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2023.06.07 13:30 ancientnugget UPX diwa portal down

helloo, is diwa portal down?? i tried opening it on 3 different devices na but it always says " redirected you too many times. " i have already cleared the cookies but it's still the same pls helppp thanks in advancee <3
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2023.06.07 13:29 Grimm_Crow I fucked up

My current relapse is on day 20, and I feel... I don't know. For the first couple of weeks I was riding the high of having even a little bit of control over SOMETHING but I'm completely crashing down now. I've been overexercising like hell that whole time and I was fine until the past couple of days, because now I'm certain I've done some serious damage with all the obsessive exercise. I'd never taken the exercise to THIS extreme before, especially not while restricting at the same time, and I'm paying the price.
I can barely walk right now, I'm in so so so much pain physically and I hate myself so much for twisted reasons because I can't stop feeling like I'm just... I don't know... Weak, or lazy, or something, for "allowing" myself to get hurt by what I've been doing. Lately my ED has been the only thing keeping my mind off of other shit I really don't want to think about, the exercising especially was my escape because I could just tune out and focus on the calories I was burning and now I can't even do that because I went too far, I guess.
But I guess my body needs a break from what I've been putting it through, since it's literally forcing me to rest now. I don't know. I feel lost. I haven't been in this dark of a mindset since 2021.
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2023.06.07 13:29 -catholicon 1 (25F) am in love with a man (29M) who claims he loves me back but doesn’t want to be partners unless I change. Now, he is “reconnecting” with an old flame who is married 10 years and has one child.

Met a man through work. Fell for each other fast. Long distance but we agreed to stay friends unless one of us moved. After about a year I moved in with him. We agreed to wait a few months before establishing a relationship. About 3 months go by-during which I looked at his phone and found he was talking to other women. I apologized for invading his privacy (and changed, I learned what I did was wrong and accepted responsibility)but he never apologized for lying to me. The night I found out I had a mental breakdown (yes, I am also learning to control my emotions and heal my mental health) and accidentally broke something of his (for which I replaced and paid for, also took responsibility and made changes). We had many hours of deep conversations to work through things. He finally asks me to be his partner. We dated for one month, then he dumped me. I took it hard. I found out he only asked me to be his partner because he felt pressured, which was also the reason he lied about talking to other woman. We still had love for each other. We continued having deep, productive conversations; getting to understand each other on a deeper level and also trying to sort things out. I’ve been making so many changes to be a better person not just for myself, but for him as well. He has anger issues and took a lot of it out on me, even for things I didn’t do. I ignored it for a while because I felt I deserved it. Finally told him that it’s not fair to treat me like shit, I get he has resentment from me breaking his trust but I can’t be in his life if this is how he’s going to treat me. He finally listened. We continue on, both making changes to be better, still having productive conversations to work through things and understand each other, to help us both heal. He recently reconnected with his first love. They grew up together but he moved to America and they lost contact. They dated very very briefly as teenagers, he ended things. She has now been married for 10 years and has one child with her husband. They both admitted they still love each other. She told him she “thought about him when she was walking down the isle”. He tells me that he’s accepted they will never be together but they talk nonstop all day long… kind of like how him and I used to be. His eyes light up when he talks about her, he gets teary eyed and happy. He says he has no intention on ruining their friendship or her marriage, but they’ve been flirting and having very intimate conversations. Apparently she’s not happy in her marriage- husband checks off all the boxes except her most important one, he is emotionally cold and doesn’t express feelings the way she needs him to. Part of me feels like a second option. Part of me feels like I’m overthinking it- I have a first love too, I’ll always love him as a human and would love to have him in my life as a friend and nothing more, but he passed away 3 years ago. Part of me is so incredibly jealous and wants to tell this woman’s husband she’s kind of cheating on him. Hearing him tell me this is heartbreaking. I understand on some levels as I do see both sides. I do just want him to be happy… he tells me he still has feelings for me but couldn’t see us getting married until I changed, until I learned how to control my emotions and build his trust back again. I want him regardless of what he needs to change as I’m willing to help him change and support him through it. We still live together and we are still sexually active, although the treats me more as a friend. He says even though he has feelings for me, he doesn’t show them because I haven’t changed yet and doesn’t want me to think I can get away with not learning to be better. This situation goes a lot deeper of course. Please try to see both sides of this, rather than make judgements upon reading. We are only humans and only trying to be happy. I’m having a hard time with it all. It’s so stressful and emotional. I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know what to do other than focus on myself. I want him as a partner, I want him to be happy, but I also want to be happy. What are your thoughts on this situation?
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2023.06.07 13:28 Educational_Beat_581 Sed rate

Hello fellow sufferers, quick question. Did anyone happen to get a sed rate blood test done ? If so, what was the number ? I recently had a sed rate test done and it was practically 0, meaning I have little to no inflammation. Which was shocking considering I was diagnosed with costo in November 2022 and still struggle with the pain in my sternum and back every day. It hurts when I press on it, I can feel exactly where it is. But this one test result has my anxiety at an all time high, making me think it’s not costo after more hospital and dr visits for it than I can count.
How is it possible to have the near-constant pain of costo with no inflammation in my body ? I’d love to hear if anyone else has a similar situation please 😭😭
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2023.06.07 13:28 kyxtant Comfortable E8, GS11

I mean shit. I kinda have it made. Nothing mind blowing, but super comfy.
At one point, warrant was a goal, but I had a permanent profile from a lingering leg injury. Couldn't pass the APFT run, but the ACFT? Easy peasy.
But now don't know. On the tech side, had goals to supervise a maintenance shop. Be a WS 10. Now I'm a supervisory GS11 and will top out greater than the WS I could've been.
M-Day, I'm E8 BDE staff, in an MOS that has no path to E9. I get chargeable housing at AT. I'm not required to go through the NBC chamber. I have no troops. None. It's just me.
The state CCWO keeps asking me about a packet and I'm just not sure if it's worth the trouble any more. There is no mobility up on the tech side for a CW2-3. On M-Day I'm on cruise and the pay would be a bit better but nothing to do combat rolls over.
But I supervise 4 guys. 2 want to go warrant. They can't do that and keep their jobs as long as I sit comfortably. I've got about 10 years to go.
Anyway, tell me to keep the single rooms and stupid cable TV and just keep on keeping on. Or not. I don't know.
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2023.06.07 13:28 associateoftheday My store's teaming schedule is a bunch of bullshit

Over the last week, Management has informed us that on teaming, they can drop us as low as 36 hours, and non-teaming full time could be 34. Stating that teaming only promises the 2 days off in a row and "full-time hours."
I cannot find anything on one walmart that actually states what a teaming schedule promises. To my store, it was sold to us as "guaranteed 2 days off in a row and guaranteed 40 hours a week." They also said that non-teaming full time was a minimum 36 hours. Management continuously told us that "teaming is the only way to GUARANTEE 40 hours".
I took a schedule that I didn't want, one that doesn't work for my personal life because I needed to have 40 hours.
Now HO is on my store's ass cause we are over hours, so teaming has been trickling down, first saying "oh, we can schedule you 39 to avoid overtime," which to me is reasonable and understandable. That makes sense. But it keeps escalating and most of my team has 7 hour days almost everyday.
So then what the hell is the point of being teaming when I could be full time, be getting the same hours, and get the days off I want? Its making us all very frustrated with the system.
I would report it, but I can't find anything on one walmart that actually states what qualifies as teaming. I feel like I was fed a bunch of lies.
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2023.06.07 13:28 xfallenangelx95 27/F Looking for someone in exactly the same situation as mine - Someone friendless,talkative and kind! Kindness is highly appreciated by me! I'm interested only in daily conversations and long term friendships! Let everyone on Reddit be happy! Let them find their happiness :) Never give up!

Only Europe Please - short note - If you're not into reading or receiving long messages,don't read any further + Please If you don't want to read everything because of my post being too long for you & instead of reading It all - ..skip some parts - find another person to talk to.Let's respect each other and our free time. All people criticizing/making fun of me & other people - will permanently be blocked.Pretty much as people questioning my post and giving me unsolicited advice.I'm not here for any conflicts and I know I can't please everyone - I know I never will.. However It's me who should feel comfortable in my new potential friendship & obviously someone interested in being my friend - not the whole world which is why I don't need any advice from people who don't even want to be a part of my life. The amount of rude people on Reddit always criticizing others and making fun of them is unbelievably high but let me tell you something - NEVER let anyone make choices for you and criticize you only because you're different! Always fight for your dreams and never let anyone make you think you're worthless! It's your life and you're the one deciding what's best for you - If you want to judge me despite not even wanting to talk to me or give me avice better block me Hello guys! 🙂 (read everything before you decide to send me a message) Please send me a message ONLY If you're in the same situation and If your expectations are the same as mine.I want to find like minded people from Europe (Why Europe? Read my post to find out) I'm looking for something permanent (remember - you can feel lonely even If you're surrounded by others - If there's no emotional bond) I'm fed up of meeting people who never make any time for me & only text me once or twice a week to ask me "what are you up to?" Out of boredom.I don't want to meet people asking others a million of questions like "what's your favorite movie?" Just to give you one word answer and ask you another question "and music? Your favorite song?" I'm looking for something "deeper" & different🙂What kind of friend would I like to find? Someone to talk to on a daily basis - Someone who needs It & wants It just as much as me
What are my expectations? I would like to meet someone in a similar situation – why? Because I honestly feel like only a person with the same expectations and a similar outlook on life would get along with me & because I feel more comfortable talking to people like me..Friendless people who need a strong bond - people without friends and without partners..Don't get me wrong…Most people deserve to be happy and It's good to have friends but people who have friends or families in real life are usually more focused on them ( which is completely understandable) & have less time for others + I simply don't want to be replaced by anyone..I kind of envy people who can call others , true friends given I don't have an emotional bond with any of my acquaintances. Whenever I hear that others have friends I simply get sad because (believe it or not) If I had to choose between 20 people to talk to (Acquaintances) and one special person - I'd choose that one special person without any hesitation . I also want to talk to others on a daily basis mainly because..I want to see someone’s effort & be someone's first choice - not another person to have random conversations with..Why I'd rather talk to people from my continent? Well..Mainly because I would like to see someone I'd get along with - In the far future - face to face :) + I don't want to wait any longer than 6 hours to receive a message - Especially given most people are always available on social media sites & keep their phones in a pocket.Once you receive & open my message - get back to me (If you're as serious as I am & really need a true friend) waiting 6 hours to receive a message is more than enough I'm by no means criticising people who don't want to talk to others often / People who really are super busy & People who want to find someone to have non important conversations with - I'm aware that not everyone has the same expectations which is why everything you're reading now - is here for a reason.All I'm suggesting is - I don't want anything temporary and I don't want to be the one always giving more than receiving.Listen people - I used to ignore being..ignored by others..always being just an option to talk to during tough times or moments of boredom.I was too young to realize that I was never important enough for most people that were a part of my life I don't know who needs to hear this but..No one is too busy to make time for you! People make excuses to avoid others because they prioritize everything and (maybe) everyone..over them. It's true that most people really are busy - but It takes only a few seconds to start a conversation (If you're into short messages) and a few minutes (1-10/15) to type a long message Don't let anyone lie to you. Truth is that most people either don't like you enough to make time for you or just simply - feel no need to talk to others often but are they too busy? No..You don't need to send me a message just to ask me and tell me "Do you really want to talk daily? I like long messages but I can't promise to contact you often" If you really are unsure please don't send me a message.I don't need more acquaintances aka people to talk to - occasionallyI'm not trying to sound rude - I just don't want to meet new people and get emotionally attached - only to end up being left alone after weeks or months of daily conversations.I'm sick of that never ending story and always meeting people who ghost me without a single word (even if everything seems to be ok) or people who "change priorities" over time & become like strangers…I don't want to go through this ever again.Let me tell you one thing – A true friend would never just give up on you for no reason :)It’s always possible to find someone to have a random conversation with – someone willing to send you one message once or twice a week..but..It’s almost impossible to find people willing to make time for you. I’m not asking a busy person to make time for me by changing some plans! Absolutely not! I’m here to find someone who wants to talk daily (throughout the day or maybe even night) of one’s own will.Someone looking for the same kind of connection.Strong friendships are based on mutual support. One of the best things you can do for a friend in need, is just to be there for them when they want to talk.I often see posts from people who always say how friendless they are because they don't feel loved or appreciated by their "friends" remember! A true friend - someone who truly likes you or someone who wants to get to know you - will always find time for you. 🙂 I'm not really interested in small talk/short messages - I love long and meaningful conversations. It's so easy to find someone who loves abbreviations and questions like "How are you?" How was your day? Or what are you interested in? But so hard/almost impossible to find a person who knows how to keep a conversation going & show others some effort.Building and maintaining friendships takes time and effort.Never allow pursuits or possessions to become bigger priorities than your relations with other people.Close friendships are so important to us because they are so difficult to form + Having friends can help you feel as if you belong to something that brings purpose and connection to your life • I do NOT respond to any „Hey,hmu” or „u want to talk” type of messages (super short messages or messages full of abbreviations – I literally can’t stand abbreviations and acronyms in text messages) ALL messages full of abbreviations will immediately be ignored.I also don't like it when people ignore everything I say in private messages just to focus on some question or? Start talking only about themselves.. I love conversations with people refering to every part of my messages - not just some question. • No dirty messages PLEASE.I'm not looking for anyone to flirt with and I'm not looking for a partner either. No NSWF profiles..I always check people's profiles (Even comment history) - To avoid guys,trying to get inappropriate photos from adult women or? flirt with them & If your comment history is full of rude comments - you and I wouldn't get along! I can't stand people who judge other people and use vulgar words to describe them or? Make fun of them.Respect is very important • If both (you and I) are from the same country (I live in a non-English speaking country ) - I want to communicate with you in our first language! No - Not because I don't understand English because as you see - I do. Why then? English is simply overrated and people don't appreciate other languages as much as they should. So.. If we're from the same country and you want to talk only in English (which is quite common on reddit) - Talk to someone else. I just simply don't want to talk to a person from the same country - in a foreign language as It's just something I don't understand even If all you want is to practice your english

• Please only adult people 18-36 age range (I'm 27)

• I don’t respond to messages I don’t find interesting even If they're long - If after receiving and reading your message I don't feel comfortable or think "I wouldn't get along with him/her" I simply do not respond (what I’m suggesting is that I don’t always respond to someone’s first or second message because..sometimes you just know If you’d get along with someone or not- I’d never ignore anyone after days or weeks of daily conversations though) just because I don’t want to do anything forcefully & because I don’t want to lead anyone on. I read all messages but I definitely don't respond to all of them! I want to make it clear because I don't want to be accused of not responding and not reading people's messages! - Some people don't message me back as well and even though It is a bit disappointing I'm ok with that! - as long as there's no emotional bond - I think it's ok to not respond to someone's first or second message If people think they wouldn't get along! I can't stand being ignored after days or weeks of daily conversation and seeing people changing priorities but that's something different - something I don't want to go through ever again for real If I'm really interested in someone's message - I respond within a matter of minutes - max 6 hours (If I'm in bed - just sleeping) you won't even hear from me "I'm too busy" because I know myself and If I really was too busy to make time for others - I wouldn't be here. I either want to talk to someone..or not.I don't want to pretend someone I'm not and always try to find some cheap excuses to avoid others. (unlike some people)

• Don’t ask me “Can you tell me something about yourself?” If you really want to get to know me - you can ask me questions :) I'm an open book.

• It would be better If you guys were into emojis - just like me - just to describe your emotions through text. Two emojis - 🙂 and 🙁 are completely enough I just don't like emotionless messages.I also don't like it when people say "yeah" or yea"as it sounds dismissively.

• I want to talk on reddit first (just to make sure If I'd get along with you ) before moving to Discord or some other app

• Time response matters to me a lot! It matters to me whether I get a message back after one hour,three hours,6 hours or..12 hours and even..after a couple of days..And If you're another person just looking for one day conversation and then? "Disappear" for some amount of time longer than one day to come back and apologize me for being busy - don't even leave me a message.I just want to be honest with you from the start.I'm interested only in daily conversations

Why can’t you see any of my interests listed down below? Because what really matters to me is..who you are (If you’re honest,talkative,understanding,caring and trustworthy – for example) just simply – It matters to me what you’re like! not what you like.Don’t get me wrong – you can tell me what your hobbies are but in my personal opinion,common interests are important mainly when you want to find a gaming buddy (for example) or If you want to meet someone to hang out with in real life and..go bowling for example.What most people seem to care about are other people's interests – I don’t. I get along with other people despite having completely different hobbies but I absolutely don’t get along with people way different than me (different expectations and outlook on life– way different sense of humor or personality traits – It’s just an example) It doesn't make ANY DIFFERENCE to me If you're a gamer or? Someone interested in photography! It doesn't make any difference - > as long as you're talkative and kind and If you also want to find someone willing to stay in your life..for good - But If you're into small talk and all you want is to...type and receive super short messages or If you're here only because you're bored and don't know what to do + If you're a very sarcastic person - I'm definitely not for you!I don't get along with overly sarcastic people turning everything into a joke. Friendships should be natural – not forced. Both people wanting to be friends should feel comfortable and have something in common. No - not necessarily a similar taste in music or movies but something else..Most friendships don't fizzle out because of people not having the same hobbies but..because they just simply have different expectations when It comes to something important.I'm not here out of boredom and trust me - I'm not here to meet as many people as possible.I choose quality over quantity.I higly value myself and my time & Sometimes one person but a person who makes you feel comfortable and understood - is more than enough :) We ALL can choose what kind of people we’d like to talk to and maybe even become really good friends with and I? I don’t want anyone to be disappointed.We all have some expectations after all.I know that people don't have to talk everyday to be friends but I'm interested only in daily conversations with someone also interested in talking dailyIf you really need someone to talk to due to loneliness and If you have time to talk to me daily (throughout the day and maybe even night)I always make time for others.I'm literally always available.I could even stay up all night long only to talk to someone. I’m ready to commit but only If there’s some chemistry between me and someone else.I don’t do anything forcefully. If you want to talk to me tell me your story - tell me why you're here, what kind of friend would you like to meet :) Et cetera.Such messages are way more interesting to me than...someone's long list of hobbies. I know! It's unusual on reddit but I don't make friends based on hobbies..I want to meet someone with the same mindset as mine to finally feel understood and get close to someone new.You can share your problems with me - I absolutely don't mind "complaining" as I've been through a lot in my life.What do people usually tell you when you tell them that's something's wrong? "Don't complain" or "Life's not over yet - one day you'll be happy" or "There are worse situations than yours" and..obviously "Find a therapist" Life's not a fairytale and sometimes things don't go as planned.Emotions shouldn't be bottled up.I'm sick of people always telling others "everything's gonna be ok" move on " & more..Trust me people - not everyone wants to hear "Just believe in yourself and everything's gonna be ok" Some people take it as reassurance. But others see it as false hope. Imagine being told that things will be okay, only for them to get worse..Do you guys know why telling someone "everything's gonna be ok" Is wrong? Because you can't see the future. You can't guarantee others that one day they'll finally be happy + when It comes to social interactions - We're only responsible for ourselves - not for others & as you guys know people let us down quite often (sometimes even when there's no reason) so instead of telling people how they should move on,forget everything and be happy or asking them to find a therapist - be there for them! Always be willing to listen to them If you really like them or want to get to know them & don't suggest everyone in a tough situation to find a therapist because a therapist won't ever replace a true friend + It's quite normal to be disappointed If people always do something to hurt you.Sharing your hardships with other people in a very similar situation or exactly the same one - is VERY helpful If the other person understands you & wants to start all over by just letting it all out & feeling emotional support instead of always hearing some "positive quotes" or someone saying "Stop complaining let's talk about something else"Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. I appreciate sensitive people who always try to understand others.Empathy is everything
Our world needs more peace 🤗 I've seen a lot of rude comments on reddit.If you don't agree with me - OK but please don't criticize me + Not everyone is here to ask for advice.Listen people - I know how different my post is & I know It won't be easy for me to find what or rather who - I'm looking for BUT I always want to be myself instead of pretending someone I'm not and lying to others.I know It would be easier if (like others) I had less expectations but I I know what I want and honestly? If my post was different..I wouldn't be me.Even If I won't meet a person I'd get along with - that's ok! but don't give me any unsolicited advice because I wouldn't change for someone who doesn't even know me pretty much as I wouldn't want to change anyone else.I'm not trying to "fit in" and be like everyone else - just to get more attention.Accept me for who I am or let go - is my motto.I'm not here to argue with anyone and to make fun of others.
Please - If you're a completely different person than the described type of person I'm looking for (If you love abrreviations,If you don't need an emotional connection,If you're sarcastic and quiet) or If you simply disagree with my post - don't force yourself to send me a message.I want my new potential friendship,to be natural which is why I want you to contact me If your needs are the same - I don't want you to try to change yourself only to please me - Pretending to be someone you're not - is the worst.I know It's possible to find what I'm looking for as I had conversations with people looking for exactly the same thing and being nice to me - I want to believe in my luck again as I had it a few times on reddit - I've recently lost someone I thought could be a friend of mine (such a perfect match) and I'm sad but I want to finally be happy again & find someone always wanting to talk - sending me random pictures throughout the day - food pictures or pictures of some animals and what is the most important to me? To find people who value online friendships as much as they would value real life ones as there's another human being on the other side No comments please.Only Private messages and chat requests.I don't really like public conversations and I also do not respond to comments so If you want to send me a message just do it without saying "You can DM me" + I'm online almost all the time and yes - I am very selective but If I had to choose between having another (new) acquaintance and being in the same situation as I currently am - I'd always choose second option.I don't need more people to talk to every now and then and any chit chat so please think twice before you decide to send me a message
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2023.06.07 13:28 Interesting-Cake-691 CMV: Reincarnation and Eternal Nothingness after death are exactly the same thing.

Reincarnation is a thought many folks believe in because of their religion. It says that our soul or the thing that makes us "us" gets born again into a different living thing after we die. But, it's important to know that in this idea, we forget everything from our past life. We don't remember anything from before, so our past self and our new self aren't connected.
On a different note, some people think about what happens after we die in a different way. They believe in "Eternal Nothingness," a thought that often goes hand-in-hand with people who don't believe in gods and certain thinkers or religious groups. This thought says that when we die, our minds, the thing that lets us think and feel, stop completely. It means that our sense of self goes away, like dissolving into a never-ending space of not being.
Looking at these two different ways of thinking, I say that they both end up meaning the same thing in the end. In both ideas, the special thing that makes us "us" right now goes away forever. What's important to know is that our current self disappears for good, which is a lot like the idea of Forever Nothingness. No matter if we believe in getting born again but forgetting everything, or disappearing into a never-ending space of nothingness, our current self stops being. This makes the idea of reincarnation and forever nothingness not so different after all.
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2023.06.07 13:27 hannahjayne1111 Can I skip travel vaccines?

Hi everyone - I’m travelling to Thailand next week. I contacted my doctor about 2 months ago for my travel vaccines appointment but they could only offer me an appointment days before I leave. I’m due to get the vaccines on Friday and leave on Tuesday.
As I have so much left to do and not really in a position to have down time I’m considering not getting the travel vaccines and taking the risk.
Just not sure how big of a risk that is - as I’m planning to stay in SE Asia for months even possibly a year.
Has anyone got any advice on whether the travel vaccines are absolutely necessary or how big the risk of skipping them is?
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2023.06.07 13:27 egnards I have altered the Math Club Public Sheet to be more user friendly - Pray I do not alter it further

Here is the link
It is read only - You may make a copy of the sheet to do your own thing, but as soon as kiwis start sending me data I will be updating this specific sheet on the day of the chase.
Before I get into my notes. Seriously a huge thank you to u/Rymas1 for looking it over last night. He took me idiot brain caveman formulas and made me look like a far more classy bitch than I ever will be, I almost feel like Julia Roberts. There are a few minor bugs with the sheet that should not be affected by this current chase at all, that I will update in the future when I have time to sit down with them.
On the day of the chase I probably will still make a post with all the actual Tl;DR math for the super lazy people.
- - - - - -
Like my posts? Want to keep track of them? Here's a nifty little index post where I keep track of any threads I create that I deem important enough to eventually go back to. I guess you can follow me too, a lot of you have been doing that lately, it's kinda creepy - I get that feeling, like somebody's watching me.
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2023.06.07 13:27 Fieryyyy Looking for a new “forever” game I can pick up and play at any time

Basically the title. I’m looking for a new game I can commit to for thousands and thousands of hours, potentially forever. Previously, I put about 3000 hours into Team Fortress 2 and Warframe, and they served me well for close to a decade, but I’m burned out on those games and don’t plan on touching them again. Currently, I’m looking at Binding of Isaac: Repentance and Risk of Rain 2, but I’m not sure which of those would be better for me. I also want a second game with more permanent progression, though, but so far nothing’s really jumped out at me. I want something non-competitive, with basically infinite progression and replayability where there’s always something to grind for or chase, which I can pick up and play at any time regardless of whether I only have 20 minutes to kill or a whole day to burn, that’s fun solo (since I don’t have a dedicated group to play with). I’d like for it to also have shooter-esque mechanics if possible since I do play lots of shooters, but that’s not a must if the game is otherwise amazing. Nothing too expensive, either, because I don’t have that much money to burn on a new game. I’ll list some games below that people usually suggest, and why I’m hesitant to pick them up. Feel free to change my mind, because I’d love to learn more, and thanks in advance for the help! Also, if anyone could help me decide between BoI and RoR2, that’d be fantastic.
Destiny 2: The natural next step from Warframe, but it’s just way too expensive for me.
Path of Exile/Diablo: I’m not a huge fan of these games because they look so grim and dark. Their combat also just never spoke to me.
Deep Rock Galactic: Looks fun, but has no progression to speak of. The game also seems to be heading in the same direction as Warframe, with feature creep and no real endgame, so it doesn’t seem like something I want to commit to.
Monster Hunter: World: The game looks great, but there seems to be a hard cap on how strong you can get, and I’m worried I’ll lose interest after that. I’m also worried about difficulty.
Factorio/Stardew Valley/Minecraft/Terraria: Factorio and Stardew Valley look like they’d be too stressful with their emphasis on optimisation. Terraria also has limits on progression and content. Overall, these games seem to revolve around starting new save files to provide replayability, and I’m not a fan of starting over hundreds of hours in.
RimWorld: The game just never looked appealing to me. Plus, having your colony implode 1000 hours in and starting over doesn’t look fun.
Borderlands Games: Much like with MHW, there’s a limit to how strong you can get, and only so much content to experience.
Disgaea/Siralim Ultimate: I don’t really play turn-based games, but if something like them in a shooter form existed, I’d be over the moon. They look interesting, though.
BoI + RoR2: Like I said earlier, I’m looking to get one of these alongside something else, but I’m not sure which would be better. RoR2 is a shooter which is nice, but BoI seems to offer more replayability, and looks better for pick-up-and-play sessions since RoR2 doesn’t allow you to save and quit.
Again, none of these games are off the table, I just have apprehensions. I’m fully open to having my mind changed, and if you’re able to sell me on a game you’ve personally played for an ungodly amount of time, that’d be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:27 ukulany Just started Strattera, have a few Q’s

So I’m 25, 5’6ish and about 120 lbs. I just started on this medication at 40mg because of well a whole childhood and adult life with adhd that just got diagnosed finally. Today was my 2nd dose, yesterday I took it and fell asleep again in the morning. Today I took it 5am, I am at work, barely ate breakfast. I know my first mistake, my heart rate went up then cooled down. I feel more focused already but I know it must be a placebo because I want to function normal so much. So I’m sitting here an hour later and I get hit with so much nausea, I’m trying to ignore it but it’s so strong I get up and run to the toilet. I did gag twice and almost threw up like the third gag would have been the throw up except two ppl came into the restroom. I hold it for five minutes because I don’t want them to hear and it actually passes. I don’t feel dizzy but now I’m just asking if I eat boiled eggs in the morning is that good enough protein for me right? Is it adjusting a little too hard because I’m slightly a little under weight? I was prescribed 40mg bc of how bad I was functioning but is that a little high to start since I’m a little on the skinny side? I just saw my doctor and won’t see him for another month but I know I’ll go straight back if I get hard side affects I just want some two cents first, please?
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2023.06.07 13:27 didsthecat Some people on this site are annoying as shit

It doesn’t really happen to me, but wow, I find the hive mind to be really annoying a lot of the time.
It annoys me a lot when someone has made a good point on a post or in a comment and they’ve been downvoted to oblivion, because I guarantee you a lot of the time most the people who’ve downvoted haven’t actually read what this person said.
I mean just in general these days I think people look for things to be upset about too much.
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2023.06.07 13:27 dracul841 Bloodlines 2 info!!!

Bloodlines 2 info!!!
Dear Bloodlines fans,
First of all, hi folks! My name is Debbie, and some of you may remember me from Vein Pursuit, where I played Peggy. I’m really glad to finally come out of Obfuscate and introduce myself - I'm the new Community Manager for World of Darkness, and I come bearing news about Bloodlines 2 (finally, I know!). This also means that we have cleaned up the Discord a bit in preparation for future needs, and that I’ll be here to answer your questions.
It’s been quite a while between updates while we’ve had our heads down working on the game. We remain just as dedicated to delivering a great Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game as we were when we announced, and are looking forward to showing you more in September this year.
We acknowledge it was a long time ago that many of you pre-ordered Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. As development continues, we will be updating the game’s editions and bonus content, and we want to provide the best value to those of you who supported us via digital pre-order after all this time. We are thus offering refunds to anyone who has pre-ordered any edition of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. As part of this process, we are proactively refunding all pre-orders of physical products, including the Collector’s Edition. The digital versions of the First Blood Edition, Unsanctioned Edition and Blood Moon Edition remain, but can be refunded if you choose.
We’re excited to show you more and hope to have all of you with us in September when we reveal more. We know you are eager to see how the game is coming along so we’ve put together a fresh batch of screenshots to share with you.
For more information about refunds and how to submit your request, please visit our FAQ:
Thank you for your patience, The Bloodlines Team
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2023.06.07 13:27 SourcerBot 'Virgin birth' recorded in crocodile for 1st time ever

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-06 at 23:01, this article is written by hannah osborne and published by live science. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
Scientists have announced the first ever recorded case of a crocodile "virgin birth" after a female that had been isolated for 16 years was discovered with a clutch of eggs. They also said the discovery of a virgin birth in a crocodile means FP has now been found in both birds, which descended from dinosaurs, and a crocodilian, suggesting a common evolutionary origin.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: The Times (2023-06-06 at 23:01) Crocodile’s virgin birth illuminates genesis of dinosaur reproduction Live Science (2021-08-26 at 14:47) Italian shark has 'virgin birth' after 10 years in all-female shark tank The Independent (2023-06-03 at 23:59) Homecoming on film: Award-winning Mariupol documentary screened for 1st time in Ukraine
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2023.06.07 13:27 XL_Tutor What 160+ scorers do differently

They practice intelligently and diligently using methods that make sense to them, even if others learn better looking at things differently. Oh, and they usually understand that the contrapositive of a conditional is the same rule as the conditional, just viewed from the other side.
Given the statement "A only if B," you would be correct to say that the conditional is "if not B then not A," and that the contrapositive is "if A then B." You would also be correct to say the conditional is "if A then B" and the contrapositive is "if not B, not A." It doesn't matter which side you start with, both sides are and must be equally true: if one is true, so is the other, and facts that trigger either side of the rule are fair game both in LG and in LR (and occasionally in RC, though it's often not the best way to look at things in that section).
Khan has some great lessons on conditional logic and other things, and I highly encourage students to use it and other FREE resources to help them with tough concepts. Just because many cheap things are bad, and many bad things are cheap, does not mean that cheap (or free) always means bad. That's poor logical reasoning. If someone says they "always" have to "unteach" concepts that are 100% valid and correct (and Khan is on this point), then that someone is not a very adaptive teacher.
For my credentials: I've been tutoring this test for going on 7 years, law school subjects for 4.5, bar exam for 2. Before all that I was a writing instructor and theatre educator. I, too, have many students now attending (or graduated from) elite schools, and also many students who went from the 130s to the 150s and 160s and went to very solid regional schools and are (or are on their way to becoming) successful attorneys. Teaching people who already do well on this test and helping them break 170 is relatively easy. Taking people who start at the bottom and getting them above 155/160 is a lot harder and, in my obviously biased opinion, a better indicator of teaching skill.
I'm booked for 12 out of 13 hours today, starting in half an hour, so I won't be able to answer many questions today. But I'm happy to answer any questions below when I can, or you can always DM me.
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2023.06.07 13:27 Shadow-it Verses revealed about those who usurped the caliphate

  1. From him, from Ali Bin Al-Husayn, from Ali Bin Abu hamza, from Abu Baseer, who has narrated the following: Abu Abdullah (a.s) regarding the Statement of Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic: “[58:7] Nowhere is there a secret counsel between three persons but He is the fourth of them, nor (between) five but He is the sixth of them, nor less than that nor more but He is with them wherever they are; then He will inform them of what they did on the day of resurrection: surely Allah is Cognizant of all things”. He (a.s) said; ‘This was Revealed regarding so and so and so and so (Abu Bakr and Umar), and Abu Ubeyda Ibn Al-Jarrah, and Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf, and Saalim Mawla Abu Huzeyfa, and Al-Mugheira Bin Sho’ba, when they wrote the agreement in between them and took a pledge and agreed that if Muhammad ﷺ were to pass away, they would not let the Caliphate to be in the Clan of Hashim, nor the Prophet-hood ever. So Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic Revealed this Verse with regards to them. I said, ‘The Statement of the Mighty and Majestic: “[43:79] Or have they settled an affair? Then surely, We are the settlers. [43:80] Or do they think that We do not hear what they conceal and their secret discourses? Indeed (We do), and Our messengers are by them, to record”. He (a.s) said: ‘And these two Verse were Revealed regarding them on that day’. Abu Abdullah (a.s) said: ‘Hopefully you will see that is was a day resembling the day of the writing of the agreement except for the day Al-Husayn (a.s) was martyred, and thus it had preceded in the Knowledge of Allah (azwj) Mighty and Majestic which He (azwj) Made known to the Rasool Allah ﷺ that when the agreement is written down, Al-Husayn (a.s) would be martyred, and the kingdom would exit from the Clan of Hashim. So all of that did take place. I said, ‘The Verse: “[49:9] And if two parties of the believers quarrel, make peace between them; but if one of them acts wrongfully towards the other, fight that which acts wrongfully until it returns to Allah’s command; then if it returns, make peace between them with justice and act equitably; surely Allah loves those who act equitably”. He (a.s) said: ‘The two groups, but rather its explanation came on the day of Al-Basra (The battle of the Camel), and they are the ones belonging to this Verse, and they are the ones who rebelled against Amir-ul-Momineen (a.s). So it was obligatory upon him (a.s) to fight them, and he (a.s) fought them until they submitted to the Command of Allah (azwj). And had they not been submitted, it became obligatory upon him (a.s) with regards to what Allah (azwj) Revealed, that he (a.s) should not raise his sword (stop fighting) until they complied and returned from their opinions, because they had pledged their allegiances willingly, without compulsion. And this is the rebel group as Allah (azwj) the High has Said. So it was obligatory upon Amir-ul-Momineen (a.s) that he (a.s) should deal with justice among them when he (a.s) was victorious over them, just as the Rasool Allah ﷺ had been just among the people of Mecca, he ﷺ was benevolent upon them and forgave them. And that is what Amir-ul-Momineen (a.s) did with the people of Al-Basra when he (a.s) was victorious over them similar to what the Rasool Allah ﷺ did with the people of Mecca. Like a sandal follows a sandal (same footsteps). I said, ‘(What about) the Statement of the Mighty and Majestic: “[53:53] And He destroyed the Overthrown Cities (of Sodom and Gomorrah)”. He (a.s) said: ‘These are the people of Al-Basra. It is the overthrown city’. I said, ‘(What about) “[9:70] and the overthrown cities; their messengers came to them with clear arguments”. He (a.s) said: ‘They were the people of Lut (a.s), their town was turned upside down upon them’.
Mir‘at al ‘Uqul Fi Sharh Akhbar Al al Rasul (6 / 68) موثق على الظاهر Allamah Baqir al-Majlisi
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2023.06.07 13:26 Sinofthesoul I feel terrible and scared

My (25AFAB NB) partner (26AMAB using she/her pronouns) and I have been together for over 9 years and around the end of last year, she told me she was thinking she was trans. She's been talking with a therapist, journaling thoughts and feelings, and been open with me about how she's feeling. She worked on appearing more feminine like growing out her hair, shaving her beard, trying on makeup and getting feminine clothes. I'll admit, these changes have taken me time to proces and sometimes I've had a bit of a panic when something new came about. However, I want her to be happy and try new things that make her feel comfortable. I've gotten her some makeup and more feminine clothing for her birthday recently which I felt okay with doing.
She's told me that she's still unsure of her gender at times and isn't sure where she falls. I've told her that no matter what, I love and support her no matter what she chooses. She's told me she doesn't have an interest in starting HRT or doing any surgery but if that were to change, she promised to tell me ASAP which I appreciate.
Yesterday I was scrolling through Twitter and I clicked on her profile. I saw that she had changed her Twitter bio to "female" and her banner was an egg cracking. I hate saying this, but I broke down and cried. She told me she didn't expect such a reaction and didn't know what was uncomfortable to me. She's trying to embrace what makes her feel most comfortable which is good, but it just felt like the man I fell in love with was gone which is terrible to say because I know she's the same person, but I'm so scared of what will change. I have OCD, so unfortunately I just keep thinking of all the terrible what ifs.
We did talk and I told her honestly that some days I feel okay, like I can move through with these changes after taking time to process. But some days (like yesterday) I get so overwhelmed that things are changing and I get scared that she's going to change. I told her honestly that I'm scared I won't be attracted to her; I identify as queer but I've only had relationships/romantic experiences with men. Her style has been changing to be more goth/emo which is definitely my type and similar to me, but I'm just scared I won't be attracted to her presenting feminine. She told me that she appreciates my honesty and she thinks we'll be okay, but I'm still so anxious.
I love her and I don't want to break up because of this because she's still figuring things out. I just hate that some days I think "oh if she's a woman thats okay I can adjust" but then something like yesterday happens and I question our entire relationship. She's been so caring and patient with me and I want her to be happy. I've had friends transition and I never felt this bad (Probably because I was not romantically involved with my friends). I've talked with both my therapist and psychiatrist about this who have been very helpful.
Sorry this is so long, I guess I just need help figuring out how to take things day by day without constantly questioning the future and stopping this fucking back and forth feelings of feeling okay and pure anxiety. I'm just so scared of things changing and I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.07 13:26 True_Adhesiveness470 Tax Law Opportunities

Hello everyone. Long story short after a couple years in public accounting I am pretty sure I would like to pursue a career in tax law. I have my CPA and I would most likely be able to get into a strong regional school around the 40s (in the rankings) with some decent money. However I am debating wether I really want to go down this path because everything I see says I have to be T20% in my class once I get there an another year of a tax LLM for any shot to be employed. Are the employment outcomes really that bad? (not nescaraily shooting for the top of the top big law). Thank you and sorry if this is a redundant question.
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2023.06.07 13:26 ThomWG Do i have Aphantasia

After listening to a Distractible episode (dreams and nightmares) i thought i might have Aphantasia. Reason is, one of the guys on the podcast has Aphantasia, when they try to explain to him how mental imaging works im just confused. I also "see" very very weak mental images rarely when im in very deep thought. Last time i dreamt was 4 years ago and i've always tried to write dreams down the second i wake up.
Do i have aphantasia or just weak mental imaging.
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2023.06.07 13:26 Fit-Wrap8753 About 'Charity.'

Charity is a PR exercise. It is usually not a selfless and generous act.
If there is so much charity in this world, the legitimate question is why the rich are getting richer, and the poor are poorer. So many good charitable organizations should mean the redistribution of wealth. But this is true only on paper.
Charitable organizations siphon off most of the money meant for charity.
Charitable organizations are good at playing with the feelings of the good people.
The best solution is to transfer direct cash or goods to the poor and helpless people and not rely on these charitable organizations, who are brokers.
The governments are also at fault for not utilizing the tax money through proper channels to solve the problems of poverty.
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2023.06.07 13:26 MancunianFostercat Pay off Mortgage after fixed rate expires or put the sum in savings

Hi reddit, when it comes to finances I tend to get a mental block while trying to figure out what's best. So this may be a stupid question, I apologise in advance.
To start, I'm financially stable, have no other debts than my mortgage and have further savings like filled up ISAs, a couple regular savers and an easily accessible emergency fund. I'm a higher rate tax payer (just barely, yay me!)
My 2.2%fixed rate mortgage deal expires end of November and I'll have about 33k left to pay.
I count myself lucky as I have the sum available in an easy access account now and could just pay it off Dec 1st with no extra fees or charges. I will still have the emergency savings after that.
Or I could put my 33k sum in a higher yield fixed savings account and accept a new 2 year fixed rate mortgage deal at 4.65%. Last I checked, the highest available 1year fixed savings account is at 5.26%. I don't think I'd fix it for longer as the rate is going up quite reliably at the moment.
But I think the tax on interest and inflation mean it makes more sense to just pay off the mortgage in one swift go. Am I making a logical error here?
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