on? "none?"
(Even using insurance as an excuse doesn't work) insurance likes to see in our notes when they submit the paperwork that you've been working on changing your eating habits and lifestyle before surgery, that's why they want you to see me 3 times before hand. So tell me some things you might want to work on? "I don't know"
It literally took 6 or 7 prompts to get "I guess I stopped eating late at night"
I want to say (kindly of course) "hey I have to be real here, based on how you've been answering my questions I've been getting this vibe from you that you're not ready for surgery. Because of how much this surgery forces you to change your eating habits I need you to be an active participant in these appointments before I'm comfortable recommending you for surgery."
I know not to push a patient not interested in engaging, but I work with a surgeon who will send anyone through the process as long as they're not in the throws of binge eating or have made a suicide attempt in the last 6 months. I'm going to voice my concern to him and see if he gets similar engagement in his appointments, I'm just concerned that if I dont (respectfully) push this and similar patients a bit more that I'm gonna lose their follow up and they'll get 80% of their stomach removed and not have a support system.
Any advice?
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2023.03.29 18:38 NappingIsLife00 32M Looking for a friend on this lonely day

I don't have much planned today on my day off, outside of making a dinner, cleaning and gaming some. Be wonderful to make a friend and connect over our interests, venting, daily lives and silly or serious conversations.
I enjoy reading, cooking, music, sports, board games, video games, late night drives, baseball, football, soccer and hiking. Hopefully we can connect and make our lives a little happier :)
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