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2015.07.07 19:16 sonybravo For all the WWE Universe & NXT Fans

ActiveWWE: Welcome to our subreddit A subreddit that has been growing for a year & a half now. We welcome any new NXT/WWE Fans to our community with a warm welcome. Any questions send the mods a message and we'll reply back within 24 hours or within 2 hours. Please also read the rules and respect them. Don't and you get banned for 30 days from the subreddit.

2023.03.30 20:26 SJBurns28804 Question about iPhone screen specs and Polaroid Lab image quality

Hi all--I thought that I had read something on this sub-reddit about the phone screen specs and image quality using the Lab. Someone had mentioned that the specific screen specs on the phone--OLED vs LCD--can make a difference in image quality. I have the opportunity to purchase a dedicated iPhone (an older one), specifically for use with the Lab. The iPhone I currently use, an 11Pro, gives me good results--not great results (but I frankly think that is the Polaroid app limitations.)
The iPhone X, XS and 11Pro all use the same OLED / HDR tech (per Apple's specs.) However--and this is the nut of the question--the iPhone XR (again, per Apple's specs) uses an LCD screen. When this question first crossed my mind some months ago (perhaps after reading a post), I was under the impression that the LCD screen generally gave better results with the Lab.
Does anyone have a feel for this? Any suggestions for further research? Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks--Steve
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2023.03.30 20:26 Cleopatra6942012 LPC or LPCC in Minnesota

Hello everyone! I'm curious if anyone has any insight into the benefits of being an LPC vs. LPCC? I am currently working post grad as a mental health practitioner. I was always told in Grad school to pursue the LPCC, however the LPC is only 2000 hours vs the 4000 hours for LPCC. What is the benefit of the LPCC over an LPC? I am about 8 months into supervision and working as an MHP. Any insight or thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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2023.03.30 20:18 AutoModerator Introducing The "Useless Review" Flair On FashionReps!

Introducing The

New Flair Alert 🚨 (mod assigned only)

Typically applied to Tik Tok Kids
A new flair has been added to Fashionreps to help save YOUR time when browsing the sub.
The "Useless Review" will be given to low-effort/spammy "reviews" that kids often post on here.

Flair Criteria

  • Not using in hand pics.
  • Slideshow full of memes.
  • "Review" contains basically no information about the product itself.
  • No attempt to identify flaws for LC purposes or general wear.
  • Useless title.
  • Shipping information NOT included (Shipping line/Price/Declaration/Country).
  • Everything is "10/10" or "9/10."
  • Uses Pandabuy links as W2C (if W2C is even included).


  • If you see this flair when scrolling, you will know it is probably a waste of time.

"Amazing Review" Flair (mod assigned only)

Consecutively, we also have an "Amazing Review" flair.

Flair Criteria

  • In hand photos that actually show the product.
  • Detailed text explaining the product.
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  • Realistic ratings
  • Rep vs retail is a bonus.
  • W2C's included.
Below are some examples of great reviews. I can promise you that writing a decent review is much less time consuming than a meme-filled slideshow.
8.7kg Haul Review w/ Great Title
6.7kg Haul To Canada
Nike Tech Fleece Husky vs Retail
That is all for now. If you see the Useless Review flair, at least you know what to expect now.
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2023.03.30 20:08 dgtlman 2 stage vs Variable (inverter) for Central Florida?

I have already gone through an extensive series of bidding process (mostly trane or carrier). While I feel like I am pretty knowledgeable I am still unsure which way to go. Here is my senario
I am debating the merits of 2 stage vs a fancier inverter system. Trane 2 Stage is $9000 to $11000 depending on the seer rating. This would reuse my ecobee thermostat.
If I go with the trane inverter, it is $13000 - $15000. Obviously this would require a new thermostat (frustrated that there is no HomeKit support - though one installer "claimed" it was coming soon).
There is a lot to factor in on all of this. And some of it bring uncertainty. If anyone can weigh in on any of the following questions, it would be greatly appreciated.
For the point of these questions, let's assume that the work is done properly all done by the same company. That is to say that it is a comparison of equipment alone.

  1. How much does a minor seer difference really become valuable or noticeable? For example 16 vs 17 seer on the 2 stage is a $500 really matter? Or 18 to 19.5 seer on the inverter for $1100? IS that minor efficiency change have much if any return on investment?
  2. As humidity is a big deal, what kind of better performance improvement difference is between the 2 stage vs variable inverter systems? One of my concerns is there is a lot more that could go wrong on the higher end. But I am not an expert in this field. I do know that better humidity control should reduce the need for lower temperature level to feel the same.
  3. For trane, is there a difference between the air handler of the TEM8 vs TAM9? I can upgrade to the later for $500 more.
  4. Finally, if price is more or less the same, am I better off going for the comparable carrier infinity system?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.30 19:55 bam2403 Need Help Finding "Long" Tips for Moondrop Blessing2

Hello, I am new to the high-end IEM game and I just got my Blessing2's.
Unfortunately I was given bad information and the tips for my SE215 will not work.
Due to conductive hearing loss in my left ear, the best way I have found to give me sound balance is to use a longer ear tip on my left IEM.
I currently use the Westone Star Red Tips on my left ear. They have a 12mm diameter and a 14mm length.
I currently use the Westone Star Black Tips on my right ear. They have a 12mm diameter and an 11mm length.
Does anyone know of a suitable pair of replacement tips? Ideally it would be the same setup, both tips are the same brand, same type, and 12mm diameter, but one of the tips would be about 3mm longer.
Right now the closest I have found is:
SpinFit CP240 (M) on the left which is 13mm deep and the SpinFit CP100 (M) on the right which is 10mm deep
This gives me the 3mm difference I am looking for, but the shapes (single vs double flange) and the diameters (12.2 vs 13.7) are pretty different.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Also if there is a way I can mod my existing tips to work I would be open to that as well!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 19:49 fidelityinvestments What should you do if you’ve contributed too much to your IRA/Roth IRA?

Great job, you’re contributing to your IRA—that deserves a pat on the back. But it’s not uncommon to accidentally over contribute, or mistakenly contribute if you’re ineligible. We can help if that’s the case.
The good news? If you catch it before your tax filing deadline, you may be able to correct your mistake and make it out penalty free. The bad news? If you contributed too much to your IRA and/or Roth IRA, you may be stuck with some tax penalties. Here’s what you need to know if you’ve contributed too much to your IRA or Roth IRA.
How you might contribute too much to your IRA/Roth IRA
The IRA contribution limits are the combined limits for both traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. That means if you’re contributing regularly to both, it’s very possible to overcontribute.
Also, your eligibility to contribute to a Roth IRA is determined on your income, specifically, your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). If you contributed to your Roth IRA early in the year and then earned more income than you expected, you may no longer be eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. If you have any questions on how much you’re eligible to contribute, check out our Roth vs. Traditional IRA calculator.
Quick tip: If you haven’t yet reached your contribution limit, you have up until you file your taxes to contribute to an IRA or Roth IRA.

IRA and Roth IRA Contribution limits
Year Under age 50 Age 50 and older
2022 $6,000 $7,000
2023 $6,500 $7,500
Source: “Retirement Topics – IRA Contribution Limits,” Internal Revenue Service, Dec 21, 2022. You can’t contribute more than your earned household income. If your earned household income for the year is less than the contribution limit, then your personal IRA contribution limit reflects your earned household income. If you’re married and filing jointly, your limit may be equal to your spouse’s income if you have no income yourself and are contributing to a spousal IRA.
Options if you’ve contributed too much to your IRA/Roth IRA
If you’ve contributed too much to your IRA and/or Roth IRA, you have until the extension filing deadline (normally October 15 the year your taxes are due) to fix the mistake, as long as you file your taxes on time or file an extension.
If you file for a tax extension, you’re still on the hook to pay all taxes by Tax Day, or you may incur a failure-to-pay penalty. If you notice that, you’ve over contributed to an IRA after you filed your taxes, you may have to file an amended tax return.
Any investment earnings your excess contributions have generated while in your account will have to be reported on your taxes in the year you made the contributions to your IRA. If you don’t remove excess contributions and any investment earnings from those contributions by your tax filing deadline plus any extensions, you may have to pay a 6% penalty on those contributions every year until they are removed. Visit the IRS for more information on tax penalties for IRAs.
Note: As recently passed in the SECURE 2.0 Act, investment earnings on excess contributions will not incur an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty if they are removed by your tax filing deadline. Applicable amount of earnings on excess contributions should be withdrawn in all cases.
If you contributed too much you have 3 options to fix the over contribution:
1. Complete a return of excess contribution form
To remove excess contributions from a Roth IRA or traditional IRA at Fidelity, you will need to complete an IRA Return of Excess Contribution Request. Removing excess contributions can be stressful, so to help make things easier it can be helpful to look up a few details about your contribution before you start the process: the date you made your contribution, the exact amount you need to withdraw and whether you have enough cash in your account to complete your withdrawal. It’s also a smart idea to consult a tax advisor to make sure you get everything reported correctly.
2. Recharacterize your contributions
If you're ineligible to make a Roth IRA contribution because your income is too high, you can recharacterize your Roth IRA contributions to a traditional IRA. Just make sure that you’re still under the combined maximum for both accounts. If you recharacterized, make sure to check and see if you’re now eligible for any income tax deductions too. And the same goes here: consult a tax advisor before recharacterizing any contributions as a wrong move could mean costly tax penalties.
3. Apply contributions to the next year
You could also apply your excess contributions to the next year, which would push them to next year’s contribution limit. Keep in mind, though, that you could still incur the 6% excess contribution penalty for the year the excess was contributed if you don’t apply the contributions by your tax filing deadline. Before considering this correction method, first make sure to verify that the carried over excess will be eligible within next year’s limits, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a tax professional if you have any questions.
If you’ve noticed you’ve overcontributed to your IRA or Roth IRA, remember that you have options. But because these are sensitive financial decisions, it’s best to consult a tax professional for help.
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2023.03.30 19:44 xiaolii [H] Lots of Games [W] Trade for Games or Paypal (EU)

Last Updated List: 30/03/2023
I have quite a few games up for trade or willing to sell.
Primarily looking for games from my wishlist. Not a reseller, so please do not offer any games which I already have, not interested. Other than that feel free to offer your list of Steam games and something I may not have and fulfills my criteria I could/would be willing to trade for it/them.
If you're either trading or buying please state the game(s) you are interested in and your offer (game(s)/list/money).
Few things to note:
I kindly ask of you is to be reasonable when making offers to make it a fair trade for both of us.
Let's have a good exchange/trade!
List of games:
Steam gifts list:
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2023.03.30 19:44 AliceBurek Andheim

I'm happy to announce that I finished my book now I'm translating it into English.
You can see more on my Wattpad.
Andheim - Full Book English version - Alicja Burek - Wattpad
I encourage you guys If you like the book to share it on your social media. So more people can like it :)
Northeast of the city of Lira. The Great Battle was underway. The Kingdom of Andaroln and the Kingdom of Ithrandil fought each other. Humans vs High Elves.
On the dried, trampled grass of the meadow, two armies were advancing on each other. In the cloudless southern sun of Andaroln summer. Human soldiers, under the banner of a golden sword crossed with a lightning bolt in the crown crest, tried to maintain formation. Armed with swords, shields, and chainmail, they fended off a frontal attack by the silver-skinned Elves, who wore emerald armor that looked as if it were made of cut stone. Compared to them, people looked like a random collection. They had no such armor, and some had none at all.
In addition, the Elves possessed terrible weapons. The Ents broke through the ranks, heedless of any resistance. Trees bred to become ruthless machines powered by magic. Feeling no pain and knowing no mercy. They assume an almost humanoid form during combat. Arms with roots instead of fingers grabbed and tore people apart. The Andarolians knew only two ways to defeat them. A strong mage was needed, and that was the problem, unlike the Elves, many people didn't know magic. Secon way was to bombard the Ent with so many incendiary arrows that they start to burn. And hidden in the crown of the tree, the Elf that was controlling it was burning alive. The archers kept behind the infantry were important, they supported the soldiers fighting in front.
Andaroln was famous for its cavalry, but it was useless against the Ents. Horses were afraid of moving trees. Except for the armored horses the Paladins rode. They weren't even afraid of lightning. For this is what their fearless riders wield. In full silver plate armour, consisting of visors, shoulder pads, breastplates, gloves, and shin guards. With blue tabards with a white lightning bolt in a circle on the chest. Armed with long lances and a triangular two-color shield. They surrounded the elven army and charged at it, surrounded by an aura of lightning that struck enemies within range.
Among the Andarolian troops on the right flank was Wyndelf. This Andaroln Captain in his twenties, he fought in the front row with his two-handed bastard sword. He was a massive tall man with a long face, a low forehead, a large, slightly curved nose, and a thin mouth. He had a fair complexion, broad shoulders, stern green eyes, and shoulder-length disheveled dark brown hair. A short beard covered his face. He wore a steel hauberk over a leather waistcoat, simple black canvas trousers, and leather boots.
This wasn't his first battle. He remembered the words of the knight training him and the other recruits. "The elves know magic and are cunning, tire them out to defeat them." That's what he was doing, starting a sword fight. He forced the Elf to parry with quick swings and finally finished him off. All around were the screams of the wounded, the dying of the dead. As far as the eye could see, there were either enemies or allies. They were outnumbered. This battle was fought by the largest army in Andaroln's history, 60,000 strong. There were only twenty-five thousand elves.
On a hill nearby sat the Queen of the Elves, commanding and casting terrifying spells. Fireballs the size of great cauldrons hit the Andaroln soldiers like great boulders. They exploded, killing and severely burning those lucky enough to survive. Wyndelf kept silently praying to Anedothon that one didn't hit him. He didn't know how many elves he had already defeated. He was a better swordsman than them, but when one had magic he could only dodge and wait until he ran out of magical energy or was hit by an allied arrow.
Another hit him. Armed with a curved sword and shield. Both hands are busy. That meant he had no hand to cast. Wyndelf quickly dismissed the thought, however, as fire ignited on the curved blade. Yellow eyes shone from behind the visor. He moved forward. The Andarolian could only parry. In the brief exchange of blows, he sensed an opportunity. He jumped back and, using the greatsword's reach, aimed at the legs not covered by the shield. He tripped his opponent. He dropped the sword from his hand, and Wyndelf finished him off with another blow.
After defeating him, he realized that he was alone. Fortunately, there are not many enemies on the right flank either. The three elves gathered around the elf. They were covering her, apparently she was their commander. She was tired and had to sit down. They drew their swords and rushed towards him. Each with a curved short blade in one hand. And the other was nothing. Did they know magic? They surrounded him. They were about to attack simultaneously, giving Wyndelf no chance, when he moved forward and with a confident thrust of his sword felled the first elf. The other ran up to him, but his range was too short. A bastard's long sword sliced through his elven armor. The third looked uncertain. Escaped.
He was left alone with the tired Elf. She stood up, leaning on a long curved sword. Yellow eyes also shone from behind the veil of the helmet. She was tall, equal to his height, and he was not short. She raised her sword and charged at him. He was ready to make the attack. However, she stopped deadpan. She directed her hand towards the ground. Roots sprouted from the ground beneath him and encircled him. He tried to break away. She was getting closer. He reached for his belt knife. He cut the part. He released his sword and was completely free. He rushed at her. She raised the blade. She parried the first blow, and so did the second. she was backing up. He swung a third time. However, she stumbled over the corpse of the dead Elf, thus avoiding the blow. The helmet of elven metal fell from her head, and a face appeared to Wyndelf, a beautiful round one with prominent cheekbones. He was about to hit her, but hesitated.
He looked at her more. She was young as an elf. He saw fear in her big yellow eyes. Her forehead was smooth, her mouth dark and wide. Lush, shoulder-length, light green hair. The Andarolian was speechless. He had never seen someone so beautiful. He was standing over her with his two-handed sword raised. They stared at each other like that for a moment.
Then slowly the elf stood up. Without making sudden movements. She took two steps back, turned and ran towards the forest. Wyndelf stared after her for a moment, then shook himself. He looked at the hill. He could have been an easy target. He was alone on the right flank. However, the Elf Queen had other concerns.
Five Paladins rode towards her to challenge her. In the center is the Grand Master of Thelarix. A man of medium height in his sixties. A thin man with a long face, high forehead, prominent nose, thin lips and gray tousled hair. His large blue eyes were constantly glowing with a stern look. A fine stubble covered his face. Armed like the rest of the Paladins, except for the lack of a visor covering his head.
He was going to meet the Queen. They went up the hill. The Elf Queen sat on her horse, accompanied by her bodyguards, and measured the people with a cold gaze. She wore emerald armor like the other elves. On her head, however, instead of a helmet, she wore a golden crown studded with rubies. She was beautiful but her face was cold. She had silver Elven skin and orange gleaming eyes.
— So the humans sent their best warrior... a grey-haired old man? — she asked contemptuously..
— Don't be overconfident, Elf witch. — Thelarix answered her and pointed the lance skyward.
Lightning burst from the cloudless sky and struck the lance's tip. Lightning surrounded the Paladin. Constantly dancing all around him. It was five out of five. The Paladins accompanying the master of the order rushed at the Queen's bodyguards. They tried unsuccessfully to summon the roots to defend themselves. But that didn't help. The queen was amazed at how quickly her bodyguards were dealt with. However, she smiled when it became clear that other Paladins would not interfere in her duel with the old man. They stood on either side watching carefully. The elf created spears of fire and rushed at the old man. Thelarix charged at her, pointing lances at her. They clashed. The fiery spear shattered against the plate armor that surrounded the lightning bolt. The lance pierced the Queen's chest right through. She hung on a polearm. Her dead-open eyes were startled.
Seeing this, the elves broke down and started to retreat to the east. Thelarix let go of the lances. He dismounted and looked at the Crown. He took her hand. He sensed an unimaginable amount of magical energy from it.
— It's a powerful artifact. How could someone with something like that get defeated so easily? — he thought.
He got back on his horse with the prey. And he went down the hill. He looked at the man leaning on a long two-handed sword. Around him, a dozen dead elves. He was amazed. He drove up to him. There was an uproar nearby.
— Soldiers gather here — cried Thelarix loudly.
The Andarolians began to gather. Countless eyes were now on Wyndelf
— What's your name boy? — the Master of the Order asked quietly.
— Wyndelf Tarronghill — replied the Man.
Then the Paladin Commander spoke loudly to everyone — This Wyndelf Tarronghill here is a brave warrior, he fought tirelessly today for us and all of Andalorn, he deserves the glory, from now on he will be known as the Berserker of Lira —.
There were cheers and applause. Wyndelf was surprised. After a while, the crowd parted. On a beautiful silver horse rode a man whom everyone knew. King Killrog. A man in his forties, of medium height, massive, with a serious handsome face, broad shoulders, low forehead, small nose, blue eyes, stubble and short brown hair. He wore plate armor with the golden Crest of Andaroln on his chest and a blue cape with gold trimmings thrown over him. On his head was a golden crown studded with sapphires.
Wyndelf knelt as the King rode up. Thelarix dismounted and did the same. So are the soldiers.
— It's a great day — Killrog began. — We have defeated the greatest Elven army yet, today we have recaptured Lira, and soon we will recapture the rest of our lands, we will not rest until we drive the filthy Elves away — he said loudly and the crowd cheered.
Thelarix showed him the crown. The king took it and lifted it up — We have their Queen's Crown, their end is near.. —
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2023.03.30 19:43 xiaolii [H] Lots of Games [W] Trade for Games or Paypal (EU)

Last Updated List: 30/03/2023
I have quite a few games up for trade or willing to sell.
Primarily looking for games from my wishlist. Not a reseller, so please do not offer any games which I already have, not interested. Other than that feel free to offer your list of Steam games and something I may not have and fulfills my criteria I could/would be willing to trade for it/them.
If you're either trading or buying please state the game(s) you are interested in and your offer (game(s)/list/money).
Few things to note:
I kindly ask of you is to be reasonable when making offers to make it a fair trade for both of us.
Let's have a good exchange/trade!
List of games:
Steam gifts list:
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2023.03.30 19:42 vom513 Getting ready to print ABS for the first time. Any tweaks outside the defaults you all would recommend ?

For "generic" PLA - I've moved to printing at 210 (vs 220) as well as disabling the AUX fan + no cooling for first 3 layers. I have had great results with these tweaks.
For "generic" ABS (ex: MicroCenteInland/eSUN) - are there any similar tweaks folks would recommend ?
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2023.03.30 19:41 Calpert411 Does my work experience and education help in pursuing ID as a career? (Asking for opinions)

Apologies to my fellow ADHDer's out there for this will be a long post.
Some background information on me: I graduated college in 2013 with a degree in Marketing Communications and a concentration in Advertising in hopes of becoming a Copywriter. Turns out it wasn't something I was super passionate about and wasn't able to do internships at an advertising agency while I was in college and that's usually how people in advertising get the jobs.
So right after college, I moved to Florida and did the Disney College Program. I worked retail since I had been working for three years prior in a candy store (no, I didn't work at the candy store at Disney). I then was hired full time to work in attractions.
Needless to say, Disney's customer service is the best of the best. After working there for two years, I got hired on the spot to work at Starbucks where I was first a barista, then a trainer, then a shift supervisor. Because of my experience at Disney and Starbucks, plus my ability to communicate with people, I can pretty much land any customer support job. I then worked at Grubhub in the call center which gave me experience speaking on the phone to customers and restaurants and then I became the second customer service rep hired at a startup subscription men's skin care company where I mostly took emails and chats.
After being at that company for over two years, I wanted a change. I applied for a teaching program, but was rejected after going through the full application and interview process. Then a couple months the pandemic started, so I'm guessing there would have been a halt on the teaching, and the company I worked for decided to let me go, which in the end was a good thing because it was a bit of a toxic, sexist environment. But I was very depressed and didn't know what to do with my life. I felt like I would never get out of customer service roles. Then a friend told me about how she did a full stack web development bootcamp and was making great money so I decided to do it. It was incredibly stressful and exhausting and I had to get extra tutoring (I was able to let them know I had ADHD and needed some extra help and actually the woman who tutored ma has now become a good friend of mine!). I wanted to quit, but they would not refund the money (my mom and step dad graciously paid for it). Since it was a pass/fail course, if I was going to pay I was going to get that certificate and I did. We had team projects and I ended up being a sort of project manager. I love organizing notes and writing so I was in charge of creating the materials to present the apps we made to our class.
I was working on my portfolio and getting career counseling which was provided with the course, but still didn't think I would be good enough at it. I was receiving unemployment so I wasn't in a huge rush to find a job.
Then a few months later, my father got COVID, was hospitalized, in a coma for about two weeks and then passed away. It was all very sudden and obviously my motivation to find a job shrunk even more.
A few months after my father's passing, I decided to try to get back into finding a job and was told by the counselor that I would be good for a tech support job if I didn't feel comfortable enough doing coding. I applied for one job and got rejected, but then a couple of weeks later I was reached out by a recruiter on LinkedIn for a Product Support position at a tech company. After a few interviews, I got the job and it's the best company and support job I've ever had. I do emails, chats, and phones and I have mastered the platform. I am one of the top performers on my team. And even though I don't do coding, we do help users with their plugins and I am now able to usually look at the code and figure out the issue easily.
A lot of people at this company move up or join a different team so I was interested in seeing if I was qualified for any other positions. My manager meets with us once a week and we talk about our career paths. I realized my strengths were communication, customer focusing, training/explaining and helping. I am able to take the complicated sounding tech issues and explain them in a clear and concise way to my customers and they greatly appreciate it. I even created a Confluence page for my role with all of the things I needed to know and had it organized with headers, colors, images, tables, etc. because the company has a Confluence page, but it was a mess and nothing was organized properly (thanks, ADHD). I showed it to some of my coworkers and managers/leads and they were all super impressed! I shared it for everyone on my team to use.
So with all of that in mind, I was trying to think of what I could do that would be different, a little more technical, and that in the end would make more money. I thought about pursuing UX design, but was told that if I'm not very comfortable coding, it wouldn't be a good fit. I thought it would be because after 10+ years of customer facing roles plus might small amount of coding experience, I know what people want and need in products.
Fast forward to last night: my cousin and I decided to Facetime because we live in different states and hadn't seen each other in a while. I knew she was a 3rd grade teacher for the last 10ish years but heard she was no longer teaching. She told me she was now an Instructional Designer and when she explained what it was, a lightbulb went on in my head. This is what I thought of when I heard UX designer, but it's more writing and explaining than actual coding (my cousin admitted she barely knows HTML). As I mentioned, I LOVE writing and am trying to write a novel at the moment.
Although I have never been a teacher, who are usually the people who move to ID, I feel like this would be an absolutely ideal job for me. Part of me of course is afraid I'll end up failing, but the other part feels like this is what I have been searching for for the last few years!
I keep hearing mixed things about certificates vs masters degrees. My cousin did the IDOL courses and she actually gave me her log in, but people here are saying IDOL isn't good. I also don't exactly have the money to pay for a course at the moment, but I am going to bring it up with my manager and have heard that my company has paid for certificates in the past.
So people of Reddit, even though I have never been a teacher and do not have a masters, do you think as long as I do my own studying and develop a decent portfolio that this would be a good fit for me?
Thank you for your time!
EDIT: Just made some small grammaspelling edits
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2023.03.30 19:37 bam2403 Need Help Finding "Long" Tips for Moondrop Blessing2

Hello, I am new to the high-end IEM game and I just got my Blessing2's.
Unfortunately I was given bad information and the tips for my SE215 will not work.
*Due to conductive hearing loss in my left ear, the best way I have found to give me sound balance is to use a longer ear tip on my left IEM. * I currently use the Westone Star Red Tips on my left ear. They have a 12mm diameter and a 14mm length.
I currently use the Westone Star Black Tips on my right ear. They have a 12mm diameter and an 11mm length.
Does anyone know of a suitable pair of replacement tips? Ideally it would be the same setup, both tips are the same brand, same type, and 12mm diameter, but one of the tips would be about 3mm longer.
Right now the closest I have found is:
SpinFit CP240 (M) on the left which is 13mm deep and the SpinFit CP100 (M) on the right which is 10mm deep
This gives me the 3mm difference I am looking for, but the shapes (single vs double flange) and the diameters (12.2 vs 13.7) are pretty different.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Also if there is a way I can mod my existing tips to work I would be open to that as well!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.30 19:29 ToastedMaple The interviewers kept asking about whether I am sure about the hour long travel time for the job

The hr had already asked me about being able to make it into work due to traffic and where I live vs the job location. I had explained that it wasn't a problem (I've traveled 1.5hr for jobs before because they were good environments and the team was great).
Had 4 interviewing me today in person as a follow up, and they asked 3 times about the distance and traveling. I'm very qualified for the role, I've already stated traveling for long distances for previous roles... One of the interviewers was already traveling the same time and distance as I would be if I were hired.
I left the interview feeling confused lol do they want the best person for the role? Or just the closest?
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2023.03.30 19:21 Impossible-Line6476 Sizing Charge controller and 12V vs 24V battery bank

Sizing Charge controller and 12V vs 24V battery bank
I am currently building two mobile solar powerplants to run starlink internet, a laptop, a couple of LED lights, and charge a few handheld radios for a remote 200mi footrace in the Canadian Rockies. These locations will be in service for approximpately 60 consecutive hours and consuming approximately 198w/hr or 4741w/day (see power consumption chart). The primary challenge here being that we will be operating 24hrs a day and only recharging the batteries for the 5 hours of peak sun we will receive in September in SW Alberta, Canada. The two units will be built identical, so for simplicity, moving forward I will just refer to the components of one powerplant.
I have purchased (4x) 320W solar panels that are producing open circuit voltage (Voc) of 40.5V each (confirmed through private testing). These were listed as "12V" solar panels online, so my original math no longer fits the situation. I thought I could just run these panels in parallel to produce 1280W at 12V, but I've come to learn that the 40.5V panels in parallel will require a massive 100A charge controller and very large guage cables as it would produce 106A at peak. (please correct me if I am wrong here).
Alternatively, I thought I could run these panels in series-parallel by connecting (2x) sets of (2x) 320W panels in series and connect the (2x) 640W series in parallel to create 1280W at 81V (Voc). This would signifcantly reduce the Amps and require a much smaller guage cable
Now, here comes the tricky part: I am charging (2x) 12V 200Ah batteries. I've not worked with a solar project of this calibre before, so I am looking for some advice regarding 12V vs 24V battery bank. It is my understanding that by connecting the (2x) 12V 200Ah batteries in series could create a 24V 200Ah system and a 60A 24V charge controller would be sufficient. Whereas connecting the (2x) 12V 200Ah batteries in parallel would create 12V 400Ah system that would require a 100A charge controller
Given the following components, is there a better way to organize the circuits to maximize the system performance?
2x - 12V 200Ah LiFePo4 batteries
4x - 320W solar panels with 40.5 Voc (Vmp= 33V Imp= 9.7A)
What size charge controller would you use? Any tips, tricks or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Estimated power consumption
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2023.03.30 19:12 StrongStyleDemon Great Muta prediction over at WWE

Great Muta prediction over at WWE
After being inducted in the wwe Hall of Fame Great Muta will most likely be there for the wrestlemania and I suspect that he is going to help a certain face painted, mist spraying, Asian wrestler during her title match.
What do you think?
I post this as I am interested in this from the perspective of a fan of Japanese Wrestling and not otherwise very interested in anything going on in WWE.
So what you gonna do sister, when the Great Muta and Asuka spray Asian Mist all over you ;)
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2023.03.30 19:11 Select_Departure2853 Phone call from rater?!

I received an update call from my rater assigned to my claim yesterday. I just think this is really great they are allowed to do this now and strange they didn’t start this sooner. I feel this allows the rater to look at our files as real life people vs just a stack of paperwork to complete. Feeling so much more confident for this claim and feel that the rater was incredibly compassionate to my situation. That is all!
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2023.03.30 19:10 Ambatus "Older judoka say they used to do Judo, older BJJers say they do BJJ": Budokast 63: Newaza in Judo

I selected a quote from this episode for the title because it really stuck with me - even if I don't like the implication, I think it really drives the point home.
Episode link: Budokast 63 - O Newaza no Judo (in Portuguese)
All the episodes in Budokast are great, but I've found this one especially so, perhaps because of recent discussions about these topics here. I summarised some of the points discussed there (I hope Budokast doesn't mind), all mistakes are my own.
The conversation is between the host, Moacir Mendes Junior (former Brazilian Judo national team, also BJJ black belt and competitor), and Bruno Schindler (Kosen Judo investigator). Moacir has developed an approach to newaza training in Judo and competitions.
One note: it's clear in the episode that everyone know what "kosen Judo" is, how it appeared, the relationship with the Kodokan and the universities, etc., so no need for "but kosen Judo isn't a thing" - I just didn't include that part here.
Throwing and groundwork in Judo
  1. There's an understandable culture in Judo that prioritises throwing techniques.
  2. Judo newaza has been an integral part of Judo since its inception, with kosen competitions being a specific episode in that history.
  3. Newaza practice has dropped in Judo: it used to be closer to being balanced, or closed to it, but through the decades it was reduced (sharp drop in the 90s).
  4. Judo newaza is also under attack from the change in Judo culture: using it is "doing BJJ".
  5. The self-defence angle has been deprioritised in Judo, while focused on in BJJ.
Judo newaza and BJJ
  1. Learning BJJ to "use in Judo", trying to extract things to "improve newaza", is a losing proposition: learning it for what it is is fundamental to actually evolve.
  2. The different ruleset leads to different reactions, which necessarily lead to different techniques and teaching processes.
  3. There is a "cursed inheritance" in Judo that affects everyone: turtling and avoiding the guard. Kosen Judo displays the techniques we see in BJJ, but the mainstream approach is to turn the back, since rules make turtling a viable approach - but often a losing position.
  4. There should be a regained Judo newaza focus that would enable deeper expression of that part of the art, without resorting to BJJ; this is not done since existing instructors do not want to learn new things, so they outsource newaza training to BJJ.
Lifestyle vs. competition: the risks of outsourcing newaza
  1. Sending students to BJJ to learn the ground game also has a possible outcome: the judoka will go there, stay there and leave Judo.
  2. Judo and BJJ, if we consider them teaching equivalent things, are like learning them in a suit and tie while punching the clock, and learning them in shorts under a palm tree at the beach.
  3. This lifestyle approach of BJJ contrasts with the "all that matters are competition results" of Judo.
  4. Judo is something older (>30) people "used to do", BJJ is something older people "are doing".
  5. Judo should also have/regain this "lifestyle" approach, and stop this trend of people dropping out in their early 30s when competition ends. It should be a lifetime activity that appeals to all age brackets.
  6. Judo focus on the children wastes the obvious audience: their parents.
  7. In BJJ the older practitioner finds a different reality: more people in their 30-50s, with a focus on physical health, almost a therapy, instead of permanent competition training.
  8. "Why don't you do Judo again? "Went to a training near me, almost died due to the training approach". People have work and a family, and if Judo is another thing that they must suffer through then they won't do it.
  9. BJJ doesn't have this problem, they cater to that audience, and going to practice can be relaxing.
  10. Newaza can be an important part of projecting Judo as a life-long activity (cf. Japan)
Olympic sport, regulations, grading
  1. BJJ not being an Olympic sport is a blessing in this regard, and from an offering perspective there is a lot that Judo could learn.
  2. Black belts in Judo are exceedingly regulated and complex, with all sorts of extra activities and bureaucratic requirements, almost as if the purpose is to discourage people from it. Many drop before it because of that.
  3. In BJJ, a black belt is easier because it's a 1:1 relationship with a teacher, independent of competition points or other requirements.
  4. The lack of central regulation is used against BJJ, but it works because the teacher is the one that is in a better position to determine it. And people with bad technique exist everywhere, including Judo black belts.
  5. The self-defence angle has been deprioritised in Judo, while focused on in BJJ.
  6. Judo risks being mummified with all the rule changes. Whereas BJJ integrates new techniques in their approach to scoring, Judo seems to default to penalising them.
  7. Constant limiting changes in rules can make a wonderful sport turn into something boring, with an associated lack of attractiveness for those practising it.
  8. BJJ teachers tend to be more self-employed with a need to attract paying customers, whereas Judo has more people working for sports institutions.
Newaza in Judo: ruleset
  1. The lack of scoring in newaza doesn't help newaza learning and refinement.
  2. Judo newaza competition with points, based on a deep analysis of Judo positions, including losing positions.
  3. 5s passivity when in a losing position == waza-ari
  4. Starting on their feet, 30s, transitions to ground mustn't be a shido (i.e. no "pulling guard")
  5. This instils real abilities that can be directly applied in "normal" competition since it is based on Judo positions and reactions.
  6. No changes in scoring (waza-ari is used), no changes needed to do it, it's a drop-in ruleset tweak.
  7. Worked with the CBJ [NGB] to integrate this newaza competitions in the calendar.
Newaza in Judo: how to advance it?
  1. There's a lot of potential.
  2. We should work within the existing structures.
  3. Being careful with changes and making them easy to use with the existing resources.
  4. Newaza competitions as something that provide tangible improvements in Judo competitions.
  5. There's an audience for a "lifestyle Judo", with "kosen rules" being a part of that approach.
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2023.03.30 19:05 CrosshairsGaming Results from the 1992 Kuwait Trials: M1A2 vs Challenger 2. M1A2 won by a great margin, Challenger broke down.

Results from the 1992 Kuwait Trials: M1A2 vs Challenger 2. M1A2 won by a great margin, Challenger broke down. submitted by CrosshairsGaming to TankPorn [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:04 tvchase THE GREATEST TRICK THE DEVIL EVER PULLED -- Part Five (1/2)

“Wrestling is linear. But these are not linear times…”
Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
September 9, 2022 – The Fallout from Brawl Out
AEW is in crisis. Its champion and biggest star turned the world upside down three days prior. CM Punk is in exile, two titles are vacant, and three of the company’s founders have their futures in jeopardy. The landscape is pure chaos. Amidst that chaos, a villain strolls out to the stage with a big smile on his face.
MJF eats it all up… AEW’s greatest heel may have become its greatest face in one night. The live audience is jubilant to see him and he reciprocates, diving into them just as CM Punk had done, hugging Taz at the broadcast desk, wearing the jersey of that city’s football team.
Joy reverberates in his words once he grabs the microphone:
"BUFFALO, NEW YORK! THE DEVIL IS BACK! Now listen up Buffalo, first things first... Who's excited to see MJF? “Lord knows I am. Guys, I love Buffalo, New York, hell the greatest Quarterback of all time, Josh Allen is from Buffalo. Now, we're gonna get down to brass tacks a little bit here, okay? Last time you guys saw me I might've said some offensive stuff, I'm just being honest…
The fans strike up a loud chant: “YOU WERE RIGHT”
Now hear me out, hear me out, hear me out... Hold on g-- Seriously, I only have so much time allotted. Shut up. Please. Jesus. Alright listen... If there's one thing I know to be true, it's that right now you might think that we're in dark times, but we're not. What we need is leadership. And I can not think of one more person, more trustworthy than me! Now let me tell you a story: there was once a wise Jewish man, and his name started with a M. And when his people were meek and weak and they needed help, he split the sea wide open and he walked them straight to the promise land. Buffalo, I'm not telling you I'm Moses, that's ridiculous. I'M BETTER THAN MOSES! I'VE GOT TO WIN THAT WORLD TITLE BECAUSE MY NAME IS MAXWELL JACOB FRIEDMAN AND I'M BETTER THAN YOU...
“AND YOU KNOW IT!”, the crowd finishes for him. “Wild Thing” comes over the speakers and Jon Moxley walks through the crowd to the ring.
He stares down MJF then says: “You are absolutely full of crap.”
Crowd laughs a bit, but they also boo him some.
"So let me get this straight, Jonathan. You think I'm not being sincere here in Buffalo, New York? In front of all these grotesque, poor, lard asses who have quite possibly the worst Football Team in the history of the United States of America? [MJF shed’s the jersey and wipes his ass with it] … Now Jon, I don't know if you're a little bit woozy considering you went to sleep on Sunday… [MJF mimes CM Punk's “Go To Sleep” pose]
But maybe you got a point. Maybe I don't care about AEW.... Maybe I don't care about these people... Maybe, just maybe I look at the World Title as nothing more than a bargaining chip that I can use for the bidding war of 2024. Maybe I take that title to a real Wrestling Company, WITH REAL FANS. And real wrestlers like my friend and hero 'The American Roller Coad-ster' Cody Rhodes. And – I'M HOLDING THE MICROPHONE YOU BUMS! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! And maybe, just maybe I get to work for a real boss, the only Khan in professional wrestling that's worth a damn; Jolly Old St. Nick. Because to quote the greatest wrestler of all time, and my personal hero, The Game: 'That is what's best for business.’”
"Dude. This is not the time, this is not the place, and I am in no mood. You need to leave this ring right now, or I will make you leave.
MJF stands toe-to-toe with Moxley before slithering out of the ring. Mox continues:
Hey, your theme music sucks by the way. Now Buffalo, New York. I am in no mood... I am pissed off. I am embarrassed. I am pissed off about a great many things. But none more so than the fact that I'm standing here without the AEW World Championship... The AEW World Championship represents passion for this sport! Passion for this business! It represents the passion of the guys and girls in the back, and the fans that fill the arenas and watch at home. Those three letters in the AEW World Championship, they represent heroes during a pandemic at a time where the world needed heroes. It represents the dream, the vision that we all had when we started this thing years ago, and we wanted to show the world just what wrestling could be. The AEW World Championship represents taking the dark and ugly side of this business and letting it die with another generation. The World Championship represents the freedom to be as great as you are willing to dare to be. The AEW World championship means being better than I was the day before. Even if it's just a little bit better. Even if nobody notices but me. That World Championship represents slaying demons. That World Championship represents EVERYTHING I LOVE ABOUT THIS BUSINESS!
But the fact remains: on Sunday, I lost. And that's on me, that's my fault. I made mistakes. I got pinned. That's on me. I missed the game winning shot. And I was supposed to be on vacation right now, like until about two days ago. But here's another chance to take another shot when the game's on the line. This Tournament of Champions is one hell of a shot. That's one hell of a big rock to push all the way to the top of the hill again. Chris Jericho, the greatest of all time. Bryan Danielson, the best pure wrestler to ever step foot into a ring, a better wrestler than I'll ever be. Darby Allin, Hangman Page, Sammy Guevara, three dudes all younger than me, faster than me, more naturally gifted than I could ever be. So yeah, that's a hell of a shot. But winners always want the ball when the game is on the line. The Ace always wants the ball. And I want the ball. So hell yeah, I'm gonna take the shot.
Cause this isn't just a time to win… This is a time to be a legend!
Moxley leaves to a furious ovation and has rallied the AEW fans back to reason and rationality. It’s only temporary though, and an unnerved mood persists. The message is delivered by Moxley, truly the Ace of the company… But it feels like it should’ve come from someone else and perhaps that someone else would have been there to deliver it if he wasn't turned away. Better yet, the situation may have been avoided entirely.
But then again, maybe the whole damn thing was inevitable all along.
January 4, 2016 - Tokyo
Following their tag win over CHAOS, Kenny Omega betrays and usurps the leader of Bullet Club, AJ Styles, at NJPW: New Year’s Dash.
"AJ Styles! My god, you can't be surprised, can you? You people, you can't be surprised. You at home you better not be surprised. You had this coming, AJ. We gave you the big matches, we gave you the big pay-per-views. We made you a star, we paid you like a star. While I struggled, while I starved, forcing myself to be a junior. Everybody called you a leader, everybody called you the boss. Well AJ, if you are the boss, I'm just gonna say it. You have now been fired.
The rest of the Bullet Club is initially in disagreement before coalescing around Kenny and ganging up on Styles. They leave with their former leader in a heap, but Kenny and the Young Bucks gather at ringside. The three of them return to the ring and continue the brutal assault on AJ Styles… They are still in the Bullet Club, but within that organization, henceforth they will be The Elite.
January 4, 2017 - Wrestle Kingdom 11
Having stormed through his first ever attempt in the tournament, Kenny Omega became the only gaijin to have ever won New Japan’s G1 Tournament and earned the right to challenge for the company’s top prize at WK11.
That night in the Tokyo Dome, Omega and Okada created magic in one of the greatest matches in wrestling history. On the same show, Bullet Club’s newest member debuts: Cody Rhodes. Frustrated with his position and his creative direction, Cody had requested and been granted his release from WWE the previous summer, Cody makes his way across the Pacific, sending shockwaves through the international wrestling landscape.
Despite this shot in the arm, Bullet Club is tested by the crushing defeat of its leader. Following his loss to Okada, Kenny steps away from wrestling to assess his future. When he returns after several weeks Cody had grown ambitious and plots in the background.
June 11, 2017 - Dominion
In a rematch of their classic from the start of the year at Wrestle Kingdom 11, Kenny Omega attempts to avenge his defeat and claim the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Kazuchika Okada. Earlier in the night, Cody had grabbed a headset and proclaimed he wanted to face Okada himself.
Omega and Okada push each other over the limit even harder than before. Omega is taking inhuman punishment yet refuses to give up. Eventually, Cody makes his way down to the ring and attempts to throw in the towel for Kenny, but the Bucks stop him.
The timekeeper’s bell rings, marking it a 60-minute draw.
Afterward, the Elite debate whether it was a true act of mercy by Cody or a scheme for his personal goals
Cody storms Okada’s post-match press conference, where he mocks the champ, spits in his face, and challenges him for a title match.
May 16, 2017 - The Bet
Dave Meltzer quote-tweets a question asking if anyone could sell 10,000 tickets to a non-WWE show in America, to which he replies, “Not anytime soon.”
Cody takes note and responds: “I'll take that bet Dave… put The Bucks & I on the card & 3-months to promote”... Over the next year this grand dream between Cody and the Young Bucks will come to fruition.
July 1, 2017 - Returning the Favor
Cody unsuccessfully challenges Okada for the IWGP championship. Kenny comes to ringside and wants to throw in the towel just as Cody had tried weeks earlier. After the match, the two of them nearly come to blows backstage and Cody flips a table.
August 2017 - G1 Climax
Throughout the tournament, Bullet Club nears a boiling point. OG member Toma Tonga questions Omega’s leadership due to having his small inner circle of The Elite within the larger group. In the weeks and months to follow, Cody identifies Kota Ibushi as Kenny Omega’s weakest point and starts targeting him as a wedge to divide the Bullet Club and create chaos wherein he can ascend to power.
January 4, 2018 - Wrestle Kingdom 12
Looking to use a win over Ibushi as a flashpoint to take control of Bullet Club, Cody viciously mauls Kota in a singles match but can’t secure the victory. Frustrated that his plan failed, the next night at New Year’s Dash he launches a post-match assault on Ibushi. Cody and the rest of Bullet Club are wailing on Ibushi until Kenny rushes out to stop them… but the rest of Bullet Club can’t help feeling Kenny views his old tag partner as more important to him than they are. Cody’s plan bears fruit as Kenny makes a massive unforced error: he invites “Switchblade” Jay White to join Bullet Club and be a shot in the arm for the faction, only for White to betray him immediately and join CHAOS.
January 7, 2018 - Being the Elite #87
Camera follows the Elite as they are tense and nervous preparing for Wrestle Kingdom a few days earlier. It jumps to the group after New Year’s Dash, all gathered at a tense dinner conversation. To break the tension, Matt proposes a new gimmick for the group: “BTE IS DRUG FREE”... aka, Straight Edge… no one shoots it down, but they’re not thrilled either, and Cody hides his beer underneath the table.
The effort to relieve things fails, however, and Cody blurs the line between kayfabe and shoot, shouting for the cameraman to put the camera down. Then we get a fly-on-the-wall glimpse at him charging Kenny with always “turning everything into a bit”, disregarding the group, and heatedly asking him if he’s actually their leader before Kenny finally storms away from the table.
January 28, 2018 - Civil War
Jay White scores a massive upset at New Beginning and takes the IWGP United States Championship from Kenny Omega. After the bell, Hangman confronts Jay White and seeks to challenge for the title, but Kenny stops him. The Bucks and Cody rush to the ring, and Cody accuses their leader of stepping on Hangman’s moment. A violent argument ensues with Kenny shoving Matt Jackson to the ground.
Once the Elite have left the ring and Kenny is alone, Cody seizes the opportunity and hits Kenny with a CrossRhodes, initiating the Bullet Club Civil War. The only thing saving Omega from a brutal attack that night is Ibushi, who runs off Cody and returns the favor for his old friend and partner, reuniting the Golden Lovers after years of separation. Regardless, Cody’s plan is in full effect. Bullet Club is in disarray and if he is to take power, now is the opportunity.
In 944 days, Roman Reigns becomes world champion to begin his and the Bloodline's vice grip on WWE.
January 30, 2018 - Being The Elite #90
Cody, to the assembled Elite of Matt, Nick, Hangman, and Marty:
It isn’t my place, but you’ve known that guy for over ten years. I don’t get it, I’m sorry. Yeah, he’s a great wrestler, but leadership… Like I said, it’s action not position! That’s not acting like a leader! ‘Oh, you’re my second, you’re my second’... Who the F-CK are you seconds for? Nobody! The best tag team in the world! And Hangman, it’s your moment! He… He ruined it.
Bullet Club is fine… Bullet Club is fine.
Kenny & Ibushi go to visit the Bucks in their hotel room, Room 710… but we aren’t shown what happens next.
February 12, 2018 – Being the Elite #92
Cody floats around reassuring everyone: “Bullet Club is fine.” All of the guys have pure depression on their faces, but Cody continually gasses them up, telling the Bucks they’re ready for the jump to the heavyweight division and encouraging Marty to start up a Villain Club of his own. Later, Matt, Nick, and Marty are commiserating in a locker room prior to a Ring of Honor show when Hangman and Cody strut through the door.
Cody, smugly:
“Whew, look at that! Did you guys see [Hangman] kick the door down??”
He thinks a couple of surprises might cheer them up. The first, some new merch that says “Bullet Club is Fine” doesn’t do the trick, so he takes them for the second surprise: their new mascot, Bury the Drug-Free Bear. Using his best Sting voice, Cody introduces Bury as someone who will “shock the world” only for him to “fall on his f-ckin’ arse” like the Shockmaster did 25 years earlier.
Kenny tries to call Matt, but Cody sees the call coming through on the phone and declines it.
February 19, 2018 – Being the Elite #93
Cody maneuvers the Bucks around the Melbourne airport to keep them from running into Kenny. While traveling, Cody further drives the Ibushi wedge between Matt and the absent Kenny and plays up that Kenny only views the Bucks as a junior tag team. Later, Cody takes the brothers out to the zoo and to the movie theater as we see Kenny emotionally watching Casablanca on his phone.
The Bucks catch up with Tonga and the OGs backstage in a locker room where they try to make peace.
“Alright guys, thanks for gathering here. Nick and I feel like there’s one important thing that we need to talk about… I think it’s kind of obvious, right? There’s a divide in the Bullet Club. It’s almost like there’s two entities all of a sudden. It’s like there’s Bullet Club BTE and Bullet Club OGs… Nick and I have been watching what you’ve been doing in Japan… holding down the fort, representing the Bullet Club, making the name proud. But we’ve been back at home in the US doing the same thing. There is no heat here. We love you guys. When we all say that catchphrase, when we say ‘Bullet Club is for life’, we mean it. It’s not just a catchphrase, okay? There’s no heat here. The only heat is between two individuals: Cody and Kenny.”
“Cody is right. Bullet Club is fine.”
The two groups shake hands, then Cody enters the locker room, surprised to see everyone together:
“Did somebody call a meeting? I didn’t call a meeting…”
In strolls Kenny.
Kenny: So there he is. The snake in the grass. Three-star savior. Hey Cody.
Cody: Did you see the sign outside? It says 'Bullet Club'.
Kenny: That's right, and I AM THE LEADER.
They start brawling and the others can barely keep them apart.
Touch me and I'll sue! Touch me and I'll sue!!
Cody throws a chair that barely misses Kenny and the Bucks.
Matt and Nick look at each other, devastated at what’s become of the group.
February 25, 2018 - Being the Elite #94
Matt Jackson is on a plane traveling between shows, doing the same thing as Kenny from the previous episode: watching Casablanca.
For those who haven't seen it, the story at the heart of the film is a love triangle: cynical club owner Rick, his first love Ilsa, and her rebel husband Laszlo, enhanced by a background of espionage and war with the local police chief, Renault, at the crossroads of the entanglements.
It’s foreshadowing the story to come. In the film, Rick and Ilsa had a passionate love before the events on screen, but they split up and Ilsa then wound up with her now-husband Laszlo, a Czech rebel carrying vital documents for the resistance against Nazi Germany. Rick and Ilsa reunite and rekindle their romance until Rick – knowing she’s better off with her husband – convinces Ilsa to leave with Laszlo before local authorities catch them. Rick stays behind, killing the evil Major Strasser who was attempting to stop the married couple from escaping Casablanca. Renault, who has been playing both sides (Germans and Resistance) up to this point, is touched by Rick's sacrifice. Other policemen arrive and see Strasser's dead body. Rather than identify Rick as the culprit, Renault instructs the cops to "round up the usual suspects"... And of course, that classic line provides the name of the film The Usual Suspects, from which Punk, and MJF, and Don Callis have all quoted the final line:
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making you believe he doesn't exist."
The Usual Suspects is a tale of a mysterious crime lord who manipulates and controls multiple criminals to achieve his ultimate goal and get away scot-free. It is tightly designed so that if you rewatch it knowing the ending, you realize and notice dozens of things you missed on the first viewing.
As Casablanca ends, Rick says to Renault: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship", implying that if they work together, they can get away with almost anything…
This BTE episode ends with the group all in Japan. The Bucks approach Kenny and Ibushi to have a conversation, but Kenny doesn’t have time for them. Later that night at the event, Cody pulls the Bucks into a hallway and implores them to listen to the promo Kenny is cutting in the ring at that exact moment, where he declares the Golden Lovers the greatest tag team in the world. Cody pushes them to go handle it. The Young Bucks go to the ring while Cody flashes a devilish smile.
From this day forward, my brother and I have decided to move up and compete in the heavyweight tag team division.
It puts them directly in opposition with the Lovers. Kenny and Ibushi confront them backstage, but the Bucks don’t take anything from him, saying they’ve always been there to support him but it’s never been returned. All those times they were there to pick Kenny up off the mat, where was Ibushi?
March 5, 2018 - BTE #95
In Vegas, Matt and Nick are in the dressing room talking when Bury the Drug Free Bear enters and seems desperate to tell them something. Bury is about to remove the head to his costume when Hangman bursts in. He is angry with Matt for not helping him during his confrontation with Joey Ryan the week prior. Cody enters and asks Bury why he hasn't got his Bullet Club shirt on and pulls him away to get changed. Everyone looks confused and Matt wonders what the bear was trying to tell them.
Cody is in the production studio and calls Nick over to suggest that Matt is holding him back and that he should consider wrestling in singles matches, but Nick looks unconvinced. Later that night, Cody is in the ring celebrating with Brandi and Bury after his match. As Cody goes to hug Bury, the bear pushes him to the floor. Standing over a prone, confused Cody, Bury removes his costume head to reveal Kenny Omega ,who knocks out Cody with a knee strike as the fans go wild.
Cody is demented after the match:
“What a time. What a time to be involved in this great sport… Everybody’s eyes in this sport are fixed on New Orleans, on Supercard of Honor… my very first encounter with Kenny Omega. So wouldn’t that be enough? As a professional… that feather in your cap, that everybody is talking about your match, that everybody wants to see your match, that you have stolen the [Wrestlemania] weekend from the rich and you have given it to the poor… wouldn’t that be enough?
So why the… escalation? Why come to Las Vegas? … You’re supposed to be the best wrestler in the world! A hero! You’ve got a bag full of them [match rating] stars, well I have a book full of dates, full of cities, full of towns, because I’m not a hero once a month! I’m a hero every single night!
Perception is no longer reality. Reality is reality.
And the reality is that I am the leader of the Bullet Club… that I am the hero in this story.
March 20, 2018 – BTE #97
Just like he did with Nick previously, Cody sequesters Matt and says his brother has been holding him back and he needs a singles push.
In Japan, Kenny records a message to the Young Bucks apologizing, saying how Cody has gotten into everyone’s heads and divided the group, and hopes to make amends… Unbeknownst to him, Cody has Nick’s laptop so he intercepts the message and edits it down to an insulting challenge. Matt is enraged, but Nick is suspicious.
March 25, 2018 – The Elite Fight It Out
In Los Angeles at NJPW: Strong Style Evolved, the Golden Lovers face the Young Bucks in a deeply personal grudge match. After a brutal, back-and-forth war where the Lovers emerge victorious, Kenny attempts to bury the hatchet. Nick accepts the olive branch, but Matt refuses to shake Kenny’s hand. Cody hits the ring and berates Matt for eating the pin during the match. When Nick intervenes, Cody spins around and shoves him to the ground.
Later in the locker room, Cody comes in to ask what happened out there. The Bucks are challenging him for his actions, but Cody shouts them down, saying he thought it was Kenny in the ring and that he would never do such a thing to them. Cody apologizes profusely and leaves.
“I don’t think we can trust this guy.”
April 7, 2018 – Supercard of Honor XII
With the leadership of Bullet Club at stake, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes square off in a hard-hitting match. Having grown wary of Cody and his schemes, the Bucks come down to the ring and decide to attack Cody. They launch double superkicks… but Cody ducks and the kicks land on Omega, allowing Cody to hit his finisher and claim the win. Matt and Nick attempt to explain, but Kenny refuses to listen.
In the backstage area, Cody is ecstatic at wresting control of Bullet Club away from Kenny. He wants to celebrate, but the Elite leave the dressing room and leave Cody sitting alone in his ring gear, sweaty, bloody, with a black eye and a gym towel draped around his shoulders, looking starkly similar to another guy post-match four years later…
June 4, 2018 – BTE #105
After a busy summer in which Cody and the Bucks have assembled the looming All In event, Matt and Nick try establishing lines of communication with Kenny in Japan. Ibushi implores him to reconcile with his old friends but he’s reluctant. Cody is obsessed with running a Senate election campaign in Texas and practices his speeches in bathroom mirrors, but it almost sounds like he’s talking to his stablemates. Meanwhile, a package that Matt and Nick sent him weeks ago has been collecting dust the whole time. Ahead of his fourth match with Kazuchika Okada, Kenny decides to open the package…
June 9, 2018 – Omega vs Okada IV
Everyone is in Japan for the big Dominion show. Hangman approaches Cody and asks what the plan is for tonight. Cody looks sullen and calls off whatever he had been plotting to ruin Omega’s big night.
Kenny triumphs in possibly the greatest match in wrestling history, claiming the IWGP heavyweight championship. He reunites with the Young Bucks afterward, and it’s revealed that in the package are Golden Elite shirts, honoring the pact they made in Hotel Room 710 at the start of the year.
Cody approaches the locker room with congratulatory gifts for Kenny and to make peace, but he stops short and leaves them outside the door.
July 7, 2018 – Debts Are Settled in San Francisco
At the G1 Special NJPW show, Cody challenges Omega for the IWGP championship. After a war with Kenny emerging in triumph, the Elite gather and celebrate… until the Bullet Club OGs attack them in retribution for the dysfunction and strife they’ve brought to the group over the previous two years. Cody returns to the ring and is given a chance to brutalize Kenny, but instead he defends him and rejoins the Elite in full.
Over the coming months, Cody, Kenny, Matt, Nick and Hangman solidify themselves as a core group leading up to:
September 1, 2018 - All In
By far the greatest triumph in indie wrestling history, the show was a massive success both at live gate and on PPV, wildly exceeding all expectations. In its main event, Cody wins the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the same world title his father had claimed 31 years earlier.
After this monumental night, the Elite ceded the war for control of Bullet Club to the OGs and stepped away from the group, turning their attention to the establishment of something new entirely: All Elite Wrestling. This new national promotion came into being on January 1, 2019, and at its forefront was the core group of five. As the inaugural and omnipresent face of the company, Cody’s claim to AEW gold is surely just a matter of time.
May 25, 2019 -- Double or Nothing
AEW holds its first event ever.
In 944 days, on the Christmas episode of Rampage, Cody claims his final championship in AEW.
August 31, 2019 -- All Out
As the clock strikes midnight, Chris Jericho pins Hangman Adam Page to become the first AEW World Champion.
In 944 days, Cody Rhodes rises onto the WrestleMania stage and returns to WWE.
November 6, 2019
Allied with his friend, protege, and personal recruit to AEW, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, the public face of AEW prepares to challenge for the world championship of the company he helped build. He seems destined for it, it’s damn near his birthright, and yet there are whispers he’s only in position to claim it through politics.
“Eddie Graham... Cowboy Bill Watts... The American Dream Dusty Rhodes... For the cold and sterile historians of our business, there's an air of controversy that surrounds them, it's from the simple fact that those men were also, in addition to being competitors... they were management. Not unlike myself. And for the last year I've told everybody: every podcast, every radio, every correspondent. I've shouted it off the rooftops how proud I am of AEW, how proud I am of the all-inclusive nature, of the schedule, of the pay, of the fact that we will listen. This! This is Ellis Island for a professional wrestler! This is freedom! So, when I hear the same criticism attached to my name for being management and being in a title match… I can't not hear it... And with that said, I am announcing that if I do not defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear... I will never challenge for the AEW World championship again.
And so Cody faced Chris Jericho at Full Gear 2019 with destiny in his grasp. There, with MJF in his corner, Cody and Jericho pushed each other to their limits. Late in the match with the challenger locked tight in the Walls of Jericho, MJF throws in the towel for Cody and costs him the match, effectively locking him out of the title picture thereafter.
MJF’s ascension begins. He wins the Dynamite Diamond Ring and begins climbing the rankings. Winning isn’t simply enough, though. If he wants everything, he needs chaos. He needs to flip the world upside down. He needs the world to believe its heroes are the villains and its villains are the heroes.
November 14, 2019
You wanna boo me as if I’m the villain… Meanwhile, you people have been cheering for the real villain the whole time. That villain is Cody… Cody Rhodes couldn’t give less of a shit about any single one of you… You sheep don’t want to admit it. There’s only one man on this planet who knows the real Cody Rhodes, and you’re looking at him.
December 11, 2019
"What are you gonna do Cody? Are you gonna try to fire me? Are you gonna pull Tony Khan over to the side and get me fired? Well how bout you do that Cody. HOW BOUT YOU FIRE ME. Oh wait. That's right. You won't. Because the one thing you want most in this world is to get your hands on me... And to top that off, you'd be letting down each and every one of these people you claim to care about.”
February 29, 2020 – Revolution
After weeks of taunting and weeks of enduring the original gauntlet of trials MJF sets in order to get a match with him, Cody gets his match with MJF… but he falls short, defeated and humiliated by the young man he brought into AEW himself.
March 5, 2020 – Cody is bitten by the original Snake
Jake Roberts emerges from the thickest of weeds and slithers down to the ring. He nearly devours Cody. He mocks him… “Hail Caesar”. He neither fears nor respects him.
“What a Snake wants, a snake takes. I’m not in AEW for the whole pie.. Just your slice”
Two weeks later the world screeches to a halt as an unknown, lethal virus spreads rapidly around the globe. For several weeks Dynamite is patchwork, assembled from whatever talent is available. A tournament for a new title belt is announced. Ahead of its opening round we get the darkest promo we’ve thus far seen from the purest babyface in the company’s short history…
April 8, 2020
Cody sits ominously at a table, in a pitch black room, and lights a cigar… just as he’d done before when laying out his machinations against Kenny Omega for control of Bullet Club.
"Why do I wanna be TNT Champion? Wrestling is so linear you're gonna hear the same answer to that question over and over again. You'll even hear the announcers strike some of the same hyperboles as they describe the stakes. The wrestlers will give you that real wrestling school, paint by numbers interview where they say things like --- you see: ‘The boys in the back.' Or my favorite: They perpetually say their own name or the person they're wrestling against or the person who's interviewing them over and over again. Like I said, wrestling is linear. They might even do the – [Cody gestures around his waist where a belt would be worn] - that thing. You see, where you pantomime, where you indicate that you want the belt. I've done it a thousand times. We've all done it, we're all guilty. Wrestling is linear. But these are not linear times, are they? I think we'd all give our last dollar for a little bit of normalcy, a little bit of linear. It's my personal hope that we get through this just fine. We wanna live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery, right?
So why do I need to become champion? It is not the fame. It's certainly not the added money. It's not the specialized lower third that they put on the screen. It's not even my specific, unique circumstance of trying to carry a last name that is worth 58 years in gold. It's much simpler. It's because I don't wanna lose. AEW has four major pay per views: Double Or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear, Revolution and I'm 50/50 and I have felt lost and I don't ever want to lose again…The motto, the expression, what the Nightmare Family means, it's sitting at the side of my neck is when we say: DO THE WORK! It's not: Do the work and lose.
And this tournament is flush, it's rich in talent. Take Colt Cabana. Probably the second most experienced guy in the tournament. Does a better flip, flop and fly than me, Dustin and Bully combined. Ask anybody in any locker room the world over – they'll tell you they love Colt Cabana. Well frankly: I do not trust a wrestler that doesn't have any enemies.
Kip Sabian… and that hellfire fiance of his… What happens when those two cohabitate? They’re either gonna motivate themselves upwards or they're gonna drag themselves down to Complacency City, right next to ‘Jobber Avenue.
Darby… I feel like I handpicked Darby. He's clearly the fastest rising star in all of wrestling in any company, hands down. He's putting on weight by the day, he's assassin quick. But Darby is a freshman on the varsity squad. I don't think he has the mental aptitude to finish this tournament.
My oldest friend… Shawn Spears. My former tag team partner, kind of my Dick Murdoch. Could be a world champion pretty much anywhere he wanted to be. But Shawn Spears is ‘King Boo-Boo Face and he will mentally defeat himself before we ever even lock up…
Every one of those guys, they want to be TNT Champion. The difference with me: I NEED IT!
It was an outright heel promo, preceding his entry into the tournament which he ultimately won, facing Jake Roberts’ client – Lance Archer – in the finals. Cody is the conquering hero he always aspires to be, and he rattles off five straight title defenses in five weeks. Someone’s not very impressed, however.
July 7, 2020
Cody stands with Arn in the ring, congratulating himself on the recent string of victories against… let’s say, less than impressive competition.
Onto the stage charges Eddie Kingston, who’s heard enough:
"No, no, no, we're gonna get this right, we're gonna do this real quick. Cody, you talk about grinding, you talk about living this rough life, all that jazz. No one's gonna 'out-grind' you, all that stuff. My man, it's easy to say that when you grew up around used-to-be legends like Arn Anderson. Yeah, you heard me. Keep shooting murder-ones at me and I'll knock your jaw right off your face, partner. You know what I grew up around? You know what I grew up around? Alcoholics! Junkies! I GREW UP AROUND THAT... AND I HAD TO SURVIVE. I HAD TO GRIND. You couldn't last a day in my shoes, so you don't tell me nothing about grinding. You talk about the sport of pro-wrestling... that's a joke. Because every person you faced has been a child. I am a grown-ass man and I will put you in the ground and smile.
But here's the best part about this whole thing: the guy that you like to mention because you like to be best friends with the boss, Tony Khan… He paid me to show up. And now he's going to pay me to kick your ass and take that championship. Oh yeah, you wanna go? Arn, I swear on my beautiful mother's life, if you don't shut up, I'm gouging your eye out. All right? Let me speak! It's my time now. Real easy, relax, you've had yours. Tony Khan said to me, ‘‘You know what, King? If you want No DQ, man, that's fine by me.. just.. you know.. Cody has to accept.' You have to accept, cause either you're an egg-sucking dog or you're an egg-sucking bitch."
Infuriated that he would be upstaged like this, Cody accepts on the spot. He survives an incredibly violent match and continues on with his title reign.
August 13, 2020
Mr. Brodie Lee whips Cody’s ass. In just over three minutes, it’s done and his beloved championship is gone. The Exalted One and The Dark Order put a massive beatdown on Cody and he’s carried out on a stretcher… Then they continue attacking him on the stretcher.
Cody disappears for weeks.
September 23, 2020
Brodie spends over a month terrorizing anyone even remotely close to Cody, but he still doesn’t come back until after Brodie beats down Orange Cassidy in a title defense. It’s a surprise attack, which incenses The Exalted One.
"You gotta be kidding me! The audacity of a man, the audacity of you Cody to return like that! You have been gone for five weeks while I’ve been here doing the work, being undeniable! Oh my God, the audacity of you Cody. What kind of man sends another man to do his work? Did you see what I did to Dustin? Did you see what Anna Jay did to Brandi? What kind of man Cody, what kind of man lets his wife post Instagram thirst traps while calling me daddy? What kind of man stays away in a little bubble? A man like you, Cody. But YOU are no man! YOU are a coward!
Mr. Brodie Lee grabs a pair of dog collars and looks into the camera.
Cody, you can run on for a long time, but sooner or later Brodie Lee is gonna cut you down! And I am gonna take this dog collar, Cody, I am gonna wrap it around your neck, I am gonna wrap it around that God-forsaken tattoo! And you, Cody, will have nowhere, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide! You, Cody... You have one week to answer me: Are you a man... Or are you a coward?!"
Two weeks later, Cody reclaims his championship in the first dog collar match in AEW history. He would hold it for only a month until one of the Four Pillars pries it away from him, beginning Darby Allin’s ascension to the main event scene... And sending Cody spiraling into the Codyverse of excess and absurdity.
February 17, 2021 - “It’s a girl!”
Despite a litany of viral media and news segments addressing how excessive and even dangerous pregnancy gender reveals are… Cody and Brandi have theirs live on Dynamite, with full entrance and theme, as well as what still to this day is among the largest pyro displays in the history of AEW. It’s shockingly tone-deaf.
May 12, 2021 – The worst promo in AEW history
Just before the one year anniversary of the George Floyd murder that rattled America and stirred racial dialogue in a manner unseen for decades…
Cody addresses Anthony Ogogo and delivers an all-time terrible promo. I'm not even gonna transcribe it here, it's the most pandering cringe ever.
Here's a link if you absolutely need to see it...
When AEW returns to touring, all the cheering and adulation Cody was accustomed to at AEW's beginning is gone. His goodwill has completely evaporated. They’re tired of his phony, self-fellating act and want something different.
July 7, 2021
Still nursing a vicious eye injury incurred at the hands of Kevin Owens on WWE programming the previous October, Malakai Black posts on Instagram a video of him in a mental institution where he's been locked up for 5 years, coincidentally the same length of time he was in his old company... He viciously attacks and kills the doctors and staff.
Walking out, he says "The Devil made me do it."
[Continued in comments]
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2023.03.30 19:04 OceanPKMN Series 2 Coalossal Team [Discussion]

Series 2 Coalossal Team [Discussion]
I know we’re pretty much all looking ahead to Regulation C, but I wanted to share a fun team I came up with a few weeks ago for Series 2. Coalossal wrecks the online ladder, and I used a version of this team to reach top 16 of a BO3 online tournament run by u/aoxspring the weekend before last.
With many popular Pokémon being weak to both rock and fire (Iron Bundle, Talonflame), or having a low physical defense (Flutter Mane), I saw a hole in the meta for Coalossal. Shoutouts to u/Coalossaluser for also recognising the power of Coalossal and posting their team last week.
This team has a couple of ways to activate Coalossal’s ability + weakness policy, however it is not necessary to bring Coal to every game as each piece can function independently without it. Also, I only terastalise Coalossal around 50% of the time, meaning the other 50% I just hit its 4x weakness. Don’t be afraid to do the same if you give the team a try! Here’s a breakdown of the team:
Coalossal (M) @ Weakness Policy Ability: Steam Engine Level: 50 Shiny: Yes Tera Type: Rock EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 20 SpD / 228 Spe Adamant Nature - Protect - Rock Slide - Fire Punch - Flare Blitz
Physical Coalossal felt like a great idea due to the strong rock slides paired with flinch chances, as well as the flare blitz nuke. At +2 rock slide will one-shot pretty much anything weak to rock, and 2-shot anything that doesn’t resist it. Factoring in flinches for non-rock-weak Pokémon and you can see how devastating Coalossal can be.
The EVs maximise attack while outspeeding timid Lilligant in sun. Fire Tera is a better defensive Tera and further boosts the fire nuke, while rock tera helps offset one intimidate drop when going for rock slide.
Dragapult @ Focus Sash Ability: Clear Body Level: 50 Tera Type: Dragon EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature IVs: 0 SpA - Protect - Disable - Surf - Dragon Darts
Dragapult learns surf and is faster than all in listed Pokémon not named Electrode, allowing Coalossal to get it’s steam engine activated and move before (and KO) threats like Iron Bundle. Another fun utility of surf is leading Dragapult + Talonflame into Talonflame + Great Tusk leads, and going for surf + protect turn 1 to get off not insignificant damage while also allowing me to stagger my own tailwind.
Disable is a great utility move in conjunction with Dragpult’s speed, but more importantly serves to beat Dodonzo with the help of…
Iron Bundle @ Booster Energy Ability: Quark Drive Level: 50 Tera Type: Ice EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Protect - Encore - Hydro Pump - Freeze-Dry
Bundle is needed to patch up the match-up vs certain problem Pokémon, chiefly Great Tusk, Arcanine, and Dondozo. Fast Encore paired with fast Disable locks Dondozo down once it gets set up.
Talonflame (F) @ Sharp Beak Ability: Gale Wings Level: 50 Shiny: Yes Tera Type: Flying EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Protect - Tailwind - Sunny Day - Brave Bird
Talonflame because I needed a way to match opposing tailwind to maintain speed advantage. Sunny day helps vs rain teams, as well as for weakening water moves into Coalossal and boosting fire moves.
Sharp beak allows Talonflame to OHKO non-sash Flutter Mane should I need to. Safety goggles is also an option in a post-Lillikoal meta.
Iron Treads @ Clear Amulet Ability: Quark Drive Level: 50 Tera Type: Ground EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Protect - Iron Head - Tera Blast - Earthquake
A well-played Arcanine could cause problems, especially if I couldn’t catch it with Bundle. As a result, I went with the less-popular paradox elephant since I wanted ground coverage that could outspeed Arcanine.
Adamant nature is a holdover from when I ran electric terrain on Bundle to get the attack boost, but it still works well for that added power which can feel underwhelming otherwise. Treads’ steel-typing also made it a good pick because I already had fairy-weak Pokémon in mind for the 6th slot.
Clear Amulet to allow Treads to counter Arcanine. Tera blast because no headlong rush for future Donphan :(
Dragonite (M) @ Assault Vest Ability: Inner Focus Level: 50 Tera Type: Normal EVs: 220 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 28 Spe Adamant Nature - Extreme Speed - Ice Spinner - Brick Break - Aqua Jet
At this point, you might be wondering how I deal with trick room. AV Dragonite comes in to hinder Armadeedee by removing the psychic terrain and resisting fire moves, while giving me a faster way to activate Coal’s ability and policy with aqua jet should I lead the duo into energy booster Iron Bundle (Dragapult moves after Bundle after quark drive activation).
Brick break is the stand-out move - especially given no-STAB on this set - as I wanted to be able to smash screens. Thunder punch is also an option vs rain teams and Palafin.
That’s the team! Thanks for reading and let me know if you try it out or have any questions!
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2023.03.30 18:58 angry-mustache The Math about Art Academies

Since there's a deluge of posts about the things after 1.2, lets explain the math and game system that creates art academy spam.
Factor 1 : Capitalists acting like capitalists
In the early patches of Victoria 3, buildings used to spend 80% of their margin on wages. Essentially, building owners would raise everyone's wages for no reason, very un-capitalist. In one of the 1.1x patches, buildings now only raise wages if they can not fill jobs, and now the majority of a building's margin goes to shares, which are owned by a small number of Capitalists/Aristocrats. So now, when you look at a building, what you have is a few thousand laborers at 10ish SOL, and a few hundred Capitalists with 50+.
Factor 2 : Pop demand curve
This is the pop demand curve as defined in the game files. As a pop's wealth goes up, what it buys and how much of it changes. The brown line in that graph is art, note how demand for art spikes after wealth 50. Eventually it grows to the second largest demand category after Luxury goods (luxury clothes/furniture, Porcelain, Radio). In 1.1, the generosity of Capitalists meant most of them sat around 40ish SOL and never went into the art spike. In 1.2 properly greedy capitalists can easily get their SOL into the 60's and start demanding a ton of art.
Factor 3 : Art Academies
Art Academies are special among vic 3 buildings. They hire only 1000 people base, their margins are huge, and their throughput is very low. The most basic production method only produces 1 art with a value of 250, but they only take 2.5 paper of inputs with a value of 75, giving a fantastic margin. The best PM produces 750 value for 410 input. These are great margins for an urban building, which means that with enough other buildings creating a rich capitalist buyer base, Arts Academies are very profitable and the AI builds off of that.
However, arts acadmies are no cheaper than other urban buildings, and that's where the problems start. Other buildings are a lot more productive. The tooling workshop shown above uses 1600 inputs to create 3200 outputs per building. The Margin isn't as good as same tech Art Academies, but it creates a value added of 1600 vs 175. The AI spamming art academies is actively slowing down your industrialization by spending valuable construction and construction materials on unproductive art academies. This is made worse by
Factor 4 : PDX cut the throughput of art academies in half
Patch 1.2 nerfed the PMs for art academies, cutting all inputs and outputs by half. There was honestly no reason for this change.
TL:DR - 1.2 made capitalists rich, rich pops really like art, art production building suck, Auto investment building AI suck.
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2023.03.30 18:51 xezene Collected Star Wars Expanded Universe posts: infographics, interviews, & art

Hey everyone. This is a collection of my posts that I've made pertaining to the Star Wars Expanded Universe here. They include infographics I've made, interview snippets I've dug up and put together for wider sharing, articles, Insider pieces, art, and more. The list is updated continually as I post more. Enjoy. ~


George Lucas and the EU

The EU

Interviews & Other Features

New Jedi Order

NJO Features


Del Rey

SW Insider Articles

Notable Figures



Guides & Lore



Behind the Scenes, Documentaries, & Essays

Battlefront II

Cool Fan Creations

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