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2023.06.03 23:03 Midnght_Sun Some helpful tips and tricks

TW/disclaimer: Before I get into anything, this will discuss dysphoria and some of my own ways that I try to control it that I think that might be useful. That being said, I am transmasc and not all of these will work for everyone, and they may not work all the time.
Hoodies: What would we do without hoodies? For me, an ideal hoodie or sweatshirt to combat top dysphoria is one that's in the biggest size I can find and is soft and comfortable. They are especially good for relaxing after binding in public for a while. Sweatpants can also be good for bottom dysphoria.
Pillows: When I sleep at night, I always hug a pillow to my chest to help with top dysphoria making me too uncomfortable to sleep. It's also good if you are just chilling on your couch and dysphoria hits. I feel very dysphoric, I take it up to a new level and wrap myself in a cozy blanket.
Gender affirming scents: It may not seem like a big deal, but once I changed to soap, deodorant and cologne that aligned with my gender identity I haven't looked back. I'm a pretty sensory person, amd using those make getting ready for the day more bearable.
Loofahs, sponges, and the lightswitch: I find using a sponge or loofah in the shower is somewhat helpful, as that way I don't have to touch my bear skin. Showering with the lights off is also helpful, but please use a small light source like a nightlight or a bit light coming through the door from another room so you can avoid accidentally hurting yourself.
Voice training: Classic voice training is hella expensive, but there are Youtube tutorials available that you can use for free. Implementing some of these voice techniques can make speaking a bit more bearable.
Packing and tucking are also good ways to handle bottom dysphoria as well.
I hope you all have a good day and have a safe journey. Thank you for reading my dumb little tips
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2023.06.03 23:03 WesleyDeFalco FM 2005:One screenshot per day! (Part 0)

Hi fellow managers, new and experienced.
Recently I stumbled upon my old laptop that I was using during my university days, a relic of old times, which fortunately I did not throw away. Imagine my shock when it actually fired up, and on it there it was, my first ever Football Manager game; the mighty FM 2005.
As anyone can relate, I went straight down memory lane and dwelved in my save; my transfers, my tactics, all of the old players, now icons of the beautiful game. Safe to say, as it was my first FM, and without a big internet community behind it like nowadays, the way I was playing it was BONKERS, but fun nonetheless. It paved the way for me to the best football simulator out there, and catapulted me in an almost two decade long quest to bring glory to my teams, or either the completion of self imposed challenges, on several different editions; I haven't bought them all, but I played at least 10 different FMs, with 21 being the latest one.
The game surely changed, as did football itself. There are, could and will be countless of topics and discussions about the differences, pros and cons of every new version of FM: the match engine, the UI, the AI, the transfers, training etc. I believe though, one of the biggest difference which is immediately observable is the difference in ATTRIBUTES: disposition, arrangent and VALUE. The best strikers in FM21 would be mediocre at best in the 05 version, that goes for any type of player.
Recently, I've seen people posting screenshots from old FMs, highlighting the massive difference of a 180CA player in FM2007 and FM23 for example.
I would like ALL OF YOU who are interested, to join me in an endeavour: I would like to post a screenshot of a new player, from FM 2005, every day: to spark discussion, awe, or just shithousery in general. Us experienced players can take a trip down memory lane, whilist newest managers, or younger players which simply had not had the possibility to know some of the footballers at their peaks, can have a chance to see how Football Manager changed throught the years.
I'm gonna to this every day, for how long, who knows. If somehow, this "series" sparks interest, I will start posting the most demanded players in the comments, if not, I'm gonna do my own thing. To have a digital database of sorts.
Tomorrow I'm gonna start with a 23 yers old John Terry!!
TL;DR I'm gonna start posting screenshots of players from FM2005, feel free to write requests
Keep having fun, keep throwing does bottles, and see you soon.
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2023.06.03 23:02 SERGIONOLAN One big thing I hated about GOTG Vol 3.

Saw GOTG Vol 3 awhile back with some mates, the film was alright, but there's one big thing I hated about it.
I hated that GOTG Vol 3 didn't have the original Gamora come back from the dead, or via some soul magic from Adam Warlock, her alternate self gets all the memories and experiences from the original as the two souls merged, upon the revelation that Gamora's soul is still out there free from the Soul World since the Infinity Stones were destroyed in Endgame. As my cousin thought that was going to be revealed to be the case when he saw the film.
I just love a good romance and PeteGamora is one of the best romance pairings in the entire MCU, they deserved a happy ending.
It's a bit of a problem in regards to the MCU, lately a lot of couples in the MCU have been breaking up, or one of them loses the other, it happened with Wanda and Vision, Peter Parker and MJ, Thor and Jane Foster.
One couple should have a have happy ending, could've had it Peter and Gamora retire at the end of Vol 3 and settle down on Earth together, have that be their last appearance in the MCU. Could've lead to a funny post credit scene with Gamora telling Peter's grandfather embarrassing stories about Peter's adventures in space, like maybe talking about a time Peter got drunk, started flirting with Gamora, thinking she was single and crying when she said she wasn't lol.
Does anyone else agree with me on this?
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2023.06.03 23:02 AutoModerator Simo Ahava – Google Analytics 4 in Big Query (

Simo Ahava – Google Analytics 4 in Big Query Download
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If the course shows a 404 it has most likely been removed by the DMCA, please contact us via email: [email protected] to purchase this course.
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2023.06.03 23:01 abundantcookies [SELL][US] Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, Vintage, (XS/S/Petites) - All Items $2!

Hello! Another round of clothing purge - some stuff from my last post and new things, with reduced prices. All clothing is in good condition - major flaws noted in description. Cat friendly home, although this is all stuff that is hung in my closet/in storage, so the cat is not usually around it. Can provide measurements/further description if needed! All items are $2!
Shipping is NOT included in prices. Will calculate exact shipping of your order, and will provide tracking.
Payment through Venmo or Paypal Friends and Family!
FULL ALBUM OF CLOTHING PHOTOS (descriptions listed for each photo):
Full List of Clothing Below (no photos linked) - ALL ITEMS $2
Bottoms (Skirts and Pants)
Long Sleeve Tops
Short Sleeve Tops
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2023.06.03 23:00 No_Equivalent_8608 Condom broke first day of period. Risk of being pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have had intercourse today and didn’t notice the condom was broken until he already finished. I got my period today a few hours before that. My period usually lasts 6 days and my cycle is around 28-32 days long. Is there a big chance of being pregnant? I don’t have easy access to plan B, I need an opinion.
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2023.06.03 23:00 extraordinarykitty jesus the struggle is real

i am back to a city in my homeland from abroad and the house i live in rn is kinda close to my to my ex’s house, and i had kind of a findom relationship and emotional addiction with him. i was very tempted, tried to hold myself but eventually i went to his neighborhood and was hanging around his house thinking if i should do anything. the fact that he doesn’t want me and doesn’t care about me and i’d do so much for him kinda turns me on, i was very very excited and i had this adrenaline rush… i called his house number (i don’t remember it so i just guessed and tried, and it also was a big apartment with a lot of flats) and it was apparently wrong (i thought an old man answered me, i got scared and hung up) and i was thinking whether i should call again or not cuz i wasn’t sure. and then the door opens and i didn’t see who was there but i just ran away. i don’t even want him or love him, but the fact that he doesn’t care about me and stop can control me is so… weird. my heart was beating so fast and i was laughing and nearly crying — i kinda missed this feeling. i’m thinking now if i should text him or not now i also feel kinda shit :/
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2023.06.03 23:00 JoshAsdvgi The Legend of Spirit Rock

The Legend of Spirit Rock

The Legend of Spirit Rock
a Menominee legend retold by
Leona M. Tourtillott and Talenna M. Peters

Long ago an elder told three warriors that if they walked a great distance to a sacred place along the Wolf River and offered tobacco, the Great Spirit would grant them their most wanted wish.
So the three set out on their journey.
They walked for many days and overcame many obstacles before reaching the sacred place.
The first warrior offered his tobacco and thought about his wish for a while.
Finally, he said, "Oh Great Spirit, could you please give me the skills to hunt better, for I have a big family and am not able to feed them?"
The Great Spirit gladly granted his wish and sent him on his journey back home.
The second warrior also offered his tobacco and then thought about his wish.
A moment later he said, "Oh Great Spirit, could you please help me find a wife, for I have everything and no one to give it to?''
The Great Spirit granted his wish and sent him on his way home.
The third warrior then stepped forward and offered his tobacco.
He stood at the sacred spot looking at the ground.
When he looked up, he said, "Oh Great Spirit, would you grant me eternal life, for I want to live forever?"
Such selfish pride angered the Great Spirit.
In return, the Great Spirit granted his wish by turning him into an everlasting rock, Spirit Rock.
To this day Spirit Rock still exists.
It is said that if the rock ever crumbles away, the Menominee people will have lost their culture.
Some also say that if the rock crumbles, there will no longer be any full-blooded Menominee.
Gifts of tobacco are offered on the rock because it is a symbol to be cherished forever by the Menominee people.
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2023.06.03 23:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread

This thread is for casual conversation, anything that doesn't warrant it's own thread (repeated topics, surveys, polls etc) and off-topic content. It will only be lightly moderated - basically just don't abuse each other and you're good to go. It's a place for the community to connect and interact a little more freely, so play nice and respect your fellow community members.
If you have a newsworthy article or sub-relevant content please post it directly to the sub as a New Post.


Upcoming AMAs

A big thanks to Bennelong who is reaching out far and wide to bring some new AMAs to the sub. Please note that our AMAs will be heavily moderated to ensure rules are adhered to. We have MPs graciously putting their hands up for questions and don't need people unduly emboldened by anonymity to start breaking rules.
For a view of how MPs have voted on various issues please use They Vote For You. Please note that your research should not end there as many MPs vote along party lines whilst personally advocating internally for another position, but it can be a useful starting point.

Completed AMAs


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2023.06.03 23:00 BigLorry Revisiting The Ring Two: this is…not good

Was looking for a lazy afternoon horror to put on, scrolled past this on Max and thought despite absolutely adoring The Ring I truly couldn’t remember anything about the sequel.
About an hour in now and jeez this is quite the stinker. Even brushing aside the distractingly bad acting from the kid (not his fault, he’s a kid, but whew), this movie just reeks of a shoehorned follow-up to a film that had a fairly tightly wrapped ending.
It reminds me a bit of Freddy’s Revenge, where we take a seemingly established character in Samara and turn it into something completely different. Combine the change in direction with the literal change in directors and we just end up with a mess.
Plot aside, the film is just ugly and has an odd direct to video feel. Gore Verbinski’s first Ring film is gorgeous, with an impeccable aesthetic and very cohesive visual design. This one feels like it can’t decide whether it wants to re-create that or do it’s own thing and suffers greatly for it.
The pacing and lack of engaging mystery is also a big letdown compared to the first. Scenes seem half-hazardously put together with no real momentum building. The tone feels off straight from the get-go with the opening kill and just never really recovers.
Any thoughts on this one? I remember not being the biggest fan of the Ringu follow-ups either but at least had a better time than this one.
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2023.06.03 23:00 No_Equivalent_8608 Condom broke first day of period. Risk of being pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have had intercourse today and didn’t notice the condom was broken until he already finished. I got my period today a few hours before that. My period usually lasts 6 days and my cycle is around 28-32 days long. Is there a big chance of being pregnant? I don’t have easy access to plan B, I need an opinion.
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2023.06.03 22:59 Manito25 Where to Sell Used ProV1 and TPX balls.

I caddy at a private course. I always collect the good balls when i find them. At the end of the season i always end up with a big box. Any suggestions on where to sell for top dollar?
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2023.06.03 22:59 LostandWandering- What is your average dose size?

I have been using kratom for a little over two years now, consistently and I’ve found my sweet spot is somewhere between 4-7 grams. Just curious how big or small of a dose you take!
side note: please do your research with kratom before seriously getting into it, I see people recommending new users 8-12 gpd and that’s just insane. That’s way to much, especially for someone new. Less is more with kratom, as annoying as it is to constantly hear that, it’s the truth.
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2023.06.03 22:59 Sibertooth91 A look into the recent features and the observable development trend of ChatGPT

Lately, there seems to be an aggressive push towards new user acquisition and expanding the app's scope. Essentially, the goal seems to be making the app easy enough for anyone of any technological literacy to download and use. While I completely get the sudden rush regarding market competitiveness, I'm concerned the service could suffer if the focus towards broad user scope continues to take precedence over other aspects for too long.
Here are a couple of standouts to me and some breakdowns regarding them and the focus of business and marketing, especially in the AI hype surge landscape:
The recent mobile App
While acknowledging that it can be said that it was necessary to get a mobile app out due to market competition and other aspects, it is worth considering focus of the app, and where the disparagements are noticeable, particularly as an experienced user. For example, splitting chat. Again, one can say that it was necessary to get an app out that was heavily focused on user onboarding, so it will be interesting to see how the development of it unfolds moving forward, particularly throughout the immediate future.
The release of a Share Feature
The obvious gain to this element is further market relevance and awareness, and the general perks that come with an app based share system (but also factor in the context of what this app is, and additionally, the sudden hype). You could get big viral trends of a wild chat, or just general sharing which provides further awareness. Lots of new potential becomes possible. Note that sharing becomes disabled if anything becomes flagged, even if you go back and remove that part, because sharing is essentially marketing, and thus needs to be as safe as possible.
Also note, particularly with the latter, what UX aspects are missing to move resources into that kind of area of development.
My concern stems from the prioritization of certain elements which, while themselves, aren't inherently problematic, when you compound the general trend of changes, general hype of the concept, and market competition, the flow of development seems to inexorably flow in this direction.
So it made me think, to what extent, and with that, will functionality and UX be compromised to facilitate legality x growing userbase of lower tech literacy? [growing userbase of lower tech literacy] = Enthusiasts or people in tech likely to find new tech first, then with marketing to general public, they wont be as literate in said tech (how can they if they dont know it exists).
Finally, it would be interesting to hear some other points regarding these elements.
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2023.06.03 22:59 Fishtw420 [leasxoxo] Catfish/RP for me as a dizzy and oblivious bimbo airhead. Big tits, big lips, slutty outfits, heels. The dumber, the better. Could be my stepmom, best friend, roommate or many more... Got kinky scenarios and few limits. Let's discuss or jump straight in..

[leasxoxo] Catfish/RP for me as a dizzy and oblivious bimbo airhead. Big tits, big lips, slutty outfits, heels. The dumber, the better. Could be my stepmom, best friend, roommate or many more... Got kinky scenarios and few limits. Let's discuss or jump straight in.. submitted by Fishtw420 to CatfishMePlease2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:59 VirtualLassitude 30 [M4R] Illinois/Anywhere - Neither of us is perfect but we might be perfect for one another. Shall we find out?

Hello out there. I’m a hopeless romantic hopelessly searching for a romantic connection that will burn and provide some light through the darkness of life. Or, at least, a connection that is emotionally fulfilling in some way :). On top of that, I have just moved to a place where I don't know many people so I'm also open to making some new friends. So, if you’re reading this, you should go ahead and send me a message. I promise you won't regret it. 😊
A little bit about me: I'm 6'1 around 155 lbs. I keep myself in pretty good shape.
I just recently finished my PhD and landed a job that I really love. I’m pansexual and pretty far left-leaning when it comes to politics. I'm happy to swap pics if you are interested. :)
Some of my hobbies: I enjoy reading a lot and I’m a big movie nerd at heart. I love learning new things and I can be a repository for a lot of useless fun facts. I really enjoy cooking and trying new foods a lot, as well. I am a bit of a nerd (sci-fi/fantasy have always been my jam) but, at the same time, I really enjoy playing and watching sports. I also really enjoy travelling and seeing new places whenever I am able to.
My friends would describe me as intelligent, funny, witty, passionate, honest and unique. I can carry conversations pretty easily about almost anything but I do have a penchant for going on unexpected tangents every once and a while. My humor is best described as a mix of caustic wit and sarcasm with a good dose of puns and downright weirdness. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, but I guarantee that you won’t find anyone else like me.
So, if you think we might click, go ahead and send me a message and let’s get to know each other. I would love to get to know you 😊 If you’re looking to jumpstart the conversation, tell me about your favorite movie or, if that's not quite your speed, tell me about something you really enjoy doing in your free time. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!
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2023.06.03 22:59 partymsl Coffeezillas recent video just once again showed how you should NEVER trust some absurdly high gains.

I think many here have likely already watched Coffeezilla‘s recent video where he started exposing a $500M ponzi scheme that fooled many celebrities for their millions, if you have not I would very highly recommend doing so. But the video is not the main part of this post, instead the key point of that video.
Just as with many other times, also here people mostly invested because they heard success stories from their so-called friends and mainly because they get promised some delusive high gains. Delusive because we wall know that a business talking about 461000% gains can‘t be takes serious at all.
Sadly people once again fell for it and just as in Coffee‘s video shown and how it often also is in real-life, those people usually do not even know what the whole business is about and they have no clue as to how the company is possibly generating those massive gains to pay them out. For example, in Coffees video many have been talking about some kind of a mystery trading bot making those gains and some about so-called master trader, they all had no idea at all.
This is just all a big red flag and we all also made experience in that. May it be the big cashback promises, on that they swiftly had to scale back as soon as the bear market hit or the big yields on stablecoins like UST or lenders like Celsius. If you see anything that seem too good to be true, it very likely is not true.
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2023.06.03 22:59 audmor01 The secret is that Iron Lung is coming to Canada 🍁 🇨🇦

I’m so excited to watch Iron Lung on the big screen at my local Cineplex! 🦫
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2023.06.03 22:59 KingPenguinPhoenix What is BEYOND the Spiderverse? [ASTV Related]

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I haven't read a lot of the comics and that most of the information I know is second hand (that's what this theory comprises of, not 100% accurate information, so feel free to correct me if I missed something).
But I was thinking, in ATSV, there's a lot of talk about "destiny" and "sticking to canon". The whole point of the movie, and what Miles resolves to do in the end, is that he's going to write his own story no matter what the higher power of reality says.
This is good and all but then I kept thinking about the title of the next movie "BEYOND the Spiderverse". It made me think, is Miles simply going to break the rules of the Multiverse or is he actually going to break THROUGH the Multiverse?
I mean, these movies have been pretty clear that they all take place in a comic, so what if in BTSV, Miles breaks through reality and meets the being(s) that control/ write the Multiverse?
I know there's a character in the comics called "The One Who Writes All" (guess what his power is) and I think that would be a pretty good guess as to who's pulling the strings behind all this. Of course, I know they can't get Stan Lee or Steve Ditko to play him (I also know he was based off Jack Kirby in the comics so that's also not an option) but what if they get Miles' creators (Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli) to play that role? (Or should they are designed to look like Stan and/or Ditko but they're played by someone else?)
I think it'd be hella funny if we just had Miles chew out his creators for giving every Spider-man the same story. Then, he'd tell them to be original and give him a happy ending. It would definitely help push the message of ATSV and allow Miles to do his own thing uninterrupted. (AND it'd be one big nod to the joke that Spider-man writers are incapable of letting the character feel happiness by actually giving Miles a satisfying conclusion.)
There's also the option of the Beyonders. I don't know much about these guys so if you wanna enlighten me please do but my limited info on them is why I hadn't included them in my theory.
What do you guys think? Is Miles set to just break the flow of Spider-man stories in the Multiverse or is he gonna actually go beyond the borders of his reality?
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2023.06.03 22:59 Sufficient-Tune-5424 Hear him run at the end cuz he sees the big shadow

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2023.06.03 22:59 PorFavoreon Conservative Dad

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2023.06.03 22:58 flamingohasthetardis Legend

Thanks Ange for everything you have done for this club you took us from a club in turmoil to treble winners you won me over big time and never forget how much you mean to us celtic fans and how thankful we are to have you and if this is your swan song for celtic I don't bear you any resentment just feel thankful for the best times you have given us and our football club you will always be a massive legend in my eyes and I don't want you to go but I totally understand if you have to and wish you all the best and the luck in the world thank you ange I bloody love you and that will never ever change and for now just one last thing to say treble champions! ❤️❤️⚽⚽🍀🍀😭😭Xx
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