Ronnie milsap am i loosing you

6MonthWorkout: Workouts & Nutrition to get into spartan shape in 6Months

2011.01.15 13:51 entre3000 6MonthWorkout: Workouts & Nutrition to get into spartan shape in 6Months


2023.06.06 18:23 yungborderhops Drone Laws in Mexico

A couple months ago I made a post that is made every couple months asking for the laws in Mexico on drones, the usual you can’t fly unless your a citizen, has the be under 250G, all that good stuff is all I can find.
I recently went to my hometown in Monterrey, Mexico last week and was not going to get searched but this older lady with 3 big checked bags was struggling so I decided to help her out, due to the checked bags she had and me helping her out, they searched us. I have a DJI Mini 2 that I did not bring because I didn’t want to risk it being confiscated due to it being used for bad intentions over there. While I was getting searched I thought I’d ask two of the National Guard officers what were the laws since they’re really not that clear online. They told me that as long as it’s under 250 Grams then it’s fine, and to make sure you carry the receipt with you because if it’s over $500 (USD) you might be told that it’s for commercial purposes and have to pay taxes. (Shouldn’t be too much) I also asked them about the flying only being available for Mexican citizens which I am one, but they also informed me that while that is a rule, most people never ask for that nor do they care. Most importantly they told me they would not confiscate it. Again if you’re still sketched out don’t take it with you, but I will most definitely be taking mine next time. If you’re traveling to Mexico without a checked bag just put it in your carry on, or your backpack and you’ll more than likely not get searched. I also went into the DJI store in Monterrey to ask about the rules and they said as long as you’re not flying it on private property without permission, no one will trip about it and again assured me that they have no right to confiscate it as long as it’s not modded. (Don’t attach an air drop device to it of course)
Again, this is what I was told by la guardia nacional in Monterrey, which is a pretty calm place. So do what you want with this information and have fun in Mexico!
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2023.06.06 18:23 xxgreen_eyezxx Is it worth it? Do I have to work in a hospital?

I am in the process of applying to nursing school and I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it after seeing everything happening with nurses in hospitals rn (i.e. under-staffing, unsafe environments, etc). I want to know why you're doing it and if you yourself have found it worth the risks? Also, do you have to start off in a hospital after graduating?
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2023.06.06 18:22 SoundMoverz Where should I look for cable ramps? (USA)

Hey there,
I've been borrowing cable ramps when in need but am now looking to purchase ~150ft of ramps in order to run powestage snakes/lighting cabling from FOH to back stage. Looking for pretty basic but quality multi channel ramps.
Just wondering is there an auction website, or a Facebook group you folks use to find gear like this? I would love to be enlightened.
The ones I've been borrowing were purchased new at $100 per piece which is $5,000 new and my small company just can't swing that like the big boys can.
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2023.06.06 18:22 BOWDOWNBXTCH My life story (rant/vent)

I just wanted to share. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe not. I don’t even expect people to read it but here goes nothing.
I was born into a dysfunctional family. A mother that didn’t want to be a mother. I won’t go any further on that though. I was told that I learned to do things faster than the average child. Like walking and talking. I remember having thoughts and talking in my head when I was about two. And I always had a sense/feeling that I wanted a life better than I had and I was destined for greatness. I had a purpose in life and I had to see it through. That’s what I always told myself. I lived in a shitty house that was infested with roaches and mice etc. So I always dreamed of houses that were better. Big houses with fenced in yards and those lion statues at the end of the driveway. I was also very intelligent. I had my IQ tested in 2nd grade and was put into classes for gifted students. So that fed into my sense of superiority even more. I always had to be better than everyone and it was a constant competition. I was good at school, I loved drawing, reading, anything that stimulated my brain. I was good at sports. I was always told I was good at everything.
At 9 I started being abused by my mother’s then girlfriend. That is when the dysfunctional ego and self esteem started. I was still the same as before except now I had a thought of not being enough (which started with my mother not being a mother at all). I used her abusing me as fuel to excel even higher and my narcissism was at an all time high. But then I turned 15 and had a bad experience with weed (bad panic attack) which led me into this ego death. Ever since it’s like my vulnerable side took over. I still was very smart but stopped going to school as much. Didn’t turn in work or do homework so my grades got worse. I scored high on tests but everything else was lacking. I was struggling and no one cared to see how drastically I had changed. And I couldn’t stop it. I barely graduated high school but my test scores saved me.
I’ve been a lost cause since I was 18. I’m 24 now and I hate myself still. I had so many dreams and fantasies. I still do but I don’t have the confidence or motivation to push myself to see them through. I’m afraid of failure and don’t think I’m capable or good enough to succeed. I am the opposite of who I wanted to be at this age. I don’t have any friends. I can’t keep a job. I’m a mental wreck. It hurts so bad knowing I had a promising future and I fucked it up. Now I’m an excuse of a person. I don’t feel like an adult. I think my inner child is taking over. I don’t know what to do. I keep thinking I should end it because I can’t stand the fact that I’m nothing. The NPD is a lie and that hurts too. All the fantasies and trying to be perfect and live the life I was destined to have. But I ruined my life. I ruined my chances to utilize my potential. Because now I have none. I don’t know what’s real anymore. Am I capable of doing things but just have really low confidence? Or is it true? Half of me wants to keep going to see it through and the other half is ashamed and disappointed and doesn’t want to live a life I’m not proud of.
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2023.06.06 18:22 greentreefer Matt the whining crybaby

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2023.06.06 18:22 kirbybotsss Need a second opinion re: becoming active again in an org that my ex is the current head of

my ex (of almost 2 years now) is the current head of an organization that I used to be a member of. I really enjoyed this org, and was pretty active. We actually met and got close through the org (ironic but I was an active and outgoing member even before her). The difference is that when we broke up I decided to be the one to stay away from the org to give us space and to venture towards other things (it's pretty close-knit. Even if I still wanted to be an active member, we would have to interact for sure, which I didn't want because you know, heartbreak and trauma and all that jazz). Anyway, long story short, it's been almost 2 years, and I'd like to say I've made leaps and bounds in my healing, but not really at a place where I could see her and be comfortable. Given this, I want to be active again in the org (I never wanted to leave anyway, I just did it because of the breakup) but that means I will have to interact with her which I don't really want to do. What's your opinion on this, should I be active again (tradeoff being I'll be part of a community I really love but have to interact with my ex which I already know will bring all the trauma back up and just be overall... uncomfortable for me) or should I stay away? or should I wait it out and give it more time then go back when she's not the head anymore/ when I feel ready to have to interact with her? I mean I'm aware the third option is probably the best but the more I wait the more I know I won't be able to really be active because of work and other life priorities etc; If she wasn't the head and just a member I'd probably just do it, but because she is I will have to be a member under her and that's just bleh. Let me know your thoughts, I just want some other viewpoints on this issue.
Giving more context below: 1) First love, first heartbreak (not first relationship though). Bad breakup. I was the one who broke up but I didn't want it - it was more of I had to walk away for myself in the end.
2) Initially we said we'd be in good terms (Even friends) but of course that's kinda bullshit right lmao soooo we're not really in good terms.
3)) We have seen each other a few times in parties but we avoid each other (except for one time I wanted to be the "bigger person" so I greeted them bye after a party but that was it. Luckily we don't have close mutual friends so it really has been out of side out of mind for the most part.
4) Never stalked, ever. Once we broke up I never tried to dig into anything or look at her social media again (we still follow each other out of courtesy I guess but I've muted her lol). I think she has too because she used to watch my stories but now doesn't. So it's weird, it's like we follow each other but also don't???
5) Had another relationship after her but I've since broken up with that person because it was getting toxic annndd we just weren't compatible. So am single but alright with it, need more healing to do anyway.
6) Trauma is definitely still there on my end. Not ashamed of it, I've done a lot of self-reflection over the almost two-years and I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll ever 100% get over this, just learned to live with it and accept it as part of my new reality. I'd say I do find genuine joy in my life and know that I can still live a fulfilling life despite this crutch. Still though, I don't want to relive it as much as possible (who would want that?!)
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2023.06.06 18:21 AxiomaticLegacy159 IEMS for small ears... (£150 budget)

IEMS for small ears... (£150 budget)
Hi Peeps,
I'm currently using the TRUTHEAR HOLA, however, part of the body is digging into my ear as you can see below.
I am trying to find a pair of IEMs for £150 that might fit my ears better, they need to still have that traditional IEM shape as I wear a tight fitting mask when I perform.
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2023.06.06 18:21 Wintervoidx The strategy I want to see someday

I want two strong competitors form two separate alliances and that the two leaders to make sure that the two alliances are constantly at each others throats.
I want those two leaders of their alliances to be secret allies that will go to final 3 together. One likely wins a million, and the other will come in second at 100k. Let the best person win, but almost guaranteed 100k AND both will be survivor legends.
Basically, the two of them will protect each other and inform each other of issues and pick off the people they feel are threats. Alliance A has a problem child that is gaining power? Well, then Alliance B decides to snipe that person with some inside info that Leader A gives them. Alliance B leader is targeted? Alliance A helps sabotage it subtly.
I am sure it would be a long shot, but if you had two people that appeared to hate each other, no one would suspect that they are working together to slowly pick off the competition. Each would be very likely looped in on plans to take out the other, so they would have an opportunity to act. Staying subtle would be very hard at times, but if you could pull it off, it would be epic.
TBH, probably best if it was cooked up in advance for an all star cast so you could plan ahead, and you know who may be on board and trustworthy for a plan like this.
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2023.06.06 18:21 somedudewithocd5944 Rocd thoughts of constantly comparing my SO to others

So today I saw an attractive woman at the airport and had a thought saying she looks more on shape than my gf, but than thought that meant looked in better shape so then I felt bad, then I had to reinforce by thinking she looks more in shape doesn't equate me thinking she's in better shape or is better looking than I had to say even if I did think she was better looking I still choose to be with my gf and I find her more attractive and am more attracted to my gf then this random airport lady.
Idk, but it makes me feel like a shallow asshole who thinks my gf isn't enough but she's more than enough to me, and I'll forget about this random person until my ocd is like remember that thought? You don't deserve your gf ect ect.
Idk is this normal? Not seeking reassurance but idk, idk what to do anymore I wanna grow old with my gf I don't wanna not find her attractive or find others more attractive looking
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2023.06.06 18:21 cambodia87 I’ve done it again, bought too much coffee

Man, I just can’t help myself when I travel or go to a new shop, to try some new beans, but now I have way too much coffee to get through as I am the sole bean addict in the house and I can only really have 1-2 cups per day.
What do you do when you bought too many beans? Freeze them? Find friends to push your beans on?
The one thing I definitely need to do is stop buying new beans until I get through some of these bags, so hopefully I can practice restraint.
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2023.06.06 18:21 VeryLastNerve (NA) Competitive Online Community for All Ranks

Hello, I am currently making a community for several competitive games both for in-house play, coaching, and group play. I have already got it up and running for League and am now wanting to reach out for Valorant Play and Rocket League.
I am new to the Valorant space, wanting to grind from unranked to Gold this season. I played CS:GO for a while, so I am hoping the skills transfer. I am looking for other like-minded and willing to grind players to work together and grind it out, while also learning from them in the process. Our community is already full of people excited to grind out the game so if you think this is something you would want to join and try out with us, check it out here:
We plan to run in-house tournaments and also offer some competitions for insane clips that we vote for being cool or funny. Just trying to find a way to grow together and get better!
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2023.06.06 18:21 maguzhwiozzz Flower delivery thats not crazy expensive in denmark (jutland) ?

Hi, as i am a foreigner i dont know much options regarding how to get flowers delivered to someone. (Currently not in denmark) Every website I've found such as , has crazy expensive prices.
I know there are flower bouquets for starting 30kr at marts like reema1000 and superbrugsen but unfortunately they dont do flower deliveries nor personalized cards.
Is there an app or a website where i can get decent priced flowers? Or maybe a delivery service where they shop for you?
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 18:21 maroonwarrior71 Build-planning analysis paralysis... need sanity check & suggestions/help

Apologies in advance for the omg-long post. It's breaking my brain.
I've spent so much time on fb marketplace and learning about castoff enterprise gear... and so much time researching components for a new build... and looking into nucs & tiny/mini/micros... I've learned so much but I just feel like a hungry person in a restaurant with a small novel for a menu. So many choices & options that look good and I just don't know the best way to go that quite nails it.
I'm hoping if I share my current equipment & use cases, the bottlenecks/issues I have, and what I currently think my desired outcome is... that you guys can point me in the right direction.

Current gear & uses:

Big picture - coaching & workouts, podcast recording/production, website design, "homelab" type personal projects
Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (i7 8650U, UHD iGPU) - "lives" at my desk in finished basement office space, travels as needed - used with Lenovo TB3 Dock (2nd gen) - Internal screen + 3 external monitors - Startech DisplayLink adapter used to make 3rd external (4th total) screen possible - zoom meetings & regular office-type / creator work happen here
Old Lenovo k450e desktop (has GTX 730 I think) - lives on other side of basement in "den" space, which doubles as home workout space - uses the den's led TV as primary display - only used for live 1 on 1 / group workouts over zoom, using OBS Studio to incorporate other needed elements to the stream - also can use one of the Thinkpad's external screens (via hdmi switch) for convenience so I can stay in one place to boot it up & open programs pre-session (takes... a while. it's old 😅)
QNAP TS-454A - personal NAS used for the typical *arr apps, Plex server, etc - currently has 12 TB usable, 1.2 free - dabbling with Docker, managed via Portainer. Actively using vaultwarden & paperless-ngx. Installed piwigo, homeassistant, nextcloud, etc, but haven't really done much with them yet due (waiting for more capable machine)

Current issues/bottlenecks:

  • when in Zoom meetings on Thinkpad, can't do too much else or it'll affect Zoom. Makes it difficult to effectively multitask and use reference material, take notes, screenshare things, etc. Using OBS really taxes the system.
  • used to use the Thinkpad instead of the k450e for the workout streaming/zooms using a CalDigit TB3 dock & that TV. Easy enough to just bring it over & use 2nd dock. Allowed use of OBS but just barely, and ended up with crashes/issues during a stream that led me to just use a separate machine
  • k450e is a dinosaur, takes forever to start up or open programs, not sure where the bottleneck is but either way it's a powerhogging inconvenience I'd like to get rid of
  • QNAP has served me well, but it's not very powerful and the integrated graphics can't do a whole lot in the way of transcoding for Plex. It also takes foooooorever to consume large doc files in Paperless, as well as taking a long time for other data-intensive tasks. Need something beefier, esp if I want to go down the homelab rabbithole & really play with homeassistant, set up nextcloud, and just generally "do all the things"
  • I'm sure I could solve some of my issues by not driving 4 screens on the Thinkpad, but it's helpful for my ADHD to dedicate different screens to different purposes and be able to keep certain things in view (out of sight out of mind). I imagine with a new setup I'd just be running the 3 external screens (no thinkpad), which would be fine.

Desired new setup:

  • need enough processing/graphics power to run OBS with multiple webcams, screen capture elements, would like to do chroma key (green screen), etc, and to be able to do it while also driving my 3 primary displays & whatever else I'm doing on that desktop/workspace concurrent with the zoom meeting
  • would like post-processing for podcasts/audio in Reaper to not take a million years
  • need a raid array for NAS, not sure if ZFS is the best option for file system or something else
  • would like 2.5 GB networking
  • would like enough oomph to be able to go bananas with homeserver things including lots of automation & camera-related things in homeassistant (looking at people/object recognition with Coral, etc)
  • looking at Intel because quicksync for Plex. Plus, I know & understand Intel and would prefer to stick with that rather than AMD even though I think I'd love to have ECC memory (but do I even really need it?)
  • would like to not consume a ton of power for the basic homeserver type things, which it'll do 24/7. I understand it'll consume more power when actively being used for daily office work, zoom / streams, audio & video processing, etc.
  • really hoping for TB4 either on the i/o backplane or at least via PCIe & mb header
  • DDR5 feels like a smart choice both for power efficiency and speed/oomph
  • really don't care about RGB 😂
  • need plenty of SATA because "lots of storage for cheap"
  • wifi 6e is nice but a 2.5 gb hardline is fine, I can live without wifi... it's not going anywhere
  • I like the idea of IPMI but I know that complicates things probably unnecessarily?
  • I like the external LCD on the QNAP but I imagine that's something I can do without?
  • Hotswap bays... something I thought was a must-have but probably really isn't.
  • would really like to not spend a fortune. $400+ mobo and $400+ cpu make me hesitant.
So... that's where I am.
Idk if it's a good idea to do it all with one machine running proxmox to virtualize what I'm currently doing with the QNAP, and... virtualize my daily driver office computer (thinkpad w/3 displays)? Is that... totally stupid / not gonna work how I imagine? I mean... accessing my "office desktop" (prob win11 pro) remotely would be pretty nice... and I already do that with the NAS... 🤔
I'm worried a NUC-type machine might not be enough for what I do in the office space, but if I put all the oomph in the new server across the basement why wouldn't I just use that as the daily driver too?
If I do try to do it all in one machine, is an i5-13600k a good idea? overkill? Would I be able to do it in ITX form factor or do I need to look at mATX (or... ugh... do I actually have to go full ATX?)
Presently I'm trying to find a z790 (DDR5, 2.5G network, plenty of m.2 & sata) to use with an i5-13600k as an all-in-one solution. But I'm having a hard time finding the right thing. Am I even on the right track?
gah. halp. 🏳️🆘
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2023.06.06 18:21 Mountainman1994 Interviewing Vent (sorta a follow up to my last post)

My last post I was very frustrated at how my employer gaslight me about a promotion when I started, and how insanely rude my boss was too me about asking for said promotion. As a lot of you recommended leave, look for a new job. Totally agree.
The interview process has been an absolute nightmare. I have had place squeeze 3 interviews into 3 days and then not let me know if I got the job or not till a month later. I have place saying they need someone to start right away and apparently are still interviewing people a month later. I have had to do hours or writing assignments, sneak interviews while at work, and basically sacrifice my sanity for this interview process. I am truly working 2 jobs. The worst part is I have probably done 65 interviews so far and only heard from like 3 jobs. My sister in law had 13 interviews at a place before they rejected her. How is this fair? Why are companies allowed to take this freaking long and essentially torture prospective hires?
One last note I was add that's so unbelievably frustrating to me is the barrier I am finding is I switch jobs every year or two. In my industry that does not pay well, it does not offer raises or bonuses and I have rarely had upward mobility. I switch jobs every couple of years because despite being college educated and having 5 years of experience I am barely being paid enough to live in the city I am in and they know this. I am finally applying for jobs that make wages my friends have been making for 2-3 years now, but apparently I am flight risk cause 2 years I was getting paid half of what these jobs are offering and I left that job.
I know this is long, but I am genuinely getting so beat down and upset. I am a very upbeat guy and I don't hold onto things and I am very upset all the time and having more fights with my partner. I am currently in therapy trying to work through things, I just hate this is where we are as a society.
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2023.06.06 18:20 thebossofme888 Planning on doing long term retention to take advantage of the work opportunity i got

My birthday was 3 days ago, and I relapsed the day before, but before that day I manifested an opportunity to work as a real estate auto entrepreneur and my first day at the office was today. There is two men and two women (I think the girls like me already lol, I don’t want to throw flowers at myself but I’m kinda handsome in person (curly hair, blue eyes, great face structure, I also stand tall, very important)) but this doesn’t matter, I didn’t came here to talk about people attraction but if you interested about it, yes it already does it’s effect. Anyway as you guessed it is day 3 for me, and I started to learn the work of real estate, being aware that the opportunities and money it can bring me, I’m planning to go on a long streak to fully focus on this opportunity I manifested. Understand that before my 23th birthday I only worked one job in my life and never again (I hate workin for someone or do 925) which gave myself boredom, and eventually leaded to relapses since I ain’t got nun to do. But now that I found an interesting work and that I am my own boss in it, I want to fully focus on it and retain my seed for at least a year so I can succeed in this path. What type of business opportunities sr bringed you ? Do you think i have a possibility to be millionaire with real estate mixed with my long term retention practice ?
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2023.06.06 18:20 AcceptableCup6008 Air Quality and my sympathy to those in Canada

I live in the NE a few hours from the Canadian border - we are getting our butts kicked in terms of air quality due to the wildfires in CA. Its typically 30 around here….its about to hit 200. The air is orange and it smells like a campfire. I am so stressed about my LO right now and her little lungs. We have to go to her grandmas today and im highly considering having her come here or calling off work so i dont have to bring my daughter outside.
Honestly this is. Just a vent post. We dont get wildfires here ever and i have never seen the air this bad. just not something I know how to handle.
I am sending all my thoughts to any Canadian moms in fire effected areas. I cant imagine the stress and I hope you all are staying safe inside!!!
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2023.06.06 18:20 Alkinsb Looking for fellow queer folks, preferably from South asia but it's not a big deal if you aren't.

Hey, my name is Ash(20), I am a first year student in college studying animation rn. Some of the stuff I am into is anime/manga, reading in general(my current fav being a tie between a thousand splendid suns and shogun) and games(I haven't played a whole lot of them tho as I just got into the hobby after joining college but I am playing God of War rn.) I have bought a few games on steam tho I haven't touched them yet.....I am also trying to get more into queer media in general so it you have any reccs for me that's a plus!
Also please be 17-25 yrs old as I feel more comfortable with talking to people around my age and give a lil intro of yourself as your first message, that's all.
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2023.06.06 18:20 iWantURDog A Call To Action

The revelation of the David Grusch interview and testimony before Congress has, I believe, caught this community flat-footed. This is the inflection point where pointed action has the most effect. What can be done in order to take advantage of the freshness of this event? What I think would help would be to ask all who participate to contact their representatives with the following:
Dear [Representative's Name],
I hope this message finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am a resident of [Your City, State]. I am writing to express my concerns and interest regarding recent disclosures made before Congress by former US intelligence officer David Grusch about the existence of alleged alien crash retrieval programs.
As a citizen deeply interested in scientific discovery and transparency in government, I believe it's crucial that such extraordinary revelations are dealt with openly and honestly, with due respect for public curiosity and concern.
The implications of these claims are enormous, and if true, they fundamentally shift our understanding of the universe and our place within it. Hence, I am urging you to advocate for full transparency and a public dialogue on this matter.
Please consider pushing for:
1. Public hearings or briefings on this matter, providing updates and clarifying the implications of these programs. 2. Public access to any reports or findings from investigations into this matter. 3. A commitment to openness and transparency around issues of this nature moving forward. 
I believe that open dialogue, information sharing, and public involvement are fundamental to democracy. Particularly in matters as profound as this, the citizens have a right to know and understand the actions and discoveries of our government.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter and how you plan to address it in Congress.
[Your Name] [Your Address] [Your City, State, ZIP] [Your Email] [Your Phone number]
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2023.06.06 18:20 hocvienbdh Chương Trình Học Trung Cấp Từ Xa Quản Lý Doanh Nghiệp

Chương Trình Học Trung Cấp Từ Xa Quản Lý Doanh Nghiệp
As an AI language model, I am not capable of feeling emotions. However, I am programmed to respond to your queries and assist you in the best possible way. Please let me know how I can help you today.
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2023.06.06 18:20 pencil0815 Has anyone known or heard about I/T gr0u/p, in/c? (I/T/G) any thoughts, please? Thank you!

I recently got a new JO from this company and it was pretty decent and sustainable especially now that I am a provider. (Single with senior parents)
I am trying to look for any reviews online but it seems that they don't have any negative feedback from previous or current employees. I hope anyone from this sub (hoping meron) is a previous employee/friend or knew someone from this company. Anyone that can give feedback about their work environment. This will help me decide. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.06 18:20 kobayashi777 What do you think about men over 18 stan newjeans?

hey guys, im 17 yo and i am a man and I really love newjeans, im turning 18 in 2 months. I see a lot of people saying that is not ok stan newjeans if you’re a man above 18 yo (I see this a lot at twitter). What your thoughts about it?
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2023.06.06 18:20 Ok_Fox_7069 AI vs US

My dad called me from the living room and sat me down to show me a talk that was being given by our president about AI and Chatgpt and future of the world.
Dad kept saying how cool and amazing it is that AI can do things like make slides on dozens of chapters on a topic in 5 minutes and how this is what the world needs to focus on and how I need to specialize in AI because that is the future (I am studying computer science). And going on about the world will change drastically and everyhring will become suoer efficient and productive.
I kept listening to him saying how kids these days need to work smart and be on top of this and would have to keep up with pace of life now AI is here and we (our country) and our kids are already behind and need to be fastfastfast and do practical things.
I thought to myself that any extreme is going to do more harm than good. That do we really need to be efficient and more productive. How is AI going to help starving kids in Yemen. They don't care about all of this. Isn't that practical and real. Human life that is withering away right before our eyes but no..let's all focus on chatgpt and what have you. What about art and music and literature. What about languages. What about the soul of what we are doing. Where does this end! When does this end. Our own need to be better than the other person or country etc is going to be our own doom.
Not every advancement is good or needed. Hell can't we just fucking chill and slow down and focus that even AI and what comes after is all perishable. We are perishable. That the only truth in this life is death. You gotta earn the top grades. You gotta have the top activities. You got to have the top admission to top unis. You got to have the top job right of out the gate. You have to work and climb the gotta marry the best partner and have list goes on and on and on and doesn't stop.
We have created this entire mess and given importance to all the wrong things. But no one cares. No one cares enough at least.
Dad said time is money and what you are studying in 3 years needs to now be done within 3 months or you will be left behind in the dust cause there will be people younger than you and smarter than you and more talented than you that will fight tooth and nail to outsmart and out everything you.
Is this what education should be. Learning and reading and studying (both sides of the pages simultaneously or doing fast paced reading) just to be more efficient. What about the loss of meaning or actual giving a fuck about what you are reading instead of being worried about results. Taking things slow. Being mindful. What the fuck are we doing to ourselves. To our own brains and relationships and our own souls. We are not machines. We are not perfect. We are human beings..flawed and diverse and real.
I am deeply detached from the world and am just done. Done with the lies and bullshit and more bullshit. It is going to get worse and worse. Hopefully a car hits me before I get to see the peak of "progress" in human history
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