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Salt Lake City

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A subreddit for Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding valley.

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A subreddit for Utahns.

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Residents of Ogden, UT, who sludge through our brilliant metro area, who visit our numerous high class bars, and attend our world class university. For those optimists, I welcome you. Also good for soccevolleyball/golf/rugby/drinks/party meetups. Or whatever. Brethren * [Salt Lake City]( * [Utah]( * [ExMormon]( * [University Of Utah]( * [Weber](http://www.reddi

2023.05.30 22:53 No_Support9158 Coal dust… or acne?

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2023.05.30 22:51 EchoJobs Recursion Pharmaceuticals is hiring Senior Software Engineer US Salt Lake, UT [React PostgreSQL Machine Learning Python Go JavaScript Docker Kubernetes GCP API]

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2023.05.30 22:28 harrisriley Salt Lake City Tickets for Resale

Salt Lake City Tickets for Resale
I have two tickets for the concert in Salt Lake City, Utah. Considering selling them as i live in colorado and would like to get tickets for that show. Willing to split for 180$ each, Section 1 Row 9 seats. PM for inquiry.
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2023.05.30 21:30 r3ing Rotunda; Utah State Capitol; Salt Lake City UT, USA

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2023.05.30 21:26 Dove-Wrangler Found this arrowhead(?) Salt Lake City, UT, on shoreline.

Found this arrowhead(?) Salt Lake City, UT, on shoreline.
Don't know anything about this kind of thing! It's still sharp!
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2023.05.30 20:52 the_real_slanky Former Loons Mon 5/22-Sun 5/28

I got a truckload of mulch delivered this weekend so I may have missed a game/player or two...
In this week's episode: Abu in Albania!
Abu Danladi starts and scores in the 27' for KF Bylis in a 2-2 draw with KF Tirana. (Albania Kategoria Superiore)
Aziel Jackson comes off the bench in the 90' and immediately tallies an assist for St Louis City in a 3-1 win over Vancouver Saturday. (MLS)
On Sunday Aziel starts for St Louis City 2 and quickly scores (2') and adds an assist in a 2-2 draw with North Texas SC. City 2 goes on to win on PKs. Aziel is named FotMob's MOTM. (MLS Next Pro)
Thomas Chacon possibly starts and for sure scores in the 79' for AC Bellinzona in a 3-0 win over FC Thun. (Swiss Challenge League)
Niko Hansen comes off the bench at halftime and Jacori Hayes enters game in the 80' for San Antonio in a 2-1 win over New Mexico United. (USL Championship)
Sam Nicholson starts for the Rapids in a 0-1 loss to Salt Lake. (US Open Cup)
Kei Kamara starts for Chicago and Ethan Finlay comes off the bench for Austin on Tuesday. Fire wins 2-0. (US Open Cup)
On Saturday Ethan starts for Austin in a 1-2 loss to Houston. (MLS)
On Saturday Wyatt Omsberg starts and Kei Kamara comes off the bench and tallies an assist for the Fire in a 3-3 draw with the Revs. (MLS)
Tyler Miller starts for DC United in a 1-2 loss to Toronto on Saturday. (MLS)
Adrian Zendejas starts Miami FC in a 0-0 draw with Orange County SC. (USL Championship)
Angelo Rodriguez starts for Deportivo Pereira in a 1-0 win over Boca Juniors. (Copa Libertadores Group F)
Juan Agudelo starts and assists on the game winner for Birmingham Legion, 1-0 over Charlotte FC on Tuesday. FotMob's MOTM. (US Open Cup)
On Saturday Juan starts in a 0-1 loss to Detroit City FC. (USL Championship)
Miguel Ibarra starts for Charlotte Independence in a 3-0 win over Chattanooga Red Wolves. (USL League One)
Adrien Hunou starts for Angers and plays the first half in a 2-1 win over Troyes. (Ligue 1)
Christian Ramirez starts for Columbus in a 0-2 loss to Pittsburgh Riverhounds. (US Open Cup)
Rasmus Schüller starts Wednesday for Djurgarden in a 1-0 win over Häcken. Rasmus starts again Sunday as Djurgarden wins 1-0 over AIK. (Allsvenskan)
Darwin Quintero starts for America de Cali in a 2-0 win over Independiente Medellin. **Darwin is name FotMob's MOTM. (Columbia Primera A)
Jose Aja starts for Santa Fe in a 0-1 loss to Gimnasia LP. The game features 5 red cards, including both coaches! (Copa Sudamericana Group G)
Ján Gregus starts for Nashville in a 1-2 loss to Inter Miami on Tuesday. (US Open Cup)
On Sunday Ján comes off the bench in the 82' for Nashville in a 3-1 win over Columbus. (MLS)
Raheem Edwards starts for the Galaxy in a 2-1 win over LAFC on Tuesday. (US Open Cup)
On Sunday Raheem enters game in the 61' for LAG in a 0-1 loss to Charlotte FC. (MLS)
Alexi Gomez starts for Deportivo Garcilaso in a 1-1 draw with Academia Cantolao. (Peru Primera Division)
Johan Venegas starts for LD Alajuelense in a 1-0 first leg win over Deportivo Saprissa on Thursday. In the 2nd leg on Sunday Johan starts again, but Deportivo Saprissa win 3-0. (Costa Rica Primera)
Nabi Kibunguchy starts for Orlando City B in a 1-0 win over Inter Miami II. (MLS Next Pro)
Collin Martin starts for San Diego Loyal in a 0-2 loss to Oakland Roots SC....
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2023.05.30 20:12 EchoJobs Recursion Pharmaceuticals is hiring Senior Software Engineer US Salt Lake, UT [React PostgreSQL Machine Learning Python Go JavaScript Docker Kubernetes GCP API]

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2023.05.30 20:05 LT_Berry Utah golf

I’m taking a trip to Salt Lake City next week and I’m wondering if there are any good courses I might need to check out while I’m out there. I’ve just started playing a few months ago and I’m not good by any means so I’m looking for some course recommendations that are beginner friendly in or around Salt Lake City Utah
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2023.05.30 19:40 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in UT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
L3Harris Technologies Mechanical Design Engineer Alpine
L3Harris Technologies Scientist, Systems Engineer Alpine
L3Harris Technologies Sr. Scientist Alpine
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Brigham City
L3Harris Technologies Mechanical Design Engineer Clearfield
L3Harris Technologies Scientist, Systems Engineer Clearfield
L3Harris Technologies CNO Engineer Echo
L3Harris Technologies Sr. Scientist Echo
L3Harris Technologies Network Engineer Echo
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Herriman
HealthMarkets Health Insurance Agent Herriman
HealthMarkets Healthcare Benefit Provider Herriman
L3Harris Technologies Lead, Networking Systems Engineer Morgan
L3Harris Technologies Sr Scientist, Software Engineer Morgan
L3Harris Technologies CNO Engineer Riverton
L3Harris Technologies Lead, Networking Systems Engineer Riverton
L3Harris Technologies Network Engineer Riverton
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Roy
HealthMarkets Healthcare Benefit Provider Roy
HealthMarkets Health Insurance Agent Roy
L3Harris Technologies Sr Spec, Systems Engineer Salt Lake City
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Santaquin
L3Harris Technologies Mechanical Design Engineer Saratoga Springs
L3Harris Technologies CNO Engineer Spanish Fork
L3Harris Technologies Lead, Networking Systems Engineer Spanish Fork
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 19:32 Firm_Cloud_3278 Burning My Crêpe - now accepting new campers!

Hello everyone!
We are Burning My Crêpe, a breton-themed camp running since 2018. But what is breton-themed, you may ask? Well, it's the world's birthplace of crepes, in the western region of Brittany, France, where two of the initial camp lead trio originated from. We offer large gifting sessions (over 2 hours) of flamed crepes & pole dancing (best combination ever, by the way) at sunset on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Our little secret? The batter is made from scratch and from fresh ingredients, then flamed with a delicious orange liquor. In addition, we do have some playa shenanigans running at the camp, that could be considered extra gifting (sound healing, painting workshops, etc).
We are a small camp, counting 14 people today, with a pretty good diversity: almost 50/50 on male/non-male and 6 countries represented. We want to keep it small so everyone can spend time together and form a little happy group of burners (we have been 30+ in the past and realized only too late it was a terrible idea for the 'camp spirit').
Who are we looking for?
What do we provide?
What do we NOT provide?
What do we expect in return?
Don't hesitate to reply to this post or to reach out in DM, we would then organize a conversation between you and us to get to know each other, this is very important to us :)
Thanks for reading this far!
Toupie-toupie and 1-40, BMC camp leads
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2023.05.30 19:16 Aggravating_Fun_3448 [Urgent and nervous ] Help on deciding which job to take

I need advice on selection of a job. I am fresh graduate with masters degree and I have software engineer job offer from ford and a startup from Salt Lake City.
I love going to office and love hybrid environment where i can choose whether to go or not by my own.
The job in ford is in Dearborn Michigan which is 9 miles from Detroit MI.
Since I am an international and my OPT start on couple of weeks, I need to decide asap so that i can plan moving new place depending on what job i am taking.
I have heard bad things about Detroit and Dearborn Michigan. I have heard that it's not safe there.
I believe salt lake city is more safer than Detroit/Dearborn.
Salary wise Ford is paying around 20k more than startup and job is very similar.
I thought that working on Ford than a startup might give me a good boost and having a mentor in Ford might give me better growth compare to startup.
But safety and people saying live in safe place is kind of not giving me good vibe.
Any suggestion please !!
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2023.05.30 19:07 iheartmen42zero what show u guys pulling up to?

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2023.05.30 19:01 EchoJobs Recursion Pharmaceuticals is hiring Senior Software Engineer US Salt Lake, UT [React PostgreSQL Machine Learning Python Go JavaScript Docker Kubernetes GCP API]

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2023.05.30 18:58 Immediate_West8019 Frontier round trip experience May 2023

Hello everyone,
Recently flew frontier on a roundtrip from Charlotte NC to Salt Lake City UT with a layover at Las Vegas NV. Since there has been a lot of questions, complaining and posts in general on this sub regarding flying with frontier, I thought I would share my experience here. My and my fiancé flew for the first time with frontier.
We both decided to pay for a carry-on as it was a week long trip. Cost us $69 per direction through the app. We checked in early through the app. At the gate, they announced multiple times regarding the bag policy that the personal item needs to fit in their metal compartment for us to board the plane. When the zone 1 boarding was announced, we got up asap and boarded smoothly without anyone questioning us about the bags.
The only problem here was a 2 hour delay, with the previous flight being late as the reason. Same as Charlotte for the bag policy, lots of announcements beforehand but barely checked anyone during the boarding. A lot of people in the zone 1 line had obnoxiously large bags and strollers but were allowed without any questioning.

This is where I felt them being a little strict for the first time. We had to wait for a flight that was boarding before us with two of the frontline workers standing next to the metal boxes and selectively asking people to get their bags measured. They were randomly picking people out from the line. Some had to check-in their carry-ons that they had paid for because of size being too large. Lots of back and forth going on and I feel like the only people who were asked to pay were the ones who had ridiculously stuffed personal items or some really big ones. Luckily my gate changed (not to mention the flight being late for 1.5 hours) and we were transferred to a make-shift basement where there were not metal boxes and everyone was able to board without any measurement hiccups.

There were 3 frontier gate in line with lots of people waiting for the flight. Luckily again (ikr) the other two flights were before mine so most of the frontier workers were busy handling those lines. The weirdest part was that the line on my left was pretty chill with the workers allowing people to literally shove their personal bags as hard as they can and letting them board without any issues. But the line on the right was super strict for literally the same thing. Lots of people being told to pay for the personal items if they didn't fit. By the time I could see more of that shit show my boarding was announced with literally 1 worker handling the boarding, meaning there was no one to question the bags, and were were able to board smoothly.
Conclusive remarks:
  1. The airline bag policy is a mixed bag. There is no definite protocol to enforce the bag policy. It's basically pure luck at this point. Zone 1 definitely gives you some advantage as I saw them being a little lenient towards the people who board first. It also comes down to pure luck, and the gate workers. But I would heavily advise to go light on the personal item. That's what we did. Got some bags that would help us fly without any measurement issues.
  2. Check in early if you can. On return flight I received an email like 4 hours before the flight regarding them downsizing the plane and giving away vouchers. Luckily I had already checked in the night before so I had been assigned a seat already so it wasn't an issue for me.
  3. The main issue I would say is the flight delays. This issue was common, throughout the airport, specially with frontier, as I could see on their app. So make sure you keep checking the flights and their timing either through the frontier app or flightaware.
  4. The planes are not in the best condition and the service is mid at best. But you get what you pay for. Will I fly with them again? With bags and the ticket I paid $300 roughly for a round trip to fly coast to coast to see my family, so yes I will probably do it again considering the next best option for this trip is $800 unless I find anything else that's cheap, because I would definitely pay just a little more to not fly with them.
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2023.05.30 18:53 setmefree333 The “Loneliest Road”

Hello, roadtrippers. I’m in the early stages of planning a trip west in the general direction of San Francisco. For anyone who has done the “loneliest road” (US-50) across Nevada, is the drive worth adding a few extra hours to the route? Or would you recommend sticking to I-80 between Salt Lake City and Reno and saving my time and energy for California?
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2023.05.30 18:47 Meme-Guy MLB in Charlotte MEGATHREAD

Brief Summary
Just wanted to create an informational thread for the current status of the MLB possibly coming to Charlotte. Nothing really new but just useful as a summary of information and will add to it as time goes on. At the moment the current MLB commissioner Robert Manfred has mentioned Charlotte on a short list amongst Nashville, Portland, Montreal, and possibly Salt Lake City. Our metro has about 2.7 million people and currently has 3 professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and most recently MLS. The recent attendance success of Charlotte FC (second highest attendance average at 39k per game behind Atlanta) has proven this city can support multiple professional sports.
Situation in the MLB
The MLB needs to fix the current situation of finding new stadiums for the Oakland A's and Tampa Bay Rays. Most recently Oakland A's have announced they are relocating the Vegas for a stadium slated to be completed by 2027, if not sooner. Some argue that this is a door opener for Charlotte, but the likeliness is very thin.

Charlotte Incentives
Charlotte is the third largest media market to not have a major league team especially since there is none between Atlanta and Washington. The Athletic also posted this tweet highlighting division realignments including Nashville and Charlotte as expansion targets. However, many argue that adding two new teams to the South/South-East is unlikely.
Various articles writing about the expansion (a lot vary on credibility and scope):

Videos (mostly local news productions):
Charlotte Disincentives
The recent knights ballpark that was built in the city is on contract for 49 years and wasn't built with expansion in mind. There was several lawsuits filed trying to keep the knights from moving uptown headed by Jerry Reese that ultimately failed. He was mainly angered by the the fact it wasn't meant to be expanded as he wanted to eventually bring an MLB team to Charlotte (source). Nashville has this same issue, but they have a larger push for it to come there.

Current Pushes
There have not been any noticeable pushes by the city council or billionaires to bring MLB to Charlotte. There is one grassroots movement started by Rick Curti for a baseball team called the Charlotte Bats, link to his site here. However, I personally don't think "Bats" is a good name nor does the green/black color scheme fit with the rest of the professional sports color codes. I personally thing the Charlotte "Crowns" or "Kings" would fit better for the Queen City. Other than this, there isn't much public drive for a MLB team to come. An ownership group would need to form, of which Nashville, Utah, and Orlando already have a head start on.

TLDR Conclusion
MLB in Charlotte is a possibility but not likely to happen anytime soon.
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2023.05.30 18:26 RamandAu Match Thread: U20 World Cup USA vs New Zealand [1:30 PM ET, 10:30 PT FS2, Universo]

Location: Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, Mendoza
Time: 1:30 PM EST, 10:30 AM PST
Weather: 58F, 57% Humidity, 0% chance of precipitation
US U20s
HC: Mikey Varas
Formation: 5-3-2
Starting XI
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
1 GK Gaga Slonina Chelsea
13 RB Jonathan Gomez Real Sociedad
5 CB Brandon Craig Philadelphia Union
17 CB Justin Che FC Dallas
4 CB Josh Wynder Louisville City
3 LB Caleb Wiley Atlanta United
6 MF Daniel Edelman (c) New York Red Bulls
8 MF Jack McGlynn Philadelphia Union
16 MF Owen Wolff Austin FC GOAL - 14'
10 FW Diego Luna Real Salt Lake ASSIST - 14'
9 FW Cade Cowell San Jose Earthquakes
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
12 GK Antonio Carrera FC Dallas
21 GK Alex Borto Fulham
18 MF Obed Vargas Seattle Sounders
19 ST Darren Yapi Colorado Rapids
14 DF Markus Ferkranus LA Galaxy
15 MF Niko Tsakiris San Jose Earthquakes
7 RW Quinn Sullivan Philadelphia Union
20 MF Rokas Pukstas Hajduk Split
2 RB Michael Halliday Orlando City
11 FW Kevin Paredes VFL Wolfsburg
New Zealand U20s
HC: Darren Bazeley
Formation: 4-3-3
Starting XI
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
1 GK Kees Sims Ljungskile SK
4 RB Isaac Hughes Wellington Phoenix
5 CB Finn Surman Wellington Phoenix
14 CB Finn Linder Whitecaps FC 2 OFF - 50'
20 LB Lukas Kelly-Heald Wellington Phoenix
6 MF Fin Conchie Wellington Phoenix
10 MF Jay Herdman Whitecaps 2
16 MF Dan McKay Wellington Phoenix
18 FW Ben Wallace Wellington Phoenix
11 FW Norman Garbett Potenza
9 FW Oliver Colloty Unattached
# Pos. Name Club Team Event
2 LB Jackson Jarvie Eastern Suburbs
3 RB Adam Supyk Eastern Suburbs
7 FW Noah Karunaratne Wellington Phoenix
12 DF Everton O'Leary Birkenhead United
13 GK Henry Gray Unattached
8 MF Jackson Manuel Western Springs
17 FW Oliver Fay Ljungskile SK
19 FW Kian Donkers NEC
15 CB Aaryan Raj Eastern Suburbs ON - 50'
21 GK Alby Kelly-Heald Wellington Phoenix
US Tournament Stats

Player Goal Assist Cards
Diego Luna 1 2
Jonathan Gomez 1
Cade Cowell 2
Caleb Wiley 1
Niko Tsakiris 1
Owen Wolff 1 1
Quinn Sullivan 1
Josh Wynder Yellow (1)
Jack McGlynn Yellow (1)
Scoring Summary

Time Player Assist Score
14 Owen Wolff Diego Luna 1-0
Match Events
1' We're off. New Zealand are in All Black. The USA is in All White.
5' First chance of the game and it's for New Zealand. Wallace nearly puts the cutback away after New Zealand successfully found space in the USA box. Gomez blocks the shot and Gaga catches the deflection.
7' Extended VAR check for a potential penalty for handball on the US. The check is long but nothing comes of it.
11' Great scissor kick by Wynder off a short Gomez cross. Very appealing to watch but the New Zealand keeper catches it comfortably.
12' Herdman with a great chance for New Zealand. His shot forces Gaga to dive to paw the ball wide for a corner. New Zealand have put the US under more pressure than any team previously.
45' 6 minutes of added time
HT USA 1-0 New Zealand
46' Second half underway. No subs at half.
48' Brief break as it looks like a NZ player hurt his shouldewrist on a slide. Sub will be coming soon but NZ with 10 for now.
50' First sub of the day for NZ. Raj on for Linder
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2023.05.30 18:23 Dracoono New Co-Headlining tour announced!!

New Co-Headlining tour announced!!
Presale code is SOCALLEDLIFE
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2023.05.30 18:22 EchoJobs Illumio is hiring Staff Innovation Engineer USD 155k-185k Salt Lake, UT [Python Ruby Go Kubernetes AWS Azure GCP Terraform]

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2023.05.30 18:21 EchoJobs Illumio is hiring Staff Innovation Engineer USD 155k-185k Salt Lake, UT [Python Ruby Go Kubernetes AWS Azure GCP Terraform]

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2023.05.30 18:20 EchoJobs Recursion Pharmaceuticals is hiring Senior Software Engineer US Salt Lake, UT [React PostgreSQL Machine Learning Python Go JavaScript Docker Kubernetes GCP API]

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2023.05.30 18:06 Few_Couple4393 Sunburn Tour Pre-Sale Code?

Sunburn Tour Pre-Sale Code?
someone please put a good sis on i need to snatch vip tickets 💗
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