Temperature in staten island

Made in Staten Island on MTV

2019.01.08 00:43 LittleEmmy Made in Staten Island on MTV

Eight young men and women were made in Staten Island -- and even though they call the New York borough home, they're trying to break away from the temptations of the criminal lifestyle they were born into. They were "born to win" -- and they're chronicling their journey on MTV.

2010.01.31 20:35 evildeadxsp Staten Island - the forgotten borough

The Forgotten Subreddit of the Forgotten Borough.

2009.11.02 04:43 Captaintripps A little wonder in Northwestern Queens.

We are a neighborhood of 170,000 people in the most-diverse county in the United States. This is a highly-moderated sub.

2023.05.30 22:19 Ioptk [Chicago Bears] #DaBears are comin’ to @FortniteGame! Drop in to the all new Bears-themed map with island code 2685-2461-5614

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2023.05.30 22:18 Stapleton11 Costa Rica itinerary that’s not touristy?

I’ll be in Costa Rica in July for about 3 weeks. I went to Indonesia this past fall and couldn’t stand Bali and a few other islands as it was full of vacationers just there to get the perfect Instagram pic, whereas I’m more of an experience-the-moment and meet other backpackers type of traveller, and am a bit worried some Costa Rica spots might be touristy as well. Can anyone recommend any places to check out / avoid?
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2023.05.30 22:17 bopaz728 Beautiful date spots in town?

I’ve been meaning to confess to a friend for sometime, and I’d like to take her to a nice lunch spot with a beautiful view. I’ve been saving up for a while so money shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’ve already taken her to Mare Island Brewery and Tacos Jalisco (just pussied out last minute in confessing), so preferably not there. Im also alright if it’s in Benicia or a nearby city, as long as it’s reasonably near.
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2023.05.30 22:16 SpeedSoft4Life Thougts appreciated

I had this kyosho mp9 tki4 v2 in storage for nearly a year, and started it up now that the weather is better. I was surprised how it started on the first pull if the pullstart, however i quickly noticed that the engine sound isn't how it was before, it sounds much higher pitch than it did a year ago, and there are very definitive sort of pinging sounds, making it sound much more like a two stroke than it did before. This noise is even clearer after i drove it in the video for a few seconds. After idling about half a tank, i also observed that engine temperature is significantly higher than a year ago. Carb settings are the same, and this ke21sp is not very susceptible to atmospheric pressure changes, so i do not suspect that is causing this change. I have no idea what it is, but otherwise it runs and drives just fine, however any help would be appreciated 👍. Thanks
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2023.05.30 22:15 DramaticWay6208 Cool Temperature Place To Shoot In Az Summers

Looking for places to shoot when too hot in the desert summer. Preferably, non paying public lands in the northern parts of the state.
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2023.05.30 22:14 EquivalentVermicelli Bike-touring NYC for 3-4 hours on Saturday morning - route recommendations welcome!

Coming up from DC early Saturday to meet someone to drive back down. Meeting them early afternoon as they're coming down from Mt Kisco. Thinking of bringing my commuter bike (as opposed to kitting up with my road bike) to boot around for a few hours to explore the city.
I proposed meeting them at the 181st St subway station, as it's just off the I-95 to pick me up and proceed on the drive back to DC.
I'll be arriving by train at Penn Station 9 am on Sat morning. I mapped out the following based on some suggestions here on reddit:
I've visited NYC a few times and enjoy finding good (and cheap hole in the wall!) eats and exploring interesting neighborhoods... No need to do any typical touristy things.
Any other sights/routes that might be worth checking out?
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2023.05.30 22:14 jmccyoung Quartzite on a Volcanic Island

"On a remote tropical island in the Indian Ocean lies a geologic enigma. Some 4 million years ago, volcanic eruptions on the seabed piled lava upward almost two miles, until it broke above the waves. Then it kept piling up, to form what is now the craggy, densely vegetated island of Anjouan. Like all islands formed this way (think Hawaii) Anjouan is 100 percent dark volcanic basalt. Except for the part that is not. That part—a mass of pure white quartzite, apparent remains of a river or beach deposit formed on some faraway, long-ago continent—is not supposed to be there."
Read the rest at: https://news.climate.columbia.edu/2019/02/12/lost-continent/.
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2023.05.30 22:13 badgerSNR Hey guys. Complete overclocking noob. Is this good?

Hey guys. Complete overclocking noob. Is this good?
As said in title, not really experienced in overclocking at all. Just watched a quick video and decided to change things with MSI afterburner and apply and test in game. Is this any good? I've been playing New World for hours and the temperatures seem fine, no artificing, crashes or anything like that.
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2023.05.30 22:12 lassevk Is Console vs. PC for PVP different?

Apologies for the short title, but apparently there is a short title enforcement in effect here.
My question is this: Is there a difference in PvP pressure between PC and consoles for DMZ?
I will confess I'm not all that happy with PvP. I'm not good at it. The PvE aspects of DMZ, however, has been really good, and I love this part of the game. The game flows so good, the FPS feeling is like few other games, and the crossplay function just ... works (I play on Xbox, my friend on PC, currently... more on this below.)
However, lately, the PvP has been unbearable. I guess about 10 out of the 28 spawn points seems to be in direct line of sight of neighboring spawn points, and given that as soon as the timer is done, you get hit, I assume a lot of PC players are using aimbots. I would accept being hit .5-1 second after the timer hits 0, but the instant it hits zero, that just reeks of cheating, and it's getting tiresome.
And then we have the platoons, the 6-man premade squads that we encounter on every corner, every round. And don't even talk about Ashika Island, there's constantly 3 UAV towers up + the endless "Advanced UAV nearby" squaks, and the squads, and then the platoons.
It seems like everyone else is now done doing their missions, and the only thing left is PvP, so that's how it is.
My question is simple. Will playing strictly on Xbox or PS5, with crossplay disabled, be any different? Can anyone give anecdotal evidence that it feels/seems different when playing on console with crossplay turned off? And I mean lately, to be honest. I would really like to go back to playing DMZ, but when it feels like the instant the game lets me play, I'm dead, then it is no longer any fun at all.
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2023.05.30 22:11 MemesKilledGod Ender 3 s1 Pro bed cooling once print begins, resulting in AB Temperature Error

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2023.05.30 22:09 arpeggio123 How long does milk stay fresh after being refrigerated?

We keep our milk in the fridge because my baby doesn't like it once it's been frozen. I know it lasts 4-5 days in the fridge. And I've heard it can last 2 hours at room temperature after they drink some. What if I have it in the fridge a few days and then warm it and my baby has some, but doesn't finish. Does it still stay fresh for 2 hours after that?
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2023.05.30 22:09 feyizli 150 Kg/Second Sour Gas Boiler: A Sequel To 130 Kg/s Petroleum Boiler (Bonus MEMES https://www.reddit.com/user/feyizli/comments/13w04le/oni_memes/ )

150 Kg/Second Sour Gas Boiler: A Sequel To 130 Kg/s Petroleum Boiler (Bonus MEMES https://www.reddit.com/usefeyizli/comments/13w04le/oni_memes/ )

Some time ago I started a run to see what the maximum amount of duplicants I can feed is. I browsed some seeds and started a seed with 39 oil reservoirs and some good amount of water geysers. Oil reservoirs are important because petroleum boilers and sour gas boilers are water positive systems. So every oil reservoir is actually a water geyser and water is the most precious resource in game. You can check the seed from link https://toolsnotincluded.net/map-tools/map-browsemap/14891 . First I made a 130 kg/s petroleum boiler but sour gas boiler yields much more water. So I decided to go big and designed a 150 kg/s sour gas boiler. Target capacity is 130 kg/s because 39 oil reservoirs generates 130 kg/s crude oil. I tried to provide as much screenshot as possible if you don’t want to read everything but for those who are interested I will explain every aspect my design. During design process I made some memes for myself as a bonus, be sure to check them. https://www.reddit.com/usefeyizli/comments/13w04le/oni_memes/ .You will see the degradation of my mental sanity through those memes. HD screenshots are uploaded to google drive if you want to zoom in. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m08hhWSNL0VE_rzV29VwqCxx_HS0yfIL?usp=drive_link

Boiling Chamber
First stage of design is boiling chamber where crude oil boils into sour gas. Crude oil is generated at 90 °C and target temperature is 560 °C. Any mentally sane person would put crude oil into heat exchanger to pre-heat it but that won’t happen today. Why would you design an efficient and elegant system when raw power could be thrown at a problem. If 10 Kg crude oil is heated up to 560 °C directly from 90 °C it would require 6,27 aquatuners. For 150 Kg crude oil it would require 100,8 aquatuners. Just to be on the safe side 120 aquatuners are placed inside boiling chamber. 40 aquatuner consumes 48 kW power. 3 heavy watt conductive wires are required for boiling chamber (top right). Mix of metal tiles and mesh tiles could be seen inside chamber. Aquatuners generate heat homogenously inside the chamber. If all crude oil dropped at single layer, cold material doesn’t distribute homogenously inside chamber. During the tests I dropped all crude oil at bottom of chamber. Top of chamber went above 1000 °C and thermium aquatuners started to take overheat damage. Metal tiles are placed at different levels and mesh tiles above them. This way crude oil is dropped homogenously inside the chamber. Currently hottest spot of chamber is 580 °C which is more than enough considering how big boiling chamber is.

Natural Gas Heat Exchanger
Sour gas and natural gas runs in opposite directions and exchange heat with each other. Goal is to cool down -160 °C. Any bit of cooling that could be extracted from natural gas before they go into generators should be extracted. There is a little zig-zag at the start. It serves as a buffer between heat-exchanger section and boiling chamber, otherwise cooling leaks into boiling chamber (heat exchanger tries to cool down boiling chamber) and heat from aquatuners gets wasted. Flow of gas could be seen at figure. Red arrow = sour gas, orange arrow = natural gas.

Cooling Section
Sour gas gets cooled down as it goes down through this section. There are 12 aquatuners at each row. There are 2 cooling loops per row (each 6 aquatuners are daisy chained). There are 2 pools of super coolant, they serve as heat sink. 6 aquatuners cool down left pool and 6 aquatuners cool down right pool. Total of 72 aquatuners are used to cool down sour gas. There is an extra row of aquatuners at the bottom. They serve a different purpose, it will be explained later.

Pump Section
When sour gas condenses 2 different materials form; liquid methane and solid sulfur. That 1 mesh tile catches solid sulfur midair and lets liquid methane go through. Liquid methane is very unstable when it first forms. It immediately want turn into natural gas. Sulfur has been caught in midair because having it exchange heat with liquid methane is not preferable. There are extra aquatuners at bottom and pool of super coolant. Super coolant and metal tiles are kept at -170 °C in order to prevent liquid methane turning into natural gas. Also liquid pumps are placed away from where liquid methane drops. This helps form a layer of liquid methane. This amount mass helps stabilize the liquid methane and prevents it from vaporizing into natural gas. On a really rare occasion solid methane forms inside the cooling chimney. Auto-sweepers and conveyor loaders are placed inside this chamber. Their purpose is to remove solid methane. Removed solid methane runs through the natural gas section and it sublimes into natural gas. 67% of sour gas turns into liquid methane. When 150 kg/s sour gas gets cooled down, 100.5 kg/s liquid methane forms. 11 liquid pumps are placed just to be on the safe side.

Natural Gas Drop Section
Liquid methane is dropped into this section it travels through this section until they reach gas pumps. Liquid tepidizer is placed here order to give it a little push if liquid methane doesn’t vaporize into natural gas. It has never been get activated once but it has been placed there as a failsafe. Natural gas passively travels through heat exchanger and then reaches gas pumps at top.

Petroleum Pool
Inside the boiling chamber there are 120 aquatuners almost constantly working. But where does the cooling go. Giant petroleum pool has been built and all required aquatuners for the design is placed inside this pool. Those aquatuners generate heat inside the pool and 120 aquatuners cools down the pool. But aquatuners inside the pool are not active all the time and their number is not enough. At this point liquid tepidizer comes into action. 1 liquid tepidizer can handle 3.44 aquatuners filled with super coolant. For 120 aquatuners 34.89 liquid tepidizers are required. Just to be on safe side 35 liquid tapedizers are placed at the bottom of boiling chamber. Of course tepidizers are not active all the time because other aquatuners generate heat and 72 aquatuners responsible for cooling sour gas down is active almost all the time. But even none of the aquatuners inside the pool gets activated in given time, liquid tapedizers are enough to handle 120 aquatuners inside the boiling chamber. This way boiling chamber never ever comes to halt. 4 heavy watt conductive wires are required for this section. (93 aquatuners, 35 liquid tepidizer, 21 liquid pumps and auto sweepers). 4 heavy watt conductive wires could be seen going out from most left side of pool.

Energy Brick
When 130 kg/s sour gas get cooled down, it forms 87.1 kg/s liquid methane (natural gas). 87.1 kg/s natural gas is enough to constantly run 967.78 natural gas generators. In this design exactly 960 natural generators are placed. Natural gas generator has a 3 tile height and they also sit on 1 tile. For every natural gas generator line, 4 tile height could be used. 1 natural gas generator consumes 90 g/s natural gas, gas pipe is capable of carrying 1000 g/s gas. 1 gas pipe could feed 11.11 natural gas generators. Just to be safe 10 natural gas generators are fed with 1 gas pipe. But natural gas generators output CO2 and they require gas pipe. 1 line of generators have 4 tile height of use. 1 tile is used for CO2 ventilation. Only 3 gas pipe could be used for 1 line of generators. Which means 30 natural gas generators can be places in a single line without any problems. Otherwise managing gas pipe goes spaghetti mode. That is the reason natural gas chimney and gas pumps are placed in middle and generators are divided in middle at left and right sides. There are 30 generators at right side and 24 generators on left side. There are exactly 960 generators at total. For every generator line there are 12 gas pumps, 6 of them feed right side other 6 of them feed left side. 960 natural gas generators generate 64.8 kg/s polluted water. At the bottom 4 liquid pumps are placed at each side, they pump out polluted water. Natural gas pumped inside the generators are way above 200 °C and they also produce heat. At the top there are 33 aquatuners are placed. 6 of those aquatuners are responsible for cooling down steam turbines. 27 aquatuners are responsible for cooling down natural gas generator section (13 left – 14 right). There are total of 50 steam turbines, they cool down the aquatuners. Classic heat deletion system. 33 aquatuners consume 39.6 kW power so only 1 heavy watt conductive wire is enough for this cooling system. On the most left and most right side of brick CO2 ventilation shaft could be seen. Slickster farm is not built yet. Currently CO2 just dumped in there and sits there. Not proud but I had to abuse infinite storage system here (placing gas vent inside a liquid to bypass overpressure limit).

Polluted Water Purification
When natural gas comes out of heat exchanger section it becomes very hot way above 300 °C. Polluted water is boiled by using heat from this natural gas. Mechanized airlock door is used for heat management. When boiling chamber goes over 130 °C doors open and heat transfer stops. There is a zig-zag way for steam to follow. Future plan is dumping every polluted water generated in asteroid to this purifier. This also include water with food poisoning germs. That zig-zag gives enough time for food poisoning germs to die. Last row 12 aquatuners inside the petroleum pool is used for cooling down this pool of super coolant. Hot steam hits cool metal tiles and condenses into clean germ-free water. Liquid pumps pump out clean water.
Energy Balance
If every single building get activated at the same time (including 222 gas pumps and 33 aquatuners from energy brick and polluted water purifier), this system only consumes 389 kW power which is a negligible amount. Cost of extracting 130 kg/s crude oil (39 oil reservoirs) are NOT included in this calculation. 960 natural gas generators generate 768 kW power. Which yields net +379 kW power for the rest of the colony which is a decent amount of power.
Water Balance
39 oil wells consume 39 kg/s water. 960 natural gas generators generate 64.8 kg/s polluted water. This system is net + 25.8 kg/s water. This is the whole point of this design; a water positive system that turns oil reservoirs into water geysers. 1 oil reservoir turns into 0,66 kg/s water geyser.
Wanted to see maximum number of duplicants an asteroid could feed and ended up designing this monstrosity of a giant. Is it elegant, efficient, marvel of beauty and engineering no, is it big, janky, unnecessary and overkill yes. I am also a huge fan of Factorio, Satisfactory and Dyson Sphere Project games so I couldn't prevent myself from going big. While running tests and solving problems I faced during the design process, I made some memes for myself. I couldn't post them in a single post so I made seperate post on my profile. https://www.reddit.com/usefeyizli/comments/13w04le/oni_memes/ .Degradation of my sanity and mental health during this process could be seen from those memes.
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2023.05.30 22:08 saremjan Would anyone be interested in joining Rh drag race?

I've been thinking of hosting a drag race in Royale high as a diamond giveaway since the only thing I do on rh is collecting daily logins and that's it, I have over a million diamonds and I think the people who still play might put them in better use
The winner would get 100k + SF scepter + SE crown, runner up 50k, miss congeniality 20k, maxi challenge win 5k, mini challenge win 2k (not sure if we'll do mini challenges) Proof
I'm not starting it yet, it will probably start in July but no promises (due to being busy with school). We will have our discord server and the race will take place on my private server, probably on sunset island. Music for lip sync will be played through a bot on a call, while everyone is muted
1st season will have 12-15 queens competing. And 4 judges.
I am making this post to see if anyone would be interested in this so I'll have a reason to start this. (not sure how to flair this so I just put other)
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2023.05.30 22:08 TomcatZ06 Leave it to Apple to add a useful feature (home screen weather) and the make is completely useless by constantly showing these weather alerts.

Leave it to Apple to add a useful feature (home screen weather) and the make is completely useless by constantly showing these weather alerts.
I haven’t seen the temperature in this widget in 3 days…
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2023.05.30 22:06 logicalriot PC DRAM Light is Orange and will only POST if I unplug the PSU

I upgrade my computer about 3 months ago and recently I have had issues with restarting and shutting down the computer.
Three months ago I upgraded the following in my system:
The Issue
If I select restart with Windows, the computer will shutdown but when it goes to restart the DRAM light on the MB comes on and the system will not POST.
I tried the following to troubleshoot:
Right now my suspicions are either the CMOS battery needs to be replaced or the Motherboard is going bad. Possibly the PSU.
Other things I've noticed
Any insights or help would be appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT: Memory timings are currently DOCP 3600mhz for 64GB of DDR4 RAM.
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2023.05.30 22:05 atypical_lemur Shopping for a inground replacement liner.

We are getting ready to replace our vinyl liner. I read that darker colors help the pool keep warmer. We are in Missouri and I really don’t like the temperature until mid June. Would going darker really help? We have a sky blue color now.
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2023.05.30 22:05 crispy48867 72 [M4F] #Michigan, Perry - Farm couple seeks lawn and garden girl, 18 to 40 and in decent shape. All ethnicity's considered

This is a 45 acre farm. I grew up on it, traveled the world, and came home again.
When both parents had passed, I bought out my sisters shares. I stopped all row crops in 2014 and began turning the place into a safe zone for nature.
It features a man made lake, spring fed and well stocked with fish. There are 22 acres of tillable land, some woods and rolling hills as well as several rock and flower gardens and roughly 6 or 7 acres of lawn.
In 2014, I began to plant trees and flowers in the fields in my attempt to give nature a safe place to be. We have a nesting pair of Bald Eagles, roughly 75 wild turkeys, about 30 head of white tail deer. We have more small animals than you could hope to count.
We currently have a mama turkey sitting on her 12 eggs on our lakeside patio.
The lake is well stocked with fish, large and small mouth bass, crappies, blue gills and sunfish as well as a decent supply of turtles. We have a raft and a paddle boat on the water for fun.
There are also two large aluminum pole barns, 60 x 40. In one, I built a large indoor grow with full temperature, light and humidity control and that was a marijuana rental grow from 2014 to this spring. It currently stands empty but I will put it to growing vegetables or mushrooms fairly soon. The other 60 x 40 is being built out as a machine shop.
I also have a holding pen and small building as a lock up for raising calves or pigs or goats if someone wanted to do that. It could also be fixed up for chickens.
I have a full range of farm equipment including a rototiller for the back of the tractor. If someone wanted to raise a garden for veggies to eat or for sale at the local farmers market. Such projects would be on your own time and any money raised, would be yours.
I will hire 9 workers for the mushroom growing business and 4 for the machine shop.
I would really love to find a yard and garden girl who enjoys age gap relationships or BDSM lifestyle relationships. You would answer directly to me, independently of the farm businesses. You would become my confidant, helper, assistant, and sexual muse. You would also help with planting trees or tree seeds in the fields.
I have been a dominant since birth. I married a submissive in 71 and we are still together. I became heavily involved in this lifestyle in 96. Now that I am living back on the farm again, I want my submissive or slave gal as my way of bringing my enjoyment of the lifestyle, to my farm. Limits become far more important in such a situation and you would find I am agreeable, reliable, and consistent. Limits set will be respected.
The work is easy enough, no punching a clock, just keep the lawns mowed and the flower gardens weeded. If you also wanted to work in one of the two businesses, that would in fact be a separate paying job you could easily do both.
Be in shape for outdoors work. Be 18 to about 40. Be open to lifestyle framed, living and working.
For this gal or gals, I will cover every living expense as well as some spending money, apartment, car, phone, lap top, utilities, and groceries.
Key words: DD/lg, age gap relationships, BDSM, Dominant/submissive, Owneslave
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2023.05.30 22:04 Confused_Gengar Zonite Swords

Which shrine(s) do they drop more on? I know its in a chest.. ive looted that one, google says on two sky islands.. been there can't drop it.
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2023.05.30 22:04 kellbell620 I have a wild theory

I have a wild theory
I might be reaching for things however after todays update and reading the patch notes... I feel like I might be onto something. I noticed with growing together that one of the puzzles is of a mermaid and a whole selection is about sulani/ocean. What if they are hinting at an island living refresh? Hear me out! They randomly updated an island living necklace to add new swatches? Sulani puzzles? Like I said, I might be reaching but I want an island living refresh so bad! 😂
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2023.05.30 22:03 HolisticCounselingNY Holistic Counseling Services in Long Island: Mental Health Therapy

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2023.05.30 22:03 pokeoftheholyblade My brand new nx 7 is cracking where the body meets the neck

My brand new nx 7 is cracking where the body meets the neck
I have no idea what could have caused this. I’ve had the guitar for about 2 months, it hasn’t left my apartment which is temperature controlled, every time I’m done playing I clean it off and store it in it’s bag. I didn’t buy the extended warranty from guitar center and I’m past the 45 day return policy. I’m worried it’s going to keep spreading and snap the neck off or something, has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to get any help from strandberg?
I’m incredibly disappointed at this quality from a $2000 guitar. My $100 Washburn acoustic has lasted years without getting cracks like this, sitting in the trunk of my car for a whole summer 😂
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2023.05.30 22:02 BunnE3 KK Slider Afterwards

Hey there. Im hella late to this game as I did buy it during the peak of it’s popularity but I didn’t like the crafting and what not of it at first. I was used to the standard format of other animal crossing games but now Im giving it a chance.
So, I finally got my island to 3-stars and Snoop Dog (KK Slider) is coming the next day. What do I do after he arrives? It was a pain in the ass getting to 3-stars cause I kept being told more flowers or more trees. Any recommendations or tips appreciated.
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