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2023.03.26 14:29 I9fected Ringke onyx for Pixel 7

I am considering buying the Ringke Onyx for my P7 but I am a bit anxious about the close cutout around the flash. Since the last case I had for P7 had close cutout around the flash which was causing glare in the photos whenever I was using the ultra wide cam with flash on (in the pitch dark scenario). Can anybody please confirm if it's the same case for the Ringke Onyx one?
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2023.03.26 14:28 highinginsight Kief bowl turned into hash after lighting?

Kief bowl turned into hash after lighting?
Sorry for the bad pic.
What the hell is going on with my bowl of kief? I scraped up kief from my grinder, loaded it and lit it up. Its bubbling up with each hit i take. The part i lit up now looks like a dark brown hash color instead of black ash. Is this hash or kief or both?
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2023.03.26 14:28 ezio313 Full Stack Project ideas with chatgpt integration

I'm undergoing an intensive programming bootcamp over 12 weeks. I learned html,css,js, php, react, laravel. I need to do a final project over 30 days.
Below are the requirements:
At least two features from the below list:
I'm encouraged to pick up on a project that is not related to Web Development, specifically: Mobile Application, Internet of Things, AI.
Give me some ideas with chatgpt api integrated into them, for example a smart wallet that takes the user salary, goals and based on that will create a customizable plan, it will use chatgpt to give the user advices and push notifications when he/she purchase stuff that exceeds the budget, the idea was proposed by one of the collogues so I can't take it.
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2023.03.26 14:28 Conscious_Argument51 Superhero [modded] Hangout {smp}

We are a small community around 14-15+ looking for more members. Our server is based around lucraft and some of its addons. The main goal of this season of the smp is to collect all the stones. There are factions which we just call teams and the main ones are the Polished Empire, The Justice League, and The Legion of Doom. Each team gets an infinity stone and has to protect it. Whichever team gets all the stones and snaps wins and gets to choose the theme of the next season and suggest some mods to go with it. Along with superheroes there are tech mods such as mekanism thermal and enderio. If you happen to be interested the IP IS VERSION 1.12.2. Dm Goofy Gwape#2220 for more info or to join and for the mod list
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2023.03.26 14:27 Super_Instruction753 Having a blast but...

Was a little disappointed in the weapon upgrades. Don't get me wrong, it's cool and it's true to the original but I was really expecting like a update to be on par with other modern shooters in which you actually see attachments added to your weapon with each upgrade.
For example, if you upgraded your rate of fire you would maybe see a custom trigger or slide for your pistol. Larger capacity, you would see a double stacked magazine, etc. Also found it disappointing that I couldn't add a laser to more weapons other than my pistol. (Unless I'm wrong and you can)?
Game is solid and I'm really enjoying it but this is just a little gripe I had.
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2023.03.26 14:27 Stawarski Voting for new Alien of the Month

Here you can post your suggestions for the upcoming Alien of the Month. If you see someone has already posted your alien, upvote their comment, instead of creating another one. The one with most upvotes will win. Previous winners (preferably try to pick ones that have not won yet): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19StLALwPZpjILDenjfBNPV4Kpf351bD8HT36Mn0RBDg/edit?usp=sharing
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2023.03.26 14:27 EmbarrassedAnimal606 Fifi La Fume Hatred Towards Charles M. Blow

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2023.03.26 14:27 National-Elk-6022 Dark Souls Avatars Download???

I've been browsing for some Dark Souls avatars: basically, I'm looking for them that have Gogoloco on them, or a download so that I can add gogoloco myself. Does anyone know of any worlds that have dark souls avis with gogo, or a place where I can download dark souls avatars? I feel like I've looked everywhere.
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2023.03.26 14:27 tenderyetfirm Lab glass identification please...

Lab glass identification please...
Google image search has not been able to find an exact match, and I am in the dark as to what these might be. They were part of an estate buyout years ago, in addition to many other misc. pieces. I have around 15 of them, so I'm assuming they are not super rare. Just wanna know what to call them on Ebay. And if anyone knows another outlet which may be interested in vintage lab glass, please let me know. I got gobs. Don't need to get rich, just need to get RID. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 14:26 DelayFirst6395 BTS Fan Art Brushes!!!

BTS Fan Art Brushes!!!
Hey fellow ARMYs, I recently discovered this BTS-inspired brush set for photo editing software, it's a game changer! The Chibi-themed brushes are so cute. They're super easy to use and compatible with all major digital art software, if you don't have procreate(ipad app), photoshop, use GIMP it is FREE (I use this, it's like photoshop). You can grab them at https://eliteartsncrafts.gumroad.com/l/kyavgt. Trust me, you won't regret it! #BTS #ARMY #digitalart don't forget to use the discount voucher code ARMY
this is their example SOOOOO CUUTTEE.
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2023.03.26 14:26 AggravatingFinish751 Dark fantasy tattoo

Hello! I am looking for an artist, who is willing to design a dark fantasy tattoo for me. Of course in exchange of money.
I really like the warhammer fantasy atmosphere.
So is there someone in this sub, who is interested in this kind of job.
I do have an idea how it should roughly look. It should be some kind of tree in a specific shape. More details to the ones who are interested.
Best, Oliver
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2023.03.26 14:25 webshopboy Bloodwork - How does it work?

Hi, super noob here!
I’m a male 30+, currently on Test E e5d and HCG. I want to start to check levels (I know I’m a bit late but still want to start).
Any guidance here would be much appreciated! There are a lot of Google results about this but it still makes me unsure.
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2023.03.26 14:25 Ill_Personality_8825 To those who still hate Picard season 3

I am curious as to why
For me personally, after being let down so badly by Star Trek films and shows for the last 20 years, I'm "satisfied" with Picard S3
Is it perfect? No.
The sets are still too dark, and it has a little bit too much fan service in it for me, don't get me wrong, I think the enterprise D is coming and I'll be all for that, but I think some of the smaller fan service bits aren't needed.
Raffi is still in it and still annoying, although a bit improved.
There are still some hang ups from previous seasons of Picard such as the android body, and I really think this season and the reveal of Data would have worked better if data had no part in s1 (or s1 had just never existed) additionally I don't like the cgi of the changelings.
Still, I think Terry Mattalas has done about as good a job as anyone could have hoped for.
He has had to come in and fix a complete mess, and he's made something very watchable.
Trust me, me more than anyone wishes we could have great classic style trek, 24 episode seasons, episodic format, exploring the galaxy.
But still, I think there's worth to be found in picard S3. It has some excellent moments, there's been no offensively obvious virtue signalling, I think vaddic is quite enjoyably acted. Moriarty was wonderful for his brief cameo.
I think frakes in particular is giving a brilliant performance.
Basically I'm choosing to look past the flaws, and in doing so I have found the show to be quite enjoyable, which I could never say for discovery, picard s1 and 2, or even SNW, which just doesn't feel in universe to me.
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2023.03.26 14:25 AutoModerator Web Design Agency

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2023.03.26 14:25 Stemas 33 [M4F] Alabama/Nearby Make me a little less lonely?

I don't really know what to put anymore since I have made quite a few of these posts with no success. I want someone who will make my apartment room feel less lonely and empty. I like to cuddle, hold hands, and am very physical in general. I guess touch starved would be a more accurate description.
About me:
I'm 6'1" 250 Lbs. with dark brown hair and gray eyes. Nerdy to an extent I guess, mostly play RPGs and Shiny hunt Pokemon, but I enjoy the occasional Fortnite match. I'm introverted as hell, but willing to meet in a public place as long as it's not super packed. On a diabetic diet and don't eat much anyway, so any restaurant is fine. I like coffee and tea. I'm trying to get back into reading, but it doesn't hold my attention like it used to. I watch anime and binge random Netflix content.
What I'm looking for:
Someone 25-40, though if you're special I might make an exception. You want to spend time with me and don't mind if I get touchy, though I won't do anything inappropriate. Likes nights in just watching a movie, playing games, or even just talking. Honestly just someone to spend time with.
Please send a pic in your message. Appearance isn't that important to me, but I like to put a face to the person I'm talking to. I'll of course send a pic in reply. Don't try to get me to join your website. Have Discord, Whatsapp, and Snap, so whatever you're most comfortable talking on. Other than that, just message me and ask any questions and let's get to know each other.
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2023.03.26 14:25 Reasonable_Station97 Goblin Monk Ideas

Hi 3d6 group!
You've always been amazing helping me with questions I've had in the past so I'm hoping for some advice with regards to a build idea I'd like to bring into a campaign.
I don't know why but I really want to play a Goblin and I love the Monk class. I know Monks are considered one of the worse classes but I love the idea of them calling on there own focus.

Anyway from a little time thinking about the build I have the following as a basis.
Goblins get fury of the small for a little more damage prof times a day, small amount and limited number but can sometimes make the difference.
Nimble escape is what I really like, Disengage or hide for free which doesn't consume Ki from the Monk! I know some will day that its a redundant feature as Monks can spend Ki for Step of the wind but having played a Mercy Monk in the past I know how quickly you drain those Ki points.

I want to create something that can be unhinged in combat and to me lots of small hits fits more for a Goblin than one powerful hit which a rogue would get.

I'm toying with the idea of running 3 levels into Ranger for Gloomstalker giving my little Goblin 90ft of dark-vision, the ability to be invisibly to other with dark-vision and the extra first round damage boost and attack. Ranger will also grant me Hunters Mark and if I can't get that set up then I can get favored Foe's 1d4 for free. Not a huge boost but nice flavor for a cave dweller.

Next I considered a 1 level dip into Warlock on top for Hexblade for additional damage VS the enemy I curse. There is of course the option of dropping Ranger all together and just taking Warlock levels to gain invocations and Hex which would function mostly the same way as Hunters Mark and gaining 120 Devil Sight which means I could make my own darkness.

I'm open to other ideas but I'd like to keep Monk if I can, I can't think of other ways to boost the damage though for each attack I make that doesn't require a lot of set up. I know Monk doesn't like to multi class as they want all the Ki points but hopefully Nimble Escape can reduce that need a little.
Flavor is king and I'd like a terrifying little monster in the dark.
For stats lets assume point buy or standard array, Goblin and Monk. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.26 14:25 klausiboy Solo-leveling alts 60-70

So I just finished stormblood, and I kinda wanted to use my dark knight for shadow bringers because it seems thematic. But my dark knight is only lvl 61, so I obviously have to do a bit of grinding. I know the most efficient way for leveling is stuff like duty roulettes, but a lot of the time I like to kinda just lean back and relax while playing, and group-activities are just a bit too intense for me to do that.
So, I wanted to ask if there were any good ways to gain exp from 60 to 70 while playing solo when you already did all the MSQs?
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2023.03.26 14:24 JustCallMeTere Saturday Was An Eventful Day (NVME Install)

Screws came out of the back no problem, used PH1. Took back plate off (check), the shield off (check), removed the nvme shield (check), no problem, watched Sabrent tutorials and a lot of other ones (put a Rocket 1TB in). Then I put everything back together, no wires pinched.
Not turning on, wait...what.
Took it all back apart. Damn, battery cable in but not all the way maybe. Use plastic spudger to make sure it's plugged in all the way. Put everything back together. OK, turns on, no problem. USB C drive, wait...what. I'm not spending an hour waiting for it to do the SteamOS. Back to rufus to put it on micro SD after reading reddit...10 minutes up and running.
Then Elder Scrolls Online, look everywhere for my answers, nothing worked, then finally, googling and tweaking for a couple of hours, found it...on reddit. Install completely on desktop, run it (I have a tiny bluetooth keyboard and mouse) then add it to steam (Youtubers you could have saved me all that time), then change the compatibility and control scheme.
Play Saturday night session of Baldur's Gate 3 (I am the host so I have to be there). Once we log off, I have time to myself. Go back to my deck and it works. ESO, the game I spent over 4100 hours in, works on my beloved Steam Deck.
Happy Girl
Oh and the best part. Friend who is on my FB gaming group says "You have a steam deck? So Jelly"
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2023.03.26 14:24 zem0nic Ananda Upgrade/Sidegrade

I am looking for an upgrade to my current Hifiman Anandas (stealth magnet version) with a use case of late night listening in the evening and extended sessions (gaming and studying) during the day. I would want substantial upgrades in macrodynamics and physicality, a better sense of timbre, and midrange lushness, while maintaining performance in imaging and instrument separation similar to the the Anandas.
Even on my Stealth version, the attack in the bass make it feel limpy and anemic. EQing the bass only brings up the subbass, but the Ananda's slam leaves me wanting more. I also want to avoid a disconnected and distant sound; I want to keep engaged with my music instead of having an analytical experience. I prefer any soundstage size larger than an HD650, about on par with a Sundara, though it should be capable of placing sounds both intimately and distant as demanded by the recording. I also have a very strong preference for the headphones with little to no imaging deadzones, and a strong center image. I'm also looking to work on a downside on the Ananda's midrange: that it sounds dry and shrill, despite the detail.
I place less emphasis, treble performance and capability (peaky treble response included), detail and resolution, and price to performance. I also don't exactly need a razor flat bass. Tonality and tuning also take a backseat as I EQ my cans to my preference of neutral/warm and dark (relative to IEF target).
My budget for a pair would be at $1600 for the initial purchase, but can spend about $200 more on accessories later down the line. I am open to consider suggestions above my current budget (capped to under $2700), but I am not to keen on purchasing above the $1600 line. Suggestions can also be made for two complementary cans, under $1600 only.
Source/Amp : Topping E30/JDS Labs Atom
Previous Experience:
I owned the Sundaras, Moondrop Aria and Kato. The moondrops don't have any particular flaws I can harp on, especially for the price. I disliked the sundaras for its very sterile presentation and timbre in the bass and mids throughout. The bass was very one-note and cold. I appreciated the upgrade in bass texture and extension when I came to the Anandas. The transients in the slam of my Sundaras felt rubber-y and loose-- my Anandas come off as more natural to me. One notch up on the slam from the sundaras would sit in the ideal range for me. The Sundara's mids felt soul-less, despite its spot-on tonality. Its soundstage was wide enough for my taste, but the range of instrument placement sound inside that soundstage felt fixed/locked.
I have demoed the Arya Stealth, ZMF Atticus, LCD-X (pre 2021), Focal Clears, HD650, and Meze 109 Pro. I preface this part with my non-eq impressions when I tried them on. I particularly liked the Arya Stealth, but their bass still seemed lacking (in stock form, no EQ). Its imaging is exactly what I am looking for. The Atticus had a honky tuning with the bass bleeding into the mids, but wouldn't be dealbreaking if I had more time for my ears to acclimate and adjust to the sound, though I acknowledge the comparison of a closed back to open ones. The Atticus' soundstage had even less range in its placement than the sundaras. The LCD-X had a strong sense of dynamic range, and I could acknowledge its technical abilities. It's slam is an aspect that I am extremely impressed with, and about what I want for macrodynamic characteristics. The Clears had this extremely noticeable metallic timbre, I preferred the bass slam and presentation of the X. The HD650's had a surprising amount of punch from what I was expecting, but the subbass was lean. It also sounded very veiled, but I loved the organic and 'real' timbre of this headphone. The lower mids/upper bass in the mezes was just a bit too forward for me, but its comfort was supreme, its presentation was very similar to the HD650.
My music taste:
Indie Rock - Drifting by Good Kid, Starkiller by Bear Ghost
Alternative - Burn the Witch by Radiohead, The Tired Influencer by Gorillaz
Female Vocalists - When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan, 642 Ways by Seycara Orchestral
Hip-hop and Pop - Love Hate Letter to Alcohol by Post Malone, High School in Jakarta by NIKI
I like imaging and instrument separation of my Anandas for rock; I am currently satisfied for this genre. I like its neutrality and staging capabilities for acoustic music, but I would like better liveliness and slightly better timbre. I would also want better macrodynamics for those pop genres.
Currently I am currently looking at the ZMF Auteur OG (Auteur classic unavailable from dealer, shipping to the USA is costly from Asia, and the additional upgrade cost coming up over-budget), Arya SE, and the LCD-2 or X. The Auteur are visually stunning and only seem to be ever-so-slightly short in imaging tightness and instrument separation from my reading, Aryas lack the bass punchiness I want, and the LCDs are too weighty as a daily driver, and the 2's seem to have those imaging deadzones. Would like to hear thoughts on the GX as it is a strong contender, but seem to have that planar timbre and are hardly available in my region.
The writeup was lengthy, so I'm posting this before I go to sleep; can reply in-depth in the morning.
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2023.03.26 14:24 TheCurserHasntMoved Accidentally Adopted Part 4: CH 11 To Listen

First Part Start Previous Next

Journal Entry: 33. Date: 1/7/1. Name: Greg Geroge.

So apparently I'm in charge of combat reediness of the personnel on ship. Well, not like, ship-to-ship, but in case of repelling boarding actions or an away mission. Okay, okay. Well, that's a job I can do. There's a decent enough range in the armory, and I could run the grown ups through some tougher drills. It might ruin the reign of terror on the quarters deck by team toddler, though. Shame. Pops is pretty insistent that I actually carry out the duty, as if I would do anything else, but he's kicking himself for being lax in that area. Well, that's understandable. I just still want to be DI for the kids. It's fun. anyway, Master at Arms. An office. I don't know how I feel about this. I worked very, very hard to keep from being promoted out of my MOS, but here I'm just happy to have a useful job at all. Then again, I don't like giving orders. Training is different.
Shit, I need to think this over more.
It was a good mission. No casualties, no collateral casualties. Got all of the officers, and I doubt anybody will try to hurt my family again. Not after that. Fucking hard to hold back, but the dead don't learn lessons very well. Plus, I didn't have the time to really do it properly. Plus no drop pods, so scouting ahead wasn't really an option. Still, I'm post-mission down. Starting to go over all of our actions, all of my orders to see if I could have run it any better. I can hear Dr. Johan saying that it's perfectly normal, and is the brain's way of developing strategies to manage stressful situations. Thanks, internal therapist voice, that's always a good one.
This means I go quiet. Which freaks everybody out. Well shit. Now, I don't want to drive my family away like I did with the new brothers. At least there's not a fucking legend keeping us apart. But I had to have some chats. Like, mostly out loud chats to put everyone at ease, but also Linus needed a talking to.
No denying it Linus went through something pretty terrible. He did very well under pressure, very brave, very smart, all that kick-ass shit. It's still affected him. So, I had to have a chat with him about how he's viewing the events and himself. Not the kind of thing you should have to do with a five-year-old. Had to be done though. Don't want him to grow up like me.
In less depressing news, the Bleivuses have an actually competent justice system. It's adversarial and protects the rights of the accused, so they're being a lot more fair with the captured gangers than I would have been, but I'm a vengeful bastard. They did stick to my threat, though. Kind of. Bread isn't really an option for some of the races, but something called nutripaste is, which sounds like their version of CRAYONs. Good enough. The sheer numbers, not just from my planetside mission, but also the Bleivuses restoring order to the station, had them call in a ship full of Magistrates, and what basically amounts to SWAT and some highly disciplined patrol teams called a Justiciar. The dudes have a class of ship that's whole deal is law enforcement, which makes a lot of sense considering that they're all about ships and shit, but I kind of thouthg their system just sort of used station postings for that kind of thing. Nope, turns out when shit goes wrong it goes really wrong and they have a system in place for running a large number of criminal trials after something like this. Which is relevant because the leader of their SWAT dudes wants to debrief me. I'm actually kind of interested in meeting a Bleivus operator. Might even be kind of fun.
Still need to talk things over with Pops. I think... I think this is life after service. I need to talk to Sarge too. I was pretty harsh with him.
Am I still me without my MOS?

Log: 6000001.0.19, Personal, Captain Yormdrill

Things will be well.
Things are of course, better than they were, but all is clearly not well. My children have been traumatized, my crew injured, my ship marked for valor, yet things will be well. The crew has shown tremendous courage and dedication. Like the Lord Justiciar said, we had the right, but not the duty. However, how could we shirk in the face of such suffering? How could we let the good people of the station labor under the boots of murderers and thieves? We were not the only ship to be offered a mark, but Gregory's medal trapped me into accepting it. There were captains who were happy to have their ships marked. The rescue tugs with the most stars lived the shortest lives. I still remember how my uncle wept when his ship was decommissioned, and the sting of pain I still feel over what happened to the In the Endless Dark Life Finds Life. It isn't only my father and old friends I grieve.
Once again, Gregory is an immense help to the ship. His mere presence has buoyed the spirits of all the children, and many of the adults. Furthermore, he spoke with Yoivdrill about his experiences in a way I would have struggled with. I shall of course have to speak with him too, but Gregory opened the door, which I am grateful for. There were some surprising things in how he went about it. Imagine waking up like that! Stars, what an awful thing to contemplate. I suspect a more detailed telling is forthcoming, but we haven't had an opportunity to sit down for another quiet chat.
The Major of the Landers wants to debrief Gregory and me, which I have no opposition to. I'm hoping that we can get some information on the poacher, as clearly he had some connection to the local gang. Though gang is perhaps not the right word. Crime... crime family? Crime syndicate? Crime something. There's more work to do about them, but they had the bright idea of keeping literally all of their high value hostages in one location. The same location of their leadership. Which means that the planetwide coordination of the syndicate is in shambles, and local authorities are no longer under threat of important people losing loved ones. I expect the electronics seized will also have some information the public will find very edifying.
My anger has cooled somewhat, but the sight of the corrupt barrister who started this entire mess missing one of his arms was immensely satisfying. Stars know how that happened, but he deserves it.
Trevdi and I had a lot of stress to relieve. With all of this stress management, we might end up expecting another child soon.

Dear Diary,

Just because everyone is safe doesn't mean everything is okay. Greg let me listen in to his conversation with Yoiv, and it was...
I think I'll just write out what I remember:
"Hey Linus, may I come in?" he asked, and Yoiv must have signed yes, because he went into Yoiv's room and started, "You know you should talk, to work things out, but you don't want to talk about it. You feel a certain way, and you're hoping if you don't say it out loud it'll go away."
"How did you know that?"
"Well, I felt a lot like that when Ray died, I felt a lot like that. I felt like it was my fault, I felt it all the way down in my bones for years, and years. But I was a child, and the thing that attacked us had the strength of an adult. If I had fought, we would have both died. I know that in my head, with my mind, but I felt like it was my fault for running for so long that it still hurts."
"So you're thinking about how you got kidnapped. You're thinking it's your fault that we had to go and fight."
"Well, If had never gone camping, I would have never gotten kidnapped in my sleep, would have never been rescued by the animal shelter, and never met you, and never lost control in the veterinary office, and never insulted a criminal lawyer, and thus he wouldn't have ordered you to be kidnapped. Is it my fault?"
"Did you try to fight?"
"What did you do when they took you away?"
"I waited for the bad guys to stop looking and got away."
"And rescued a whole bunch of other kids."
"Which was very kind and brave of you. I wanted to tell you that I was very proud when I heard."
"Um... I just did what I thought you would do..."
"You helped us win. Knowing that will help, but the feelings you have... Sometimes I still feel like the bad things were my fault. I know that's not true, but I feel it anyway, and it hurts. I have a doctor... I had a doctor to help me with that kind of thing. He said that it's normal to have the feelings, that it's normal to hurt because of them, but it's not okay. Like it's normal to hurt when you fall down, but that doesn't mean you're okay. You follow?"
"I think so..."
"So, since you're hurt, you need to heal, but it's not like a bump on your knee that you can just put some medicine on, and you're scared to ask what to do because you don't know how to explain it."
"That's right!"
"For me, what helps is helping. If I can be useful to people, it makes the pain go away. Do you know how I found out?"
"... Did you figure it out with your doctor?"
"Yup. He's a lot smarter than me, so you'll need to talk to someone smart. Like Pops."
"I... ca-"
"You can try."
"I... I can try."
"Good," Greg said with a wide smile, "something else that helps is getting some exercise. You wanna find some grown-ups to shoot?"
They ran out of our quarters cackling. Sometimes I swear Greg is just an old kid.
Still, his talk with Yoiv has me thinking...
I'm thinking...

Dear Logary,

SnEAky said he is proud of me.
DaDDy said the same thing.
I do not think it was very special.
I was scared the whole time.
SNeAky said I should talk to DadDY.
I am scared DaDdY will be not proud anymore if I say how scared I am.
First Part Start Previous Next
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2023.03.26 14:23 Irritated_bypeople technology getting to be too much for you?

Although this has been ongoing for some time, it cropped up again this week. I bought a tablet to use for reading some PDFs. My eyesight is starting to go as I am nearing 50 and its easier to read a screen 10 inches as opposed to 6. Upon opening the tablet it had a pile of useless apps and required you to be signed in to google to pretty much do anything. I was struggling to just use it in a file transfer and decided I am going to return it at this point.

Perhaps I am expecting too much, or perhaps too little. When I had my blackberry playbook it functioned a lot more like a regular PC. I want my tablet to be a touch screen pc more than a phone, this is a me issue I am sure, but also the complete need for everyone to be in your business. Need to login to outlook to turn on your post win 7 PC, need a google or apple account to use your phone/tablet. Need to sign into your smart tv to get it to run better. Don't mind us activating your camera and mic because we need to know what you are doing at all times.
I was once an early adopter but find tech way to intrusive now. I don't want or need google to check whats in my fridge and order it for me. I don't need Toyota to send me a notification that after 5,000 miles my hybrid van needs a service (and keeps reminding me) despite it using synthetic oil that can get 10,000.
Am I old man yelling at clouds is does anyone else have this issue or other tech concerns? Is my lack of trust from seeing how often it fails a me problem or is it real. I have been super pissed about this lately and want to see an answer that isn't "you are using the internet to post this you hypocrite"
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2023.03.26 14:23 VoidSwordTrash WMGYT and nickisfarded banned, but please make sure you're not on my wishlist too.

I really can't spend five seconds at peace without the sub falling apart huh
so, I banned u/WMGYT and u/nickisfarded from the sub. the impact they had on it was mostly negative and detrimental due to their personality. unfortunate, but had to. (I don't like banning people)
however, while their general attitude wasn't fit for the sub, they weren't always in the wrong. as the hate against them grew, I started seeing more and more instances of people nabbing at them for no valid reason, because of their prejudice on them. that, we can't accept either. their behaviour doesn't justify yours. so please get off your high horses whenever you feel the situation's only gonna worsen, and contact a mod. that's the right thing to do. don't keep on nabbing, it's useless and will have nasty consequences for you as well.
exceptionally, I'll let all those instances slide for now, hoping the people who're concerned will see and acknowledge it. but please just chill because I don't have many braincells left
anyway, that'll be it, thanks for reading
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