My post apocalyptic shelter


2020.08.13 09:11 -ItAllCanWait- Shelter_War

Build and upgrade your shelter, craft weapons and sophisticated devices, fight freaky raiders, creepy zombies, surreal hypermutants, and other post-apocalyptic monsters. Plunder other players' shelters in the name of survival!

2019.03.31 04:44 KathrinPissinger X35

Shelter X35 is a satirical take on a nuclear post-apocalyptic environment, similar to the Fallout franchise. Whole series and more on:

2009.09.16 05:27 xbayuldrd Kanye West

Dedicated to Kanye West.

2023.06.03 13:37 PharmD_Beauty Would it be wrong to attend only half of the bachelorette party?

Context: A friend (35F) is getting married in 2 months! I (32F) was invited by this friend's family member to attend the bachelorette party. First, I wasn't even aware that a wedding was still happening. During COVID it seemed like this "dropped off" and, at least to me, this friend never told me about future wedding plans (i also didnt ask but it was to not be rude or make her feel down about not being able to do a big wedding).
Anyway, the bachelorette party is in a week and I have assisted with the planning and I have paid my share of what we plan to do.
The issue: the thing is that...since COVID, me and this friend haven't been very close. I'm not sure if the blame is on me but we just kind of fell off. I get we are super busy and when she sees my FB posts or Insta posts she does "like" them or will make a small friendly comment. We have texted a few times to check up on eachother and we do hang out but it's only with another person invited. So, as of late, I just dont feel that we are close and I am not sure if I want to be around her and her friends and kind of feel like the odd one out. She hangs with these other girls and calls them on the phone and plans things with them. I know I was invited to go because I was part of the original bachelorette party pre-COVID (at that time, we were much closer).
Also, the reason I paid is because I believe in an eye-for-an-eye and wanted to contribute to her bach party like she did for me when I got married a while back. However, the difference is that we were really good friends and everyone that went knew eachother well. I know maybe half the group, but sometimes I feel like my friend puts more effort into the others and I'm just going to sit there being left out of conversations or something. This could all be speculation too...maybe my anxiety is getting the best of me and I'm assuming. But, regardless, I have this pit in my stomach and I'm trying my best to he super excited and willing.
So, now that you know the back story. Would it be shameful or bad if I only attend half of the bachelorette - which, in this case we will be decorating the airbnb and then heading to a nice dinner and maybe some drinks. Other half is doing a booze cruise and some other late night shenanigans. I'm not asking for the money back or anything. Thanks!!
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2023.06.03 13:36 Most_Hand_937 Organized crime in my town, and I've been following how they operate

This post is not meant to glorify this behavior. I am sharing my personal experience and have already reported this to authorities. Below I will include a list of things and how they do it, including my experience as their subject.
  1. My family is being held hostage by multiple people in town. I have found wired in the ceiling that are transmitting a frequency.
  2. First they gather a bunch of personal information on you and look at your daily patterns. Your pattern of movement, speech, emotional patterns, etc.
For me, this included using my friends and family
  1. Then they start to ask you open ended questions to see how you would respond. They want to associate a noise, word, smell, sight, or taste to something in your pattern.
  2. After that they will try to recreate that situation on a repeated basis. So let's say you open a door a certain way, they will associate a sound with the opening of that door. They will then take that sound of the door opening and tie to something like an emotional response by greeting you the same way each time.
  3. Once there is that pattern going. They will then see how you are after the pattern is established and carry on from that point. Say you have 7 patterns in the day. They want to take one pattern, and turn it to 2 and then to 3 and so on.
  4. Then from there, they can start to emotionally manipulate you. They will change the patterns to love you around in a way that they can control you.
By now this sounds like a pavlovian response. Training a dog to a sound cue, however the next part is where it gets disturbing and my current situation.
  1. If you take a sound cue and associate it with an emotional response, thats parenting. However you can then tie that sound cue to an emotional memory of the emotional response. Ie you go sound cue > emotional response > emotional memory > emotional response of that memory > and then you can tie that to an emotion itself.
  2. The ability to get to an emotion to present itself through a sound cue or other sense, is a powerful thing. Now emotions are tied to many things, so you've created a window of opportunity to tie that sound cue to multiple parts of the brain.
  3. Once that cue is in the brain and your brain fires a synapse, then you can start to stress that part of the brain repeatedly. You can then tie it to another part of the brain that holds a different memory with that same emotion so long as you can make the connection between the two.
Here is where I am at currently.
  1. If you tie a cue to an emotion, an emotion to another emotion, and then make those connections. What happens when you start to play with that connection? If you increase the frequency of the cue, or speed, will the synapse fire differently. The answer is yes. Then you take the pitch of that sound and move that around in order to create "higher" or "lower" connections in the brain.
  2. You can start to tie cues to different aspects of human nature once you reach a high enough frequency. I'm going to use sound for the next example, because sounds frequency can be fired more than smell or taste or the other senses.
Currently, I have found wires in the ceiling of my grandparents house. Where I lived previously, I had started to become targeted and thought I needed to move. When I got to my grandparents, I saw the same thing happening. They were using the same words and phrases, they were constantly watching me.
  1. For example, take bird calls or bird chirps. You tie those to an emotional state. We'll call it pattern 1. That pattern becomes stronger the more the chirps are reinforced and the more you can call back to that pattern with those chirping noises. Then, you increase the frequency or speed of them. Then you increase or decrease the pitch depending on which part of the brain you are trying to target.
  2. It's one thing to tie a sound to an emotion. But what if you tie a sound to an emotion to a smell and you tie the original emotion to your biological clock.
So it looks something like this
Sound to emotion That sound > second emotion > a smell That original emotion > series of emotions > and once you have those series of emotions you can tie them to something like motor skill since your body will have generally the same response to similar emotions.
So the pattern is 1. Sound > second emotion > smell 2. Emotion> series of emotions > motor skill So the final output is 3. Smell > motorskill
14. When you amp up or decrease sound that is tied to a motorskill, then you have a window of opportunity into almost anything in the body. The reason for this is because you can then tie back that biological function to more words. When you get someone repeating a pattern enough and focused enough on the environment, you are then able to get that person to follow almost anything you do.
The wires in my family's home have been transmitting a higher and higher pitched frequency. I mean literal wires put in the house in order to target me. I believe it's because I stumbled into a place where a group of people who I'll call "Their Family" works. I say that because they call each other by brother and sister, they have birthdays and they communicate like a family would , with their own language.
From what I know, they're involved in many different aspects of crime. Drugs, prostitution, laundering, murder, extortion, etc.
  1. With your words, senses, memories, motorskills all tied to something else, then you can start to manipulate their body. The reason I bring up this "family" is because they share these insights with each other. They pass around cues for people and do their best to manipulate and control people. This isn't something that a single person can do on their own, they need more than one in order to make sure that every aspect of the body can be tied down. Remember those 7 patterns I brought up? Well they try and take up as much of that space as possible. So it's not like one part of your daily routine is messed up and you can move on, they will find every aspect of you and keep you where they want you.
16. From what I've gathered, there are multiple ways to kill someone with this. Im going to share two that I know I'm being targeted with, although there are more.
  1. The first is causing someone to have their eyes and brain become incredibly sensitive to light. I know of this one because I have unknowingly been through this before which is why I am able to put together so much and see what is happening.
2. The second is heart attack. If you have the ability to control motorskills then you have the ability to constrict or expand blood vessels. If you have the ability to constrict or expand vessels, then you can move energy throughout the brain, and this includes the ability of tying new thoughts and memories together.
17. The ability to move things around in the body, that is the primary thing they are after. What they mostly need is a cypher, or more fittingly a one way cypher. You tie words to words, and you mix all their words up so that you can understand what they're saying but they can't. Similar to how a child gets parented.
18 The way they start is with, "who, what, when, where, why, how, how come"
19 You can tie a question like "when are you going" to "what are you doing", and if it's a question you ask out of nowhere and you expect their response "going where?" Then you tie the word "where" to something like "who"
20 So you have them essentially saying "doing who?" And then you go on with the pattern like that with their words. You obscure the words through whispers, making their ears sensitive to sound, and if the pattern starts to become really engrained then you can make them hear their own words in the environment which can slow or speed their movement. You can also tie hearing their words in the environment to something like sensitivity to light or muscles that control blood flow.
21 Then there is a feedback loop with having someone hear themselves in the environment. If you have someone get used to hearing themselves in other people's speech, if you have a group of people, then you can rotate those words around their head in varying levels of volume. That is one way to obscure.
In my personal experience, the wires in the house are part of my feedback loop. When you have a high enough frequency then the frequency gets transmitted through the metal framing. Any sound you associate with a certain level of frequency, becomes another layer of the pattern. So you can whisper words underneath other words in order to get someone to fire two different parts of the brain at the same time.
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2023.06.03 13:36 Soomal_ Anyone interested in joining a Minecraft Java Server with the mods of New Life SMP? A brand new 16+ Minecraft Modded Java Server with room for lore-based storytelling, building, hanging out and PVP.

Hallu! My name is Styrofoam and me and a friend were thinking of making a server that is similar to New Life SMP or rather, a server that has the same mods as New Life SMP, for people to hangout, meet new people and most importantly, have fun. We wanted to know if people were interested in this idea, before we actually start working on getting it up and running.
For people that don't know, New Life SMP is a series, where creators (like Solidarity (jimmy), Inthelittlewood (martyn), Smallishbeans (joel), Dangthatsalonggame (scott), etc.) play together in a world, with a lot of mods. The mods include decorating, terrain, biome, food, creature, villager, redstone/machine stuff + origins. There is a catch though. Whenever you die, you get a new origin and you have 6 lives, so when you die, it's over. We can tweak this, so that you don't get a new origin everytime you die or that you have unlimited lives. It all depends on what the majority want.
For some practical info...
- The server is 16+
- It will be a java server on 1.19.2 with fabric
- There will be rules set in place, to avoid any griefing, unnecessary killing, etc., but also so that everybody can have a good experience, without anyone being mistreated or disrespected.
- There is definitely room for lore-based storytelling, but also building, chatting with friends and some PVP.
- I forgot to mention in some of my other posts (quite important info), that the server is based in Europe. Just a factor to consider when thinking of joining.
If you want a spot reserved for you, so that you can join the server when it is done/made, please dm me on discord (Styrofoam#6680). You will be interviewed a little and if you pass, I will then send you an invite to a discord server. There will be more information there + a place to get whitelisted onto the server.
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2023.06.03 13:36 Aggressive_Age2639 Hey Guys - Seeking Advice on Intentions/Character of a Man I Can't Read

I am pretty confused by this guy I met recently.
We met on Tinder. I had the app a couple of days, but I didn't like being on it. I deleted it but we kept in touch on Instagram. We chatted a bit and it was flirty.
Actually, he was the owner of a jiu jitsu gym, which was interesting because I had just moved to this city and had been looking at two, deciding which to join. The other gym had a better schedule for me, but he convinced me to try his first.
I didn't actually go into until about a month and half later. And for about two months he's liked a lot of my stories and posts and social media.
So a couple weeks I tried his gym, met him, all's good. But I still considered focusing on the other one and dropping into his once a week. Again, the schedule. I told him this, but he talked to me and convinced me I should just train with him. So I have been.
He's very friendly to me and spends extra time talking to me after class.
But I saw a woman working there, and had this weird feeling like they have a sexual chemistry or something. So I found her through his Insta and THEY ARE MARRIED and have been together like a decade.
She still has pics and stuff of him and it seems like if they are separated, it would have been extremely recent, they have pictures as recently as February. But she actually co-owns the gym with him and he's never said a word about that or her and I find it odd.
He asked me to join him and a long-term friend of his last night, and we grabbed drinks. We talked, he mentioned he was single. But I'm very confused about what is going on with him and his intentions.
I'm wondering if you guys think this guy seems a bit off or self-centered? What do you think his intentions are? Is it really okay to not be fully transparent with me in this situation? I mean I think it's pretty weird and I would have mentioned something I think if it had been me. What do you think from a male perspective?
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2023.06.03 13:36 exwifedrama1234 AITAH For yelling at my boyfriends ex wife

English isn't my first language
For a bit of backstory
I (25F) met my now boyfriend (35M) 2 years ago, he got married to E (38F), after she got pregnant at 18, they were high school sweethearts
E cheated on my bf, but they decided to try and work it out and go to couples counseling, yet this didn't stop E from cheating again (with one of her daughters coworker non the less), and her reasoning for this was that she was dissatisfied with intercorse.
i met my bf through a mutual friend at the time he discovered the affair .
we decide to take things slow (understandably) but after 6 months he divorced E and we started to date officially.
my bf's daughter J(20f) and I became very close all things considered, yet she didn't have the best relationship with her mother even going NC after the divorce was finalized, yet a couple of months ago they rekindled their relationship.
a couple of days ago J threw a family dinner celebration at our place and she invited her mom which I never met properly. when she arrived I greeted her, she asked if I was one of J's friend and I told her I was her ex new gf, after which she became a little catatonic.
during dinner things were relatively ok, with some backhanded remarks from E, from what I was wearing, to my make up, and my profession (I'm a seamstress). they went from the usual "I love your confidence" to "I love what you're wearing I would have never guess you'd be that good at sawing" and so on, I decided to ignore her as I thought she wasn't worth the energy.
when the cake came out I decide to make a post to J (that I prepared before hand) where I basically said that she wasn't just my bf's daughter but a great friend and a great person, and she was a reason my last 2 years were amazing; when I said that E did some math and realized that I met my now bf when they were separating.
not even 2 seconds after I finished E stood up to make her own toast talking about how J decided to stop talking to her for in favor of a homewrecking men ( I am trans MtF) who needed married man to feel satisfied, that's when I lost, my bf grabbed my hand and was going to stand up and leave but before he could get up I started to laugh hysterically, and told E that she was nothing but a stupid whore who wrecked her own home, that sacrificed her husband and daughter for a bearly legal guy, that most likely gave her attention just because of a cougar kink, and that she's just jealous that the people she made miserable are finally happy.
needles to say the dinner ended soon after.
the next day I called J to apologize, after all it was her birthday, but she said she understood why I reacted that way, and that she will most likely cut contact with her again.
after she said that I felt super guilty, not only for J but also because I slut shamed her idk I just can't help but to feel a little guilty.
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2023.06.03 13:36 Affectionate-Set-990 Public buses (BMTC) not accepting Tummoc bus pass?

I'm so confused, honestly. I was just told to get off from a bus by the conductor because I did not have cash with me and instead used my Tummoc pass.
I'm a frequent runner and I travel to distant parks just to run and carrying cash or even my wallet is an inconvenience because they get soaking wet post run. Usually no one stops me from scanning and using my bus pass but I was weirdly surprised today when the conductor rudely told me not to scan and just to get off if I did not have cash.
Have others here also faced a similar issue?
Edit: I've also faced this issue on the Purple (Switch) buses of BMTC. After an experience like this, I stay well away from the Purple buses, because what's the point of a bus pass if I can't even use it?
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2023.06.03 13:36 Tabbernaut Modified my (GHWT) controller to connect a pedal for star power and button to cut power

I modified a GHWT to use mechanical switches for the fret buttons and the strum bar a long time ago. Recently I also added a way to use a pedal for star power.
Separate pedal with a nice solid 6.3mm jack:
A button to switch it off, so I don't have to access the batteries to turn it off after a session:
Some inside shots. It's a hackjob, but it works and the outside looks fine.
Now I just hope I don't have to open it for a while....
Also, this is probably my last post on Reddit, if they really destroy all their value by effectively killing all third party clients. It's been great! I hope CloneHero will be well represented in its successor.
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2023.06.03 13:36 AdNew2631 Hi, hope this is okay to post. I moved here in October to be back with family but all my friends live elsewhere. I’m big into Wrestling and Sport but don’t have any friends at all here, it’s getting quite lonely. Can anyone help?

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2023.06.03 13:35 mcyeetus123 Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, since then i have gotten the rest of the Arkham City BAF wave, The Riddler and some others, i hope to pick up Croc, Titan Joker and Scarecrow next.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, since then i have gotten the rest of the Arkham City BAF wave, The Riddler and some others, i hope to pick up Croc, Titan Joker and Scarecrow next. submitted by mcyeetus123 to McFarlaneFigures [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:35 ksiyoubum Damn she’s mean but idc I’ll still beat to her shit anyway 😛

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2023.06.03 13:35 321ECRAB123 ia bluestacks a miner?

My dads gfs kids were on my pc and installed an android emulator called bluestacks. Ive never heard of it. Ive told them to not install stuff without asking me but im wondering now if is should gwt rid of it. Is it malicous? Do i need reinstall windows now?
I saw a post or two saying there is malicous crypto stuff in it but others say its fine. The offical bluestacks subreddit's mod claims its safe in posts on there but is that trustworthy?
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2023.06.03 13:34 GameStudio69 Lust Crater 0.45

Hello there! I'm happy to finally be able to introduce you to my ongoing project "Lust Crater"!
Like whole Part 1 will, this version is available FREE to anyone. It conclude around 30-40% of the whole Part 1. New content will be added as soon as it's ready!
Details, information and download links here
Currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Android and Iphone versions after Patron requests for now 👍
Note: While latter parts will be NSFW this part is free from nudity as this part is merely the main character and world introduction 🙏
Enjoy! 🤟💥 Jacob
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2023.06.03 13:34 SanTrapGamer Cumulative Odds with Dynamic Probability

I have a post over at /learnmath here:
That thread seems to be dead already and I'm not quite sure of the answer still based on my response to the only user response to the initial thread. So, figured I'd reach out to this thread for help.
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2023.06.03 13:34 trueworldnews Looking at arranging a two month recuperation retreat for my wife post cancer treatment. Feasible? [/u/omnergy]

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2023.06.03 13:34 SIMONATORRRRRRRR Found the fix for CSGO & AMD users that had weird outlines/pixelated/reddish colors from custom resolutions !

Found the fix for CSGO & AMD users that had weird outlines/pixelated/reddish colors from custom resolutions !
Eyo there, just wanted to post my fix for all AMD gpu & Adrenalin software users, after months of searching in reddit forums trying to find a fix, i finally found it myself by waking up one day and checking up the super resolution option :
Enable Radeon™ Super Resolution
Sharpen Effect put to 0
And keep GPU scaling enabled.
It was there all this time lmfao, can't believe it.. Enjoy and lemme know if it's working for you too guys !
I precise that i don't have CRU or any custom resolution utility softwares, just adrenalin from AMD. I tried back then with CRU but still couldn't do it.
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2023.06.03 13:34 captain_gumpy RG35XX Backplate Test Update

RG35XX Backplate Test Update
Been working on iterations of the backplate for the last week and hit a strange roadblock. Despite my model being completely symmetrical on both sides of the triggers, the right triggers are much harder to press than the left triggers. This has been the case for the past 2 iterations as well and I'm at a loss on how to fix it. I think it's gotta be a hardware issue on my part, so I'm gonna adjust some things and hopefully get it posted on Etsy soon. Thanks for your patience
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2023.06.03 13:34 careytheangel International CC transactions

Hello! I have a noob question regarding international credit card transactions.
My friends and I are going to Thailand next month and I used my UnionBank credit card to book our sleeper train tickets at the official railway page of Thailand. The transaction was not posted yet on my app but I already received a text message confirming the charge on my CC in Thailand Baht. I was wondering if there’s going to be any additional charges since it is an international transaction? Any other things that I need to know regarding this?
Also, ano po ba yung 3D secure? I initially used my BPI Blue Mastercard but it was not successful because it says na kailangan daw 3D secure yung CC ko? How to enable it po?
Hoping for your kind insights! Thank you 💖
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2023.06.03 13:33 Throwaway_4448 My girlfriend of 3 years always seems to have a guy best friend and it is affecting our relationship.

Throwaway because my girlfriend follows me
Sally (19f) and I (19m) have been together since we were 15/16 and our relationship has been great, we are each other's best friend and we do everything together. When we first started dating we both went to same sex schools, me going to and all guys school and Sally going to an all girl's school. When we finished however we both ended up going to the same college, with me starting a year before her. That year was all good and all because we would hang out together all the time and with our own friends but the next year when I left is when it all changed.
I guess because I wasn't at the same school as Sally anymore she wanted to get new friends, which I'm all down for but her new best friend was a guy (Adam). It was alright at first with them sharing a class together and hanging out and lunch. But later on it progressively got more "intimate" with Sally giving Adam lifts home and driving him to school more and more, as well as texting which seemed to be every day. She would also be late to events we had planned together because she was still in the car with Adam outside his house after a few hours. Sally eventually did start to stop being friends with him because I caught a glance at her phone once and saw very sexual texts between them. Now it wasn't anything really bad just a message or two as a joke but I informed her that it made me very uncomfortable and it's not what you'd do with another guy while being in a relationship.
Around the same time Sally stopped hanging out with him she got a new guy best friend (Josh), this time from her work. Eventually the same thing started happening, she'd drive him to and from work, texting 24/7 and being late to events we had planned because she was still in the car with him at his house after a few hours. Now Josh is gay so I wasn't scared of her cheating on me much like I was with Adam. Eventually Josh had to move overseas and asked Sally to stay at his house to help him pack up and take him to the airport in the morning. She asked if it was alright and I said yes because I knew he was gay and nothing would happen, although I did tell he it still made me uncomfortable.
Almost as soon as Josh left she got her latest guy friend (Matt) who is also from her work and she started doing all those same things again. This time it was worse with Sally inviting Matt to hang out outside of work and vise versa. It got the point where she would see him more then she did me. Now I am pretty sure she isn't cheating and they are just friends but it's making me super uncomfortable. At some point Sally asked if it was alright if Matt and her went overseas for a few days to meet up with Josh. I told her I wasn't comfortable with that especially since I hadn't gone on any form of trip with Sally even though I've asked her lots of she would, but as soon as Matt asked to go somewhere she said yes. She did end up buying the tickets and they are currently on there 2nd day there.
A few extra things, I had told her multiple times over the past couple years while this had been happening that I was uncomfortable with her being that close to other guys but she has never done anything about it even after saying so. When I dropped her at the airport I was the 3rd wheel between her and Matt. Sometimes she sleep talks and one time I got woken up because she was talking about Matt in her sleep. I don't know if I'm just really jealous or if she's in the wrong but it's definitely affecting our relationship.
Sorry this post is a bit messy but since they are living in an Airbnb together and are overseas a lot of emotions have built up and I really needed to get this off my chest.
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2023.06.03 13:33 Relevant_Wisdom_9829 25 [M4A] Tap in for an invitation! Chillnom pt. 3 - SFW

It’s the weekend guys! I hope this post finds you well 😊 So ayun, recently I’ve been working nonstop on a project and tbh it’s getting a bit tiring. Since weekend naman, why don’t we spend it together along with some drinks, food and good people? This might be my last invitation in a while since I’ll be more occupied with work and my studies since medyo demanding na si company. So hopefully we can make the most out of it.
But yeah, if wala kang place to go to later or you have friends w/ you pero undecided to where to go, consider me an option. I’m free to host! Also can guarantee and make sure that you guys are comfortable if ever matuloy. Won’t be asking much about you, as long as you’re respectable enough and you’re aware of other people’s boundaries, you’re welcome to join. Ofcourse I’ll treat you guys the same.
Read my previous posts for more details about me. Feel free to message me, see you!
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2023.06.03 13:33 goofybandicoot The Used Electronics Market In Tunisia Is Full Of Retards

I'm writing this post to discuss some issues with the used market in tunisia (electronics in particular) and give some advices.
First of all, Let's address the elephant in the room, the pricings. People don't know the value of what they are selling, nor of what they are buying. Most people post their stuff for exagerated prices. And try to buy stuff for much less than it deserves. If you text them with a reasonable price. They'll respond with "mat5alasch sa7bi" or "prix fix". If they text you about your listing they allways give so much less and start roasting your product like it's the worst shit on the market. There is also another practise that some people do. They agree with you on a price. They meet you in real life, inspect the product, discuss a little bit, then say "chouf sa7bi ena taw 3andi ken hethouma chahriti mezelet matsabetch ken t7eb to5los taw haw 3andi hethouma makenchi rabi ijiblek l9asm" and other hilarious lies they can spit, And it happened to me personally. And it happens more with people older than you, they feel like the have the ability to do that shit without you raging or getting pissed off because "lezmek t9adar li akber menek". There are other shady practises out there that I can't recall right now but yeah...Overall Tunisians tend to be so tricky and greedy when it comes to the used market and they only think about themselves and ignore the other end of the deal.
Furthermore, There is the issue of condition. People tend to lie a lot about the condition of their product. They allways, ALLWAYS lie about how long it is used or what tasks they did on it or under which conditions it was performing. Don't believe a word from what a seller says. Always think rationally and look at the product objectively, inspect it yourself and do tests on it. And if the seller doesn't allow you to test it or start acting like you're wasting his time and don't give you enough details, then he's probably a scammer or flat out unprofessional that should be skipped.
Which brings us to the next point, which is the interaction and communication with the seller. Some sellers, do not give enough details about their product. They only answer with the bare minimum of details. And some of them try to evade questions like "why are you selling it?" , " when did you buy it and from who?" , " do you have any proof that you bought it from x store?". And some of them start acting like " melle5er chtechri walle?". Which is so bullshit. And don't get me started on the buyers method of communication, most of them be like " ti sa7bi el prcoesseur hetheka gdim yeser wma3adech y5adem chay wmaximum yetbe3 b dinar" then proceeds to suggest an even lower price.
Here are some advices for any one who's buying or selling used electronics.
If you're a seller; Be so precise and transparent about your product. Make a valid price that you think is adequate and reasonable ( Consult other markets and see for how much it usually goes on average) . Don't fall for those who suggest very lower prices ,most of them are greedy and want to hunt a deal and steal you basically. Be cautious about where you'll meet the buyer, Try to learn as much information as possible before making the deal. Always make a voice call before making any deal. And Don't go to far away from your area, There is always a high possibility that they'll not come. And always meet in public, in a safe place like "9ahwa" wala "jardin public". And maybe bring someone with you for extra security.
If you're a buyer; Get as much details as possible even it means annoying the seller. If he gets annoyed just dump him because genuine sellers care about the happniess of their customers and try to be as transparent as possible. Don't be submissive or shy, If the product is overpriced always negociate by making valid arguments and showing the seller other listings in the market tha have lower prices. Also don't go so low because that'll make the deal unprofitable and inadequate for the seller, Plus, you'll be a geeedy asshole and a headache. Always be reasonable and try to make a deal that makes both ends happy. Go for testing if there is testing. Watch guides on youtube or read articles about how to spot issues in a used unit whether its a phone, a pc part or whatever, there are allways guides everywhere. If the seller doesn't show videos and clear photos about the product, go inspect it on site, better than beeing scammed after a delivery. Finally, Record the calls, screenshot the chat, save the coordinates. You might need them if it turns out to be a scam.
In conclusion, There are many good people and many bad people in the tunisian used market. I interracted with people that were so caring and transparent and made great deals with them that I allways remember fondly and feel internal happiness because such people still exist. Some other times I interact with assholes that I wish to forget about and feel so stupid for trusting. I got scammed in the past, not once, But Also I got extremely good deals many times.
I wish that this post helped you get an insight on the tunisian used market. And I wish my advices will be of use to you. And please note that I may have missed something or was not accurate on some informations that I gave. You can suggest some additions or some edits to make this post better and more accurate.
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2023.06.03 13:33 TheBentPianist AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 75C at idle - 95C under load after Windows and Adrenaline update

GPU: RX 6800 XT
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
Motherboard: B550M DS3H AC
RAM: DDR4 2x 16gb
PSU: 750W
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 11 home, version 22H2
GPU Drivers: 23.5.2 (Adrenaline Edition)

This PC is just under a year old and been amazing so far. So yesterday I updated Windows 11 to the latest version 22H2 then my Adrenaline to 23.5.2. I was experiencing stuttering in video playback since the Adrenaline update prior. Now since yesterday I've been seeing drastic fps fluctuation in-game, I play Apex Legends. I have it capped at 165fps and only had that fluctuate a few fps but now it's getting as low as 70fps and that's not even in heavy fire fights. I also noticed that my CPU temp under the Adrenaline metrics with Apex alt-tabbed is sitting at a constant 95C. On closing Apex with just MS Edge open it's sitting at around 70-80C and the CPU still sounds like it's crunching numbers.
I've made sure all of AMD's 'Boost', 'Image Sharpening', 'Super-Resolution' etc. are disabled. This made no difference. I rolled back Adrenaline to one from March this also had no effect. I cleared my EA App cache and even uninstalled and reinstalled Apex but saw no change.

I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to this stuff so bear with me. The only thing I can think of is that the Windows update may be causing the increase in CPU temp?

I'll post the AMD metrics screenshot with just Edge open in the background and a short Apex clip showing the fps fluctuation.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 13:32 StillCertain5234 Grateful for VA

I just wanted to write a post about how grateful I am for the VA providers here in Maine. I see a lot of brothers and sisters posting about their frustrations and anger and I feel for you guys and wish I could help. But here, the mental health teams are incredible (this is where I need the most help). From psychiatry, to therapy, to substance abuse, every provider I've worked with has been phenomenal and I'm so damned grateful that I'm able to utilize and connect with them.
They helped me get 70%, quit my toxic ass jobs, find purpose in volunteering, they push me make positive decisions like moving forward with pushing for 100%. Hell, me and a peer support specialist are in the process of starting a leatherworking group in a VA focusing on recovery and ptsd help. It's incredible. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but, it could be a hell of a lot worse.
Anyway, thanks for reading guys.
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