Iodine foot soak for dogs

Sneaky Background Feet

2015.01.10 21:35 I_Burned_The_Lasagna Sneaky Background Feet

This subreddit is for posting/ x-posting photos whereby the submitter focused on the main subject of the image but captured a foot or feet in the background as well.

2014.06.07 19:50 dabisnit Weight Pulling for dogs

Weight pull is a sport where you train your dog to pull weight.

2014.09.19 01:24 healthyalmonds Staphylococcus aureus bacteria colonizing the body: the unifying agent of acute and chronic disease

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria that can live in the nostrils, ears, mouth, tonsils, and skin. It may cause or be associated with your congestion, swollen lymph nodes, sinus problems, allergies, sore throat, eczema, rosacea, acne, cystic pimples, folliculitis, bowel disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, lupus, weight gain, hair loss, and other diseases. Chlorhexidine, iodine, or Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neosporin) may stop the Staph infection. See inside for more information.

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2023.03.25 02:39 GlassBellPepper Allow players to more extensively customize world generation, structure frequency, ocean size etc.

Minecraft is a game about exploration and personal customization. We can customize a lot of things, but I feel that we need an update that allows you to better tune world generation to your desired parameters. I know that there are mods that can do a lot of this, but most players including myself do not use mods so I feel that this would be a good addition to the base game.
Such tuning could include:
Sea Level: Flooded worlds could be cool, with giant oceans that go down 100+ blocks and even further when underwater caves are taken into account. Dry land is scarce, and the oceans are as vast as the distance between stars
Conversely, worlds where water is scarce could be a fun challenge as well. Imagine spawning in for a custom playthrough, and trekking to an ocean only to find that the shore drops off into a vast wasteland of dead coral and lonely shipwrecks dotted across the barren landscape. Your only sources of water will be found deep beneath the earth - that is if they exist at all. Good luck, survivor.
Biome Frequency and Generation: Each biome currently in the game has a set rarity that determines how often it spawns, among other factors. What if you could tune biome spawn frequency? Want to finally find that Mooshroom Island? Make them super common
You could also make it so you can select which biomes you want to generate. By default a world can generate all natural biomes, but what if you really don't like a certain type, or really do like another? Wander the frozen wastes in a world made exclusively of frozen biomes, or stake out in the wilds in an expansive world of deserts, mesas and mountains. (wild west, anyone?)
Structure frequency: Allow players to tune how often structures spawn, either all structures or just certain types. Some structures would be limited by biome, so that would need to be taken into account.
For example: Want to play in a world of sprawling metropolises? Turn village generation waaay up. Want to explore a nether teeming with bastions and nether fortresses, locked in endless war? Go right ahead. Want to turn up the spawn rate of ruined portals so high that it seems like the world was just invaded by the nether? Go forth, and make your way in the netherrack scarred landscape!
Want to eliminate desert wells entirely, or play in a world that is more desert well than not? Uh, you do you I guess.
My personal complaint is the lack of large oceans. If you didn't know, a Minecraft world looks like this:
Mostly land, oceans surrounded on all sides by some landmass.
As you can see, the ratio of land to ocean is about ~65:35 going from observation. While a lot of players enjoy being able to walk across their worlds or avoid traveling across oceans, I prefer a different style of play. In my ideal world, the ratio would be flipped, and land would spawn as large continents, with vast oceans between them. I know that in the past, the oceans being too large was a major complaint, but with the new generation I genuinely miss the old oceans. Endless land that can never be fully explored kills my motivation. My ideal world would look something like this:
To be honest I'd want the oceans to be even bigger. Let me sail the seas, Mojang!
I understand that a lot of this would require nothing short of an overhaul. But recently, especially with trails and tales, Mojang seems very dedicated to letting players build their own story and world, and I know this would be a welcome addition among many players.
To end the post, I want to paint a picture of what this could be like (combining several examples from before):
You spawn in in at the foot of a great mountain. The land is barren, pocked with netherrack and shattered portals, like a wretched disease upon the land. They are the still standing remnants of a recent invasion from a nightmarish world beyond this one. Other survivors are rare, and civilization could be thousands of blocks away, if it still exists at all. You hunt for food, and survive the night in a dark cave. As the sun rises, you walk out into the open to try to find a source of water, but when you get to the ocean you find not water, but a barren dust bowl stretching down nearly a hundred blocks. At the bottom of the pit, no aquatic life remains, the only sign that it ever did is the dried out husks of coral reefs, strewn across the landscape like the decrepit bones of some once great animal slain and left to rot. As you reach the bottom, you find a single portal near intact. You repair and light it, and step through into a new realm that surely cannot be any worse than what you have endured thus far, right? But as you step through, you find no such salvation. instead, the great crimson caverns are filled with vast fortresses and impenetrable bastions, and an eternal war is waged on an endless battlefield.
If someone at Mojang reads this, please consider it! :D
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2023.03.25 02:38 klouhd7 30 [M4F] South US Anywhere - Dream of places far beyond~

Ever since I was young I had dreamed of building this little log cabin in the middle of a forest. Surrounded by nature, a flowing river nearby, and snowy mountains in the distance. With me would be a dog with a slight resemblance of a wolf.... a grayish white coat like burnt ash. It's all I dreamed about when I was young. Unfortunately later on as an adult I learned that laws and county codes will make this pretty difficult, so I set up a different kind of adventure in the mean time and just began traveling doing the whole vanlyfe thing for several months off and on beginning in (2019 in the West coast) . It was quite the satisfying experience! I loved discovering and seeing new tiny towns and waterfalls endlessly, they are my favorite thing to see and absorb or reach up to touch. I traveled and lived in many different cities for about 2 years. I am rather introverted for the most part, when I am in a city I am more calm and reserved but when I am out in nature I feel more like myself and more risk-taking and adventurous!
(I will be traveling again in April)
Last year I set up a goal of buying a house all on my own, and have made it a reality. Whenever I come up with a goal, I always make sure I complete it. I have another goal which is to do another road trip adventure in April) I would like to have meaningful conversations with someone out there who is also curious of life, and maybe likes some adventure. Just please be honest and have an intent to make conversation. Feel free to send me a message and tell me about your last favorite trip or song? what makes you happy?
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2023.03.25 02:36 Zealousideal-Sea116 Tips for skinny guys

I’m 115lbs 5 foot 6 getting into ccw. I’m going appendix with a glock 19. Any tips or tricks for maximum concealment and comfort?
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2023.03.25 02:36 Alone-Honeydew-1261 ‘He’s British, of Course’

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2023.03.25 02:36 Emotional_Estimate25 Need recipe for cashew milk please

I use cashew milk for everything (lo cal baking, in cereal, smoothies, ice cream, in my coffee) and my grocery store sometimes sells out. I'd like to make it at home-- easier the better. The recipes I find online all use the ratio 1 cup nuts to 4 cups water. This makes for a very high calorie milk. I'd like to keep it to 25 calories per cup like the one I can buy ready made. Is it really as simple as soak the nuts, blend and add enough water to dilute it? No fake sugar or flavoring needed?
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2023.03.25 02:36 Blue_Wave_2020 Gotta walk to the liquor store in pouring rain

It’s not the longest walk, but it’s still going to suck walking around with soaked feet. Meh, should just be happy I have enough money for booze. I really should buy new shoes, but who has money for that when you need liquor 24/7? Also have been throwing up at least once a day lately, that’s pretty worrisome. I wouldn’t care if it didn’t fuck my throat up, but it does. I think another year of this will put a hole through my esophagus but hey let’s see I guess. Anyway, off to the store with the downpour. Heheh that rhymed. Okay bye.
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2023.03.25 02:35 AdAccomplished9816 3 questions on Off White Prestos

  1. I have a wider foot + collapsed arch, do I size up? Tts I'm a 13.
  2. Who makes the best batch for Off White Prestos from The Ten?
  3. Is there a batch in a 14 or just up to 13?
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2023.03.25 02:34 caprihoney emotionally abusive father just taken by ambulance

i've been forced due to a series of mishaps in my life to have to move back in with my parents. it's been years. it's been hell. i'm closely being able to afford a place of my own, but not quite there yet.
anyway, about a month ago my emotionally abusive/neglecting/alcoholic father started experiencing extreme dizziness, couldn't walk, mild migraine pain, etc.... at his age of 66, these symptoms are concerning for a stroke victim. he refused to go to the doctor for a few weeks, continuing to spread his misery with reckless abandon. my mom (and she's equally as abusive, but more covertly) got him to go to urgent care last week. they told him to go to the er. he refused.
i've always been frightened by him. i look at his face and a see a demon. that demon in him has been coming out more and more over the past few weeks. i gave up on trying to help (i'm always gaslit by my mother; she even threatened me when i tried to call the police when he stole my car to go on a drunk bar hoping binge). i made mental plans to get in touch with APS as soon as i was safe and out of the abusive situation.
looks like the universe beat me to it.
my mom finally snapped and called 911. i stayed out back with my dogs. i didn't want to deal with it. the paramedics came and took him, saying something about a probable stroke. how can someone be so.... careless to suffer this strongly for a month and still cling to the belief that they know best? that was literally his reasoning for not seeking medical attention: he thought he knew better and that there was nothing anyone can do for him that he couldn't do for himself.
now i'm sitting here, watching my mom as she's frantically trying to cope and i'm feeling..... i'm feeling so free. i feel like the "demon" is gone and i can breathe. i can sleep peacefully.
does this make me a bad person? i don't feel sympathy for him. not only does he neglect himself (not bathing, not staying hydrated, not eating, no brushing teeth), he's vile. he's only cared about himself my entire life. why should i care about him? then i worry, how will others view me for this external nonchalance? no one understands the trauma he put me through, how i don't trust men, how the sound of a voice similar to his makes my stomach churn. do i have to play the part of a daughter who wasn't scared of her father and silenced by her mother? do i have to go see him?
for 28 years, all i've known is dread. my father never has told me he's proud of me, he's never showed me any affection unless he was stoned. and he clearly loathes himself to endure this for a whole fucking month, lashing out at everyone and being an emotional vampire.
can anyone relate? i don't even know for sure if it was a stroke or what is prognosis is. i've honestly dreamed of the day i'd be free of having to be scared in my own home, so why do i feel guilty when my mom is crying, my aunt is blowing up the phone, and my 93 year old grandmother is freaking out?
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2023.03.25 02:33 Uncertain_owl Senior dog food for night poops

My senior dog (14yrs old) has started pooping in his bed at night, pretty regularly. He was doing this a year or so ago, but it got better. The past two weeks it has happened 5 times. It is usually just a few pieces of solid poop, that I think are slipping out when he passes gases or something. I think his sphincter muscles are just too loose or he is getting to old to hold everything in. He gets somewhat upset by it, and won’t go back in the bed, even after it’s been cleaned up. Does anybody have any good food/diet recommendations to help slow down this issue? Or any other tips? I imagine this is just gonna get worse as he continues to get older.
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40% Off Electric Foot Callus Remover with Vacuum,AMPK Professional Pedicure Tools Kit Foot File Scraper,Waterproof Callus Remover Kit with 3Heads,2Speed,Battery Display for Callused Dead Hard Cracked Dry Skin sc submitted by Due_Mathematician737 to AmazonPromoCodesIL [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 02:33 Bug-Type-Enthusiast [TOMT][Anime] A possible adaptation of The Town Musicians of Bremen

So, I'm dealing with a group of plagiarists who keep stealing footage from other works without credit, authorisation, or royalty payments. But this time, they got VERY brazen and showed about 10 minutes of an old anime during their "performance". I need the correct name to finally legally escalate the matter to the appropriate person.
The anime is very likely to be an adaptation of The Town Musicians of Bremen. It features the Donkey running away when they talked about killing him (two birds swooped at the farmer's face when he went to kill the donkey, allowing the beast to escape), the dog in the forest, the cat, and the chicken.
The art style is almost identical to the works of Nippon Animation (Princess Sara, Remi sans famille) and I thought it would be it. They do have an adaptation of the musicians of Bremen, but it's not the right one: the character designs are completely different (especially the cat), some of the scenes are different (the Donkey struggles to escape while the farmer is coming to get him, while the Nippon Animation one has the Donkey metal gear his way out while the farmer is asleep, the chicken instead of describing his future fate is shown in a plate for dinner alive, etc.). The dog designs are incredibly similar though.
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2023.03.25 02:33 batsaudio How to create world government by showing someone your balls

How to create world government by showing someone your balls
You cannot have world government without first having 1 concept which ALL beings agree on regardless of religion race or any other factors. This is exceptionally hard to establish given the turbulent and ever changing nature of our world THE GLOBE . It has been established, and now it must be enforced and guarded and promoted through indoctrination as the foundation of the plan. This foundation must be skilfully crafted to legitimize a later stage of the plan ; The second step that world government can only be established through a uniting of the nations , a united nations , responding to an external threat.
Nasa has pulled a superb deception in its description of space. Everyone knows space exists and the things therein exist ; we can see them , but what man among us can visit , understand or define these objects? Consider how similar a wolf is to a dog , yet we have established two different words WOLF and DOG to distinguish between two very similar things - super similar. We need to do this to create a clear distinction and allow us to communicate and describe our surroundings accurately. Nasa however , has drawn parallels between several objects which are in no way similar at all , jumping the gun of definition of the unknown.
The barren rock of mars is in no way comparable to the gas sphere of saturn which is not even solid , yet they share the descriptive title "planet" - Neither the empty lifeless mars nor gaseous saturn is even slightly comparable to earth which contains every known life form , all your loved ones , every piece of culture ever created , every mountain river and blade of grass , every piece of music and art , everything we have every known. To draw parallels between these 3 items and name them the same is a purposeful deception , laying out the second stage in establishing a world government ; The promotion of the idea that there are more earths or "planets" from which the required external threat must originate.
Youtube "space documentary" yields nothing but a wall of cgi based art which outperform the appeal of the best renaissance works , commonly linked to a theme of "they are out there" "they are coming" with all kinds of alien and huge spaceship graphics , all of which are fake cgi imaginary creations which are nothing like what we see in their (proposed) spacewalk footage or non terrestrial footage. They are not similar atall. Just like Earth and the other "planets" are not even remotely similar yet are grouped together under a suggestive blanket term , unlike our dog and wolf pals who share infinitely more similarities yet have different names.
All of this information is delivered to you via the airwaves with the authority of the prince of the powers of the air , and is a necessary step in the fomentation of world government. This is not a flat earth post. Now lets look at this , what are the top 3 topics youtube moderates and puts the blue warning screen beside ? (even shadow banning some comments which contain certain phrases)

C ninteen jabs
Flat earth - even trudeau gave a speech on this lately and ironically described his own approach to censoring c19 info for the last 2 years , against a backdrop of huge excess deaths and jab injuries

New world order - a superb image in which their own censorship moderates their own video which is blatantly and publicly discussing the topic . They tripped on their own tripwire
Dr Auguste Picard reached the stratosphere in 1931 describing a flat surface with an upturned edge yet some of the universal picture globe logos pre date that beginning production in 1914 - ITS A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. it unites the world regardless of demographic race or religion , and is the first and original image that everyone agrees on. The sole unifier , the universal agreement , the first step required. Brought to you via the powers of the air the broadcast system.
The globalists really do enjoy showing us their balls
And after all this they have the balls to tell us the universe isnt even real to begin with !
Disclaimer : This post is for entertainment purposes only , its probably a lot of Balls ! Enjoy !
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2023.03.25 02:32 Deadmensellnosales [for sale] Friday night special!

Hey guys still trying to get money for my dogs surgery. So I decided to take some of the lower price records and bundle them all together at a discounted rate. I have 6 records for sale all near mint except for Trinidad James which has a seam split on top.
Action Bronson only for dolphins hhv green variant
Trinidad James don’t be safe
Earthgang mirrorland
Lou from paradise x statik selektah not dead yet! Obi splatter.
R.A the rugged man all my heroes are dead ghost variant.
Wiki fee fi fo fum/ smarty jones 7 inch.
I wanna get 105$ for them shipped I have a mailer that accommodates all of these records safely with inserts between each record. Let me know if you have questions
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2023.03.25 02:32 JayJitsBJJ Seeking input

Our family has had Greyhounds for the last 16yrs. A few months ago one of our Greys died. We've been thinking about adding a Bernedoodle. Our Grey is playful, goofy and is a senior dog. We're wanting to switch dog breeds and we think our Grey would be a great dog for a new dog to learn the house/dog routines from.
Our kids (13 & 11) have grown up with large dogs and have been taught to never bothepet our dogs if they are sleeping, as well they never put their faces near our dogs. Our dogs have always been taught the kids rooms are off limits.
Spouse works from home, I do 1 or 2 days a week. We walk our dog daily unless it's a crazy rain storm or a blizzard. Our yard is 36x100ft. We feed twice a day, seperate bowls that are 6ft apart and it's always the same bowl/location they eat from. We use bowls that slow down their eating.
Do you think a Bernadoodle would be a good match up?
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2023.03.25 02:32 YukiteruAmano92 There Will Be Scritches Pt.90

Previous Next First


---???????’s perspective---
---2681 Terran Calenda32 years BF---
The lid closes, sealing me into the coffin sized space.
I take a few moments to run a final diagnostic on my four artificial limbs. All returned values are nominal.
The parts of myself that I have to worry about are those still made of flesh.
The only sign that I’ve been accelerated to a whole number percentage of the speed of light is the slight shudder that the infiltration pod’s internal inertial dampeners are not able to compensate for and the vacuum light turning from green to red, indicating it’s not safe to exit.
My suit is sealed and pressurized around my organic head and torso, so it’s not as if I would suffocate… No… I’d just harmlessly splatter against the side of those monsters’ ship!
Not yet… I don’t give a damn about my worthless life but I do give a damn about making those scum pay for what they’ve done… So I can’t die yet… not until old Auntie Terra has seen a return on every last credit she’s invested in me!
I know what I am… I know what the Phoenix Brigade is…
Little more than suicide the long way around(!)
A home for the hopeless… a promise of the opportunity for some satisfaction before death.
Is it ethical… hell no!
Am I going to take every advantage of it… hell yes!
The light turns green and, a twentieth of a second later, the lid is blasted from my pod and me a long with it.
I’m thrown a full 17ft in the air and, once I’ve judge that I don’t need to brace myself against impact with the ceiling, I turn my attention downward.
The idiot xenos still have their ugly faces turned to the 8ft long missile that just crashed into their gun deck and not at the 6’7’’’s worth of black, durasteel death that just burst from it.
None of them are close enough for me to hit on the way down but I’m able to calculate exactly which direction I need to dash when I hit the ground.
I touch down and the ten retractable claws on my synthetic legs rip through the flimsy metal of the floor as I bound toward the largest and closest xeno here.
Its chest has the consistency of butter as I plunge the durasteel claws of my flattened right hand through it, point first.
The xeno sack of shit (I’d guess to be no more than 300lb, despite looking like it should weigh more than a ton) hits the deck and I’m already decapitating the one next to him with the edge of my palm.
The next one at least has time to draw its kinetic pistol before my fist punches a six inch hole in its weak plastic chest plate.
The final two scream, uselessly, as I surge towards them on all fours then smash their heads into eachother, silencing them.
I cast around, scanning for any hostiles I missed. Finding none, I shorten my legs and lengthen my arms to suit quadrupedal locomotion better before flying from the room.
My mechanical arms and legs are well within their tolerances as their claws tear into the deck for traction.
The same can’t be said for my organic hip and shoulder joints which are screaming protest at me for subjecting them to this much strain.
“Alkawa! Tarra na!” shouts a gardenworlder in a language my helmet can’t decode for me.
Its friend looks at it instead of me, an opening that I exploit to turn its head into a splatter pattern on the wall.
The one who noticed me has a quarter of a second to scream before I kick it to the ground and sever its head with a stomp to its neck.
I continue sprinting through the halls of the flagship that’s currently locked in battle with the dreadnought I was just shot from, about half a lightminute away.
My plasmadaggers stay in the compartments in my thigh cavities.
As much as they are useful tools for cutting through thick doors and the like, they have a major drawback when used against organic matter in confined spaces; the steam they generate hampers visibility.
Plus, their hardly more effective than just using my clawed hands!
Wherever I come across one of the monsters, I dispatch it with ruthless efficiency.
The sympathy that the rest of Terra squanders on these wastes of life is utterly infuriating to me!
But… they aren’t here… and I am!
These scum will see no sympathy from me!
I know that I’m approaching the Bridge from the map my helmet is feeding me when I round a corner and am confronted with a hastily erected barricade.
I dive back behind cover as a volley of kinetic and laser fire is levelled at me.
The wall panel behind where I was standing is crumpled and scorched by the barrage, though, given the overall quality of xeno construction, that doesn’t necessarily mean much!
I activate a miniaturized camera in my left index finger and slide just that finger around the corner.
The feed is displayed on the inside of my helmet and allows me to examine the fortification I’m about to assault.
It’s about 50ft away, down the hall, and made of what looks like office furniture.
The lip is around 10ft from the ground with a dozen or so xeno heads and weapons poking out over the top.
It takes me 1.4 seconds to choose a route of best approach from those my helmet suggests, deactivate my fingercam and break from cover.
I tear down the hall at a speed no one could ever match using biological limbs.
I’m obviously not fast enough to dodge lasers or kinetic pulses… but I don’t actually need to be… All I need to do is move my body out of the way faster than those moronic xenos can aim their guns!
I’m still hit a few times but it doesn’t do much more than buffet my body a little and make a few scorch marks in my armor.
When I’m practically point blank, I launch my self into the air.
Even though I have more than enough power to clear the top of the barricade in this weak gravity, I intentionally aim to clip the top of it with my body, my judgment being that flimsy xeno office furniture won’t stand up to the momentum of 500lbs of man and durasteel and that the impact will likely produce a blast of shrapnel like pieces that will eliminate some of the work of putting these fuckers down.
My gamble pays off.
The one standing nearest catches a shard in the neck and falls.
Three more are hit in less vital areas that will still be partially incapacitating.
Crossfire kills as many as I do over the next few seconds until the ones left have the sense to draw their swords.
A tall one brings a screaming edge down on me but my hand shoots up to catch its wrist, uses its blade to parry the blow following from the other side, a fifth of a second after, and kill two more who happened to be standing close enough before folding the big one’s arm back on itself, impaling it on its own weapon.
Discipline breaks and the remaining ones begin scrambling to get away… None of them do…
Dropping the head of the last of the barricade force onto the ground, I shorten my arms and extend my legs, making my way through the thick clouds of steam to the door of the Bridge.
It doesn’t open for me, obviously (even xenos aren’t that stupid) but, by the method of stabbing my claws into the seal, I’m able to gain enough purchase to leverage my enormous mechanical strength to force it open.
As I do I hear a round of pulse fire and enter the room to see the second to last of the Bridge crew slumping into its chair, its head reduced to pulp.
The only xeno left in the room, who neither died on the barricade nor spared me the effort by doing the job for me, is a 15ft tall, white furred, six legged creature that looks like a giraffe.
It’s four empty hands are raised up with the palms facing me.
“We surrender, Terran! We surrender!!!” It pleads in a language that’s been decoded enough that my helmet can translate it for me “There is no need-Aaaaagh!”
It screams as I close my fist and swing a right hook into its left clavicle.
I only hit it with enough force to crack the bone and bring out a bright goldenrod color bruise but, from the way the impact buckles its body, its spindly left foreleg very clearly breaks as well!
8ft of neck pass me by as the creature falls to the ground.
When its head is around a foot above mine, my left hand shoots up to grab one of its ossicone horns.
Suspending its head level with mine, I speak “Surrender?! You want to surrender!?!?!?… Don’t make me laugh!… Did my wife get the chance to surrender?! Did my daughter?”
I’ll give this giraffe thing credit: It’s braver than most who find themselves in its position. It hasn’t evacuated it’s bowels or bladder (or equivalents) that I can see and, while it’s clearly terrified and in agony, it’s still able to answer “I… would guess not… Though I couldn’t say for certain without knowing where they served…”
“Where they served…? Where they served?!?!?!… Oh, let me tell you where they ‘served’! My wife served as a technician at Clear Smiles Dental Office!… My daughter served as a fucking KINDERGARTNER at Blue Spruce Nursery in New Aspen! Her name was Sophie! She was six! She liked to fingerpaint!… New Colorado had barely heard the War had been declared when you showed up to rain fire down on our cities…!”
Sir… You have the wrong man… I have never been to New Colorado and did not participate in its decimation!” the giraffe thing interrupts.
And yet HERE you stood!!!” I scream “Until moments ago you stood here, commanding a fleet fighting for the proposition that Terrans have lost our existing privileges for nothing more than being frightening to you!!! You commanded forces dedicated to the genocide of MY people! You wear this uniform… and you claim innocence!?… As far as I can see, every single xeno in this fleet is just as guilty for what happened to my home as if they did the deed themselves!!!”
“I’m only doing what I’ve been told! I would have been shot for cowardice if I had refused!” bleats the creature.
“Ah… so… you were only following orders…(?)” I hiss, causing it to obviously realize that it said the wrong thing “…the last, desperate defense of every evil being ever confronted with their crimes!” my visor retracts, revealing a burned, mutilated face “Orders did this to me!… Your orders cost me my arms, my legs, my city, my friends, my family, my LIFE!… Do you have any idea what that’s like!?”
“I… dont…” admits the thing.
“Is that so…? Well then, allow me to give you a taste of it!” I say, my visor closing.
Dragging him by his ossicone, I stride to the panel in the center of the room. He whines protests and questions but I’m not listening.
I identify the port that I’m looking for and a cylindrical plug extends from the heel of my hand.
I jam it into the port and a moment later a computerized voice plays that my helmet is able to translate as saying “New Commander recognized.”
I look to the creature who’s command I just usurped for his reaction.
Confused is my guess…
I drag it to the bowward window and hold its head so it can see what’s about to happen.
“Computer; Target all Galactic Union ships in range!” I command.
Over the translated pleading and begging of the giraffe thing who seems now to realise his situation, I am able to discern the computer saying “Commander; that has been flagged as an action that bears significant tactical disadvan…”
Override! Target all GU ships!!!” I interrupt.
“All ships targeted, Commander.” announces the computer, its tone neutral, while the thing that’s horn I’m holding frantically and futilely attempts to countermand me.
FIRE!!!” I scream.
The xeno shields (the only thing that allows them to stand up to our barrages) are all concentrated forward, so their flanks are entirely exposed to their own flagship.
The thing weeps as space is illuminated with the burning ships of its comrades.
---2714 Terran Calenda1 year AF---
My durasteel claws gouge marks into the stones beneath my feet as I watch my marks walking, 100ft below me.
Though they are heavily guarded, none of their guards are armed.
Carrying weapons on the xeno capital world is strictly against their laws.
An advantage of operating outside the law is that I can carry weapons!
‘The Terran representative to the xeno parliament and the half sister of the arch traitor will be nice little feathers in my cap!’ I think to myself, as I leap from the edge.
Thank you to my brand new Patreon supporter, Thelon!
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Dramatis Personae
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2023.03.25 02:32 jellomellow000 Mom stole 2k from me and my dad

Can we sue for it back?
My mom has been charging me “rent” each month saying it was to pay for my food and water bill. I assumed this money was being put in my parents joint account and then would be used to help pay the monthly bills. She asked for me to give it to her in cash, each month.
Turns out, she was pocketing the money the whole time and my dad never saw a penny of it. Not a single penny was spent on food or water. It wasn’t rent, it was a donation to my mom. My dad was still footing the entire food and water bill. He had no idea my mom was asking for rent from me. I thought he knew.
She just left him and ran off with all that money she’s been collecting from me. Thousands and thousands of dollars (probably more than 2k actually) that she robbed from me that I was under the impression was going toward my food and water. I thought I was being a responsible young adult paying my dues to live at home.
She lied to us...
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2023.03.25 02:31 Zombo2000 Irresponsible dog owners of yeg, pick up your dog crap.

You can't walk two feet along a path or sidewalk near the river valley without seeing a fresh pile. I know it's not all dog owners but the ones who don't make everyone look bad. Today a group of twenty somethings carrying their bag of Fox Burger with a poor dog desperately trying to take a poo but being dragged by its leash so it couldn't. Finally it did, right in front of me and the girl holding the leash stood there with a dumb look on her face while I stopped to see what she was going to do. They all just stood there waiting for me and my kids to keep walking stupidly chuckling to themselves. If you're not responsible enough to pick up after your dog you're not responsible enough to own one.
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