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2023.06.07 21:14 Jonnyboring789 Mom died.. sisters acting greedy

My mother changed her will eight weeks before she died of cancer. She told me that she was giving me and my older sisters her home in Cape Cod which she owns free and clear and it's worth a little over a million. She told me several times to get ready to receive the money and make plans for it right before she died. I visited unexpectedly days before she died ...and my sisters acted very suspiciously. They were doing the hospice care together. Although I was welcomed by all with open arms my sister said it would be more convenient if I left after just three days.
Turns out that my mother's will was written with all kinds of provisions for them and really screwing me. We split the house 3 ways but they are in charge of it. (I guess) and they can rent it out for 5 years, split all the money and not give me anything until it is sold. ( Not sure if these are the exact details but it's what my sister, who is the executor, told me on the phone)
Even though there was no strain of relations between me, my mom or them, they have told me that I am not welcome on the property and that they will inherit everything on the property and all of my mom's money.
My sister has been wailing that I have asked about details in the will before my mother is cold in the grave. My mom died 2 days ago. The will was prepared 2 months ago and when I called the attorney that my sister gave me. They did not know my name or have my address yet (!)
They also asked me not to post a death notice, that there would be no funeral and not to post anything on social media about my mom dying because they "were worried that people would come by the house or try to sue her estate"
Super fishy. I'm fairly certain that they coerced her into signing whatever they wanted with the threat that they would leave her to die in the hospital if she did not.
This is in Cape Cod Massachusetts any thoughts are recommendations are welcome.
By the way I am a 57 year old male who lives in Los Angeles. And I do design and build my sisters are different 53 and 61 and have office jobs.
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2023.06.07 21:08 jchasinga First RV Road Trip from Vegas to Seattle

First RV Road Trip from Vegas to Seattle
Hi, we are a family of 5 - My wife and I, a six-year-old, a baby, and a poodle! We are renting a class C 2011 Fleetwood Jamboree RV (26') out on our first month-long road trip from our home in Vegas up to Seattle/Bellevue. It would be so awesome if we can get some tips and advice from folks who have done this before from RV and travel perspective! Here is our itinerary:
[Day 1]: Driving from Vegas past Bakersfield to Sequoia RV park near Sequoia/Kings Canyon Big Stump Entrance (6 hr)
[Day 2]: Drive into Sequoia National Park
[Day 3]: Drive into Kings Canyon National Park, and then head to High Sierra RV Park in Oakhurst, close to Yosemite entrance (2 hr)
[Day 4]: Drive into Yosemite
[Day 5]: Head over to Coyote Valley RV Park near San Jose in the bay area (3 hr)
[Day 6]: Stay in the Bay Area to revisit old friends and places
[Day 7]: Head over to Lake Tahoe KOA (3-4 hr)
[Day 8]: Stay in Lake Tahoe
[Day 9]: Head over to Redding RV Park in Redding, CA (near Mt. Shasta) (4 hr)
[Day 10]: Head over to Waterwheel RV Park, OR near Crater Lake National Park (3 hr)
[Day 11]: Stay around Crater Lake and Klamath Falls, OR
[Day 12]: Head over to Sandy Riverfront RV Resort near Portland, OR (5 hr)
[Day 13]: Head over to Trailer Inn RV Park in Bellevue (3 hr 20 min)
We plan to spend the next 10 days in Bellevue and rent a car to explore Seattle (A little nervous to drive the rig into the city), but haven't planned a return trip yet (we have around 8 days for the return trip).
Since we are traveling with a baby (and our first time in an RV), most RV parks we reserved mostly come with full hookups and some amenities. I'm a little anxious about our first 3 days driving so long to the first RV park since it is very close to Sequoia and Kings Canyon Big Stump Entrance and I learned that we can only enter Sequoia through that entrance. It's so hard and confusing to get information such as road closures for these parks.
Does this seem doable? Any stretch sounds too long? Any advice, please? Again our first time in an RV so we are nervous about everything!
Our 26' 2011 Fleetwood Jamboree
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2023.06.07 21:07 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C20

There is a human expression, the candle that shines twice as bright burns for half as long. Perhaps the short lifespans of humans has something to do with this, but in the days following the Walker decision to abide by the wishes of both governments, the reality of the danger seemed to settle in over them all.
Not just because of the trip itself, and space travel was still not without its risks, pirates, accidents, natural disasters, many things could happen that would leave someone dying in the void to drift forever between the stars.
But also because the very success of our collective task might well be the axel on which the future peace of the galaxy. Everybody wanted to land on the Rogue World.
Everybody wanted the technological secrets that the scans from so long ago hinted might be there, nobody wanted anyone else to have it, and everybody was willing to kill everybody else to keep that from happening.
And with this rising danger came not a deep, dark depression, but a kind of strange celebration.
We had some months before the station could be completed, after which William would no longer need to do more than survey the final work and be briefed by the foreman of each section, a few days of tests and diagnostics at most.
And even when that was done, Bonny Red was six months away. True, Rebecca still had her role in the Methuselah Initiative, but she worked from home for the most part and then not every hour of every day.
So as a kind of send off, before the world itself was alerted to any dangers, William arranged for a family reunion. Rebecca, unfortunately, had no surviving family members on her side, which is unfortunate, but also perhaps explains her particular care for the one she shares a household with.
William Walker’s family tree however, is vast. Not just in his sisters, but also in his father’s brothers and sisters who in turn had wives, husbands, and children, and the same went for his father’s father, who had brothers and sisters who… well let it simply be said that a ‘family reunion’ for the Walker clan is an extensive one. On the unexpected upside, that did make it easy for Professor Sxlith to ensure every one of his chosen students had a Walker family branch to host them.
As a matter of necessity our collaboration was minimal and our professor, while available, kept himself distant unless we expressly sought out his advice, and I seldom had occasion to do so.
So it had been quite some time, actually years, now that I thought about it, since we’d been in the same room together and months since I had written anything other than progress notes to my professor and a request for his opinion on how the University would respond to my fighting league.
Arranging for the reunion took the better part of a month, and it had to be scheduled three months out and certain calls had to be made to ask certain people to call various supervisors, bosses, and so on, and ensure that they understood it was important that nothing interfere with their brief absences.
I think, for the sake of the historical record, that it’s important to say that William did not ask the government to do this for him. However modern Earth society puts a great deal of emphasis on general ‘wellness’ and having high morale in their work.
To put this in analogous terms, on Dlamias, if you recall my previous writings about my homeworld, we have a veritable army of surveyors who are always checking social trends in order to control for any potential issues. That process kept us stable for millenia, as we could identify shortfalls and dangerous elements, possible corruption, and more. I daresay our statisticians are some of the hardest working in the galaxy and we are the best documented people…anywhere.
By contrast, the humans of Earth kept experts on mental wellness, something my world never had, and their role was to ensure that demographics were not experiencing uncertainty, doubt, or struggle. The occasion of the Silent Civil War showed that, if anything, they were significantly underfunded and so their numbers rose. More than that, they were now tied to other social service and survey work, keeping closely tied to their own census offices to look for social trends that might pose a danger or identify a growing weakness.
Somebody involved in that office likely suggested that the Walkers would perform best if they gained a profoundly positive experience beforehand, and a large reunion seemed to fit the bill.
Or rather… fit the will.
William’s puns are rubbing off on me. I know it. It is a sickness and I cannot stop. May my readers forgive me.
Moving on… in the aftermath of that decision and having made arrangements for the family reunion, Fauve took the unusual step of buying tickets to Waterland Park.
I was at the table when the notification came in on my datapad.
Fauve was at the table munching on a crispy piece of bacon. I did not know there was a smug way to chew. But apparently I was wrong.
She sat there tinkering away on her datapad while eating her breakfast, steam rose from the eggs and while she waited for the biscuits to arrive, and a moment later Byron and Boatswain came into view as they passed through the library of the house.
The bullet holes in the wall were all patched and the blood was long since cleaned up, the whole place looked like new. I could still smell the faint odor of blood even years later, but on reflection I considered that more likely to be mental than real.
“Waterland Park? Isn’t that where…?” Byron didn’t finish the sentence. He may have been a brute of a soldier, but as a man, as someone who was virtually part of the family, he was very sensitive about anything to do with the Walker children. Even if that ‘child’ was now an adult in her own right.
I think if he had been there that day, he might have killed the one responsible. I won’t pretend I don’t sometimes wish I had. Now the park was under new management and it had a much better reputation.
But even so, I was surprised to see the purchase.
Rebecca set the tray of biscuits down and Fauve immediately snatched one up and began to make a bacon and egg biscuit out of the three components.
“Yes. It was. But the old bastard is who knows and who cares where now, and his trash son is rotting in a prison somewhere. Besides, it’s summer, we should go somewhere fun.” Fauve pointed out as her father entered the room after having dressed.
“But there? Is that really wise?” He asked.
“Yes.” Fauve said, considering it was now summer, her voice was cold as ice.
“We need something fun to do for the reunion, I mean, dad, I know how the rest of your side of the family gets.” She gave him a phony death stare and William, to his credit, sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.
“They are a… funny lot.” He acknowledged.
“Uh huh.” Fauve agreed, “But we can’t just have them hanging out here all day, the house has only so much space, and they’ve got a bunch of kids Michael’s age and younger. We should get everybody good and tired so they can really relax for the rest of the day.”
“But there?” Boatswain pointed out, “We could just as easily go to the local park and set up a barbecue and some games.”
Boatswain’s response was practical, it was true, but unironically we’d all still end up getting wet, I’d wager.
“True, but…” Fauve stopped and reached for the pot of coffee her mother set on the table, as she filled her cup she said, “Who knows if I’ll ever get to go there again, that’s the last thing, the last place where I ever felt weak. I want to go back and conquer it, before I go out into space…again, to go do something else. I can’t…” She breathed out a weighty sigh and began dumping spoonfuls of sugar into her coffee cup, the faint noise of the metal spoon ‘tinking’ against the mug before the scraping of it as she stirred was like a timer counting down the moments until she explained herself.
“I can’t just leave for months, or a year, or whatever, without going back there first, it’ll feel like running away again. It’s nobody else’s problem, everybody else will have fun, but I want to know that I can. I want to face that place and laugh and splash and get wet and go down slides like we were supposed to. You know? Besides, everybody will have fun and if I do struggle, I’m ten minutes from home.”
The table was quiet, Michael was yawning as he came down the stairs with his face buried in his datapad. “Are these… tickets?” He asked.
“Besides, I already bought them so now you have to go or your Fauve’s heart will just be utterly shattered.” She made a gasping noise, leaned back, and clutched melodramatically at her heart before winking at the rest of us.
“Well we don’t want that… so fine. It’s not like nobody can get a swimsuit.” William agreed.
Rebecca looked toward Michael and answered, “Yes, your big sister bought us all tickets to the waterpark for the reunion.”
“Hey, thanks Fauve!” He said and gave her a big hug, squeezing her around the upper arms when he leaned forward behind her.
“You’re welcome.” Fauve said, though I think not just to Michael, and took a big bite out of her bacon and egg biscuit, which she proceeded to chew quite slowly.
That, settled that.
And yes… she was definitely looking smug about it.
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2023.06.07 21:03 CarleeS7 August Apartment Rental / Possible Roommate

Hi everyone! I (26f) will be moving to Raleigh at the end of July and I'm looking to start a lease on 8/1. I'm moving from PA and kind of looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to an apartment but I believe I can find it with some help!
I'm looking to move to Downtown Raleigh or the North Hills area and rent from someone local versus a big company but it's been hard to find places when I can't drive around and look for "for rent" signs. I do have a cat as well as an 11-year-old pitbull mix (registered ESA). Because my dog is older he struggles with stairs so I'd like to avoid having them if possible. I'd also love to have laundry in my apartment. Other than that I really don't need a lot of space and I'm pretty low maintenance. I am open to a roommate of any gender if it is a 2b2b apartment and they are okay with the animals but do not have their own.
My goal is to stay around $1,000/mo without utilities included or $1,500/mo with utilities. I know that's below the average rent but I'm sure there are places out there. I can provide rental history, have a good credit score, and do have a co-signer if necessary. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.06.07 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 41 - Non-alien tech support

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Daniel heaved up Hannah’rah to prevent her from falling off of his back as he carried her back from their walk, which she happened to misjudge the length of. He didn’t mind too much, as she was fairly light, but the frequency that it was happening made him suspicious that she might be doing it on purpose.
“Hey, sleepy, you still awake?” he asked.
“Mmh?” she quietly replied.
“If you’re this tired, I’m not sure we’ll make the gaming tournament tomorrow.”
“I’ll be fine, ‘s why I’m resting now.”
“Uh huh. And do get to rest as well at some point, right?”
“You need less sleep than me,” she mumbled.
“Any chance I can sleep in a little and wake up to a nice breakfast?”
“Thank you,” he replied, turning his head and kissing her on the lips.
Daniel yawned as he woke up, looking around his room on the Trailmaker, and at Hannah'rah who was still asleep next to him. He gently stroked her head for a moment wondering if there was any chance he could get her planet side with him, maybe even to go on a walk like they used to, but with her duties to defend the ship, especially with an open connection to the station, and the fact that there wasn't anything that only she could do down on the planet, he realised it was practically impossible. He instead spent his waking energy running through his spell exercises, manipulating a weighted ball on the desk completely with magic and getting used to holding spells for a longer period of time. As he did it, he attempted to recall some of his dream again, but all he could remember of it was that it was based on a memory of them hiking together.
As he was doing so, he realised that it had been a while since he'd attempted to speak with Ordos, and now that he was back in UPC space, there was a better chance of success. He uttered an invitation, and waited.
'There's a reason us Deities don't respond all the time, you know,' Ordos told him.
'Sorry, but I had to try again to see if I could,' Daniel apologised.
‘What did you wish to ask?’ Ordos asked.
‘You probably know, but I have two questions. The first is, am I the first person to align with you?’
‘You are currently the only person aligned with me. A sort of test, if you will,’ the God confirmed.
‘Thank you, and second, are you here in this system?’
‘No, I’m on Earth, or my main physical form is anyway.’
‘When I come back to Earth, can I meet you please?’
‘That depends on many things, and some are unlikely.’
‘I understand. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me.’
‘You’re welcome,’ Ordos told him. ‘I do have something for you, however, which is why we’re talking right now. There’s a “friend” of yours on the station, looking to have a chat like before the Trailmaker left port. Do what you will with this information.’
‘Thank you, Ordos, I appreciate the warning,’ Daniel replied, sensing the connection end.
Daniel adjusted his jacket, making sure it was sitting comfortably over his uniform and obscuring his rank slides and brassard, and disembarked from the Trailmaker onto the station. He mainly wanted to wear it so he wasn’t purely in space uniform when he was planet side, but it would help him be slightly harder to spot in a crowd, as anyone could own a jacket, but not his ranks and awards. He knew he had a little time to kill before his shuttle was ready, so he began to check some of the select civilian stands laid out in a small market that had been allowed to set up shop to sell some things to the Navy personnel, as well as allow the few Langan aboard to try some of the smaller luxuries the UPC had to offer. He joined the back of a small line to a food stall to see if he could grab a few small treats, and he was pleased to see signage saying that everything on sale was rated safe for all species, including Langan.
When he got to the front of the line, he picked up four bars of chocolate, as well as four bottles of cola. He presented his holo to the payment terminal, confirmed the slightly overpriced transaction, and made sure it went through. He smiled at the stall attendant who was just there to restock and deal with any Langan customers, and walked away, stuffing the items into his jacket pockets, securing them properly.
Finding he still had a bit of time, he also headed over to a less busy stall nearby that was staffed by a Lagan looking to make a head start in their new life, selling some copies of Langan items. Daniel had a quick browse, and his eyes landed on a set of books he thought could make a useful tool to help him learn Langan writing a little faster if he decided to learn it. He saw the price and knew he could just wait a few months and get them online for dirt cheap, but he admired the stall keeper's desire to get started out again, so he bought the books which worked out to be about two day’s salary, making the Langan very happy.
He checked the time once again to see that he could probably start boarding the shuttle very soon, so he began to casually make his way towards the shuttle bay, checking his messages to see if anything had come through, finding a few messages from his group of friends welcoming him back to UPC space, and correctly guessing that his ship was the one to make first contact. He sent a quick reply to them all, thanking them and promising to talk properly when he had more time. He also found a message from an unverified source, which he quickly read and deleted, finding the information within to be useful but disappointing, reminding him he still had to sort out the chip he was hiding.
“Lieutenant Daniel Hardbrooks, what a pleasant surprise!”
Daniel stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder, looking to his side to see someone he didn’t recognise, wearing the stereotypical agent suit. “Wrong person, sorry.”
“Don’t be like that, I just want to have a quick chat, that’s all.”
“I’m not a Lieutenant, and you’re not wearing a Navy ID or a visitor pass, so I strongly suggest you identify yourself before I call for security,” Daniel replied.
“Agent Johnson, CSB,” the man told him, flashing their ID.
“Ok, but you’ve still got the wrong person, and I don’t have a lot of time, so sorry, and good luck on you manhunt.”
“Sorry, Lieutenant Commander Hardbrooks,” the man apologised in a snide tone.
“I still don’t have time, goodbye,” Daniel replied, walking away.
"I'm afraid I really need to talk," the Agent insisted, grabbing Daniel's left arm to prevent him from walking away.
"I politely request you let go."
"There's a quiet room down the way where we can talk."
"I strongly suggest you let go," Daniel sternly persisted.
"And I strongly suggest you come with me," the Agent warned him, glancing at Daniel's arm as it beeped, indicating something that shouldn't be used accidentally had just been powered on.
"I am giving you one-"
"Come on, Lieutenant Commander, you're holding up the shuttle."
Daniel looked over his other shoulder as Milla grabbed his other arm and firmly pulled him away from the Agent and towards the shuttle bay, forcing the Agent to let go. Daniel looked back at the Agent, who prepared to give chase, but was immediately confronted with two military police officers.
"Thanks for the save," Daniel told her.
"We're even for you helping me after the jump, right?" she asked, messing with her holo.
"Yeah, sure. How did you kn-"
"Saw the guy arrive yesterday, and heard about your CSB encounter from Hannah'rah. I put two and two together, and got the MPs to keep an eye on him. They probably can't do anything to him, but they can waste his time for not wearing proper ID, which is great for an opportune moment. The timing of me being there to call them over and pull you away was just luck really," she shrugged, closing her holo. "Oh, and by the way, you're on my shuttle now."
"Oh, thanks," he replied, checking the notification as it came through.
"No problem. You'd really think that they'd drop the suit and try to blend in, making sure they at least have fake IDs on display, but nope. It's like everyone there is addicted to century old spy movies or something."
"I know what you mean. A high-vis jacket and a clipboard would be a much better disguise. People might even help you."
"Don't give them ideas," she warned him as she guided him onto a small shuttle, revealing that they were the only two passengers, and when she closed the door, they had complete privacy. "So, why is a government agency after you?"
"I'm not 100% sure, as both times they never managed to get to the point," he shrugged, sitting down and buckling in. "I have a suspicion they want to recruit me, as if they wanted to arrest me, I wouldn't have gotten away so easily. As for where this comes from, well, I have a grey hat background. They could just be trying to find out if I know anything I shouldn't do from that I suppose."
"Grey hat is legal, right?"
"Yes, but you have to tread carefully, as a small slip up can get you in a lot of trouble."
"That's fine then," she replied, signalling to the shuttle pilot on her holo that they were good to go once they were both securely seated. "If that man is still on the station when we return, I think you should stay with me until we're on the ship, just to make it so you can't be singled out."
"Thanks, Milla."
"So, I'm curious to know what you would have done if I didn't arrive in time."
"Oh, I probably would have tased him and reported him for assault after he didn't let go. He wasn't operating by the books, didn't present his ID well enough for me to verify it, and ignored my requests, so I was about to electricity my arm. After all there was no way for me to know if he was telling the truth, and I'm not going to let myself be taken to an unknown place by a shady person," he explained, slightly smirking. "I am a senior officer after all, it's a massive security risk to the Navy if some crook captures me. I can only comply with MPs while on a Naval facility."
"Sounds reasonable to me," Milla chuckled as the shuttle touched down. "Perfect, we're here."
"That was fast."
"Good shuttle and a good pilot," she explained, disembarking and sending the pilot a message of thanks.
"So, I managed to get planet access to help Oprin, but how did you manage," he asked as the shuttle took off behind them.
"Oh, I just needed some fresh air after my recent incident."
"You're lucky you're a Gater. That excuse would never fly with anyone else."
"Yeah, probably not. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get special treatment, such as the ear of MPs, and being able to squeeze friends on private shuttles, instead of slightly more open ones that might have an unwanted ‘friend’ onboard."
“Very lucky and very useful,” he agreed, pulling a bottle of cola and a bar of chocolate out of his pocket. “Here, I was going to give you this when I was back on the ship, but now is as good of a time as any.”
“Giving treats to other women? You’re brave.”
“I’m giving them to all my friends. I have the same for Hannah'rah and Oprin,” he explained.
“I’m glad I’m your friend then,” she replied, opening both and having a small amount of each. “So, what are your plans for today?”
“Just help Oprin with whatever she needs.”
“Mind if I tag along? I didn’t really come here with any more plans than to just wander around and help out where I could.”
“It's up to Oprin really.”
“Fair enough.”
Daniel began to lead Milla down various roads, away from the temporary spaceport, and down to the residential area Oprin’s house was located in. The streets stretched for much longer than they did when he left the day before, but the addition of new homes had been halted to save on the currently limited resources, as there were far more than were required for the current residents, plus a tenth of the currently frozen Langan, and more could easily be built when the logistics hiccup had been resolved. Instead, the few deliveries were more focussed on permanent infrastructure, delivering resources to a few construction ships that had landed and started building a small fusion power plant and multi-purpose factories. Ignoring all that though, they continued until they arrived at Oprin’s home, and Daniel knocked on the door, it opening a moment later to reveal Oprin.
“Oh hello, Daniel,” Oprin happily announced. “Oh, Milla too!”
“How are you doing, Oprin?” Daniel asked.
“Good, but having a few issues with some of the new stuff,” she replied. “Come in and sit down.”
Daniel and Milla obliged, entering and noticing that Oprin’s holo was turned on, but waiting on standby mode with half a dozen icons on display, including the mute, 2D mode, and resolution adjustment mode. A few moments later, she put some glasses of water and a plate of biscuits on the table in front of them, and sat down next to them.
“So, how are things?” Daniel asked.
“It’s nice to live somewhere so comfortable, but I wish I understood more of your technology,” she replied.
“The best thing to do is not to overthink things. We try to keep most things as simple as possible so even a young child would have no problems operating things. All you need to do is slow down and think simple,” he told her, holding up the two remotes, one with significantly more buttons than the other. “Let’s start with the holo here. Ignore the programming remote, and just focus on the normal one. The number buttons allow you to switch to a channel quickly if you know the number, but you don’t, so we can ignore those for now, as well as the circle underneath, as we aren’t dealing with menus. Next, we have two flick switches, once for channel, and one for volume. Flick either up to increase either the channel number or volume number, or down to decrease them. The four buttons underneath are for the channel menu, display resize, dimension mode, and mute. The first can be ignored as it hasn’t been translated yet, and the display resize can as well for now. The dimension mode will change it between 2D and 3D, depending on your preference, and the mute turns the sound on or off. Finally, the red button at the top turns the holo on and off.”
“Ok, so how do I get back to the start?” Oprin asked.
“Just a second,” he replied, playing around with the programming remote to undo everything she had done, slowly resetting everything to its default and setting the holo to the state-run news channel. “Ok, there we go.”
“So what’s this now?”
“So this is the most popular new channel. It details the major headlines from all over the UPC, with segments about local news as well. It gives factual and unbiased reports on many things, but given how general it is, it might not always be relevant to you, and given how it does its best to be unbiased, it can be a bit robotic and boring at times. They worry that any significant emotion will impact how viewers perceive different stories, rather than being able to freely interpret it their own way. It’s a good way to catch up on big things, but it gets boring very quickly, so if you want actual entertainment, you can try one of the other channels. There are a fair few more news channels sprinkled about, but the majority of the remaining channels are purely for entertainment.”
“I see,” she replied, flicking through a few, stopping on one that was currently running a program about various types of spaceships, focussing more on personal high-performance ones. She also spent a few moments flipping between 2D and 3D, and eventually settled on 2D, as she could pick up some faint lighting issues thanks to the sunlight with 3D.
“Also, just so you’re aware, though you don’t have to look now, there are some subscription streaming services that allow you to watch premium content on demand, but you will have to pay and the controls to navigate aren’t as simple. Just so you know if you end up looking for more in the future. They also don’t break up what you’re watching with advertisements.”
“How frequent are the advertisements?” Oprin asked.
“It depends on the channel. State-run ones don’t have any, aside from advertising new shows that will be on that channel later, but some of the others can run up to five minutes of ads every 15-30 minutes.”
“Sounds better than our radio already. About half of the broadcast was advertisements on a good day, and the other half were carefully curated news stories.”
“Sounds like it wasn’t much fun to listen to,” Milla commented.
“No, it really wasn’t. Thankfully, I was too young at the time to have any interest in it.”
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Hi all, just wanted to sorry if the dream sequence felt a little odd for what I normally do. I wanted to make some small changes based on some feedback to show a little more of Daniel and Hannah'rah's past, which is hard to do in the current situation.
I also wanted to make people aware of the Reddit blackout protest happening on the 12th of June. I just wanted to say that I will continue to post my episodes here during the blackout in case any of you are worried, partly due to the sub not taking part in it as well as me not wanting to disrupt your entertainment, but I do agree with the premise behind it and encourage people to look into it if they are unaware of what’s going on.
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2023.06.07 21:00 brightlightprincess Home Office in partner's house

If my boyfriend owns a house that I can live in for free, but give him monthly payments for and have my own designated office in, can I write that off as just rent paid for home office?
The house is completely under his name and I give him the same rental payments monthly.
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2023.06.07 20:58 abarua01 WFH troubles rant

So I have a WFH job. I'm 31 years old, my wife (29) is an unemployed SAHM, and I'm currently living with my parents. I moved in with my parents and my younger brother (27) when my wife was pregnant with our first child, and my wife doesn't want to move out because my parents help with the baby and it helps with our bills. Currently, my parents are doing home remodeling/ renovations, and it is a very noisy work environment.
Due to all the work noise, I can't work from home since my job involves being on the phone all day. My brother is a small business owner who does e-commerce sales and has his own office space that he pays a lease on. When my parents started their remodeling, I asked my brother if I could hang out in his office while I do my job. I wasn't happy about it working at my younger brother's company, but I wouldn't technically be his employee. I would just be using space.
Well, apparently my brother was complaining to our mom and my wife that he doesn't want me at his office, though he never said anything to me directly. I'm not technically my brother's employee, I'm just using some of his office space to do my own work for my own job and don't bother him. Then my mom and my wife were telling me that my brother doesn't want me at his office, and to not go there anymore. I was upset that my brother didn't come to me directly and passed on the message to our mom and my wife to give to me instead, but whatever.
Today I decided to lease a workspace in the city so I could actually do my job for the duration that home renovations are going on. I parked by a parking meter and was about 10 minutes late trying to pay for the meter again, and in that short 10-minute span, I got a parking ticket. The ticket cost me about the entire day's pay. Then later I got a call from my brother asking where I was. I told him about my wife and our mom telling me that he didn't want me at his office, and I ended up leasing a spot downtown since I couldn't work from home during renovations. I didn't tell my brother about the ticket.
He then says that I can keep coming by his office and not worry about it. At this point, I already got a lease, I already got a parking ticket. All in all it's been a really bad day so far.
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2023.06.07 20:50 finance_bro_bro Looking for Roommate(s) in Dallas

Hi all,
I am a 26 yr male looking to find a roommate / roommates in Dallas. I’m pretty low-key: I don’t really party; I keep things pretty clean (I currently clean my apt weekly and am not a neat freak but I do like to keep things usable); I’m really only home after work and on weekends (I do usually work late, however). I enjoy climbing, lifting, backpacking, video games, skiing, anime, and reading. I have a stable job in finance and will probably be here for the next 2 to 3 years. I’m currently living alone but just don’t enjoy pissing money away on rent. The only thing I think could deter someone from me as a roommate is that I’m gay, so you’d have to be okay with that. I don’t really bring people over but it does happen occasionally. Other than that, you most likely won’t even notice.
As a roommate, I’d prefer if you’re direct (aka, if you want me to do something, just ask and 99% of the time I’ll do my best to accommodate. The other 1% I’ll probably ask for a compromise). I’ve lived with a variety of people over the years and my best experiences, believe it or not, have been with straight males. I’ve found there’s less drama this way for a variety of reasons. I’d be open to more than one roommate if you needed a third.
I’m looking to live in the Lower Greenville / Uptown / Oak Lawn area. I could be convinced to go a little bit more north near SMU. My office is in Uptown so I wouldn’t want to be too far from it. I’m looking to pay about ~$1500 in rent, which should be pretty doable. So, ~3k or under for a 2 bedroom.
Feel free to PM me if you’re interested and / or ask questions below.
Edit: typo
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2023.06.07 20:50 Laxativelog Just found out I'm effectively trapped in the apartment I've been in for the last 8 years.

Saw a notification briefly pop up on my phone about a "final chance to sign the new lease at a lower rate" which was confusing because I'm month to month and haven't signed a lease since I moved in.
Couldn't find anything in the app the management company uses so I popped into the office.
Now I know I've had a good deal here. Rent has increased from $930-1040 for a 2 bedroom in 8 years which is unheard of. I dunno if I fell through the cracks or what but I've counted my blessings where they are.
Rent is increasing to around $1250. Sucks but it's been a long time coming.
However here is the catch. When the dude at the office pulled up my account he double hand held his head saying "that's what you're paying????".
He's a good dude and I said I knew it was pretty good and this is the cheapest place around.
He then said I didn't realize how good it was.
New Tennants?
They are coming in the door at $2100.
I have wallpaper from the 80s!!!!
He said they were still the cheapest around even than and I asked what the rates were at another group down the road.
He pulled up their listings.
$2500 - $5900.
I literally cannot leave where I am. And if they decide to rocket catch up my over the next few years now?
I'm already working 50-60 hours a week depending.
I don't understand.
$5900 for an apartment lmfao.
Can't afford a house and apparently I wouldn't be able to afford an apartment either if I was new to the area.
We're so fucked.
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2023.06.07 20:48 Janius [H] Ghostwire Tokyo, Remnant from the Ashes, Dicey Dungeons, Luck Be a Landlord [W] Bug Fables, Oaken, Chernobylite, Dreamscaper/Offers

My page
Games that I want most currently: Bug Fables, Oaken, Chernobylite, Vanaris Tactics, Miasma Chronicles and Dreamscaper
My full wishlist is below, but I will consider other games that I don't know about/aren't on the list. I really like to play Roguelites, RPGs, Strategy, Card games, and certain sims.
I also have some games on the EA Store, if you're interested just ask.
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2023.06.07 20:46 RunnyMoney New USSF SCODs (O & E)

Please see below for new SCODs. Also, if you require more information, there is a powerpoint on teams.
I’m pleased to announce the approval of and transition plan for Static Close out Dates (SCODs) for Space Force, effective immediately. Please share this information with your respective organizations and we will be doing so as well through myFSS.
This transition will bring benefits to the evaluations system – equity for Guardians, performance relevancy at boards, and synchronization in the evaluations administrative cycle.
Please note, the transition to SCODs will not impact current stratification policy; we are still in development of alternative evaluation measures for Guardians. Thank you for your input to that development process thus far.
Space Force SCOD dates are as follows.
Rank (includes selectees)
E-3 - E-6 = 31 Jan
E-7 - E-8 = 31 Jul
E-9 = 31 May
O-1 - O-2 = 31 Oct
O-3 - O-5 = 30 Nov
O-6 = 30 Apr
Because SCODs are new for the officer corps, transition reports will be required for some officers to ensure that all initial SCOD OPRs cover a minimum reporting period of five months.
Detailed information and guidance can be found in the attached “USSF SCOD Guidance” and will be forthcoming via a PSDM on MyFSS. We also have Public Affairs Guidance prepared.
Thank you for your feedback throughout this process, and for your support in establishing talent management processes that align with our needs and values, and most importantly, best serve Guardians.
-Kate Kelley, Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Human Capital"
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2023.06.07 20:41 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Camano Island Fire & Rescue Finance/HR Manager Camano Island
City Of Connell Public Works Supervisor Connell
Samuel Barnes and Associates Office ManageBookkeeper Ephrata
Snohomish County Human Services Department Behavioral Health Community Support Specialist Everett
Snohomish County Human Services Department Human Services Specialist II - Developmental Disabilities Everett
Northwest Justice Project Managing Attorney - Everett Everett
Snohomish County Human Services Human Services Specialist II - Developmental Disabilities Everett
The Boeing Company Manufacturing Jobs Everett
So Moon Nan Jib Cook Federal Way
Goldbar Nature Trails Temporary Office help Gold Bar
City of Lake Stevens Senior Civil Engineer Lake Stevens
Lind School Disrict Spanish Teacher Lind
City of Lynnwood Lynnwood Police Department Lynnwood
Edmonds College Head Start Early Childhood Education Lynnwood
Skagit Regional Health Skagit Regional Health Positions Mount Vernon
Jireh Construction Asphalt and Concrete Concrete Finishers Mukilteo
Nurani, P.C. Dentist Olympia
Desmond Law Group Family Defender Olympia
Tri-Cities Community Health Dentist Pasco
Puget Sound ESD Senior Coordinator - Communications/Educational Technology Renton
Puget Sound ESD Preschool Assistant Teacher Classroom Floater Seattle
Nuvodia Account Manager I - IT Services Spokane Valley
DC Engineering Consulting Regulatory Affairs Coord, Eng Svcs Tenino
Tate Transportation Inc. Drivers Walla Walla
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Seattle
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 20:39 Mysterious-Bat-6615 I (26F) am afraid that my boyfriend (28M) might implode under all the immense pressure he's going through. How do I help him?

This is a throwaway account because my boyfriend is an active Redditor, and we follow each other's accounts here, but he never goes to this sub.This is also going to be a long post, but I hope you can bear with me.
I (26F) have been in a relationship with my boyfriend (28M) for 5.5 years now, and this is probably the healthiest relationship I've ever been in. For the purposes of this post, I'll call him Ben. We met in college, and Ben was the sweetest and cutest guy I've ever met. He's two years ahead of me, but he was a part of the welcoming committee at our university, and boy, were we lucky. He was such a charismatic gentleman with an awesome personality and looks to match. I think everyone in my friend group, including me, had a huge crush on him, but he had a girlfriend at the time. When they broke up (she cheated on him), I took my chance and confessed my feelings for him. At that time, I was still a dumb kid, and Ben turned me down politely. However, months later, the stars aligned for us, and long story short, we became a couple.
Before COVID (we were already two years into the relationship by this time), we started living together for a few months because we both worked at offices near each other, so we figured it would be easier and more cost-effective. When the pandemic happened, we went back to our homes. However, things happened with Ben's household. His brother (let's call him Paul) came out as gay, and their parents kicked him out. Ben decided to take Paul under his wing, and we decided to live together again with Paul. Another layer to this was Paul becoming suicidal at the start of his coming out journey (I mean, he was kicked out by his parents, so that was really tough), but he's thankfully in a much better place now. Of course, Paul's recovery was extremely difficult.
In 2021, I started my master's degree. I had to quit my full-time job and take on some freelancing instead. I told Ben that I could still take on more freelancing clients to help with the expenses, but he told me not to so that I could focus on my master's. Suffice to say, I couldn't contribute much to our expenses. While I'm still earning, it barely covers our bills. Paul also volunteered to take on jobs while he's studying, but Ben forbade him so that he could focus on his studies (Paul is actually a genius, who now has a full-ride scholarship in college, which was why Ben didn't want him distracted).
So, Ben took it upon himself to work three or four jobs at a time to support himself, me, and Paul (who was still studying but was essentially financially cut off from their family). Ben actually grew up in a rural farm area, helping out his family, so all his life, all he knew was to work hard to survive. He was the first in their family to go to college, and although he wasn't the brightest, he certainly gave his best. That was also why he was so determined to support Paul in his academics. I chip in whenever I can, and my parents would also contribute from time to time, but it was really Ben who supported our little trio through those times.
However, this is where my concern for Ben starts. Whenever I ask him how he is, he always puts on a huge smile, then he hugs and kisses me, saying that everything is fine. But I can tell how physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted he really is. It's like whenever I'm not looking, I can feel that he's often trying to catch his breath, thinking about something or always brooding, which is really not like him at all.
Then, last year, Ben got a new job that pays about triple his salary compared to his previous main employer, so he didn't have to work multiple jobs anymore. He was so happy because he could spend more time with us now. That was such a relief for me because I could feel his old self genuinely coming back.
However, late last year, we had another curveball. Paul was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed surgery urgently. Of course, that meant a ton of expenses. Ben was once again forced to work A LOT. He was working overtime at his company and took on two more side jobs. He also borrowed money from friends, took out some loans, and basically did everything he could to make sure Paul got the treatment he needed. My parents also gave him money, which he initially refused, but he eventually gave in because he was still short. He also swallowed his pride and begged their parents for money, which they eventually gave, but with a lot of guilt-tripping, shaming, and tongue-lashing. Not once did I hear Ben complain about any of this, and to this day, Paul doesn't know a lot of what his brother had to do and go through to come up with the money.
Thankfully, Paul's operation was a success, and he's now making a full recovery. However, one night last February, I woke up at around 2 am and saw Ben still at our dining table, doing a bunch of paperwork. He told me it was nothing, just routine stuff, but I saw that he was computing all the loans and debts he had incurred trying to come up with the money for Paul's surgery. He kissed me good night, but I saw in his eyes that he was panicking deep inside and was about to break down, but he didn't.
A lot of other things happened between then until now. Last month, Ben was at the center of a heavily traumatic event which I can't disclose here (it involved legal and police proceedings, which are still ongoing). But throughout all this, Ben has maintained a very composed facade, and he continues to do so. During our ride home after receiving the devastating news, he was really quiet. I can tell that he's hurting, but he just doesn't verbalize it. He also told me not to tell Paul about the whole incident if we can help it, but he still found out last week because of all the legal things we're going through. When he found out, Paul actually cried and gave Ben the tightest hug, and I bawled as well. However, Ben was just like, "Man, I really don't want all this attention."
Then, last night, something happened that prompted me to write this post. While we were sleeping, Ben suddenly woke up and rushed to the kitchen, around 1 am. The commotion woke me up too, and I asked him what was wrong. I was so worried because he looked so pale, his lips were dry, and drenched in sweat. He also seemed like he was out of breath and he was panting heavily, struggling to speak. He said he felt that he could feel his heart beating so fast and that there was ringing in his ears. He was also feeling dizzy and nauseated. He tried to pour himself a glass of water, but his hands were shaking badly, so I did it for him.
I then took him to the ER, and hours later, after some tests (thankfully, this was covered by his insurance), the doctor said that Ben had a panic attack. Then, what shocked me the most was that Ben said this was not the first time this has happened. He told the doctor that this has happened about 4 times since last month, but last night was the most severe one. Upon hearing that, I felt like I was being punched in my gut, and everything went silent. I didn't hear what the doctor prescribed him. My mind went blank, and all I could think of was how terrible of a girlfriend I am for not noticing this earlier. When we talked about it at home, he just told me that he didn't want me to worry about him, and that he thought it was just allergies or something (I know, lame excuse). I just wanted to cry because all this time, Ben had been keeping this from me and is going through all this alone. I tried to talk to him some more about what we should do, but he just said he's got it under control now and I shouldn't worry about him anymore.
I'm really, really, really worried about him, though, and I don't know what to do.
I've never seen Ben cry or curse or be mad or be violent throughout our entire relationship. Every time, he just says something to reassure me, then he blurts out a joke or a sarcastic remark. I know that sounds like a dream guy for many people, but I'm just really worried about him. I've told him a thousand times that he can talk to me about whatever he's truly feeling, but he never opens up. I don't know if it's pride, ego, toxic masculinity, or just how he was raised, but I've told him multiple times that I will never judge him or see him differently. I always talk to him about my problems, so he knows that I treat our relationship as a safe space, and I've told him that he could do the same. However, the only "problems" he shares are shallow issues like not liking the lunch served at work or being 2 minutes late due to traffic or spilling coffee on his shirt.
Every day, before going out for work, Ben kisses me and says "I love you," but there's just something different about him. It's like he's putting up this entire persona just to please me, but I can see right through it. I don't know if it's just the sadness in his eyes or the way he sort of fakes his smile. Don't get me wrong, though. I never once doubted that he loves me, and I still deeply love him, but the fact that he doesn't acknowledge his negative emotions really worries me that he might just implode one day.I
'm sorry if that has just been a long-winded, incoherent, rambling mess, but do you have any advice on how I can help him?
TL;DR: My boyfriend has been under a lot of pressure and is not opening up to me. He just had a severe panic attack last night, but he still doesn't want to acknowledge his emotions. What can I do to help him?
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2023.06.07 20:36 CD_93 Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer QB, Whitelisted, Cinematic Story-Based, Custom Heists

Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer QB, Whitelisted, Cinematic Story-Based, Custom Heists

Why Let's RP?

In early 2022, Let's RP was launched to do things differently in the GTA roleplay space. We have fostered a culture of trust and transparancy to create the premier FiveM server for cinematic storytelling, character development and content-driven roleplay. Since then, we have grown to over 200 players whitelisted across the UK, EU & US - and Let's RP has become known for its high-calibre drama and emotional character arcs.
Our culture holds no place for toxicity or the "win mentality" which hampers other FiveM servers and stifles true story progression. Our rules of engagement for cops and criminals alike ensures the best possible outcomes for players on both sides as well as providing ample avenues of roleplay for everyone in between. We hope that our reviews from our diverse playerbase reflect the unique position our server has grown in to.
Our in-house development team of programmers, texture artists and clothing experts meet regularly to respond to bug reports and player suggestions as well as creating custom scripts and experiences exclusive to Let's RP. They are aided by a dedicated support team, assisting players old and new in navigating FiveM and GTA RP.
Our support for the content of our players extends beyond the confines of the game itself. Our content team supports all of our streamers and content creators in highlighting their work and contributions to our city. Our in-house web designer curates an in-character intranet (EyeFind) as well as managing our local Weazel News outlet which our local journalists and news reporters can contribute to (and get paid for). We have recently launched the Let's RP Wiki as well as the first season of the Let's RP Trading Card Game. Our events team empowers our players to create and engage with unique one-off and multi-part events (such as our incredibly popular month-long Halloween arc in October '22).

What's new in 2.0?

Season Two of Let’s RP brings with it a major injection of content for LEOs, civilians and criminals alike.
We are excited to be introducing a raft of social recreational activities & minigames such as Tennis, Pool, Basketball, Air Hockey and more to bolster the “downtime” options for your characters between going about their civilian jobs, criminal activities, or public service duties.
A whole new fleet of PD, EMS and FIRE vehicles - including specialised rescue vehicles - keep our public servants ready for any eventuality. New custom NPC missions give our Pillbox workers a chance to earn a bump on their paycheck by attending medical emergencies across the city.
We have revamped the Hunting hobby to include a skinning system, adding extra value to your expeditions. We are putting spray cans in the hands of our gang members to leave their mark on their turf... and on that of their rivals. We are also consolidating a number of vendors at the Vespucci Markets to create a hub of buying & selling – with some products now offering buffs to some character abilities!
New businesses and career opportunities are cropping up across the city. So take a look around and explore what is on offer for yourself. But if you fancy a complete change of pace, ask at the job centre about a career in beekeeping!
We have enhanced the Diamond City Casino with whole new games – yes, even the slot machines! Now that the locals have been invited in, you will now be able to test the luck of you and your friends against AI players at the card and roulette tables. Whole new animations and interactions bring the Casino to life in a way we haven’t seen before. With alcohol being served behind the bar 24 hours a day, it is sure to be a popular venue for many (not least the dealers).
Criminals in the north beware, for response times are about to drop dramatically! The Blaine County Sheriffs Office is now open to bolster law enforcement in the state. We’re bringing custom liveries and infrastructure to make the Sheriffs Office in Sandy Shores feel like a second home for those stationed there.
What's that ringing payphone all about? Well you'll have to find out for yourself.

Custom Heists?

Yes – they are finally here – Heists have come to Let’s RP!
Developed by our in‐house team, these new challenges are exclusive to Let’s RP. Players will need to take on a series of escapades above and below sea level to earn the big prizes on offer, if they can evade the authorities in the process!
These Heists will require planning to execute successfully (and to survive). We really look forward to seeing how you and your gangs choose to navigate these capers! As for the where and how... find out IC!


We truly believe that have built a special roleplay space and Let's RP is growing every day. For a further insight, clips and shorts can be found at LetsRPOfficial across Twitter / YouTube / TikTok. Or you can follow the LetsRP tag on Twitch to see what our streamers have been up to.
Take a look at our launch trailer for Season Two and then JOIN US at or

Let's RP 2.0 Launch Trailer
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2023.06.07 20:36 Interesting-Ad2798 I feel like I’m lost.

I’m 25 and I have been working for my family business full time since graduating high school in 2016. I started off working part time in the warehouse after school making $8 a hour. I then graduated and got a pay raise to $10 a hour in 2017 I then got offered a delivery route after someone left in early 2018 and after staying out on the road all day and doing my best to satisfy customers I got a pay raise to $13 being 19 I thought I was doing decent compared to my peers at the time. Around the time Covid hit I got a $1.50 raise and then another $1 raise so I’m currently making $15.50 plus a $2k annual bonus that’s taxed (so $1500) my phone plan is tied in the business plan. I live in a apartment above my grandparents detached garage and they insisted that I didn’t have to pay for rent or anything. Basically the only bills I have is car insurance on two vehicles which is super cheap, and I’m paying a few credit cards which I plan to have all my debt paid off. I pay for food, gas, and other expenses but despite the help I get I feel like I can’t get ahead. My grandfather wanted to me stay and work for the family business which my uncle has been managing/ taking care of things in person but I just feel like I’m a regular employee, I don’t see any potential and I feel like I’m setting myself up for failure. First no one has taken me under there wing to show me how the business works, no one has barely taught me how our products work, what they do, I have to ask for help to even answer customers technical questions. I come to work, clock in, work my 8 hours and leave, that’s it. My cousin (uncles / managers son) used to work here, he was paid more, was given a office and a job to look at jobs and bid them. Everyone thought mostly highly of him even tho he didn’t know what he was doing most of the time. And he absolutely ran my name into the dirt, made me out to be this lazy bum that just had it all given to me despite him given to same treatment. So I’ve always like cars, liked working on them. I want to be able to make a living, support my child that on the way, be able to pay for necessities and be able to have fun, buy car parts, go on trips, etc. but I know it would be a struggle doing all of that on what I get paid currently, especially if I had to pay rent, utilities, etc. I feel like I have had no great opportunities fall into my lap like some of my peers. So what can I do to get my set out of this rut?
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2023.06.07 20:24 ughanonymouse Plans for Tiny ADU. Thoughts?

We have an about ~5k sf lot with a 3 bedroom home. We now need two offices, but only have one extra room, so one of us is in the living room (not sustainable) and we want to build a small office in the back.
In our southern california city, in order to take advantage of zero setbacks and other ADU development incentives, we need to build a full ADU (so kitchenette, bathroom, etc).
This is not our forever home, and we plan to rent this property out when we buy again. Ideally renters would rent out the whole site, but of course, we could rent the SFH and the ADU separately. In the meantime, we plan to use the ADU as a second office only while we live here.
The problem is that I want to ensure we're building responsibly. I'm not interested in just shoving the biggest ADU we can in the backyard. I want both ourselves and future renters to have adequate outdoor space that is intentionally planned. We're in socal after all! Our lot is great but the outdoor configuration is U-shaped rather than one big square or rectangle, so a larger ADU will create choke-points. So that said, we're looking at about 200-230 sf. It will have laundry inside, and hoping for tall ceilings and loft style additional storage. I've both lived in an ADU, and the last home we rented had one in the yard. Both scenarios worked wonderfully, although the units were about 300+ sf.
My husband and I are at odds about whether this size rental will work. I'm in the building industry and have done a lot of tiny multifamily studios and SROs that rent extremely well, but they are mostly for affordable populations. I have also built 5 different ADUs as a pilot program for my previous employer, so I have experience with building types and multiple different considerations that need to be made. But I don't have experience in market rate units.
Has anyone built an ADU in this sf range in a major metropolitan city and willing to share their experience? Maybe a long shot but thought I'd ask!
PS using a throwaway since my partner will likely look to reddit too! TIA :)
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2023.06.07 20:22 davied0244 How to deal with two defaults?

So I've defaulted on two credit agreements. I won't make any excuses for myself as I'm well aware that this could've perhaps been avoided, but when you're neurodivergent and suffer from multiple mental health problems it can be even harder dealing with these things. So I thought it'd be helpful to have some advice now to prevent my situation from getting even worse.
Both accounts were opened while I was working both full-time and freelance last year, but from April last year I was no longer working full-time and having to rely on an inconsistent freelance income before eventually becoming unemployed at the start of January this year until starting a new full-time job at the beginning of May.
Considering I had rent (that had increased), bills and living costs to pay as well, I missed some credit payments. Largely due to my ongoing mental health problems that were made worse by the situation I felt overwhelmed by the bombardment of letters, calls, texts and emails I was receiving and struggled to be proactive in getting in touch to explain my situation.
On 25th May - after getting paid by my new job for the first time - I made payments to all four of my creditors to bring myself up to date. However, I've since discovered that I defaulted on two of those credit agreements - one being with Tesco and the other with PayPal.
The first I'd heard of defaulting on the PayPal credit agreement was in passing over the phone early this year on one of the many occasions I picked the phone up to them. I was aware of the arrears and missed payments, but still haven't seen the default notice I was allegedly sent nor was it mentioned on the phone prior.
In early April I finally found myself able to call up my other three creditors to make them aware of my mental health problems, employment and living situation. Two of them were fairly helpful and spoke of things like Breathing Space and payment plans, while - confusingly to me - Tesco merely repeated that my account was up to date while ignoring my attempts to elaborate on my situation and resolve things, so I took their word for it.
Last Friday I was doing a referencing check for an apartment I'm hoping to rent and I logged into ClearScore and CreditKarma to help inform my answer on whether I have adverse credit. Much to my shock, I saw a default from the 19th May had been reported by Tesco the day before.
I called Tesco to complain and in their online 'final response' letter there are a number of erroneous and disingenous claims regarding things they definitely didn't say to me on the phone on 12th April in addition to default notice and account termination letters I was previously unaware of as well as the fact it's now been passed onto a debt collection agency, who I also haven't actually heard from of course. They've threatened me with further action if I don't speak to Tesco Bank Recoveries to agree on a repayment plan, even though I filled out the budget calculator (to means test a repayment plan) on their website on 27th May and received no contact afterwards - not even a call-back like the one I scheduled through the website at the end of their budget calculator form.
So I just want to know what my options are and how to go about exploring each of them?
I feel like it'd be worth making complaints to the Financial Ombudsman in the hope they're removed even if that is highly optimistic, while I've also heard of notes of correction and the possibility of the creditor being willing to remove the default if you speak to them after clearing your debts.
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2023.06.07 20:18 Quantum-Connection Considering getting a dog in the fall, doing some breed research and open to any advice

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2023.06.07 20:14 0PNRG MEGA needs something like the OneDrive Files On-Demand or Dropbox Smart Sync feature

Features Suggestions
MEGA needs something like the OneDrive Files On-Demand or Dropbox Smart Sync feature where the user can see all the files that are in the MEGA cloud, but choose whether or not they are synced down to the PC (i.e. actually available locally / offline).
I haven't used Dropbox Smart Sync, but overall OneDrive Files On-Demand works quite well. I like the three (3) statuses Microsoft has implemented where files/folders are...
1) "Online-only files" (only stored in the cloud),
2) files are temporarily downloaded and available locally (offline), but then possibly deleted locally and made again "Online-only files", all depending on the user's Storage Sense settings, or
3) "Always available files" that are synced locally and in the cloud and remain locally available unless the user executes the "Free up space" option to make that file/folder "Online-only files".
MEGA could keep it simple and have only OneDrive's #1 and #3 status for files. They are either "Online-only files" or "Always available files", but either way, you can see all of the files/folders you have stored in the MEGA cloud whether or not they are synced locally and already downloaded.
I primarily use Windows, but this type of feature would be just as important for Mac users and I do sometimes use a Mac and I have family and friends that do too. In my experience of using MEGA, this missing capability is the biggest negative compared to OneDrive and Dropbox.
My understanding is that this type of feature/support has been talked about and/or in the works for over 3 years, which is flabbergasting. That only makes sense if MEGA has had to re-architecture part of the system or jump through a lot of hoops... OR simply haven't seriously been working on it.
As a MEGA Pro user, I am trying to be patient, but also certainly keeping my eye on Proton Drive, using Cryptomator, and evaluating other solutions.
As a side note: MEGA also needs to join OneDrive and Dropbox in using "Block-Level Sync" so that files are split up into smaller pieces and if/when a change is made to a file, only the part that changed gets synced, removing the need to sync the whole file again. This is especially important with large files.
See for more details.
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2023.06.07 20:13 Button-unknown AITAH for refusing to movie in with my friend after we have agreed to it for months, and being mad at her?

Context. My friend and i have both been looking for an apartment and agreed a few months back that we wanted to move in together. We went on a bunch of viewings together. My step mothers friend had an AMAZING apartment, that was not actually on the marked due to her friend not wanting to rent to strangers, but she does want to rent.
We viewed the apartment and both LOVED it. Balcony, furnized (with good proper furniture), newly upgraded and a fireplace which, since i have family with acsess to firewood, means WAY cheaper electricity while in a electricity crisis in our county. (Also we will not wash clothing on our own bill living here). It was not that expensive either, 7k each a month without electricity.
Only problem was one room being larger than the other. We both wanted the room I said if she wanted to pay extra i would back down from the room even though our landlord did not want un-even payments from us.
Now to the AITAH?
We said yes to the apartment, both seeming excited. The landlord sent in a rent permit costing her 3k. Suddenly my friend does not want to move in, saying i told her it would be max 6 k each a month. I told her it MIGHT be that, on a text right after hearing about the apartment, before we knew ANYTHING about it, not even what it looked like.
She used that to back out, last minute. She said the rooms were samller than she thought in m2 after hearing the area (After viewing them in person, mind you). She said she could not work to pay that much, to keep her grades up as well. Only mentioned the rooms and not paying thought to any of the other qualities the apartment had (like a balcony that is not normaly close to this price). She suddenly told me her alergies would be way to bad when using the fireplace. Sice we didn´t sign yet, she was able to back out.
Now we have to pay back the rent lease cost. We have to look for a new apartment we can get within a month because she already stopped her current lease. I also got stuck with the expenses for everything we bought so far sice i offerd to but it with a discount in the store i work at, and now i can´t return it due to return limit. (I know it was stupid to buy before moving in but we were legit just waiting to sign).
Now we are supposed to move in together again, i don`t want to. I don´t trust her enough to live with her anymore but her wanting a bigger room is understandable, i wanted it to so ofc. She would not afford to pay more for the bigger room with the 14k, like she wanted. I said early on the defauilt would be me getting the room and not breaking up the prize, but shearing all the storage in half in the room since it had the most space (and she has A BUCH of stuff as she keeps telling me), but if she payed more she could have all of it since she payed.(not much either, we agreed on about 50 bucks in american dollars). She agreed.
understand she says it was an accident but it feels like she realized she would not get the bigger room and then yeeted even though she was told the prize of everything and saw the rooms in person. I feel like accidents happen but this seems so irresponsible. She also kept saying the electricity prize would be to much when backing out, but the deal in this apartment would be amazing for lowering the cost of it.
I feel like i am the AH since i did text her the price, even though she was told the actual price many times after, including the viewing where the landlord said 13-14k (she had to check more into it since she had not lived there herself for a while). My step-mother also said 14 k after the viewing. We were looking on 14k apartments before as well but she says it was said she could not go above 13 without electricity.
I did stand firm on me getting the room if she did not pay the extra she offerd to pay for it, since we got the entire apartment with the amazing prize and accommodations for such a cheap price because of it. And the landlord wanted us to split 50/50, as with any tenents she took, which might be an AH move to enforce as well. I am pretty mad at her, i feel like it was childish, and i no longer wish to move with her. AITAH?
NOTE: She was told the price MANY times before and after agreeing to moving in. Also the smaller room is not that much smaller, the bigger one has a closet so large it takes up the areal that the smaller one lacks, but we did both really want it.
Might be worth mentioning: You can choose if it matters, i just feel like it does a little. I will have most of the kitchen stuff we need, and stuff like airfryer, wacuum cleaner, cups, plates, stuff like that. Also i have 90% of decor wich we both wanted.
English is my second language, sorry if it´s badly written!
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2023.06.07 20:06 Temporary_Neat_8003 Bipolar Medical Leave

First time posting in here. I typically read threads in this group but don’t post. Hoping to gain some insight.
Hi friends, I have a bit of a dilemma. My medical leave from work has run out, and my job is no longer willing to accommodate additional medical leave regardless of what my doctor recommends. Little back story: I suffer from Bipolar I, anxiety, and PTSD. I will admit I’ve been off work intermittently for about a year, in that time I was hospitalized 5 times, and completed several PHPs and IOPs. Any time off work has truly been spent trying to better my mental health.
Originally, I was given 4 options to choose from when returning to work:
return to banking (roughly 60 hrs per week in a high pressure sales environment)
Return to banking with reduced hours (40/wk) still a high pressure sales environment, but the kicker is I would still have to do the same amount of work as my teammates working 60+ hours per week
Separate from the company (terrified of not having health insurance as my treatment is rather intense)
Find a new role within the same company- I was told I was have 30 days to find a posted position through the internal system and interview for said position.
I ultimately decided to search for a new role within the company. I like the idea of keeping my benefits and still working for a reputable company, not to mention I specifically moved to this state 3 years ago to pursue my original banking career. I have a lot invested in this company, but I know the pressure and work load may not be ideal for my mental health recovery. The new position would likely pay a little less, not being a sales based role, but I can afford to take a bit of a pay cut.
Fast forward to yesterday (technically day 1/30 to find a new position) I get a call from HR, giving me 3 options that I have to choose from within 24 hours if I want to maintain employment with the company.
  1. Relocate 3 hours away to a different office to make roughly HALF of the income I have making previously. Totally not what I expected, and out of question.
  2. Return to banking with reduced hours (40/wk). Still a very high pressure sales environment, where I am expect to give roughly 80 clients my personal cell number and be available at all times. The pay structure is based on your production goal for the month. I would still have the same production goals as my teammates, but have less time to make sales.
  3. Separate from the company effective today. Im very frustrated, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by making such a huge decision in 24 hours. I did express that it seems unfair to give me 30 days initially then make me make a decision overnight.
I know looking for jobs outside of the company would be ideal, but I didn’t go to college so I’m just worried I’m not qualified to do much or make much in terms of pay. I’m not opposed to making less, but I got comfortable with the income I’ve been making for the last 3 years, and now have financial responsibilities I didn’t have previously (like a mortgage payment).
I just bought my house 2 years ago, it’s beautiful and I love it and the payment is very reasonable compared to rent in the area.
I’m worried whatever decision I make will cost me my home. Moving to this state for the job and buying a house are probably my two biggest accomplishments in life.
I just have layers and layers of worry, making it impossible to make a decision.
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2023.06.07 20:06 whiana Loft Apartment Search & Recommendations!

Hi All!
I'm looking for a 1 bedroom Loft in the Berkeley area for rent
MINIMUM 3k/month MAX 4k/month.
The 2nd bedroom would be the Loft space. So I don't know if that's considered a 2 bed Loft or a 1 bed + Loft either way. with 2 bathrooms
If you know an apartment complex or have any recommendations for what I'm looking for please let me know.
1,000 sq ft + is a huge plus.
W/D in unit
Gym and Pools in the complex is also a plus but not at all necessary.
Open format Kitchen.
Warm white interiors no carpet hardwood floors
Move in would be late August.
If you or anyone you know is ending a lease on a place like this or if you know of any apartment complexes or places you've live in previously that fit this criteria please let me know I'd truly appreciate it.
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