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2023.06.06 19:08 tacticalcraptical Run 'n Gun - Beat 'em up hybrids?

I recently discovered and played Konami's arcade game Aliens and then played Data East's arcade game RoboCop 2.
They have a fun mix of belt scrolling beat 'em up movement in the vein of Double Dragon or Final Fight but instead of melee and grapple focused combat, you have guns blazing and swarms of enemies that you plow through as you would in Contra or Metal Slug.
Alien Swarm by Sega for arcade is slightly similar though most of the guns are much closer range making if feel less run 'n Gun.
Does anyone know of any other Run 'n Gun - Beat 'em Up hybrids for any platform from any time period?
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2023.06.06 19:07 sumomomo95 KOREA anti-virus software?

Hey all. I live in Korea (from the US) and need an anti-virus; websites keep timing out or crashing and want to do a sweep over cpu (clearing cache/cookies/restarting didn’t work).
I’ve always used Norton but can’t use with a Korean credit card or PayPal (Korean phone number).
Does anyone know an antivirus program that’s reliable and accepted globally or at least specific to SK? Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.06 19:07 _tobillys_ I've been trying to find the name of this Kung Fu movie for over 30 years from this classic Street Fighter 2 commercial. Does anyone know what it is at 0:03 in?

I've been trying to find the name of this Kung Fu movie for over 30 years from this classic Street Fighter 2 commercial. Does anyone know what it is at 0:03 in? submitted by _tobillys_ to StreetFighter [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 19:06 Dragonflame1994 Why Alan Wake is one of my all time favorite protagonists in video games.

Alan Wake is far from an idealistic hero, no, he's what the literary world calls an "everyman" someone who is ordinary, flawed and a perfect representation of mankind. Yes it's true Alan is a famous author and a bit of a celebrity in his world, but he's also a recovering alcoholic, an insomniac, someone who struggles with strong anxiety and insecurities about his writing and having writer's block (What good is a writer who can't write?) and he also has a bad temper and can be a bit of a dick even to those he loves, like how in the beginning of the story he's the one who is the catalyst for the main events in the story when his wife Alice reveals she brought him to Bright Falls to get therapy and that infuriates him making him shout at her and storm off outside of the cabin they are staying at, giving the Dark Presence a chance to take Alice.
However Alan is also the kind of guy who will do anything for those he loves especially his wife Alice and throughout the entire story Alan constantly pushes people away from him to avoid confronting his deep rooted psychological trauma of feeling like a worthless fraud of a writer until it comes down to saving his wife when then he's forced to make a choice to face his own fears and insecurities and write a story that can bring her back from the Dark Place and the Dark Presence's grasp or lose her forever and Alan is not only willing to face his fears, insecurities and trauma, but also sacrifice his own life if it means the one person who he loves more than anything else in the world can have a second chance at life and I just find that incredibly beautiful and heart-wrenching at the same time and these are just some of the many reasons Alan Wake is one of my favorite protagonists in video games.
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2023.06.06 19:00 jhsu802701 Getting enough magnesium from food

The pandemic prompted me to bone up on all the most common nutritional deficiencies, and I've added/increased certain supplements in my daily routine. (Examples include Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin K2 MK4/MK7.) To keep this on-topic for this sub, I'll focus on magnesium here.
I was regularly using magnesium supplements for a while. I switched to making my own magnesium bicarbonate water by using magnesium hydroxide powder and seltzer water. (There are many places online where you can read about this or watch how it's done.) Magnesium bicarbonate water is cheaper and better absorbed than the commercial supplements. However, I've become more lax about making my magnesium water as a result of finding out that I do get enough magnesium from food alone.
I used Cronometer to do some very occasional spot checks of my diet, and I've found that I get enough magnesium and don't really need to supplement. While I've always eaten a healthier diet than most people, I've been avoiding junk foods and restaurant foods for most of the past 3 years. At the same time, I've increased the quantity and variety of fiber-rich foods in my diet. Foods that contain substantial amounts of fiber also have substantial amounts of certain other nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, and folate.
Even in the most oppressive and appetite-destroying summer heat, I consume 450 to 500 mg of magnesium per day, above the US RDA of 420 mg. Due to my tiny appetite in such conditions, I'm only eating around 1600 calories per day (or barely over 1500 under Cronometer's special formula) and 45 to 50 grams of fiber.
In bitterly cold winter weather, I consume 900 to 1100 mg of magnesium per day, more than double the US RDA. Due to my enormous appetite in such conditions, I'm consuming 3200 to 3600 calories per day (3000 to 3400 under Cronometer's special formula) and 90 to 100 grams of fiber.
To be fair, I weigh 134 pounds, which puts me at a considerable weight disadvantage compared to most other people. So I don't need as much magnesium as other people do.
That said, I will be sure to bring magnesium supplements when I travel in the future. Even though I've learned to stop at a store to buy some fruits and vegetables to supplement my meals, my travel diet still has substantially less fiber (and magnesium) than my home diet. I eat plenty of whole grains at home, and I've made ground flaxseed and chia seeds staples in my diet. However, these foods are hard to come by when traveling.
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2023.06.06 18:58 Professional-Cup6225 My LDN Club Renny experience - where to stand/tips etc 🖤✨

I went to see queen mother the 1st and last nights in London. I went solo on night 5 to club renny, it was amazing but I do think it’d quite important where you stand and what you wanna get out of it - it’s an investment so it’s important it’s the experience you always dreamed of!
She spends pretty much all of the time on the main stage, aside from a few songs and the opulence segment. If you want really good views I really recommend going early and getting right to the front. People do move around and there is a bit of space but if you want guaranteed good views it’s all about that. The downside is that the bit in the middle you can only see the back of, but you can watch on the screen (without rows and rows of people looking towards you at her) and it’s just as good.
If your not at the front and in the middle be prepared to watch a fair bit of it through peoples phones if your short like me! You might get lucky but trust me some people film the entire thing and it’s really annoying. By all means get some amazing videos but the whole thing is too much - EXPERIENCE IT! Some guy infront of me was filming sweeping shots of the sky during alien superstar and no one behind could really see - tf are you doing babes lol… At this point I shuffled to the side front and my view of the main stage was absolute perfection.
For me, the right side was best cause that’s were the piano is for the ballads but it doesn’t matter too much!
Talk to people! Everyone was so lovely, considering I was alone I chatted to so many great people and the vibe was just unbelievable. And the FASHIONS! OMG - Everyone came out in style!!! Unreal.
THE VISUALS!! These are UNSEEN FOOTAGE of our queen. Take them in, they are masterpieces. Lots of people just focused on looking at HER but make sure you spend some time to appreciate the gorgeous visuals!
If you want dancing party vibes get right amongst it in the middle/back. You’ve got a good view of stage and walkways but again some of it might be obstructed by people filming HOWEVER the vibe in there is excellent!!!
You get early entry but it is just standing there waiting for her to come on. I arrived at 6.30 for a 7.30 start, no queues at all. I don’t think I would have wanted to have been there since 4 or whenever it opened but i wasn’t really drinking - I think perhaps if it was a big group it would have been fun to spend the afternoon in there!
I do actually think the general experience is JUAT AS GOOD seated. We were quite high up but from there you comfortably see ALL the lights/visuals/dancing etc. She’s obviously quite tiny from there but the screens are great.
ITS ALL AMAZING i can’t stop thinking about it lol I am considering going to Warsaw as I just cannot get enough!! Enjoy hunnies and STAY SAFE 🖤
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2023.06.06 18:54 Marlee101010 SAKS 5th Ave pre-order.

Don't even bother ordering anything from them pre-order. They will make you wait 8 weeks and then cancel your order. This has happened to me twice and each time after waiting and calling for over 8 weeks after the promised ship date they canceled the order. Better off ordering from Nordstrom when it comes to designer shoes or purses. You're never going to get a pre-order from Saks.
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2023.06.06 18:53 Advanced_Piccolo2267 3 Month follow up

Hello All! Surgery date was 2/28 for an almost 3CM AN. My amazing Neurosurgeon and Otolaryngologist from U Health Miami removed the entire tumor. My follow up MRI yesterday shows Zero tumor and the hole has filled back in nicely. For the most part, my recovery has been easy, despite the single sided deafness now. However, i am still experiencing dizziness and headaches and fatigue, especially if i over do, and of course the tinnitus and other white noise on the deaf side. My balance has improved tremendously. i have done vestibular rehab which was also helpful. One thing for me was and has been a very sore and stiff neck even now 3 months out, so lots of stretching exercises and even qigong has helped. I have returned to work but have been granted an accommodation to be remote as needed. I did go into the office one day so far and it was exhausting really. At least at home, when i feel i need a break i have somewhere i can go and lie down where at work there is nowhere to really go to decompress. It is a very slow process this recovery from brain surgery -- so i am learning to be patient with myself --- everyone else is :). Its going to take a long time to actually feel better with this new normal.
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2023.06.06 18:51 cabinetjox What do you prioritise when choosing to move to a new city?

I’m starting to think of where I’d like to move after I graduate from my master’s degree and I’m swaying between the following:
City A:
City B:
Which would you choose? What’s more important to you…Saving power? Familiar social groups? How do you decide?
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2023.06.06 18:47 King_Jar12 Angry Shooter

Was playing at Casino Arizona yesterday and had a shitty don’t player. When I got to the table, guy was rolling and he hit his point. The don’t lost about $300. I buy in and the shooter is doing well. Hitting all the inside numbers. I start making money. Then the don’t player throws a late bet right at the shooter and he goes out. The don’t is smiling. Two more shooters PSO, then the don’t player changes to the pass line. I have no faith in him, but play 5/5/5 on ATS and start with a $10 working 9. He hits the nine coming out. I move my bet to a $12 6/8. Then he goes on pretty good roll. From $10 I get to $150 across. He hits one side and I regress to $54 across. I get back to 25/50/60 across by the time he hits them all. The best part is he hit the 10 and traveled his don’t come. He proceeded to place odds of $400 - $500. He then hit his point and got greedy. He took all his pass line winnings and added it to the 10 dc. He ended up betting everything he had ~$900. But had to pull some back because he didn’t have a pass line. He took back the change to make a pass line bet. He then rolls a 10 on the come out!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A couple of us cheer!! He stands there in disbelief and continues to agree roll. He hits a few numbers and then makes the 10. Finally, on the come out he hits the 2 and we hit the all. He’s in disbelief.. We all get paid and he doesn’t. He passes the dice and walks off.
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2023.06.06 18:44 Ok-Statistician5544 Control Urges for 21 days and your brain get rewired and adapt to it - No more Urges

control these urges for the first 21 days straight and our brain gets rewired accordingly (psychological phenomenon)

As a psychology student. In order to control urges you need to remember some things although there is no way that our logical brain will interfere during urges because it is the emotional part of brain that is weak for people like us the only thing we can do is, trying to understand that, there are women who are far more beautiful and are in the most respectable positions and women you see in these videos are making you feel low to their standards and you are losing your self-respect you are slowly becoming a monkey who would never deserve a normal respectable women. Improve your self-esteem by listening to the voice of your mind make it loud. it will make you remember where you are now and what you lost. Try to be calm don't feel depressed or anything try to change your location to a public place immediately. The most important thing is try to get held of your mind to consider decisions coming only from logical brain.
coin me if you want more info about nootropics supplements, hormonal effects and memory issues.
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2023.06.06 18:43 Henry-Moody The weekend "Moving Brigade" never ends, solutions?! :D

So this could likely be said for many ocean sport; SUP, Scuba, Surfing, etc. Snorkel is actually much easier because it just fits in 1 bin and you take it with you when you go out to, and back from the vehicle.

But I am soooo tired of lugging equipment out of the home, into the car, down to the beach, washing seawater and sand off (destroys neoprene, seals, makes messes, etc), lugging it back in side, only to repeat the next day off. Doing Ocean stuff makes me happy as heck, but all the lugging stuff around makes me feel like one of those sullen Jim Henson/Labyrinth movie critters where my entire home and all my belongings are on my back, dragging everything around haha!

On any day I sup I'm lugging around (and it's a long walk to my car from where I live! I'm wayyy back on a property away from the road, and the access path is very narrow so it's a pain):

Trip 1: The "Plastic Bin" contains:
Sunscreen, heavy/full water jug (not all beaches have good shower access, and I don't have access to a hose), fins, alternate change of clothes, O'neill superfreak booties, 3pc paddle, pump, iphone lanyard+waterproof casing/gopro, water bottle for drinking, changing towel, probably more I'm forgetting. Contents change by sport/activity.

Trip 2:
A giant (to me) 10'6 iSup

So I'm trying to leave "some" items in the car to save lugging weight:

I know some locos go out and buy like a giant cargo van but still, seawater stuff STINKS if not washed and left out to dry. You cannot leave anything that got wet in your vehicle. Booties would stink, swimsuit would stink, towel would stink. Must be rinsed off thoroughly and left out to dry!
If you have a better way to do all this.. please share omg!
Thanks for any tips/thoughts. The bin has been the last useful innovation in this schlepping procedure I do to partake in the ocean sports I love.
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2023.06.06 18:41 TopherDaMighty Tactical query

Tactical query
So if I use Harmless Offering to give Phage the Untouchable to an opponent, does that count as "coming into play" under their control? Also, if they lose to her first effect, do I regain control and then lose, or would she go to the graveyard as the controlling player is now gone? Trying to be creative with her in a Rakdos deck.
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2023.06.06 18:41 Intrepid-Air6525 After receiving some great feedback from reddit and Discord on our open source fractal mind-mapping project, a number of improvements have been made to Neurite since our GPT powered tool was last shared.

After receiving some great feedback from reddit and Discord on our open source fractal mind-mapping project, a number of improvements have been made to Neurite since our GPT powered tool was last shared.
A demonstration of connecting ai generated text nodes to an AI node for persistent memories as well as the opacity controls.
If you didn't see the last post, here is an overview of the idea.
Neurite is a fractal mind mapping tool my friend and I started working on in January. The idea was that I wanted to build a singular interface that could visually arrange all of the different mediums of art that I work with. My issue was never having enough screen space for my art to be displayed in a way that could allow for me to re-engage with my previous work without having to open any new tabs or run out of space. I wanted something that I could use for the rest of my life. This meant supporting text, imagery, video, and audio, all incorporated into some sort of incredibly massive space. And the project grew into something much bigger than that.
I have always been fascinated by fractal mathematics, so I went to my friend (who is a mathematician and programmer) and told him about this idea of combining mind-mapping with fractals. He was interested, and wanted to build it from scratch. After a few months, we had finally completed the project. My friend programmed this incredibly powerful interface that is capable of letting users interact with the Mandelbrot set in real time while building mind maps using almost any type of data,
I decided it was time to integrate an ai API. (For now, OpenAi, but a LocalLLM version is in progress)
The mind-mapping interface allowed me to set up the ai context window with both the recent conversation, as well as the top-n nodes from the mind-map that have been matched through a vector embedded search. The node interface further aided our integration with the wolfram api, google search, code rendering, and webpage/pdf extraction. *these more advanced features require local hosts.
You can use it for free and without sign up right now!
Here is the link to our GitHub. It's an open source project with a growing community on Discord!
It can all be run locally. (api calls require internet connection but once we decide on the best way to integrate localLLMs, that won't be a problem for the ai features.)
There is more info here https://www.reddit.com/ChatGPTCoding/comments/13q9tg3/blending_art_fractals_and_ai_into_a_fully/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
or at Neurite
Here is what has been improved...
  1. Added ai nodes.
    1. Our original ai approach in the notes tab is more of a top-down approach to creating nodes. The ai nodes function as more of a bottom-up approach where you have more control over exactly which nodes are sent as part of the context window for your conversation with the ai.
    2. You can create ai nodes by alt-double clicking on the mind-map or typing LLM: (title) (new line) (first prompt) into the ai response / zettelkasten text area This text area is the same text area that our original ai approach responds into which can be found in the notes tab of the dropdown menu.
    3. Ai nodes function like a more traditional chatbot, with the added benefit of persistent memory for any connected nodes.
    4. You can connect an ai node to any other text node in the mind map, as well as connect two or more ai nodes together such that they share the same memories while moving the conversation in different directions.
  2. Improved visualization controls
    1. There is now an opacity slider in the settings tab that allows you to set custom values for the opacity of both the inner and outer rendering of the Mandelbrot set. The opacity slider allows for the rendering to be turned off entirely, or allows you to just use the inner or outer renderings in the visualization. Further controls/improvements for the visualization are planned.
  3. Saving/bugfixes/etc.
    1. Restored our save functionality. Now all text nodes titles, contents, and connections can be saved. This is found in the settings tabs.
    2. Fixed highlighting issues when interacting with nodes.
    3. Added further controls for the max context size, number of nodes sent as part of the long term memory, and chunk overlap size when embedding documents.
    4. Refactored the code for maintainability and open source contribution.
    5. Added support for dragging .txt and .md files into the fractal.
Let me know what you think! This is still an early release of Neurite. It is a project I have been really excited to share this project with people, and I am glad to have already received so much feedback and support in the little time Neurite has been out there!
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2023.06.06 18:40 AffectionateAd4047 Suing parents / parental figures

I need some advice or guidance. Is it possible for an adult to sue their parents for abuse done to them in childhood? How much proof does one need to file claims etc. How can an adult get justice from past misdeeds of parents/parental figures?
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2023.06.06 18:39 mindfox31 What would be worth only being able to use one 'hand'?

So with Awakened Animal coming soon, I was wondering if there would be heritage or something similar that would make you a quadruped talking animal. However, as much as people want to make Sif or Diamond Dog, this does cause a bit of an issue. That these characters would only have one 'hand' in the form on their mouth. So the question becomes, what could such a heritage give you that would make you go 'yeah that's worth it.'

I asked my gaming group and got answers like...
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2023.06.06 18:38 Sukia1 Does anyone know where I can buy the collectors edition of proof by bts

Price is not an issue :) I just can't find it anywhere and I'm not familiar with nor do I trust eBay.
Plz help
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2023.06.06 18:36 Bungeeboy2004 Hisoka's Birthday Post 1

Today is the birthday of my favorite Hunter x hunter character and my favorite anime villain I've ever seen, Hisoka Morow.
on this occasion, he plans to publish four posts about him today (four is the number that is associated with Hisoka) This is the first one.
This is my theory of how Hisoka plans to kill the Phantom troupe.
currently, Hisoka does not want to fight fair and kill the Phantom Corpse by surprise. I think he can get the zodiacs to fight them. If they fight, panic will almost certainly break out on the ship, which involves people running around the ship in panic. I think Hisoka will be hiding in the crowd like Chrollo in the fight with him and will want to deal the final blow to the wounded spiders.
I don't think he cares about fighting, so if the Zodiacs hurt Phantom's troupe, I don't think he'll mind as long as he's the one who deals the final blow. Maybe the clothes he's wearing are some passenger's clothes. Just as Chrollo had stolen someone's clothes in the fight against him, Hisoka could now steal them from someone to taunt him.
You'd wonder why no one found the body (because I think Hisoka would have killed whoever he stole the clothes from) I think he might have used texture surprise to hide the body. I know it can't change the look much but maybe it made some improvements. it could be another drink from Chrollo, who also made improvements to the book that Hisoka didn't know about.
What do you think?
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2023.06.06 18:36 Folcrow How do you prevent a hardcore character from dying to a disconnect?

As the title states, I just lost my lvl 39 hardcore rogue due to being disconnected. I sent a ticket to blizzard but I don't think I'll get any resolution on this issue. I'm not gonna quit hardcore, but I don't want anymore characters to die due to disconnection issues. Does anyone have any bulletproof method to prevent your character from dying due to disconnects?
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2023.06.06 18:36 Ill_Geologist_2599 Which one do you prefer and why?

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2023.06.06 18:34 badsp0rk PSA about Lowe Alpine

Hello fine people!
I just wanted to spread the word about a recent Lowe Alpine purchase of mine, to warn you not to make the same mistake. Now, I'm American, and Lowe Alpine has mostly pulled out of the market in the USA, but my wife is Israeli, and previously owned a Lowe Alpine bag for about ten years and traveled throughout India and parts of Europe and Africa with her bag. She loved it. Sadly, it disintegrated with age and over use.
After much searching and research, while we were in America, she settled on a Gregory bag for our recent round the world journey. I opted for an aging kelty red wing. After traveling for about six months, we made an extended pit stop in Israel before heading to India and South east Asia.
Now, her Gregory was in fine shape, but with the difficulty of India, I thought it would be best to get a new bag and retire my 8 years old redwing. After much research and trying bags on, I went with a Lowe Alpine escape trek 60:70.
Everything I read online said Lowe Alpine was excellent quality, and my wife confirmed by raving about her old bag and frequently wishing she had that instead of her Gregory.
I made the switch and we left for India. Within one and a half months, the stitching holding the buckle in place on the waist belt came undone. No worries, a kind gentleman who ran a bag making shop in Bengaluru fixed it for me - and refused to accept money. I wasn't too happy about that (at the same time I had also bought a day bag of Lowe Alpine as well, and one zipper pull had broken within a week, but I figured it was just bad luck).
Overall, the escape trek was decently comfortable, but I didn't like the lack of pockets, and the back was a little crooked-the wire structure I think, but it wouldn't bend back correctly entirely. It is spacious though and it was fine once I got used to it.
I attributed the stitching coming out to just bad luck again and continued on my way.
About a month later, the entire waist belt basically disintegrated. The engineering of the bag is such that the belt is stitched to nylon which is then stitched around the foam part of the bag. The weight is therefore anchored together by two pieces of nylon coming together - but not to the foam or any strong straps or anything like that.
Those two pieces of nylon ripped apart and I basically lost the use of my belt entirely. It couldn't support weight any longer.
I still had another month of travel before we returned to Israel.
I gave the bag a bad review on the Lowe Alpine website and decided that I'd get it fixed by sending it back to the distributor when I get back, and just deal with having a broken bag for the next few weeks.
Lowe Alpine responded to the bad review by... Removing it from their site. They emailed me and told me how to send it back to get it fixed.
Well, I did send the bag back. I just got it back from repair today. While they did stitch the two pieces back together, it looks terribly done, and is probably going to rip again within about a week.
At this point, the bag is effectively useless. And Lowe Alpine won't do anything reasonable to help fix their poor quality product. This bag was $240. And it sells for as high as $350. Somehow, my $ 105 kelty redwing is still in perfect condition minus two zip pulls falling off, after 8 years. This bag didn't last six months.
I just wanted to let y'all know and to recommend avoiding Lowe Alpine at all costs. Sorry for the long story here and thanks for reading!
Here are some pictures of the damage https://imgur.com/gallery/Vs4yGjM
Tldr: bought a $240 Lowe Alpine escape trek 60 and it disintegrated at the belt after two months in India, then again a month later in Thailand, and then Lowe Alpine bootleg fixed it and told me to kick rocks.
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2023.06.06 18:34 ranfor235 Anyone know why zombie spawn points are static?

Playing on a server with custom zombie_territories made me realize how much I've come to rely on my knowledge of infected spawn points in vanilla dayz. I explicitly know isolated houses and summer camps where no infected spawn, I know forests are save and I am sure I know a lot more which I'm not even aware of e.g. (an intuition I confirmed) that in Stary Sobor the spawn points in the south-west quadrant (piano house to small pond) are further from the main road than in the other quadrants.
This got my wondering why the game doesn't simply rotate a number of zombie_territories files so some areas may be safe under one file, but not under another. Conceivably this could be expanded up to an analysis of player paths and shifting the zombies where players went. Or away from there. One could also lower (or increase) the spawn rates around flags to represent clearing an area and so on.
It's such a simple idea that I'm sure I'm missing something. Any ideas what?
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