Spiderman squishmallow 20 inch

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2023.04.01 11:53 wagwan20304 20 9 inch Anyone got any hot girls you know pm me or kik me @ maxiepad20 especially if from Edinburgh Scotland or uk

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2023.04.01 11:39 plerovight Spark plug replacement woes

Spark plug replacement woes
I got started with my first spark plug change today, and it's not great. I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage. Earlier today, I didn't have an extender bar yet, but I wanted to try the first step of removing the boot. So I did that by disconnecting the two parts circled in the picture:
Then I reconnected them the same way. And that's literally all I did. And my car now has an erratic quaking at low speeds. When idling, it'll be like jerking randomly. The acceleration from a start is awful, and the quaking doesn't really go away until over 20 MPH. It has occasionally had much more minor versions of the issue in the past.
I pushed both connections back on as tight as I can get them.
I thought maybe messing with it caused the old spark plug to finally give out, so I got the extender bar and replaced that one spark plug, but it's not better.
The service manual says the resistance of the wire should be 4000 - 6000 Ohms per foot. I assume the wire they're talking about is the thing I pulled off between the two blue circles? I tested from the left blue circle connection to the part that touches the spark plug, and it's only 1400 Ohms for about nine inches. Could that be the issue?
And how bad is this to drive on? If I need a new wire, can I drive to the store to get it?
Edit: Okay, I'm just going to order some new wires online. I'm curious why just removing and reinstalling the wire made it work so much worse, though.
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2023.04.01 11:28 wagwan20304 20 9 inch Anyone got any hot girls you know pm me or kik me @ maxiepad20 especially if from Edinburgh Scotland or uk

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2023.04.01 11:24 RegExrBot 3 items are now available at Amazon

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2023.04.01 11:14 0SRS_Enjoyer My idea for Sailing "Sea Zones" IF it makes it into refinement - Further from shore, the higher the level required.

My idea for Sailing

My idea comes from the Mods confirming through each blog and Q&A video that Sailing will not be instanced in any form, but then I began to wonder "If this isn't instanced, how can they prevent a level 1 Sailor on a raft from going into the middle of the ocean?"
Which is where I came up with the idea for "Sea Zones" the basic premise is that the farther from the mainland that the player goes, the more difficult the ocean currents become. Therefore requiring larger and more seaworthy ships, as what occurred in real life. Major sailing expeditions did not begin until the ships became more sea worthy. However, the sea zones also represent danger from pirates and sea creatures, not just the dangers of the sea itself ie. larger waves and choppier waters.

TL;DR - Look at my map above, the minimum level unlocks the zone the max level is more of a "I would expect to see this level in this region grinding xp before moving on." Pirate Zones are PvP enabled areas, and open up content from higher level zones earlier and increased xp/hr creating a risk vs. reward system. They are also supposed to make travel more inconvenient as you try to decide if its worth navigating through the area to save time. The Pirate Zones also spawn more deadly versions of enemies and has at least 1 world type boss inhabiting them.

Please note that the "levels" I assign to each area, are representative of when the zone unlocks and the top end level I would expect for players to occasionally stick around. Similar to current game skills such as woodcutting - its not unusual to see someone with 60 woodcutting still cutting Maples before moving onto something else.
The sea zones are as listed:
  1. Levels 1 - 40 (Light Blue) - This area encompasses the entirety of what I am calling "The Inland Sea". Similar to the real life Mediterranean, this area would allow sailors to find their feet and begin learning how to sail on smaller vessels (rafts, row boats, Trimenes, Barques) before venturing out further from shore. You could expect to fight back Sea Slugs, low level Pirates, Mogres, and angry Tribesman from the Kharazi Jungle.
  2. Levels 35 - 55 (Dark Blue) - This area, The Menaphite Coast, is similar in difficulty of The Inland Sea, however the enemies have increased in strength as they raid your ship carrying valuable spices from Menaphos and Sophanem. and ancient artifacts from your raids on the ancient cities on the coast. You can expect to fight Menaphite Pirates, Menaphite Authorities, Giant sea turtles, Crocodiles etc.
  3. Levels 50 - 75 (Light Green) - Encompassing everything from the Fremmennik Sea to the Sea of Souls, the sea has become much more dangerous. The waves and obstacles are larger and more daunting, and the enemies have become more fearsome. You would be fighting Dagganoths, Elven Pirates, baby sea Krakens, Fremmennik Raiders, Sea Snakelings and Angry Souls.
  4. Levels 70 - 85 (Light Orange) - The zone covers the Morytania coast and Mos Le'Harmless. The waters are similar to the 50 - 75 Zone, however the raiders are much tougher and the loot even greater. This area you can expect to fight Vampyres on Patrol, Tougher Pirates, Sea Horrors (similar to Jungle Horrors), Zombie Pirates, Ghost Pirates, and the occasional Eastern War Party.
  5. Levels 80 - 90 (Red) - The first of the larger lumped areas, this area is when the player will truly begin to experience sailing farther away from the shorelines. The waters will be much choppier, winds more devastating, and enemies more fearsome. You can expect to fight larger adult Sea Krakens (Tougher than the current Kraken ingame), Pirates from Kourend, Mystifying magickal charms from Lunar Isle, Ninja Monkey Pirates, Gnome Pirates, Pest Control monsters and other sea creatures.
  6. Levels 85 - 92 (Light Gray) - This area will introduce Ice berg type obstacles, and begins to finally allow the player to explore farther north into the Penguins territory. The creatures fought will include Penguins, a new type of Lizardmen bred specifically for water warfare, weak Cthulu esque creatures, Ice Spirits, and WateIce Wyverns. Then the Western half you can expect to fight Tougher Zombie Pirates, a new type of water fossil creatures, tougher Eastern Raiding Parties, Weak Cthulu type creatures, and the occasional Cultist ship dedicated to worshipping... The Dragonkin?
  7. Levels 90 - 95 (Light Purpleish?) - This area will begin to explore more Dragonkin type isles, tips of Acheron, more Penguin bases, tougher Cthulu esque monster nests, small isles settled by Eastern Land settlers, and Varlamore settlements. On the West side you will fight Cthulu esque monsters, Larger Adult Krakens, Varlamore Pirates, and mysterious sea creatures. On the North, you can expect more penguin raids, and a mysterious group of Northmen who never left Acheron. On the East you can expect to begin fighting Eastern Land military patrols, giant sharks, tougher Cthulu esque enemies, Weak portions of Xau Tak, tougher Dragonkin cultists and more dangerous sea creatures.
  8. Levels 95 - 99 (Maroon) - This represents the farthest and most dangerous regions of the Gielinor Sea. Here you will find in greater abundance the influence of Xau Tak the true Horror of the Deep, as well as uncovering the secrets of the last remaining Dragonkin and their cabal of worshippers. The Eastern Lands are still unreachable, however, you will begin to see signs of their presence as pirate raids have become non-existent and an eerie since of order envelopes the region. Here you encounter World Bosses, Stronger versions of Xau Taks tentacles inching their way into our world, tougher Eastern Land military patrols, and a more organized Dragonkin Cult navy.

The Pirate Waters on the map add variety to players who choose to increase their risk in order to obtain better loot from higher tier zones earlier, and wish to gain an increased xp/hr.
For Example - The area with the most xp/hr from level 1 - 60 could be The Pirate Zone around the Wilderness. However, in exchange not only do you have to worry about players blowing your raft out of the water, the zone would contain much tougher enemies who patrol the region, as well as tougher waves, winds, more obstacles etc. All these things will likely end in your death, but is the increased reward worth the risk?
I tried to put the pirate zones within only 1 sea zone, then take off 5 - 10 required levels to roughly match the lower level adjacent sea zone so that players can enter them early. This will allow players to obtain content rewards earlier, which would increase their gp/hr as well as add some increased variety in location for their training. The NPCs will mainly be those from the sea zone that the Pirate Waters intersects.
For Example - The Level 85 - 95 Pirate Waters (North West part of the map) would be populated by NPCs from the Level 90 - 95 Sea Zone.
PvP could work based on Sailing level instead of combat level, this way players with a Galleon sized ship doesnt return to the Wilderness Pirate Waters and blow some poor noob on a raft out of the water. I would say a static 15 - 20 level difference between the two players be the max difference allowed for combat to occur. Or perhaps it could be based on ship type instead, where a player with level 99 Sailing could still board a raft and fight a level 1 Sailor in the Wilderness Pirate Waters.

Thank you to everyone who bothered reading this much! I appreciate you and I hope my ideas at least sparked an interest in how sailing and sailing zones could be handled IF Sailing passes and makes it into refinement!
Let me know what suggestions and constructive criticisms you have, I would level to polish and build on this super rough foundation!
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2023.04.01 11:10 Laptoplelo The Best Laptop Bags: Reliable Protection In Any Conditions

Sometimes it is difficult to find a compact and roomy accessory for your favorite gadget. Particular difficulties are experienced by users whose laptops have a large display diagonal. In fact, there is a wide range of roomy, durable and affordable laptop bags. It remains only to choose the model that suits all parameters.

In this article, we will look at the TOP 5 models of laptop bags that will provide reliable protection for your laptop and allow you to conveniently organize the interior space.

XD Design Bobby XL

The updated model of the XD Design Bobby XL bags has become even more spacious and retains all the advantages of its predecessor. A 17-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet can be placed in special internal departments at the same time. Several layers of durable materials and a strong frame protect the contents not only from the vagaries of the weather, but also from theft.
The XD Design Bobby XL laptop bags in Pakistan is extremely comfortable to use. Lightning goes around the product over the entire area, so the user can get quick access to the gadget at angles of 30°, 90° and 180°. Ergonomic breathable back and shoulder straps relieve pressure from the back, provide uniform ventilation. This model has high-quality Japanese fittings, reflective strips, an external USB port and a secret pocket for small items.


Bags PIXEL BAG made a real revolution in modern accessories. This company released the first backpacks with a built-in LED display. The screen of the updated PIXEL MAX model is still controlled from the phone through the application, but the display itself is now integrated into the fabric. The lack of pronounced borders does not allow you to notice the presence of the screen even in the off state.
Among the amenities of PIXEL MAX, one can note a pleasant breathable fabric on the back and shoulder straps, resistance to the whims of nature and minor impacts, as well as an incredibly low weight (only 900 g). The functionality of the Laptop Bags is still on top. An excellent capacity of 20 liters allows you to comfortably carry even a large laptop, and additional pockets easily accommodate documents, a tablet and important little things.

Pacsafe Vibe 25

The Pacsafe Vibe 25 is one of the most durable laptop bags in the world. The accessory is equipped with five anti-theft technologies. Ergonomic straps are stitched with steel cables, and the body is stitched with a metal mesh. The backpack is equipped with two strong locks, has a good capacity of 25 liters and a special compartment for a laptop up to 13 inches. Despite the presence of metal in the design, the weight of the accessory does not exceed 1 kg.
Pacsafe Vibe 25 has several internal compartments for various purposes. For example, the backpack is equipped with a special pocket for bank cards with contactless theft protection. The main material in this model is nylon, the role of the lining is performed by polyester. This approach made it possible to achieve a minimum weight of the product with an excellent indicator of strength.
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2023.04.01 09:37 NoLogic101 (Selling) Collections, HD, 4K

Payment only by Amazon US E-Gift card.
(Not a U.S Resident, no other payment method available)
Codes have to be redeemed immediately upon receiving.
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300 Rise of Empire / American Sniper / Batman vs Superman Ultimate edition / Batman vs Superman Theatrical edition / Chappie / Edge of Tomorrow / Godzilla / Goosebumps / Hang Over Part 3 / Into the Storm / Jaws / Mad Max Fury Road / Onward / Pacific Rim / Skyscraper / Spiderman into the Spiderverse / Snatched / X-Men Apocalypse (iTunes CA / GP CA)
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2023.04.01 09:09 Sid_Arthur The way we evaluate the price of games is ridiculous.

I see this all the time when people (non journalists) are reviewing games. Whether they like the game or not there will inevitably be people who comment on the length of a game and compare it to its price
If there are two games, perhaps of the same type (platformer for example), and they both cost $10 but one is 5 hours long and the other is 10 hours long, the 10 hour game will be seen as better value purely for that reason.
We seem to have arbitrarily decided that if a game costs X amount of dollars then it should be X hours long yet the quality of the experience doesn't seem to matter much.
Big $60 (USD), AAA games are seen as "good value" because there is 100 hours of content even though most of that "content"is just mindless busywork (Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spiderman, any open world Bethesda game). Yet a smaller game at the same price with a tighter focus on story, character, and gameplay would be considered overpriced despite it, potentially, being much more engaging and encouraging multiple playthroughs.
As an example from my own life, I've put about 250 hours into Fallout 4 (main game and the 2 big DLCs) and while it was fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of the world it didn't leave that big of an impression on me as, again, most of my activities in that game amounted to busywork ("Another settlement needs my help!). In fact I tried replaying it recently and was bored out of my skull.
Comparatively Final Fantasy 9 would probably take around 40 or so hours to complete (and has no DLC) and I have played through that game more times than I can remember, and these are both, arguably, open world RPGs (at least in its day FF9 was as close as we got to open world). In fact I would play up until the second to last boss and restart because I love the story, setting, characters, and world.
Also, I played Signalis recently and put about 15 hours into that and it instantly became one of my favourite games that I will definitely return to. I bought Signalis and Fallout 4 for about $20 USD and you can get FF9 for about $15 USD on Steam currently, but by the logic I keep seeing Fallout 4 is the better value because I played it for longer.
This type of rationale is not found in other forms of media nor is it prevalent in virtually any other industry (that I can think of). Take books for example, if there were 2 books (both sci-fi, say) and one was 300 pages, and the other was 400 pages but they both cost $10 you wouldn't judge the 400 page book to be better value simply because it had more pages and would, therefore, take longer to read.
Neither would you choose a 2 hour movie over a 90 minute movie simply because the first movie is longer. Yet when determining if a game is priced appropriately a lot of people focus on the runtime and don't place much emphasis on anything else.
This, of course, has the potential to negatively affect our experience of a game. If we are focused too much on a game's runtime we run the risk of not being able to see the forest through the trees and miss out on what could be an enriching experience.
There are limits naturally. Even I wouldn't pay $60 for a 5 minute game no matter how engaging it is, and some smaller games would certainly suit a smaller price but I believe people are starting to put too much emphasis on pure time and not enough on quality.
What do you guys think?
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2023.04.01 08:46 AlfredoThayerMahan On The Bounce

Just a short little fic in light of the recent April Fools announcement.

We got the call sometime 0330 or thereabouts and suited up. Me, a couple FNG’s, and a pair of Kansen Cruisers I hadn’t bothered to remember the names for. They were simply Four and Five to our little quintet. That was all they needed to hear and it was all I needed to know. Rule one of any Op with Kansen was not to get attached. They were expendable and not in the “worthless” sort of way. I mean, they could die and just be brought back. I believe “attritable” was the word used when I’d gone through Kansen coordination training.
Whatever the matter, they were there to do the dangerous things that might get a squishy human killed, even though that squishy human had half-inch of titanium along with ablatives on-top covering them. That might sound impressive but believe me, anything other than basic ballistics or fragments and you’d be ripped open like a tin can filled with tomato juice.
I’d seen that happen a couple times. Definitely not the worst way to go, but I’d rather not have Mom and Dad get “The Telegram”.
We loaded onto the cargo aircraft and flew out over the Atlantic. I used the suit’s feed to catch the first rays of dawn as the sun peaked above the clouds. Other than that, I read the briefing and slept.
SPACECOM had picked up a Siren fleet a hair before 0700 Zulu and decided it was big enough to grease with a pair of Peacekeepers. Eight and a half megatons later and what was left was in pieces, scattered across a few hundred nautical miles.
That’s where we come in. Now you might think, “Why not just use a few more Megatons? Who’s going to complain? A bunch of hippies who’d never seen a nuclear flash?”
Well to be fair that was a question I had when I first joined up. It seemed silly to send folks in on the ground, or rather, water as it were, when it was just as well that some fighter jock got a few notches in their belt.
Well, command likes their trinkets, so they send us in to root around and pick out anything interesting. Mostly it was just bringing back Siren Kansen bodies so we could extract their Wisdom Cubes, but it made little difference to me. A job was a job, and this was no exception.
This one was the same as them all. Get a look at what’s there, find anything useful. Kill anything that didn’t learn to stay dead and try to come back. Whether that was in one piece or several was up to one's own personal preference.
The Load Master called over our built-in comms, “Dropping in five mikes.”
“Copy.” I responded, and checked over the travel locks that kept the suit secure in the center of the bay.
I couldn’t get out, not in here at least. But the suit handled everything. You could piss, shit, eat, drink, and sleep, without so much as taking off a glove. Everything a soldier needed. Those first two might gross folks out. It certainly weighed on my mind when I joined, but these things were meant to be fully CBRN capable and for good reason.
The suits were for the Fulda Gap. A pair of valleys just west of the inner-Ironblood border that led right to the city of Frankfurt. Both a little over a hundred miles long and no more than a couple miles wide at their narrowest. Should the Balloon with the NPs go up, they predicted there would be somewhere on the order of 10-20 nuclear strikes within that vicinity every hour, not to mention the VX, Sarin, and other nasty business that would be waiting for you should you want to pull down your armored trousers and take a dump.
Of course, this was before the Sirens got here but it's how I ended up strapped into this small titanium coffin.
We wouldn’t be dealing with the C or the B, but we were probably going into a good bit of the R and N. Radiation, at least the Alpha and Beta kinds, which are the most common, are pretty easy to block. The problem is when little unstable particles, activated by the neutrons of fission or fusion reaction or the products of the aforementioned fission reaction, get in you. When that happens, there’s nothing to protect your precious DNA. Get it on your junk and you can kiss having kids goodbye. Get it there or anywhere else and in ten to fifteen years you’ll probably regret having lived that long.
As for the “N” we, and I mean the three of us humans, carried a few linear fusion weapons. Popguns by nuke standards but they could print the things out for a dime a dozen. No fission required, though the depleted uranium tamper they sometimes used would fission from the primary fusion reaction. No sir, these used a little trick involving a series of flier plates, some high-energy high-explosive, and about ten grams of lithium deuteride. In our case we were carrying enhanced radiation weapons, or as the news stories would call it, “neutron bombs.”
It traded the DU tamper for one just made of lead, trading explosive yield for neutron radiation. Explosives, as it turned out, were actually quite bad at destroying hardened targets and what was a nuke but a very large explosive? The neutrons on the other hand were nasty little bastards. They go right through most armor and activate the atoms within your body which then start giving off all sorts of radiation. Useful when trying to cook a Siren Kansen.
If you didn’t die bleeding out both ends anywhere between a few minutes to a couple days later, you’d probably die in a similar way to exposure of one’s gonads. About ten years later and in excruciating pain. That was one of the worse ways to go and I reserved a bullet for the possibility of that happening.
It was why you always checked spacing when popping off atomics.
I finished the last of my checks and sounded off, “One ready!”
“Two ready!” Two said.
“Three ready!” Three said.
“Four.” The meeker voice of one of our Kansen said.
“Five.” The other said, a slight bit of authority in their voice.
“Alright, on the bounce!” I ordered.
The cargo door opened and we fell out into the abyss of the dawn sky.
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2023.04.01 08:41 CroationChipmunk I'm a very curious & analytical person -- I want other people's opinions on why MrBallen is such a talented story-teller? 🤔

One thing I've noticed is he breaks eye contact periodically (about once every 7 - 10 seconds) compared to Dr. Todd Grande who just stares straight into the camera nonstop. I think that possibly breaking & re-establishing eye contact makes the viewer feel like they are being engaged every time that happens?
He also rocks his body from front to back which makes his face appear furthecloser like he is coming towards you -- which replicates the feeling of someone approaching you. He also holds his hands a few inches away from his chest to make his hand/arm gestures more noticeable (because the closer something is to the camera, the larger it appears, relative to background).
Furthermore, he tends to tilt his head down slightly -- which forces his eyelids to be fully retracted, making his eyes appear bigger than if looking directly into the camera (at eye level). He also uses passive, dark clothing which provides maximum contrast to his face/hands, which is the part of the video he wants you to pay attention to while talking.
I have watched every single one of his videos twice and I have watched my favorites at least 20 times, haha. Such as the Russian death march and all the scuba/drowning incidents but my all-time favorite is the waitress who drove up to the 3rd floor of a parking garage to enter Perry's Steakhouse through the ventilation shaft because her boss at the new restaurant she worked at sent her home early because she was "acting strange"... 😅
He also seems to use some sort of lighting technique to make his facial contours very bright from the front, but dark from the side (the front of his face is much brighter than the sides of his face) which makes me thing he possibly uses some type of video editing & facial recognition software to make all his facial contours look more pronounced. (such as jawbones and where his nose transitions into the rest of his face)
These are just my opinions and I'd love to hear what other people think! 👍
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2023.04.01 08:14 MrHeisenberg007 Suggestions for best bang for buck PS5 monitor under €900

Greetings everyone,
I have recently upgraded from a PS4 to a PS5 and I am seeking recommendations for a high-value (bang for buck) monitor that can fully maximize the PS5's potential. Currently, I have a 32-inch 2K IPS monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate (the ViewSonic VX3211-2K-MHD monitor).
I am searching for a monitor that offers a minimum of 4K resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, HDR, and HDMI 2.1, without a curved display, with a budget of around €900. I have researched available monitors and have shortlisted the four best ones, which I will link in the comments section with varying budgets. As a casual gamer who doesn't engage in competitive or online gaming, I am only interested in a monitor that is suitable for narrative-driven games such as Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spiderman, and Ghost of Tsushima, among others.
If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to share them.
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2023.04.01 08:09 SnoChocolatediverged Hand Tattoo Waivers

I recently have been interested in joining the AFG possibly after seeing the new policies that got released. My hand tattoo exceeds 1 inch and I know it will be need to be wavered. It’s close to the 25%. I was instructed by the recruiter to get it measured by them. After doing rough estimates myself using their policy requirements/formula it’s around 20%. How common are these waivers usually accepted? My recruiter doesn’t seem interested in giving me the time of day over it. Is it worth pursuing?
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2023.04.01 08:05 thefahad Are game's puzzles getting easiers, or are we getting older?

Purely for discussion, not for single answer. How do you feel about this?
Context: I am 35 years old. And since PS1 days, we (my family) played our share of puzzle games.
I finish (usually platinum) a game a month. So I play alot. I have a calender of games to beat and markers to indicate progress... Etc. Lately I felt that games dont offer puzzle challege anymore, and i usually figuer it out within seconds of the explanation.
Most games solve the puzzle for you with vocal hints (see god of war, horizon) or puzzles are so easy you dont have to think (see resident evil remakes)...I certainly remember (before internet) the days we get stuck somehwere and ask around... Or try everyday hoping we solve the puzzle and move forward. Now, that doesnt happen anymore.
Were old games (90s, early 2000s) games easy but we were young that it was challenging for us at the time? Or were they truely hard?
I remember all family memebers gather around the 20 inch tv playing silent hill trying to solve the piano puzzle.
Today nothing is that hard anymore.
So, what do you think? Were games really dumbed down recently ? Or were they always like this?
P.S are there challenging puzzle games to consider for my age?
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 07:53 ylee276 WTS - Titleist TSR3 head, Ventus TR blue shaft , Diamana GT shaft

End up liking paradym more, try to sell all the TSR related stuff
TSR3: Only hit few times in a in door sim
Fujikura Ventus TR Blue: Only hit few times with TSR3 head
MCA Diamana GT: Only hit few times with TSR3 head
Special offer: purchase TSR3 head + any shaft = $20 off discount (please buy them as a bundle)
NOTE: All the product were purchased through DallasGolf (Able to show the receipt)
PM for any questions, All purchase will be ship out on the same day if not the day after
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2023.04.01 07:51 era324 Do you collect any other plushies besides squishmallows? Also why do you collect plushies?

I have about 15 squishmallows (a couple 16 inch, a 20 inch, but mostly 5 and 8 inch ones)
But recently I’ve started looking into jelly cats and palm pals. I also like Pokémon so I collect Pokémon plush as well. I can’t get over how soft jelly cats are, and the quality is amazing. They are worth the high price tag.
I recently bought a bunny palm pal and jellycat. And bunnies are my favorite squishmallow. Also got a bunny jellycat for my baby daughter on the way! They are incredibly soft.
I think plushies are just really comforting to me in a crazy, stressful world. I’m 30 yet spend money on plush lol. People poke fun at me sometimes but i don’t really care.
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2023.04.01 06:56 Maddenman501 Is this 3d printable?

Is this 3d printable?
Hello I've seen some videos online of a guy who 3d printed a pressure washer handle. That actually worked. It was a snub nose design with trigger guard. And a quick connect fitting on the end for the tips.
In our shop we use our home made pressure washer. And it's quite bulky. This is mainly because your lugging around a 5/8th water hose filled, and a 3/8th air hose, brass fittings and a pipe.
This is all relevant so you understand what I'm Basically aiming for in my designs.
Basically ours you take a regular metal garden hose handle with the threads on the outlet and inlet. Except on the inlet you put a air hose quick connect male piece. On the outlet you thread it into a brass T fitting. You then put your water hose on a ball valve and thread it into the bottom of the T and then the pipe ussually like 1/4 or smaller ID and prolly 24inches long and the end cut to a tip like a V and crimped close together to get that like 20/40 degree fan spray like a pressure washer. But you just have the garden hose handle in your hand turn on the water and squeeze the garden hose handle for your pressure (comprssed air)
I'd most defiantly recommend this to anyone that wants a pressure washer without spending money or even a mobile detailer thst doesnt want to run another cord and have more wattage to deal with running a electric pump, youll already have the compressor running and need a water spurce anyways.. We run prolly 125 PSI through it. But with the tube size and tip it can probably do the 2k psi at the very exit . But you have to be inches away from the surface to get the most of that pressure for doing wheel wells or getting the cracks.
My question is if we could possibly take a pressure washer handle and 3d print it to be maybe a little bigger than a regular one and have 2 threaded connections at the bottom for us instead of the heavy metal pieces with a quick connect fitting to allow us to use different tips. Basically have the water one infeont of the air oneand design the channel to connect to the main channel infront of where the air would connect to the main channel (by channel I mean the area which water and air will travel inside the handle.) But I want the connections to be ergonomic so there both be vertically coming off the bottom.
For added difficulty if it was possible to design the inside channel so that the water would come up to the main mixing channel st the top of the handle and flow out the front but have it made probably 4/5 inches long horizontally and then have the air come up the back side and kind of create a channel within a channel so that water would flow into the area and have a "pipe inside a pipe" where the air pipe comes into the water pipe they mix with the air being in the "middle" of the water tube and then out of a regular end (no quick disconnect for tips cause this design is supposed to make the water come out with some serious power that the tips wouldn't be needed.) I am going to link a YT video that shows the basic principal for this design so yoy can see what I'm talking about.
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2023.04.01 06:37 Mossytwig1 Advice for dealing with Necrons.

Hi guys, as the title states, playing a game against a joint Necron/Ultramarine force tomorrow.
Not to worried about the Ultramarine force but some parts of the Necron force are giving me headaches.
He's bringing a doomsday ark, with a 72 inch range and D6 damage he can potentially just one shot my farseers off the board from across the map. Does he need LoS for this? He usually screens it with some Lokhurst heavy destroyers that are also a pain to deal with with the amount of firepower they can put out. Advice for dealing with this set up? Last time I tried falcon striking in some banshees to kill the barge, but they completely failed to kill it before it fell back and they were ripped apart by a 20 blob of necron warriors. This also feels like an issue for banshees, they either kill something and consolidate forwards, or don't kill the enemy, regardless the enemy then falls back and they just get lit up by a different unit - am I just using them incorrectly?
Debating bring fire dragons this time and falcon striking them in to kill the barge but feels like a real heavy points investment now.
Any advice greatly appreciated :) cheers autarchs!
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2023.04.01 06:32 Ok_Butterscotch1549 I need help getting a new wifi system for my large home!

The details:
My house is 3,000 square feet and I need every inch to have a strong signal. The router I have now is a crappy one I’ve been renting from Spectrum for years and I’ve decided enough is enough. I pay for 1Gbps speeds and I only get 10-20% of that around most places in my house. So it’s time to upgrade to a much better system. My budget isn’t really a factor but I’d prefer to stay under $1,000. I only know the very basics of home networking so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.04.01 05:30 Blxckrose20 21 [F4M] serious relationship with a softie girl who has adhd

Hai , I’m rose I’m 21 years old I’m African Mexican iam a plus size girl 5”4 and who’s very shy hyper loving and romantic I have highly mild adhd and iam sorta a little (age regression) I love to watch anime,gamer love to play Roblox especially and cosplay and into medieval stuff and would love to find someone who’s wanting a serious relationship just like me I want someone who’s 20-29 years old only . Would love to have someone who would spoil me with lots and lots of attention and Spoils me with flowers or me favs squishmallows but I live in California I can do distance but requires a lot of attention and patience haha I’m also very kinky love to be a power bottom would like a power top who’s into bdsm or hopefully rp text but hehe yeah ! Also to message me it’s better for my discord blxckrose20#1248
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2023.04.01 05:24 Braap2thefuture I don't work on jags. Fuck jags. See text

I don't work on jags. Fuck jags. See text
Don't normally fuck with the used cars but they had me do this one. Did a simple oil change and replaced the vacuum pump, super easy, super cool, let it run 15-20 min while I did some other stuff, it's all good, it's Friday I'm ready to get the fuck outta here, put the plastic cover over the engine, give it a little bop to secure and breaks this coolant fitting in the worst fucking place, shoots out boiling hot coolant straight at me. Right at dick height, if I was a couple inches over it would've been all over. Instead I've got a blistered up thigh and learned some new ways to string four letter words together.
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2023.04.01 05:19 mrmarvel616 freaking love, man. jeez.

for the sake of this story, let’s call her M. i’m 20, she’s 21.
i met M exactly a year and a week ago. i remember the night we met like it was last night. we met at our school, which has two campuses. one in new york, and one in los angeles. M was a transfer student along with some other friends i met, we’ll call them C and Z.
it was february 20th, it was the seventh episode of the second season of “euphoria”.
i had a really bad best friend/roommate issue at the time, so bad as to realizing that they had been lying to me about a death that “fundamentally shook them”, and they were really my only friend at the school. so i was obviously having a rough time.
let me set the scene:
the walls are paper thin, euphoria has just ended for me. i’ve got no one to talk about this. so i’m just chilling.
then i hear three women scream in the room next to me… and the faint roar of “i need a hero.”
could these be my new euphoria friends?
i leapt up, went over to the neighbors, and knocked.
a few seconds went by, and i hear the door unlock.
the chain lock was still on.
and from the darkness, emerged M.
when i tell you that i crumbled immediately.
she pushed her face in between the crack of the door and smiled at me.
“hiiiii”, she said.
she had brown hair, shaggy, almost like ally sheedy in the breakfast club. an easy laugh, freckles line her glowin eyes, it’s like she was chiseled from marble. i would have fallen in love with her in any situation, in any universe.
i introduce myself, i meet the three.
m’s from tennessee, c’s from washington, z’s from florida.
i invite the three to my room for a euphoria after-show discussion. the conversation lasts until the wee hours of the morning.
i immediately become connected to these women, these vivacious, beautiful, warm, and caring women.
this sets off the best three months of my life. they become the best friends i’ve ever had.
but with M, i just… felt full. i never felt judged for who i was, i felt like there was a reason for me to get up every day. M and i would just hang out, her and me. we’d sit in my bed, watching a movie, hanging out, making grilled cheese when we didn’t know what to eat. we’d go out for quick bodega runs, get a joint and inexplicably find ourselves outside, getting delightfully blitzed. i didn’t care what we were doing, i was with her. i felt a sense of oneness with her.
i knew she was my person. i still do.
i was the happiest man on earth for three months.
the four of us were inseparable. i’d also hang with C and Z separately, too… but not like M. it was always just a different vibe.
now, this is all in retrospect, but being autistic? you remember shit. really well.
in my many nights of wondering, the signs were there. especially physically.
we’d do the triangle thing to each other, you know, that look from one eye, to the other, and then to the lips. when i really thought back, she went crazy with the triangle thing, but you know what?
i was too dumb and cautious.
so i never let myself act upon the urge to divulge how i felt. i still haven’t.
now, it’s early to mid-may. almost the end of the semester, and my best friends are leaving me in the first week of june.
i am bereft at the thought of them leaving.
i am devastated that M’s going to be a country away.
one night, M doesn’t reply to a text of mine. hey, no biggie.
then she doesn’t show up to school. and i’m confused.
i bump into C, and i’m informed that she’s somewhere in new jersey with a hookup. now, i immediately confront why i feel like i’ve been stabbed.
“why would i care about a decision she made on her own? like, why am i so emotional? why am i jealous?”
i quietly seethe. she returns, she doesn’t really like him, says he only likes to do things he likes.
i get a second of relief, but i’m still reeling from it. i’m almost ashamed of how i felt.
i decided to just bury these feelings into the pits of my would because maybe deep down, she doesn’t love me that way.
and i had to be okay with that so i didn’t hurt myself.
memorial day weekend rolls around, i thought i’d invite the three over to my childhood home a state away. get out of the city for a weekend.
M’s already got plans with a friend in the state over from mine, so i just invite C and Z.
one night, i go over to return something one of them forgot in my room. i shoot her a text, she says to be quiet when i come in, C’s sleeping.
i go in, and she’s crying. a lot. and i am concerned.
“i’m okay, i just am having a hard time with the idea of leaving soon. i know i’m really going to miss you too.”
we tearfully have a conversation before i am pointed out of the room by a groggy C. we laugh, and go to our beds.
in the week leading up to this trip, C starts making moves on me, getting real flirty.
now, i’m desperate in this situation, so i’ll take any love i can get.. stupid, but human.
we get to my home friday night, we hang out, and we three drink. a lot.
midnight? 2am, who knows.
C and i are laying down, she inches closer to me, and whats next is private.
couple of days later, we begin dating. i’m happy. i guess.
it’s the first week of june now. first C leaves, then Z, and then M.
and then i’m all alone.
C and i begin a long distance relationship, it’s good for a little bit before she just decided to ignore me. she’d leave me on read, and when she’d reply, it’d be the laziest response/a vague complaint about her day. i felt like an emotional doormat. i broke up with her three months later. i wasted my love and my time.
i was love bombed and it has messed with me. i’ve only come to terms with all of this recently.
during all that, i keep consistent contact with M and Z.
i learned C wasn’t very good to M as a friend and a roommate, and i just felt guilty for not noticing.
now, we’re in the present. C’s in a happy new relationship, seems that M and Z are done with her.
i feel like the little stint “with” C set me back. i still don’t forgive her for that, fuck her and her new toy.
since their departures, i’ve managed to maintain contact with M almost daily. lately, since she’s on a semester break from LA, we’ve strengthened our contact more. i’ve fallen deeper in love. it’s almost like i’m in a pit i can’t get myself out of. we even flirt a little. we talked about myself making a trip to texas, her to new york at some time. she sent me theater job ideas that include free housing, and is within a 20 minute radius of her family’s property. we even just send each other funny videos over instagram for hours on end. it feels different too, because we actually take the time to watch what we’ve sent each other. always snapchatting, we facetime every couple of days.
i applied to that job, i thought “what the hell, it’ll get my foot in a door, i’ll learn a lot, and maybe i’ll be able to spend more quality time.”
i get the job. i go to texas. M and i make plans.
i arrive friday, shop saturday, hug my folks goodbye on sunday, and then i go spend time with M from sunday to tuesday morning, an extension she made from the plan of staying until morning. we spend the three days together, it’s great, it’s like no time has gone by. she introduced me to attack on titan, i’m already on season 2. sunday, made dinner and had a beautiful night with her family, followed by hanging out in her kitchen until the wee hours of the morning, and more quality time following.
there’s such an element of mystery. i don’t know where this is going.
i fall deeper and deeper for this woman every day. i truly believe she’s the aphrodite of my own mythology. i just fear that my worries of unrequited love will be the case once again. i know it’s not doing me any good, but i have truly never felt this way for another person.
she fills the hurt of my soul with the deepest love a man can ever feel.
i don’t know what to do now. i want to profess my love to her. i just don’t want to ruin anything, and i don’t want to become jealous if she so chooses someone other than i.
for now, my heart shall bleed in anticipation.
any advice is appreciated.
thanks. love y’all.
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2023.04.01 05:11 erics300 Costco would not rotate my tires!

Took My model Y to get it's first tire rotation after about 30 min of drop off they call me asking if I had a tool to remove the caps for the 20 inch induction wheels. Since i didn't they couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't scratch or brake the caps. Has anyone had this happen? Is there a tool i can buy? Costco charges $25 for rotation heard Tesla charges about $50
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