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Market Recap - 5/20/23 - everything is over bought

2023.05.30 22:03 yolorehab Market Recap - 5/20/23 - everything is over bought

Market Recap - 5/20/23 - everything is over bought
The Fed
Fed's Barkin: There is more willingness among businesses to try to increase prices, and that will continue until demand falls. FED policy is in restrictive territory, but there is uncertainty around where rates need to go.
Core PCE is not moving fast enough. I feel a July hike is very much on the table now (still think June would be a pause).
Market implied June hike probability is now close to 70%.
Holiday travel spending remains strong. The U.S. screened nearly 9.8 million airline passengers over the four-day holiday weekend, surpassing pre-COVID 2019 levels by 300,000, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
On the international front, Eurozone M2 growth lowest in history. They are heading toward deflation.
Italian PPI is in the negative territory -3.5% YoY -6.5% MoM
As I mentioned a while back, the Federal Reserve has been tightening its balance sheet for a while, while the European Union has just started the quantitative tightening (QT) process. Euro area money supply (M1) dropped 5.2%, reaching a historic low. If the decline continues (which it probably will), the EU zone will enter a recession in the second half of 2023 (Germany is technically already in a recession).
The Economy
May's Dallas Fed Manufacturing index fell to -29.1, worse than the estimated -18 and the previous month's -23.4. Notably, new orders, shipments, delivery times, and outlook all declined further, indicating a deeper contraction. Both production and capital expenditures shifted from expansion to contraction. However, like the results shown in other regional surveys, employment experienced a slight increase.
Conference Board consumer confidence declined slightly in May. “Consumer confidence declined in May as consumers’ view of current conditions became somewhat less upbeat while their expectations remained gloomy,” said Ataman Ozyildirim, Senior Director, Economics at The Conference Board. “Their assessment of current employment conditions saw the most significant deterioration, with the proportion of consumers reporting jobs are ‘plentiful’ falling 4 ppts from 47.5 percent in April to 43.5 percent in May.
It's encouraging to see that most coincident economic indicators are holding up well and not signaling an impending recession. However, there are concerns regarding the retail and production sectors, as they have shown some weaknesses.
Housing market is holding better than expected. Case Shiller 20-City Composite: +0.45% M/M, Exp. +0.05%; -1.15% Y/Y, Exp. -1.6%; largest declines are all on the west side.
JPM estimates restarting student loan payments could "lower consumer spending by the equivalent of about 0.1% of GDP... likely wouldn't be a game-changer for the fate of the expansion..."
The Business
RBC is the latest to lift year-end target: “.. we are lifting our YE 2023 S&P 500 price target from 4,100 to 4,250 [and] lifting our 2023 S&P 500 EPS forecast to $213 from $200 .. the case against US equities relative to non-US equities has been overstated .. and think Small Caps are at an attractive entry point ..”
A great summary of the impact of US government spending on stock/bond performance. Stock tends to perform better when Uncle Sam is out shopping. Bonds tend to be under press as the spending was made on borrowed money.
The rally that followed the re-opening of China's economy has come to an abrupt halt, and certain indices are now nearing bear-market territory.
I have mentioned many times that large growth stocks have had a tremendous year so far, while small and mid-cap stocks have significantly underperformed due to economic uncertainty. However, if the uncertainty begins to settle in the second half of the year, small and mid-cap valuations will become very attractive compared to large growth names.
Many believe that semis are no longer cyclical because everything now requires chips, leading to a constant supply shortage. However, this chart suggests otherwise. If the PMI resumes its decline later this year (if indeed we are heading into a recession), semiconductor stocks will likely face demand shocks.
This is the first time I've seen someone quantify the correlation between forward equity returns and sentiment. Just not sure how strong the correlation is (probably not very strong). So may not be useful, but interesting none the less.
I am mostly cash at this point and some July IWM puts
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2023.05.30 21:23 WarPigs02 How ‘Excuseflation’ Is Keeping Prices — and Corporate Profits — High

How ‘Excuseflation’ Is Keeping Prices — and Corporate Profits — High
This is Artificial inflation. Whenever Congress passes a law or pushes for workers to earn higher wages, the company board members, rather than dip into their profits dip, preemptively hike up prices onto the consumers so that the percentage of their earnings on the stock market still meets their goals. Companies likely abuse this further by tacking on extra unnecessary cost which is why so many companies thrived during COVID.
It's also possible they and some of their largest investors are doing a bit of under the table insider trading.
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2023.05.30 21:22 LoudPound8 Pass deferral forever?

I have had ikon pass last 3 years and gotten more than my full utility (80 days this season)
Currently living in SLC as a ski bum so bought the renewal as a no-brainer w the price hike/social pressure/general buzzing at the end of best ski season EVER.
I am now starting to realize I will likely rejoin the workforce this fall and might not be in the US next year (best case scenario) and ideally for 2-3 years. Does anyone know if you can defer the pass credits infinitely?? Or if customer service would take any pity so early in the off-season? 🙈
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2023.05.30 21:20 AdIllustrious9061 Year Sub Price Hike

Has anyone else noticed the price hike for the yearly subscription to Pro? I started using it last year in May, and it was only 59.99 for me. And now it's 69.99?? Like what...
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2023.05.30 20:44 HawkEye1000x FREIGHTOS BALTIC INDEX UPDATE — May 30, 2023

Freightos Data Overview — Excerpts:

Asia-US West Coast prices (FBX01 Weekly) fell 15% to $1,309/FEU. This rate is 89% lower than the same time last year.
Asia-US East Coast prices (FBX03 Weekly) were level at $2,328/FEU, and are 84% lower than rates for this week last year.
Asia-N. Europe prices (FBX11 Weekly) ticked up 3% to $1,420/FEU, and are 87% lower than rates for this week last year.

Ocean rates across the major tradelanes may be reaching their new floor.

With the exception of prices for Asia - Mediterranean service, which, at more than $2,400/FEU remain 40% higher than pre-pandemic levels on resilient demand, ex-Asia and transatlantic rates are all about on par with May 2019 rates.

Asia - US West Coast prices dropped 15% last week and are about 25% below the level achieved through mid-April GRIs. But at $1,300/FEU rates remain well above the lows seen in March, as carriers blanked fewer sailings in May than in April but are managing capacity enough to keep prices from collapsing again.

As congestion has dissipated with easing volumes, transit times and schedule reliability improved again in April, but carriers blanking sailings and slowing sailing speeds to help reduce effective capacity may be contributing to reliability and transit times that still remain above pre-pandemic levels.

June GRIs are unlikely based on current demand trends, though low-water weight limits and surcharges for shipments passing through the Panama Canal starting in June could put upward pressure on rates, especially for Asia - US East Coast containers.

Consumer spending in the US increased in April and some measures of inflation climbed too. These factors may make additional interest rate hikes in June more likely, which could dampen consumer demand along with bringing down inflation.

The current disconnect between consumer behavior and freight volumes is likely due to a mix of a shift in spending toward services and toward different types of goods than those in demand during the pandemic, and to inventory surpluses built up in the first half of last year.

This build up could prolong the freight recession even if the economy avoids a recession, which is one factor in some expectations for a subdued back-to-schoolseason for logistics providers even if actual back-to-school spending is on par with last year.

The above are leading to speculation that – if it arrives at all – freight peak season will be later than usual, concentrated in September and October.

A soon-to-be released Freightos survey of SMB importers using the marketplace found that only about half of SMB importers expect to increase their shipping activity during peak season this year, with about 40% still contending with excess inventory.
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2023.05.30 20:39 raybeezzz ‘19 Rav4 Limited Hybrid vs ‘23 CX-5 Signature vs ‘20 4Runner

Hello all,
Hoping for a little help deciding on vehicles here and seeing past the fog.
Little bit about use case: hiking, camping, bike riding, and kayaking are a big part of our lifestyle. Just the wife and I for now, and we are in the financial position where we can afford any of the three vehicles below but the caveat is that it needs to last us at least 10 years. Preferably beyond to 15. We want to be able to have our family grow into this vehicle (just wife and I currently but kids expected within a few years).
Currently drive a 2009 Santa Fe. What I love: - 2 large hidden storage areas in cargo area under the floor (keep camp chairs, hammock, blankets, etc. ) - AWD - only one or two roads i’ve ever been on that I shouldn’t have been on and needed more capability. - has rear hitch for towing small u-haul trailers of dirt and moving items around as well as bike racks. Would like to be able to get a pop up trailer in the future which our current car can tow. - has creature comforts (good sound system, heated seats, sunroof, etc.)
What I don’t like: - does not drive nicely - poor gas mileage - reliability has been an issue
What we need in a new car: - storage room - reliability - minimum AWD w/ ability to do light off-roading to get to trail heads - ability to tow small loads and have a hitch for bike racks - ability to get kayaks on the roof - fit rear facing child seats without cramping front seats
What we are considering: - 2023 Mazda CX-5 Signature - $47k; 0km - 2019 Toyota Rav4 Limited Hybrid - $45k; 45k km - 2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited - $49k; 80k km
I recognize these are very different vehicles. The Rav4 hybrid is obviously going to be best on gas but I struggle with buying a 4 (almost 5) year old car for the same price as a brand new CX-5 when gas savings are only 3L/100km.
I have driven all three. The CX-5 drives nicest. The Rav4 has the nice power from the hybrid and Toyota name, and the 4Runner just feels like you’re commanding the road.
I’m really leaning between the CX-5 and the 4runner. The CX-5 gets us all the creature comforts but really lacks the ability to do any type of off-roading, doesn’t have a lot of storage space and I can see it getting tight with kids.
Anybody else really want a 4runner but settled with getting a CX-5 or Rav4? Or vice versa? Any regrets? What pushed you one way or the other in the end?
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2023.05.30 20:16 princess-sprinkles Charging for No water

Okay so I have a regular who used to order her refresher with no water and no ice, but since we started charging for no water, she had been getting it with “no ice and just a half ounce splash of water”. Should I still charge her? I admire the effort especially with sbux charging so much for everything already and hiking the prices every month, but I feel as though I should charge her. Mostly, I just don’t want to be reprimanded for it later. What do y’all think??
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2023.05.30 20:05 devponnanna Good days are coming

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2023.05.30 20:04 devponnanna People of Karnataka played themselves

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2023.05.30 19:45 OverwroughtCoding Monocular Telescope 40x60 High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking Price$59.99 For USA DM me.

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2023.05.30 19:45 OverwroughtCoding Monocular Telescope 40x60 High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking Price$59.99 For USA DM me.

Monocular Telescope 40x60 High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking Price$59.99 For USA DM me. submitted by OverwroughtCoding to AMZreviewTrader [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:44 OverwroughtCoding Monocular Telescope 40x60 High Powered Monocular for Adults Monocular for Smartphone Adapter Monocular Telescope Hunting Wildlife Bird Watching Travel Camping Hiking Price$59.99 For USA DM me.

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2023.05.30 19:38 barham90 📬 This week's market research

📬 This week's market research
📬 This week's market research covers: 🤔 Lack of sellers supporting $BTC price ↪️ $ETH exchange balance back to 2016 level 💰 MVRV index shows that #altcoins are undervalued 🐋 $XRP whale holdings rise as lawsuit conclusion imminent 🔺 Tech stocks surge despite expectation of more hikes ahead
➡️ Read in full here (
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2023.05.30 19:31 LazyHose Coal India hikes non-coking coal prices 8 per cent. Coal India Ltd CIL on Tuesday said it has increased non-coking coal prices by 8 per cent, a move that will help offset 50% of higher employee costs after wage hike announced in January 2023.

Coal India hikes non-coking coal prices 8 per cent. Coal India Ltd CIL on Tuesday said it has increased non-coking coal prices by 8 per cent, a move that will help offset 50% of higher employee costs after wage hike announced in January 2023. submitted by LazyHose to fanews [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 19:30 That-Green7872 Good hiking shoes for women?

Hey everyone, my birthdays coming up in July and I’m going to be asking my family for a pair of hiking shoes/boots. I love being outdoors and exploring, but I’ve never had shoes dedicated to hiking and walking around and don’t really know where to start. I’ve asked a friend for recommendations, but said he couldn’t give me any, as everyone looks for something different, and told me to turn to this subreddit!
I don’t want my family members to go breaking their banks for my gift (~$100 or less would be a price point I’d be more comfortable with them spending on me) and I don’t really know what brands to turn to for what I like/need in a shoe.
I want something with good arch support but is still nice and cushy with good grip, and not necessary but have some colors for funsies and a personal touch :))
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2023.05.30 19:19 Marvellover13 I'm looking for the ultimate upgrade of my big 3, any recommendations?

Rn my big 3 consists of the naturehike Cloud up 2p tent (1780g with the stakes and ground sheet), an old (discontinued) Aztec sleeping bag I got from an uncle that's rated for -4C comfort (1315g with the compression sack), and a decathlon 50L backpack that is extremely basic, and missing some essentials features IMO (1400g)
here are the important features I'm looking for in each of the products, let's start with the tent:
I think that's everything important for the tent, if I forgot to mention something please let me know.
for the sleeping bag/quilt (never used quilts before):
I can't think of anything else for the sleeping bag, now for the backpack:
I think that's all I could think about, though I probably forgot something important haha, budget isn't a problem but I won't buy a tent for 700$, I'm trying to get a sense of the market to see what are the prices for all of these requirements, and I'm not in a rush, so I can buy those slowly. I also didn't pin a target weight yet since I'm not sure what will be reasonable, for example, is it possible to get all 3 items at less than 2.6kg (which is almost a 2kg reduction, it would be amazing)
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2023.05.30 18:58 LifeCracker Will The Disney Dining Plan Have A Major Price Hike in 2024?

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2023.05.30 18:53 marinaisbitch Cities that have great job markets for public health and a military base.

I'll graduate soon with a master's in Epidemiology, and my partner is a gov contractor data analyst for the DoD. We are looking for a place where that has a great job market for public health and also DoD/data science stuff. We would love to live in a city near good hiking, with a lively arts/music scene, and (I know it's unlikely lol) fairly ok housing prices. Avoiding really bitter cold would be ideal.
DC seems like the natural fit but I am curious if we have any other options besides that! Thanks for your help.
Edit: cultural diversity is important to us as well.
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2023.05.30 18:49 Visual_Contribution6 Two years since Whale Reports

This week will mark two years since I stopped writing my whale reports. True Safemoon OG will know who I am (DaddyByB). I wrote 67 days of daily reports tracking whale movements and overall SFM news; I had over 10k followers in the SFM community. I originally purchased 700B tokens the first week after launch for $12,000. This week I told the SFM community that the bear market was finally here and the "ride was over". On a normal night of reporting I would be showered with kind feedback and praise for the hours of time I was investing. Sadly when I told everyone the market was changing I was flooded with hate mail and various threats from dozens of people who felt I was their hero only 24 hours before. The amount of hate caused me to lose my shit and tell the whole SFM community to F*ck themselves and I was out! You can search Whale Reports in the SFM Reddit and find all the ones if you wanna see all the great times we had and the drama that ended it all. Originally I was extremely upset at the situation, however, I am THANKFUL to the entire community for pushing me away. I was able to cash out roughly $5M USD (400x-ish profits) . Had I continued to drink "John's Koolaide" my investment would be less than 90% of what it was when I sold.
For those who continued to hold, just know I tried my best every night for the community. I called almost every price hike we had within 2 days of it happening and even warned you that bad times were coming; feel free to look at the whale reports if you wanna challenge this claim. This week SFM also lost Trevor Ragnar, who was amazing at speaking and helped with initial marketing. He was pushed out by that goofy [email protected] Ben, which was another huge red flag of things coming.
I still check the SFM Reddit every day, primarily because it's better than having a Netflix account. The desperation and cult following have grown SO much over the past couple of years. However, I am honored to see that I was able to earn a place on that Binance Flag they were posting every day for over a year. Thankfully since the last hack, it seems the community is starting to wise up and listening to more negative feedback.
This last tax change should be the final nail in the coffin for the token. Being a deflationary token with a high burn and redistribution was what attracted most investors. Now it is a standard MEME coin like Safemars and Elongate or the other thousands which launched at the exact same time? If you are a holder what reason is there to hold? Why do you think Safemoon is different than the other thousand meme coins with the same tokenomics? Do you think that every shit coin will one day return to its glory? If I still held shit tokens I would sell them and take the loss for the purpose of taxes. I often see people in the SFM Reddit say "Why would I sell now after having such a huge loss". If you live in the United States you can 'wash' crypto gains with losses. So if you buy XYZ crypto today for $500 and it goes up to $5000 when you sell, then you are required to pay tax on the $4,500 gained. However, if you sell your SFM for a $3000 loss, you can apply that towards the $4500 gained. Now you are paying taxes on $1500 of profits instead of $4500. I would highly recommend you folks use the free version of Koinly or other crypto tax software to track your profits/losses to see what tax effect you would get by taking the loss in SFM.
On a final note, I want to thank the admins who created this SFMInvesting Reddit. For a long period of time, the mods in the SFM Reddit were killing ALL negative comments and feedback. This is a great space for people to share the true viewpoints of SFM. Thanks to all of those who were truly nice and cared about those reports written 2 years ago, which is nuts to think it's been that long.
Much Love
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2023.05.30 18:14 Luxniom 10 Days / 11 Nights Tokyo Trip Report (5/5 to 5/15) - Asakusa to Kyoto to Shinjuku/Shibuya

Original itinerary here for reference. We planned this trip primarily with Halal food in mind, along with regular sight-seeing locations + shopping for Switch games, clothes, and souvenirs
Overall notes / Takeaways * I rate our trip a 9/10. It was a great time with the authentic halal Japanese food, seeing all the cool sights & places, and experiencing a very nice environment + culture.
First part of the trip - East side of Tokyo: Asakusa FRI 5/5 Arrival HND arrival was around 2pm, and we got to the hotel around 6:30pm. From there: We were able to start off our trip with Ramen for dinner @ Ayam-ya Halal Ramen Tokyo –> Senjo-jii and Nakamise Street at night (which was not crowded at all at night)
Notable Highlights Part 1:
Notable Mid-light:
Second part of the trip: Kyoto * Mon May 8 continued: Hotel arrival around 4pm –> Downtown Kyoto shopping (Surugaya) and clothes @ Coco → 7/11 dinner (taxi here would have been really helpful to go to once of the local restaurants, as I started getting foot pains)
Notable Highlights Part 2: * Experiencing all the nature on WED was our favorite part of this portion, especially the rivers! We did not realize the “20 minute walk” would end up a 45 minute hike as we were not prepared, but it was a very fun going up and taking breaks at all the stops.
Last part of the trip: Shibuya/Shinjuku * Thurs May 11 continued: Reach Shibuya @ 6:30pm → Shibuya Scramble once –> Walk to Yakiniku @ GYUMON –> back to Shibuya Scramble and see Hachiko + Tower Record –> grab Chestnuts –> Starbucks at night with upper view of Shibuya crossing
Notable Highlights Part 3:
Noteable Mid-light: Harajuka and Takeshita street were cool to window browse, but we didn’t find anything we actually wanted to purchase here. It made me realize, like our second time at Akihabara, that window shopping isn’t as fun as actual shopping. -Aside from the Gundam @ Odaiba, we didn’t get too excited about anything else here. If we visited here first / sooner, we may have had a better time (along with keeping an eye out for more Gundam merch earlier throughout the trip). There was a nearby amusement center that was on our original plan to visit too. But at this point, I think we ran out of gas.
Notable Low-light: * The last hotel for me, especially with its location being furthest out from nearest station and not being as nice as the first two hotel.
Other notes
*more review/input on food commented in original plan here
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2023.05.30 18:11 FestusZ Router?

Just because of the hike in prices. I’m mobile and plan to return to home base in fall.
So I tested using my second iPhone it works quite well. Can I use the router just as a router? connect router for hotspot?
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2023.05.30 18:03 Foxychick1974 Can Landlord state Rent hike within next month even if there is already an ongoing legal Tenancy agreement?

I’m in Uk and need advice on if a Landlord can suddenly decide to hike Rent up within next month when a twelve month Tenancy Contract is already running at monthly price it has been for past two years ?
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